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myredrhino · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Silky soft topsheet and breathable, natural materials. Dermatologically tested. The unique Philips Avent breast pads are specially designed to help you stay dry and comfortable during the day. #PhilipsKenya #PhilipsAventKenya #PhilipsAvent #Philips #breastpads #breastfeeding #breastfeedingtips #motherbaby #motherhood #MyRedRhino #OnlineStore #Kenya (at Red Rhino)
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lokiskitten · 14 hours ago
Loki Laufeyson | mommy issues
Loki x fem!reader
Tumblr media
plot : Loki misses the presence of his deceased mother, and you are now 8 months pregnant. During a tough night, your husband decides to feed off your maternal milk.
Warnings : mommy kink, description of grief, description of pregnancy, breastfeeding, adult breastfeeding.
Rest. Rest was all you’ve been requested to submit to, as you now neared the moment where your child would wish to come out of the womb. Loki, your husband, had been of great support throughout your entire pregnancy, watching you and making sure you received everything your body and hormones could desire. However, this situation couldn’t help but remind the demigod of the mother he once loved, and once lost.
“So, what are we saying? I know it’s a boy, I can feel it! What do you think?” You energetically asked from where you laid as your hand gently caressed the bulging belly which grew over the months. But noticing that Loki wasn’t answering, your eyes looked up at the silhouette of the man you loved and who stood onto the balcony of your shared bedroom in Asgard. “Loki?” You notified again, eyebrows frowning lightly as you worried for your partner who seemed to be dipped into deep and concerning thoughts. His eyebrow raised, body slowly turning towards you as his hair gently moved due to the wind brushing against his dark locks. Suddenly, he seemed to remember about your question, and immediately snapped back. “Oh, a boy for sure.” He answered with a smile whilst making his way back inside of the warmth which contained the bedroom.
The demigod reached the bed, sitting down by your side as his hand rested onto your stomach. Unexpectedly, the baby turned inside of the womb, creating friction against the wall of your stomach. Both of you smiled, feeling amused by this gesture as it meant that the baby was doing well. “He’s a feisty one. Just like you, my love.” Loki purred before leaning in and placing a kiss onto your lips. However, the man continued to seem upset about whatever preoccupation had taken over his mind. You couldn’t help but feel concerned face to this saddening sight.
“What’s bothering you, Loki?” You asked, hand travelling up to his shoulder which you rubbed in a friendly manner. The powerful man shook his head, sigh escaping his lips as he even managed to put up a smile. The truth was, Loki’s mind was highly occupied by the thought of his deceased mom who he desperately missed. His green orbs looked up at your face, soon trailing down to your chest which he admired hungrily. A smirk immediately appeared on your now more reassured face. “What do you want?” You questioned teasingly, foot soon traveling up to his back, where you started to caress and rub alongside his spin.
“Mmmh, you.” The demigod answered before laying down by your side, stomach facing the bed sheets as his lips sprayed kisses against your jaw. Pregnancy drove most of your hormones wild, causing you to constantly crave for more and more pleasure coming from your partner, as if you now needed to receive sexual satisfaction for two persons instead of one. However, Loki was far from complaining about your outbursts. In contrary : he felt absolutely ravished about your new sexual pace.
Soon, the man’s lips reached down to your chest, cleavage on show as you were only dressed in a nearly transparent white night robe, which allowed your bulged stomach to receive the well needed space required for proper comfort and development. Loki’s eyes went motionless, lips parting slightly as he admired the way your breasts had developed through pregnancy, growing bigger exactly like your stomach did. But in fact, he wasn’t interested in the size of them, but by what they specifically contained.
Hesitantly, his hand moved up to your shoulder and allowed the strap of your robe to fall down your arm, setting your left breast free for him to admire and cherish. Your head tilted back, being aware of what was to come as you could nearly feel your nipple twitch out of envy and impatience. Licking his lips, the man’s fingertips caressed your sensitive areola, causing a few droplets of white liquid to drip out of your bud as soon as he started to tease it a little too much. Of course, you hadn’t noticed the little leak of milk which was unexpectedly occurring during this brief intercourse as your eyes were too busy focusing onto the black trap which was caused by your closed eyelids.
Without hesitating any longer, Loki finally took the decision to wrap his lips around your nipple, a moan escaping your mouth as a reaction face to the sudden contact of his warm tongue against your breast. This happy encounter caused your lower core to throb, begging for more coming from your sexual partner and love interest. The demigod soon started to hungrily suckle onto your fleshy mound, milk flowing out of your hardened bud which Loki happily tasted and swallowed. You continued to moan out of pleasure, experiencing this sensation you never got to go through before as it was the first time that Loki would allow himself to feed off your breast.
Backing away for air, the powerful man licked his lips to make sure that absolutely no drops would go to waist, gentle groan escaping his mouth as he decided not to waste any more time by remaining motionless instead of carrying on suckling onto your breast. Within a second, your nipple was found trapped again, the tip of Loki’s tongue rubbing against your areola and hard bud whilst milk continued to be extracted from your breast. The tasty liquid slid down his throat with ease, landing into his stomach and filling his mind with endless satisfaction and pleasure.
Once he estimated that he had had enough, Loki finally pulled away from your body and fell onto his back whilst panting, hand resting onto his now filled stomach as your brow lifted curiously. “Tired already?” You questioned teasingly, legs moving up to your bulged belly as your eyes looked down at your loving husband. But Loki remained stern, saddened almost, as getting to taste your nutriments couldn’t help but place him in a state of pure sorrow concerning his deceased mother.
Thanks for reading! Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or a request, and I will gladly answer them! 💜
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babymilkaction · 17 hours ago
Mark Thomas looks back on Nestlé exposures
20 yrs ago, @markthomasinfo highlighted Nestle’s harmful baby food marketing on C4. Join him this Sunday for a look back, plus other exposés of corporate and govt wrongdoing. Plus @pattirundall provides an update on the situation today.
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Mark Thomas looks back on Nestlé exposures was originally published on Baby Milk Action
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newshuntermag · 19 hours ago
Beverly Afaglo Narrates How She Sadly Lost A Movie Role (Watch Video)
Beverly Afaglo Narrates How She Sadly Lost A Movie Role (Watch Video)
Ghanaian actress, Beverly Afaglo has narrated how she sadly lost a movie role. She made this known in discussion with Naa Ashorkor on Asaase Radio’s ‘Between Hours’ program which has chanced upon. As a breastfeeding mother, who wanted to pursue her acting dream, the actress recalled her last scene for a movie role delayed. It was supposed to be shot around 5:00 PM but it…
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nanabeebinl · a day ago
Looking for suitable clothes for borstvoedingsdoek, which are functional, comfortable, and are featuring innovative styles? You can now drape on nursing-perfect loungewear while looking beautiful! Yes, it’s the dream of 21st-century moms.
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milliangel · a day ago
Who is breastfeeding his puppy?
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If you’ve got a sweet tooth than keep in mind that HBC is much more sweet than salty - breastfeeding anon (I missed you too ❤️❤️)
ohhhhh i didnt even think of this! tbh im procrastinating trying them bc i only have 3 bags and my amazon prime subscription is over so getting more wont be so easy 🥴 im scared im gonna love them and eat them all lmaooooo
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retro-housewife · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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