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#breath of the wild

I was also thinking that Jolyne could use her stand Stone Free to set up web traps for the Guardians, and when sprung, it flings them through the air then they’re destroyed when it smashes onto the ground. She can also fire her strings at her monster targets to twirl them around and knock into other monsters, or zip herself in closer to launch a flurry of attacks. She can even use strings to fashion a makeshift bow to launch arrows towards her targets.

She’s a badass taking down monsters and guardians alike.

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Ok but…during the battle against the Calamity, Caesar and Joseph get into a competition of who can slay the most monsters. So as Joseph dispatches one after another easily, Caesar strolls in and kills two moblins and their bokoblin lackeys with his flurry of spinning bubbles. He turns back to Joseph with a knowing smirk, and Joseph responds by shouting, “That still only counts as one!”

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what makes revali’s one-sided rivalry with link even funnier is when you remember that the other 3 champions all ADORE link so whenever revali starts saying some dumb shit the other three champions have to physically restrain themselves from smacking revali over the head

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