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#breath of the wild
kolbisneat · 2 days ago
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This idea has been in my head for years and I finally finished it! 
I made the artwork customizable with 15ish head and body options (so like…200 plus combinations!) and am super happy with how it all came out! Simplifying the more complex costumes was a fun challenge and made me appreciate the subtle elements that harmonize the various articles of clothing.
Anyway you can get prints through my shop ( and thanks!
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creativesplat · 2 days ago
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Mipha and Link doodles for fun
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zeldaslullabycomic · 2 days ago
Rupees!!! These are all hand cast resin using a mold we developed ourselves and man was it a to-do! Save yourself the time of cutting down grass and smashing pots and grab some from my online store.
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skywardsongbird · 2 days ago
I personally love the Theory that the Blights are the Champions, or at least their bodies.
Waterblight has a slim, nimble body and a long sharp spear for a weapon
Fireblight has a stocky upper body and a club-like weapon.
Windblight has long limbs, though he doesn't have a bow, he does shoot projectiles
Thunderblight, despite being the smallest of the blights has a sword and shield.
it's just, I love it, a lot a wonderful theory, and my favourite Theory
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pendulumstarway · 2 days ago
simple sketch of a botw au ive had in my brain for a bit
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paragonrobits · a day ago
its time to think about Breath of the Wild once again, and specifically about the way that Ganondorf is very heavily implied to have completely lost all trace of who and what he was over the eons of constant birth, rebirth, reincarnation and futile war
there is no man named Ganondorf. Not anymore. That man is gone, and he’s been gone for a very long time. The people that he started all this for, the Gerudo, no longer remember him as once a king fallen to evil, but as a monstrous spirit that took on their form to subjugate the world, and Urbosa personally regards this as a affront to their honor.
But that’s the thing: its been so long, they don’t remember what he was. There’s no memory of a man named Ganondorf, resenting a prosperous kingdom and declaring he’d do whatever it takes to give his people the same prosperity, and eons after the curse of Demise completely consumed him, nothing is left of his ambitions or desires.
There’s just a monster, screaming and destroying, trying to force itself back into a body and give itself life again, and it doesn’t remember why.
‘It’. that’s the word. People don’t use pronouns with him anymore, for the most part; Ganon is a dissolute force of malice and unbound hatred, without reason or thought or even understanding why he’s doing it anymore; he just IS, a force of destruction rampaging because that’s what it does.
Is anything left of Ganondorf in there?
Is there a mind, sealed within the remnants of his original body, while his power runs on autopilot?
Or is there nothing left of Ganondorf but a mummified shell, and a half-forgotten name from a people that have long since cursed him as a monster and an imitator?
Ten thousand year is a long time to be, and it’s a longer time to keep getting worse and worse until the years press down and the only thing left of you is a shrieking, forgotten nightmare that doesn’t even remember why all this started in the first place.
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rottentreegremlin · a day ago
Imagine if Ganon had a gun. Link would be fucked.
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dyventus · 2 days ago
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Dryad!Link from @embyrinitalics' recent Whumptober series, Omnes Vulerant. I would highly, highly recommend giving it a read (and literally everything else she writes).
When I read about Dyrad!Link, I just had to draw him.
(I hope you like it, Embyr! He's a wonderful tree lad. I love you and your work with all my heart! 🥺)
(Also there's one more thing below the cut that. um . . . is a spoiler, I guess. TW for a burnt body. . . I have no idea what possessed me to draw this. I don't think I'm stable. )
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I just . . . can't get over that this happened. My poor boy. 😔
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ganymedesclock · 14 hours ago
also i was curious, after browsing your meta MANY times (because i love your zelda meta so much!), what's your thought about Calamity Ganon? the game as a whole heavily encourages the idea that the man we knew as ganondorf is GONE and there's a tragic loss of the man he used to be, just a corrupted victim of demise's spite, but there's just as much to indicate that ganondorf is deliberately obfuscating his nature, and he simply sees no reason to be a schemer at the moment?
See my hot take on Calamity Ganon (before I get back to meme replies) is that it's an external manifestation; Calamity Ganon and the Blights are sort of puppet avatars that Ganondorf, the person, is speaking through. They always made me think of ghosts- something distorted but unmistakably recreating a form, an identity- and something is watching you through all of them.
The four blights are tailored assassins. They have prescience and calculation to them, and they use this prescience to attack you. This gets even more so when the big man Clamgan is revealed properly- there's just something about the way he swings his head around to stare at Link the first time that feels injected with almost as much personality as "Oh, it's you," from GLaDOS in Portal 2.
So if their intention was to write a Ganondorf who's completely gone and lost, barely the shambles of a person, I feel like, uh, they failed. Instead, they're giving the sense of a ghost dragging itself out from under the floorboards, especially since if you look at Rhoam's story, at the same time he starts talking about the calamity as a mindless monster, he states without pointing it out that Clamgan specifically outsmarted and manipulated all of the factors that were used to hunt him before.
The Guardians? Turned to his favor.
The Divine Beasts? Again, tailored assassins to isolate the champions.
Advancing from without met an army? He crawls out from underneath Hyrule Castle (which. okay. BotW2's trailer suggests this maybe wasn't his goal, but a coincidence of the location of his prison- but he turned it into a hell of a sneak attack)
Like... he is scheming. Both in a practical sense and in a sense that's distressingly emotionally personal. His various manifestations all have red hair- they're all these attempts at pulling himself back together. It's depersonalized, but in the way that a horror ghost is depersonalized- the self is abstracted, rotted, and yet, enduring. The creepy thing about the Malice to me isn't that it's just hunks of autonomous flesh growing all over- it's that they used eyes- one of the most ubiquitous marks in legend of zelda- and made it that for reasons that are only ever implied to you, the entire setting is watching your progress.
A friend of mine even had a disturbing take that it's possible the Guardians are running default patrol routes only because Zelda is partly sabotaging Ganondorf's control over them- because we see evidence in the past that before Zelda's seal went down, they converged on specific targets. Which, again- BotW is a game where Link literally died, and Zelda almost died- in the Age of Calamity side game they emphasize this further.
The allegedly mindless Calamity recognizes specific people and is trying to get rid of them as quickly as possible. I don't think it's obfuscation- I think it's propaganda and denial- possibly even denial of something Rhoam knows about the situation that he won't tell us- that frames Calamity Ganon as a force of nature, rather than anything that has a reason to be tied to the royal family- or any echo of a person the royal family wronged and buried.
So I'd argue he's totally scheming, he's just scheming with- implicitly- limited resources stuck in a box acting through whatever puppets he can steal and placing horrible flesh homunculi in key places.
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