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#breeding kink

What if we met in the woods? What if you didn’t know that I followed you home? But you’ll know me soon enough pup, when the knot of my girlcock rips you, christening our litter with your blood. See you next moon fall, my new mate.

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anyone want to send me pics of what I’d look like after they knocked me up? 🥺

bonus points if you tell me how you’d knock me up

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God really said “i’ll give you a funny personality” and then gave me a breeding kink

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Geralt/Ciri – cont B42F7 – impregnation kink/breeding kink; hypnotism – Yennefer will have her baby any which way.

(Warning: Keep the pairing in mind. Dead Dove: Do Not Eat and all that jazz)

“Hmmm it looks like you are enjoying this far more than you should, Witcher. Oh, oh, oh… what dark depths are lurking in your soul, hmm?”

Yennefer extends her staff and tips Geralt’s chin up with it so she can see his sweat drenched face. He bares his teeth at her, clearly not as deep into her spell as a normal human would be. His eyes are full of anger, but it does not stop his body from responding to her little spell.

He has the girl buried underneath his bulk, holding her down like a mutt would do as he fucks her on his big ruddy cock.

To the girl’s credit, she hasn’t made a peep of pain. If Yennefer didn’t know better, she’d say the little Queen is… enjoying the treatment. Her face is mashed against the ground, plump little mouth open and wet as she gurgles with every inward thrust of the big cock railing her.

Yennefer’s eyes narrow slightly. She pulls her staff away again to let Geralt try and hide his shame behind the lank curtain of his hair while she moves to stand behind them. It truly does look brutish with the huge man crouched atop the dainty form of the little bitch. His massive breeder balls are swinging in time with his humping thrusts and covering all the interesting bits.

Yennever uses her staff to lift them up so she can better see how the little cunt is stretched to its limits around the fat shaft drilling into her. There is a lot of slick glistening everywhere; no blood to be seen.

“Fascinating,” she announces, unperturbed by the animalistic coupling of the two people under her spell. “If I didn’t know better, I would say that the little Queen has had her peach spread open before now. And by a cock as magnificent as yours, no less… She takes it like a little champ, isn’t she?” Yennefer pulls her staff away to move around them yet again. If she bends herself down just a bit, she can see how the girl’s belly bulges outward every time Geralt fucks down deep into her intestines.

Her tits are adorably small and try their best to bounce as she gets dragged over the floor by the mutt as if she is nothing but a toy for him to pump his semen into. Not that that is far off. Any fertile womb would have done for Yennefer’s purposes, but… she can’t deny that the thought of having the erstwhile Queen made into a breeding mare just for her purposes has had her too intrigued not to do.

“Actually… she takes your cock a bit too well, isn’t she?” she continues with an airy attitude that she knows sets Geralt’s teeth on edge. “It’s as if she met it before. Like she’s gotten… acquainted with it.”

An incredulous smile starts to curve her mouth as she realizes just what that means. She had been talking idly to sort her thoughts amidst the low animal grunts of Geralt’s. He dips his head even deeper, but nothing could hide the flush of shame on his cheeks.

Yennefer barks out a laugh and taps at his side with the point of her staff.

“Oh, you dog. You disgusting waste of space. You fucked her, didn’t you? You fucked your little charge and shaped her gorgeous cunt after your cock, did you? Ohhh you are nasty.”

She can’t keep the satisfied purr out of her voice. She almost wants to rub her hands together. The Witcher with his insufferable ‘better-than-thou’ attitude through his little charge down on the filthy bed of some run-down hovel and fucked her brains out. Did she like it then as much as she is now? Her choked sounds of pleasure have been steadily climbing, her nails scratching against the rug she’s getting fucked on as she is about to come for the fist time.

She howls like a banshee when she flies apart, slim back arching and pushing back against Geralt hard enough that she is almost carrying him for a moment. Aah, the power of women… Yennefer will never get tired of it.

She steps closer, grabbing Geralt by the hair and forces him to look up at her. She doesn’t immediately give him attention, though; first she turns toward the girl, watching her flushed, angelic face, mostly hidden beneath the wild tangle of her thing, gold-white hair.

There are strands of it sticking to her wet lips and drool is slipping quite un-Queen-like out of the corner of her mouth.

“Delicious. Can you feel her, Geralt? Twitching on your cock?” She finally turns to him, staring into his glowing yellow eyes. He looks like he wants to rip her throat out with his teeth but can’t do anything but obey the spell she’s placed on the two of them. “I bet you enjoy it. Such a young, fertile cunt just for yourself… You spoiled her for anything else, have you not? Oh, don’t pretend like you haven’t fucked her every hole already. I’ve seen through you.”

Yennefer pauses to let her words sink in and stoke the flames of his anger. She can’t help letting the corners of her mouth twitch – this is all just so… delicious.

“You’ve always been exceptionally dull for a Witcher… or maybe that is a prerogative of your kind? Nothing but a blade to point toward the next target. Or have you not realized how your manhood is swelling the more agitated you become? You fill her like you want to split her open. Like you want to fuck a trench into her from her lovely little cunt to the arrogant point of her chin.”

Ciri’s reedy little groan becomes louder there; as if part of her can break through Yennefer’s spell as well. Ah, these two. Nothing but thorns in her side.

“It doesn’t matter.” She pushes his head back down and straightens herself to gather her thoughts. “Go on. Fuck her. Pump her full of your stud seed. I will have my baby, Geralt; and I do not care how it is done.”

She snaps her fingers. The brute’s large body shudders when the magic doubles down on him. His back arches as if he is trying to stem against the tides that push him into moving, yet only moments later he succumbs anyway – just as Yennefer has predicted.

His hips snap, fat balls slapping against Ciri’s tender little pussy. She cries out raw and animalistic, but he does not give her any reprieve: he truly is a gifted breeding stud. It is a shame that he is sterile… most of the time.

Yennefer moves around them to watch them from every angle while she starts to whisper the chant she had unearthed, piecing it together from many dusty old tomes.

Geralt is smothering the girl beneath himself once more. He has somehow managed to squeeze an arm beneath her torso to play with her pitiful little tits while he rams his cock right into her belly.

Every now and then, Ciri will all but scream, one small pale foot jerking up from beneath the Witcher’s huddled bulk whenever the brutish cock kisses up against her womb too hard and insistent.

Still, she’s a natural at this. The pain fuels her desire. She comes again before he starts to pump her full and Yennefer’s spell reaches its peak.

She is sure this is it. This is the moment she becomes a mother.

But she wants to be completely, unequivocally certain of it… these two have yet a lot more energy in them.

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Imagine coming home from a bad day and your Daddy cuddles with you with his dick inside you, occasionally thrusting softly, one hand on your clit and the other on your breast. He kisses your neck softly as you cum around him, and he fills you up, telling you what a good girl you are. All the tension leaves your body. You drift into sleep.

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He’s a fan of edging himself, but if he were trying to fill them up I think he’d be able to go around 3 or 4, maybe even 5 rounds if he really pushed himself. It’s not something he can do too often though, just because it wipes him out completely (and that means he can’t move around to give his Darling any aftercare 🥺)

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here’s the link

god this is so hot! you’re so right! I can see him doing this like 1000% 🥵

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I’d be so happy to be a little breeding pup for you and your buddy! Just bend me over and use me over and over until all my holes are full of cum from both of you 🥰

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Like, a pregnancy kink? They can be written as separate, because lowkey fuck pregnancy but give me a breeding kink any day 😏

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Imagine belphie roughly fucking you. He either has you with you face down in a pillow in doggy style because you were too physically exhausted to keep yourself up, his hand is clenching the fat of your hips or you’re both laying down on you sides and he’s behind you holding your leg up. He grips you hair with his other hand and pulls your head back to where he can whisper into you ear, you look into his eyes and see how lust filled they are. As he’s fucking you he whispers into your ear what a good little breeding cow you are, how good you’re doing for him, how much he wants to breed you and pump your cunt full of his seed.


(also no, this isn’t just because of his cow motif. I also just have a breeding kink and a thing for girls in cow bikinis)

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Oehhh yes do love some breeding 😔✊🏼

Lewis: he might like not be that into it but I will fucking make him being into it because of my god he’s like one of the two drivers I’d do feral about in this and Lewis is one of them

Valtteri: I- no? Like nope sjhshsh

Seb: when you said dirty way I literally went 👁👄👁 like fuck he will fuck you so hard and over and over and make you hold everything in, he won’t even plug you up he just makes you hold it because it makes you squirm

Charles: yes bet he’s the one getting bred

Alex: I- you have me there like he would make so much love to you like over and over and it’s the best thing ever,,,, god why did I not think about this

Max: yes but again he’s the one getting fucked

Lando: yes again but I think he’s also the one getting fucked like it’d make him squirm

Carlos: honestly yes I think he would have a breeding kink,, and not gonna lie I think it would be hot

Daniel: he has the biggest breeding kink of the grid like he will fuck you so hard and plug you up and then leave it in for when he wants to fuck you’d again, so he can just take the plug out and fuck you again

Este: nahhh

Pierre: yes yes I think he would have a breeding kink too and it’s between slow love making and hard rough sex

Daniil: mhm no I don’t think so

Checo: honestly you know what? Maybe 👀

Lance: nahhh

Kimi: nope

Antonio: maybe but like if he has one it’s a sweet adorable version where he just would love to imagine you pregnant

Romain: mhm maybe? But I don’t really think so

Kevin: nah like rough sex yes? Breeding kink nah

Nicky: honestly maybe like he’s boyfriend ™ and I think he would be real sweet about it

George: both would like to be bred and has a kink for breeding you, like he’s a total slut but we’ve been knew

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Yandere Hawks x reader

Content warnings: Yandere Hawks, Dubious consent, implied imprisonment, fake egg laying, breeding kink.


So we all agree Yan!Hawks has a breeding kink, right? Right.

But… Birds lay eggs.

Picture this: Hawks shoving a collection of little egg shaped vibes inside of you. He crams as many of them in there as he can. Then he plugs you up, ties you down, and leaves you there for hours. You’re left alone, writhing and shaking as the vibrations absolutely wreck you. No safeword, no mercy, and no way to escape the vibrators logged deep inside you as they rearrange your guts.

Eventually your capture returns. You’re a trembling, over stimulated mess on the nest bed, and he’s never seen you looking better! It gets him so hard seeing you all full up with his eggs. Your belly bulging, thighs shaking, and that pretty hole of yours all plugged up. Keeping his brood good and safe like a good little breeding hole.

Such a perfect mate! He’s sure you’ll do just as good laying them for him.

Hawks pulls you up so your sat on your knees in the center of the bed. He has to support you, because your legs are still wobbly from the last several hours, but he doesn’t mind. He pulls you tight to his chest, pops that plug out, and starts pushing down on the top of you bulging stomach.

“Yeah sweetheart. Push them out for me. You’re doing so good now.” He croons in your ear.

You can feel him pressed up against you. He’s hard and throbbing, rutting against your ass, but he’s careful not to get in the way of you “laying” the eggs.

Between Hawks’ rutting, the pressure on your stomach, and the still on going vibrations from the eggs you’re inundated with sensations. The easiest thing to do is give in and lay the eggs, so you do.

It’s a lot of effort. Your muscles are all exhausted from the last several hours and a few orgasms. Still, you bare down and push.

The vibrators are surprisingly hard to push out. Eventually thought the first one shifts down and starts to drop. You can feel it the whole way out. It runs up against your sensitive walls as it slides down. The vibrations causing you to shudder and sob.

Hawks just shushes you, eager for the main event.

The first egg pops out in a gush of fluid. Hawks had been kind enough to use quite alot of lube when he was cramming you full. Now it’s dribbling down your thighs and making a mess of the bed sheets.

Once the first egg slides out, which was both a strange sensation and a pleasant release of some of the pressure inside of you, you start pushing in ernest. You’re tired. You want this to be over with. You want to finish up and go to sleep already.

The moment Hawks sees the first egg he goes feral. He grabs your jaw, wrenches you head around, and devours your slack mouth. In-between kisses he’s snarling and panting in you ear. “Oh, oh fuck! Yeah baby, you’re doing so good. Keep pushing, keep fucking pushing! I want to see you lay our eggs! Fuck!”

The next one slides out a little easier. Your body has adjusted to the movements necessary and the feelings becomes retinue. Soon enough another egg is slipping from you body. Then another.

You lose yourself in a haze after that. You push until an egg slides out, Hawks gets excited, showers you with affection, then shoves down on your belly to begin the dance anew.

When the last egg slips out in a dribble of fluid you assume that’s it. You’re finished. There’s nothing left inside of you. Hawks’ hands keep pressing on your middle for a moment, trying to encourage you to push, before the lack of internal vibrations register.

He counts the eggs laying between your spread knees, and moans. Then he wrenches you backwards until you’re seated on his cock.

“Look at them. LOOK AT THEM!” He grabs your chin and forces it downwards so you can see. “Look at our brood. Ours. My perfect mate, I filled you up so well, and you took it all! Fuck! All mine, you’re mine!”

All you can feel is his thick cock splitting you open, and his swollen balls slapping into you with every thrust. He’s hitting you so hard and deep. It’s like he’s trying to carve the shape of himself inside of you. Distently you realize the punched out noises your making are breathy gasps and screams. You can’t hear anything except Keigo though. He commands every bit of you.

He litters you neck with sharp nips and bites. Both sides of it will be black and blue by morning, but for now all you can do is slump against him like a ragged little fuck doll as he uses you.

He slides one hand between your legs, and that’s all it takes. Your climax washes over you in an electric wave so powerful that you black out. There’s a roaring in your ears, and then nothing.


You come back to yourself sometime later. It could have been seconds, or hours. All you know is you and Hawks are still kneeling above the eggs, and he’s still positioning away inside of you. You can feel it as he slams into you one last time, and then stills. He’s balls deep and throbbing as he cums. The warmth squirting sensitive places inside of you, but he doesn’t let you escape. Even as you writhed and begged he held you until he was certain you took all of his seed.

Then he pulled you down, and laid your shivering body down on a dry part of the mattress. He was still nestled deep inside, keeping his cum in, and pressed up against your back. It jostleled you when he lent over and began switching off the eggs one by one.

“Looks like I’ll have to recharge them for next time.” He sighed.

Ice flooded your veins. “Next time?”

“Oh Babybird,” he chuckled. “You didn’t think this was a one off thing, did you? I have a whole ‘nother box of these we haven’t even opened yet. I’m thinking of working you up to double didgets . Doesn’t that sound fun?” He asked in a mocking coo.

A quick count of the eggs spread out on the bed informed you that there had only been five inside of you. Hawks wanted to double that.

“No.” You wheezed, but he only laughed.

You both knew he wasn’t giving you a choice.

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This is definitely how it happens and it is definitely not that long after you finish high school either and you’re both just kinda like oh

And then probably the night after you find out Fred is like, it’s kinda hot though, right? Just a shame I didn’t really get to appreciate me filling you up with my cum and you definitely have sex to make up for it and that is the start of his breeding kink

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he’s wanted to do it forever but he just didn’t have the courage to ask. usually you’d use condoms, or he’d pull out, but something just felt different this time.

so when he was about to cum, moving to pull out of you, instead you wrapped your legs around his hips, pulling him in closer, deeper. 

“babe im about to-”

“i know” you moan, “i want you to cum deep inside me spencer, fill me up, put your baby in me” 

with that he goes feral, pumping in and out of you with newfound vigor until he’s spilling inside of you, thrusting in and out a few more times for good measure, making sure his cum stayed inside of you.

when he finally did pull out and you went to move he just held you down instead, moving you just a little so that he could place a pillow under your lower back, tilting you ever so slightly.

“wouldn’t want any of it slipping out of you, gotta keep it all inside baby”

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like no kidding, the thought of carrying and delivering a human being terrifies the absolute hell out of me HOWEVER … 👀😂

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ugh yes!!!

i think you’d be riding him, and you’d have him whimpering and moaning and he’d finally just look up at you and ask, “can i please cum inside you this time” with his puppy dog eyes.

and you’d wait till he was close before you’d just stop moving your hips completely. sitting on his cock while he was squirming underneath you.

“tell me why you wanna cum inside me and maybe ill let you”

and he just becomes a little babbling mess, but you find it so hot.

“I don’t know, i just wanna fill you up with my cum, i want it to stay inside you, i want it to—uh get you pregnant so you’re mine”

and it drives you absolutely insane to hear the filthy words coming out of his sweet mouth so you just ride him until he cums inside you. and he can’t help the way his hands fly out to hold your hips in place so you can’t move off of him.

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he just loves looking at the way you hold jj’s new baby. how you cradle him and he looks back up at you with his big eyes, and the way you look down at him with the same excitement. some part of spencer thinks you were just born to do that, it suits you so well.

and a whole other part of him is going absolutely insane. maybe it’s the pride, the fact that you’re his, and no one elses, but maybe that’s also possessiveness, either way he can’t stop himself once he finally gets you home that evening.

you barely get all of your clothes off before he’s inside you, fucking into you with hard deep strokes as he moans right against your ear. you don’t really know why, but you’re grateful.

“you want me to cum inside you babe?” he asks and you just moan a soft ‘yes’

“you want me to put a baby in you?” he asks then, and you’re shocked for just a second before you understand what he’s getting at.

“fuck yes spencer, put your baby in me! i want you to fill me up, get me pregnant! im all yours baby”

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yes but tell me more…

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