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The party was a success. Everyone was happy for me reaching the top of my career. Dad complained about the downsides of being a ghost. Dawn told everyone stories of what she’s doing when I’m in space. Highlight of the evening? Loooooads of delicious food.

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Crystal: “Good evening, grandpa! Still dead?”

Ross: “I will never come back to life again, Crystal. I’m a vampire.”

Crystal: “No, I meant it more like…you’re still a ghost. I thought that was just temporary.”

Ross: “I did too in the beginning. But no, it’s clear that it will say this way. I’m getting used to it.”

Crystal: “Well, it surely has advantages, doesn’t it? Can you walk through walls?”

Ross: “When I don’t pay attention, I can pass through anything. It’s not always an advantage.”

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Crystal: “I haven’t been to a cinema for ages!”

Iris: “Me neither. But we could go together. What do you think?”

Crystal: “I’d love that.”

Iris: “Cool! Maybe I could wear that new dress.”

Crystal: “Didn’t you say you’d save it for a date?”

Iris: “I did. I’m going to wear it when I go out with you.”

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Claudia: “So now that she’s gone, you can tell me everything. What’s in store for you and Lucian?”

Josie: “Well, we thought that after graduation, we might visit this house that I inherited.”

Claudia: “You inherited a house? Wicked.”

Josie: “Yeah, it’s from an aunt who died a long time ago. I didn’t even know she loved me this much.”

Claudia: “Where exactly is it?”

Josie: “Glimmerbrook.”

Claudia: “And where the hell is that?”

Josie: “It’s a small sleepy town in the woods somewhere in -”

Claudia: “Sounds romantic and scary at the same time. Better hope there are no serial killers around!”

Josie: “Claudia! Why would you say something like that?”

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