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#brett inside job
4str0h03 · a day ago
Tumblr media
I haven’t seen one (1) ep of this show yet but this man already has a death grip on me
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dreamerbluesky · a day ago
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I was inspired by an incorrect inside job quote by @your-mums-nuts , hope you like it!
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chaoscomeswithin · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I love this archetype: guy with anxiety that wants to be liked by everybody because he really hates himself and is actually the sweetest, nicest person ever that deserves the world.
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Shout out to Netflix's Inside job for:
a) having a mixed race Asian woman be the driving force behind the world's most important agency and
b) having the canonically most attractive guy in the entire show have a really big nose.
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your-mums-nuts · a month ago
Reagan: crushes are the worst
Brett: yeah, whenever I'm around mine I start acting stupid
Reagan: pfft you're always acting stupid
Brett: yeahhh don't think about that too hard
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somethingscarlet13 · 24 days ago
“not all men” you’re right.…. brett hand from inside job would never treat me like this.….
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i-have-a-mommy-kink · 3 days ago
Here's my version of malewife Brett :3 I forgot some props but it still looks good!!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sleepy-doodles · 5 days ago
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mad scientist with her emotional support dog
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nfxtuated · 18 days ago
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finally had time to drAWWWW AAAAAA you have no idea how much i wanted to draw this weeked I'm glad I had time to do so today
I wanted to work on my sona's 80's outfit and fjdkajfkal I'm so happy with how it came out aaaa it was so much fun to do <3 I used one of Madonna's outfits from the 80's as a reference <3
I have more ideas so I'm gonna be uploading often (hopefully fjksdl) specially now that I finally made an art tag for my stuff
Also I found out I love drawing Andre, he's so much fun to draw, he's officially one of my favs also yes A.T./I'm Japanese
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cognito-ink · 25 days ago
nostalgia brett please :)
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Tumblr media
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claradovoart · 26 days ago
Did the meme, but in both ways
I think these are pretty possible to happened
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Tumblr media
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ray-writes-sometimes · 24 days ago
pspsps dating hcs for my favorite ginger himbo malewife who works for the deep state? :D
himbo my beloved <3
Masterlist/WIPs - Rules/Fandoms
brett is absolutely the type to fall hard and fast
he gets distracted thinking about you at work. reagan swears his eyes get literal hearts in them when he looks at you. doodles your names next to each other on classified documents
this man is a helpless romantic you cant change my mind <3
real affectionate guy, expect lots of handholding and kisses!! he loves to kiss all over your face, forehead cheeks nose etc etc (you have such a cute face like how could he resist?)
he just loves contact in general, theres something insanely soothing to it for him!
oh btw brett gets like,, insane bed head. make sure to tussle it <3 (pro tip: imagine the giggle it gets out of him)
hes a fan of simpler dates! they are so much less stressful than bigger things, and really all he needs to have a good time is you! think stay home movie marathon nights, park dates
oh my god- if you steal one of his shirts or jackets? you can keep it as far as hes concerned fjkdsl (you just?? look so cute in it why would he want it back??)
sends goodmorning and goodnight texts with like insane amounts of heart emojis
there we go :3 hope u enjoyed
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insidethejob · 18 days ago
Y/n: Time for plan G Reagan: Don’t you mean plan B? Y/n: No, we tried plan B a long time ago. I had to skip over plan C due to technical difficulties. Brett: honey, what about plan D? Y/n: Plan D was that desperate disguise attempt half an hour ago. MYC: What about plan E? Y/n: I’m hoping not to use it. You die in plan E. Reagan: I like plan E
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your-mums-nuts · a month ago
Gigi: you know that stuff can kill you, right?
Reagan: *pouring more vodka* that's the point
Andre: *huffing a cigarette* we're trying to speed up the process
Brett: *nods while munching on raw cookie dough*
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somethingscarlet13 · a month ago
Tumblr media
They are also the same in the fact that I love them
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i-have-a-mommy-kink · 6 days ago
Okay i have brain rot about flirting/teasing Brett just just to see him all blushy flustered especially at work!!!
Its Doja cat's influence lol
Tumblr media
Flirting/Teasing Brett at work would include:
Staring at him from across the room during an important meeting. He'll eventually notice and send you a smile, but when you don't stop staring, his face turns a shade of red and he tries to look away, only to glance back at you several times.
Sending him heart memes when you're bored, and him giggling so loud that Reagan has to slap him to get him to stop.
Making lunch for him and with a note saying "made with love." He would pass away before even eating it. Would ask you to eat lunch with him.
Poking his face until he gets flustered while you claim "it's just so cute!" He would start tearing up while saying thank you.
He'd invite you to dinner at an 80s themed restaurant and get really hyper when he sees you dressed up in 80s fashion. Would giggle like a little girl.
If he ever invited you to his home, he'd definitely wear the pink apron and cook you something to eat, and when you call him cute, his face would match his attire.
He wouldn't have the confidence to ask you out, he'd get Reagan to do it, and when she did, you promised her to never let him live it down. You obviously said yes tho.
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