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#brett x reagan
dreamerbluesky · a day ago
Tumblr media
I was inspired by an incorrect inside job quote by @your-mums-nuts , hope you like it!
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your-mums-nuts · a month ago
Reagan: name a more iconic duo then my abandonment issues and anxiety, I'll wait
Brett: me and you!!
Reagan:*tearing up* okay
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rae-arts777 · 24 days ago
Andre: *walks into Brett’s apartment* hmm hmm ^^ *heads into the bathroom*
Reagan: *screams*
Andre: *screams and runs out* IM SORRY IM SORRY!
Reagan: YOU FUCKING PREV!!! *comes out and wraps a blanket to cover herself* LOOK! I KNOW! I know brett has an “open” door policy! BUT LEARN TO FUCKING KNOCK.
Andre: REAGAN.
Reagan: WHAT?! WHAT?!
Andre:…that blanket is really thin…and….very…see through…
Reagan:…*screams at the top of her lungs and runs to the bedroom*
Andre::…this should do wonders for our friendship. :)
Myc: Andre saw Reagan naked~
Reagan: 💢
Glenn; Oh god.
Brett:……He. What.? ^^…
Gigi; okay, okay, I think it’s only fair then that Reagan gets to see Andre naked
Reagan: Yes :)
Brett: YEAH. No! ^^ I don’t think that’s nesscarry! No one needs to see anyone else naked!! *glares at Andre smiling*
Myc:…Jesus wow I didn’t know Brett was even capable of such horrible thoughts.
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creamecream · 19 days ago
Brett: *on the phone.* “I just had the craziest dream. you won’t believe it, but you married me…”
Reagan, tiredly rubbing her eyes: *on the phone.* “I did marry you. it happened three years ago. also, it’s like three in the morning. stop calling me when we’re literally right beside each other.”
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lilmissgoddessss · 29 days ago
Loved Inside Job so much I just had to write something! For some reason I feel like Brett x Reagan have some really good chemistry, so I decided to write for them! This does contain spoilers for the end of the season so please be wary :)  
Prompt: Reagan ends up overwhelmed from work and has a panic attack, Brett looks after her in the aftermath
Soft footsteps were the first thing she heard when she came to. She tried to open her eyes at first, trying to lift her head as well, but her body protested, so back to the soft (Bed? Couch? No, it was too comfy to be any couch, but it couldn’t be her bed either)… Pillows she went. The footsteps stilled momentarily at the subtle sound of her attempted movements, then started again, only stopping when the sound was right next to her.
 “Hey, darling.”
  Reagan visibly relaxed further at the sound of her boyfriend’s voice, knowing now she wasn’t in danger (Danger? Was she ever in danger? What happened to make her end up like this?) Reacting to Brett’s voice, she grunted as she attempted to force her body back into function but, even though everything worked just fine, there was some kind of agony trying to move or even open her eyes. He made a startled noise at the obvious struggling Reagan was going through, and she felt a hand very gently guide her back into lying down.
  “Whoa-Okay, wow, Andre wasn’t wrong when he said you’d try to get back to it immediately.” The hand started caressing her face gently. “Let’s stay down for a while, okay? You probably already know this, but you don’t want to rush yourself after a panic attack.”
  A panic attack? This should have freaked Reagan out, but honestly? Even she could see it coming. Ever since Rand (she would not call that man her dad anymore) had taken over, he’d made Reagan’s life a living nightmare. Extra work, isolating her from the gang then punishing them all anyway, forced meetings to be sure she was still in his pocket, it was starting to eat at her. Then, the resentment from other co-workers. Sure, they knew she wasn’t at fault, but the constant jibes from Rand, mentioning Reagan every time something bad happened, that sub-consciously affected even the gang. It all came to a head when they were arguing (about what? She couldn’t even remember anymore. Something about unfinished paperwork?) and all of them ganged up on her. She couldn’t remember much after Brett was about to pretty much fight the team (the Brett way) in her defense. Something about that day really got to her. A meeting with Rand, failed projects, and now her own team-her own friends- had finally turned on her, venting their frustrations.
  It was all coming back to her now.
  Reagan must have moved or made some indication she was beginning to stress again, because she felt the (it must’ve been a bed, because he was lying next to her) bed sink with his weight. She groaned in protest and was now able to slowly move to face away from him, still upset at the team from when she was at her lowest. What even happened after that argument with her team? Sure, Brett said she had a panic attack, but it couldn’t have been that bad.
  “Oh honey, please don’t be upset-“ She huffed at that, interrupting him. At least her body was beginning to regain some of its ability to move, and for the first time her eyes were able to open. “Can we please just get you feeling better and then talk about this? I know you’re mad, and you’re right to be, but it breaks my heart to see you like this. Can you speak yet?” She turned her head to meet her boyfriend’s eyes, her death glare doing nothing to his relieved gaze. He was leaning up with his arm supporting him as he watched for any warning signs of the panic attack recurring.
“S-screw you, asshole.” Contrary to the bite of her words, Reagan’s voice was far too raspy and quiet to hold any of the half-hearted malice she intended to. Brett, ever the genius, smiled wide at her voice, about to lean down to kiss her before thinking better of it.
  “I’m sorry, honey. I know we've done wrong, I’m just glad you’re alright. I mean, you broke down so bad Andre had to give you one of his sedatives but, get this, he gave you the one meant for Glenn if he ever broke down so it was a littleeee bit stronger than intended! It’s a pretty funny story really, and… I’ll… Stop talking.” He was laughing in that nervous way he always did, clearly attempting to make up for the awful mishap. No wonder she was so fucking out of commission! They gave her a fucking dolphin tranquilizer!
“I’m not angry at you, Brett. I’m just-you’ve not done anything wrong, okay? I think I’m just angry… At everything else?” He smiled slightly at her reassurances, feeling as if he didn’t deserve them. While she spoke he laced their hands together, as he moved back to fully lie down again and spoon her. If he couldn’t do much else, he could always make her as comfortable as possible lying down. “Just… Why did everyone turn against me? I know I’m not always the easiest person, but-Christ-my own team? Are all my relationships now permanently fucked? Am I just doomed no matter what? I just-I don’t know. I just don’t know what to do anymore.”
  Well if that wasn’t a sucker punch to Brett’s heart. He expected a round of screaming, having things thrown about, not this… Oh God she had tears in her eyes. Clearly, he was a monster. Normally, he’d freak out and apologize over and over until he was forgiven, but since he’d been with Reagan, he learned the pep-talk strategy. (Okay Brett, possibly for the first time in her entire life, Reagan doesn’t know what to do. You’re not allowed to freak out this time or be scared, this is your time to help her.) Taking a deep breath, he decided to say something he knew would be an awesome idea.
  “Reagan, the team are really sorry, they didn’t mean to be so awful to you.” She scoffed, and the frown on his face deepened, so he pulled out a small gadget that displayed some work plans as he moved to lie on his back and pull her on top of him. “I was planning on letting them show you this themselves… But you know I love seeing a smile on your face.” He then went through all the plans and work that would bypass Rand’s manipulations created by the gang, displaying a whole lot of hope in 15 minutes. “So, what do you think?” There was silence for all of 2 minutes, and Brett was worried she’d fallen asleep for a moment and oh look she’s making out with him.
It was only a few moments of shock on his part before he held her and began to kiss her back, chuckling as she pulled back to kiss all over his face. “You are the sexiest, smartest, best boyfriend in the world! Honestly Brett, if I didn’t already do it about 56 times I would kiss you! There’s just one more thing…” When he tilted his head in confusion, an evil smile the gang all feared and knew appeared on her face. “We gotta kill my dad.”
  10 minutes later…
“I’m sorry what!? Reagan, sweetie, love of my life,” Reagan tilted her head up at that, knowing Brett needed time to process that line, having previously been napping the sedative off on him in the meantime. “You know I’d move heaven and earth for you-“
“You nearly did, once. It was a valiant attempt to get me to see my favorite constellation. Even though you nearly destroyed earth in the process.” It was a very sweet one year anniversary.
“I was trying to be romantic-that’s beside the point! Honey, I love you, but… Killing your dad?” Before he could continue, she interrupted, rolling her eyes.
“Look, I know you’re a little squeamish about killing people and the ethical implications, yadda-yadda-yadda, but if you look at it in the-“
“That’s not what I’m upset about, Reagan.” Now that gave her pause, turning to look at him with wide eyes. “If it was just that, we would have killed him ages ago! I mean, you really don’t think we would have let him live knowing everything he’s done if it was just the ‘ethical implications’, do you?” He made a funny voice at ethical implications, but it was true. They did immoral things every day, and Brett was a white man in his 20s who wore a designer suit to work. They disappeared people all the time, and Reagan thought they would all draw the line at her shitty dad? “The issue to get around would be the robes.” He looked around quickly at that, hoping they weren’t listening. “For some reason, they like your dad, and if he ends up dead or missing, the robes would be sure to investigate! You especially, because you have the most to gain! Haven’t you paid attention to all the murder documentaries on movie night? And the actual files that tell the truth of all those murders?”
  Brett… Had an actual point. He was now clutching onto Reagan tightly, almost as if she would be gone at any moment. “Hey… Chill, babe.” She only called him that during special times, especially when he needed it. Sure, the sedative was still in her system, but Reagan was now able to mostly move normally, not that she wanted to when she was with her boyfriend like this. As she spoke next, she gently held his face, moving her thumb across it. “Okay, so I missed out the robes, big deal. I’ll come up with something else, you big yuppie. You don’t need to worry about me.” She laughed as she smushed his face a little, giving him a quick kiss. Well, what was meant to be a quick kiss at least, he followed her for a longer kiss, running his hands down her back… Before Reagan pulled them back up. “Woahhhh okay, we can do more of that later. For now, we have more important plans to focus on.” She grabbed her own work gadget, opening it up to display her plans for Rand. “Oh, by the way, why are we in your apartment?” He didn’t look at her at the question, just marveling at the elaborate detail.
  “Oh, well after your panic attack, I didn’t want to take you anywhere associated with Rand. So… I brought you back here. The breakdown was… Pretty bad.” He looked down at that, not wanting to remember that event.
“So, how bad was I?” He looked at her in confusion.
“You don’t remember? Uh,” Brett was unsure of how to respond. “You just kinda went blank for a minute, and then… You started crying.” Crying? She never cried. “I came over to comfort you, but then you started hyperventilating, and then hyperventilating/screaming, and then hyperventilating/screaming/trying to tear the whole room apart. It was a very scary combination. It took all of us and mothman to hold you down while Andre ran to get the sedatives. Of course, Andre being Andre, he grabbed the wrong one which is why you were out for so long and probably had a bad time waking up.” Reagan would have been embarrassed under normal circumstances, but now? She just cuddled into Brett for added comfort.
“… Thanks for keeping me from collapsing the entire deep state. I don’t want to blow up at anyone but I’m just so tired of having everything and everyone work against me. Except you of course.” It was always Brett and Reagan against the world when it came down to it, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.
  “You know I’m not just gonna leave you, I’ve always got your back.” With another quick kiss, he looked back at the screen. “So… Couples who murder together, stay together?”
  She smiled, now filled with determination. “I have never loved you more."
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i-wishforwhump · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
my favourite platonic or maybe romantic, either one is fine tbh soulmates <3
i just finished inside job and omg omg i want moreeee! also i am new to digital art and decided to test out some stuff! i kinda like how this turned out!
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froggy-frogz · 5 days ago
hi love your hcs, can i get a Andre Regan and Brett hc of a reader who is plus size and feeling down and what they’d do?
A/N: I hope you're feeling alright anon!! Enjoy <3
Andre, a very slick, stick-ish man, loves your chub. Like, adores you so much, and finds you so cuddly.
When he hears you badmouthing yourself, or when you talk to him about how you've been feeling, he gets really sad and a bit upset. Not upset with you though! God no- He's just upset because we live in a world where you have to feel like that.
Will do anything in his power to make you feel good about yourself.
He'll write little sticky notes and put them in your bedroom/bathroom saying how much he loves you and how stunning you are.
Anytime you tell him that you feel fat, or that your body is disgusting, he's going to stop you, and tell you otherwise.
Andre has nice hugs, and yes, you will be getting some. All he wants to do is make sure you feel loved and feel comfortable in your own skin.
If you let him, he's going to use you as a pillow. He'll probably stare up/at you from wherever he's at with the dopiest grin. Sober or not he'd tell you some stupid flirty joke.
Literally will do anything in his power to make sure you're feeling better.
I personally hc that Brett has some body issues, so he understands, in his own way.
When you tell him that you're having image issues, he's going to be so confused. Why are you, his beautiful s/o, feeling like that. Did someone say something? Did something happen?
You're going to just have to tell him that no, it's just how you feel about yourself.
Brett loves to compliment you, but after you tell him this, he's going to up that.
Every day, almost every time he sees you, expect him to say something to you. How much he loves you and how gorgeous you are.
He's that sorta person to make little packed lunches for their s/o, so yes, he will be putting in a little love note telling you how much you mean to him, and how lucky he is for you.
Like Brett, she's not going to get it for a minute. Like fully, not understand why you'd feel like that.
You'd have to explain to her that you just feel so uncomfortable in your body, and you have some body dysmorphia. She'll understand way better now.
She's not as straightforward as the other two, but she loves you so much, so expect more hugs or just small tokens.
She'll tell you that your body is so pretty and perfect to her. That she loves all of you. It might not help but she wants to do what she can.
If anyone dares mention anything about your appearance or weight, it's on sight with Reagan. Enemy of the state sorta shit.
No one insults you.
Reagan's also very touched starved, so when you two are 1v1, she's going to cuddle you. Complete bliss for her. She's going to tell you how comfy you are, and how much she loves you.
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your-mums-nuts · a month ago
Reagan: crushes are the worst
Brett: yeah, whenever I'm around mine I start acting stupid
Reagan: pfft you're always acting stupid
Brett: yeahhh don't think about that too hard
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alice-jem · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Source: Twitter
And.. this is how I met your mother
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gigiluigi · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Brett and Reagan (works either way)
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rae-arts777 · 25 days ago
What about some jealous Brett?
(ship: breagan)
(and maybe they're dating in it for comedic purposes)
Suggest nsfw 18+
Brett stared and watched Reagan talking to someone from another department.
The two were laughing over something. It started with Reagan having to come down to ask them about some questions about their department, and it turned into a 10 minute convo figuring out they had the same favorite science journal.
Reagan went back to Brett chuckling “sorry about that.”
“It’s fine” Brett smile “anyways! I was thinking two night, instead of us going out, we can hang out at my place, we can order Chinese and watch a movie”
“That sounds awesome, but, I’m sorry I have plans with Gigi tonight”
“Oh…that’s cool! Totally cool!” Brett chuckled “rain check”
Reagan kissed his cheek “you’re the best”
Brett sat at home scrolling through all of Gigi’s social. He knew she be posting about the whole night.
He went through the pictures of Reagan, he was glad she was having fun.
He haulted on one picture.
Gigi posted a selfie and in the background was Reagan, with some guy talking to her.
Brett felt his heart flare hot with something. He put his phone down and tried to forget about it.
The next day at work Brett made his way straight to the board room.
The others were getting their things together to start the meeting.
Andre was showing to Reagan some of his newest work.
Brett saw Andre’s arm wrapped around Reagan, and bit his tongue.
He stormed up and pushed Andre away. He pulled Reagan to his side, wrapping an arm around her.
“Ooooh!” Gigi chuckled “I think someone is jealous.”
“I’m not, jealously is ugly.” Brett smiled
“Liar~” Myc snickered “I can read your thoughts man, you’re sooooooo jealous.
“Myc. Fuck off.” Brett said smiling
Regan just laughed a little and kissed his cheek.
Later that day, Reagan brought Brett to her lab “were you jealous?”
“Mmmm..” Brett rested his hands on her waist “a little…”
“Awww baby” she cupped his cheeks
“It’s just…I don’t know, I mean, what if you want to be with someone who’s…smart like you?”
“Brett, trust me, I’m happy with you”
“I just, I don’t like getting jealous, just…I see what it does to relationships”
“I understand, and hey…honestly..” she blushed a bit “I think it’s..kinda of cute you getting jealous, and getting protective”
Brett smiled a bit and picked her up placing her to sit on her desk “you know apart of me wanted to kiss you in front of everyone and just show off”
Reagan chuckled and grabbed his collar “well, permission granted right now for you to kiss me”
Brett kissed her, wrapping his arms around her body, Reagan wrapping her arms around his shoulders.
Things quickly escalated, when Reagan slipped off her lab coat, and started to undo his tie.
Gigi walked in to talk to Reagan, and kept herself from screaming. She quickly walked out trying to purge her mind of what she just saw.
Andre walked up “hey is Reagan in there? There’s something I want to show her.”
“Her and Brett are…talking.”
“Yeah talking.”
“They’re having sex aren’t they? Niiiiiice” he tried to peak but was dragged off my Gigi pulling him away by the ear.
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creamecream · 18 days ago
Reagan: “Brett and I just have that easy chemistry, you know? where we finish each other’s-“
Brett: “sentences!”
Reagan: “do not fucking interrupt me.”
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fyeahinsidejob · 8 days ago
Brett, tearfully recited his vows: I, Brett Hand, so hereby declare my un-ending love.
Brett, sobbing: I will worship you forever, I will devote my every waking moment to your happiness alone.
Brett, still sobbing: Henceforth, I am your etern and helpless slave.
Reagan with a disgusted face:
Reagan: Ditto.
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lilmissgoddessss · 29 days ago
Got any Breagan angst situations hcs???
(love ya)
I love you too my talented friend!!
- well (as you specifically know) I have an evil Brett au in the works cuz THE POSSIBILITIES
- Brett and Reagan rarely ever get into fights or even disagreements cuz they’re on the same wavelength so often so when something does happen it’s world war 3. I kid you not, they probs nearly do start world war 3 in some way cuz of their disagreements
- no but seriously it’s just depressing when they fight. Everyone in the office knows it’s sad boi times cuz Brett comes into work either agitated or upset and probs cries a lot when he n Reagan fight, Reagan just shuts down and refuses to speak to anyone while she works endlessly (it always gets sorted out in the end and then everyone’s happy again)
- if either one of them get hurt, the other is out of commission as well until the former is fully healed
- they’ve both gone through a lot so they don’t always know how to help each other? It does lead to one or the other feeling lonely sometimes but they get through it
- I really think they’d disagree on kids. I may get destroyed for this but I think Reagan would want to avoid kids cuz of her career path and wanting to keep the kid away from Rand manipulating them or worse, becoming Rand. Brett would desperately want them to create the family he never had (like in that tv show in the 80s) and it would cause a lot of fights
- they would deffo have a few episodes where they break up cuz of the kids thing but it gets resolved I’m just not sure how yet lol
- if one were to leave the deep state in any way, the other would leave as well. They’d just go work at a rival company if that, can’t do it without the bestie
I love breagan angst 😭 but always need a happy ending (stay tuned for an evil Brett AU)
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insidethejob · 21 days ago
Spoiler Alert
I love Brett and OMG I have the biggest crush on him, but if him and Reagan aren't end game at SOME point, Imma KMS. Like they could get together in season 6 and I'd still be happy. Like just at some point I want them together, just cause like Brett cares for her so much. She's like his photos when trying to find out more about him. He was worried about where she was when finding out that Buzz was a murder. He thought of her when he was in a stimulation of his 'Wanted Family' when his 'Mom' asked about a girl. He took her to PROM??? (In her memories) And he cares so deeply about her friendship! She's his emergency contact? He's Reagan ride or die!????!!!?!? Even Rand knows they have a special relationship, calling him her support dog or whatever? I love them so much! AHAASHHOHDHWOHFuefuhso They better be End Game
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