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💜💙💚💛🧡💖❤~Young Brian May~❤💖🧡💛💚💙💜

❤                                                                                                                       ❤  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

💖          Birthday: July 19th 1947                                                                     💖

🧡             Full Name: Brian Harold May                                                          🧡

💛                     Father: Harold May                                                                 💛 

💚                                 Mother: Ruth Irving Fletcher                                        💚

💙                                                From: England                                              💙

💜                                                               Job/Occupation: Queen                 💜


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simonf54: Queen on the set of Radio Ga Ga. BTS This shows you the epic size of what the boys did for their productions. That’s David Mallet behind the camera checking his shot before the DoP and focus puller shot the real take. Those cranes were huge and heavy a bit like a TRex might of bin🤣. You can just see John looking through the skates if you look carefully.

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Not On My Watch (pt 7)

Pairing: Dad!Roger x Mum!Reader


summary: you’re divorced with queen’s roger taylor due to constant cheating and irrational behaviour towards you. but u have one person in common: your daughter, Laura aka your favourite human on earth. Your marriage with roger had its ups and downs but laura was the happiness in it. Now that she’s 8 and starts to realise how your terms with roger are, you finally tell her that you’re seeing another man except her father and she took it really warmly. She seemed excited to meet the new man unlikely your ex husband who accidentally learns about it by Laura, the weekend you would leave her at his place: on weekends you had some cute getaways with R/N because the court decided that Laura could stay or visit her dad on weekends and stay with him for five days each Christmas and easter vacations. On summers he has the right to be with her for two weeks.

catch up: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6

masterlist //dialogue prompts

taglist: @madeinheavxn @namelesslosers @stacymaytaylor @drwse @cherries-n-rocknroll

words: 3,336

warnings: some tense in the middle hehe and woman talk.


It was around seven in the morning. Your head was dizzying and took you ages to get out of bed after blaming the wine for the headache you’re feeling now. Roger was a sleepy angel with his blonde messy hair and his back covering his bedside. You had to fix and prepare yourself for work. It’s nice going to work from Tuesday to Friday but the work you put in within these eight hours as an accountant in the bank, is exhausting.

“Roger, I have to go…” you knell next to him, softly playing with his hair. His face was turned against yours, you could see him sleeping deeply. What a cutie he was.

“Mmm?” He asked on his sleep, without being aware of what you said.

“Babe?” You kissed his forehead. You haven’t done that for ages. Your relationship starts involving again. After the short name you called him, he opened his eyes and seemed kinda lost.

“Wh- where are you going?” He asked again after stretching himself.

“I have to go to work…” you explained.

“I can drive you off.” He offered himself.

“No, the public should not see us together, you know, the paps.” You narrowed your brows. They always annoyed you.

“Yeah, that’s right… I’ll have to go to work in a couple of hours too. I’ll call you from there. I think I have your office’s phone number,” he scratched his head and looked at you focused.

“I think you do, yeah. We’ll see each other later?” You asked, wishing to be true.

“What a stupid question, of course.” He smiled and came closer to you for a kiss. “Laura will be here when you arrive.” He slightly squeezed your cheek.

“Nice.” you stood on your feet again and attempted to walk away but his hand stopped you.

“Last night was amazing. So refreshing for us, right?” He stated, waiting for your approval.

“Couldn’t agree more.” You laughed.

“You look so freshly fucked by me, I can see that.” He joked and a giggle escaped your mouth.

“Is that visible?” You asked, checking yourself at the mirror.

“Yes, you’re happy.” He wasnt laughing anymore, he was serious about it and with that, you turned to him smiling. It’s true, you were feeling happy. You were happy everytime he gave you pleasure. You give him soul and body, he gives you pleasure and happiness after it. You wanted to feel like that. You needed it by him. You didn’t say a word. Just a simple smile to him and it made his day and yours too.

Your work to bank was going to be productive but an unpleasant surprise sooner or later would ruin it all.

At your launch time, you walked with your colleague, Mary, at the bank’s restroom, where you can calmly drink some coffee and chat.

“I tried to reach you last night but you wouldn’t pick up.” Mary started and sipped a little of her coffee. “I was thinking you’d come over at my place to drink some wine and listen to jazz.” She added.

“I wasn’t home actually and I don’t think I’ll be again.” You nodded your head in refusal while the little spoon you used to mix sugar with coffee was thrown at the sink.

“Wait, you’re moving out?” She asked confused.

“Basically I’m moving back to Roger’s house. I was living there before the divorce.” You answered.

“Holy s-” she was a little louder than she wanted to be but she already covered her mouth with her hand. You made her the shush gesture with your finger. “Holy shit!” She whispered close to you fully excited. “So you two are…” she winked.

“Yes, I think so.” You smiled.

“I’m so happy about it, I mean you look happy too, I haven’t seen you like this since…” she stopped. “Wait, I haven’t seen you like that.” She came a little closer to your face trying to check your eyes. “What happened last night, naughty girl?” She winked again and teased your arm. She was open about her relationships to you and so were you to her. She’s probably the closest friend you have.

“Mary, that’s personal!” You laughed trying to hide your excitement.

“It wasn’t so personal to you telling me about R/N’s poor sexual skills.” She sarcastically raised her brow.

“Yes because he lacked on that, I wouldn’t come if I didn’t masturbate after-party, y’ know?” You hinted and she totally understood. “I wanted to share this problem with you.”

“Too pity, he only likes flexing around his cars but on sex, poor guy…” she started. “But you know, I never liked this man. How come you, Roger Taylor’s ex-wife and current girlfriend date a man like R/N?” She reminded your standards and she was right. It was all about your image and your dignity.

“I guess I was too hurt by Roger, I couldn’t see clearly. I always loved him.” You stared at the floor and sipped from your cup.

“And you’re back again which is perfect than before. I’m sure Laura will be happier.” She smiled.

“She already is.” You nodded and smiled back.

“Hey ladies, you have some work to do out there, what’s taking you so long?” A colleague of yours, came in the room demanding you to get back to work.

“Sure, we’re going back, sorry for that.” Mary took the lead and left the room, now both of you went back at your posts.

At the studio

Roger was on studio with Brian and John, fixing their instruments before starting recording. Freddie was yet to be seen so John asked, knowing what was happening. “Everything alright?”

Roger finished fixing his drum kit and turned to John’s side, “If you’re talking about last night, you better be sure about it. What about Laura?” Roger asked.

“Vera drove them off to school earlier, she said she will pick them up. She’ll be in our place.” John replied.

“Oh nice then, sure, I’ll pick her up, I’m thinking of a fancy dinner with Y/N and Laura at some restaurant.” Roger was arranging a dinner with his beloved family, thinking something big.

“Oh, I’m curious to find out!” John smiled.

“Rog,” Brian took part in the conversation, coming closer to his bandmates. “You should book a table if you’re going to do what I’m thinking.” He pressed his hand on Roger’s shoulder.

“What do you think I’m going to do?” Roger asked confused.

“Sweet lord,” John gasped. “Wait, you’re not going to propose her again, right?”

“Why not?” Roger asked in disbelief.

“Roger, it didn’t work all this time. Just because you spent two days together doesn’t mean you’ll be like that again.” Brian was negative about Roger’s thought.

“And why not? I changed my mind, I was immature, I know. But now I’m different.” He tried to defend himself.

“Roger, she might feel pressed if you propose her again.” John was trying to explain.

“No she won’t, she won’t see R/N again, I know it. She ran to me the moment he raised a hand on her.” Roger protested.

“He what?” John was shocked. “Y/N would never let a man hit her, what are you talking about?” John couldn’t believe his ears.

“Her cheeks were burning when she ran to me and-” Roger was feeling tense.

“Roger, you won’t let him get away with it, will you?” Brian crossed his arms.

“What can I do? I am not the one who was assaulted.” Roger loudly said, feeling ready to explode.

“Who was assaulted?” Freddie’s voice echoed in the studio and his bandmates’ gave him a death stare. “What? I’m not late.” He arrogantly raised his brow and smoked a bit of his cigarette.

“We were having a conversation about Roger and Y/N.” Brian made a briefing of the situation.

“Oh, I’m all ears, did you have sex?” He winked to Roger.

“Yes we did, but that’s not the thing.” He shook his head in total confusion.

“Alright, alright, what’s the matter? I heard about someone getting assaulted?” Freddie asked concerned.

“Yes, Y/N was. He spied on her on Sunday night because she didn’t want him to stay there.” Roger started.

“Oh, you drove Laura off that night, didn’t you? At her flat.” Freddie asked, recalling the facts cause he was there that afternoon, at Roger’s house.

“Correct. So, Laura kind of wanted me to stay and Y/N made her the favour, but I prepared our ground, I fixed a drink she was relaxed and we ended up making love.” Roger felt like missing you right now.

“Oh, that’s, that’s good!” Brian commented.

“Yes, it is. And what happened next?” John asked, trying to learn all the details. They all wanted actually.

“Well yeah, the next day things were a little awkward between us but in the end it wasn’t anymore. That asshole, went at her home, raised a hand on her and my girl ran to my place.” Roger said.

“Who the fuck does he think he is?” Freddie gasped. He was nuts.

“She obviously ran to her shelter.” John made a romantic comment

“She won’t leave it unpunished, will she?” Freddie asked.

“I don’t know.” Roger thoughtfully said.

“Well, fucking call her,” Freddie yelled.

“Stop yelling at me, okay? I’ll do it.” Roger yelled back and Brian with John shared a laugh.

Roger grabbed the phone and dialled your office’s phone number. He was impatient to call you, but at least he had a reason to do it. You picked up from the other side, too busy from your work. “Hello?”

“Y/N?” Roger’s voice was unsure and unsteady. He barely spoke to you on the phone. He would call at his early days while on tour.

“Roger? Hi!” You smiled after recognizing his voice. “Are you at the studio?” You stopped archiving loan papers and focused on him.

“Yes, Freddie just arrived.” He tried to remain calm.

“Oh, tell the boys I said hi.” You giggled.

“Of course.” Roger cleared his voice before getting to the topic. “So um, about yesterday, when R/N appeared at your flat, will you sue him or something?” He asked fully concerned about your safety.

“How come asking me this?” You asked confused.

“I was talking to the boys about it, I needed some advice. Will you sue him?” He asked.

“I don’t know, Roger. I don’t think he’ll appear again. Not after what happened. I guess he knows we are starting over.” You explained.

“But what if he appears?” He asked.

“Don’t panic me, please. I don’t want to work in fear.”  Now that Roger gave you a reason to be scared, it wouldn’t leave your mind that R/N would come again to hurt you. He has shown some red flag signs at the time but you never really paid attention because they weren’t a big deal.

“I just care about you, y/n. I want to feel sure that you’re not getting hurt or approached by him.” His voice lowered but his head was thinking many things.

“Nothing to worry about. I’m happy that you called.” You changed the subject trying to talk about something else.

“Um, y/n?” He asked while playing with phone’s wire.

“Yeah?” You playfully asked while opening clients’ folders to verify their deposits.

“I was thinking if you’d like us to go for dinner tonight, as a family.” He finally said kicking out his stress.

“That would be great!” Your eyes got wide opened. You liked the idea.

“Perfect. We’ll talk about the details when we get home. I mean, at my place.” He clarified.

“Sure. Do you think I should move out?” You asked.

“Yes, come where you were staying first. At my house. I’ll help you with that.” He offered his help which you couldn’t deny.

“Nice then.” You said. “Y/n, can you sign these client’s papers, please?” A female voice was heard from the back.

“Should I hang up?” Roger asked.

“Yes, we’ll talk later! Bye!” You were rushing to hang up.

“Love y-” you hung up and left Roger wondering if you heard his last words. “You.” He ended it, being sure now that you didn’t hear that. “How did it go?” Roger asked Fred.

“Better than I thought.” Freddie giggled.


Recordings today, finished earlier than expected, Queen brainstormed more than usual, making some good progress. They were free to go.

“Should we go to the pub downtown?” Brian asked.

“Sure, I haven’t planned anything,” Freddie answered and John nodded.

“Roger?” Brian turned to the drummer.

“Go and I’ll catch up with you.” He smiled and they all left the studio.

Roger was on his way to the bank you work. He parked at the opposite corner waiting for you to finish your work. He wanted you to join him and the rest members at the pub, like the old times. But an unpleasant surprise gave him all the negative vibes he had gathered for a long time. It was R/N who was suspiciously walking towards the bank. Roger knew something was wrong. He carefully checked the road before crossing it.

You were ready to leave, said bye to your colleagues and at the entrance door, the man you used to date for a short period of time stood at your sight.

“Wh-what are you doing here?” You asked trying to remain calm.

“What do you mean what am I doing here?” He let out an evil smile. “I’m here to pay my fucking bills.” He was ironic. He didn’t mean it literally.

“We’re over, R/N. Deal with it.” You had to remain quiet and calm. You work there. Gazes started to turn to you two, making you feel embarrassed. You attempted to walk away but his hand stopped you. He was holding a newspaper photo; probably from The Sun, it was Roger and you in it. Oh shit, here we go again you thought. The press smelled gossip.

“You ran to your rock star husband? Wasn’t I enough?” He shouted pointing out the photo. It was you and Roger five years ago, exiting a club in the city, but the title caught your attention: Roger Taylor and y/n  y/f/n spotted together after divorce!

“Stop shouting, I work here!” You warned him to stay quiet but he wouldn’t. He was risking your job permanent position.

“You don’t need to work when your rich husband can give you a luxurious life!” He mocked you and now he pointed to Roger, ready to read the article out loud. “Queen’s drummer Roger Taylor was recently reported sharing a not-only-steamy kiss with his ex-wife but a steamy night at his place in West London” Clients and colleagues turned around and saw you standing there fully ashamed and embarrassed. Of course, they knew who you were married to. You really wanted to die. You couldn’t handle the situation. “You want me to continue?” He asked with a smile on his face.

“Fuck off.” You whispered close to his face and he seemed to enjoy it.

“I think I’m the one who should have said this.” He raised his brow. This man is a pure toxic thing. “You take cocks like they’re dinner or something, is that your talent?” His voice was louder than expected and all you could do was slap him. That sound was probably heard to the restroom inside. He was pushing the limits and your boss came out of his office, staring at you shocked.

“Mrs Taylor I think you should discuss your personal issues somewhere more private, don’t you think?” His voice was strict and you thought that being fired is the most possible scenario.

“Yes, of course, have a nice evening.” You tried to walk fastly out of the bank but a gentle hand stopped you. You looked who it was and it was Roger.

“She’s not Mrs Taylor. Not yet.” Roger defended your place, with R/N, your boss, your colleagues and the clients standing there with their mouths wide open. “Boss, how on earth do you let your employees be disrespected like that?” Roger came closer to him but you tried to stop him. “That asshole right there disrespected your employee and you did nothing!”

“Roger, please stop, I’ll lose my job, fucking stop!” You tried to pull him back but he wouldn’t do it. “Stop!” You yelled and then he stopped and looked at you.

“I’m trying to defend you.” He whispered at your face, he noticed how upset you looked.

“Please. Everyone’s looking at us. Let’s get out of here.” Your eyes begged him to leave as soon as possible.

“And what about this asshole?” Roger pointed out R/N.

“He can’t do anything, let’s go, please.” You wrapped your hands around his arms, not letting go. You walked out of the bank and the man followed you. Oh, shit.

You were walking towards your cars, but R/N wouldn’t leave like that, without provoking Roger. He would lose temper in any second.

“According to the musician’s neighbours, the previous night was like some Queen concert. Really loud.” He was reading out loud the article and Roger looked at him with his one and only death stare.

“Roger please, let’s go, don’t give him the satisfaction, he’s trying to make you lose temper! Don’t hit him!” You stopped him. Now people from the bank and pedestrians would whether at Roger and you or R/N.

“What would y/n ’s  y/f/n  current partner say about today’s hot issue? Can’t wait to see more! This couple is so promising. Whether married or not, they never fail to excite us!” He laughed after reading the article. “They paid me thousands for this article. What do you think?” He asked.

“What?” You asked shocked.

“I’m a journalist, you knew that. But I’m also a jealous and a possessive mate, I don’t like my partners to fuck around.” He came closer to you. He was threatening. Roger would kill him at any second.

“But you hit me. You weren’t violent, you despised that.” You answered.

“I surely despise violence. But violence brings violence. You betrayed my trust.” He yelled.

“That wasn’t a reason to hit her!” Roger yelled back.

Paps noticed the drama and clicks were already heard. You were about to be on headlines tomorrow morning.

“But you fucked her! Aren’t your groupies enough?” R/N shouted.

“Shut the fuck up! They’re taking photos of us and they’ll have us on headlines tomorrow, I don’t want that!” You pushed him but he wasn’t playing.

He was about to push you back but Roger protected you, standing in front of you and getting on hands with R/N.

Three policemen noticed the tense and ran through your place. “What’s going on here?” One of them asked.

“He’s a random man saying weird things, he won’t let us leave!” Roger lied.

“He fucks my wife!” R/n lied back.

“What the hell, you’re not my husband!” Your life was such a drama right now, you wanted to go home and hide under your pillows.

“Enough sir, we’ll have to keep you at the police station today. You caused enough trouble today. Let the celebrity man with his wife go to the court.” The policeman was aware of yours and Roger’s status. Roger’s fame probably saved your asses for now; Not including your boss firing you the next day, though.

“Um, are you alright?” You asked while hugging Roger.

“Yes. You?” He pulled away to check on you.

“Kinda…” you were feeling upset. You just had to play it cool.

“Listen, the boys are waiting for us at the pub we met, mind joining us?” He whispered at your ear, not wanting the paps to hear you.

“I think I’ll need a drink to calm down.” You nodded.

“Alright, get on your car and follow me, we’ll have to get rid of everyone. They’ll follow us.” He kissed your lips and that was the second the clicks were heard the most.

Roger smiled at the cameras, acting as if nothing happened and finally drove off.

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send me requests !! i write for queen, led zeppelin & some others! (message me or send an ask if you want a full list of everyone i write for!) requests for blurbs/oneshots are ALWAYS welcome and i’ll always take a look into them! send them my way, i’m in a mood to write :)

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Sometimes I have to sit back and remember and appreciate just how strong Freddie Mercury was.

Just imagine having to come to terms with your own mortality. Knowing that you really don’t have much time left, and every second that goes by is another second gone of the little time that you have. Every day continues a steady march toward the finish line that is… uncomfortably close, to say the least.

But it seemed like he was okay with that. Or at least, he didn’t let it get to him all that much. He didn’t mope around, he never really complained about it. And he was never crushed under the pressure of it all, and I think most us probably would be. Instead, he decided to live the rest of his life to the fullest. To make every last moment count as much as it possibly could.

That is mind-boggling.

To have the sheer strength and bravery needed to literally cope with your own impending death. Others go through the same thing every day, he definitely wasn’t alone. And those people deserve all the respect the world can offer. Because just… wow.

And not only that, he was also brave enough to identify as homosexual in a world that wasn’t ready for it yet. You have to remember that this was a time when homosexuality was still listed as a mental disorder. A psychological defect. Even if he did keep it considerably hidden, (there is nothing wrong with being in the closet btw, it’s all about what the individual is comfortable with) you still have to give him IMMENSE credit for even stepping into that territory, which was a risky move.

Conclusion: Freddie was probably one of the strongest and bravest people who have ever existed.

Reblog if you agree. ❤️

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Why are there several pictures of Brian with his eyes closed during photo shoots? I’ve never seen the other guys blink in their group pics as much as he did lol

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