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Watch Fantasy High


  • The Full first season is on YouTube for FREE right now please take advantage of this
  • MULTIPLE canonically queer characters. This is a show where the gays WIN baby
  • Skillfully handles themes of parental relations, mental illness, religious repression, ETC
  • Good to have on in the background
  • (But also visual so still easy to pay attention even if you’re doing something else)
  • INCREDIBLE set design for battle eps, Rick Perry does an outstanding job
  • The sound design… ✊😩
  • Every single core character is good.
  • DND show that is super fun to watch even if you’re not personally into dnd (like me. I have played like a half of a session and don’t really vibe w ANY other dnd show/podcast. Even taz! I love the mcelroys (they have an appearance in a side quest of the show) but Dimension 20 just butters my bread
  • Episodes are only 2 hours max as opposed to other dnd shows
  • The way Brennan (and the WHOLE cast) improvise the coolest most life changing scenes
  • The show has its fair share of drama and tragedy and horror (especially season two), I have shed some Tears, but the whole cast is made up of professional comedians (who are super close friends!) so you KNOW it’s got some quality goofs and gags. One of the few shows that can make me laugh out loud
  • Just nice to watch a group of really close close friends and genuine fun together!!
  • All I’m asking is for you to watch until the end of episode two PLEASE
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sudden thought i had regarding the whole situation with jet and ruby being technically illegitimate

so it’s been established that joren jawbreaker and his family in the great stone candy mountains worship the old gods, and that the old gods condone polyamory and multiple marriages and consider each of them, as well as resultant offspring, to be legitimate

after the corruption of the church and the nature of the bulb are dismantled/exposed by the pcs (practically an inevitability) it might be interesting if people turn to the old gods, particularly with amethar or someone of house rocks as concordant emperor, because then ruby and jet would be considered legitimate and jet could ascend the throne as she decided that she wanted to

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This is the number of critical successes and failures in the recent episode since there seemed to be a lot. It may be more since Brennan rolls a lot of saves and might not declare every one.


Ally: 0

Murph: 2

Emily: 1

Siobhan: 3

Lou: 1

Zac: 0

Brennan: 4

TOTAL: 11 (seriously what the fuck)


Ally: 0

Murph: 2

Emily: 0

Siobhan: 1

Lou: 0

Zac: 0

Brennan: 4


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