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starship2011 · a day ago
Truly nothing worse in television than when the showrunners are like “ok we gotta get Main Guy & Main Girl together as the endgame couple but we don’t wanna rush it, let’s just throw them in relationships with side characters to build drama.” But then their relationships with the side characters actually become way more interesting & enjoyable to watch but you can’t enjoy it because you know the whole time that it’s just a matter of episodes before they break up to make Main Characters get together so it’s like watching a train crash in real time
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nerdcore-gf · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
showcase ‘94 gives me life solely for the little side story of arkham villains playing softball and wearing matching uniforms 
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damnbreaux · 11 days ago
succession soundtrack makes me feel like i’m on top of the world
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titobeauvilliers · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
when i first started this blog a few months ago, i never expected to gain so much. from new friends to seeing everyones wonderful hockey content. The fact that you all have put up with my trash posting, rubbish gifs and overall weirdness means so much to me + i don’t think i can say thank you enough.
Everyone below has impacted me on here in both a major and minor way, that i’ll never forget. i honestly look forward to being with you guys through the 19-20 season (wether we support the same teams or not).
and as always....let’s do that hockey!
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starship2011 · 2 months ago
Really, can you call yourself a theater kid if you don’t completely resent at least a couple of the shows you used to be fixated on
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starship2011 · 5 months ago
Sorry but thinking again about how peak the dialogue in tgwdlm was. . . The amount of character & plot setups introduced through gags to keep them from feeling obvious or clunky. . . The way scenes managed to tow the line of absurdism while still feeling natural. . . The complementary perfect casting. . . The way it manages both excellent humor & drama without feeling tonally confused. . . Unparalleled
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starship2011 · 3 months ago
Honestly think we should normalize “this is a piece of fiction designed primarily to entertain, & as a result characters might behave slightly illogically in order to have the narrative progress in an entertaining way.” As a valid excuse to bad faith criticisms of minor plot holes
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starship2011 · 3 months ago
The amount of character designs that could be improved by curly hair is insane
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starship2011 · 4 months ago
Listening to a musical soundtrack & fantasizing an animated movie of it my beloved
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starship2011 · 8 days ago
Deh movie has us living in the worst possible timeline because I have to watch vanity fair releasing articles rehashing the same discourse I read on my dash in 2017 like it’s a hot take complete theater kid containment breach
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starship2011 · 4 months ago
I feel like one of the most insidious trends in online culture is when people won’t like someone or find them annoying & be like “Oh I bet they’re a secret bigot. Oh I hope they’re actually an abuser.” Like PLEASE take a step back & think about why you want real people to get hurt to validate your personal dislike of someone.
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starship2011 · 3 months ago
Like yeah it was cringey nerd shit or whatever but. . .getting real nostalgic for the crowd enthusiasm at homecoming. Like imagine you and your friends making up a silly joke to make fun or harry potter & then ten years later repeating it to a crowd of hundreds of people who are screaming it back to you & then explode into 5 minutes of clapping
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starship2011 · a month ago
Desperately awaiting that day that this site realizes just how little correlation there is between “a show is successful on Broadway” & “a show is successful on tumblr”
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starship2011 · 8 months ago
The Black Friday proshoot came out THIS YEAR
Tumblr media
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