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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Nick Jakoby is such a wonderful character who I grew to love so much… but like LITERALLY FUCK 12/ACAB/Abolish Police….. so can they liiiiiike delete Bright and try again and give me some kind of.. Nick just wants to be a baker?? or a teacher???? or a librarian???? TRUST me i can conjure something up in my head and make it work. It’s possible… 

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The most helpful thing that you can do in the face of hardship is to keep a #positive attitude. There’s always some #blissing within all hard circumstances, even if you can’t immediately identify it. By holding on to #faith, you can #elevate everyone around you, along with the situation itself. A positive mindset keeps the body relaxed, which in turn helps you think clearly and creatively during intense situations. Your #bright outlook #inspires others and may avert a cycle of downward spiraling #energy. Vow to stay #optimistic today no matter what. Always be #honest about your thoughts and feelings, yet do call upon the #angels, your #higherself, and ultimately #themosthigh to gain the best perspective on every situation. In this way, you work through any upsetting emotions very quickly, keeping a high level of energy and positive attitude. Repeat this #Mantra in the Mirror by looking into your eyes to affirm these things: I intend to stay positive about myself and all my relationships. I can be both honest and upbeat simultaneously. It is safe for me to be happy, and this outlook keeps me #energized and #healthy. ✨❤️⭐️

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