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#brighter fires
trickkittydesigns · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
KINDA a design (came up with markings myself), just a headshot, but have a firestar icon, specifically meant for the brighter fires fic!
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space-pilot-3000 · 2 months ago
This is like slightly insane and probably not what’s happening at all but is leopardfur trying to hit on sandstorm?
OK LISTEN.... no she's not really hitting on her. Leopardfur mostly just sees Sandstorm as a potential ally. like she 100% believes Sandstorm is the brains behind ThunderClan right now, and she wants to have that power on her side to consolidate her own leadership when she gets it.
HOWEVER. i do think leopardfur has kind of a girl crush on sandstorm lol. so no you're not crazy the chemistry is there
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justoneofthoseghosts · a month ago
Tumblr media
When he peeks inside, Sylvie seems to be sleeping, her face is buried in one of his pillows, a blanket draped over her body. He quietly tiptoes in and leaves the aspirin bottle and water on the night stand where she’s sure to see it when she wakes up. He rummages around one of his drawers and manages to find a spare toothbrush, which he places next to the aspirin for her to use in the morning.
As he moves to make his way to the couch, he hears her speak.
“Your pillows smell nice. They smell like you - like wood and smoke and, and something else I can’t remember right now,” Sylvie slurs.
Matt grins broadly, crossing his arms while approaching her, “you’re really drunk, aren’t you?”
“Jello shots are delicious. You don’t taste the alcohol at all. You should try them,” she recommends, sending his a small, sleepy smile.
Matt sits on the floor and leans closer to her. He can’t help it. He’s having fun talking to a very inebriated Sylvie.
“I’ll take it under advisement.”
“I want a grilled cheese sandwich. Help me get up and make one, please?” Sylvie suddenly starts to sit up at the thought of getting herself her sandwich but she lies back down again a second later.
“Is there an earthquake? The room’s spinning. We need to duck under the bed, Matt.”
Her eyes grow comically wide, not unlike one of the cartoon characters Matt used to watch as a kid, at the thought of a natural disaster. She says the last sentence with such concern that Matt lets out a loud laugh.
“You’re cute when you laugh. You can see that dimple right here,” she motions to her cheek to demonstrate her point.
Matt sobers up immediately. Did he hear her right? She thought he was cute?
banner by @purpleyin
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lizzieehearts · 3 months ago
8, 11, 12 + Chase, 14?
8 - favourite special
i already answered this in my last one so i'm gonna do my second fave which is true hearts day. it just makes me smile and pink squad my beloved so yeah
11 - favourite song
this is gonna sound boring but the og song. i sing it randomly sometimes it's great i love it
12 - song i associate with a certain character - chase
there are a couple and none of them i can explain so
hope ur ok - olivia rodrigo
so what - loona
singing in the rain - jinsoul
my kind - alessia cara
handle it - twice
let me in - haseul
work song - hozier (darlase)
yeah <3 chase redford platonic loml
14 - random alignment chart
i can't remember if i posted this or not but
Tumblr media
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space-pilot-3000 · 17 days ago
I haven’t read warrior cats since elementary school (tho I WAS a megafan at the time and read all the books, wrote and read fanfic, and roleplayed on fansites) but last night I binged brighter fires until 4 in the morning and screwed up my sleep schedule. You wrote a REALLY good fic and I love it a lot! However I do have a mini heart attack and laugh whenever the cats swear because that is a little kittycat saying curse words!!!
OH MY GOD THAT IS SUCH A HIGH COMPLIMENT! I'm so happy that something I wrote has in a way become a part of something you've loved!! And I'm so happy that you found something new to love as well!!! (Don't screw up your sleep schedule though ;) :') )
Also, HAHAHAHHA because yeah I've had a lot of readers say the swearing is very alarming at first. I think it's amusing too, but I was genuinely a bit surprised at first at just how much people noticed it! But eventually I realized that I've simultaneously too close and too far away from the situation. I am too close in that I have so ingrained these silly little kitties into my heart that their capacity for dramatics has ceased to pick up at all on my radar, and too far in that I have such a mild haughtiness towards Warriors' writing that I now view it through 6 or 12 layered and mirrored lenses of irony that I have sort of ceased to worry about the little things with regards to these books, if that makes sense. So to me, it seems perfectly natural for everyone to say fuck. (Side note, I also tend to just mentally translate imaginary curses from various fantasy and sci fi fiction just back to their real world equivalent, so that might have also desensitized me lol)
Also if this answer seems long or a bit manic, I can only apologize, as I wrote this at a time when I was fairly blazed. Sorry, good sir (gender neutral)
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wincest-endgame · 5 months ago
Amazing how for the entire series Dean was like: I pulled you from a fire before and now I will keep pulling you from fires for the rest of your life
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justoneofthoseghosts · a month ago
The penultimate chapter is here. This one was fun to write!
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mrsdooggle · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Brighter looking up at the night sky!
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invictarre · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
tag dump part two....... pwease let this be the last one I have to do for this blog
#I think we deserve a soft epilogue my love; we are good people and we've both suffered enough | v: galar's golden boy#up where the mountains meet the heavens above; out where the lightning splits the sea | v: vientown ranger#let the world all shatter into dust because nothing else matters; only us! | v: apathetic villainy#what you see is never what you get; not when everybody's playing revolution roulette | v: rocket infiltrator#through the rain and the storm and the flood I can feel their approach like a fire in my blood | v: treasure town trio#we're here for the cult stuff! we saw the ad on craigslist | v: ghost hunters#I could be the bee in your bonnet; your best friend forever! two peas in a pod flocking like birds of a feather | v: unfortunate bonds#throw yourself into the unknown with endless fury defiant; see life as a means to a triumph | team: charizard#although no one understood we were holding back the flood; learning how to dance in the rain | team: quagsire#there will come a solider who carries a heavy sword; he will tear your city down | team: aegislash#I met this cat and he said 'son; I've got nine lives and you've got one' | team: luxray#when the first breath of winter through the flowers is icing | team: happiny#and the cat's in the cradle with the silver spoon; little boy blue and the man in the moon | npcs: arthur brandt-muriell#and in their name let's drink to true love; where a frog and a scorpion fell | fuladaris: sycamore#baa baa black sheep do you have a soul? no sir and by the way; what the hell are morals? | fuladaris: lysandre#I want to run away with you; so meet me by the cut through. together we'll make our sweet escape | xfaucheuse: dani#and it feels like flying out of fool's paradise; I'll leave them in their cages and rise to shining heights | v: a new chapter#we can outshine the sun; we need only believe that two stars shine brighter than one | v: childhood#brushing shoulders with the ghosts of men doomed to never feel the sunlight again | v: galarian professor#leaving promises in its wake; whispering 'my friend; you're still here' | twilighttheater: red#edge of glory; write your story; seize the moment with no regrets | v: my hero academia
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