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#brilliant as always
gogyhands · 15 days ago
"'cause if god made us all in his image then god's a fucking nerd" PLEASE !!!! the amazing devil only knows how to pump out bops
#i need to gush abt ruin so mcyt followers i apologizw#drinking song for the socially anxious is my fav so far#the harmonies are so gorgeous and it's so soothing and funny at the same time ???#🥺🥺🥺#secret worlds was literal perfection too tho like#genuinely reminded me of adventuring into fantasy lands so#the vibes are immaculate#the calling was gorgeous madeleine's voice always gives me literal fucking chills so#glad she got such a spotlight moment#the amazing devil#ruin#squish rambles#joey's voice in blossoms is fucking superb as always but i did accidentally space out during this one JWVJDJ#ummm CHORDS IS LITERALLY MAKING ME CRY? IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL#THE BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN THEM AND THE EMOTION AND LIKE ?? IT SOUNDS NOSTALGIC OUCH WTF#5HE OLD WITCH SLEEP AND THE GOOD MAN GRACE UHHH#I WAS ALREADY VIBING W THE SOLO JOEY SONG AND THE SOFT SLOW SOLEMN BEGINNING#THEN THAG SWITXH UP HOLY SHIT IM IN AWE#YESYESYESYES THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN I HOPED FOR#im out of words at this point but inkpot gods is just as brilliant as the rest of the album like#im just here permanently experiencing chills from this album#wtf my tags abt ruin didn't add#ruin is so different from what i've come to expect in the amazing devil music but#it's so fucking beautiful#provokes a v specific image in my mind#i can't get over how stunning the piano was and how good their voices sounded togehter??#bc normally their voices complement each other in v contrasting ways; joey being louder and more raspy when madeleine#is more hushed and smooth#or vice versa as well as lots of staccato vs legato singing#but in the song ruin they were BOTH soft and i literally can only describe it as their voices caressing each other like
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you-look-so-fierce · 3 years ago
I watched both the MAMA’s last night and the MMA’s tonight. Just gotta say BTS fucking killed those performances. Like holy shit. Best I’ve ever seen. Congratulations on their many, many awards. I’m so proud of them.
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grogblogging · 4 months ago
okay okay okay so something else i truly adore about aabria's dm'ing is how engaged & animated she is at all times, even when she's not talking or describing anything, just the feeling that she's at the table vibing & enjoying & reacting to what her players are doing..... she's fully engaged & participating at all times..... she's such a joy to watch & her reactions are infectious
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soundsfaebutokay · 4 months ago
Look at these beautiful fuckers
Tumblr media
The very best Leverage fics I've read over and over again fell into two categories:
an outsider falling in with Leverage and becoming part of the crew (for one job or permanently), somehow rolling with all the delightful insanity, or
a kid getting enfolded into the weirdest but most loving family they will ever meet and being mentored in the ways of crime.
I can't—I canNOT—believe that Leverage: Redemption hits these exact two tropes dead center. It's almost like the universe wants me to be happy or something. Dean Devlin really woke up one day and said, "Today I'm gonna give this gremlin what she wants" and honestly I am LIVING.
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