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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#bring it on

idk what else to call this but i saw a god awful one of these on insta so here’s me attempting to right their wrongs

Hamilton - go listen to Bring It On. Lin worked on the music for it so it will feel somewhat reminiscent of hamilton. Ariana DeBose was in Bring It On but she was also in Hamilton so there we go another link please go listen. Mean Girls fans would probably like this to bc it has Kate Rockwell and Taylor Louderman which sounds like a win for y’all

Be More Chill - okay boy have i got one for y’all, It’s Kind Of A Funny Story. it’s based on a book written by Ned Vizzini who also happened to write the book Be More Chill was based on, so that’s right up y’all’s alley. the book is written by Alex Brightman so Beetlejuice, y’all may like this too. here’s a link to the youtube playlist for the 54 below concert. it’s very much still in development but it’s already so amazing and now you get to follow it through the development process yay!

Spring Awakening - guess what y’all the people who wrote this also wrote Alice By Heart. it’s amazing go listen to it. it’s been off broadway and recorded an album there. also if you liked the movie booksmart, guess what molly gordon and noah galvin are here so i think you’ll find that exciting as well

Mean Girls - bruh if you haven’t already, go listen to The Prom. i have no clue why i associate y’all other than the fact that Casey Nicholaw choreographed both and that i love Mean Girls and now i also love The Prom. it’s gay so all of you who really wanted something to happen between Janis and [insert female character here], guess what! y’all don’t have to make up the gay anymore which is super rad bc real representation. also if someone is in Mean Girls and named Becca, they were also involved in the atlanta production of The Prom. yeah go listen to. it’s pride month go do gay things please!

Starkid - if you have liked ANY Starkid show please go listen to the musical Starry! it has all your faves: Jamie Lyn Beatty, Mariah Rose Faith, Dylan Saunders, and Jeff Blim (please someone come yell at me if i forgot something it is 7 am rn and i am TIRED). also if they aren’t on the concept album, they’ve still probably been involved with the production. prime example: miss Lauren Lopez has in fact been in one of the 54 below concerts that you can find videos of. also it’s written by Matt Dahan and Kelly D’Angelo and you may be thinking “hmm Matt Dahan sound like a familiar name…” guess what YOU’RE RIGHT. he’s the music director and pianist for like a lot of a starkid productions and he’s wonderful (so is Kelly, i just couldn’t find a link but she has the vibe of your favorite high school english teacher so yeah stan Starry for clear skin)

that’s all i got and i’m tired now so yeah go listen to those kids. who knows i might be back for a part 2

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i don’t mind the anons, there’s nothing they can say to me that’ll hurt haha

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Week Seven: Bring It On

(Feb 17, 2020)

“Bring it On” is a musical about cheerleading, the disadvantages of poor school districts, and the dangers of ambitious underclassmen. None of us had very high expectations for this going in, so when the musical turned out to be completely average, we were okay with it. The music is very techno (much like cheerleading music, which is a nice touch) and a lot of it centers around cringy teenage drama, but there are some part of it where Lin Manuel Miranda’s writing shines through and almost makes it worth listening to. Almost.

We decided to rate “Bring It On”: Alright

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Makeover phase signs:

-Having “from tomorrow…” thoughts -> need to create a new routine to improve myself

-Taking lots of quizzes -> attempt to define my personality and/or create a new one

-Changing my social media bio/profile pic -> need to control and re establish my perceived image

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♕ - “…Riku.”

Was he to be offended by this? Pleased? This slick guy managed to word it in a way that gets him more complexed then anything! ‘But my hair looks like it could stab people. I think I almost did stab Abu’s eye accident when he was being rowdy with that lamp.. wait, that means, it has to be!’

With an inner answer formed, a snide look formed on his features as he slides up to Riku, giving a few nudges on the side while forming such a goofy looking grin.


”Ain’t it just the best to be best buds with a super genius? C’mon! Like the time I made our swords out of a tree after we got them stuck there? Only by doing equations?” That’s a bold faced lie but he’s having too much fun with it.

“Glad to see you’re catchin’ up on that!”

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I managed to go to sleep super late yesterday so that I would also wake up late today. This is mainly because the AoS episode will air at 4am in the morning where I live, so I need to be awake until that time to react with everyone and I am SO EXCITED!

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Seeing for the next episode that eve and villenell will be in the same room together, close to each other, sitting next to each other, I am so ready can I just time travel to next Sunday please PLEASE

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I adore you.

1. Embroidery

3.Water birds

4.Coffee press forever

5. 😍 mismatchedddd

6. Calve.. have you seen them? How is this a question. 😍

7. High key actually planning on keeping bees. But I also plan to have chickens. Sooo 😅 all

8. Cattails

9. Woodland

10. 🍓

11. 🐸

12. COMFY sweater - or as I call them Grandpa sweaters

13. Blue bells

14. Overgrowth

15. Foals

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