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Meghan was supposed to put up and shut up with actual death threats, racist slurs, whole websites, blogs, youtube channels, and forums dedicated to hating her, people coming to her events to try to assault her pregnant body.  Actual white supremacist threats on her and her husband. Major media personalities attacking her child. 

Nary ONE WORD from any of the palaces. In fact, the palaces all played into dangerous and violent racist tropes in their smears against Meghan.

What is more, how insulting is the BRF, Media and figures in politics being that they keep saying people are TOO DUMB TO UNDERSTAND A TV SHOW IS A TV SHOW? 

All the Crown is doing is making people remember, despite the PR blitz over the years, who the BRF and Charles are. 

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I hope now things are more open that Kate visits the V&A. Museums have taken a hammering - as everyone has but the arts and culture sector has become a bit of a battle ground issue - and I think it would be a great boost. There’s currently a display of rainbows created by children for the NHS during lockdown which I think would be a great fit

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I was wondering if you knew anything about this tiara? I think this is Elizabeth II but the angle is weird so I’m not sure?


It is Queen Elizabeth II from back when she was just Princess Elizabeth.  Her and Princess Margaret used to put on Christmas pantomimes at Windsor Castle during WWII to raise money for the Wool Fund.  This one is from a performance of Old Mother Red Riding Boots on 22 December 1944 which was their last production.  


Here’s a close up, it looks like it’s made out of fabric with beads.


And a close up of Princess Margaret’s costume tiara.


Princess Margaret also wore a tiara for the performance of Aladdin in 1943.


I wonder if those are some of Granny Mary’s pearls twisted up into a tiara.


I don’t know what happened to the rest of the costumes but the ones from Aladdin were part of an exhibition a few years ago so I would bet that all of them are in storage somewhere.  According to the Royal Collection the princesses helped make the Aladdin costumes from furnishing fabric from Winsor Castle’s state rooms which I take to mean they made curtain dresses Gone with the Wind style but I know the dress Elizabeth is wearing in Old Mother Red Riding Boots is by Norman Hartnell because she also wore it later for a Cecil Beaton portrait so the must have run out of drapes by 1944.

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~Then and Now~

Christening of first child

  • Aug. 4, 1982- Prince Charles and Princess Diana with Prince William at Buckingham Palace
  • Oct. 23, 2013- The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George at Clarence House
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