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oh im fuming look at his profile
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Damon Albarn, Blur @ Le Montjoye Besançon, France (October 1994) for Le Front de Libération du Rock | Photo by Bertrand Bosrédon
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I hope your wish has been granted ;)
A little Help (90’s Damon Albarn X Reader)
Pairing: 90’s Damon Albarn X Reader
Warnings: Language, fluff, Smut (Sub!Virgin!Damon, Slight Dom!Reader, It’s Damon’s first time as all read, Oral male receiving, P in V sex)
Words: 1573
Summary: Damon and you have been together for a few months now, but you’re worried he could not be attracted by you. When you ask why, you are surprised by his answer…
A/N: Hello y’all, I’m back with the famous Wednesdays smuts! This today’s one has been asked by my dear anonymous (and I thank you, I would never have thought writing about virgin Damon, but that’s indeed a great idea!) The smut is set in the beginning of 1990. (I know he lost his virginity younger I read the interview but let’s imagine) Hope some of you saw the movie I'm talking about in the smut so you will know what scenes I'm talking about. Rendezvous on Saturday for the chapter 5 of Pictures of you and you’re gonna be surprised, I’m sure! I’ll be doing a day where you will be able to ask me questions about me, about what I’ll write next etc… (if you want to by the way!)
Love y’all and enjoy!
Tumblr media
(He's all sweaty OMG...)
It was a cold January night, and you were with your boyfriend Damon at your place. It was raining outside, and you asked him to come over because you were afraid of thunder.
Damon was sometimes mocking you about that but still reassuring you after.
He came hands full of food and with corn to make pop corns and also with cocoa to make hot chocolate.
He let you decide the movie for tonight.
The movie you had chosen was one you loved a lot, and you hoped that the message would get through to Damon. You'd been together for months and hadn't done anything. You'd tried to send him subtle messages, but he didn't seem to understand.
You put the VHS in the cassette player while he was preparing your chocolates and pop corns and soon, Kim Basinger made her appearance. Yes, you had chosen Nine ½ weeks.
During the ice cube scene, you felt Damon shift uncomfortably next to you.
Are you okay?
Yeah. He answered with a little smile on his lips
You sure?
Yeah, it’s just hot in here. I never thought I would watch this kind of movie one day.
Because it’s girly?
No, because it’s hot and that’s not the type of hot movie I usually watch.
Well, it’s erotic but not porn.
Yeah, exactly.
But I can’t deny that the ice cube thing is something I’d like to try.
Another subtle message, did he get it? No.
When the famous Strip tease scene on you can leave your hat on by Joe Cocker was shown on TV, it’s was his turn to say something.
I’d like to see such a strip tease one day.
We can negotiate…
Really? He answered, cockily
Yeah. And also what comes after? You tried
Can you be more explicit?
Come on Damon, you know what I’m talking about.
If you mean sex, I…
Yes, I mean sex. It’s like… I don’t know, I feel so much desire for you Damon… Isn’t it mutual?
do you really dare to ask me that question? He answered, shocked
I’m sorry for doing so but yes… I love you Damon, and I want us to make it like normal people would do. You’re reputed to be some kind of womanizer so I thought that it would have been done long ago…
I wanted to take my time with you, not only for us, but also for me. You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you, but I swear it’s true.
Then tell me what’s the matter!
Y/N, I’m a virgin. I’m not joking.
You what? No way, that’s impossible. You answered, not believing him
It is. I swear it is. So I don’t really know how to do it properly, and I don’t know how to do that thing with the ice cube either.
Eventually he understood what you meant.
So you… you started, now embarrassed
Yes my love, I understood every subtle message. It’s not that I wasn’t ready, as I told you I wanted to take my time.
Why didn’t you tell me earlier?
I’m 20 and I’m a virgin isn’t it enough?
Damon, it’s not a shame.
I know. But this isn’t something I shout from the rooftops.
Yeah no, I understand, you want to keep your private life private, but it’s me Damon, I’m your girlfriend. You thought I was going to mock you?
No. In fact I don’t know, maybe unconsciously but directly no. But tonight’s message aroused me a bit. And I can’t deny that… I’d like to try.
You want us to…
Yes Y/N. I want to make love with you.
I’ll be gentle. Just don’t panic over anything okay?
I’m not scared.
Still so confident. That’s also why I love you.
You kissed him softly at first, letting him deepen the kiss if he wanted, which he did.
The kiss became heated, your tongues meeting and melting together.
You separated to catch some air, and Damon started to take your clothes off. The man wasn’t in a hurry, but he was hungry. Hungry for you.
Once your tee was on the ground, Damon looked at you longingly, in awe in front of you.
You’re so beautiful… I’m so lucky to have the chance to make love with you…
Said the man who looks like a goddamn angel.
He answered smiling widely. You kissed again and helped each other take your clothes off.
You were naked before him, leaving him in his boxers.
I’m going to make you feel so good Damon, I promise.
I know.
You slid his boxers down, his erection coming to slap against his stomach.
My my, Damon, I didn’t know nature gifted you like this.
Is it going to hurt you? He said worried
No darling, and I said don’t be worried about anything. You’ll see, it’s going to be fine.
You started running your hand on his member, sliding it up and down, causing his breath to get stuck in his throat at first, then making him groan in pleasure.
God… Your touch is…
Too much?
No… that’s not what I mean, it feels so good babe.
It’ll feel even better.
You brought your mouth close to the tip and started turning your tongue around it. He cried out in pleasure, not used to it, but Damon felt so good. He never had the chance to receive such special treatment and he was glad you were the one making it. Glad you were the one who was going to take him to heaven.
Your mouth engulfed his cock, your head bobbing up and down, your lips being all swollen.
Damon was now a moaning mess, and you knew he was close when you felt him twitch in your mouth.
God, baby, please stop or I’m gonna cum… He cried out
You let go of him with a loud pop on your lips before straddling him, aligning his tip with your entrance.
You’re still sure you want to do this?
I’ve never been this sure in my life. But I have no…
It’s okay Damon, I’m on the pill.
You sank down on him, causing you both to release a moan.
I don’t know how long I’ll last…
What did I tell you Albarn?
Not to worry about anything.
Exactly, so just enjoy the moment.
Your hands laid on his torso to hold yourself. You started bouncing up and down on him, slowly at first for him to get used to it, even if you thought he was going to cum at any moment, his faces betraying him.
You sped up a bit when you saw he was starting to enjoy it the way he should.
God Y/N, you can make whatever you want of me, I’m yours… He panted
Good, because that’s what I’m planning to do.
You took his wrists and placed them above his head, holding them, while you were being filled with him inside you.
He couldn’t stop repeating “Oh God, oh God, oh God”. Damon was trying hard not to cum right here and then, because he wanted to see you cum first.
A sudden confidence possessed him, and he started thrusting his hips with yours, touching your G-spot and making you moan loudly.
He kept doing it repetitively, your walls convulsing around him.
Oh fuck Y/N! I’m so close!
Let go baby…
No, not before I see you cum. I want to cum with you!
You were as close as him, you just needed a few more thrusts before you felt this familiar heat you missed so much invade your body, causing your walls to melt around him again.
You threw your head back in pleasure, your eyes shutting themselves in the process, your legs starting to tremble.
You couldn’t move anymore, and Damon finished your work by keeping thrusting inside you with a rapid pace, but his thrusts were getting sloppier.
Your orgasm washed over you, throwing Damon over the edge.
He grunted loudly and loudly moaned a few times, his hips stuttering, his hot seed painting your walls.
You collapsed on him, your head laid on his shoulder, his arms embracing you.
He peppered your cheek with wet kisses, then caressed your head.
Are you okay? He asked
Yeah… just catching my breath. It’s been such a long time I didn’t have an orgasm like this.
Tell me the truth my love, you never orgasmed like this, did you.
You chuckled slightly.
Well well, I gave you an orgasm during my first time. I’ve got some potential.
Oi calm down. Your sex life only started and I’m planning on showing you some things before letting you be on top of me.
Oh yeah?
I bet no one ever complained about your methods, huh?
And… what do you think about starting showing me now?
What? Now? Seriously? I mean… You do it again?
Dunno, we’ll see that. I don’t mind you giving me some more pleasure.
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Damon Albarn in Beetlebum (4K resolution)
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the rapture, fake 90s magazine
space and time are obsolete
issue #33, november 1997
@therapturemag on instagram I ko-fi
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MY MAD FAT DIARY “Big Wide World” season one, episode one
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Gorillaz art by Jamie Hewlett
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oh, i wanna take you home i wanna give you children and you might be my girlfriend oh yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
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various music ads in select magazine! 1990-99 🤓
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need to be between them
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Blur, Belfort France July 1995 | Photo by Bertrand Bosrédon
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Jarvis Cocker as Elvis Costello photographed by Kevin Cummins, 1993.
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Liam Gallagher and Graham Coxon, NME ad (1996)
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british girls in the 90s omg my mom is selling me to blur
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the rapture, fake 90s magazine by legallybrunette1997
space and time are obsolete
issue #11, october 1994
credit to @frombeyond for one of the headlines <3
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