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Originally posted by benshook

Summery: Race takes you to a carnival

Request: nope

Words: 947

Characters: Reader, Racetrack

Warnings: none, I think

A/n: So this is my first fic, so I’m sorry if it’s shitty. I’m also 99% sure this sort of thing has been done before, but I really wanted to write it, so here it is. I hope you enjoy it! 

“Come on, y/n! I wanna get a good spot in line!” Race yelled from the street. 

“Ok, ok, I’m coming!” you yelled back, leaning out the window to talk to him. “Just another minute,” you added, shutting the window and blocking out his calls to hurry up. The carnival had come to town, and you and your boyfriend of three weeks Racetrack Higgins were going. You had wanted to go to the carnival ever since you found out it existed, but you never had enough money to go. You and Race had both been saving up for weeks, hoping to have enough to buy tickets and some food. It wasn’t a carnival without food, that much you knew. 

Race had been to the carnival once before, before you became a newsie, with his friends. When you first started dating, you made him tell you all about it. 


“There’s a lot o’ things to buy and eat,” he said, grabbing another fistfull of popcorn out of the bowl you were sharing. You nodded, taking in what he said but also just drinking in the moment. The whole dating thing was still new to you, and you didn’t want to mess it up. 

“Food is good,” you said. He hummed a yes, then his face lit up.

“There’s also rides.”

He turned to look at you, his face a mask of calm, but his eyes begging you to ask more about the rides. You melted a bit at that look, and you couldn’t not ask.

“Tell me more about the rides.” You smiled, watching his face light up. 

“Well first, there’s the giant swings. You spin ‘round and ‘round and ‘round. Then there’s….”


You smiled fondly at the memory. Was that really only three weeks ago? It seemed like the two of you had been dating for forever. You couldn’t get the sucker to kiss you, though. Considering how much he flirted, you were really surprised that your relationship had lasted three whole weeks without a kiss. You didn’t mind too much, this being your first relationship, but damn. Sometimes you really wanted to kiss that boy.

You walked out of the Newsboy lodge onto the street. Race was standing a few feet away, smoking his cigar. He heard the door close and turned to face you.

“There you are, y/n-” he stopped short when he saw you. He took off his hat and ran a finger through his hair, taking a deep breath. 

“Wow,” he breathed. “Wow.”

“Is something wrong?” you asked him. “I can go change, if you want me too-”

“No, no.” He cut you off, waving his hand. “No, you’re fine. It’s fine.”

It was the first time he had seen you in a skirt. You borrowed one from Katherine, who insisted on giving it to you “because of how important the date was”. You hadn’t thought much about it while you were putting it on, but now you wondered if it had been a good idea. 

“It’s really ok if you want me to change,” you started again, but again, Race cut you off. 

“And make me wait even longer? You’s gots to be jokin’,” he quipped, back to his usual flirtatious self. You smiled at him, still uncertain, and he offered you his arm. When you raised your eyebrows, he just shrugged. 

“I’s seein’ ladies taking a man’s arm all the time,” he explained. You smiled at the gesture, and off you went to the carnival.


“Two tickets please, sir.” Race leaned against the counter of the ticket booth. He had no right to look so attractive. Your breath caught in your throat every time you looked at him. He was yours. Yours. You couldn’t believe it. 

“That’ll be forty cents,” the man at the ticket booth said. You winced at how expensive it was, but started getting out the money that you had been saving. A hand stopped you, however. You looked up and saw that Race was getting out a large pile of coins while forcing your hand to put back your money.

“I’s paying today, y/n,” he said, still keeping his eyes on the counter, carefully counting out the cents. 

“Race, I-”

“Shhh. No use arguing. I’s paying and that’s that.”

When you started to protest again, he leaned close to your ear and whispered “Ssh. I’s been saving up for the carnival ever since I went the first time. I’s is paying.”

You stood there, shocked, staring at him. He had been saving up since he last came? How much did he have? You had joined the newsies a little more than two years ago, and he had been saving for a carnival this entire time? 

Having got your tickets, you started moving away from the booth, still in a slight daze. Race pulled you off to the side and gripped your shoulders.

“Look, I know this is a shock to you, and I’s is sorry I didn’t tell you earlier. I just…” he paused and ran his fingers through his hair. Taking a deep breath he continued. “I wanted to surprise you.” He looked down at you, and you saw the pleading look in his eyes. 

Please be okay with this. I only did it because I thought that you would like it.

“Thank you,” you smiled, reaching for his hand. He breathed out a sigh of relief and let you take it. 

“So, what do we do first?” he asked, walking down the narrow path that lead to where the carnival was.

“I was hoping you’d tell me?” You gave him a small smile and he returned it, squeezing your hand. 

“This way, doll.”

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hi friends!

i have some new friends joining me here, and i don’t know if i have ever done an introduction so here we go!

you can call me L, i’m 19 and live in the US. i grew up in the theatre industry thanks to my momma and have not done anything else but take many naps since then.

as you can tell, i’m an avid audrey hepburn fan, and my favorite movie of hers is probably “breakfast at tiffany’s”, “funny face” or “charade”!

my fav movie of all time is ladybird, because it really is my biography.

i’m a tv/movie/theatre buff, and will talk for hours if you let me. (i am in love with timothée chalamet and chris evans)

hit me up whenever you need/want to chat!

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I have an entire Ted Talk on how original content dies easily on Broadway and it’s not fair, but honestly? Bottom line? I’m never going to stop being mad about Bandstand and Tuck Everlasting. Send tweet.

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Does anyone have the March edition of the Beetlejuice Playbill🥺

I’m super sad and this is super lame given the world climate rn, but basically

I was supposed to finally see Beetlejuice for the first time back in March, but rona shut it down 5 days before my show and I’m still super bummed about it.

But last month I saw that the Playbill store was selling the March Playbill, so I was like “hey, I’ll get this to at least have something to remember what never was” so I ordered it and I thought life was good, Playbill took my money and everything, I was just waiting for it to ship and it was blessed.

Now today I got an email that actually it sold out so I’m out of luck, and they can give me my money back (which much appreciate) but like… I want the Playbill lol

So idk, if any lovely out here has a March Beetlejuice Playbill they’d be willing to sell 🥺🥺🥺🥺cause it’s also almost my birthday🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 hit a gal up

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