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wkemeup · 14 days ago
Favorite fanfic trope - arranged marriage with mob! Steve? Warnings: smuttttt
Tumblr media
summary: Rumlow dares to make a move against the boss' wife. Mafia!Steve AU pairing: mob!steve x reader word count: 1.2k warnings: sexual harassment, lead up to smut, 18+ a/n: I would have kept going but this is drabble night fam and I broke my 1k rule 4/5 times lol
Tumblr media
The edges of Steve’s desk curled under your fingertips – wood digging into the palms of your hands as you tried to make yourself as small as possible, so that you might disappear entirely. Beyond the walls of Steve’s office, the low vibrations of the bass muffled Brock Rumlow’s heavy footsteps as he approached.
A slithering smirk upon his features, Rumlow stalked across the room towards you like hunter in search of its prey. “Come on, baby. We both know your marriage is a sham. Why not take part in a little side action?”
Rumlow extend a hand towards you, setting it delicately against your bare shoulder. You flinched at the contact. Calloused palms slid down your arm until a shiver chilled through your spine and you inched out from his grasp. He frowned.
“I think you should leave, Brock,” you warned, desperately searching over his shoulder for the door to unlatch. “Steve will be back any minute.”
“It’s sweet that you think he’d care if his men fucked you,” Rumlow purred. He removed the gun from his belt and set it against the desk. Laid upon a pile of paperwork Steve had sworn he’d finish last night – still without his name signed in red ink. The pen rolled from the pile under the weight of the weapon and clicked against the empty whiskey glass.
“He’s my husband,” you choked out as Rumlow cornered you. He propped his hands up on either side of the wall, caging you against him. He sank his mouth to the crook of your neck, his breath hot as stone against your skin.
“And you’re nothing but a consolation prize for bailing your pathetic family out of debt.” Wetness splashed against your collar—spit as Rumlow sneered at the deal your father had made with the Howling Commandos. A bailout of your family’s business in his exchange for his only daughter. It was a bad deal – one Steve Rogers never should have accepted if he was as clever as the rumors made him to be, but he did anyway. He traded millions to call you his bride.
You felt the warm touch of lips on your neck and you shoved Rumlow hard in the chest. he stumbled back several paces, a murderous look upon his face. Your gaze had only flickered to the gun for only a second, a flash of panic in Rumlow's eyes, but then – the office door slammed open. Steve barreled inside.
His figure was a blur as he shoved Rumlow against the wall, knocking a right hook into his ribs. Blood spewed from Rumlow’s mouth and splattered against the white collar of Steve’s button down. Still, he did not relent. Each time Steve’s fist collided against Rumlow’s cheek, you felt it deep in your stomach. Hands pressed over your mouth, you watched as Rumlow’s cheek split, as his cheek turned dark red, as his eye began to swell under the strain.
Then, Steve dragged Rumlow’s weakened form against the wall until he was standing. He curled his fist into the shoulder of Rumlow’s jacket, drawing close enough breath that Rumlow desperately squeezed his eyes shut and turned away. Blood dripped from his lips.
“Lay a hand on my wife again, and I will gut you in the street,” Steve growled, his voice low enough to drown out the vibration of the bass through the walls. It was only after Rumlow nodded, that he finally released his grip. Rumlow scrambled away from Steve’s fury, practically crawling to escape the room before the boss could change his mind.
Slowly, Steve made his way back to the door and pressed it closed. With his back to you, you watched his shoulders rise in heavy, labored breaths. His knuckles were broken as he stretched out his hand, wincing as the skin cracked under the pressure.
“Are you alright?”
You glanced up, surprised. “Yes.”
“Tell me this hasn’t happened before,” Steve ordered, though there was an ache in his voice. Heavy and layered. It trembled. “Tell me you have felt safe under my roof.”
You'd never seen him like this before – angry in the face of shame and guilt. Steve was always calm, always sure of himself. It was part of his charm. He did not crack under pressure, didn’t show even the slightest of emotion when his own men were beaten bloodied at his feet. Nothing bothered him. Nothing could break him.
But now—his voice trembled.
"I feel safe with you,” you told him quickly, surprised to see the relief sink into his shoulders. “Brock has never gone as far to--” You cleared your throat as Steve turned to face you, such intensity in his eyes, a flush of embarrassment warmed your cheeks. His brows furrowed, a dangerously devastated look upon his features. “This was the first time.”
Steve rolled up the ends of his sleeves. He took his time crossing the room to you, as if he might be giving you the space to turn away, to escape him as so many other have. But you stayed your ground, waiting for him. The way his eyes fell over you, you supposed he might be searching for greater injury, but you could not help the shiver as it slipped up your spine. His gaze carried such weight and still – you felt naked as he looked you over.
“May I?” he asked, his voice low.
You nodded weakly at him, watching his as brought his hands to the sides of your face. He held you there for a moment, blue eyes trailing over your features. Then, his hands slid down along your neck, to your collarbone, along shoulders. Goosebumps trailing in his wake. Coaxing his palms over your skin as he searched your body for harm.
He only seemed to relax when he finally confirmed with his own eyes that you were unharmed. Still, you noticed he had yet to return the space between you - his touch still lingering upon your skin.
As his hands crawled back against your face, thumbs sweetly brushing over your cheeks, you stopped breathing entirely. His tongue darted over his lower lip, wetting the pinkened surface. It drew an ache from between your legs and you couldn't help as you squeezed your thighs together.
“Honey,” his voice was barely a whisper as his breath warmed your skin. It was an ache – a plea. A request for more - to cross a line he hadn't dared before.
Gently, you leaned forward. Your gaze never leaving his, hesitant and eager, you brushed your lips over his. A feather’s kiss. A taste of what it might be live to kiss the most feared man in New York. He choked back a moan, withdrawing from your mouth.
“Say yes,” Steve begged as his lips kissed at your your neck. His tongue swiped over the skin, lingering, wet and warm, before he drew his eyes back to yours. “Say yes, honey. Please.”
"Yes," you gasped and Steve’s lips crashed into yours. He pressed you back against the wall, the full of his weight against you as the framed art upon the wall shook on their nails.
His hands slid from your face, down along your hips, to under your thighs. Fingertips sliding under the fabric of your dress, pressed against warm, flushed skin. Steve tugged on your right thigh until you jumped.
Your arms wrapped around his neck, Steve carried you with ease to the desk at the center of the room. Gentler than you might have imagined, he placed you to sit on the frame, brushing aside the dozens of documents in his way. For a moment, he took a step back, taking you in with your finger combed hair and slightly labored, dizzied breaths. Your lips were swollen, fingertips reaching back for him eagerly.
Steve tapped at the side of your knee until you parted your legs, allowing him to step between them. He widened your legs until your dress rose up around your hips, exposing the thin fabric at the apex of your thighs. He rolled his hips against you, eyelids fluttering closed as his hardened length rubbed against you.
“Forgive me, my love. I’ve done a poor job in showing my men who you are to me,” Steve murmured, his hand inching up along your thigh as he watched you. Your chest rose in heavy breaths as his fingers grazed your panties, brushing his thumb against the pooling wetness into the fabric. He paused then, his gaze searching yours. Waiting. Seeking confirmation.
You laid your hands upon the sids of his face. Then slowly, brought his lips back to your own - a chaste kiss upon his lips and you smiled at him.
“Show them I'm yours.”
Steve's lips curled into an eager smirk. "With pleasure, my love."
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theavengers · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Favorite MCU Scenes : Before we get started, does anyone want to get out? ↳Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)
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buckys · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) dir. Anthony & Joseph Russo
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mcufam · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) dir. Joe and Anthony Russo
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marvelgifs · 3 years ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m not gonna launch those ships. Captain’s orders.
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umikochannart · 2 years ago
Feverish & Moonlight MASTERLIST
- Vampire!Bucky/Priest!Steve first post
- Feverish part 1 : Thirst (Steve/Bucky)
- Feverish part 2 : Polycythemia Vera (Steve/Bucky & Brock)
- Feverish part 3 : Turning (Bucky & Brock)
- Priest!Steve bloodbath/ Vampire!Bucky
- Priest!Steve/Vampire!Bucky Bottom/Top
- Priest!Steve Outfits
- Vampire!Bucky Outfits
-Feverish part 4 : Big mouth (Steve & Brock)
- Feverish part 5 : Purity ring (Steve/Bucky)
- Feverish part 6 : Arm  (Bucky)
- Feverish part 7 : First time (Steve/Bucky)
- Bloody Vampire! Bucky
- Feverish part 8 : Nothing else (Steve/Bucky)
- Vampire!Brock ballroom
- Feverish part 9 : Gentle stranger (Jack/Brock)
- Vampire!Bucky/ Priest!Steve: Virgins
- Feverish  part 10 : Keep it in (Jack/Brock) 
- Feverish part 11 : Fever (Steve)
- Bloody Priest!Steve/ Vampire Bucky
- Delirious (Steve/Bucky)
- Feverish part 12 : Bad dream (Steve/Bucky)
- Feverish part 13 : Sweaty business (Steve/Bucky)
- Can’t stop looking at you (Steve/Bucky)
- Short haired Vampire!Bucky
- Feverish part 14 : Silently (Jack/Brock)
- Priest!Steve shadow/light practice
- Long haired Vampire!Bucky
- Feverish part 15 : Mesmerized (Jack/Brock & Bucky)
- Long haired Vampire!Bucky part 2
- Fluff all the way (Steve/Bucky)
- Heaven and Hell (Jack/Brock)
- Vampire!Bucky design 2
- Feverish/Moonlight crossover
- Taste (Steve/Bucky)
+ Fics which were inspired by Feverish
- Werewolf!Steve/Vampire!Bucky first post
- Moonlight part 1 : Late night call (Bucky/Steve)
- Moonlight part 2 : Panic (Bucky/Steve)
- Moonlight part 3 : Talk (Natasha & Bucky)
- Moonlight part 4 : Alone (Steve)
- Moonlight part 5 : Unwanted visitor (Bucky &Tony)
- UwU (Bucky/Steve & Sam)
- Pretending (Dr.Strange/Tony)
- A fascinating one (Dr.Strange/Tony)
- The Clan
- All dressed up (Dr. Strange)
- Shameless (Dr.Strange/Tony)
- Good boy (Steve)
- Moonlight part 6 : Arrival (Bucky/Steve)
-Fangy (Thor & Loki)
- Doodles (Stephen/Tony)
-First-timer (Stephen & Peter P)
- Business (Stephen/Tony)
- That one (Everyone)
-Flirty (Stephen/Tony)
- We shouldn’t do this... (Thor/Quill)
- Leader (Tony)
- Kidnapped (Stephen/Tony & Steve)
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umikochannart · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
 In my AU Steve is suffering from a rare disease called: Polycythemia Vera. If you have polycythemia vera, your marrow makes too many red blood cells, which causes your blood to get too thick. That can make you more likely to have blood clots, a stroke, or aheart attack. The treatment for this disease is called phlebotomy. In this procedure blood is removed from the veins. Having this disease, Steve seperates himself from people knowing that if   someone finds out his condition he could get in serious trouble, considering he is living in a world full of vampires starving for blood. The disease’s symptoms include  itching, sweating, double vision, headaches, dizzines etc. but the ones that are causing the main problems are weightloss and weakness. Feeling weak, Steve’s ashamed of himself, afraid of people seeing him suffering from the symptoms. Producing much more blood than an avarage human makes him valuable to vampires since they can feast on him without worrying about him dying of blood loss. Steve, knowing that he will have to protect himself from the creatures, becomes a priest who is specialized in fighting against vampires and killing them.
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marvelheroes · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), dir. Russo brothers
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