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Yep! I thought that was a good indication that Loki and Thor will see each other again, though that actually made me wonder if we’re going to see an alternate timeline version of Thor actually in the series? Chris Hemsworth was booked for Ace Comic Con NE in March, when ‘Loki’ was supposed to be full swing in filming, so…maybe he wasn’t just going to be in the US for the con?

I’ve always strongly felt that both Loki’s and Thor’s stories were purposefully left hanging in IW/EG because there was always meant to be more, especially after Ragnarok was so successful.

Thanks for the ask!

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From The Real Asgardians of the Galaxy, chapter 3 (coming soon!)

Loki sighed. Damn Thor, damn him and his sentimental speeches and his fathomless affection; what was Loki supposed to do in the face of that?

So he followed his brother, standing there in silence as Thor finished the apple, core and all. “No seeds in this thing,” Thor said. “Have you had one?”

Loki ignored this question. But yes, he’d eaten several, actually, and had wanted Thor to eat one too, not that he’d ever stoop to asking him to. With a fortifying breath, he sat down and folded his hands together, resting his elbows and forearms on the table. “I’m not going to apologize for bringing us here,” he said. Thor looked up at him, his expression unreadable. “But,” Loki went on, “I will concede—after a great deal of consideration—that perhaps I ought to have given you some advance warning about where I was taking us.”

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(2) Also it would be a huge emotional hit for Thor and as much as I trust in Taika I’m not sure the movie would adress it properly. Poor guy lost his closed ones and his people and felt the guilt of loss and failure. Not only Loki would be back, when Thor could started to deal with all bad stuff that happened but probably it would be also not “his” Loki. But again, them being back together again would be great but I’m not sure how the writers handle it.

EG Loki joining Thor in LAT is…not my preference either. There are definitely ways to get around it and bring IW Loki back (see also: my fanfiction, haha, but I can think of other ways). Personally, I think that’s the better way to go, but, you know, I’m not involved in the writing of these films. I don’t like when characters get ‘reset.’ I’m with you on Gamora. I’m a little more forgiving of the idea with Loki because so much of his redemption arc is off screen, and this gives them the opportunity to really show it. But Gamora—what is there to show us again? Her and Quill falling in love…again? That one is a harder sell for me, because she was already one of the main characters.

But still, I would much rather they find a way to bring our old Loki back. Character resets are just kind of…exhausting. This is why I’m so against the idea of Kid Loki in the MCU, incidentally. It cheapens the character’s growth, imo.

I definitely agree that Loki coming back would be a huge emotional moment for Thor and that it could easily go wrong. One of the things I love about Taika as a director, though, is that he seems able to do a lot with very little. He’s able to get really emotional moments out of short scenes and out of humor. Think of the elevator scene in Ragnarok; I believe it’s 45 seconds? That’s a huge scene. And when he goes for the jugular it’s absolutely devastating. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Jojo Rabbit, but…man, there are some Moments in that movie. We know Tom Hiddleston would act the hell out of such a scene, and Chris Hemsworth can handle it too. So honestly, if there’s any MCU director I trust to give a Brodinsons reunion justice, it’s Taika. I could definitely be wrong though! Maybe it won’t happen at all, maybe it will happen and it will suck. But I just have to hope for the best, you know?

Thanks for the ask!!

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Food for thought: 

Does the timer on Loki’s life just kind of start over when he’s been brought back from the dead? 

I find it funny to imagine Loki walking around, thinking he’s a thousand years old, but really - technically - he’s like six months old. 

Once Thor realizes this, the teasing is probably never-ending. There’s baby-talk. There’s packages of diapers that mysteriously start showing up around the house. There’s Thor, in a very high-and-mighty tone of voice, saying things like, aren’t you just the cutest little baby ever? and no, no, you’re not old enough for daggers, and aw, does baby need a nap? 

Eventually, Loki snaps and makes an attempt on Thor’s life, but Thor takes it in stride, though he does ease up on the jokes. Loki kind of resigns himself to it after that. 

The opposite side of the coin, of course, is considering whether Loki now has an extra thousand years on his lifespan, as if the first time never happened, which implies that Loki will far outlive Thor. But that’s another topic entirely. 

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Title: The Real Asgardians of the Galaxy
Author: @aurorawest
Rating: M (language, violence, mild sexual content)
Relationships: Loki & Thor
Major Archive Warnings: none
Summary: Loki and Thor are finally together again and everything’s great. Everything’s perfect. It’s all exactly as Loki imagined. He wouldn’t change a thing.

That’s…a lie. Nothing is right. Loki knew things wouldn’t be simple, but they’re so much less simple than he expected. Thor has forgotten who he is. Loki isn’t sure that he ever knew who he was to begin with. They’re quite the pair. They have a spaceship and each other, but not much else—certainly nothing resembling purpose or direction.

So Loki decides to change that. What could give the Princes of Asgard purpose?

Well—what if they reopened the Bifrost?

Chapter 2 is posted! Thank you very much to @mareebird​ for making me fix so much that needed fixing in this chapter!

Things had started out sensibly enough.

Well, things had started out with Thor shouting at Loki, which was about par for the course.

1 | 2

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Reality had come crashing down in those hours after the battle, as night fell and a chilly wind blew off the fjord. Their conversation had fizzled to awkward questions buttressed by even more awkward silences. When a celebration had sprung up, Thor had practically leapt at the opportunity to do something besides be alone with Loki. He’d started drinking and kept drinking long past the point that he should have stopped. And while Thor had always been one to overindulge, this was…different. His brother was drinking to forget, even now, when everything was supposed to be right. Thor would have rather forgotten the past six years instead of being happy with what he had in the moment.

(from The Real Asgardians of the Galaxy, chapter 2, which isn’t posted yet)

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This is a very cool thing you’re doing! And I feel very odd promoting myself, but, if you’re still taking these, I have a WIP series, it’s not going to matter if we fall down twice. The first fic is Sleight of Hand, the second is even if we come upon a language we both know (posted last week) and I’m getting ready to start posting the third fic, The Real Asgardians of the Galaxy, which is a 170k word Brodinsons road trip IN SPACE!

Technically it’s a Loki Lives! series, though I consider it to be canon compliant. Through a string of time travel and interdimensional shenanigans, Loki is plucked from The Statesman (by a version of himself from a different dimension—yes, the Loki who escapes with the Tesseract in Endgame), spends some time in another universe, and then gets spit out in 2023 in New York City. Five years have passed since his ‘death’ at the hands of Thanos. The world, and most importantly, Thor, have moved on without him.

It’s really about Loki learning how to live his life; coming to terms with his world, his family, and himself. There’s lots of Brodinson bonding (some hugs, of course), Loki and Jane are friends, and though he’s very tempted to on a number of occasions, Loki has so far restrained himself from stabbing Stephen Strange. Also, he fights with his knives a lot, because it’s cool when Loki fights with his knives.

(-submitted by @aurorawest​)


Brodinson bonding? Interdimensional shenanigans and road trips IN SPACE?? Loki fighting with his knives?? These are all wonderful things! 💙🚀


Originally posted by alcoholicrattlesnake

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I meant to do this yesterday and totally forgot to submit.  I’m also not the kind of person who feels totally comfortable saying CHECK OUT MY THING.


I’m like three chapters away from finishing a 200k fanfic and I’m so proud of myself, so if anyone out there is interested in a slooooow burn, enemies (briefly)-to friends-to lovers Loki x OFC fic…that takes place in Norway…and is honestly just as much about Loki & Thor, too.  Then maybe look into my fic, The Relic?

I’m sorry I’m so awkward hahahah.  I swear the fic is less awkward.

(-submitted by @mareebird​)


That’s so exciting! It’s always a wonderful, strange feeling when a fic draws near to the end, especially when it’s an epic slow-burn! And I love it when the Brodinsons get a chance to better-develop their relationship, too ❤️ I know it feels funny to self-promo, so I’ll say it for you:


The Relic

Summary: A deal to keep Loki from rotting in a cell has not gone as either brother hoped. Thor and Loki bide their time on Earth, uncertain of their allegiance and future, as Loki’s ennui threatens to be his undoing. Thor’s quest for a fabled Asgardian relic brings the brothers to Norway, where the artifact turns out to be far different than either expected, as does their time spent with a mysterious local archaeologist, who turns Loki’s relationship with humanity on its ear.


Originally posted by lookforastar

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Title: Pulvis et Umbra Sumus
Author: @aurorawest
Rating: T
Relationships: Loki & Thor, Brunnhilde | Valkyrie & Loki, Heimdall & Loki
Major Archive Warnings: none
Summary: Things had been occasionally rocky between Loki and Thor over the past month aboard The Statesman, but they’d had more good days than bad. Loki would have preferred to keep it that way, but Thor’s recent foul mood was a…challenge. As pathetic as it was, though, he seemed to have arrived back at a stage of life where making Thor happy was something to strive for. Maybe there had never been anything inherently wrong with it to begin with.

My @marveltrumpshate 2019 fill. Thank you to my bidder! And of course thank you as always to @mareebird for her wonderful beta-ing; this fic would be far poorer without her help.

read it here

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From my side project, which is another Loki and Thor fic, so…  *shrug*


Loki dropped his hands to his sides and sighed.  If Thor was going to resort to begging like a forlorn puppy, he might as well throw him a bone.  He could spare a few minutes to write a letter, if it would make him happy.  “Come on.  Let’s go.  I’ll try my best to make you sound half-way intelligent.”  He smirked over his shoulder as he sauntered off in the direction of the palace, and he could practically hear his brother light up as he fell into step beside him.

“When Asvoria is my bride, I shall name my first son after you!”

Loki snorted.  “Oh, that sounds like a fair trade.  A letter for a child.  I will hold you to that.”

“Darling Asvoria!  Your beauty is like all of the good seasons!  You are like art which I have glued together!”

At his feet, Thor was doubled over in laughter, unable to pull himself together long enough to snatch the paper from Loki’s hands.  Of course, he would have to catch Loki first, as he ran circles across his stately oversized bed.  As children, they had wrestled here.  Not much had changed.

Loki jumped high to evade his brother’s hands.  “Your breasts are tender as ham off the spit!”

“Read what you actually wrote!” wheezed Thor.  He made another limp swipe just shy of Loki’s ankles.  His face was as red as if he had swallowed gallons of mead.  Of course, some mead had been poured down their throats, but only enough to make them slightly dizzy and to free up Loki’s mind and pen.

“I am.  I am reading exactly what I’ve written here on the page.”  Loki leapt onto the headboard, perching himself like a monkey.  “Where was I?  Ah, yes.  Breasts like ham.  And then there are a collection of the sounds that you make when you chew with your mouth open.  Arghm om nom mur slurp yom.  I’m not sure of the spelling, but I think I’ve conveyed the sentiment quite well.”

Thor collapsed onto the floor, perhaps never to rise again.  Loki allowed him a few seconds to catch his breath, lest he gag and vomit from laughing so much.  It pleased him to have this sort of influence, but he would rather avoid the mess.  As Thor wiped tears from his eyes, Loki tossed him the letter, casting a quick spell so that it appeared to be in his brother’s handwriting – which was actually far neater than his own.

None of his teasing was actually on the paper, but Loki was rather proud of what was.  He had never written a love letter before and, though it did not contain any poetry, he believed it would catch the maiden’s attention.  He had been witty, he had been clever, he had weaved in just enough flirtation to be coy, yet princely.

And he had been succinct, just in case Thor’s dreams came crashing  down.  It would be better not to leave a long, embarrassing paper trail.

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The Relic by Mareebird

Rating:  Mature; Mild references to death, suicidal ideation, loss of family, and medical situations.  Pairing: Loki/OFC, Loki & Thor

Summary: Thor’s quest for an Asgardian relic brings the brothers to Norway, where their time spent with a mysterious local archaeologist turns Loki’s relationship with humanity on its ear. …Not Exactly Endgame Compliant

CHAPTER 39 - Glødende

Loki rocked back on his heels, searching for firm ground beneath his feet, because it felt as though the floor had slipped away.  The glow of the little round lantern sputtered between his fingers, wavering as the magic which kept it alight short-circuited.  Had his wits not been hanging by a single, fraying thread, he might have found the display of shock embarrassing.  His heart seemed to be in the dead center of his skull, in place of his brain, pumping with such force that gongs rang inside his head.

The flickering light scattered across Cora.  Her chest rose and fell, rapid and shallow.  He gaped and she stared back, her eyes bright with something akin to panic.  They were still slightly wet.  The seconds ticked by without a word between them.

Continue READING….

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Have any of my Loki headcanons brought me joy like how I imagine when he and Thor were very little and Loki had nightmares Thor would slip into his bed and wrap his big red cape around them like an extra blanket and Loki always settled down. When they grew old enough to have separate rooms and Loki couldn’t sleep he would sneak into Thor’s room and steal his cape, still comforted by how warm it was and how it smelled like his big brother.

He still steals Thor’s cape on occasion. Thor hasn’t mentioned that he asked Frigga to sew runes into the hem that ensure good dreams. Loki’s cape has the same ones, but it just isn’t the same.

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Fandral: Thor, we care about you, and we’re worried about you. The way you’re acting, the things you’re doing - 

Volstagg: It’s wrong. 

Sif: Wait, this shouldn’t be about blame. 

Thor: Blame? There’s blame now? 

Sif: No! There’s only love … and some fear. 

Volstagg: We’re just kind of thrown by the ‘you having sex with Loki’ thing.

Thor: The who what-ing how with huh? 

Volstagg: Okay, that’s denial. That usually comes before anger. 

Thor: I am not having sex with Loki! 

Volstagg: Anger. 

Fandral: No one is judging you. It’s understandable. Loki is strong and mysterious and sort of compact, but well-muscled. 

Thor: I’m not having sex with Loki - but I’m starting to think that you might be! 

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Title: The Real Asgardians of the Galaxy
Author: @aurorawest
Rating: M (language, violence, mild sexual content)
Relationships: Loki & Thor
Major Archive Warnings: none
Summary: Loki and Thor are finally together again and everything’s great. Everything’s perfect. It’s all exactly as Loki imagined. He wouldn’t change a thing.

That’s…a lie. Nothing is right. Loki knew things wouldn’t be simple, but they’re so much less simple than he expected. Thor has forgotten who he is. Loki isn’t sure that he ever knew who he was to begin with. They’re quite the pair. They have a spaceship and each other, but not much else—certainly nothing resembling purpose or direction.

So Loki decides to change that. What could give the Princes of Asgard purpose?

Well—what if they reopened the Bifrost?

Here it is, everyone, the fic I’ve been talking about posting for *checks notes* uh, four months? Hope you’re ready for 43 chapters of Brodinsons. Thank you so much to my beta, @mareebird​!

chapter 1

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I’m mad at Past Emily for not editing The Real Asgardians of the Galaxy as well as she could have because I am making a lot of changes this second time through.

“If you really have the money, there’s no need to cheat anyone,” Loki replied, his tone just as meaningful.

“I have money,” Thor said, sounding defensive.

“Since when?”

Thor just mumbled something unintelligible and went into the room.

Thor,” Loki said, following him. “Since when?

Tossing the pack onto one of the beds, Thor replied, “There’s a royal account. My, uh, my name’s still on it. I didn’t remind anyone to take it off before we left Earth.”

Several possible responses flitted through Loki’s mind, including that he was impressed by Thor’s stealing by omission. But he said, “Why am I not on this account?”

“Because you were dead,” Thor said flatly. “Or I thought you were.”

There was something in Thor’s tone that Loki had detected before. Was it resentment? What, exactly, did his brother have to be resentful about? Loki would have stayed dead, after all, had Thor and his Avenger friends not gone back to mess with the timeline. If they hadn’t mucked it up by letting his past self escape with the Tesseract, that other Loki wouldn’t have stepped in to repair the mess that had been made, and then Thor could have kept wallowing in his grief, living off pork rinds and fried chicken, flying around the galaxy with that crew of losers, the Guardians of the Galaxy. Was he mad at Loki for dying? Or mad at him for not staying dead?

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