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ex0skeletal-undead · a month ago
Victor Hugo was never ok. Not once.
You’re right. And I respect that about him.
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inktaire · 2 years ago
For the ask thing: 23, 41, 79
23. describe your dream date
I’m a simple person. A local coffee shop, maybe a modern/contemporary art gallery, and a nice walk. If we’re feeling adventurous we could do something like an escape room!
41. top 10 favorite songs
Oookayyy this is hard because it really depends on my mood and which genre you’re talking about.
But. Here goes nothin’
In no particular order:
Gooey by Glass Animals
Light by Sleeping at Last
For Elise by Saint Motel
Brazil by Declan McKenna
Next in Line by Walk the Moon
Middle Finger by Bohnes
Read My Mind by The Killers
Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen
Haru Haru by Big Bang
La Cintura by Alvaro Soler 
79. do you believe in ghosts?
Without question. There is so much that humans don’t and can’t know.
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fivie · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
brokebooklover replied to your post “I am trying to construct a shiny new playlist for UMW, can anyone...”
Not necessarily UMW but my go to R song is High Enough by K. Flay
holy shit that’s a perfect R song??? incredible
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coffee-and-aspirin · 3 years ago
Tagged by @nehamerchant123 !!
Rules: tag 9 people with excellent taste
Colors I'm currently wearing: bright red and faded olive green
Last band t-shirt I bought: Rise Against (my favorite :) )
Last band I saw live: a band doing cover songs at the Universal boardwalk in Orlando. Didn't catch their name because I showed up near the end, but I loved them.
Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick
Last song I listened to: Cinderella (ft. Magic Man) by the Knocks
Last movie I watched: Captain America: The First Avenger
Last three TV shows I watched: Marvel's Avengers Assemble, CNN's The 2000s, Marvel's Runaways
Last three characters I identified with: Clint Barton (Hawkeye), Loki (Agent of Asgard characterization only), idk before that it was like October of last year
Books I'm reading right now: Dread Nation by Justina Ireland. I like it so far but I'm only one chapter in so
@brokebooklover @tfw-all-good-usernames-are-taken @organized-decay idk who else is ok with being tagged so if you wanna do it go for it
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podcastsummaries · 4 years ago
Part 2 Chapter 2 Summery
The summary for Alice Isn’t Dead Part 2 Chapter 2: Mouth of the Water is now live! Find it here.
(Alice Isn’t Dead is summarized by @brokebooklover)
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nikioftime · 4 years ago
I was tagged by @greencheeked so here we go
Rules: Answer the questions and then tag nine people you want to get to know better.
Relationship status: very very happily dating @burgerkprime. I am 6 episodes away from having shown him all of Avatar: the Last Airbender for the first time. He has accepted that I will always be a little in love with Prince Zuko, because who isn’t, really?
Favorite color: Green has been growing on me for a while but I think teal still has it beat
Lipstick or chapstick: Lipstick, probably. Makes me look more powerful.
Last song you listened to: Jukebox the Ghost’s cover of Walk Like an Egyptian
Last movie you watched: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Top 3 Characters: Uncle Iroh, Hermione Granger, Kamala Khan
Top 3 Ships: Sokka/Suki, Zuko/Good Choices, Katara/being on screen and saying or doing anything (i have never really been into shipping and avatar is consuming all of my everything rn)
Currently reading: Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang
Top 5 musicals (I’m counting Disney movies): Hamilton, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, Moana, Mulan, That One Episode Of Scrubs
Tagging (i’m gonna add some mutuals i’ve had for years but never spoken to, please don’t think i’m weird): @burgerkprime, @kristhestinakat, @brokebooklover, @chaoticpassiveaggressive
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slackerqueen · 6 years ago
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inktaire · a year ago
Music Mayhem
Rule: you can only repeat one artist and only one time, so we can all kind of spread new music to the people we tag. try to listen to at least one of the songs people rec here!
I was tagged by the amazing @essentiallychaotic !! Thank you lovely <3
1) one song you loved the first time you listened to and never got tired of?
🌻 Zombie by The Cranberries
2) one song which makes you cry every time you listen to it or makes you emotional?
🌻 Hard to Love by ONE OK ROCK
3) one song that always makes you happy?
🌻 Sun Shy by Dresses
4) one song that you would dedicate to your best friend and/or your family?
🌻 Just Exist by Eliza &The Delusionals
5) one song with a production (the sounds, the beat, the mood) you love?
🌻 still feel. by half • alive
6) one song with perfect, amazing, outstanding lyrics?
🌻 Love Die Young by Eric Nam
7) one song that you would recommend to anyone?
🌻 Are You Bored Yet? (ft. Clairo) by Wallows
8) one song you don’t understand why you like so much but you do anyway?
🌻 Nillili Mambo (닐리리 맘보) by Block B
9) one song that you think people in general wouldn’t like but you do?
🌻 Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales by Car Seat Headrest
10) one song people normally like and you don’t like/hate?
🌻 God’s Plan by Drake
11) one song you would call a masterpiece?
🌻 Runaway by Aurora
12) one song you recently (last 30 days max) discovered and really liked it?
🌻 Novocaine by The Unlikely Candidates
13) one song you listen to to get pumped like you wanna tear down the fucking government or something?
🌻 Middle Finger by Bohnes
All songs are linked for people to give them a listen if they want!
I’m going to tag @brokebooklover @returnofthemadking @pettedavis @polyacery @obacchus @exoltaire @maebmad @polartaire (if you feel like it- no pressure) and anyone else who wants to do it!
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Oh boy, do I have opinions about podcasts. (The 37 podcasts in my podcast app say yes) if you liked the Bright Sessions and Alice isn't dead, you'd probably like either Tanis or the Black Tapes (I prefer the black tapes, but it's really personal preference). Limetown is good, but there's only one season and it ends on a cliffhanger. If you want less audio dramas and more legends and stuff check out Lore and the Myths and Legends podcast. And if you like running I can recommend an app/podcast.
I’m listening to The Black Tapes and Within the Wires rn. The Black Tapes are really compelling and I listen to them as I go to sleep and like I dont know what it is but every time im going to sleep THATS WHEN THERES AN EPISODE ABOUT DEMONIC POSSESSION WITH SATANIC HOWLING OR SOME SHIT and I lie there like “Alex, no, please go back to talking about Dr. Strand looks like a dumpster fire and you’re CONCERNED”
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lydiamartining · 8 years ago
woah dudes hey
so like would kiks work??? we could do a group!!!
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drink-oj · 4 years ago
Okay, so I was tagged by @tethmos to list the first 10 songs from my phone when shuffled:
1. My Never - Blue October
2. When I Grow Up (The Pussycat Dolls cover) - Mayday Parade
3. The Downfall of Us All - A Day to Remember
4. F**kin’ Perfect - P!nk
3. Rolling In the Deep - Go Radio
4. Hey, Soul Sister - Train
5. Carry on Wayward Son - Kansas
6. Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons
7. Scared - Three Days Grace
8.  I Of The Storm - Of Monsters and Men
9. Campfire Song Song - Spongebob Squarepants
10. Where Them Girls At - feat. Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida -David Guetta
Now that you see my strange taste in music it’s time to embarrass some others. I am going to tag @treble-wolf @this-intrepid-kid @motherfuckinfairyprincess @raygunlover @sad-noodle @idatheactivist @brokebooklover
Don’t forget to tag me so I can see it!
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shh, no. My denial does not want to be met with logic and rationality. Nor hope-crushing information I had no knowledge of. But... since they showed her, I'd kind of like her to stay dead. Not because I don't like her, but because almost no one dies on this show, and those who do have this pesky habit of coming back to life. Like Jackson- he should have stayed dead. It would have made the scene more powerful, and they wouldn't have to explain away this seasons absence.
Well they filmed it both ways I believe, and when they put it on air Jeff said he really wanted it to be a redemption story, so he had to survive. And when it did air, MTV had no idea that Colton Haynes wanted to leave to show, so London was a quick fix for that. :'(
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thewritershelpers · 8 years ago
(Disclaimer- I know little about the social views on this, this is just how I would write it) For the body-hop character I (personally) would have them identify with a certain gender more than the other. Make that known to the reader using whatever PoV you have, and then refer to them as their prefered pronoun in thoughts/observations/non-dialouge/convo's with people in the loop, but refer to the pronoun of whatever body they're in when talking to someone who doesn't know/in public/ext.
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inktaire · a year ago
I was tagged by the best @pettedavis ! <3
1. Do you make your bed?
Only when I clean my room which is like. Once a week.
2. What’s your favorite number?
3. What’s your job?
I’m a barista (but I’m looking for full time jobs with my degree lol @nonprofits hire me please)
4. If you could, would you go back to school?
Yeah probably. I want to go to grad school at some point if that counts. And I absolutely loved my time in undergrad, so I would 10/10 do that again. 
If you’re talking about high school, I would have to pass on that. Although, I do kinda wonder how different my experience would be if the person I am today had to relive that
5. Can you parallel park?
Yes, but only if I’m not under pressure. I have to parallel park at my house since I don’t have a designated parking spot, so I’ve gotten used to it. BUT if I have to drive into the city and do it?? I’d rather die.
6. A job you had which would surprise people?
I don’t think any of my jobs would surprise anyone since I’ve only worked in the customer service field thus far. I guess the fact that I used to volunteer at my church? If that counts.
7. Do you think aliens are real?
8. Can you drive a manual car?
Lmao I’ve tried. My brother drives stick, so he tried to teach me. I stalled multiple times in the parking lot so. That’s how that’s going.
9. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Probably reading Lezhin comics since I know that the company isn’t the best. Also because I literally have to put in so much effort into getting coins so I can actually read the comics without having to contribute money to it lmao
10. Tattoos?
None (until I move out) because my parents would disown me. But I have a couple of them planned out
11. Favorite color?
12. Things people do that drive you crazy?
When people make every conversation and situation about themselves
13. Any phobias?
Death and the unknown
(also I googled trypophobia because of the previous answer on here and tbhh that too sjskjsdjkssj)
14. Favorite childhood sport?
I’ve never really been a sports person lol but biking probably if I had to choose? Since I used to do that a lot as a kid
15. Do you talk to yourself?
Not super often, but yeah. I usually do it when I’m trying to think through something
16. What movie do you adore?
Uh. Well. My favorites are Kingsman, The Theory of Everything, and Blackkklansman.
BUT I don’t know if I’d consider them movies that I -adore-?’
I guess maybe Easy A since it’s my feel good movie.
Or. Big Hero 6, Tangled, Ratatouille, and How to Train Your Dragon for movies that I marvel at.
OR speaking of Marvel. The Winter Soldier because I’m in love with the character dynamics of that movie and my blog is a good percentage Captain America trash.
17. Do you like doing puzzles?
I like logic and word puzzles a lot if those count. I play a lot of escape-the-room apps too
18. Favorite kind of music?
Indie rock/pop, folk, rock
19. Tea or Coffee?
Coffee, but I’ve actually been drinking a lot more milk teas rather than coffee recently
20. The first thing you remember you wanted to be when you grew up?
A singer
I’m going to tag @brokebooklover @maebmad @starfieldcanvas @essentiallychaotic and anyone else who wants to do it! No pressure on any of you though :)
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