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scriptedsilence · a month ago
Tumblr media
* forever friend *
you love hard,
even on days I don’t know 
that it exists or show it 
you make me laugh, 
when I feel my world 
is crashing down 
you hold me tight, 
when I have no words 
to utter the need for comfort 
you wipe my tears, 
as you tell me 
everything will be ok
you have watched me succeed, 
with a bright smile 
to remind me
that you told me I could do it 
you have seen me fail, 
only to tell me
when doors close 
it only means another - of greatness
awaits my presence 
and will open 
you have kept me strong, 
when I felt as though weakness
is all that would possibly surface 
you are the very promise
and constant true commitment 
every single day  
in the depths of quiet solitude 
or the loudness of a busy life 
that I will 
have a forever friend
© ScriptedSilence. All rights reserved
Pic credit - Monika Luniak
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wisp-of-thought · 29 days ago
Everyone says they would rather skip the small talk
Get to the deep stuff
The important things
As though the little things are not the entrance to the heart
The cracks and crevices not the softer way
To make home in ones affection
Over breaking open the ornate doors
Of their chambers
Leaving them bleeding out
So tell me
How you take your eggs
And that ponytails make your scalp itch
Tell me how long it takes you to drive to work
And where you like to sit on the train
Talk to me about weather
And about how you keep forgetting to take out the trash
So that one day when I show up with a cup of tea just the way you like it
And we talk the long path home
Just past the mural you love on 22nd street
You will know
Just how important
The little things are
To me
When they belong to you
~ i met her in September
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dg-fragments · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A night of full moon illustrated tranquility,
with the sea, there was a certain serendipity,
perhaps a mediocre calm before the storm,
or an apparently chaotic mind left forlorn,
and yet the seemingly quiet waves were hissing,
that there was indeed something missing,
but amid the uncertainties lying within our way,
the moon was still beautiful, wouldn't you say?
- DG
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soulreserve · 3 months ago
on cicada wings
If I had patterns         on my tongue,   like cicadas do on their wings                - tiny structures nanopillars, that stretch        and obliterate bacterial membranes; I would say your name once    - one last time,   and make peace      with the deafening quiet.
© SoulReserve 2021
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jmsapphire · 4 months ago
The loves I dare to believe in :
And what if love was thirteen or fifteen and
it was between two boys, and between two girls,
Or between twenty or fifty and between
two women, and two men?
Or between all four of them?
Is it hurting one or all?
Is it dominating, controlling, and manipulating?
Is it for convenience?
Or do they agree to all or none of it?
What is love but consent, and constant effort
And choice and selection and adjustment
Just so no one is hurt, just so no one is hurting
Just so no one is left unheard -
Although people's favorite kinds of love are the
ones where usually they go ' as long as they're happy
I am happy ' and forget about self-love ;
What if love instead of 'at first sight' or 'they're the
Most beautiful creature I've ever beheld' was more
'let me get to know them first, make more of this
chemistry and into fireworks' instead of
'you know, you just know' because we seem to
Teach it that it is more feeling than effort -
Love is work, and there is no guage
Love is choice, and there is supposedly no
expiration date - you choose when you choose
And you stay because you choose to do so
What is love but a concept and not a feeling
Infatuation is feeling
Devestation is feeling
Hurt is either feeling or emotion
There are studies for their classification
But still there is no definite, no actual conclusive
statistical way of defining and even more of
Pinpointing - serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine, endorphins
- those exists, and chemistry has a way of knowing
But we don't constantly need to use that do we?
Should love just be Chemistry?
Should love be sight, sound, smell, and feel?
Maybe - but in this time and age?
Where knowing seems to be more hurting than helping
It helps to be doing and pursuing, and choosing
Choosing to love, and choosing to be wanted
Choosing to be loved back instead of just loving ;
' But what if they're angry with me or if we fight or
I'm angry with them or they hurt me '
Love's not just soft, my guy, my gal, my non-binary pal
You're angry because you love them and you hurt them or
They're angry with you because you hurt them, or too,
Love is soft and sweet, but love is tought too
Fights and arguments and anger and frustration are
part of 'love' , you work through that, you not only talk
You listen - love is not all sunshine, it's not all rain too
Communicating and compromise -
Love is choice and negotiation, Love is even compromise ;
Are you fighting more than you are talking?
Are you restless more than you are comfortable and sleeping? Are you feeling safe or are you feeling unheard?
Love is a culmination, but ultimately love is also
Self-love, you love your self and you should see they value that love too, otherwise, love is knowing enough -
Love is also letting go.
What if Love then? What Love?
Why Love? Because -
You can be the greatest human being in the world, and can build cities out of mountains, but if you just do it because
You can, who will be there to celebrate it with you?
Who will be there to gaze in awe in what you can do?
Who will you talk to, to ask to be proud to, to share
And to be happy with to, if you are not loving and loved?
Would you want to be remembered in books,
Or in hearts? Both can work, but usually those
Remembered in books without being remembered in
hearts of those that knew them, that wrote about them
Are digs and catalogues of things against them -
Love, as a checklist, but without the expense of your self and someone else ;
Love as a feeling but not just the good, not just the 'for my own good' and not just the 'despite my own good - for them'
Love chemically, but don't stay just within the highs -
Choice is choice, know what you're getting in to before deciding to choose ;
Take as much time in the deciding, Life is short but Love is everlasting, Love leaves marks.
And make sure to know what version your loved one takes of love versus the love you believe you'd take in as well -
Whether it be spending time, giving gifts, being of service to them, or being fluffy and affirming with words, or skin and affection -
Not all loves are received the same way -
And again, to remember, not to forgive your self in the loving.
Loving is an art, a science, a practice, and a constant need for improvement.
Love is love, in all the ways -
They should give you a degree before you could Love ;
LOL, I kid. Love is love. But most of all again, don't ever forget self-love .
- just more ramblings, on the subject of : Love
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kidgillis · 11 days ago
Darling, you can live without a lot of the things you believe you can't. Once you let the sentiment go and take a look at'll understand. It's the emotions that keep you bound, not the person, place, or thing in general...
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waadtariq · 8 months ago
there’s an aching in my bones
that fits the shape of your hands
it throbs to the lilt of your name on my lips
and it’s a burning that you leave
a longing that won’t cease
relentless for skin to skin to skin
for you to touch me again
for you to touch me in the aching
to dip into these hollow bones
all soft and yours for the taking
for you to fill this cavernous body
raw and wanting and tender
for a sliver of your warm skin
for my name on your lips
for your hands to heal this open wound
and linger
to leave their heat on me and last
stay and soothe what calls for you
for i want your warmth, not your wake
for i want you on me
i want you on me lasting
all i want
is for you to just touch me in the aching
— there’s nothing in me that doesn’t ache for you | wt.
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scribblersobia · a month ago
I never wanted to lose you; I never wanted to cry while remembering you. Because when some relationships break, they change something within us. I am alive with a handful of memories, memories that my heart recalls and crying with a smile on my face while going down memory lane. I think and, I wish, if things were the same as they were earlier and if I never lost the people I loved so much, I wish I had so many things, I think about so many irrational things that will never happen. I am not lying; I never wanted to lose you, I never wanted to cry while remembering you, I purely wanted to grow old with you.
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scriptedsilence · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
* haunting *
I often feel like our shared moments
will haunt me forever
time passes , it doesn’t matter
our words play over in my heart
the feelings in which
-together ~
we created still linger in my soul
do you feel them too?
in the midnight hour, do you still feel my heartbeat?
those pulses at 3am, which awakens you from a deep slumber
do they call unto you,
pleading that you reach out to me?
the last sent message is imprinted in my thoughts.
they will never leave me
the hauntings of you, of me, of us
will saturate my depths
until the very end
I have forgotten how to exhale
my deepest breaths are with you
© ScriptedSilence. All rights reserved
Pic Credit - unknown
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wisp-of-thought · 3 months ago
Which is to say I fell out of love with you to save myself. In an act of self-preservation. To keep loving you would have killed me. So I stopped. And I think this is why you were the person out of all the persons I've ever loved that I got to keep in my life even after. Because loving you was growing up. Was realizing just because you can't have the entire good thing doesn't mean you have to deny yourself the piece offered. That a slice of lovely doesn't have to be the end of you. Was learning to make do with what I was given with a smile and a thank you. Was learning to be grateful. Because we don't always get to have what we want. And we can't keep throwing tantrums by having panic attacks in the bathroom over accidental glances and unintentionally broken promises.
Loving you was growing up. Was realizing some people are nice to everybody. They have a talent for making people feel wanted, but this does not mean that they want you, and that is okay. That is okay. Their kindness is not their fault. Loving you was growing up. Was realizing people are busy. People's lives don't stop because you have chosen this inopportune time to become madly infatuated with them. They don't text you back. They don't love you back. They don't think about you. They forget to ask about your day. They say things that hurt even when that wasn't what they meant to do. And you grow up. You brush it off. You realize this is not a reflection of your self worth. You stop expecting people to fulfill what you dreamed them up to be. You let them just be them. And you learn to let this be enough.
Because loving you was growing up. To keep loving you would have killed me, and I realized for the first time how childish it was to disintegrate into a hurricane of self-destruction when rejection was so softly gifted. To ache until I tore like it would change anything. And I suppose growing up doesn't have to mean wanting to live, but it at least meant trying. Which is to say I fell out of love with you to save myself. In an act of self-preservation. To keep loving you would have killed me. So I stopped. Which is an oversimplification of the process of withdrawal but I did. I fell out of love with you. And I am better for it.
~ #4: reflections on falling out of unrequited love with him
(Original excerpt removed from '#3: reflections on falling out of unrequited love with him')
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dg-fragments · 2 months ago
Have you visited old ancient libraries, places that give you feelings of being haunted, like sending a chill running down your spine?
There you would find all kinds of books; some new, some old. All kinds of people would come to borrow all kinds of books. Yet, some books remain untouched, as if waiting, carrying dust and cobwebs, that is, until someone bold enough comes along to wipe off the dust and lose themselves within that book.
Like books like people too.
- DG
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soulreserve · a month ago
You lay curling inside my dreams, swirling. till i catch on a tendril and you unravel, memories of you awaken dreamy eyed and soft, beckoning me to follow inside dreamscapes that aren't yet real, but I follow nevertheless wanting more than ever to see you again. your eyes warm, laughing. and mine swathed in an endless want of you.
© SoulReserve 2021
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just-4-thought · 25 days ago
The dogwoods wither
Their green paper
Sucked of all moisture
Never was meant to last
And we throw our weight
Into our bones
To flourish again
Or nevermore
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enslavedmind · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
"you're not you until you're alone" // jay brooks
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mortalghost · a month ago
We live inside this tumultuous bubble,
At times at peace, mostly a struggle.
But looming far off in the distance
We don't see, the coming storm.
Mitigate the perpetual inevitability
Of thrown aside disinterest
As a spark becomes ready to ignite
All of the fuel that's been building within.
Long-forgotten tankers ready to explode
Need for greed, for substance, restored
As waves of necessity brings ashore
Reverence for grievances that they abhor.
What's mine is mine, What's yours is also
Look at me, I deserve all of the accolades
For millions and billions and trillions must
Abide by the want, the greed, the lust.
I control the vertical, the horizontal
The wind, the rain, the thoughts at night
That keep you warm as you lay and lie
Forgiveness doesn't come for the poor.
What will my followers pay to play, to pray
Come kiss the ring and bow your head
Celebrities burn as you fan the flames
My illumination is your ruination.
Who am I to give to you all that you desire
I am not the heir of your wins and strifes
I could make all of your dreams come true
But, what then would you do for you?
-H. Murcia 11:41 AM 10/19/2021
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kidgillis · 16 days ago
There will be days when you'll remember and days when you'll forget. There will be days when you can feel it and days when you are numb. There will be days. So many days. Each one - a little better or worse. But, my sweet darling, there will be more days. And, that's the blessing...
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