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Redtail Survives AU
Tumblr media
I'm still laughing that back to back I got 2 things involving Tigerclaw by name
Warning for blood/gore and heavy brainwashing/manipulation [namely the manipulation of women]!
Redtail manages to get away from Tigerclaw after Ravenpaw throws himself at this mentor and attacks. Redtail is dragging an injured Ravenpaw by the scruff, stumbling into camp, both of them bleeding heavily
When he gets there, he passes out, nearly crushing poor Ravenpaw as the Clan comes together to help him. Tigerclaw isn't seen but is lingering near the entrance to camp
After coming to, Redtail - without waiting to be okayed to move - trips over himself trying to tell Bluestar what happened
He explains that Tigerclaw tried to kill him after Oakheart was crushed under the stones of sunningrocks
At this time Tigerclaw had already been found and at the news, the patrol with him drags him back for trail
Bluestar banishes Tigerclaw, warning him that by next full moon, the tom would not be allowed to set paw in any Clan's territory She also takes over Ravenpaw's apprenticeship [once the tom has recovered] and Firepaw is given to Runningwind
Tigerclaw convinces Darkstripe to leave with him and when he asks Goldenflower, she nearly slaps him Longtail is almost tempted, but chooses ThunderClan
No solo patrols are allowed as Bluestar wants to make sure that Tigerclaw and Darkstripe cause no problems for the Clan Goldenflower is distraught that Tigerclaw nearly murdered the deputy, but assures that her loyalty to her Clan is stronger then whatever love she had for him
Redtail recovers well and resumes mentoring Dustpaw
He is the one who tells Bluestar that Brokenstar needs to be stopped when it seems that the ShadowClan leader's greed is getting out of control
When Yellowfang joins ThunderClan, Redtail defends the medicine cat, finding it hard to trust Brokenstar and giving the molly a chance to find her life in ThunderClan
ShadowClan attacks and Bluestar loses a life defending her Clan against their attackers Frostfur and Lionheart's kits - Cinderkit, Thornkit, Brackenkit, and Brightkit - are stolen by Clawface still, but Redtail manages to save his sister's life before she dies
A patrol of Redtail, Yellowfang, Runningwind, Lionheart, Whitestorm, Ravenpaw, and the other apprentices are sent to rescue the stolen kits
The kits are saved and Brokenstar and his followers [Blackfoot, Clawface, Tangleburr] are exiled from ShadowClan by Nightpelt There is concern on who will take over ShadowClan, but Nightpelt assures that that's a ShadowClan issue and not a ThunderClan one
It is later revealed that Nightpelt is the leader of ShadowClan - earning the name Nightstar. Russetfur is his chosen deputy and it's noted that he's already teaching her everything a leader will need to know
After helping ShadowClan, however, the apprentices are all made warriors Ravenpaw becomes Ravenflight, Dustpaw becomes Dustpelt, Sandpaw becomes Sandstorm, Graypaw becomes Graystripe, and Firepaw becomes Fireheart
Fireheart and Ravenflight are very close
Redtail helps Bluestar through the stress, remaining her close friend even when times get tough
Though most cats are satisfied knowing these horrible cats are gone, Redtail and Fireheart agree that they don't like how quiet everything has been
Their fears are confirmed when a new Clan emerges - BloodClan - which had been taken over by Brokenstar and is now the home of the ShadowClan exiles as well as Tigerclaw - who is deputy - and Darkstripe They have many terrified twolegplace cats under their control and they're constantly recruiting more - including a distressed former kittypet named Sasha and a different [more familiar] tom named Smudge
Not long after they make themselves known, ThunderClan is approached by a small, ratty rogue who calls himself Scourge He tells them that those cats stole his cats and tried to kill him He has no interest in joining, but he wants his cats back
Bluestar is hesitant and Redtail wants to tell her no, but Fireheart puts up a fight into convincing them to help Scourge squints at Fireheart, commenting on how he looks familiar, but when the two confirm they've never met, they leave it be
Scourge temporarily joins ThunderClan Swiftpaw and Lynxpaw - Goldenflower and Tigerclaw's sons - are made apprentices and are mentored by Longtail and Lionheart respectively
While out on a patrol, Bluestar, Lionheart, Longtail, Swiftpaw, and Lynxpaw are attacked by a BloodClan ambush
Bluestar is ruthlessly tortured and murdered in front of the patrol until she ran out of lives, Lionheart is also horribly killed and his head is fully removed from his body, Longtail is badly injured, Swiftpaw is shaken but not hurt, and Lynxpaw is taken by the ambush They would've snagged Swiftpaw, too, if not for Longtail managing to get Swiftpaw safely away
The Clan is disturbed and upset and Goldenflower is heartbroken to hear one of her sons was taken
Redtail becomes Redstar and Whitestorm is made deputy at the same time that Willowpelt goes to the nursery, expecting the white tom's kits Around this point, Fireheart and Ravenflight officially become mates Graystripe also had moved to RiverClan when he learned Silverstream was expecting his kits Frostfur's kits are apprentices - Cinderpaw is mentored by Fireheart, Thornpaw is mentored by Dustpelt, Brackenpaw is mentored by Goldenflower, and Brightpaw is mentored by Sandstorm Also Brindleface has her kits who are almost apprentices - Ashkit and Fernkit Yellowfang still dies in a fire, but Spottedleaf is alive
Tension is rising in the Clans and it takes Redstar a lot of fighting to get WindClan, RiverClan, and ShadowClan to help By now Leopardstar is RiverClan's leader and Russetfur has become Russetstar after Nightstar was apparently also publicly killed in front of a patrol
Scourge is rather restless at this point and ends up leaving ThunderClan to go to ShadowClan when they offer him better conditions for his stay
One day Lynxpaw returns, badly wounded, being guided by Sasha [who at this time is heavily pregnant] He apparently managed to take Brokenstar's last life and the molly with him remembered him telling stories of medicine cats in the Clans - something that BloodClan doesn't have [at least not a proper one] Lynxpaw passes away from his wounds
Goldenflower is distraught even after Swiftpaw earns his warrior name - Swiftstep Sasha tries to comfort her at first, but the ThunderClan warrior won't hear any of it However, with time and patience, she does warm up to the former kittypet and the two even come together to raise Sasha's kits together
Tigerclaw has taken over BloodClan and has taken the name Tigerstar, despite not having nine lives A rogue named Fury is his deputy and she's noted to be terrifying
He is angry and demands Sasha be returned to BloodClan
Sasha doesn't want to return She also reveals the kits she's expecting are Tigerstar's and she's afraid for them She also reveals that there are other queens in BloodClan, all of which are being manipulated like she was. Most of them are expecting/nursing the kits of either Brokenstar, Tigerstar, Darkstripe, or Clawface as apparently they believe the kits will be stronger if they had proper Clan blood in their veins
BloodClan tries to attack ThunderClan, but is stopped by Blackfoot, who had gone and grabbed ShadowClan to help
BloodClan is chased off and Blackfoot is welcomed back to ShadowClan after assuring that he did not want anything else to do with BloodClan
Eventually the showdown comes
Scourge demands to be there Everyone is confused but agrees
Scourge confronts Tigerstar and reveals that the tabby once tried to kill him many moons ago, long before BloodClan even existed and that he had waited many moons for him to no longer be hiding behind Brokenstar
A fight between BloodClan and the forest Clans breaks out
Whitestorm is horribly killed Ravenflight is injured, but Fireheart protects him Many cats are hurt or killed
Redstar loses two lives to Tigerstar before Scourge brutally kills Tigerstar, ending the fighting
The remnants of BloodClan either flee or end up joining a Clan
Scourge ends up staying in ShadowClan Sasha ends up staying in ThunderClan where she and Goldenflower become the proud mother of five healthy kits - Frogkit, Lionkit, Barkkit, Stormkit, and Sunkit [three are amab, two are afab]
More apprentices become warriors Cinderpaw becomes Cinderheart Thornpaw becomes Thornclaw Brightpaw becomes Brightpelt Brackenpaw becomes Brackenfur Ashpaw becomes Ashfur Fernpaw becomes Ferncloud
Some Notes
Redstar remains leader until the end of what would be OotS
Fireheart never becomes leader, choosing to step down so he could spend more time with his mate, Ravenflight Cinderheart ends up deputy and then leader
Speaking of Fireheart and Ravenflight, the two end up with two litters [the first with Cinderheart as the surrogate and the second litter with Sasha as the surrogate] Litter one consists of daughters Lavendertail and Redberry [Redberry being Spottedleaf's apprentice] Litter two consists of three kits - two sons named Flamefoot and Ivythorn and a nonbinary child named Lynxtuft
Goldenflower and Sasha's kits grow up to become Frogbelly, Lionpaw [who dies young], Barkflower [who grows up and comes out as a trans woman], Stormblossom, and Suncloud
Scourge never takes a mate or has kits, but is a fearsome warrior of ShadowClan
Dustpelt and Sandstorm end up as mates and only ever have one litter - a daughter named Dappletooth Dappletooth ends up getting with Ferncloud
Swiftstep never takes a mate or has kits, but dedicates a lot of time protecting younger cats
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harborfog · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Batch 2/2 of Warriors designs for the first series.
These are for a semester-long school project, in which I have to design some of the most important characters of the first Warrior cats series for a hypothetical animated show/movie.
I chose this series as a focus because it’s something still close to my heart; this book series and the online art community behind it is what really inspired me to take illustration and storytelling seriously. I delved into digital art drawing cats too, so overall I thought it’d be fun to go back to my roots and make tribute to something that influenced me so much. I hope this project will be enjoyable, even if you aren’t familiar with these books.
{Do not repost.}
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dawnmist-designs · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Brokenstar, Brokentail (Place of No Stars form)
Warriors Design #846
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murder-cat-designs · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
A matted, dark brown tabby tom with a broad, flat face, a bent tail, and orange eyes.
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Tumblr media
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lenislynx · 6 days ago
Haven’t been uploading much—been swamped with MAP stuff lately so here’s a little storyboard for one that I’m participating in at the moment.
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dirtdweller · 8 days ago
I will never EVER be over the fact that someone tried to use Brokenstar telling Breezepelt that Crowfeather wronged him as canon evidence that Crowfeather was abusive.
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akitsune-lune · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
consider that the kid just has bad vibes
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alatoartsalot · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
one day the horses will have their revenge
and they'll show us what we've done to them
one day the horses will have their revenge
and they will make glue out of us, out of us...
-the horses will have their revenge by Jordaan Mason
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Tumblr media
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nugs-art · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Und bist du nicht willig, so brauch' ich Gewalt.–” “Mein Vater, mein Vater, jetzt faßt er mich an! Erlkönig hat mir ein Leids getan! –”
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nugs-art · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
brokenstar songs (aka my self indulgent evil playlist)
Bloody Nose - Jack Conte // Poor George [e] - James Supercave // Johnny - American Murder Song // Dr. Sunshine is Dead [e] - Will Wood and the Tapeworms // Bury Me Face Down - grandson // Sleepwalk - Forrest Day // Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine - The Killers // Marked Man - Mieka Pauley // Bad Dreams - Joywave // Murder! Murder!  - American Murder Song // The Bird and the Worm - The Used // Bad Bad Things - AJJ // Animal Impulses - IAMX // Natural - Imagine Dragons // Mama [e] - My Chemical Romance // I’m Impressed - They Might Be Giants // The Other Side - Pendulum // July - American Murder Song // The Champion - The Score // 2econd-2ight-2eer (that was fun, goodbye.) - Will Wood
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