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Listen, my dudes, between the Workaholic who can’t unplug his BIG BRAIN enough to sit through Scooby Doo (this is canon btw), the Zombie who woke up brain bleached and walked around a MESS for YEARS, and the Assassin Child who was taught not to give a fuck about age-appropriate entertainment…

TIM freakin DRAKE is the ONLY Bat Boy who has ANY POP CULTURE SAVVY like AT ALL!!!

Tim would be the ONLY one who had good exposure to pop culture for 12 years (what ELSE would a Neglected Rich kid OBSESSED with Superheroes do?) before his life became Bat…so the absolute MISSED OPPORTUNITY it is for him to bond with his siblings over this shit is just…

lol why is this Dick’s fannon when it’s actually Tim that makes the MOST SENSE!!

Dick is HORRIBLE to watch movies with.  He will analyze the FUCK outta EVERYTHING!!!

Dick:  Uh…the occult doesn’t work that way.  I mean I consulted Constantine and Zatanna on a case of induced comas on victims of curses and apparently, the biorhythms of a victim present themselves abnormally–


Tim:  You’re not missing much, Jay.  I mean the author of the book turned out to be a TOTAL ASSHOLE.  We Do NOT Stan.

Jason:  Who THE FUCK is STAN?!!!  And why the FUCK is he EVERYWHERE?!!

Dick:  See, now that glyph is upside down, and if they did their research, they’d realize–

Jason: I WILL shoot you, Dick.

Dick: …

Dick: …

Dick: …It’s CULTURAL APPROPRIATION, Jason!  That region did NOT worship that particular deity.  The movie makers just thought it’d “look cool” to use a symbol that actually has no function for a region that is 80% arboreal–

Jason:  I KNOW and I don’t CARE!!!  You’re a horrible, terrible person and you promised you wouldn’t do this any more…you’re RUINING MOVIE NIGHT!

Tim:  Yeah, he ruined that Mad Max remake too.


Damian:  Apparently, the amount of weight on each vehicle defies all engineering.

Dick:  No way are they moving at that speed on sand.

Damian: I don’t know, Grayson.  I’m familiar with all terrain vehicles, and together we made the Bat mobile fly…so who’s to say it isn’t possible?

Dick:  Hmmm…is it a case for Batman 2.0 and Robin?

Damian: Perhaps!

Jason: Oh holy fuck there’s two of them.

Tim:  Not really.  Damian’s a Bronie.

Damian:  You’re DEAD, DRAKE!!!!!

Jason:  What the fuck is a bro knee?

(This is soo fuckin accurate it’s painful…seriously, why does fanon exist?)

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Small preview of my #Galacon Vlog automatically created by @djiglobal.
If everything works out he will be online in about 2 weeks.
#galacon19 #galacon2019 #bronie #brony #bronies #bronys #mlp #fim #mlpfim #germany #ludwigsburg #mylittlepony #friendshipismagic #mylittleponyfriendshipismagic #youtube #vlog (hier: Forum am Schlosspark)

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God bless Bronies

I’m glad I lived in a time to see the rise and ultimate demise of the brony race. While I do not miss those abominations, I respect their impact on modern culture. I will except the necessary evil of having witnessed fanart of my little ponies in compromising positions. 🙏🏽

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Here are some badges that I am currently open for commissions on! If you are in the US, they are just $10 us including shipping and lamination! And I can do Halloween themed if you want :) Throw me a pm if interested!

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Hoi there. A long time ago I made my first OC but he is out of date and now I have a new one lol. His name is Kora and he’s just a shy photographer-pony like me XD. As you can see his cutie mark is an Apeture with 2 bokeh-things. :3

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Commission, Completed and delivered.
Realized by Artist Juan in drawing by hand and Artist Edgar in digital.
Order made by Telegram: Miles T.F. Baxxter

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