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Waited 3 weeks to see my little because of covid 😩

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⚫ Kevin Durant’s BEST MOMENTS From The Last 4 Games Of 30+ Points! ⚪

⚫ Kevin Durant’s BEST MOMENTS From The Last 4 Games Of 30+ Points! ⚪

Relive the BEST MOMENTS and BUCKETS from Kevin Durant’s last 4 games of 30+ PTS!
Full Game Highlights Playlist:


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I was always somehow told not to express my artistic self…but I always found a way!

While finishing up my breakfast this morning,

I took a bite out of my french toast and naturally created a shoe I actually want…

the @adidas BYW 2.0.

Never let them stop you from dreaming and creating.

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If Jurassic World Camp Creataceous characters had stands (JJBA AU prompt #2)

Okay so now we get to our character, Brooklyn! I did some music research for a song that would fit her stand and I think I found the perfect one.

Stand Master: Brooklyn

Stand Name: Raspberry Beret (Named after the Prince song)

Localized name: Pink Beret

Power: A

Speed: B

Range: C (1-2 Meters)

Durability: A

Precision C

Potential: A

Stand Info: Raspberry Beret is a stand with height and build similar to Brooklyn, it’s head is in the shape of a heart and a Proboscis-like mouth extended at the bottom of it. Raspberry’s beret ability is to create life (make something new from something old) and heal injuries into perfect condition. This works with any material, even inorganic material. Raspberry Beret can only fix organic organisms, not inorganic ones.

Stand Cry: ORA ORA ORA!

History of Stand: During a search in Dr. Wu’s laboratory, she found information about stands and took the notes while also grabbing what appeared to be a finger bone. Later when she was alone, the bone was absorbed through her thumb and her stand was awakened.

Next: Kenji

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❄️ Heads up: tomorrow’s (Tuesday) special LIVE will be moved up to 10:00am EST. In order to show as much of snowy NYC as possible.

It will be featuring my friend and freelance photographer Layra Marz (@layramarz). We’ll be learning some photo tips and tricks! For more follow:

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New Video From D.Chamberz - Rap with a Legend ft. Method Man @DChamberzCIW @methodman

New Video From D.Chamberz – Rap with a Legend ft. Method Man @DChamberzCIW @methodman

You ever Rap with a legend? Salute the God in his presence? Well Brooklyn’s Dchamberz went across the Verrazano Bridge to Staten Island to Grab Method Man in his New single ” Rap with a Legend”. The Coney Island Brooklyn MC starts the year off on a High Note! Check out this New heater from Chamberz and Tical.

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