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#brooklyn 99
teresa-14 · 2 days ago
Brooklyn 99 premiered on September 17, 2013 and the series finale will be aired on September 16, 2021. That's exactly 8 years! Damnn...
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decadantstudent · a day ago
Characters that wouldve killed it at the met gala
Dean, community
Moira rose, schitts creek
Effie, hunger games
Boyle, Brooklyn 99
Klaus, umbrella academy
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anbukunoichx · 2 days ago
Hinata: Who was that?
Naruto: *curiously looks at Sakura*
Sakura: Oh, just a guy I went on like two dates with.
Sasuke: *raises an eyebrow*
Ino: Was he the one you said all that lame stuff about? Like being a good listener?
Sakura: I’m sorry, what do you look for in a guy?
Ino: real stuff
Ino: *gropes Sai*
Ino: the shape of his ass
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bingpot-hotdamn · 2 days ago
I was just thinking... what if Mac became a firefighter or a lawyer when he grew up.
Cuz both Amy and Jake don’t like firefighters and Jake and probably Amy don’t like lawyers.
I mean they would love and support Mac no matter what I just thought it’d be interesting.
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omnigiris · 2 days ago
"Gina Linetti does nothing for the squad" here's why you are wrong.
With the release of the 8th and final season of Brooklyn 99, Gina discourse is at it again. Sure, she's not the nicest person out there, and at times she's downright rude, but to entirely discredit her character and claim that she doesn't contribute to the show is just wrong. Here's a little list of the things she's done for the squad, feel free to add more if I missed out on anything! (not in chronological order) I should also mention that this is very biased because she is one of my favourite characters in this show.
Tumblr media
- She suggested that Captain Holt hire Savant as their IT director, when all the other candidates were unfit
- She saved the precinct from getting shut down by livestreaming Captain Holt's speech and getting her fans to support the 99th precinct
- When Charles and Gina were kicked out of the Boyle family (because Gina burnt the mother dough), she made a new mother dough so he could rejoin (even though she somewhat dislikes being a part of the Boyle family)
- When Gina's mom divorced Charles' dad, she kept the reason for divorce a secret from Charles and his dad as to not hurt their feelings
- She offered to be Jake's landlord when he couldn't afford to buy the apartment he was currently renting (which happens to be his grandmother's old apartment)
- She helped Amy with her shouldernova presentation
- She offered to babysit Terry's kids
- She helped Captain Holt stop Jimmy 'The Butcher' Figgis from escaping
- She helped Terry find the person who leaked the 99's arrest numbers (the leak turned out to be Terry himself)
- She tattled on Jake's high school friend because he was a bad influence on Jake and they were about to commit a crime
- Not to mention the numerous times she's motivated different characters and expressed her care and concern for them
Tumblr media
The thing is, Brooklyn 99 is a comedy show. Many of the characters are exaggerated for entertainment purposes, to add a little more excitement to the show. I find characters like Hitchcock, Madeline Wunch, and the Vulture super fun to watch, but people like that would never fly in real life, and I like to think that Gina is the same. Whilst we can acknowledge that Gina is often self-absorbed, egotistical and mean, we can't ignore the fact that she is smart, loyal, and a great friend to the squad.
** This does not include her harassment/sexual remarks towards Terry, that is obviously not acceptable however I would consider this more a fault on the writers part, and I'm glad they stopped doing it in later seasons
If you enjoyed the post, consider giving me a follow! I write about films/anime/tv shows that I enjoy :)
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edenreid-bau · 2 days ago
Cops-N-Robbers prt 2- the one where the BAU gained an agent
previous - next
*day of (y/n)'s interview*
(y/n) walked out of the elevator and was greeted by Aaron Hotchner, and as they walked to his office, the rest of the team shared confused looks. When they were sure their captain and the girl were out of earshot they all walked to the area closest to the stairs where they could see the two through the office window.
"Do any of you know who that could be?" Emily said, looking away from the girl to her teammates. The others shook their heads no.
After a few more minutes of them painstakingly trying to read the girl and their Captain's lips they saw the two stand up and walk towards the door. They scrambled back to their desks as the two walked out of the office. Spencer looked up and locked eyes with the stranger before quickly looking back down and continuing to write.
*one month later*
I walked into work with my box of stuff, which was truly pitiful. All i had was my small cactus, Barry, a picture of me and my younger sister, and a few pens. After stepping out of the elevator, I looked around for any sign of my new boss or any idea of where my desk would be. Before I could udder a word I was pulled into a hug by a pretty woman wearing pink.
"Oh, im so excited to meet you! I'm Penelope Garcia, and you must be (Y/N) (L/N)! Hotch told us about you, you're the new agent right?"
"yeah, its nice to meet you too! do you, by any chance, have any idea where my desk is?"
"oh, of course my love, come with me, I'll introduce you to everyone!"
Garcia then led me to an empty desk near a window where I promptly emptied my box. As Garcia and I talked, Hotch came out of his office.
"we have a case"
A girl with blonde hair looked over at me from her spot next to a girl with black hair.
"guess you got lucky new girl, its not everyday you get a case within your first week, much less your first day."
I laughed a bit "well it definitely doesn't feel very lucky"
The girl with black hair smiled "yeah, I figured, come on"
We all sat at the round table and examined the case file.
"17 year old Cassandra Lewis was found a 4pm yesterday in Eureka Springs, Arkansas by her mother, Fiona Lewis. She was hung in her bedroom with a tape claiming she committed suicide"
"if this is a suicide, why are we being called in?" The man, who I had learned was Dr. Spencer Reid, said looking very confused.
"See, that's where it gets weird, there were two more ,quote unquote, 'suicides' in the same area and in the same way, but furthermore, you can hear the moment she kills herself on the tape, so who stopped the recording and rolled back the tape?"
"okay, Wheels up in 30"
We sat in the jet, everyone trying to figure out this case when I finally found something in the crime scene pictures.
"guys, in the pictures of the victims rooms before and after the attack they all seem to have the same music box in the back, but the photos from after the bodys were found shows that the music boxes are gone, the unsub might have taken them as trophys."
I looked up to see everyones eyes on me, feeling nervousnes swell in my throat, I continued.
"also, they all seem to have a small puncture wound near the middle of their chests which makes me think they were injected with something before getting hung"
Spencer looked at me, furrowing his brows before JJ replied.
"but the tox screenings show there being no sign of any drug or poison in their systems"
"There actually very easily obtainable things that you can use to kill someone while never having it show on tox reports, like, you can inject a syringe of air into someone's bloodstream or stab a healthy person with an EpiPen to give them a heart attack, and we also don't know the cause of death of any of the victims."
They all looked at me incredulous as Hotch followed.
"great job (L/N) you and Reid will go to the M.E when we land, David, you, Morgan and Prentiss will go to the crime scene while me and JJ will go to the Station."
Everyone nodded. Rossi nudged Reid with a knowing look on his face.
"guess you got some competition kid"
Spencer furrowed his eyebrows and looked over, unbeknownst to me as I had already trained my eyes back onto the case file.
OMG thank you so much for all the love on chapter one, means the world to me! Also im so sorry for the small hiatus, I had lost my tumblr password but im back!
Cops-N-Robbers taglist: @assassin-fan413 @uselesssapphickitten @psychkunox @eldahae @freyathehuntress @uwucorpse @notahappystan @brenna-oneil
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peralta-guaranteed · 14 hours ago
Jake showing Mac on his phone to everybody in the precint hc
- half of them are so done with it by now, like, it was cute and sweet the first 150 times, but no 151 of Mac doing nothing new except for lying there and smiling at daddy's phone camera in about... a week is just enough
- (except for Charles. Of course. Charles wants to see them all. Charles actually ASKS if there's new pictures every time Jake comes in, even though he knows there are, he knows they're coming, and Rosa just rolls her eyes a few seats over)
- Jake has totally not hijacked morning briefings to show off the most important pics on the big screen
- (Holt was angry about it until they got to the pic of Mac sitting up for the first time, whilst wearing an outfit he remembers picking out with Kevin as a gift)
- this is not just relegated to the squad, obvs. Jake has figured out how to 'casually' drop the fact he has a kid into literally every conversation with any officer, janitor, office worker he runs into, and it will always end with him getting his phone out to show them
- half of them, the ones who know Amy, are quick to tell him how much he looks like her because my god he does doesn't he? and it makes Jake beam each and every time like it's the first time he's heard it
- actually apart from Charles Gary is probably the one who's most willing to look at new pics, and asks about them whenever Jake drops of something at his desk that Amy totally didn't secretly work on at home during her maternity leave. It's a weird bonding moment for the two men who never really had any interactions at their work place before and it definitely makes Gary a much better co-worker in Jake's eyes (the other part of that is him noticing just how Amy-like he is, even if she doesn't want to hear it).
- one time during a drive over to question a suspect Jake is shoving his phone into Rosa's face again (Dude, I am driving, that bath picture can wait) and she actually stops when she looks at the next pic and is all... "Jake, how many people have you shown that picture to?" "Oh just about... uh... 5 I think. Why? Mac looks so cute in it with the spit bubble on his lip" "Yes and your wife's boob in the background does too" "oh shit" 🤣 and he learns a valuable lesson about checking for accidental nsfw in his snapshots
- that said as annoyed as Rosa pretends to be about some of the constant picture spams, she does text Amy from time to time to check in on her and asks if she can send her a few specific ones she really liked... she knows better than to ask Jake for it because he will spam her to death, and it absolutely brightens Amy's day to chat with an actual adult during her maternity leave.
- Showing pics to Terry can only go 2 ways: either Jake gets a quick comment about how sweet Mac is, and an appreciative 'good job' pat on the back before he tries to get back to official business, OR they end up in a spiral where Terry digs up 6 year old pics on his phone from the twins or Ava because obviously he never deletes those?! and they just spend about an hour at his desk comparing their bébés and Terry trying to give Jake as much input and help as he can while he gobbles it up
- Holt's "if you love someone, you'll remember their face" policy is amended to exactly one picture next to the pride flag on his desk, one that he quickly hides every time Peralta comes into his office because he knows it would start a never ending story. It's a picture he requested from Amy, too (he knows the deal as much as Rosa does), of Baby Mac asleep in Kevin's arms with an equally snoring Cheddar on his lap.
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kai-kat · 10 hours ago
finally found out my personality type, this is delightful
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
other than me kinning most of these even before i found out my type, i absolutely love these characters
also i am a himbo confirmed??
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bingpot-hotdamn · a day ago
Just thought of a head canon.
What if when Jake moved in with Amy she had a wii. Like she got it as a gift one year, didn’t really care for it but accepted it gracelessly. Then she fell in love with the games like mii sports. Like she got super competitive.
So when Jake moved in he started playing it and started to beat all of Amy’s high scores which made her mad. So she challenged him to a battle and the spent a day playing all wii games (I don’t know which ones he or she would have won).
So after some time Amy’s is ready to win and says “well I know what will determine who is the best wii player” and sticks in Just Dance.
Idk I’m not good at headcannons but I thought it was nice even if I can’t word it well.
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