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agentplant · a day ago
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New Year New Gifs → Favourite TV Show [14]
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013-2021)
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merememberjust · 13 hours ago
Yelena locked in a closet, but she is refusing Natasha’s help:
Natasha: You can’t spell “Independent” without “dependent.
Yelena: Well you can’t spell “Go fuck yourself” without “Fuck you”!
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lavendorii · a day ago
ace attorney-fies your brooklyn 99
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httyd-fandom · a day ago
Characters that are from different universes yet give off the exact same vibe:
Adrian Pimento and Dagur the Derenged
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brooklyn-99-gifs · 2 days ago
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Looking at your last clean spoon in a depressive episode
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toulouseec · 2 days ago
*Amy meets Rosa at a funfair*
Amy: "Rosa, what a surprise! I thought you hated the funfair!"
Rosa: "I do, but if I avoided everything I hate, I'd never step outside the office."
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vuh1612 · 4 hours ago
How Encanto should have been with all the grandma-playing-favorite
Tumblr media
That's actually Mirabel's voice tho
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staycrack · 2 days ago
[skz in brooklyn 99]
Jisung, a detective: So, do you recognize any of these men?
Seungmin: I was hiding in the bathroom stall so I didn't see his face but I heard him. He was singing along to the music in the bar.
Jisung: Do you remember what he was singing?
Seungmin: I think it was that song "I Want It That Way".
Jisung: Backstreet Boys, I'm familiar. Okay. Suspect number one, Felix, could you please sing the opening to "I Want It That Way"?
Felix: Okay? You are my fire~
Seungmin: *shakes his head*
Jisung: Number two, Changbin, keep it going.
Changbin: The one desire~
Jisung: Number three!
Hyunjin: Believe when I say~
Jisung: Number four!
Jeongin: I want it that way~
Jisung: Now number fiveee~
Minho: I never wanna hear you say~
Jisung: WOOO!
Jisung: Chills, literal chills.
Seungmin: It was number five.
Seungmin: Minho killed Chan.
Jisung: Oh my God I totally forgot about that part.
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peralta-guaranteed · a day ago
Jake undressing Amy from her sergeant uniform smut
Tumblr media
His wife in full regalia is a sight to behold, and he gets to very much enjoy it every morning (and tells her so). But seeing Amy trudge into their bedroom in her Sergeant’s uniform in the evening feels more like a cause of concern - she usually sheds a layer or two on the way there, leaving her bulky utility belt and tie, or even her shirt, behind in the hallway.
Today, it’s all still there as she slumps down onto his side of the bed, a few hours later than she’d promised via text, and Jake’s cell phone is quickly dropped onto the side table as he leans forward from under the covers.
“Tough day?”
The only answer he gets is a low groan as she digs her face into the blanket next to his hip, and he scratches through her hair for a while to make those groans turn into softer hums while she curls up.
“You can’t go to sleep in uniform, babe.” Jake whispers after a moment of peace and quiet, and Amy only groans again as she twists away.
“Yeah, I know.” She sighs as she sits up and slips off of the bed, her fingers already working away on her tie. And even in her weary state, she can’t help but grin at Jake’s whistle when she goes for the top button of her shirt, even if she does shoot him a stern look with it - he only whistles again as he sits up to scooch closer.
Her tie wraps nicely around both her hands, they know that, and Jake’s grin echoes hers as she loops it around the back of his neck, to pull him close enough for a kiss.
“I’m not really up for a show tonight.” Her lips have barely left his as she whispers, a stray tongue brushing against them making it more than clear that she might still be up for other things, though.
“I get it. Lemme help.”
Jake’s not really used to taking off a utility belt anymore, not since he finally upgraded from his cop uniform’s to the much nicer detective holster, but he manages to slip Amy’s off of her pants without much trouble - only to look up at a very expecting face and arms that don’t seem to be interested in undoing any more of her own buttons anymore.
“Well?” His wife says in that tone she has sometimes, that sends goosebumps up his neck. “Keep going.”
“Is that an order, Sergeant?” He jokes, but maybe he’s also toeing the line to see…
“I can make it one.” And so it goes - the shortest of moments to flip the switch, to promise a far more interesting evening than expected for both of them. Even her sudden grip in his hair can’t keep him from excitedly grinning, so she kisses it away instead, maybe a bit harder than she needed to - but his little gasp as she lets go is too good not to enjoy it. “Now do your job, Peralta.” “Yes ma’am.”
His fingers are slower undoing each button on her dress shirt, careful and exact, as he intersperses every open one with a kiss to her throat and clavicles, dipping down into her cleavage as he moves on to the last few buttons, before pulling the shirt out of her slacks and letting it drop down her arms in a messy, crumbled-on-the-floor way Amy would usually never allow. But her hand is still busy in his hair, and he feels her content hum against his lips on her skin, so there’s not much complaining about the tidiness of their bedroom to be expected anytime soon. Not when he’s already got her tank top over her head, too, revealing just a soft cotton bra left to press his face into with another kiss. But when his hands slide up her back to find the hooks, a quiet Tut makes him halt.
“You’re getting off track there, detective.” She pulls his head back just enough to give him a look, and he quickly swallows down any witty remark as she lets go and takes a step back, her demeanour still that of a superior officer despite being half undressed. “Focus on the task at hand.”
“Sorry.” Jake mumbles instead as he slips off of the bed too, settles his butt on his heels in front of her. “I’ll be good.”
“I know you will.” Her voice is softer now, as he unbuttons her pants and slides the zipper down, coaxing the fabric over her hips and to the ground. He presses a kiss to each thigh as he lifts her legs to step out of the slacks, and one more to their soft inner skin as he slips off her socks as well. And then, with his face just inches from her crotch, he - waits.
Staring up at her, in her sensible, slightly washed out beige underwear, looking just as majestic to him as she does in her uniform - making him literally breathless for a moment as she smiles down, a short hitch in his chest as her fingers trawl through his hair again.
“Very good.” Amy purrs, stroking through his curls, even as his own hands grip onto his sweatpants to keep him steady. “Now you can get back up here.”
And so he does, lifting onto his knees immediately with warm hands swiping up her back, undoing the two little hooks and helping the straps of her bra drop down her arms for a full, glorious look of her chest right in front of him before he peppers it with kisses and nibs.
Amy giggles as he covers every inch of her skin with his lips, like a starving man presented with his first sip of water, after actually only making him wait for barely a minute or two for it. But when his hands start to slide from their comfortable place on her waist up higher, she quickly catches herself again.
“No hands.” She reminds him of one of their rarer rules, and gets the whine that always accompanies it, but he obeys well enough - his hands dropping back to her hips as his mouth slips around her nipple, licking and sucking before a quick bite, just a second of a pull before he moves on to lavish the same attention to the other side of her chest.
His fingers have long since hooked around the edges of her panties, dragged them down barely an inch, but he still waits - still looks up at her with those puppy dog eyes, shining and just full to the brim of adoration until she simply nods, and the last piece of her clothing is quickly dropped to the floor.
She takes a few steps closer to him, as she slips out of the panties, and he sinks back onto his heels, his hands dutifully back on his own thighs even as he nuzzles against the little tuft of hair on her.
“You smell so fucking good.” Jake mumbles, and his warm breath against her skin makes her shiver.
“You want your treat for helping me out so well?”
Amy can’t resist carding through the brown curls that look even lighter next to her tan skin, watching his eyes flutter shut after a few scratches.
“What if I say no?” She whispers, and it’s not so much a test as it is a kind of check-in. She loves this side of him, and loves to tease it out, but only ever as far as he’s willing to go - and it’s taken quite some time and learning for both of them to find that edge and keep him from jumping over it. To keep him as grounded as he needs to be.
His eyes open again after her question, and the look he gives her says more than enough.
“Then I’ll go get your pj’s while you get ready in the bathroom and we’ll go to sleep.” Amy smiles as he presses a soft kiss to the edge of her hip crease. “But I like the alternative far more, to be honest.”
“Me too.” Her finger wraps around one curl and pulls it just for fun. “Go get your treat, then.”
He doesn't wait a second longer to press soft, insistent kisses against her, before licking a long stripe across her folds and parting her just enough to swipe across her clit, her head already dropping back with a soft moan. She can sense him lift up ever so slightly on his heels, just enough that he can press his face against her, licking and swirling his tongue around, lips locked onto the softest parts of her skin. There's no way he's taking as much time as he did undressing her, hungry and eager and still starving for anything she'll give him, but when she feels his hands on her thighs again she tuts in between her little groans.
"No hands." Amy reiterates, and feels more than hears Jake's soft whine against the wet of her skin. They both love his fingers working away on her, but right now she doesn't want that quick release, that urgent feeling of him inside her, not as much as she wants to feel him continue his kisses and licks for as long as she can handle it. And as his hands settle on his pants yet again and his mouth only works harder, fulfilling that almost primal desire to taste her, hear her, feel her that he gets sometimes, as she falls deeper and deeper into the pleasure, she’s sure he’s not too bothered about his hands anymore either.
And so it continues, Jake on his knees licking into her, kissing and sucking on her clit to a whole melody of her moans and sighs, her hand back to kneading his hair without her even noticing it. She's already starting to shake on her legs, just a little bit, but the press of his face against her, his nose buried into the soft skin just under her belly keeps her steady.
"Babe? '' Amy pants after a while, and doesn't wait for an answer. "Are you hard?"
The hum she feels rising through her centre is an unspoken yes, an answer to a question she didn't really need to ask - he always gets this aroused from eating her out, no matter what, an almost Pavlovian response by now.
"Touch yourself. No hands on me, just yourself."
He hums again, deeper and harder, as his body moves away just enough to follow her orders while not letting go of her. Amy's hand grips his curls tight as he doubles his efforts, too, spurned on by the sensation of his hand stroking up and down slowly, because-
"You remember the rules." Amy huffs with a sly smile, and it's not a question this time. "No getting off before me."
Jake's last hum feels almost amused, but she can't focus on that long before he suddenly nips, and soothingly sucks right after, drawing a soft cry from her throat. She's shaking more and more, that tight coil in her stomach winding up with every lick of his tongue and press of his lips, and before long the grip in his hair turns almost painful as she searches for anything to hold onto and finds only him, leaning over and pressing herself against him. His free hand rests against her knee, steadying her just enough, and she can't even complain about him breaking the rules before she breaks entirely, trembling thighs and grappling hands while the fire from her centre spreads out through her limbs and has her moaning loud and clear.
He pulls her back down to earth slowly, with soft kisses and nuzzles, but she still drops forward after letting go of his hair, falling straight onto the bed next to him. He resists snickering at her panting, heaving body as he kisses up and down her spine, and watches her turn around to pull him onto her.
“You know it.” Amy huffs and wraps her arms around his neck for a kiss. “You follow my orders so much better than anyone else.”
“Well, I know not to face off with a superior officer, and not to argue with my wife.” Jake quips, his lower lip quickly bitten as a reprimand for doing exactly that almost every day. “S’just my luck those two are the same person.”
“Mhhhn.” Amy hums as she shifts under him, one leg snaking around his hip to drag him ever closer. “I think your wife needs a bit more of your… service than a superior officer would get, though.”
“Yes ma’am.” He leans down for a smirking kiss while lifting his hips enough to help her shuffle his sweatpants down. “Always at your service.”
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thepurplebones · 3 months ago
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entishramblings · 5 months ago
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macperalta · 5 months ago
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Rosa, we came up together. We went to the academy together. We had the exact same career. All we ever wanted is to be detectives. And yes, we had always known there were problems, but we would solve them together. From the inside. So when you quit, yeah, it made me feel like you thought I was wrong for staying. 
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chocoisjustafangirl · 2 months ago
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something seems familiar...
cinematic parallels  ✨
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cheddarthefluffyboi · 4 months ago
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Jake and Amy in spring colours requested by @amy-santiagos 
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amystiago · 4 months ago
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brooklyn-99-gifs · 2 days ago
When you look back at a post and realize you made a typo
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amy-santiagos · 3 months ago
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themultiverseofmarvel · 3 months ago
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pillow-boi · 9 months ago
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I love one (1) dumbass
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samsbarnes · 4 months ago
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the “b99 is ending and i'm in pain” moodboard
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