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#brooklyn nine nine

Sometimes, in order to stay alive, you have to make tough calls. Both figuratively… and literally.

(Or, this is a late season 2 get-together Canon divergence inspired by Psych’s Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark — some dialogue is directly taken from the episode or at least very very close to it.)

With every new minute that passes, Jake starts to feel like his chances of making it out alive are getting slimmer.

He knows that he shouldn’t give up; knows he should try and think about his next move and a plan to get out of here, remember what he’s supposed to have learned back at the Academy about those ‘what if I get kidnapped’ situations, but it’s hard to do so when he just witnessed his two bosses being sent on a wild goose chase.

Holt and Terry were there less than two minutes ago. They had been so close to finding him — he had heard their voices, had seen their tired yet determined faces as they talked to one of his two assailants. Although obviously, they had no idea the man was who they were so actively looking for. Jake tried to make his presence known, but it was hard to do so with a hand covering his mouth and a threatening gun on his temple.

Now Holt and Terry are gone to follow the fake lead the criminal gave them. Jake is alone again; the two partners left him there, attached to a chair while they’re talking — or rather one of them is yelling at the other — in the room next door. Jake winces as a numbing feeling is taking over his whole body, starting from his left shoulder and the fresh wound there, a painful reminder of what brought him here, to thinks dark, secluded gas station.

It all started the night before, when he followed a lead on a case he was working on with Charles.

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fox cancelled brooklyn 99 in 2018 so that a cardboard cutout of cheddar got to attend the 2020 thanksgiving dog show cuz it airs on NBC… it all makes sense now

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There’s this ongoing joke in Brooklyn Nine nine.

The character Boyle keeps saying the most intimate/most sensual thing you can do to a lover is shampoo their hair.

And every other character tells him he’s wrong and weird.

… can someone send some geraskier fic to the writing staff at Brooklyn 99?

Cause the “shampoo geralt’s hair” scene is so common it’s not even a trope any more and half of the time it ends in sexy times.

Saying. Boyle was right

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