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Clutch #2422 - Lockdown/Lazaretto

Mated On: 2021-02-23
# of eggs: 3
Hatched On: 2021-02-28


  • Hatchling 6404 - Spiral Female, Brown Wasp/Pear Bee/Radioactive Veined, Common
  • Hatchling 6405 - Spiral Male, Chocolate Wasp/Crocodile Bee/Mantis Keel, Common
  • Hatchling 6406 - Spiral Male, Ginger Wasp/Pear Bee/Mantis Veined, Common

Comments: Whoops, another day where I hatched out a clutch and then promptly got distracted by other stuff, and didn’t get it posted earlier.

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Distressed iridescent print jacket

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Redrawing my old vampire dad, Brown,, he is tired, but will kiss your forehead and wait for you to sleep while holding your hand

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Retro Fawn

Fawn is a softly retro shade that hints at a deeper history behind the usual chic front of clothes.

High necks and full length sleeves are a sign of winter but you can give it a spring suitable twist by pairing it with a skirt. The stripes have a smart feel but are made casual with their various shades from ivory to deep oak, brightened up with sky blue and buttercup yellow. On top of this there…


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