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theavengers · 2 days ago
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The Avengers (2012) | She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (2022)
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incorrectquotesmcu · a day ago
Thor: Hey, you okay?
Bruce, crying: Yeah, it’s just the onions.
Thor, pointing threateningly at the diced onions: What the FUCK did you say to him—
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funnyincorrectmcu · 20 hours ago
Bruce: *phone rings* Bruce: Banner.  Tony: Bruce! We need your help. Steve’s been bitten by a giant poisonous snake alien thing. Bruce: What? That’s not possible. If he was bitten, it’s venom, not poison. Tony: Interesting, interesting. GET OVER HERE!
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chokemewanda · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Chances - College AU
Plans change suddenly and chances become available in the most unimaginable ways.
B.Barnes x f!reader - on going.
Warnings - swearing, alcohol, depictions of sex, cheating, Brock Rumlow
Part One - 21/05
Part Two - 25/05
Part Three - 28/05
Part Four - 01/06
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citrusfruitloop · 2 days ago
I think Infinity War and Endgame should have just been two whole movies abt Thor and Bruce settling in New Asgard and getting married actually :/ With Tony and Steve being forced to reconcile bc they’re both invited to the wedding and neither of them want to let their besties down on their big day
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boxofbadaddiction · 2 days ago
What we wanted:
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What we'd have settled for:
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What we got:
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hart269 · a day ago
Pairing : Bucky barnes x sister!reader
Summary : How many times is it possible to lose someone.
A/N : So my brain had an idea; and here it is.
Tumblr media
Finding hapiness in the most difficult of times, was a saying people in the difficult times would be annoyed to hear, but it is a necessary one to live life, especially if you have someone to live it with, because alone it becomes harder as you go.
Life was happy in the 40s even if there was a war going on, but there was a war going on, and it took him away from her. Her older brother Bucky didn't enlist but was drafted to fight to protect the country. And he fought, bravely so, and was captured by the enemies.
She remembered getting the letter, which declared him probably dead and had condolences from the General, how he was on the front and how his sacrifice was not lost.
But then Steve saved him, he became Captain America, the country's hero. The sickly pale kid she knew who also acted like her brother, was now as big as his determination to free everyone.
Steve alone entered the Hydra base and destroyed it to ashes, after that he wrote her a letter alongside Bucky, that they were safe and alive, and would be fighting the war together from there.
Relief flooded into her as she completed reading the letter, but worry oozed as she realised they still weren't safe. So, she enlisted as a nurse, to serve, it was better than sitting home and worrying.
But fate was against her happiness for when she met Steve, and saw his guilty face, she was barely listening when she found out about how Bucky fell down the train.
She was angry, not at Steve but at Hydra, so she joined the group that would be working to find the remaining Hydra members. The soldiers fought bravely, each one served to protect, they had taken down the most but the Red Skull was still alive.
That was until the plane crashed and Steve went into the ice and was frozen in time. She and her team were captured but declared dead, so no one would suspect hydra being involved.
They were experimented and starved, tortured - both mentally and physically, very few survived. When her powers first came, and electricity oozed out of her fingers, she was frozen to let the powers develop.
Years later taken out to control it. She was forced to control and use it as their wishes. But it didn't work out for long, so she again was frozen, and when she was released, she was treated worse than ever.
And when they forced her to use her powers too much,she accidentaly absorbed all the current and it flooded out of her at once killing everyone, burning down the building, giving her a chance to escape, and so she did.
She ran and caught the attention of SHIELD, taken by Nick Fury, she joined the Avengers, fighting to protect the world from aliens first, then robots and then fighting Hydra.
She never saw herself as a super hero, she just felt like she owed the world, for she had powers while most didn't. So she payed the favour by fighting for them, she didn't stop fighting wanting to be like her big brother, deep down thinking she can never be.
But she had friends now, Thor was a great help in learning to control her powers, Tony was like a weird dad, so was Bruce. Natasha was like a sister who was probably the only one she told about Hydra. Clint was a good friend and Steve was happy to have someone from his past alive.
Her world flipped when she found out that James was alive, and her heart broke when she learned what happened to him, he was so close and she never knew, if she did she might have saved him from their clutches a long time ago.
She wasn't there to fight him, but Steve did, and the sadness on her face was visible when she found that Bucky left without a word, she knew he didn't remember anything and didn't knew that she was alive,
But she hoped that he would remember her, his little sister, whose hand he never left in a fair, clutched it tightly while crossing the road, protected her from anyone dare to hurt her, gave her his own sweets when she finished hers, hugged her when she was sad and didn't left her side.
Then Ultron happened and then the Accords, the Avengers broke up, she didn't sign the Accords and chose to become a fugitive, and now she was standing in the airport, the first one to arrive, anxiously waiting to meet Bucky after a lifetime.
He didn't knew she was alive, thinking she had died after living a life, if only he knew. She had requested Steve to not tell him about her, her powers or what happened to her.
She hadn't even told Steve everything just a run down which made no sense, but still better than opening up old wounds. She took a deep breath when she saw the small car arrived.
Steve got out first, Bucky couldn't see who was infront of him from the backseat but when he got out he couldn't believe his eyes, he felt like it was a dream or a nightmare from his mind to torture him again, this couldn't be real but it felt real but so did his nightmares. He took slow steps towards the women the same pace as she did.
"Y/N" he questioned his voice hoarse staring at her as if she would disappear if he looked away.
She nodded, with teary eyes before he ran towards and llifted her, spinning her around, "It's really you, you are real" he whispered cradling her face.
"It is me" she whispered before they hugged again.
"But how" he wondered as they pulled away.
"I'm a vampire" she joked with a serious face making Sam snort who was listening leaning against the car.
"What" he exclaimed in shock.
"No, I'm joking I'm not, it's a long story and we don't have that much time now" she explained.
"Okay, later" he sighed just happy to have someone he loved alive and not scared of him.
"Later" she replied hugging him again.
And then the fight happened, fighting people she once considered family and then Bucky was sent to Wakanda, to have his mind fixed. She had bittersweet feelings about that.
She didn't want him to go on another time wrap but she also knew it would be better if the winter soldier wiil go out of Bucky's mind, so he can finally have peace after years of torture. And so she stood watching him go into the icing machines as she called it, before going into the run.
She turned from a superhero into a Vigilante, now working outside of law, still fighting the bad guys while trying to run from the Government, sometimes teaming up with different powered people like Deadpool, Daredevil or Spiderman and many others.
But then the aliens came, and she was called into Wakanda, to fight a purple grape called Thanos, who was trying to remove half of the world's population. She was reunited with Bucky, he looked much happier and at peace without the fear that of the soldier, the black and gold vibranium arm was better too.
They fought, they did, but they lost when he snapped his fingers.
She watched as the people she once knew turn into dust before their eyes, but then she heard Bucky speak, "Steve, Y/N".
She looked back just as Bucky fell into the ground and only a small "no" could escape her mouth before she lost her brother again but this time, she just felt numb, staring into the ground where he once stood.
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dagdraws · 2 days ago
Bruce and Thor’s reunion (wip)
Tumblr media
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sock-ness-monster · a day ago
Here are a few of my favorite lines from the thing I've been working on lol
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's called Old Tricks, New Friends on ao3 :)
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dontcare77ghj · 2 days ago
Apparently Tumblr's got a new rule about how many characters you can now post and this story has too many despite being pretty short. Guess I got to post everything straight to AO3 from now on.
This new story is a Tony x Reader x Bruce piece.
Remember, all Taglists are open, as are requests. Taglists include the main taglist, individual characters, all male/female, and venom stories.
Taglist @rvgrsbrns @smilexcaptainx @hopingforbarnes @starlingellio @piper-koko-barnes-rogers @jelly-fishy-babie @skeletoresinthebasement @agent-barnes40 @reann-shitposting @skadikh @summergeezburr @buckybarton03 @sunshinepower17 @bindythedemon @natasharomanoffismywife @keenmarvellover @bbybarness @storiesbystarlight @buckybarnesplumwhore @bromieeomieee @marvelmenarebeautiful @niki-is-a-thing @pauloonig @abyssiniapleasant @beautybyfire @officalmarvelbaby @acertainredhead @reapersan @adoreyou976 @casperlikej @songbirdcannabe @montygator17 @cecedrake2217 @nyx2021 @black-dhalias @idontwannagomrstarkk @chiyongberry @bunnyweasley23
Tony Stark Taglist @mxxmocha​
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docdracula · 22 hours ago
What is Tony’s fav soup? In fact, all the fav soups of the avengers go!
OMG anon heyyyyyy!!!
Thank you SO much for this ask I am literally sitting you down at my dining room table right now and offering you my favorite homemade roasted tomato soup with roasted garlic bread that I made this afternoon just for you and i hope you don't mind i've already packed you a tupperware to go too <3
Edit! Forgot to mention that this ask was most definitely inspired by this post!
JARVIS (AKA my favorite Avenger don't come at me): JARVIS loves alphabet soup lol!! ................................................................please clap
Rhodey: Roasted Tomato Soup with Roasted Garlic Bread (as aforementioned!). Why mess with the classics?? Bonus: Rhodey never passes up the opportunity to assault Tony with his weapons-grade garlic breath before Tony begs him to please go gargle some mouthwash NOW.
Bruce: Haleem. So much of his life is trying to fight against the hot anger and turmoil within him that seems to tear him apart from the inside out. The first time he had haleem was while he was in hiding in India when a lovely woman whose name he never caught saw him shaking against the side of a building in the street and offered him a bowl to eat when she coaxed him to come join her and her family for dinner that night. I firmly believe in the divine healing powers of women you don't know who offer you a brief and selfless kindness during the darkest moments of your life and I know Bruce does too. Sometimes it's nice to let yourself feel the sort of warmth without jagged edges that can only come from a kind stranger or a desi stew <3
Thor: is ambrosia a soup or a drink? let's go soup. I feel like thor doesn't care much either way for most midgardian foods BUT i also feel like one time he had the most god awful hot dog soup at a diner in New Mexico and was forevermore Compelled by it.
Clint: Clint does not like soup. Why would he, after all, it's barely food and it's certainly not a drink. When Clint wants to eat he wants to chew his food like a grown man, damn it! No, Clint definitely does not like soup. And he certainly does not keep a can of Campbell's Tomato A to Z's in his pantry to eat on nights when Laura is visiting her mother and the kids are all out for some reason or another--going to the next town over for a baseball game or an overnight band trip or sleeping over at a friend's house--and he just can't believe that they're growing so fast and he remembers feeding all his babies A to Z's while they were squirming around in the high chair and then having to finish up the half-spilled bowl himself before it became a fully-spilled bowl. It definitely doesn't taste like nostalgia and stability and family. Definitely not.
Pepper: French Onion. Classy and sophisticated, you can't cut corners with this soup. This is a luxurious soup, but instead of highfalutin ingredients or 36-step recipes, all the luxury is derived from time and care; a soup for one with high standards, discerning taste, and a lot of love in her heart <3
Natasha: Thai Corn Soup. Spicy and comfy and perfect in every way. May seem a bit intimidating for a home chef at first, but practice is the key and it takes much less practice than you'd think to make the best thai corn soup <3
Steve: Tom Kha Gai. This was definitely a case of Steve bemusedly getting dragged all around New York by Tony and Natasha and Pepper to try out all the international cuisines he's never heard of before and then having a quasi-religious experience in the restaurant because he did not know soup could taste Like That. No recipe because honestly neither Steve nor I have the clearance to make this. We prefer getting it straight from our favorite local Thai joint.
Tony: Vegetable Beef Soup. No recipe here either, though there was one at some point--Tony seems to recall a step involving flour that Steve always thought was bullshit so they skipped that step every time and then eventually just stopped using the recipe altogether. What goes in this soup? Tony couldn't tell you, though to be fair he wouldn't be able to tell you what goes in most of the food he's ever eaten that's usually prepared by butlers and high-end chefs, but he could most definitely show you the ingredients that go into this soup. It's all in the muscle memory, bustling about the kitchen in the kind of easy unspoken choreography that says i want to stay here forever with you. The ingredient list changes a bit every time depending on what's around, but Tony could recognize this soup anywhere. This is kind of soup you make with and for a very special someone. This is the soup you make when what you're really making is a home together <3
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moider-time · 3 days ago
The group's relationship with Bruce Banner go.
*cracks knuckles* ow that hurt but you asked for it anon;
Jake and Bruce do meditation together. They do breathing exercises, they just generally vibe together.
Also Bruce is fluent in Spanish so him and Jake are always chatting shit and no one aside from Natasha, Clint, Marc (kinda) and Thor (cause of the Allspeak) can understand them.
Now Bruce is one of the few people that can make tea exactly the way Steven likes it. I hc him to be very picky about his tea.
Maybe Steven and Bruce also knit idk I can see it happening.
Also Bruce and Steven are vegetarian/vegan solidarity. Idk if Bruce is actually a vegetarian but I say he is so who cares?
Marc and Bruce go for walks together. Like early in the morning if they're both up.
Or they go star-gazing.
They're friendship is one full of just comfortable silence. Not that they never talk but they never feel the need to.
Movie nights.
They're a staple of the relationship between Bruce and the MK system.
All of their guilty pleasure movies are stupid action films where you barely pay attention and just watch the explosions, like The Expendables.
I kinda see them all being in a queerplatonic relationship. That may be just me tho
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spvdermansgirl · 2 days ago
1:12 AM
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"hold still. this might sting a little." gentle hands held your face as bruce applied some antiseptic on your cheek after cleaning the wound, making you wince a little.
it was just quite sometime after your mission. you didn't even expect anyone to be up as it's past midnight. so, when you went to the medbay to treat your own wounds, you were rather surprised to see bruce already waiting for you.
"did you really wait for me?"
a small smile settled on his face, teasing. "no, i just happened to be here when you said you'd get back from your mission."
you bit back a smile as you rolled your eyes at him. "right, bruce. right."
© spvdermansgirl ; do not modify or reupload anywhere else but reblogs are always appreciated!
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marcspecthor · 6 days ago
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hawkofkrypton · 5 days ago
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MCU She-Hulk
Tumblr media
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boxofbadaddiction · 5 days ago
Ya know what I hate. That when Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk he turns into this 8ft tall beast of a man, but when Jennifer Walters turns into She-Hulk she's just like...Green and sorta tall.
Like?? I don't want this:
Tumblr media
[Image found on Google, source: Marvel.com]
I want this:
Tumblr media
[Image found on Google, source: Marvel.fandom.com]
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itsclolostinstereo · 5 days ago
tatiana maslany did not flawlessly play 49 twins in orphan black for marvel cgi to do her like this
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arkham-prisoner · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Marvel fandom after the SheHulk Trailer
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thecyndimistuff · 8 months ago
Bruce Banner: everyone, meet Shangqi, our newest Avenger. 
Shangqi: Hi, it’s great to be here!
Peter Parker: HEY, I know you! You’re the guy on the cover of my accounting textboo—
Shangqi grabbing him by the shirt: you shut your mouth right now
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violenceyoumayfind · 2 months ago
Me when I go to the riddler’s apartment for the first time
Tumblr media
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