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you can describe Hulk’s personal life by the fact that even in the one story line where things went good for him, it still started out with all his friends betraying and lying to him, being stranded on an alien world, immediately made a slave and sent to die in a gladiator pit, and only after that did things work out.

and then the planet blew up and everyone died, which is the other half of Hulk’s life being endless suffering

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Bucky Barnes is abducted by a new reincarnation of Hydra. He’s rescued, and he ends up bringing one of his captors back with him. Can he convince The Avengers to believe that she’s telling the truth about needing their help to destroy this new threat and save her fellow captives? Or is it a trap?

In the meantime, Bucky never thought he’d meet anyone who had been where he’s been. But she has. Steve’s suddenly not the one who can help Bucky the most to deal with his tortured past and his crushing shame and guilt over what he’s been made to do. And Steve’s not happy about it.

But once the Avengers take out the new Hydra, Bucky and Steve finally find their way back to each other.

Until Steve returns to the past, and Peggy Carter.

It’s two years later, and Bucky’s still not even remotely OK. He remembers something a drunken, guilt-ridden Tony said once, and he learns that there’s a last chance for him to be happy. Very happy.  And, honestly, what does he care if it kills him, instead?

Landing, gravely injured but alive, in an alternate universe, he finds that he has a chance to do some things over again, and to finally be home for good.

Chapter 1:   Abduction
Chapter 2:   Switzerland
Chapter 3:   Questions
Chapter 4:   Knives In The Dark
Chapter 5:   Flight Home
Chapter 6:   The Compound
Chapter 7:   The Eve of Battle
Chapter 8:   Return To Siberia
Chapter 9:   The Bunker
Chapter 10: Spain
Chapter 11: The Switch
Chapter 12: New York
Chapter 13: The Cell
Chapter 14: The Tower
Chapter 15: Confidences
Chapter 16: Responsibility
Chapter 17: Fort Drum
Chapter 18: The Last Step In Saying Goodbye
Chapter 19: After The Fight
Chapter 20: Home And Family

Read It On AO3

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💫 1. Honey and the Bee p8 - bucky barnes x reader @chrevastan

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💫 3. My, Oh, My: p1 - bucky barnes x reader @propertyofpoeandbucky

🕶 4. I’m Not Jealous! - spencer reid x reader @naomiiiiiiiiiii04

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Summary: Captain Y/N L/N. Leader of the Avengers on Earth-563, not really a family or team strictly just coworkers. A lot of responsibility for someone only nineteen. What happens when the Captain finds herself on “Earth Earth” in the compound of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Stuck on Earth for the time being, Y/N sees what these Avengers are about. And Captain America finds himself falling for this leader, even though her age is throwing him… that and the fact no one knows if she’ll head back to Earth-563 the minute she can.

Warnings: AGE GAP (clear from the summary, it’s a young reader but legal), none

Pairing: (eventual) Steve Rogers x black!reader

Word Count: 4.0k (i feel like this fic might have semi-long chapters compared to my other work but also don’t hold your breath yet?)

Part 1 


Originally posted by stallingdemons

True to Steve’s word, F.R.I.D.A.Y. woke you up in the morning. You held a hand up to your mouth and blew on it, the morning breath wasn’t too bad but it was there. You walked into the bathroom and rinsed out your mouth with water. Your hair was an absolute mess, not like you expected anyone in the house to have a bonnet. The only two you could have possibly gone to were of no help, Rhodey was bald and Sam had very short hair. You wet it and fixed it in whatever way you could to make it presentable. After the meeting, the first thing you were requesting was to go shopping for supplies. Goose hissed a little when you picked her up. 

“Please baby. I don’t want to face the scary strangers alone,” you whined.

Goose reluctantly hopped into your arms. You spun around in shock hearing a chuckle from the door. It was Bucky standing in the doorway. 

“So we’re scary?”

“One of you pulled a hammer on me.”

Bucky shrugged. “They sent me to get you. Thought it would make you more comfortable.”

“Smart, send the brother to make sure I don’t run… sorry, I didn’t mean bro—”

“It’s fine. Let’s go. Sam made pancakes for your interrogation.”

“Is there bacon or any meat? You know, for Goose?” 

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Thor: *tells a funny story*
Peter: *laughing so hard he spits his apple juice all over his Uncle Bruce*
Bruce: *jumps and gets the Hulk scared out and turns on Peter*
Tony: *now wearing the suit with the repulsors out, standing between Hulk and his kid*
Peter: :O :I
Thor: Midgardians! Why fight when you can drink! *Chugs beer*
Natasha and Pepper: *sighs*
Clint: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
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I knew the day we met
That we were meant to be.
I knew our fate was set,
That you were the one for me.

I knew I found you attractive.
I could tell that you were nice.
The butterflies were so active
That I couldn’t think twice.

I liked you when I saw your face,
But maybe it was the touch.
My heart had begun to race.
I already liked you too much.

©Tammy Luu

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ISTJ: “That’s my secret, Cap: I’m always angry.”

ISFJ: ”I don’t want to fight your sister. That’s a family issue.”

ISTP: “No team, only Hulk!”

ISFP: *Holds up purple pants* “Really?”

ESTJ: “Oh, screw you, you big green asshole! I’ll do it myself!”

ESFJ: “You know, I know a few techniques that could help you manage that anger effectively.”


ESFP: “But Hulk like real fire. Like… raging fire. Thor like smoldering fire.”

INTJ: “These are confusing times.”

INFJ: “It’s like I was made for this.”

INTP: “How many PhDs does Hulk have? Zero. How many PhDs does Banner have? Seven.”

INFP: “You know, sometimes exactly what I want to hear isn’t exactly what I want to hear.”

ENTJ: “Puny god!”

ENFJ: “Listen to your mom! She knows better!”

ENTP: “I see this as an absolute win!”

ENFP: “Oh, no. This is bad. This is really, really bad. Thor, I think I’m freaking out.”

Thor should be next and sry, but the ISFP thing is from memory, so it might not be exactly what he says, but you get the gist.

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Under the Rainbow, Draga mea || Chapter Seven

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy chapter seven, it’s just pure fluff honestly. Just really cheesy fluff 🥺💓

P.S the times in the some of the photos are a little wonky so please ignore it. The app was having issues when I made this chapter 🥺😔 However, for a reference (if you need or like one: they have breakfast at about 11 am and spend the whole day together)

Masterlist || UTRDM Masterlist


UTRDM Taglist: @andyl394 @scar1etwriting @stop-drop-and-drumroll @wxstedhexrt @pies-writes-and-more (if you’re crossed out, it wouldn’t let me tag you 🥺)

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It’s so funny to me how bruce’s mode of transportation to the battle of new york is a motorcycle like there’s literally an alien war going on all around him and he’s just like


imagine the traffic too, like people are evacuating one of the most populated cities plus all the wreckage and stuff blocking streets and he’s the only one going into the city instead of out of it, no wonder he’s always angry

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Originally posted by thefoxandspice

Bruce has always loved cooking. Some of his earliest memories are of helping his mom in the kitchen: peeling and washing and rolling out dough. They’d chatter in Italian, which is where she grew up, and by the time he was eight he knew all of her recipes.

He somewhat lost the habit between foster homes and college. But on the run, that skill came in handy. He often couldn’t pay people with money, so in exchange for food and shelter he would cook or tend to their animals or whatever needed doing around the house. So many evenings spent sharing food and stories with strangers. Little bright moments amongst the dark days.

‘I seem to know everyone’s preferences except for yours, Doctor,’ says JARVIS as the song finishes.

‘Well, I’ve always been a sucker for blondes.’ Bruce smirks as he throws the apple pie in the oven and starts cracking eggs into a bowl.

‘I was referring to your food preferences.’ The accompanying eye-roll is almost audible. ‘You seldom express an opinion unless prompted.’

It’s true; Bruce is perfectly happy to eat whatever Tony orders in. No such thing as too spicy or too exotic. ‘Okay, take a guess. What’s my favourite food?’

JARVIS considers this. ‘You are well-travelled, so I assume you have sampled dishes from all over the world. I would hazard a guess at some form of Indian food, since you appeared to live there for the longest.’

‘You make me sound so cultured.’

‘Am I getting warm?’

He grins apologetically. ‘Nope. Once Italian, always Italian. It’d probably be something like lasagne. Although, on the dessert front… I ate a lot of kulfi when I was over there. Especially pistachio flavour.’ Like ice cream but denser, it had helped to stave off the heat. He feels a pang of something akin to homesickness. Maybe he’ll try making it sometime.

‘I shall bear that in mind.’

Bruce bakes for hours, occasionally throwing a comment to JARVIS as he works. It feels good to just make something. For only six people it seems excessive, but he’s seen Clint eat three spare pizzas on his own and Steve’s metabolism is a force of nature. Plus, they all have different tastes and he wants to satisfy everyone.

It’s dark outside when he takes the final pie out of the oven. He clears up, eats a quick sandwich, takes a hot shower then crawls into bed. ‘Long day tomorrow. Don’t stay up too late.’

‘I promise to be in bed by midnight.’

He laughs. JARVIS has a sense of humour that’s almost as dry as his own. Almost. ‘See you tomorrow.’

‘I look forward to working with you, Doctor. Goodnight.’

Read the rest on AO3!

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By @the-fire-is-shooting-at-us

Summary: In one of the Sanctuary’s torture cells, a being was held. The Other tortured, experimented on and manipulated it, but he forgot one thing. Loki was also the god of fire…

        They didn’t immediately get to work after the Norns sent them to Midgard. They had landed on Anthony Stark’s tower, and their luggage was transported with them. The disgruntled man of iron led them all back in, instructing his robot to lead Loki to a guest room. 

        Once he had reached the room they gave him, he immediately blocked all attempts to spy on him; it had caused a grumpy Stark to attempt and run in, only to slam into the wards he had put up. Thankfully (unfortunately) he was neither dead or hurt. Loki hadn’t seen the Avengers after that, preferring to stay locked up in the room. He strengthened his seidr and gathered information on the infinity stones. He also snuck around, wanting to see what the organization S.H.I.E.L.D was hiding. He found a lot, indeed. The rest of the time he spent trying to avoid the nightmares he got as an aftermath of diving into his memories in search of information. 

        A few days later, in the rare moments when he was resting, Jarvis had informed him that the Avengers were holding a meeting, and would like his presence. They act as if I am obliged to. Granted, the Norns had asked, but I could hide information from them, or return back to him and….

But he had entered the meeting room before he could complete his thought.

      The Avengers were casually resting, some quietly chatting, some drinking beverages, all relaxed. Loki sat down on the seat opposite to the captain, and right beside Stark. If Thor was there, he would’ve been sitting right next to him. Steven Rogers cleared his throat and began.

“Right. We’ve all been busy during the past few days,” he gave Loki a questioning look, but quickly continued. “Today we’re going to discuss all the information we have. Remember, every detail counts. Any questions?” The archer nodded.

“Why exactly should we trust him? Am I the only who remembers the fact that he’s apparently working with Thanos? Why should we trust what the Norns say?”

“You trust me because the Norns want us to defeat Thanos. They really don’t like being in danger, so you should trust their word. They’re quite dangerous.” He said before any one said anything else.

“I’ll start.” Stark took out files and began talking. “So, from our talk with the Asgardians I figured our plan will still be the same. Find the stones, and destroy them, so I—

“You can’t do that.” Loki interrupted the engineer. Everyone looked at him, mostly in confusion. 


“Life you destroy the stones you will open a gateway for monsters you have never dreamt off, and if you destroy all the stones, they would slowly destroy our world too. The stones are connected with yggdrasil, if you destroy the stones, it will die as well.” Somehow Anthony Stark still had questions for his explanation. But before he could speak, Loki stood abruptly stood up; he had felt a familiar aura of magic.

Maw was here.

“What is it?”

“Sir, I detected several beings enter the building.”


The god in question turned, daggers and weird in hand; the black order was here.

And they found the tesseract.

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You were built without emotions and feelings; Two things in the world that would slow you down and cause you to second-guess your choices. You could analyze anything in a few seconds, and all the knowledge and use of the object would be burned into your database. Of course, you were intelligent. Being built by Tony Stark, Iron-Man himself, would give you some perks. However, some people weren’t so happy that a robot was protecting them. Although, you had the Avengers on your side, and they were like a family to you. Listening to you through thick and thin, and always quick to stand up for you when someone doubted you. You were all a family. A very dysfunctional one at that. And you couldn’t wish for anything better.

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