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lesbian-deadpool · 22 hours ago
Y/N: Three of the four elements are represented as types of hockey. Air hockey, ice hockey, and field hockey. Fire hockey needs to be a thing.
Bruce: Fire hockey absolutely does NOT need to be a thing.
Tony: Do you care NOTHING for the balance of the four elements!?
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funnyincorrectmcu · a day ago
I sincerely believe that Peter watched Bo Burnham: Inside with Ned and MJ and has not stopped singing the songs since.
Tony: Hey Peter can you just adjust the parameters on that? Peter: You’re right. I was totally wrong when I set it. Tony: ...weird way to put it, but okay I gues-- Peter: *sings* Father, please forgive me, for I did not realize what I did. Tony: ...did you just call me--? Peter: *still singing* Or that I’d live to regret it. Tony: Regret what? Peter: Times are changing and I’m getting ooooold. Tony: What the--you’re 16! Peter: My bed is empty and I’m getting coooold, isn’t anybody gonna hold me accountable? Tony: Accountable for what?! Peter: Ugh. I’m problematic. Peter: *starts dancing* Tony: … Tony: What just happened?? Peter: *looks upset* Tony: Hey you okay kid? What’s up? Peter: Well, you know, sometimes I just get this-- Peter: *bursts into song* FEELING IN MY BODY, WAY DOWN DEEP INSIDE ME, I TRY NOT TO FIGHT IT. Tony: The fu-- Peter: A FEW THINGS START TO HAPPEN, MY VISION STARTS TO FLATTEN, MY HEART IT GETS TO TAPPIN’, AND I THINK I’M GONNA DIE! Tony: … Tony: I have never been so concerned for you in my life. Tony: *reading in the kitchen* Peter, Ned, and MJ: *sitting in the living room* Peter: *sings* I’m not really feeling like I wanna get lit. Ned: *sings* Tell us how you’re feeling. Tony: ...I don’t think I like where that’s goi-- Peter: *sings* I’m feeling like shit. Peter: *sings louder* Ladies! MJ: *half-singing* Yeah? Peter: Do you feel like shit? Tell me, do you feel like shit. MJ: Uh-huh. Peter: Fellas! Ned: *fully into it* Huh? Peter: Are you feeling like shit? Tell me, are you feeling like shit? Ned: Oh yeah! Tony: *groans and puts his head in his hands* Peter: *walks in on an Avengers meeting* Peter: *sings* Who needs a coffee ‘cause I’m doing a run? Clint: What the-- Tony: Ignore him. Peter: I’m writing down the orders now for everyone. Steve: *furrowing his eyebrows* What is he talking about? Tony: I said ignore him. Peter: The coffee is free, just like me, I’m an unpaid intern. Nat: I thought he wouldn’t let you pay him? Tony: He won’t. Peter: Makin’ weapons, swinging around. Sitting in the meeting room not making a sound-- Tony: Peter how about you actually sit in the meeting room and don’t make a sound?! Peter: … Peter: *opens his mouth* Tony: Don’t you dare. Peter: *whisper sings* Barely people, somehow legal… Tony: What did I just-- Peter: *practically shouting* UNPAID INTERN! Tony: *stands up* That’s it! Peter: *runs* Nat: Ugh. You can find out way too much about people online. Why isn’t everyone as secretive as I am? Clint: Yeah, well, welcome to the internet. Tony: NO! Peter: *bursts in* Apathy’s a tragedy and boredom is a criiime. Anything and everything and ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING AND ALL OF THE TIME! Clint: *smirks* Tony: did that on purpose. Clint: *laughs* Nat: *smiles* Peter: *grins cheekily* Tony: *groans* Bruce: *walking into the lab* Hey Tony, did you order something from Amazo-- Tony: Don’t! Peter: *belting* CEO ENTREPRENEUR! BORN IN 1964!! JEEEEEFFREY! JEFFREY BEEEEZOS. Bruce: …?? Tony: *running a hand down his face* I think I need to delete his Netflix account.
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gothamcitycentral · 23 hours ago
Like, I can *live* with all the things the MCU messed up, I can move on and just say it’s not that good. But it’s incredibly annoying how it twists the general opinion of the characters.
Loki is apparently everyone’s favorite sad boy who dates an alternate version of himself.
Scarlet Witch is a character who’s been Romani and Jewish for years, her parents were holocaust survivors for crying out loud, but now people only think of her as the white washed character who joined a nazi organization.
Clint is a deaf character with serious attachment issues but now he’s just Mr. family man.
Spider-Man is, well, Spider-Man. But now he’s Iron Man Jr, and has a awesome high tech suit instead of Peter taking the weekends to sew its holes together.
The Hulk is a meme now and not a suicidal man with DID.
I’m just… really worried about what their portrayal of Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight might do to the characters.
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worksby-gabriella · a day ago
I Know Places
pairing: Kate Bishop x Barton!Reader
summary: with Y/N Barton dating Kate bishop, keeping their relationship sacredly private to them is a bit of a difficulty.
warnings: public make out sesh, and nerves?
Fem reader
Inspired by: I Know Places by Taylor Swift
Tumblr media
 I knew this charity gala was going to be intense, but I didn’t expect it to be this...... watchful. It was mine and Kate’s first time making a public appearance as a couple after some days of speculation. We were hoping to confirm our relationship by attending this gala together. 
 When we pulled up to the doors in a limo Eleanor sent for us, paparazzi was already outside, hoping to catch Kate with “the Barton girl.” My dad was the first to step out of the car and go inside. Kate followed after him, stopping outside of the car door to help me out. As soon as I was outside, they were screaming, asking questions, trying to stop me so I could spare them a few minutes. However, I just stared at the ground, hoping they would get the hint as Kate pulled me towards the door by my hand.
 Once we made it safely inside, I saw my dad going to talk with Eleanor, and Kate heading over to a server whom held drinks on a tray. I was standing at a small circle table when some press had spotted me and making their way over to me, I started preparing myself for the bombarding questions they were going to ask.
 “Ms. Barton can you confirm you’re and Bishop’s relations?”
 “How long have you and Kate kept your relationship a secret?”
 “Don’t you think it’s a little unprofessional for you to be dating your father’s coworker?”
 “When did you and Ms. Bishop start dating?”
  “Y/N who are you wearing tonight?”
  This being first time to have to deal with something like this, I started looking around for either Kate or my dad to come to my rescue. 
  “I- Um- We’ve been da- Um-”
  “Woah there folks! Questions later please!” Kate says giving them a small smile and head nod. 
   As I’m breathing heavy from the nerves Kate puts her hand on the back of my waist, putting down the champagne flute and grabbing a water bottle from the table we were standing at and hands it to me.
  “Okay.... maybe now isn’t the time for champagne, here, you need some water. Take some deep breaths.”
   As I sit with Kate still standing by me, I open the water bottle.
  “I’m sorry, I just didn’t expect is to be like this. People know my dad had a daughter who was older but they’ve never wanted to actually talk to me. I’ve never been in one of these scandals.”
  “Hey hey, it’s okay. I’ve only been at this for a few months but I got it down so don’t be scared, I’m here with you. And don’t let them make you think this is a scandal because it’s not it’s just...... me and you.” 
  She has her hand on my should looking down at me as I say, “I know. Thank you, Kate.”
  Once I have my hand over hers on my shoulder, she grabs it and pulls me to my feet.
  “Let’s go get some food. because I’m starving. I hope they have pizza.”
  “Of course, you do Kate.”
  As we’re passing by the open dance floor filled with oldish people dancing to some boring ballroom music, Kate pulls me by the hand onto the dance floor.
 “Kate.... no no no no no.” I say as I hide my face with my hand.
 “Come on, Y/N”
  After giving in, she puts her hand around my waist, and uses the other to hold my hand as I put my arms around her neck. We dance to softly to whatever snooze fest they were playing. 
  I can hear some people whispering about us, some are even talking loudly with no shame, acting as if we don’t have a pair of ears. I keep looking around at all the people that’s staring at us and Kate notices.
 “Y/N, hon, just ignore them.”
 “they’re not even trying to hide it.”
  “I know, I know.”
  As we keep dancing, I start to think to myself, I’ve seen how this goes for other avengers, heroes, the other person involved with them. It never ends pretty... for either side. I’ve witnessed them first hand breaking up because the pressure of the whole world watching them was too much to handle. This is starting to look like a bad sign. These people are like vultures, just waiting to find one flaw between us. 
  “Y/N, what’s wrong?”
   Kate’s voice snaps me out of my thoughts. 
   I look up at her, still dancing. 
  “Kate- what if- what if we break up?”
  She furrows her brows and wrinkles her mouth, tilting back a little. 
  “And why would we break up?”
  “Them. What if they break us apart, The press, media, just- people? I’ve seen it happen, Kate. They’re going to consistently try to hunt us down. Everywhere we go, they’re going to be there. They’re going to burn us out. Love’s fragile, it can be gone in a snap.”
   Kate gives me a sad smile and rubs the small of my back with her thumb.
  “That’s not going to happen. Not with me and you. Let them say what they want, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is us. Just like I said before, me and you.” 
  I know she means it because of the way she speaks so sincerely, like she can see the future and she’s absolutely certain. 
  I look up at her and she pulls me up against her with the arm that was around my waist and brings it up to the side of my face along with her other hand and gives me a deep kiss, my hands are resting on her forearms, I’m surprised by the kiss but let it happen nonetheless. Our teeth clashing together, our lips smooth as velvet against each other as her tongue reaches the inside of my mouth, deepening the kiss even further. It’s filled with desire, passion, devotion, adoration, and lust. It’s as if she’s going to worship this love forever. 
  I hear camera’s clicking, press shouting, flashes going off, and people talking but I can see what Kate meant by it’s just me and her. I don’t care what they do it’s going to just be me and her.
  She pulls away, her lips glossed over and swollen as she kisses me on the cheek and tells me she loves me.
   I laugh slightly and look around as I say, “everyone’s watching us, Kate.”
  She smiles. “I know a place we won’t be found.”
  Once again, she grabs my hand and I walk with her as she leads me to this “place.”
  We make some turns and walk down a couple hallways before she stops in front of a door and opens it locking it behind her.
  I look around the room and it seems to be a large study that I’m assuming belongs to Eleanor. 
  “It’s... cozy.”
  “They won’t find us here.”
  “Kate-” I don’t get to finish before she interrupts me. 
  “Y/N, I want you to know they can do anything they want but it won’t hurt us because I love you and you love me. It’s going to be me for you and you for me.”
  “I love you to Kate.”
  She takes my hands in hers and gives me another quick kiss on the lips. 
  “So, what do you say we ditch Clint, go back to my apartment, and order pizza?”
  “I couldn’t think of anything more perfect.” I say as we start heading to the locked door.
  “See. This is why I love you.” Kate says as we walk down the hall towards the back doors, hand in hand.
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feathered-mushrooms · a day ago
The Avengers live in the Avengers street cul-de-sac. As kids they were best friends Tony, Steve, Nat, Clint, Bruce and Thor(+additional friends that sometimes joined in the big group)
As kids they played make up games, they loved playing superhero’s. Tony was a rich guy with special armor, Steve was a super strong American symbol, Bruce could turn into a green angry monster, Clint was a master archer, Natasha was a spy, and Thor was a literal god. Sometimes there other friends would join in, such as Thor’s sibling Loki, who was another god but she liked to play the villain. Steve’s close friend, Bucky, was also super strong and sometimes a villain sometimes not. And even sometimes Natasha sister Yelena joined in. If they weren’t playing games they were causing trouble with old man Fury.
Then they all grew up.
Tony, was always rich from his father, inherited the company, he turned it towards more tech and less weapons. He became a sarcastic public image, and very outspoken on gay rights. Espicqlly after he married his childhood friend Steve. The two adopted Nebula, Harley and Peter and they tried a surrogate for Morgan. The two moved back into Tony’s home in the cul-de-sac away front he city so there kids could have a normal childhood.
Steve entered the army with Bucky. There they met Sam, who turned out to be Old man Fury’s grandson. The three were as close as you can get, then Bucky had to have his arm amputed, the three left the army around that time and headed back home. Steve reconnected with Tony and the two grew close. Now that they have there kids, Steve and Tony really looks forward to the holidays and have started the ‘holiday week’ tradition, to get the neighborhood together.
Bruce pursued science and did well in it. He studied gamma rays, until an accident. Thankfully he was okay, but it scared him into becoming a science teacher instead at the Xavier institute. He and Thor kept in touch and are currently dating. Bruce has an emotional support dog named Hulk.
Thor became a construction worker. He enjoys hanging with Sif and Hemidall at the sites, plus the hours work well with him, he likes getting home before Bruce so he can cook dinner. He’s a himbo as we know, so he believes that regular kibble isn’t enough for Hulk, he’s one of those people who actually makes there own dog food.
Loki on the other hand became a famous model and actor. Very in style for them.
Clint, while being a master at archery, wasn’t the most successful with his jobs. He kinda jumps around but he doesn’t mind, as long as he has enough money for Lucky the dog and Kate he’s happy. Speaking of Kate, he adopted her and is currently teaching her archery in there Archery course in there backyard.
Natasha and Yelena both were into ballet as kids, Yelena went on to own a small ballet studio were she teaches young kids. Natasha worked there as well until she had a big break and became a famous ballerina, but she balances that with daily life well and still lives with Yelena in there childhood home after there parents moved out.
Now there are new neighbors:
At the end of the circle, now lives Stephen Strange and his roommate Wong. Strange used to be a doctor till his accident but now he and Wong famously ghost write the young adult series “Sorcery supreme” under the name ‘the ancient one’
On the other end of the street lives the two siblings T’challa and Shuri. Shuri is high school age but studying for college abroad. T’challa came with her for her studies to keep her safe and to learn about America as he could be a good diplomat when he becomes king back in Wakanda.
Vision, a good friend and associate of Tony is considered a ‘neighbor’ of the cul-de-sac even if he doesn’t live there. No one knows we’re he lives.
Yet he did help a young women move into the house next to Natashas old one. Wanda Maximoff and Vision met in college and remained friends after. That was some time ago. Wanda ended up deciding she wanted kids, but didn’t want to wait to find a lover. So she had Billy and Tommy on her own, Vision takes a role as there uncle. Wanda is a school teacher, like her dad and works at the Xavier institute.
Tony and Steve lead the holiday celebrations, they last a week. Steve is very excited and likes to plan it all out because he really wants to give his kids a happy holiday, since he knows three out of four didn’t have the best early life [[ex. Nebulas bio father had an odd sense of punishment, it ended with her arm and leg having to be both amputated and damaged her face. Harleys father straight up left one day, and Peters parents died in a car crash with him in the back seat]]
Natasha and Wanda end up bumping into each other at a cafe early in the morning, Wanda was getting some bagels for the twins, Natasha just wanted coffee, and end up talking, that was a year and a half ago before the holidays and there now happily dating.
Wanda’s dads are Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr. Why is her last name Maximoff? Her mom had the sur name Maximoff. Erik and Madga had a brief relationship before they each moved on. She sadly died when Wanda and Pietro were four, so there aunt contacted Erik, who was happily married to Charles, and the two took the twins in within a heart beat. It’s not the only kids they have though(Erik really needs to check up on those past relationships), they have there older brother Peter, and older sister Lorna. There a rather happy family, and Erik, Charles, and Wanda all have teaching positions at Charles school.
Natasha adores Tommy and Billy, and Tommy thinks she’s the coolest person, while Billy likes to watch her practice her ballet. They get along rather well.
When Wanda told them her and Natasha were dating, Tommy got excited and asked if that meant he could call Natasha mom, Natasha just said sure. Billy toke some more time but there very close and he now calls her mom as well.
Wanda is mama.
Natasha does have a problem with all three of Wandas older siblings. They are very protective of there youngest so she has received many playful threats.
Lovely holiday feels
I should mention that Wanda, Billy, Tommy, Erik, Lorna, Pietro, and Peter are all Jewish and had celebrated Hanukkah already, earlier in the month, but they were all brought up with the commercialized version of Christmas because of Atheist Charles who just likes an excuse to sip hot coco and give gifts. That is why Wanda is participating in the whole mostly Christmas themed holiday week, and why her family comes to visit
Now for the random notes I would like to add:
Nebula is still in contact with her sister Gamora. Gamora lives with her foster dad Yondu, who is fostering a few other kids, Drax, Mantis, Peter Q. Oh and they have a pet Raccoon, and a tree in a pot that they idolize. Nebula likes visiting there because of how crazy it is, but she’s happy with her dads, brothers, and sister. She is 16.
Harley is 15 and the leader of Peter and Morgan. He likes to parade them around. He’s very close to Tony, but still close to Steve. He plans to enter his dads business when he’s older.
Peter is 14, he’s the one who picked out the family cat affectionately named ‘Captain America’ or ‘Merica’ for short by Tony. A joke name he has for Steve because he served in the military.
Sam and Bucky are together and live in Old Man Fury’s old house, Fury just moved off the street. He’s still in the neighborhood and still likes to see his favorite trouble makers.
Loki is a star. They have fan girls and fan boys. She is loved by all. He thinks they are a god.
Wanda and Bruce are actually good friends due to working together. Bruce and Thor often babysit Tommy’s he Billy.
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imposterogers · an hour ago
preparing myself emotionally rn for when bruce banner isn’t in love & thunder and i finally have to accept that we’ll never get anymore thorbruce content 
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avengerscompound · a day ago
The Tower: Happily Ever After - 32
Tumblr media
The Tower: Happily Ever After An Avengers Fanfic
Series Masterlist | Character Reference PREVIOUS //
Pairing:  Avengers x OFC, Bruce Banner x Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton x Wanda Maximoff x Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff x Tony Stark x Thor x Sam Wilson x OFC (Elly Cooper)
Word Count: 2976
Warnings:  smut (MMF bisexual threesome, D/S, bondage, anal play, anal sex, use of sex toys, suspension, lactation kink, overstimulation, vaginal sex)
Synopsis: Almost 40 years after Elise Cooper first crashed into Natasha Romanoff outside the library at Columbia University, she and the Avengers are adapting to a near-immortal life together with their large brood of children.  Yet things aren’t perfect.  Life is moving on without them and they’re starting to discover who isolating being immortal can be.  When Angela comes and asks Thor to take the throne of Asgard once more, the group leaves Earth in the hopes that they will find their Happily Ever After there.
Tumblr media
Chapter 32: The Secret Room
While Edwin, Rory, and Lyra all settled into palace life the rest of us returned to our new normal.
A normal that still included a reward for Clint and me from Steve for completing his sexual challenge a few weeks ago.
Natasha and Steve had challenged me and Clint to have sex five times around the palace within three hours.  Each time at least one of us had to have an orgasm, it had to be in a different room each time, and if anyone walked in on us without first consenting to it, we automatically lost.
We’d managed to complete the challenge and I’d already claimed one prize that had involved a heavy BDSM session with Natasha and Steve both acting as my dom/mes.  Now Steve was leading us down to a part of the palace I’d never been before.“Where exactly are you taking us?” I asked as I looked around the increasingly darkening halls.
“You’ll see,” Steve said.
Steve was carrying a bag with him but I took his hand and tugged on it.  “I don’t know if I want to have sex in an actual dungeon, you know.  That might kill the mood for me.”
He chuckled.  “I’m not taking you to a dungeon.”  He stopped walking and looked me in the eye.  “Elly, it’s me.  You can trust me, sweetheart.”
“Yes.  Right.  Sorry,” I said, and Clint began to laugh.
We reached a large ornate trefoil-shaped door made of heavy timber and painted white with gilded accents.  A guard stood in front of it and he bowed and opened the door.  We followed Steve through.
The room we entered was lit with soft golden light, and sheer red curtains hung around the edge of the room and separated this room from more on each side.  There was a bar in one corner of the room and four large circular sitting areas that looked like a cross between beds and couches.  Some fabric that matched the curtains hung from various points on the ceiling and reminded me of aerial silks.
 I guess I wasn’t the only one who immediately thought of that, because Clint grabbed hold of some, wrapped them around one foot, and then pulled himself up off the ground as he lunged forward.  “Cool,” he said, and then began climbing higher up on the silks.
“This is where the palace holds orgies,” Steve said as he watched Clint begin a routine in the silks above our heads.
Sometimes Clint would do something so casually that was so sexy and so unexpected it was like being slapped in the face.
“What do you mean this is where the palace holds orgies,” I said.  “The palace holds orgies?”
“Is that really a surprise?”  Steve teased, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me so my back was flush against his chest.  He tossed the bag onto the closest couch and began to kiss my neck.
“Why haven’t I been invited to an orgy?” I asked.
“Yeah, I’ve never been invited either,” Clint said, as he flipped upside down and hovered in front of Steve’s face.
Steve smiled, and leaned in and kissed him slowly.  When they broke apart, Clint flipped back up in the air again and returned to his routine.
“Because some of us aren’t really orgies with strangers types. Thor decided that it would be better if he just didn’t bring it up.  We’ve technically only been on the planet while one was held,” Steve explained.  “And they’re something that Loki attends.  And apparently, Riley and Pietro have gone to some too.”
“What?!” Clint yelped and rolled suddenly down the silks to the ground.  “My kids are going to orgies!”
“We’re going to be sex-positive, honey,” Steve said, rubbing Clint’s arm.  “They’re adults and they aren’t doing anything that most of us haven’t also done.”
“Of all the people to be chill about that news, I did not expect it to be you,” Clint huffed, folding his arms over his chest.
“Well, to be fair,” Steve said.  “I’ve had a week to get used to the news.  I was also more than a little shocked.  Anyway, Thor had a point.  They are adults and they have grown up in a home with ten parents, some of whom still sleep with people outside the group - Clint - so we can’t be shocked that some of our kids might be interested in exploring their sexuality like this.”
“Fine,” Clint huffed.
“Anyway, Thor thought it saved a lot of awkwardness if we just all skipped it.  But he also said he’ll mention it the next time one is organized and warn the kids off going if any of us express interest in attending,” Steve said.
I turned and looked up at Steve.  “How exactly did you find out about this?”
“I asked Thor if there was somewhere comfortable and private where I could give you your prize.  He suggested here,” Steve said.  “Now.  Are we going to talk or is one of you going to suck my dick?”
The sentence on its own would have been funny.  It was ridiculously out of the blue.  And it was Steve.  But the tone in his voice was so serious and so fucking sexy that all I wanted was to drop to my knees and open my mouth for him.
I didn’t get a chance.  Steve lifted me over his shoulder and grabbed Clint by the hair and shoved him to the couch.  “Hands and knees, Clint,” he growled.
Clint scrambled into position on the couch and Steve put me on my feet.  “Elise, you’ll find a plug and lube in the bag.  I want you to plug Clint.”
I went to the bag and found a purple silicone plug with a fake diamond in the end.  It was bigger than what I would normally use on Clint, but wouldn’t stretch him anywhere near as much as Steve’s cock would.
While I grabbed it and the lube, Steve unfastened his pants and pushed them down just enough to free his cock.  He was still mostly flaccid and his dick twitched as he moved close to Clint.  “Get me nice and hard, Clint,” he said.
Clint began sucking on Steve’s cock.  I moved behind Clint and unfastened his pants, pulling them down to his knees.  I squeezed lube between Clint’s asscheeks and over my fingers and slowly began fucking him with them.  He took two easily and I used my fingertips to stroke over the smooth surface of his prostate.
Clint moaned around Steve’s cock and began bouncing back a little against my fingers.  I smiled and reached around him and began pumping his cock as I fucked him with my fingers.
“Elise,” Steve warned.  “I told you to plug him, not pleasure him.”
“Sorry, Steve,” I said and took my hands away.  Clint whimpered a little as my fingers pulled free from his ass.
Steve gripped Clint’s hair and tapped his cheek.  “Open up,” he growled.
Clint opened his mouth and Steve began fucking his throat.  I lubed up the plug and began to sink it into Clint’s ass.  Clint mewled as I held it at the widest place and his thighs flexed as he tensed.  When I let the toy slip inside him Clint moaned gratefully.
“I want a cock ring on Clint,” Steve grunted.  He was tense and his jaw twitched.  The way he looked made me wet.
I went back to the bag and pulled out the black silicone cock ring.  I carefully and rather nervously put it on, lubing it up first and sliding it into place over his balls and base.  I had never done this before, though I’d seen the guys put them on before, and I knew it was iffy putting them on when he was already hard.  He whimpered a little as I got it firmly into place and Steve let his head go and pulled back.  Clint fell forward and coughed as he tried to catch his breath.
Steve caressed his hair.  “Are you okay?” he gently asked.
Clint nodded.  “Yeah… yep.  Really good.”
“Elly, sweetheart,” Steve said.  “I need you naked.  Give us a little show.”
I got up and started to strip.  I rolled my hips to a rhythm in my head and untied the binds holding my simple toga-style dress in place.  The fabric slipped to the floor and revealed the lingerie underneath.  It was light blue lace, with a sheer halter neck bra, and matching panties.  I had a garter belt on and white stockings.
Steve had pulled Clint in front of him while I danced and was slowly stroking his cock.  Clint had taken off his pants fully and removed his shirt so he was naked as he nestled in between Steve’s legs.  “Look at our girl.  Just as beautiful as the day I met her.”
I felt my skin flush and Steve held out his hand and pulled me over so I was straddling Clint’s lap.  He guided me down onto Clint’s thighs and unfastened my bra.  Clint was trembling slightly under me as Steve reached around him and began massaging my tits.  He pushed kneaded the soft flesh making them ache and my cunt soak through my panties.  He pinched and tugged on my nipples and my breasts began to leak.  “Do you want that, Clint?”
Clint didn’t even wait to be told, he leaned in and latched onto my breast, and began to suck.  The draw of milk seemed to drag up from my core and my cunt flooded.  “Oh fuck,” I groaned and closed my eyes.
“I had an idea,” Steve said as he caressed his fingers through my hair.  “I’m not sure if it’s possible.  Do you think we can suspend Elise from the silks so we can both fuck her?”
I jerked my hips on Clint’s lap and moaned at the very thought of it.  Clint pulled back and looked at Steve.  “Yeah.  I think I can make that happen.”
Steve tapped my ass.  “Up you get then.”
I got back up and Clint quickly followed after me.  He moved me into position and then had Steve lift me.  I trembled in Steve’s arms as Clint moved around me, first tying it to make a swing and then wrapping it around me to make sure I would be held firmly in place at the right level for them both to use me.
I thought they might start fucking me immediately, but instead, Steve went to the bag and pulled out a little bullet vibrator.  He rubbed a small amount of lube onto it and brought it back over to me and turned it on and slid it into my panties so it was resting against my clit.
“Fuck!” I gasped, jerking up against the vibe.  The makeshift swing swung back and forth with the sudden movement.
“Okay, sweetheart,” Steve said.  “Enjoy the show.”
He bent Clint over the couch so I had a profile view of them.  He eased the plug out of Clint’s ass making Clint moan and bite into his fist.  Steve added more lube to Clint’s ass and slicked his cock before lining himself up to Clint’s ass.  “Ready, Clint?”
“Mmmm… yes please,” Clint hummed.
Steve sunk into Clint’s ass and they both moaned.  There was no time for Clint to adjust though as soon as Steve had bottomed out he pulled back again and thrust hard back into him.  Each thrust was deliberate and hard, pulling all the way out and slamming back in again.  Clint gripped the couch and squeezed his eyes closed as he cried out.  “Fuck. Steve, please.  Please,” he begged.
“What is it, little bird?”  Steve cooed. “What do you need?”
“Faster.  I need it faster,” he mewled.
Steve picked up his pace, no longer pulling out as far or thrusting in as deep.  Clint relaxed and his eyes rolled back.
Meanwhile, the buzz on my clit was becoming too much.  I rutted my hips uselessly in the swing, making it rock back and forth.
“That’s it, Clint,” Steve praised.  “Taking my cock so well.  You’re doing so well.”
“Wanna come,” Clint moaned.  “Please, Steve.”
“No, honey,” Steve cooed. “You have to save it for Elly.  You can do that can’t you?”
Clint mewled and arched his back, and that was all it took to send me over.  I cried out as my orgasm tore through me and made the swing rock violently back and forth.
Steve pulled Clint’s hips so he was completely impaled on Steve’s cock.  “Looks like El is ready for us,” Steve said.
Clint flexed his fingers on the couch as he breathed heavily.  “What… what… what do you want me to do?” Clint babbled.
Steve caressed his hands up Clint’s back and into his hair.  Clint hummed and closed his eyes letting his head fall forward.  Steve leaned over him and whispered in his ear.  “Yeah… I’m good.  Green.  I am.  Okay.  Yes.  Thank you, Steve.”
I could see Clint slipping down into subspace, which I’d actually never seen him do before.  Aside from the time we’d subbed for Natasha together recently, I’d never seen him be so obediently submissive before, and I think it was worrying Steve a little.
Not that I had much of a chance to think about it too long because while they were talking another orgasm hit and I thrashed in the silks, trying to get away from the vibrator.
Steve slipped out of Clint and Clint got up and came over to me.  He looked blissed out and slightly glazed over as he grabbed my thighs and pulled me up against him.  “Hey, baby,” I hummed, as he teased his cock up and down my pussy.  “You look happy.”
“Mm-hmm…” he hummed.  “I’m gonna fuck you so good, princess.”
“You gonna take that cock ring off, baby?” I teased.  “You gonna come inside me?”
Clint looked over at Steve who was cleaning himself off.  “Steve?”
“That’s fine, Clint,” he said.
Clint took off the cock ring as quickly as he could and tossed it over at the couch before grabbing my thighs, he pushed my panties to the side and thrust hard into me.  I cried out and jerked up hard against him as I came immediately, thanks to the sudden fullness paired with the buzz still pressing on my clit.  “Fuck!” I gasped and writhed in the silks.
Steve approached me and stroked my hair.  “Sweetheart, relax.  You’ll hurt yourself.”
I tried to relax and Clint began fucking me hard.  Steve guided my head back and tapped his cock against my lips.  I opened my mouth and he guided his length into the back of my throat.
I tried to relax between them.  The way Clint had bound me in the silks meant I wasn’t able to move much outside of how they manipulated me.  Each thrust by Clint pushed me onto Steve hard, forcing his cock down my throat so I was gagging and choking around it.  I started to panic, forgetting my signals and how to let Steve know I needed him to back off.
I needn’t have worried, Steve could read me like a book and he placed his hands on my shoulders making a barrier that Clint couldn’t push me past so that I could breathe again.  I started to relax again, and another orgasm hit.  I jerked between them and my cunt squeezed Clint’s cock.
Clint had already been so close that my orgasm brought his along so suddenly that he seemed shocked that it happened.  He shuddered against me and swayed on his feet.
Steve pulled his cock out of my mouth while Clint’s cock was still pulsing inside me.  “Clint, can you help me get her down?”
“Mm-hmm,” Clint hummed.  He slipped out of me and Steve came around and unbound my legs.  He wrapped them around his waist and guided his cock inside me.  I hummed softly and as Clint unbound me, Steve pulled me up and I wrapped my arms around Steve’s neck.  With my body pressed against Steve, the vibrator pressed on me more intensely.  I shuddered and came again, and my eyes started to water.
Steve kissed my neck.  “There’s my girl,” he praised as he bounced me on his cock.
I buried my face in his neck and clenched my walls.  “I love you, Steve,” I moaned.
“I love you too, sweetheart,” he whispered.
I pulled back and caressed his cheeks.  “I love you,” I repeated, looking down into his lust-blown eyes.  “I love you, Steve.”
He smiled up at me.  “I know, sweetheart.  I love you too.”
I kissed him passionately and he carried me to the couch and lay me down next to Clint who had curled up to recover.  Clint rolled into us and Steve broke the kiss with me and guided me to kiss Clint.  Clint ran his hands over me and Steve as we kissed and when he pulled away Steve took my place.  We kissed one from the other, and I came again and again until I lost track and I felt high and everything ached.  Finally, Steve’s hips began to stutter and with a deep groan, he thrust hard into me and came.
I went limp, and Steve rolled off me so he was between the two of us.  We both rolled into him and I closed my eyes as I listened to the sound of his heartbeat return to normal.  “Are both of you going to fall asleep?”  Steve asked softly, as his fingers skimmed up and down our backs.
“Mm-hmm…” Clint and I hummed in unison.
“Alright, just a short nap,” he said.  “I’ve got you.  Then we better clean ourselves up.”
“Okay,” I hummed.  Clint didn’t even respond, he was already fast asleep.
Tumblr media
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mother-of-felines · 2 days ago
Kinda worried about Thor, Clint and Bruce’s mortality.
There’s definitely a “trend” going on where Marvel feels the need to kill off the original Avengers before replacing them with the next generation.
Nat’s dead, Tony’s dead and Steve’s gone.
Let the remaining OG Avengers pass on their mantles without killing them.
Tumblr media
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sweatylighthideout · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Guys! This arrow is by PYM TECH. 😃
Means now after Tony , DR.Hank Pym is providing avengers. 😅😁, This gonna be interesting.
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buckyhoney · a day ago
what type of youtubers/influencers i think mcu characters would be: *inspired by this post
sam wilson he's the lifestyle/fitness. with some reaction vids to music and some diys. he's entertaining and relatable and is super connected to his fanbase. his sponsors are always the fitness equipment like nordic track stuff or protein powders
wanda maximoff she's a family vlogger. her and vision do husband/wife pranks. shes the "real mom" of online and promotes parent products and is an honest ambassador.
tony stark he is david dobrik (and maybe some techy vids), he doesn't need sponsors
bucky barnes does diy stuff and self defense videos. but his diys have really vague audio that kinda helps but is complicated. he doesn't really do sponsors, but he does had online courses for self defense and maybe some fitness products.
steve rogers this man is reacting to shit and making commentary videos (sometimes on things he has no idea about) his sponsors are those stock market apps, vpn's and games from the app store
natasha romanoff she does lifestyle vlogging- but helps the younger audience with q&a's and how to's- but only does a video a week. her sponsors are the some skincare stuff and money saving extensions like honey
scott lang & peter parker he does comedy skits and challenge videos, collabs with all his friends and loves giving away shit. his sponsors are always games, vpn's, and money saving apps
bruce banner & strange all educational videos, much like the crash course and the green brothers. their sponsors are always honey, grammarly, audible, or vpn's
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the-widow-sisters · 2 days ago
I just read your Yelena gets deaged fic and I was wondering if you could do the opposite? Like where Natasha gets deaged into like a 4 year old and instead of being all trusting like Yelena was she’s skittish and has absolutely no idea who anyone is. And Yelena knows that in theory Natasha has been in the red room since infancy, buts it entirely different to see a scared, half brainwashed toddler version of her.
A/N: Thank you so, so much for this request! 🥰💖 I hope you enjoy (and I hope you don’t kill me for the little bit of angst thrown in at the end 😅💖) 
For anyone who hasn’t read the first one, you probably definitely need to read Part 1 for context 😂 Here’s a link to it!
Word Count: 5063
 “Guys…. I think the thing’s not working properly again!” Bruce called loudly, and Yelena stiffened, her tearstained face spinning around to take in the machine that was somehow starting up of its own accord. However, to her pure shock, Natasha grabbed onto her and spun her around so that Yelena was behind Natasha.
 “Did you turn the power off all the way?!” Bruce called loudly, and they both looked to the power switch. It had not been fully changed over, and Natasha’s gaze hardened as she took off toward the power switch.
 Yelena started to go after her, but suddenly, there was a bright flash of light and Yelena jumped, covering her eyes quickly.
 There was a small explosion, and smoke surrounded the entirety of the room. Yelena coughed, running over to the switch and ensuring that it was turned all the way off this time. Bruce waved a giant hand around his face, and Yelena spun around as she started to look through the smoke.
 “Natashka!” Yelena cried loudly, trying to find her, and she was shocked when she almost tripped over a warm mass of something. Yelena waved her hand, trying to clear the smoke, and she quickly met eyes with a small redheaded girl. Yelena felt her heart drop to her feet as she immediately realized what had happened to her big sister.
 As soon as the child saw her and was over the shock, she scrambled to her feet and took off running. Yelena’s eyes widened, and she hurried after the girl.
 “Wait, wait, wait, come back! It’s okay!” Yelena called, and soon enough, after a bit of running, she managed to get Natasha in a corner. She knelt down, extending her hands as she quickly recognized the girl’s posture. Yelena was not really afraid of Natasha hurting her, but she definitely did not want the little girl to feel like Yelena was a threat to her.
 “Hey, hey, it’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you, okay?” Yelena expressed, keeping her eyes locked onto the small redhead’s. Natasha’s eyes were flashing with distrust and panic as she gaped at Yelena, her chest heaving rapidly as she tried to maintain an offensive position.
 “No closer! I will kill you!” Natasha cried, her accent thick, and Yelena just held her hands out in a placating gesture as she tried to pacify the small girl at least a little. It made Yelena hurt to know that Natasha had been such an aggressive, scared child. Despite the fact that she knew about Natasha’s past, it practically injured her to see it firsthand.
 “Natashka, it’s okay,” Yelena expressed, hoping that the familiarity in the name would somehow comfort the girl. A tiny bit of her fear disappeared, but her body was still just as stiff as before as she looked at Yelena.
 “How you know my name?” Natasha questioned worriedly, and Yelena immediately knew that this distrust, trauma, and suspicion was part of what made Natasha such a Red Room favorite as she grew older. Yelena just crouched down so that she was down on both of her knees.
 “How could I not know your name? You’re someone very important to me,” Yelena expressed, and Natasha looked at her skeptically, but her posture did loosen up a bit with the words.
 “I’m Yelena,” Yelena introduced, knowing that name would mean nothing to Natasha. However, she did know that giving Natasha information would make the girl warm up to her faster. Natasha was starting to look like she was not so inclined to fight anymore, but she was still very much uncertain about Yelena’s movements.
 “Are you a widow?” Natasha asked, her voice small but certain and strong despite its volume.
 Yelena just nodded in reply to Natasha’s words, allowing a bit of vulnerability to slip into her gaze and face. She knew Natasha had likely been trained to start picking up on some emotional cues at this point in her life, so she knew that this would likely make Natasha more trusting toward her.
 “I used to be. But I got away and I’m safe now,” Yelena expressed, and Natasha looked at her strangely. Yelena knew that she had to be contradicting everything that this small Natasha knew, and it must have been awfully confusing for the little girl.
 “No one escapes Red Room,” Natasha expressed, and Yelena shook her head.
 “I escaped, though. My sister helped me escape. She actually… She reminds me of you a lot,” Yelena expressed, and Natasha softened just a tiny bit as she started to slowly trust little bit by little bit.
 Yelena knew that there were some things that the Red Room had to have ingrained in this Natasha already, but she also knew how much kindness and affection could affect a small widow. She knew so many widows that had been in the program since birth, and she knew that they all secretly longed for affection and attention even at an older age than this form of Natasha before her.
 “Natashka, you’re safe here with me. I know how bad they are, but I’ll keep you safe,” Yelena promised, and Natasha looked at her fearfully for just a moment. However, at the same time, Yelena could read how much Natasha wanted to believe her and wanted to come near her. It was in the way she leaned just the slightest bit toward Yelena.
 “Red Room will always find us,” Natasha expressed, and Yelena shook her head.
 “They won’t find us here. We have a lot of friends that are around to keep us safe. And I’m here to keep you safe. And… And I’ll kill anyone that tries to touch you,” Yelena expressed, meaning every single word that she said, but still finding it slightly hard to express her emotions toward Natasha in this child form. However, she knew that saying that one would kill for someone was a real pledge of loyalty by Red Room standards.
 Natasha moved away from the wall just barely as she approached Yelena. Yelena let her hands fall ever so slightly, giving Natasha a chance to respond how she wanted. Natasha looked at her for a long moment, her eyes glinting with distrust but also with hope.
 “It is safe?” Natasha asked, and Yelena nodded, not wanting to push the girl into too much, but feeling her heart leap with Natasha’s increase in trust. Natasha nodded just barely, moving closer to Yelena. She paused just in front of Yelena, not seeming to know how to carry on with whatever that she wanted to do.
 Yelena brought up her hands slowly so that Natasha could see them, reaching her fingers to Natasha’s face. Natasha stiffened, and Yelena paused to give Natasha a chance to fight back if she did not want the affection. However, Natasha remained still, and Yelena hesitantly continued in bringing her hands up to touch Natasha’s face.
 She finally stroked Natasha’s face just barely with the back of her knuckles, and Natasha hesitated for just a moment, looking at war with herself. However, as the affection persisted and Yelena just kept looking at her encouragingly, Natasha finally leaned into the touch. Yelena could not help the smile that spread across her face as Natasha just enjoyed the affection.
 After a few more moments, Yelena let her hands drop from Natasha’s face. However, Natasha’s eyes shot open, and she grabbed at Yelena’s hands shyly with her own. Yelena could not help her slight chuckle, and she opened her arms invitingly, hoping that the girl trusted her enough to be picked up.
 Natasha looked at her uncertainly, not seeming to understand what Yelena wanted from her.
 “It’s a hug,” Yelena explained softly, and Natasha tilted her head slightly, not understanding. It stabbed Yelena in the heart to think that Natasha did not know what a hug was at this tender age. It indicated to Yelena that she had never experienced any affection in the least.
 “Come here,” Yelena told her gently, and Natasha suddenly looked afraid again, but Yelena shook her head quickly.
 “I’m not going to hurt you. I’m going to keep you safe, remember?” Yelena assured her, her voice quiet and tender as she tried to think of all the things that she had wanted someone to say to her during her time in the Red Room. She knew Natasha had to have wanted the same things.
 Natasha looked at her for a long moment before stepping nearer to Yelena. Yelena gently and slowly wrapped her arms around Natasha. Natasha stiffened, no doubt thinking that Yelena was going to hurt her, but Yelena just carefully kept going, pulling Natasha against her chest.
 “Now you put your arms around me,” Yelena instructed, her voice loving and soft.
 Natasha did not move for a long time, but she finally reached around Yelena, hesitantly trying to return the embrace the best that she could. Yelena’s arms tightened just a bit and she pulled down just a bit as she lowered Natasha into her arms and her lap. Natasha moved with the pulls, and Yelena felt as if her heart might burst as Natasha laid her head on Yelena’s chest.
 That was the ultimate show of trust. Natasha was actually letting herself relax against Yelena. Yelena stroked the back of Natasha’s head, gently running her fingers through the gorgeous red locks.
 “I’m going to pick you up now, okay?” Yelena spoke, and Natasha nodded just barely, grabbing onto Yelena’s suit tightly. Yelena lifted up, moving her arms around so that she was holding onto Natasha firmly.
 “There you go, little poser,” Yelena expressed, the nickname flying from between her lips too quickly for her to stop herself. Natasha pulled away from her just enough to look at Yelena confusedly.
 “Why you call me that?” Natasha asked, and Yelena furrowed her brow, trying to think of a quick explanation that was not too confusing for a little kid. She quickly settled on one and she could not help the slight smile that overtook her face.
 “That’s what I call people that mean more to me than anything. That’s what I call people that are… ves' moy mir,”1 Yelena expressed, switching to Russian as the words became way too meaningful.
 Switching to Russian was her way of handling emotions and things when they became too overwhelming for her to handle. Luckily, she knew Natasha understood Russian in this form, and the smallest bits of a smile started to form on Natasha’s face. Yelena could not help the joy rising within her at the sight of the first smile Natasha had graced upon her since this entire ordeal.
 “Okay… So the good news is that the system isn’t fried!” Bruce called loudly, and Natasha’s eyes widened as she fully realized that there was someone else in the room. She stiffened considerably as she took in the sight of the hugely oversized green man nearby, and Yelena shook her head as Natasha’s grip on her increased tenfold.
 “Yelena, come over and take a look at these wires,” Bruce spoke, and Natasha’s grip tightened on Yelena as her eyes suddenly hardened in an almost adorable face of concentration.
 “I won’t let him hurt you, Lena!” Natasha declared, and Yelena shook her head quickly, tightening her grip on Natasha as she tried to reassure the small girl.
 “No, no, no, Natashka, it’s alright… He’s one of the friends I told you about that will help keep us safe,” Yelena explained, and Natasha calmed down just the smallest bit. However, her hands were still tightly gripping the fabric of Yelena’s suit, and she still looked exceedingly distrustful of him, a snarl forming on her tiny lips. Yelena felt the smallest bit of tears starting to spring up in her eyes.
 She really had been wrong about Natasha and how she felt about Yelena. Natasha loved her even when she did not even remember her, and it made Yelena feel even worse about what she had said before considering that the two had not had a chance to really properly discuss things.
 Natasha looked at her with extreme concern.
 “He making you sad?” Natasha asked worriedly, a surprising amount of care in her voice as she gazed at Yelena. Yelena blinked rapidly, shaking her head, and she felt a tear slipping down her cheek. She was about to raise her hand up and wipe it off, but she froze as Natasha reached her own hand out to her face tentatively, the small appendage removing the moisture.
 That very gesture itself almost made her want to cry even more. Natasha was always taking care of her no matter what size she was.
 “No… He’s not making me sad. I just thought of something.”
 “About Red Room? Don’t let them see you cry. Widows are marble,” Natasha recited dutifully, and Yelena could not help the wet chuckle that escaped her.
 “I know… But there’s no Red Room here. We are safe to cry here,” Yelena explained to her carefully as she glanced in Bruce’s direction as he looked at her with concern, not exactly understanding the situation unfolding. She nodded to him, and she looked back at Natasha.
 “Do you feel safe enough to come over with me and let me talk to our big green friend? Or do you want to stay here?” Yelena offered the choice, sniffing hard as she pulled herself together. Natasha stared at her strangely for a long moment, and Yelena knew that the little girl was not sure how to handle the ability to make her own decisions.
 Natasha finally just shook her head, grabbing onto Yelena more tightly. Yelena smiled just barely, rubbing Natasha’s back fondly with her hand before carrying her over to Bruce.
 Natasha stiffened as they grew near, but she did not react other than that. Yelena looked to Bruce, and he pointed at the wiring.
 “Okay… So I’ve got to get all of this mess back together,” he declared, waving at it, and Yelena titled her head slightly.
 “And how long will that take?”
 “Well… I should probably have it ready by tomorrow morning. I can text you when it’s good to go,” he told her, and Yelena felt her stomach drop as she realized that she was going to have to figure out some way to handle a traumatized toddler and get this very distrustful child to go to sleep somehow.
 “Why can’t you finish it tonight?” Yelena demanded, a bit of her nervousness seeping into her voice and making her sound even less patient than usual. He glanced at her nervously, a slight chuckle reverberating through him as he gazed at her.
 “It’s really late, and these things require high precision to keep something from going wrong,” he explained, and Yelena groaned, looking down at Natasha. Natasha gazed back at her uncertainly before quickly returning her attentions to focus on Bruce.
 Yelena shook her head.
 “Okay. But if it’s not done tomorrow, you’ll be getting an earful. I want my sister back,” Yelena told him firmly, her voice hard and threatening, and he nodded quickly. Yelena held his gaze for a long moment before sighing and heading to the elevator.
 Natasha started to freeze up as they reached the elevator, panic gripping at her limbs as she grasped onto Yelena more tightly, and Yelena paused, looking at her strangely.
 “What’s wrong?” Yelena asked, and Natasha turned her face to press her forehead against Yelena’s neck firmly.
 “Dreykov,” Natasha expressed, and Yelena felt her stomach drop as she realized exactly why the child was scared of the elevator. Yelena nodded just barely, backing away from the elevator and heading toward the stairs as her mind reeled.
 It disgusted her horribly to think of what Natasha likely had to suffer through at this age. Dreykov was not known for kindness or propriety, and he was a vile, disgusting creature that would take advantage of anything for his own enjoyment. But it still brought an inferno of anger inside Yelena that she could barely contain as she set her jaw while she carried the girl up the stairs.
 “I didn’t mean to make you mad… I’m sorry,” Natasha expressed, her voice strangely strained and fearful, and Yelena quickly shifted her eyes to look at Natasha. She shook her head swiftly, her mind immediately moving to her argument with Natasha earlier that day when they were both adults.
 “No, no, no, you didn’t make me mad, little poser,” Yelena expressed, and Natasha looked much more relaxed after Yelena uttered the words, but her eyes still held a bit of trepidation.
 “I was just thinking about Dreykov, and how much I hate him for hurting you,” Yelena told her, deciding to be honest about the whole thing, and Natasha tilted her head ever so slightly, eyeing her puzzledly. Yelena smiled somewhat stiffly before continuing up the stairs.
 Soon enough, they were upstairs on the floor with Natasha’s room, and Yelena headed inside the room, shutting the door behind her with her foot. Yelena closed her eyes for just a moment as adult Natasha’s scent washed over her in overwhelming waves. It positively intoxicated Yelena and made her want nothing more than to be in her big sister’s arms with Natasha stroking her hair gently and telling her everything would be alright.
 Yelena gently sat Natasha down on the bed and proceeded to head over to the closet, reaching inside and digging around for the secret stash of food that she had hidden inside of it when Natasha was not looking. She honestly was shocked that Natasha had not managed to discover it since she had been complaining about the smell of pickles for quite some time now.
 “What are you doing?” Natasha questioned, interrupting Yelena’s thoughts. Yelena froze for a moment, wondering if Natasha would remember any of this later. Soon enough, she came to the conclusion that Natasha would probably not actually keep any of this in mind since she was so small.
 “Getting us a snack before bed,” Yelena spoke, and she withdrew a pickle jar, peanut butter, tuna fish, and sour cream and onion chips. Natasha’s eyes widened at all of the food, and Yelena grinned a little as she spread the food across the blankets, giving Natasha her choice of what she could want.
 “Take your pick,” Yelena told her, gesturing to the food, and Natasha looked at it carefully. She wrinkled her nose as she got near the pickle jar, and Yelena almost laughed as Natasha took in the rest of the food with some trepidation after the pickle encounter.
 Natasha finally tentatively pointed to the chip bag, and Yelena nodded, reaching over and opening the bag as she grabbed a giant handful and put it in Natasha’s hands. Yelena then grabbed a ton for herself and opened her mouth widely, stuffing the chips inside her mouth.
 Natasha looked at her with a strange expression, and Yelena paused in the midst of her face-stuffing, her cheeks currently huge with the food inside her mouth.
 “What?” Yelena asked, her question barely making sense past the food. To Yelena’s unadulterated surprise, Natasha started to laugh just a little. Yelena raised an eyebrow, a grin threatening to take over her face.
 “Hey, look, I’m not ashamed. You— my sister always says that I have fat cheeks. They’re made for stuffing lots of food in,” Yelena informed her, barely catching herself in her mistake. Natasha giggled a bit more, and Yelena puffed up proudly at her ability to make Natasha laugh.
 Once she had gotten as much as she wanted, she offered the rest of the bag to Natasha. Natasha ate a few more small fistfuls more before finally deciding she was finished. Yelena rolled up the chip bag before opening up the pickle jar and grabbing a pickle out for herself. Natasha’s entire face screwed up into a disgusted expression as the smell grew even stronger outside of the jar.
 Yelena could not help her laugh this time, throwing her head back joyously with the mirth. Natasha looked at her tentatively before laughing just the smallest bit herself. Yelena screwed the lid back on after finishing her pickles, and she headed back to her food stash, stuffing all the food away before heading back over to the bed.
 “Alright, let’s hit the bag,” Yelena expressed, and Natasha furrowed her brow at the terminology. Yelena honestly was not sure if she had gotten the term right, so she went back and amended her words. Normally, this would have been the time when adult Natasha would correct her with that typical fond gaze and slight chuckle.
 “Let’s go to sleep, I mean,” Yelena told her, and Natasha nodded, crawling up to the top of the bed. Yelena headed over to the dresser, taking some of adult Natasha’s clothes and sliding them on in replacement of her current suit. The clothes were a bit tight since Yelena was a bit thicker than Natasha, but they were not horribly uncomfortable.
 When Yelena turned back around to face the girl, she felt a deep sadness reverberating through her. Natasha was sitting next to the bedframe, her wrist outstretched toward Yelena to let her handcuff her. Yelena hesitantly approached the girl, moving the blankets back before slowly reaching out and grabbing Natasha. Natasha looked at her with pure confusion as Yelena slid her down so that her head was on the pillow and her body was on the bed.
 Yelena then slipped in next to her, pulling the comforter over the two of them and turning off the lamp near them.
 “Why no cuffs?” Natasha asked uncertainly, and Yelena shook her head a little, scooting closer and laying on her side so that she could look at Natasha more effectively.
 “There’s no Red Room here, so there are no cuffs,” Yelena responded, and Natasha looked down between them uncertainly. Yelena opened an arm hesitantly, giving Natasha the option to move into her arms.
 Yelena needed adult Natasha to hold her for her to go to sleep, but since adult Natasha was not present at the moment, she hoped that maybe holding little Natasha would make her feel better.
 Things were quiet for a long moment, and Yelena could not help her sigh as she finally allowed her heart to ache for her older sister. A deep part within her was terrified that Bruce would not be able to bring her back. Natasha seemed to have been confident about Yelena’s return, but Yelena could not help the panic building in her at the thought of never having back her big sister.
 And it was not as if she did not love this small form of Natasha. She adored her even though she had only known her for a little while. But she still needed her big, adult sister Natasha.
 “Do you miss your sister?” Natasha asked suddenly, and Yelena opened her eyes, looking down at the girl in her arms. Natasha’s light greens were piercing her own eyes, and she swallowed just a little, nodding.
 “Is she a widow, too?” Natasha questioned uncertainly, and Yelena nodded.
 “The best and strongest one. But she’s an even better sister,” Yelena expressed, trying to keep the tears at bay as she replied to the little girl. Natasha gazed at her for a long time before writhing her way upward and pressing her forehead against Yelena’s tentatively. At that point, Yelena could not hold back the tears, and she allowed a few to silently slip down her cheeks.
 “I love her more than anything in the world,” Yelena admitted, and Natasha opened her eyes to gaze at her with strange understanding considering her current age.
 “Is the big green man working on the machine to bring her back?” Natasha questioned, and it honestly shocked Yelena that Natasha had picked up on that fact and was paying close enough attention to remember. Yelena slowly nodded.
 “Yeah… He is.”
 “I hope it works,” Natasha told her before moving down and snuggling into Yelena’s chest. Yelena let out a deep, shaky sigh as she wrapped the little girl in her embrace warmly.
 “Me, too.”
 The next morning, true to his word, Bruce texted, and Yelena even dragged herself out of bed early at the promise of getting her big sister back. Yelena gently woke Natasha, and Natasha jerked and stiffened as she came to. Yelena quickly calmed her down, and lifted her into her arms.
 They soon enough reached the last bit of stairs and came into the area where Bruce was working. He grinned and waved as he spotted them, and Yelena just walked up to him with a giant yawn, Natasha in her arms.
 “So what do we need to do?”
 “I guess just put her where you found her, and we’ll make do then,” Bruce spoke, and Yelena nodded a bit, heading over to the place on the floor where she had first seen little Natasha. She bent down and placed Natasha there on the floor.
 Yelena swallowed, knowing she was going to have to explain this to Natasha somehow in a way that she would understand. And in a way that would not spook her and keep her from cooperating with the process.
 “Natashka… I’ve… This is really hard to explain,” Yelena started, and Natasha looked at her with concern. Yelena let out a deep sigh.
 “I’m… This thing here is a time travel machine. It can change people’s age,” Yelena explained, and Natasha nodded just a little. Yelena nodded in reply to her, biting her bottom lip slightly.
 “My sister used this machine.”
 “That’s why she’s gone?” Natasha questioned, and Yelena moved her head in a noncommittal gesture.
 “Yeah… But she’s not really gone,” Yelena explained, and Natasha looked at her with confusion.
 “I know this is probably hard to understand, but you’re my sister,” Yelena expressed, and Natasha’s eyes widened a little in surprise. Yelena bit her lip slightly, worried about how Natasha was going to take this.
 “I’m your sister?”
 “Yeah… You’re her from a long time ago,” Yelena tried to explain, and Natasha just quietly considered the words. Yelena swallowed a little, looking back at Bruce and knowing that it was time, but needing a bit longer to get the kid on board.
 “Natashka, I need you to stay here so Bruce can use this machine and bring the grown-up you back,” Yelena expressed finally, and Natasha looked at her with just a bit of fear.
 “But then I’ll be gone?” Natasha asked. Yelena looked at her for a long time, her heart breaking as she gazed at the little redhead. Yelena knew she could not lie to the little girl, so she finally nodded.
 “I don’t want you to leave, Lena,” Natasha admitted, the beginnings of tears starting to form in those beautiful greens. Yelena felt her stomach churning and she twisted her face into a slight smile as she tried to hold her own tears back. She extended her hands, touching the sides of Natasha’s face.
 “You’ll have to be strong, but I’ll… I’ll come back to you sooner than you think. I’ll be smaller, but I’ll come back to you,” Yelena told her. Natasha still looked as if she might cry, and honestly, Yelena was not far from tears herself.
 “But… Just know that I’ll love you then just as much as I do now,” Yelena explained, her words strong and ringing with truth as they passed from between her lips. Natasha looked at her for a long moment, and Yelena felt her lips starting to tremble as she attempted to hold herself together.
 However, to her surprise, Natasha suddenly launched herself forward and grabbed Yelena around her neck, hugging her tightly. Yelena returned the embrace, holding Natasha against her tightly.
 “Ya tebya lyublyu, Lena,”2 Natasha expressed, and Yelena sniffed hard, reaching her hand up and cradling the back of Natasha’s head firmly.
 “Ya tozhe tebya lyublyu, malen'kiy pozor,”3 Yelena whispered in reply. Natasha finally let her go after a long moment, looking at her with a brave face, and Yelena pressed her forehead to Natasha’s for just a moment before getting up finally.
 She then headed over to the power activation.
 “Alright… We’re good to go!” Bruce called, and Yelena spared one last look at little Natasha. She was looking at Yelena with adoration, and Yelena allowed her guard to slip down as a tear ran down her cheek. She then pulled the switch.
 There was a blinding light, and she soon heard Bruce yelling at her to turn it off. Yelena shut it off, checking it closely to ensure that it was indeed turned off. Once she was sure it was fine, she turned quickly and looked hopefully, waiting with bated breath to see if her adult Natasha was standing there.
 She caught sight of red at a height greater than that of little Natasha, and that was all Yelena needed as encouragement. She raced forward, jumping as soon as she was close enough to land against the person.
 She crashed into the person heavily, and they both hit the floor firmly with a resounding thud.
 She latched on tightly, and she was immediately flooded with her sister’s scent. She burst into tears as soon as Natasha wrapped her arms around her, and she buried her face in Natasha’s neck. Natasha pushed them upward so that they were both sitting up and so that Yelena was straddling her lap. Yelena grabbed desperately at her clothes, feeling her there beneath her fingertips and reveling in the sensation.
 “Ya lyublyu tebya, ya lyublyu tebya tak sil'no,”4 Yelena choked out, and Natasha kissed the side of her head, which brought on a fresh onslaught of tears.
 “I love you, too, sweet girl,” Natasha whispered, and they were quiet for a long moment as Yelena just reveled in Natasha’s closeness and affection.
 However, after several long moments, Natasha moved her lips near Yelena’s ear.
 “We will be discussing your food stash in my closet later, okay?” Natasha informed her, and Yelena’s let out a sharp bark of laughter, pressing her forehead more firmly against Natasha.
 “You remember?”
 “I remember everything,” Natasha told her, her voice warm, and Yelena just grabbed onto her tighter.
 She was so glad to have her big sister back with her.
(1) "my entire world" (2) "I love you." (3) "I love you, too, little poser." (4) "I love you, I love you so much."
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Hot take: As kids, the OG Avengers who we wanted to be were either Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, or Hulk. 
As adults, the OG Avengers who we want to be are Black Widow and Hawkeye. (Widow has a family that loves her, a ride-or-die best friend who helped her kill her abuser (Budapest), and she conquered her past traumas. Hawkeye has a supportive wife, kids that love him, he can afford a house, and he has a good work/life balance.)
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broadwayfan92 · a day ago
Dear Marvel,
Please just let Bruce, Clint and Thor live.
Tumblr media
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Natasha: Ok let’s be real, are any of you straight
Bruce: *slowly raises hand*
Thor: *reaches up entwines their fingers and lowers his hand*
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old avengers fics were all thor loves pop tarts, tony Literally Never Sleeps, bucky used to be a fisherman or worked at the docks and now lives with steve, coulson loves SuperNanny and idolized Jo, the only degree bruce uses is his M.D, the kitchen is never used for cooking purposes, and clint travels exclusively through the vents
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
With the Endgame moment, we deliberately used footage, takes and angles that hadn’t been in that film, mixed in with the structure of the scene that people recognize. We wanted to put it more into Loki’s POV, so I filmed the shot in the elevator where he waves. I almost think of it a bit like Rashomon; it’s a scene we’ve seen before, but now we’re putting it through a different lens. So we did film some of it, as it’s a mixture of both [new and old footage]. - Kate Herron, Director of LOKI (2021 - )
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