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Chapters 1-10   Chapter 11  Chapter 12   Chapter 13   Read It On AO3

Tony Stark was so anxious to get back to his lab that he’d arranged for a helicopter from the airport to the tower.  Not that anyone minded, especially Joss, who was actually relieved not to have to maintain a neutral expression riding the limo bus again.  Steve just appreciated getting Sharon back to the tower, and alone, more quickly.  

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What are the avengers favorite ice cream flavors? Whichever avengers you want to answer with.

Let’s roll with the OG6 first!

Steve: Cap likes mint chocolate chip. There’s something refreshing about it that he just thinks is swell.

Tony: likes Vanilla, to everyone’s surprise. However, it has to be the kind of rich creamy vanilla with REAL vanilla bean in it.

Bruce: doesn’t really like ice cream. Hulk, however? HULK LIKE CHOCOLATE. the darker and richer the chocolate, the BETTER.

Natasha: Nat actually likes the fruit flavors: strawberry, peach, etc. Raspberry swirl with dark chocolate chunks is her absolute favorite.

Clint: Clint wants cookies and cream and he wants it all messy-like, with big honking pieces of Oreos right up in there. The only alternate that is acceptable is cookie dough ice cream, again with the biggest chonks of dough possible.

Thor: Thor has not tried every single flavor of ice cream in Midgard yet and thus is unwilling to choose an absolute favorite! But his current favorite is Ben and Jerry’s Caramel Chocolate Cheescake. Thor is also determined to sample every flavor of this delicious treat that Earth has to offer in order to complete his repertoire of Midgardian desserts!

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Thorbruce cuddling fic?

(A.N: wow this one has been waiting a long time! I’m sorry it took me forever, but I hope you enjoy the fic and anyone else I do take requests!)

Bruce knew he shouldn’t have agreed to watch horror movies with Tony. It had been late, the long night at the lab stretching into an early morning, and he knew he should’ve been getting to bed. 

But, the billionaire didn’t seem to want to settle down quite yet. And so, who was Bruce to say no, really? 

Not a lot of people could say no to Tony Stark - not when he turned those big brown eyes on you and claimed he didn’t want to be alone for the night. 

Bruce didn’t want to be alone either. And so, he’d said yes. Obviously. 

And then Tony had put on some cheesy horror flick from the 80s, and Bruce had said, ‘yes, of course’. He’d seen aliens invade New York, he transformed into a giant green monster sometimes on the daily. Suffice it to say, he’d seen enough to not get jumpy at horror movies anymore. 

The weather didn’t help much. Cracks of lightning forked against the sky, wind howled, and rain pattered almost horizontally across the large windows as he made his way back to his room. The storm stretched out the shadows, made monsters out of coat hooks, and had Bruce significantly more on edge when he was imagining some knife-fingered murderer lurking behind every door. 

He was so caught up in meticulously imagining the theoretical ways that he could kick some monster butt that when he entered his room, he almost didn’t register the other presence there. 

But, the large shape moved, and Bruce dealt with it as any strong and powerful superhero would. 

He yelped and tripped over a kitchen table. 

Groaning, he stumbled to his feet, different scenarios flying through his head when another fork of lightning illuminated the familiar face in front of him. 

Thor was sat on his sofa, hair dripping from the rain, blue eyes wide with something that shoved Bruce’s imaginary foes to the side in exchange for something a touch more real. A touch more worrying. 


Bruce let out a careful sigh of relief, shrugging his cardigan from his shoulders in a fruitless effort to seem more casual after his…dramatic entrance. 

"I uh…didn’t mean to frighten you, so. Are you well?" 

Thor leant forward, frowning with concern at where Bruce’s knee had made great battle with the table leg. 

"No, no - I’m fine. Just wasn’t expecting you, is all.” He perched on the arm of the sofa, one arm extending towards the hanging cord of a lamp. 

“Thought you weren’t due back from Asgard except for emergencies?" 

"Strictly speaking, I’m not back.”

Thor’s voice wavered somewhat, and the Demigod shied away from the light, scooting further back on the sofa - large, broad shoulders hunching over in an effort to look small. 

Not that Thor ever really could look small. But the action alone was somewhat concerning. 

Blonde hair fell over blue eyes as Thor jerked his head up towards the door, with a flash of recognition like he’d just remembered something important. 

“Please don’t tell Stark I’m here. Or anyone. Asgard doesn’t know I’m gone, and I just -”

“Hey, hey. It’s fine, everyone’s asleep now, anyway. No one’s gotta know." 

Ok, Bruce was moving from concerned into outright fearful. Thor’s voice was shaking harder than his shoulders, and he restlessly shifted from position to position - hands gripping the soft material of the sofa with so tight a grip that it was a miracle the wood wasn’t splintering. 

"Just out of curiosity, why are you here? Is something wrong?" 

"Yes. Well, no. Well…” Thor trailed off, shaking his head as his frown deepened. 

“It’s personal." 


Cautiously, Bruce extended a hand out to rest against Thor’s shoulder. 

In moments like these, however far and wide they may have been, it was better to approach Thor slowly rather than rush in. Mostly out of self preservation - when the Demigod got upset, things tended to get…sparky. The kind of sparky that may entice a certain green individual out to see what all the fuss is about, and Bruce was really trying to keep the tower intact. 

Bruce’s hand made contact, and mercifully, his nerves remained thoroughly un-electrocuted. 

"You uh…wanna talk about it?" 

"It is… difficult to explain," 

Thor glanced up, his face forming a bitter ghost of his usual 1000 volt grin. 

"You’ll think me mad." 

"Try me.”

Thor nodded, more to himself than anything else, and the ice cold fear in Bruce’s lungs began to thaw. 

Thor, thankfully, was not as shut off as others would like to believe. Or, maybe he was, and Bruce was one of the rare few privy to the Asgardians feelings. Whatever the case, it never took too much prying from Bruce to get to the route of Thor’s troubles. 

The two told each other things. That’s just how it was. It was a warm feeling - comforting. Like a cozy blanket settled across the shoulders, or a mug of hot tea clasped between two cold hands. 

For so long, it seemed the both of them were encouraged to lock down feelings. To freeze emotion where it stood. 

For some reason, Bruce felt capable of thawing in the warmth of Thor’s sun. And he was all too happy to return the favour. 

“I have not been resting well, as of late. Being on Asgard, knowing Loki is below me somewhere in a dungeon, it just feels…wrong. Like I shouldn’t be sleeping - like I am undeserving, " 

Thor shrugged his shoulders, some of the tension beginning to seep out. 

"But I’m so tired, Bruce." 

The demigod’s head fell into his hands, the rain outside hammering against the windowpane. Bruce tried not to flinch at the sound of thunder - a tremendously difficult task when you know for a fact that the storm is brewing right above your head, and that the source of it is curled next to you, currently having a crisis of guilt.

Bruce let a few beats of silence pass by, rubbing comforting circles into the demigods shoulder as he mulled over the words. 

"Thor, could you look at me for a sec?" 

Thor, albeit a little reluctantly, met Bruce’s eyeline - suddenly seeming so much younger peeking out from behind stray strands of hair.

Younger, and so much more afraid. 

"You know what happened in New York wasn’t your fault, right?" 

The scientist moved a little closer, until his knee brushed against the cold metal of the top of Thor’s boot. 

"If I had not expressed an interest in Midgard, then-”

“Then Loki would’ve come through the tesseracts portal regardless. This one isn’t on you. It’s…I don’t know, I don’t think it’s on anyone.”

Tony’s frantic eyes momentarily flashed before him, and Bruce’s face fell somewhat as he muttered. 

“Anyone we know of, at least." 

"The damage is still done, Bruce. Regardless of where or who by." 

A shuddering sigh escaped the demigod, his voice suddenly sounding that much tighter. 

"It is my burden to bear, my penance to pay, and I am not even sure I can do that for much longer." 

Bruce smiled softly, bringing one calloused hand up to rest against the side of Thor’s neck. The gesture seemed to bring a sense of familiarity, and for a moment, the rain outside didn’t hammer so loudly. Thor’s skin was warm under his hand, and in the silence of the living room, Bruce could’ve sworn he could feel the storm move and shift under Thor’s skin. 

"Y'know, we’ve got a saying here on Midgard. 'A problem shared is a problem halved’ - you know that one?”

“No,” Thor frowned, turning to face him a little more. 

“What does it mean?”

“It means that you don’t have to bear this burden alone, Thor. I’ve got you." 

He unclenched his other hand from the sofa, linking his fingers between Thor’s. 

"You can rest here." 

Watching scary movies with Tony had been a bad idea. It made sleeping alone that much more unbearable, when you’d imagine monsters of every calibre creeping up behind you. 

But, it seemed that Bruce had stumbled across a cure for that particular ailment. One in the form of a large and thunderous Demigod, sprawled across his sofa, head laying in Bruce’s lap - snoring loud enough to put the wakened dead back in their coffins. 

He was glad Thor didn’t take much coaxing with these sorts of things. The Demigod didn’t seem to indulge in comforts of the emotional kind too often - the large armour and the old English seemed to speak of a childhood where comfort like this was pushed away. 

But, Bruce was happy to be an exception. Happy to lend Thor a t-shirt and sweatpants that were comically small on him, happy to endure shoulder cramp if that meant the demigod would get a good night’s sleep for once. 

Thor would return the favour, someday. But for now, Bruce could provide a sanctuary of his own. 

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Characters: Loki X Stark!Reader, Tony Stark X Sister!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Pregnancy

Request: Tony and sister reader: he and the team discover you are in a secret relationship with Loki and you both are happily married and you are a few months pregnant with loki’s baby and he is not happy about it.


Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

Tony had a sister. Some people knew about you, including the Avengers, but it seemed that most people didn’t know a lot about you. The only pictures the press and people could find about you was back when you were a child, the oldest picture being when you were around 13, and since then you seemed to drop off the face of the planet. It became rumoured that you had gone missing or died, but Tony quickly assured you were fine, but just liked to be secretive about your life. Still, people wondered.

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Warnings: mild language

Author’s Note: enjoy a little banter between the Avengers!


After Bucky had questioned you further about your background–your age, where you came from, how H.Y.D.R.A. had found you–he left to go finish up some mission reports.

That had been what felt like hours ago and you were still all alone. To keep yourself busy, you’d studied the conveniently metal frame outlining your cell and the fancy-looking keypad beside it.

What should I do? What should I do?

You weren’t the biggest fan of H.Y.D.R.A., however they had kept you alive for most of your youth. But ever since the Winter Soldier had escaped back in 2014, it had been chaotic in your base. That had been the start of a shift in your loyalty.

Call it your “teenage rebellion years,” but you didn’t trust H.Y.D.R.A. as much as you used to. You weren’t sure where your loyalty lied. So you made a decision, right there, to escape.

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(Master post)

Sam does not have a lot of time to consider what Clint and Bucky kissing means before Natasha trudges into his room. He has been looking through some paperwork for one of the vets from his support group, his wandering mind making it harder. Natasha looks pretty pissed off, and Sam is worried it might be because he poked fun at her in the chat earlier. He’d rather not be on her bad side.

She gestures to his phone that is lying face down on his desk. “Did you see that?”

She saw his answers so far, so there is probably more. He picks up his phone, and now, there are pictures of Steve and Tony making out too. He looks at them until a pillow hits him square in the face. Natasha holds it in hand still, brandishing it menacingly.

“You told me to look!” Sam defends himself.

“Have you all gone hormonal?”

“Can I not just be happy for them?”

“You don’t smell like ‘just happy for them’.”

Sam is pretty sure it’s a bluff. She has no enhanced senses, and he is not that influenced by the photos. He can admit that both were hot enough, but that’s it. He is a normal, healthy alpha, there is no shame in it.

“What is the problem, Natasha?”

“Thor and Bruce are snogging in the kitchen.”

Sam doesn’t know what to react to first, Natasha saying snogging or that there seems to be a trend here.

She throws the pillow back on the bed as if that had offended her too. “Will I now walk into that everywhere?”

“We sure can make rules for it. If you have a need for something, you can ask for it. That is the rule that led us to this point after all. And asking people to reduce their PDA is not an undue request.”

“But that’s not the point!”

Sam is at a loss. He got why Natasha held some ambivalence toward Clint and Bucky suddenly making out. Clint and Natasha had the closest relationship of any of them before that whole pack thing started. Sam was still not sure if they were only friends or lovers or something else altogether, but it was also not his place to ask about that. He has no idea why she seems so pissed at Tony and Steve and Thor and Bruce.

Well, someone has to do the hard work in this tower. “Help me out here. What would make you happy again with the situation?”

She looks at him calculatingly for three seconds flat, and then practically jumps onto his lap.

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As Steve rushed out of the room followed by Tony and Clint, the rest of the team stayed silent for quite some time, trying to take in everything that’s happened.

Bruce cleared his throat awkwardly.

“Well that was… ”, he trailed off, not really knowing how to put it into words.

“Yeah…” Sam mumbled as he found himself at a loss for words probably for the first time ever.

Bucky was sitting with a frown on his face, lost in thought. Even though this situation was extremely confusing for everyone else, Bucky knew exactly what made his best friend lose his temper. He’s known Steve for as long as he can remember and he had witnessed quite a few of his jealous outbursts. However, it was all before they joined the army and Steve was given the Super-Soldier serum, so in those rare moments his pal looked a lot like a child throwing a tantrum because it couldn’t get the toy it wanted. A small smile crept across his face as he realized that even though Steve has matured a lot, deep down he was still that little clueless kid when it comes to girls.

“What are you smiling about?”

Bucky looked up and saw Natasha taking a seat next to him with a cup of coffee in her hands.

“Nothing. I just… remembered something.” He kept his eyes on her, trying to figure out whether or not he should somehow imply his friend’s feelings for her.

“Oh come on James, I know something’s up. You never smile.” She teased him, a playful glint in her eyes.

Bucky scoffed at her. “Look who’s talking!”

Natasha suppressed a laugh and gasped in mock hurt. “I smile!”

“When you’re trying to seduce a target during a mission, yeah”

“Ah, minor details.” she rolled her eyes at him and took a sip of her coffee.

Bucky stared at her a second longer and finally made up his mind. “On a serious note, I do have something I want to talk to you about Natalia.” He said as he leaned a bit toward her.

“Oh”, she said surprised. She wasn’t exactly close with the soldier, but the fact that they both went through similar hell in the past connected them on a different level, even though they’ve never talked about it. “Okay, go on.”

Bucky opened his mouth to speak, but remembered their surroundings. “Not here. Not now.” He leaned back in his chair and continued eating his breakfast in silence. That conversation is gonna have to wait for another time, when they would have more privacy.

Natasha frowned at him, but decided not to push the subject. She knew Bucky was never the one to initiate a conversation, so she didn’t want to pressure him and make him uncomfortable. She can wait.

Wanda’s POV

I couldn’t help but feel bad for Steve. Tony really knows how to push someone’s buttons. I looked at Natasha, curious to see her reaction to this whole mess. She stared at the door for a few moments, a confused expression written on her face, before brushing it off and taking a seat next to Bucky.

Jesus, clueless much?! It honestly couldn’t have been more obvious that he got jealous and she just acts like nothing happened! Damn, that’s cold Natasha. Even for you.

I let out a frustrated sigh and started massaging my temples.

I need to figure out a way to get them together soon! All those little glances when no one’s watching and how he sometimes stares at her with that loving look in his eyes and the way she smiles at him and how they would literal-

“Hey Wanda”, a deep voice suddenly interrupted my fangirling thoughts and I shrieked.

“Oh my… um, sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you”, I turned around and saw Bruce standing there with an apologetic look, his hands up in surrender.

“It’s okay, my mind just wandered off a bit”, I laughed nervously and scratched the back of my neck. “You were saying…?”

“I wanted to ask if you’re free now because I need your help in the lab. I’m working on a new project and your powers would be quite useful.”

“Oh, yeah. Sure”, I got up and followed him to the door. Just before I walked out, I glanced at Natasha one last time and saw Bucky’s face a bit closer to hers than necessary for a regular conversation. Then he suddenly pulled away and she frowned at him, clearly displeased with his action.

Since when are they so cozy with each other? I wandered as Bruce and I walked towards the elevator at the end of the hallway, from where a sound of bickering could be heard.

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Tony Stark & Bruce Banner (Science Bros) – HEADERS

  • 800x450pxl (Tumblr movile size)
  • You can use them, save them, or whatever you want.
  • It’s not necessary to give credit by linking, just please, don’t repost them as yours.
  • Thank you, hope you like them.

Today is the day!!! Every 5 days, for 20 days, I have been announcing a surprise for today. Although almost nobody seemed interested in the subject, it is a day that was gaining in importance for me over time. Actually it is nothing but… Today is my birthday!! -Crickets in the distance- Weee I have crickets in my birthday!! Ok, no, for me there is nothing better than celebrating my birthday with Science Bros, so I have spent two days preparing these new headers. Stay healthy, stay happy (although sometimes it can be difficult).

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Part 36 of Unforseen Chasm

Prompt: Two sisters fall for men that are absolute enemies. The love they have could tear all of them apart, or it could bring them together.
Word Count: 4443
Warnings:Language, awkwardness,  wedding shopping, jokes of ex-cons, guilt lying, teasing
Note: This is by far the longest thing I’ve ever written (including my other fic series). first major Collab with my best friend @thorne93​ what was first a simple “what if” moment turned into a two year writing session and I’ve never been more prouder of myself than when i started my first series. goes through most of the MCU plots there are some changes to accommodate for what we wanted and there is a bit of a crossover between the MCU and other characters. I hope you guys enjoy reading this just as much as I enjoyed writing it.


First thing that you and Shannon set off to do was to find a place to look at wedding dresses. Shannon didn’t want to leave Nat out so she invited her as well things however felt a bit awkward due to the fact that at that moment Nat was the maid of honor and Shannon‘s best friend, you, were just her best friend.

You weren’t sure if you expected Shannon to grant you the honor of maid of honor or not. Of course you wanted it, but you knew that could be awkward for Shannon to handle. You didn’t want to pressure her to suddenly take the title away from Nat. You would be happy no matter what she decided. You could completely understand if Shannon didn’t want an ex-con as a maid of honor.

“Y/N, could you give us a moment really quick? I’d like to talk to Nat about something,” she said, hoping to fix the situation.

Both women equally confused looked at each other and then at her.

“Uhhh sure I’ll go get something to drink.” She walked into the kitchen where she found a bottle of orange juice. 

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Well I shoot my shot and told my friend I loved him and I got shot down. Needless to say I’m feeling pretty shitty right now. If y’all could give me fic recs, ask me stuff, give me prompts, etc. i would really appreciate it.

Love you guys!

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