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Title: Discovered

Pairing: There might not be a final pairing (since I follow along with the movies as accurately as I can) but I do gravitate towards Loki <3

Warnings: Based on the movie - Avengers: Infinity War

Part: 12, [11], [10], [9], [8], [7], [6], [5], [4], [3], [2], [1]

Key: Y/N - Your Name
Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Word Count: 4,135

Summary: Reuniting with Bruce and Tony and filling them in on Thanos’ plans, [Y/N] must help her fellow Avengers protect the remaining infinity stones and maybe even patch things up with the time stone keeper, Doctor Strange.

Note From Author: I know I haven’t been keeping up with the updates and some of you may have lost interest in the story, but I’m determined to finish up my work! Any of you that have stuck by Discovered for this long, thank you for reading :)
Stay safe everyone!

Part 12 - Rescue

“Oh, my God!”

[Y/N] threw her arms around Bruce as the tears she had just gotten to stop overflowed once more.

“This is where you were sent? Thank god!” She exclaimed, “I was so worried! Are you hurt?” [Y/N] recalled his earlier battle with Thanos and quickly pulled back, examining his face. He looked the same as he did all those years ago in Sakaar, making her feel choked up even more. “Thank god you’re alright! Thanos really gave you a beating!”

Bruce, who was still a bit shocked from seeing [Y/N] on Earth, finally snapped out of it after hearing her words.

“What? What did you say? Thanos?” He repeated, “How do you know that? How are you even here? What’s going on?”

[Y/N] was bombarded with questions, something she expected, but before she could answer someone behind her cleared his throat. Her earlier excitement swiftly died down as she recalled what exactly appeared before when she accidentally tackled into Bruce. The dull throbbing of her head made her feel slightly annoyed, clearly not over what had happened the last time she was forcibly portaled away, but she tried her best to not show the petty emotions in front of her friend.

Quickly getting up and helping Bruce get to his feet, she finally turned to the man she didn’t really want to see.



It was a brief greeting that left the others in the room feeling a bit awkward. They could see the subtle rage in [Y/N]’s eyes when she looked at Stephen, who in turn looked at her with indifference.

“Wait, you two know each other?” Bruce asked. The one standing beside Strange, someone [Y/N] was not familiar with, also looked a bit curious.

[Y/N] helplessly sighed, knowing how they were pressed for time, and decided to drop her earlier beef with this sorcerer. Instead, she started to explain to Bruce how she had ended up on Earth after falling into the wormhole on Sakaar and then stumbled into Loki after her unpleasant introduction to Strange. She decided to skip all the Avengers drama for the moment, since there currently wasn’t enough time to go over all of that. Then, she briefly summarized how Loki had forced her to watch the events that transpired on the ship. However, when she got to the end, she couldn’t finish and choked on the words. The tears that were shed for her happy reunion with Bruce were now falling due to grief. Everyone assumed it was because they all thought that Thor had met a similar end to his brother. Little did they know… She was actually feeling grief for the both of them.

“So that’s what happened,” Bruce replied as he gently patted her head.

When he looked a bit more closely at her, he could see that she really grew up. Not quite in height but… She seemed more mature. It seemed like it was only yesterday that she had been taken away from them through that mysterious wormhole. Not a minute went by that he wasn’t worried for her. Now, seeing her safe and well, his unsettled heart calmed down somewhat.

“But why did you bring me here?” [Y/N] wiped away the tears as she glanced at Doctor Strange coldly.

They weren’t really on the best of terms. She had only met him once and during that time he had kidnapped her off the streets of New York, questioned her, got the answer he wanted, and then threw her out like she was nothing. Honestly, she wanted to ignore him, or maybe punch him to release all the rage she felt for him, but the current situation wouldn’t allow it. Besides, she was still curious on why he would send her back here. He couldn’t possibly know about her friendship with Bruce, right? No one outside the Avengers knew that.

“I sensed magic working here and discovered that it was around you,” Strange explained. Though his attitude was indifferent, there was an apologetic flash in his eyes, as if he regretted how he had treated her that day. It wasn’t much, but it allowed the anger in her heart to cool down to some degree. “But after hearing your explanation, I assume that it was Loki at work.”

She nodded, knowing that Strange possessed some mysterious power, and then turned back to Bruce to hear a bit more about what he had gone through. While she interrogated him on what happened during Ragnarok, the doctor opened another portal and stepped outside. He seemed to be talking with someone, but [Y/N] still felt a bit irritated with him and decided to block out whatever he was doing.

Bruce was very patient with her and wisely chose not to press on any matters revolving around Strange and Loki. Though he was curious on why Loki had called her to witness such a thing, he could tell there were some touchy topics that he shouldn’t bring up and just talked about what he recalled during his time as the Hulk.

Then, he noticed someone beyond the portal that Strange had created and immediately stopped mid-sentence. [Y/N] also turned to see what he was looking at and her eyes widened. Before she could take a step, Bruce had already made his way to the portal and stepped out, walking from behind Strange and calling out to their friend.

“Hey Tony.”


[Y/N] could hear Tony’s shock in his voice and silently stayed behind. She wanted to also go forwards to see him, but she knew that they were in a very public area. To the common people, Bruce and Hulk were two entirely different entities. No one would bother him when talking with Tony. Plus, Hulk and Thor didn’t make an appearance during the time of the accords. They weren’t being hunted by the government, unlike her, so it was best if [Y/N] stayed behind for this one.

She didn’t have to wait long. Soon, after briefly talking with Bruce and Strange, Tony stepped through the portal and into the room she and Strange’s friend were standing in.


“Hi,” [Y/N] sheepishly smiled as she gave a small wave while Tony stood there surprised.

They had a lot of explaining to get through.



[Y/N] looked up at the oncoming ship, her heart plummeting at what was to come. She expected that they would be coming, but for them to arrive so soon? It was beyond her expectations.

“[Y/N], go invisible,” Tony instructed as he raised his voice over the screams of the people and the sound of the wind. Without waiting for a reply, he continued, “F.R.I.D.A.Y. keep back anyone south of 43rd street, notify first responders.”

She followed orders as the air around her shifted and covered her completely. Her body vanished as she stuck close to Tony’s side. Though there were a lot of misunderstandings and falling out between friends in the past, she still considered him her friend and felt it very natural to listen to him.

Just when her invisibility was set, Strange did something behind her, causing ripples in the air and nearly knocking her off her balance. The air she manipulated twisted, resisting the magic as her hold on it solidified against his powers. She glared at the doctor, but he was oblivious to her anger as her energy calmed and hid her completely once more. When she looked at the surroundings again, the dust and wind had stopped hindering their sight. He must have done something to clear up the area, and though she knew the logic behind his actions, she still disliked siding with him and decided to ignore it.

As the group made their way towards the descending alien ship, a beam of light shot down. When it dispersed, two familiar aliens calmly stood on the concrete ground with a practiced air about them. It obviously wasn’t their first time arriving in such a manner.

“Hear me, and rejoice,” the skinny alien spoke, immediately making [Y/N]’s blood boil in anger.

She recognized that one. He was the one that could telekinetically manipulate the objects around him and ensnared Thor, even muffling him while they prattled on. That time, she couldn’t do anything, but this time was definitely going to be different.

“You are about to die at the hands of the children of Thanos. Be thankful that your meaningless lives are now contributing a balance-”

“I’m sorry, Earth is closed today,” Tony rudely interrupted, uncaring for this alien’s condescending jargon. “You better pack it up and get out of here.”

“Stone keeper,” the alien disregarded Tony’s words and looked to Strange, “does this chattering animal speak for you?”

Everyone understood this subtle gesture. He knew exactly where the infinity stones were and who held them. Though how he knew wasn’t revealed, it meant that the stones couldn’t be hidden from them.

“Certainly not. I speak for myself,” Strange replied as multiple rings of magic encircled his hands and lower arms, thrumming with an odd power. Wong, his friend, also did the same. “You are trespassing in this city and on this planet.”

“Please get lost, Squidward,” Tony taunted.

Though his words were meant to get a reaction out of the enemy, [Y/N] couldn’t help but mentally have an Aha! moment at his joke. It was as if a light bulb had turned on above her head as she silently exclaimed, “That’s what he reminds me of!”

“He exhausts me,” the skinny alien sighed as the bulkier one muttered things in a language she couldn’t identify, “Bring me the stone.”

The fight was about to start, the bigger alien slowly making his way over to the group, as Bruce tried desperately to call out the Hulk. His skin turned partially green and the veins on his neck bulged, but still the green guy did not appear. Everyone looked at one another, unsure of what was going on, but Bruce couldn’t provide any answers. The Hulk just would not come out.

“Keep an eye on him,” Tony instructed Wong, and though he couldn’t see her, he was also telling this to [Y/N]. She had the best capabilities for support. Watching out for Bruce was something she could easily handle.

Though slow at the beginning, a fight was still a fight.

Tony used his latest nano-technology to shift to his Iron Man gear and sent the bigger alien flying towards the smaller one, who then easily brushed off the oncoming body before it could collide into him. However, before Tony could gloat about his newest addition of his suit to Bruce, who was in utter shock from the suit’s firepower, the telekinetic alien made his move.

Can’t say I didn’t see that coming, [Y/N] quietly sighed to herself as she watched Iron Man being blown upwards. She already knew what the skinny alien could do, so this amount wasn’t too surprising for her. Besides, Tony could take care of himself.

“Doctor Banner,” Strange began as he turned to Bruce while leaving the defence to Wong, “if the rest of your green friend won’t be joining us-” he didn’t need to finish as the portal opened up behind Bruce and was pushed through. However, Strange didn’t account for how close [Y/N] was and unknowingly sent her through too.

“You-!” She couldn’t finish her curse as she hit the grassy floor beside Bruce and was nearly flattened by the half-a-car that accidentally followed them through.

Her powers shot out, her solid body rippling, as it shielded the two of them before the vehicle could crash on top of them.

“God, I hate magic!” [Y/N] screamed just before the portal fully closed.

She was no longer invisible as she helped Bruce get to his feet. He was still a little disoriented because of the quick change of location, but just as they were calming down, Tony barreled into a tree not too far from them.

“Tony, you okay?” Bruce called as they both jogged to where Tony lay on the ground. “How we doin’? Good? Bad?”

“Really, really good. Really good,” he replied, though with a hint of sarcasm. “You plan on helping out?”

“I’m tryin’. He won’t come out.”

“Incoming!” [Y/N] yelled at the same time Tony shouted, “Hammer!” just as a weapon was hurled at the three of them.

[Y/N] encased Bruce and her in a barrier right before Tony tackled into the two of them to get them away from the projectile.

She was quick to get on her feet and saw Iron Man shoot out lasers towards the bulky alien, but the enemy’s shield was sturdier and reflected the two beams. It cut through everything around them and a tree dangerously fell towards where the two were standing.

“Watch out!” She cried out as she jumped onto Bruce to push him out of the way.

Luckily, the two were only hit with the weaker branches of the tree and could easily escape from under it.

“Come on, Hulk,” Bruce groaned as he crawled from under the leaves, “What are you doin’ to me? Come out!” He demanded as he slapped himself, “Come out!”

Suddenly, half of his face turned into the Hulk but rather than actually coming out for battle, he instead roared, “No!” angrily before reverting back to Bruce.

“What do you mean, ‘No’?!” Bruce questioned, but there was no response.

[Y/N] helplessly looked at the two bickering in the same body, unsure of what to do. She was friends with both of them but there was no way to understand why Hulk refused to join in on the fight. He was notorious for being fearless and impulsive. For him to so resolutely refuse, there must have been a reason.

That was when she heard a familiar voice.

“Hey man,” Peter called out, “What’s up, Mr. Stark?”

“Spider-Man!” [Y/N] gasped, both happy to see him and horrified that he was taking part in this dangerous fight. But considering the situation, they needed all the help that they could get.

While the battle progressed, a red figure zipped past all of them, racing off in one direction. She couldn’t quite get a good look, but Tony immediately knew who it was.

“Kid, that’s the wizard,” he said, as he shielded himself from the bulky alien’s blow. “Get on it.”

“On it!” Spider-Man nodded as he swiftly webbed himself towards Strange’s departing figure.

[Y/N] wasn’t slow to act either. Manipulating the air around her, she hid herself from sight as she propelled herself into the sky. Quickly pinpointing where the thin alien was, who wasn’t too far behind the escaping Strange, she knew she had to slow him down.

Before Peter could get close, the alien didn’t even look behind him as he sent a billboard ramming into the kid. She winced at the sight, but she couldn’t slow down to help as her target was getting further and further away.

The alien was by no means weak. He used his powers masterfully as all the street lamps around Strange curled up to catch him. The cloak couldn’t maneuver fast enough and was quickly ensnared. However, physics slows down for no man. Though the cloak was no longer able to move, Strange flew out from it and hurtled towards the concrete floor.

Without thinking, [Y/N] shot out her power just before the doctor hit the ground and was just about to turn him invisible too when she felt a pressure ensnare her whole body. Her legs buckled under the force and she collapsed, her face scraping against the rough concrete. Glancing up, gasping for air that was nearly squeezed out of her, she realized that the alien was looking around for her and knew he had caught her but was not sure where exactly she was. Instead of searching, he had decided to squish the area down under an invisible pressure to stop her in her tracks before she could get away with the stone keeper.

Losing her hold on the doctor, his brief moment of levitation above the floor faltered and soon he was back to falling.

“Gotcha!” Spider-Man exclaimed as his web caught Strange before he could hit the ground and swung him out.

A wave of air came flooding back into her lungs as Peter’s sudden appearance startled the alien and made him discard his previous attack on [Y/N]. With her invisibility still intact, she quickly got away from the targeted area before he could launch another wave of pressure onto her again.

[Y/N] took a couple more deep breaths before going after Spider-Man, but then she noticed the red cloak struggling under the ensnarement of the lamp post. Utilizing the alien’s distraction towards the escaping doctor, she quickly sent out her powers and untangled the cloak from the metal trap. The moment it was free, it didn’t go off towards Strange but instead pounced onto [Y/N]!

Startled by the sudden attack, not just because the cloak was supposed to be on her side but also due to the fact that she was still invisible, she wasn’t able to defend herself and was quickly sent up into the air. When she realized it wasn’t trying to hurt her, she calmed down somewhat but then her heart nearly stopped when she realized where it was taking her.

In that brief moment where she was helping the cloak, Strange was being beamed up by the alien ship. Spider-Man tried to stop him from going any further, grabbing onto a lamp post to anchor himself onto the Earth, but the pale alien swiftly dislodged the pole before it could hinder him any further.

“No, no!” [Y/N] pleaded as she struggled in the wrappings of the cloak.

Invisibility long forgotten, if anyone focused hard enough they would be able to see a figure tangled within a red cloak that followed after the unconscious sorcerer.

She was getting closer and closer to the ship and knew exactly what was coming. If this continued, she’d end up inside and be sent out of the Earth’s atmosphere to who-knows-where! There was a faint memory of the planet Thanos had instructed his “children” to gather in, but she couldn’t think about that right now! She just knew that she was about to leave Earth.

“Let go!” She begged, her heart going wild as the panic began to set in. Feeling trapped in the durable fabric did not help.

Her eyes were glued to the gradually increasing distance between her and the Earth. She trembled non-stop as her breathing became erratic. Her struggles became even more wild and her powers were sent everywhere. It lashed out at anything, hitting against the cloak and dispersing the clouds. Before she could do any more damage, however, something blocked her eyes.

She couldn’t see, though she could still feel herself going higher and higher up in the air. Just as she was about to have another fit of panic, the cloak around her loosened somewhat. It gently brushed her cheeks, wiping away the tears that rolled down her face and acted like someone was hugging her, reassuring her that she was fine.

At first, it didn’t help much.

Her senses were all over the place and could barely focus on anything. But as her surroundings got more quiet and her feet were on solid ground, the cloak around her insulating her heat and making her feel a bit warmer, she no longer trembled. Waiting just a bit more, her tears stopped and her breathing became more stable. Finally, when her heart was no longer palpitating erratically, the fabric in front of her eyes slowly let her go.

[Y/N] readied her nerves and opened her eyes. She knew that she was now on the alien ship with no way to return back to Earth. Tony and Peter were nowhere in sight but she was technically not alone.

“You know, you’re not a very nice cloak,” [Y/N] grumbled, her voice somewhat raspy from her earlier moment of hyperventilating, as she sent a sharp glare at the piece of clothing levitating in front of her. It almost appeared to shrug its non-existent shoulders, as if indicating that it had no other choice. She defeatedly shook her head. “Geez. You’re just like your owner!”

Though a bit of her was still rattled by the thought of leaving Earth again, she wasn’t as afraid. This time, she knew where she was going and knew that her friends were informed of where Thanos was meeting. They may not know where exactly the planet Titan was, but they wouldn’t give up on her.


“There he is,” [Y/N] whispered under the veil of her invisibility.

Since she was teaming up with the cloak, she decided it was best the two stay hidden for now. They weren’t strong enough to take on the alien alone. He was powerful. She might have similar powers as him, but he had a whole other level of experience and control. To him, she was an ant. Something he could easily crush beneath his feet. She had to be careful.

“Give me the stone,” the alien demanded in a threateningly low voice.

It was barely a whisper, but [Y/N] could hear him quite clearly in the silent room. Strange, under the torturous stabbing of the odd needles, gritted through the pain. He didn’t yell or scream under this torment and continued to bear through it. Though her initial opinion of him was poor, [Y/N] couldn’t help but admire him in this situation. He was being tortured but still did not crumble. Who wouldn’t be amazed by such will power?

Suddenly, the cloak pulled her away from the scene. It floated around, silent and fast, as it made its way to a different corner of the room. She was baffled by its abrupt changes, but knew to wisely keep her mouth shut. It was an entity she didn’t understand. It was better to see what it wanted than fight against it.

Then, a familiar sight came into view.

The cloak quickly let her go and drifted off towards the man. It left her small bubble of invisibility, now fully visible but concealed in the darkness, and gently tapped Tony’s shoulder. It wasn’t surprising to see him react defensively, him swiftly raising his arm with the machine humming with power.

“Stop!” [Y/N] called out, careful to adjust her volume accordingly. Her figure came into view as her grasp on her powers were released, the air around her shifting to allow her to be seen.

Tony’s face was full of shock, but before he could get mad at [Y/N] stowing away on the ship without him knowing, she quickly spoke up.

“I swear! This was not my intention,” she explained, “This guy abducted me, leading to this situation.”

He turned his attention back to the cloak, a look of defeat written on his face.

“Wow, you’re a seriously loyal piece of outerwear, aren’t you?”

“You’re telling me.” [Y/N] nodded as she recalled how both Strange and his cloak had kidnapped her in some way.

“Yeah, uh,” another familiar voice started, surprising all of them, “speaking of loyalty…”

When Peter jumped down, his mask smoothly came off in the same nano-tech fashion as Tony’s suit. That was when [Y/N] realized that he was wearing a different outfit. It looked a bit more metallic, however the design was still true to his initial logo.

“What the-” Tony began, but Peter quickly interrupted him.

“I know what you’re gonna say.”

The two went back and forth for a bit, Peter trying to get as much out before Tony could speak over him, but neither backed down.

“And I kinda stuck to the side of the ship. And this suit is ridiculously intuitive, by the way,” Peter said in his defense but his tone immediately alerted [Y/N] on what was coming.

She had known him for quite some time now and could see the signs of him rambling. Whenever he did that, he was bound to let something he would regret slip.

Oh, no. [Y/N] frantically signalled Peter to stop talking, pursing her lips as she waved to him and motioned her arms into an “X” formation. Stop! You’re digging your own grave!

Sadly, the kid didn’t get the message.

“So if anything, it’s kinda your fault that I’m here.”

Both Tony and the cloak turned to face him, while [Y/N] hung her head and rested it against her hand.

Crap. Good luck, Peter!

[PART 13]

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Things heard around the compound

  • Peter get of the ceiling
  • Clint give it back
  • Natasha put down the knives
  • Wanda stop using your piwers to steal the TV remotes
  • Who needs sleep when you have coffee
  • Who ate the last pop tart
  • Dont you dare clint - usually followed by clint running away from Natasha crying
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Back Row: Aaron Taylor-Johnson,  Paul Bettany, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Mark Ruffalo

Middle: Robert Downey Jr

Front Row: Elizabeth Olsen, Cobie Smulders, Jeremy Renner, James Spader and Samuel L. Jackson

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Request: County Fair first date with Bruce Banner + some nosy Tony

Requested by: @thebookbakery

Pairing: Reader x Bruce Banner

Gender: Neutral      Triggers: None       Words: 1,906

Notes: We’ll say this takes place sometime after the first avengers movie, but before Bruce gets lost in space (Age of Ultron/Ragnarok). 

This was pretty nostalgic for me lol, I haven’t gone to a County Fair in years. The one mentioned is based off of the one I went to growing up. Also, sorry the ending is a bit rushed/messy, I’m hor-rib-le at endings lol.


Originally posted by dailyavengers

(why are there like, no gifs of just him?)

- - - - - - - - - - 

“Do you like fairs?” 

The question cut you off guard when he asked, Bruce’s voice breaking the silence of your steady work at the Avengers base.  

“Fairs? Like county fairs?” you asked, setting down your pen.

“Yeah” he glanced at you slightly, he seemed nervous. 

“I love them, haven’t gone to one in ages though” you replied, your thoughts wandering back to your childhood, going to the fair with your friends. 

“Me either” he smiled lightly.

“Why do you ask?”

“Oh, uh, well” he fidgeted with his pen before clearing his throat and looking fully at you “I found out that they are having nearby next week”

“Oh really?” you asked, the idea of going exciting you a little.

“Wanna go?” he asked, his voice rushed and a little quieter.

“With you?”

“Uhh, yeah, I mean, if you don’t-”

“That sounds great Bruce, I’d love to” you smiled widely at him, which he returned after he had ,what appeared to be a momentary malfunction. “Now, what I’m wondering is, is this a friendly get together, or a date?” you asked, somewhat surprised at your own boldness.

After another slight malfunction Bruce stuttered out “Uh, well. It could be either, but I’d prefer it a-, a date” 

“Good, me too”

Your mind flashed back to the conversation you had with Bruce a week prior as you glanced around the small groups of people going in and out of the entrance of the county fair. It was around five in the afternoon, you had suggested going at this time, as the ambiance of a county fair was always the best in the evening you thought. 

The smell of popcorn, and mixtures of various sweet foods filled your nose as the sound of screaming and laughter coming from within the park echoed around you. 

“Alright, you ready?” Bruce asked as he approached you, having gone back to get a jacket from the car.

“Yep” you replied, excited smile on your face. 

As you entered the fair, your eyes wandered from booth to booth, from dressed performer to the occasional crying child. Nostalgia of childhood county fair trips rushing to your brain. Reaching the middle of the park entrance way, you both stopped, eyeing your possible paths.  

“Which way first? Animals, games, food, or rides?” you asked

“Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of the rides” Bruce commented as his eyes followed a nearby coaster cart going upside down on a loop.

“Me either” you said. Lying or not, you weren’t too bothered by not going on any rides “Except for the Ferris Wheel” you commented.

“Yeah, I’ve never had a problem with that one”

“Then that will be our last stop, the ferris wheel is always best at night anyways” you said, earning a nod of agreement from Bruce. 

“So, how about down the shopping booth lane first, go around through the animals, then back up through the food booths, eat, then play some games, and finish at the ferris wheel?” Bruce asked.

“Sounds like a plan” you smiled.

You linked your arm through his, earning a slight shocked, yet blushed glance and smile from Bruce as you began wandering down the nearest area towards the booths of people selling trinkets, toys and clothes. 

After stopping at the first booth that caught your eye, you started admiring some handmade crafts. Bruce kept glancing at you, hoping you were having a good time. Feeling his phone vibrate in his pocket he quickly checked it.

‘How’s it going? You kiss on the ferris wheel yet?’ - Tony

Bruce rolled his eyes before looking at you, checking to see if you were looking before he replied.

‘I knew I shouldn’t have told you about this’ -Bruce

There was a quick reply ‘Nonsense. Now answer my questions’ - Tony

Instead, Bruce shoved his phone back into his pocket and walked over to you, looking at the blown glass jewelry and trinkets you’d been looking at. 

“Aren’t they cute?” you asked, tapping your finger on a small blown-glass ferris wheel ornament. 

“Yeah. I always wondered how hard it was to make this kind of stuff”

As you moved to the other end of the booth, Bruce eyed the little ferris wheel trinkets for a few moments before quickly, and without you noticing, buying two matching ones and shoving them into his pocket. 


By the time you got through the shopping booth section, you and Bruce each had a large bag, containing random trinkets and clothes. As you continued, heading through some small gates you were immediately smacked in the face by the smell of manure and grass. The sound of pigs, chickens, horses and cows getting louder the closer you got. 

The two of you spent around 45 minutes wandering through the barns and fenced in areas, eyeing and petting an array of barn animals. As you were petting and talking to a large black horse at the stables, Bruce felt another vibration in his pocket. This was the umpteenth one in the last ten minutes.

Sighing, he pulled his phone out, as he quickly read through some of the most recent messages.

‘Bring me back some cotton candy’ - Tony
‘And maybe a funnel cake’ -Tony  Pepper

‘If you go to the barns, don’t step in cow shit, that’ll ruin the mood’ - Tony

‘Are you really going to ignore me?’ - Tony
‘You know what? I’ll remember this’ -Tony

Bruce shook his head in amusement as he put his phone back in his pocket, looking up and admiring you for a moment. You had a big smile on your face as you stroked a large light brown horse’s head and whispered to it, words he was unable to hear.

As you glanced past the horse and spotted Bruce, you smiled at him before stepping away from the horse “I don’t know about you, but I’m getting hungry”

Bruce smiled “I could definitely eat” as you walked over to his side, you both turned, walking back towards the more crowded central area of the fair.


As the sky began to darken, you and Bruce, having just finished eating an assortment of random fair foods, i.e,; churros, funnel cake, some loaded fries, etc. You stopped at the first game booth that caught your eye.

You were each given three balls, three chances to knock down a tower of pins, if you knocked them all down you’d win a prize. 

Taking your chances, you managed to knock all of them down. Winning a stuffed version of your favorite animal. Bruce, taking his turn, missed his first shot entirely, and only knocked down all but two of the pins after his last two chances.

“I was never good at throwing” he commented, making you giggle. 

Feeling a vibration in his pocket, he quickly checked his phone. ‘I am going to assume that since you haven’t responded things are gong well ;) ’ - Tony

Bruce sighed before typing out a quick reply ‘Shut up Tony’ - Bruce

“You alright?” you asked, seeing his annoyance at whoever messaged him.

He looked up at you “Huh? Oh yeah, just Tony being a pest” he admitted.

You laughed as he turned his phone off entirely and put it back into his pocket “He certainly knows how to be one of those”

Bruce smiled at you, chuckling “Yes he does” clearing his throat he looked at the other booths, his eyes landing on the duck game. Catch three rubber ducks from a ‘pond’ with a net, each duck has a letter on the bottom S for Small, M for Medium, L for Large, whichever you get the most of i.e 2/3, equals the size of prize you get.

He pointed at it “Now that looks like a game I might be good at’

“One you never lose?”

“Exactly” you chuckled at him, as you both made your way to the booth.


As you waited in line for the Ferris Wheel, you and Bruce continued to talk, joke, and laugh. In your arms, your bag of trinkets, a bag of cotton candy, and three stuffed animals, one of which Bruce won and gave to you. In Bruce’s arms, his own bag of trinkets, a bag of cotton candy for Tony, and a funnel cake for Pepper. 

“I still don’t understand the chances of losing the duck game” Bruce complained, though amused “I got one S, one M and one L, I should at least get a small prize for that”

You laughed at his misfortune with all but one of the games “I swear I thought you couldn’t lose that game”

Finally boarding the Ferris Wheel you settle in your seats. Looking up at the sky as you began to rise towards it you smiled. The sky had become a dark purple-blue, and some stars were beginning to pop out. 

You sighed “This was really fun” you smiled, looking over at Bruce, who smiled at you in return “Thanks”

“It was my pleasure. And I had a lot of fun too”

As the Ferris Wheel stopped at the top, you both gazed out at the fair around you, the colorful blinking and spinning lights, the sound of people laughing still echoing. 

“I’d like to take you out again, if that’s alright with you” Bruce began “Somewhere different obviously” he chuckled.

You smiled at him “I’d really like that” you leaned over pressing a kiss to his cheek “I’m glad I wasn’t such a horrible date that you never want to go out with me again” you joked.

He shook his head as he chuckled, silently glad it was dark enough you might not see the red blush on his face “No, you could never be horrible”


As Bruce walked you to your door after the drive back, you turned and smiled at him, taking the stuffed animals from his arms he held for you as you unlocked the door “Thanks” you smiled as you opened your door and set everything inside, before turning back to Bruce.

He smiled at you before an expression of realization crossed his face “I almost completely forgot” he reached into his pocket, pulling out to small wrapped objects “I bought these at the fair, one for you, one for me” he handed you one of the small packages.

For me?” you asked as you unwrapped it. 

“Yeah, just a little something to remember today”

A smile broke onto your face as you unwrapped the small blown-glass ferris wheel you looked at earlier “Oh! That’s so sweet Bruce, I was actually kicking myself for not having bought one” you replied as you looked at him, seeing he bought himself a matching one. 

Your grin made him smile as his heartbeat sped up “I could tell you liked it”

You stepped forward, hugging him briefly before kissing him on the cheek again “This really was a wonderful first date Bruce” you admitted at you pulled away “How long do I have to wait until the next one?” you asked cheekily.

He smiled bashfully “Not long I hope. I’ve got a couple ideas” he teased

You smiled at him “Let me know when you decide on one.”

“I will” he smiled “But for now, I think you should get to bed, we’ve got work tomorrow”

“Well then, goodnight Bruce” 

“Goodnight Y/n” 

As you walked into your house and closed the door, you gave him one last smile as he gave you a small wave goodbye.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Prompt: A story of Bucky and an innocent girl. 

Warnings: age gap, language 

Tags:  savingprivatecass

Pt. 1


 "I swear to you Wanda, no one smiles like that assassin.“ You smiled widely as the two of you sat in the kitchen. You both sat on opposite counters, facing each other. She listened intently as you fawned over the one and only Bucky Barnes.

 "So where are these little meetings leading too?” Wanda questioned as she popped a grape into her mouth. You looked at her a little confused, but then realized what she meant. You weren’t quite sure how to answer, did Bucky see you as something more than something innocent? You had to admit over the past two months of the little night time talks you had with him, you could confirm that you indeed had feelings for the man. Though you couldn’t speak for him and you were slightly unsure of where he stood on the matter.

 "I like what’s happening now, why does it have to lead to anything else?“ You questioned almost childishly. "I’m so much younger than him, I’m not sure it will lead to anything more than it already is.”

 "Whatever you say, but speak of the devil himself.“ She whispered as you followed her gaze to the elevator doors. You met his eyes giving him a small smile, which he returned ever so slightly. Steve had led the way while exiting behind him was Bucky, Tony, and Thor following. Unbeknownst to you and Bucky, Bucky was not the only one who had seen the small smile you had thrown his way. Tony glared hard at the brunette, as he passed him.

 The rest of the day Tony carefully watched you and Bucky. He watched the lingering stares, the way you looked at the soldier, the way the soldier looked back at you. The two of you were attracted to each other and Tony could see it plain as day. And he didn’t like it one bit.


 One o'clock in the morning rolled around and as always you made your way down to the living room. The night felt different, but you shrugged the feeling off. You had something big planned for tonight, something that would either let something bloom or destroy something altogether. Needing a little extra time to calm yourself, you took the stairs. You took in deep, slow breaths as you made your way down to the floor of the living room and kitchen.

 As you pushed the door open, you spotted Bucky on the couch. He was already laying lazily on the couch that sat directly across from the tv, South Park running across the large screen. As you circled the couch, you smiled as you met his gaze.

 "Doll I don’t know if anyone has told you, but that smile could you get you anything if you just showed it off a little more.” He sat up, giving you room to sit on the couch. You smiled even brighter as his compliment left his lips, you could feel the blush gathering in your cheeks.

 You could feel his eyes on you as you slowly sat down. Your heartbeat hard,  your hands fidgetting nervously. Bucky was quick to notice your nervousness, as you sat near the edge of the couch. You couldn’t bring yourself to face him, causing him to worry he had done something wrong.

 "B-Bucky,“ You breathed out, scared of what you were about to do. In a blink of an eye, Bucky slid himself next to you, snaking his arm around you. He didn’t know what he was comforting you for, but he could tell something was off. You weren’t as happy as you usually were for your nightly talks. You seemed skittish and nervous, like the first time the two of you had met. He was terrified that he had done something, or someone else had done something to you.

 "What’s wrong?” Concern laced his voice as he stared at your small face.

 You slowly turned towards your face towards his, your eyes were wide and the anxiousness was glowing throughout them. You gradually brought your eyes to meet his glowing blue ones. For a moment that seemed to last for hours, you stared at him and he stared back. He watched your face, the innocent look you held, the lost puppy look your eyes were holding as they looked into his. He wanted to ask you again what was wrong, but he didn’t dare look away. Your eyes were enchanting to him, it was as if they swallowed him whole and brought him to a safe and loving place.

 With the courage that you had seemed to muster up with that moment, you had to study his beautifully painted eyes, you quickly squeezed your eyes tight. You softly crashed your lips onto his, your hands gripping each other tightly as they sat in your lap. You waited a couple of seconds to feel him kiss back, but he never did. Quickly you pulled your lips away from him, immediately standing up. Your back faced Bucky as you slowly walked away from him, muttering continuous apologies as you made your way to the elevator.

 Bucky sat on the couch, in complete shock. You had kissed him and he hadn’t kissed you back, he wanted to so badly, but he knew how wrong it was. You were so young, you were too young. You just had a crush on him, the kiss probably meant nothing. As you stood up, he begged himself to reach out for you, to stop you from leaving. Every bone in his body urged him to follow you into the elevator, to grab your face and connect his lips to yours once again. But something in him told him not too. He knew you had some feelings for him, it was obvious, but he never thought you would act on it. As long as you never did anything, he would be able to keep himself from you. As long as you held that innocently naive part of you, he would be able to tell himself that the way he looked at you was wrong. The way his eyes would wander up and down your body whenever he got the chance, the way he longed for the night to come so he could spend time with you, the way his eyes ached waiting to see your smile every morning. He would be able to scold himself for the way he thought of you as long as you did not try anything. Now that you had kissed him, you had made the move, you had put your lips on his willingly… must he be ashamed of his true feelings now? You were of legal age, not that that’s what he was focusing on, but he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he took advantage of you in any way. That was something he promised himself he would never do.

 The small sound of the elevator doors closing snapped Bucky out of his state of shock, he quickly shoved himself off the couch. He sprinted towards the stairs, making his way to your floor. Bucky knew he had sent you the wrong signal, he wanted nothing more than to feel your lips. He had just been worried you were too young.

 You had been able to hold the tears in, you knew you shouldn’t have done that. You hated yourself for not being satisfied with the small moments you had with Bucky, the thing you had going with him had been enough for you. Why did you have to ruin it? You kept scolding yourself as you exited the elevator, quickly making your way back to your room. You hugged your sweatshirt close to your body, doing your best to hold yourself together.

 Quickly pushing open your door, you tried shutting it right behind you, but it had been stopped by something. As you looked up saw a metal hand, holding the edge of the door. Briskly Bucky pushed himself into your room and silently shut the door, not wanting to wake anyone up.

 "Listen I’m sor-“

 "Can I kiss you?” Bucky blurted out, staring at you intently. You stared at him in utter shock, unable to make a sound. Instead of trying to force yourself to speak you quickly nodded. “Dollface I need to hear permission.”

 "Y-yes.“ You stuttered and instantly his lips were on yours once again. He held both sides of your face, as he held his soft lips to yours. Both of you savoring the moment.

 "If I keep kissing you, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop.” He breathed out as he pulled away. Sudden confidence came over you as you grabbed his hand, leading him towards your bed.

 "Then don’t.“ You smiled devilishly. Bucky immediately spun you around, watching as you slowly laid on your bed. Your sudden change in attitude surprised not only Bucky but surprised yourself. Where this sudden wave of confidence had come from, you have no idea, but you liked it.

 Bucky hovered above you, as once again the two of you locked eyes. He had fallen in love with looking into your eyes, they just pulled him in every time. He glanced down at your lips as if asking for permission once again. In response, you brought your head up so you could bring your lips to his. He kissed back, his hunger for you evident in his lips. Ever so slightly his tongue licked your bottom lip, without delay, you let him slip his tongue into your mouth. You let him explore your mouth freely, letting him do whatever he wanted.

 He pulled away, still hovering over you. You both stared at each other, your chests heaving. Bucky pushed himself up, sitting on the edge of your bed trying to get his breath and wrap his head around what was happening. You stayed lying on your back, as you slowly began to catch your breath, staring at the ceiling. Both of you trying to comprehend what just happened. Bucky slightly turned his head to look over his shoulder, eyeing you.

 "Y/n you’re only 18. We shouldn’t be doing this.” He said softly, the regret in his voice was hard to miss.

 "I know what I want. Do you?“ You whispered, sitting up. You slowly slid to the top of your bed, leaning your back against your headboard. With one last glance at the ground, Bucky said fuck it to his morals. No, he still had his morals, he said fuck it to the opinions of the others.

 "C’ mere,” He growled as he grabbed you.

 After that night you were no longer innocent, you had willingly given it away. You had let Bucky see parts of you no one ever had before, you gave him everything you had. He was gentle and worshipped you as if you a goddess that he had for only a night. He should you pleasure you had never felt before. He held you close, whispering sweet nothings into your ear as he took you. The two of you connected in a way you never thought you would.

 The morning after you woke with Bucky’s large arm’s wrapped around your small form. You wished to never move, you wanted to stay like that forever. You wanted to have your bare back resting against his bare chest, his arms holding your unclothed body, protecting you from the world forever. You wanted to always feel his warm breath on the back of your neck, to hear his small breaths as he slept so peacefully. You wanted nothing more than to stay entangled with the man forever more than anything in your life.

 Carefully, you rolled yourself over. You admired Bucky’s face, he was such a calm looking sleeper. You wondered how such a peaceful looking sleeper could have such horrible nightmares. You gently brushed a piece of his hair away from his face and behind his ear so you could get a better look. You cupped his face with one hand, your heart skipping a beat as you took in how handsome he truly was.

 "I love you,“ You sighed ever so quietly, as you stared at him as if you worshiped him.

 "I love you too,” He breathed a small smile spreading across his face, though his eyes stayed close. You froze for a moment, did he mean it?

“Really?” You asked carefully, his eyes slowly opened. His eyes met yours and leaned to kiss you.

 "I love you more than anything Y/n,“ He said as he broke away from the kiss. The two of you smiled at each other, both of you too happy to care about anything other than each other. Both of you too caught up in each other to realize what time it was.

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Tagging (Let me know if you want to be tagged): @the-fair-maiden-of-fandom

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Category: Gen

Fandoms: Batman - All Media Types, The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types

Relationships: Selina Kyle/Bruce Wayne, Natasha Romanov & Damian Wayne, Clint Barton & Cassandra Cain, Tim Drake & Peter Parker, Peter Parker & Tim Drake & Duke Thomas, Pamela Isley/Harleen Quinzel, Tim Drake/Kon-El | Conner Kent, Dick Grayson/Wally West, Roy Harper/Koriand'r/Jason Todd,

Characters: Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, Barbara Gordon, Justice League (DCU), Alfred Pennyworth, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Clint Barton, Thor (Marvel), Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, Alfred the Cat (DCU), Bat-Cow (DCU), Goliath (DCU), Selina Kyle’s Cat Isis, Kate Kane (DCU), Duke Thomas,

Additional Tags: Batbrothers (DCU), Avengers Meet The Batfam, MCU/Batfam crossover, Crossover, no beta we die like robins, rated T for Jason’s language, I bleeped it out though. Just to be safe, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, canon? What’s canon?, Deaf Clint Barton,Deaf Character, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Happy Batfamily (DCU), Birdflash and joyfire are implied/referenced,

Summary: Tim hangs out with the youngest Avenger. A bromance is blooming.

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“Anyone Better”




Bruce stood in the lab, he had been for the past nine hours, working on some science thing. No one really bothered asking what he was doing, except Bucky, who was just coming to check on the scientist. He knew very well how he’d overwork himself to the point of exhaustion and then some.

Bucky made sure to be quiet when opening the door, not to wake up him on the off chance he fell asleep. When seeing he was awake, he knocked on the door frame, Bruce turned his head slowly. He looked exhausted but a sleepy smile still stretched across his face to the sight of James. “Hey Banner” he said in a soft tone, like if he spoke too loud it’d hurt him. Bruce set down his tools, turning his whole body towards him “Bucky.” his voice had a certain raspiness to it, he hadn’t spoke to anyone in a while. “you came just in time, I needed myself a break” He stepped towards Bucky, immediately noticing the soreness in his legs from standing so long.

“How long have you been working Bruce?” He stood still, letting the other come to him. Bruce shrugged as he got closer, pushing his head into Bucky’s chest, humming. “Doctor Banner has been working for nine hours.” Friday announced, which Bruce lifted his head, turning it to one of the speakers in the ceiling and mumbling “traitor” with squinted eyes. He looked at Bucky, who looked very concerned yet amused. “don’t look at me like that” he moved his arms to wrap around the others neck, pecking either of his cheeks repeatedly.

Bucky felt his face heat up, he wrapped his arms around Bruce’s waist. “You aren’t going to distract me, I know your tricks Banner” which Bruce just hummed in response to, kissing him on the nose with a mischievous grin. “come on, bed, you look like you haven’t slept this /week/“ he chuckled, pulling him back towards the lab door.

Bruce squirmed, making a playful groan of protest “i’m almost done!”. “yeah yeah heard it all before.” He laughed. Banner tried to stop him by dropping his full body weight, which only seemed to slow Bucky a bit. He huffed with a light sense of frustration, but mostly amusement.

As a last resort he picked up himself as they got into the hallway, using Bucky’s steps to his advantage and pushing him into the wall. He fumbled to kiss him, smirking the whole way through. Bucky refused to move, despite enjoying it. Banner didn’t press against him that hard, giving Bucky the option to push him away if he wanted.

Bruce pulled away for a second, staring at Bucky who seemed to be holding himself together well. “You’re going to bed.” He pushed Bruce back, walking with him, causing him to stumble. Bruce grumbled, seemingly giving up, letting the other drag him towards Bucky’s room, which they’ve taken to spending a few nights a week together in.

Bruce pouted, staring at the door. It was less now that he couldn’t continue working and more he had to sleep. “do I have to?” he sounded genuinely disappointed, though trying to hide it. “don’t give me that… it’ll be okay, i’ll be here” Bucky said sympathetically. The two of them had their fair share of nightmares, which they each did their best helping the other with. “yeah… alright” Bruce smiled sheepishly, looking back and forth in the hall before kissing him again.

Bucky rolled his eyes playfully, hesitating to kiss back and turning his head to open the door to his room. “you want me to stop?” Bruce asked. “no, it’s adorable.” Bucky smirked, already knowing that’d make the other blush, only glancing over to get a look at his shocked expression, making him chuckle. He pushed Bruce into the room, hands on his hips as Banner more shyly continued kissing him, frustrated from not getting anything back. His sleepy mind spaced out, having to blink awake a few times.

Bucky pulled away from the other, who’s brow furrowed annoyedly as he was set on the bed. James seemed to think for a moment before clearing his throat to grab the attention of the other, who was drifting off while sitting up. Barnes leaned down, kissing him softly, feeling Bruce slowly going limp. He only pulled away once he was sure he was asleep, covering his own mouth to quiet a laugh which then came out as a snort.

Bucky removed the others shoes, unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off him, and took off his belt. He was dead asleep by the looks of it. He himself got changed quickly to join Bruce, grinning as the sleeping body moved to cuddle him naturally. Bucky closed his eyes, sighing. He listened to Banners breathing, feeling his chest rise and fall against his side. He really couldn’t have asked for anyone better.

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𝐈𝐫𝐨𝐧 𝐌𝐚𝐧 𝐒𝐮𝐢𝐭-𝐔𝐩


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So far I have 10 days worth of Tony Stark contend Queued for October, (AS part of @thefanficfaerie‘s OTP Challenge) so if anyone would like to see something else on your dash next month, please send some asks my way! <3 [Characters I write for in the tags!]

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Prompt: Bucky is a sweety. 

Warnings: language, age gap


  You watched the brunette from across the room, as you sat cross-legged on the couch. You pretended to have your nose in a book, hoping no one would notice your attention straying from your daily reading. You watched as Bucky smiled softly as he and Steve discussed something, he was still a little uneasy about living in the tower. He had only lived in the building for a little over a few months, he was always so tense. The moment he had entered the tower, you had found it difficult to keep your eyes from finding him. The 97-year-old that looked like he was 28, intrigued your young mind. 

  Ever since he had arrived at the tower he had yet to let his guard down, he was always ready for a fight. He flinched at loud noises, he didn’t like spending time with anyone other than Steve of course, and he often avoided eye contact with everyone. You had never heard his laugh, never seen him give an ear to ear smile, you had never heard him even snort at a joke. You knew so little about the brunette man, yet he fascinated you. If your eyes could not find him in the same room as you, then your mind would have him running through it. James Buchanan Barnes never seemed to leave you alone.

  You found it so hard to pull your eyes away from him. Though you would never admit it, you loved the chances you got to admire Bucky. He was a gorgeous man, he had a body that looked as if it belonged to a god. Even with his left arm being made of metal, it just seemed to fit him. You favored his hair, believing that it suited him with the way it framed his handsomely sculpted face. His dark hair helped his almost startling intense blue eyes, stick out even more. Ever since you first noticed his eyes, you longed to just be able to stare into them, to study the tiniest details, to see the secrets they held.  

   "You’re staring,“ came the gentle whisper of Wanda as she sat down beside you. You quickly averted your eyes from Bucky, looking everywhere but in his direction. Throwing yourself back to lean against the back of the couch, you slowly slouched bringing your knees up.  You placed them together tightly, doing your best to hide the heat that was rising to your cheeks. 

  "I was only reading,” You tried to hide the small smile you held. Wanda and Peter were the only ones who knew of your small interest for the super-soldier, both of them always finding ways to tease you about it.

  You were forced to admire him from afar, always hiding your fondness of the man from most of the team. You were one of the youngest Avengers, being only 18. You may have been older than Peter and technically a legal adult, but you were still a baby in the eyes of the team. Wanda and Peter were the only ones you could confide in about your thoughts of Bucky, everyone else on the team seemed to have a hard time keeping things to themselves. You were a small, quiet, and a rather shy person, preferring to listen to other’s thoughts instead of giving your own. So when you wished to speak up without any prodding or poking from the rest of the team, it was seen as a huge deal. You knew the moment anyone else found out about your little fascination with the man, it would be the talk of the tower for months. 

  Wanda quietly laughed to herself as you pushed yourself from the couch, with one last fake look of annoyance thrown at Wanda, you wandered toward the elevator. You hugged your book tightly to your chest, keeping your eyes towards the floor. You swiftly walked by the rest of the team who lounged around the living room. Just as you were passing Bucky and Steve, you lifted your head just slightly so you could steal one last little glance of his face. Steve’s back was to you, so no one would notice one more little glance, would they?

  As you lifted your eyes from the floor, expecting to see him still caught in conversation with Steve. You were startled when your soft eyes, met his blue orbs. You sucked in a quick breath, your eyes flying right back down to the floor. Your steps becoming quicker as you made your way towards the elevator. You didn’t let yourself breathe until the elevator doors had closed, leaving you completely alone. 


  "Why are you so interested in him anyway? Isn’t he like technically 97 years old?“ Wanda chuckled as she laid on your bed flipping through Netflix. 

  "Hey, he’s got a metal arm. I’m in love with him too.” Peter commented as he spun in continuous circles in your desk chair. 

  "I-i am not in love with him!“ you argued as you paced around the room. You couldn’t get the memory of your eyes meeting his, out of your head. Maybe he’d seen your linger stares or the small whispers and giggles you shared with Wanda whenever he was in the room. What if he had overheard you gushing about him at some point or another. Your mind continued to overthink the encounter, your body not letting you sit still. 

  "Well, I don’t think those are friendly eyes you’re staring at him with all the time.” Peter looked at you accusingly, as he suddenly brought his spinning to an abrupt stop. He lifted an eyebrow at you, knowing exactly what his question would do to you. 

  "She’s too innocent for that, get your mind out of the gutter you little bug,“ Wanda commented as she looked from Peter to you. 

  "I’m not saying I wouldn’t fuck him, I mean metal arm,” Peter said, pointing at his left arm. Wanda laughed as your cheeks once again heated up as the mention of sex came into the room. You shook your head, grabbing a pillow from your bed first you hit Wanda with it, and then threw it at Peter. All you laughing together at your overworking mind and Peter’s all too vulgar mouth.

  Peter and Wanda hung around your room for a couple more hours before they both retired to their own for the night. It was about midnight when they had both left, but even with the room empty and dark, you couldn’t fall asleep. You tossed and turn for a couple more hours but eventually gave up trying to sleep. With a huff of frustration, you pushed yourself out of bed. As quietly as you could you made your way down to the kitchen, your stomach grumbling for a midnight snack. 

  You trudged out of the elevator, the kitchen light already on. As you were fully out of the small box, the small sound of the tv hit your ears. As you slowly rounded into the kitchen, you were greeted by the one and only Bucky. He stood there in the kitchen shirtless, wearing nothing but a pair of black joggers that hung loosely on his hips. You stopped when you saw him, your body freezing. He noticed you just as he was about to shove another cookie into his mouth, stopping while holding the cookie half-way in his still opened mouth. 

  "Lookin’ for a midnight snack?“ He asked awkwardly offering you the cookie he was about to eat. Your body was tense, you couldn’t find your voice to answer him. You wished so bad to reply to him, to just say the word 'yes’. Bucky noticed your hesitation immediately, a woeful expression covering his face as he remembered what Steve had told him about you. 

  Something you had failed to realize was the glances that Bucky returned, whenever he felt your eyes on him. He snuck as many admiring looks at you, as you did to him. When he first came to the tower, you were the first one to catch his attention. The team had been rather welcoming to him, maybe excluding Tony a little, but everyone had been pretty nice given Bucky’s past actions. But when he saw you, he wanted nothing more than to know everything about you. However, Steve was quick to explain to him that you were very timid and that you would probably need time to get used to him being around the tower before you would engage with him. 

  "Oh shit… I’m sorry. I can go if you want.” He offered suddenly, the worry evident in his voice. Your body slowly began to relax as you realized he seemed slighted scared? You couldn’t figure out why he had all of sudden, in a way, became so small in his demeanor. 

  "N-no it’s okay. I’m just not used to running into people at this time at night.“ You stuttered, but slowly found more of your confidence. You forced your body to walk forward, pulling out one of the stools that sat across the island from Bucky, who stood opposite of you. You plopped yourself down and reached across for the box of cookies that sat in front of Bucky. He was a little surprised by your actions, not realizing your actions were also surprising yourself. Being the gentleman he was though, he pushed the box of treats to the middle of the island so you could reach them a little easier. 

  Bucky watched as your small hand grasped a random cookie. He observed your hand, how small it was compared to his, how gently you had grabbed the cookie, and how soft it would feel against his hand.  

  "Couldn’t sleep?” He asked, trying to make conversation. You simply nodded, not knowing what to say. “Me neither." 

  "How come?” You questioned quietly, not wanting to pry. You hoped you wouldn’t offend him by asking, even if it were a simple question. Bucky again, a little surprised by your voice filling his ears, quickly swallowed what remained of the cookie. “You don’t have to answer, I get we all have our reasons." 

  You retracted your question, knowing you may be asking a personal question. You had heard rumors around the team of the nightmares that Bucky had, the way he screamed in his sleep. His room was on the floor above you, so you had never heard anything, but apparently, Peter had once or twice.

  "Can I ask you something?” Bucky blurted out, you softly nodded. Your eyes filled with wonder, what could he possibly want to ask you? “Are you scared of me?"  

  You looked at Bucky quizically. Were you scared of him? Is that why you could never take your eyes off of him? Why your body always seemed to tense when he walked into a room? Maybe you were scared of him….no. You weren’t scared him, you saw through the cold silence that he held himself in. You didn’t see the monster that everyone had told you stories about, you felt no danger coming from him. He was one of the few deadliest assassins in the world, but oddly you feared nothing about him.

  Staring at him long and hard, you saw nothing to fear. The worst part of what you saw was a broken man. A man who had endured years of pain and suffering, a man who had to fight for not only his memories. You saw a good-hearted, gentle, loving man, who had been forced to do unspeakable things. 

  "No, should I be?” you questioned sliding another cookie into your mouth. Bucky almost melted at the way you looked at him, you looked so innocent, so fragile. He ached to just hold you in his arms, just to protect you with every ounce of strength he had in his body. 

  "I’ve done a lot of bad things doll, I’m not exactly someone that’s loved,“ He snorted, moving his gaze from you to the tv. Your body ran hot as the word ‘doll' rolled off his tongue. 

  "So have I,” You retorted with a giggle, bringing the soldier’s attention back to you. He looked at you as if telling you to go on. “You can’t be all goody-goody when working for S.H.E.I.L.D. I was raised as an agent, used basically as a weapon. Wasn’t until Nat and Clint met me that I was shown what a real family was and then I was introduced to everyone else and the story continues.” You explained shortly, Bucky simply stared at you not knowing how to explain that he understood you. He understood what you had been through. The two of you continued talking, making your way to the couch, with the box of cookies. The two of you continued to talk, about your lives, you both shared stories you had of Steve, you filled him in on the drama going on with Steve and his non-existent love life. The hours slowly slipped by, but the two of you never noticed. 

  "Wait, wait, wait, hold on, so you’re telling me, you technically died?“ You laughed, as you sat on your knees facing him. 

  "Yeah basically, but it just didn’t stick.” He chuckled laying his head in his hand. He had his body turned ever so slightly, so he was leaning his right arm on the back of the couch. Both of you continued to talk and laugh before silence slowly overtook the two of you and simply sat watching tv. 

 You both watched the late-night shows, laughing at the stupid comedy, enjoying each other’s presence. The tense feeling that you had seemed to always have around Bucky, seemed to subside. All you felt now were butterflies, you liked being around him. Him just sitting with you seemed to calm your mind, giving you a little peace from your usually wandering mind.  

  "Hey, Bucky…do you ever feel guilty about the things you’ve had to do?“ You questioned, as sleep began to overtake you. His expression was a little contorted for a minute or two, as you patiently awaited his answer. 

  He wasn’t quite sure how to answer. There were many things he regretted, plenty of things that constantly flooded his consciousness. Though the many things that he regretted were things that had been out of his control, literally. He had been under HYDRA’s grip and had no way out. He was not himself. 

  "I’m basically a 100 years old, I don’t have time to feel guilty about things that have already happened. And neither do you, you just gotta learn to let things go.” He was set in his answer and proud of it. As he sat next to you, his arm had been dropped over the back of the couch. You had absentmindedly moved closer and closer to him during the night until finally the two of you were shoulder to armpit. His answer had you thinking, you agreed, but you didn’t know if you could forgive yourself for the things you’d done. As your mind wandered slightly, you slowly slipped into a peaceful sleep. Your head softly sliding onto Bucky’s shoulder, causing a small smile to play at his lips. 


  Since that night you had spent talking with Bucky, the two of you had made a habit out of meeting in the middle of the night. You liked to call it your 'midnight snack’, both Peter and Wanda immediately finding all the ways to make it into a dirty joke to get under your skin. Every night the two of you would sneak down to the living room, turn whatever late-night show was on, and just talk. Sometimes you talked about what you would do if you weren’t an Avenger, what Bucky would have done if he had never gone to war, asked about each other’s bucket lists, favorite movies, music tastes, books you’ve read, thoughts on other team members. The two of you could talk about anything and everything, you never got tired of one another. 

  The closer the two of you got, the more the team began to notice. Tony didn’t like it, Steve thought it was good that Bucky was finally coming out of his shell. With each day, Steve started to see more and more of pre-war Bucky. Most of the team saw it as nothing more than a friendly relationship, shrugging off the fact that you could possibly be harboring a school-girl crush on the man. Bucky had morals, there was no way that he would let your little crush turn into anything more…right? 

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