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#bruce banner appreciation

“Hey dad!”

The sound of little foot steps, the giggles of playing children. The house was always filled with noise, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

They grew up in fear. Hiding away from a man who should have been a father, watching paralyzed as that man hurt their mother. There was no noise, no joy, no comforting warmth to safely fall asleep too. They never wanted to be like that man. 

So to hear their kids so happily greet them, climb all over them, and excitedly talking about their day?

It was beautiful. 

More Bros AU stuff! This time we have Bruce and David with all their kiddos! Skaar, Hiro-kala, and Lyra using their dad as a jungle gym. Then there’s Skylar (a fan kid), Morgan, Carmilla, and Victor chatting with their dad about how school was. 

💚REBLOGS make my day!!!💚
My Commissions are OPEN! 

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Not Alone…

That feel when your cousin/ pseudo-sister gets really injured and needs an emergency blood transfusion, but the only available blood is gamma irritated, and shes begging not to die, so you do the transfusion anyway, and she not only survives but mutates to be just like you and your brother, and besides a little trauma she’s perfectly okay and loving her new look

Have some fluff!

💚REBLOGS make my day!!!💚
My Commissions are OPEN!

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Bruce is an Avenger and he deserves better.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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Today’s Prompts are:

  • Protect
  • Storm

Remember we track the tag #Bruceweek, we reblog all posts we get tagged in and technically also submissions, but we recommend you post your content to your blog.

For general information about this event click here

For the whole prompt list look here.

Find our Ao3 Collection here.

A reminder that you don’t have to fill both prompts (though of course, you are welcome to), the prompts are here to help inspire you!

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tony giving hulk a valentine?

(this was sent for valentine’s 2019, kill me pls)

“Hey, Big Guy!”

Hulk looked around, making sure there was no fight to smash and protect puny humans, but they were in Hulk’s room instead.

Tony wasn’t wearing his metal man, and he was shouting, not next to Hulk like he normally was but hiding next to the door.

“Tony hiding?”

“I’m not hiding, Big Guy! I just have a surprise for you, and I didn’t want you to see it just yet. It’s big though. So it’s behind the door.”

“Big like Hulk.”

Tony laughed. Hulk liked it when Tony laughed.

“Not as big. So I don’t know if you know, Big Guy, but today is Valentine’s day! And that means a day that’s all about celebrating love and giving gifts to those you love.”

Hulk frowned, thinking about the words.

“Hulk love Tony. Hulk have no gift.”

Tony laughed again but Hulk knew it wasn’t at him.

“It’s okay, Big Guy. I have a gift for you though.”

Then the door finally opened and Tony dragged a huge (for Tony) pink teddy bear in. Hulk watched it with excitement.

“For Hulk?”

“Yes, for you, buddy!”

Hulk gently craddled the teddy bear and scooped Tony with another, hugging him.

“Thank. Hulk love Tony.”

Later that day, after Hulk left Bruce to celebrate the rest of the day with Tony, Bruce sneaked into the kitchen, his hand behind his back. He gave his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek, eyes sparkling with happy mischievousness.

“I got something for you.”

Tony raised a curious eyebrow.

“Oh, really? I thought we already exchanged gifts in the morning.”

Bruce laughed and revealed what he was holding.

“Well, we did. But the Big Guy asked me to help me with something. Happy Valentine’s Day, Tony. From my other other half.”

Tony looked at the tiny green teddy bear, not sure if he should laugh from joy or cry (also from joy), so in the end he just buried his head in Bruce’s neck, hugging him tightly.

“I love you both, you nerds.”

Bruce laughed.

“And we both love you.”

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In September 2018, We started the first Bruce Banner Appreciation Week and we had such a blast. March 2019 was round two. Now it’s time for Round three and we are back with a new event full of love for Bruce!

Once again, the focus for Bruceweek really should be on Bruce and less on Hulk. In order to make sure everyone who loves Bruce can enjoy the content you create, please keep it free of content that is clearly about a romantic relationship. All friendships are very welcome! (If you are unsure about this please ask us.)

We will give two prompts a day, so you can choose yourself which prompt(s) you want to use.


  • April 13th - April 19th 2020


  • fanart
  • fanfiction
  • mood boards
  • edits
  • gif sets
  • meta
  • every content you created yourself
  • all universe versions of Bruce


  • all kind of “dark” themes are allowed as long as they are tagged appropriately
  • no content that involves a romantic relationship
  • stories focusing on the friendship between ships is fine


Monday (April 13): Protect, Storm

Tuesday (April 14): Trial, Comfort

Wednesday (April 15): Wings, Shadow

Thursday (April 16): Truth, Flowers & Stars

Friday (April 17): Longing & Change

Saturday (April 18): Mystery, Mistakes

Sunday (April 19): Fairytale, Rise & Risk

We’ll give you two prompts per day but you don’t have to use both of them in your content (Though you are definitely welcome too, for an extra challenge!) Feel free to match up newer prompts with older ones as well if you’d like.

The prompts are here for inspiration. You don’t have to use them if you have other ideas, we will happily accept any gen/friendship Bruce content for this event.

If you have questions, please ask away ~

Official Tag will be #bruceweek

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I can’t believe I didn’t write anything for Bruce’s birthday, I’m horrible TvT

Happy birthday, my baby 💜💚

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