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lesbian-deadpool · 17 hours ago
Bruce: You’re so bad at math, Natasha.
Natasha: I went to public school in Ohio. They told us dinosaurs went extinct because an asteroid turned them all gay.
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p---ink · 3 months ago
“What’s Gotten Into You?”
Author’s Note: Hi :) It’s been a while. I feel like I say that in every author’s note. Work has been draining, yada yada yada, writer’s block, blahj blahj blahj, please. You guys know the routine. Now this request is long over due. @blowmymbackout requested it ageeesss ago. I’m just happy to find inspiration just before her birthday. Anyway, happy birthday love! I really hope you enjoy this one.
Summary: Bruce is pleasantly surprised when he finds out you’ve taken a sexual enhancement.
Warning: Smut, language, you know the deal. Minors DNI (do not interact)
Word Count: 3.5k
Song: Lights On by Fka Twigs. There’s no specific reason I chose this song, other than I thought the lyrics could be in Bruce’s perspective if you squint hard enough. It’s just a bop in my opinion, don’t think too much about it lol
Disclaimer: Pictures and dividers are not mine. Nor is the gif.
Tumblr media
Dr. Hubby: You know I don’t enjoy surprises. They stress me out.
You: Well you’ll enjoy this one, if you know what I mean ;)
Dr. Hubby: Just tell me what it is.
You: Just be here at 8 Bruce 😒
Maybe telling him you had a surprise wasn’t the best idea. You knew he’d be anxious about the thing all day. But all was well, because you didn’t plan on telling him what it was now.
Speaking of what it was, you rustled through the plastic bag that clung loosely around your wrist. It was solid black for what you imagined was for discretion since the contents weren’t so innocent.
The little pink box you pulled out was decorated with a fancy purple font and a tiny white cat, whose eyes were electric. Menacing the thing was, but the pink pussycat guaranteed pleasure.
“Take one hour before intercourse. Drink at least 16 ounces of water…” You mumbled, as you read the instructions aloud.
Not that you two needed the aid of the supplement, but after the promising reviews and not to mention your best friend swearing by it, you wanted to give it a try.
After all why wouldn’t you, after this comment you saw on their instagram page,
Littytitty420 commented My pussy had its own heartbeat shortly after I took this pill. My sheets were drenched, and I drained my partner of every bit of energy they could offer. The only bad thing I have to say is that it is crucial to drink plenty of water. Ignore that 16 ounces shit, you’ll need to hydrate consistently throughout the day. Trust me: it will save you the trouble of water breaks between your fuck sessions. So start chugging now, sis. Also WARNING: DO NOT take this pill if you are not prepared to fuck for your life. IT LASTED 68 HOURS FOR ME, and my partner was spent after two! So be warned, that bullet will not satisfy you, you’ll need a human sized bag of meat!
“I’m sold.” Was what you said, shortly before deciding to make the trip to your local adult toy shop.
If I were to ask you to describe your sex life with Dr. Banner in one word, you would say “relaxed” in a heartbeat.
Banner took his time with you. And for good reason too. It took a lot of convincing on your part, for him to even consider the act of sex. But with a lot of time, patience, communication and trust, you two eventually made love. A lot.
With perfection comes practice, you always said. Suffice to say, you two practiced a lot. Every time you “practiced” you took it a step further than the last. And now, you were convinced that tonight was the one that you had spent all this time practicing for.
You had a detailed agenda for the evening:
7:25 Take Pill
7:30 Prepare Dinner
8:00 Eat Dinner
8:25 Have Bruce eat me.
Dinner, quality time, and mind-blowing sex: that’s the plan, you thought to yourself.
But sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. For instance, Bruce arriving two hours ahead of schedule, was not a part of the plan.
“Damn it B! I told you eight o’clock!” You complained after he hurried inside of your door, placing hasty kisses on each of your cheeks, and one on your lips.
“What?” He whined, sporting that puppy dog look you always loved. “I was too excited to wait that long.”
How could you stay irritated at that? Still you whined back, “I haven’t even made dinner yet. I was gonna give you your surprise after that.”
“Aww muffin, let’s just make it together. You know I like helping you do that.” He replied, turning his back to you and fumbling with his phone as he paired his bluetooth to your speaker. Before long the familiar sound of his favorite Bossa nova playlist flooded your ears.
“No you like eating the ingredients, then complaining later because we never have enough sausage.” You say over the soft jazz.
“I can’t help that you never prepare enough! You have to take into account that your boyfriend is a very hungry man!” He expressed passionately.  You chuckled at how sincere he sounded. “I’m constantly eating for two, and I always tell you this. ‘I need more meat Y/N. Prepare six servings instead of’ two—”
He interrupted himself when you shot him a disapproving, but playful, glare.
“—Joking. Joking.” He finished, throwing up his hands in a defensive manner. Then he quickly added,  “Where do you want me Captain?” scurrying to the sink to wash his hands.
“Peel the damn potatoes Banner.”
“Anything you say, boss.” You heard him say, as you tucked the pink pussycat into your apron pocket, before slipping away to your bedroom.
Tumblr media
Another thing that was not a part of the plan, was the pill taking effect a full 30 minutes earlier than you thought it would.
You grossly underestimated the effects.
It didn’t help that you had engulfed a glassful of wine. Alcohol and a sexual enhancement was not a good mix.
What also didn’t help , was Banner taking it upon himself to give you a very intimate lesson in chopping veggies.
You felt his presence envelope yours. An earthy aroma mixed with lemon and ginger overwhelmed your senses as he pressed his front against your back. Placing his hand over yours and the knife, he guided your movements slowly.
“I read in an article once, that the way you cut an onion can impact the taste.” He told you, his whole body softly reverberating through yours and raising the hairs on your neck. “There’s an enzymatic reaction in them that produces the flavor. And the finer the slice, the more enhanced the taste. ”
Your reply to that was, “Fuck baby, I love it when you talk nerdy to me.”
Your breathy moan caused him to abruptly halt his actions, cough and stumble backwards. “I’m sorry what?” He asked you, eyeing you incredulously, an amused glimmer shining through his eyes. Had he heard you right?
You cleared your throat, trying to recompose yourself before you say, “It was just a joke. Haha. I’m so funny!” You awkwardly squawked, hoping you didn’t scare him too bad with your forthrightness
“Right.” He agreed, skeptical mug still painting his features. You didn’t joke like that. But he decided to let it go. You were so embarrassed that you tried to as well.
Good thing your embarrassment didn’t last long. Over the course of the meal, shamelessness took its place.
It was the little things. The everyday things that were innocent on any other occasion.
The way his teeth lightly grazed the prongs of his fork, made you jealous of the silverware. How you wanted him to tease your nipples the same way.
The jet black and gray fluffy strands of hair that shook when he spoke, would feel heavenly right about now if  they were tickling at your thighs.
It was sinful the way his long fingers encased the small utensils. You could just imagine them tangled in your hair or pulling at your hips as he pounded into you mercilessly.
His lips wrapping around his wine glass, had you whining in more ways than one. It was hard work trapping those whimpers in your throat. Hard work taming your ass from bucking forward in your seat.
“Mmm” Banner groaned (a little too erotically in your opinion), “Fantastic job as always! Dinner was delicious.” His compliment went ignored, as your focus was zeroed in on his chin.
He noticed of course and asked, “Is there something on my face?” Immediately letting his hand hover over the area.
“Yeah there’s a bit of sauce on your chin.” You softly answered.
“That’s embarrassing. I’m such a messy eater sometimes.” He shared. You could practically hear the drip from your panties that spilled onto the mahogany dining stool. It was caused by the innocent innuendo. But what was worse was his next action. He let his finger collect the substance, then his tongue darted out to clean the thick creamy mess. “Every drop counts right?”
“Do you have room for dessert?” You chimed. He had barely finished his sentence, but his ears perked up at the offer.
“Depends on what you have in mind?” Was what he replied.
Tongue now in cheek, impish grin and cloudy eyes overtaking his features, he leaned back in his chair and asked “Is that right?
“That’s right.”
“Why don’t you come a little closer then?”
And you didn’t need to be asked twice. Before you knew it, you had leapt out of your chair and  straddled yourself over his waist. The action almost tipped you both over,  but before he could say another word, your lips were over his.
You couldn’t decide if you wanted your hands in his hair or on his neck, but the decision to plant one on each came quickly.
And then you kind of ungracefully invaded his mouth with your tongue. “Mm. Slower baby.” Bruce pleaded between kisses.
“Sorry” You mumbled into his lips. Rocking your hips and lightly digging your nails into the sides of his neck, you went slower but as a consequence your actions became a bit more rough.
He pulled back a little before commenting, “That’s a little rough, angel.” when you bit his bottom lip a little too harshly. This time you didn’t reply, and instead decided to capture his neck between your teeth. Sucking and bruising the skin harshly, you pulled back to completely ruin one of his favorite shirts.
When you ripped it open, the clatter of little plastic buttons connecting with the floor rang through his ears, while going unnoticed by yours.
“Geez Y/N!” He all but hissed. “What’s gotten into you tonight?”
“I can tell you what I’d like to get into me. I can even tell you how to make it happen. You can start by taking those pants off.”
He had never seen you act like that before. To say it turned him on would be an understatement. He was no longer in control of his actions from this point forward.
He stood so quickly you felt dizzy, as he placed you on the edge of the table. He reconnected with your lips and firmly squeezed your breasts through your shirt. His kiss turned rougher. His touch was firmer, and he even let his thumbs scan your chest as they more than lightly grazed your cloth-covered nipples.
And though Bruce was now on board with your eagerness, he still couldn’t quite match your enthusiasm. You threaded your fingers through the bottom patch of hair on his neck, and let his happy trail guide your other hand to the button of his jeans.
Bruce mirrored your action, letting his hand slip under your dress, then panties at the same time that you released him from his jeans.
You swallowed his groans as your wrist repeated its slow up and down motion on his shaft. He swallowed yours as his fingers massaged your swollen clit.
“How are you already so wet?” He groaned to no avail, because you were too busy fucking yourself on his fingers to answer any question he could think of.
Seeing you so vulnerable yet so shameless as you took your own pleasure, sent welcome shudders down his spine. The combination of you undulating your hips up and down to meet his fingers, whilst you massaged his dick had him slightly leaking onto your hand.
Not yet, he thought. He still had to taste you. Still have to feel you around me, before I cum.
Keeping one hand connected to your heat, Bruce gently pushed you back, so your body could lie flat on the surface of the table. Then he hiked your dress around your stomach, removed your panties, and took a seat. He needed to: he made up his mind that he wanted to be here for a while.  Then he pulled your body closer to the edge, wrapped your thighs around his neck and buried his face into your sex.
He relished the burn he felt in his scalp as you pulled and tugged at his hair. Took delight at the lack of breath from your thighs closing in on him. Felt proud of the deafening wails you let out as you vibrated against his face.
Stiffening and relaxing his tongue in a repetitive cycle, was how he had you convulsing around the muscle. His fingers were both delicate and determined, as they moved in and out of your weeping hole.
Don’t get me wrong, Bruce never had trouble in the orgasm delivery division, but never had he experienced such an intense display of pleasure. I mean you were shaking long after you had cum. Not that he was complaining. He was curious, but uncomplaining.
“Ready for more?” He asked after a second (and I mean a second) of letting you calm down.
“Yes, please.” You relayed, but he had already begun the process of lifting your legs. With one ankle hooked over his shoulder, and the other dangling behind his waist, Bruce was able to sink deep into you; a sigh of pleasure escaping you both, as your body welcomed him with its warm hug.
“Fuck, baby” He groaned after one excruciatingly slow thrust. “What did you do?” But he didn’t really need to know the answer now. Not as if you were in the right mind to give it to him anyway. Not as if he was in the right mind to comprehend it. He was too busy focusing on the soft jilt of your tits as his sharp thrusts sent your body up and down the table. Too busy focused on the impossibly wet, impossibly warm feel of you. Entirely too busy concentrating on  the sound of your moans mixed with the lewd sticky wetness that rang through his ears when he slowly inserted himself in and out of you.
One, two, no three strokes later, and your hot juices are already washing over him. Your tight pussy already growing tighter. “Shit!” he all but yells, when he too almost cums right then and there.
Pulling out completely he wasted no time in helping you to your feet. “Bedroom now. And this,” his gruff voice spoke lowly, in reference to your scantily clad dress, “this better be off when I get there.”
Your wobbly legs almost gave way when he released you. It was part due to your recent activities, and part due to the tone of his voice. Mostly due to the look in his eyes that you had never seen until now.
Still you did as he said, rushing, ungracefully might I add, to your bedroom.
You pulled your dress over your head, followed with your bra, and you had it mostly off by the time you felt his presence at your bedroom’s entrance.
“So this is what I can give my blame to.” You turned to see what he was going on about, when you saw him holding the same little pink package you held not an hour earlier.
He was silent as he read the carton. Silently brooding.  “Bruce—”
“Hands and knees, Y/N. And don’t make me repeat it.”
Is he upset? You thought, but still you climbed onto the bed. Much too turned on to worry. What have you gotten yourself into?
You heard the whipping of his shirt as he pulled it off, followed by the rustling of his pants as they too fell to the floor. Then you felt the bed depress as he climbed on behind you.
“How do you want me to fuck you?” He asked. He lined himself up at your entrance, and gripped your hips as he awaited your answer.
He never said the word fuck when he referred to sex with you. Partly because he never fucked you. Nevertheless you softly answered, “Hard.” To which he replied,
“Tap out if you need me to stop.”
“I won’t want you to.”
“I sure hope not.”
And then the only coherent word you could form after, is the strangled yes that escaped your throat just after he rammed his dick into you.
It’s hard to keep your balance with the way he’s abusing your cunt. Your nails are clenching at the sheets, in a similar fashion to the way Bruce’s nails are digging into your skin. The sting it produces would be painful on any other day, but now it only riled you up. Suffice to say your pain and pleasure receptors were blurred and royally fucked up right now.
You began whimpering his name, and throwing your hand back in what he thought was to lessen the impact of his blows.
“Isn’t this what you wanted?” He grunted, staggering in his pace but snaking an arm around to roughly massage your chest.
“No, fuck me harder!” You screamed, the words leaving your mouth quicker than you can think about the consequences.
And though his voice (now much, much deeper than normal) warned, “You’re playing with fire, Y/N.” He gave you what you asked for.
Quicker sharper thrusts in and out of you made your arms collapse beneath you, as Banner set a brutal pace. And the new angle created by your arched back allowed him to sink deeper, and deeper into you.
“This feels so fucking good!” You cried into the sheets. And before long, you felt that familiar coil in the pit of your stomach threaten to snap as pleasure washed over you. “Don’t stop, baby!”
And he didn’t. No he didn’t even let up. Didn’t even falter, when your whines turned into screams. It was the same blend of merciless yet accurate strokes, even when your pussy began contracting around him again.
No, the milky glaze you left around his dick allowed him to slip in and out of you even quicker.
And though your body was sore and spent, it was far from satisfied. You moaned, and cried his name, lazily  trying (and failing) to push yourself back onto him to meet his hips with yours. But you stopped when you caught a glimpse of his hand as it fell beside yours.
His normally olive-toned fingers slowly began turning a shade of green. But before you could tap out, his pace staggered as he spilled his cum into you, letting out an almost animalistic groan.
He bought his hand back to your waist, and glued his hips to yours, forcing all of his cum into you. He slowly rocked his hips into you as waves of pleasure rippled off of him and into you, while he rode out his high, shamelessly moaning and whimpering just as you did earlier.
“Bruce?” you hesitantly called, “Baby you still with me?” but he didn’t answer. Instead after a few moments of hearing nothing but his steady breathing, you felt his lips on your spine, as he planted kisses down your back. His warm breath, and sweaty forehead lingered at the base, as he continued trying to catch his breath.
And though you were relieved, his lingering kisses on your spine had you wet all over again.
Tumblr media
“You wanna tell me what the hell you were thinking?” He hissed through gritted teeth, as he laid down to get a better look at you. His eyes were hooded from exhaustion.
“About what?” You innocently asked, through a labored pant, a little too focused on other things to think about what he could mean.
“Geez, I don’t know. Maybe when you decided to take,—fuck,” He moaned out, before finishing his thought with, “a sexual enhancement.”
You smirked down at him, as you swayed your hips back and forth onto his dick. “You think it was a bad idea?”
“I didn’t say that” He retorted quickly, grabbing your hips to match your movements with his, as he rolled himself up into you. “I’m just saying…” He started slowly, a little too focused on other things to organize his thoughts, “Maybe you could give a guy a heads up next time.”
And as you took in his words, and took in him, you found yourself cumming again before you could ask, Where’s the fun in that?
Grinding down onto him slowly, you rode out your climax, with the aid of him fucking you threw it.  A sweaty, shaky mess you were, (your body not exactly equipped to lose so much water, on top of the strenuous activities) as you came undone on him, for what had to be the...well you don't know, you lost count.
Your body was hot to the touch and your throat was sore from all the moaning. So was your jaw, and even your mouth was dry from having it open for so long. Simply put, you were fucked out, and were finally ready to give it a rest.
As you laid down beside him, he draped his arm around your limp body, pulling you closer to him as he held you tight. The feeling of him was nice. His scent, much like it was earlier, was intoxicating. And he was warm and soft. The heat of his body just about coaxed you to sleep. But,
“Oh no, angel. We’re not doing this again.” He protested, when he felt your lips on his skin.
And then you chuckled when you recalled, “That’s what you said last time” before dragging your body on top of his.
A:N// Hi babes, tell me what you guys think :)
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lowkeyerror · 18 days ago
Y/n: I have an announcement to make
Tony: Oh god
Steve: What is it now?
Y/n: I've been keeping a secret from you all for a long time and I think it's time thats I've come clean.
Wanda: Whatever it is can't be that bad
Natasha: We still love you no matter what
Thor: As long as you don't like murder children or something of that sort
Clint: Would you shut the fuck up god of blunder?
Thor: I could smite you in your spot
Clint: You want to dance Fabio?
Thor: I do not even know who that is
Bruce: Would you both be quiet please
Clint and Thor: Shut up Banner
Y/n: ENOUGH... I um ilikecandycorn
Natasha: What?
Tony: One more time time kid
Y/n: Ilikecandycorn
Wanda: Would slow down just a bit
Y/n: I-
Peter Parker: Oh hey guys, what are we having a meeting? Why wasn't I invited? Is it because of-
Thor: Sssssh puny spider, Y/n is trying to tell us-
Tony: That's the announcement?
Y/n: Yes
Natasha: She gets this from you Tony
Tony: I know
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moonlit-imagines · 4 months ago
Is That What You Wanted?
Avengers x teen!reader
warnings: death!! guns, blood, alcohol ment
a/n: this is not good lmao
prompt: anonymous: “Hello! I was wondering if you could write an avengers one shot where the reader is an avenger and is pretty young (maybe peters age) and the other avengers dislike her because they think their “useless”, and then one a mission the reader ends up passing away, and then the other avengers feel really guilty? Ik this is pretty and if you can’t write it then that’s 100% fine! 💕💕”
It Was Never What I Wanted (Sequel)
Tumblr media
The Avengers didn’t have you for long, but for the time that they did, they did not like you at all. You were young, which was already a bogey. All you heard Tony go on about was “child labor laws and endangerment” and how he “didn’t want to go to prison because of you.” Apparently the whole team was on thin ice because of you, and for what? Your powers were mediocre, you simply controlled the air.
Truthfully, you weren’t using your powers to the fullest. It was a bad idea, they scared you. You’ve hurt people in the past, so now you were destined to be a walking air conditioner and a severe burden. And seriously, you’ve been used as an A/C unit before. Missions in this climate could get very warm very fast.
“I bet you all feel lucky to have me right now.” You chuckled while circulating air through the armored vehicle taking you to your final destination—the most risky fight of your life. There was a vast desert surrounding you and your fellow teammates and god, were you bored…
No one answered your little comment, either. Not even a chuckle or a sly remark. It truly made you feel as useless as they had seen you, and you wondered why they even kept you around. Maybe they saw potential in you and were just using tough love, or maybe Cap didn’t want you to feel such a harsh rejection, or maybe the team just needed you as a loyal errand kid.
You actually stopped the breeze inside and waited for someone to notice, and it wasn’t long before someone spoke up.
“Hey, what’d you do to the air, y/n?!” Clint snapped at you and the whole group began to stare holes right through you.
“I—I just got a little tired. I can start it up again.” You sighed and began to use your powers once more.
“I don’t even know why we keep you around at this point.” He propped his feet up on the seat in front of him and you stared at him in disgust. “Do you need something?”
“Yeah, I need to get out of here. Christ’s sake.” You muttered before standing up and opening the back doors of the moving vehicle.
“Y/N, sit back down, right now.” Nat commanded, but you hopped right out and began to fly overhead, using your wind to slam the doors behind you.
“You guys should really be nicer to them. They’re just a kid.” Bruce chimed in without looking up from his book.
“The enemy doesn’t care if they’re just a kid, Banner.” Clint told him. “Besides, if they can’t use their powers to ventilate this thing, how are they gonna use them to fight?”
“Y/N’s more than just their powers.” Bruce closed his book and set it aside.
“Well, y/n isn’t a scientist with seven Ph.D.’s now, are they?” Nat smirked back at him and watched him roll his eyes.
“Not what I meant.”
Meanwhile, you flew ahead with Tony and Thor, who were surveying the upcoming area for threats before the team reached their destination.
“What the hell did I tell you, y/n? I said ‘stay in the truck.’ Jesus, you never listen, do you?” Tony started to argue with you immediately. “I mean, we told you it was dangerous out here. Thor and me are allowed out here because I have this armor and he’s a god. What do you have? A little bit of wind?”
“Stark, it isn’t that big of a deal. Y/N is apart of this team, are they not? And if you want to get rid of them so bad, why not let them go on the dangerous mission?” Thor explained, making your eyebrows raise at his boldness.
“Because, genius, I don’t want to go to prison on a child neglect charge. What is so hard to understand about that?” They bickered back and forth as you all flew forward, but they stopped paying attention, which would be blamed on you in the moments to come.
“Guys, we’re coming up on something.” You told them as a base came into sight, the one that you’d been searching for all day. It wasn’t long before they spotted you, either. Or before they launched missiles in your direction. Tony and Thor hadn’t exactly been paying attention enough to do something, so you acted fast to create a gust of wind so powerful it acted as a tornado and spun and launched the missiles back to where they came from. “Can you two get serious now?”
“That was lucky, y/n. Real lucky.” Tony rudely replied to you and boosted his suit to win the “race” to the base. You landed on the vehicle that some of your team was on in order to protect it from any more heavy fire. The rest of them would be on the other transport just a couple hundred meters back. Luckily, they wouldn’t be the target thanks to the heavy-duty fliers in the field.
“Are you guys ready?” You poked your head into the cabin after opening the door a bit.
“Stop getting distracted, y/n. We’re fine.” Nat waved you away and began to adjust all her gadgets for the fight.
“Just trying to help. You guys are kind of the worst.” You laughed and slammed the door shut before flying to the second car and asking the same question.
“Yes, y/n. We’re fine. Why don’t you go ahead and do some work for once.” Sam shot back to you while powering up his wings.
“We’ll be there soon.” Steve added. You just sighed and flew ahead to join in on the action. It was already loud up there, but what did you expect from the God of Thunder and flashy rich boy?
“Need any help?” You asked while swooping onto the scene.
“From you? Not really.” He flew past you and blew up a defense tower. You were getting really sick of this, but you were also scared to prove yourself. Using your powers the wrong way could have some really awful consequences. Suffocation, trauma to the body, catastrophic destruction, and even (un)natural disasters. Was it really worth the risk?
As the rest of the team arrived, all hell broke loose. It was a trap, they were expecting you, and now you were all in the same place, completely surrounded.
“I need you guys to cover your faces. I’m talking eyes, mouth, nose.” You warned them without explanation. “Or hide on my mark.” They all stared at you like you were crazy. “Sam, Thor, Tony! On the ground, now!”
“We don’t take orders from you, kid.” Sam stayed in the sky as you enacted your plan. A sandstorm that would be sure to cause unrest. It wasn’t long before grains of sand overwhelmed everyone on the base, a good enough distraction to save your team. While the enemy braced themselves for your power, the Avengers evacuated to the transports without you, waiting for you to finish up.
“Y/N, get out of there, that’s an order!” Steve shouted to you as you eased up on the storm. The team was surprised to say the least. You’d never used your powers to such an extent before, but you did it for them. Only, it’d been so long since you’d even attempted such power, you were to weak to go on.
“Someone needs to get them.” Bruce told the team, but no one volunteered. “Seriously, any day now!” While they argued about who would go back into the settling sandstorm, you hobbled onto your feet and slowly, weakly walked to your transport in a daze, then noticed a red light shining across your torso. You didn’t even have time to react before realizing what it was before a bullet flew through you. The bang of the gunshot startled the rest of the team and you watched all of their heads swivel to you as you stood alone, gripping your stomach.
“Guys?” Sam asked in disbelief before seeing a dark red stain grow more prominent on your suit. You dropped to your knees and onto the ground just seconds later and the whole lot came running for you as Sam and redwing analyzed the trajectory and found the shooter, ending him without another thought.
“Y/N? Hey, eyes open, alright?” Nat snapped her fingers at you and watched them flutter open. “Good, that’s good.”
“There’s no way I’ll make it through this one, you know it.” You chuckled out of fear and groaned as Nat flipped you over to plug the entry wound with something from the first aid kit, then laid you down again and pressed on the exit wound. Tony landed beside you and exited his armor.
“Come on, kid. You gotta pull through. I can’t go to jail.” He sort of begged while Bruce checked your pulse.
“Not now, Tony. Just don’t.” Cap sternly told him while Sam worked to call the Quinjet.
“Quinjet is en route, should be here in five.” Sam told you all and you knew you wouldn’t even make it that long.
“It’s fine. I did my job. Went out a hero, I guess.” You quietly spoke to the group as Bruce offered you some water. “Thanks…anyways, I saved all of your asses despite your constant mocking and mean comments. Who knows where you would be right now if it weren’t for me.”
“We’re lucky to have you, y/n.” Steve assured you as he placed his hand on yours.
“I hope so. And I hope you remember this. Forever.” You told him with a wavering voice.
“Y/N, you must save your strength.” Thor pointed out, but you’d rather get this over with.
“You can all be horrible people, you know? No wonder this team is so fucked. They abused a teenager until they needed them to sacrifice themselves. W-What—does that say…about you?” You took one last breath and went completely limp, sending the Avengers into peril. There was no saving you, no way to help at all, just watch your corpse lay still until they could bring you home.
The ride home was quiet. Natasha was still covered in blood on her hands, arms, and stomach. And she and Bruce sat with you the whole time. Steve stared from afar, wondering where it all went wrong. Sam sat beside him with tears in his eyes, already mourning a bit. Clint sat away from everyone, thinking about what could have happened if you weren’t there and how many lives would have been lost if not for you. Thor was thinking of what he could say about you, but kept it to himself. Tony was staring out the window while crying to himself, he got a kid killed and they didn’t even think twice about saving him. And he was going to have to answer to someone about this.
Once they arrived at HQ, your body was covered in a white cloth and transported inside via stretcher. Never had the Avengers felt shame quite like this. You were right, they were fucked if the life of a child was put on the line in order to save their skins.
“We need to talk.” Steve told them as they gathered their composure inside.
“I’d rather not.” Tony rubbed his temples and walked to the bar to grab a drink.
“Y/N was a good soldier and a valuable member of our team. We have to honor them in some way.” He explained to the still silent group that couldn’t be bothered any more. “They saved our lives, something we’ll never be able to repay or forget.”
“Oh, I won’t forget it.” Tony said before taking a long swig straight from the whiskey bottle. “No, I won’t forget their last words. The ones that’ll haunt me until it’s my time.”
taglist: @alwaysananglophile // @rorybutnotgilmore // @locke-writes // @sweetheartliz07 // @queen-destenie // @natasha-danvers // @lokihiddles // @frostedficrecs // @johnmurphyisqueer // @teenwaywardasgardian // @pappydaddy // @captainshazamerica // @freya-xo // @ravenmoore14 // @xuxinoir // @ofthedewthesunlight // @canarypoint // @zoeyserpentluck // @randomawesomeperson102 // @brutal-out-here // @wonderful-writer // @of-a-chaotic-mind // @groovyfluxie // @procrastinatingsapphictrash // @lxncelot // @swanimagines // @randomfandomimagine // @petersgroupie // @dindjarinsspouse // @werewolf-himbo // @lost-fantasy // @legolas-with-hearing-aids // @moobrvoobl-moobmoob-oobmpoobroom // @summersimmerus // @cipheress-to-k-pop // @blleuu //
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chokemewanda · 5 months ago
Okay bestie,
You have ruined me and now all I can think about is your Bruce fic 🙃
Can I please request a Bruce x reader where our favourite lab daddy nervously fucks the living daylights out of our reader on his desk. Maybe there’s a little threat of his turning green but that only eggs the reader in 🔥🔥🔥 god help me.
Tumblr media
Warnings: sex, swearing, dirty talk, daddy kink, oral sex (f!receiving), vaginal fingering, vaginal penetration, slight breeding kink,
Word count: 3298
This all started with a discussion on if Bruce could have sex, wether he would go green, how it would happen and it grew into whatever this is. All I can do is thank @msmarvelwrites for facilitating my thoughts about everyone’s favorite scientist 🥵
“Tony locked me out of his lab.” You complained, hoisting yourself up onto the table Bruce was currently using to examine samples of god knows what. “He says I can’t play while he’s away.”
“He’s afraid you’ll break something.” Bruce muttered, barely looking up from his work to entertain you. You frowned, nudging his ribs with your foot and pouted when he looked up. “Pay attention to me.”
“I’m trying to pay attention to my bacteria.” He caught hold of your ankle before you tried to kick him again, circling his fingers around your leg and just holding you in place.
“Oh I see how it is. You’ve got no love for me but your bacteria is important?” You ask, incredulous, giving a weak attempt to pull your leg free.
There was no real effort behind it because if Bruce wanted to keep you in place you would stay in place. He was stronger than you expected him to be when you first started dating.
Dating Bruce was a completely different experience than any of your ex’s. It had taken months of dropping very obvious hints and Tony giving Bruce a stern talking to before he eventually asked you out on a date.
You weren’t sure why you were so focused on him. He had plagued your mind ever since you first met him. Sure he was handsome, made your nighttime fantasies that much more exciting when you had a face to add to them.
But you were known for being hyper and borderline annoying on the best days and Bruce was the complete opposite. He was quiet, soft spoken and did his best to never draw attention to himself.
It worked. No one expected it to. But God did it work. It was exciting and new and he was amazing in every single way possible. You thanked your lucky stars every time he dropped you back home, leaning against the door after he left and giggling like a love sick loon.
He had been careful at first, careful with his touch, careful with his words and careful with his intentions. He hadn’t wanted to get his hopes up just to be let down again. You broke him fairly early in.
He had come over for a homemade meal, by homemade you meant putting the take out on plates rather than eating from the carton. It had made him laugh.
You had a glass of wine while he had coffee afterwards, curled up on your sofa and talking about your college days.
You had no idea how it ended with his head between your thighs, three fingers deep and two screaming orgasms. For a man who seemed shy and awkward, he had no qualms making you beg for your orgasms.
“You want to cum again, you gonna cream all over my fingers baby?” He had asked, almost taunting. You nodded, beyond words that weren’t blasphemous begging. “Gonna make a mess for daddy? Gonna show him how fucking good you are?”
With a long drawn out moan you had cum, shocked beyond all imagination at the title he had assigned himself. You had scrambled into his lap immediately after, grinding down on his still covered cock. “Gonna fuck me, daddy? Bet you want me wrapped around you and begging for it.”
“No.” He had said simply and you had frowned when he stilled your hips, holding you tight against him. “I’ve had my fun.”
“You didn’t even cum!” You argued, hands on his shoulders and a pout on your lips. “I got two orgasms and you got none.”
“I got the pleasure of seeing you scream my name. Seeing you spread out like that, more than enough for me.” He assured you and you narrowed your eyes, grinding your hips down deliberately.
“Your cock says different.” You told him petulantly.
“It’ll go away.” He told you, pushing your hair behind your ear and rubbing his thumb along your cheek gently, the softest expression on his face. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”
“It’ll go away when you fuck me.” You told him, a frown on your face when he stood up, letting you wrap your legs around his waist. “You’re really not going to fuck me?”
“No. I’m not going to fuck you. I can give you a third orgasm if you want but it won’t be on my dick.” He set you down on the bathroom counter and began drawing you a bath. “It’s a hard limit for me, baby.”
You had yet to see him orgasm. He told you he did, sometimes when even a cold shower wouldn’t release his frustration and he had to take himself in hand. He never did it around you though and you were like a naughty child when you found out.
So here you both were, almost eight months together and he still had yet to let you even get his underwear off. The only time he took his trousers off was to sleep and you were trying to be understanding. A hard limit was a hard limit.
And it’s not like you were going without. He was a god with his tongue and fingers, using more and more inventive ways to make you scream. A personal favorite for you both was when he put you across his knee and spanked you before making you cum on just one finger.
It was times like this when you were full of pent up energy and he asserted his strength over you that you wished he’d reconsider. Now would be the perfect time to blow him under the desk while he studied his stupid bacteria.
“You’re thinking so hard I can almost hear you.” He mumbled, squeezing your ankle gently. “What’s going on in your head?”
“Let me think a little louder, maybe I won’t have to tell you.” You sassed and he squeezed your ankle again, this time in warning. “Thinking about your dick.”
He smiled at the way you gave in, continuing to write with his free hand at what he could see in the microscope. “My dick is always thinking of you.”
“Let me see it. I won’t touch.” You promised, leaning towards him and batting your lashes. “I’ll be a good girl.”
“I highly doubt you’re capable of being a good girl.” He laughed, unbothered by your begging. “Especially not when Tony won’t let you work off your energy in the lab.”
“Just the tip?” You asked and he laughed, finally putting the pen down and sitting back in his chair. You had to shuffle down the table because he didn’t release your ankle.
“Not happening. I’ve got work to do. So why don’t we go get lunch and when we finish you can go home and I’ll come back here and work for the evening.” He suggested and you sighed, shuffling further down until you were in front of him. He released your ankle, standing up to push in between your legs.
“Can we get sushi?” You asked, a pout on your lips. He nodded gently, pressing a kiss to your bottom lip gently and circling his thumbs on your hips. “Good, I ordered it before I came in. It’ll be here soon.”
He chuckled again, kissing you softly and squeezing your hips. “So we’ll have lunch here and then you can-“
“Ride you until I have so many orgasms I can’t see.” You told him, nodding along with the words.
“Or I could put you over my knee and spank you?” He offered and you considered it, pulling a face before sighing.
“Are you a virgin?” You asked running your hands up and down his arms. “Cause I don’t mind showing you how it’s done.”
“I’m not.” He told you with a sigh, leaning into your hand when you trailed one up to his cheek.
“So you’ve fucked other women but you won’t fuck me, who you love dearly?” You asked, eyebrows furrowed.
“That is correct.” He was still smiling gently, which made you sigh. He knew you couldn’t be mad at him when he smiled at you like that.
“I get it. So you’re never going to fuck me.” You told him and he opened his mouth but you put your finger to his lip. “With your dick.”
“No. I don’t plan on it.” He told you honestly. He didn’t put an emphasis on his words or seem particularly bothered by what he said. You gave him the same energy back, a plain smile on your lips.
“And I plan on us being together for a long time. Maybe even the rest of our lives.” You told him and he nodded, eyes crinkling with his grin.
“As do I.” He agreed, thumbs still rubbing rhythmic circles in your hips. You ran your thumb over his cheek once more before frowning.
“So that would mean that the last man who put his dick in me was Scott Lang.” You frowned in thought before nodding. “Interesting.”
Bruce’s hands tightened suddenly on your hips, hard enough to leave bruises and he recoiled from your hands. “Scott Lang? When did you let Scott Lang fuck you?”
“Christmas. He was single, I was single at the bar during the party. He fucked me in a supply cupboard.” You told him like you were discussing your dinner choices. “He was big too. I suppose it was a good last fuck.”
“Scott Lang?” He repeated. “You let Scott Lang put his dick in you.”
“I didn’t let Scott Lang put his dick in me. I begged him to.” You explained and looked up when there was a knock on the door and found one of the receptionists with a food bag.
“Leave it and go.” Bruce growled without looking up. “Shut the door after you.”
There was the noise of a paper bag being placed from behind you but Bruce wouldn’t let you turn around. The door clicked shut quietly. “That was rude.”
“You begged Scott Lang to fuck you. You let him cum inside you?” He asked and you tapped his nose twice.
“Wouldn’t you like to know. It doesn’t matter if I did. He’ll be the last person to ever take me like that.” You sighed wistfully. “Sometimes there’s nothing like a good old fashioned fuck.”
“I can’t.” He sounded physically pained to admit it. His hands moved from his bruising grip on your hips to cup your cheeks. “I love you and there is nothing more in life I’d love to do than bend you over the desk and fuck my cum so deep into you that you leak for the rest of the day.”
“Then do it. I know you want to fuck me. Want you to, daddy. Want you to fill me up until I can’t physically hold any more of you.” You begged holding on to his wrists as he cupped your face. “I trust you.”
“I don’t trust him.” He whispered. “When I orgasm, it releases adrenaline. Sex itself releases adrenaline. When it’s focused on you I can control it, reduce the excitement. I start going green when it’s just my hand. I don’t know what will happen if I get to fuck you.”
“You fucked other people.” You argued.
“Before.” He shrugged. He leaned his forehead against yours and sighed deeply. “It was all before. I haven’t so much as touched anyone that wasn’t you since.”
“Fuck me.” You whispered shamelessly. “Trial run. If it doesn’t work I’ll stop asking.”
“Let me think about it.” He sighed, finally straightening up. You wrapped your legs around his waist so he couldn’t walk away and shook your head.
“If I let you think about it then it’s over before we begin. Fuck me here and now. Jarvis will lock the lab down. Tony has measures in place for the other guy and the medbay is one floor down if I need it.” You told him and he winced. “Which I won’t.”
“You don’t understand. If I hurt you then this relationship will fall apart. I won’t be able to forgive myself and if I lose you then I’ll fall apart.” He sighed. “You’re worth so much more than getting my dick wet.”
“Bruce. I promise you that if at any second I feel pain, if I feel you’re loosing control or if I even think you’re turning a solid green then I will get myself out and away from you.” You swore, hand resting over his heart. “I want you to feel as good as I do.”
“Baby.” He sighed, catching you hand over his heart and holding it tightly. You could see the hesitation in his eyes and you brought out the big guns.
“Don’t you want to fuck me, daddy? Don’t you want to bounce me on your cock, stuff me full of your cum?” You whimpered, looking up at him through your eyelashes.
“You don’t fight fair.” He groaned before kissing you, nipping at your lips and shoving his tongue past them to press against yours. You gasped and tightened your legs on his hips, arching against him. He kissed down your neck, sucking at the skin.
“Jarvis, lock the lab down.” You groaned and Bruce paused, sucking what you knew would be an impressive bruise onto your collarbone. “You gonna fuck me?”
“Like you’ve never been fucked before.” He promised and your whined, pulling your top off and reaching behind yourself to unhook your bra. He dragged his hands up to your chest, fingers and thumbs pinching at your nipples, rolling them while you groaned. “You’re so fucking desperate for me.”
“Tell me something I don’t know.” You arched into his touch and swore you saw stars when his mouth closed round one of your nipples. He ran his tongue over it, nipping gently with his teeth. “Banner, if you don’t get your pants off and quick then I’m gonna cry.”
“Let me get you ready first.” He unhooked your legs from around his waist and pulled you off the desk. He kissed you softly, inhaling shakily when he pulled away. “I don’t have a condom.”
“Don’t even fucking try it. I’m on birth control and I’m clean.” You promised him. “You’re not backing out on me now.”
“Turn around, bend over the edge of the table.” He ordered and you did as you were told, hissing as your bare chest pressed against the cool surface. He pushed your jeans down along with your underwear and knelt down to help you out of them.
He pressed a kiss to the back of your thigh, trailing kisses up over your ass cheeks and back down the other leg. “Sometimes I think you’ll drive me crazy just from how much I want to feel you clamp down on my cock while you cum.”
“Bruce.” You groaned as he dragged a finger up and down your slit before pressings finger into you. “Want you so bad.”
“I’m quite big. Gonna have to open you up baby. Gonna get you nice and relaxed for daddy’s cock.” His voice lacked his usual cocky tone and you looked over your shoulder in time to watch him swallow nervously.
He added a second finger, his free hand gripping your hip tight enough to bruise and you closed your eyes before sighing. “You gotta ease up on my hip.” You told him, pressing your hand over his. “Normally I wouldn’t mention it, it’s not even hurting that bad but I want you to trust that I know when to stop you.”
His hand relaxed under yours and he bent down, pressing a kiss to your spine and breathing out shakily. You groaned when his fingers brushed that spot inside of you that he never failed to find. Before him you thought that sweet spot was a myth, never having felt pleasure like what he gave you.
“Oh fuck, so good. Can’t imagine how much better your cock will be.” You whined, beginning to thrust back to meet his fingers. He added a third and you squeezed against him, whimpering and groaning at the intrusion. “Gonna fill me up, daddy?”
“Gonna stuff you.” He grunted and your heart began to pound when he lifted his hand from your hip, his belt buckle tinkling as he opened it. “Gonna ruin this tight little cunt for anyone else. Gonna make it so that no one will ever compare again.”
“Doesn’t matter. It’s yours to ruin. I don’t want anyone else.” You whine as he runs the tip of his cock along your slit before nudging against your hole. “Please, daddy.”
“Careful baby girl, take it slow.” His hands shook on your hips and he pushed in just barely, already stretching you. It seemed to take forever as he inched in slowly, his breathing erratic behind you. “You okay?”
“I’ve never been more okay in my life. I’m so fucking full.” You groaned as his hips pressed against your ass. He took a few breaths to steady himself and you denied every urge and impulse in your body to begin moving, waiting until he was ready. “I love you.”
You’d said it before, hundreds of times by now. He had said it first but it had never felt as raw as it was right now. You wanted to reassure him, offer him the promise of a forever when he was at his most vulnerable.
“Fuck.” He pulled out in one long slide before thrusting back in hard enough to make you moan. You looked down to his hands on your hips as he railed out and back into you again. His hands were still his, no sign of green anywhere. “You’re so fucking tight. Like a vice. Probably cut off circulation in my cock.”
“I wouldn’t dare. Might mean I never get it again.” You told him, arching back to meet his thrusts. “And now that I’ve had you I’m going to beg for this every day forever.”
“You’re way too coherent.” You had thought his pace was brutal. He surprised you by kicking it up a notch, fucking into you at a speed you could barely believe. The sounds of skin slapping skin and the noise of his cock in your slick pussy was so erotic you didn’t even get to warn Bruce before you were cumming, crying out desperately. You were a babbling mess as he continued to fuck you, one hand coming around to rub your clit harshly. “Another one.”
His hand had the lightest hue of green when you looked down and you swallowed convulsively but said nothing, watching to make sure the shade didn’t deepen. You were a babbling mess, unable to string a sentence together.
“Gonna fill you up baby. Gonna pump you so full of my cum that it will run out of you. Want to see it make a mess down your thighs.” Nervous Bruce was gone. This was Daddy Bruce, pleasure was his only goal right now.
“Do it. Make a mess, mark me up and own me, daddy.” You groaned and then gasped when he clenched your hip. The color in his fingers didn’t deepen but you were sure he was growing, his cock widening your hole impossibly. He was getting bigger and you could feel the stretch.
The thought had you falling over the edge. Your second orgasm hit you like a train, almost passing out. You were aware enough to feel the hot spurts from Bruce as he came. He pressed against your back, breathing erratically. He clenched a fist by your face and you watched the color recede from his hands.
“Oh fuck.” He whispered against your back.
“I hope Tony locks me out of his lab more often.” You laughed quietly.
“Let’s not talk about Tony while I’m inside you.”
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ssadumba55 · 6 months ago
Marvel Characters Comforting You (Headcanons)
A/n: I felt like making some headcanons with some of my favourite Marvel characters because no one's requested Marvel recently haha. This is my account I do what I want. These are just general headcanons btw they don't really tie into movie plots or show plots, the gifs I used are all over the place. Enjoy!
Tony Stark
Tumblr media
Tony will definitely be aware of when you're feeling down, mostly because you shut down and he knows what shutting down is like
Will ask if you're okay
When you don't respond, he will sit beside you
He won't say anything or hug you, just let you know that he's there if you do need him
Eventually you will lean into him and he'll wrap an arm around you
The two of you may sit there for hours or minutes, but it doesn't matter
You just appreciate being in his presence
Bruce Banner
Tumblr media
Bruce is a lot like Tony, he'll notice you're down before you even have to tell him
He'll make you something to drink/eat, because when you get upset you tend to stop self caring as much
Will try to cheer you up by telling you about Tony's lab antics
Will talk it out with you if you want to
If not, will distract you
Clint Barton
Tumblr media
Clint won't notice at first, but once he does he will be by your side until he deems you okay enough to not need him
Will take your phone so you don't have to deal with stressful notifications
Cuddles! He will cuddle you.
Might even give you an inspirational pep talk
He's a cheery guy, so just being around him will cheer you up a lot
Scott Lang
Tumblr media
Like Clint, he's just a cheery guy so just being around him will be enough to cheer you up
Will take you out to spend time with him and Cassie
Cassie herself will also cheer you up a lot
Ice cream!!!!
Cuddles and pillow forts!
He will tell you dumb jokes to make you smile
Tumblr media
Vision doesn't understand human emotions all too well
But he will definitely want to cheer you up
He will search his databases on ways to cheer you up
Does cliche things to cheer you up
Watches movies
Makes you food (but it turns out bad because he can't eat it)
Peter Quill
Tumblr media
He will listen to music with you
Definitely drag you up to dance with him when he realizes you're still upset
He will act more like a dumbass on purpose (if that's possible), just to see you smile
Let you drive the ship and go anywhere you want
Rocket: Why does Y/n get to drive the ship? None of us get to
"They're upset, Rocket. Cut them some slack?"
Tumblr media
Because of her empathic abilities will know immediately
She will use her abilities to cheer you up
The two of you will just sit and talk, about anything and nothing at the same time
More cuddles!!!
She will ask the other Guardians for advice on ways to cheer you up
And use their ideas
Which will cheer you up because they will all turn out horribly
Ava Starr
Tumblr media
She won't really know how to cheer you up
She doesn't have a lot of people in her life who she cares about and who cares about her so she won't entirely know how to cheer you up
But she knows what cheers her up!
So she'll try and tell you jokes
Hugs, she won't be a full on cuddler but she will definitely hug you
She'll do whatever you want her to do, watch a tv show, make you food, whatever you want
James 'Bucky' Barnes
Tumblr media
Okay, this man has been through a lot
Which means he'll definitely provide you with the best comfort to suit your needs
He won't pry
May stick magnets to his arm just to get a smile out of you
Will definitely do whatever you want
He's not a huge cuddler, but if that's what you want he'll do it
He just wants to see you smile
Wanda Maximoff
Tumblr media
Like Bucky, she's also been through a lot and will also be really good at comforting
Sitcoms and snacks?
She won't pry if you don't want her to, but she'll definitely let you know it's better to get it off your chest
Might have a little bit of fun with her magic, just to cheer you up
Constant reminders that you're not alone
She will hug you if you start crying
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serendipityrogers · 2 months ago
do you mind? || b. banner
summary: late nights in the lab with bruce
word count: 1095 (short & sweet)
pairing: bruce banner x female!reader
warning: none! just a little kissing
an: i saw a tiktok that inspired me and this is what i came up with :) sorry it’s short, something to hold you guys over.
@belouva tagging you because you replied to my post about writing for bruce <3
Tumblr media
You were sick of crying.
The only sound that could be heard on your level of the Avengers Compound, was the occasional thunder rumble and your sniffling. You could feel the tears staining your cheeks, dripping onto the fabric of your pillow. Without even seeing it, you could tell your eyes were puffy, red, and irritated. You felt like you had been crying for a week straight, but it was realistically only a few hours.
Steve had knocked on your door a couple hours ago, asking if you wanted anything for dinner. You were able to create a facade for a few moments, but he wasn’t stupid, and he had ears so, he knew. And when you rejected, he set a bowl of warm soup outside your door anyway. After taking a few bites, you discarded it on your desk. You were just in a funk, unable to place what was making you so sad. It felt like a multitude of things, so you couldn’t pinpoint it exactly, which became overwhelming, so here you were.
Crying into your pillow, at midnight, desperately trying to find something that would distract you. And almost like the universe was listening, a familiar name popped up on your phone, it was Bruce. You smiled at the small green heart you put next to his name. It was a simple text, but instantly lifted your spirits. “Need some company in my lab. Do you mind joining me?” Your body ached for sleep, but you could never turn down an offer from Bruce.
Wrapping your weak frame in a jacket, you began your trek down to the laboratories on the ground floor. The floors creaked, rain pounded against the large widows, and the walls shook from the thunder. The socks on your feet allowed any of your footsteps to be silenced, as you scooted past your other housemate’s rooms. The elevator's dinging sounded louder this deep into the night. When the walls turned from a deep grey to a blinding white, you knew you had reached your final destination.
“Hello?” You asked, peeking your head into the only lab with the lights still flicked on. “Oh, hey, you got my message.” Bruce glanced up at you, over his glasses, which sat comically low on the bridge of his nose. “I did.” You nodded, walking further into the room. “How did you know I was awake?” You asked, taking a seat in one of the stools. “Just a hunch.” He shrugged, looking back at the screen in front of him. And you proceeded to just watch him.
The button-up shirt you noticed him wearing earlier this morning, was undone about three buttons down. A five o’clock shadow decorated his tired features. His hair was more disheveled than normal, pushed mostly to his left. “Do you ever sleep?” You asked, breaking the silence. You propped your head up on your knees, which were pulled against your chest. “I’ve learned to function pretty with a small amount of it.” He confessed. “Everyone needs sleep.” You chuckled, noticing the growing bags under his eyes.
Whatever he was looking at on the screen disappeared, and popped up in the air closer towards the middle of the room. “I do all the bare necessities. I sleep, I eat, and I breathe.” He insisted, following the floating pictures. Bruce was a mystery man. He never talked much, only to Tony really. He kept to himself and only talked when spoken too. “Why did you ask me to come down here?” You asked, standing now, leaning against the cold lab table. “I was sick of being down here by myself, plus, I assume this would be better than crying up in your room, alone.”
You hadn’t been hiding your crying very well, you admit, but you hadn’t even considered that Bruce may have noticed. He didn’t seem like the observational type, but you had been wrong before. “Much better than crying alone in my room.” You muttered, walking to stand beside Bruce, trying to take in what he was looking at. When he noticed your look of confusion, he began to do what he did best, and began explaining. “I’m looking for a way to create an even better Super Soldier Serum…” He began, pulling the thin frames off his nose, and using them as his pointer.
“I’m going through the periodic table, seeing how the different elements affect vital organs, see which ones are usable and which ones are not.” A diagram of a human body filled your vision, and you watched as different areas began to blink red. “Right now, I’m looking at Selenium.” The arms of his glasses pointed towards the body, pointing towards the liver, kidneys, and heart. “So, what this shows me is that when the human body has too much Selenium, it can affect these vital organs…”
Another silence fell over the room. “Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?” He asked, and this caught you off guard. It was just so weird to hear Bruce be so personable, not that you didn’t like it, you loved it in fact. You stared at him, the edges of your lips turning upwards into a smile. Bruce’s face couldn’t help but do the same. And you weren’t sure if it was the lack of sleep or from your brain being fuzzy from crying, but you spoke before thinking.
“You could distract me.” Tension filled the room almost immediately. You finally noticed your closeness, you had turned to face him, and his arms were crossed over his chest, leaving little to no room between your bodies. His face seemed to turn a very soft shade of red, when your eyes flickered down to his lips. He hesitated for a moment, but other than that, he didn’t give it a second thought.
His lips were soft, especially compared to your chapped ones. God damn crying. Your hands landed on either side of face, desperate to pull his lips closer to yours. The stubble on his face was rough against your palms. Slowly, his hands snaked down to your hips, the calluses on his thumbs contrasted against the smooth skin exposed by the gap between your t-shirt and sleep shorts.
Reluctantly you pulled away. His forehead rested against yours, both of you using the moment to catch your breaths. When you met his gaze, all you could do was giggle a bit. “Please tell me you didn’t do that cause you were tired.” He chuckled, one of his calloused hands fluttering across the small of your back.
“As long as you tell me you didn’t just do that because you were sad.”
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youreobsessedwithmarvel · 3 months ago
And They Chose Him (Part 2)
☁️-Undecided/I don’t freaking know
⚡️🔥-Triggering Possible
Word Count:782
Warnings: None
I love Thor way to much
Part two for I Once Asked If It Was Between Me and Him, Who Would You Choose?
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Y/N nodded when no one answered her. “Thank you for letting me know that you care more about a kid you’ve known for a little over half a year than you do one that you helped raise.”
4 years later
Y/N ran across the street, attempting not to get hit, and entered the large building. She smiled at the lady who stood up and ran over to her when she walked in. “Miss. Y/N, we weren’t expecting you till later!”
“Oh I know, but I got awfully bored just sitting in my apartment so I decided to come early.”
“Of course ma’am. Being bored is never fun.”
She pressed the button for the elevator, “Anything that I must know before I head up Emma?”
“Um...Thor Odinson is up there and waiting for you.”
Y/N snapped her head to the small blonde, “What did you just say?”
“Uh...Thor Odinson is here for you.”
“Do you have any idea why?”
“No ma’am, I don’t. He refused to tell me and just said he’d wait in your office. You aren’t mad, are you? Because we tried everything we could to get him to leave, but he just wouldn’t listen.”
Out of all the things that came from being a former Avenger, her favorite had to be that none of them bothered her anymore. Hell, she hadn’t seen them since she left 4 years previous and now she was the the biggest entrepreneurs. Just second to Tony fucking Stark.
She walked into the elevator and turned back to face Emma, “No, I’m not mad. Well, not at any of you guys, I’m sure you tried your best. I was just planning on never seeing any of the Avengers again. Unless it was at an event, where I would expect to see them.” The doors shut as she finished and she leaned against the side of the elevator. She was already tired and she had only been in the building for 5 minutes.
As the doors slid open she slipped out of the elevator and walked down the hall, smiling to the people she saw down the hall. When she made it to the end of the hall, she placed her hand above the door handle, holding it there for a few moments before breathing out and opening it. When she opened it, immediately she was met by the back of the large Asgardian. 
She let in a shaky breath and closed the door, “Hey Thor.”
He turned around and gave her a large smile, “Lady Y/N! There you are! I have missed you so!” He walked over and hugged her, tightly. And oddly enough, all worry and fear washed away. When he pulled away, he kept his smile and walked over to a chair and sat down, “I am so proud of you.”
She sat next to him, instead of in front, “Why?”
“Because you did what I always wanted you to, you left. You made a name for yourself, away from the Avengers. And I am so proud of you for that.”
She smiled softly, “You have know idea how happy that makes me feel Thor.”
He nodded lightly, “Now, what do you usually do around here? And could you not do it and spend the day with me. I have not seen you in about 5 years now and I miss you my dear friend.”
“You want to spend time with me?”
“Of course! Why wouldn’t I?”
“I dunno, I figured that you would be infatuated with Peter Parker.”
“Stark’s kid? No, why would I be? He isn’t you.” He gasped, “Oh! Before I forget,” He reached into the bag that was next to his chair and pulled out a cloth and unwrapped it. Holding to her a handfull of small blackberry like berries. “I was able to bring you back some Svarte bringebær like I promised I would when I returned.”
She smiled at Thor, “Thank you.”
“Of course! Now, may we go and spend today together?”
She stood up, “I would love to. Let me just inform Emma and we will be on our way.”
He excitedly stood and grabbed the umbrella that she very well knew wasn’t actually an umbrella and the two went out.
By the end of the day, Y/N and Thor was smiling and laughing like idiots. When she asked him what he would have done, he told her that he would have always made time with her, no matter what. He called everyone a bunch of idiots for doing what they did to her.
And for the first time since she had left the Avengers, she felt happy. Truly happy as she had Thor on her side.
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bubbleteaimagines · 9 months ago
The Avengers and their reaction to Fanfiction
Avengers Headcanon
Tumblr media
Is very, genuinely concerned about the future of this country
Refuses to even read a word of it
When Peter tells him it exists, he doesn’t believe it at first
“Surely you’re joking, right Parker?”
Peter is not
Steve is deeply disturbed that there are over a million fics about him
He scrolled through one by accident and was traumatized
It was most definitely smut
Is deeply concerned too
Kinda just laughs it off though
Has only read one and will never do it again
She doesn’t really mind though
She likes the fact that people have different opinions on her other than being an assassin
Poor lil bruce
Y’all stress him OUT
He sweats every time someone mentions the word
“PLS why are these kids so nasty?”
Takes off his glasses and runs his hands through his hair stressfully
“Jesus, this is awful,”
Thor is amused
If anything, he’s deeply flattered really
“I am honored they’ve chosen me to fantasize about,”
He may not be strongest but he is the sexiest
“Aha, look at this. There’s over a million people that want the mighty Thor,”
Will definitely brag about it
He’s actually read a few and let me tell you-
He can’t even believe that many people fantasize about him
“Jesus Christ, how many Jarvis?”
“There are over two million fanfictions involving Iron Man, sir,”
He actually gets on multiple platforms to leave feedback
“First of all, I would never do that and second of all, YOU ARE TOO YOUNG! I AM IN MY FOURTIES HAVE YOU EVEN GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL YET?!”
Tony is done with y’all
Absolutely wants to die on the spot every time someone mentions it
“You know Peter Parker x Reader is the most popular category, right?”
“And how do you know that Ned?”
He blushes bright red at some of the things y’all write about him
“Jesus Christ I’ve never even done that before!”
“oH MY GOD,”
Is probably traumatized
Don’t even get me started
The amount of shit he’s seen involving the words ‘choking’ and ‘metal arm’ have kept him up most nights
Is so disappointed in the new generations
“I went to war to fight for THIS SHIT?”
Bucky is so done with y’all
He read ONE smut, just ONE, and it was enough to make him log off the internet forever
“Nope. nope. I’m sticking to newspapers from now on. There’s something seriously wrong with Gen Z,”
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sapphosvioletts · 3 months ago
Bruce Banner x Autistic Teen!reader
Tumblr media
Request: I was wondering if I could request a Bruce banner x autistic teen reader where him and the team are on a mission at a hydra base and the hulk finds her in a cell in a corner all scared and the hulk is protective of her. (she’s been there since she was 7 and now she’s 17) so when they get back to the base Bruce takes care of her to and basically throughout time he teaches her and science and everything else she missed out on. If you wanna add some more please do. I have a learning disability and it’s hard for me to explain things in detail. So let me know if this sounds confusing
Word count: 2,466
Warnings: slight description of overload
Note: Not every autistic person experiences autism the same. I'm autistic and I am writing from my perspective of how I personally experience autism, but not everyone feels the same as me or has the same perspective as I do.
My breath hitches as I hear a loud noise, my body freezing. My body starts to tremble and shake, my breathing picking up slightly. I hate loud noises, my sensory issues make them intolerable. Noises often tend to scare me more as well, always making me jump in shock.
Hydra has never been very accommodating of the fact I'm autistic, so it would be no surprise to me if they made the loud noise. But following the noise is yelling, which sounds panicked. The people who I have learned are associated with Hydra, are all yelling and some barking out orders.
My hands instinctively come up to cover my ears, trying to block out as much noise as possible. I'm sitting on the floor of my cell, tucked in the corner with my knees hugged tightly to my chest. I start rocking back and forth as I sob at the noise.
I hear other voices as well, ones that I don't think I've heard before. They sound much less panicked, but are still loud and demanding. The new set of voices only make me sob harder, stuffing my face between my legs and squishing my hands to my ears so hard I'm surprised my head didn't explode.
I hear loud stomping growing closer to my cell. It's far too loud to be a human, and I can't even rack my brain around what it could be. My brain already feels fuzzy enough, and with the panic and every single noise that I hear, my brain is just so overwhelmed.
I cower further into the corner when I hear one of the Hydra men yell "Get the girl!" I know he's referring to me, as I'm the only 'experiment' that they have right now. My cell door is slammed open, the metal bars banging loudly against the wal.
The man runs in and harshly grabs my arm, his grip bruising. He roughly pulls me up, while all I can do is just cry. Everything it's just too much, and my body can't even react anymore.
Suddenly the man is ripped away from me and thrown across the cell, hitting the wall and sliding down, completely knocked out. The first thing I notice through blurry vision from my tears, is a large shadow over me. I look up, trembling with fear.
I find a large, green man standing just outside of my cell. He's huge, his hand is probably the size of half my body. I slowly start to back up into the wall, terrified of the man in front of me. He's too big to even fit in my cell, he pulled the man off by only reaching his arm in.
The man's attention is pulled away when another Hydra scientist tries to pass him to come into my cell. He easily picks them up by their shirt and slams them into the ground before tossing them away.
"No one hurts girl" he growls. He huffs before turning back to me. His cold, hard demeanor turns soft and gentle once his eyes meet mine. Even though he is huge, he seems slightly less intimidating.
I gulp nervously and press my back against the wall of the cell. He sits down outside of my cell, since he can't fit inside. He pulls something out of his pocket, which I soon notice is a rock. It looks so small in his hand, like a tiny little pebble.
He looks around before grabbing one of the discarded knives that was left on the floor behind him. My breathing speeds up once he grabs the knife, terrified of what he might do with it. But instead of bringing it anywhere near me, he brings the knife to the rock.
He starts carefully carving into the rock, his face concentrated and focused. I watch in curiosity as he works, my fear slowly starting to disappear every second he doesn't hurt me. The knife is small in his hand, having to hold it with only two of his fingers to work.
Eventually, he discards of the knife on the ground and smiles at his work. He slowly reaches his arm out to me through my cell, the rock in his open palm. I cautiously and slowly walk up to his hand. I look back to his face, which has a soft smile and gentle eyes, nothing like the hard and terrifying glare he held earlier with the other men.
I decide to reach my hand out to his, feeling a little more comfortable in his presence. I grab the rock from his palm and I'm slightly surprised, and relieved that he didn't try to grab me during that moment. With the rock in my hand, I take a step back to my little corner.
I look down at the rock and smile when I see a flower carved into it. I look back up at the man, smiling widely to him. His smile grows in return, happy that I like it. He points to words and some drawings carved on the wall of my cell, which is where I write down, well everything. That usually consists of new things that I learn, and that spot just happened to be about flowers.
"Come with Hulk. He keep you safe." The man says in his booming, loud voice. I think for a moment, and he patiently waits for me. I decide to go with him. I don't have anywhere else to go now, and I'm sure anywhere he takes me will be better than just being moved to another Hydra facility if I stay here.
I slowly walk out of my cell and he stands up, making way for me to exit the cell. I look up at him hesitantly, but he only wears a gentle smile. I give him a nervous smile back before averting my gaze back down.
Having that moment with him to decompress was very helpful. It was quiet, it seems that the Hydra people were completely taken out from this floor since there was no noise except for the two of us. Normally I can barely even stand after being overwhelmed like that, but it's rare that I ever get a moment to recover either.
His large hands wave in the "follow me" motion, before he takes off and starts walking away. I run to catch up with him, his long legs taking him much farther than I could walk. I keep my head down and follow behind the green man, taking glances every once in a while at the Hydra scientists scattered across the ground, presumably dead.
We finally arrive outside and a jet comes into my view. The man seems much to big to even fit in a jet like that, but he still makes his way towards it, me following behind him. Two women and a man walk out of the jet at hearing the loud stomps coming closer.
"Wanda, go in his head to turn him back." The woman with red hair says to the other girl. They are both giving me suspecting and confused looks, but the girl on the right nods before walking up to the green man next to me.
The woman with red hair whisper something to the man on her other side, before making her way towards me. Her body language instantly shifts from her intimidating stature, to instead relaxed and gentle. She smiles at me, trying to make herself seem less intimidating, sensing my nerves.
"Hey sweetie, were you kept here?" I nod. Her eyes turn sympathetic. "Why don't you one back with us, yeah? Let's get you out of here." I nervously find myself agreeing with her. It's not like I have anywhere else to go, and she seems really nice.
She leads me onto the jet, where there are already a couple other men sitting. They all introduce themselves to me, but I don't really listen or take in what they are saying. It's all just too much, the new environment, new people, not even to mention moving away from the place I've lived for years.
The woman leads me to sit down on one of the benches and she's about to say something, when the other girl from before enters the jet, but this time with another man by her side. The man looks a bit familiar, but I can't tell where I know him from.
They both slump into their own seats tiredly, and as soon as the door shuts I feel the jet rumble underneath me. My hands clutch onto the seat from the sudden movement, before I remember about the man that saved me.
I look up at Natasha confused. "W-what about the man? The g-green one?" My voice is trembling with anxiety. Her face is confused for a moment, before morphing into understanding. "He's right there." She points to the man with curly hair. "The green man, Hulk, isn't his permanent state. His name is actually Bruce."
It takes me a moment to completely comprehend the new information. When I do, I am a little sad. Even though the man, who I now know is named Hulk, was terrifying, he was growing on me and I felt kind of comforted by him. He was the first person that has been kind to me in so long, and now he's not even here anymore.
Natasha eventually leaves to the cockpit of the jet, but whispers something to Bruce on her way. A little while later, Bruce comes and sits on the seat next to me. "I just wanted to apologize for having to meet under those circumstances. I hope the Hulk treated you alright." He looked down sheepishly.
"I-It's okay. He was really kind. He gave me this." I held out the rock that the Hulk has given me. Bruce smiles and shook his head. "I'm glad he was kind. If the Hulk saw something in you, I know that you have to be a pretty important and special person. So if it's okay with you, I'd like to get to you know you as Bruce too."
By just a couple months later, Bruce and I have become very close. He immediately took on the father figure and parental role in my life that I needed. I haven't had one in so long, and these past couple of months have been like a dream.
He's a scientist, so he was very accepting and accommodating of me being autistic. He understood my brain on a scientific level, he understood my autistic traits. For example, he knows that I have sensory issues and that my nervous system is wired differently than Neurotypicals. It's obviously more complex than just that, but he knows all of it, he is a scientist after all.
But even though he's a scientist, he doesn't let that make him into a "know it all". He knows that the people who understand autism the most, are autistic people. So he always uses sources that are by autistic people when researching, but he also just gets information from me. I know myself best, and he of course listens to every word I have to say and even takes notes. He just wants to help me and be there for me the best that he can.
I slam my head into my arms on my table, starting to get frustrated at my science homework. It's just so confusing and overwhelming. The information makes no sense, but I also just don't even know how to start. I'm already in tears and I haven't even started working on it yet, I've only read through it.
I wipe my tears and take a deep breath, trying to prepare myself to read through it one more time, hoping that somehow might make a difference. As I'm about to start, there's a knock at my bedroom door. "Come in" I croak out, wiping my tears on my sleeve to try and hide the fact I'm crying.
My dad walks in, a water and granola bar in hand. "You've been in here for a while so I thought-" He cuts himself off when he notices my red eyes and tear stained cheeks. He immediately rushes over to me and kneels down next to my chair.
"Oh, what's wrong sweetheart?" He rubs circles on my back." I try to speak, but I just can't bring myself to open my mouth, let alone form the words and actually speak them. I just shake my head and bury my face in my hands.
I lead forward onto his shoulder and he wraps his arms around me tightly, knowing how much I love pressure hugs. He doesn't urge me to speak, he never does. He understands that I'm semi verbal or nonverbal sometimes, and he never gets mad or frustrated.
He peers over me and finds the papers spread out on my desk. He sees some are already finished, which I had done earlier. But there were a couple pages that have nothing written on them, they instead have wet splotches from my tear drops.
He gives me as long as I need to calm down, never rushing me, just rubbing circles on my back as he hugs me. When my tears subside and my breathing is back to normal, I finally pull away. His hands move to rub up and down my biceps comfortingly.
I then turn back around to my desk and grab a scrap piece of paper, picking up my pencil. I know that speaking most likely isn't an option right now, but there are other ways to communicate. I scribble down on the paper, "Dont understand it and I don't know where to start."
Bruce reads over the paper when I'm done, and nods in understanding. "That's okay, this stuff can be really tricky. Here, how about I look through it for you and I'll break it down into smaller steps for you, yeah? And then we'll take a little break and come back to this later, you deserve some quiet time right now to just relax."
I breath out a sigh of relief and nod, unbelievably thankful for Bruce. He smiles at my approval and grabs the papers, looking through them himself. I hug my knees to my chest and rest my head on my knees. I close my eyes as I patiently wait for him, trying to just calm myself down a bit.
I find myself being brought into a state of peace and relaxation from the sound of the pencil scraping across the paper, and just knowing that my dad is here with me. I know that he'll always be here for me, no matter what, and that's the most comforting thought of all of them.
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raineydays411 · 8 months ago
Bruce Banner x daughter!reader
Summary: You are finally reunited with your father. 
Tumblr media
Your heart raced as you waited for Loki to return. 
Apparently, Thor escaped and took Hulk with him. You were happy that they found a way to leave this damn planet. Or at least get out of the vicinity of the Grandmaster. 
But now, the Grandmaster was upset, calling for Loki. Turns out, you’ve come to care for the man, more than you ever thought you would. 
So here you are, outside the Grandmasters throne room, ready to step in if needed. You have no idea what you’d do, but you’d step in. That’s when Loki came out. You jogged up to his side, not realizing that he was with someone else.
“Well? Are you alright? What happened?” You ask, looking at his face for answers.
“Darling I am fine. Are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” He teases, then he turns his attention to the woman next to you. 
“What have you done?”
“I don’t answer to you, lackey.”
Loki grabs her arm, “It’s Loki, and you will answer to the Grandmaster.”
“Um hey maybe you shouldn’t” 
Then, she pushed his arm off her, the two of them hitting each other resulting in Loki getting punched in the face. 
‘Hmmph” The woman says smugly. Annoyed, Loki pulls out a dagger. 
“Why would you help my brother escape with that green fool” He asks pointing the blade at her threatingly. She pulls out her own knife.
“I don’t help anyone.” Loki lunges at her, the both of them swiping at each other trying to land a hit. You watch anxiously, debating on whether or not you would step in. That’s when Loki gets her arm pinned, seeing her tattoo.
“You’re a Valkyrie?” he questions, she breaks his hold, but he disarms her. She, however, doesn’t need a weapon as he lands several punches on Loki, managing to throw him to the wall.
“I thought the Valkyrie all dies gruesome deaths.” Loki taunted. It was surprising to hear him speak like this. He has always been so kind to you, you forget how cold his personality could be. He had a way to get under peoples skin, dig into their deepest insecurities. 
The Valkyrie knees him in the chest and hold the daggers to his face. “Choose your next words carefully.” She threatens.
That was enough to get you to jump in. You kick the back of her knee, making her loose her stance. Shocked at the sudden assault, her state allowed Loki to move in.
“I’m terribly sorry. It must be a painful memory.” Then he strikes, placing his hand on her forehead. It looks like she was forced into a memory. He face turning grim as she is forced to remember what, you assume to be an awful memory. 
She falls to the floor, shocked at what she had seen. Then she recovered. Faster than what Loki expected and pinned him on the ground, promptly knocking him out. 
You cringe, that punch looked like it hurt. Suddenly she stands up. Turning her attention on you.
“Hey, I’m no Loki but I’m pretty scrappy.” You say, tense and prepared to fight. She scoffs at your words.
“I’m not going to fight a child. You’ll either come willingly or face the Grandmaster.”
You sigh, gathering your bags. “ Yeah, yeah, I’m coming.” 
She drags Loki, who is still knocked out and leads you outside the castle. 
“We have to hurry before the streets get busy. The Grandmaster has already announced the disappearance of his champion.” She says, walking briskly as you follow along.
“ helped Thor escape?” You ask trying to keep up with her.
“More like he tricked me. Like I said before, I don’t help.”
“Then why are you taking Loki? You could’ve just left him.” You inquire.
Valkyrie huffs and turns to you, “ You ask a lot of questions, kid.” 
“I’m a curious person.” You respond. You look around, the streets are already filling with people. They all are so diverse. It was different out here, seeing them in green and parading around masks and costumes of the Hulk. On Earth, people feared him. But here, he was...praised. 
“I have a question.” Valkyrie says, “How did a Midgardian child end up all the way out here, with this.” She gestures to Loki.
“I was looking for my father.” You say shortly, “Loki saw me panicking and helped me out. We’ve been together ever since.”
“hmm” she hums, “We’re here.” 
She leads you into a house, it was green and white, kind of like the other room Thor was imprisoned in. 
“You stay here.” She says dropping Loki on a small stool. She tied him with a chain she pulls out from no where. “ I have to go find that idiot.” 
Then she leaves you alone with a passed out Loki. 
You sigh, taking a seat next to a window. You pull out your phone and start listening to music. You don’t feel like writing so you just stare out the window. You start to song to yourself lowly, already bored of just waiting here.
Then you hear a groan. You turn to look at Loki, who was waking up.
“Y/n? What happened” He asks wincing in pain
“You got knocked the fuck out man.” You tease. “ That Valkyrie lady brought us to her house or something.”
“Are you alright? Did she hurt you” He says struggling with the chains.
“No, just threatened me and made me come with her. I would’ve anyway, I wasn’t going to leave you. Besides, she’s kind of hot.” You say, getting up from where you were sat and grabbed a random bottle that looked like a drink.
Loki looks at you weirdly considering what you just said.
‘Here” you said, holding the bottle to his lips, “ You must be thirsty.”
He drinks from the bottle but spits it out, “Ugh that's alcohol”
You look at him and then the bottle. 
“Don’t even think about it.” He warns.
“Aw man.”
Thor had just made it to the quinjet. He’s relieved to find that the jet still works.
“Welcome, voice activation required.”
He places his hand on the scanner.
Access denied.
“Thor, Son of Odin.”
Access denied
“God of Thunder’
Access denied
“Strongest Avenger.”
Access denied
“Strongest Avenger” He emphasizes.
Access denied.
Thor grunts in frustration. Trying to rack his brain for any possible passwords or nicknames. He sighs realizing what it must be.
“Damn you Stark. Point Break”
All the lights turn on as the plane is activated. 
“Welcome Point Break.”
Thor rolls his eyes and starts working on starting the quinjet. 
That’s when the Hulk tears the back open.
“FRIEND STAY” He shouts, making his way inside the plane.
“Hulk no!” Thor shouts, trying to get him to stop wrecking the already damaged ship.
“ STAY!” Hulk shouts stubbornly. Thor starts desperately looking for a way to preserve the ship.
He clicks random buttons, in hopes of a miracle. That's when a video pops up.
“Nice work Big guy” Natasha's voice comes through, “ We don’t know where Ultron's headed but you’re going very high, very fast. We can’t track you...”
Hulk freezes. Then jerks around. He bangs his head against the walls, punches himself in the head. 
“NO BANNER.” Hulk shouts. 
Thor presses another button. And another video pops up.
“Hi daddy. It’s me.” Your twelve year old voice rings through the jet, “ Tony doesn’t know I’m in here, but I need you to hear this. Come home. Please, I need you. I don’t care if you’re the hulk or anything. I just want my dad…don’t leave me...” 
Thor can see emotion in Hulks eyes. He roars, desperate to stay as he is. 
He fluctuated between Hulk and Bruce. They both fight to gain control of each other. Till finally he collapses, shrinking down to reveal Bruce Banner, panting in exhaustion.
“Banner?” Thor says carefully, slowly placing a hand on the mans shoulders.
Bruce jumps, not aware of his surroundings. Thor hushes him, attempting to calm him down,
“Shh, shh the suns going down. The suns going down real low”
“Thor?” Bruce says panting.
“What happened to your hair?” 
“Oh some creepy old guy cut it off”
“It looks good.”
“Oh thanks” Thor says smiling.
“Where are we? Where’s Nat? How is she?”
Thor frowns, “Um, she’s good. I assume.” 
“What about Sokovia? Did we save the city?” Bruce asks 
“Banner, listen, Sokovia, Ultron. All that was four years ago.”
Bruce's heart dropped, “I’ve been the hulk for four years”
Thor winces, “I’m afraid so..”
Bruce looks down at the beads has wearing and takes them off. Then he freezes, “Thor, my daughter. Y/ she okay?”
“Of course, oh Banner she’s wonderful. She... she’s waiting for you.” Thor says, not knowing how to tell him that you were on the same planet. 
“I have to get home... I” Bruce stands up almost toppling over but Thor catches him.
“Banner there's something you should know...”
Bruce gets up and goes to the hand scanner 
“Bruce Banner”
Welcome, Strongest Avenger.
“What?” Thor says offended. 
Him and Bruce watch the footage from when he crashed on Sakaar. 
Thor sighs knowing that this was going to be hard to explain.
You sigh, after trying the fifth time to free Loki.
“What the hell are these chains made out of?” You grunt
Loki laughs, “Darling don’t stress yourself. We’ll escape in time.” 
You sigh and sit down next to Loki. 
“Was that you I heard singing earlier?” He asks, turning his head to face you. 
“Oh.. yeah, I do that a lot.” You blush, even though you’re a theater kid, you still get shy when singing in front of people.
“It was lovely.” Loki remarks not meeting your eyes. You smile, knowing not to make a big deal. You’re stomach growls. 
“There’s some fruit over there.” Loki says, “ They look about ripe.” 
You stand and walk towards the counter of fruit. It was just beyond the view of the door. You help yourself to the fruit. It was weird, like a mix of cantaloupe and a grape. You were about to offer Loki some when you saw him wipe his face of emotion and into an irritated look. Then the door opened.
“Surprise.” Loki said sarcastically. Then you see a can hit him in the forehead.
“Ow.” He says in a monotone.
“Just making sure.” you hear Thor say, walking into the place.
“Hello Bruce.” Loki says. 
You freeze, hearing your fathers voice for the first time in four years.
“So, last time I saw you, you were trying to kill everybody. Where are you at these days?’
“It varies from moment to moment.” 
You decide to make your presence known. You gulped and over your beating heart said, “ Don’t be such a drama king, you sound like an edgy middle school boy.” 
Loki smirks, looking towards you, but before he can say anything Thor cuts him off.
“Y/n! Thank heavens you’re alright” Thor says patting your shoulder. 
You smile up at him , avoiding your fathers stare, “Yeah I’m good, Lord of Thunder.” 
You take a deep breath, the room going quiet.
You slowly turn, facing your father, “Hi daddy...”
Bruce can hear his heart beating in his ears. He didn’t recognize you at first. He couldn’t have, the last time he saw were a kid. This tiny little twelve year old that was barely in sixth grade. 
But here you are. His daughter, four years older. A teenager. He...He lost four years with you. He practically missed you growing up. Your first period, first day of high school. Here you were, on an other planet, dressed in some weird suit of armor, conversing with a man who tried to enslave Earth like he was an old friend. 
“Y/n?” He says in disbelief. You turn to him, slowly. Your look just like your mother.
“Hi daddy” You say as your eyes start to water.
“Y/n” He says striding towards you and pulling you into a tight hug, “ Wha-what are you doing here? What are you wearing?”
“I came to look for you.” You respond, your face pressed into his chest. He pulls away, grabbing your face in his hands.
“God...look at you, were just a kid..” He whispers tears filling his eyes. You smile sadly and nod. You really don’t know what to say, you’re relieved to finally see your dad’s kind of awkward with all these people around.
“What is going on?” Valkyrie whispers to Thor as they watch the emotional scene play out.
“Oh, Y/n is Bruce’s daughter who hasn’t seen him for four years.” Thor simply says, “ Is that a dragonfang?!”
Valkyrie rolls her eyes at the topic change, “ sure is”
You roll your eyes, overhearing their conversation.
“ So, you were with Thor this whole time?” Bruce asks confused, “ why didn’t I see you?”
“Um actually I was with Loki..” you answer nervously, peaking over at Loki who looked annoyed to still be tied up.
“Did he kidnap you?” Bruce asks, “Thor, you let my daughter run around with your psychotic brother?!”
“ Hey!” Loki said offended. You giggle, always finding him being insulted amusing. You look at Loki's face, seeing an emotion in his eyes that you can’t place.
“Shh Banner stay calm” Thor says soothingly, “ in my defense I was enslaved and forced to fight.” He shoots a glare at Valkyrie who was drinking. She rolls her eyes and picks up another bottle.
“Can we get back to the plan?” Valkyrie, “ Sakaar and Asgard are as far apart as any two known systems. Our best bet, is a wormhole just outside of city limits. If we refuel on Xandar, and we can be back on Asgard in about...18 months.”
“Nope. We’re going through the big one.” Thor says, pointing at the large wormhole in the sky. 
“The Devil’s Anus?” 
You snort at the name as your dad’s attention is caught.
“Anus? wait, wait, wait, whose anus?” Bruce says, letting go of you and walking to the two Asgardians.
“For the record, I didn’t know it was called that when I picked it.”
You walk up to Loki, and sit next to him looking out the window.
“That looks like a collapsing neutron star inside of an Eisen-Rosen Bridge.” Bruce says facing the window. 
“We need another ship, that one would tear mine to pieces.” Valkyrie says drinking from another bottle. 
“She’s right, we’ll need one that can withstand the geodetic strain from the singularity” Thor says.
You make eye contact with Loki, both of you realizing that the Grandmaster has a bunch of ships. You have a silent conversation with him, trying to convince him to do the right thing. Considering that the time you two spent there, he had you steal the access codes to the security systems with his guide.
You look up at the right second to see your dad and Thor fist bump. Kind of awkwardly but its nice to see him get out of his comfort zone. 
“There are one of two ships, one of top of the line models and...”
“I don’t mean to impose..” Loki starts, but Valkyrie throws her bottle at him, nearly hitting him but smashing into the wall instead. Loki slightly turns his body to shield you from the glass, even though you were on the other side. You glare at her from where you are sat.
“The fuck...” You start, but see Loki's face telling you to stay quiet. 
“The Grandmaster has a great many ships. Y/n here, may have stolen the access codes to his security systems,” He says proudly glancing at you. You blush as the three glance at you. Your father looking at you in confusion.
“And suddenly you’re both overcome with the urge to do the right thing?” 
“Heavens no.” “I’m literally just vibing” You both say at the same time.
“We’ve run out of favor with the Grandmaster. In exchange for codes and access to a ship, I’m asking for safe passage, through the Anus. For the both of us.” Loki concludes glaring at you when you laugh at the wording.
“You’re telling us, you can get us a ship without setting the alarms?” Thor asks
“Yes brother, we can.”
“Why don’t we just take the girl? She’s the one who knows  the codes.” Valkyrie asks glaring at the both of you. 
“Y/n is not going back to that retched place.” Loki states, “We both know those codes, and she stays far away, where its safe.” 
“Okay, can we just,” Bruce gestures for the team to meet up, “just a quick fyi. Y/n you too.”
You groan, getting up from your spot as Loki rolls his eyes. You walk over to the 
“ I was just talking to him, and he was totally ready to kill any of us.”
“He did try to kill me.” Valkyrie says. 
“Yes, me too on many, many occasions.” Thor adds, “ There was this one time when we were children, he transformed himself into a snake, and he knows that I love snakes. So I went to pick up the snake to admire it.” “
no” Bruce whispers
 “ And he transformed back into himself and was like ‘blegh its me’ and then he stabbed me. We were eight at the time.”
Bruce looked back at Loki in disbelief, and when you looked at Loki you can see a small smile creep up on his face. 
“Well, he’s never tried to kill me.” You chime in, “ He made me some soup thing when I got sick. “
The three adults looked at you in disbelief. 
“Sweetheart, he’s murdered people.” Bruce said. 
“Okay?? He’s my emotional support murderer. He hugs me when I’m sad.” You say rolling your eyes. 
Thor and Valkyrie look at you in confusion. 
“That doesn’t sound healthy.” Bruce mutters
“Dad, if Bucky can get a second chance then so can Loki” You say stubbornly leaving the group to sit with Loki.
“Who’s Bucky?”
“Guys, if we’re going to boost a ship we have to draw attention away from the palace.”
“Why not set the beast loose?”
“Shut up” “That's a terrible idea.”
“Hey, why don’t you start a revaluation?” You say.
The adults look at you again in surprise. 
“I thought of that “ Thor says.
“Well I said it first.’ You snipe back with a smirk.
“...You’ve spent too much time with Loki.”
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lesbian-deadpool · a day ago
Y/N: Don’t play around with knives.
Y/N: Unless you’re recording it on YouTube for, like, thousands of views. In that case…
Bruce: NO!
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specialagentlokitty · 23 days ago
Bruce x Daughter!reader - Don’t have to be perfect
Tumblr media
Hi! Could you please do a Bruce banner x teen daughter reader where she tries to hold it all together to make his life easier considering his condition, perfect grades, appearance, behaviour, waitressing job etc until one morning she breaks down he finds her and she cries about how she can’t hold it together and she is sorry. She just cries into his chest Bruce is silent until he explains she never needed to be anything but herself. Angsty father stuff is the best. - Anon 💜
You looked at the grade sheet with tears in your eyes, you’d tried so hard to get all straight A’s but you grades were all mixes.
Setting down the sheet of paper, you bright your hands to your face and quietly sobbed, upset with the results you had gotten.
You were supposed to leave for school in an hour, but you felt hopeless about it.
“(Y/N), breakfast is-“
Bruce stopped when he found you sat on your bed bawling your eyes out.
Instantly he walked over and pulled you into his arms, holding tightly as you cried into his chest.
“I’m sorry..” you whispered.
You pulled away and wiped your tears, taking a few deep breaths before shooting him a weak smile.
“Let’s get breakfast.”
You went to walk away but Bruce didn’t let you, he grabbed your hand and pulled you back on to the bed, making you sit down next to him.
“No, (Y/N), we’re talking about this. What’s going on?”
“It’s nothing dad, really.” You smiled.
Bruce shook his head and turned to face you fully, taking one of your hands into his as he gave you a worried look.
Seeing him look at you like that madethe smile fall from your face and you turned your eyes away from him.
“Why are you crying?” He asked softly.
“I just didn’t get the good grades is all...” you mumbled.
You got the grade sheet and handed it over to him, letting him read through it.
“These are good grades, what do you mean?”
“But they’re not perfect.” You sighed.
Bruce set the paper down and frowned even more.
“Why do they have to be perfect?” He asked softly.
You shrugged a little and Bruce sighed, giving your hand a little squeeze.
“Please talk to me, I’m worried about you.”
You laid back on your bed, and stared up at the ceiling, fighting the tears that were brimming in your eyes, but you felt them start to fall.
“I just didn’t want you to worry...” you said, voice cracking.
“What do you mean?”
“You go through a lot dad... especially with Hulk... I didn’t want to add to your stress... it why I’ve got a job, and try get the perfect grades and also make sure I look clean and well presented... so you could have a bit of an easier life...”
Bruce sat there in shock, he knew you were a mature kid, but never did he think that this is how far you went for him.
Bruce pulled you up and pulled you into his chest.
“Darling you don’t need to do that for me, live your life, go out, have fun. I’ll always worry about you, no matter what. Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Because I wanted to make you happy...”
Bruce have you a squeeze, and sighed, kissing your head.
“You being happy is what makes me happy.”
You sniffled and nodded your head, closing your eyes as you leant against him.
“You’re having the day off, and we’re going to go out.” Bruce said.
“But I’ve got classes to take.”
“No, not today. Today is about you, alright? Whatever you want to do we’ll do.”
“What about work...?”
“I can take a day off.”
He pulled back and gave you a smile before standing up, walking across the room he grabbed your shoes and jacket, bringing them back over to you.
“Today is You’re day, okay?”
“Our day.” You smiled softly.
He nodded and sat with you while you pulled your shoes on, you felt like a weight had been lifted from your shoulder, and you felt happy for the first time in a while
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chaoticforever · 4 months ago
The Storm Within | Yandere Bruce Banner x Male! Reader
A/N: Requested. Bruce is only a slight yandere as requested. Hope you like it!
Tumblr media
Avengers Tower was beautiful at night. 
The whole room was lit up by the enormous precious stone crystal fixture, looming over the middle of the huge room. The huge open glass windows offered a great view of the completely dark sky covered with sparkling stars that looked like scattered moondust and the beautiful zinc-silver glowing moon. 
Tony Stark had decided to throw a party at the tower to celebrate his successful new project and because, well, he's Tony Stark. He's the best party thrower in New York and he loves throwing them.
Bruce Banner stood next to the bar with Natasha and a drink in his hand. He did not want to be here. He wasn't a big fan of parties, but Tony forced him to come, even though he only wanted to go work in his lab. 
"Bruce and Natasha!" 
Bruce looked up from the ground to see Tony walking over to them with a man he has never seen before. He felt his heart skip a beat when his eyes met your E/C eyes. You're stunning E/C eyes. 
You were wearing casual clothes and had smooth skin. Bruce noticed how your (hair type) hair made your eyes stand out and shine. You were very handsome and looked really young. 
He wondered who this mysterious man was. He cleared his throat as Tony came over and introductions happened. 
"Bruce. Natasha, this is Y/N L/N. Y/N, this is Natasha Romanoff and Bruce Banner." Tony introduced as you shook hands with Natasha. 
"Are you Y/N L/N from L/N enterprise?" Natasha asked and received a nod in confirmation from you. 
"Yeah, that's me." 
"I know all about L/N enterprise. You do great work, and you're a great man." 
"Thank you. You have a tough grip, I  like you already." You grinned as she chuckled before leaving to find Clint. 
You turned to face Bruce and extended your hand out towards him and he took your hand in his, quickly shaking it. Maybe a little too quickly, but he loved the feeling of your hands in his. 
"Nice to meet you, Bruce. It's wonderful to meet someone who is such a genius and has seven PhDs along with being The Hulk. A little scary, but very cool." 
"Hey, I'm a genius and I'm right here!" 
"Oh, hush, Tony." You said as you kept your eyes solely on Bruce who blushed from under your stare. He felt oddly calm around you, which he didn't feel around people he meets for the first time. 
"It's nice to meet you too, Y/N. How do you two know each other?" Bruce asked, keeping his voice as steady as possible, as he tried not to sound like a jealous lover, but he needed to know how you and Tony knew each other. 
"Oh, Y/N and I go way back." 
"Yeah, I used to work as his assistant before Pepper, even though I didn't need to because my parents left me a lot of money. I was there for this idiot when he got really drunk and we hit it off great outside of work and became friends." 
"Ever since then, it's been a crazy ride with this man. He's like my long-lost little brother who's as handsome as I am." 
"Aw, thanks, Tones. You're like the older brother I never had who's as smart and as amazing as me." 
You playfully punched Tony in the arm as you both smiled at each other. The two of you were alike in lots of ways. Bruce felt a spark of jealousy and rage when he saw how close you and Tony were before he realized that you two looked at each other as friends, which made him relax. 
"Anyways Bruceybear, I have something to ask you." Tony suddenly said to him. 
"What is it?" Bruce asked, his ears perking up at hearing this statement. 
"Well, how would you feel if Y/N became part of the team as one of our science bros? He's as much of a genius as we are."
"Not to mention that I can help you with various experiments and even be a test subject." You chimed in with a smile. 
A smile that is so universal that even a newborn baby knows by heart. A smile that made the stars shine brighter in the night sky. A smile that made the lights in this room shine brighter and seemed to be quite contagious because Bruce found himself smiling back at you. 
"I think it would be great to have you join us, science bros." Bruce spoke truthfully, "And if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?"
"How old do I look to you, Brucey." 
Bruce smirked at the tone in your voice, "If I had to guess, I'd say you are in your early to mid-20s." 
You groaned from hearing that answer, "Why does everyone keep thinking that? I'm in my early 30s. Hell, even a guy at the liquor store asked me to show my ID because I looked too young to be there."
"It's all because of your good genes." Tony simply added in. 
The next half-hour was spent with Tony being his sarcastic self, the adventures and crazy times you and Tony spent together, and various science topics. 
"Okay, Bruce. I'm going to take Y/N to meet the other Avengers and some others before we get drunk and have fun." 
"Aw, and here I was having a good conversation with Bruce, but I'll see you again soon and it's good to meet you." 
You and Bruce smiled at each other before Tony placed his hand on the arch of your lower back and led you away to the others. 
"Looks like someone has a crush." Natasha spoke up beside Bruce, appearing out of nowhere with a grin. 
Bruce blushed, "No, I don't." He said in a defensive tone, but the blush upon his face said otherwise. 
He can admit that he loved seeing you laugh and smile with Tony. He loved hearing your mesmerizing voice and had a wonderful conversation with you. 
And there was something else. 
He felt content because you treated him as a normal person and not some freak accident. He also felt something else, a connection of sorts and he wondered if you felt it, too.
He was genuinely pleased that you have become part of the science team and that he would see you again soon. 
"Hey bros. I've come with the goodies!" You announced loudly, stepping inside the lab to see Tony and Bruce working on something.
Bruce immediately stopped what he was doing and looked over at you. 
He didn't sleep well last night. Tossed and turned for most of the night and had a nightmare. The coffee machine exploded on him earlier, so he was irritated, to say the least, but seeing you managed to make his day a little better. 
"Good, give me them." Tony demanded as you rolled your eyes as he took the bag. He moaned when the delicious treat was shoved into his mouth, "Gosh, these are so good. Bruce, you have got to try this man's cookies." 
Without warning, Tony shoved a cookie into Bruce's mouth, much to his dismay.
"Wow..." Bruce couldn't help, but moan in delight and deliciousness. This had to be the best treat that he's ever tasted, "That was really good. You made these cookies yourself?" 
You nodded, your lips curling upward into a smile, "Yeah, my uncle taught me how to bake. I'll bring you guys some more soon." 
"Good. These are so good, I can't get enough of them." Tony said, wiping some crumbs off his face. 
"I'm not surprised, you always eat all of them all the time." 
"And I don't plan on stopping either." 
You chuckled before shaking your head, "So, what are we working on today?" 
The next two hours consisted of crazy experiments and them using you as a test subject for armor and weapons. 
Bruce would always be close to you when you both worked on something. He felt so safe standing next to you like he didn't need to get angry or Hulk out when he's in your presence. Despite him knowing you for a short period, he felt safer with you than anyone else. 
Unfortunately, Hulk wanted to come out when you announced to the room that you were meeting up with your ex and had to leave. 
"We'll be at the mall and I'll be gone for about two hours. Don't destroy the lab." You said and walked out of the lab, heading to your very own (favorite car). 
"Hey, do you know who's Y/N's ex-boyfriend is?" Bruce asked Tony. 
Tony nodded, "Oh, yeah. Moose Capaldi, a real estate agent. They dated for a while, but ended on good terms, why?" 
"No reason." 
"Yeah, sure." 
Tony chuckled, knowing that Bruce had a crush on you. He wondered if he should play matchmaker for you two. 
Bruce wanted to pretend that he wasn't jealous, but how could he not when you are going out with your ex-boyfriend? You two could probably patch things up and have sex. Jealousy and rage rose inside of him as his fingertips slowly turned a greenish color. 
So, when Pepper came to talk to Tony about something important, Bruce left and found himself walking into the food court at the mall, seeking out a man with H/C hair. 
It didn't take him long and eventually, he spotted you sitting at a table across from an attractive man. You both talked and laughed and when the attractive man reached over and touched your face is when Bruce lost it. A low growl erupted from his throat as he started turning green. 
You laughed, "Are you serious?" 
"Yes, I'm serious." Moose let out a laugh, too, "And then we - what the fuck?" 
Moose's gaze was suddenly focused on something behind you and you turned around, your eyes widening at what you saw. 
Hulk was now hulked out in the middle of the mall and screams erupted from people's throats as they ran for their lives. 
"Hulk smash!" He picked up a table and chucked it across the room in Moose's direction as you both stood up and hopped over the counter, hiding underneath. 
"I DON'T KNOW!" You shouted back as your hands started to shake before you stood up and Moose gave you a look. 
"What are you doing?!" He whispered.
"Shh." You hushed softly as you hopped over the counter and slowly walked over to Hulk who looked down at you, "Hey, Hulk. Do you know me?" 
"Hulk knows Y/N. My Y/N." He grinned. 
You chuckled, "Yes, I'm Y/N. And do you think you can calm down and transform back into Banner? You're kind of scaring everyone here right now." 
"Would that make Y/N happy?" 
"Yes, that would make me very happy." 
You watched as Hulk shrunk down to his normal size, turning himself back into Bruce, naked and all. 
Moose came up behind you and handed you his jacket. You took it and wrapped it around Bruce's body as he stared at you with an apologetic look on his face. 
"Y/N, I'm so sorry-" 
"It's okay. Let's get you back to the tower now," You responded and turned to face Moose, "I'll call you later." 
Moose nodded, still feeling a little shaken up at what just happened as you drove Bruce back to the tower and he went straight to his room to change. 
You, on the other hand, had to pay for all the damage Hulk caused at the mall. Bruce came back into the living room, fully clothed, and sat down on the couch as you hung up the phone. 
"You want to explain to me what that was at the mall?" You sat down next to him and looked at him, waiting for an answer. 
"Not really." 
"Well, considering I paid a lot of money for the damage you caused, I deserve an answer. Why were you there? And what caused you to Hulk out?" He was silent, "Bruce!" 
"I was jealous, okay?! I was jealous because you went on a date with Moose and you two could get back together-" 
"Whoa, imma stop you right there," You interrupted him, laughing a little, "That wasn't a date. He was my first love but were only good friends now. And that's all we'll ever be. We were catching up and he's getting married to a guy named Colby, and wanted to know if I would come to their wedding." 
"Oh." Bruce was now blushing from how much of an idiot he was for getting jealous for no reason. 
"Yeah, oh. Besides, I like someone else." 
"He's sitting right next to me." 
You smirked, leaning over, and pressed your lips onto Bruce's soft lips. He immediately kissed back and put his hand on the side of your face, deepening the kiss. Soon, you both broke the kiss and gasped for air. 
"Are you sure that you want to be with me?" Bruce asked, "You'll have to deal with the other guy who lurks beneath the shadows." 
"Oh, I'm not afraid of him." You said and Bruce raised an eyebrow, "Okay, maybe a little, but he's pretty cool and I'll learn to deal with him. And something tells me that you and I are going to have many more good kisses." 
Truthfully, when you saw Hulk, you felt absolutely terrified to your utter core, but you'll learn to deal with the other guy. 
"What makes you think we'll have more kisses?" 
"Just a feeling that I have and my feelings are usually, always correct." 
You dropped your head in Bruce's lap, stretching your legs out across the couch and Bruce dropped his hand in your hair. 
"Are you positive that you want to get involved with me? I'll get angry a lot." 
You hummed, sitting up and taking the drink off the table and throwing it in his face. Bruce sat up quickly and gasped, looking at you in wonder as his eyes turned a little green. 
You laughed, "Don't get angry." You whispered in his ear and ran as he ran after you. 
That day had to have been the best day of Bruce's life. He truly felt alive. And with all the shit you had done, Hulk didn't come out. Not once. The sound of your voice is what kept him calm. 
It was therapeutic. Like your voice could be used as a meditation tape for someone to listen to every night. 
And Bruce, who has seven PhDs, was wrong and you were right. There were many more kisses between you two, but none of those kisses could even compare to the kiss on your wedding day. 
Of course, Tony was your best man who shared the most embarrassing stories of you, and the craziest adventures you both had with each other.
Bruce was still protective and only got possessive when he thought of someone as a threat. He wouldn't want to be stuck with anyone else but you. 
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moonlit-imagines · a month ago
Preferences: seeing their s/o wear their merch
Avengers x reader
warnings: gun ment
a/n: heck yeah avengers time
prompt: @storiesbystarlight: “Hi Lacey! I would like to make an MCU preferences request, with the Original 6 + Sam Wilson and Carol Danvers. How would they react to seeing their S/O wearing their merch? Tony's S/O wearing an Iron Man shirt, for example. Hope that's okay!”
Tumblr media
Bruce tried to hide his smirk, but you caught it quick. “What are you wearing?” He asked while walking closer to you. “You like it?” You gave him a nervous little smile and chuckled. “I think the big guy does.” Bruce joked and turned back around. “You like distracting me from my work, don’t you?” He shot back. “You love the distraction because it’s me.”
Tumblr media
Carol thought it was awesome. “Are you serious? Where can I get one?!” She asked you while pulling you in for a big disorienting kiss. “You want to get your own merch?” You giggled at her enthusiasm. “Well, yeah! Then we can match!”
Tumblr media
Clint was just surprised he had any merch, to be honest. He doesn’t really get much recognition, so he just stared at what you were wearing. “Notice anything?” You looked at him funny and waited for a response. “They actually have Hawkeye merch? You’re kidding me.” He commented and you pulled another shirt out. “Yep. And I got you one, too.”
Tumblr media
Natasha thinks it looks cheap. But she also thinks it’s super cute that you would choose to casually represent her. “Wouldn’t you rather wear some authentic Black Widow accessories?” She suggested while pulling out holsters, guns, belts, leather, and more.
Tumblr media
Sam thought it was awesome. It was the fact that he had merch out there and there were people appreciating what he does, and that you were wearing it. For him. “Hey, good looking.” He commented, pulling you in for a kiss. “Dress up for me?” You spun around and revealed a little set of wings on the back of your hoodie. “You like?”
Tumblr media
Steve shook his head with a big smile. “You’re telling me you saw this in a store and decided, ‘Hey, you know what my boyfriend, Captain America, would love?’” He played the scene out for you. “Yes, that’s exactly how it went.” You confirmed and he kissed you on the forehead. “You should try on the suit next.”
Tumblr media
Thor thought it was hilarious. Midgard sold clothes and nicknacks with him on them. You would never see that in Asgard. “Where do you think I could get one of these?” He asked just before you revealed the shopping bag you were holding behind your back. “Right here.” You told him and his face lit up. “Yes, thank you! We should go out tonight in our new attire!”
Tumblr media
Tony wasn’t surprised because what you were wearing was just something you pulled out of his closet. He wears his own merch. All he says is, “Hey, that’s mine! Oh, whatever, I have three more just like it.” And goes about his business before running back up to you and giving you a big kiss on the lips. “And it suits you. Because my suits suit me.”
taglist: @alwaysananglophile // @rorybutnotgilmore // @locke-writes // @sweetheartliz07 // @queen-destenie // @natasha-danvers // @frostedficrecs // @johnmurphyisqueer // @teenwaywardasgardian // @pappydaddy // @captainshazamerica // @freya-xo // @ravenmoore14 // @ofthedewthesunlight // @canarypoint // @zoeyserpentluck // @randomawesomeperson102 // @brutal-out-here // @wonderful-writer // @of-a-chaotic-mind // @groovygirlie // @procrastinatingsapphictrash // @lxncelot // @swanimagines // @randomfandomimagine // @petersgroupie // @dindjarinsspouse // @werewolf-himbo // @lost-fantasy // @moobrvoobl-moobmoob-oobmpoobroom // @summersimmerus // @cipheress-to-k-pop // @augustvandyne // @buckyeojin // @the-did-i-ask // @glxwingrxse //
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chokemewanda · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
This is for @msmarvelwrites writing challenge for reaching 2k followers (if you haven't, you should definitely check her work out)
warnings: age difference (r is in their twenties), smut (18+ minors dni), oral sex (m!receiving), swearing
“𝐀𝐧𝐝 𝐦𝐲 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐬 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐨𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐤𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐈'𝐦 𝐦𝐚𝐝, 𝐈 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐚 𝐥𝐨𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐫𝐞𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭.”
Tumblr media
"Pause." You called without looking up. "Now rewind."
"Uh this is for-"
"Selvig. I know. Now put it on my desk and tell him it was delivered." You instructed and continued typing while looking up at the young delivery boy, eyebrows raised. He hesitated, looking toward Selvig's lab and back again. "I didn't stutter."
"He told me to deliver it directly." The boy told you, still hesitating and you only shrugged, lifting one hand from the keyboard to pat an empty space on your desk. You didn't say another word, returning to the email you were typing.
The package was placed on your desk and the boy returned to the elevator and you gave him a bright smile. You took a second to sip from your coffee cup and then picked up the phone when it started to ring. "Avengers Tower Research Floor, you've reached Y/N."
"It's Pepper. Is he there?" Pepper sounded exhausted and you had no doubt's as to why. She'd just come home from Tokyo and the jet lag was probably killing her.
"He is, he arrived an hour before me. Do you want him to come up?" You asked carefully, smiling as Helen Cho passed, calling a good morning.
"Any all nighters?" Pepper asked and you narrowed your eyes in thought as you sent the email you'd been working on and took another drink of coffee.
"One but I locked his lab down for twelve hours after. You sound beat, you should get some sleep." You told her kindly. Erik Selvig peaked his head out of his lab and winced when he caught your look.
"Yeah, I've just got one meeting to get to. Will you tell Tony to come home early?" Pepper asked and you laughed.
"He's got three hours from now. Then I kick him out." You promised her. She said her thanks and hung up. You maintained eye contact with Erik and he hesitated in the doorway of his lab, eyes locked on the package.
"Make your decision." You told him and he looked over his shoulder before stepping into the hallway looking dishevelled. He wasn't surprised to hear the lock in the door click when it swung shut behind him and the windows fogged up, stopping anyone from looking in. "You know the rules, nothing more than eighteen hours straight in the lab. Go get some rest."
"I know." He grumbled and tucked the package under his arm, heading for the elevator. He complained under his breath about how he was taking orders from a twenty-something year old woman when he was a grown man. You didn't care, he needed sleep.
"Jarvis, be a dear and let Tony know that he has three hours and that Pepper is home." You asked the AI before puling open your calendar and binning your coffee cup.
Right on cue the elevator opened and Bruce Banner stepped out with a small smile. You gave him a bright grin as he approached the desk and you held up a stack of envelopes. "Popular today, Dr. Banner."
He placed a coffee cup and a paper bag on your desk, accepting the envelopes. "I have no doubt in my mind that all of these are hate mail."
"You'd be very silly to think that I'd let any of my little scientists get hate mail. Jarvis scans all post that enters the building. Delicate types, all of you." You teased, leaning forward on your elbows, ignoring the phone when it began to ring. "I have to look after you all."
"And you do it so well." He told you honestly and you preened under the attention. You reached for the paper bag, pulling out the blueberry muffin.
"What's your plan today?" You asked idly, beginning to cut the muffin in half with a plastic knife. "Steve wants your input on something at a time of your choosing in the afternoon.
"Then I guess my plan is to stare at the same data I've been looking at for the last week until I get lunch with Steve at two in the afternoon." He told you and you absorbed the information, making a mental note to call Steve and let him know the time.
You placed your half of the muffin on a napkin and wrapped the other half up, putting it back in the bag making Bruce smile. "I'll let him know, if you need anything else, let me know."
"Thank you." He gathered the paper bag, his own coffee and his mail with the same small smile and made his way into his lab, leaving the door open behind him. You counted down the seconds and he reappeared with a sheepish smile, shutting the door.
The same way it happened every morning. You wondered what happened along the course of your life that in your mid-twenties the most exciting part of your day was talking to a socially awkward scientist old enough to be your dad.
The phone began to ring again and you sighed, snapping from your thoughts and answering the phone. "Avengers Tower Research Floor, you've reached Y/N."
"Did Jane come in yet?" Darcy Lewis asked, sounding out of breath. You had no doubt she was running late for the early morning meeting both her and Jane had scheduled two weeks ago. What they didn't know was that you had promptly rescheduled that for a late morning meeting.
"No, I imagine she'll be calling any second now. I've moved your meeting to eleven thirty, take your time." You assured her, hanging up and opening your emails. You were typing out a reply when the phone sounded again and you lifted it to your ear, supporting it with your shoulder as you replied to emails. "Avengers Tower Research Floor, you've reached Y/N."
You entered the Research floor with a small yawn, dropping everything at your desk. You did the rounds, checking all the labs to see who was with you already. You weren't surprised to find Selvig but Jarvis promised he'd only arrived twenty minutes before you so didn't say anything to him, just stepped into his lab to set up his coffee machine, knowing he always forgot.
You found most of the other labs empty, almost proud of Tony before remembering he had been on a mission until the early hours of the morning so that's why he was absent. You found Jane Foster in her lab and warned her she had two hours before she got kicked out. She nodded tiredly, waving a hand at you.
You saved Bruce's lab for last, barely glancing inside, knowing how ingrained your routine with him was. Which was why you were shocked to find him hunched over his microscope, body rigid. He had heard you of course, no one surprised him. But he didn't turn and you hesitated, unsure if you were welcome or not.
"Bruce?" You asked softly but he ignored you and you nodded slowly to yourself, eyeing a discarded pile of ripped fabrics on the floor. He'd had a Code Green. You grabbed the ripped clothes from the floor, removing the reminder and left the lab.
You didn't take your usual seat at your desk instead returned to the lab thirty minutes later with half a blueberry muffin, a cup of chamomile tea and a weighted blanket. Bruce tensed as you approached but didn't react when you dropped the tea and muffin next to him.
He did look up when you paused beside him and you smiled softly, holding out your hand. He looked from your hand to his microscope before sighing, resting his hand in yours and letting you lead him to the old lumpy couch in the corner of his lab. He took a seat and accepted the blanket you draped over him.
He also took the tea and the muffin when you returned with them and sighed heavily. You couldn't help the hand that pushed his hair back, threading your fingers through the damp strands. He leaned into your touch, surprising you both. "Get some rest." You urged quietly.
He didn't emerge from his lab all day and you made sure to keep an eye on him, bringing him food at the usual times he'd leave the lab to go to lunch and dinner.
You had a quiet day, kicking Jane out in the morning meant you got to cancel most of her meetings and Darcy felt no urge to actually show up. The mission must have been a bad one because Helen Cho was in the med bay all day and Tony never showed up.
Usually you hated slow days, it was a tedious task sitting at a desk all day and the coming and going of everyone gave you something other than emails to focus on. You didn't mind so much today because it gave you time to keep an eye on Bruce.
When your day finished you stopped in with him one last time, ignoring Jarvis reminding you that Bruce had now been in the lab for nineteen hours. You were aware but you didn't care, breaking your own golden rule.
The lab was Bruce's comfort place, you weren't going to take it away from him.
He was still slumped on the couch, blanket wrapped around him just as you'd left him. The only evidence you had that he had indeed moved was the empty food wrappers and the laptop perched on his knee. You gathered up the rubbish, putting it in the trash and took a seat on the edge of the couch next to him.
"I'm going home now Bruce, you need anything before I leave?" You asked gently and Bruce turned to you, blinking in confusion before checking his watch.
"Oh." he mumbled, realising the time. He usually stayed a few hours after you anyway but he always honoured your rule of no more than eighteen hours in the lab. He frowned before looking back up. "Sorry."
"Don't be silly." You laughed gently, resting your hand on his shoulder and squeezing softly. "Just this once, you can be the exception to my rule." You promised him and stood up. You hesitated again before sighing to yourself and ducking down to kiss his cheek gently.
"I'll see you in the morning." You promised.
"No." You didn't look up as Tony approached your desk, wringing his hands together.
"You didn't even hear me-" You looked up at Tony, narrowing your eyes at him. He paused mid-sentence and you raised your eyebrows, just daring him to continue.
"Thirty minutes before you are forcefully ejected." You warned when he didn't finish, a small smirk on your lips. "I'm not above asking Steve to physically carry you out the door."
"I didn't come in at all yesterday! Surely that's earned me an extra hour or two." He argued and you rolled your eyes, pausing in typing out the email and resting your chin on your fist.
"Not coming in yesterday was a healthy decision. You could do with missing a few days. The world won't end if you do." You reminded him and he scowled. The elevator opened and you both looked up to a tired looking Bruce making his way out. "Twenty seven minutes."
Tony gave Bruce a wave before hurrying back to his lab. You didn't miss him telling Jarvis to fire you or Jarvis reminding him that you worked for Pepper, not him. You looked up at Bruce as he made his way over, eyebrow raised.
"Tony is approaching hour eighteen." You told him with a shrug and he smiled, looking back to where loud heavy metal music was blasting from Tony's open door. Another rule was that the doors had to be shut to drown out noise pollution or risk of contamination. He just lost ten minutes off his time in your head.
"Not taking his eviction very well, is he?" Bruce asked and you shrugged, sitting back in your office chair, eyeing the coffees and the paper bag he carried.
"Kind of late for morning coffee, isn't it?" You asked carefully. Bruce knew you had less than an hour of work left, your routine was strict and you came to the office and left it at the same time every night.
"It's decaf." He offered, with a small smile. "And a thank you. For yesterday."
The awful screech of metal music made you wince and you sighed, looking up at Tony's door. "Jarvis, cut the music and tell Tony he has five minutes."
"We could have it in my lab, miss the tantrum that's on it's way?" Bruce offered and you smiled.
"Sure, let me just shut all of this down and I'll be with you in a minute." You promised.
Stopping by Bruce's lab in the evening became routine, one you hoped never to break. Sometimes you brought coffee, other times you just sat on one of his lab tables, swinging your legs and talking to him about your day.
He'd listen while working, looking over his shoulder every so often to smile at you when you paused. He made you feel comfortable in his space, brushing past you every so often to get something. He used to apologise the first few times you touched but eventually just settled for shooting you a soft, embarrassed smile.
Another new part of your routine was kissing his cheek before you left. You liked the way it would make him flush red the first couple of times but now he tilted his head, waiting for it when you were leaving.
You knew lines were getting blurred in your head, coworker status slipping through your fingers. You probably should've been weirded out, he was as old as your parents, for crying out loud.
But you couldn't find the urge to give it all up. You found him endearing and his age wouldn't affect that in the slightest.  You weren't going to act on it, you knew he wouldn't want you, or anyone. He would never forgive himself for being the Hulk and you weren't self sacrificing enough to date someone who hated themselves as thoroughly as he did.
You just liked the little bit of attention he gave you, how he broke up your monotonous days. That's what you told yourself anyway. It's how you defended your actions to your heart.
That was all until the day Bruce was getting annoyed at something he was working on. He had already repeated everything twice and still didn't get the results he wanted. He had been in the act of rolling up his sleeves, his hair dishevelled from running his hands through it.
He brushed past you in search of something when you grabbed his shirt and pulled him in to you, where you had been leaning against his lab table. You didn't hesitate, knowing if this was the only chance you got to live out those dreams you'd been having then you were going to take it.
You kissed him soundly, leaving no room for hesitation. He didn't freeze like you expected him to, instead he kissed back in a way that left you breathless, and weak in the knees. His hands ran down your sides, before he grabbed your thighs and lifted you up onto the lab table, all without breaking the kiss.
You groaned against his mouth and he took the chance to suck on your bottom lip, hands squeezing your hips. You let your hands tangle in his hair, pulling when he worked his way down to your neck, sponging wet kisses and nibbling at the skin.
You arched against him, letting him have whatever he wanted.
The hands on your waist lost the pressure, holding on instead of gripping you and he exhaled heavily against your neck but didn't pull away. You swallowed when you pulled away, watching his pulse flutter in his veins and a greenish tinge disappear from skin, receding quickly enough that when you blinked it was gone.
"I don't ever do this." He whispered, hands still on your hips. "I don't date and I don't sleep around and I definitely don't make a habit of making out with my young receptionist in my lab."
"I'm technically not just your receptionist." You told him and he laughed quietly, shaking his head. "I mean, not that I make out with them all."
"Not my point." He told you and you couldn't help but kiss him again, soft and slow. When you pulled away he swallowed before speaking again. "I like you."
"I like you too." You told him with a shrug, running your hands over his shoulders.
"I have no idea how this will work." He told you honestly. "With the other guy it's hard to predict."
"Bruce, how about you take me to dinner before you start asking about letting a third guy enter our relationship." You told him with a laugh.
"You're so young, isn't there someone your own age that you'd rather be with?" He asked quietly and you shrugged.
"Not really. I'm kind of stuck on this old man." You told him and he laughed. "Just don't ever use my age against me or as a reason we can't and it'll be okay."
It was more than okay. It was fancy dinners at high end restaurants and terribly cooked meals in Bruce's apartment. It was laughing until your cried and taking your breaks in his lab just to spend more time with him. It was everything.
You didn't tell anyone and either did Bruce, enjoying the privacy and chance to get to know each other. It was exciting and new and you were enjoying every second you spent with him.
You had just done your final checks for the evening and after having to kick both Selvig and Tony out already the floor was blissfully quiet. Helen had just left and Jane was in Europe with Darcy at some convention.
It just left Bruce who was working diligently in his lab, recording findings from his microscope. You stood in the doorway studying him with a small smile until he looked up at you. "Gonna stand there all day?"
"I'm just admiring." You told him, a small grin on your lips before making your way to him when he beckoned you closer. You stepped into his embrace, rocking slowly from side to side just absorbing the comfort. "Long day?"
He was sitting on one of the lab stools and he pulled you in between his legs, arms around your waist and face hidden in your neck. You wrapped your own arms around his shoulders, scraping the the back of his neck in the way you knew he liked.
"Tony's got some new idea that I have to prove won't work. Thank you for sending him home early." Bruce sighed, head buried in the curve where your shoulder meets your neck. You laughed into his hair and pressed a kiss there.
"He broke my golden rule." You told him and he pulled his head from your neck with a smile. "I only let one genius break my rules."
"Mhmm, lucky me." He whispered, pressing a short kiss to your lips. "Got any other rules I can take advantage of?"
"Mm, I absolutely forbid making out in the labs. Leads to all sorts of unethical practices in the work place." You told him with a shrug and he only rolled his eyes, hands sliding from the middle of your back down to your ass.
You groaned when he squeezed and pressed you closer into him. You kissed him slowly, working him up. He pushed his tongue into your mouth and you groaned against him and threaded your fingers in his hair, pulling. "Such a pretty young thing, sweetheart."
"Oh god." You groaned at the words. Bruce hadn't said anything the previous times he'd had you like this and you hadn't gone any further than making out yet but you already knew this was going to be different.
"Your pretty, young thing." You told him breathlessly as he kissed down your neck, sucking at the skin. "To do whatever you want with."
"Is that so?" He asked, eyebrows raised. You nodded and kissed him again, sucking his bottom lip into your mouth and biting on it gently. "What if I want a way to destress from a hard day's work?"
"Then I have just the solution." You promised, untangling yourself from his grip and grinning as you lowered yourself to your knees slowly. He swallowed, spreading his thighs and you grinned up at him. Your hands went to his buckle, working his jeans down his thighs. "Time to relax."
You ran your hands over his thighs, neglecting his tenting briefs until he groaned and twisted his hand in your hair. You hummed against the sting and brought your lips to his covered cock, mouthing against the fabric. He pressed his hips up and you gave in, pulling down his underwear to take his tip between your lips.
He sighed loudly in relief and you hollowed your cheeks, running your tongue over his leaking slit before taking more of him in your mouth, your tongue teasing the pulsing vein on the underside.
He was groaning your name repetitively, hands tangled in your hair and eyes on the stretch of your lips around him. You moved your hands behind your back and looked up at him through your eyelashes.
He took the hint, slowly thrusting into your mouth, building up his pace. He began using his grip in your hair, fucking your throat with abandon. You were gagging and moaning around him but you didn't close your eyes, keeping your attention on him.
"So fucking sweet for me, look how you're taking it." He groaned and your groaned against him, eyeing the green tinge creeping up his throat. The first time you had been making out you'd seen it and every time since. He never seemed to be aware of it but you were, watching to make sure it never deepened in colour.
You didn't tell him, fear that he would freak out. You knew one day you'd have to, probably after today. Just for peace of mind.
But for now you focused on sucking him off and the feeling of spit running down your chin. He fucked your mouth recklessly and you loved watching him lose a small semblance of control.
He came without warning and you choked slightly before swallowing as much as you could. You could feel it dribbling out of your lips when Bruce finally stopped his movements, an apology on his lips.
You shushed him while cleaning him up, running your tongue over his softening cock. You caught the cum on the edge of your lips with your fingers and brought it back to your mouth, a challenge in your eyes.
"You look a little more relaxed." You hummed, sitting back on your haunches and he only laughed, helping you stand before tucking himself away. The green tinge had long since receded and you kissed him softly. "Finish your work. If you prove Tony wrong you can come see me tonight and we'll work on relaxing me a little."
"See you later, baby." He muttered stealing one more kiss before you began to retreat, attempting to fix the mess he'd made of your hair. "I'll bring pizza."
"Text me." You told him before making your way to the elevator, completely missing Tony standing at the end of the hall, his jaw almost on the floor.
Bruce didn't come visit that night which was disappointing in more ways than one. You were even more upset he didn't text and you wondered if maybe you had misread the situation entirely yesterday.
You mulled it over the whole way to the tower, your commute feeling five times longer with the dread that settled heavily on your chest. When you'd gotten to the elevator Jarvis had assured you that Bruce was in fact in his lab and had been there since you'd left him.
You didn't go straight to him, waiting to see if he'd come to you and apologise for not calling to cancel last night. By the time you'd gotten everything set up and done your morning checks he still hadn't appeared.
You found yourself hesitating in the doorway. He was laying on the couch, blanket wrapped around him but he was awake, staring at the wall blankly. You wondered what had happened, if you had caused this.
"Hey." You whispered and he looked up, moving to sit up in a rush. You had surprised him which startled you. No one ever took him by surprise. Your mouth opened but you didn't know what to say so you closed it again, hesitating in the doorway.
"Sorry I didn't call." His words were rehearsed, emotionless and you knew in the pit of your stomach what he was about to do and you swallowed. "Got caught up in work."
"I only let you break that rule once." You told him, voice shaky. "If you take advantage I'll have to kick you out."
"Did you notice?" He asked and you frowned, eyebrows pulling together as you attempted to follow the conversation. "That I go a little green?"
"Oh." Your breath rushed out of you with the one word and your lungs began to burn as you understood. You weren't sure how he'd realised but you knew that there was trouble brewing. "Bruce, I-"
"Because I know you're not as reckless as Tony was last night. He walked in, you know. Came back when he thought you'd be gone. Saw what was going on and was going to leave until he saw the green. Waited down the hall in case of emergencies." Bruce was livid, you could see it in the strain of his jaw and your mortification of Tony seeing you on your knees was pushed to side by the feeling of dread creeping back into your veins. "He didn't interrupt because in his words 'I could do with a good time.' He had no care for if I hurt you."
"But you didn't, you never have." You told him weakly. "You never would."
"You think I can control it?!" Bruce yelled and you flinched, finally stepping inside only to shut the door and press your back against it. "Do you think I have a choice in it all?"
"Bruce, I was going to tell you last night. I know I should've told you when I first noticed it but things were fresh and I didn't want-"
"You knew before yesterday?" He asked and you stopped talking. You opened your mouth to try and explain but you couldn't. "You- I don't even, do you know how exceptionally childish that is?"
The silence set in as you processed Bruce's words and he did the same, breathing in sharply. "I know I said you could break my rules but I didn't mean that one. You're mad, I get that but you better take those words back and quick."
"You put yourself at risk for sex, so no. I don't think I will." He told you plainly and you hesitated, wondering where this could go. He was set on ending things today, you could see it in his eyes and it hurt that he'd made that decision and in his head you were to blame.
You were mad and you could feel yourself growing red at the thought of him looking at you like a child and you found yourself laughing to yourself. "Take it fucking back."
"I don't have time for a tantrum." He scoffed and turned his back to you, heading for his coffee machine. It made you pause in place because he didn't have a coffee machine. He bought you coffee every morning. Except now he wouldn't.
"Stop pushing me away because I made a mistake. Talk about this with me, like an adult." You were grasping at straws and you knew it.
"What would you know about being an adult?" He asked cruelly and you straightened up, eyes cold.
"Fine, play your stupid fucking game and push me away." You scoffed. "You waited forty years for me, what’s another forty hoping someone will be willing to put up with you pushing them away every step they take towards you?”
“This was never going to work. I should have known.” He sighed, shaking his head like he was so fucking wise and better than you.
“You didn’t care when I was sucking your dick. I wasn’t a fucking child then. Funny how things change. Well fuck you and fuck this stupid fucking job. I couldn’t left months ago, I have a fucking degree in Marketing and Public Relations but instead I organised files all day so I could be closer to you.” You burst and he only raised an eyebrow at you as if to prove his point.
You could feel the shameful tears that betrayed you and you wiped them away, cheeks burning. You were better than this, you managed one of the most difficult floors in Avengers Towers and you made it look easy. Bruce took a step towards you, reaching his hand out but you shook your head.
“Don’t fucking touch me. You promised that you wouldn’t do this, maybe it’s why The Hulk is more fun to be around. He’s transparent about what he feels.” You knew you were hitting him where it hurt and his jaw dropped. Your mother had always told you that you were toxic when you were mad but you couldn't bring yourself to care.
“And just so you know? Your team fucking adores you so get your head out of your ass and focus on them before you end up dying alone bent over a microscope cause I’m not there to pull you away from it anymore.”
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plus-size-reader · 6 months ago
Safer For Everyone
Tumblr media
Bruce Banner x Plus size!reader
Word Count: 1424 words
Warnings: none
Summary: Bruce falls in love but he's terrified to bring you into his world because of everything the other guy brings to the table.
Bruce had no idea what he was going to do.
When the two of you had first started seeing each other, he didn’t think much about what this thing between you would mean.
Really, it was just a little bit of a connection, something he shared with you that he didn’t share with anyone else.
However, it didn’t stay that simple connection for long. Before too long at all, Bruce was completely and totally in love with you.
It wasn’t the plan but frankly, nothing ever really was.
Falling in love with you wasn’t the problem.
The love you shared came to you organically, and bloomed before you even gave it much thought at all. It was something that happened overnight, but would last far longer than that.
In fact, falling in love with you was simple for Bruce.
It was arguably the easiest thing he would ever do. You were the most incredible woman he’d ever met, you were light and gentle, while also being strong-willed and brilliant. In every way, you were all that he’d ever dreamed of in a woman.
...But no matter what he did, something felt wrong about it.
Bruce knew that he was dangerous for you, that there was nothing he could ever do that would keep you safe from him. Nothing in the world would change that the other guy was always going to pose a threat.
As long as you were around him, as long as you were by his side, you would never be safe to just be.
It was something he worried about all the time, and that made being in a healthy relationship sort of difficult. Having a normal life wasn’t in the cards for Bruce, not ever, and he had always known that but asking another person to also give up everything was something else.
He could never do that without feeling guilty about it.
You brought so much to the table, and had so much that you could offer other people. Going away with him, having a life with him, would not only be detrimental to you but it would also take something from everyone else.
The idea of doing that just didn’t appeal to him.
You were a gift to the world and wasting your light on him would truly do a disservice to humanity as a whole. Not to mention if he ever hurt you, he couldn’t live with himself. If you ever came to any harm at his hand, Bruce was sure that it would kill him.
Naturally, it wasn’t long before he came to the only conclusion he could draw that would keep you safe.
He was going to have to leave.
It was going to be hard for both of you, he knew that but there was no way for the two of you to work out.
He would always have to keep himself in check, which wasn’t as simple as it sounded. Keeping the Hulk hidden away was like keeping an entire swarm of buzzing hornets inside a pickle jar.
It would never work, no matter what he tried to do, you would be in constant danger and he just couldn’t risk that.
No one would ever do that to someone they cared so much about. It would just be better for you both if he put a stop to this now, whatever it was.
He couldn’t risk you getting killed, and he certainly wouldn’t allow himself to be the reason for your death, not as long as he could help it.
The only flaw in Bruce’s plan was that he wasn’t planning on asking you about your opinion on the matter first.
In all the time he spent worrying about your wellbeing, he never considered how your feelings would fit into something like that. He didn’t think about what you would think, or how he would even go about asking you to do something like that.
All he could do was hope for the best, not that it mattered anymore.
Bruce’s biggest concern was making sure you stayed alive and in one piece. He was sure that once he explained the facts of your predicament to you, you would have no choice but to agree.
The two of you had to split up, it would just be safer for everyone that way.
Unfortunately though, he didn’t get a chance to talk to you until you walked in on him packing up all of his things from your shared bedroom. Evidently, he decided that he was just going to leave.
It worried you that he was planning on leaving, because naturally, you assumed something horrible had happened that you hadn’t gotten word of yet.
“What are you doing?” you questioned, rushing to his side immediately, sure that the world was about to explode or something in the way he was hurrying to get everything figured out. As far as you knew though, that may have actually been the case.
It wasn’t until Bruce turned to look at you that you realized something very different was happening.
He looked upset, more upset than he’d been in a long time.
“What’s going on Bruce? What’s wrong?” you repeated, this time reaching out to take his hand in your own, worried that you couldn’t handle whatever it was he was currently dealing with.
In general, Bruce was really calm and collected. He always had control over the way he felt and on the rare occasions that he didn’t, he never looked like this.
You could practically feel the nerves radiating off of him.
“I’m leaving, I need to go somewhere else for a while” he explained, not really offering much more than that before grabbing more of his dress shirts and throwing them into his bag. Naturally, this caught you by surprise because no matter what you did, it didn’t make any sense at all.
Why would Bruce be leaving? Nothing had happened, that you knew of, but he was clearly serious about this. You had never seen that look in his eye, that determination.
Something definitely happened, you just had no idea what it was.
“You’re leaving? Why? What is going on?” you questioned, your heart nearly shattering as you tried to comprehend what was going on.
Had you done something wrong? Surely he would have told you if something happened that was worthy of leaving you. You had no idea what was going on, and really, you were desperate to find out.
It was killing you.
You never had an inkling that Bruce was unhappy with you, or that something was wrong, but you must have missed something.
“This is dangerous, being with me is dangerous. Don’t you understand that?” he scoffed, not seeing how you could be so blind to the truth. There was a literal monster living within him, and if he ever came out, you could die.
It could, literally, kill you.
“Dangerous? Bruce, you’re the least dangerous man I’ve ever met. Where is this coming from?” you sighed, sitting down on the edge of the bed, your bed that you shared with him.
Up until this moment, apparently.
The two of you had never really struggled with anything before. You didn’t fight, you didn’t argue, you hardly even bickered but for some reason, he had to leave now. You had never even been close to having an incident, so you had no idea why this was happening.
You had never been more in love with anyone before, but for some reason, it was crumbling beneath your feet.
“I know what the other guy is capable of,and I don’t want you to get hurt” Bruce explained, going back to packing his bags as hurriedly as possible, before you could talk him out of it. The fact of the matter was that Bruce didn’t want to do this either, he didn’t want to leave, but he didn’t have a choice.
It was his job to keep you alive, it was his job to make sure that you were taken care of, and staying with you wasn’t doing that. It was too reckless, too dangerous, and Bruce wasn’t willing to take a risk like that, not with you.
“I just have to do this, please”
You could hardly breathe, watching him zip up the rest of his bag and heading for the door, but there was nothing you could do. There was nothing you could say or anything that would change his mind.
All you could do was watch as he left you.
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bucky-barmes · 27 days ago
☾✧✧✧ Is that my shirt? ✧✧✧☽
nondescript reader x Bruce Banner
In which you stay the night at the Avengers Tower unbeknownst to Bruce and he wonders how you got his shirt.
[ a/n: okay well i lost the prompt list this was from so that's fun ]
[ word count: 958 words (this was supposed to be a fun kinda short thing whoops)
includes: shy boi Bruce, Tony actually being a decent human being, slightly fluffy, unspoken feels????? -18 friendly
[ all works are my own, do not repost, translate or any other sort of thing, no consent is given ]
Tumblr media
"Shit, is that the time?" You gawked at your watch showing almost 1am. "Bruce, I'm sorry, I gotta go." You grabbed your coat as you walked to the door of his lab. "Gotta take the subway and all." All you could do was offer him a sheepish smile. You hated leaving work unfinished, but at this rate you were nowhere near finishing up the study.
Bruce fiddled with his glasses, looking like he wanted to say something, but his brows furrowed.
"No, that's alright Y/N, it's pretty late." He slid his glasses back on. "Uh- make sure you get home safe. Text me when you're home." Ever the gentleman, but something told you that's not all he wanted to say.
"Always do." Your head tilted at him as you shrugged your coat on. "See you later today, I guess." A smirk traced your lips but was replaced with a grimace at the thought of having to be up at 7am.
As you made your way to the elevator you see Tony making his way out of the kitchen.
"Night, Tony, see you tomorrow." You gave him a short wave, not intending to stop for a chat.
"Woah, woah, woah, where are you going?" Tony almost demanded, hands up to stop you from stepping further.
"Home. Believe it or not I actually have my own one of those, I just choose to live my life here."
"At this time of night? You've got to be joking. Didn't Bruce tell you you can crash here?" Your eyebrow quirked at that. Was that why he was so nervous when you left?
"No, he failed to mention that." Your eyes narrowed in thought. "But if the offer still stands, I'd love to take you up on it. The subway at this time is not fun." Another grimace, this time at the thought of riding the subway by yourself at 1am.
"Always." Tony had already started leading you down the hall as he spoke, pointing to a door close to Bruce's lab. "That's one of the spare rooms, head in and I'll grab you some stuff."
You weren't quite sure what stuff was, but you didn't have to wait long for Tony's return. You had barely walked into the room and taken your coat off when he came in with a handful of fabric.
"Some towels and robe in case you want to shower, and a change of clothes- well, a fresh shirt. I doubt you'd fir any of our pants and Nat isn't here to ask." Tony shrugged, handing you the surprisingly neatly folded pile. Definitely not his work.
"You're the best, Tony." You take the pile appreciatively, glancing at your watch as you do. "I'll see ya' in the morning."
The rest of the night goes quickly, too quickly. A groan escapes your lips as you alarm starts blaring, slapping your hand onto your phone screen in an attempt to hit the snooze button. Then, the thought of an Avengers grade shower sprung to mind. It had to beat your shitty trickle of a shower back at your apartment.
Safe to say that was the best shower you had ever had. Nothing beat actual water pressure, but the waterfall shower head was a nice added bonus.
Stepping back into the room from the ensuite, you had the robe wrapped tightly around you. As comfortable as it was, you didn't think it was exactly appropriate to wear into the kitchen for breakfast. You were technically in your workplace after all.
Your eyes ran over the crumpled pile of your clothes from the day before, nose crinkling at the thought. Definitely not something you wanted to put back on. Then your eyes wandered over to the extra t-shirt Tony brought in for you. Well, it wasn't like you had any other options.
"I mean, it could definitely be worse." You murmured to yourself, looking over the outfit in the mirror. It was oversized, but not quite enough to be a t-shirt dress. You fished around in your bag, remembering the pair of comfy shorts you keep in your bag in case of emergencies, a triumphant "ah-ha" falling from your lips as your grabbed them out.
With the shorts now pulled on, you padded down the hall to the kitchen. Today was just going to have to be a casual Friday, on a Wednesday.
In the kitchen you were met with a chorus of questioning "good morning?" from the team, including Bruce. Clearly Tony had forgot to mention to any of them that you had stayed the night.
"You're here early, Y/N." Steve observed, taking a sip of his coffee as he eyed your choice of attire.
"Oh, I- uh, actually stayed the night." You rubbed the back of your neck sheepishly as you explained. "It was almost 1am by the time Bruce and I finished up, so Tony offered for me to say." A smile made its way to your lips as Bruce placed a plate of bacon and eggs in front of you.
"Is that my shirt?" Bruce stared down at your outfit, head tilted in confusion. "I mean- sorry- it's just, that looks like one of my-" "Just keep digging, big boy." Tony slapped him on the back as he walked past towards the sink. "Yes, it is yours. I thought it was only fair as you didn't offer for poor Y/N to stay the night."
Your eyes widen and Bruce smiled timidly. "Sorry, Y/N, I wanted to, just couldn't get the words out."
"It's alright, you wouldn't have got to see me in your shirt if you did." You offer him a cheeky wink. "Besides, I think I look quite good in it." "Better than me."
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randominagines · a month ago
henlo :> could I get headcanons on how bruce would react to reader who is secretly a werewolf (the others just think she has enhanced abilities similar to a super soldier) confiding in him that the reason she's been losing sleep is due to accidentally shifting at night and hiding it from the others, and she's got anxiety over it. Maybe she's a bit more comfy with him and trusts him because they tend to cross paths up late at night in the tower and have similar personalities (both kinda reserved). She's grown to have feelings for him but believes those feelings are unrequited and so tries to avoid him knowing she likes him but she can't help but stick near him cuz he calms her. thank u :]
Thanks for the request!💞
Pairing: Bruce Banner x werewolf!reader
Warning: angst, fluff
Gifs belong to their creators.
Tumblr media
Bruce is not a person who talks a lot, but he observes instead and he's been watching you for a while because he feels that something is bothering you;
He likes you a lot, so he worries about you;
He doesn't dare to ask because he doesn't want to be inappropriate or put you in an awkward position;
He always makes sure that when you're assigned to missions he can be there too so he can keep an eye on you;
He has a natural protective instinct toward you;
He loves meeting you at night and talking to you for hours;
"You can't sleep too, uhm?"
"Yes, y/n, I haven't had a good sleep in years."
"I'm sorry."
"Don't be, I'm happy to be here with you."
Tumblr media
He notices that you look always very tired and nervous at a certain point and he also realizes that your powers keep growing and growing;
He doesn't know what to do to help you because he hates seeing you so stressed;
One night, he comes searching for you and he finds you turning from a wolf to a person, you lay down on the floor in the woods around the facility, your naked body shaking;
He immediately puts his hoodie on you and lifts you to take you home;
He lays you down on his bed and makes sure you can warm up and calm down;
The following morning, you wake up with him sitting next to the bed and a breakfast on the desk;
"What happened?"
"I found you in the woods, you were transforming back into a human. How are you?"
You freak out and even apologise for what he saw;
He tries to comfort you and explains to you that there is nothing to be sorry about;
"Amongst all people, I'm the one who can understand you better. Your secret is safe with me."
Tumblr media
You thank him, your eyes watery;
Your relationship keeps getting more intense from this moment on;
He is so protective of you and tries to help you control your powers;
You relay on him and spend so much time with him;
You realise that you've developed feelings for him when you first see him looking at you in total wonder when he sees your wolf form;
"Y/n, you have such a beautiful power."
You want to tell him but you're shy and you are not sure he loves you back;
You try to avoid him, you keep your distances and do your best to not spend time with him;
He notices and decides to face you;
"Did I do something wrong? Then why are you avoiding me?"
You take a breath and decide to risk it all;
"Because I love you, Bruce, and I don't know if--"
He cuts you off with a kiss, his lips pressing on yours;
You kiss him back, butterflies erupting in your stomach;
"Have you been in love with me all this time?"
"For being a genius, you've been quite slow."
"Okay, fair enough, y/n."
Tumblr media
He laughs and kisses you again and again and again.
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shutupanddance · 3 months ago
I'd like to use my free slot to request A reader insert with Dr. Bruce Banner/Hulk and the reader is a regular person who is like a housekeeper for the Avengers and is not a fan of the Hulk or Bruce mostly because they grew up in a violent angry family and doesn't wish to be injured the reader just sort of tries to not be around when hes around.
Plot twist, the reader ends up being saved by the Hulk and then they become friends! 😁
*I love happy endings especially ones that are fluffy* ♥️
You're the best! Thanks Friend!!
Ah Bruce is one of my faves!! And I love this concept!! So sweet!! Thanks for requesting hon <3
Here you go ;)
Tumblr media
- Being able to say that you work in the Avengers Tower is a big deal. You just don’t tell anyone you’re the cleaning lady.
- “Cleaning lady” is a… loose term at best. “Bomb squad” or “glorified mother” would fit better.
- Overall, the Avengers are a nice bunch of people, they’re just poor at taking care of themselves.
The assassins never leave any messes behind (they “police their brass” if you will), and Steve Rogers is always determined to pitch in with cleaning, and Bruce Banner takes care of his own room, but the others are a nightmare. You’ve cleaned up messes that are some mystery goo (courtesy of Stark and his lab) and messes of blood and bandages after a fight. It’s a little gross at times, but it pays well.
And it pays well because they need someone they know they can trust to have access to all the rooms.
- Your parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and maybe even your baby niece are all government agents. They all have high clearance levels, so to say your background has been thoroughly checked would be an understatement.  - You never really fit in with your family, which was so loud and emotional that you always felt overwhelmed. Although they were cool and collected at work, the façade slipped when everyone got home, and especially when they all got together. Yelling and screaming and throwing things occurred. Needless to say, you didn’t have the best childhood.
- So, when you first join the Avengers, you’re very nervous. They’re loud and emotional like your family, but it isn’t violent. And it isn’t that cold, passive-aggressive behavior you’re used to seeing from your parents. They’re warm and affectionate and they laugh loudly.
You learn to like this loudness.
- But there is one Avenger who you are still apprehensive about.  Dr. Bruce Banner.
- He’s quiet, overall. Stays calm and cool. But, like your family, you know he has another side: The Hulk. It scares you. You just know that you couldn’t handle being around the Hulk. And because of your family, you feel responsible for bringing out the worst in people (even if it’s not true), and so you worry that you might make the quiet doctor “hulk out”.
- But then one day, another alien invasion happens. Another battle. Another long, drawn-out hullabaloo that you’d rather not participate in. 
Unfortunately, however, you were just getting groceries when the attack occurred. You’re left stranded in a corner store, hiding behind an aisle, frozen in terror.
Then the ceiling caves in.
But it’s — it’s not falling anymore. It’s stopped. You hear yourself screaming.
“Don’t be afraid,” a booming voice says. You look up.
The Hulk is holding the ceiling of the grocery store with one hand above his head, and the other outstretched in your direction. You’re still terrified, but you’d rather go with the Hulk than be crushed by linoleum. You let him take your hand and lead you away from the collapsing building.
He’s gone before you can say thank you.
- You don’t mention anything to Bruce Banner at first, but when you come in the next day for work and you’ve got a bandage on your head, he tentatively asks if he can take a look and make sure the wound is clean.
You’re a bit shocked, because you’ve never really talked to the man before, but you agree.
- He cleans your wound and begins asking questions about yesterday. You tell him what happened. He seems conflicted.
“I’m glad you’re alright,” he says, and at first you think it’s to fill the silence. But then, you see the way he watches you through his lashes, and he looks so sincere…
- You start paying much more attention to Dr. Banner.
- You find that he, like you, is not a fan of things loud or boisterous. He’s not quiet because he’s hiding something, but rather, because he isn’t: he’s not pretending to be anything other than he is.
And that’s extremely comforting.
- Now, on your breaks, and sometimes after hours, you spend time with Bruce. You read with him, watch some 80s TV with him, or just sit in silence and work next to each other. But every once in awhile, you talk. And talk and talk and talk and talk. When you get going, the two of you can go on for hours, and you even feel energized afterwards!
- Bruce is relieved that he’s found a friend like you. And, even though he didn’t think his life was lacking beforehand, he’s not quite sure how he ever lived without your sweet presence. Your laugh sounds like bells and your smile is so bright. He can’t get enough of your opinions on lab ethics, and loves it most when you forget yourself for a moment and ramble on. You look so beautiful that way.
- And you can’t get enough of his grin, his matter-of-fact way of putting things, and his jokes. Oh, his jokes. You wouldn’t think he’d have it in him, but this man is a major dork. And he can make you laugh so hard. Plus, he knows SO MUCH about so many subjects, and you just love picking his brain. There’s never enough time in a day for you to ask all you want to ask.
- You and Bruce’s friendship is a balancing thing in both your lives, and the Avengers notice it. They invite you to movie nights.
And sometimes, when you sit next to your best friend on the couch, and your fingers draw circles on his arm because you’re just so enthralled with the movie, and he turns to look at you, so close, so close, and you look so beautiful with your eyes lit up this way, he’s almost sure he has to kiss you in that very moment.
But for now, he’ll wrap an arm around you and just enjoy being together. These moments are so important.
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