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Q, Bruce. ♥️♥️

This starts off sad so maybe don’t read if you don’t need feels. <3

634. Our charming and singular things (DCU: Bru&Jay, <1k, T)
Tags: Angst with a happy ending, phone calls
SummaryBruce does not forget. This very ritual is to remind himself of what he lost once.

Bruce runs his thumb over the walkman’s scuffed casing. It’s a faded black and had seen better days even before it ended up in his custody. As usual, the buttons stick and need more force applied before the tape squeaks like sneakers on a freshly waxed floor as it rewinds.

(Read more on AO3.)

Hope I didn’t surprise you too much by gifting it you anonymously. My anxiety needs me to hide for a while, but I wanted to share this with you!

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fruit salad + cereal + juice and coffee: Clark, Martha, Lisa, Lex, Diana, Alfred

protein shake: Bruce, Darcie, Slade

Single Piece of Fruit™ + coffee + coffee + coffee: Barry, Lois, Arthur

The Gutenberg Project: Victor

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Rules: Share the first line of a WIP, and then tag as many people as there are words in it.

Tagged by: @thenafics and @elenscaie Thanks for the tag, guys!

Currently Named WIP: NOT A SINGLE WORD

It’s six months after their talk, before anyone, Bruce Wayne included, realizes that the Red Hood – and Jason – is missing.

Tagging @skalidra @setsailslash @shaudswrites @redjaybathood @j-a-n-e–d-o-e @garpie64 @imposter-human @welshbaes @wellthatjusthappend @atasteforsuicidal @spaceboykenny @spartanbunjess @wajjs @the-quiet-carrotcake and anyone else who wants to play. 

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Pokémon/DC AU where young Bruce Wayne ran off into a cave below the mansion to be alone after his parents’ funeral but got hopelessly lost. He was crying and alone when he heard the frightening cries of a Zubat swarm approaching him. But rather than attack him, they all landed on and around him to sooth him before carefully leading him back to where Alfred was fretting himself sick over Bruce’s disappearance.

Zubatman is born not from a desire for vengeance but from a desire to spread the compassion that helped him in his darkest moment.

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Jason: “Al, I’ve made so many meringues when B-man went through a lemon meringue phase as a kid. I’m an expert. I’m one hundred percent sure that its done!”

Jason: *Hold’s bowl to Alfred’s face to show him*

Alfred: “Master Jason,” *sigh*

Jason: *Holds bowl over Alfred’s head*

Alfred: *Closing his eyes with a shake of his head* “I must disagree. It is stil-” *plop*

Jason: “See! Don-oh!!”

Alfred: *Has meringue dripping all over his head*

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aaaaand finally with color, actually I already have the other version since… 1 month ago? but anyway XD

The idea is: “Sometimes Jason it´s like a San Bernardo, he´s like a Puppy Who doesn´t realice how big it is “ 

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What are your thoughts on RoyJayKyle? Bc like, they all have 2 hands and are the biggest idiots in the universe and would cause each parent involved (Bruce Oliver and Hal) to have aneurisms bc how could their children do this to them

I support it for the sole purpose of messing with the adults

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Summary: Magic lived in Everyone. Or the one where was chosen as Gotham’s Keeper at birth. 

Part 1 of a Series.

TW: There is mention of miscarriage. And there more moments when Bruce doesn’t really like himself. Mention of jumping off a building.



Magic lived in everyone.

From the tiniest hum under their skin, like the one Bruce heard from his mother when he cuddled with her, to the more visible and stronger kind that Alfred wielded with precision. Magic lived in everybody and once you were a certain age, it finally came alive.

Not that it was asleep before. It just wasn’t…connected. Even then, most children knew what their magic was going to be like. The little girl who could make animals happy with just a touch knew she would be a healer. The little boy who’s magic sounded in his laugh and one day would weave itself in his voice, even if it was too weak to do anything other then sing fussy babies to sleep.

Bruce could never understand his own magic though. It thrummed in his body, loud and fiery, with no way or direction. It did seem to want to teach or push or even lay down. It was just there like…like it was waiting.

Waiting for what? Little Bruce wondered for the first time after his fifth birthday when he had finally put into words the feeling that his magic gave him.

His mom smiled at him when he mentioned it, her omega scent of honey and apples wrapping around him.

“You will figure it out, sweetheart,” she told him, “Everyone eventually does,”

His dad ruffled his hair and nodded, “Don’t worry son. Your mother is right. Everything has its place, so does your magic,”

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I’ve decided that Batman does jigsaw puzzles in his free time it is his favorite hobby you come over to Wayne Manor for a sexy date with Bruce Wayne and he takes you to a closet stacked floor to ceiling with puzzles and makes you pick one and you’re not allowed to leave until it’s done

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