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incorrectgothamcity · 14 minutes ago
Batmom: Hey, I say we go up there, kick Damian’s door in, and let him know that we’re in town.
Tim: That ain’t the way we do things here. We may have to go in there and run a con, drop a bug, do the smooth talking.
Batmom: Okay, you come with me, you do the smooth talking, let’s go.
Tim: No, we just can’t go in there and kick down Damian’s door. We need a plan.
Batmom: Well who makes the plans?
Tim: Bruce.
Batmom: Bruce, what's the plan?
Bruce: You guys are gonna go down there, kick Damian’s door in, let him know you’re in town.
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ghostmakers · 30 minutes ago
ghostbat spending the night sightseeing and telling eachother life stories
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ghostmakers · 42 minutes ago
ghostbat, batghost, brughost, ghostbru? i pick ghostbat
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incorrectbatfamquotes · an hour ago
Bruce Wayne: Sometimes I wish we had normal people problems.
Alfred: That would be nice, Master Bruce.
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kebuyo · 2 hours ago
Alfred: Perhaps I can convince Bruce to handle this the British way. Smile bravely, bury your feelings, and allow a steady drizzle to slowly wash away your sadness over 50 years.
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dcau-incorrect-quotes · 2 hours ago
Superman, after batman saved his life for the hundredth time: I don’t know how I can repay you, Bruce!
Batman: don’t worry, I’ll think of something.
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randomfandomimagine · 2 hours ago
S/O With Depression (DC Preference)
Characters: Harley Quinn, Barry Allen, Arthur Curry, Bruce Wayne
Fandom: DC / DCEU
Warnings: Depression, angst
Requested by anon: Please a preference for DCEU with Harley, Barry, Arthur and Bruce (Affleck) and a she/her reader who suffers from autism and/or depression? Would mean a lot to me, so thank you very much
Tumblr media
Harley had realized a long time ago that you weren’t okay, that something was wrong. She had noticed small and not so small things that she knew were symptoms of depression. It broke her heart when her worst fears became true when you had your first depressive episode in front of her, knowing someone she cared for so much was having such dark thoughts and struggling so much. Luckily, though, since Harley knows so much on the subject, she can help you slowly overcome or at least improve your symptoms, and she will always be by your side through the whole process.
Tumblr media
Barry has sometimes felt lost, sad and hopeless himself, but never like that. Truth is, even though he knows you enough to realize there’s something wrong, he has no idea what you’re actually going through. The boy is really worried, though, and he will try his damn hardest to take you out, make you smile and laugh. In spite of it all, Barry will sometimes mess up and say the wrong thing or accidentally bring back a painful memory and somehow make things worse, but he never fails to make up for it. Still, he will always be there to hear you when you need to talk, hug you when you need affection, comfort you when you need encouragement and overall be extra optimistic and goofy to be your light in the darkness.
Tumblr media
Arthur becomes very angry and frustrated at himself when he realizes he can’t really help a whole lot. Although it feels just as evil, your depression isn’t a villain that he can physically fight, and he breaks his head trying to find a way to help you. In the end, though, you lean on him and find that his company is comforting, so he spends as much time with you as he possible can and he does his best to distract you and keep you from thinking too much.
Tumblr media
Bruce feels completely powerless, because nor Batman nor his money can help you with this. He has offered to pay all the therapists you need, or medication if you need it, but even though they do help on the long run, they might not be enough. Ultimately, Bruce does the one thing he can do: look after you. He often checks on you, asks you how you’re doing and makes sure you’re eating well to the point that he will cook himself on those days that feel like even getting up from the bed is far too exhausting for you.
Tag list: @call-me-harley-quinn / @wonderlandfandomkingdom / @locke-writes / @emmacata / @galactic-magick  // If you want to be added or taken off the tag list for these fandoms or characters, send me an ask!! // Feedback and reblogs are appreciated!
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mrysktchs · 3 hours ago
it’s 5:30am here and I’ve been awake all night drawing harley doing the “i’m getting ripped tonight rip that pussy aye” dance in front of pam and bruce and i’m simultaneously laughing and sobbing
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waynequeen · 3 hours ago
Okay but I refuse to get over this little kiss on the cheek that turned out to be a start of a beautifully tragic and romantic story called wonderbat (or Dark Knight and Warrior Princess, as I like to call them). I'm still not sure if we should read this as a way of Diana showing gratefullness for Batman's eagerness to help her in a way that she has learned is acceptable in the man's world or if it's really Wonder Woman's spur-of-the-moment flirting or is it both but I totally love it.
In conclusion, all I want for Christmas is the Harley Quinn season three in which Batman and Wonder Woman deal with the fact that they banged on that roof and finally get together
Tumblr media
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batfan1213 · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Finally being able to watch the Synder Cut on my TV in China.
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isy-art · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Mermay amirite?
Nekdjgjsng jokes aside the new Resident Evil game came out and my brain went 👀 and lost all interest in art for a hot second sooooo... rip ^^;
I have some doodles down under the cut as a treat, though ✨
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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alessia-sunflower28 · 5 hours ago
Dick: I broke the lamp.
Bruce: Why?
Dick: Because nobody shines brighter than me.
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percilout · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 2 of my current wip is now online :D
Hope you guys enjoy!!
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sleepyssnail · 5 hours ago
Bruce: [walking into the kitchen at 4am]
Bruce: What are you doing?
Tim: [Pouring Gatorade into pancake mix]
Tim: The lords work
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meme991001 · 5 hours ago
Chapters: 2/? Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug, Batman - All Media Types, DCU Rating: Mature Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug & Ra's al Ghul, Sabine Cheng & Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug & Tom Dupain, Adrien Agreste & Chloé Bourgeois & Alya Césaire & Marinette Dupain-Cheng & Nino Lahiffe, Batfamily Members & Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug Characters: Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Talia al Ghul, Ra's al Ghul, Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug's Parents, Nino Lahiffe, Lê Chiến Kim, Alya Césaire, Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir, Chloé Bourgeois, Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne, Justice League (DCU) Additional Tags: Maribat Bio Dad Bruce Wayne Month, Biological Parent Bruce Wayne, Blind Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Child Abuse, Hurt Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Badass Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Marinette Dupain-Cheng is Toph Beifong, I literally based her off Toph, Good Parents Sabine Cheng & Tom Dupain, The League of Assassins (DCU), Updates on Wednesday Series: Part 1 of The Blindness of Marinette Summary:
Marinette al Ghul was not a wanted child, that was no secret to anyone including herself. She felt the scorn of her Grandfather, and the disapproval of her Mother constantly. But she never thought they would do this. Never thought they would go this far.
Marinette al Ghul is not an al Ghul anymore, and now has to navigate the world with her newfound blindness alone. Well… with the help of a little something she wasn’t expecting.
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meshlasolus · 6 hours ago
Cruel Irony
Bale!Bruce Wayne x Reader
Aight I'm pullung an all nighter so that this can post tonight and I.I. and post tomorrow.
Series Summary: Growing up on infinity Island, Moyra is taught very well in the art of assassination. As the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul, she sits highly amongst the brotherhood known as the League of Shadows. When her father orders her to lure a stranger from the outside to be recruited amongst the mysterious clan, she will question everything she's ever believed.
Chapter Warnings: misogyny?? That's it idk
Tumblr media
Walking out of Wayne Tower, I had a subtle smile on my face, my hips swaying more than usual, catching several eyes of the men on the main floor. I even caught the door boy's eye.
I walked down to the parking spot I saw the Lambo, and opened the door. I scooted in next to Bruce who seemed to be startled by my sudden appearance. He was still happy to see me, nonetheless.
I sat with my back straight up against the seat and my face forward to the seat in front of me. My smile did not waver, nor did my confidence.
"So, how'd it go? I'm assuming it went well." Bruce said, and Alfred began to drive. He looked back at me through the rear view, and I smirked for a second before answering Bruce.
"Yes I'd say so, considering they offered me the job in the first twenty minutes." I said nonchalantly, even though everything in me swelled with pride at my accomplishment.
"They what?" Bruce could not believe his ears. He knew I was capable enough to pull off the fake identity, but getting the job after one interview? Especially with a company such as Wayne Enterprises it seemed unheard of. "What did you do?"
"Just impressed a few board members, I guess. Didn't think they would all be there, but I'm glad they were." I said, thinking back to just ten minutes ago and how I walked out of that office with all eyes on me in the best way possible.
"Yeah, you did something... what was it?" He nudged, scooting closer as Aflred turned the corner at the light to go down a new road.
"I'll tell you all of that later... right now, I think I should get victory lunch." I said, propping my hands behind my head and stretching my feet out in front if me as far as I could for the seat ahead.
"Victory Lunch... okay. And where would M'lady like to go?" He questioned, knowing the sooner he got me to food, the sooner he could hear the story about the interview. He was rather impatient, though never showing it.
"You pick, you have good taste." I said, closing my eyes and leaning into the seat a little more, my relaxed position remained the same which made Bruce chuckle.
"Alright then." He leaned forward to the driver and patted his shoulder. "Think she'd like Bamonte's?"
"Oh, I know she'd rather enjoy it, sir." His accent laced the words, making them sound better than they would if I said them. Alfred turned off on the next road, making sure he took the quickest way to the popular restaurant in the city.
"The owner is an old friend of mine." Bruce told me, and I repositioned myself to sit by him like a normal person.
"Funny, I thought you didn't have friends." I scoffed, leanijg against the headrest on the back of my seat.
"Then what would that make you?" He said, making a point to smirk as he did. If I was being honest, I'd hoped we crossed the friend line by now. Into what, I had no idea, I just wished he could confirm it to me so i didn't have to keep daydreaming about the fact that there was something between us.
I loved him dearly, and would do anything for him, and I considered that to be more than friendship, companionship. It had to be something more. Bruce took me into his home when he could have left me to deal with my father. He could have brought me here then dropped me to fend for myself. He didn't. He took care of me, and made sure I had every need fulfilled. If he didn't feel anything for me he sure had a funny way of showing it.
Now stood the question... what was I to him? I wasn't his lover, but I wasn't just his friend...
"I'm your partner." I said sincerely, my eyes melting into my skull as he gazed back at me like I'd just said something philosophical and inspiring.
"That you are." He murmered, barely loud enough for me to hear him. "And your a damn good one."
Walking into the elaborately decorated Italian restaurant, I noticed two things right away. One: he hostess was all too happy to see Bruce, and secondly: the smell of the food here was outrageously good. I couldn't wait to try whatever they served here.
The hostess lead us to a table where she laid the menus down in fromt of each seat. A table for two at a lovely place like this must have been hard to come by, at least it would be if you weren't Bruce Wayne.
Bruce thanked the hostess and walked over in front of me before I could sit down. He pulled the chair out for me and ushered me to my seat like I was some sort of princess.
"Ever the gentleman, Mr. Wayne." I complimented, sitting down and nodding with a rosy smile. He was simply too good to be true.
"Well it is a special occasion...." he paused, taking his own seat and leaning forward on his hands while squinting his eyes at me. "So, what happened? Tell me all about it."
I smirked and picked up the menu. I finally had something he really wanted to delve into, and I knew it.... which is why I believed a small bit of teasing was necessary.
"I wonder if they have a good prosciutto mozzarella pasta here." I continued grazing the menu, all the fancy Italian dishes sounded so good, and I needed to prevent myself from drooling on the table like an infant.
"They do, it's amazing... now come on, I wanna hear the story." He demanded impatiently. I decided I had deprived him of it long enough.
"Okay, okay. So I walked into the building and checked in, all that boring stuff. I got to the floor of Earle's office...." I trailed off, beginning to babble on about my experience soon after.
I didn't know if I was on the right floor, but then Mr. Earle's assistant helped me find my way into the room I was supposed to be. Turns out, there was a board meeting taking place at the time I entered. I was a bit nervous at first, but then the man with white hair and glasses ushered me in, telling me that they would be finished in a moment and that I could sit in until they had adjourned.
I sat patiently, trying to remember my notes while listening to them talk about the new share holding ideas for when they went public. Some of them I could easily tell were masters of economics, but they were greedy, and it blinded them to another option that could have made more money, with less risk.
I kept my mouth shut for so long, trying not to interfere with their important conversations, but an idea nagged at my brain and caused me to raise my hand. It shot up so quickly I hadn't even realized I did it for a moment.
Everyone's voices quieted quickly upon seeing my gesture, and although they seemes confused, they were also interested in what it was all about.
"Yes, miss?" Earle said, tilting his head down to get a better look at me. I could tell he was making his outter observations about me, or as Bruce likes to call it 'checking me out'. I wasn't uncomfortable in any way, for I still hadn't yet made my point.
"If I may... the stocks are all set to sell at the same price in every district... and the predictions are that only fifty percent of the shares will be sold by the time you close the exchange." I had basically just repeated back to them what I'd heard, wanting to make sure I had listened correctly and got all the right information. A few of the members nodded in annoyance. They may have been economically educated in a place like Yale, or Harvard, but I had also studied economics most of my life, and by now I could very well be on the same level they were.
"Well, if you lower the stick prices in the middle class district, say by fifty percent, you can nearly guarantee the shares will sell out." I explained. Half the men in the room scoffed at me, rolling their eyes as if I was the most stupid person they'd ever seen. Just wait, boys. Just wait.
"How would that guarantee anything, and more importantly, how would we possibly make more money that way?" One of the economic kings chided. He looked like he could care less about my suggestion, and threw his head back like I was wasting his precious time.
"It's simple, actually. Lowering the prices in the middle class districts makes it possible for these people to own stocks, which drives them to the exchange floors to buy. Already you've ensured more sales just by making it more accessible...." I trailed off, opening my mouth to speak again before I was cut off by the same man as before.
"Yes, and by doing so we've lost a fortune." He raised his voice, trying intimidate me no doubt. Probably trying to get me to back down... but I was smarter than that. When you let one man walk over you, they all begin to walk over you.
"No, you see... that's where it gets interesting. With stocks being offered to middle class at a lower price, it drives the upper class to buy more. Allow me to demonstrate..." I paused, standing up from the chair and looking around the room. I spotted a meek looking man, probably more shy and not as rude as the rest of them. "You, I have a question for you. You all look to be in the higher paid bracket, so tell me; if the stocks were lowered and offered to people who didn't have the funds to invest that you did, wouldn't you be jealous that they would have the same thing you did without paying the price you paid?"
He furrowed his eyebrows to think for a moment, and at a side glance, the man who'd tried to stomp on me dropped his jaw. He was well educated, he knew where I was heading with this.
"Yes, I suppose I would be." The meek man answered, straightening himself up a bit higher in his seat.
"And wouldn't you invest more, so that the middle class buyers wouldn't have as many shares to take?" I proposed. He nodded again. "Alright, well there you have it. If even just one in two upper class investors buys double of what they originally had, already the additional revenue goes up by twenty five percent."
I didn't think they would all be so shocked right now. The most impressed was Mr. Earle. He seemed thoroughly surprised at my knowledge of this sort of thing.
"Where did you receive your degree?" The economic king asked me, his eyes wide and completely in shock of what he'd just witnessed.
"I actually never studied for this in college... but it is pretty basic economics. Upper class never passes up a chance to make sure someone below their pay level does not have what they have without the equal process. Especially something so major and profitable." I explained. Again, they looked at me im bewilderment. I assumed my gender and my appearance had something to do with that, but I would not let it bother me. I'd made my point.
"Would you like a job here?" Mr. Earle turned to me and smirked like he'd found a gold nugget out of an entire mineshaft.
"Well yes that's what I came here for..." I joked, mentioning my predetermined interview while sitting back in my seat. I made sure to cross my ankles like a lady, although I was no lady.
"Yes, I know... I'd like to offer you the job." He spoke up, providing me with complete context.
I masked my complete and total mental freak out, raising my eyebrows and dropping my jaw for a moment before blinking a few times and answering.
"Well then I'd like to take it." I reached out to shake his hand, standing up with a smile.
"Wonderful. I'll have my assistant review your information and I'll be in touch within the next two days."
Walking out of that office, I felt like I was walking on air. Truly the only thing I could think of in that moment was how excited I was to tell Bruce. I hoped he'd be proud of me, because I was pretty proud of myself.
"Wow..." Bruce sat amazed, but not because he didn't expect it of me, it was because he hadn't ever heard a story where one of the rich, sassy white boys sitting sround the Wayne committee table got served before. He was more than happy to habe heard everything.
With perfect timing, the waiter came to take the order. I did end up getting the pasta I wanted. When the waiter was finished writing everything down, he excused himself with a smile, and headed for the kitchen.
"Alright, your turn. How did the uh..." I leaned in and lowered my voice so that no one would be able to hear me. Mot that they would anyways, for we were in a very distanced and exclusive corner of the place. Away from all listening ears that might be digging too far into someone else's business. "the secret meeting with Jim Gordon go?"
He rolled his eyes and leaned forward as well, mimicking my position while he rolled his sleeve up and showed me his arm.
"He seemed skeptical, tried to shoot me... so I jumped off the roof and got this." He showcased the large bruise on his arm for me to see, and while I winced, I was more impressed that he jumped off the building.
"Nice. Any plans for this upcoming week?" I asked with a peeked interest.
"You have no idea...."
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