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#bruce x reader
tinyyoungblood · 12 hours ago
how ab a headcanon where the avengers all take a trip either to disney world or on a disney cruise? i’m a whore for the idea of everyone, especially peter and y/n, just acting like kids again
pairing: peter parker x avenger!reader
a/n: i like this prompt so much!! i’ve never been to disneyland, but i hope this is accurate enough lol. i also turned this into a vlog bc someone had to record this mess and since it can’t be me, i’m giving filming privileges to bruce
              ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
the avengers in disneyland
everyone is very very excited and the days before they leave pass in a flurry of excitement, but peter has never been to disneyland, so he’s THRILLED beyond means
peter’s jumping up and down while everyone’s loading the van and he keeps asking them if they’re ready for this “life-changing field trip?????”
sam is genuinely afraid that if peter jumps any higher he will bounce off earth, so he grabs peter by the middle and carries him horizontally into the car
steve gave a whole lecture on not getting lost the day before and since tony couldn’t resist it, he is dressed head to toe in neon yellow and grinning cockily
nat steps into the van, sees him, and turns around with her hand over her eyes like she’s been blinded
bruce brings his video camera with him and records everything. first thing they do is hit up a gift shop and it is better than any oscar nominated movie
everything they pick up is subjected to a thorough label reading and some kind of commentary
“steve, show them what you’re getting!!” “slippers” “what kind of slippers” “uh...soft”
thor on the other hand takes it very serious and his commentary ends up being very ~shakespearean~
peter and y/n get matching friendship bracelets for everyone
loki: “i’m not wearing that”
y/n: “that’s alright-“
loki: “no tie it on for me”
bucky wouldn’t have come along if it weren’t for steve and sam, but now he’s taking it upon himself to make sure that everyone stays in good condition so they don’t miss out on training
the whole team gets hourly text messages from him in the group chat
bucky: “There’s a water leak in Mickey’s Toontwon. If any of you slip and hurt yourselves I will kill you.”
y/n: “love you too buck”
(they know it’s his way to express his love for them so every message almost makes them tear up)
loki really wants to go on splash mountain but since he doesn’t want to get his clothes wet, he asks the guards how ~splashy~ splash mountain gets
they don’t take him seriously and it infuriates loki because it’s a perfectly reasonable question but it quickly turns into a passionate argument that holds up the entire line
*cue y/n and nat dragging him away while bruce runs after them to zoom in on loki’s pouty glare*
they get him a green rain poncho with black polka dots from one of the gift shops, and he’s still glowering but he puts it on without protest before each ride that involves water
normally the avengers would easily get recognised but since everyone is walking around in costumes, people approach them for several other reasons
thor is just peacefully standing in life, staring at the incredicoaster like it’s the love of his life, when a little kid tugs at his cape
“excuse me sir, why are you so tall?” “good question, why are you so short?” “hmm” “hmm”
they find a micky mouse whac-a-mole and everyone is having Fun but something possesses tony and clint and they are really going for it
tony is a 5 foot tall ball of stress and competitiveness and he is yielding that plastic hammer like it’s the last thing he’ll ever do
clint on the other hand is starting to feel the numbness in his arms
y/n, with sarcasm: “you can do it, clint!”
clint, with spite: “i cannot do it, thanks”
*y/n stares into the camera*
they also make up a rule that if you are in a 5 meters radius of one of the theme park characters, you HAVE to snap a picture with them
steve, who gets constantly shoved nudged by bucky into some character’s path, ends up taking a picture with almost every single disneyland character
at some point, he’s just downright sick of it and there’s a 7 min video of steve zooming across the lot while goofy and woody run after him with wide open arms
bucky is doubled over with laughter in the background while sam is standing beside him and wiping away his own tears
the avengers also buy all the pictures that are taken of them on the rides and even stop at some photo booths so they can send them to wanda and vision who are both vacationing on hawai’i <3
thor, peter, and y/n run themselves ragged and their legs almost give out but they will not stop until they have been on every ride that disneyland has to offer
the others think it’s obnoxious but they follow and join them without hesitation
tony is secretly trembling with fear. doing loops in the air at the speed of light is fine and so is battling aliens, but getting on a rollercoaster ride is just heart-stopping horrifying
it’s not that he doesn’t like rollercoasters, (that man has no self-preservation skills, anything that resembles plummeting to death will be gazed at with big heart eyes) but he just doesn’t trust them
if he didn’t build it or prove it, he doesn’t trust it. period. but the avengers are just so excited and happy that he can’t find it in him to sit out
that quickly results in thor and tony re-enacting very impressive Shouting Contests on each ride without fail
tony is screaming and clinging onto whoever is sitting next to him for dear life because he’s Petrified™️
and thor is screaming, because he’s having The Time Of His Life
he’s feeling the wind in his hair, his heart in his throat, and if he’s not shredding his vocal chords and flinging his limbs around, what’s the point of it all
after 20 different rides, tony is sick of pretending and just trudges through disneyland, the happiest place of earth, like it’s the sole cause of all suffering in the world
nat rejoins the group after she mysteriously disappeared for a moment and her hair is tossed, there’s ash on her face, and half of her clothes are wet
bruce, startled: “where have you been??”
nat, beaming: “there was a ride that spat fire from all sides and people jumped out of nowhere to scare you while the whole place was filled with hot water!!!”
bruce, concerned, zooms in on nat’s excited face
“nat i think you went to hell”
sam is big on merry-go-rounds so he drags everyone with him and while some one them first don’t seem to enjoy it, they change their mind once they see bucky’s little smile
(they go on at least ten more rounds until it starts to get dizzy)
a little girl trips over her princess gown and falls close to where steve is waiting in line, and steve immediately abandons his spot to rush over
bruce zooms in on them bc steve has always been kinda awkward with kids, but here he is, crouching down and comforting that little girl, and it’s so unashamedly soft and sweet
they can’t hear what steve is saying but she’s BEAMING now and even giving him a wobbly courtesy while he claps proudly
bruce turns the camera around and both he and clint are lowkey in TEARS like “why are we crying?? we didn’t even fall down” “i KNOW!!”
nat gets a hold of the camera and she’s on a mission to get the most embarrassing greatest footage possible
“bucky, go stand next to moana” “why?” “it’s moana go stand over there” “but i don’t know-“ “bucky.” *cue bucky, awkwardly standing next to moana while nat grins broadly*
when he’s back with the team, sam just stares at him blank-faced, clearly waiting for bucky to ask why he’s looking at him
eventually bucky caves in with a long sigh
“what” “i can’t believe you don’t know who moana of montunui is. she restored BALANCE to the WORLD. put some RESPECT ON HER NAME”
no one knows why but there’s footage of y/n, thor, tony, and loki strutting up and down in the middle of the lane in minnie mouse plush shoes like it’s a catwalk
sam, bucky, and nat are holding up their fingers to score them while steve is staring at them like he’s analysing their fighting stances
bruce, clint, and peter are standing on the sidelines and cheering them on as they should be
they end their day by digging into an unholy amount of fries that even steve can’t resist because they’ve been walking the whole day
a questionable amount of cotton candy also end ups in their possession and the footage of that is just mostly everyone trying out each other’s cones while the camera is passed between them
soon after, the avengers are back in their van to drive home and bruce zooms in on the row of seats where y/n has her head on peter’s shoulder while the others are also half-lounging on each other, and everyone is asleep <3
* * *
guess what i’m about to say?
stay hydrated pals
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lazydoodlesandfanfic · 16 hours ago
Never Forgotten (Jason Todd X Male!Reader)
Characters: Jason Todd X Male!Reader
Universe: DC, Batman
Warnings: bit of swearing, mention of injury 
Request: ArkhamKnight!Jason x Male!reader: They were together before Jason 'died' and M!R never forgave Bruce for not taking revenge. M!R finds Jason after the Bat showdown, hurt and confused and takes him home to take care of him, to show Jay that he's loved and worth it and M!R will never let anyone hurt him again?
Tumblr media
It has been a lonely 5 years for you. A lot had changed. Batman had a new Robin, Dick had started working with his old man again… and you were alone. You weren’t on speaking terms with Bruce, though you spoke occasionally with Dick and Barbara and Alfred, but not Bruce. You hadn’t spoken to him since Jason’s funeral. 
You had been Jason’s boyfriend when he had died. Being young and in love, Bruce had never really taken your relationship seriously, but for you and Jason it had been serious. You’d talked about future plans together, like what you both wanted in a living space, how you’d decorate it, any pets you’d have, stuff like that. You knew about him being Robin and the sort of family business, and you were always spending time at the Manor, either just helping Alfred out or talking to Jason on the comms. Alfred you felt was the most welcoming in the family, especially since at the time Dick wasn’t on speaking terms so he didn’t really know you. In fact, it had been him to give you the news that Jason had been kidnapped, and then that he had been killed. 
It was at that funeral that you had asked Bruce what was going to happen now. His response, despite how he tried to phrase it, was simple- nothing. He was going to do nothing. He wasn’t going to make sure Joker paid for taking away Jason, for hurting hundreds of people before him… You were livid. You still were, five years later, promising to never forgive him or even to talk to him until he fixed things. He was yet to do that. 
You had tried to make a life for yourself, though every day you still thought of Jason. Your apartment had been both of your idea of the perfect apartment, you even implemented some things you knew he’d want in there, like a bookshelf full of books and little hidden areas around the apartment to hide weapons just to be safe. You worked mostly in the same field and the Waynes, though you found your ways around talking to Bruce, mostly through Alfred, Barbara or Dick or when things were dire, Tim. Bruce had tried to talk to you multiple times but you always cut off communications without saying a word, simply walking away, and if he tried to stop you leaving you straight up punched him. 
Tonight had been the closest you had gotten to actually talking to Bruce. Scarecrow had wreaked havoc on Gotham- thousands were injured, hundreds either having long term effects or even dead due to the gas he’d drowned the city in, accompanied by a new face, or mask. Red Hood. You’d left the Wayne’s to deal with the big guys while you worked on getting as many people as possible into safe locations free of the toxin, or out of the city. Admittedly you hadn’t heard much from the family, other than what was being reported over the police radio, and little texts you were getting from Alfred. That was until the early mornings when your phone rang again, and you picked it up without checking. “Hello?” 
“Y/N, don’t hang up, just listen.” Bruce’s voice begged from the other sighed. You huffed, but stayed on the line. “It’s Jason. Red Hood is Jason. I don’t know where he is, but he’s angry and he won’t listen to me. You’re the only one who stands a chance at calming him down.” He told you. Only then did you hang up, and you immediately took to the streets. 
You searched every nook and cranny, desperately looking for any sign of Jason. A large part of you doubted Bruce, but you knew that Bruce would never joke about Jason being alive, especially at a time like this, with you. He had no reason to, and it was out of character for him, so you had no choice to believe him, and you couldn’t deny the fact that part of you desperately wanted it to be true. Still with this belief, it was still a shock when you actually found him.
You’d followed a blood trail leading from an opening to the underground, following it into an alley, which is where you found him, slumped against some trash cans, hurt and barely conscious. You approached carefully. “Jason?” You called quietly when there was still some distance between you both. His head shot up to look at you, and he grabbed his gun, pointing it at you. You didn’t move. “Jesus, Jason. What did he do to you?” You asked, taking slow steps forward and squatting in front of him. He dropped his gun, groaning in pain. “Come on, let’s get you home.” 
“I’m not going back to that fucking manor-”
“I’m not talking about there, dumbass.” You told him, putting his arm around your neck and heaving him up, walking him out the alley and to your car, putting him inside and getting in yourself, starting to drive. The streets were bare, most people still hiding or out of the city, the only clear sound was the sound of sirens from police cars and ambulances. Eventually you got to your apartment complex, stopping the car, pulling him out and helping him in the building. You looked up the stairs, suddenly hating your decision to be on the top floor. 
“How are we getting up there, then?” Jason asked you, leaning on the wall weakly. 
“Good to see you didn’t leave your snarkiness in the grave.” You commented at him, before grabbing him, heaving him onto your shoulder. You heard him mumble, calling you an asshole, but you just smirked to yourself, heading up the stairs till you reached your apartment, unlocking the door and walking inside, dropping him on the couch before turning back and locking the door. You turned the lights on, turning back around, and finally properly looking at Jason. He seemed to be doing the back to you. He was a lot taller, and more built than when you’d last seen him, and you could see the J carved into his cheek, now a not so subtle scar. However, you could stare for long. You came over to him, checking him over seeing where he was hurt. “I’ll get you some fresh clothes. Do you want to take a shower?” You asked him. 
“I’ll get you something to eat, I’ve got some pizza in the freezer.” You offered, going to move to the kitchen before Jason grabbed your arm, stopping you. You looked back at him. Jason was looking at you, and then he looked around at his surroundings. He eyed up the bookshelf, the colour of the wallpaper, the little nicnacs littered around… little hints of his influence. “Don’t worry, Bruce isn’t welcome here… haven’t talked to that asshole since your death.” You assured him.
“...You didn’t forget about me… you didn’t move on?” He asked you. 
“How the hell could I, Jay?” You asked him, coming back to him, sitting on the coffee table in front of him. “You’re my world. We planned our future together, I couldn’t just move on.” 
“...Have you really not spoken to Bruce since I died?” He asked, and you nodded. 
“Not a word. He’s tried to talk to me but I won’t hear him. The only time I’ve ever listened to anything he’s said to me was when he said you were alive and somewhere in Gotham, but I didn’t say anything back. He doesn’t know where I live so you’re safe here.” You assured him. “And you can stay here as long as you want. Noone’s gonna hurt you here.” You told him. 
Jason stared at you for a long time. You couldn’t really read his eyes and understand what was going through his head, but you did see one thing. You saw him remember why he loved you in the first place. A faint smile came to his lips. “Thank you Y/N… for all of this… I’m gonna go take that shower.” He said, heaving himself up. You got up as well ready to help, not prepared for him to wrap his arms around you, giving you a quick peck, before limping to the bathroom. “I’ll call if I need help.” 
Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please send them in!
*Not my gif
TAGS:  @theplacewhererobindied  @rebellionofthecattle  @hello-love-youre-pretty  @courtneychicken​  @graysonmalfoy​ @bellero​ @originalpottervengerlock​ @supernatural-pan​ @esoltis280​ @lena-stan-xavier​ @lady-of-lies​ @sebstanismylife​ @macbetheliza @mandywholock1980​ @cdwmtjb8​ @caswinchester2000​ @determinedpines​ @huntheimpossible
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wriitiing-stuff · 17 hours ago
Why do you hate me? Avengers x reader / Steve Rogers x reader
Summary: Having already a hard time as the newest avenger, the one and only Captain America does not seem to care and shows you his dislike towards you.
Pairings: Avengers x reader, platonic!Steve Rogers x reader
Warnings: a little bit of angst but nothing much and maybe a bit of swearing (LaNgUaGe!)
!! English is my second language, if they are any mistakes, I am v sorry. :)!!
If you have a request, send them and I’ll try to write about it.
Being the newest avenger comes with a lot of obstacles. One of them being the leader himself, Steve Rogers. Everybody seems to like you, expect the World War II veteran and you don’t know why. Whether ignoring you or laughing about you and your mistakes. Rogers can do both.
You were making your way to the kitchen, when Bruce came out of his room.
“Good morning, Y/n”
“Morning Bruce”, your voice was only a tired mumbling. You slept only 3 hours because of the training times Rogers had put you in.
“How did you sleep?” 
“Not well, I only slept for a few hours.” 
“I don’t know, I just couldn’t sleep. Maybe a bad dream.”, You did know why, but you didn’t wanna tell him. The bickering and snickering Rogers always does is one thing, but you didn’t want the earth’s mightiest heroes to incite against each other just because of their newest recruit.
“That doesn’t sound so good, maybe you can take a nap after breakfast but you don’t wanna miss it, it’s Steve’s day and his food actually tastes like something.” Bruce started laughing about his one joke, while you just cracked a smile.
“You know what? I like you, Y/n.”
“I like you too, Bruce” Obviously, not everybody thought the same about you.
At first, when you arrived, he just gave you looks. Those glares full of disgust, but he never really talked to you about it. Then he started ignoring you, talked to the others without sparing you a glance. He also started laughing about the mistakes you made. Whether during the training or just while washing the dishes. The bickering started a few days after that. When you would meet in the hallway he always called you names. He did talk to you when you two were alone, but it wasn’t nice or caring, like the conversations he had with Natasha for example. It wasn’t easy, but you were able to manage it. 
Going into the kitchen you smelled the freshly cooked pancakes Steve had made.
„Morning Rogers“ Bruce greeted him and Steve flashed him with a bride smile full of happiness.
„Morning Bruce“
The mighty hero ignored you, Bruce didn’t mind but did think that it was kinda odd.
„Morning“ Your voice was, again, only a mumbling.
“I was able to smell your breakfast in my room, Cap. This beautiful smell practically woke me up.” Bruce compliments him, but you didn't get Steve’s reply because you were thinking about your training last night.
Steve was also there. Bothering you with being his smart ass self. Obviously, you didn't tell him that, you were too afraid of the consequences. 
“You have to punch harder and faster, Y/n. If I were your opponent in a fight, I would have brought you down in nothing more than 5 seconds. If you want to be an avenger, and it doesn't look like it at all, you have to try harder. I’m not letting you go until you get one right hit, understand?”
“Yes, Cap”
“It’s Captain for you, recruit. Only my friends get to call me Cap.”
“Yes, Captain.”
“Now try harder, misfit.”
“Yes, Captain.”
He bothered you until 5 am, until you were finally allowed to go to sleep. Funnily enough, your training today was also at midnight. What a life.
You were torn out of your thoughts because Bruce’s loud laugh. “You're too funny, Cap.” 
After a few seconds Steve turns to you. “I don’t have any left over pancakes for you, I’m sorry. Thought I made enough, but you and Bruce were the last ones to come downstairs. Breakfast was just enough for Bruce.”
And there it was, his glare and his mean words. 
Bruce interrupted Steve. “You can have something from me if you want to.”
“Oh no, it’s okay. I’m just gonna eat some cornflakes, don’t worry.”
You were craving for pancakes. Firstly, because everybody raves about his pancakes. Secondly, Steve was the reason you hadn't had any lunch or dinner yesterday. Why? Because he thought it was a good idea to let you train in a simulation until 11 pm. Your training started shortly after that and when your training was over, everything you did was sleep. 
“I’m sorry, Y/n.”
You knew that he didn't mean it. But you were used to it.
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honeyyhoneyyhi · 17 hours ago
Light of Love: Chapter 1
Fire Captain Steve Rogers still mourns the death of his wife, Peggy. Their 4 year old son, James, a constant reminder of what once was. A chance encounter with former girlfriend Y/N might just change everything- now married to Detective Brock Romlow, and desperately unhappy, can the two mend each others broken pieces, or will their fractured past tear them apart once more?
Title taken by the song of the same name by Florence + the Machine
Series Warnings:
Swearing, Violence, themes of domestic violence, themes of sexual assault, mentions of a miscarriage, cheating, smut in later parts, fluff, hurt & comfort, angst @ its finest, slow burn with a fractured past, so some past fluff?? steve is kind of a dickhead, but peggy is worse. nat is a good friend, and bucky the best.
Chapter Warning: swearing
I know i said it would be out tomorrow, but i couldn’t hold off!! Enjoy- chapter 2 out tomorrow🥰
The clock on the far wall ticked away with a persistent, relentless drawl. A stark reminder of just how early it was in the morning. The room crepuscular; soft hues of latent light casting a glow over Steve as he sat at the kitchen table- arms rigid, he slumps back in his seat once more, brain scrambled- divergent almost, mouth slightly pursed, loosely; eyes fixed on the photograph of his wife held in his hands. His dead wife, he reminds himself. It’d been three years that April- and yet time had done nothing to heal the gaping wound he felt in his chest.
“Times a good healer, punk.” Bucky had reminded him daily. All Steve had lately was time, and it did nothing but help him remember her. His Peggy.
The headache he had woken up with was still pulsing; he was trapped helpless in a cage of agony, blinded by light and flashes of colour that pathed way to the darkness he seemed to crave. Nausea churned his stomach as the pain continued to throb at the base of his skull.
“Shit,” he whispered, wincing as the pain continued to throb, completely unforgiving. Eyes screwed shut, head thrown back, he didn’t hear the little feet that padded downstairs to find him,
“Language , daddy.” Whispered a voice, a slight giggle following as Steve turned around to face the small boy echoing in the shadows of the moon. He laughed, body turning to make his way over to the boy,
“Sorry, kid. What are you doing up, James? It’s way past your bedtime, buddy.” Steve mused, hand coming to stroke through the thick brown locks at his crown- inherited from his mother, Steve thought.
James shrugged, head lolling to one side he peered up at his father, “couldn’t sleep.”
“How about a deal, bud. I tell you a story, and then we both go back to bed, huh?” Steve sided, eyebrow raised as his son smiled, “Can you tell me the one about the time uncle Bucky fell off the ladder? I like that one.”
Steve laughed, eyes scrunching up in amusement as he remembered, “I like that one, too. Right, come on. Bed time- let’s go!”
The sound of Steve’s phone blaring through the kitchen made both of them pause- Steve sighing in defeat as he padded towards it, signing once more before picking it up “Hey Punk. Now? Yeah, no. I’ll get Nat in- alright, see you soon bud.”
Steve ended the call, a hand coming up to brush through his hair as his eyes closed, “James-“
“Already getting my bag for Aunt Nat’s!” His voice sounded, travelling through the hall as he spoke.
The mood suddenly shifted in the room; almost as if a storm had brewed- sky’s now alight with lightening; a deep, latent fog hanging heavy in the room as Steve reaches for his phone again, muscle memory kicking in as he dialled the familiar number, sighing in relief when the call was answered, “Someone better be dying, Rogers. It’s 2 in the morning-“
“Nat, I need you to watch James. We’ve had a call in- a couple of houses burnt down, suspected arson, police are at the scene- I just need you to watch him for a few hours,” Steve sighed, the frustration weighing heavy as he did.
“I’m on my way. Hey, Steve? Be careful, alright.” Nat whispered, “Always am.” Steve quipped back.
“Alright Captain, go save some people from a burning building.” Nat laughed, the phone call ending as her feet padded over carpet, pulling clothes from the chair by her bed in her wake,
Coming to stand, Steve pushed the kitchen chair back, bare feet padding over the tiles of the floor as he moved towards the door; twisting the handle to open it before moving towards the hallway; shivering at the cold contrast of the room from the previously heated space he had just left. James sat on the stairs, bag packed and patiently waiting, smiling an ever so slightly toothy grin up towards his father,
“Aunt Nat is on her way, champ. Be good for her, alright.” Steve prodded, an eyebrow raised in question as his son nodded.
Minutes ticked by; the ever present ticking of the clock seemed to intensify in the silence of the room- both their heads whipping towards the front door as Natasha entered, the spare key to the front door dangling from her fingers, an eyebrow raised.
“AUNT NAT!” James shouted, bolting towards the redhead as she laughed, crouching down just in time to catch him, “Hey, squirt. You ready for a sleepover?”
“I owe you one, Nat. Thanks for this.” Steve murmured, a small smile forming as Natasha rolled her eyes, “Go save the world. I’ll take this one back to mine- ONLY if he promises to wake up for pancakes.”.
Steve laughed as James nodded, laughing as Natasha pulled him towards the door. Steve cursed lightly once more, pulling out his phone as it sounded once again, “Buck, I swear I’m on my way- what? Buck, come on, that’s not funny- you’re serious?”
Natasha stopped in her tracks, laughter silenced as she turned towards her friend in question, noting the way his brow was drawn in a tight line, jaw locked. Steve looked up at her then, the phone call ended as he stared straight through her, “Y/N Ames- Bucky just said that she’s at the scene.”
Natasha’s eyes widened, “Now that’s a name I didn’t think I’d hear come out of your mouth again.”
“Who’s Y/N?” James enquired, looking between the two adults as they stared at each other in shock. Steve swallowed, “Just an old friend, bud.”
Natasha snorted, “that’s an understatement.”
“What does that mean-“ James interjected, Steve sighing as his eyes rolled up to Natasha, her gaze fiery- eyes ablaze with emotion; a sense of hate colouring her soul as she stood, arms crossed, “Not now, Nat. I have to go.” Steve pleaded, looking towards his friend as his hands shook ever so slightly.
Natasha turned, grasping little James’ hand in her own as she pulled him towards the front door, sparing her friend one final look, “Whatever you do, Steve. Don’t upset her- not this time.”
Steve almost recoiled; the words stinging like acid seeping into his skin. Not this time, continuing to echo in the depths of his mind. Not this time.
And that’s chapter one! What do we think?! How are Steve’s & Y/N’s pasts linked?👀 This series is gonna be a rollercoaster, I promise you. I would love to know what you’re all thinking so far! There’s going to fair amount of flashbacks in this series- and you’ll start to see why very soon!🥰
If anyone would like to be added to the taglist, please don’t hesitate to ask🥰
@frickin-bats @chrisevansgirl34
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uncpanda · 18 hours ago
Hello there... 🌹Here, another beautiful rose for you
*takes rose and smiles widely.”
*hands you another sentence from gone prt 2*
You throw a stress ball at his head, and you nearly let out a screech when he catches it, “I know how long it’s been Bruce.” You have a literal, walking, talking reminder.
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uncpanda · 18 hours ago
I’m on a hit of a gone: part 2 kick! Thank you for the rose!!!!! ❤️💗
Your breath gets trapped in your lungs, and then his breath is fanning your ear, “Breathe sweetheart. Breathe.”
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uncpanda · 18 hours ago
How about a snippet from Gone: Part 2? I’m pretty excites about this!
His voice is surprisingly even, “Don’t need to. I have plenty of pictures. The one of us in high school, our first date, wrapped up in each other on the couch, me proposing, and I have a ton from our wedding day. I don’t however, have one of you working in a school, or living in a small town. Or one of you figuring out how to stay off my radar for six years.”
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superhero--imagines · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
So something I’ve been thinking about for a while is doing this “character photo packs”, and it’s kind of like the ones some people get in my letters, a photograph with a note on it from your comfort character- but these will just be a pack of photos with a notes from your character, they come with a decorated envelope just like the letters
I just think, this is so much more fun- if you’re interested you can find out more here
I can also do custom pictures that you want, so just send me them and I’ll print them for you- it does take a little longer though.
- Sim
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honeyyhoneyyhi · a day ago
Would anybody be interested in me writing a fic idea that’s been spinning about in my nogging for a good few weeks? I already have about 3 chapters down;
The premise of the fic is a Modern AU with Steve Rogers as a widower with a five year old child. Desperately unhappy since the death of his wife, Peggy, he longs for the company of somebody else. Y/N Rumlow is an unhappily married woman- her husband, Brock Rumlow abusive. Desperately seeking solace in somebody else, an encounter with a former boyfriend, and now Fire Captain Steve Rogers might change everything. Can the two help to mend each others broken pieces? Or will their fractured past tear them apart once more?
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Cruel Irony
Bale!Bruce Wayne x Reader
Okay so I've been thinking about the plot of this story and I think I finally found a good direction for it that I like and it will last through the during of all three movies. Batman begins will be considered season one, then dark knight and so on. Also, some people reached out and were confused by the time lines of when things have been taking place, so if yall want me to make a post about the timeline of this story, pls comment or message me!
Series Summary: Growing up on infinity Island, Moyra is taught very well in the art of assassination. As the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul, she sits highly amongst the brotherhood known as the League of Shadows. When her father orders her to lure a stranger from the outside to be recruited amongst the mysterious clan, she will question everything she's ever believed.
Chapter Warnings: more angst... but also more fluff. This is like the most vanilla book I've ever written but it won't stay that way I promise lol
Tumblr media
My weakness was growing, and I did nothing to stop it... but why should I? I was strong enough even in my weakness to face the greatest threats, so truly it was okay for me to give in a little. Give into the strange and foreign feelings I kept for Bruce Wayne. He was truly exceptional in everything, and with each day that past, I knew I could call him my best friend.
He was a bit older than me, not by enough to make us want to distance our friendship, but it did make some topics of discussion strange. Like when we spoke of school, he'd been to all grades, including high school, and some years in college. I somewhat envied his education, though with all my spare time, I was able to study well myself, I lacked the ability to learn certain things, for I was not well equipped to do so.
He also mentioned how many years he spent traveling before he ran away. So many places he'd been to, and seen with his own eyes, not just through photographs like I did.
"What about Paris? I hear it's the most beautiful city in the world?" I asked, back against his wall and my legs curled up onto the bed. He was figeting with some things on the floor, trying to fix something I had know idea of.
"Well it depends on what time of year you go.... it's really lovely in the spring." He said, smiling at the thought of when his mother took him to visit distant relatives there. He missed those days dearly.
"Hmm." I thought for a moment, trying to recall somewhere else I'd always wanted to go after seeing it in pictures. "Have you ever been to Boston in the fall?"
He nearly smirked, and I thought that maybe I'd stumped him, but then he nodded and I was again jealous of him. "Boston is maybe the most beautiful place to exist during the fall."
I groaned plafully and threw my head back against the wall, feigning aggravation to him, when really it was quite the opposite. I admired him for being such an adventure seeker, and wished I could be him.
"What's wrong?" He perked up from the floor.
I relieved a sigh before looking back down at him and explained my expressive outburst.
"You've been everywhere! I've... never really been anywhere. This place has been my home since forever, the only other place I ever lived was not a decent one... not at all."
"Have you ever talked to your father about leaving?" He furrowed his brows and came to sit beside me. I understood where he was coming from, but clearly this part of the League's creed had not been explained to him.
"Even if I did, as apart of the League of Shadows I would not be permitted to leave my brothers. Unless I left everything behind... and I can't do that. I've sworn my life to protect these people, and when you're sworn in, I'll protect you too. It's just not suitable for me to leave... I need to keep my loyalty here." I need to keep my loyalty with you, Bruce. Though my thoughts were not bellowed aloud, I meant them. I needed to stay here and let my relationship with him grow. And when the time came for him to swear himself to oath, I would be here, standing beside him.
"Maybe we'll all get to go somewhere someday, and you'll get to see a new part of the world..." he nudged my shoulder and got me to look up and smile. I appreciated the small words such as those, they meant more to me than he probably intended. They gave subtle bits of hope for the future.
"Bruce, where are you from?"
He shifted next to me, as if he was not expecting that question, but he didn't look uncomfortable, just surprised.
"I'm from a place called Gotham City, born and raised there." He said with a thin lipped smile. He didn't seem disturbed by it until after the name of the city had been uttered. Like the words left a bad taste in his mouth.
"My father has mentioned it before... I didn't know you'd lived there."
"Well, to be fair, I didn't want anyone to know." He paused, turning to me and giving me a glance and a smirk. "But I trust you."
"You do?" I didn't know how to react to that, but my features took charge anyway, letting my eyebrows raise and eyes to widen as a smike crossed my face.
"Should I not?" He joked, turning and tilting his head in curiosity.
"I just.. I didn't know if you did. I was hoping you did." I was talking too much, and I realized just in time. I dropped my head to the ground, and fiddled with my hands. This was not like me at all. I never struggled to find the right words, or stumble over too many of them. I was one to shoot a witty remark, and crack a joke. What was happening to me. He was turning me to mush beside him.
"Do you trust me?" He asked intently after a few seconds. I didn't even hesitate, nor take a second beat to answer.
"I do." I nodded along with my simple answer, and though my head was still towards my hands, I could practically feel him smile next to me. I needed to see it for myself, it always made my knees weak. I looked up and sure enough his smile was radiant and beaming.
We spent the afternoon talking more about our homes, where we grew up, although I'd lied quite a bit about my past, trying to keep the mood happy, and not depressing. He was so joyful when he talked about his parents, and what good people they were. It must have been horrible to have them snatched away from him, and at such a young age. I could relate, but only to an extent. I had my father, alive and well, and he had... well, no one.
Later in the day, after the sun was nearly all the way down around the icy mountain peaks, Bruce and my father had returned from another hard day of training. I was smiling to see him at first, but the look of glee fell from my face almost immediately after seeing that Bruce was drenched with ice water.
"You didn't..." I murmured to my father.
"I did, and he learned a valuable lesson." He replied, walking closer to me.
"You mean like I did?" I said snappily, with a hint of anger in my tone. I would not raise my voice to my father, but I would express my feelings any other way I could.
"That was different, he's fine... I promise." He assured me, but I was growing angrier still. He brushed past me, laying a hand on my shoulder before he left, then I made my way to Bruce.
"You're freezing." I stated the obvious, watching him clutch at his arms, while he attempted to huddle into himself more. I grabbed one of his hands and nearly winced from how cold it was. "Come on, Frosty."
I pulled him by the hand, getting him into his room before going down the hall a bit to fetch some of his dry clothes. He took them from me gratefully and I left him to change. I was still flaming on the inside with anger and just flat out annoyance to my father. I still couldn't believe he'd done it again.
I went and knocked on Bruces door after a few minutes of tirelessly pacing and cursing under my breath to the air around me. He opened up and I stormed in, without realizing how pissed off I looked.
"I'm the one that got soaked, why are you upset?" He tried to joke, although his breathing was still wobbly and his words were unsteady due to his constant shivers.
I took a deep breath and calmed down. I pulled him by the hand got him into the bed. He wrapped himself up and slowly started to defrost a bit more from the heat of the blanket around him. I sat on the foot of the bed, against the wall like I normally did, ready to explain my pissy self.
"He promised me he wouldn't pull a stunt like this ever again. Not after what happened with me... that's why I'm upset. He broke a promise." I said, tucking my legs under the blanket to donate some body warmth from myself to him.
"What happened with you?" He asked, his voice was more even, but still not solid as it usually was.
"Back when I was still training, he took he out on the ice a few times. The last time we went, we'd done everything he taught me, but he still thought I wasn't skilled enough, so he broke the ice beneath me and I went in. There was a slight current in the water so he couldn't reach in and pull me out. I got stuck and had to swim against the current until he could grab me. I almost died from hypothermia after that. He promised me he'd remove it as a training exercise for anyone else to come...." I let the aggression fade with each sentence, realizing that I needed to save my anger for someome that deserved it. "If you get sick, I swear-"
"I'm okay..." he interrupted. He nearly sounded like his regular self again, though still with a shred of wavering in his voice. He reached down and grabbed my hand, and I felt it was less cold. "Can you come lay here?"
I nodded, realizing how much he must be coveting my body heat at the moment. I crawled up next to him and got beneath the thick blanket that lay atop him. He shivered at the newfound warmth, and slowly began to relax to it. He was faced towards me, but his eyes had closed shut, and I absentmindedly curled my fingers through the strands of his dark, damp hair. I'd never seen a head of hair so thick and full in my life. It was so soft, too, like silk running between my fingers.
When I thought he'd fallen asleep, I began to climb out from underneath the blanket, but I was stopped by a hand pulling me back in. I heaved a sigh, rolling back over and draping an arm over the cold body next to me. His temperature was speedily returning now, so I kept on while rubbing small circles into his arm and over his chest.
Somewhere between sleep and awake I found myself drousily thinking about how this felt, to be so close to him and yet still having no idea what this feeling in my stomach meant. Why did he always arise sensations in me that I couldn't place? He didn't even know what he was doing to me.
I'm in trouble....
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omg pops can we get something soft for luke?? like maybe he’s having an off day and feels down/discouraged and something/someone comes along to cheer him up? idk i think it would be lovely and sweet 🥺 but you obv don’t have to do it if you’re not feeling it, just a suggestion ily ❤️
ily2 dahlia!! thank you so much, I’m totally doing this!
A little bit of warmth (goes a long way)
(askfjhkjhsdf he’s so cute dude!! and i’m doing this bulletpoint if that’s ok and i apologize if it’s not totally what you wanted) 
Being the  chosen one, the savior, the last Jedi, was exhausting
Luke was constantly asked what he was doing, and how powerful he was
he was always supposed to be strong and powerful, and he always ignored his trauma to deal with others
it broke your heart
You watch from the sidelines as he talks to Princess Leia, eyes tired and shoulders heavy
you wanted nothing more than to bring him into your arms, kiss him and hug him and offer him the support he deserved
but you were in the middle of a war against the Empire, and that meant no rest for anyone
so you decided to do something else
every time you passed him in the halls, no matter the circumstance
you stopped him and kissed his forehead, grinning when his cheeks bloomed red
you would grab his hand and press your lips to his soft tan skin
you would brush his hair back, smiling as his eyes crinkled and filled with adoration
and it helped, it did, but sometimes he got so in his head it was hard to pull him out
the meeting was finished, General Ackbar listing off what needs to be done before sending everyone away, and you watched as Luke rushed out of the room
You ran out after him, ignoring the concerned stare of Leia and the annoyed shouts of the people you passed as you chased after him
his bright orange flight suit was hard to miss, and you caught his arm as he rounded the corner away from you
His blue eyes were shining under the fluorescents, wet and lined with tears
you coo softly, pulling at his shoulders until his forehead met the crux of your neck
you held his against you, cupping a hand to the back of his skull and kissing the boy’s soft hair
his hair reminded you of grassy fields in late August, when the heat gets heavy and everything turns golden
Your skin is wet from his tears and you can feel your heart cracking
you pressed kiss after kiss into the crown of his head, and when he pulled away his cheeks were covered in pearly tear tracks
Baby, what’s wrong?
he sniffled, shrugging at you as he gestured loosely around him
i’m okay, darling.
you don’t believe him for a second, but you let it go to cup his cheeks
I won’t push, but you can talk to me, darling, you know you can. You carry too much weight.
He stares back at you with wide eyes, thankful and loving, 
I love you.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Part 11/?
Being asked to be the photographer at the recent Wayne Gala was an amazing opportunity, meeting your soulmate Damian Wayne was not a welcome surprise.
Forever tag list:
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Current Au
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could you do a preference with the avengers where the reader is just very submissive towards them?
Yo this ended up being spicy (for Peter) then I kinda intended it to be??
Avengers x Male!Reader
Marvel Preferences: How They React To You Being Submissive
Tumblr media
Steve doesn't understand it at first until your hints become more and more straight forward. He doesn't say anything about it because he doesn't want to make it seem like he's making fun of you for it. Steve does like taking care of you and coming home to someone who cares for him and needs him. " having moments like these with you, and I don't want this to go away. Stay with me?"
Tumblr media
At first, Bucky doesn't know what to do, so you might have to guide him a little. He doesn't know what to do when you just let him in charge, and he's also scared of hurting you. When you ensure him that you trust him, by grabbing his hands and have them touch your body, he starts to be more comfortable, especially when it comes to embracing you or just simply touching you.
Overtime, he does grow more confident, giving him power that he hasn't had in a long time. He's gentle with you, and gives you praise aftereards. "You can do that for me, right, doll? But we can always stop if you want to...just say the word."
Tumblr media
Tony completely spoils you (sugar daddy) and tells you how much of a good boy you are along with other names that make you blush and shudder - baby boy, precious, kitten... "You like that, baby boy? Like it when I just spoil ya rotten and take care of ya, hm?"
Tumblr media
Sam is flattered and tells you don't have to do that all for him since you do so much for him already, but he does like it, though. He likes to take care of you and reassures you to always speak up if you need anything. Sam is just really gentle with you. "Glad to know there's someone who can care for me...All we both need is to care for each in times like these."
Tumblr media
Scott doesn't understand the whole submission thing and is completely oblivious towards all your hints and attempts of being submissive. You literally have to confront him and bring it to his attention, and he has a difficult time understanding it. He's just so awkward about it. "Wait, so you do...what? And I do...what? I'm so confused- what are you doing?!"
Tumblr media
Bruce is confused at first because he expects you not to want to have him have any control because of Hulk. It takes him a while to adjust, and when he finally gets comfortable with it, he ranges from being soft to rough, or in between...One moment he'll be showing you with praises and the next thing you know he's pulling your hair.
He turns out to love the control he's getting since he's always limited to what he can do. "I just want to say...thank you. For putting your trust into me - I wouldn't trade it for anything else."
Tumblr media
Thor loves it, and is really tender and loving with you, and often focuses on your needs rather than his own. He rather asks you how you want him to be - rough or soft? He provides everything for you; food, massaging, running you a bath, and holding you when you need it. "I just want to spoil you, my prince...I wish to give everything you desire - everything you deserve."
If you want him to be more rough with you, he loves to pin you down and just have you benathe him while having his way with you, but he always provides care for you afterwards while praising you. "You did so well for me, my prince. Now come here and allow me take care of you..."
Tumblr media
Loki totally loves it, and always teases you and loving how much power he has. His goal is to just reduce you to blushing and stuttering mess until you beg for him. He completely pushes you to the limit and teasing you every second of the way, and does punish you if you mess up (not in a say that you make you feel bad, though). "Aw, did you're all tired out already, darling? How naughty - you were so desperate that you couldn't wait a little longer..."
Tumblr media
Pietro thinks you're adorable and loves it. He often teases you and challenges you, but not to a point where it's too much. Pietro does make sure you don't push yourself too hard and sometimes teases you to make you a little more dominant, like giving you light touches and taunting you, but ends up laughing whenever you just get flustered.
"Haha, looks like someone can't resist me... Gee, I don't even have to do anything - I must be really special, huh?"
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hello guys, I hope you all are having a great day! I'm brazilian and my english is not perfect so sorry for any error.
I would like to start by saying that I am sorry for all the authors who have suffered from plagiarism! I have a book of imagines on wattpad and I posted a chapter a few days ago especially about this, because I saw a movement here on Tumblr by authors who suffered from plagiarism and after researching I found imagines that were stolen from their authors and I'm sorry for each one of you! I as a writer know how it takes time and dedication to write something and to be stolen without authorization is terrible.
many of the books I found that contained stolen Imagines were from 2018 onwards, and I never really read wattpad imagines, only from here because I am more familiar with people and form of writing in here, but I think that nobody ever imagined that this plagiarism could happen so many times and with so many authors. not long ago this movement started to perceive the plagiarism that was happening and I confess that it scared me the number of authors that were affected!
Tumblr is a place of comfort for me and many imagines here made me face difficult days, I feel obliged to help the people who helped me too and I'm sorry for each one of u! I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope you all can solve this! if I see something that is from here in some wattpad book or here I will let you know!
and please, if you want to translate or take some imagine from here to wattpad, ASK THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR! it's not yours for you to use without permission! writing takes time and creativity, make your own imagine or ask the original author, your hand will not fall!!
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My Brother's Best Friend Is The One For Me
Wally West x Batsis!Reader One-Shot
Word Count: 3.6K Warnings: Explicit Language
Author's Note: Got to rereading my Batsis fics and came across the "What A Flashy Romance" and wanted to do another one with Wally because I love him. Enjoy! -Thorne
Being the middle child and also the only girl in the Batfamily meant two things:
1. She had four brothers that treated her like a porcelain doll, despite the fact that she could throw a punch at 336 PSI.
2. She followed an unspoken rule that Dick and Jason’s friends were off limits when it came to dating.
In all, neither of those things were major problems. She’d learned at a young age how to avoid Dick and Jason’s overbearing-protective-brother-modes, and Tim and Damian were younger, so she didn’t have to worry about them. The second one was also avoidable—most of her older brothers’ friends were the same, and she wasn’t around most of them to develop any feelings.
Well, there was Wally, but it was just a crush. A stupid, little school-girl crush—that she’d never really grown out of—that didn’t matter in the slightest. Except whenever Dick brought him over to the house and she had to pretend that sitting next to him didn’t make her heart race like she’d run a mile.
And the most annoying thing about the whole crush is that she couldn’t tell if Wally was ever interested in her or not. Most of Dick’s friends, Garth, Kyle, Roy, they treated her like a little sister—hell, they even said “Love you lil sis!” to her regularly. And yet, Wally didn’t. Now, there was the occasional head pat, but even that was an affectionate gesture that siblings and SO’s did all the time. It was infuriating, and so was Wally—but she was going to sort it all out the next time he came over because the worst thing he could say was “No”, and either she needed to hear that…or “Yes”.
Normal Sundays for the Wayne household usually meant Ultimate Waffle Breakfast and sitting on your ass all day until patrol—it was the one day of the week where they could do anything and nothing and didn’t have to stick to schedules. Everyone loved Sundays, especially (Y/N), because it meant that all of her family was home, even Jason (who tried to deny that he enjoyed coming home to hang out, but if that mile long grin was any help, he was lying). And while everyone was home, that usually meant that everybody’s friends were coming over too.
She swiped the syrup out of Jason’s hand when he swung it back around, grinning at him when he glared at her.
“I was gonna use that, (Y/N),” he griped, and she shrugged, uncapping the bottle.
She tipped it over and watched the syrup lazily pour out of the container onto her waffles.
“You were taking too long.” Her eyes twinkled with humor. “I guess you were as…slow as molasses.”
While most of the table groaned at her terrible joke, Dick snorted into his milk, causing it to splatter on his plate and across the table.
“Nice one,” he coughed, wiping his face and the dark oak surface.
(Y/N) bowed dramatically. “Well, I did learn from the best.” When Dick’s face lit up, she turned to Alfred and smiled. “Alfie, thank you for teaching me your ways.”
The old butler merely tipped his head, a hidden smile crossing his lips at the way the eldest son’s jaw went slack. She turned her attention to Bruce who was quietly chewing, eyes following along the research paper she’d asked him to check out.
“Dad, what’s on your agenda for today?”
He swallowed and flicked a line out with a red pen, etching his own comment in the margin. “Lucius has a few ideas about some new gadgets he wanted to run by me.” Another line went out. “I’ll call him after breakfast.” Bruce looked at her. “You?”
(Y/N) nodded at the paper in his hands, then slapped Jason’s who was reaching over to take a piece of bacon from her plate. “Waiting for you to finish tearing me a new one so I can redo the paper.” She cut into the waffle with the side of her fork. “Once I salvage what little scientific dignity you’ve left me with, I’ll probably laze around.”
“You mean what you do normally?” Bruce quipped, grinning when she glowered at him; his eyes went back to her paper. “You’re doing well so far.”
She huffed. “Tell that to every red line you’ve marked out in that paragraph.”
He flashed the paper. “I’m writing in the margins how to change it. This isn’t a dissertation, sweetheart. You’re allowed to make mistakes. We all do.”
(Y/N) grumbled as her cheeks warmed and she went back to her plate as the conversation flowed around her.
Most of it was the discussion of what everyone was planning on doing, Damian was going to play video games, Tim was going to join him (which she knew was going to be fun while the moment lasted until the petty sibling rivalry got in the way and their gaming dwindled into a physical fight that she and probably Dick were going to have to break up), Jason was going to use the workbench in the cave to upgrade some gear, and Dick apparently,
“Wally and Garth are gonna come over later and hang out.”
She paused, mid-stab of her fork and looked at up. “Wally’s coming over?”
He nodded. “And Garth. We were gonna go to the mall and get some new clothes.”
Jason snorted, laying an arm over the backs of Tim and (Y/N)’s chairs. “Spending money with daddy’s credit card, Dickie?”
Dick smirked. “Just like you.” Jason merely matched his grin, and while the entire table was cracking up at Bruce’s frown, (Y/N) was silent, heart beating faster at the thought of seeing Wally.
“(Y/N)?” She startled and looked up at Dick.
“I asked if you were okay. You got quiet all of the sudden.”
She smiled and shook her head. “Yeah, just thought about all of the corrections I’m gonna have to do because somebody CAN’T STOP MARKING OUT MY PARAGRAPHS.” Bruce merely smiled and knocked out another line.
It was a lie. It was the biggest lie she’d told right next to the one she told when Bruce had asked her where she was on prom night her senior year a few years ago—she was totally not saving a different sector of the universe with Kyle Rayner, she was dancing with Sam Reilly all night—she strongly believed her dad knew the truth—Batman knew everything.
Bruce handed the paper back to her and she groaned as she scanned the red lines on every page. It was going to take her hours to go over this.
Jason leaned over and read the title, “Cellular Division and Mutation Under Extreme Elemental Circumstances…a composition by (Y/N) Wayne.” He cocked a dark brow. “Go big or go home, huh, baby girl?”
(Y/N) hummed. “Doctor Halberd wanted us to pick challenging topics for the research paper this term.” A crooked smile crossed her lips. “I’m nothing if not ambitious about proving I’m smarter than everyone else.”
“You need another source,” Bruce murmured, sipping the steaming black coffee. “One-fourteen is good, but I’d go for one-fifteen.”
She groaned and dropped her head. “Are you kidding me? I had enough trouble gathering that many.”
“Why don’t you use Barry?” Tim piped up, mouth full of whip cream and strawberries.
“Master Timothy, we do not talk with our mouth full,” Alfred admonished, and Tim blushed.
(Y/N)’s head shot up and she stared at her brother. “That’s actually a good idea. Speedsters would make for perfect references about cellular division.” An idea popped into her head and she glanced at Dick. “And since Wally is com—”
“Nope,” Dick interrupted, pointing at her. “Wally is coming over to hang out, not to be poked and prodded to finish a paper.”
She let out a whine and turned to Bruce. “Dad, tell Dick to let me at least talk to Wally about it.”
Bruce turned his attention onto Dick. “Let your sister talk to Wally about her paper.”
“Oh, come on,” he complained and (Y/N) stood from her seat, hurrying around the table to stand behind Dick’s seat.
She draped herself over his shoulders, tucking her chin in the crook of his neck. “I promise I won’t be annoying if you let me come with you. I’ll ask two questions every thirty minutes and I’ll go do shopping on my own, so I won’t be in the way.” (Y/N) craned her neck and pulled the most pitiful puppy eyes she could. “Please?”
Dick’s eyes darted to her face and then he looked away. Just one more push.
“Please frate?” she begged and when his eyes went wide from the usage of his native tongue, she knew she’d won him over.
He deflated and let out a sigh. “Fine,” he grumbled. “You can come with us.”
(Y/N) squealed and pressed a kiss to his cheekbone, as she grabbed the paper and hurried towards the door. She halted and spun around, looking at her father.
“What do I need to be most specific about?”
“Division under elemental circumstances.”
She glowered at him. “No shit Sherlock. Specifics.”
“Molecular division under terrestrial gamma-ray flashes.”
“That’ll work,” (Y/N) nodded and exited to room.
Jason looked out the door then back to his brothers. “She’s way to excited about science sometimes.” They merely laughed.
She raised the red lace, cold shoulder V-neck shirt to her chest before frowning, and switching it with the full lace blue shirt with mini golden lightning bolt charms hanging off the trim. After a moment, she pulled the blue one down and sighed.
“You know, if you want to impress him, I’d wear the red shirt.”
She jumped and barely managed to suppress the scream that was coming up in her throat as she swiveled around to face her door. Jason stood in the doorway, a knowing look on his face. She could play this one of two ways: she could be truthful, or she could lie—she chose the latter.
“What do you mean?” He snorted and walked into her room, taking a seat at her desk.
“I mean if you’re trying to impress Wally, wear the shirt that’s the color of his suit, (Y/N).” She looked away and into the mirror, but she couldn’t escape the eyes boring into her back.
“Is it that obvious?” she asked quietly, and he laughed.
“That you’re head over heels for Dick’s best friend? Oh yeah. Totally.”
She sighed and sat on her bed, pulli8ng the red top over her torso. “It’s just a crush.”
“Seems like more than a crush to me, baby girl.”
(Y/N) pulled the fabric down and looked at him. “Are you gonna tell Dick?”
Jason scoffed. “Do I look like a narc to you?”
She cocked a brow and deadpanned, “Just the other night you told dad that Damian lifted Two-Face’s wallet when he was being put in a cruiser.”
“Well, that wasn’t something important,” he countered and nodded at her. “This is.” He paused and shrugged. “Nah, I’m not gonna tell Dickhead. Play this out however you see fit, baby girl.”
(Y/N) stared at him for a moment then averted her gaze and let out a sigh; Jason huffed.
“That sounds like a heavy sigh, (Y/N). What’s wrong?”
She shrugged. “I don’t even know if Wally would be interested in me. He’s him and I’m me.”
Jason stood and walked over, kneeling in front of her. “Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?”
(Y/N) met his eyes. “Anytime he’s had a girlfriend she’s always been super strong or really outspoken.”
“And you’re not?” he quipped, causing her to huff.
“You know what I mean, Jay.”
He nodded. “Okay, so you’re not an Amazon or shoving your head up someone’s ass for a story. But you’re you.”
“And that means?”
“You’re the only daughter of the World’s Greatest Detective who’s a wicked smart science major by day and a badass vigilante by night.” He cupped her cheeks. “You are intelligent, warmhearted, talented, and absolutely beautiful.” Jason smushed her cheeks together and grinned as she giggled. “And if Wally doesn’t see any of what I just said, then he’s a damn fool and not worth your time. You hear me, baby girl?”
She nodded. “I hear you.”
Jason gave her a firm nod and let go, standing to his feet. “Now come on let’s go do your makeup.”
(Y/N) blinked. “You can do makeup?”
“Baby girl, I can do a lot of things. Now hurry up. That razor sharp eye liner and golden eyeshadow isn’t going to do itself.”
She waited beside Dick with a pleasant smile on her face, and despite the fluttering heartbeat in her chest, Jason’s pep talk kept running through her head and with every passing moment, she felt her confidence rising. He was right, if she told Wally and he didn’t feel the same, then it was his loss and her gain to move on and find someone else.
A black sedan pulled up at the manor and the passenger window rolled down, revealing Wally at the wheel and Garth in the passenger’s seat. Dick waved at them.
“Hey guys,” he greeted. “How was the drive over?”
“Oh, you know, we saw three carjacking’s and one armed robbery,” Garth quipped. “I assume that’s normal for Gotham though.”
“It’s a bit below average actually,” (Y/N) piped up. “Hi Garth. Hi Wally.”
Wally smiled and Garth waved in return as the two siblings started getting in the car.
“You’re coming with us, (Y/N)?” Wally questioned and she nodded.
“Do you want me to lie to you or give you the truth?”
He chuckled. “I’m always open for a good story.”
“I wanted to buy out Victoria’s Secret and piss off any boyfriends who are in hot water with their girlfriends.” The guys laughed and she admitted, “Truth though, I need one last source for a research paper.”
“Gonna find that source shopping?” Garth asked and (Y/N) caught Wally’s eyes in the rear-view mirror.
“Actually, my last source is Wally.”
They fell silent and looked at her, though the speedster’s focus was on the road.
“What are you gonna source Wally on?” The Atlantean inquired.
“My paper is over cellular mutation under distress from elemental conditions.” She smiled at Wally. “Our speedster here, is a walking subject perfect for the paper. I can only hope that he agrees to be a willing participant.”
Wally chuckled. “I’d be willing to part with a few secrets for you. Of course, I’d have to—”
“Remain anonymous.” (Y/N) winked. “I’m sure my professor would be okay with me citing ‘The Flash’ so long as I had a picture with him to back it up.”
“I like pictures,” he murmured, pulling into the parking lot.
“That’s good to know,” she replied and when he put the car in park, she took her purse and added, “So I’ll leave you boys to do your shopping and Wally, I’ll text you any questions I have.”
“You’re not gonna hang around?” Garth asked and she shook her head.
“Nah, I don’t wanna be the annoying little sister who follows her older brother and his friends around.” She smiled at them. “Besides, Dick was kind enough to let me come along. Least I can do is stay out of your way.”
(Y/N) opened the door and waved at them. “Text me when you’re ready to leave and I’ll meet you back here.”
Despite the initial joke that she was going to buy out the lingerie store, there was actually some truth in the statement, and she drew her fingers over one of the lace baby dolls as she looked at her phone, grinning like a dope at Wally’s response.
Well, I wouldn’t say I’d grow a second skin from how fast my cells regenerate, but I can make my body heal instantaneously. -W
Can you regenerate limbs or major organs? –(Y/I)
Major organs or useful ones? -W
(Y/N) paused at his response and thought for a moment. It was risky. Sending the text, she was thinking about was risky, but it’d sure get her point across that she was into him. With her heart hammering in her chest, she pushed send and stuck her phone in her pocket.
Whichever ones are useful to you, Wally? ;) –(Y/N)
Her phone didn’t buzz for a good minute, and Wally took less than a second to reply, so he was doing one of two things: A.) Telling Dick that his younger sister sent a flirty text, or B.) Trying to figure out how to let her down easy. (Y/N) didn’t know which one was worse. Her hip buzzed and she inhaled shakily, pulling her phone out of her pocket with one eye cracked open to see how screwed she was.
Do you have a useful one in mind, beautiful? -W
She had to clamp a hand over her mouth to keep from letting out the biggest gasp any human had ever made, and she nervously looked around her to make sure no one else was staring at her. She grinned as she replied to him.
Oh, I could think of one…or two or three…Why? Is there gonna be a pop quiz over this later? I’ll have you know I’m an excellent test taker. –(Y/N)
Is that so? Well, what happens if you were to fail this particular pop quiz, (Y/N)? -W
I guess you’d have to stay the night for a study session and help me make a better grade ;) –(Y/I)
As she waited for another response, someone’s hand touched the small of her back and she reacted, immediately stepping away from the offending touch to spin on them. Her eyes went wide when she saw Wally standing before her, a grin on his face, phone in his hand.
“I think an overnight study session is possible, (Y/N).”
Her mouth opened and closed repeatedly, like a fish until she finally got her brain to work and asked, “I thought you were shopping with Dick and Garth?”
He shrugged. “Told Dick you asked me an advanced question that’d be easier to answer in person than over text.” He wiggled his brows. “You know, advanced equations and scientific gibberish.”
(Y/N) huffed a laugh and turned back around, trying to ignore the heat in her cheeks as she picked up one of the teddies. And when she realized what it looked like, she only felt more flustered. Crimson with baby blue trimming and was practically a shoelace.
“Well, that’sa hint if there ever was one,” Wally quipped, and she pulled the lingerie out of his line of sight.
“It was just the first one I grabbed!” she exclaimed, snapping her mouth shut when people looked over at them. Her cheeks felt like they were wildfires, and she pressed her head against the cool metal of the rack, sighing with what little relief it provided.
“You know, (Y/N),” he started softly. “If you’re not comfortable, this doesn’t have to go anywhere. I can forget this ever happened if you want me to.” (Y/N) opened her eyes and peered at him, at the concern but also the kindness in his gaze.
“I just—” she murmured and trailed off before letting out a sigh. “It’s kinda complicated.”
“Okay,” Wally nodded. “My mouth might work faster than my brain sometimes but lay it on me.”
She cracked a smile and thought back on Jason’s words. If Wally doesn’t see any of what I just said, then he’s a damn fool and not worth your time.
(Y/N) took a deep breath and looked at him, admitting, “Wally, I have…feelings for you.” His eyes widened and though she felt the sting of embarrassment, she pushed out her words. “It’s stupid, like one of those dumb childhood crushes that just sticks with you, you know?”
She averted her gaze and looked at her peep toe heels. “I just don’t wanna screw anything up because even if you don’t feel anything like I do, I don’t wanna lose you as a friend. Because I do value your friendship.” She sighed. “And Dick. I don’t wanna make you uncomfortable about coming over to see him if there’s a chance you’ll have to see me too. I just—”
“Woah, woah, woah,” Wally interrupted gently, a smile growing on his face. “You’re thinking way big here, (Y/N). Bigger than you need to right now.”
She met his eyes. “Right now?” she repeated, and he reached out, taking her hand in his. His fingers felt tingly against her palm and he smiled.
“I like you, (Y/N).”
She blinked at him, practically dumbfounded. “You…you do?”
Wally nodded and confessed, “Have for a couple years, but I didn’t wanna make a move not knowing if you were interested.” His cheeks tinged pink, and he said, “But I’m glad you are. Like super glad.” (Y/N) giggled, suddenly feeling really foolish for all her worry and Wally let out a chuckle too.
She stared at him for a moment, relishing the coolness of his skin before pulling away, toying with the teddy in her other hand.
“So, about tonight…you staying over?”
Wally let out a groan and looked between her and the lingerie. “Probably, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get away long enough to spend some time alone with you.”
(Y/N) let out a ‘pfft’ and winked. “I’m sure you’ll figure it out, Flash. You are the fastest man alive.”
“You’re into quickies? Good to know,” he grinned.
“Shut up,” she giggled.
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lazydoodlesandfanfic · 2 days ago
Bake-A-Brat (Avengers X Male!Reader) *PLATONIC
Characters: Avengers X Male!Reader
Universe: Marvel, Avengers
Warnings: Swearing
Request: Please do a male reader x avengers the reader is usually quiet prefers to listen and they have an accident in the lab that turna him into a kid and as a kid he is loud and swears alot and they are having a hard time trying to take care of him as a kid
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Mr Stark, Dr Banner requests your assistance urgently. It’s to do with agent L/N.” FRIDAY had announced rather quickly. Tony hadn’t been alone, being in the midst of bickering and discussing with Rogers, Wilson, Romanoff and Thor. They all fell silent, looking at each other, before they all turned, running to the lab. Their running was seen and alerted several other avengers, notably Barton, Barnes and Maximoff, who didn’t hesitate to follow after. 
Upon rushing into the lab, they quickly spotted Banner, leaning with an arm on his desk, looking under it. He glanced up at them, clear panic in his eyes. You weren’t in sight. “Where’s Y/N?” Natasha asked. 
“Fuck off!” A voice called from under Bruce’s desk. The voice of a young boy. Everyone was alarmed, but Bruce sighed. 
“I don’t know what happened- we were just running some simple tests like planned and I turned around for five minutes and I heard him yell, I turned back around and he was a kid.” He explained as best as he could, reaching under the desk, though they heard a slap and Bruce retracted his hand. 
“Wait- did you just say Y/N got transformed into a kid?” Tony asked, coming around the desk and looking under the desk, seeing the kid, not even 10 years old, clearly with your features. “Y/N?” He asked, surprised, especially when you responded to the name. “Did you just swear?” You grumbled in response. 
“Okay… everyone calm down, give him space.” Natasha instructed, while also pointing to the door, and Clint quickly stepped over, locking the door to ensure you wouldn’t run off all of a sudden. Everyone went towards the walls, Tony and Bruce stepping away from the desk. Everyone waited, and eventually you came out from your hiding spot, looking at them all. “Hey Y/N, do you feel okay? Any pain?” She asked. You shook your head. 
“He um- doesn’t seem to remember us.” Bruce spoke up quickly. 
“Am I supposed to?” You asked. 
“No, it’s fine. Say- you hungry?” Tony asked. “Why don’t you go with the blondies over here for some food?”
“Okay, only if it’s McDonalds.” 
Everyone thought they had it under control. Bruce and Tony tracked all your actions in the past few days, checked over everything you had come into contact with- hell, even the drugs that Bruce had given you after a recent mission when you needed to be treated. It was there when they found the cause- one of the drugs was given to them by Dr Helen Cho, and while she had  tested it and it had all come back fine and no one had reacted to it, it’s capabilities nearly perfectly explained what had happened, since it sped up cell regeneration and tricked the body into ‘remembering’ what it used to look like. Bruce had given you this drug since you’d been badly injured and needed a quick fix since he couldn’t get you into the med bay in time, and either by a mixture of other drugs or your own misfortune, meant your body remembered a little too well. After a call to Cho, they realised the only solution was the wait and hope for the best. Seemed simple enough. Well it was, until Steve called to announce you’d ran off. In the middle of New York City. 
Immediately most of the team were assembled to try and find you, going to popular places they knew you liked and also places a young boy would like. “Was anyone else under the impression that this would have been a walk in the park?” Clint asked through his ear piece as he flew over the city looking for any sign of you. 
“Same, Y/N’s always been really quiet and calm.” Wanda commented, who was flying building to building looking for any sign of you. She caught sight of Natasha coming out of a toy store, having not found you. 
“You have a point. I actually think the first time I’ve heard Y/N actually swear was when he was under that desk.” Tony commented. He had a point. You were one of the quietest people on the team, rivaling Bruce, and you were always calm and polite, even when people were straight up screaming in your face and being horrible to you. The most anyone got out of you was a stern word, and that usually was enough for them to back down.
“Heads up, I think I’ve found him.” Steve announced. 
“Where is he?” Natasha inquired. 
“He’s in the middle of the park, sleeping on the bench. He looks a bit older though, I think your theory is right, Stark.” Steve explained, walking over to you, picking you up and starting the walk to regroup and get you back home. 
You remained knocked out for the remainder of the day and through the night, much to everyone’s relief. As you slept, both Thor and Steve retold how much trouble you had been. You had kept wandering off the entire time but luckily they had spotted you and grabbed your hand in time before they could lose you, you swore a multitude of other times, despite Steve telling you to stop, leading to several disapproving looks from strangers. Essentially, you were a little shit.
“Good news everyone, Y/N is back to normal.” Bruce announced, leaving the lab. Everyone sighed with relief.
“I can’t wait to tell him about his actions as a kid.” Tony commented. 
“Oh he’s going to be apologising for weeks to come.” Clint added on, getting a small laugh out of everyone. They were just glad you were back to normal. 
Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please send them in!
*Not my gifs
TAGS:  @klanceiscannon14​ @waywardemo​ @marvelhoeingismyhobby​ @bellamyblakemorley @dummiesshort @abbybills22-blog​ @waywardemo​ @mutantjediavenger​ @theoraekensnotsosecretlover​ @alicedanganh  @rebellionofthecattle @hello-love-youre-pretty @courtneychicken​  @graysonmalfoy​ @bellero​ @originalpottervengerlock​ @supernatural-pan​ @esoltis280​ @lena-stan-xavier​ @lady-of-lies​ @sebstanismylife​ @macbetheliza @mandywholock1980​ @cdwmtjb8​ @caswinchester2000​ @determinedpines​ @huntheimpossible
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tinyyoungblood · 2 days ago
OOO OK hear me out: headcanon of midnight fast food runs with all the avengers. somehow everyone’s awake at 3 am so everyone gets piled into a car, half asleep, peter driving and y/n playing the best music, just to walk into like mcdonald’s and getting recognized and it’s just the best thing ever
a/n: you creative child, this is brilliant!! thank u for sending it in :’) here you go, another headcanon bc this is how i cope lol enjoy
pairing: peter parker x avenger!reader
the avengers + 3 am midnight runs
              ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
it’s 3:30 am and it’s one of those nights
no can sleep, everyone is awake for various reasons and they’re all sick of blindly tossing around. then they hear the elevator ding from out the hallway and they immediately perk up
they all get up at the same time and open their doors at the same time
bruce: “we have to stop spending so much time together”
then they silently shuffle toward the elevator to see who it is
thor, peter and y/n step out, all holding a venti iced latte and a mcmuffin and everyone acts like it’s grossing them out because it’s too early for food
but their eyes meet and it’s one of those moments where you know you’re about to do something careless and stupid but you do it anyway
they all squeeze into the elevator in their pyjamas without uttering a word and wiggle their way into the 10 passenger van they always use for bonding trips
y/n, peter and thor follow without protest bc Sleep Is For The Weak
peter somehow ends up in the driver’s seat while y/n gets to drive shotgun and no one notices bc everyone’s too busy fighting tooth and nail to get some room but then the car almost hits a lantern and someone screams
(it was loki)
“sHIT eyes on the road stark!!!” “wilson, i’m sitting right next to you?” “then who’s driving”
y/n, cheerily: “peter is!” “yep! and i think i’m doing a pretty good job too! can you believe i’ve only driven in parking lots and once in a car chase? funny right” “yOU WHAT-“
y/n switches to random stations to have it play quietly in the background but then ‘driver’s license’ comes on and peter whoops and rolls down the windows while y/n yanks up the volume
the avengers are flabbergasted because why are the younglings getting so excited about a song that is about heartbreak?
30 seconds later, they get it
sam pulls up lyrics, tony and nat chime in on the chorus with peter and y/n, and the others pull out flashlights and lighters to hold them up
bucky tries to wipe away his tears without anyone noticing, and steve smirks at him because ofc he saw it. he’s not impressed when bucky hisses at him
and then the bridge hits and everyone loses their minds
safety is thrown to the wind, everyone rolls down their windows and sticks out their heads and arms while screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs
it’s too cinematic to be real tbh but it’s GREAT
and that’s how the longest night of the year starts. not technically, but it sure feels like it because so much happens
mcdonald’s is lawless land and the avengers are on a mission to wholeheartedly contribute to the vibe
some guy waiting in line: “hey aren’t you the god of thunder? you’re an avenger right?”
thor, literally carrying mjolnir and very obviously traveling with the team: “never heard of them”
clint is an old man and it’s clearly past his bed time but he refuses to be left out of this, so he fluctuates between napping the moment they sit down and trying to drag everyone along to wander around
steve is 100% that one super super nice stranger you start a super deep conversation with and it leaves you in a great mood for the rest of the night
he even ends up exchanging numbers with a nice lady that does art workshops so now steve has a new place to flaunt his artistic vein :)
it’s literally 3 am but nat and loki look flawless. it’s ridiculous. they’re sauntering through this place, looking like the gods of hell, and leaving other insomniacs utterly speechless
they’re all turning their heads to stare after them because have they officially lost their minds? how does one look so intimidating but so magnificent
tony is the king of insomnia, he’s INVENTED it and it’s his city now, but once he’s out he’s out and no one has the heart to wake him up
he falls asleep in the most uncomfortable positions/places all night
he’s literally on top of a stranger’s car and they really have to go and the avengers are all shoving each other to be the one who has to interrupt his precious sleep
eventually bucky ends up carrying tony and he wakes up as they’re walking back
tony, patting bucky on the cheek before hopping down: “thanks buck”
peter being a class one protégé and passionate insomniac himself follows in his mentor’s footsteps and falls asleep everywhere, and although it’s kinda concerning, the team understands it shows his trust in them
he gets used to waking up in steve or thor’s arms
one time sam tossed him over his shoulder to get back to the car and peter is aghast, he is appalled, how dare he not carry him bridal style like the rest of the avengers, he deserves it-
they go get frozen yoghurt and steve only wants the healthy mango sorbet but y/n convinces him to try some of hers, which is vanilla chocolate fudge and oreo pieces
“that’s awful” “you want another bite” “yes”
(steve rogers is a whore for chocolate but you’ll never see him admit it)
nat challenges clint and bruce to fill their cups as high as possible so now they’re all stretched out on their stomaches on the floor by the yoghurt machines, ankles crossed, and navigating their cups to make the highest frozen yoghurt tower the world has ever seen
this starts a whole series of competitions in the middle of the store including who can leg press the most people
it ends up being a tie between steve, bucky, thor, and peter. they each had nat, tony, bruce AND loki and didn’t even break a sweat
“y/n, close your mouth”
but the night eventually does come to an end and everyone is huddled inside the van, some are already lightly snoring, and tony’s driving
once they’re back at the compound they don’t feel like parting ways though, so they wordlessly go to their rooms to grab all the pillows and blankets they can find
once they’re all sprawled on the ground in the living room, sleep comes easily especially after a night like that <3
* * *
stay hydrated pals
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