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I’m a simple person. All I want is a movie where emo Bruce Wayne goes to Gala’s with his band of adopted vigilante kids, Alfred teaching him how to parent and his love interest is a thief.

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randumbteahouse replied to your post “I’m in a bad mood and I want to write fluff people Please send me…”

BatCat babysitting little Mar'i and/or Jake Grayson?

BatCat | DickKory | Plotless unashamed fluff | 1,8k | Read on AO3

“Hi, B!” Greeted Dick opening the door of his condo.

Bruce gave him his small barely there smile in answer to Dick’s huge all white teeth one.

“Hello, chum.”

Dick then turned to Bruce’s companion.

“And how are you, beautiful?”

Selina raised her gloved hands to Dick’s face, pulling him for a loud kiss full on the lips, to which he made crunched his entire face blushing horrendously to her delight.

“I’m wonderful, darling. So glad to see you. He’s so handsome, Bruce, look at him.”

“I’m looking.” Agreed Bruce with a glint of amusement in his eyes.

“Where’s the little kitten? And that gorgeous wife of yours?”

“They are in the nursery” Selina took her woollen coat off and handed wordlessly to Bruce, walking across Dick following his instruction, Bruce moved inside too, starting to undress from his heavy overcoat as well, but was interrupted, buy Dick’s arms hugging from the middle, he patted the younger man awkwardly on the head. “Thank you for coming.”

Bruce just grunted. Dick, freed his emotionally stunted dad and closed the door.

“Where…?” Asked Bruce holding the clothing.

“Oh, the coat hanger fell under the weight of Kory’s collection of handbags and I haven’t put the new on the wall, just throw your coats… Anywhere.”

Bruce raised an eyebrow to that noticing the apartment around him. Dick had never been an organized child, he had impeccable work ethics but his living grounds had always being a reason for arguments when he was growing up, and adding a baby in it… Well, he knew now why Dick invite Alfred to babysit yet. It was not a complete chaos, but it was far from acceptable by the butler’s standards.

“Come! We wanted you guys to see her while she was awake, but she woke up this morning super early for no reason, she was so full of energy, flying everywhere I think she crashed now.” He laughed.


“Oh! I didn’t tell you?”

But they had reached the nursery door.

Kory was sitting on a very comfortable velvet chair, Alfred’s present. The baby on her arms had a darker shade of golden skin than her mother’s, and her long black eyelashes making shadows under her closed eyes and she suckled on her mother’s breast. Her little plump hand was holding firmly to Selina’s finger.

“Bruce, look how big she is…” Said Selina whispering.

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I’m rewriting the ending os Four Names for Love

I realised that what I was planning was not good enough.

It was too rushed, and it didn’t make sense.

So, we’ll have a few more chapters to fix that and give Bruce and Selina a little more time to develop. 

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Bruce after the ruined wedding

darkened room

empty whey ice-cream cups everywhere

only light coming from the dimmed screen playing mouling rouge

Bruce throws some dirty tissues (rich people don’t carry money on them, I think,  and he’s home only in a underwear he hasn’t changed in a couple of days) on a Selina made of pillows and dirty socks for the hair

he says: Thank you for curing me from my ridiculous obsession with love

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