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Why would you give him ptsd in a fish form?

Now I recall Bruno kept his parents’ house as he told Trish, but I think he never visited the house after his father death. The house just stood there, and he was willing to go back and reopen his closet, but only for Trish.

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thank u for the ask!! 

a: what i think realistically: bruno was really close w his dad n enjoyed when they got to fish for leisure together. one of if not his earliest memory is fishing w his dad 

b: what i think is hilarious: bruno was a little feral wild child thing that ran around shoeless catching minnows w his hands n climbing trees n shit. definitely did not seem domesticated till he was at least ten years old

c: what is heart-crushing and awful: the manifestation of sticky fingers as a do-everything, fix-everything, applicable everywhere stems from bruno feeling helpless as a child bc of everything that happened to his father n having to raise himself from a young age. it only feeds into his complex abt taking care of everyone else n forgetting himself so he feels like he has some kind of purpose instead of being a mistake

d: what would never work with canon but i believe it anyway: bruno autistic n chronically ill :> he has chronic pain 

send me a character for a/b/c/d headcanons!

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Hey! So I’m still pretty new to a lot of posting on Tumblr but, I have thoughts about the entire cast of VA and I needed to at least make a hc post before I really start writing more on them.

Keep an eye out for other hc lists, I’m pretty sure I’ll be making a La Squadra list and a Team Bucci list when I get more time!

  • Bruno actively believes mermaids exist. Paolo told him a story about one once to help him go to sleep, and he’s held it as fact since then.
  • Formaggio used to run a restaurant with his family. After his dad got sick, he turned to selling drugs to keep up the funds to get his medicine. He was 19 when his dad died and joined Passione a year later.
  • Risotto can dance, he chooses not to. None of the other students at his school could match his height or the were too afraid of him, but he liked to dance with his cousins at home.
  •  When he needed an outlet, Risotto’s older cousin taught him how to play the bass. He still has one in the hideout, but doesn’t play it much anymore.
  • Melone is the only one outside of Risotto that can handle extremely spicy food. It’s become a silent challenge between the two to see who breaks first.
  • Mista actually has really nice hair and takes care of it religiously, he just keeps it in a protective style under his cap. Seeing him with it out is a rare treat, so enjoy it while it lasts.
  • Melone is partially blind in his right eye. He can only barely see bright lights through it, which is why he’s much more comfortable on a computer reading reports versus reading written reports.
  • Ghiaccio is nearsighted and legally blind. Don’t take his glasses. Ever.
  • Pesci and Formaggio are the best cooks in La Squadra. If they’re both in the kitchen and the grocery budget took a big hit that week, then it’s because a celebration is being held.
  • Leone both hates and loves being caught out in the rain because it reminds him of one of his lowest points in life, but also reminds him of the night he finally decided to join Bruno.
  • Bruno can keep a rhythm, but he cannot freestyle. Following a routine and/or ballroom dance? Easy, he could do it in his sleep. Winging a waltz? You don’t even have to ask. But please, for the love of God, don’t ask him to just dance. He cannot. He will try, but he cannot.
  • Mista LOVES disco and funk. Earth, Wind, and Fire are a staple for him.
  • Pesci and Prosciutto aren’t actually related; however, Prosciutto treats Pesci as a younger brother because he was the last and youngest member to join La Squadra.
  • Prosciutto actively looks after Pesci and would kill anyone that belittles Pesci the same way he occasionally does. He justifies his own actions, but he’s still an asshole at times.
  • Risotto has two sleeve tattoos; one of them is made up of the lyrics of “Alf Layla Wa Layla”, an Arabic love song his nonna would sing around the house when he was younger.
  • Illuso knows the entire discography of Michael Jackson, Prince, Tevin Campbell (yes, the voice behind Powerline Tevin Campbell), Bobby Brown, and Boys II Men from memory.
  • Ironically, Sorbet and Gelato met each other in Passione and have been inseparable since their first few missions together. In fact, they were so inseparable that La Squadra Esecuzioni was made so that they could keep building their own team.
  • Family is a concept that is extremely important to Risotto. He may not show it all the time, but he sees La Squadra as his family and will not hesitate to kill anyone that threatens them.
  • Cats are instinctively drawn to Leone and have been since he was a child. He doesn’t know why.
  • Leone very frequently has night terrors over guilts from his time as an officer. The only time he gets a reasonable amount of sleep is when he’s around his teammates.
  • Like Leone, Bruno also suffers from frequent nightmares reaching all the way back to the first time he killed someone. He pretends he’s fine.
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This was my first attempt at finding my own style. I can see a lot of flaws, including the tiny feet :| But I still think it ended up looking quite good, and he looks very 𝓹𝓻𝓮𝓽𝓽𝔂. I also like how the flowers turned out! Could anyone give me any tips on coloring smoothly and taking pics of the drawings? I would appreciate it!

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Leone Abbacchio × Bruno Buccellati

Vento Aureo • 17th century AU (JJBA)

I don’t draw fan art on such plots of story at all and I don’t have the habit of shipping characters, but for the sake of curiosity I decided to draw some pictures to see if it’s true that such topics attract more attention and fans like it.

I’m unlikely to continue this in the future. This is unlikely to be my guilty pleasure, haha.

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people living deeply have no fear of death, final chapter ~

Bruno doesn’t reach for him. Just stares at him for a long time, and even in death his eyes are a brilliant blue. Slowly Bruno raises a hand, fingertips at his sternum, and then he unzips his chest, movement slow and precise. Guido isn’t sure he wants to look. Isn’t sure what he could possibly see that would calm him.

The flesh is still red, and the organs aren’t bloated or discolored, but his heart…

His heart isn’t beating. It just rests there, as if on display, as if it’s nothing but decoration. A set piece.

Bruno shrugs, staring down into the cavity of his own chest. “At least I’m not rotting.”

Something breaks, then. Guido isn’t sure what. He’s reaching for Bruno, and he doesn’t care, doesn’t care if everything is different because Bruno is still here, and he can touch him. Can hold him. Guido bows his head, resting it against the open chest, and Bruno doesn’t even flinch.

“Fuck me. Fuck this.” His voice is nothing but a cried-out rasp, but Bruno strokes his head, fingers slipping beneath his hat – the touch of those fingertips cold. “Whatever happens, don’t leave me.”

Bruno only hums in reply at first, fingers tangling in Guido’s hair. “I’ll do my best”

And Guido loves him.

He loves him like a lazy morning in bed and a late evening out at sea. He loves Bruno with his unblinking eyes and quirky smile and bizarre sense of justice. He loves this man that is too stubborn to die, and Guido thinks those words, he thinks of love, is overwhelmed by how intensely and hopelessly he loves… but goddammit he’s a coward, and he doesn’t say it.


the final chapter. boy howdy. canon compliant is the saddest timeline. everything Guido Mista lives for dies, and yet he has to keep on living - here come the angst ~

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There is something that everyone does. Everyone. Sooner or later. For some reason.

The lipstick. You know what I’m talking about.

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Bucci Gang kissing headcanons


Bruno Buccellatti

  • Bruno is a huge tease, his kisses are always sweet and ductile like honey. This man seduces S/o with his lips and touches, makes everything to push them to the end. Be sure that this deuce teases his beloved, only touching their lips with his and not giving a proper kiss (and this smug smile plastered across his face afterwards)
  • When Capo finally takes pity on S/o and decides to give them a kiss - they’ll be in heaven. Bruno knows how to use his lips and knows exact what S/o like (he discovered it long time ago). He gently holds beloved by their waist or runs his fingers through their hair, slightly massaging their skin

Leone Abbacchio

  • Leone is a complete goof when it comes to physical affection, there’s always this little bit of harshness in his touches and kisses. Silver haired is not a fan of PDA so he kisses S/o only in private
  • Abba tries to show his dominance over S/o at everything, and kisses are the right way to remind them of “who’s the daddy”. Man bites his beloved’s lips (and it’s pretty painfully), and then licks the blood out of little wounds that his sharp teeth left. Leone usually grips on S/o’s hair and slightly pulls it, making them moan right in a kiss, and god does it turn him on

Guido Mista

  • This curly boy gives the sloppiest and the wettest kisses ever. Mista is pretty vanilla, he prefers everything to be sensual and slow. Nobody knows how, but Guido’s lips are always very smooth and soft, kissing him is a pure pleasure
  • Mista’s kisses are full of passion and desire, very noisy and wet. This part is very important for Guido, he loves foreplay and he gets a tent in his pants even from a short kiss that seems innocent to everyone (but him ofc).

Narancia Ghirga

  • Narancia’s love language is touch so he put every smallest bit of his love and adoration towards his beloved in his kisses. The main part of his kisses are not kisses at all, it is all about the way brunette grabs S/o’s hips and massages them or how he cups their marvelous face with his hands, rubbing circles with his thumbs on their cheeks affectionately
  • Ghirga’s kisses are not deep, he mostly licks and lightly nibbles on S/o’s lips. He always whispers words of love mixed with praises and sweet nothings in between every kiss

Pannacotta Fugo

  • Fugo is a little clueless about kisses, he’s never understood what’s that pleasant about someone’s tongue in your mouth? That was so before he started relationships with S/o, kissing them is the best thing that ever happened to him
  • Blonde’s kisses are mostly consist of lots of small pecks left here and there. Pannacotta is gets all servile and submissive, willing to do everything S/o want him to. Fugo soaks in their every touch, every little bit of affection his beloved give him

Giorno Giovanna

  • Giorno is more about lip play rather than a deep french kiss, boy loves the feeling of soft warm lips right on his own, S/o’s hot breath on his cheeks and their fingers running through his golden hair and pulling it slightly
  • Giogio’s kisses are the mix of passion and softness, slow and gentle like butterflies. Blonde prefers to be a leading one but doesn’t mind being a sub. He usually puts his hands on S/o’s waist or holds the back of their head with one palm


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Jonathan and Erina found each other again and I decided that maybe Jonawagon wasn’t the best idea. Speedwagon stopped Will from crushing his hands on that door and I knew I was hooked.

Hol Horse shot Avdol and I stood up and yelled in rage. Avdol came back, and I felt his happiness and I knew that I wasn’t gonna forget this in a hurry. Avdol died to save Polnareff a second time and my soul left my body.

I watched part four, and an idea started to form in the back of my head, but I didn’t say anything, because I didn’t think it was worth it. And then Okuyasu died. And I mumbled “I think I ship it” out loud and my watch buddy silently punched the air. And then Okuyasu came back and I realized I’d cramped my hands from holding the chair so hard.

Bruno Bucellati wanted to make sure Leone Abbacchio was safe before anyone else on that boat, and I heard the music and I wondered. And kept wondering. And then Abbacchio made his little speech by that boat and I simply sat back and allowed myself to be consumed by the void.

Giorno saved Mista’s life and proceeded to speak about how bright and shining his resolve was, and I got so distracted by that that I nearly missed the sex joke that comes right after.

Tiziano and Squalo existed on screen for more than two seconds and I pointed at the computer and said “HA! Gay.”

I found out that apparently, that hamon trainer dude calls Joseph Caesar’s girlfriend in the Italian dub, and I decided that maybe Battle Tendency was worth a rewatch.

Kakyoin and Jotaro locked eyes during that particularly tense moment when they had to pull that fleshbud out, and I had to kind of glance at my friend to make sure he was seeing what I was seeing.

Jolyne risked her life to save Hermes within like the first hour of screentime (should Stone Ocean have been animated yet it would have been an hour) and I, who had already heard about the Prison Lesbians™, was intrigued.

Moral of the story is, uuh… These bitches gay?

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