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Tumblr media
I love how Bruno lift his leg here. Too cute.
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For Now
Tumblr media
AN: There is an age gap here, Reader is 25 Bruno is 54, they did not meet until reader was 21 and didn't get together until reader was 24
This is just straight up fluff because I need this. I wrote this at 3 am and did not edit it thoroughly. Forgive my sins
AO3 link
Tumblr media
You woke up slowly. The room was dark and quiet, doing its best to lull you back to sleep. You squeezed your eyes shut, letting out a soft hum as you stretched. You weren't quite ready to get up yet.
You rolled over, seeing Bruno asleep beside you with his back to you. His salt and pepper black hair fell over his face and fanned across the pillow his head laid on. It trailed down his neck and brushed over his bare shoulders. You reached out and ran your hand softly over the bare skin of his back, leaving a trail of goosebumps in your trace. You reached up to brush Bruno's hair away from his face, leaning in to press a kiss to the back of his shoulder.
He stirred slightly, not fully awake yet, but still present enough to appreciate your affections. You draped an arm around his waist, taking one of his hands and lacing your fingers through his. You pulled yourself close against his back to press your bare chest against him. He was warm and safe as you felt his skin burn hot against yours. You peppered his back in soft kisses, working your way up to kiss his neck ever so gently, doing your best to wake him up.
"Some of us are still trying to sleep." He mumbled light-heartedly. You smiled against his skin, lowering your face to nuzzle your nose against his neck. He rolled onto his back and wrapped an arm around your shoulders to pull you into him. You rested your head on his chest, lifting your leg to drape it over his hips as he dragged his fingertips lightly across your shoulders. He was still half asleep, you could tell his deep breaths.
These were your favorite moments with him. The moments where the two of you would take a lazy mid-day nap together. You would fall asleep not necessarily in each other’s arms, but just enjoying the presence of one another. He was always so warm and safe, so welcoming. The white noise from the cascade of sand in his room was such a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of casita.
You'd met Bruno during the rebuilding of Casita. You had been friends with Isabela since the two of you were 18. So of course, when Casita fell and the Madrigal family was in need of help you rallied with the village to pitch in. You were beside the family the entire time, helping wherever you could. That was when you met Bruno. He was there, doing his best to swing hammers with Augustine and Felix.
You grew closer to him during the months it took to rebuild Casita and when it was finished you would come for dinner, the way you did before. But instead of sitting as close to Isabela as possible you found yourself inching closer to Bruno whenever you got the chance. And he would do the same. For years it was nothing but pining and longing for him, but never making a move.
Finally, you were cornered in the kitchen with him. He'd reached over you to grab something at the same moment you'd turned around, finding yourself face to face with him. You hadn't been able to resist it, he was right there, so close, he smelled like the beach and sweet like orchids. His warm breath puffed over your cheek, and his lips were slightly parted like he was considering it too. You stood like that for a moment before you'd leaned in to press your lips against his own.
Four years after, you found yourself sneaking into his room to share his bed, your bare skin pressed against his own while he fell asleep under you.
"Bruno, we have to wake up, dinner is soon." You muttered against his chest. You could hear his soft snores, though you couldn't tell if they were real or if he was pretending he was already asleep again. Occasionally you'd relent, let yourself fall back asleep in his warm embrace, but you had promised to have dinner with the entire family tonight.
There was a pause in Bruno's snores and you lifted your head to look up at him, seeing he had one forest green eye halfway open to see if you had bought into his lie.
"I knew you were awake." You teased as your face broke into a grin. He pressed his lips together as the corners of his mouth twitched upwards in a smile. You lifted yourself up enough that you could see his face while he tried not to giggle at you.
"Bruno I'm serious." You said again. You shifted your weight to one arm while you leaned back slightly. Bruno suddenly sat up enough to catch your shoulders and pull you against him. He kicked his leg over so he flipped the two of you. You were now on your back while Bruno braced his weight on his forearms above you. His long curly hair fell around his face, framing your own as well. All you could see was his sleepy smile and love-filled eyes.
"We have time." He said quietly, lowering his head to catch your lips in a kiss. You relented, the two of you moving in sync so easily. Like you were made for each other. He shifted his weight to one arm, cupping your cheek in his palm so gently, deepening the kiss as he moved his hips against your own. You felt him pressing against your core and let out a soft moan against his lips.
"Not that much time mi rey." You said, pulling away and pushing his hair away from his face and behind his ear. He let out a soft sigh, moving to press open-mouthed kisses against your neck, moving his way down to your shoulders and chest. He laid his head down in the center of your chest just above your breasts before he rested his weight on you.
You brushed his hair away from his face and he let out a soft hum against your skin. He ran his fingertips over the bare skin on your hips and down your thighs and you shivered at the light touch. You felt him smile against your chest and very gently tugged at his hair. He kissed your chest softly, his way of apologizing.
You laid like that for another few minutes, just listening to the other breath. Feeling his heart beating against you, rubbing his back gently while he rubbed circles on your hip with his thumb. You felt yourself slipping back into sleep, but reasoned that you had a few more minutes, it couldn't be that late anyway.
There was a knock on the door, so soft that you almost missed it. It must be Dolores; she was the only one to knock so softly. Bruno jolted from his half-sleep at the sound and lifted himself off you, tugging at the blanket to make sure it covered his hips and your chest.
"Y-yes?" He called. You reached up and brushed his hair behind his ear again, running your hand down his jaw and feeling the scratch of his stubble.
"Abuela wanted me to tell you dinner is in ten minutes." She called through the door, finishing with a small squeak.
"Ok thank you Dolores." Bruno called. You weren't sure if she had left, you couldn't hear much over the sand falling so you couldn't tell if she had left or not.
"We have to tell them eventually." He finally said, laying back on the bed on his side. You turned your head to watch him press another kiss to your shoulder. You lowered your head to press your forehead against his own and he turned to brush his nose against yours. You stayed like that for a few seconds.
"Let's just let them figure it out themselves." You mumbled. You didn't want people to know. Because as soon as people knew, it wasn't just the two of you anymore. Especially with the Madrigal's. They were a big family, a family that knew everything about each other, was involved in each other's business. You wanted it to stay between you and Bruno. There were no expectations right now, just love and pleasure.
"Cariña, you saw how that goes." He whispered against your skin. You let out a groan. You knew how it would go. About the same as it had gone when Mirabel found his vision tablet. But was it so wrong to want it to stay between the two of you?
"We don't have to deal with that now." He said, pressing another kiss to your neck before rolling over to stand from the bed. He got dressed quickly, picking up the comb from the dresser and fixing his hair in front of the small mirror on the dresser. You finally relented and stood from the bed, putting your clothes back on and moving to stand behind him. You wrapped your arms around him from behind, resting your head on his back. Eventually the family would have to know, you'd have to fess up to Isabela and he would have to tell Abuela, but for now, it was just the two of you.
I'm tagging my boo my bestie my babe @a-very-tired-raven because she too is a Bruno simp and I told her I was writing this a bit ago lmao
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ricosbrainrot · 19 hours ago
after weeks of pondering it I’ve finally realized that the reason why I love “All Of You” so much is because it reminds me of an mlp song ty and gn
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single-eutanasia · 25 days ago
Favorite thing about bruno madrigal is that he speaks by his body language. Look at this
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The last gif, shows how nervous he was about what maribel was thinking, he speaked for trying to make things more clear but his body language says 'jesus jesus, just hope she doesn't think im a creep' and proceeds to explain why he leaved, not saying how he felt just trying not to bother maribel. He doesn't know how to react to her sisters hugs and pampering, he is so confused but his expresions make him look so comfortable and loved, he doesn't know what's going on but he likes it!
Tumblr media
You literally CAN SEE HOW HARD he was searching for moms approval and love, reasurance, something that wasn't "being a miracle or a blessing", a mothers support, his face just looks at his mom with pleading eyes, like a child trying to know if what he did was enough, and then his gaze falls straight up sad, realizing that she just passed of him,(pointing out how alma was only with his candel, pedro mhmhm abuela porfavor mire a su hijo y digale que lo quiere asi sea un poquito) knowing how he wouldn't get anything of that, how he wasn't enough for her, for anyone, he seem like he blamed himself more than her mother high standars, he was self-dissapointed... He felt so alone, like her mother didn't want him but EVEN WITH THOSE FEELINGS HE SEARCHED FOR HER APPROVAL.
Also, his body language is so the key, he first is shruging his shoulders, like tense, he proceeds then to untensing him form trying to look right in his posture, also his hands and how he moves them, anxiety i am right? Then he shrugs againg his shoulders and body now sad and devasted.
So yeah, in conclusion, bruno madrigal is not good with words, i think is for the fact that every time he said something he was rejected or ignored, he was the one who gave the "bad news", why would someone want to hear his feelings, soo he just express himself with his body language.
Tumblr media
Traduccion: ay juemadre si me querian ;v;
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cipherscriptures · a month ago
Tumblr media
You think Bruno’s eyes glow when he gets flustered ?
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rhodochrosite-love · 26 days ago
Bruno and his s/o would act out super romantic shit for fun, telenovela style shit
Y/n: WHY don’t you LOVE me, mi amor?!
Bruno: Ahh, I am married— To the most beautiful and sensual person in the entire world….!!!
Y/n: gasp!!! Whyyyy Bruno!!! Ohhh you wound me!!!
They would probably flirt really well like that, and if it’s in Casita then it would definitely surprise his sisters and the rest LOL
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movedtomilksxda · a month ago
Could you do Bruno Madrigal x reader proposal and wedding headcanons that took place a few years before he left for inside the walls? Thank you so much!
❱ http:˚♡sounds of wedding bells !! ˚ˑؘ 🍙 ·˚
Tumblr media
° └➤ ・゚ˊˎ  BRUNO MADRIGAL  !! gender neutral 
-ˋ₊˚. ꒰ SYNOPSIS ꒱ .  proposal and wedding headcanons 
-ˋ₊˚ :: CONTENT . fluff, super sweet !! 
Tumblr media
꒰ෆ꒱ Bruno proposing to his s/o is something he is not ready for however he really really wants this. 
꒰ෆ꒱ He is very nervous at first, he really wants this moment to be perfect, a memory that can be cherished realizing that you both were perfect for each other.
꒰ෆ꒱ Bruno is the type of person to recite his speech to you, he will ask his sisters if it was good or not. His sisters would be glad to help, Juilieta and Pepa were good help because they know what a girl would want. They would advise him to be himself and speak from the heart. (im sobbing why is this so cute like wth) 
꒰ෆ꒱ His sisters chose a perfect spot for him, it showed the whole view of Encanto and the townspeople. And in night he knew that’s when all the bright stars would shine! (...bruh i hate how writing just makes me so flustered like wthhhh) 
꒰ෆ꒱ He would leave his s/o a note telling him where to meet him and stuff like that and also flowers outside their window. It is something sweet yet simple! (aweeeeeeee ahhhhguwejfsd) 
꒰ෆ꒱ You followed his note and went up to see him, and oh god it felt like you were in a fantasy. The scenery was so beautiful, flowers were settled on the ground making it look colorful, and the beautiful view of Encanto making the scene fit perfectly as the stars above both of you shine brighter. 
꒰ෆ꒱ You would be astonished and awed because of the effort he put in this, it made your heart swelled. Your attention would be focused on Bruno who was smiling at you. 
꒰ෆ꒱ “I-I have something to tell you, and I know it is hard for me to say it because I’m scared I’ll mess up....but here it goes..” 
꒰ෆ꒱ And this made your heart beat more and more when he went on his knees, you were trying not to smile sooo hard. You were so excited that you could just jump up and kiss him. 
꒰ෆ꒱ “I-I-I know that I’m not perfect, I know that I have my flaws..and I know that I don’t deserve you. I never found myself falling for someone, I never had a chance to think that I’ll fall for someone who is so-so loving, caring, amazing, and beyond. No one never liked me because of my gift, but...but you saw the good in me...you-you saw that no matter what my gift was you would still stay by my side and you gave me a chance. I-I, you made me realize that....I’m worth something more. I love you mi amor...will you, will you marry me?”
꒰ෆ꒱ And that’s when you started crying, tears were coming down from your cheeks and Bruno was panicking so much because he thought his speech was bad. But in reality you couldn’t help the overwhelming love you have in your heart. 
꒰ෆ꒱ “YES A MILLION YES A THOUSANDS TRILLIONS YES YES YES!!” you would jump up and kiss him right on the spot, the stars glistening above you making your eyes shine brighter. 
꒰ෆ꒱ Now onto the wedding, you and bruno would go for something simple yet elegant. Like flowers around the venue (favorite ones to be exact) and everyone in town will be invited. 
꒰ෆ꒱ The wedding was something unforgettable, you remembered how you walked the aisle, you couldn’t help but smile. Everyone in town found it heartwarming despite how they felt towards Bruno. 
꒰ෆ꒱ You remember the way he looked the way he looked like a complete different man, it made your heart swell more and more. You just wanted to be in his arms. You thought you were dreaming, but when you saw him look at you..you realize this wasn’t a dream...it was reality. 
꒰ෆ꒱ When you two shared your vows you cried during Bruno’s because of how much he has been through and how you change his life. When it was time for the ‘i dos’ you didn’t even let them finished you just shouted ‘i do’ 
꒰ෆ꒱ with all the smiles and laughter you shared with everyone, you couldn’t help but admire Bruno more and more. And it felt like how you two first met, two strangers in one small town bumping into each other...
Tumblr media
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cloud-9ine · 22 days ago
hello how are you, hope you are well. my english is not too good but could i request some bruno angst where reader doesn’t forgive him for leaving? you don’t have to tho it’s okay
The Absence of You
⤷ pairing - bruno madrigal x (gn) reader
⤷ fandom - encanto
⤷ warnings - angst, hurt/little comfort
⤷ summary - everyone else seems ready to forgive and forget, but you can’t erase the years of pain
⤷ notes - thanks for the request! i love a bit of angst! your english is perfect btw. might make an extra to repair this damage depending on how sad this turns out
⤷ word count - 1.5k+
⤷ consider buying me a coffee!
⤷ join our discord server
Tumblr media
The day Bruno left, he hadn’t said goodbye.
You had no forewarning, no time to prepare yourself, no clue to what was happening until it was too late. One day he was here, and one day he was not. 
And that was almost enough to break you. 
For a while you had thought you had done something wrong. Were there signs you had missed? Had you driven him away? Granted, you knew the townspeople weren’t the kindest when it came to Bruno and he often felt as though he alone had to bear the brunt of what his powers entailed, but it never seemed enough for him to disappear entirely. 
Deep down, you knew you weren’t the issue, but you still couldn’t shake the guilt. You could have done something. You were the one who swore to always be there for him. 
And yet, where it really counted, you fell short. La familia Madrigal was torn apart the day he left, and all you did was sit and watch them fall apart.
It was no secret that you were Bruno’s sweetheart. You were his first love, the one who held his hands through the darkness of the night and caressed his cheeks during the summer heat, tucked into his chest during the spring siestas as he gazed down on you with nothing but love in his eyes.
The two of you were perfect, never seen without the other and never was one pictured in a life without the other. You could be framed as one, bound amongst the magic of the miracle and the roots of the Madrigals. He was your one, your Bruno. 
The week he left you couldn’t stop crying. 
It was like a loss of your only warmth after being thrown into the snow, your body sent into an almost shock-state the moment you heard the news from Pepa. You had to find out through his sister. He wouldn’t even say goodbye.
That night you resigned to your bed, wrapping the blanket around yourself and reaching out for Bruno. It was an instinct. Bruno had often stayed at your home, murmuring sweet nothings into your skin in the dead of night whether you were asleep or awake. Your arm fell limply onto the cold sheets, gripping as you searched for his warmth. 
You spent many nights like this, curled into a ball with your fingernails almost tearing holes into your mattress, eyes stinging with tears that you refused to let fall. These nights you wouldn’t fall asleep, flittering between consciousness and dreams until the sun peaked through your blinds in the morning.
On days when the unrelenting sun burned down on you with its empyrean gaze, you would see his figure flickering in the mirages that blossomed in the heat. It took months before you stopped chasing after them.
Through the years, though you grew older, skin hardening and mind becoming wise, you never sought another. In your eyes, Bruno was the only one for you. So you waited.
And then, he returned. Just like that. The rumours wouldn’t settle within the town, weaving their way like one big game of Chinese whispers before they ended with you. Casita had fallen down, and been rebuilt. You did not help.
Rather, you prepared yourself. You had waited for Bruno for years, desperately yearning for him in the days that you hated yourself, and begging for him to come back on the nights where all you wanted was to hold him in your arms. 
You could wait a little longer. He would come find you. So you waited, with a baited breath and pounding heart, shaking away the pain that wrapped around your thoughts and wiping away the tears that trailed down your cheeks. 
He would come for you, you were sure of it. 
The day Bruno returned, he didn’t greet you at all. You waited, and you waited, and you waited until the tears had dried and the blood flowing in your veins was nothing but a white noise in the back of your mind. Despite yourself, you were scared that Bruno had left once again. Why else would he have not searched for you the moment he got back, the same way to the very depths of your soul you were searching for him?
So, you went to the Madrigals. You would find him yourself. The moment you laid eyes on him again it seemed like time stopped, your heart stuttering in your chest and breath hitching in your throat. Despite the years that separated you two, you still loved him.
As much as you hated it.
He was with Pepa and Julieta, shoulders relaxed and a dopey smile on his face. That was, until he saw you. Casita had snapped its doors shut behind you, alerting your presence to the triplets. Bruno slowly stood from his chair, legs weak as he tapped along the tile, arms outstretched for you.
His hands were shaking when they met your face, cupping your cheeks with a gentleness that made your skin burn. His expression was soft, eyes searching your face as if it were the last time he would ever see it. There was love in his gaze, desperately reaching out for something you could not provide.  In the background, you saw Julieta wave away Pepa, the two of them exiting into the adjacent room.
“Mi amorcito.” He breathed, stammering slightly as though he couldn’t make sense of what was happening. Then, he smiled at you, his grin as impish and nervous as the day he had first introduced himself. Your fingers gently curled around wrists.
“Don’t call me that.” You murmured, voice wavering as you pulled away his hands. Bruno visibly flinched at you words, and you had to look away.
“(Y/N)?” His voice was quiet as you took a step back, arms falling limply at your sides as your bodies detached.
“Where were you?” Your own voice was hoarse, scratching at your dry throat with a pain that made you choke up. He glanced at your face, the walls, the floor, before back at your face again. You levelled him with an even stare, crossing your arms as he shrank underneath your gaze.
And you waited a moment. He did not respond.
“Fine. Why did you leave?” Your voice wavered. Bruno straightened his back, taking a step towards you just as you took another step back.
“I-I had to leave!” He spluttered, crooked smile twisting its way onto to his lips. Yet, his hands still shook, bottom lip quivering like he himself didn’t believe what he was saying, “I was hurting la familia-”
“Well what about me?” You cried, voice cracking as you blinked away the tears that gathered at your waterline. His words died in his throat as he watched you crumbled, shoulders shaking.
“I waited for you for years,” you seethed, vision watery as the tears continued to accumulate. Bruno could only look away. You scoffed at his expression, “you didn’t even say goodbye, Bruno. You left me alone, and all you can say it was for la familia?” You spat. 
“L-Look, I-” 
“You what? You’re sorry?” Bruno fell silent once again, nodding his head lightly. You forced yourself not to look at the bags under his eyes, or his sunken in cheeks, or the way his fingers twitched by his sides, itching to reach out to yours.
“Sorry doesn’t take away those years, Bruno.” His shoulders stiffened, neck craned downwards. You sniffled, ignoring the way he glanced up at you, remorse and concern in his eyes.
And behind it all, he still looked at you with love. 
He still looked at you with adoration, as if you were the only thing in the world. 
Like the way before he left. 
Your nails dug into your palms, cutting little crescent shaped wounds through your skin. You had to leave, before you lost the strength to.
“Goodbye, Bruno.” His head snapped up, eyes widening in horror as you turned back to the door.
“M-Mi amorcito, please-”  “Don’t.” You gritted your teeth, steeling yourself so you wouldn’t turn around to look at his pitiful form, “I’m sorry, but you lost your chance.”
In the end, all Bruno could do was watch you leave, chest heavy and mind wrapped with regret, begging fruitlessly for all of this to be a dream. But, of course, he would never be that lucky.  
You, his second half, the one who made him complete, had walked out the door, and there was nothing he did to stop it. 
The day you left, you took away a piece of Bruno with you.
And it was never to return.
Tumblr media
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ichigobunsss · 8 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
found these im ✨screaming✨
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brunos-gf · 11 days ago
↳ Nightmares: Bruno Madrigal x Gn!Reader
Summary: Bruno has another terrible nightmare about losing you.
Genre: Fluff
Tumblr media
“No please no. Leave her alone please!”
Your eyes snapped open the moment you heard Bruno yell from behind you.
You quickly turned around to see a very sweaty Bruno asleep while clenching the sheets in his fists.
He was having another nightmare.
You quickly got onto your knees while crawling closer to Bruno. “Bruno wake up.” You whispered while gently tapping his shoulder.
“No please no!” Bruno cried in his sleep while shaking his head. “Bruno wake up.” You tried again, this time a little louder.
It broke your heart seeing Bruno like this. Since a month or two, Bruno has had a lot of nightmares. Most of the time they were about you. That he had lost you forever.
You always told Bruno that it was just a silly dream but he kept thinking that it maybe had something to do with a vision of his.
“Bruno wake up!” You whisper-yelled while shaking him awake. Bruno’s body immediately jolted awake which took you a little of guard.
“Mi amor?” He asked in a shaky voice while looking at you, tears brimming in his eyes.
“It’s okay mi vida. It was just a dream.” You said softly while pulling Bruno into a tight hug.
Bruno immediately relaxed at the feeling of your touch while he wrapped his arms around your waist.
“I was so scared.” He muttered while pulling you closer if that was even possible. “I-i had lost you again and this time it was much worser.” Bruno mumbled while you wiped his tears.
“Oh Bruno.” You sighed while tracing small circles on his back in a way to soothe him.
“It was just a dream.” You told him while Bruno slowly calmed down. “I-it felt so real though…” Bruno stammered while staring at the wall.
“I can’t lose you [Y/N]. I really can’t.” Bruno said quickly, starting to panic a little.
“Sst it’s okay. You’re not gonna lose me Bruno. I’m right here.” You smiled softly while looking into his beautiful green eyes.
“Are you okay?” You asked after a moment of silence. Bruno gave a slight nod before burying his face in the crook of your neck.
“Is there anything i can do for you? Like getting you a glass of water or maybe some…hot chocolate?” You smiled, knowing fully well that Bruno absolutely loved to drink hot chocolate. Especially at night.
You saw how Bruno moved away from your neck to look at your face. He looked adorable.
“S-some hot chocolate would be nice.” bruno awkwardly smiled while fidgeting with his fingers.
Your lips curled up in a smile while nodding. “Alright stay here.” You smiled before getting out out bed.
Bruno watched how you left the room, still feeling slightly anxious about the nightmare he had just minutes ago.
“It wasn’t real Bruno. Get your shit together.” He mumbled while covering his face with his hands.
After a minute or five, you returned to Bruno’s bedroom with a cup of hot chocolate. Bruno couldn’t help but smile as he watched how you carefully walked over to his side of the bed.
“Here you go mi amor.” You smiled while handing him his cup. “Thank you cariño.” Bruno said softly while taking the cup.
You quickly walked to the other side of the bed and got in. You immediately nuzzled up against Bruno who gladly put one of his arms around you, keeping you as close as possible.
“Didn’t you want some hot chocolate?” Bruno asked with a frown when he saw that your hands were empty. You shook your head with a smile.
“You sure?” Bruno asked quietly. “Yeah i’m sure my love.” You smiled while kissing his cheek.
There was a comfortable silence between the two of you. Just enjoying each other’s presence while Bruno was sipping on his hot chocolate.
“I-i don’t think i want to go back to sleep.” He spoke after a while. “That’s fine. We can just stay up and talk.” You smiled softly.
“N-no i don’t want to keep you up. I know that you’re tired.” Bruno quickly said while giving you a sympathetic look.
“Bruno it’s okay i don’t mind.”
“Are you sure?” He asked. You nodded in which Bruno raised one of his eyebrows. “Are you absolutely sure?”
“Bruno!” You laughed while playfully smacking his shoulder. “Alright i’m sorry.” Bruno awkwardly smiled.
You watched how he finished his drink before he joined you under the covers.
You immediately wrapped your arms around his waist which made him the little spoon. You knew he enjoyed being the little spoon so it was no problem for him.
It was quiet for a while. You thought that Bruno was just quietly enjoying the feeling of being in your arms but when you called his name three times and didn’t got a response, you knew that he had fallen asleep.
You smiled while pulling him closer to you, tightening your grip while nuzzling your face against his back.
“Goodnight Bruno.” You whispered before closing your eyes, falling asleep pretty quickly after that.
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desiree610 · 7 days ago
How much do you love Bruno?
Me: Yes
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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let-love-run-red · a day ago
Tumblr media
Can someone tell me why I'm simping for this picture of Bruno specifically?
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ricosbrainrot · 15 days ago
I like how the fandom collectively agrees that Camilo’s verse in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” came from when a five-year-old Camilo was getting a midnight snack and came across Bruno trying to steal food from the kitchen after he disappeared and Camilo was so shocked/scared his little body passed out
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monsterbride99 · a month ago
Villain!Bruno AU
I like to think that Mirabel's first visit with Bruno would be both a scary moment and a really tragic moment. Kind of like a mix of "Friends on the Other Side" and "Music of the Night" (without the romance).
Scary because Bruno in this AU is a 7 foot tall man with rats along his back and he's been squatting within Casita's walls for 10 years without anyone knowing (other than Dolores), and now he's taken Mirabel into his little room after making her faint out of fear.
Tragic because Bruno was wrongfully shunned and demonized by not only his family, but the entire community, and he sees Mirabel as the one family member who would see the injustice done to him and love him no matter what.
Imagine, if you will, Bruno introduces himself through the reprise song "They Don't Talk About Bruno" as this unhinged rat man with his little rat minions acting out scenes of his story. As the musical number closes to an end, Bruno is close to weeping. Moved by this display of sadness, Mirabel approaches his uncle and wraps her arms around him. Bruno shudders in surprise - it has been years since someone last hugged him, let alone touched him. Bruno finally cries, falling to his knees, clutching Mirabel tightly. She begins to cry too. Bruno notices and immediately wipes them away, comforting her. A tender moment between uncle and niece, both bound by their family's misunderstanding.
Little did Mirabel know is that Bruno wishes to end all magic, including Casita, in the hopes of saving everyone from a curse such as his. Even if it meant destroying the rest of the Madrigal Family.
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Tumblr media
Haven’t watched Encanto yet, but I’ve seen quite a bit about him 
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Por qué - B.M. x Male!Reader Drabble
Tumblr media
Req: No | Wc: ≈750
Pair: Bruno Madrigal x Male Reader; he/him
Fandom: Encanto (2021)
Synopsis: During Antonio Madrigal's gift ceremony, a man stumbles upon a secret opening in the wall hidden by a painting. When exploring the tunnel he finds a missing Madrigal.
Warning(s): None (Feel free to add any through my request box, my direct messages, or comment!)
Author's Notes: The reader can speak Spanish (sorry if I get something wrong in advance). Sorry for it being so short, I'm lacking creativity right now. This can be read as Gender Neutral for there aren't any gender indications.
Tumblr media
Upbeat music was playing, people were dancing, and individuals were drinking You had begun to have a small headache as you roamed the building, a red-purple drink sloshed around in a cup as you wandered down halls and into rooms. All you had wanted was a place of peace and solitude just so you can unwind.
You had chatted and spoken to many different people throughout the celebration. Mostly neighbors that we're asking how you were, how [Family Member] was, or just saying hi.
"Hey, [Name]." A feminine voice called, your head bent. It was Pepa, she was walking towards you wearing her traditional warm colors. Her sun earrings bobbed back and forth as she strode in your direction.
"¡Ah, Hola Pepa!" You exclaimed, going in for an embrace which she had returned.
"[Name], how have you been?" She asked, stepping back from the hug.
"Great, you?" You said, grinning.
"Good, I haven't seen you in quite a while! Félix, come here!" She yelled. A kind-looking dark-skinned Latino came forth from the buzzing crowd he had a nicely knitted yellow sweater, the sweater had red etchings on it.
"Hola, Félix," you said, outstretching my hand for him to shake. He gleefully took it and gave it a heartfelt shake.
"[Name]! I haven't seen you since forever!" He beamed.
You grinned back, "I know, we have some catching up to do!"
You chatted for a while before they had left off to go back to talk to Julieta. You left off again, walking down an upstairs hallway. The walls had paintings or photos hung on them, of the family mostly. You examined every other one, seeing their magnificently embroidered details.
Passing Abuela's room there were individual photos of each Madrigal. After walking and examining a bit more, you had stumbled upon a 'lose' painting. There were small bronzy colored hinges similar to a door and it gave a creak when opening. A hole in the wall was evident, but where it lead was a secret you had yet to know. It was just the perfect size for you to be able to clamber in, so you squeezed yourself into the gap and lead yourself down a narrow passage. Vaulting over obstacles and mounting up old wooden stairs. Honestly, you had no clue in the world you were following through with this. It felt like destiny and you had nothing better to do except mope around the Madrigal's Casita.
The walls were creased and seemed almost ancient with dust. Grime and muck were tucked in crevices, trailed up the walls, and spotted around the floor. You could hear the passing of rats, their small limbs clattering softly against the wooden floor. Cobwebs hung like tapestries along the wooden inner wall.
Letting urges lead you to where you had unconsciously wanted to go, you ended up at a door. After making prints in dust and rat feces with your sandals. After climbing through a hidden passage. After pouting around a hearty celebration, something told you to be where you stood–before a plain wood-plank door.
Noticing the light that oozed through the plank's spaces, you gave a strict but subtle knock. You could hear (surprised) shuffling and a hushed bawl behind the door, and then silence. You knocked again, silence. Deciding that you had nothing better to do, you invited yourself into the room.
It was mostly a mess, with key things being a table and a minuscule theater in front of an armchair. Then there was the small man standing in the corner with about chin-length curly black hair with barely noticeable grey streaks flowing randomly, he wore a green poncho with hourglass designs running down the sides. You looked quite shocked to see Bruno Madrigal, infamously known throughout the town cowering in a corner. I took you a minute to regain your composure and endeavor to be dominant in conversation–and not freak out.
He chuckled, wobbling profusely to stand up. He knocked his hip into a table and groaned before recollecting himself. “Eh, hello?” He said, “I don’t think you’re supposed to be here.”
"And why not?” Your eyebrow arched, eyes glinting at the man in front of you with curiosity. The man just kind of hobbled and looked away. “¿Por qué?”
"Because. . .”
You hummed, amused.
"Because this is my home and you’re trespassing."
You stifled a small laugh. "Alright. . ." You scanned him. ". .Señor Bruno. I’ll leave."
As you turned away from the door, he spoke up. “Wait!”
”Yes?” You mused, turning your head in his direction.
”Could you just stay for a bit? It’s kinda lonely and I don’t think you have many things to look forward to if you found me.” He said, eyes pleading.
”Alright, but just for a few minutes.”
”Thank you.”
Minutes turned into hours. . .
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Bruno Madrigal x reader headcanons for how he would react if he found out (whether his child, the rats, or someone else told him) that someone was hitting on and bothering his s/o, despite reader telling that person several times that they are happy with Bruno? Reader didn’t tell Bruno because they didn’t want him to worry anymore than he normally does. How would he deal with this?
:: Please don’t worry. Bruno
Tumblr media
── worried bruno madrigal because someone was hitting on his s/o
── a/n: thank you sm for requesting!! Im so sorry if this took so long ahh but i hope you like this hehehe. Sending all my love to you!! (っ>///◡///<)っ 💚
Tumblr media
꒰ꕥ꒱ It all started when one of his rats told him about what was going on.
꒰ꕥ꒱ when he heard about how someone was hitting on his s/o he was scared.
꒰ꕥ꒱ He was obviously worried about them, like thoughts were running through his mind.
꒰ꕥ꒱ When his little companion told him that his s/o told them they were in a relationship, he still couldn’t help but feel concern.
꒰ꕥ꒱ Negative thoughts clouded his mind, various things were said.
꒰ꕥ꒱ Cue his s/o other coming home and asking he looks okay.
꒰ꕥ꒱ and they could tell he wasn’t-
꒰ꕥ꒱ “what’s wrong cariño, did you have a rough day today as well?”
꒰ꕥ꒱ And thats when he spilled what he heard, and of course this shocked his s/o because they didn’t want him to worry about this.
꒰ꕥ꒱ you could tell he was worried and you would apologize because you didn’t tell him. But the only thing you got was a silent response.
꒰ꕥ꒱ Bruno told himself that he shouldn’t worry because you told the person no so many times and manage to scare them away. But he couldn’t help it, like what happens if you go with them? What happens if the person was handsome and strong.
꒰ꕥ꒱ “Mi amor please don’t think too much about it, I told them no and said I was in a loving relationship with you..”
꒰ꕥ꒱ He was just staring at you-
꒰ꕥ꒱ “Ahh I see what’s going on. You think I’ll leave you for a man who isn’t my type, who isn’t attractive, cute, dorky-“
꒰ꕥ꒱ “NO! N-no, no, I wasn’t worried I was just thinking…Do you think I’m handsome…?” This made your heart burst because you knew this man felt self conscious about himself and his s/o couldn’t help but feel bad.
꒰ꕥ꒱ “You know I wouldn’t leave you for anyone here in this town. There is only one you and I’m so glad I have it. No one can replace you, so please don’t think negative about it. You deserve all the love cariño so here I am giving you all the love you want.”
꒰ꕥ꒱ He felt like he was about to cry, even with these kind words he couldn’t help but feel so happy. Someone can finally love him more than he can ever ask.
꒰ꕥ꒱ Now for special treatment him and his s/o will just cuddle throughout the day because you both had a bit of a rough day so this is your guys way of relaxing!!
Tumblr media
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ok but imagine bruno goes mute while in hiding cause like. if all thats between u and getting caught is a panel of wood u would wanna be quiet as possible, including speaking. ESPECIALLY since one of his nieces can hear a sneeze from the next town over.
so he creates his own sign language over the years for himself and his rats. and he gets so used to it being his one form of communication that when maribel finds him he uses sign and maribels just like. what. and theres a little stare off with bruno looking at maribel like SHES the one not making sense until hes like oh yeah 🙂 and when he finally speaks its so quiet and raspy it may as well be silent but. as his own confidence and will to help grows so does his voice and itll always be raspy and weak but he tries and the madrigals learn his language so that hes included in whichever language hes most comfortable in. just. 🥺
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Head canons of Bruno with a S/O who suffers from chronic illness.
Tumblr media
{A/N: ✨⌛️Here I am, suffering at work yet again dreaming about Bruno being here at my side once more. I adore this man so much and I think about the non stop comfort and compassion he’d show his significant other. Of course I’m self projecting my misery into my work again, but what else is new here el oh el ✨⌛️}
{Word count: unknown I never keep track on head canons lol}
{Warnings 🚨: talk of chronic illness}
I want to start this off by saying, he knows his sister cannot fix chronic problems like the ones you suffer from, and he feels incredibly guilty about it.
It’s not like it’s something he can control, just like your sickness isn’t something you can control, but the idea of living with a healer who can’t help eats away at him.
He’d still ask Julieta to cook you something to alleviate your symptoms and pains. While her food can’t permanently rid your body of it’s suffering, her meals are like a little bandaid for the problem.
He’d be patient and tender towards your emotions when you feel so uncomfortable and irritable. Anything you need he’s so attentive and eager to help with.
Every time you’d whimper and groan, complaining reflexively, he’d just push your hair back from your face and kiss your forehead.
Bruno: “I know mi vida, I know. Try and get some rest, okay? We don’t have to leave the bed today if you’re feeling so miserable, we can just lay here all day. Oh! I could put on a performance for the latest chapter of Todos Mis Hijos Rata! It’ll be great, just what you need to feel better! See Erika just found out that her prima Vanessa has been sleeping with the father of her children, Juanito! Just stay right there get comfy, I’ll go get the rats!”
Every little bit of effort the man goes through to make you feel better, sends your heart flying. Plus his telenovelas are a great way to distract your brain from the pain.
I cannot stress this enough, but he is SO good at validating your feelings and pain. Even if it’s not something physical he can see, he always makes sure it’s clear that he knows you’re suffering.
You don’t have to overthink things around him. If you say that you feel sick, he’ll accept that answer and immediately work towards aiding your discomfort. He never once questions how you feel. It’s a relief not to have to over explain that you feel sick because you have a silent illness that doesn’t show.
On your bad days where you suffer from intense flair ups, he doesn’t leave your side. He’d do anything and everything humanly possible to make you feel better. He makes sure you stay hydrated and brings you food from Julieta every few hours. Even if you feel like you can’t eat he makes sure your body is holding the nutrients it needs.
Bruno: “here mi vida, Julieta made this for you. Try a bite, it may make you feel better….I know you feel sick to your stomach but hey, a little food may make you feel better. It’s just a bland arepa no queso. The dough should uh um…should absorb some of the extra acid in your stomach and uh make you feel a little better…that’s what my sister said at least, and I-I trust her. Eat up my vida.”
You can’t help the way your lips fight their way into a smile. While you most likely won’t eat a thing, you appreciate the efforts. For his sake you’d at least nibble the arepa throughout the day.
If you're suffering through a flair up and you've got important plans you cant cancel, he'll make sure to stay close in case you need him.
He's constantly covering for you to help ease any embarrassment you may feel about disappearing for long periods of time to alleviate yourself.
If somebody notices your gone, without hesitation he’d come up with an excuse, even if he is a terrible liar.
Antonio: “where’s Tia? We were just gonna start playing fetch with Pearce.”
Bruno: “O-oh, Tia had to u-uh take care of something really quick. How about I step in for a bit until she comes back? Sound good, kiddo?”
You feel so safe venting and sharing your problems with the man. He’s an amazing listener. He never interrupts and will let you ramble on for as long as you need.
He always says the sappiest cutest things at the end. Guaranteed to make you smile like an idiot.
Y/N *tearing up a bit*: “I feel bad whenever I have to bail out on your family, mi amor. What if they hate me for it? I just- I feel guilty. I wish I didn’t have to disappear all the time and I wish I could be there more. God it’s so embarrassing when I just have to get up and leave in the middle of a conversation because I’m in agony.”
Bruno: “Don’t feel guilty mi vida. I know you can’t control these things, it’s okay. Nobody’s perfect ya know? A-And at least you only disappear for like 10 minutes tops, I disappeared for 10 years and they still welcomed me back like nothing ever happened aha….I’m just saying mi vida, my familia is pretty understanding and if they aren’t? Well, I’ve learned that getting my family’s approval is something I can live without. If they don’t like you for something you can’t control, forget them. I-I don’t care what they have to say about you, and neither should you Y/N. Illness or not I think you’re perfect.”
Why is he just the perfect man!!
You could literally climb into his lap and cover his face FULL of kisses.
You do. Without hesitation. Flustering the man silly.
You’re absolutely blessed to have a partner so understanding and loving.
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Tumblr media
Bruno: “Yep! Nice song!”
😅 He is so done....
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