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for the dancing and the dreaming
Tumblr media Tumblr media
After a happy reunion, Bruno Madrigal finds himself awake at night, wondering and convincing himself that he didn't deserve you.
Bruno Madrigal x Wife! Reader
masterlist !! reunited
Casita had known a new time of peace and love after its’ rebuilding as well as the reunion of the two lovers once torn by destiny. Bruno Madrigal and his beloved wife, you, brought together once more. The next few weeks were filled with celebration, chaste kisses, and overdue hugs.
Though sometimes the happy moments don’t last.
Bruno Madrigal was wide awake, a deep sigh escaping his lips as his deep green eyes gazed at the ceiling above him. He was getting used to this.
He was getting used to the room he had left years ago. He was getting used to not living in the walls anymore. And as his bed creaked, he smiled sadly. He was getting used to the warmth of your body beside his.
Bruno had been overjoyed to have been reunited with you. Ten years in the walls would’ve driven anyone insane but the thought of seeing you again pushed him to keep going. Every time he felt like giving up, you would appear in his mind.
Do it for (Name). He told himself everyday and now that he was here beside you, he couldn’t help but smile to himself. Those ten years had been worth it.
The seer turned to look at your sleeping form, admiring everything about your features. Like him you had grown but you had aged so beautifully. He lifted his hand up to gently run his fingers through your hair, the silver streaks that adorned your locks resembled starlight. He caressed your cheek with one of his thumbs, smiling fondly.
He was a lucky man and he knew that. Almost everyone in the town knew that.
To have someone wait and still love you for the ten years he was gone? His heart hammered against his chest at the thought, more than grateful for your patience and love but he had grimaced.
He was lucky. And you, his beloved, deserved better than to have wallowed in ten years of misery and despair, hoping and waiting he’d return. Bruno slowly pulled his hand away, sitting up and moving to the edge of the bed.
He didn’t deserve you, he thought to himself bitterly. You left her. You made her go through a decade of sadness. You abandoned her. You..!
The voices in his head tormented him and he didn’t even register that he was sobbing. Tears rolled down his cheeks and he pulled the hood of his ruana up, ragged breaths escaping him as he continued to sob quietly.
“Bruno..” He was startled out of his thoughts when he heard his name being called. He didn’t dare turn to you.
Having heard your lover’s quiet sobbing had made you quickly sit upright, rubbing the sleep out of your face to see your husband with his back turned and his shoulders trembling as he struggled desperately to keep it down.
He berated himself. Even he couldn’t do a quiet sob session. Estupido!
Your eyes followed Bruno as he kept his distance whilst you had tried to moved close, wanting to comfort him. He felt unworthy of even sitting beside you, basking in the warmth and love that you happily give him.
“Don’t..” He spoke quietly, standing up to shuffle close to the balcony window of his room that he himself had asked Casita to make. It had looked over the town of Encanto and following your reunion, he had asked for it so that even as you go out to town to help Julieta with distributing her pastries, he would have a longer glimpse if you. He felt the cold air caress his face, his eyes fluttering close.
Bruno drew in a deep breath. “I don’t.. I don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve you. I don’t even know why you still stay..” He didn’t know what he was doing as he quickly bolted out. It seemed that whenever when there was a fight or flight moment, he would always choose to escape everything rather than confront it head on.
And that’s why he found himself sitting on the last steps of Casita’s staircase, knees pulled close against his chest as the only witness to his despair and doubting was the moon.
It was silent for a few moments and Bruno was sure he had messed things up like usual. Rather than talking it out, why did he just up and leave? When you brought comfort, he would just run away.. His eyes squeezed shut as he drew in another shaky breath. His doubts and fears ate away at him again before a soft whistle of a familiar tune made him look up.
He heard your footsteps, feeling your warmth once more as you approached, sitting beside him. “Remember our song, Bruno?” You ask softly.
“I’ll swim and sail on savage seas with ne’er a fear of drowning,” The seer’s eyes had widened in recognition. “And gladly ride the waves of life if you would marry me..”
It was the song you had written on the day that the two of you were betrothed. In your younger years, you had been a songstress, often performing in the town square. He had admired you from afar upon stumbling upon you whilst hiding away from the townspeople. He didn’t think he had the chance to even talk to you, convincing himself that you had also despised him like the townspeople did.
And he was content with just watching from afar. At least that was what he told himself. Your relationship would only start when he had made a fool of himself again, when during one of your performances, one of his rats had bolted towards you. He could still remember the commotion that ended with him crashing onto you as he tried to get his rat back.
Rather than giving him a look of scorn, you had given him one of your sweet smiles.
On the day that he was supposed to propose? You had shown up with a ring box of your own and your beloved tiple.
“No scorching sun, nor freezing cold..” Your voice was soft and he found himself closing his eyes, the doubt and the voices that tormented him washing away when he felt your gentle touch against his cheek.
“Will sto—“
“Will stop me from my journey!” You quickly whipped your head to glare at an apologetic Felix who had smiled sheepishly, having been caught during his nightly walks. “Sorry.” He says quickly as he slipped into him and Pepa’s room quietly.
Glancing at Bruno briefly, you were glad to see that he didn’t seem to mind the sudden interruption. You shake your head, letting out a little huff.
“If you would promise me your heart.” Your soft hands gently took Bruno’s rougher ones. You turned to him, eyes softening as he didn’t return your gaze. “And love..” Your eyes searched for his, urging him non-verbally to continue the familiar song, gaze dropping to the ground when he made no move to do so.
“And love me for eternity.” Bruno finishes quietly, hesitant to look at you whose lips were parted in awe, brows raised as your lover slowly stood. He drew in a trembling breath.
“My dearest one, my darling dear, your mighty words astound me.” He gently held his hand out to you, finally meeting your gaze which you had gladly taken, letting him pull you up.
“But I’ve no need for mighty deeds when I feel you arms around me.” He had given you a smile which had made you laugh happily.
“But I would make you rings of gold!” You sang with a spring in your steps as he twirled you around. “I’d even sing you poetry!”
“Oh would you?” Bruno had snorted with a laugh of his own.
You took his hands in your own. “And I would keep you from all harm if you would stay beside me.”
Your husband rolled his eyes playfully at you. “I have no use for rings of gold, I care not for your poetry! I only want your hand to hold.” He took you into his arms as you danced under the pale moonlight.
“I only want you near me.” Gazing up at him with nothing but love in your eyes, he had met your own.
“To love and kiss to sweetly hold, for the dancing and the dreaming, through all life’s sorrows and delights, I’ll keep your laugh beside me!” The two of you sang happily, not even worrying if you were becoming a bit too loud. “I’ll swim and sail the savage seas with ne’er a fear of drowning, I’ll gladly ride the waves of life if you will marry me!”
Bruno gently held your waist, lifting you up and twirling the both of you around with a gleam of happiness in his eyes. He leaned close, pressing a chaste kiss against your lips before his nose pressed against your own. You took this moment to gently cup his cheeks in your warm and soft palms.
"I love you, Bruno Madrigal. I was made and meant to look for you and wait for you and become yours forever. Never forget that."
He knew his anxieties and doubts wouldn’t go away overnight and maybe they wouldn’t go away at all. Though with you by his side, he knew he can get through it all.
Tumblr media
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screaming sobbing i love bruno sm 🥺💖😔👌💘💕💝💗♥💟👉👈😍💞😭💍 let me know what you guys think! As always, every like, reblog, and comment is very much appreciated !
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bruno and Florencia Madrigal.
I hope you enjoy this! Yes, they’re the same age.
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Y/N:Promise me you won’t love any other girl than me.
Bruno:I can’t.
Y/N:So,there’s someone else?hpm.
Bruno:Yes.And she looks exactly like you but younger.And she will call you,"mamí!":D
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Signs of Affection With Bruno Madrigal x Fem!Reader
Pairing: Bruno Madrigal x Fem!Reader
Tags: romantic fluff, crushes, love languages, PDA, dating
A/N: Did someone ask for more Bruno? No? Well here he is again anyways!
Tumblr media
Bruno is very shy with you at first
He doesn't really know how to act around a pretty woman like you, he stutters over his words a lot but his looks are genuine and affectionate
You think it's cute that gets so flustered around you
When he finally gets the courage to ask you to be his girlfriend you can tell that he's rehearsed it so it can be perfect
You take his hand in yours, making him yelp a little, you tell him that you don't expect him to act any different around you, you like the blushy, shy guy he is
He smiles bashfully
Then he notices that he's still holding your hand, his yes widen for a moment before he intertwines your fingers with his
He comments on how warm your hand is and that it's nice to have someone to hold your hand
After that he always holds your hand and he will gently brush his thumb over the back of your hand while doing so
Cheek kisses are a must, even though it makes him flustered every time, no matter if he's the one giving or receiving the kiss
He loves words of affection
He will tell you how lucky he is to have you every day
When you compliment something about him, his looks, his acting skills, tell him how cool and handsome he looks when his eyes glow he will be reduced into a flustered, blushy mess
Of course Pepa and Julieta tease him a little, they are his sisters after all, but they also give him advice and encourage him, they want him to be happy with you
Bruno is a more than a little nervous about PDA, especially in front of his family
He knows he's awkward and knows he gets even more awkward when he's with you
But he also wants everyone to know how much he likes you
So whenever you show up at the Casita, he will have his rats waiting for you with flowers and then he will show up to walk you trough the house, arms linked
When you kiss him goodbye he always gets a goofy smile on his face and sighs lovingly
He is very clingy in private
He loves to hug you, or to be hugged by you
He always whispers to you as you both fall asleep and wakes you up with little, slightly shy kisses
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Gone pt 2
A/N: I loved writing this so much! It probably will need another part but that's up to you guys <3
pairing: Bruno Madrigal x fem!reader
Warnings: Angst
Taglist: @staygoldsquatchling02
You can find Part 1 here!
Tumblr media
When you had found out you were pregnant you had tried to keep quiet about it. With Bruno's disappearance still aching, you had hoped to keep the news for a later time. But as fate would have it, the news broke. Little Dolores could hear you speak to someone, and once you said Mija, along with the morning sickness, the little ten years out figured it out and ran to tell Pepa.
Even though it had been five years, you were still getting used to Dolores being able to hear everything. Pepa, then ran to Julieta and then to you. Each of them knew what it was like to have children, and the news was wonderful! But the two sisters had their family, had their husbands to help them through the aches and pains.
And though you did have your own family, and the Madrigals...it wasn't the same without Bruno. Regardless if it was a way for you to cope, the hormones and such, you allowed yourself to believe that your husband had been out there somewhere. You believed that he would come back. So that you could tell him. But you hadn't realized how wrong you were.
Soon enough the word of your pregnancy spread through the house, and the family was more than thrilled. A new child for the family. And despite the circumstances, they knew it was good for you too. To take your mind off everything and to focus on your baby. You started to think of names and prepare clothes and such.
What you hadn’t known was that Bruno was listening through the walls. Watching through the crack in the wall in the dining room, watching you deal with his loss. It broke his heart to know you were carrying his child. To know you were dealing with this on your own.
He wanted nothing more than to break out of the walls of Casita, and hold you and his baby close. But he couldn't. He couldn't expose the vision he saw, and it had been a month at that point. How would he even begin to explain? How angry, heartbroken you would be. He loved you...you and your baby. But in order to protect you both, he needed to remain hidden, away.
With a broken heart, he would watch and listen from the cracks as your stomach began to grow with his own little baby. He still couldn't believe it. He cried many nights with the weight of guilt on his chest from doing this to you both. To his familia. But it had to be done. He hoped one day when he would eventually return, that you would understand that at least.
And you tried to. At night laying in your own room that Casita provided just for you so you didn't have to return to Bruno's old room. Bruno's spot next to you had lost the smell of him, and you never felt more alone. You began to imagine what it must have been like for Alma when she raised the triplets on her own.
But despite it, you tried to think of reasons why Bruno could have left. Maybe you had done something? Said something? Did you miss a sign? Bruno seemed perfectly fine when you had last seen him. You were at a loss. Shaking your head, you placed your hand on your stomach. You had to focus on your baby now, not someone who didn't care enough to leave a note before disappearing.
And as the months grew, the excitement of having a new baby around did as well. You had ensured Julieta as your baby's Godparent in case anything was to happen to you. It wasn't likely, but just in case. She was more than thrilled to, and little Mirabel was excited to have another cousin as well.
Alma was happy you stayed around after Bruno had left. She had worried that you would return to your family home afterward, but after you reassure her you would be staying she held you close. You were always too good. Sometimes you saw differently on topics, but she adored you all the same. You were perfect. And hoped you would make Bruno perfect too.
As your due date grew near, you were larger than when Pepa and Julieta were pregnant, but perhaps it was just a good sign of a healthy baby. She helped you set up the nursery in your small room. It was just a simple room, similar to the one you had at your own family home. The dresser was filled with baby clothes, and you were ready.
You had casita, the whole Madrigal family AND your own family in town. You weren't alone. So why did it feel like you still were? It had been nine months and after searching for weeks there was no sign of him anywhere. Had he left the Encanto? Was he alright? Was he still alive? You had no answers. Sometimes you still had dreams about him. About your family coming back together.
One night your dream was interrupted by the worst pain you had felt in your entire life, causing you to let out a small scream as you woke up out of your sleep. Panting you sat up slightly, dampness had come from your legs. A thought from the back of your head rang, They're here, the baby's coming.
You tried to get up but more pain washed through you causing you to lay back down. Little did you know Dolores heard you and ran to get her mother and Tia Julieta. They had been getting ready for this moment and had been ready for days knowing you could go into labor at any moment.
They came into your room to soothe you before getting everything you needed. Wet cloths, water, even getting Alma to help as well. The night changed as everyone was then up and awake, your cries filled casita.
As it neared time to push for your baby, you shook your head. Tears streamed down your face as you sobbed from the emotions and the pain, "No! I cannot do this without Bruno, I can't.." you whimpered, just wanting nothing more than for him to be there. And Bruno wanted nothing more as well.
Much like the rest of the house, he was woken up by your cries. His heart clenched as tears weld up. Bruno wanted to rush into your room, to leave these stupid walls behind. He wanted to give you his hand to squeeze while you were in agony, to tell you how proud he was of you. How well you were doing. To kiss your forehead. To reassure you, to tell you that it would all be worth it in the end. "Forgive me, amor..." he mumbled as he sniffled, placing his head against the wall of your room, listening as you cried in pain.
Pepa huffed at the mention of her brother, but Julieta gave her a look before gently pushing your hair off your sweaty forehead. "Y/N, I know. I want him to be here too. And you know if he knew about this if he heard he would be here in a moment. Bruno loves you so much. So you need to do this, so when he comes back he can meet his baby, hm?" she said softly.
In your state you trusted her more than anyone, nodding quickly.
Do it for Bruno. Do it for your baby.
"Good. Now, you have to start pushing, alright?" Julieta instructed as Pepa and Alma held your hand and dabbed your forehead with a wet cloth.
Then you did. It was the most excruciating pain you had ever felt in your life, but then there was a relief and a loud cry. You panted and fell back against the bed, exhausted. Pepa took the baby, cleaning it up and such before showing you with a smile. "A beautiful boy, what is his name?" she asked.
You cried again at the sight of him. He had your hair already, a little peach fuzz. And Bruno's beautiful eyes. "Pedro," you said in a shaky tone, and Alma looked to you in surprise but you could see the love in her eyes. And you knew the sentiment in the name, how much it meant to the triplets as well as their mother. It meant so much to her, and you knew that. It was a name you and Bruno had agreed on a while ago. If at any point you had children, and you had a boy, it would be after Bruno's father. "After his Abuelo...Bruno agreed on-"
Before you could finish you let out another scream of pain. Julieta looked in confusion, checking you before looking up to you. "Y/N, you need to push again. There is another.." you couldn't question it as you just pushed until a second baby cry filled your room.
Panting heavily, your eyes drooped in exhaustion. You were prepared for one baby, but not another. After Pepa handed Pedro to Alma, she cleaned up the second baby, before showing you. "A girl,"
You smiled as the baby girl looked just like you. Your hair again, and your eyes. "Carina. My beloved..." you decided on the spot with a nod, "Carina Alma Madrigal." you finalized before you fell asleep to rest and recover, while the family got to making another crib for the second baby.
In the morning, the announcement of your two children made it to the town and your parents came to visit. Yes, Bruno left you heartbroken, but you had two angels now that needed you.
Bruno watched from the walls, the cracks in the wood as he look at the sight of his twins. Tears fell from his eyes as he saw how beautiful they were. How Carina looked so much like you, how Pedro looked like a perfect mix of you both. Slowly he fell to his knees, forehead pressed against the inside of the wall. If only things had been different, maybe he would have been able to stand there with you. With your family, and your little miracles.
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Bruno madrigal x fem!reader smut (story or hc whatever ya want)
Bruno is sitting is his room on a chair reading a book and yn comes and suddenly pulls his pants off and starts giving him a blow job and Bruno is to surprised to do anything,after he first have yn takes him to bed when they do some more
Giving bruno a blow*ob surprise
Look he’s already not used to people just giving him affection out of nowhere much less a blowjob
He was just minding his business reading a book Pepa let him borrow with the promise to not let the rats touch it
It was going all fine until you walked in, which wasn’t strange on it’s own but he noticed a sparkle in your eyes
He wondered what thoughts you hid behind those doe like eyes
Well he was quick to find out when you dropped to your knees all of a sudden in front of him
He was too startled to react when you pulled his pants down
And more shocked when you took him in your mouth
"Amor…what are you doing" he whimpers
He whimpers a lot
Grips the sides of his chair because he doesn’t know what to do with his hands
He can’t help but thrust into your mouth time a few times
When he cums he grabs your hair tugging on it
It felt good he makes sure to tell you that but of course will try to repay you back
Takes you to bed and goes down on you and doesn’t stop until your legs are shaking
Then some good old love making because he wants to do something both of you enjoy in the same time
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ash-writies · a day ago
Uhm 👉🏻👈🏻 Bruno Madrigal x fem reader s/o who instead of thinking his passion for acting is weird, actually joins in with him playfully?? Like just spontaneously acting out a dramatic telenovela scene together or smth & then they can't help but burst into laughter 🥺 I feel like Bruno would be really happy over something like that
No warnings, fluff below ~500 words :D
a/n: I really loved this prompt, It was soo cute <3 asks are still open :)
The two of you were laying on his bed, he was on his and you were pressed against him. You lay there awake, listening to his breathing as he slept. You loved lazy days, when no one came in and you two could just rest. You looked up as his breath hitched. For a second he didn’t move, then he suddenly he shot up, pushing you off of him a bit. He was hyperventilating as he wrapped his arms around himself. You sat up, searching his eyes for any sign of a green glow. When you found it you gentilly pressed a hand to his arm. He shut his eyes tight and nodded. You crawled behind him and wrapped your arms around him, nestling your head in his neck. He leaned back slightly as his breathing slowed. When he was fully calmed down he pressed a kiss to your palm. You pulled him around and began peppering his face with kisses.
Once your lips found his, you felt him smile into the kiss, suddenly you pulled back, "Senor!" You gasped, placing a hand on your chest, "we can’t do this! What would your family say?”
It took him a moment to realize you were acting out a scene from his most recent telenovela, “amor, they don’t need to know.” He whispered holding your face in his hands.
“No senor,” you teased, pulling his hands from your face, “I would hate to ruin your reputation.”
“Mi corazon, you would do no such thing,” you stood off the bed and tried to walk away, “you are much better than any thing I’ve ever accomplished!”
You tried your best to suppress a smile as he grabbed your wrist, “my family can give you nothing. I will be a stain on your finest suit!” You dragged your barefoot on the sand in his room as you stepped back. When you first met him he was a shy, quiet person. You loved seeing him be himself, how goofy and confident he is around you.
He knew how the scene would go and decided to go off script, “you would not be a stain, you’d be a rose on my finest suit.”
You pouted, a smile tickling your lips, “that’s not your line.”
“I know, it’s improv now,” he whispered, wrapping his arm around your waist.
“Okay senor~” you purred, getting back into character, “a rose huh?”
“Si, you are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” he mumbled pressing a kiss to your cheek, “so lovely.”
“Bruno!” you swatted at him playfully, “That’s waay off script!”
“I know! I don’t like the ending for us,” he whined. You chuckled, pressing a kiss to his lips. “Thanks,” he muttered against your lips.
“Always my pleasure,” you said, wrapping your arms around him and burying your head in his neck, relishing in his scent.
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peppermint-joys · a day ago
Being Bruno’s Child Would Include… Pt. IIII
Tumblr media
Went back to school getting busy again, but here’s part four. I swear I have a problem all of my headcanons turnout way longer than planned. The reader’s age ranges from 9-10. Stay tuned for part five.
Parts: 1 2 3 4
Tag list: @jayleneblack @zzzzzzzzzzoom @bozowrites @meyocoko @dog-cats-fandoms @thebadasssass @crazykira @lost-lonnie @kenzi-woycehoski @venomsvl @mobuaddiction @raysreads @azzabynes @justagurlintheworld99999999 @queenotaku23 (I guess if you want to be tagged ask in the comments?)
I couldn’t tag two users @breadglasses and @4rin4 here’s a link that should explain why.
Since closing the book on the case of your father, you’d begun to spend more time with your family. Still, you're the quietest Madrigal family member.
Reading with your tía Pepa, playing with Antonio, gossiping with Dolores, cooking with your tía Julieta, gardening with Isa, and racing against Luisa were just some of the activities that brought a smile to your face. You love your familia.
Eventually, you had to continue using your gift to help the community. However, you now approached it differently.
You were Encanto’s therapist. A heavy burden for a child to bear; but with your gift, you could dig to find the core moment that triggered one’s issues. You couldn’t fix everything to be clear. Tapping into their past allowed you some ease in helping them heal their present.
“Sra. Valdovinos, I understand that you’re worried about your son. It’s hard when a child loses a parent, especially when they're so young. However, do you think you might be focusing on them to distract yourself from the pain you yourself are feeling?”
Finally ten; They say with age comes wisdom. Not your case. Instead, wisdom came with reflection. In looking back on people's lives, you learned from their failures and achievements.
No longer were you Encanto’s darling. You were the community's saint, though you kindly requested they not call you that. (Y/N) was fine.
You brought together broken families, facilitated healing in home taken over by grief, you brought joy to the elderly allowing them reminisce about their younger days, you built up other's confidence pushing them to pursue their true dreams.
You, you’re a good kid.
Antonio’s gifting ceremony was tomorrow. You hoped for his sake he’d at the very least get a gift, though it would be nice if he received one he would actually enjoy.
You spent the morning with Antonio. Hiding with him from Abuela and the onslaught of well-wishers. You did your best to ease his nerves, describing to him the past gift ceremonies of his siblings and mama. All of those went well. You assured him his ceremony would go well too.
When the time came, you stood in the courtyard with the rest of the family. You anxiously watched as Antonio appeared at the front of the room. All eyes on him. You remembered how isolating it felt standing where he now stood for your ceremony.
You smile, seeing Mirabel appear at his side, letting him latch onto her arm. The crowd gasped at first, then you began to clap in approval. It wasn't long before the crowd followed you, their saint’s lead.
Antonio was granted the ability to talk to animals, which you knew was perfect for him.
Abuela was overjoyed. While you two had come to a mutual understanding since your outburst, you couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous. She openly celebrated Antonio’s gift. She still somewhat mistrusted yours.
Just as the party was in full swing, stress flared up in your head. The headache was the kind that throbbed, a billion bees buzzing in the brain, suddenly demanding to be let out. You whined, moving your hands to the sides of your temple.
In an instant, you were alone. The party and people around you disappear in a blur. As the world took shape around you, you found yourself in the nursery.
“Hola estrella durmiente.” You were startled by the soft voice behind you. There, on the windowsill, a young girl kneeled. One you knew all too well. “Tomorrow I turn five. Everyone’s saying I should be excited but… they’re worried, I can tell. I am too.” You remembered this moment. “I just, I want to be helpful.” A five-year-old, you admitted, staring up at the brightest star in the warm summer night sky.
From outside you heard tía Pepa calling your name. “Coming tía,” the small you responded. As soon as they disappeared, your headache returned. In an instant, you were back, surrounded by music and celebrating. No one appeared to have noticed your moment.
At that time, Mirabel came through the door in an obvious state of panic. “The house is in danger!”
You spent the night tossing and turning in your bed, picking at your cuticles. You traveled into your own past. You shouldn’t be able to do that. You do fall asleep, eventually.
By breakfast the next morning, your worries had subsided. You decided it was a one time thing. The headache must have been, so you lost focus and somehow fell in on yourself.
Besides, you had more important things to do today. You had people to check in on and your favourite client, Sra. Valdovinos, the town’s baker, had asked you to stop by. They always give you fresh polvorosas.
After breakfast, you went straight to the first house on your list. You spent your day helping others work through their issues and resolve problems created by their past. Few were one day fix-its. You promised those who continued to struggle you’d be there to help until they no longer needed you.
Finally, you arrived at Sra. Valdovinos. As per tradition, she gave you three polvorosas, fresh from the oven. Then shared her news; she was engaged to be remarried. While they would never forget their first husband, she and her son were both happy. Additionally, her new partner had two children of their own to add to the mix.
Around two in the afternoon, Mirabel found you at the center of town. She begged you for any information you had on your father and the meaning of his visions. She told you everything she’d heard thus far.
“You talked to Camilo, didn’t you?”
You tried to convince Mirabel not to dig into the past too much. You’d charted this path and there was nothing at the end.
“Mira, the past is a nice place to visit, but it’s not where we’re meant to stay,” you lectured. “I have some stuff in my room,” you conceded.
Mirabel had never been in your room. No one had. The day of your gift ceremony, everyone celebrated in the courtyard. It was the nature of the room itself that told you it was more for your eyes only. People needed your blessing to be allowed inside.
Your room is a labyrinth of book shelves, spanning as far as the eye can see. The library is walls upon walls of leather-bound volumes. Though some shine signaling their youth, most are ancient.
Your library is one of a kind; The Library of Remembrance. Each book living on your shelves catalogued an event from the past. Your room held the complete series of history. Most everything that had been could be found in a book somewhere in your vast library.
You lived in the center of the Encanto section. The small square formation of the section of shelves allowed you to create a cozy nook in which to rest and relax.
As you pulled the chests out from under your bed, a book flashed, appearing in a previously empty spot on a shelf beside Mirabel. It startled her, drawing your attention.
“What was that?” Mirabel called. You rush to her side and take the book that’d just appeared on the shelf.
“It’s back! They really are okay.” You beamed, it was the kind of smile you rarely used, so wide your cheeks dimpled.
“Back? What’s going on?” - M.
“Like treasure, sometimes people are lost, and with them, their history. But again, like treasure, people have the ability to find themselves again. Looks like Iria isn’t so lost anymore.” You explained, wiping your hand across the cover. In reaction to your touch, the name ‘Iria Valdovinos’ etched itself in gold on the front cover.
Mirabel noticed then that no bookshelf was complete. There were missing books, gaps in the shelves. It made her wonder. “(Y/N), does tío Bruno have a book?”
You crinkle your nose, in that way you do when you’re thinking about something hard. “Everyone has a story, Mirabel. Even Bruno. It’s just a matter if it’s lost or not.”
You gestured with your head over to the chests you’d pulled out. “Everything about my Pa is in there. Hope you find what you’re looking for.”
You left Mirabel alone in your room, trusting her not to disturb the library. Even if she did, the only book she’d be able to read is her own. Without you, all the other histories would appear blank.
You head down to the dining table to prepare the table cloth and help Julieta with the cooking. You make a mean cholado and brazo de reina.
You’ve always loved cooking with Julieta. She has such a calming aura and lets you lick the leftover dolce de leche from the alfajores off the spoon.
Isabela's boyfriend, Mariano, was coming over. Everything had to be perfect tonight.
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space-mermaid-writing · 2 days ago
Like a novela [Bruno Madrigal X Reader] - Chapter 2
Summary:You deliver all kinds of fruits from your mother's garden to the people of the village. You meet Bruno at the Madrigal's house and after that it's a tale to tell. Life is not like a telenovela. But sometimes it sure feels like one.
Tags: Romance, Mediocre Slow Burn, Age Difference, Fluff, Telenovela Elements, Bruno Madrigal Needs a Hug, Post-Movie
Read it on AO3
Chapter 1
Chapter 2: Under the moonlight
A few days later you're back on the path to the Madrigals' house. It's the day of Dolores and her boyfriend's dinner, and you're on your way early to deliver the fruits.
Before you can knock on the door, however, it opens and a rather bad-tempered middle-aged woman trudges out.
You recognize her from the village's small tailor shop where she works. She only gives you a quick glance and then stumps away.
Puzzled, you look after her, but then turn back to the door, where a sighing Bruno is standing.
"She expected something different from her vision," he explains to you in response to your questioning look.
You nod in understanding.
"I guess you can't choose your future," you merely reply.
"Yeah..." Bruno shakes his head as if to dispel his thoughts of it. "How may I help you, Y/N?" he asks you.
"I'm bringing the order from Señora Madrigal." You hand him the box you packed. "For the dinner."
"Ah, thank you."
He's about to take it when suddenly something flits across your hand and you flinch. The box falls out of your hand before Bruno can grab it, and its contents scatter across the stairs.
You stare at the mouse, which has jumped from your arm to the floor and is climbing up Bruno's trouser leg. He picks it up and puts it in a pocket under his Ruana.
"Sorry, that was Ricardo. He's quite curious. Oh dear...what a mess."
He looks at the fruit lying on the steps while your gaze continues to rest on him.
"You have a pet mouse?"
"Actually, Ricardo is a rat. He has a few more brothers, but most of them live with Antonio now since he can talk to them."
That's right, they're the Madrigals, you remind yourself. It wasn't long ago that the youngest boy got his gift. And apparently it's not out of the ordinary in this family to have exotic pets.
"I'm sorry if he scared you," Bruno adds, as you still don't move.
His words snap you out of your thoughts and you politely wave it off.
"No, I was just...surprised. I didn't expect to meet Ricardo."
You bend down to retrieve the fruits and the older man helps you.
He seems a little embarrassed by the matter.
"He would never do anything," he explains. "Most of the time he's acting out novelas."
Bruno reaches under his ruana and pulls Ricardo out again. From close up, the animal looks quite cute with its little snout sniffing at you. He sets the rat on the steps and moves its front paws with his fingers.
"Oh, dios mio! I love her, but she's marrying someone else. Today’s the wedding," he quotes in his most tragic novela voice. "If only she knew he was a crook and a cheat."
The performance makes you giggle.
"Oh no, how awful," you comment "Ricardo must hurry and stop his love from marrying the wrong one."
"But it's already too late. Her family will never accept him!"
"Then there's only one option." You lean down to Ricardo and speak directly to him, as if he can understand you. "You must steal her away before the wedding night and escape together with her!"
"Eso es!" Bruno lets Ricardo run away and hides him under his ruana again.
You both burst out laughing.
"You know a lot about novelas, too," Bruno says.
"Si. My sister used to read them and then told me to do the same so we could re-enact the best scenes," you tell him. "She ruined my taste forever with that one."
"I would dare to say that she made a well educated woman out of you."
You smile at the compliment and go back to collecting the rest of the food.
Meanwhile, the door opens again and Pepa and her husband Félix step out.
"Huh? What's going on here?" she asks in surprise when she sees you both kneeling on the stairs.
"I was-" you start, but Bruno interrupts you.
"Just a little accident with the delivery. I wasn’t careful enough."
Pepa eyes you both suspiciously, but since it doesn't seem like there's a major problem, she lets Félix lead her down the steps.
"We're going to get a few more things for tonight," Félix tells his brother-in-law, who merely nods. "See you later."
You’re finished collecting everything soon and Bruno takes the box.
"Thanks for bringing it by. Sorry again about Ricardo," he says.
"Don’t worry about it. You'll have to tell me how the story continues next time."
With a smile you wave goodbye to him and make your way to the town.
On the way back you make a quick stop at your sister's house.
"Hola Celia?" you call after your sister as you enter.
Instead of her voice you hear a much younger one answer.
Your nephew comes shooting out of the next room and greets you stormily.
"Hola Hijo," you laugh and crouch down to give him a hug. He almost knocks you over in the process.
Hijo is now almost five years old and a real whirlwind. He keeps your sister Celia and her husband Miguel on their toes.
"Mama’s cleaning the kitchen," he tells you, "Do you want to play with my wooden animals?"
"Later, Hijo. I want to say hello to your mama first."
With the boy by the hand you walk through the door to your sister.
"Hola Y/N," she's smiling back at you.
In a sling she carries her baby on her body and in her hand she holds a wet rag with which she scrubs the tables and the stove. Immediately you grab a second one and give her a hand.
Hijo quietly slips out of the room before being ordered to help as well.
"Gracias. How's mama? I couldn’t make it this week, unfortunately." She lets her eyes wander around the room, seeing all the little chores waiting for her. There just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done.
"Don't worry about that," you reassure her, "Mama’s fine. You know: as long as she can go in the garden, she's happy."
Celia smiles tiredly.
"I have enough free time," you add. "You've got enough on your plate with the baby. The least I can do is help you around the house."
"Miguel already does that when he gets back home from work," Celia replies. "Enjoy your free time. Or find a nice young man to spend it with."
She winks at you and you roll your eyes. Your sister is only too happy to broach that subject.
"I'll let you know when I find one."
"You have to. After all, I'm your big sister. I'm the one you should come to first." Celia's gaze falls on a corner of the kitchen and she sighs softly. Then steps to the door and calls outside. "Hijo! I've told you a dozen times today to put your pens away! Hurry up! I don't want to ask you again."
Shaking her head, she wrings out her rag over the bucket.
"Remember when we were so young?" she asks you, "And how annoyed we were with Mama when she kept reminding us to clean up? We really should have listened to her more often."
"It'll grow out," you laugh, "Look at us now. We turned out pretty good, didn't we?"
"Si." Celia grins. "I'm making rice pudding later. Want me to bring some over for you?" she then asks you.
You grin back at her.
"You do know you're my favorite sister, right?"
Two weeks later, there is the official engagement party between Dolores and Mariano to which the entire village is invited.
Many have participated in the preparations: new dresses have been sewn or old ones upgraded, the women have helped the Madrigals cook, and of course you have supplied them with everything they need beforehand.
Normally, the simple announcement of an engagement would not be celebrated so big. But since the young couple decided to take their time with the actual wedding, their families decided to extend the engagement party in return.
So everyone is happy.
In the late evening you enter Casita.
You arrive together with your mother, your sister and her family. For the occasion, you have put on your favorite dress and had Celia do your hair.
In your arms you carry your nephew, who didn't feel like walking. However, you realize, he soon will be too heavy for you.
The house is decorated with colorful flowers of all kinds and you hear music from inside.
The door is wide open and there are already a lot of people congratulating the young couple or dancing in the courtyard.
With all the noises going on, your nephew perks up and you put him to his own feet.
"Stay close, Hijo! And don't get into any trouble!" Celia calls after him even though she knows from experience that he won't listen anyway.
"I'm so glad the little one can't walk yet," she says, turning to you.
Her youngest is carried by Miguel, her husband.
"She sure will soon enough," you reply, amused.
First you seek out Dolores and Mariano to say your congratulations, and then you mingle with the guests.
The rest of the Madrigal family is scattered in the crowd. You see the young Antonio riding on a jaguar through the hallway and decide to keep some distance from them. Just in case.
Camilo often changes his appearance and is using this gift to make his friends laugh. You watch him for a moment and have to smile.
It’s raining in another corner and you see Pepa talking to her sister. You give them a quick wave when they glance over to you.
You take some empanadas from the buffet and stay on the sidelines, just enjoying the atmosphere of the party. Every now and then, you greet a familiar face that walks past you.
"You won't believe it," you hear a voice next to you. "Julia's twin sister showed up - Ricardo didn't know about her - and she claims she's the real Julia."
You gasp in a shocked tone and turn to Bruno.
Whenever you've met in the last two weeks, he's continued to tell you - as promised - the story of Ricardo the rat and his lover, Julia. It's actually exciting and with lots of twists you didn't see coming.
You notice that he's not wearing his ruana today - it was also quite old and worn out - but a fairly new-looking shirt in a dark red. The top buttons are undone, revealing his upper chest. He's wearing his hair in a messy bun. It suits him.
"How will he find out which one is the real Julia?" you want to know.
You two walk a bit away from the musicians so it’s easier to talk to each other and you end up on the small terrace in the back of the house.
"He'll ask her a question that only the true Julia can answer," Bruno replies, as if that were the most logical conclusion.
"Unless his true love is actually the twin sister,” you say “And he did not know her real name.”
Bruno grins.
"That remains to be seen."
Your gaze wanders over the landscape in front of you. From the terrace, you have a nice view of the nearby forest, dark ahead of you. Above it shines the bright light of the full moon.
The music behind you is muffled behind the closed door.
"Shouldn't you be dancing with your boyfriend instead of spinning stories with me here?", Bruno asks you as he stares up at the moon.
"If I had one, I certainly would," you reply, amused.
For that, the matter seems settled for him, and silence settles in.
"My mother would be happy," you tell him quietly. "My sister got married at an early age. I think she’s a little worried about me. But I don't know...all men my age are...loud."
You sigh and turn your head to Bruno.
"Perdón, I didn’t want to bore you with this. It probably seems silly to you," you apologize.
But he shakes his head and looks back at you.
"It's not silly at all. If there's one thing I've learned in my absence, it's that you should spend your life with someone you love. Because otherwise, you feel pretty lonely. No matter how many people are around you."
A sad tug appears around his eyes and you wonder what he's been through. But you sense that these words come from his heart and you smile gently.
"Thank you."
You look back up at the moon and then lean your head against his shoulder. It seems to surprise him, but he lets it happen, turning his gaze to the sky as well.
After a while you feel something on your face and when you turn your head you see a rat sniffing at you curiously.
"Hola Ricardo," you greet the pet.
"This is actually Julio, who is taking the role of Julia."
"Ah. Hola Julio. I’ve heard about Julia's twin sister. You probably didn't see that coming."
The rat squeaks and disappears back to the other side of Bruno.
You break away from the older man.
"We should probably head back inside. Besides, I actually want to dance."
"Have fun.”
"Don't you?"
"Maybe later," he dodges a direct answer.
You shrug your shoulders.
"I'm sure it would do your old bones good," you wink, feeling in a good mood right now. Also he really could mingle a little more.
Before he can say anything back, you've already disappeared through the door and inside.
Bruno's gaze follows you and he’s shaking his head. You would be the death of him one day. But he can't bring himself to stop it.
Slowly he follows inside.
Tonight the Madrigals' house is a crowded place, but Bruno notices you immediately.
You have joined the dancers. Holding the hem of your wide skirt, you let it swing as you spin jauntily. Everyone else seems to fade beside you.
"Why aren't you dancing?" A soft voice asks him. As he turns his head, he sees Dolores standing next to him. She nods in your direction. "With her," she adds.
"What?..No, I...why would she want to dance with me?"
"She sort of invited you earlier, didn't she?" Dolores looks at her uncle. "Do you like her? You talk to your rats about her sometimes. Sorry, I didn't mean to eavesdrop."
"I know," Bruno mutters.
Sometimes it's hard to have some privacy in this house.
"What are you two talking about?" interjects Agustin, who in the next moment turns into Camilo. "Is it something interesting? The latest gossip?"
"I suggested to Tio Bruno to go dancing," Dolores explains.
"Great idea." Expertly, Camilo puts an arm around the older man. "I'm sure there are some nice ladies your age who would love to dance with you."
Bruno exchanges a glance with Dolores, who shrugs her shoulders. It’s not up to her to say anything. Besides, she has a fiancé waiting for her somewhere here. So she's not much help as Bruno is pulled into the crown of the dancers by the younger Madrigal.
Laughing, you move to the rhythm of the music. Although you haven't had anything to drink, your head is spinning after a short while, just from whirling around. But it's too much fun to stop.
You dance with some friends, sometimes even with young men who appear next to you.
Only when your side is already stinging, you take a little break.
You get yourself a refreshment at the buffet and catch your breath. Then you dive right back into the party. It is quite crowded, but no one is bothered by this.
You notice dark curls nearby and you recognize Bruno among the dancers. Next to him is his nephew and it is clear that the latter has pulled him into this.
But the older man actually moves not too badly. Even if he still lacks the right dance partner, you think.
Without further ado, you make your way through to him, ignoring Camilo, who invites you in with waggling eyebrows. The boy actually seems to have assumed that you wanted to see him.
"Hola Señor," you call out to Bruno as you circle around him dancing. As you do, you let your skirt and your hips sway.
Placing your hand in Bruno's, he closes his fingers around it automatically and spins you around yourself.
You reward him with an approving smile.
"Hola Señorita," he replies just loud enough for you to understand him.
The music changes, becomes more rhythmic. You both stomp to the beat, your holding hands raised. With the other, you grab the hem of your skirt again and shake it. You spin around each other.
Then Bruno lets go of you and you change direction, repeating the same steps.
"You dance well," you say, actually a little surprised by it.
"When we were younger, my sisters forced me to be their dance partner so they could practice."
"I thank them for that."
Laughing, you let him lead you and follow his steps.
Twice to the left, right back again. He moves forward towards you, you step back the same. Then he guides you in a spin under his raised arm. And in reverse.
The dance speeds up. Your cheeks are red from the heat as well as from your dance partner.
He makes you spin again, catching you with his other arm. His hand rests on your waist.
You have to admit that Bruno Madrigal is an excellent dancer, and you don’t want to stop moving to the music with him.
------------------------------------------------------ The rats have their own telenovela going on.
Have you seen Brunos moves when he ran from Mirabel between the walls? The man got some moves. Also he's vibing in the background when Dolores sings about him, so he clearly likes music and dancing.
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destinywritessometimes · 12 hours ago
How (some) of the Madrigals would react to finding you crying
this is self indulgent bc I’m crying and feeling kinda awful but I find comfort in these magical dorks so here’s this
featuring Bruno, Camilo, Antonio (platonic ofc), Julieta, and Agustin, they’re the only ones I had ideas for teeheehee
18+ don’t read Camilo’s part he’s 15 and that’s creepy
- I feel like at first he’d be awkward about it and kind of just stare, but once he realizes you aren’t ok and that he should probably do more than just watch he’d start comforting you. Not necessarily trying to give you a solution but trying to make you feel less awful than you clearly do.
- He’d also say sweet things just as you cry like, “It’s gonna be ok” “we’re gonna figure this out” etc.
- And once you stop crying and start explaining he wouldn’t interrupt you at all and just listen to what you have to say because he knows how hard it is to feel ignored and forgotten and he wouldn’t want someone he loves to feel the way he did for ten years
- Then he’d probably fumble through advice and try to help you find solutions for your problem, or if you don’t want that he’d just sit with you until you feel better, even if it fades out into silence for a while he’d be there for you
- Throughout the rest of day (week even), he’d try and find little ways to show you he was still there for you, such as holding your hand whenever you seemed stressed, or maybe doing a chore for you
- If he saw anyone crying he’d be quick to try and make them smile, like the song says ofc, but especially if he loved you he wouldn’t leave you alone until you were
- Not even just by just joking around, he’d hug you, come up with sweet things to say, anything based on your love language. He just hates seeing someone he loves so much be so upset and he just won’t stand for it
- Once you stop crying he’d ask you what happened and make little jokes such as ‘do I have to fight someone?’ etc. and then suddenly he’d get really serious when you start explaining what happened and what made you feel that way
- If someone/thing hurt you he’d get genuinely mad at it even if it was something small. If a bee stung you, he had a personal vendetta against bees, if you ate a bad peach that hurt your stomach, he’s kicking a peach tree, anything to get you some kind of justice
- In the end he’d just ask what you needed him to do, and he’d do it, immediately he’d help anyway he could
- if he didn’t know you he’d probably run to get one of his relatives, but if he knew you he still probably wouldn’t know how to react since he’s so young, but he’d try his best to help
- ‘what’s wrong?’ ‘why are you sad?’ he’d sit and hug you asking those questions over and over, wanting to know what made you feel bad
- he’d also give you the stuffed Jaguar Mirabel gave him and talk about how that always makes him feel better
- afterwards he would definitely tell everyone to be extra nice to you because you were crying earlier and needed to feel happy again
- no matter how young she was, she’d immediately turn into a mother. After giving you the best hug you’ve ever received she’d tell you ‘you’re face is too gorgeous to have tears running down it’
- she’d ask what was wrong once, but if you didn’t answer, she wouldn’t push you to open up, she just wants you to feel comfortable around her
- then she’d guide you to the kitchen, and make your favorite food while continuing to make sure you’re ok
- she would sit with you as you ate, quietly rubbing your back while she waited for you to calm down
- she’d once again ask you what was wrong, before holding your hands and trying to find a solution to your problem
- Afterwards she’d make sure whatever problem you had was handled and solved as soon as possible, she didn’t need her favorite person overthinking something that she could help them fix
- I feel like he’d be a really good listener and when he first sees that you’re feeling sad he’d just sit and listen to whatever you had to say in that moment, even if it was irrelevant to what you were talking about before he’d listen
- He’d also continuously validate whatever emotions you were feeling, letting you know that you had a right to feel the way you did and that it was normal
- Once you’d calmed down a bit, he’d tell stories about times he’d ended up in funny predicaments or caused an accident that he stressed over at the time, but now realized weren’t as big of a deal as he thought they were, making sure you were ok as he did
- Depending on the situation, he’d try to get you to laugh at whatever was going on, but if it was serious he’d want to help you fix it immediately, but if you weren’t ready to he’d let you know he’d be there to help whenever you were
- Throughout the rest of the day he’d constantly do little check ups to make sure you were feeling alright, and ask if he could do anything to help
that’s all hope you liked it :) my motivation has somewhat returned so some other stuff should be up later today and tmrw
Have a nice day and night !! 🌸
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mango-tango69 · a day ago
the fact that this man is older than BOTH my parents, but i still simp for him like no tomorrow is astounding 🥴
Tumblr media
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hiddendrabbles · a day ago
good boy w/ bruno madrigal
ok nothing actually nsfw but umm definitely possibly implied ?? so beware
ok ye this was technically requested when i posted a teaser lol enjoy <3
Tumblr media
“Por favor…P-Please ju-”
Bruno stuttered and moaned, unable to finish his sentence. You felt a grin spread across your face as you admired him from your current position. From your place, straddling his hips, you had a perfect view of his face.
The seer’s usually messy hair was absolutely disheveled and spread like a halo around his head. Currently, his eyes were screwed shut and his bottom lip was caught between his teeth. His face was flushed and you couldn’t resist the urge to lean down to pepper a few kisses on his warm skin. Sitting up before he could tilt his head and find your lips, you kept admiring him. His hands were fiddling with each other nervously on his bare chest.
He was still nervous with having your undivided attention when he felt this vulnerable, but you were patient. For him, you know you’d wait forever. With one hand you gently moved his arms to rest above his head, carefully watching for any resistance. When you were met with none and his arms were where you wanted them, you smiled and leaned down to speak against his lips.
“Good boy.”
The reaction your words caused were instantaneous. Warm brown eyes flew open and you could feel him arch his back underneath you, his mouth falling open slightly with a gasp. You took advantage of his open mouth to pull him into a deep kiss. Hungrily, you savored every whimper and every moan and you kissed him senseless. After pulling away you were greeted with Bruno looking more beautiful than ever.
Eyes half lidded, lips bruised and shiny, his bare chest heaving and he tried to sit up to chase after your lips. With the grip you had on his wrists however he didn’t get very far.
“Wait sweetheart, you have to be patient. You’re a good boy aren’t you?”
Arching his back again slightly, Bruno nodded hesitantly and settled back down. Seeing him lay there and stare at you with eyes you could get lost in had you leaning over once more to press almost frantic kisses along his jaw and down his neck. Running your teeth over his pulse, you enjoyed every whimper and wail from the man underneath you.
You licked a stripe down his neck before settling your mouth over it and biting down slowly. As the pressure increased, so did the sound of your lover’s heavy breathing. After a minute, you pulled back to admire the mark of your teeth where his neck met his shoulder. Yours. Bruno was yours, marked by you.
“You’re doing so good mi amor. Keep making those pretty sounds just for me. That’s right cariño, just like that. I’ll take care of you, no te preocupes.”
There was no doubt you’d get sent some alarmed looks with the mark you left on him, but you were past caring. All that was important to you was the panting form under you and making sure everyone knew who he belonged to. With that thought, you dove back down to suck a purple mark under his jaw, keeping it nice and visible.
Bruno’s wrists twitched under your grasp as he mewled under you. Sensitive, so so sensitive. You lived for the noises coming from him, they warmed you and made your insides burn for him. Like always, he was so responsive to your touches and you adored that. Adored him. Burned for him. Loved him.
Pulling away you took a good look at the new mark you’d just left before running your fingertips over it with your free hand. The purple looked lovely against his skin, standing out amongst other similar marks that were fading. Breathtaking and yours.
Dropping your hand to his chest, you let a lazy grin spread across your face before speaking.
“You’ve been such a good boy haven’t you? I think you deserve a reward, que piensas mi vida?”
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madjazzhatter · a day ago
You Love Me! Oh my god…
Pairing: Bruno x Female Reader
Tumblr media
This one was so cute to write! I hope it’s not to long for some of you. And hey, we got some Dolores content too, so that’s a plus!
“So how long did it take for you and Tio Bruno to get together?” Dolores asks as she looks over at the kitchen wall.
Bruno sits on the other side listening as you tell your stories of how they came to be. It always made him feel warm and happy inside.
“Well, lemme think,” you hum as you look over at the wall
“No Julio Alonso Diaz Ramirez, We’re done!” you turn away from him with your chin up high and your arms crossed, “Now leave before I make you” you say then glance towards him.
He rolls his eyes and mumbles something under his breath as he walks up to you slyly, “Y/n, Amor, c’mon you know I can’t help myself. It’s the raging hormones that get me this way, that’s all. Why don’t you just turn the other cheek and move on with your lives, eh?? Maybe relax and dance a little. What do you-” he places his hands on your upper arms then you quickly swat them away.
“You’re twenty years old Julio. I’d think you’d know how to better control your “raging hormones” by now”, you turn and look at him. “And whether you meant it or not, you still punched Agustine in the face. That’s not something you can just take back and blame raging hormones for….unless your a teenager I guess.” You shrug.
“Ay, calmate Y/n, you know how annoying he can be. He’s always yap yap, yapping. I mean the guy had it coming!“ he chuckles back.
“Out!” You point at the door.
You shake your head then shove him towards the entranceway of your house, “Out out out out! No buts, just leave forever and never come back please and thank you!” You yell then slam the door shut.
When you’re finally left alone in your house, You sigh than slide down the door, plopping onto the ground, exhaustedly. “I need to go find Augustine and apologize” you rub your face.
You walk up to the Madrigal household with a basket of goodies, hanging off of your forearm and your best pretty (embarrassed) smile on your face, readying yourself to apologize, “Okay, So all I have to say is ‘Agustine, sorry for having a raging EX boyfriend who punched you in the face for no good reason and I promise you won’t ever see him again’…I hope” you bite your lip then get ready to knock on the door but before you can the door swings open.
“O,Oh! Y/n hi” Bruno looks at you, surprised then opens the door wider, “Wasn’t expecting you here. Did you come here to see mi Hermanas or..”
“Yes. Well actually I’m here to see your future brother in law because of the events that took place yesterday at your familias party” You shrug with a smile, “I brought apologetic Goodies!” You say a bit frantically while clutching the basket towards Bruno’s face.
Bruno moves back a bit then shifts his eyes away before grabbing the basket, “apology goodies. How thoughtful” he smiles awkwardly.
“Yeah” you chuckle then hold your hands behind your back, quietly.
Bruno looks at you then looks down at his feet, “Um. Would you like to come in?” He asks.
You look down at your feet then look back up at him, “Oh yes, thank you” you place your hand on his arm then walk inside.
Bruno shivers to your touch then shuts the door behind you, “Julieta and Agustine are this way” he leads you to the dining room.
Julieta looks up from the table, holding Agustines hand, “Y/n! I wasn’t expecting to see you here today. Qué ocurre?” She asks.
You look at Julieta then glance at Agustine before holding the basket out to them, “Apology basket” is all you can think of as your nerves get the best of you.
“Um” Julieta looks at the basket.
Bruno pats your shoulder then smiles, “She came here to apologize for everything that happened yesterday at the party”, he looks back at you, “right Y/n?”.
You look ay him then blink a few times, shaking yourself back to reality, “Yes” you nod than proceed to walk to the table, “I’m sorry you got punched in the face Agustine. I’m really glad you’re all better now” you say then look at Julieta, “and I’m sorry your party was ruined Julieta. He was acting irrational and chose to use his fists instead of his brain…clearly. I shouldn’t have brought him to the party to begin with. It was ridiculous.” You grip your hands together anxiously. How embarrassing is it to apologize for another grown man’s actions. Especially when that grown man is your ex. A man you brought to the house.
Agustine frowns than scoots up to the table, “Y/n, why are you apologizing?” He leans forward, “He’s the one who should be saying sorry, not you” he says firmly.
“I know but I brought him to the party. And I should’ve been keeping an eye on him-“
“No Y/n, he should be the one to apologize. You didn’t know he’d punch Agustine in the face did you?” Julieta asks.
“No” You smile softly at them then look at the basket.
Julieta gently takes both your hands then smiles, “he’s a grown man. He shouldn’t need someone to watch over him so he won’t do crazy things Y/n. It wasn’t your fault. If anyone is to blame it’s that novio gruñón” she mumbles bit harshly.
You look at your hands then glance at Bruno, “actually” you begin, “Julio and I broke up. For good this time” you chuckle then look at Julieta and Agustine.
“De Verdad??” Julieta gasp with wide eyes.
You nod, “yup. That was the last straw. I can’t be around him anymore. He’s too…rough and loud. Ugh. I’m getting a migraine just thinking about him” you shut your eyes and rub your temples.
Bruno looks over at you with big hopeful eyes then looks away, rubbing his hands together nervously.
Bruno hears Agustine and Julieta then looks over at them.
Julieta gestures towards you, encouraging him to talk to you.
Bruno quickly shakes his head, about to leave the room until Agustine and Julieta get up from the table and grin, “ah, I forgot I have to go into town to buy some more…” Julieta thinks then looks wt Agustine.
“-Some cassava flour and queso for the fritters tonight. So we must get going” Agustine finishes then gently places his hand on Julieta’s waist.
“Ah yes! That. See you later?”, Julieta asks you.
You smile than nod your head.
Julieta places her hand on yours and says, “Everything’s going to be okay” than glances at Bruno with a smirk on her face before walking off with Augustine, “hasta luego!” You hear before the door slams shut.
Bruno rolls his eyes, shaking his head silently beside you.
“They wanted to leave quick huh?” You look over at Bruno with a smile on your face.
Bruno looks at you and feels his face burn up but quickly brushes it aside, sitting beside you at the dining table, “Um yeah” he chuckles, “They really like their fritters” he jokes then looks down at the chipped wood on the floor.
“Yes it looks like”, You laugh a little then look at what Bruno’s looking at, “Um” you start then play with your hair shyly, “So how are you?” You ask then look around the room casually.
“Ah well, y’know. Busy reading fortunes and making a fool of myself. The usual” he jokes then taps his finger on the table, “So! You’re uh, you and Julio aren’t together anymore” he states.
You nod your head, “yeah” you clear your throat, “it was becoming too much for me and, and y’know I’ve been meaning to break it off for awhile now so..”
“Yeah, yeah. I know. It’s good though. I,I mean it’s good for you! Eheh. He was” he scratches his head, “A lot” he finishes then looks at you. You lean forward, “He was” you sigh then look up at Bruno, “Are you seeing anyone right now?” You ask quietly.
“Hm? Oh no. I, Uh, I haven’t found anybody too talk to so” he leans back on the chair and places his hands underneath his arms. “But I wouldn’t mind if…if someone wanted to try and…date” he says then looks you in the eyes.
“Really?” You ask quietly.
Bruno nods his head.
You bite your lip and look down at your lap, “Hey Bruno” you start.
“I have a confession to make” you say then look back at him.
“Uh, what?” He shifts his eyes away and then back at you.
“A few years back I might’ve wanted to be more then friends….with you for a long time” you say as you awkwardly twirl your finger on the table.
“Oh really??” he chuckles then feels his hands getting sweaty.
You nod, “I was pretty good at hiding it. Except for the time we kissed, and that one time in the broom closet” you say then move your hand closer to his.
“Oh yeah right. I honestly thought you did all that because you felt bad for me”, he looks at your hand and chuckles nervously.
“Nope. It was because I…Loved you” you laugh.
Bruno doesn’t know what to say but quickly looks up at you with big doe eyes and a burning face.
You shrug you shoulder then give him a lopsided smile, “and, I know this is going to sound weird and sudden because of everything with Julio but, he was never really the one for me. I think I liked the idea of him..but I never really liked him at all” you smile anxiously then clear your throat again, “Well anyway, it was all just to keep me distracted from you” you give him a sad smile, “because I love you and all…”, you say then look down at the table.
“You love me…?”, Bruno mumbles to himself, than Abruptly gets up from the chair, “You just said you love me!” He smiles big, “oh my god! You, you love me!” He laughs happily then jumps up.
You feel yourself become jittery and embarrassed, was he making fun of you?, “Wait I didn’t mean, I mean I did but-“ you fumble with your words.
“Aahaha! You love me!” He says again then grabs your arms and pulls you close, “And, and I love you!” He kisses you on the lips, “Oh god I love you” he hugs you tightly then looks back at you again.
You look at him clearly trying to process everything that just happened, “I,I Wha, what?” You blink.
“I love you” he repeats, trying to catch his breath, “I love you. I’ve always loved you. I’ve loved you since the moment I saw you” he says then holds your close and kisses you again.
You feel your face burning up this time then kiss him back passionately.
Bruno breaks the kiss then rests his head on your shoulder. “….. Lo siento that was a lot for a few seconds” he mumbles.
You giggle then run your fingers through his hair, “It was but, I love it” you gently cup his face in your hands, “and I love you” you say lovingly.
Bruno’s eyes sparkle at your words. “So, Um, I’m guessing that makes us..”
“A couple? Yes. Yes it does” you smile then run your hands up his chest.
Bruno gently grabs you by the waist and pulls you up against him, “So is this okay? I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or something” he chuckles.
You peck his nose and nod your head, “mhm” you sigh lovingly, “is this why Julieta and Agustine actually left?”.
“Of course” you chuckle
“How romantic” Dolores sighs as she begins to daydream, “I hope I can be just as courageous as you When I meet the love of my life” she says happily.
“I know you will. But there’s no rush! Tio and I were nearly in our early twenties when we started dating. So you’ve still got time” you pat her cheek and wink then you both giggle.
Bruno giggles along then shuts his eyes as he looks back on the day you said you loved him.
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brunosswife · a day ago
Bruno:I love you!
Y/N:And how many girls have you told this to?
Bruno:Lots of them!
Bruno:Yeah,I've already told lots of girls that I love you.
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the-enchanted-archiver · 2 days ago
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  A Family Affair  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Chapter One
Mirabel finds out that Bruno is crushing hard on a visitor to Encanto Valley through a Rat Telenovela script he wrote and wants to help him open up enough to allow him to get to know them. What was supposed to be a simple plan goes awry when the whole family gets wind of it.
Pairing(s): Bruno Madrigal X Reader
Reader: Gender Neutral
Warnings: None
Type: Fluff
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧ One ✧ Two ✧ Three ✧ Four ✧ Five ✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
“And then-!”
“And then?” Mirabel grinned while she and Antonio watched their uncle get wrapped up in his telenovela script as he held a rat up who he was using as a protagonist.
“And then, our hero rushes up to his beloved in front of his romantic rivals, Hernando and Jorge, and makes a declaration of love! He was never been able to do it before, but a fire had been lit in his heart! He had to let them know before it was too late!” Bruno picked up three more rats in one hand, referring to the middle rat as the love interest. The other two wore a bucket and a green hood respectfully. He cleared his throat and used a dramatic version of his voice, contrasting it from Hernando’s and Jorge’s as he usually did. “‘Do not believe those lies! I have loved you ever since I laid eyes upon you! You are the sun, the moon, and the stars to me! You are everything to me, Y/N-!’”
Mirabel’s smile faded some. Bruno had not enclosed the name of the love interest until this point.
“Wait, who’s Y/N?” she raised a brow.
“Wh-who’s Y/N?” Bruno repeated, coming down from the excitement that had built up during his storytelling. He immediately became nervous as he set the rats down and started to fumble over his words. “W-Well, Y/N is the name of the l-love interest… T-That’s all… Um, I-I-I just… you know, l-liked the name…”
Antonio turned his head to one of the rats and let out a giggle. “It’s also the name of someone who’s visiting the village,” the boy turned a playful smile to the man whose face reddened noticeably.
“Traitor…” Bruno muttered, his eyes darting toward the rat who shrugged with a squeak. He shook his head and hands dismissively. “A-A-Anyway, that’s not important, wh-what is important is that-”
“Really? Why have I not met them?” Mirabel furrowed her brow.
“Abuela and Tía Julieta had you busy with other chores, remember?” Antonio stated. “They’ve had you doing a bunch of stuff you don’t normally do.”
“Ah, yeah…” she muttered, rubbing her shoulder gingerly. “Don’t remind me.”
Turning her attention back to Bruno and seeing him still flustered while making up various excuses as to who you were made a smile creep over her face. Excitement built in Mirabel’s chest as she slowly began to realize what that meant.
“You have a crush!” she jumped to her feet, causing Bruno to wheel back from the fifteen-year-old’s energy.
“No! N-no, that is not what’s happening here-!” he pointed with both hands to try to deter the girl from going any further.
“Aww, you’ve been using your telenovela scripts to work through your feelings for them, haven’t you?” Mirabel reached past him to look at the settings and dialogue pages he had made with a soft smile. The more she thought back to the story, the more it began to make sense. Bruno continued to deny the allegations as she picked up one of the pages and adjusted her glasses. On the page was the end of the story Bruno had already performed, however, at the bottom where the protagonist finishes a confession monologue, only “Y/N” was written with a colon behind it. The only thing that followed was a hesitant line that trailed off but no words. Mirabel glanced up at Bruno. “Well… what happens next? What does Y/N tell you- er, the hero?”
Bruno fell quiet, fidgeting his fingers some while biting his lip.
“I don’t know… I haven’t-haven't gotten that far. I only know what they’ve said to Jorge and Hernando-”
Mirabel dropped the page to the table and put a hand on her hip. “You mean to tell me that you’ve been interacting with this person using Hernando and Jorge?”
“How else would I have the dialogue for Y/N for the other parts? I just kind of… you know… um, paraphrased what they actually said,” Bruno chuckled nervously then threw his arms out. “Hey, at least they didn’t call me a creep!”
“Not to your face,” Camilo’s voice muttered, causing Bruno’s arms to fall limply to his side as his gaze moved behind Mirabel. Turning, Mirabel caught sight of her cousin, Camilo, popping his head in through the door. “Antonio, Mom wants to see you upstairs.”
“Good luck,” Antonio grinned at Mirabel as he climbed onto the stretching jaguar that had been previously asleep behind the boy and it wandered toward the door. “Hopefully we’ll have another Madrigal to add to the family!”
“Yeah, hopefully,” Mirabel nodded.
“They haven’t seen my face yet, actually,” Bruno rubbed his chin, not looking too disappointed by Camilo’s comment.
“Seriously!?” the teenager crossed her arms.
“I don’t think they even know that Hernando and Jorge are the same person.”
“Oh, I think they know, Bruno,” Mirabel picked up the edge of his green poncho. “That is unless you’ve been changing clothes between performances.”
The seer shook his head.
“No, I just ducked behind a tree or a pillar to switch from my hood to my bucket. Sometimes I leave my hood up under the bucket if I have to quickly reverse roles.” The tone he used was so nonchalant that Mirabel dropped the cloth and sighed.
“You’ve… been doing it back to back?”
“Maybe like two seconds in between,” Bruno replied but balled up his fist and swung his arm rigidly against his side nervously when he realized what he was saying. “You… don’t think they’ve noticed-”
“They’ve noticed,” Mirabel replied deadpan. Bruno’s shoulders sagged as the rest of his body fell back into a chair against the wall.
“So, they really do think I’m some kind of creep?” he murmured, staring off across the room. Mirabel frowned.
“Well, I guess we’ll have to go see what Y/N would say next to be sure. Not as Jorge or Hernando, but as you.”
Bruno perked up but shook his head.
“What? N-No, I couldn’t-”
“Either we go down there and properly introduce you to Y/N, or you could… I don’t know, have a vision?” Mirabel moved to the arm of the chair and tapped Bruno on the head with the page.
“My vision cave is still busted so we can’t!” Bruno shoved himself out of the chair.
“Mom said you could have smaller visions without it,” his niece raised a brow with a smirk, causing Bruno to curse under his breath. “Didn’t think I’d find out about that, did you?”
“No,” he side-eyed her. “Fine, I can do that, but it’s-it’s random, I-I can’t just-”
“But very accurate according to her. Come on, you can at least try!”
Bruno gave her a slight glare the longer she grinned at him.
“I’ve… already had one with them in it,” he turned his gaze to the floor.
“... They’re leaving soon to continue seeing the rest of South America because they were looking for something. I don’t know what or how soon since Agustin startled me mid-vison during breakfast. They didn’t seem to know what either. All I know is that there’s a storm coming in and my vision showed them talking about waiting to see what the storm did before making a decision. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get the vision back,” Bruno sighed then threw his arms up. “S-So why even bother seeing what they think about all of this?” He motioned to the stage he had created then picked up the rat he used for the love interest. “A-And... What if they don’t like the real me?”
Mirabel bit her lip as she watched her uncle pet the rat and sit back down. She moved closer, sitting on the arm of the chair.
“You’re going to beat yourself up for the rest of your life for not trying when you have the chance,” she answered. “If your script was anything to go by, they seem amused by you. You got them to laugh in the second act with Jorge.”
Bruno chortled, staring past the rat to the floor.
“Yeah… You should have heard it. That laugh… It was like… It was like… like… and the smile that went with it… It’s just… just…”
Mirabel couldn’t help but smile at the soft, warm expression on her uncle’s face as he thought about you.
“Tío Bruno, I think we need to at least see where Y/N stands,” she reached down to take his free hand. The man turned his gaze to his niece and swallowed hard. “At least for your sanity. And who knows? They may like you back. Possibly more than you know.”
“Well, how did you cause your first encounter Y/N?”
“First time I saw Y/N, they were talking to Abuela here in Casita… They were asking her about the area and where to seek lodging in the village. I didn’t see them until the next day when they showed back up here and followed Abuela out to where one of the newest homes were being made,” Bruno rubbed his jaw. “I then followed them and watched them help with the work.”
“When… did you use Jorge and Hernando to interact with them?” Mirabel asked, tilting her head and leaning forward to look at him. Bruno scoffed softly.
“Almost immediately. I got this overwhelming urge to go to them, to be around them and talk to them. I started with Hernando since-”
“Since he wouldn’t have been afraid to approach Y/N at all.”
“Y-Yes! To kinda break the ice, you know? I-er, Hernando got in line behind them and struck up a conversation. Then-Then we ran out of some of the building materials and I changed characters since the role had changed so I started to interact with Y/N as Jorge. I’ve followed that pattern every day then slipped away when they weren't looking so it didn't get awkward.”
“So, pretty much the same as the story?” Mirabel glanced over at the dialogue pages. Bruno nodded while shrugging.
“Well, yeah, give or take some embellishments and uh… tone changes… They weren’t exactly “weak in the knees” for Hernando OR Jorge, obviously…” he nervously snickered. “That was me being dramatic.”
“Hm… What if you try that again and, instead of keeping to the characters, do what you did with me when I asked you about the cracks.”
The uncle sat up in his chair upright and blinked.
“What did I do?”
“... … … You pulled off the hood to show it was you and told me you used to say your talent was “acting”? Then you threw on the bucket and pretended to be Jorge.”
“Oh, right, right! But you knew who I was before you met Hernando and Jorge,” Bruno pushed himself up to start pacing the floor. “Y/N doesn’t know me at all to go “Hey, yeah! It’s just me”.”
“Exactly. You should introduce them to the actor behind the two. Show them that it is a talent of yours.”
Bruno’s tone went deadpan as he stared back at his niece with half-lidded eyes. “You thought my acting was because I was behind the wall for too long.”
“Yeah… well… That’s before I knew you were into telenovelas and writing stories,” Mirabel grinned. “Now, let’s make a plan for you to talk to Y/N directly, without the need of Hernando or Jorge.”
“Okay, but I’m keeping the bucket with me-”
“You already have your hood, you don’t need the bucket,” Mirabel shook her head as she began to gather the pages together and pick up the room.
“I think you are underestimating the power of the bucket,” Jorge’s voice rang out. The teenager snapped her head back to her uncle to see him sitting straight up in the chair with the bucket on his head. “Hernando is the reckless one, I am the more level-headed one…”
Rolling her eyes, Mirabel put the items aside and put her hands on her hips.
“While that may be true, if either of you wants a chance with Y/N, you’re going to have to let BRUNO interact with them,” she emphasized his name, causing the man to tip the bucket back with a smile.
“I don’t know, maybe Y/N would be content with being in a relationship with a bucket…”
“Oh my god...”
If one ever needed a hype man- er, person, Mirabel was it. It took some doing, but she finally coaxed her uncle to come out of his room with the promise of being at his side the whole time and the two made their way toward the center of the village.
"I don’t know about this,” Bruno breathed, following his 15-year-old niece who was practically dragging him down the path.
“What’s there to be nervous about? You do exact same thing you did yesterday but instead of slipping away when they aren’t looking, you take off the hood-”
“Or bucket,”
“-or bucket,” Mirabel rolled her eyes but then smiled. “And you introduce yourself as Bruno. Short, sweet, and simple. Nothing you can’t handle.”
“I-I guess? B-But…”
“Relax!” the teenager turned, pulling her uncle close in order to fix him up by brushing his shoulders off, fixing his poncho, and sweeping back his hair. “You can take comfort in the idea that you got them to laugh. And who knows? They might be waiting for you to show back up.”
“Yeah… Yeah! I did do that, didn’t I?” Bruno started to smile more confidently. “I can do this! I can do this.”
“Great! Now, they’re right down there!” Mirabel spun around with her hands on her hips, looking down at a construction area where you were, listening for instructions on what to do next with a group of people.
“How… did you know that’s them?” Bruno wandered up beside her and peered down the path.
“They’re the only one I don’t recognize.”
“Well, what are you waiting for? Go down there and show them who you really are! Light that fire in your heart!” Mirabel threw her arms out. Glancing over, she found Bruno gone. “Wha-? Tío!”
“You know, this was much easier when I didn’t know I was going to reveal who I was. Maybe I should have left this to a "spur of the moment" sort of thing,” his voice came from behind a large potted plant near the wall of one of the nearby buildings.
“Tío Bruno-”
“What if they find me boring? Or creepy? Never got an answer to that.”
Mirabel glanced down the path where you were and caught sight of you looking around as if anticipating something which made her heart leap.
“I don’t know, they may be looking for you as we speak.”
“Oh, yeah. “Where’s that creepy green guy who’s been stalking me for the last week and a half?” Bet that’s what they’re thinking.”
The plant rustled some as Bruno talked.
“If they really thought that, do you think they would be out in the open where you could find them easily?”
A heavy sigh and whine followed.
“All right then, come on out and-” Mirabel snickered before something strange caught her eye. “And…”
Not far from where she was standing, a tall, slender figure stepped out of the shadows wearing a familiar green poncho with the hood up and made its way down the path, dodging and weaving around people who were going about their day. The only thing that didn’t falter was their focus on you. It took a moment for Mirabel to realize who she was looking at. Camilo.
“Oh, I’m going to wring his neck,” she growled under her breath as Bruno peeked out from behind a potted plant.
“What is it? What’s wrong?”
“Stay there. I’ll be right back,” she called back mid-sprint toward the imposter.
Bruno watched Mirabel rush off, unaware of a large hand reaching out from behind which proceeded to grab his collar and yank him out of sight, causing him to yelp.
As you handed off another brick to one of the villagers you were helping, the imposter slipped up behind a nearby pillar without anyone noticing. Grinning ear to ear, he proceeded to pull back his hood and step out in your direction only to meet the disapproving glare of Mirabel blocking his path to you and his face fell hard.
“Oh, uh... Okay, I can explain…” the imposter muttered in Bruno’s voice. The enraged teenager reached up, snatched his ear, then proceeded to drag him toward an empty building. “Ow! Ow! Ow! Mirabel!”
Once inside, Mirabel pushed him away, slammed the door shut, and turned to him.
“Are you crazy?! What are you doing, Camilo?!”
The impostor, looking as he did when Camilo had first shown Mirabel what he thought his uncle looked like with bright glowing green eyes and being much taller and creepier than the real Bruno, albeit it had been fixed up a bit, put his hands up in defense.
“Listen! I’m trying to help Tío Bruno!” he cried.
“Camilo, you-” Mirabel started to chide but then paused. “You’re… trying to help?”
“Uh, yeah? Do you see how awkward he is?” Camilo scoffed then motioned toward you. “If he doesn’t move now, he might be alone for the rest of his life…”
“That’s… That’s very sweet of you... I didn't think you'd want to help Tío Bruno. Like, at all.”
“I’m not a monster. And he's our tío. I don’t want him to lose the chance at love,” Camilo crossed his arms. “Besides, it’s all Antonio keeps talking about...”
“Awww, you’re a bit of a romantic, aren’t you?” Mirabel mirrored him with a smirk.
“Yeah well… We’re wasting time. I need to go talk to Y/N or this whole thing is a bust,” he shoved his hands into his pockets before trying to leave. Mirabel stepped into his path and shook her head.
“This is cute and all… But, uh, the way you look might actually scare Y/N off, not help Tío Bruno’s case.”
“What’s wrong with the way I look?”
“You’re still channeling the “my uncle is creepy and seven feet tall” vibe.”
“I backed off the height!”
“You're still too tall. And you’re corpse-pale. And his eyes don’t glow during normal circumstances. It’s normal green eyes, Camilo,” Mirabel raised a brow with a playful smile. Camilo rolled his eyes which changed them from glowing neon green to Bruno’s natural eye color while he made himself shorter, closer to Mirabel’s height with a livelier skin tone before throwing his arms out. He now looked like the spitting image of Bruno instead of a nightmare version of him.
“Yeah, that’s better.”
“Good,” Camilo sighed then went to step around his cousin only to get stopped again with her hand to his chest and gave an irritated growl. “What now?!”
“As much as you want to help Tío Bruno this way, he needs to do this on his own,” Mirabel answered softly. “Besides, your kind of charm is… different than Tío Bruno’s. Y/N might not find the real Bruno that interesting if they see your version with your personality and charisma first.”
Camilo stared at her in thought as his body shifted back into its original form.
“Okay, fair. I don’t want them falling for me,” he smirked. “Let’s go get Tío Bruno.” Stepping out of the building, the two were surprised to find you gone. “Um… Where’d they go?” Camilo glanced up and down the street.
A glimmer of yellow and red heading toward Casita caught Mirabel’s eye and when she focused on it, she realized it was Dolores who was holding onto your arm and talking to you with Mariano on the opposite flank.
“She knows,” Mirabel and Camilo glanced at each other simultaneously. Without wasting another second, the two bolted after their family member. As the two ran past the place Bruno was left, Mirabel skidded to a stop to see that he was gone.
“What about him?!” Camilo stopped a few feet away from her. Mirabel gripped her hair as she looked around.
“I-I left him right here!” she motioned to the spot. “Right before I saw you!”
Both teens turned their attention back toward Casita then, with a final glance at each other, they continued running the rest of the way. Dolores and Mariano already had you inside doing who knows what.
“You find Bruno, I’ll figure out what’s going on!” Camilo called as he broke away from Mirabel at the front door of Casita and headed toward a sitting area. Mirabel nodded. Her stomach felt like it was in knots while thinking back to how hesitant Bruno was and she hoped with all her heart that seeing Camilo impersonating him or Dolores with you didn’t scare him off.
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ayamethewitch · a day ago
Encanto: Dating Bruno Madrigal would include/ Tener una relacion con Bruno Madrigal incluiria.
(Neutral s/o) (English/Español)
Warning: Little mention of sex, but nothing so spicy or explicit/ Advertencia: Pequeña mension de sexo, pero nada muy picante o explicito.
Tumblr media
•First, he was really nervous when he started to have feelings for you. Because he is shy and spent a lot of time without feeling the love.
•But you two started to be very close, so he started to feel more confident to tell how he feels.
—Y/N, i...I love you...did you think you feel the same?—he says a little bit scared.
•And of course you feel the same, so, you two started a relationship.
•He loves physical contact, so he's very often holding your hand, with his head on your shoulder, hugging you and giving you kisses.
•He's kisses are very clumsy at the beginning but then, he gets more practice. So then, they turn so much sweet, slowly, and full of love.
•If you are small, he's always doing the thing of hugging you from behind and then, starting walking without breaking the hug. You started to walk slowly, but very close to each other.
•Also, he made for you a lot of gifts, like draws, bracelets, letters telling you how much he loves you, and even a necklace made with macarons.
•His rats love you so much
•When you two started sleeping together (non in a sexual way) he was very nervous, even when you two don't gonna have "that".
—"It's... it's okay if I hug you I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable...
And then, you kiss him and hug him.
He just calm, and then, he falls asleep very happy with you.
•Now, if he sees you naked, or semi-naked he's gonna scream, maybe fainted, and be very blush, like a tomato.
—Mi Vida..what are...yo...OH MY GOD—he says putting a blanket to hide his face
—Bruno, it's okay ¡don't worry!—you say laughing
Then, when you are dressed and he's calm.
—Mi Vida?
—Yeah?—you ask
—Your body is very bonito...muy bonito if I can be honest...
•But then with the time, he feels comfortable with the idea of you and him naked * you can leave your hat on started to sound, lol *
•He's very happy with you and everyone in the family notice that
You were helping Mirabel with something and Bruno was just looking at you.
—Just, look that Pepita...—say Felix laughing—mi cuñado está muy enamorado...
—Wh...what...—Bruno realize that he wasn't paying attention to them.
—Oh, don't worry hermanito, we can see how you get when you are with Y/N, so blush and romantic...
•One time you asked him to give you a vision, he wasn't convinced at all but then he say yes.
—What do you see?—you asked moving your head around the place, a vision started to appear.
—Well..oh..you are where, yeah! that's you and...oh..that's me...
—So cute...wait...what are we doing... it's that our clothes flying around the room...?
—Are you kissing my neck? I think we are in our bedroom and...OH MY GOD.
It was a really spicy vision.
—Where we go, mi amor?
•Talking about sex, I think that he's very sweet, at the beginning he has not much practice, but with time, he started to learn everything that he likes and everything that you like, but still being sweet, and of course, he could turn a little flirtatious if you want.
•He's really happy with the idea of having a family, like kids, but only if you want.
•If you want to have kids, he's prepared to be the best dad ever! It could be by the option that you want more, like pregnancy, adoption, in vitro fertilization, etc!
•If you don't want to have kids, he's okay with that, he's already happy with his sisters, his nephews, and brothers-In-law.
•Fights are very rare, of course, this doesn't mean that you don't fight. But you two never have a big fight, maybe you two may not agree on something or something like that...
—You are not a freak...—you say holding his hand— you are the love of my love and wonderful men...
—I...I know...I just...you deserve someone better
—No, I don't want anyone but you..—you kiss his lips and smile— I love you, Bruno Madrigal, don't ever forget that...
•You two are a very cute couple 💖
Tumblr media
•El estaba nervioso cuando comenzo a tener sentimientos por ti, por que el es timido y paso mucho tiempo sin sentir amor.
•Pero ustedes dos comenzaron a ser muy cercanos y el a sentirse mas seguro acerca de lo que sentia.
—T/N...estoy enamorado de ti...¿crees que sientas lo mismo?—dice el un poco asustado.
•Y por supuesto tu te sentias de la misma forma asi que ustedes dos comienzan una relacion.
•El ama el contacto fisico asi que esta constantemente sosteniendo tu mano, con su cabeza en su hombro o dandote besos.
•Sus besos son algo torpes al comienzo, pero luego el adquiere mas practica. Entonces se vuelven mucho mas dulces, lentos y llenos de amor.
•Si eres de estatura baja, el siempre the abraza por detras y entonces comienzan a caminar juntos sin romper el abrazo. Los dos caminan lento pero muy cerca del otro.
•Ademas, el te hace un monton de regalos, como dibujos, bracaletes, cartas diciendote lo mucho que te ama e incluso un collar de macarrones.
•Sus ratas te aman mucho <3
•Cuando los dos comienzan a dormir juntos (no de manera sexual), el estaba nervioso aun cuando ustedes dos no iban a hacer "eso".
—¿Es...esta bien si te abrazo? , no quiero hacerte sentir incomodidad y...
Entonces lo besas y o abrazas
El se calma y entonces cae dormido muy feliz contigo.
•Ahora si te ve semi o totalmente desnudx, el va a gritar, tal vez desmayarse y estara muy sonrojado, como un tomate.
—Mi Vida...¿que estas hacien...¡OH DIOrS MIO!—dice mientras pone una manta para ocultar su rostro.
—Bruno, tranquil ¡Esta bien!—le dices riendo.
Entonces, cuando el esta calmado y tu vestidx
—¿Mi Vida?
—Tu cuerpo es bonito...muy bonito si puedo ser honesto...
•Pero entonces con el tiempo el se siente mas comodo con la idea de ustedes dos desnudos * you can leave your hat on comienza a sonar, lol*
•El es muy feliz contigo y todos en la Familia notan eso.
Estabas ayudando a Mirabel con algo y Bruno solo te miraba a ti.
—Solo mira eso, Pepita...—dice Felix riendo—mi cuñado está muy enamorado...
—Qu...Que?—Bruno nota que no les estaba prestando atencion a ellos.
—Oh, no te preocupes, hermanito, vemos perfectamente como te pones cuando estas con T/N, muy sonrojado y romantico
•Una vez le pediste que te diera una vision, el no estaba muy convencido pero al final dijo que si.
—¿Que ves?—Dices moviendo tu cabeza alrededor, una vision comenzaba a aparecer.
—Bueno, oh...ahi estas tu, ¡si! eres tu y...oh...ese soy yo.
—Que tierno...espera ¿que estamos haciendo?, ¿es..esa nuestra ropa volando por la habitacion...?
—¿Estas besando mi cuello? creo que estamos en nuestra habitacion y ¡OH DIOS MIO!
Era una vision bastante peculiar
—¿A...a donde nos llevas, mi amor?
•Hablando de sexo, creo que el es muy dulce, al principio el no tiene mucha practica pero con el tiempo el aprende que es lo que le gusta a el y que te gusta a ti, pero sigue siendo dulce y por supuesto puede ponerse coqueto si tu quieres.
•El esta muy feliz con la idea de tener una familia, pero solo si tu quieres.
•Si quieres tener hijos el esta preparado para ser el mejor hijo del mundo, puede ser por la opcion que tu mas quieras, embarazo, adopcion, fertilizacion in vitro, etc I
•Si no quieres tener hijos, el esta bien con eso, el ya es feliz con sus sobrinos, sus hermanas y cuñados.
•Las peleas son muy raras, por supuesto eso no quiere decir que ustedes no peleen. Pero ustedes nunca tendran una gran pelea, puede que solo no esten de acuerdo en algo o algo por el estilo
—No eres raro...—le dices tomando su mano—eres el amor de mi vida y un gran hombre.
—Lo...lo se, es solo que, mereces a alguien mejor...
—No, no quiero a nadie mas que a ti...—besas sus labios y sonries—Te amo,Bruno Madrigal nunca olvides eso.
•Ustedes dos son una pareja adorable💖.
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imagine-writerz · a day ago
Rough Day - Bruno X GN! Reader
Request: "Could we get a bruno smut if that's ok? Like were bruno is having a bad day and to cheer him up the reader cuddles him and gives him a bj"
Italics means Spanish
Posted to wattpad first
Word count: 865
WARNING: poorly written smut, Oral (M. recieving) , praising, cum and nothing else I don't think.
3rd person POV + Set post movie
Being Bruno's lover wasn't always easy, as he had a hard time sharing his emotions. But one you know him well enough his cues and quirks are prominent. All of today, Bruno had been walking around messing with the edge of his poncho. He had been having lots of visions today, due to the increased number of prophecies he had been doing. One must have gotten under his skin...
Luckily it was the end of the day and Bruno was going to his new room, which contained fewer stairs. He flopped down on his arm chair and asked his rat friends to play a love story. All he wanted to do was sleep and have a better tomorrow. However, his heart was begging to see the love of his life instead. His lover always knew how to make him feel better.
"darling! Are you in here?" Bruno called standing up from his chair to look around to see they had been  sat on the bed watching his every move.
"My love, come cuddle with me! I want to hear about your day." (Y/N) said simply, opening their arms to him. He rushes over laying his head on their chest, and snuggling into their warmth.
"I just keep having visions and it's starting to give me a headache, I have no idea how to distract my mind from trying to see the future... But I just want it to stop, it's too much." Bruno spilled almost crying in the process.
"I am so sorry? How can I help you?" (Y/N) asked, hugging his body closer and kissing his head.
"Can I hold you?" He almost begged, as if him clinging to you would stop his mind from tearing into the future.
They switched positions, (Y/N) was sat on his lap snuggled into him. At first this position was fine, however soon (Y/N) grew uncomfortable due to his hip bones digging into their bottom. They began shifting and wiggling, causing Bruno to become excited.
"Please..." Bruno let out, it was a mix of a whimper and a beg.
"What?" His outburst leaving them surprised until they felt it.
"I need you, please my love!"
"I will take care of you..." (Y/N) kissed him, then began to trail kisses down his neck. Hands trailing down his chest and stomach, finding the bottom of his poncho and beginning to pull it off. He wasn't necessarily built, however he was lean. His stomach was flat and his muscles were defined, as were his ribs.
"Love please, just touch me... I can't handle teasing." Bruno whined out, begging to feel some sort of stimulation. The only stimulation he could find was from grinding up against them.
"It's okay baby boy, you are so good for me." (Y/N) mumbles, lips pressed against his stomach. Hands removing his pants, it was no means sexy, however it was desperate and needy.
Once his pants were off, his underwear were all but ripped off. Bruno's erection popped up, he was 7 inches long with a slight curse. He was thick and veiny, with a pink tint on his pre-cum soaked tip. (Y/N) ran their finger down his V-line, running their finger down the length of his cock collecting some pre-cum and licking it up. Bruno nearly sobbed at the sight, thrusting up slightly.
"Shhh, my good boy." (Y/N) licked up his shaft before sucking on his tip. They had to press his hips back into the mattress as they were bucking so much.  "Say what you need pretty boy."
"I need your mouth, need to be all the way in, please!" The sound was pitiful, and broken by pants and moans. His hands were gripping the sheets to stop from clinging onto (Y/N)'s hair. Meanwhile his face was flushed and he was obviously embarrassed by the needy state he was in.
(Y/N) soon took all of him in their mouth, hollowing their cheeks and bobbing their head slightly. Their hand moving up to pull and massaging his balls. Bruno let go of the sheets and tangled his fingers with their hair. He was soon directing their head, wanting nothing more than to pull them until their nose was against his stomach and his cum was dripping down their throat.
After the repeated bobbing had become too much for Bruno to handle it. It was his chance to hold down their head. So with his hands tangled in their hair, their nose touched his stomach. They gagged slightly as he touched the back of their throat.
"Love, I am-" He paused with a guttural moan, " gonna cum, down your throat!"
With that his cock twitched and his balls tightened. (Y/N)'s head didn't stop bobbing until the first squirt of cum. They pulled off his cock and stuck their tongue out to collect it all. Every drop.
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Hi! I wondred if I could request a Bruno x Reader fic? Where Bruno would be ashamed and constantly worried about his age because his partner is a beautiful young person who everyone in the village loves and Bruno doesn't want his love to be hurt.just because she is with him. But his love really loves the fact that he is much older than her. (maybe 20 or 30 years younger than Bruno). Feel free to ignore it if you don't like it! I hope you have an amazing day!
I was a little tired when i wrote this so i hope it’s still good :)
↳ what are we doing?: Bruno Madrigal x Fem!Reader
Summary: after Bruno hears the daily rumors about you and him, he starts to doubt his relationship with you.
Genre: Fluff with a little angst maybe?
Tumblr media
“Can you actually believe that they are together as a couple?”
“He could be her father for god’s sake!”
“What does such a pretty young lady like her do with an old freak like him?”
“Yeah she could do a lot better.”
“Just ignore them.” You whispered to Bruno while giving his hand a comforting squeeze. Bruno gave you a small nod while keeping his head low.
The two of you were currently walking through the streets of the Encanto. On your way home after visiting the market. You needed to buy some groceries and Bruno offered to go with you. So here you were, walking hand in hand while you could hear the gossip all around you.
In every corner of the streets stood someone who desperately needed to say something about you and Bruno’s relationship. You didn’t care much. But it was a different story for Bruno.
Every time someone said something bad about your relationship, Bruno would feel bad about dating you. Especially when almost everyone says that you’re too pretty and too young for him.
Bruno loved you, don’t get me wrong. But after hearing so many times that he’s too old for you and that you could do better, Bruno couldn’t help but feel bad about dating you. He hates to see people talk bad about you only because you are dating him.
Maybe it would be better if Bruno took some distance from you. He absolutely didn’t want to hurt you. But it felt like he was already doing so by being with you which tore his heart apart.
“Hey are you okay?” You asked softly, pulling Bruno out of his thoughts. He blinked a few times while looking around, noticing that the two of you were already back home.
“Y-yeah i’m fine.” Bruno lied while forcing a smile. “You sure? Because if it’s about those people outside, just ignore them. They don’t know what they are saying.” You told Bruno while squeezing his shoulder.
“But they do know what they are saying mi amor.” Bruno sighed while staring into the nothingness. “What do you mean?” You frowned.
“Look at me. I’m old. I’m thirty years older than you! It’s not healthy.” Bruno said while looking down at his feet.
You didn’t know what to say. Normally Bruno would never listen to those people. But apparently that has changed.
“What are you talking about?” You laughed nervously while putting the bag of groceries down. “The people are right.” Bruno said quietly.
“No they aren’t” You scoffed while folding your arms. What was Bruno trying to say with all of this?
“Yes they are mi amor! Look at us! You’re young and beautiful while i’m old and ugly. I could be your father for god’s sake! The people are right! We’re not supposed to be together. It’s gross.”
You were absolutely speechless. You had no idea what to say or do.
“I just don’t want you to get hurt.” Bruno sighed while running a hand through his hair. “Bruno…” You sighed while taking a few steps forward.
Bruno immediately looked away, not wanting to make eye contact right now. “Look at me Bruno.” You said softly while reaching for his cheek.
“I love you so so much.” You smiled slightly while cupping his cheek. “I don’t care about what other people think about us and so should you. It’s not their relationship, it’s ours.”
Bruno didn’t know what to say. He knew you were right but hearing those people talk bad about him, really did something to his self image.
“Plus I actually kinda like the fact that you’re older than me.” You smirked, trying to lighten Bruno’s mood. “Y-you do?” He asked nervously while meeting your eyes.
“Yes i do.” You chuckled before pulling Bruno in a tight embrace. “I’m really sorry about all those people Bruno. They shouldn’t say such bad things about you. Next time they say something bad i will kick their asses.”
Bruno cracked a little smile while hiding his face in the crook of your neck. “Let’s cuddle on the couch.” You smiled while pulling Bruno with you.
“Come here.” You smiled while laying down on the couch. Bruno slightly nodded before climbing on top of you. He got comfortable between your slightly spread legs and put his head on your chest.
You began to stroke his back while playing with his soft curly hair. You knew that playing with his hair would calm him down.
“I love you so much mi amor.” Mumbled Bruno quietly. “I love you too Brunito. And i’m really sorry about all those people. They should be ashamed of themselves.”
“H-how can you not feel a single thing when they say such things about our relationship?” Bruno asked softly.
Your lips curled up in a slight smile while kissing the top of his head. “Bruno believe me, i have those feelings too. The feeling of doubting everything. But then I remember how damn lucky i am to have you and that it’s none of their business to talk about us.”
Bruno was quiet. He took a deep breath while playing with the ends of your shirt. “It’s okay Bruno.“ You smiled while looking into his beautiful green eyes.
“I’m sorry about my sudden outburst earlier.” Bruno muttered while looking down. “Don’t worry about it mi amor. I understand.” You cupped Bruno’s cheek while placing a loving kiss on his lips.
“Next time we’re gonna kick their asses okay?” You smirked. Bruno cracked a little smile while nodding. “Next time we’re gonna kick their asses.”
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desiree610 · a day ago
Mer! Bruno Madrigal x GN! Reader: Part 10
Tumblr media
⏪Part 1⏪Part 2⏪Part 3⏪Part 4⏪Part 5
⏪Part 6⏪Part 7⏪Part 8⏪Part 9
Bruno looked up, waiting patiently for the moon to show itself so he could go out and check on Y/N. Mirabel stayed by his side reassuring that everything was gonna be okay. Really she didn’t know what was gonna happen. I mean their family was given a miracle so why couldn’t this work? Alma was thinking about the past when she tried to bring Pedro back. It was almost time. Soon they were gonna go to see if anything has happened to Y/N.
“Bruno…?” You woke up by yourself, something felt different to you. You rubbed your head, trying to remember what happen. “That place… was I dreaming or, was I really dead?” So many emotions going through your head. You sat up quickly when you realized something was different about you. Your pants were ripped up, and what was legs before had become a fishtail. You reached out with your hands, touching the fins and scales you had. Your own merfolk tail was your favorite color. It was beautiful and all but you were thinking out loud to yourself. “How is this possible?” You looked at your surroundings much closer. “What the… Was their some sort of ritual going on here?” You had no idea where you were. You were hoping for Bruno to be by your side. You thought about it really hard, but with this new body of yours, you wanted to go find Bruno. You were so worried about him. Where is he? Was Bruno safe? What happen to your body? Before you left this “ritual stone table” you swam around a little. You had to get some practice before finding Bruno.
As you exit this small cave, you took a look at your surroundings outside. The mountains looked familiar, it had to have been the same island. “Bruno? Where are you?” You started swimming around, looking for him. You swam above water then underwater. You weren’t use to this body but you weren’t gonna give up. But if you had just waited a few minutes more, you would have been reunited with Bruno. Mirabel and Bruno went back to go check on you. But he was shocked to see that not only you weren’t there but you had already travel far.
You didn’t know where you were going but all the other merfolk stare at you. Your appearance was very new to them. Not only were you not from here but you would get a lot if attention from everyone. They were nice merfolk, asking if you have family, far from home and even offering food. One had noticed your shirt was ruined by rips and blood stains. “Oh my goodness! Are you hurt my child?” You looked down realizing that you still had a ruined shirt. “I’m alright. Really I am.” But one of them insisted that you visited a family. Telling you how their gift would heal you. A priest was kind enough to lead the way for you. You were really nervous, you felt like you should be here but you followed swimming by. You both swam to a beautiful looking casita. You thought to yourself that this family must be very popular with the merfolk around here. Then it just clicked, this must have been his home. The doors open and you were meet with a elderly mermaid. “Ah! Alma. So glad that your home. I was wondering if you could help this traveler. They don’t seem to be hurt but everyone wanted to make sure they were fine.” The woman looked at you with a smile on her face. You didn’t know why but she seemed familiar. “It’s no problem. Come dear, come.”
As you followed your way into her home, it was big and beautiful. Many flowers and plants, even fishes and other sea creatures were swimming around you. “You must be hungry, um, I never got your name…” You felt rude for not introducing yourself. You were so distracted by their casita. “Oh! I’m sorry. Y/N, my name is Y/N.” She smiled at your reply and guide you to the kitchen. You wondered how they were able to keep a kitchen while swimming. “Julieta. Do you have a ‘arepa’ for our guest?” You immediately remembered that name, now it was coming back it you. Julieta was the name of Bruno’s sister. “Sure I do Mamá-” As she turned and saw you, she covered her mouth with her hands. “It’s you.” She wasn’t just stunned because I was here, she knew what had happened to you. “Julieta. Could you take care of Y/N while I go get Brunito?” Yep, you figured it out. You were in Bruno’s casita and this was his family.
Bruno and Mirabel search around the island and still couldn’t find Y/N anywhere. The last place they could think of was back at their casita. As they swam back to the casita, the other merfolk children was telling Mirabel about a traveling merfolk at their home. “What did they look like kids?” They didn’t have much to say except that their color fishtail was of their favorite color that Bruno knew. “That has to be them, it’s Y/N.” The kids were so curious about this new merfolk and why Bruno was so interested. “Oooh! I think your Tio Bruno is in love.” Mirabel laughed at their honesty. “No guys have no idea.” Bruno swam ahead and met with his mamá. Mirabel soon came swimming afterwards.
Meanwhile you enjoyed Julieta’s cooking as she enjoyed your company. Even to the point where she served you a cup of coffee. She talked about how her brother Bruno is terribly shy but very sweet. You agreed with what she said, that’s why you ended up falling for him. “Bruno is really special.” You smiled thinking about when he would smile at you. “Your in love with my brother, aren’t you?” Your shoulders start to tense up. “Is it really that obvious?” You get flustered because it is true. She started laughing. “You shouldn’t feel embarrassed. In fact I’m glad to know that you and Bruno got along.” She mentioned how he would talk to her about you every time he came back home. “Bruno is amazing.” Then she changed the subject about his gift of having future visions. “Well, what do you think about them? Lots of merfolk would call his vision a curse.” You were gonna be honest about it, you didn’t need to hide nothing from his family. “Well, I don’t think so. When Bruno gave me a vision, I was gonna get hurt. It only happen because I chose to save him. If I could redo it again, I would still make that same choice to save him.”
Bruno along with Mirabel and Alma could hear the conversation you two were having. Bruno was getting flustered hearing them. They were alive again. He wanted to go in the kitchen right now and just give you the biggest hug. “See Abuela?” Alma just smiled at Mirabel she understands why her son cares about them so much. “Brunito… You make sure you never lose them. Do you understand?” Bruno looked at his mamá who was so proud of him. She gave him a kiss on them cheek and lead the way for him.
While you were in the kitchen, you felt your heartbeat fast when your head the sound of water flowing. Mirabel came in rushing to hug her mom and she looked at you. “I can’t believe it. It’s nice to see that your alive.” She wiped her eyes not trying to cry so much. Mirabel was so happy that you were alive. But not as much as her Tio. “Y/N?” You heard his voice call out to you, heart beating fast. You left the remaining arepa and turned around to see Bruno. His puppy eyes just stared at you in ‘awe’, he still couldn’t believe it. Even with his own eyes, you were right there. Sure you had been reborn as a merperson but none the less he was so happy to see you alive.
“Bruno…” You swam up to him, he immediately held you close in his arms. Holding you so tight, you did the same in return. Honestly, you wanted to stay like this a little longer but you could feel pairs of eyes staring at you. Mirabel wanted to stay and see what happens next but even she knew that her Tio needed alone time with Y/N. So Alma and Julieta followed Mirabel out of the kitchen and waited outside of casita. “Bruno wait.” He let go of the embrace but kept you close to him. “I’m sorry, sorry. It’s just, I’m so glad that your back. I didn’t know what else to do. I couldn’t let you go… not now.” You knew what he meant, you remembered when he asked you to live on his island and have a life together. “Um, did you really mean it… What you said about, staying here with you?” Bruno looked at you so lovingly, he really did mean every word he said. “You accepted me even before I was a merperson…” You smiled and burry your head on the nook of his neck for a moment. You felt so flustered to say this but it was what you were feeling. “I love you Bruno… And, and I want to be with you.” You held his hands into yours, they were warm. Bruno rested his forehead against yours, and you looked back at him with the same look he gave you. His hands reach to cup your face, his thumb gently stroke your cheeks before placing his lips to your own lips. You could feel the heat crawl up your neck. This was really happening. You kissed like this for what felt like an eternity. His soft lips parted from yours, in need to breath. You smiled and laughed with him. “I love you mi vida.” You never thought in a million years that you would fall in love and spend your life with a merman name Bruno Madrigal.
((Okay, I thought about it and I’ll end it after a wedding. 🥰 So yes there be another chapter.))
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pinkthirdeye · a day ago
Bruno Madrigal x Dom!reader (Pt.2)
CW: edging, mommy kink, humiliation?, orgasm denial,
Reader has no pronouns/gender neutral pronouns (I/me), and afab body
Poor little thing was aching all day.
After a few tries of doing what we did two months ago, Bruno being tied up and teased. Bruno was sure that was was into being cucked. To be put in pain by his own thoughts. Dripping and pleading with little to no release.
With that new info in mind decided to play a little game with him, and he agreed the best his shyness would let him.
All day I teased him constantly. During family meals I would sit next to him and gently rub my foot against his ankle, placing my hand on his lap while resting on the couch, slowly moving my hand up every few minutes, driving him crazy. We would be alone cleaning and I would grab his ass. He would be in the middle of a conversation when I casually brush my fingers up his arm. Whispering flirts and delecious threats into his ear in the most random times, midway through conversations with his family, while setting the table...
The entire day his face was red, his breathing became uneven the longer it carried on, and it was hilarious how often he would tug his ruana down to his lap or excuse himself from the room. By the end of the day he was a mess, the panic was in his eyes. Everyone kept asking him if he felt ok but he couldn't explain what was wrong, he couldn't explain why Julietas cooking wasn't curing his "cold".
The day had come to an end so Bruno and I headed back to his tower and as soon as we were in his messy room he dropped to his knees
"pleasepleaseplease" he whispered. I turned around and stared at him, one eye brow up. Bruno was covering his face with his slim hands, and shaking his head "can I please cum? I need you to touch me. Please touch me! I've been so good, I did everything you asked! I didn't touch my self, swear! I just need you! It hurts so bad!"
I probably should just let him. He honestly did alot better than I expected and he did fallow my rules. But.... I can't help but want to see more. He's cracking but I want to see him break.
"ok Bruno. You can cum." I stated, my voice low and paced out. Thank yous instantly started to pour out of his mouth but I interrupted him "but you need to do something for me." What ever flicker of hope in his eyes was blown out at that. "W-what do you want me to do?" He whispered softly. He began to pick at his nails, keeping eye contact with me.
I walked over to the bed, sitting down on the soft brown blankets and looked over to see a wheel of satten ribbon on one of his cluttered shelves. I picked it up, admiring the beautiful emerald color, the way the light bended on the silky texture, and that's when the idea sparked.
"get undressed for me please." I spoke gently He quickly stripped himself, I could see he was still a bit insecure with himself but did as told and waited for my next command like a good boy. "Come over here and sit on my lap, pretty thing." He seemed a bit confused but did as I said. He straddled my waist, his soft legs wrapping around my waist. I savored the moment, his warmth before pushing him off gently till he was just sitting on my thigh. I motioned him to watched me pull the soft ribbon off the wheel and cut the perfect length. I allowed his eyes to stay on the ribbon, gently moving it around. I watched his eyes fallow the ribbon as I spoke "do you see this?" He nodded quietly, confusion still on his face "isn't it pretty?" I whispered innocently. He nodded again. "Do you know what else is pretty, my doll?" He was still at the question, his eyes meeting mine.
I looked into his lap eyeing his poor cock, blushing red, leaking, desperate. "That. Is pretty, My love." I stated, flicking the hot tip and he whimpered at that, gipping my hip softly, pressing his lips together "and I like to dress up pretty things" I added this time with a bit more of gravel in my voice. His eyes shifted for a moment, the gears turning in his head.
"am I allowed to dress up your pretty thing?" I asked slowly, keeping eye contact. There were a few seconds of silence before he nodded. "Good." I kissed his forehead and began to tie a beautiful little emerald bow tightly around his pleading cock. He winced and I quickly asked "is that ok, my love? Does that feel alright?" He nodded again. "I-it just hurts a bit I'm ok..." Good. before we began I reminded him of the safe word and made him repeat it back to me. Once the safety was set we began.
"so... Now what?" He looked so embarrassed, it was almost hilarious. He was squeezing my thighs from the anticipation. "If you want to cum... You're going to do it yourself. Hump mama." He held his breath, I could feel his body grow warmer, he looked down allowing his hair to curtain his face, covering his flustered expression.
I put my fingers under his fuzzy chin, gently lifting his gaze up to meet my eyes "will you be a good boy for me and cum on my thigh?" His breath shook "y-yes- mama..." he whispered. He began to grind on my thigh, rocking his hips roughly, his cock rubbing against my tummy "I'll be good for you." he was so quite, barely autable but that sentence rolled into my core lighting it into flames, I let my hands explore his body starting on his hips and sliding up his thin waist, up to his chest, sliding down his back... Savoring his supple skin. Everything about it was pathetic, his face was so red and hot, he let out tiny moans slowly growing into something louder and desperate, he was leaking all over me, his nails digging into my skin.
His face was so... Beautiful. His eyes were closed, eyebrows curved into desperation, his supple lips letting out heavy uneven breaths and sounds.
This went on for a while, his whimpers growing weaker, his voice cracking "i-i can't!" He trembled out. "what do you mean?" I asked softly, keeping my hungry eyes on him. "Look at me sweet heart~" I purred. His glossy eyes met mine, tears welling "i-i can't... Cum... I can't..." He stuttered out, his poor body trembling. "It hurts so bad, I can't." "Hm~" I hummed "I wonder why..."
My eyes fell back to his poor cock, it was so strained his veins popping out and around it was the emerald ribbon now soaked and stained in his discussing urges. "Oh... That's why~" I spoke casually "the ribbon, how could I forget..." My fingers gently held onto the end, he watched intensely his eyes growing wide, waiting for me to pull on it, let the ribbon fall loose. I let go, pulling my hand back. "You can cum when I've seen enough." He whimpered loudly he began to plead frantically, begging for release. "Quiet." I demanded sturnly. And just as I told he shut up, pressing his lips together tightly. Poor thing had tears running down his face, chin trembling. I placed my hands on his warm cheeks and began to pepper kisses all over his face whispering praises "you have done very good so far, I'm very proud of you." I continued to kiss down his nose "I promise you can cum soon, I know you must be so sore~" he nodded softly, whimpers gently escaping. "But not yet. Can you handle holding it a bit longer?" Not like you have a choice I thought. "I just love to see you like this and I can't get enough of it. I promise once I'm satisfied with it I'll let you cum for me ok? Can you handle that?" My voice was so gentle, worried if I was to loud he might break.
He nodded softly "I'm a good boy, I promise." He whispered in a shaky breath. He began to grind on me again, rubbing his sensitive manhood against my stomach "i-im such a good boy..." His whisper was so quiet. My hungry eyes took in my fill of him breaking bit by bit, chipping away his sanity on my thigh ill he was shaking hard.
"you have been so good for me, my doll~" his husky voice came out with a simple "thank you" I placed my hands on his hips and he cautiously stopped rocking. "Do you know what that means?" I purred. A spark went off behind his eyes, the flame flickering in excitement. I reached down and put my fingers back onto the end of the soft fabric, pulling and the bow fell limp. In that moment Bruno began to shake violently, tears spilling down his hot cheeks, I could see the emerald light pouring onto my chest even with his eyes closed, and his moans pouring out like rushing water. I gently placed my hands on his soft hips again, and sprinkled kisses on his forehead. Whispering soft praises Into his ear "you are a good boy Bruno." My voice poured out like honey. He wrapped his arms around me, letting his face fall on my shoulder, he whimpered. "I'm very proud of you." I spoke with a smile, rubbing his back softly. "Promise?" His voice was shaky, he sounded so tired, his body weight pressing against me. "I promise, my love." I could feel him smile against me.
~after care~
There was a long moment of silence where he was collecting himself, silence of rest. Finally, I lifted him off me, being careful not to damage him as I laid him down on the soft blankets. I kissed his forehead softly "I'll be right back, my love." He nodded sleepy.
I quickly headed back into the the rest of the house, sneaking water and snacks back into Bruno's room.
"Bruno, wake up darling" he groaned and sat up on his elbows. "Sit up, love. Just real quick." He nodded and sat up, resting against the cool wall. He was still catching his breath, his hair was sticking to his forehead, he looked so weak. "I'm very proud of you, Bruno. You did everything I asked and didn't throw a fit, you made such pretty sounds for me and gave me such a nice show." I spoke softly while handing him a tall glass of water. He drank from it heavily, poor thing was so thirsty.
After some water and a nice snack, I gave him a nice message, he melted like putty in my hands "I love you, mama." He whispered softly, he let out a hum as I loosed his muscles. "I love you too Bruno."
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