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Tumblr media
Posting more art of these two because i love them so much 😭💖😭💖
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uh hello i have many random oneshots of loads of ppl in my drafts but i’ve never posted them so uh. yeah. anyway here’s a bruno x reader that probably isn’t the best :)
the confession ♡︎
Tumblr media
❤︎ In which Camilo uses his gift to help Bruno confess to (y/n).
pronouns used: they/them
Bruno had a crush on (y/n). That much was obvious. This knowledge wasn’t limited to just his family, the Madrigals, but to everyone else in the town.
Caught a glimpse of them? Flowers of blush begin to bloom on his cheeks.
They smiled? Bruno practically passes out.
Even the slightest bit of attention, and he was trembling, his knees growing weak, and forgetting how to speak.
(y/n) wasn’t intimidating. Far from it, actually. They brought a certain warmth wherever they travels, basking everyone else in their angelic benevolence. Unlike Pepa, this golden light never dimmed, casting warmth to everyone surrounding them.
To most people, Bruno wasn’t intimidating either. But to (y/n), he certainly was. They often spotted him, big eyes glaring at them, his eyebrows furrowed slightly as he glowered.
And yet, for some reason they still felt the urge to smile at him. To try to be his friend.
But when (y/n) saw Bruno striding over to them, a wave of panic flooded their body. He walked differently to how he had before, almost a little more confident. He stopped just before them, looking down onto the bench they sat on.
“(y/n). I’ve liked you for a really long time- Like a really long time. In fact, its beginning to bother my family. At first w- they thought it was cute, but now it’s just irritating.”
“What? ... I mean, like, really?”
That was... Surprising. They opened their mouth to speak again, but was cut of by a sudden flash of dark green that knocked over Bruno. It was... Another Bruno?
The Bruno that was just talking to them started to giggle in a very un-Bruno way. His disguise melted away and revealed Camilo, who was still lying on the floor in a laughing fit.
Bruno’s face was beyond blushing now. His olive skin tone had been taken over by a dark red flush that spread from his cheeks to his ears. Just being near them caused his vision to blur, and he was pretty sure he had a nose bleed.
“He’s lying.” Bruno whispered, his voice trembling with anxiety.
“Oh.” A weird sense of disappointment settled over (y/n).
“I’m not! He talks about you all the time! It’s always ‘(y/n) looked so pretty today, right?’ ‘Oh, (y/n) is so-” Camilo protested, only to be cut off by Bruno.
“Shut up! I don’t- Well... Erm- Sometimes I... But- I- It’s... I-” He stuttered.
“Bruno... If you really feel this way- well, er... I think that I do to.” (y/n) awkwardly admitted.
At some point, Camilo had slipped away, and Bruno was hyperaware of the fact that they were now alone. (y/n) stood up from the bench, so that they were now stood eye to eye with Bruno. They were of average height, so Bruno stood at just an inch taller. Bruno was conscious of the small space between them.
It was almost enough to just lean across and...
(y/n) smiled, almost reading his thoughts. They placed a hand on the back of his neck. Chills spread from the spot, and if possible, his blush deepened. They closed their eyes, and a rush of nerves caused Bruno to freeze as (y/n) leaned in. A loud, obnoxious voice caused them to spring apart.
“Bruno and (y/n) sitting in a tree-” Camilo and some other kids started to sing.
+ thats it- i hope u liked it! sorry if it was short :) please let me know if i spelt anything wrong or whatever!
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Tumblr media
Seven foot frame, rats along his back
fanart by IG @lydsirabella
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ok but the stairs in Bruno’s room………
In every single fanfic I’ve read on Bruno x Reader tag, Y/N enters his room and goes “are you fucking kidding me????” and Bruno tries to explain, very awkwardly, how you “get used to it over time”
lmfao no normal human being can get used to those baby, we love you but hate those stairs
Tumblr media
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Can I ask something for Bruno Madrigal who adopting a little kid?
ᴘᴀᴘᴀ ʙʀᴜɴᴏ
Pairing(s): Bruno x oc (platonic)
Warnings: I headcanoned Bruno to be aro/ace in this, not sure if that's a warning
A/N: I really loved writing this, and if anyone ever wants more of this I'll be happy to do it
Tumblr media
[ 2 ]
Bruno Madrigal had once, a long time ago, been a good babysitter. He had to watch all of his nieces and nephew at least a few times in the past, and not only they had not died under his care, he had actually became pretty reliable.
They were probably too young to remember, but there had been a time before he left when all the children of the house always wanted to hang out with him, specially Camilo, who, in a house full of women, shadowed behind the nearest male figure.
He knew how to change diapers, make bottles, cook their favourite meals, play tea time and tell good stories, both scary or for bedtime, depending on the need, the works.
But it had been more than ten years since he'd had to do all that stuff.
When his nephew sprinted into the house and asked him if he could watch the kid he was babysitting for a moment, Bruno had every reason to panic.
"I planned a prank for today, I scheduled it to happen with a timer," Camilo panted really close to his face, "I think I set the timer wrong, tío."
And with one last look to his wide eyed, freaked out expression, he rushed out of the house to what Bruno assumed was the place with the ticking time bomb.
A babble came from his arms and, frightened, he looked down to the baby girl cooing against his chest. She was about a year old, reaching out her chubby arms to try and grab the loose threads of the collar of his ruana. The muscles of his arms, thankfully, remembered how to carry a baby, his hold was steady so dropping her wasn't something he had to worry about.
He tilted his head to the side, eyeing the creature curiously, and he was imitated by it, he tilted his head to the other side and, again, the baby mirrored his action. A smile started to grow on his lips as he kept repeating the movement just to see the baby do it back.
"Camilo could have told me your name," for some people, it would probably be weird to see a grown man talking to a baby, but after ten years living among rats, he was pretty used to conversations where he didn't get an actual response, "because I'm sure you heard him call me Bruno, that's my name, but I have absolutely no idea of who you are." The baby said something in gibberish baby talk, to which he nodded. "Yes, he was very rude not to introduce us properly."
As if on cue, an explosion was heard from the other side of the village and a huge cloud of green dust paint settled on a handful of houses. "When I get my hands on that boy!" Pepa cried out a few seconds later.
"Well, Camilo is now in trouble," he nodded before looking back at the baby, "we might as well get comfortable."
He spent most of the day in the living room, having a one sided conversation with the baby whose name he was trying to guess. He changed her diaper, made her a bottle, did every thing he used to do as he remembered it, with a little help from Julieta.
The one thing he didn't remember about babysitting was the unavoidable moment where he got lost in the way the baby in front of him stared back into his eyes and he started thinking about how he was the only one who didn't have a family of his own.
Or maybe not a family per se, he loved his sisters and his nieces and nephews and, truth be told, he had never felt the same desire as Pepa and Julieta to go through the falling in love, the wedding, the whole marital life. He loved seeing the happiness Félix and Agustín brought on his sisters, but he never felt like his happiness would come like that.
But then they started having children, and while Bruno didn't want a spouse, he did like the idea of having one of those loud, messy, time consuming, sleep depriving, funny smelling creatures of his own. He had actually thought about it at length, and he understood the terms of it pretty well.
He knew very well that it wasn't a baby that he wanted, that word was rather tricky, because the baby phase was cute and all, but it didn't last more than a year and a half. He wanted a kid, a child, a tiny human that resembled him, that would search for his guidance to find their way through life and dress on his colour scheme.
And he also knew he didn't want a bunch of kids, not even three like both his sisters. He loved all his nieces and nephews, but it had always been enough having to take care of two at the same time to get overwhelmed. No, one was more than enough.
However, even one was too much to ask when he lacked the desire for a partner, so he limited himself to dreaming.
"Hi, tío," Camilo entered the living room well into the night, half covered in green and with a sheepish smile.
"Now we're matching," the man joked, cradling the sleeping baby, making Camilo laugh.
"Did Carmen give you any trouble?" So that was her name.
"Not at all." Bruno shook his head. "How much trouble did you get into?"
Camilo grimaced before answering, "I won't be surprised if I have to clean off the green with a toothbrush." The boy looked back to the door before talking again. "Thanks for helping me with her, tío. Her grandmother is at the door so I'll walk them home."
Bruno pondered, he didn't want to part ways with the newly introduced Carmen just yet. "I'll do it, you go take a bath."
His nephew looked at him with an ocean of gratefulness before turning back to his room tiredly. Bruno stood up and walked to the door, unable to hide his shock when he saw the woman standing in front of the house.
He knew very well who she was, Carmenza Ríos was a woman a few years older than his mother who walked with a cane since Bruno could remember. She'd had a handful of daughters, all of them who had left Encanto when they got married, and a husband who died not long after Dolores was born. She suffered of a never ending flow of illnesses Julieta's food had never been able to heal with her food, so much everyone just silently diagnosed it was moral penalty that sickened her.
The woman barely acknowledged the baby before starting the walk up to her house, at the very end of the street, one of the houses that had been victim to Camilo's prank. Bruno followed her silently.
He didn't know what was he expecting the inside of the house to be like, but that definitely wasn't it. The wood floors had a weird sour smell, there was a fine layer of dust over all surfaces and there was no indication of a child living in that house.
Curiously, he walked over to the piece of furniture close to the entrance, where there were several framed pictures of her children displayed. Bruno had known all of them, the eldest had been his same age and his friend up until the moment she left. The picture that called his attention the most, the most recent one, was that of a young woman who was very clearly pregnant.
"She's Juliana's," the woman talked in hoarse voice, sitting down in one of her chairs as a cloud of dust erupted from it.
"You're wondering whose child she is," she motioned to the baby, "she's Juliana's, my youngest. You remember her?" He did, she had been born many years after her youngest, when the triplets were in their twenties. She was joyful and bubbly, the only one who had left unwed. "She left to the city following some musician," she pronounced the word like it disgusted her, "and he had her trailing behind him for years. That is until two years ago, at least, when he got her pregnant and never talked to her again."
Bruno frowned as to why was she telling him that, but still opened his mouth to ask, "where is she now?"
"Dead." The woman answered bluntly, eyeing the baby darkly. "She died giving birth and now I'm stuck taking care of her, it's really a blessing that that nephew of yours can have her so often."
The resentment on señora Ríos' demeanor filled him unease, making unconsciously tighten his hold on Carmen, who was still fast asleep. It was more than the way she talked, it was the state of the house, the neglect of the space where the baby was to grow. How could she breath under all that dust? How wasn't she cold?
The woman's face softened in regret under his stare. "I know what you're thinking, but I don't hate children and I don't hate her. I thoroughly enjoyed my daughters when I had them, but I'm old now, I'm tired and sick." She sighed. "I know she needs better, but right now ‘better’ is not available."
Bruno swallowed, looking at the baby fisting the wool of his ruana.
The whole family was setting up the table for dinner when he was back, they were immersed in loud chattery and didn't notice him come in until he cleared his throat uncomfortably.
"Oh, Bruno, we were wondering when you'd be back." Pepa said gathering the dishes before turning around and seeing him. "Weren't you taking that baby home?"
"I was," the man nodded, growing nervous under the eyes of all his family, now silent, "but there was a change of planes: I'm keeping it."
"Keeping it?" Julieta repeated in a confused voice. "A baby is not a dog, Bruno, you don't keep it."
He nodded once again. "Yeah, I know. I mean I'm..."
"Adopting her?" Isabela offered and he nodded profusely.
"Does señora Ríos' know that you're adopting her granddaughter?" Camilo asked raising an eyebrow.
"She was the one to give me this," he motioned to the bag with all of Carmen's belongings in it.
"Bruno, what's going on?" Alma asked, deeply confused.
The rat man shifted in his feet, searching for the words to explain his decision. "Señora Ríos is too tired to take care of a child, much less raise them, and I... I've always wanted one." He muttered the last part, avoiding their looks. "I never told anyone because I didn't want you to feel bad for me, but I do, you have no idea of how much I've wanted a kid." He gulped before raising his eyes to them. "I know how to take care of a baby, I babysat all of yours except for Antonio; I know how to change diapers and make bottles and cook, I can tell stories and I can read them if she doesn't like mine and I can ask you if there's something I don't know... I can love her, no one has to explain to me how to do that."
Bruno knew he didn't need exactly permission to adopt Carmen, but he did want his family's support. They all looked at him with expressions that were hard to read, except for Isabela and Luisa, who looked deeply touched by his words.
"Félix, where do we have Antonio's crib?" Pepa turned to her husband, who had to look at her for a few seconds before catching on to what was happening.
"In the closet. Do you want it to be in your room for now, bro?" When the house was rebuilt and Mirabel got her own room, they decided to build a nursery again, for the future, and it was ready to have a baby sleep in it, but Félix had been through that path three times before and he knew Bruno would want to keep her close at first.
Bruno nodded stunned. "I'll help you assemble it." Agustín said following Félix.
Both his sisters looked at him with smiles, similar to the ones they had when they saw him again for the first time after the ten years he spent living between the walls.
Alma walked up to him with a soft expression, lowering down her eyes to Carmen's face, wanting to see her closely. She was going to grow raven hair in the future and she had olive skin, she actually reminded her of Bruno when he was a baby. "This calls for a celebration."
"Of course," she looked at him with excitement, "we threw a party for every baby in the family to introduce them as Madrigals, we're not about to make an exception now."
And just like that, Carmen became Carmen Madrigal.
The very next day, Bruno went over to señora Ríos' house to help her clean her house, those were no conditions for a baby to live in, but they weren't good for her either. He dusted all the furniture, swept the floor, changed the curtains and scrubbed her kitchen until it was spotless. He kept going every other day for the following year, until she finally died one day on her sleep.
During those hours, Carmen was babysat by her cousins, who enjoyed every waking moment hanging out with the toddler. Camilo, who had more experience taking care of her, turned different shapes to make her laugh. Isabela made her colorful flower crowns. Mirabel embroidered her socks with figures the same colour green as her tío Bruno's ruana. Antonio showed her all the animals that inhabited his room. When it was her abuela watching her, she became the most pampered child in the world.
And that was a lot, because no one could top Bruno's pampering.
He spent every waking moment with his kid, even as she grew up. Using a long blanket, he strapped her to his chest to take her with him everywhere. As she started to grow longer hair, he learnt how to braid it and brush it, sometimes tangling Isabela's flowers in it. Whenever she sneaked into his bed at night, he limited himself to tell her to go back to her room a few times before cuddling her.
And Carmen? Carmen loved her papá more than anything in the world. He was her best friend, her confident and her playmate. She loved dressing the same colour as him, the way she saw her cousins do with their parents, so much she asked Mirabel once to knit her a ruana like Bruno's. Wherever her dad was, she wanted to be there too. Whenever he peppered her face with kisses, she peppered his back, the action becoming a war of kiss peppering that only ended when she bit his nose.
Of course, raising his own daughter was much harder than helping raise his sisters' kids. He now understood the motherly fear of everything around being a hazard and the constant self questioning of every decision he took, the palpitating terror of how his mistakes would affect her. Carmen was the brightest piece of his world and God be witness that he would steal the stars from the sky for his little girl.
But the first thing he was significantly stared at, the idea that his daughter would never truly be considered part of the family, was laid to rest pretty early on. Carmen was a Madrigal, no one would even think to question it. Her picture had been added to the mural on the town square and to the family tree on the wall of the kitchen, she walked around sure of who she was and where she belonged.
The morning of her fifth birthday, Bruno entered the nursery quietly, with a steaming tamal over a tray, next to a cup of hot chocolate, with cheese melting in the bottom. Carmen was still fast sleep on her bed, drooling over the pillow and her long black hair spread over her face. Her father decided the best way to wake her up was, of course, to tickle the palm of her foot.
"Ah!" The girl woke up with a scream when, at the lack of response at the tickling, Bruno pulled her up by her feet.
"I'm sorry, who are you? What are you doing in my daughters bed?" He asked jokingly, staring at her upside down face.
"¡Papi!" She laughed.
Bruno shook his head. "No, you are not her. You are too big to be my daughter."
"It's me! It's my birthday!" Carmen exclaimed as her dad set her back down on the bed.
"It's your birthday?!" He inquired with a shocked expression, as if he hadn't been stressing over it for the past weeks. Carmen nodded violently, jumping to wrap her arms around his neck. Bruno closed his eyes and took on the hug, like he always did whenever she hugged him. "Why are you growing up so fast?"
"Because I'm big now!"
A soft knock on the door interrupted them, making them look to where Mirabel, still in her nightdress, was standing nervously.
"It's my birthday, Mirabel!" The kid happily told her.
"I know, Carmen, happy birthday." Mirabel congratulated her with the loving smile she always gave her youngest cousin before looking back up to Bruno. "Tío, you might want to see this."
Worry started spreading over his chest as he perched his kid up in his waist and walked behind his niece to the end of the hall.
She stopped and there it was.
It took him a couple seconds to realize what he was looking at and suddenly became entrance by it, not even noticing Alma arrive at his side with a knowing expression.
There was a door, a door that hadn't been there the night before when they went to sleep, glowing with floating golden dust of magic waiting to be unleashed by Carmen. Bruno thought his daughter wouldn't get one, given that she didn't have Madrigal blood running through her veins, but there it was.
"Is that for me?" Carmen asked with an aggressive rush of energy at everyone's silence. "Does that mean I'm getting gift?"
"So it seams," Bruno responded with a fine thread for a voice.
All of them stared at the door, still in shock, for a little longer, before Mirabel clapped, snapping them out of their trance. "We have a ceremony to throw, familia! Let's go!" She ordered taking her cousin from her tío's arms and started going down the stairs. "We need decorations, and food, and... Mami! Do we still have the dress I used for my gift ceremony?!"
Bruno simply couldn't take his eyes of the door, of the recognition of his daughter as a Madrigal in all the meaning of the word, even as his eyes started to water up. His mother gave him a sweet kiss on his cheek, before grabbing his hand and guiding him back to the room for Carmen's breakfast.
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Pairing: Bruno x Female Reader
Tumblr media
This one was fun to write. It was originally going to be longer but I thought the spicy stuff was unnecessary so! Yah. I hope you enjoy!
Bruno buttons up his red shirt than walks to you, patting your head for the fifth time now, “Y/n, Amor are you feeling okay? You’ve been sleeping a lot lately” he speaks quietly.
“Mmm” you nod your head tiredly then place your hand on top of his, “just tired that’s all” you slur faintly with closed eyes and a soft smile.
“You’re still tired? But you’ve slept all day yesterday- not to mention the day before that…and the day before that day.” He says sadly then sits on the side of the bed, stroking your hair. He frowns while looking down at you, “…Mi amor are you sure you’re okay??” he asks quietly then gently strokes your hair.
“Mhm! Yeah, sleeping is just.. so great” you moan than hug the pillow, drifting to sleep again.
Bruno looks over you with concern then pecks your forehead before putting his ruana on then heading out toward the kitchen, “Beunas tardes, Julieta” he walks over to his sister, who’s mixing something in a bowl.
She wipes her hands on a rag and smiles lovingly, “Hola Bruno. How have you been? You and Y/n have been in the room an awful lot lately..” she says with a teasing tone in her voice, clearly happy with the both of you two spending so much quality time together.
“Well uh, things have been pretty good! Just a lot of sleeping, like actual sleeping. Not what you’re thinking of,uh”, he places his hand on the counter. Clearly all over the place, “I-I just don’t know whats going on with Y/n” he admits then looks around the room, “she’s been sleeping a lot and not to mention her uhh” he gestures towards his chest area, “have been pretty sore lately. Her hormones have also been pretty crazy too” he rubs his face anxiously.
Julieta looks back at him, wide eyed then quickly shifts her posture, “I see” she says then looks towards the entranceway of the kitchen.
“Yeah, I’m afraid she might be sick and I don’t know what to do about it.” Bruno rubs his arm. He doesn’t want to lose you, not when you’ve been the best thing to happen to him in a very long time. The near thought of you catching a cold freaks him out.
Julieta walks up to him and places her hand on his back, comfortingly, “Im sure everything will be okay with Y/n, Bruno. She’s a strong woman after all.” Julieta states with a soft smile before contorting back to awkwardness, “uh, Can I ask you a question?”
“Sure” Bruno says with a shrug then looks up at his sister with sad eyes.
“Has she, um”, Julieta gestures towards her lower area, “Or has she missed??” She asks with an awkward smile. Bruno looks at her then looks over at the bowl of masa, “I’m not sure. She hasn’t brought it up in conversation recently…” he pauses, “and last month actually” he looks back at his sister, “she usually lets me know so that, y’know. So that I know! But she hasn’t brought it up at all! Now that you mention it” he bites the inside of his cheek, overthinking himself.
Julieta nods her head then pats her hands together, “could I talk to her for uno momento? I just want to check and see if she’s okay”
“See if who’s okay??” Pepa asks as she walks in with her Husband Felix. Juliet and Bruno look over at them.
“Bruno thinks Y/n might be SICK so I wanted to check if she’s okay” Julieta says then makes THAT face towards Pepa.
Pepa looks a bit confused at first then quickly gets the hint, “Oh! Oh well if she’s sick then I’d like to make sure she’s okay as well” Pepa says.
Bruno raises a brow then looks over at Felix. Felix shrugs, just as lost as he is before patting Pepa on the back, “Are you sure you want to be in the same room as Y/n, What if you catch her sickness? No offense cuñado”, Felix says with a raised hand in defense.
“No no, I agree. You sure you want to check up on her?? If she is sick, you two are more than likely to end up in the same state” Bruno says with more concern.
“Ahh it’ll be fine. Cmon Julieta let’s go check if Y/n is ‘sick’ now, yes??” Pepa winks at Julieta then pulls her out of the kitchen before she can respond
Y/n sits up with closed eyes and messy hair “I’m sorry what??”, you ask confused while rubbing your eyes.
“We think you might be pregnant” Pepa says bluntly then touches your forehead, “hm. She feels fine. That means she’s definitely pregnant.” She stands up straight, “ How do your tetas feel?” she asks you dubiously. You giggle as you move her hand away, “believe me, I’m not pregnant” you state flatly then get out of bed.
Julieta and Pepa watch you get out of bed and walk to the mirror, “what makes you so sure?”, Pepa asks as she crosses her arms at your response.
“Bruno and I haven’t been able to conceive a child in six to seven years now. So, we’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t have kids.” you face them with a shrug, then proceed to brush your hair a bit sadly.
Julieta and Pepa frown then walk to your side. Pepa placing a hand on your shoulder gently, “Lo siento Y/n, but” she looks over at her sister, “We believe that this” she pats your stomach, “Is happening now” she nods her head as she looks you in the eyes.
You look back at her then chuckle softly, “And why would it be happening now?”
“Y/n” Julieta places her hand on yours as you turn to her, “you’re showing clear signs of early pregnancy.” Julieta holds your hands firmly, “if you don’t believe us then you can ask someone who will know”
“…” you shut your eyes and sigh then nod your head, “Okay” you smile softly at them, “who am I asking?”
“You’re pregnant!”
You’re wince at the words, rubbing your arm awkwardly, “You sure? Because I haven’t even done anything accept walk in here and-“
“I am 100% certain you are pregnant, Y/n Madrigal. I have seen many pregnant women through my time as a mother” she walks up to you and holds onto your shoulders, “I think I would know if my one and only daughter-in-law is pregnant just by the way looks of her” she says then scans you up and down.
You raise your brow then eyeball your own appearance, “What’s wrong with the way I look?”
“Nothing dear, You’re just…glowing that is all!” She says happily then cups your cheeks into her hands, “Ay, my sweet sweet Y/n. You are going to be a mother” she smiles pridefully, “the mother of more Madrigal babies!” She announces happily then takes your hands, “Come now, let us tell the townspeople about this great news. This calls for a celebration and a huge-“
“Wait, Alma” you move away from the door, “i think I should talk to Bruno before we make this important announcement. It’s important that the father knows before the whole town don’t you think?” You ask.
“Oh of course. We can tell him together. Let’s go” she gently pulls you towards the door.
“I’d actually like to tell him alone if you don’t mind” you say softly with a loving smile on your face, “Por favor”
Alma blinks a few times then nods her head, finally giving in, “Ah yes” she looks down at your hand then pats them before letting go, “That’s, uh, that’s much more appropriate, you’re correct” she says then moves back a bit.
“Thank you” You pat her cheek then walk out of the room, towards Bruno’s Tower, “Ugh. I should just wait, because there is No way I’m walking all those ste-“.
You scream as you hang from the rope, “Bruno!” You yell as you try to swing yourself back onto the steps, “Bruno I’ve got some news!”.
Bruno quickly books it out of his room, Tripping and fumbling on his way to you, “Y/n! What are you doing up there?!” He yells from the other side frantically.
“I’ve got some-“ you gulp, “great news! I…” you look down at the abyss, “Why is your room like this!”
“Just tell me what you were going to say so you can get down from there!” He holds his hands up, panicking. “Oh god” he says while looking around, “oh god, oh god, oh god!”
“Right right” you laugh, “Um” your foot touches the edge of the front steps, “I have some great news” you smile.
“Uh huh, and that is??” He asks then rubs his hands together as he walks back a few steps, readying to jump, “just gonna jump and swoop, jump and swoop” he mumbles to himself then starts running towards the edge of the cliff.
“I’m pregna-Aah!” You feel a heavy weight quickly pick you up and land on the floor above the steps painfully. “Oh!” You squeak then laugh a bit before looking down at what cushioned your fall., “Bruno!” You quickly sit up.
Bruno groans then sits up a bit and looks up at you. Attempting to crack his neck, “Yeah??” He winces at the pain.
“You okay Mi amor??” You place your hands on his cheeks and examine him throughly.
“I’m fine, I’m fine! Just a fractured shoulder I’m sure” he chuckles into your hands.
“Why did you do that?” You flinch at his current state. “I landed on my feet before you jumped and swooped in Bruno. You didn’t have t hurt yourself for me” you say then look behind you at the dangling rope.
“Why we’re you hanging from the rope to begin with?? I mean you practically fell to your death, Y/n.” Bruno cracks his shoulder in place, “ahh” he sighs happily, “Now what did you want to tell me?” He asks then pulls you down towards him.
You gently lay on top of him and rub his shoulder, “Oh. Right that” you look down at him and smile excitedly, “I’m pregnant”
Bruno looks up at you and blinks, “Wh, wha, what??” He asks then quickly sits up with you in his arms.
You nod your head, “Pregnant” you rub his chest happily, “We’re going to be parents!” You bite your smile down a bit.
Bruno blinks again then rubs his eyes, “¡¿embarazado?!” He asks bewildered, “you sure?? Like, this isn’t a joke??” He asks then grabs your hand and stands up.
“Yeah! Why would I joke about-“
“AHA! Yes!! ¡Dios mío, sí!” He hugs you tightly then lifts you up, nuzzling his face into your chest affectionately, “we’re gonna be parents! We’re going to have a baby. Oh!” You gently sets you down and pats your stomach, “don’t wanna hurt the little fella. Eheh” he laughs a little bit then his expression immediately drops, “Wait what are you doing in here! This place is a hazard within itself, especially for pregnant women. Cmon Cmon Cmon, we need to get you outta here” he takes your hand and pulls you to his side securely, “oh, we can probably tell the others of the good news and stuff huh?” he mumbles as he begins to walk down the steps carefully.
You giggle at his actions then peck his cheek, “ah well, that’s a shame. I was kinda hoping we could have some alone time before we tell the others” you smile flirtatiously while circling his chest with your finger.
Bruno quickly stops in his tracks then looks back at you, “oh I mean” he shifts his eyes towards the steps nibbles on his bottom lip, “It wouldn’t hurt to have a little alone time” he smiles sheepishly, “how about we head to the guest room and proceed with sed alone time huh?” He wiggles his eyebrows goofily, “then announce the good news?”
“Hmm” you tap your chin, thinking Then excitedly nod your head, “yep, sounds like a plan to me” You peck his lips.
Bruno feels his face burn then quickly starts making it down the steps, “ohohoho!” He laughs before making it outta the room safely with you in his arms
I hope you enjoyed this one. I might make a part two if that’s what you want! I might also work on a part two for “Ugh…the Baker “ MAYBE.
@unadulteratedfrienddreampurse @porcelainpeaches @dorkrebloggs @your-girl-mj @badgergirlsblog @seggsyswagger @ikebanaka @mobuaddiction @4rin4 @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore @levitsumu @whippcreamer @i4ily @bettabeauty01 @gallantys
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prophetic-hijinks · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part 5: that’s enough excitement for one evening.
List of all the current comic pages
Next comic: culture shock
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ichigobunsss · 4 months ago
Te Deseo Lo Mejor (pt1)
Bruno Madrigal x O/C Fluff/Angst
Tumblr media
The night of Mirabel's Gift Ceremony was a night many did not forget. But for Valeria.. it was the night her beloved husband disappeared...
Everyone was frozen in shock as Mirabel's door slowly vanished from sight. She had looked up at Alma with tears in her eyes, not understanding why a gift wasn't given. But Alma had no answer, but she knew who might. She had taken Mirabel back to her parents, who were watching from the side in complete disbelief, before making an excuse to continue on with the party. Many were dumbfounded, but as music began to play through the house, the guest began to chat and some even dance as if nothing had happened.
Valeria and Bruno however were still staring at the empty space where Mirabel's door should have been by now. Still processing everything that just happened.
"Brunito.." Valeria started. "I.. I don't understand, how could this happen?" she said, turning to her husband. His eyes were focused on the door, but he turned back to her as she spoke, clutching on to his arm slightly.
"I don't know Amor..Maybe.. it's not her time yet?" he said with a slight shrug. Well at least someone was being positive about this... But she shook her head.
"She's already five, And how is everyone just dancing around-"
"Tia! Tia!" a small voice yelled out. She was pulled from Bruno by her skirt by a pair of tiny hands. When she looked down, she was met with Camilo's big brown eyes peeking up at her.
"Camilo, qué paso? Estás bien?!" she said brushing her hand through his curls. Her nerves were up and running as her thoughts raced around her niece. Camilo blinked up at her and nodded his head.
"Si, but where is Mirabel? Why didn't she get a door?" he asked innocently and a bit too loudly. A few guests that were surrounding them had glanced over at her. Clearly they wanted an answer as well. Valeria looked back at Bruno, who gave her a small shrug, not knowing what to say either.
"I.. ah.. I don't know Camilo." she said, lowering her voice. "Donde estás tu mamá?" she asked, looking around for Pepa as she reached down to lifted him into her arms.
"She ran to Tia and Tio with Papa. And Dolores won't come out from her room, she said it's too loud." He said, as he began playing with the necklace around her neck. The bright green gem that Bruno had gifted her already distracting Camilo as he twiddled it around his small fingers.
Bruno stepped toward the pair of them and gave her a small smile as his arm snaked around her waist. He pinched Camilo's nose with the other and Camilo's small giggles and snorts made the pair of them laugh.
"Ya, Tio look, I could turn into you!" said Camilo as he shook his head roughly against her. She held onto his back so he wouldn't fall back, but she was met with him forming Bruno's bright glowing green eyes and nose and a little bit of his beard. Camilo had only formed half of Bruno's face. She laughed loudly and Bruno shook his head beside her.
"I do not look like that." huffed Bruno, trying to hold in his laughter. But Camilo giggled and continued shaking his head and sticking out his tongue at his Tio. If it wasn't for the fact Camilo was her nephew, the three of them looked like a family of their own.
"Ay, que lindos! Oh, Bruno when are you two going to have children? Honestly it's about time already!" said one of the Señoras that spotted the three of them. Bruno's eyes widened and a red hue appeared on his cheeks.
"Ah, Senora, well m-my wife and I-" Bruno struggled, but Valeria quickly spoke up.
"Whenever we feel like it." she stated calmly, not taking her eyes off Camilo. The Senora huffed, and went on to others in the party. If it was one thing she hated, it was pressure to pop out babies as soon as two of them had gotten married. Bruno squeezed her side as a thank you, and she smiled over at him lovingly. But their moment was short lived as Alma appeared behind him.
"Bruno. Vamos, I need to speak with you." she said firmly, but quiet enough for the guests not to hear. Bruno immediately tensed beside Valeria as he turned to look at his mother, before glancing back over to his wife, a worried look in his eyes.
"I-I'll be right back." he said, a tremble in his voice. Valeria frowned, and glanced at Alma from behind Bruno's shoulder. She raised an eyebrow at her, as if to challenge her authority, but Valeria looked back at Bruno and gave him a chaste kiss, earning a groan from Camilo. Sure, she respected and loved Alma, but she didn’t always agree with how she treated her sons.. her husband's gift.
"Hurry back." she whispered against his lips. Bruno gave her a small smile before turning to Alma as she led him away from the party, already whispering in his ear. Valeria watched as Alma led him up the grand stairs, but Camilo tugged on her shoulders for her to listen to him, pulling her eyes away from them.
"Tíaaa, por favor dance with me! I'm soooo bored!" said Camilo, as he dramatically sighed. Valeria laughed and nodded her head.
"Ya, okay, okay!" she said. When she glanced back up to the stairs, Bruno and Alma were already gone. She tried to ignore the tense pit forming in her stomach, as Camilo jumped from her arms and pulled her to the dance area.
Something did not feel right.
Bruno hadn't returned till late that night. Everyone had already left the Casita and the air was cold and quiet. The flash of Mirabel's door fading playing over and over in Valeria's head as she gazed out the window and into the night sky.
Thinking she was already asleep, the door of the room slowly creeped opened and Bruno quietly tiptoed inside backwards, but froze as he turned once he saw she was sitting by the window. The moonlight peering through the windows being the only thing lit in the room.
"Querida, I-I thought you were sleeping.." he said, closing the door behind him gently.
"I was waiting for you.. Are you alright?" she asked, getting up from her seat and making her way over to him. As she got a closer look at him, his eyes looked tired, and there was a trace of smeared dried blood under his nose. She cupped his face in her hands and he let out a sigh, his shoulders dropping from their tense stance.
"Bebe, what happened? Estás bien?" she asked worriedly.
"Si, si." he said. "I was doing visions for... Alma." he said quietly. Her eyebrows furrowed. He never called his mother by her name unless he was angry. .
"Bruno, what do you mean visions? How many did she make you do?" she said, pulling him towards the bed.
“She had.. questions about Mirabel's door. I-I asked if she could wait till tomorrow, then we got into a fight and . . Ah well, it doesn't matter now." he said, flopping his back down on the bed with a huff.
"Ay Dios, Bruno. You know I hate it when she forces you to do so many. Doesn't she know it hurts you?" she said, laying down next to him.
But Bruno stood quiet as he stared up at the ceiling in deep thought.
He blinked out of his small daze, and glanced over at her. Reaching up, his fingers lightly traced her furrowed brow as she stared at him. He glanced down at the gold chain that hung around her neck, the green gem staring back at him with a shimmer.
"Te amo.." he whispered. Valeria sighed, and leaned into his hand.
"Y yo a ti, mi amor." she replied. He smiled sadly at her and lifted himself up to brush his lips against hers. Valeria happily responded to his kiss, but pulled back when she felt wetness on his face. Tears were silently falling down his face, as his eyes glowing slightly.
"B-Bruno, Que paso-" she tried, but Bruno quickly wiped the tears from his face.
"Nada, nada." he said shaking his head quickly and smiling, pulling her back to kiss her again.
"Te amo." he repeated against her lips. She tried to reply but he rolled on top of her, as he began ravaging her neck with sloppy, desperate kisses. She knew he was hiding something, but his kisses and little nibbles against her neck were starting to distract her from that.
"Te amo.. Te amo, Mi cariño...Mi vida.." he said over and over again against her flushed skin. His hands wandered under her nightgown and squeezed her body closer to his, as if someone would take her away from him. It was rare when Bruno took control like this, so Valeria let him roam her body as he wished. Her thoughts no longer focused on the nights dreadful events, only on Brunos soft touches and gentle whispered sweet nothings against her skin, as he took her for his.
Later that same night, he had slipped away from her arms as she slept. Nothing but a whisper of love and a kiss against her brow. He had silently begged the Casita not to wake her, as he felt the tiles begin to nudge him away from the door. It was as if the home was begging him not to leave. But Bruno took one last look at her peaceful sleeping form. Forcing his eyes away from Valeria, he turned with tears in his eyes and into the darkness of the Madrigal home.
"Please, forgive me, Mi vida.."
🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀
Well that was depressing😭
I had this random thought in my head of Bruno redoing his vision over and over again about Mirabel, but it always turning out the same :(
Also I think Camilo was the same age as Mirabel?? So that's why he sounds like he's a tiny bb lololol.
Hope you enjoyed :,)
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magpie-scribbles · 4 months ago
But sir I want to!
Tumblr media
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space-ghost-with-the-most · 5 months ago
A possible take on Luciana and Bruno meeting.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Every other man in the village: wow your so pretty, I'd be a great husband to you
Luciana: ugh, no thanks.
Bruno: crashes through a fabric rack and makes an absolute fool of himself
Luciana: GOTDAMN ❤❤
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reversia · a month ago
Y/N: You didn’t deserve all this!
Bruno: Yeah, you’re right, I didn't deserve my wonderful family, my life, you, after all...
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cheesy-cryptid · a day ago
Hello! A question about the Madrigal triplets ocs, which of the madrigal grandkids do they get along with the best and the worst?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Its finally time to finish off the cousin questions! Sorry these took so long ! 😭😭😭
Phew! Heres all the other asks about the cousins! I just compiled them all here 😙 hopefully this lengthy post answers all the cousin questions
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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honeybow · 4 months ago
Can I get a Bruno x reader cuddling head-cannons. No pressure on responding have a good day/night. Also your the best 😁
omg yes this is adorable
Cuddling head-cannons with Bruno Madrigal ❀
Tumblr media
pronouns not specified
- he’d be so nervous to hug you at first
- bcs he didn’t wanna make you uncomfortable
- getting up in the middle of the night? no. this man may look lanky but he. wants. u. to. stay >:)
- if he comes back late/ he’s just had a hard day, he would ADORE laying on your stomach
- if he was stressed he would definitely turn to your cuddles to help relax. he doesn’t know why but just being near you somehow calms him.
- if he got jealous bruno would definitely not say anything but when you get home that night he’d pull u close and just remind himself that your his
- like he’d have you curled up into his chest
- and his arms would be wrapped around you
- mans pulls you so close to him
- if he was angry (more frustrated bcs bruno is bby and i doubt he would be mad) like someone from the town had received a bad vision and was rude, or someone else said something again, he would wanna be a little spoon
- i don’t think that he would want to face away from you
- he would wrap his arms around your waist and like lean into your chest
- he just wants to be as close to you as he can bcs honestly he is terrified of you leaving :(
- the first time you cuddled, you probably initiated it
- he tensed up and froze
- he had no idea of what to do (no one had ever wanted to cuddle with him before 🙁)
- but he got used to it soon and got comfortable
- if you like them, sometimes the rats sneak in
- ur like their parents 😊
- if you play with his hair he’d probably start crying
- like full on bruno.exe stopped working
- he will literally fall in love with you
- he will melt
- he would definitely want to stroke your hair/back but would be too scared
- if he accidentally touched your chest or anywhere like that he would get so flustered and apologise so much
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your-girl-mj · 3 months ago
Papà [Bruno x f!reader] part 2
Summary: everything is falling apart.
warning: idk what to put here-
note: she/her for reader, he/him for bruno. Bruno and reader also had three kids: Mateo, first born, who has levitation gift, same age as Isabella and Dolores (21); Alondra, middle child, who has a gift of what she paints/draws can became real, same age as Luisa (19); and Diego, yougest, has a time traveling gift, same age as mirabel, and camilo (15).
created: January 18, 2022
Published: February 1, 2022
Part 1 part 2
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dinner was a disaster, their powers are malfunctioning, some of them are stronger while the others became weaker.
One of the people who became weak is Mateo. Trying his best to help Luisa out, but failed.
"Um, Mateo could you help Luisa for a moment, please?" His abuela requested, wanting to at least ease up the moment.
The boy in green did his old thing, only using a hand to lift the piano. But it didn't move the slightest bit, he tried using it again but with more force. Then again, he failed. He groans to himself, he needs to be useful.
The dark-haired stood from his spot using both hands this time, gritting his teeth using the full force of his power. He feel himself becoming weak every second, as he still tried to lift the piano until his mother stopped him.
Bruno watched as things go down, he knows this will eventually happen, he can't even stop Manuel's death, how can he stop something big as this?
His heartburn when he saw his first-born son, get slowly frustrated at himself for not helping his cousin.
Everyone stormed out, once his Mamà saw the vision he's been hiding for 10 years. The future-teller asked his companion rats to give him the vision, before following them near the entrance of the painting.
" 'Teo, that's enough. You did your best." He heard his wife say.
"No Mamà, I'm one of the most useful gifts here, I can't be weak. I need to be useful." Bruno peaked in the hole once again, seeing Mateo had frustrated tears on his face, attempting to use his gift to lift anything. Anything.
"Corazon! Stop this, you need to take a breather. Calm down—"
"How can I calm down when everything is falling apart?! You won't understand, Mamà. You don't even have a gift, 'cause you're an outsider!"
" 'Teo!" His siblings yelled at the same time, he crossed the line.
Aye, kid. Bruno glace at his wife, seeing she had an unreadable expression. He wishes he can be there, comfort his wife and son. The future-teller knew the boy didn't mean it. He's a mama's boy, just like his primo: Camilo. Rushing his way to the entrance of the hall, he still needs to get the shards with him. Cutting the bridge isn't enough for Mirabel to not cross it, he should have seen this coming.
Mateo's olive-green eyes widen in regret. "Mamà, lo siento, I didn't mean any of it. Please, I'm really sorry, Mamà.." He looked down, ashamed. Already accepting that he will get the discipline spank, he only heard her sigh.
The boy looked up, seeing his mother had a hand over her eyes. He can't help but feel more guilty. His mother, the only parent that they have, who supports them with anything they do unless it's illegal, the one raise them all on her own since no one was there to help her. She did all that for them, and he repay her by yelling.
"Mà, por favor. I really didn't mean any of it, I'm really sorry. I love you, Mà.."
"Let's... just go to our rooms, okay? Y'all soak, change clothes so you won't get sick, alright?" That was all she said. [Name] lightly pat her oldest on his cheek, before guiding the other two upstairs stopping at the top.
"Go change, call me if you need me. Aaaand don't forget, you guys still have to tell me why this little guy—" she snuggles Diego's cheeks, 'causing the said boy to whine. "—keeps disappearing."
Meanwhile, Mirabel looked around her Tìo's 'home' it was messy, but neat in some way. Bruno is showing her his Rat shows, like sports, game shows, and his all-time favorite: telenovelas.
"I don't understand." She stated, still observing her surroundings. Why does he have two brooms?
"Oh, 'cause she's his aunt, but she has amnesia so, she doesn't remember she's his aunt. It's kinda like a very forbidden love-"
"I don't understand, why did you left but didn't leave?" Bruno sank in his seat, don't know how to answer the question. He loves his family more than anything, even if he's not part of their lives anymore, he still wants to see them living happily. He wants to see his children grow up, even if he's not there.
The future-teller found his excuse, trying to wave it off and move on. But when his niece find the drawn-out plate, he hesitated to tell the truth.
"My gift wasn't really helping the family," he paused, looking down for a brief moment before glancing back at his niece. "But I love my family, y'know?"
Mirabel saw a green light coming from the side of his home, approaching it carefully she realized it was another vision. A woman neatly dressed, lips locked with man, it's showing the day the two got married.
Her chocolate-like eyes widen at the realization of the people in the glowing glass. "Is this... Tìa [name]? With you on your wedding day?! You- you kept it...?"
"Well, of course! It's the best vision in life!"
Mirabel once again looked around the small room, he had frames on his walls all of them are rats. Looking closely, the hair texture, their clothing, the posing of the rats. It resembles his own family.
Some rats have a ruana, the textures match her primo: Diego. Dress patterns on the other rats are the same one Alondra have. The polo's color is identical to Mateo's.
There are more of it, other rats are levitating the chairs and tables, others are making portals and some are painting. The one that caught Mirabel's attention is the tidy painting of a rat, it's clear that the painting resembles [name]. She's the only one with a big frame, she can see small doodles on a paper, of them. Bruno's whole family. (Link of the said doodles)
"I know right? Where do you think Alondra's skills come from, eh?" He proudly exclaimed, smiling to himself. "If you're wondering why they're rats, I found human faces hard to draw, heh. Good thing, Rafael and Ana are great at modeling!"
"You really love them..."
"Yea, I just... I don't know how to..." Bruno started, unable to form words. "I think you should go, 'cause that's a good reason. but if you think I should go, 'cause that's a good reason."
Back to [name], she kissed the crown of their head before they leave. She turned to Mateo, the woman can still see the frown he had. cupping his face, squishing it a little, before giving him a peak on the head. "you too, mi Vida. We don't want you to get sick, okay?"
"Mà..." the dark-haired boy clench the hem of her blouse, he was fighting back tears, he's a young adult! Why would he be crying? A tear slip, and another, and another again. He's taller than her, yet he still acts like he's a little boy. Well, he only does this when he's alone with his mother, he doesn't want his siblings or cousins to tease him. "I'm really, really sorry. I didn't- I didn't know what just came over me. I don't mean any it, I would never—"
"Mijo! It's okay, I know you didn't. You were just frustrated, I understand." Opening her arms, with a soft look at her face. "C'mere."
Mateo dive into her arms, embracing her tight. His arms are around her neck due to the height difference. He's all grown up, [name] can't help but feel proud and sad at the same time, the little boy that can barely jump up to the counter is 7 inches taller than her now.
"Aww, my baby's big now!" Swaying the two of them, erupting a chuckle from her child. "Gabriela better take care of you."
"I'm sorry, Mamà..."
"You say sorry so much, just like your father." She giggled, pulling away from the way, fixing his hair.
"[Name]? Mamà wants to talk to us, get downstairs right away." Julieta announced, her lips pressed into a thin line, worried about her daughter, before taking her to leave escorted by Agustin.
"I'll be going now. the house is cracking so if you feel unsafe in your room, just accompany your siblings in Dee's room, okay? You can call 'Londra too." Rushing down the stairs once she received a nod of approval.
She's worried for all of them, Mateo's furniture is all floating it will be dangerous if all of it suddenly fall, on the other hand, Alondra has a very chaotic room, full of unusual things like a flying teapot, wild animals with horns, tiny elephants, and full of all kinds of colors. The only normal room is Diego's, he had two separate rooms, one full of sand, while the other is his belongings.
"You should have told me, the second you saw the vision! Think of the family!" [Name] heard her mother-in-law exclaimed, furious about what's happening to la casita.
"I was thinking about my daughter!" Agustin defended, his wife by his side, who had the face frown like he does.
Alma felt a cold breeze, snow is all over the place, she already knew who was the cause of it. "Pepa! Come down!"
The ginger grit her teeth at the cold, before glancing at her mother with an offended look, can't she see she's doing all she can to bottle it all up? "I'm doing my best!" Pointing a finger, she heard her husband mutter an angry 'yes'. "You're luCKY IT'S NOT A HURRICANE!"
The elderly caught sight of [name], approaching her. "Did you know anything about that vision?!"
"No, Bruno didn't say anything about it!"
"Don't lie on me, [name]."
"I'm not, the last time I saw him is at the dining area when it was Mirabel's gift ceremony. If I knew about the vision, he's still been here." She stood her ground, she may not have a husband to stand by her side just like Pepa and Julieta, but she can handle this on her own, she always does.
"How does embracing Isabela do anything?" Mirabel as well as Bruno hid behind a plant, peeking at her sister's door.
"I don't know, your family has a miracle, how do you help the family miracle? You hug your sister." He tilts his head.
A sound of a door closing at the left side of Mirabel's door caused him to panic as the three of them made contact. Bruno can see hints of green in Alondra's eyes as they stared at each other, one has a terrified expression, while the other had a shocked one.
The [hair. color] opened her mouth, ready to scream but stopped when her cousin suddenly dived at her, covering her mouth. Alondra squirm at her grip, the two kept shushing her and assuring her it was okay.
No, she's not squirming to shout, she's struggling 'cause she can't breathe. Unknowingly to the glass-eyed girl, she almost covered her prima's nose. Good thing Bruno notice his daughter's action and pulled Mirabel off her.
"Mija! Are you okay?? We're sorry we freaked you out! You can breath now, right?" He put a soothing hand on his daughter's back, as she coughs some air, still crouching.
The girl shrugged his hand off, not wanting to be touched by a stranger. The future-teller felt his heartache a bit when she moved away from him, he understood that it's been quite a while that she'd seen him, but it still hurts.
"I'm... fine." Side eyeing his man beside her, still stunned that he's here. Right here on casita. "Just surprise, that's all." She paused, "what's is he doing here?"
The three madrigals in green are very different people. Mateo is a responsible child, always in the town to help the people, very kind, and welcoming. Alondra is a timid kid who rarely leaves the house unless she needed to, she can be problematic when it comes to her close ones. Diego is the problem child, picking fights and everything, but still responsible.
The only thing they have in common is their mother, their surname, and their hatred towards their father.
Their father who left without a trace, their father who was never there for them, their father who made their mother cry.
They might be finding his location for months now, but only for them to confront him why did he leave, why didn't he say goodbye, why he didn't love them anymore.
Mirabel frowned at her cousin's words, "it's- it's Tìo Bruno! Your Papà—"
"I know Mirabel, you don't have to remind me." The coldness of her voice sends shivers down his spine. "So he's just gonna come back after what? 10? 11? Years without a goodbye? Not leaving any trace about his whereabouts? Not being there for his own wife and kids? That's it? Well, welcome back!" The painter stood up, brushing the dust on her dress, it's clear that her voice is full of sarcasm. "It's so good to see you, Papà." She spat, before walking towards her brother's room. She may be introverted to everyone, especially in a situation like this, but she can't help but feel range.
Her words stab the man right in his heart. It's the truth though, it will take some time for them to adjust again, they're not just gonna welcome him into their lives like nothing happened.
Bruno was forced back when his sobrina, suddenly shove him in a violent nudged, nodding her head towards the [hair. color].
"Mij‐ Alondra.." Bruno called out, he stepped forward but still crouching down, not wanting to be seen. "I- I um... I just, look 'Londra... I didn't—" he tried. He really tried to form words, anything. He doesn't know where to start! He wants to explain everything, tell her everything.
Why he's back, why he left in the first place, why doesn't dare to completely leave Encanto?
"...can you not tell your mother, I'm back?" His words cause her to scoff loudly, is he serious right now?
"Oh wow, so you're planning to hide from us forever? You don't have a plan to come back for us?" The hurt in her eyes says it all, as more cracks appeared on the walls.
"Alondra, please... I just don't know how to approach you guys, believe me, I really want to go back, I swear." Her piercing glare can see right through his soul, her knuckles turned white as she clench her dress.
"Fine." With that one word, she stomps her way to her younger brother's door.
" 'Londra! Have you seen Mirabe-" Camilo called out from the first floor, only to be interrupted with a loud slam of the door.
The girl take a few deep breaths, trying to calm her raging anger down, her jaw clenched, her hands balled into fists, and tears started to flood her eyes, but she held it back.
Alondra called out her brother, looking into her sand cave as well as his own room, but found no trace except a little note, she sat on the bed and read, the note says "looking for Papà again, be back in a minute - your most handsome brother ;)"
The girl would've rolled her eyes and replaced the word handsome with ugly, she would've but right now all she can think about is her Papà. Who she missed dearly considering she's the closest one to him. If Mateo is close to [name], Alondra is close to Bruno.
She cried for hours when she found out he left. Tears soon again start building up and streaming down her cheeks, but this time she didn't hold it back and let them hit her green dress.
She didn't know it was from anger or sadness.
Anger at her father that decided to abandon them at a very young age. Or sadness that he would rather be back for Mirabel and not his own children.
A sob escapes her mouth as she recalls the events that happened. Her father is alive! He's here with them!
Alondra turned to the other way and hurriedly swiped her tears, clearing her throat as Diego's front door opened revealing her older brother whose also looking for the time traveler.
"Dee's not here, the note said so." Handing Mateo the note, forcing herself to let out a chuckle, looking down so he wouldn't see her bloodshot eyes.
" 'most handsome' huh?" He smiled at the note, but it soon turned into a frown as he saw a few tear stains on the corner of it. Glancing at his sister, whose head is facing down, he lifts her face with a finger observing the girl's face.
From her red stuffed nose to her tear-stained cheeks. "What happened? Who did this to you?" Protectiveness covered his voice.
"A sand just got in my eyes, it's nothing."
"Your face is wet from tears, your nose is deep red, and you're gonna tell me it's just sand?"
"Just forget about it, okay? We have bigger things to worry about."
"Like what?? My little sister is crying, what's more, important than finding the jerk who's the cause of it?!"
"What about worrying about your little brother? who's in another timeline when the magic is clearly in danger and has a huge possibility that he will be stuck there!"
Pablo's loud squeak stopped the fighting to worsen and caught their attention. Sat at the corner, is Diego with an arepa in his hand, eating it like he's watching a movie.
"You guys are so dramatic." He commented, mouth full.
Before Alondra could shout at him, the room suddenly started to rumble, the objects around started to fall, at first, it was small things like lanterns but they soon turned into bookshelves and dressers.
"Everybody out!" Mateo called out, pulling his little brother with Pablo to the exit, shielding his younger siblings.
"Bruno didn't care about this family!" Abuela's voice echoed around casita, as the dark-haired boy lead the two downstairs.
"He loves this family, I love this family, we all love this family! You're the one who doesn't care! You're the one who's breaking our home—"
"Don't you ever–!"
"—The miracle is dying. Because of you!"
Mirabel ended, the whole casita was silent, but it was only starting. It was the calm before the storm.
The house shook violently, making some of them lose balance. "The candle!" The said magic candle is now turned over the flame flickering and melting rather quickly.
Mirabel, Camilo, as well as Isabela rushed to the burning candle, doing their best they can to save it. Diego was about to run towards it but is pulled back by [name].
"No! I'm not letting you risk your life for a candle!" She held him by his wrist, pulling him back as heavy objects starts to fall and almost hit him and his little cousin: Antonio.
"We need to get out of here!" Following Felix's words, the woman ran to the front door, bringing all her kids with her. She was pushed forward as casita send a wave made of tiles to get them to safety, Julieta yelled in desperation for Mirabel.
"Mirabel get out of there!"
"Mirabel leave it!"
"The house is gonna fall!"
Bruno sprints through the walls, clinging at a vision made out of green glass, shoving the rat he passed by in his ruana. Before bursting into the wall making his escape.
He watches as the house he grew in and loves to fall apart into pieces, as debris smashes to the floor together creating a fog, the vines that were once on his tower rip, he can still see casita using every last power they have to save Mirabel.
The future-teller felt falling sand in his hands. Looking down, what he saw was something he expected. His glass vision started to turn itself into the sand, coming from the corners.
"No, no, no, no, please no, don't! Stop it!" He chanted, attempting to mold it in its shape. The only vision he cherishes the most is disappearing. Just like his closeness to his daughter. "Mierda..." he mutter to the air, as he stared at the sand beneath him, that was once about him and his wife.
"[Name]... wait, [name]!" Realization struck him, remembering the past events that occur, is she okay? Is she hurt? Did she... make it? What about the kids? Are they okay? Are they all okay? Hundreds of questions flood his brain.
Bruno ran, he dash to the near trees looking around to see if everyone is okay, he caught sight of Pepa and her family, Julieta approaching Mirabel to be saved by casita, and they there are.
"Diego! Don't do that again! You could've died!" [Name] scolded, she's the only one who's screaming at this moment, but she didn't pay it any mind. How can he rush into danger just to go save a candle?? Her anger died down when she saw the scowl plastered on his face, he doesn't like it when she's mad.
"...I was just trying to help—sorry, Mamì."
With a click of her tongue, the woman envelopes him with a hug. "I'm sorry too, I got angry with you. You guys are all I have, I'm just afraid to lose you too." Opening her arms wider, gesturing her two other children to join in, to which they both gladly return it. "I love you guys, so, so much!"
Their sweet moment was interrupted by her sister-in-law calling out for her youngest daughter, who suddenly went missing when she looked back.
"Where's Mirabel-? MIRABEL?! where is she?? MIRABEL!!"
Mira's missing? Where could she be?? That's where the search party began, they split into two people and some stayed by the fallen casita.
"MIRABEL! MIRA WHERE ARE YOU?!" Diego chanted with Camilo, as they strolled all over the town, the three of them are the close ones. Ever since Camilo and Diego got their gifts they would always be in the town, they have no time for each other anymore.
"MIRABEL COME BACK!!" their voice echoed through the mountains around Encanto.
"She's not here, 'milo. We should go back..." the madrigal in green brought a hand to his cousin's back, as the curly-haired boy's eyes travel from the bottom of a mountain to the top.
"Yea, yea we should." Both of them hope that she's okay, she'll be okay, she's Mirabel! The toughest out of the three of them.
"Do you think she went through there?" The Camilo inquired, Diego glanced to the tallest mountain in Encanto, which is now cut in half, revealing the outside world.
"Probably. Should we search there?"
"Uhuh, let's go, Dee!" He dragged his cousin by the wrist, as the other struggled to stop him
"No, no, no, wait! Our parents don't know where we'll be, if something happens to us when we go through there, we'll be missing too."
"Okay fine, where are going back to?? Our house?"
The boy in green cackled, as Camilo smiled to himself, happy that he made someone laugh. Even without his gift.
Once they got back, they witness Mirabel hugging her mother, with their Tìo Agustin not far behind, face and hands swollen due to the bees that bit him.
"They were bees, everywhere!" Seeing his daughter's worried look, he assured her quickly. "I'll be okay."
"uh, not if we don't have a house," Camilo commented, still using his house joke, to which only one of his cousins snickered. Felix elbow his son for ruining the moment, "What? We don't have a house! I can't say we don't have a house? what is that? not a house." he protests, gesturing the debris in front of them.
Mirabel looked amused, glancing back at her mother before observing their fallen home. She spoke about building a new one before she brought up a topic about their family.
Isabela wants to create much more than flowers.
Luisa wants to take a break from working nonstop.
Dolores wants to speak instead of listen.
And much more than that, Alma saw this as an opportunity to say her apologies, to everyone she has pressured over the years.
Especially her Brunito, who had to happen to stand by the entrance with an unsure expression. He eyed his wife and children, wanting to see their reaction as his mother pulled him inside.
Are they gonna push him away? Get mad at him for leaving? Yell at him? He wasn't sure.
Pepa and Julieta tackle him with a heartwarming hug, and he gratefully returned. He hasn't hugged a person in a long time.
"Where have you been, hemano??"
"Dios Mio, you're so thin! Have you been eating properly??"
His sister bombed him with questions, which he answered with a short reply. The man's emerald-like eyes met her dazzling [eye. color] ones.
[Name] could feel herself running to him embracing him, she cried to his chest, hugged him tight feeling that if she loosen her grip he will disappear once again. Unstoppable tears stream through his cheeks, he sure missed this feeling, being in her arms once again.
The madrigals in green stared at their long-lost father. The oldest couldn't help but feel emotional, he grow up to think his father will never come back, that he'd either have a new family or be dead, but he's here. With them. Hugging his Mamà with a bright smile.
Alondra has mixed feelings about it, she's happy yes, but also guilty considering how she treated him when they met for the first time after a decade.
The 15-years old is having the best time of his time, despite no shelter to live in, he just witness his mother be this happy, so happy that she had tears on her face. He grins at the couple. He's just shocked that his father is home, he sees him every day but in a different timeline.
"You're here, you're really here!" She quietly sobbed at his old green ruana, pulling away a bit the [hair. color] held his face, wiping his tears, as she caressed it. "You're here!"
"I'm here, mi Vida." Bruno kisses her knuckles, looking deeply at her eyes, "and I'm not gonna leave you again."
[Name] beams at her husband, before her face morphs into worry, "goodness, you have bags under your eyes, you look like you haven't eaten in days!" She commented, observing his body. "Are you alright, does anything hurt or—?"
"No, I'm perfectly fine, amor." Letting out a genuine laugh for the first time in years, he sure miss her worried look, he remembered that's he was the one who always gave her that expression.
"Are you sure?"
"I'm sure."
"Good, that's good." She returns his loving gaze, with a soft smile on her lips. But what she did next was something no one expects she would do.
[Name]'s palm stings a bit as she slaps her husband right on his cheek. The sound echoed around them as each member of the family let out a yelp of surprise, it's either a gasp or an 'ooooh'.
The husbands that were married into the family, brought a hand to their own cheeks as if they can feel how hard her slap was, and for some reason, Camilo, as well as Diego, copied the gesture.
"[N-name]?" The man stuttered, holding his sore cheek, he did not see that coming. They were just hugging and smiling so lovingly at each other.
"What. Were. You. Thinking??!" She asked— more like demanding an answer. "I've told you so many times! If you have a problem, just tell me! You don't have to go through this alone!!"
"Cariño, this one is a different situation—"
"Different situation or not, I could've helped! But no, you choose to do this alone, again! Now, what happens?! You isolated yourself from us for a decade, bub!" He should have known that this will happen, she's his wife for goodness sake. His wife whose never afraid to throw her hands at someone! Not even if it's her own husband.
"And you left me with these three!" She continued, gesturing to their children that are now staring at them with wide eyes, "you know how Mateo is as a child! I can't even take a bath alone! And 'Londra, she draws everywhere, walls, floors, doors. Do you know how hard to scrub those??! And Diego! Oh, Diego. He almost made me bald!" She groans, glaring at him. She said her words with such swift, you can't understand it if you zone out.
The duo didn't look like a couple at all, they look like a mother scolding her child for doing something he wasn't supposed to do. The two sisters of Bruno came to help, trying to calm her from her own rumblings, but she continues. "and you just—" letting out a sigh, she ended her scolded with a small huff and her arms crossed on her chest.
Bruno found himself looking down at his feet, he didn't even notice he was doing it. Glancing up to his significant other, a fond smile plastered at his face when he realized she's done letting out her feelings.
"Are you done now, Cariño?" He inquired with such a soft voice, as he tilt his head a bit. His tone has the people around them in shock. Weren't you being scolded just now?? Receiving a tiny nod from her, he continued. "Can you hug me again?"
Without any hesitation, she dives right into his arms once again. Diego laughed at the two's interaction before he sprinted and joined their hug. "C'mon guys!"
Mateo hesitated a little before he held them close, lightly smiling at the warmth. He can't believe it, their family is complete again! Bruno locks eyes with his daughter, bringing his hand up trying to say he wants her to join in too. Alondra eyed his hand for a bit, she was confused. Why isn't he mad at her for yelling earlier?
"C'mere, Mija." With his words of encouragement, she finally take hold of her father's hand and let him pull her into the embrace. "Missed you, guys. It feels good to finally be back."
"Welcome back, papà."
Tumblr media
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monsterdrama666 · 3 months ago
(( Including SFW and 18+ - Be warned !! ))
Tumblr media
• Bruno is so very shy at first. He doesn’t admit his feelings right away. He thinks you deserve someone better, and that he would weigh you down. That you’d never stoop so low for a weirdo like him. So he keeps quiet and avoids you at all costs.
• Unfortunately he isn’t subtle about avoiding you. You need to confront him or you worry for his mental health. But when you do, and tell him that his feelings are returned, poor Bruno can hardly think straight!
• Your relationship starts off slow. Bruno is far too anxious to even touch you. But once you start initiating hugs and kisses, he gains the confidence he needs.
• And ohh boy…
• Bruno Madrigal is a big cuddly baby. He tries not to do anything around others as he’s still a little shy, and also doesn’t want you to feel embarrassed. But when the both of you are alone, he adores cuddling up to you, face buried in your chest or the crook of your neck, holding your hand and toying with your digits.
• Bruno craves physical affection from you. He’s a man who hasn’t been touched by another in so long, of course he does! His favourite being kisses on the cheeks, forehead, and hands from you. He will also love to be pet, although his hair is often tangled. Of course, caresses on his back also. When you draw little shapes and patterns with your index, he melts like butter.
• He’s often quiet when you cuddle, which is most of the time. He’s simply savouring your touch for as long as he can. But when the both of you are out and about amongst people and keeping busy, he can get quite talkative.
• He’ll happily ramble about his ideas for little plays, or about the latest in his favourite soap operas, waving his hands in explanation as he talks. It’s good to see him passionate and comfortable, whereas around most others he remains stiff and a little quiet.
• Bruno still doesn’t like to use his gift. But after his return, he’s often pushed by the townsfolk to have their fortunes read. He often gets anxious, and can’t bring himself to say a firm ‘NO’… but he can’t say yes either.. you usually have to intervene and tell whoever is pestering him to take the hint. He’s always grateful for that…
• Brunito gets easily anxious. Crowded social events are one of the triggers. He’s usually a little anxious in general. But you can tell the signs of it getting out of hand. He may bite his lip, or itch the side of his neck. In worse cases, he’ll be a little shaky or out of breath. But he never says anything, bless his heart. By then, it’s time for you to take him to a quieter area and help him take a few deep breaths, and perhaps make him some tea.
• Bruno isn’t experienced in relationships in the slightest. But he does his best for you to be romantic! Sometimes he’ll bring home flowers, or find something sweet for you to eat. He tries to look nice, but whenever he combs his hair it sort of frizzes up as if he had just poked an electrical socket. So he sort of makes do with just some cologne.
• Bruno is keen on your interests. He wants you to teach him your hobbies, even if he’s awful at them. He just wants to spend time with you and know you well.
• If Bruno sees you having a hard time, he’ll do his best to make you feel better. He’ll treat you the way he likes to be treated, because that’s what he knows. He’ll rub your back the way he likes, stroke your hair and hold you close. Call you ‘mi amor perfecto’ (my perfect love). He’ll bring you tea, and encourage you to talk about what’s going on. But if not he understands. He just lets you know he’s here to be talked to. Until if and when that happens, he’ll comfort you.
• Brunito isn’t necessarily a protective guy. It’s more the other way around. But if he sees someone being unkind to you, he’ll step in for sure. Because that’s what you’d do for him! He doesn’t make a scene or yell at the other person like you might. But he simply steps in, and makes an excuse to take you away from the situation. He won’t start a fight, but he’ll definitely shoot this person a glare. Worst comes to worst, Bruno isn’t exactly strong. So he’ll call his sisters for backup if he ever feels like more needs to be done.
• Bruno is normally the submissive. He’s shy and lets you take the ropes given you’re more experienced and confident than him.
• His sensitive spots are most certainly his ears and the nape of his neck. Kiss or nibble those spots and he turns into putty.
• Bruno is insanely clingy, he’ll wrap his arms and legs around you while you tease him. If he can’t get a good grip on you, he’ll settle for hiding his face in his hands, peeking out at you through his fingers. He just can’t look away no matter how embarrassed he feels.
• When put in charge, Bruno takes his time. He feels every part of you, so gently and tenderly. He��s always in awe no matter how many times it’s been. His favourite part of you is your tummy, which he finds soft and loves to kiss.
• Bruno whimpers and quakes so sweetly when teased or toyed with. He’s tense, with his hands to his mouth. Not necessarily covering it, it’s just where his tenseness lays. He loves to be praised and caressed. But sometimes… being called a dirty boy does something different for him.
• When giving oral to a masculine S/O, Bruno doesn’t have the worst gag reflex in the world. He gets a little embarrassed when your eyes are on him, but he doesn’t say anything. He just wants to do his best. He gazes up at you with a full mouth and eager eyes. If you ever decide to face-fuck him, he does his best to keep up, but he might get a little messy and noisy. He often forgets to swallow, pulling back with a gaping mouth, gently panting with your seed on his tongue. Such a dazed, loving expression.
• When giving oral to a feminine S/O, he’s tender, but rather needy. His arms stay wrapped around your waist or thighs, not letting you wriggle away. He’s like a hungry dog, and often makes a mess around his mouth and chin. He can be a little noisy when he’s desperate, which is more often than you’d think. You just taste so addicting to him that his head turns fuzzy. He licks and nuzzles you so intently, and sometimes doesn’t even want to stop after you’ve finished. “Again.. again..” he’d say
• Being given oral, Bruno’s hands will never leave your hair, caressing, fidgeting with the locks and tugging so gently. He’s a decant size, but you handle him well. He’s a panting mess, with a dazed expression. He his best to communicate and tell you when he’s close. “M-Mi amor.. I c-can’t.. I’m gunna… I’m gunna..” his breaths quickens, body starting to fidget. He tries his best not to move, but at the last second he’ll arch his back as he finishes.
• When bottoming, Bruno is a shaky mess. He gets pretty noisy. His legs quake, sweet puppy dog eyes droop and roll back, arms hugged around you or clung to a pillow. He will cry when overstimulated or fucked roughly. However this doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t like it. He’s tight inside, mostly given he is rather slender. He goes red faced, and inaudible at times.
• Given Bruno doesn’t often open up about how he’s feeling in fears of disappointing or upsetting you, the two of you have a colour system. You ask him; “colour?” And he’ll respond either “green” or “red”. Sometimes you may need to give him a moment to allow himself to return to a verbal state.
• When topping, Bruno is as gentle as ever, and often worries when you ask him to go any harder or faster. But he’ll provide, and get into it. He has a habit of biting a little when he’s going at it, his eyes will roll back, breath heaving against your skin as he sinks his teeth into you. He can honestly go pretty damn fast if he looses control. He’s still a little noisy when topping, and might drool a little. He’ll remember to praise you.. “Mi dulce amor.. Mi dulce amor…” (my sweet love) “Te amo.. Te amo.. Tan bueno..” (I love you.. Amazing)
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chronic85doodler · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Personally, I feel Bruno would never look into his own future, but he is exceptionally drunk and determined, thanks to Pepa and Felix deciding to party way past Julieta and Augustin has turned down for the night. A decision Pepa has come to regret.
Next comic: keeping track of Bruno is not a walk in the park
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madjazzhatter · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I made this lil sketch of Bruno, I hope you guys like it!
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prophetic-hijinks · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bruno gets a reprieve from the torture guys! I hope you like Elena.
Next comic: smooth, very smooth
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ichigobunsss · 4 months ago
Te Deseo Lo Mejor (pt3)
Bruno Madrigal x O/C Angst/Life/Love/Arepas
Tumblr media
Bruno was never good at directions.
He felt that he made it far enough from the Casita for it to be out of his view but. . it seemed every corner of the deep forest he turned, he had always ended up along the walls of the huge mountains that surrounded the Encanto. It was as if this cursed magic (which is what he often thought it was) was trapping him from leaving the Casita, his family and ...
Shaking Valeria's face out of his head, he slung his satchel over his shoulder and began making his way down another path. He didn't expect anyone to come looking for him once they realized he was gone. Not that anyone would care of his absence besides his wife. She was probably cursing his existence along with everyone else.
Bruno the Madrigal child with the cursed gift.
The one that makes bad things happen.
Besides, in his mind he was doing her and the family good. Valeria didn't deserve to be with a failed Madrigal son like him-no! Not with her beauty and her talent and...her...her love.
Her sweet laughter and soothing voice played over in his head.
His wife.
He had left his wife.
Why? Because of his visi-no. His curse. Green flashed his eyes as he stared at his feet that he dragged through the damp forest ground. Shaking his head, the green flash stopped, but soon enough it flashed across his eyes again-and he clutched his eyes shut, stopping in his tracks.
"No mas! No more visions! Enough!" he told himself, clenching his head in his hands. But his eyes continued to glow under his closed lids as he hunched over, pounding the sides of his head as he desperately tried to stop the vision from forming.
But swirls of green surrounded his form, and he had no more strength to fight it off. Opening his eyes, he watched as winds that circled around him blend in with his vision. There was a woman curled up in the ground, crying and screaming out as they rocked back and forth, reaching her hand out to towards Bruno as he watched.
"Querida?. . ."
He quickly shut his eyes and forcefully shook his head. He knew what his vision was trying to tell him but... he couldn't turn back.. not now.
"Please, Please stop- No puedo- " he begged as he held his head. The vision stopped and the forceful winds that surrounded him ceased.
After calming his breaths, he stood up and continued on, the womans silent screaming face imprinted in his mind. He had gotten so lost in his thoughts, that he didn't notice his feet had wandered him back to the hill that lead to the Casita.
"Maldito Encanto! Is there no way out of this damn village?" He groaned to himself as he spotted the Casita. The path was not that far, and for a moment he thought he'd might as well return-perhaps make a silly excuse for leaving? But he paused once he noticed the large dark cloud hovering over the home.
"Ay, Pepa- not again.."
He feared the worst. And he was right to do so.
"How could he do this? That stupid little- Ugh!"
"Pepa ya..."
"Espero que nunca regrese! Ese Maldito Bruno-"
"Pepa, please the clouds! You're going to cause a flood, Amor!"
"He's right Pepa, please calm down hermana. Your screaming isn't going to help her."
The voices from outside Valeria's room were barely fading, as she stared out the window, watching as the rain Pepa was making streamed down the glass pane. Agustín was the one that found her in the tower, curled up and eyes bloodshot from crying and screaming out into the darkness of the vision room. She had been there for hours before the familia had gotten worried that neither her or Bruno had been around, sending Agustín up to find them.
The family was in shock at Bruno's sudden departure. Without an explanation or even a goodbye. Felix and Agustín had tried to leave to try and find Bruno, but Alma had stopped them, knowing he was probably too far gone for them to even reach him.
Valeria hadn't told anyone of the vision she had found in the sandy floor. No.. that would've been too much for them to bare. Seeing Mirabel in one of his visions would have brought more worry into the family and she did not want anyone pointing fingers at the poor child.
Alma had taken Valeria in her arms as soon as she saw her as Agustín helped her downstairs. Valeria's broken hearted face reminding her all too well of her husband's absence. Of course this was not the same. . . but she understood somewhat of the pain she was feeling.
"He is a coward for leaving you and for leaving this family." she had whispered in her ear as she held her close. Her daughters had watched in silence as she led Valeria to her room, trying to calm her choked breaths. Alma was a strict and proud woman yes, but any member of the family- pure Madrigal or not, was her responsibility to watch over. She had disagreements with Valeria on things (what family didn't?), but that did not mean she did not love her as if she was one of her own.
Alma went on how Valeria had lifted Bruno up at the times he needed her most. How she had come into his life like a light shining through the darkness of his lonely tower and how did he repay her? By leaving her stranded.
Speaking poorly of her son had not made Valeria feel any better, in fact all she wanted was for him to come back and hold her in his arms as if this was just another nightmare. She wanted him to whisper sweet nothings as she buried her head in his neck, playing with the small earring on his ear as he spoke softly to her about random thoughts that popped in his head. His dark curls in a loose bun, but some strands peeking out as they tickled her nose..
"We will take care of you, Mija. We are the Madrigals and we do not abandon our family." she had said firmly, wrapping a blanket around her frame and leaving the room to leave her in peace.
Valeria pulled her knees to her chest and buried her head down as the sounds of Pepas rain continued to storm down against the window. Their voices had calmed down after a while. Felix had probably managed to calm Pepa down a bit because the rain had began to lighten up. But the pain in Valeria's chest burned as if someone had lit a match inside her.
How could so much happen in such a short amount of time? How could someone that she had planned to spend the rest of her life with just. . . leave? Not even try and fight whatever the vision meant? She would have gone with him had he asked. .
"Ay Bruno, por qué hiciste esto?"
Hours and hours had passed and soon enough the sun had drifted off, bringing the moon up into the dark sky, it's light peering into her room as she stared up at the ceiling. It seemed she had ran out of tears to cry and her throat burned from all of the screaming she had done. The Casita was as silent as ever, watching her carefully so she wouldn't do anything rash. But her body ached and she was far too tired to even lift herself up. The familia was probably asleep by now, at least that what she thought until she heard a few quiet knocks on the door.
"Pasar.." Valeria mumbled, not even bothering to look over at the door. There was a slow creek as the door opened, and her eyes glanced over, frowning when she couldn't see anyone. But Camilo's messy curls came into view as she peered her eyes lower in the door frame.
"Camilo, por que tu no estas dormindo lindo?" she whispered, sitting up from the bed and motioning her hand so he could come into the room. He shuffled himself inside, closing the door behind him and making his way over to the side of the bed.
"Mama and Papa said you were sad, but they wouldn't let us near your room." he mumbled, glancing down at his feet. Valeria sighed, and brushed a hand through his mess of curls and lifted him on the bed beside her.
"Dolores said she heard you crying. . . are you sad because Tio Bruno left?" he said, looking up at her. She winced, and tried to ignore the stinging that was creeping into her eyes again. She bit her bottom lip and managed to nod her head. Camilo shifted himself in her lap and hung his small arms around her, hugging her tightly.
"It's okay Tia, you can cry. Mami cries a lot, but she says my hugs make her feel better." said Camilo as he squeezed her tightly. She let the tears fall from her eyes, and the burning in her throat started up again. She arms wrapped around Camilo's small frame, as she cried into his small shoulder. But there was another small faint knock, and she and Camilo turned to see Dolores quietly opening the door, Luisa and Isabella close behind her.
"I heard you guys, so I woke them up so we could hug you too Tia." she said in a whisper. Valeria let out a sob as her sobrinas made their way over to her and onto the bed to surround her frame and hold her tightly.
"Don't worry Tia," started Luisa, "If I ever see him, I'll make sure to give him a nice smack." she said as she squeezed her. Valeria let out a small chuckle in between her crying. Isabella nodded in agreement against her back where she was hugging her.
"I could totally shove some roses up Tio's-"
"Ya, Isabella don't finish that sentence." said Valeria, the laughter bubbling inside her relieving some of that pain in her chest.
They all laid down on the small bed, Camilo and Dolores laid on either side of Valerias stomach as her arms wrapped around their tiny bodies. Luisa and Isabella had taken some space behind each of them and snuggled close. The surrounding of her nephew and nieces began to fill the empty spot Bruno had suddenly ripped from her. The harshness of this cursed day finally began to calm down as they all laid peacefully and full of love.
When you were finally starting to drift off, Dolores suddenly peeked up at Valeria, her big brown eyes boring into hers with a slight curiosity as her head tilted a bit.
"Que paso?" Valeria asked her, brushing a thick curl out of her eye.
"It sounds like something was moving in the walls."
🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀
There will be more don't worry! I'm not sure how long I'm making this but lets all enjoy this sad ass journey together😂 Low key making you Camilos favorite tia can you tell lolol
If your wondering where Mirabel was in that cute ending, she's sleeping cause homegirls is going through her own shit rn.
Also yes in my mind Bruno has a little gold hoop earring and wears his hair in a loose bun sometimes, you know you love it.
otra limpieza for us to clear the sad energy 🥚🌿✨🥚🌿✨🥚🌿✨🥚🌿✨
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rurivu · 3 months ago
Be careful, she is in love and very dangerous
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