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It’s GIF day 22! -> Seasons 1 (ep 13-14)

Aaaaand I suddenly understood I need to rewatch and make gifs for Season 2, wow)) 

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Each year Doc gives Brock the same present for Christmas. But this year he decides to make a change.
Each year Brock pretends to not love it. But this year he reveals his true feelings ‘bout it.

Headcanon: Rusty can be pretty spoiled and capricious, with his own standards in bed. Let’s say it’s not unusual for him to refuse fulfilling Brcok’s fantasies or straight (haha) up deny intimacy because of a headache. And that’s why Doc gifting himself for a day is actually a good presents for the bodyguard.

P.S. I wanted to do something for Christmas with those two)). But I was lazy, so I ended up doing rough sketches (=

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It’s GIF day 20! -> Seasons 1 (ep 11)

To be honest, I love Rusty’s long hair so muuuch 

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messed up kid and his bodyguard

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Thinking about how these outfits are canon and not just in my imagination.

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Some Brusty things … 

template by: @kalidels [ x ]

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Me filling out a ship chart for Brusty that no one asked for ❤️

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The pout says it all …

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I get big Venture Bros vibes from this movie. Like imagine if Rusty was super gay, I mean he’s pretty gay but like, turn up the volume you know? 😅 And then Brock, well, if Brock was a bit more gay too, he’d be a lot like Armand!

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My Lover's Gone - ladyofdecember - The Venture Bros [Archive of Our Own]
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thought it would be fun to clean up one of my pal, @noveltymotel ‘s brusty sketches, cuz his style is Baller and its really fun to study

so take Our Favourite Married War Criminals In Love

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Weird when the fandom collectively decides to redraw the one viscously murderous buff man as a person of color

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Venture Bros discord…

To get us through the eternal wait between seasons

ETA: It expires after 24 hours, so I’ll try to remember to update it, or just hit me up. We’re pretty smol right now.

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