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#bryce quinlan
fromstarlight · 3 hours ago
I don't want Bryce and Hunt to be mates. I want them to be together yes, but under the "if soulmates are real they are not found they are made" trope. It probably won't happen, but it would make their dynamic different from what we've grown used to in SJM novels.
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jelliedfox · 2 days ago
Oh fuck. I was watching a review of Crescent City, link here, and as he just said, “people are speculating the demon guy is said characters father” and it...dawned on me. And I hate it, and I hope to god it isn’t true
Aidas, the Demon Prince...being a daddy figure, guiding young Bryce, and the father idea by his reaction to when he saw Hunt...that strange little interaction... I swear, why does this ALSO GIVE A BLACK JEWELS RIPOFF VIBES AGAIN?
Bryce being Jaenelle, being mentored and comforted by a Demon from Hell, ( Hel in her work ) Aidas, being Saetan... and then Saetan being the father of Daemon, the lover to Jaenelle, and Aidas being the father to Hunt. If that makes sense. Hunt already feels like a combination of Lucivar and Daemon from that series anyway, so like? Please no. (Ex. Anger issues. Wings. Being a slave with something on him trapping his power or giving the slave owner control of him. Black jewels it’s a ring, crescent city it’s that mark.)
I mean, it’s strange as hell a demon being the father of a fallen angel or whatever but how implausible is it with her writing? Because right now, Hel feels a lot like Anne Bishops world, and Aidas is giving me that Saetan vibes (especially with that cold he brings with him, which is a big thing for three characters mentioned in the black jewels series) and...
Im probably wrong and yeah. But I really can’t get past the similarities of Sarah’s books to other ones I’ve read.
Anywho, we’ll see lol cuz people still thinking demon guy is gonna be a lover, too, and sigh, I can’t get into how much I hate that, too
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talkfantasytome · 2 days ago
It Would've Been So Right - Chapter 14
Chapter 14 of "It Would've Been So Right", my Crescent City fic, has been posted!
You can read chapter 14 here, on AO3.
Bryce wakes up to what was meant to be a special little treat, and then after ruining it, Danika still asks her for a favor.
It's a bit shorter than normal, but it's setting up for the next chapter and a number of other pieces that will come into play as Bryce works with the Pack of Devils to help Danika find out what happened to her father.
I am not posting this particular fic on tumblr, at least not at the moment. And I'll need to better understand the community guidelines before I even attempt to try, but if you're interested in reading it, you can find start of the fic here. :) It starts with Bryce at the White Raven, and the wolves actually make it there, allowing us to explore a world where the pack lives and Bryce and Connor get to take their chance.
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booksbabey · 3 days ago
ok now that i have fallen back into crescent city and we are all waiting for hunt to be the next tamlin/chaol i feel like she KNOWS she’s become predictable and will switch it up i’ll do anything at this point hunt has my heart in a way that tamlin and chaol never did pleas sjm
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heylucien · 3 days ago
The CC book hangover is real so I’ve been theorizing on Bryce and Hunt and here’s what I’ve gathered:
SJM’s favorite trope is like calls to like, there is so much with Quinlar there.
1. Orion is Hunt’s real name, that’s the name of a star constellation. What is Bryce? The star born. A star and its constellation.
2. Hunts power is LIGHTning Bryce’s power is light.
3. They are literally described as mirrors to each other’s, their pasts are so similar. They were so terribly lonely when they met each other (Feysand parallel) and brought the “light” back in each other.
4. Hunt gave Bryce an Opal. That’s the birthstone for October (she’s the autumn king’s daughter👀) and in folklore it’s believed that opals came from the heavens in flashes of lightning. That stone ties the two of them together.
I really do think these two are endgame. Aidas doesn’t make sense with her at all 🤷🏽‍♀️
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natromanett · 4 days ago
esa es la idea Bryce. de la vida. vivir, amar, sabiendo que todo puede desaparecer mañana. eso hace que todo sea mucho más valioso
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heylucien · 4 days ago
I finished Crescent City, damn that shit has me wrecked. My final thoughts:
1. Bryce and Danika’s friendship is so top tier, like shit where do I find me a friend like that
2. Hunt Athalar is my baby daddy idc that man has stolen my whole heart. Given the fact that most men in SJM books have problematic tendencies, I’d like to think this man does not fall into that category.
3. Bryce and Hunt were so domestic and cute I eat that shit up
4. Tharion and Helion have the same energy
5. Can I have Bryce’s closet and apartment
6. I feel like the entire setting of Crescent city had to have been inspired by Dubai, or some middle eastern country
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ht-burrows · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Slowly coming along 🥲
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booksbabey · 5 days ago
my three unfinished final projects:
crescent city two seconds after finishing acosf:
me: ok if u insist
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whimsicallyreading · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
~The Death of Me~
✨Crescent City Fic✨
What if Bryce had died that night, and it was Danika who found the mutilated body? She played the game of gods, and lost the horn along with her dearest friend.
Yet, as the oracle once told her “Through love, all is possible.” So Danika has to believe that bringing Bryce back is possible too.
Part One,
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city-of-sjm · 5 days ago
I really hope SJM counts Connor as Bryce’s first love interest, I don’t think I could handle Bryce and Hunt not being endgame
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whimsicallyreading · 5 days ago
The Death of Me
Tumblr media
“Helplessly praying, the light isn't fading-“ Chord Overstreet
CW- Death, blood, anger
Part One-
Danika Fendyr was many things. A rebel. An alpha. A leader, daughter, and a badass in a leather jacket if she said so herself. Yet, there was one title she prized over all else.
Best friend.
In a life full of high expectations, terrible immediate family, and untrustworthy people, she prized friendship above all else.
Through love all is possible, or so she was told. Those five words were all the Oracle ever had to say to her, yet they rang with a gut deep importance. For a while, it’s sent Danika for a loop. Love wasn’t abundant in her life, so it felt kind of meaningless if she was being entirely honest.
That is, until she met Bryce.
The Autumn King’s bastard daughter, who loved to dance and read. Who carried the light of a star in her heart and was the first person to make Danika feel worthy as something more than a trophy for the wolves to tote around.
Bryce loved her without condition. Loved her pack, Danika’s found family, as if they were her own blood. Danika would lay down her life for Bryce. Without hesitation.
So when Bryce doesn’t pick up her phone, she finds it unusual. When she calls her two more times, and she doesn’t answer, she panics.
Bryce may ignore a text but she knows a phone call from Danika means urgency. She’s never not answered.
People ogled Bryce like a prized cut of meat whenever she walked the streets. With her wine-red hair and glowing amber eyes, she stuck out in the kind of way that made people turn their heads. Danika was fully aware of how beautiful her friend is, but the way some watched her is what causes Danika to worry. When eyes lose appreciation and become...predatory. It scared the shit out of her.
The pack of devil’s was just as defensive of their honorary member. So when she calls them, and they haven’t seen her either, they all set out to look for Bryce.
It’s well past sunset and Danika is about to lose her shit. She has her finger over the button to contact Ruhn Danaan and force him to send a search party out for his sister when Connor texts.
Bryce just messaged. I guess a date went bad? She’s at the apartment and requests a pack night.
Danika swears into the night, the Wolf under her skin bristling with irritation. There’s relief too, but mainly upset that Bryce had ignored her. Bryce let her worry. Let the pack scour the city for her, and didn’t even bother sending a message to let them know she wasn’t dead in a ditch somewhere. Then requests their company? Bitch.
Her fur overtakes the skin and she is racing down the sidewalk, prepared to rip Bryce a new one. When she reaches their dinky, dreary apartment building, Danika shifts back to her skin.
Her steps echo like thunder up the stairwell. In her head she’s already practiced three different ways to confront Bryce for her carelessness. They all ended with Danika hugging the shit out of her and soaking in the relief. It might lessen the impact of the yelling, but she didn’t care.
She’s so wrapped up in her own thoughts it takes the apartment door opening for her to notice the smell.
Danika flings the door open so hard it leaves a hole in the wall. Right there. Right in front of her face was Bryce.
But not Bryce as she should be.
Bryce should be sitting on the couch waiting for her. Her satin pajamas already on, tucked under a blanket with a spoon digging into a tub of ice cream.
Maybe tears would be staining her cheeks. Maybe Bryce would be upset. That was okay, Danika could fix upset.
She couldn’t fix this.
“No,” Danika breathes out, and the oxygen never replaces itself in her chest. It leaves her vacant, creating a vacuum inside of her that wrings her heart like a wet rag.
She’s frozen. Can’t move. Can’t blink. Cannot comprehend the sight in front of her.
Suddenly Conner materializes next to her. He must have been running as well to get there so quickly. His eyes check on her first, natural of a beta, they are quizzing and concerned. He finds no answers on Danika’s face until he follows her line of vision.
Conner cracks.
“Bryce?” He runs past Danika who still can’t force her limbs to move. A sound peels from him similar to that of a dog being slowly crushed under the weight of a tire. It’s filled with a pain unlike she’s ever heard before.
The sound jars her back to reality and in the next second she’s on her knees beside Conner.
“Bryce?” She shakes her friends shoulders, but her head flops limply. “Oh no. No. Please not Bryce.” Danika’s whole body is trembling and she shakes Bryce again.
It’s no use. There’s no waking up a person when there heart is laying next to their body. Her chest is broken open like an eggshell. All the contents strewn around her body. No sign of that celestial light that lived inside. Not a single spark.
“Bryce. Not Bryce.” Tears burn down her face and Danika is on the verge of a shift. Not into her wolf, but something worse. Something unhinged.
“Danika,” Conner chokes out. The beast of a male looks shattered. “Danika... look.”
Her eyes move away from her dead friend’s face so slowly, reluctant to ease in their vigil. On the coffee table next to Bryce’s corpse is her phone.
Her phone, sitting on top of a table full of pictures. Bryce walking. Eating. Sleeping. Her birth certificate is laid out, next to her citizen identification card, and the life span test that confirmed the Autumn King as her father and Bryce as immortal.
The pack arrives, followed by an Aux unit. Conner must have sent out an sos.
It doesn’t matter, Danika things morbidly, they are too late. Gently, she picks up Bryce’s heart in her hands, later she would get yelled at for tampering with the crime scene but she wouldn’t care then either.
With all the carefulness Danika can muster, she holds the organ against her chest, next to her own heart. Right where it belongs.
Somebody made a hell of a mistake. Ruhn Danaan leads his team into the tiny apartment, and the whole of Lunathion knows when the realization hit him.
A chorus of misery sounds from the pack. The room vibrates with the sounds of their sorrow. Ithan is trying to pull his brother away from the body, but Conner is clawing his hands. He doesn’t want to leave Bryce alone.
Ruhn is frozen, face white as a sheet. His boy toys are trying to get his attention, but the lethal stillness of the fae has overcame him. All that moves are his eyes. They blink slowly as if uncomprehending the sight of his mutilated sisters body.
Conner has fought his way back to her side. His hands are carding through her hair. “BB, you gotta wake up, honey. Please.” her beta’s voice is hysterical. It’s a toss up of which one of them is going to lose it first. “Please, Bryce. If you don’t wake up they are going to think you’re gone.”
The Autumn King has been called.
I hear Sabine is on her way, too. This is a shit show.
What’s up with Danaan? The dude is going balls to the wall insane in the lobby.
Some lucky bastard at least got a good look at her before he went ripper. Quinlan was a fine piece of ass.
Danika sets her friends heart gently back in her chest. With a kiss to Bryce’s cold cheek, her last shred of sanity falls away.
Her clawed hands are around the throat of that assaulting voice. Bryce was dead. She was gone, and this grotesque piece of demon shit couldn’t even respect her dead body. She was torn to ribbons on the floor and still these males spewed their vile words.
Danika squeezes harder as the body beneath her thrashes. He was no match for the crazed alpha, and she thrives off of his gargled screaming.
Let him writhe. The wolf encourages.
Hands are on her shoulders, her waist, her arms prying her away. Sabine’s voice is in her ear.
Regain control, Danika! You are going to kill him. Control yourself!
Her wolf-side takes control, and slips between the offending hands. Agony propels her feet, and the scent of Bryce’s blood clogs her nose. Danika is down the stairs, through the lobby, into the parking lot in the blink of an eye.
Ruhn Danaan rivals her crazy. Two members of the 33rd are holding him down as the Autumn King rages across the lot, his voice raised as he shouts obscenities at the angels restraining his son. Half the cars surrounding them are destroyed. It’s a gallery of broken glass and ruined shells to commemorate the broken heart of a grieving brother.
Danika is still running when she catches a scent. Bryce’s blood and something like rot. The smell of Hel. Her mane bristles, and the growls peeling from her maw is enough to make a Malakai tremble. Her wolf and her are of the same mind for the first time that night.
It’s time for a hunt.
Tumblr media
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whimsicallyreading · 5 days ago
You guys are going to hate me for the update I’m about to drop-
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fancopy · 6 days ago
The amount of photos Bryce is leaving behind on Hunts phone is very suspicious 😩
Tumblr media
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fancopy · 6 days ago
Currently reading Crescent City and I just accidentally spoiled myself while bingeing on booktoks, thankfully it’s not any major spoilers but still... I’m scared 😩 also I am trying soo soo hard not to fall in love with Hunt or shipping Bryce and Hunt together BECAUSE SJM!! She literally sends the first ships into a raging storm sooo.... (pray for my sanity)
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highlady-fireheart · 7 days ago
How I picture the summoning scene going down in Crescent City
Tumblr media
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gwyns · 9 days ago
friendly reminder that sjm said that she originally had a different love interest in mind for bryce but as soon as hunt walked into that interrogation room she knew that's who bryce was going to be with 🥰🥰
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silversparks27 · 9 days ago
Being A Reader
I fell in love with people who don’t exist
People who did not belong in my world
We did not get a chance to meet
Or talk
Or to laugh and cry together
Yet, I cannot shake the feeling
That we somehow did all this and more
I fell in love with someone
I don’t know what he looks like
Yet I can describe him better than myself
The colour of his eyes, the shape of his smile
The way he minces words
The way he constantly tries
How he gets sad at times
But puts on his trademark smirk for the world to see
Just like me
Just like so many
I found a best friend
I do not know her birthday
Or her favourite food and colour
But I know she gets nightmares regularly
I know that she would die for her kingdom
I witnessed how she almost did
I know what makes her angry
And how she likes her tea
I know her thoughts and plans
And how her mind works
Yet she constantly surprises me
I fell in love with people who don’t exist
At least that was what people who ‘existed’ told me
Yet I feel as though the former and I are more connected
I feel as though they know me too
Just as well as I do
I feel as if they understand me
Without knowing my own reality
I think I may exist for them
The way they exist for me
I fell in love with people
They exist
In pages and online
I can give you photographs
Conversations I have had in my mind
I know so little about them
Yet I know so much
I will admit though,
I have trouble distinguishing truth from speculation
Yet I know for a fact
That they are real
As real as you and me.
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