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The dark themed Dazai fic has been started. There is a trigger warning in the notes and it is tagged but I am going to state it again.

tw: unhealthy relationship dynamics, manipulative/mentally abusive tendencies, alcoholism, drug use !!!!! 

this is not a cute fluffy fic of mafia Dazai; this is more adult and dark themed dealing with how screwed up Dazai’s mentality was in the mafia. Eventually it ends well but I wanted to write a more realistic fic revolving around what a relationship would be like with Dazai in the Port Mafia. 


 Summary: Without a word he was gone only showing up in dreams and nightmares. He was a dying star that swallowed you in and kept you warm in the dark until there was nothing left of either.

Dazai has only been impulsive twice in his life. Leaving the Port Mafia and taking you with him (four years later).

ao3 link

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あなたは神を少し理解していませんね? 「完璧と調和」? 神はそれらについて単一の世話をしません。 何度も見てきました…

🗯あなたはばか、織田作之、あなたは大きなばかです! (…)この種の男を死に追いやるには、あなたはばかです!(·•᷄‎ࡇ•᷅ )

誤って溝に落ちたとき、歩きながら 💬「偶発的な怪我を防ぐ方法」という本を読んでいました。 ♥︎

𝗗𝗔𝗭𝗔𝗜: つまり、自殺を目標にするのではなく、自殺未遂をするべきだということです。 自殺未遂で成功するのは難しいかもしれませんが、自殺未遂で失敗するのは簡単なはずです!\(^-^)/

太宰は、やや波打つ、短く、暗褐色の髪と狭い暗褐色の目を持つ若い男です。☂ 彼の前髪は彼の顔を囲み、いくつかは彼の額の中央に集まっています。

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oooooh this is gonna be so cute

thank you for requesting!


Originally posted by peiipain

  • he loves it oh my gosh
  • the first time he heard you singing, it was like he fell in love all over again
  • your voice was beautiful, and he honestly thought he could listen to it all day
  • sometimes, when he woke up with nightmares, you would hum something and it calmed his heart
  • i can totally see him loving the domestic life, and his favorite time is when your both puttering around the kitchen together, cooking something for dinner
  • your singing some tune along with the radio, and he’s just so happy to be with you
  • probably some of his favorite moments but the little tsundere would never admit it
  • he’s such a simp for you but it’s okay because your a simp for him
  • i could imagine him humming along with you??
  • badly
  • no he probably has a okay voice, maybe like an alto (in between deep and high my non music people)

Originally posted by cutefujoshiyaoi

  • this boy was soooo happy when he heard you sing
  • it was soothing to him, and he found it relaxing
  • he didn’t really know the relativity of good to bad singers, so please believe him when he says he thinks you sound beautiful
  • he rarely says what he thinks about your voice outloud, but i know whenever you sing it would just fill up his heart
  • prob asks himself why he deserves you
  • you tried to teach him how to sing once
  • he does not know how to sing
  • he started coughing and it lowkey ended in disaster
  • he was soooooo embarrassed about it
  • please reassure him that he’s okay because he’ll probably just act either fine or angry
  • he just thinks you sound so pretty—
  • i could see him being a little awkward the first time he heard you
  • he didn’t know how to react
  • so he just kinda stood there
  • he got used to it pretty quick tho
  • it’s now his favorite thing to hear when he comes home after a long day

Originally posted by umbrella-kun

  • he meant no harm i promise
  • he had to mask his surprise so he started joking about it
  • he wouldn’t settle down for just anyone so this man is a grade A SIMP for you
  • and that means teasing you when you sing
  • “is that my beautiful belladonna’s voice i hear?”
  • he would sing along, purposely messing up words and sounding bad because he loves the way your eyes light up and the sound you make when your trying to hold back a laugh while singing
  • You have to ask him to stop taking you to karoke because you’ve been like 3000,000 times
  • he still drags you there
  • and you go, because you love him
  • the people there have seen you with him so much they know you by name
  • like Chuuya, listening to you sing would definitely help him fall back asleep after nightmares
  • you could legit sing “I want it that way” by the backstreet boys after he wakes up in a panic and mans would pass out
  • he loves ur voice very much
  • he makes SURE to tell you how much he loves it

thank for requesting!! i had a lot of fun writing these and their very cute ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

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I bet he’d get embarrassed the first time he rambles in front of someone, especially when he first got away from the orphanage, because he’s just not used to people being alright with him being so chattery? But of course, people tell him he’s fine and Dazai thinks he’s so so cute when he’s excited and rambling about something he’s so passionate about. And if he did mention poisonous mushrooms, I bet Atsushi just. Counters with helpful edibles in the wild. (Nyanon, 2/7)

“These mushrooms are poisonous and cause hallucinations!” // “And these fruits are great sources of vitamin D, guess which one you’re being fed at dinner.” // “Wait-“ But uuuggghhh I can just imagine them meeting like that,, Like, the ADA wouldn’t like holding a child like a criminal! But she is an assassin (and a possible suicide risk if she tried anything like her canon fight with Atsushi), so their hands are tied. And then she runs away because she’s just. So tired. (Nyanon, 3/7)

And she meets Atsushi! Who is nice and warm and lets her get messy in the dirt with him, and he gives her warm food and he wipes off her face when it’s dirty but it’s soft and loving and nothing like being cleaned so she looks perfect, it’s loving and it’s nice and it’s more kindness than she remembers getting in… A long time, probably. And oh, I can just. Picture Atsushi showing her the best ways to garden and pick fruit and make food from it and I’m just. (Nyanon, 4/7)

I’m sorry I’m so soft for them. AMD THATS ONE OF MY FAVIRITE SCENARIOS HOW DARE YOOUUU I love it when a character is like “Please please please let me stay I won’t cause trouble I’ll do whatever you want” and they’re entirely ready to beg, face full on hitting the ground and it’s just like. There’s no need for it, because it hadn’t occurred to the other that they wouldn’t stay. IM SORRY IM SO SOFT FOR THESE TWO IM GONNA CRYYY. As for the other AU… (Nyanon, 5/7)

Watch as that’s the reason for Dazai’s numerous suicide attempts. It’s less actually trying to die (mostly), and more him wanting to see Atsushi more. Atsushi would just like him to come visit. You know, like a normal god. Anyways, I shall now move on to my AU Concept: One where the ADA, the PM, and some others run a joint animal rescue- Specifically, they work with abuse cases, or fighting rings they discover, and stuff like that. (Nyanon, 6/7)

I just feel like all of them would be a good fit for it, for various reasons. Also I just feel like it’d be really heartwarming? Please imagine them all taking care of a bunch of animals together, getting them good homes… I’m sorry I love animals. (Nyanon, 7/7)

go d he does wear all of those clothes nobody can convince me otherwise. AND I LOVE THE SCENARIO AS WELL, my favourite thing to imagine ever since u gave me this prompt is him wiping the dirt off her face after they’ve tended the garden ughHH

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA RESCUING ANIMALS Y E S  S  SS they would probably even like look after to try and solve a mystery when they notice that more and more strays are disappearing and being found dead. damn. i can just imagine all of it- everyone has more than three strays in their apartment just chillin while fukuzawa has ten plus strays that he adopted as his own cus he got Money and Space to look after them all AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HES SO CUTE I LOVE FUKUZAWA HE <333

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Last thing before I clock out for the night is another 10-pull in BSD, because (a) BSD is where I spend my gems ability stones recklessly to make up for all the saving going on in A3!, and because (b) the more I pull, the funnier the running gag gets. To wit:


Yep. Running gag’s still going strong, I see. Chuuya’s finally decided to meet me with his hat on (previously I spent 17 levels without a single Chuuya card, not even an R, before suddenly getting his Fables SSR, which while awesome also had him hatless), so, nice.

Junichiro isn’t here, which is unusual, but Lovecraft is, so I guess it evens out. Why do my ten-pulls almost always have one or the other of ‘em? In my early days playing, I got Gide all the time, but now he’s been pushed back as these two monopolise my pulls. Although, speaking of monopolising pulls…

Another Kajii card! Another new Kajii card, in fact. I have more kinds of Kajii cards than anyone else in the game, and most of 'em arrived within the past week or so. Ah, well, it can’t be helped. When life gives you lemon (bomber)s…

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H.P. Lovecraft Info

Name: Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Age: Twenty-eight (supposedly)

Birthday: August 20th (?)

Height: 6'2" (may vary)

Weight: Adjustable

Hair Color: Navy Blue

Eye Color: Violet

Skin Tone: Deathly pallor (greyish-white)

Species: Great Old One

Goals: Fulfilling contracts (supposedly)

Desires: To sleep in the ocean, sweets, offerings of some sort


Major sweet tooth

Favorite foods are chocolate and ice cream (vanilla and coffee flavoured, preferably)

Also likes french fries a lot

Bottomless stomach. Ate a bag of flour once (don’t ask where he acquired said flour)

Will take sorrow or other emotions as sacrifice (via writings like stories, poems, et cetera, or by oral tellings)

Has emotions, doesn’t know how to really communicate them 

Major introvert (canonically had not left the dwellings for like, four years or more)

Also suppresses emotions when in large groups of people

Cthulhu (and a bit of Nyarlathotep)

Can be devious when he wants to be

Taps his nails when bored or tired

Speaking of nails, his nails are long and fairly sharp

Bounces his leg

As old as the Universe, itself, and knows near everything about it

Immortal, obviously

Actually enjoys music! (classical, mostly, or music without lyrics in general); can tolerate other types of music, but prefers music without lyrics

Obviously likes to sleep in water. Will sleep in a bathtub full of water if allowed

Loves rain. Like, really loves rain

Joints pop and crack constantly, especially his neck

Usually sleeps around 14-16 hours a day, but will get up earlier (if he has to) or later (if he’s allowed)

His eyes change color depending on how tired he is (darker when he’s more tired)

Likes disturbing things because it reminds him of his…family. Also dislikes disturbing things for the exact same reason. Is usually indifferent to most things, though

His canines are a bit too long and sharp to be human

Either deathly cold or burning hot. There is no in-between, he just cannot get human temperature right. He tries, somewhat

Has three hearts, like an octopus

Blue blood! Like an octopus!

Blushes blue if nervous/embarrassed, it’s very cute uwu

Loves to read when the mood hits him

His handwriting is extremely small

Vocabulary is absolutely phenomenal and can speak like a scholar x10 when he desires

Can be very cryptic in his speech/writing

Nigh invincible, it would take an omnipotent power to kill him

Doesn’t really need to breathe…it freaks people out when he’s sleeping because they think he’s dead

Sleeps like a corpse - doesn’t move in the slightest

Has a Necronomicon symbol on his chest

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I’d like to apologize for all the sanity’s that have been lost after my 14th suicide attempt. But in my defence I was not supposed to be outside that long

Dazai justifies as he gets kicked by Chuuya

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