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#bsd atsushi

There are two parts to this theory:

1. Dazai is responsible for Atsushi getting kicked out of the orphanage.

2. Dazai got the headmaster killed.

Now comes the explanation… It’s already established that the headmaster knew that Atsushi was the tiger. We still don’t know how he knew or what he had planned to do with Atsushi. He had known this since Atsushi was a small child but still waited till he was 18 to kick him out for this reason? 

So, maybe it was Dazai who did something behind the back and got Atsushi kicked out, and then made sure the detective agency got the case (or he could have filed the case about the tiger himself), just so he could recruit him. He was very insistent that Atsushi join them. Remember how he told Hirotsu that he had planned on Atsushi and Akutagawa partnering up when he saw Atsushi for the first time, and the panel shown in the background was of them meeting in the river, when he wasn’t even supposed to know he was the tiger.

Now onto the second one. You have to admit that it’s weird that the headmaster was just killed off just like that. There was no reason for that chapter being there and the headmaster being killed off like that. No one would have even remembered that guy.

But the whole death was weird. It made me think that Dazai had the guy killed off before he had the chance to meet Atsushi. Maybe there is something that Dazai didn’t want the headmaster to tell Atsushi?

What I think happened is that… the man came to visit Atsushi, and planned to get flowers for him. This is all fine. So, Dazai finds this out. He doesn’t want the headmaster to meet Atsushi, so he sets someone up as the buyer. It was particularly mentioned that it was the Port Mafia region, and the buyer was a low-level Port Mafia member. The headmaster comes to the area and gets hit by a truck.  Even the whole “getting hit by vehicle” is Dazai’s style too (Remember Ango?).

Akutagawa, who is Dazai’s informant, tells Atsushi that the headmaster got killed in a traffic accident, and it was witnessed by the Mafia member who was going to buy the gun. Seriously? Why would a Mafia member buy gun from a random guy? We all know Akutagawa will do as Dazai says, so he probably set him up to kill the headmaster and give Atsushi the false information.

Another weird thing, slightly unrelated to the point being discussed, is that the face of the headmaster was completely destroyed and could not be identified. It’s weird that this was mentioned. There was no need of it since the man’s identity was revealed in the next panel. Could it be possible that the body was someone else entirely.

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POV: You’re taking a walk and notice a small wan tiger; he notices you too and gives you a charming smile before carrying on his merry way 🐯🌙

You wonder how you became so blessed to witness such cuteness 🥺

Little butt wiggles tho 👀🥺🐯 Look at him go, what adventures will he pursue?

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kingdom au (because apparently im able to make one as long as i keep their abilities intact)

dazai the crown prince would sneak out and meet his friend, odasaku, everytime full moon is near, because odasaku runs the orphanage and one of the kids is a weretiger, and dazai is capable of holding back atsushi’s transformation

seeing odasaku struggles hard everyday to raise his kids steel dazais resolve to kill mori and takes his place as the king, resulting in him not being able to visit the orphanage for a while and he gets real worried about the full moons

but nope tiger atsushi didnt kill anyone during full moon in fact he’s a very gentle big kitten who let his siblings sleep on top of him

then dazai finally have time to visit them! he brings carriages so he can bring odasaku and the kids to the palace, ango stays behind at the castle so he can prepare rooms for them, while akutagawa and chuuya act as dazais guards alongside several other grunts who dazai really only brought to impress odasaku and go “surprise! im a royalty all along!”

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What would I do if I was brought to the world of Bungou Stray Dogs?

  • Stay FAR away from the Port Mafia. The other fangirls who are willing to risk their lives can go swarm over there, I'mma just stay out of range of bullets, lemon bombs and Rashoumon
  • No way am I going to the Special Abilities Department either. I don’t trust any of them, and they won’t trust me
  • …Ah, shit, that leaves the Agency, doesn’t it?
  • Assuming that I get to stay there, the shit-stirring may commence *rubs hands*
  • Casually mention stuff about them that only the viewers know about. Those are private facts, not any of a random lost girl’s business, but how does she know
  • “You know, Kunikida-san, you’d get to work a lot earlier if you didn’t spend ten minutes being contemplative every morning.” “What?”
  • “Oda was right, by the way, it was Cinderella, not Snow White.” “…excuse me?”
  • “How does it feel to get stepped on by Akutagawa, tiger-boy?” “How do you know this?”
  • “Fukuzawa-san, your old scarf was terrible and I’m glad you’re no longer wearing it.” “…”
  • Whenever Dazai and Chuuya meet, I’d play Everytime We Touch right at the chorus
  • Akutagawa and Atsushi are staring each other down in the ADA office and I’m just sliding into the client space, singing “Two bros, chilling in the hot tub, five feet apart cuz they’re not gay”
  • Repeatedly call Akutagawa’s jabot a cravat
  • “What happened to your eyebrows, Akutagawa-san?” “Five seconds. Run.”
  • Ranpo will know what’s up and he and I will immediately team up
  • First order of business when staying in the BSD universe: Befriend Ranpo and Yosano, therefore gaining access to snacks, braincells, and a variety of sharp weapons
  • Kyouka and Kenji will be my new best friends and I will make it my job to give them normal teenage experiences. It’s important for their mental and emotional development
  • “STYX WHY IS THE MAFIA CALLING ABOUT VANDALIZED CARS I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU WERE TAKING THEM OUT TO ICE CREAM!” “Teenagers do stuff like that all the time though! And we did get ice cream afterwards!”
  • Never said I knew what normal teenage experiences are, so technically it’s Kunikida’s fault
  • You thought I wouldn’t take advantage of Kyouka’s mafia intel? Ha.
  • I’ll introduce them to Tumblr and wait for the explosions
  • Move every piece of stationary on Kunikida’s desk five inches to the left.
  • Meeting Katai just for the WiFi
  • “Mori was shipping you and Chuuya, by the way. Just in case you weren’t aware.” “You know too much.”
  • 1) Write fanfiction of Soukoku, Shin Soukoku, and Zenki Soukoku. 2) Get Katai to spread them online under an anonymous account. 3) Send links to both organizations. 4) Wait.
  • “Did I start another war? My bad.” “SO YOU SENT THOSE LINKS?” “I did more than send links, Kunikida-san.”
  • “You currently have an old man in your lap, Haruno-san.” “But this is my cat? He’s not that old.” “I warned you, Haruno-san.”
  • I’d befriend Tanizaki and Naomi buuuuut–
  • Spread the fanart of Soukoku, Shin Soukoku, and Zenki Soukoku in my phone to the internet. Also through Katai.
  • You’re probably asking: how did I get Katai to do this for me? I have fanart of Gin, too
  • “This is the spot where Kyouka and Atsushi got kidnapped by Akutagawa and brought to the ship that led to the iconic Shin Soukoku fight that perfectly demonstrated their differences in both mentality and combat–take my picture with it!”
  • “This exact spot is where Dazai and Chuuya fought Rimbaud, displaying their strengths and weaknesses and how they perfectly complemented each other that led to the unstoppable partnership that coined the name Double Black, and held hands for the first time–take my picture with it!”
  • “This building is where RanPoe all started–take my picture with it!”
  • “This is where Fyodor stabbed Mori and Naruto ran away–take my picture with it!”
  • “Take my picture with it!”

My goals:

  1. Act omniscient
  2. Friend list must be composed of Ranpo, Yosano, Kenji, Kyouka, and Katai, for maximum fun
  4. Find out what the 53 requirements to be Kunikida’s wife are and sell the knowledge when I get back
  5. Recreate the fandom for the three partnerships and make sure the fangirls and fan content will be able to continue on without me before I leave
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Just a quick post. I had this drawing from a school project I had to do so I decided to post it. It’s not the best (I only got a week and a half to work on this whole project) but I haven’t posted in forever so I decided I might as well post it.

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☘︎︎ 𝔽𝕚𝕣𝕤𝕥 𝔻𝕒𝕥𝕖 ☘︎︎



❤︎ if you want anything don’t be shy to ask, your wish is my command ❤︎


Dᴀᴢᴀɪ ᴏsᴀᴍᴜ:


Originally posted by reallysaltykou

Stroll Outdoors 🏞

ఌ You know that river he jumped in when Atsushi found him?

ఌ That’s it; you guys went for a walk near it and to the park.

ఌ Despite seeming too simple, it was actually really cute and enjoyable!

ఌ A lot of adorable stuff have happened in it an example of them is:

Dazai: Have you ever had a boyfriend?

Y/N: No

Dazai: *genuinely surprised* HOW?!

Y/N: *shrugs*

Dazai: *under his breath* but your are so beautiful and amazing

Y/N: what?

Dazai: chicken strips *panicking inside*

ఌ You guys also got ice cream and he did that cliche but gentlemanly move of wiping it from the corner of your lips with a handkerchief.

ఌ He walked you home and kissed your cheek as a goodbye.

“I hope you enjoyed our night, belladonna.” said Dazai a soft smile gracing his lips.

ᴀᴛsᴜsʜɪ Nᴀᴋᴀᴊɪᴍᴀ:


Originally posted by reallysaltykou

Face Painting 🧑‍🎨

ᴥ︎ As a little childish as it was it’s was a really adorable and wholesome date.

ᴥ︎ You guys bought a face painting kit and sat on a roof of a house and painting each other’s faces laughters and giggles filling the air.

ᴥ︎ You painted a little tiger on his cheek while he painted a butterfly on yours.

ᴥ︎ Here is a glimpse of what happened:

Y/N: Atsushi, why did you paint a butterfly?

He started blushing like crazy and said shyly

“It’s cause you are as beautiful as one.”

ᴥ︎ Gave you a piggy back ride home.

“It was so much fun! Thank you for accepting to date me!”

ᴋᴜɴɪᴋɪᴅᴀ ᴅᴏᴘᴘᴏ:


Originally posted by yosanosano

Cooking classes 🍱

✍︎︎ Ah yes, cute and beneficial.

✍︎︎ If you both didn’t end up messing up the place.

✍︎︎ You were baking a cake together and accidentally knocked over the bag of flour which fell on the both of you.

✍︎︎ He got a little frustrated thinking you hated this but immediately relaxed when he saw you laughing.

✍︎︎ You wiped each other’s faces and cleaned the place together.

✍︎︎ When adding the a decoration to cake he did something very cute.

✍︎︎ He hugged you from behind and guided your hand to how you should spray the cream over the cake.

✍︎︎ Of course he drove you home and made sure you are safe.

“I hope we can do it again soon and I will make sure nothing goes wrong.”

Tᴀɴɪᴢᴀᴋɪ ᴊᴜɴɪᴄʜɪʀᴏ:


Originally posted by annie-memv

Picnic 🧺

☃︎ A lot of cute and simple dates we have here.

☃︎ Packed all your favorite snacks and food.

☃︎ You guys talked a lot and shared a lot of cute stories.

☃︎ You were teasing him most of the time leading to a very shy junichiro to appear.

☃︎ At the end of the night like the cutie pie he is, he walked you home and kissed your forehead and said

“ Hopefully you liked it today as much as I did!” He said with a cute smile while holding your hand gently.

Rᴀɴᴘᴏ ᴇᴅᴏɢᴀᴡᴀ:


Originally posted by yosanosano

Five Minutes Craft Trial 📱

☕︎︎ Now our great detective knew none of this shit will work out except two or three, so why did he choose this to be your first date?

☕︎︎ He wanted to explore and try things you.

☕︎︎ A lot of jokes were exchanged as well as sweet words making the atmosphere ,despite being a little silly, loving!

☕︎︎ He enjoyed the excited expression whenever you saw something in the video you were interested in and wanted to try.

☕︎︎ You guys ate a lot of candy (mainly him but who cares).

☕︎︎ He asked you if you wanted him to walk you home but you declined so he bid his farewell to you with a letter.

“It was so much trying these with you! I am really glad you accepted my confession but I mean who wouldn’t? Seriously though thank you for giving me a chance. -Ranpo/ Your Wonderful Boyfriend”

ɴᴀᴋᴀʜᴀʀᴀ ᴄʜᴜᴜʏᴀ:


Originally posted by suehiro

Fancy Restaurant 🍾

➪ Just wow.

➪ He really went all out for this!

➪ Some might ask "Why is doing all of this?

➪ Well my friend you see, in this scenario you’ve known Chuuya since he joined the Sheep so he pretty much knows everything about you and vice versa.

➪ Anyways back to the date, so he chose a really fancy one and booked a private table on the roof.


➪ The light illuminating on the flowers decorating the room. A soft smile present on Chuuya’s face as he was enjoying his meal with you.

➪ He got you a really cute necklace too!

➪ When all of this luxury comes to an end he drove you home and gave your hand a kiss.

"Hopefully this makes you see me in another light other than the apple with anger issues because I want you to see me as your lover.”

ᴀᴋᴜᴛᴀɢᴀᴡᴀ ʀʏᴜᴜɴᴏsᴜᴋᴇ:


Originally posted by reallysaltykou

Zoo 🦥


☾ You guys went around feeding animals (more like you did cause aku was busy glaring at whoever looked at you funny)

☾ It was really cute when you made him try and feed the ducks!

☾ He was so clueless about everything and how to act in a way to make them warm up to him

☾ Btw when he saw the tiger cage it reminded him of Atsushi so he went ╭∩╮(•_•)╭∩╮

☾ You hugged a lot too-

☾ Just pure wholesomeness 😔

☾ You ate together some sandwiches you made

☾ You fed him and vice versa

☾ When he walked you home he said

“I can say an idiot like you made my day somewhat pleasant today.”

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Dazai and Atsushi are taking a stroll near the park (near the ADA), they walk near a chocolate store and Dazai suggests they buy some for Ranpo and themselves.

As they go in, they see two fellows that are familiar, but disguised. As they got to the aisle, they see Chuuya and Akutagawa dressed in very…Detective Agency style. Chuuya was wearing a ponytail, while Akutagawa was…Akutagawa but more soft-ish looking.

Dazai decided to stir up trouble which ended up with Chuuya almost going to Corruption Mode while Atsushi buys the chocolate and runs out the store with Aku following him.

“Why are you following me, out in public?” Atsushi asks the latter.

“I know I said I wouldn’t fight or kill anyone during six months, but..” Aku trails off.

“But..?” Atsushi asks, now confused on why the latter is suddenly silent.

“Through our fights..I think, it was about time I realized that Dazai-san would only notice me if I were in the Detective Agency.. That’s why..” Akutagawa trails off once again.

“I want our battle to go earlier than expected!” Aku finally finishes.

“E-Eh?!” Atsushi responds in surprise.

“You promised! Besides, we agreed it was a fist fight. So what are you implying?!” Atsushi asks in return.

“Mori-san said he would send me and Chuuya to the Detective Agency to see why Dazai-san quit the Port Mafia. He sent the both of us out because we’re also acquainted with Dazai-san. As much as I don’t want to work with you, we need to stop those two idiots for senpais before they cause a wreck” Akutagawa says, going back to the store.

Atsushi follows shortly after, still contemplating whether what Akutagawa said was true or not.

When they get in the store, they find..

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i tried drawing atsushi my lovely chazuke loving mc. this is probably my first digital sketch. i usually do traditional art, and it would have been better in traditional but oh well.

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