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tunamayuu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
doodle dump for another crossover au i had in mind ever since i drew suegiku as shinogiyu
dazai as kanae kocho
kunikida as kyojuro rengoku
odasaku as gyomei himejima
higuchi as mitsuri kanroji
gin as iguro obanai
kenji as inosuke hashibara
akutagawa as genya shinazugawa
chuuya as sanemi shinazugawa
sigma as rui
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tender-rosiey · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ᴀ/ɴ: YAYYYYYYYY, i slept the whole day today but i am done with the post so that’s good; i have to nag my project partners for their parts so god give me patience. i hope you like this guys! <33
Tumblr media
KUNIKIDA DOPPO: he is a man who likes order and discipline so when he misses you, he likes to connect between two things he loves, maybe one more than the other. with your granted permission before, he proceeds to organize and arrange your things so they can be more accessible for you; when you are back, he tells you about where he put everything so you don’t feel confused or can’t find something by yourself.
RANPO EDOGAWA: aside from sighing, whining and huffing every single minute like a drama prince, he links anything and everything anyone says to you. someone is talking about shopping? “y/n is doing that right now.” someone is talking about a type of food? “y/n hates that type of stuff, why are you talking about it?” may I add that everytime he speaks up he ends it with a pout? so when you get back, you are met with a happy ranpo with a wagging tail.
AKUTAGAWA RYUUNOSUKE: with his already rather grumpy nature, he easily becomes a walking time-bomb. you will always hear him grumbling about everything and anything; he also becomes significantly more easy to tick off. when he sees you, it’s an evident change in how he is acting. he sticks around you even more than before but not the type of a hand on your waist but more of just being in your presence.
NAKAJIMA ATSUSHI: every time you go out on a date, he keeps at least one thing that reminds him of the date. he keeps in a small wooden box hidden in his room, and he takes it out whenever you are out and he misses you. he would look through all of them and reminisce the events related to them with a goofy and lovesick smile on his face. he got caught by dazai once and he never wanted a hole to swallow him more, he had to aggressively strangle dazai so he won’t say anything.
NAKAHARA CHUUYA: chuuya is a man of money, a man of power, a man of status and most importantly a man of love. when he is out in the town because of a mission or you are the one on a mission, he likes to go around shops and get anything that reminds him of you and feels that you will like it. a lot of your clothes are bought that way too, he thinks that it will compliment your figure and that it’s your taste. unsurprisingly he never got you anything that you didn’t like or didn’t fit, and when you come back he likes to hype you up if you are trying on something.
DAZAI OSAMU: dazai loves books and even while his precious guide of suicide is his most precious treasure, he likes to read the books you have, specifically the one you annotated and put little notes in. that’s after he throws his drama king tantrum though and annoys kunikida till he gets white hair. and even if you don’t read books that much then he will ask you to at least read one and annotate it and you won’t be able to escape his persuasion. he can spend hours reading your cute notes and marks in the books and sometimes it makes him laugh whole-heartedly. when you come back, he proceeds to lively tell you about what he read and pulls you into a crushing hug.
EDGAR ALLAN POE: a quilt, a pen, a pencil and a piece of paper, these have been poe’s best friends for quite some time, aside from karl. he returns to them when you are not around him, and proceeds to write till his heart’s content. however, it isn’t any writing. they are all poems and short stories where he pours his feelings for you. something that brings him so much peace and happiness when you aren’t there with the gentle touch that he adores so much. though it would be on his dead body if he ever shows you them, unless you find them behind his back.
TACHIHARA MICHIZO: he isn’t shy instead shameless. so said man proceeds to brag about you and talk about you for hours with literally anyone when you are gone. the bragging is doubled whenever it’s around his enemies, because what’s better to rile them up other than the fact they will never have someone like you? aside from the fact that they are just gagging at his lovesick talk, there isn’t any ill feelings honestly. that is if you don’t count being scared shitless because they are going to die.
TANIZAKI JUNICHIRO: naomi is always teasing him for it. for what? for just how head over heels he is for you. when he isn’t in your comforting and precious presence, he tends to zone out a lot. minding wondering and dreaming of a world where he can be peacefully in your arms with nothing to do other than love each other. too bad he can’t dream for long as well because he gets scolded as quickly as he the time it takes for him to zone out. he thinks it’s all worth it when you are back though, why wouldn’t he?
Tumblr media
taglist: @magenta-cat-drawingss @pompompurin1028 @scul-pted @dazaisdeathwish @requiem626k @nameless-shrimp @shinys-bsd-world-1 @sonder-paradise @ravenina14 @jessbeinme15 @todorokichills @ginneko @missrown @shrynkk @simplyxsinned
Tumblr media
copyright © 2020 tender-rosiey
do not copy or plagiarize or you will be reported
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incorrectsoukokuquotes · a day ago
Chuuya: A summer party really matches my easy breezy vibe.
Dazai: Easy breezy vibe? I thought you had more of a dead of winter, girl with the dragon tattoo, Sarsgaard Murderhouse vibe.
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sesugi · a day ago
Manuscript of No Longer Human by Japanese author Osamu Dazai
Tumblr media
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dazaiskinnie · a day ago
Dazai: ahh it’s fall, everything is falling
Dazai: the leaves
Dazai: my will to live
Dazai: chuuya
*pushes chuuya down the stairs*
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littleholmes · 2 days ago
Another moment I think about way too much is that part of the Lovecraft fight when Dazai struggles to get up after being hit. Chuuya asks if he’s okay and Dazai laughs a bit and says “yeah…”, but Chuuya immediately knows that’s not true. He takes one look at him and without hesitation counters with “no, you’re not” basically calling bs with his words and tone before asking what happened because he knew Dazai was taken off guard and also wasn’t able to use his ability but needs to hear Dazai say and confirm what he hopes isn’t true or is just a joke, and I just think it’s such an excellent display of what it’s like when you know someone, like really know them, and when you have a history with them or you’re close enough to someone that you can see through their deflections and masks and know when they truly aren’t okay. It’s a quick moment, and Dazai follows up later with that arm joke to try lighten the mood, but the initial moment when Dazai is actually hurt and Chuuya recognizes both that and the bigger issue at hand really speaks to these two and the depths of their bond
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creantzy · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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tiredaroacesimp · 2 days ago
Soukoku shipping experience is seeing works named  “I´m in love with a monster” and not knowing whose pov is that
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yatsugareboyf · 13 hours ago
birthdays with them
dazai x reader, ranpo x reader.
fluff. warning: none i think
the back of book: celebrating your birthdays with dazai and ranpo (separately)
note: happy birthday @os8mu ! (idk if it's the 28th for u rn but its the 28th for me so wooo) ily!
Tumblr media
- dazai osamu
it wasn't that late when you and dazai went to bed, but it does take you a while before you go deep in sleep, so you immediately felt his lanky arms slowly making their way around your waist and his hair pressing softly against your nape.
"guess what day it is?" you hear his quiet, teasing voice making you chuckle in response.
"i'm pretty sure it's still night, sweetheart."
"it's your birthday!" he tightens his grip on your waist, ignoring your sarcastic remark, "it's 12 AM, so technically it's your birthday."
"yes and for my birthday, i want to sleep until 2 PM." he whines playfully as you snuggle your back into his chest, but not making an effort to pull away.
"you're just gonna sleep for half of your birthday? i won't allow it! we have to spend the whole day celebrating, from 12 AM right now to 11:59 PM later."
giggling quietly, you place your hand above his own on your waist, running your thumb across his knuckles. this is not out of the ordinary for dazai to do, since he does this every time your anniversary rolls around and any other special event you can think of.
"it's your special day and i want to you enjoy it for every second." he says with such conviction that you're convinced he's gonna drag you somewhere at 12 AM for a "birthday surprise".
you turn around to face him, eyes still barely open from being woken up from a light sleep, seeing his blurry sillouhette.
"ill enjoy my entire day even if it meant laying around with you."
he groans dramatically in response, "my belladonna is still ever so charming even if it's her birthday, not mine. you wound me, my love."
you giggle for a umpteenth time this night, choosing to close your heavy eyes in favor of slowly wrapping your arms around his neck.
"let's make a deal. i get to sleep in until 10 AM, then we get to do whatever you have planned."
"7 AM."
"what? who has plans at 7 AM?"
"me, i do. we do, birthday girl. 7 AM."
"can't it wait til like ... 9 AM?"
he whines again, "y/n, please? it'll be worth it i promise."
you pretend to think about it, although you and him both know that you can never say no to him, even if it meant waking up at ungodly hours just to see his surprise.
"fine. 7 AM. now let's go back to sleep."
your boyfriend lets out a quiet victory cheer, wiggling you in his arms. though it wasn't rare for dazai to be "over the top" on gifts and surprises on special occasions, he struggles a lot with what to get you and what you might want as a surprise. he probably asked around to assemble this early morning surprise (and you're pretty sure that there will be more as the day progresses), and the very thought of him asking for help when he seems like he's got everything all figured out makes you feel proud.
dazai presses a soft, loving kiss on your lips, smiling against them, "happy birthday, belladonna."
- edogawa ranpo
"come on, come on, come on, y/n! you're so slow!" your very lovely boyfriend pulls on your arm, speedwalking towards the agency door.
if he was trying to be subtle, he definitely failed earlier on today. from the moment you woke up, he started fussing about "getting to work on time" when he never wakes up before you, to the moment you've almost reached the agency office.
you still admire his efforts, anyway.
"ranpo, slow down, we're here!" he stops immediately once you mention your arrival. he then fixes his attire then looks at you.
"close your eyes! wait, that makes it obvious, doesn't it? don't close your eyes then, just walk in like normal." the fact that he's letting you in first is already a sign, but him confusing himself makes it all the more adorable, you can't help but press a quick kiss on his cheek before pushing the agency door open.
unsurprisingly, the rest of the agency has set up the office for your birthday, all of them saying "happy birthday y/n!" the moment you opened the door. ranpo comes in after, jumping around you yelling "yay! happy birthday" making you laugh.
you thank the agency members for their greetings and thanked them for the time they spent setting it up, "thank you so much, everyone, really."
"hey, where's my thank you? i planned this after all!" exclaims your pouty boyfriend, holding a party blower which he got from thin air. you giggle in response.
"i did say everyone, didn't i?"
"mine has to be special! i set this all up for you!"
"well, he's not wrong," kunikida interrupts, checking his watch before looking back up at you, "he arranged this surprise weeks before, already knowing that today is a more quiet and less busy day than usual."
you smile at kunikida and look back at ranpo still pouting, waiting for his exclusive "thank you."
"that's right, isn't it? thank you, baby," you pat his head, "you did great, i like it a lot."
he beams with so much pride, smiling from ear to ear as he finally receives his praise, not to mention the growing redness on his cheeks. not wanting to take the attention away from you (but that doesn't mean he doesn't wants your attention), he blows his party blower and gets the party started.
"i call dibs on the cake!"
"that's my cake, ranpo!"
"i picked it out, so fifty-percent of it is mine!"
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bsdwanscreenshots · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
" I don't even want to see his face at all. "
Tumblr media
Bungo Stray Dogs Wan! Episode 12
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dahliadagger · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
i remembered they have the same voice actor and just physically couldn’t stop myself from drawing this
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ghosts-and-animals · 2 days ago
Dazai, explaining his injuries: im bleeding from the front and back and i hear ringing in my ears, god is calling me i think
Chuuya: well pick up
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scarletta-ruan · a day ago
Feeling alive [Osamu Dazai]
TYPE: Oneshort, hurt/comfort, remind of suicide
PAIRING: Osamu Dazai x fem!reader
WORDCOUNTS: 778 words
NOTES: A first request from a Vietnamese friend @minttea-123. A small present for you in these last days of the lunar new year
Tumblr media
When you are here, that makes me feel alive.
Dazai’s hand felt a weird feeling when his cold hand touched the door surface. A kind of unsafe emotion ran down his own spine, his eyebrows frowned then he quickly opened the door.
“[Name], I’m- [Name]!”
Dazai ran into a room abruptly when he saw a body lying on the floor, under the illuminated light he could see a red liquid. Blood! Dazai thought then looked at you right away. His voice became hoarse.
“[Name], don’t scare me.”
He held you in his arms and checked your body straightly. Every part of your body, though, he couldn’t see any injuries. Dazai tried to look at you more carefully then he saw a big cut on your left arm, his face went pale when he saw it.
His left arm still hugged you tightly while his other hand tried to search in his coat pocket. Dazai wanted to find something which could help him to stop the bleeding blood. When his fingers feld a soft, fluffy fabric he took it out right away. Luckily for him that was a handkerchief you made for him, Dazai couldn’t wait long, he tore to make it longer then quickly wrapped it around your arm.
When everything was done, Dazai held you firmly in his arms and brought you straight to the hospital.
Dazai stood up when he saw your eyelids twitch. His cold hand wrapped your hand tighter than before, he worriedly asked.
“[Name], are you alright?”
Your [color] eyes opened but closed again because of the light in front of your eyes, you blinked for a while and realized that was a ceiling. When Dazai noticed you didn’t answer he asked again.
“Are you alright?”
His other hand reached your head and rubbed your hair, Dazai wanted you to know that you were loved by him. You blankly looked at the ceiling and said,
“Why do you bring me here?”
“Because you are injured.” Dazai replied right away, without any doubt.
“I don’t deserve to be saved, Osamu. I should die…”
You said, your voice became hoarse, Dazai could see tears falling down on the corner of your eyes. He sighed, for the first time. Dazai leaned closer to you, his head placed on your chest and said,
“Don’t say that, love.”
“I should die, I am not worthy of being alive.”
Tears falling down from the corner of your eyes, Dazai wiped it off gently, then his hand again placed on your chest. Dazai’s index finger pointed at the center of your chest and said,
“Your heart is still beating, [Name]. That proves that you can’t die and don’t deserve to die at a young age.”
“But I can’t…” You sobbed, Dazai could feel your hands shaking. His thumb rubbed your back and said,
“Don’t worry, [Name]. I will be here.”
Dazai said certainly, the atmosphere between you guys became more silent. No one talked or did anything, the only thing Dazai could hear was your own sobbing.
“[Name], can I know the reason why you cut yourself?”
Dazai said, his soft brown head still placed on your chest. His voice was gentle and sound, you were quiet. Dazai moved his head to take a peek of your face from this angle. You slowly said.
“I was drowning into the dark…” you sobbed then stopped for a while to hold back all your tears and continued. “... I was being bullied by my schoolmates. They… made fun of my stories about normal life. I was being pulled into the street without any escape.”
Your tears fell down from both of your [color] eyes. You hadn't told that to anyone, including Dazai because you didn't want to make him worried. Dazai's brown orbs looked at you, he sat up and moved to your face. He placed a gentle kiss on your forehead and said.
“You should have told me earlier, love. Seemed like you forced yourself like that for a long time, didn't you?”
You nodded your head, Dazai sighed. He kissed on your palm and continued.
“I don’t know how to get you better, but this is all I can do now. I will give you everything you want, a kiss, a hug, or everything.”
Dazai became silent for a while, he again held your hand and said.
“Just please, don’t try to commit suicide again. It might be weird to ask you such a ridiculous thing but… I can’t stand my woman dying in front of me.”
Dazai laid his head back on your chest and closed his eyes, your other hand lifted up and rubbed his soft, brown hair, you murmured.
“I won’t try to die anymore. Thank you, Osamu.”
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urgodmoon · a day ago
thinking about the fact that dazai and chuuya probably came up with the names of their attacks while playing at the arcade.
"oi, mackerel, how about Rain Beyond the Window for this attack?"
"so you had your first good idea, ne chibi"
"fuck off, social outcast"
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chibikko9 · 2 days ago
i just saw this right now. Yes. I'm sobbing.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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littleholmes · 2 days ago
I can’t stop thinking about the amount of trust Chuuya has in Dazai because every time he has to use Corruption his options are death (either by the whatever bad they’re facing or his own ability) or Dazai, and he trusts this man so much that he’s willing to bet every time that Dazai will be there to save him from himself when his ability makes him go feral. The whole dead apple situation really gets me because Chuuya had no way of knowing for sure that Dazai was still alive or would at least be alive/revived when he hit him, he just had this unshakeable belief built from years of knowing each other that Dazai wouldn’t fail him one way or another so he took that chance
I also can’t stop thinking about how in his blacked out state he went looking for Dazai immediately after destroying the dragon. Chuuya, as out of it as Corruption makes him, was still like dragon? Check. Dazai? Need Dazai, scream for Dazai, find Dazai…and didn’t exactly stop until he found him because Dazai was part of the mission and he can’t stop (or even be stopped) until he’s dead or with Dazai and can have him nullify his power so he can regain control. His life is in his hands and he trusts him with that responsibility.
idk I’m rambling but I just find the two of them so fascinating, but especially Chuuya and how he relies on Dazai when it comes to part of his ability, and his trust in him
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the-beldam29 · 20 hours ago
i made a bsd headcannon when i was trying to fall asleep so im gonna share.
dazai: is the first to jump in the desk and starts screaming at atsushi to get it since he is a cat
atsushi: "I AM NOT A CAT" but does that thing with the arched back and the puffed up fur. also gets on the table bc there were a lot of rats on the orphanage and he doesnt like them
kyouka: immediately conjures demon snow.
kenji: does not let anyone kill the rat. he gets it in his hands and forces everyone to pet it and also tries to convince everyone to keep it as a pet
yosano: really does not like rats so she gets pissed, with murderous eyes. eventually gets calm enough to touch it but she still doesnt like it
ranpo: uses his ability to know where the rat is hiding and where is his nest, but discovers that the nest is on one of his snacks hiding spots.
kunikida: its just a rat. he's still working and trying to pay no attention to the chaos. but he does get angry after a while and decides to join to make it faster
tanizaki: runs out the door immediately and drags naomi too. he just keeps running
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boombboi · 20 hours ago
Chuuya: Everybody shut up, I'm thinking.
Dazai, patting them on the back: Well, don’t think too hard. I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself.
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sesugi · 23 hours ago
Manuscript of 'No Longer Human' by Japanese author Osamu Dazai
Tumblr media
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elevenc · a day ago
bsd theories: a list
Some existing bsd theories (AS OF CHAPTER 98) that I could think of off the top of my head. none of the linked posts are mine.
1. Higuchi’s ability
having an ability, possibly healing ability to reverse time possible names for said ability 
my take: I do not think Higuchi’s ability is specifically healing, but I do think time reverse used as a healing ability is possible.
2. Fyodor’s ability
blood manipulation and therefore instant death brainwash/brain-related  whether it is affected by direct touch direct touch, and what the sin is
my take: fyodor can control his ability. nikolai slaps him on the shoulder at some point? he might be using his ability to instantly kill ability users.
3. Vamp!Fyodor
fyodor is a vampire fyodor is NOT a vampire
4. Vampire infection in the PM
how the infection might have started  another infection spread theory the end of the prison break arc who is dead dead and could possible live
my take: I just want Jouno to be alive at the end of all of this.
5. Tanizaki siblings
junichiro potentially joining the PM another one here more things on junichiro being insane naomi is dead naomi is NOT dead (umm)
my take: it is highly possible that junichiro joins the PM. side note, i don’t trust long-haired, smiling anime characters in sailor moon uniforms.
6. Sigma
sigma will be fyodor’s downfall possible abilities (I have yet to read a post about this)  sigma joins the ada (can’t find the post)
my take: I actually don’t think sigma has an ability.
also check this out: BSD unresolved
Interesting takes on:
Fukuchi Fyodor VS Dazai and this Yosano VS Dazai Dazai when it comes to Ango  sadism and violence in bsd atsushi is NOT a cinnamon roll
if you're digging for obscure bsd theories you should definitely search for the shorter, less often seen posts on tumblr. the posts I chose are mostly ones that do a good job of summarising common theories :) please add on to this list I would love to read more
ah WAIT!! before you go! read this what you’re tagging wrong as a bsd fan
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