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#bsd fanfic

[ it takes two to tango ]

pairing: chuuya nakahara x f!reader

word count: 2.4k words

contains: enemies but they flirt a lot basically, so much sexual tension and teasing, flirty!y/n, fight scenes and dance scenes basically carry the same amount of sexual tension and i will die on this hill

summary: chuuya runs into you, his arch-nemesis, again at a masquerade ball on a mission and reluctantly allies himself with you to fulfill the same goal

a/n: okay here’s ANOTHER chuuya fic from your resident chuuya fangirl. this is my first time writing an enemies to lovers-ish fic and i had so much fun with the setting and sexual tension here so i hope you guys like it 

▸ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ┈┈┈┈ 🎕 ◂

chuuya was being watched, he could feel it ever since he walked into the large mansion on undercover mission that mori sent him out to do. at first, he didn’t think much of it since he was going to a masquerade ball, after all. of course there would be a few girls or two who’s eyes he managed to catch. 

except, when he went off on his own inside the mansion to search for info on the enemy faction’s leader, who also happened to be hosting the party, he could tell he was now being followed.  chuuya wasn’t particularly alarmed, he could handle anyone by himself. but he was pretty pissed off when he realized who those familiar footsteps, that grew nearer than ever, belonged to.

without hesitation, chuuya pulled out his knife and whirled around to face a pistol directed at his face. even with the black, feathered mask covering half your face, chuuya would recognize his arch-nemesis anywhere. 

he watched your red lips curl up in a smirk. “fancy seeing you here, nakahara,” you purred.

“fuck, you again?” chuuya growled, not lowering his knife. 

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Bratty Melody 🎶

Fyodor x Reader


Originally posted by fyodcrs



I am very sorry for how this turned out @awkwxrd-kxrla I still hope you like it 😔

Btw melodiya from what I have read is melody in Russian cause 💃🏻


“Dear, I love you but keep that up and I will throw you out in the streets where I found you.”

You false gasped “Excuse you! I wasn’t in the streets when you found me! I was in my respectful household thank you very much.” He side eyed you and continued playing on his cello.

“Anywhere that isn’t my place is streets to me, melodiya.” He stopped playing after you replied with “Well imma go into said “streets” for the day.”

“Leave the room and you see what will happen to you, dear.” He threatened as he crossed his legs and leaned back into his chair. “Bohoo~ I am so scared! Fyodor if there is anyone that can scare you it’s me.”

He stood up and went to you “how is that you can scare me while others can’t?” You smiled and put a hand on his shoulder and slyly replied with “Honey, I am your wife; you know how I get when you do make me angry. Per example when you ——————and then I ———-— basically all the blackmail one could use against you is with me. “ at the end of the sentence a blushing Fyodor with furrowed eyebrows had appeared.

“I should’ve left you on that street corner where you were standing.” He said as he hugged you. “But you didn’t and instead married me, whose fault is that? Mine because I said yes or yours because you proposed?”

“My heart for loving an idiot like you.” He replied nonchalantly.

“Should I be flattered or offended?” You asked while hanging onto him like a koala. “Both so you can balance your feelings for once.” He said.

“Are you calling me emotionally unstable while you are the one who is so bipolar I don’t know if you love me or want to throw me out of a window?” You replied

“Why did I waste my money on the engagement ring..” he grumbled as he was holding you so you don’t fall. “I was the one who bought the ring you ungrateful rat-“ you retorted.

“And I have a fashion sense unlike you.” you continued while he raised an eyebrow and asked “How so?”

You took his hat and wore it “Fyodor, you wear a ushanka hat in summer where I literally melt with just a shirt and shorts.” You started playing with his hair as he murmured “So I have bad taste in stuff?”

You hummed while he smirked and said “so I have a bad taste in choosing things including choosing you?” You bonked his head earning a chuckle from him. “Bye Y/N~” “wha-“ soon you were dropped as the man left to plan whatever he wanted to do next for a “better future”.

“JUST WHAT I NEEDED TODAY!” You yelled while he came back irritated but smug and kissed you.

“Better, you whiny baby?” He asked while you blankly stared at him. “Do you think a kiss will cease the pain in my ass, you ass?” You questioned.

“Melodiya, I think you should behave if you want to be able to walk tomorrow.” You rolled your eyes and said “haha, you totally don’t know about how I was planning to destroy a city tomorrow and ARENT trying to stop me.” You mockingly stated.

“Honey, you can’t be the wife of someone who wants a world with no trouble and eliminated of ability users as a whole and then you end up blowing a whole city.” He said as a matter of a fact.

“Sir aren’t you the same person who caused a lot of gifted people to get killed by their abilities?-“ “I have a vision.” He interrupted.

“Totally.” You rolled your eyes only to be picked up by a glaring Fyodor. “I think you should be disciplined, dear.” He darkly stated while you gulped.

“Let’s see how your bratty and sarcastic attitude will help you in it.” He said while walking towards your shared bedroom while you were praying for mercy and forgiveness.


A/N: Omg imagine if someone requested a smut continuation to this- :0

I am really sorry if you guys didn’t like it-

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⚠️tw: mentions of suicide and death⚠️

(Authors Notes: this takes place after Dazai reveals that he was an old Port Mafia member.)

Chuuya the opened the door to Dazai’s room to find…

Ten volumes of different books relating to suicide and death. Some rope on a display that has a namecard saying “Too short, wish it could’ve been longer”. And lots, and LOTS, of bandages in his closet drawer. And a mini-fridge with a label on top saying “For Poison Storage only”.

“WHAT THE HELL?! THIS SUICIDAL BRAT IS TOO MUCH THAT EVEN HIS ROOM IS FILLED WITH HIS DARK FANTASIES!” Chuuya screams in agony as he looks at the room, eyes dry.

“This isn’t that far from what I was expecting his room to look like.” Akutagawa states.

“What the hell did you expect it to look like then?!” Chuuya yells at Akutagawa.

“I was expecting it to be a bit more..rope filled or a bit messy..” Akutagawa says, coughing a bit again.

“Anyways, it doesn’t seem like he’s here-”

A loud thud is then heard from the outside of the dorms. The two a bit startled, they ready they’re abilities for combat. As they step aside, they see a barrel with no lid. They investigate closer and-

“Surprise! Did I scare you?” Dazai pops his head out of the barrel.

“Gh! Shitty Dazai! What was that for?! And what the hell are you doing in a barrel?!” Chuuya sounds almost like scolding Dazai.

“I’m obviously trying to commit suicide. But the last time I tried this, it didn’t work. So I thought of giving it another try!” Dazai talks casually, as if suicide was a normal thing to talk about.

“Anyways, I thought you were with Jinko. Did he leave you here after getting creeped out?” Akutagawa asks.

“Actually no-” Dazai then gets cut off.

“Dazai-san! I’ve been looking for you everywhere!” Atsushi says, running towards them, now panting.

“Jinko?! I thought you were with Dazai-san?!” Akutagawa sternly said.

“Actually..” Atsushi tries to explain, panting between what he’s saying,, “Dazai-san said ‘Catch me if you can Atsushi-kuun~!’ then disappeared from sight.” Atsushi finishes, finally catching his breath.

Atsushi then falls down on the ground because of tiredness.

“Well why didn’t you use your ability to find him? Couldn’t you have found his scent?” Akutagawa asks, Chuuya then being dumbfounded by his obliviousness.

“In case you forgot, a tiger is a species of cat, not dog. A dogs sense of smell is still better than a cats, so even if I did use it, it’s not like I’ll find him right away!” Atsushi says, aware of possibly riling Akutagawa up.

“Tsk.” is all Akutagawa can say.

“Ah, Atsushi. Didn’t expect you to be out of your room.” Fukuzawa said from upstairs.

“Sorry if I looked a bit through your room trying to find you. Ranpo said you both would be here, so we assumed that you would be in either of your rooms.” Fukuzawa adds, coming down the stairs.

“Since your here Fukuzawa-sensei, does that mean you sent everyone on a search hunt again like last time with Kyouka-chan?” Atsushi asks for both of him and Dazai.

“Yes, indeed. I suppose you can call everyone now to come back.” Fukuzawa asks a teensy favor.

“Alright then! Since you guys found me, you can come with me to the office since the others also don’t know why I left the Port Mafia.” Dazai says, bending out of the barrel.

“I see, we’ll see you there Atsushi. Don’t blame yourself, I’ll 'talk’ to Dazai once we get back.” Kunikida says through the phone, then hanging up on Atsushi.

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I’d kinda like to do headcannons (mainly for BSD) so i can improve my writing skills, so if you want,you can drop a request (though i won’t do NSFW)

8 notes

-Sorted by character-

Rules + General Information:

1. I do not write nsfw for minors

2. I will not write for ships, I only do headcanons and x readers

3. My asks are always open!

4. NSFW requests must either be GN or x female, this might change as I get better at writing. But if you want x male reader, feel free to message me and we can figure something out

5. I am up to date on the manga

6. The masterlist is updated with every post, so what you see here will always be up to date

7. If you have any other questions, please ask! I seriously don’t mind at all, and I’d be happy to clear things up for you! And you can always hide behind anon :)


-Armed Detective Agency-


~ Making their s/o a meal


~ Karaoke bar with shy and clumsy s/o

~ Taking care of drunk reader 

~ Dick headcanons (NSFW)

~ Dates that go wring hcs

~ Married with kids x reader


~ Ranpo with an s/o with chronic pain

~ Karaoke bar with shy and clumsy s/o

~ Dick Headcaonos (NSFW)

~ A day at the water park with GN!s/o reader

~ Ranpo NSFW alphabet (NSFW)

~ Dates that go wring hcs


~ Karaoke bar with shy and clumsy s/o

~ Taking care of drunk reader

~ Reader teaching them how to swim

~ Married with kids x reader


~ How they prepare their bedrooms hcs (slight NSFW)

-Port Mafia-


 ~ Karaoke bar with shy and clumsy s/o

~ Dick Headcaonos (NSFW)

~ Chuuya NSFW alphabet (NSFW)

~ Reader teaching them how to swim

~ Stray Dogs Drabble (Chuuya x gn!reader find a puppy)

~ Chuuya, Poe, and Louisa bedroom hcs

~ Chuuya SFW alphabet


~ Mori meeting s/o’s parents drabble (NSFW)

~ Dates that go wring hcs

~ How they prepare their bedrooms hcs (slight NSFW)


~ Taking care of drunk reader


 ~ Reader teaching them how to swim


~ Dick Headcaonos (NSFW)


~ Making their s/o a meal

-The Guild-


~ Chuuya, Poe, and Louisa bedroom hcs

~ A day at the water park with GN!s/o reader

~ Poe and Fitzgerald dropping their kids off at summer camp hc

~ Dates that go wring hcs


Poe and Fitzgerald dropping their kids off at summer camp hc

~ Dick headcanons (NSFW)

~ Fitzgerald and Louisa go to the thrift store

~ Making their s/o a meal


~ Fitzgerald and Louisa go to the thrift store

~ Chuuya, Poe, and Louisa bedroom hcs


~ Making their s/o a meal

~ How they prepare their bedrooms hcs (slight NSFW)

- Manga Only Characters-


~ A day at the water park with GN!s/o reader


~ How they prepare their bedrooms hcs (slight NSFW)

Please Note!!!: If I don’t have a character listed here that you would like to see, send an ask! This is a very new blog all things considered, so this masterlist is by no means complete, but it is always up to date! There are no characters I will not write for!

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Hey loves!! I take writing requests for:

• genshin

• okegom

• bsd!!!

no fee! 🖤🖤 just dm me :))

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[ bungou stray dogs ] dazai osamu / reader

content warnings ; mentions of suicide, death, a bit of self loathing


➥ synopsis ; A stranger comes up to you to ask of an unspeakable favor.

➥ word count ; 137


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“Ah!” Ranpo says, as he finds out the shocking truth.

“I see, so that’s why..” Ranpo says, a mischievous look now plastered on his face.

“HAAH?! IF YOU KNOW SOMETHING, SPIT IT OUT!” Chuuya bursts out, because of the way that it seems they’ve been found out again.

“You’re here to find out why Dazai left the Port Mafia and another reason which, with all due respect, will not be leaked. Don’t worry he simps too 😉” Ranpo says, teasing Chuuya for a reason that was hidden from Akutagawa.

“Well, now that we know what you’re doing here, aren’t you gonna attack us for knowing this? Or did Mori tell you to stay until you get the information?” Fukuzawa asks.

“We suppose so. If we can’t get the information as fast as we thought we will, we’re staying in the area for a bit or for how long it takes to get it.” Akutagawa responds, coughing a bit.

“Is there any hotels near here? Because the Port Mafia isn’t really familiar with this area.” Chuuya asks.

“The likeliness of a hotel being available around here is 5-10%, so while there are some here, it’s hard to get a night in.” Ranpo replies, a smug look now on his face.

“Since the information you guys need isn’t all that effective in our rivalry, we can let you stay in one of the members dorms. If only one wants you, I can ask a second member to house you aswell.” Fukuzawa replies, trying to help the two boys.

“That’s fine..” Chuuya asks.

“Anyways, since your so confident ‘Great Detective’, do you know where they are?” Chuuya mocks, trying to rile Ranpo up.

“I’ve known since the start, Chuuya-kun. They’re at the dorms resting. If you find them there, thank me later.” Ranpo claims, the two then growing suspicious of them.

“Since Ranpo said it, I might aswell check. It’s up to you two if you want to come with me or not, but I’ll be fine with either since it’s Mori’s business and not mine.” Fukuzawa says, trailing off to the elevator.

The two follow shortly after.

When they got to the dorms, they were in a split.

“Which one should we check? Shitty Dazai’s or that weretigers?” Chuuya asks, the other two also contemplating.

“I say you two can check Dazai’s one if a 'what if scenario’ that he’s there happens, you guys can get to business quickly. On the other hand, Atsushi trusts me better than you both and it’s a 2 on 1 if you two were to open his. If however they’re both missing, we can ask Ranpo again because the info he did give us was a few minutes ago and they could have changed locations.” Fukuzawa suggests.

The two nod as a sign of respect for Fukuzawa’s wisdom and predictions.

“Alright, lets go in now.” Akutagawa says, going near Dazai’s dorm room knob.

“I’ll head upstairs now. If you don’t call me, I’ll assume Dazai is already with you both.” Fukuzawa claims, heading up the stairs.

As Fukuzawa made it upstairs, Chuuya then opened the door to Dazai’s room to find…

6 notes

Chapter 10: Truth and illusions (Part 6)

Warnings: mention of traumatic events

Author notes: here is the last part for that chapter. I hope you liked it…! As always, don’t hesitate to comment and reblog…! And I’ll see you in the next chapter, where the case will continue! (Do I like cliffhangers? Surely I do…)


The blond man arrived shortly after the doctor’s departure and, already, I could feel the atmosphere change. The investigation would be directed by him, despite the case being mine, and would be led according to his methods, which I feared would be too righteous. I decided to report to him nonetheless.

“A mentalist…?” He sounded shocked.

“Why, it’s either that or this woman truly is a robot.” I shrugged “What does your ideal notebook say?”

“Neither should be possible.” He declared, simply.

I rolled my eyes and took a paper on the table of the dining room, where I had installed a computer and diverse tools to work.

“Here is the list of every person in Yokohama able to put someone under hypnosis.”

“There are three of them… And only one is legal. Is that a joke, Ogawa…?”

“Quiet…! My name here is Fuyuno Kasumi…” I whispered.

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I Left Calla Lilies on Your Grave - Chapter 1 - carromeaway - 文豪ストレイドッグス | Bungou Stray Dogs [Archive of Our Own]
4 notes

Chuuya and Akutagawa are left with no choice but to follow Kenji, after getting their identities known as soon as they meet. And because they promised that once a member of the Agency finds them, they’ll “be held hostage” by the Agency.

They get to the Agency but before the elevator door closes, Kenji presses the open button, greeting Kyoka while Chuuya and Akutagawa follow, almost pulling her knife out.

“Don’t worry Kyouka-chan! They’re staying here as bait, but I’m pretty sure Dazai-san, Atsuhi-san and Kunikida-san can handle them. If things do get out of hand, immediately find Yosano-san and Dazai-san to stoo their abilities, got it?” Kenji says, with a glare he only gives when he’s being serious.

“Got it..” Kyouka said in reply, putting back her knife.

They ascended the elevator, and on their way out, they shock the Detective Agency members.

“Oh? What are they doing here Kenji-kun?” Ranpo asks almost immediately.

“I don’t actually know! They were asking where Dazai-san was so I lead them here!” Kenji replied to his smart, a little gullible, senpai, Edogawa Ranpo. The busiest and most popular member of the Detective Agency.

“Kenji you know they’re from the Port Mafia right?” Kunikida lets out a sigh, “What do you need with Dazai?” He then asks.

“Private business particularly to him and him only” Chuuya said, with a tone of annoyedness.

“Kunikida, could you tell me where Dazai and Atsushi are? I thought I heard them go through the door earlier, but it seems they’re missing.” Fukuzawa said, coming in through the door of his office.

“We don’t know also, and now there’re also these two from the Port Mafia looking for Dazai aswell.” Kunikida replies to the Boss, Fukuzawa.

“I see, everyone head out! We musn’t stop until we’ve found the both of them. All members of the Agency are of utmost importance to me.” Fukuzawa said, everyone except Ranpo already heading out.

“Detective guy, aren’t you following them?” Chuuya asks.

“You see, Chuuya-kun, if your the backbone of a business, you don’t need to do that much work going around the city, that is unless if you’re as smart as the great detective, me, Ranpo Edogawa!” Ranpo replies, letting a sigh out of Chuuya and Akutagawa.

“And you two? What did that old offender bring you to do here that you also needed Dazai?” Fukuzawa asks, kind of stern-sounding.

“That, is for us to know, and you to find out.” Chuuya said, with a slightly mischievous tone.

“Well, since you won’t admit it, I guess I’ll find out myself.” Ranpo says, then starts pulling out his glasses.

“Hm? And what would you do, supposed ‘backbone of the Agency’?” Chuuya asks, slightly annoyed of Ranpo’s boasting.

“Hm, let’s see.” Ranpo says, with his glasses now on.

“Ah!” Ranpo says, after finding the shocking truth.

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❤︎ The First Dearest Thing to my Heart ❤︎


Light illuminating through the curtains of the room. Shining on the couple of 7 years that nothing but love and adulation was in the time they spent together.

A man with his girlfriend that he so adored and trusted her with his life. Trusted her with his secrets, trusted her with his past and most importantly trusted her with his heart and feelings.

Dazai Osamu, a man head over heals for Y/N L/N. That being you. Having known you since his dark days, Dazai couldn’t help but fall in love with you.

He loved everything about you, from your smile, to your eyes, to the caring side of you, to the savage side of you and that sweet and innocent side.

Everything about you was mesmerizing to him.

Gently caressing your cheek as he admired how your hair fell on your face like a perfect frame. You were a masterpieces, among others and he was sure everyone agreed.

You accepted him and assured him that he can indeed be a happy man. That he doesn’t have to hold onto to the past if it’s in a way that will hurt him. That he can let go of it all and be a truly happy man.

Had suicide invaded his mind. What was the reason of life he always asked himself. Always trying to find a way to bid farewell to the cruel world without having to suffer more than he already did.

Only for his plans to be ruined by the appearance of an angel that lit up his life. That opened his eyes to a new world, the good side of the world. The death of his good friend was only being the last push that made him pursue the way to the light.

As he saw you stirring in your sleep he couldn’t help but smile, he was happy that you trusted him enough to be at your most vulnerable state in front of him.

And the opposite is true, Dazai felt that he could let his guard down around you without a single glimpse of worry in his mind. What did you do to the man who was drowning in darkness and expecting the worst of everyone around him?

You saw him at his worst and stayed; he saw you at your worst and still thought you were the best. A mutual love and acceptance between two people and that created a never-breaking bond.

<<“I would sacrifice my second dearest thing and all that follows for her.” he spoke while drinking with his dear friend at ,their regular place of meeting, Bar Lupin. Odasaku looked at him and raised his eyebrows saying “Why not the first?”

Dazai smiled and said “Because the first dearest thing to my heart is her and I would rather suffer than to see her hurt.”>>

And his words were as true as the rays of the sun cascading on your faces. He knew it was time to get up so he leaned close to your ear and whispered “Good morning belladonna~” he started kissing you gently all over your face which resulted in a giggle escaping your lips.

God did he love the sound of your laugh, chuckle, giggle you name it. He lived for your voice that was made of silk and that never failed to calm him down.

Dazai believed that the eyes of a person always revealed their true intentions. Most of them that he saw being hatred, betrayal, scheming, all of the dark intentions this world could and couldn’t handle.

But yours, they held nothing but pure love and kindness. Most would ask, how could a mafia executive be viewed as such? Dazai knew that you only went to the dark side because no one was there to guide you.

He had never understood the meaning of life, and joined the Port Mafia in attempt to find something meaningful enough to live for. Never succeeding; a never ending loop of killing people just to find the ray that will hopefully give him a purpose to live.

Never had he thought that purpose would be you. Being in your arms and feeling your warmth. These were only some of the things you did that made him feel like living more just to experience them for a a little longer.

Even if both of you at that time were in a hole of darkness. You still managed to light up his life and he hoped he did so to you. No one can blame you for being dark, however. You did what you saw and people said was right.

But again he was somewhat thankful that happened for the both of you, because maybe you wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for that.

However he also believed that it was fate that brought you together so he was sure you would’ve ended up together one way or another.

Another thing he thought about was your name. He loved your name. It always had a nice ring to it. But lord did he want to change your last name. Dazai was what he wanted it to be.

And he did decide already to make you officially his. He planned it prior to this day. Today is the day he had marked that he will make it known that you are his and his alone and it will start with the best morning of your life.

Breakfast in bed. Gentle kisses. Warm hugs. Sweet whispers.

Y/N Dazai, yeah that sounds nice.

“We have a long day, my love; let’s get going.” said the man of your dreams.

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odasaku was different…

he was everyhing that dazai needed and everything he wished for.[dazai needs love and care]

dazai wasn’t a demon, he never was… he was just a child with diamond walls built aound him and thousands of layers of masks covering him up and each one of them odasaku broke down gently. ODASAKU WAS THE FIRST…

odasaku’s warmth made dazai feel like he was closer to human,he made him feel wanted and showered him with affection.

he did not judge him and always spoke in that tone which was so relaxing to his ears ando oh he felt like he could fly.. but all ood things come to an end.

his everything was taken away from him.


hate you for this mori… *cries*

49 notes

Warnings: mentions of abuse and human trafficking, an angry Yosano-sensei

Author notes: we all know angering the lovely doctor is never going to end well for us…


Kitaro-kun did not leave me. Not a second. Wherever I went, he stayed in my shadows. Whatever I did, he followed me, stuck around my ankles like a lost dog. His mother was not yet awake and I had lost traces of his brother. Yosano-sensei was doing her best to contact the Armed Detective Agency and ask for help. We would need more brains to find Sakunosuke-kun. I had refused to contact the father, upset against the entire family for locking up a poor boy in a room and depriving him of his twin brother. The Taikin family reminded me too much of my own, and that man liked my mother too much to my liking. Against my breast, the picture seemed to burn painfully, but I ignored it. I had other matters I had to take care of to worry about a dead woman.

“I still don’t understand why he was treated so badly…” The doctor told me when I came back to the living room after searching the office.

“You don’t need a reason to torture a powerless child…” I grumbled, patting the boy’s hair “Anyway… I didn’t find a single evidence in that man’s office. Did you learn anything when you talked to his wife?”

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for everone ouut there who is searching for a soukoku fanfic that isnt out of chracer and short, bracee yourselves cuz i got some tea for ya all

ive rerad countless fanfics on soukoku and the only on out of thousands that has made me shed tears is this one fic… and i- .

you just gotta go to chrome and search ‘even demons cry alone Ao3’ and then you will hold the greatest soukoku fic ive come across so far


32 notes

Warnings: violence, child abuse

Author notes: it is so cliche that the main character never knows how to take care of a child… The main question is… Do we like cliches…?


The boy had quickly agreed to play with me while his mother and Yosano-sensei had an “adults talk”. He had led me to the living room next door and, when I had asked him what he wished to do, he had answered that he wanted to draw. After just enough time to grab paper and crayons, there he was, quietly occupying himself while I was watching, and yawning. The doctor had been wrong, Sakunosuke-kun was not an imp, not the devil in disguise. I had overheard her thoughts earlier. He was simply a kid and, even though I had no experience with them, it was not too complicated understanding their desires. I only needed to rely on my ability, after all… Which did not mean I was good with children.

“Look, look…! What do you think, Kasumi nē-san?” He excitedly shoved his doodle towards my face.

Years of acting allowed the most genuine smile of admiration to turn my lips upwards.

“It’s lovely…!” I exclaimed “You’re such an artist, Sakunosuke-kun!”

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8 notes

When they get in the store, they find…

Dazai and Chuuya almost looking like friends. They both don’t know what could’ve happened so fast that made them friends, so they decided not to question it at all.

“Ah! Hey you two! Glad to see your back!” Dazai said, his arm still around Chuuya.

“Hey Dazai-san..Are we going back to the Agency now??” Atsushi asks, still contemplating.

“Yeah, we wouldn’t want Kunikida-kun to scream his face off at us.” Dazai said in response.

“For your information, we’re coming with you guys.” Chuuya said, still trying to get Dazai’s arm off without causing a scene in the store.

“Hm? Why though? I thought you guys are just here to stock up Mori-san’s chocolate pile.” Dazai said, confused.

“We’ll come follow you guys after that..But the Boss is sending us on an infiltration mission and we’re not denying it. We’re here to be ‘held captive’ by you guys” Chuuya said, making quotation marks with his fingers to indicate it’s not what it really means.

“Oh okay, I’m pretty sure you know where the Agency is, so we’re not telling you where to go. See you!” Dazai said, dragging Atsushi lightly by the wrist.

“But Dazai-san-!” Atsushi said, being dragged by Dazai out the store.

As they got out the store, Dazai drags Atsushi by the arm and starts running towards the Detective Agency.

They got there before Chuuya and Akutagawa got out of the store, because Atsushi had already payed the stuff before the other two did.

(At the Detective Agency)

“Dazai-san, you know that they haven’t actually been here, right?!” Atsushi asks, emotions mixing from tired, worried, and scared.

“Don’t worry! Whatever their infiltration mission is, it certainly won’t need to hurt anyone since they’re just gonna try to blend in with us. That’s why it’s fun!” Dazai said, trying to reassure Atsushi, but fails.

Meanwhile back with Chuuya and Akutagawa..

“Where the hell are they?!” Chuuya screams, the crowd now staring at them.

“Chuuya-senpai, I think you need to calm down first..” Akutagawa said, trying to make the crowd look at them less.

“That shitty Dazai! I knew he was up to no good! We don’t even know where the Detective Agency is!” Chuuya says, loud enough for Akutagawa only to hear.

“Did you say you needed to find Dazai-san and where the Detective Agency is??” A blonde teenage boy asks, (probably around 15-16 years old) barging in their conversation.

“Uh, yes. Do you perhaps know where it is??” Chuuya says, putting on his facade.

“I do actually! My names Kenji Miyazawa! I’m from the Detective Agency by the way!” the blonde boy added, which surprises the two boys a little.

“If you’re from the Detective Agency, how come you didn’t see Dazai walking away from the chocolate store?” Chuuya presses more.

“Oh I went out ahead of them and Atsushi and just came to this area a few minutes ago. And even if I did see them, I wouldn’t have known you two were looking for him… Chuuya-san and Akutagawa-senpai” Kenji replied, with a dark stare while finding out the two boys identities.

“You-!” Akutagawa says, getting cut off by Chuuya covering his mouth.

“Not here Akutagawa.” Chuuya points out the crowd.

“Great! Follow me then!” Kenji says, leading them on to the small area of where the Detective Agency is.

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Dazai and Atsushi are taking a stroll near the park (near the ADA), they walk near a chocolate store and Dazai suggests they buy some for Ranpo and themselves.

As they go in, they see two fellows that are familiar, but disguised. As they got to the aisle, they see Chuuya and Akutagawa dressed in very…Detective Agency style. Chuuya was wearing a ponytail, while Akutagawa was…Akutagawa but more soft-ish looking.

Dazai decided to stir up trouble which ended up with Chuuya almost going to Corruption Mode while Atsushi buys the chocolate and runs out the store with Aku following him.

“Why are you following me, out in public?” Atsushi asks the latter.

“I know I said I wouldn’t fight or kill anyone during six months, but..” Aku trails off.

“But..?” Atsushi asks, now confused on why the latter is suddenly silent.

“Through our fights..I think, it was about time I realized that Dazai-san would only notice me if I were in the Detective Agency.. That’s why..” Akutagawa trails off once again.

“I want our battle to go earlier than expected!” Aku finally finishes.

“E-Eh?!” Atsushi responds in surprise.

“You promised! Besides, we agreed it was a fist fight. So what are you implying?!” Atsushi asks in return.

“Mori-san said he would send me and Chuuya to the Detective Agency to see why Dazai-san quit the Port Mafia. He sent the both of us out because we’re also acquainted with Dazai-san. As much as I don’t want to work with you, we need to stop those two idiots for senpais before they cause a wreck” Akutagawa says, going back to the store.

Atsushi follows shortly after, still contemplating whether what Akutagawa said was true or not.

When they get in the store, they find..

7 notes

Warnings: mentions of murder and parricide

Author notes: is that part a summary of some sort…? Kind of… Does it contribute to Ogawa’s character? … I hope so…?


The mission sounded rather simple. That happy family did not seem to have any enemies and lived quite peacefully. At least, those were my thoughts after an hour spent looking at the mother and son pair solving a puzzle together without any care for the world. I felt I had been too whimsical about getting my guns back… Perhaps I would apologise to Kunikida when I would see him again. Yosano-sensei sat next to me on the velvet couch, without looking away from the clients even once. She crossed both her legs and her arms.

“Are you bored?”

“I never am ‘bored…” I corrected her “I don’t have the luxury for boredom… Let’s just say this is quiet enough for a first mission.”

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