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btryx02 replied to your post “In the eye of the storm” ◊◊◊◊ a post-Frozen 2 fanfic ◊◊◊◊ CHAPTER 2:…”

“Elsa does magic!” Yes we’re aware" i laughed so hard at that idont even know why

pwahahahaha well I’m so happy you like it coz that also was an improvised sentence XDD

I was typing that scene and it came out of the blue, probably because I easily picture Anna being sarcastic when she’s tired lol, and it’s quite obvious that Anna’s kid would ramble a lot so she would get waken up a lot

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Just realised that if Elsa would happen to marry Honeymaren, both Kristoff and Ryder would be her brother in laws and now I want a fanfic about that so this is a prompt i guess? Idk.

“Why is Ryder pouting?” Frowned Kristoff, worried.

Elsa rolled her eyes.

“He’s still upset that I didn’t go to him for advice before asking Honeymaren to marry me.”

“Oh. The whole butterflies-and-reindeers thing. Honestly, you didn’t miss anything. It’s very ridiculous, because you have to stand on that rock and all… The other day I was thinking that it was a good decision to ask for Anna’s hand in my own way and time. That would have been so embarrassing.”

“But iconic.” Grinned the blonde. 

Kristoff nudged her, and she yelped as she almost dropped tea out of her mug. They both chuckled. 

“You preferred to ask Honeymaren in your own way, uh?”

Elsa kept her mug firmly in her hands, and gave him a sarcastic look. “Obviously.”

“Did it involve snow? Or ice?”

“Why do you assume that–”

He gave him a knowing gaze. 

“Yes, it included snow and ice.”

“YES!” He muttered, clenching his fist. 

The Snow Queen wondered if he just won a bet, or only was really excited about Elsa’s magic, as usual. 

“Was it romantic?” He asked, beaming. 

“You cute love sucker. Yes, it was.”

He wiggled victoriously as he poured a new serving of tea in his mug. Now Elsa stared at him with intrigued eyebrows. Did Anna make a bet about it with him? Or was it just Kristoff being Kristoff and obsessed with wedding proposals?

She blamed Bulda for her True Love education. 

“So, so…” The blond inquired, bouncing on the fallen trunk they were sitting on. “How did it go?”

She was about to tell him, opening her mouth, but changed her mind and snapped her mouth shut in a thin line. 

“I think that’s private.”

He stared at her, trying to understand if he made her uncomfortable. She didn’t seem bothered, or angry, or shy. She just didn’t want to say. 

“Okay, keep your secrets.” Winked the mountaineer. “I’ll find it out one day. You probably told Anna though, it won’t take long.”

There was a silence. 

“Did you tell Ryder?”

Elsa snorted. “Honeymaren did already. In a very, very excited way.” 

She then gestured at the reindeer enclosure they were looking after. 

“And now, obviously, ever reindeer knows.”

Kristoff burst out of laughter. “Obviously.”

Elsa sighed.

“Having both of my brothers-in-law talking to reindeers is really concerning.”

“What did you say?” Asked Kristoff.

“Nothing”, smiled Elsa as she sipped her tea.

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btryx02 replied to your post “Prompt: Elsa somehow (curse, spell, etc) temporarily loses her powers…”

This was great! Really enjoyed it. Thanks for continuing. One thing I found a bit weird was Maren saying that Elsa can’t cross the dark sea because she can’t freeze Nokk? I mean didn’t she cross it with Nokk being in water form the first time? Why does she need to freeze them? Or am I missing something?

You’re welcome!

Oh yeah, I meant, to cross the Dark Sea she first needs to go there and therefore freeze Nokk because they can’t run out of water if she doesn’t freeze them. 

I’m an idiot sandwich who don’t know how to write 100% clear stuff lol sorry if that was confusing I indeed meant going to the Dark Sea and not only crossing it

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Hey, so there's a frozen prompt I've veen thinking about, (its kinda long sorry)it's basically during that scene where the Earth giants first show up but they actually notice Elsa and they attack her and everyone sort of expects her to calm them down like Gale and Bruni but instead Anna calms them down and saves Elsa because she's the "other side of the bridge" and everyones like really surprised because she's "just ordinary" and Elsa is like: "she's never been ordinary."

You basically wrote it all I just LOVE it! I actually enjoy to read that haha and I’m wondering if you need a push to write the whole thing? :D 

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