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#bts angst
hobidreams · 13 hours ago
Nox | Teaser
Tumblr media
It has been centuries since the noble vampire Taehyung has allowed himself to want another. He had thought his emotions under control, his chilled heart far from susceptible to such human fallacies. Really–How many times has he borne witness to the lethal consequences of desire for a warm body, a soft kiss? But when he happens upon you, injured on the side of the road, bathed in the darkness of a long-settled evening… He finds himself unable to move on without at least ensuring your safety, all the while denying the fervent need budding in his damned soul.
pairing: taehyung x reader genre: romance words: ~10k? release date: october 30th, 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST contains: bram stoker dracula/vampire au, historical au, blood (duh), violence, animal death, taehyung is in a cravat, a fic from HIS pov!, did someone say sexual tension? part of a halloween collab 🎃 preview: “Excuse me, miss.”
The rumble of his deep voice sliced through the serenity of the night. And when you raised your head, when you turned towards him, he found himself struck by a pair of the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. With his own enhanced vision, he could see you clearly despite the lack of moonlight and for a moment, he could only stare. Drawn in by something inexplicable. Unfathomable.
With a small cough, he squeezed his hand tightly around the carved raven head of his walking staff to bring himself back to reality. “…Do you require assistance, miss?” He asked again, careful to hide his sharpest teeth from view.
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blushedarmybunny · a day ago
On the Same Page (4) | KTH
Tumblr media
✧ masterlist of chapters
✧Pairing: kim Taehyung x fem reader
✧ Word count: 1k
✧ Genre: this is a smut chapter, you can skip it if you are not comfortable with explicit sexual content.
✧a/n: let me know if you liked Dilf Tae *wink, wink*
The ride to Taehyung’s house was full of sexual tension, the looks that you two exchanged, speak louder than words, his ringed hand was on your thigh giving little grabs that made your adrenaline high, you both had the strongest will to not get on each other right in there, as soon as you arrived Taehyung lips devoured yours with tender violence.
You put your hands in his face deepening the kiss with your tongue, he moaned lowly.
Which only made you get wet even more, knowing what Taehyung is capable of doing in bed, how he touch, how he sucks, licks, caress, spanks, dominates and at the same time surrender, It's enough to get impatient for his touch.
“I’m going crazy, I died and I'm now in heaven” he went back to kiss you as he guided you upstairs, “c’mon angel.”
Soon you were on his bedroom, you started to unbutton your dress as he watched you with lust, the dress reach the floor letting you only on your panties since it didn’t require a bra, he visibly gulped and his gaze darkened, you push him softly to the bed putting yourself on top of him.
“I missed you, Tae” you whispered in his ear while you unbuttoned his shirt his hands were all over you and stopping at your ass which he grabbed and started massaging with his long ringed fingers.
“If you did, I would soon discover” he bit his lip“cant wait.”
With the other hand he grabbed your face and connected your lips again, softly caressing your cheek, then you sit on his lap just to encounter his hard member, you both flinch at the sensation, both lips separated for a second before connecting again, he shamelessly started to grind making you wetter already.
You could feel how his hand slipped to your panties and he started to touch your core painfully slow you where out breath, he inserted a finger and then two you needed to support yourself in his chest when he started moving it in a more rushed pace.
“Put other one”
“Huh? That’s not how you ask for things” he teased you spanking your ass.
“Please! Put another one, please” you begged him.
Instead of inserting other finger he put away his hand from you, you were about to protest until you saw him putting his fingers in his mouth and sucking them loudly.
“I needed to taste you first” he smiled at you “so yummy.”
This man was going to drive you crazy.
“Baby lay down in bed, I wanna eat you out so good” his voice was deep, his eyes dark, and that made you comply without hesitation.
He ripped your panties apart, and slowly open your legs leaving small kisses while he was making his way to your pussy, he made sure to look at you right in your eyes while his tongue slide up and his mouth started to suck your clit making circles and his fingers started to penetrate you, you moaned loud his name with your orgasm.
“Tae… take your clothes off” you asked him, he stepped back and quickly undressed himself.
You watched his naked figure, his erected member already leaking with precum made you lick your lips in anticipation.
You grabbed his dick and started masturbating him, teasing him with putting it in your mouth.
“for fucks sake” he cursed out when you finally started to suck him off, you grabbed the base with your hands and with your mouth you went back and forth.
He grabbed your hair and guide you at the pace he felt the most pleasure.
“y/n holy fuck, don’t stop” you slowed the pace to lick the precum in his tip making him moan loud.
“Honey lay down, I can’t wait any longer” he pleaded to you and you obeyed, he got on top of you and you felt the tip of his cock in your entrance, you look at him in the eyes.
“I waited so much for this I might cry” he whispered to you.
“Kiss me” you begged him, and he did moments after he enter in you making you moan but he wasn’t moving which made you whine.
“Please promise me that you’d stay” he said to you serious- “that you would be here in the morning, and tomorrow and the day after that.”
“Taehyung once I accepted going home with you there is not way that you could get rid of me” you assured him touching his face and putting a hair behind his ear he smiled and started moving.
first slow and controlled but soon the both were fucking so desperately, with passion and fervor, like there is no tomorrow.
He was letting himself go looking in your eyes making sure you feel good while he is not afraid of letting you know how amazing he is feeling.
“Your pussy is so good” he said with shaky voice, closing his eyes and biting his lip “you take my dick like the good girl you are”
“Tae i need to...”you attempted to say “i need to get on top of you.”
you didn´t wait for a respose, you simply flipped yourself over, and inserted yourself again, the angle of his cock in this position made you moan and curse at the same time, you quickly started to ride him rather desperately, your hips moved back and forth alterning with little jumps, the pleasure was unmeasurable.
Taehyung was moaning so loud that you were glad that he had a big property with only you two inside.
“y/n...”he moaned “Im going to cum”
You gave him the final push with a movement of your hips, he grabbed you to maintain the connection while you were both cumming, riding your high ecstasy, while his warm cum shot inside your cunt.
It was a passionate love making that lasted several hours and that leave you both exhausted but satisfy at last, you slept in Taehyung arms that embrace you till the morning.
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vanilla-sky01 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Destiny Intervenes
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
There were many things a bride is allowed to feel on her wedding day- happiness, excitement, overwhelmed or even fear. But you felt frightfully numb to the happenings around you.
From the peonies in your hand to the lace Alexander McQueen wedding dress on you, no expense was spared in making this the wedding extravagant.
All designed and formulated to make it picture perfect.
You had been dragged on to multiple dermatologist and aesthetician visits to make sure you had that glow to your skin. You really couldn't blame them for the pale , ghastly look you had going for you today.
The oaths that your publicist had written for you, the kiss where your lips barely touched his, the pictures taken with guests with the fake smile on your face, the limousine ride to some posh suite at a five star hotel...
It was all a blur of activity around you.
Jungkook sat at uncomfortably, looking down at his shoes as he heard his wife of mere hours throw up in the bathroom. As soon as they reached their honeymoon suite, she ran past him into the bathroom and she had been there since then.
Jungkook had wondered if she was one of his secret saesang fans initially but if what was happening in the bathroom was anything to go by, he doubted.
Jungkook looked at the sauvignon blanc sitting in the ice bucket and poured some into the wine glasses placed nearby and hoped it gave him the courage to say the things he felt needed to be said before they started this journey together.
When Mira came out of the bathroom, she found her husband with a glass of wine, looking outthe balcony, still in his wedding attire.
For the first time that day , you really looked at your husband as he stood facing the city. He ran a hand through his hairband rubbed his neck and you saw his tattoos for the first time. You noticed a lot of rings in his fingers and you were sureties probably meant more than the wedding ring he wore on his left hand.
He turned around casually around, spotting you standing there with your crumpled dress and ruined makeup. You wiped your sweaty hands on your dress and waited for him to unleash his anger on you for having spoilt his life.
But jungkook walked casually to the fridge and pulled out a water bottle after placing his glass of wine on the counter next to fridge. He opened the bottle and passed it to you.
"Drink. We need to talk, " he said and retrieved his wine glass and sat on the leather sofa.
Your throat hurt from having expelled what little you had eaten today and you were grateful for the water.
He waited till you emptied the whole water bottle.
Looking at his wine as he swirled it in his glass, he started.
"This marriage is only for the public. The bunch of lies we fed to the media.. its just that.. lies. Let's not pretend otherwise. I am here to protect myself and my members and I am sure you have your reasons too. So... I am going to continue to do the things I have always wanted to do and you can do the same. I will never use this marriage as an excuse to interfere in your life and I expect the same from you."
"Ok.." your throat was still scratchy and raw.
Jungkook continued, "I have just one request. Right now we have a lot of attention from fans and media. I don't want you to get caught doing anything that might jeopardise my public image. "
"Ok" was all you could manage again.
"Do you have anything to say?"
"I.. I .. am so sorry my father did this to you. I promise I will never stand in the way of your life. In fact, you can forget we are even married," you gushed out before you lost the courage.
Jungkook hummed in acknowledgement and stood up to pour some more wine into his glass.
With his back to you, he stated, " You can take tbe bedroom."
You didn't wait for him to say anything further and left.
Your honeymoon at a private resort in a remote Spanish village was spent in you exploring the village alone during the day and retiring early at night.
You never knew whee and what Jungkook did but judging from the noises you hear at night , he was probably up all night and slept during the day.
A couple of days before your return back home, a photographer had been arranged to take candid pictures of both of you to post on the agency's and personal social media accounts.
You were made to wear multiple flowy summer dresses and pose in cafes , beaches and gardens. Jungkook was a natural at these photoshoots ofcourse , casually talking to you about the local climate or food with a smile on his face , as if he was saying the most romantic of things to you.
Even when you arrived back in Korea, the publicists insisted you both be photographed together.
But what you hadn't expected was the throng of fans holding signs in Korean and clearly not positive from their agitated body language. As you walked past one such mass of unruly group, one girl pushed past the security and made to grab your hair.
Sensing a movement too close to , you turned. Your mistake. The girl s hand scratched your face and grabbed your white shirt.
The force of the pull caused the buttons on the shirt to pop out.
Flashes of cameras around you blinded you as you felt, rather than see your front exposed.
Using your hands to pull the torn shirt together, you felt a hand over your shoulder pulling you towards them and rushing you towards an open limousine waiting for you.
As soon as the door closed behind you, you looked down at the damage done.
Most of the buttons on your shirt had popped out causing an indecent amount of exposure of your lacy bra and abdomen..
There was also a thin line of blood starting from your shoulder to the centre of your cleavage probably left behind by the sharp nails of the frantic fan.
Jungkook stared unbelievably at your state and immediately took off his denim jacket to drape over you.
"Are you OK? Does it hurt?" He asked concern showing in his face and voice.
Holding his jacket against your chest
The manager seated in the front passenger seat turned towards the both of you.
"Are you both OK? Jungkook, to your apartment right?" He confirmed before turning to the driver and giving directions.
"Hyung, can you please look into the pictures they took after the girl attacked? Please make sure that no improper pictures of Mira are published."
The manager nodded in understanding .
At her apartment, Jungkook pointed you to a guest bedroom at the end of the corridor.
Once you changed into a changed into a t shirt and jeans , you came out of the room to see Jungkook pacing the living room with his phone attached to his ears.
From the few words you could grasp, you understood that a video of the attack on you in the airport was already online in a forum.
A quick search online showed that it was true. Not only was a thirsty seconds video of a hand pulling your shirt open online, it also showed you being completely exposed for the last few seconds.
Some comments below caught your attention .
Anon123 : omg .. she looks so ugly.. why would kookie marry her?
Min_mon: he probably knocked her up
Teasgf : yea.. they will probably announce it as honeymoon baby soon..
Anon123 : but he deserves better. She looks so fat...ugh... just go back to where you came from...
Btsforever111 : I think she looks pretty.. the way he rushed back to protect her...
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tuvaidk · a day ago
Forgetful mind
Tumblr media
pairing: taehyung x f!reader
genre: angst, fluff
word count: 1,3
summary: tae basically forgets your birthday, isn’t the nicest when he gets home and feels bad when he gets reminded about what day it is
Tumblr media
Taehyung has been away for work since this early morning, it was the same on your birthday last year but he would come home earlier than usual to surprise you with flowers, dinner, cakes and everything you could ask for. This year he’s not early at all.
It’s thankfully not late, you’ll have time to celebrate as soon as he comes home which will be in only a few minutes.
You didn’t have time to see each other this morning, he was already gone when you woke up and he hasn’t sent you a single text throughout the day. He couldn’t have forgotten, right?
Suddenly, the door flies open and Taehyung walks inside and kicks his shoes off. You take some fast strides into the hallway to greet him but the look on his face shows anything but happiness.
“Did you have a bad day?” you ask and he looks up at you and nods his head. He begins to take his jacket off and then goes to close the front door.
“Yes, which is why I don’t want to talk now,” he tells you and begins to walk away but you grab his wrist and look up at him with a smile.
“Actually, there’s this restaurant I want to go to. I haven’t booked a table or anything but maybe that could light up your mood,” you suggest but he shakes his head and when he rolls his eyes it’s almost like someone just took your heart and threw it to the floor.
He must have forgotten, he wouldn’t act like this if he remembered. Your heart seems to break a bit, not really because he forgot about your birthday but because he’s acting the way he is. Rolling his eyes when he should see that you really want to do something to make him feel better. He can only blame himself now.
“I said that I don’t want to talk,” is everything he says before he’s walking away from you and into his studio. He slams the door behind up and for a second you stand there, in the hallway, alone. Your gaze is blank and you try to hold in the tears that are threatening to spill.
You need to at least eat dinner, so no matter what, you need to cook something. Instead of just standing in the hallway you walk into the kitchen and take out a recipe book to see what you could easily cook.
Meanwhile, Taehyung is sitting in his studio in front of his computer, playing a game to calm down which doesn’t really help since it’s an intense game itself.
He’s almost way too into the game when his phone lights up, Jimin is calling him. Taehyung pauses his game to pick up his phone and answer his best friend’s call.
“Tae, did you buy Y/N a cake? You seemed to be stressed to get home when you left,” Jimin wonders and Taehyung furrows his eyebrows at Jimin’s question.
“What do you mean?”
“You were supposed to buy her a cake. It’s her birthday and don’t you dare tell me that you forgot because I will fight you tomorrow when I see you,” Jimin says. He says everything almost too fast but the man holding the phone understands every single word.
He ends the call and put his phone on the table. He turns his game off and stares at the screen blankly before he pulls himself together and gets up from his gaming chair.
You’re not in the hallway or the living room so he walks into the kitchen to find you crying by the kitchen table with the recipe book in front of you. His heart breaks when he sees what he must have caused and runs up to you.
“I’m so fucking sorry. Work just clouded my mind, there were so many things to do and I know that I told myself yesterday that it would be your birthday today. And I was stupid for taking my frustration out on you when I came home,” he says as he’s standing next to you, not really knowing what to do.
You wipe your tears and look up at him, a forced smile is shown on your face as you try to reassure him that it’s fine. “It’s okay, I know you have a lot of wo-“
“No it’s not okay, don’t try to act like you don’t care because I know that you do. I’m going to make it up to you, I promise,” he takes your hand in his and pulls you up from your chair and drags you towards the hallway. “We’re going to that restaurant you wanted to go to, okay?”
“Tae, we don’t have to. I understand why you forgot and I don’t blame you. You don’t have to make it up to me, I have a lot of birthdays coming up,” you try to tell him but he shakes his head.
“You have been sitting in there crying because of me, I can’t let you cry on your birthday and not make it up to you. Listen, you can’t just act like everything is okay all the time just because you don’t want me to feel bad because I will do that no matter what you tell me.”
“Okay, but we don’t have to go to the restaurant. They’re closing in ten minutes anyways,” you say and Tae sighs and looks around as he’s thinking.
“But I’m still buying you a cake. Then we’ll order takeaway and you won’t pay for any of that. Then we can do whatever you want to do for the rest of the night and I’ll take the day off tomorrow so that I can celebrate you more,” he explains and begins to put on his shoes.
“You don’t have to do all of that for me. I’m just glad that you’re feeling better than before.”
“Stop thinking about my feelings, I don’t matter in this situation so stop and let me show you how much you matter to me and how much I love you,” he begs you as he points at your shoes, showing you that you should put them on.
You smile at him, before putting your shoes on you grab his face and press your lips together. He now has you wrapped in his arms and keeps you there for a moment before letting you go, allowing you to get ready to go outside.
“I love you too Tae, thank you. Honestly, thank you for this,” you say and he grabs your hand and smiles at you before pressing another kiss to your lips.
“Don’t thank me, I’m your boyfriend, I should’ve already got you a cake when I got home, and I should’ve ordered takeaway and got you flowers and everything-“
“Don’t worry about it, I like to be around you all the time so I’m more than happy to buy all those things with you instead of having to wait for you at home,” you tell him as he opens the door for you and leads you outside.
The rest of the evening the two of you are just eating cake, eating amazing takeaway food and Taehyung keeps telling you all the little things he loves about you. At the end of the day, even though he doesn’t think it himself, he is probably the best boyfriend anyone could’ve asked for. He may have forgotten your birthday but if someone could make you the happiest person in the world again it would easily be him.
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btssaysstudy · 2 days ago
Salvage - 3 || jjk/kth.
Summary: After your confession, it's safe to say that there was nothing left to salvage between you and Jungkook. However, things start to change when a new hurdler joins the team. Genre: college!au, track!jungkook, track!taehyung, track!reader, angst & fluff Pairing: jungkook x reader, taehyung x reader Warning(s) : unrequited love, alcohol (drinking) mentioned, swearing Chapter count: 2.6k
Masterlist | previous | next
“You think we’ll be competing in a new category?”
“Seems like it.” You stretched out your right arm over your chest as you warm up.
Hoseok wriggled his shoulders in excitement, “Interesting! What category do you think we’re trying out—“
“Yn, Hoseok.” Your coach’s voice had cut short Hoseok’s guessing game. He called two more members and you got down to the track as your coach gave you your positions.
“Seems like it’s co-ed.” Hoseok muttered as you walked passed him to the second runner position.
As your coach blew their whistle, Hoseok set up and coach began his timer. This went on with 10 groups of 4 - 2 females and 2 males in each group.
You sat next to Hoseok as you watched more groups get called out to get timed. You and Hoseok occupied yourselves by guessing who will make the final cut from the different runs.
It didn’t take long for all 10 groups to have their turn. “We’ll take a 10 minute break, everyone.” Your coach waved their clipboard in the air to get everyone’s attention before taking a sit at the lower rows of the bleachers to discuss with the assistant coach.
Hoseok sighed, leaning backwards, “I hope I get into this category.”
“Me too.”
"Coach always picks you, I’m sure you’ll make it.”
You chuckled, playfully shoving Hoseok and turning away to see Jungkook making his way up the bleachers with his own group of friends.
He had also glanced in your direction to see you looking at him. Unlike how he would immediately look away, this time, he was the one to wave hello.
Stunned, your hand jerked up awkwardly to return a short wave.
“What’s going on?” Hoseok asked in disbelief. You sighed, scratching your head as you filled him in with what happened at Taehyung’s party.
Once you finished sharing, Hoseok huffed, “Finally, he’s doing something.”
You shrugged your shoulders in response, “I’m not sure what I should do.”
“What?” He asked incredulously and you whipped your head back to give him a confused look. “The last time we talked, you were telling me that you want to rekindle your friendship with Jungkook.”
“Yea,” You drew out the word, eyes looking ahead on the track. “But now that he actually approached me, it just feels weird. It feels… So sudden? Like, out of the blue.”
Hoseok nodded his head, understanding how you felt.
“And, it only happened when I intentionally stopped putting in the effort to keep saying hi to him.”
He couldn’t say anything. Hoseok knew where you were coming home and why you were feeling conflicted. “Okay yea, I get it. It’s up to you anyway.”
The two of you promptly changed topic when you spotted your coach circling a few names on his clipboard, resuming your predictions for the final line-up.
After the break, your coach explained that he wanted to try a few more different combinations. He had announced a new set of groups - one of them being you, Hoseok, Jungkook and two other track members.
You were the second last runner - Jungkook being the last.
You quickly glanced over to Jungkook who seemed to be focused on the track and you noticed a small smile on his face. Pushing down your curiosity, you got up from your seat and made your way down to the track.
Once your coach blew the whistle, Hoseok dashed off, starting the timer. He was always an amazing starter and you were confident that he was going to be selected.
Your mind threw away any thoughts irrelevant to the run, focusing on receiving the baton and passing it well to Jungkook. As you rushed towards Jungkook, you steadily reached out your hand to hand the baton over. However, when your hand brushed over his during the passover, you felt a jolt of butterflies.
As Jungkook sprinted off, you slowed down your pace as your eyes were fixated on him finishing the race, trying to subside the fluttery feeling in your chest.
“I told you you’d make it.” Hoseok grinned, swinging his bag over his shoulders. You smiled as you reached for your phone in your bag. “I told you that you’d make it too.”
You scrolled through your notifications from Miya, she had been spamming you with messages during your practice.
Please tell me you’re free after training - Miya Meet me at our usual place after?? - Miya I’m bored :(((( - Miya
“How do you feel with Jungkook in the final line-up as well?”
Shrugging your shoulders, you replied, “No thoughts.”
He chuckled, “Alright, anyway, you need a lift?”
“Oh no it’s alright, I’m meeting Miya nearby for dinner.”
“Okay! Help me say hi to her.”
“Sure!” You waved goodbye to Hoseok and made your way down to your usual dining place with Miya. You two had found a gem near campus, it was small and hidden from the busy Main Street. The restaurant was bright and welcoming, the prices affordable as well - a key point for broke college students.
Ever since you two found that gem, it had been coined as your usual place.
When you had arrived, you peeped in to see if Miya had already arrived. Seeing that she wasn’t there, you asked for a table for two.
When you had settled down, you texted Miya, informing her that you already got a table. To pass the time, you scrolled through your various social media apps.
A familiar and nostalgic voice startled you. Looking up from your phone, you were greeted with Jungkook standing in front of you.
“Oh, hey.” You locked your phone, placing it down on the table.
Jungkook sheepishly gestured to the empty chair opposite you, “May I? I was quite surprised that you agreed to meet me.”
You blinked several Tims as you processed his words. “I-I’m sorry? I’m having dinner with Miya.”
Silence ensued as it was Jungkook’s turn to process your words. His eyebrows furrowed before raising in realisation. “R-Right. So this was her way of helping me.” He muttered quietly to himself.
“I’m sorry?”
Jungkook quickly looked back to face you, his grip on his bag tightened as he asked, “I asked Miya if she could help me set a day to meet you. She told me today after practice but I guess she told you that you were meeting her.”
“Yea…” You trailed off, thinking of Miya’s messages. You made a mental note to attack Miya for setting you up on a blind dinner with Jungkook.
Jungkook grew nervous as you were taking a while to respond. He figured that he was the last person you wanted to have dinner with.
“If you’re not okay, I can just ask Miya to come and—“
“No, no, it’s fine. You’re already here anyway. Take a seat.” You gestured to the empty chair. Jungkook uttered a soft thank you, pulling the chair out for him to sit.
Once again, a wave of silence swept over the both you. Both of you resorted to be deeply invested into your menu. Though, you did not need to look at the menu at all as it was your usual hangout with Miya. You always ordered the same thing. But for the first time, you were reading through every single word on the menu.
“Ready to order?”
Jungkook called for the waiter and you both gave your orders. Once the water left with the menus, you were left with nothing to distract yourself with.
Jungkook spoke, “I’m guessing you’re wondering why I’m here and not Miya.”
“That’s one of the things on my mind.”
He wanted to ask about what else were there but figured that he wasn’t in the position to ask that so he continued. “I meant what I said that night at the party.”
You stayed silent to allow him to continue. Jungkook took the cue, “After seeing you with Taehyung, it made me miss the times together even more.”
“Why did it have to take Taehyung to come into picture?”
Jungkook winced, “To be honest? I don’t know. I didn’t know how to approach you after… After what happened… When I finally gathered the courage, I saw you doing fine with your friends,” He shrugged his shoulders dejectedly, “I didn’t want to disrupt that. Especially after hurting you.”
“You wouldn’t have disrupted anything—“
“Sorry, your orders?” The waiter obliviously interrupted your heavy conversation. The both of you uttered thank you to the waiter, before turning back to face each other again.
“For the past one year, I’ve always hoped that things could go back to how it was.”
“I do too, yn.” Jungkook sounded as if he was pleading, as if he was begging you to hear the sincerity in his voice.
“Please give me a chance to make things up, to make up for the lost time. I mean it when I say that I’ve always missed up. I was just too much of a coward to do anything about it.”
Your eyes searched his, feeling every single word that came out from his mouth. You could feel his sincerity, his eyes screaming and pleading for you to give him a chance.
“Alright, I miss having you around too.”
You could visibly see Jungkook’s shoulders slump in relief, taking a moment to close his eyes to process what you had said. “Really?”
“Yes, really.” You let out a short laugh, “It honestly already feels so nice to be having a meal with you again.”
“It does, doesn’t it?”
Jungkook finally smiled, a smile without worry. He had been consumed with anxiety with how dinner will turn out and he knew he had to treat Miya to a good meal for helping him set up dinner.
“Right, please don’t kill Miya.”
“I was going to,” you joked, “But I won’t.”
You went back to your dorm afterwards, feeling lightness in your steps as you relished the dinner with Jungkook.
Once you stepped into your room, you saw Miya relaxing on her bed, phone in her hand as she scrolled through TikTok. You shook your head in disbelief, jumping onto her bed. “I’m guessing it went well?”
You laughed, grabbing her pillow and throwing it at her face. “I thought I was having dinner with you.”
Miya grinned, throwing back the pillow to you, “Yea well I had last minute plans.”
“Yea right.”You got up and made your way to the bathroom. “You didn’t answer my question!” Miya called out, “Did it go well?”
Your head popped out from behind the bathroom door, giving her a smile before closing the door.
“I knew it!” You heard her shout and the ruffling of the bed sheets, knowing that she was celebrating in bed.
The next day, you already had plans to meet Taehyung at the nearest shopping mall as he had to buy a suit for his upcoming presentation.
“Why’d you need me to follow again? I have zero knowledge on suits.” You asked as you scanned through the rack of suits that looked the same yet different.
“Because you’ve got good taste and I trust your taste.”
“Might to putting too much trust in me.” You joked as you pulled out different suits to get a better look. Taehyung grinned, “Just the right amount.”
Ignoring the warm feeling in your heart, you turned your attention back suit picking. “Try this! I think this colour suits you.”
Taehyung takes the suit from you, “Okay!”
While Taehyung was changing into the suits, you took the empty seat outside the changing room. You felt your phone vibrate and received a familiar yet strangely new notification.
Thanks again for having dinner me, let’s catchup again soon - Jungkook
A smile crept on your face as you re-read the message. It felt nice knowing that you had a talk with Jungkook and it seemed that things were going to be alright between the two of you.
“Yn? What about this?”
You looked up from your phone to see Taehyung stepping out of the changing room and twirled to show off his navy blue suit. Your jaw could’ve dropped if you didn’t catch yourself in time.
Anyone nearby would’ve said that he was absolutely breathtaking. He looked so charismatic in his dark coloured suit. You imagined him with his hair done up and with proper shoes, it made your heart flutter for some reason.
“I think we found the suit.”
“Really? I think so too actually!” Taehyung grinned, walking towards the mirror to get a proper look of the suit. “Could you pass me my phone please?”
You got up from the seat and walked over to hand him his phone. “I want to take a photo.” He let a boyish giggle. You smiled and took a step back to let him feel himself in that suit.
However, you were stunned when he reached out to take your hand to pull you towards him before draping his arm over you. “What are you—“
“Take a picture with me!”
You felt your heart was about to burst out of your chest from how close you were to Taehyung. You looked yourself in the mirror, putting on a smile for the camera. Taehyung grinned, leaning his head closer towards yours before taking the shot.
“I like this picture. Oh and this suit too.” He turned his phone towards you, “I’ll send it to you!”
You only nodded, taking a deep breath as you tried to get over what just happened.
You followed behind him as he made his way over to the cashier to purchase the suit. Afterwards, the two of you made your way around the mall to find a place to have lunch.
“Okay, what’s making you look so happy?”
“What do you mean?”
“I can tell when your smile is genuine. Your face looks bright and hopeful.”
“You can?” You placed looked up from your plate to see Taehyung leaning back against his chair, arms loosely folded as he gave you his full attention. “Yea, I notice stuff sometimes.” He shrugged his shoulder.
You smiled, “I had dinner with Jungkook last night.” You momentarily looked away and missed how his shoulders slumped for a split second and his smile falter before he consciously plastered on a curious expression.
“We talked about how we missed the old times and he asked we could try and rekindle our friendship again.”
“What did you say?”
Taehyung tried to control the tone of his voice. He wasn’t sure why he felt slightly down by the news that you met Jungkook for dinner. After you shared your very close friendship with Jungkook, he should be happy for you that you were both rekindling your friendship.
However, something was making me feel rather down about the news.
“I said 'sure why not'. I’ve been wishing for this to happen as well” You smiled and Taehyung mirrored your expression.
“That’s great!”
“Yea it is, isn’t it!” You finally let out a relief laughter and the two of you promptly got over the topic and talked about other things.
At that moment, you didn’t understand why. But you were nervous to tell Taehyung about you meeting Jungkook. You weren’t sure what was the reason for being anxious. It was as if you were scared to see his reaction. Seeing his happy and excited expression made you feel relaxed but you couldn’t understand why you were so nervous to see how Taehyung would take the news.
At the end of the day, it felt that things were going well in your final year.
There was hope once again that you and Jungkook would become close again.
author's note: nothing too dramatic this chapter, but it is an important catalyst for the upcoming chapters as the pace is starting to pick up! (next is a lengthy one) taglist: @ilovethewayyourheartbeats @joydowninmyheart @picturethosesmiles @fangirl125reader @karylles-world@betysotelo18
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multyeverything · 2 days ago
Young Love
Autor: multyeverything
Rating: 18+
Tw: Groserías e insultos, acoso a la protagonista, menciones de *borto, consumo de medicamento no recetado, pelea no física subida de tono, intenso de abuso físico.
Tumblr media
Demasiado temprano por la mañana, tocan la puerta con tal fuerza que parecen van a derrumbarla. Inmediatamente me levanto de la cama con mis ropas arrugadas de la noche anterior, antes de que golpeen una segunda vez y despierten a mis compañeros. Que estoy segura me desollarán viva si si enteran quien está detrás de tremendo escándalo.
Con una velocidad sorprendente arreglo mi apariencia y ropa para recibir a Jungkook que me prometió traerme la pastilla por nuestro encuentro sin protección. Espero que se vaya tan pronto como me la dé, sin charlas o saludos que me hagan perder mi tiempo; anoche quedó demasiado claro el curso que tomará la "relación" que tenemos. La vergüenza y coraje me hierven las venas una vez más de recordar la manera en que me utilizó una última vez para su gozo, aún consiente que su chica estaba esperándolo fuera del baño en que me cogía, consiente que yo tenía sentimientos mal ocultados por él. Haciendo caso a lo qué el desea, como siempre.
Si bien nuestra amistad previa había estado plagada de tensiones del tipo corporal, nuestro excesivo tiempo juntos propició que nos desearamos de esa manera. Siempre tan atento y gracioso, sin mencionar que tenía una afinidad por tocarme de cualquier forma posible: tomar mi mano, jugar con mi pelo, apretar mis muslos o darme abrazos. Era imposible que no desarrollara afecto hacia su persona, tan... Jungkook.
No entiendo en que momento todo se fue al demonio, tal vez tiene razón, le di todo demasiado rápido sin ponerle las cosas interesantes. Por lo que conozco de él, es un amante de la adrenalina y aventuras en todos los aspectos, académico incluso. Teniendo que balancear la vida deportiva y sus estudios, dando como resultado un alumno destacable y rendimiento excelente en la cancha.
¿Será que estar conmigo no lo hizo sentir esa adrenalina?
¿Mi sosa y rutinaria vida le sofoca? Jamás fui del tipo de intoxicarse en alcohol y prestarme a coqueteos de una sola noche.
Como sea, el desenlace es el mismo. Esa etapa ya ha terminado, para bien. De ambos espero.
Volviendo a la realidad, me trago el orgullo de verlo una vez más. Estoy decidida a no dejarlo entrar, si lo llegasen a ver estaría en problemas con ellos, seguramente me pedirían explicaciones del porqué está aquí y qué vino a hacer. Y esa es una conversación que no quiero tener, menos conociendo a Danny, una semana mínimo de actuar como si no existiera.
Tras verme medianamente decente, abro la puerta lento para que su crujir no los despierte; el temblor de mi mano entorpece esa tarea. Me encuentro con la decepcionante imagen de un repartidor en su uniforme y una pequeña caja con las pastillas en su mano.
No solo no se dignó a traerla en persona, envío a alguien más (que incluso recuerdo ver por los pasillos de la institución) y no se molestó en meterla en una jodida bolsa para conservar la dignidad que me queda. Genial, si el repartidor es un idiota, tendré que lidiar con los chismes y rumores que se esparzan sobre mí.
- Buen día. -
- Buen día. -
- El servicio ya está cubierto. -
- Excelente, ¿Tengo algún mensaje del remitente?-
- Lo lamento, no vi personalmente al remitente. Yo solo recogí su... Paquete desde la farmacia. Desconozco quien sea. -
- Una pena, como sea gracias. -
- Tenga un buen día. -
Seco el sudor frío en mi frente, esquivé la bala una vez más esta mañana.
Siento alguna que otra mirada sobre mí. Son descuidados al hacerlo, no les importa demasiado que lo note. No soy la primera en pasar por esto, tampoco a la que peor le ha ido; la pobre Chae tuvo que pedir apoyo a dirección administrativa para ser transferida, no pudo tolerar los cuchicheos ofensivos de los estudiantes. No la culpo, probablemente haré lo mismo si no dejan de reírse a mis espaldas al terminar el día.
Los rumores de embarazo siguen siendo un Taboo en esta institución y país, lamentable. Y más si el supuesto padre es un rompecorazones conocido. Para mí suerte, el gran idiota chismoso de ayer no sabía quién envío esas pastillas.
La novia de Soobin, Anna, sacude su mano para que me acerque a ella.
- Hola linda, ¿Cómo estás? -
- Hola t/n, estoy bien, creo. ¿Tienes clase? -
- Tenemos. -
- Tengo la cabeza en otro lado. Quería hablar contigo.-
- ¿Sobre qué? - Ya me imagino qué será.
- ¿Te parece si vamos al salón? Es más cómodo ahí. -
- ¿Es necesario? -
- Creo que es mejor para ti. -
Reanudamos nuestro caminar al salón repleto de jóvenes. Me explica lo que ya sé, alguien me entregó las pastillas del día siguiente y yo supuestamente en lágrimas le agradecí por salvarme la vida. Además de cuentos uno más asqueroso que el otro, todos concluyendo en qué estoy embarazada. ¿En tan solo un fin de semana? Por dios.
Al ser pocos los que tomamos esta asignatura, está apenas poblado y son todos en su mayoría mujeres. Somos relativamente cercanas y nos tenemos la confianza suficiente para platicar en nuestros tiempos libres; eso les da la seguridad para acercarse en cuanto tomó asiento hasta el frente (que es donde me gusta estar).
Algunas chicas se acercan a nosotras y preguntan lo ya esperado: ¿Es cierto que estás embarazada?, ¿Es cierto que es de....? (Y dan algunos nombres), Lo desmentirás ¿Verdad?, etc. A lo que me limito a responder casi honestamente, evitando mencionar que en efecto tuve relaciones sexuales riesgosas con Jungkook y mintiendo acerca del tipo de medicamento que recibí. En mi nueva versión fueron pastillas para cólicos menstruales que mi mamá me envió porque "me quedé sin dinero en efectivo y no podía salir de la cama".
- Debes decirles eso, están destruyendo tu reputación. -
- Exacto, ya hay medio equipo de béisbol reclamando ser padre de tu bebé. Los cerdos de artes también. -
- Son asquerosos, los odio. -
- Y que lo digas. -
- Pero es más desagradable el tipo que esparció el chisme. -
- Oh si, ya no podemos tener privacidad ni en nuestras propias casas. -
La conversación ocurre en mis espaldas mineras ideo la manera en que pueda resolver todo este embrollo y salir limpia sin lucir demasiado obvia o desesperada.
Bingo, la chismosa por excelencia de la universidad podría ayudarme, y casualmente me debe un favor por ayudarla a pasar su semestre en economía. Cobraré ese favor más tarde.
En cuanto el timbre indica la hora de salida de todo el día, voy apresurada a dónde sé que ella se encontrará. La cafetería del campus está casi llena con las almas recién salidas de clase, ella por supuesto está en su asiento favorito junto a la amplia ventana que da una vista completa del jardín en donde los edificios se reúnen, perfecto para ver cualquier suceso relevante.
Su mirada de reconocimiento me invita a sentarme en su banquillo.
- Corazón, ¿Cómo estás? -
- Muy bien Byul, ¿Y tú? -
- Ocupada, ya sabes. La vida adulta no es buena especialmente conmigo. -
- No sé si creerte, ya no has venido por mi ayuda para tus exámenes. -
- Bueno, puede que no tan mal pero he estado apunto de hacerlo. Por cierto, ¿Estás ocupada este sábado? Necesito que me ayudes a repasar unos temas. -
- En ese caso creo que debería proponerte algo. -
- Te escucho. -
- Sé que ya escuchaste lo que dicen sobre mí. -
- Claro, eres bastante popular t/n, más de lo que creía. Esa correa que tenía Jungkook, estaba ahogándote. -
- ¿Lo sabías? -
- Me ofendes. Claro que sí. -
- ¡Todos menos yo! -
- Si tan solo fueras más sociable... -
- Como sea, es todo una bola de mierda. Las jodidas pastillas abortivas no eran más que para los cólicos menstruales y el gran pedazo de mierda que me las trajo y aparte de encargó de divulgarlo, se equivocó al ver la caja. Al principio no quería decir nada, pensé que no les importaría; pero hasta los de menor grado están hablando del tema. Lo odio. Yo jamás he tenido una aventura con nadie. -
- ¿Odias ser el centro de atención? ¿Qué más da un poco de cuchicheo? -
- No es mi estilo. -
- Eres rara, tal vez eche leña al fuego para esparcir el rumor solo porque me desagrada tu actitud ante una oportunidad tan buena para hacerte aún más conocida. -
- Tal vez le sugiera a tu profesora que haga un examen sorpresa y oral para probar los conocimientos de sus alumnos. -
- Extraña y vengativa. Eres una combinación rara. Pero está bien, hagamos un trato. Una ayuda por otra ayuda. -
- También cuento contigo para saber el nombre del idiota que me hizo esto. Quiero hablar con él para pacíficamente agradecerle. -
- Con gusto, corazón. Un regalo de mi parte sin costo extra. -
- Gracias Byul, te espero el sábado. Haré el almuerzo para ambas. -
- Ayyyy eres mi tutora favorita. Nos vemos. -
- Hazlo rápido por favor. -
- Más rápido de lo que se esparció. -
Mi siguiente destino es la casa de aquel que indirectamente es el causante de mi repentina fama. Ahora mismo debe estar comiendo antes de irse a su entrenamiento, perfecto; podré hablarle a solas.
El cómo llegar a su departamento está encriptado en mi cerebro y podría llegar hasta con los ojos cerrados, semáforos incluídos. Siempre pasábamos tiempo acá en las tardes, únicamente llendo a mi lugar por las noches cuando me dejaba o se quedaba a dormir, aunque a mis compañeros no les agradara ese plan; decían que roncaba y comía como bestia. Fueron muchas las veces en que tenía que cargarlo borracho hasta mi sofá y ayudarlo a limpiar su sudor, llevarlo a bañarse porque el olor a alcohol era insoportable y algún idiota le había vomitado encima.
Jamás le pedí nada a cambio, pero sentía que él me regresaba todo mil veces más al darme tanto amor cuando estábamos solos; ahora veo que solo era ahí, lejos de la vista de sus amigos.
No hay necesidad de tocar su puerta porque abre justo cuando estoy fuera, me hace pasar de inmediato.
- Me dejaste con la palabra en la boca el otro día. No me permitiste ni traerte a tu casa, tuve que enterarme por Taehyung que tomaste un taxi. ¿Sabes lo peligroso que es? ¿Eres tonta? -
- No tomé un taxi, alguien me llevo. -
- Si fue algún otro alcohólico en la fiesta, me molestaré más t/n. -
- Un amigo mío, no es que sea tu problema de todos modos. -
- Pues lo es. Es mi jodido problema si algo te llega a pasar. -
- Claro que no, no te importaría en lo absoluto. -
- Deja de decir tonterías. -
- No lo son, estoy segura. Si un jodido camión me pasara encima te daría exactamente igual. Como hoy, ni un solo mensaje o ayuda de tu parte. -
- No te arrolló un camión. -
- No, pero fui la comidilla de la universidad gracias a tu estupidez. Tu estupidez combinada con tu egoísmo. -
- No fue para tanto, ¡Por dios! Mañana ya se abrían olvidado de todos modos. -
- ¡Pedazo de basura! Sabes perfectamente bien cómo son todos en este lugar. Me trataron como una cualquiera y hablaban a mi espalda, decían los rumores más asquerosos sobre mí. El peor de todos es que no tenía idea quien era el padre porque estuve con varios hombres al mismo tiempo. Y tú, quién prometió ser cuidadoso y "no dejar que nuestro acuerdo saliera a la luz", no salió a mi defensa. -
- Pero no fue mi culpa. No era mi intención. -
- Así como tampoco lo fue resguardar mi dignidad. -
- Cálmate por dios. Ya lo arreglaste ¿no?, supongo que sí. Así eres, una maniaca que protege su reputación más que nada. No vengas a castigarme. -
- Y no dejaría que se manchara con un rumor de embarazo de tu jodido hijo. -
- Cállate, me molesta que digas groserías. -
- Maldito egoísta, inconsciente, das por sentado todo, no tienes el mínimo respeto por nada ni por nadie. -
- ¿Terminaste? Necesito prepararme para ir a entrenar, y si no vas a acompañarme a comer no veo el punto de tolerar tus gritos. -
- Si, ya terminé. Solo quería venir a aclarar mis sentimientos por ti, que sepas que te aborrezco. -
- Además de tonta, mentirosa. T/n ve a descansar, estás actuando diferente a tu yo normal. Estás abrumada por hoy, lo entiendo. Los dos sabemos que nos queremos incondicionalmente, y que soy tu mejor amigo, entre varias cosas más. -
- Eras mi mejor amigo, pasado Jungkook. ¿Cuando fue la última vez que pasamos tiempo juntos y no terminamos en la cama?, que hablamos por más de 30 minutos de nuestras vidas sin estar desnudos. -
- ¡No hay necesidad! Por eso somos mejores amigos, conocemos todo del otro. Las palabras sobran. -
- Quiero que sepas bien que hace mucho tiempo dejaste de ser mi mejor amigo, ya no eres ni mi amigo siquiera. Soobin te reemplazó fácil y rápido, ni lo notaste porque ya no me notabas tampoco. Me convertí en tu desquite sexual. -
- Retráctate. Lo dices porque estás enojada. Me haces ver cómo un monstruo. -
- Lo digo porque el enojo me ayuda a decir tus verdades. Eres menos que eso, a un monstruo le importarían mis sentiemientos más que a ti. - Lavanta una mano, a punto de soltar un golpe. A lo que yo me mantengo en mi sitio con la mirada bien plantada en su rostro, solo esperando el impacto para lanzarme sobre él y golpearlo hasta molerlo. Nada me daría más gusto, la excusa perfecta para vengar mi herida dignidad. Romperme las uñas o dedos no importaría si tengo chance de sacarle los ojos.
- ¿Qué te detuvo idiota? ¿Esperabas que me asustara? Cómo tú dijiste, te conozco tan bien que sé jamás tendrías el valor de lastimarme, no porque seas un caballero, sino porque sabes que voy a matarte si lo intentas. -
Calla a mi brava respuesta. Aunque no lo noté en el momento, se ahogaba en arrepentimiento por su impulso violento contra mí. Que yo no mostrara signos de miedo, le hacía sentir que tal vez yo llegué a acostumbrarme a arranques suyos. Que me insensibilizó al dolor por sus continuas administraciones pasivas.
Todo lo contrario, jamás tuve miedo mientras estaba con él, me sentía resguardada en su abrazo pero no se lo diría. Adquirí valor por pasar mis días a su lado, de verlo afrontar los problemas de su día a día. Pero no sería capaz de verlo ahora que se dejó llevar por la ira, casi hiriéndome.
- Vete. - Sale de su boca más agresivo de lo que espera, culpa de su garganta seca. Solo quería que me fuera para poder llorar.
- Con gusto. Lo único que te pido es no tratar igual a tu actual o futuras chicas. Aprende tu lección conmigo. - Una mirada en blanco tatuada.
Con un portón salgo de ahí, casi corriendo para no ser vista en el lugar, ya que nadie cercano a mi círculo social vive ahí. Más leña al fuego no es necesaria. No volteo a ver si me sigue o por lo menos me observa desde su ventana, sigo mi camino de vuelta a casa, dónde mis verdaderos amigos me esperan.
En una cosa tuvo razón t/n, actúe egoísta al no procurar el paquete de pastillas o entregarlas yo mismo, pero sí hice todo lo posible por disipar esos rumores sobre ella.
Casi llegando a los golpes con imbéciles que decían haberla tocado en la fiesta, ¡fui yo! ¡Yo la toqué, no ellos! Jamás.
Que antes fuéramos amigos cercanos ayudó a no levantar sospechas, pero eso me sirvió para discutir por primera vez con Moon, no parece gustarle que proteja a la chica que alguna vez fue mi mejor amiga y a quien evité saliera con alguien por mucho tiempo. Cree que tal vez tenga sentimientos ocultos por t/n, pero no entiende que si salgo con ella es porque no siento nada por nadie más.
Tal vez ganas de acostarme con t/n algunas veces más, pero nada de ese tipo. Un cariño honesto, de amigos vaya.
Jamás quise levantarle la mano, la frustración de disculparme por algo que no hice nubló mi juicio junto a los interminables insultos de la ofendida t/n. No me justifico, ni así tengo derecho a hacerlo. Verla dura como una roca me hace sentir tan mal conmigo mismo, como si todo se le resbalara ya, como si no fuera excepcional. Al menos una reacción bastaría para darme cuenta que, al nunca haber pasado por esto, siente incertidumbre. Pero no, su actitud defensiva me pone los pelos de punta. Tan lista para recibir un golpe, como yo cuando recibo balonazos, al diario ser impactado ya no genera ningún efecto. Me odio.
Dios y t/n me perdonen, porque jamás podré hacerlo yo.
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dulcebangtan · 3 days ago
also i’m here to request again if that’s okay :] i’ve been feeling a bit down lately so i was wondering if you can write a poly relationship of the boys x reader where you’re going thru a bit of a hard time and your seven boyfriends notices and then they pamper you ? a bit of angst with a lot of fluff <3 tysm
- 🤎
i hope you're feeling better ! i love this request :D
sweet comfort | ot7 x reader [scenario - f, a]
Tumblr media
you had a rough day, but your hoyfriends instantly come to cheer you up.
poly relationship!au
warnings: a tiny bit of angst
genre: fluff and angst
word count: 384
link to masterlist
you've been feeling down lately; with the stress of work and school, you succumbed to your stresses and found yourself crying your eyes out after getting home from work one evening. 
one of your seven boyfriends, jin, heard you crying, peeking his head into your room. "what's wrong, my love?" he softly asked you as he walked into the room. you looked over at him and sadly shook your head, waving him off and telling him that you were fine. 
"you were literally crying, y/n. did you have a rough day today?" jin asked you as he embraced you, rubbing soothing circles into your back. you pouted, looking up at jin and slowly nodding. 
just then, hoseok walked by, noticing the solemn moment you and jin were sharing. he walked in, asking what was wrong. 
"i just had a rough day, hobi, that's all," you sighed, smiling a little when hoseok pressed a kiss to the top of your head. 
"i'm sorry to hear that, baby. is there anything that we can do for you?" hoseok asked you as jin continued to hug you. you thought for a moment, shrugging afterwards; you just wanted your boyfriends to hold you until you felt better. 
hoseok and jin coaxed you to join them in the living room to cuddle. you sat on hoseok's lap, intertwining your fingers with jin's and smiling at him. the others must have been informed of your sadness, as the rest of them walked into the living room to comfort you and join in on the cuddles. 
"here, baby," namjoon said as he handed you your favorite snack and drink. you thanked him, smiling when yoongi and taehyung came over with a bouquet of flowers for you. 
"my loves" you giggled, feeling flustered from all the attention that you were getting. "this is all so much, i don't deserv-"
"yes, you do deserve it," jimin gently interjected, smiling up at you as he laid his head across your lap. 
"yeah! jimin is right, baby. you had a rough day so you deserve all of our love," jungkook cheerfully adred as he pressed a kiss to your cheek. 
you felt elated, repeatedly thanking your boyfriends as they showered you with their love and attention; you couldn't have been more grateful for them. 
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park-jimin-isnt-real · 3 days ago
“the edge of tonight” part seven - sneak peek
Jin, Jimin, and Taehyung were all surprised you were there, as in, in their house. None of them thought you would ever breach that gap, especially after what had happened tonight.
Hoseok and Yoongi were relieved. You were still here, or, at least, you were here for another night. They had another chance, they didn't have to let you go so soon now.
Namjoon was the one Jungkook was most worried about. The leader had always been a bit more difficult for the maknae to read, but still not impossible. Right now, however, he wasn't sure what he was looking at. The cold glare had melted off to a simple blank stare, and his eyes were filled with a number of emotions as he looked at only you. Sadness, relief, surprise, guilt, concern, pain, love.
It was everything you had in your gaze, locked onto the man at the desk. Now that you weren't running, now that you weren't in a rush, now that you had time, you were really looking at him. At how much he'd grown since you last saw him, at how he still looked the exact same somehow. Your heart thundered in your chest all over again, your hands clenching in your pockets, trying to find some relief from the overwhelming everything you were experiencing.
And Jungkook saw it all.
the edge of tonight series masterlist
Tumblr media
@illnevertrustmyselfagain @scentedsope @ayoongiverse @veronawrites @jiminrings @myooniverse @hope122598 @hyungieyoongi @lolalee24 @elyte @singukieee  @hello-neema ​
moodboard by the incredible @milady-mira​
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parkdatjimin · 3 days ago
the safe house 12
Pairings: supernatural!bts x reader, Jungkook x reader, Jimin x OC, Sope / Hoseok x Yoongi
Genre/tags: supernatural!au, SLOW BURN, so much angst, some fluff later, action/violence, low-key social commentary, high school!au
Warnings: struggles with self-acceptance, dark themes
Summary: In a world where Supernaturals are considers monsters, Jimin's already twisted world is flipped upside down when a human girl offers him her life in exchange for a room in his Safe House.
Wc: 3.7K
Taglist: @noonas-magicshop @jinssexytoe @kookieswan @emmmui
prev 11 | next 13 | series mlist | m.mlist
Tumblr media
It’s been almost an hour. Where could they be? Jungkook continues to run nervous hands through his hair, brushing over his ears and scratching behind them to sooth his anxiety. Sighing deeply, the wolf boy looks to the front door again.
It's really dark tonight. Could they be lost?
No way, Jin knows these woods far too well to get lost. Plus, he’s an amazing tracker, so Jungkook has nothing to worry about.
What if they got hurt?
He can’t be filling his head with all these needless possibilities. Hoseok is with them. He won’t let anyone get hurt. Plus, they have Namjoon. He’s powerful enough to take on any threat they may encounter.
Right now, Jungkook's biggest concern is the girl sleeping on their couch.
“I need you to stay with ___. If she wakes up, just make sure she drinks some water and keep her calm, okay?”
Hoseok sure does trust him.
Jungkook ducks into the kitchen and comes back with a glass of cool water, placing it beside your head on a small table. You haven't woken yet but you might be thirsty when you do.
Are you comfy? You might be uncomfortable.
Grabbing some pillows from around the room, Jungkook chooses the softest ones he can find and carefully tucks them under your head, making sure to support your neck and to not mess up the meticulously wrapped bandages that cover your head.
Are you cold? You might be cold.
After retrieving several blankets from other couches and closets, Jungkook lays the softest one he can choose across your body, being careful to cover your toes. You shift under the blanket, subconsciously snuggling into the couch. Jungkook sighs, feeling proud for choosing the best of the best so you can sleep well.
Leaning in closer, he studies your content expression and sleeping eyes. This is the first time he’s been able to really look at you and he doesn't want to miss it.
Your features are rather small, aren’t they? You're the kind of girl people would label as cute, probably due to your curiously small size. Jungkook wonders if you dislike being called stereotypical things like that. How do you spend your ideal day? What’s your favorite thing to dream about?
Despite the situation, you seem so at peace. But you can’t be. You're living with seven supernatural boys, and having your veins drunk from regularly. No wonder you're struggling to sleep at night.
He remembers how sleep deprived you seemed last time you met. There's a strange sense of peace inside his chest from knowing you finally get to sleep now and that you're gonna be okay. His heart physically softens when you part your lips and yawns before nuzzling your nose against the pillow.
The last time you were on this couch was the day Jimin first brought you here. Jungkook remembers what that day was like. It was chilly. He had been waiting in his room for dinner to start cooking downstairs when he smelled something like honey and pineapple coming from one of the living rooms on the first floor.
Rushing to the source, Jungkook remembers how shocked he was to see a human girl in a school uniform and a beanie lying unconscious on the couch.
He never imagined that clueless, unlucky girl would end up living across the hall from him. Or that he would eventually be taking care of you like this. But he doesn’t really mind. In fact, he kind of wants to.
The living room is silent aside from your soft breathing. Every few minutes, Jungkook notices your brow furrow or your eyes squeeze tightly closed. The steady beat of your heart skips unnaturally.
You're having a bad dream? Does your head hurt? Are you waking up now?
Gently, Jungkook reaches a hand towards you. “Shh…everything’s fine. Just stay asleep, okay? Please?”
After a few strokes against the bandage around your head, you relaxes into your pillow with a heavy sigh. Leaning into Jungkook's touch, it strikes him as odd considering he’s never had the most delicate of hands. Being a werewolf, nothing about his existence has ever been something “delicate." His tail begins to gently wag behind him and he thinks he could hold you closer if he just--
“What are you doing?”
Jungkook jerks his hand away, his subtle smile disappearing when he notices a vampire standing in the doorway.
“What happened?” Jungkook stands and Jimin pushes his way into the seat instead.
“She came home like this. Hobi told me to watch her," Jungkook says.
“Where’s everyone else?”
“Taehyung is missing. They’re out finding him.”
Jimin nods, his eyes never leaving your now peaceful state. His hand lifts towards you, brushing his fingers through the bangs peeking from under you gauze and biting his lip in frustration when he can’t feel your temperature. Momentarily, he considers asking Jungkook to feel your forehead instead but he knows how awkward you make him feel, so it’s probably for the better if he doesn’t.
“Is everything okay?” Jimin asks, referring to the others who left to find Taehyung.
“I’m not sure. I think he’s in serious trouble.”
Turning back to you, Jimin sighs deeply, his voice rough. “How did ___ end up like this?”
“I don’t know.”
Jimin brushes your cheek with the back of his finger, feeling the weight of your life in his hands. After everything you talked about, after you promised to stay with him, he let you get seriously hurt. He’s supposed to be protecting you, like Jin said, you're in a relationship now, maybe not a romantic one but there’s supposed to be a certain level of trust.
Jungkook watches the gentle way Jimin's finger strokes your cheek and suppresses a growl. Why is he getting so defensive all of a sudden?
“Hobi told me to watch her, so you can go back to whatever you were doing. Sorry if she distracted you.”
“No, I wasn’t busy,” Jimin says quickly.
“Oh,” Jungkook nods sharply. “Well, you don’t have to worry. I was told to stay with her in case she woke up, so I can take care of her.”
Jimin nods as well, slowly scooting to the edge of the chair to be closer to the couch and you. “Thanks, Kook, but I know how weird she makes you feel, and I don’t mind. I can stay with ___ as long as she needs.”
“It’s fine, really.” Jungkook narrows his eyes, deepening his voice little by little. “I will stay with her.”
Jimin slowly stands. He barely matches the werewolf's height, but he’s just as impressive in terms of intimidation. “She’s my human. There’s no need for you to be around her. Thanks anyway.”
In terms of physical strength, Jungkook is clearly the winner. Wolves are just stronger. But he knows he has no real dominance here. You've been set aside as Jimin's human.
Marked is marked, and Jimin has clearly claimed what’s his. Even if he’s only drank from you once since this agreement was settled, he feels protective of you. He didn’t so much before…is it because now he feels there’s a possible threat? But Jungkook isn’t threatening. He’s only doing what Hoseok asked of him. So why does Jimin feel attacked?
Neither of them moves a centimeter. Not a single blink. Not a single breath.
The air is hellishly thick. Jungkook swallows, lowering his head in submission to his brother and stepping away from the couch.
“No problem,” Jungkook finally says stiffly. “I’ll just leave your hands then.”
Jimin is about to speak when a soft hum sounds behind him. The ruffling of your blanket causes Jungkook’s ears to perk up as you begins twisting in your spot on the couch.
Both boys rush to your side, Jimin plopping in the chair and Jungkook kneeling on the floor.
“Is she waking up?” Jimin asks hopefully, watching you intently, hopefully.
“I hope not. She needs to sleep as much as she can considering."
“What do you mean?”
“I don’t think she's slept since moving in two days ago.”
How did Jimin miss this? More importantly, does Jungkook know this because you're confiding in him now? Sure, you've looked tired, but everyone does after the last few days. It’s been crazy heavy for everyone in the Safe House, so how did Jungkook come to be the one informed of your crappy sleep schedule?
You groan in your sleep, stretching your arms and wrists above your head. When you drop your limbs there, both boys wait with raised brows, but you remain deeply asleep.
Before either of them can sigh, the front door bursts open, in runs Jin and Namjoon with a very injured Taehyung. The fairy is unconscious at this point, his wings floppy and his once sparkling skin now dull.
Jungkook jerks forward to help. “Where is Hobi?”
Jimin also jumps up. "Where's Yoongi?"
Namjoon flashes the boys a concerned look before confessing, “We lost Yoongi. Hobi is still looking for him.”
Being an angel, one wouldn’t expect Hoseok to be familiar with all the crooks and crannies where demons like to play hide-and-seek. And they would be absolutely correct! Which is why he now finds himself in quite the unfavorable situation.
Hoseok runs a tired hand through his hair before picking up his pace once more.
Yoongi couldn’t have gone far…actually he could have. Teleportation is a scary power when used correctly and if Yoongi really wanted to, he could be miles or even countries away by now.
There has to be a smarter way to go about this.
He tries to recall every conversation they’ve had in which Yoongi might have mentioned a secret hideout, or a secret underground hideout, or maybe a secret underground demon hideout? But alas, he doesn’t remember.
Hoseok goes under bridges, in the sewers, behind alleyways, and anywhere else he thinks the demon might have escaped to. Of course, if Yoongi went there then it’s all for nothing, the one place Hoseok can’t physically follow the demon.
But that thought is too pessimistic to be considering right now. Yoongi is out there, and Hoseok will find him. Before dawn. And bring him home.
First, he needs to clear his head.
Making his way to the edge of town, where the street lights flicker and there are no buildings to block the harsh night wind, Hoseok tries to remain positive. There’s a half-standing billboard sign advertising guacamole that he enjoys visiting. Mainly because of the pun.
“We guac what you need to throw the perfect fiesta!”
It never fails to make Hoseok smile. Maybe because it reminds him of Jin.
The angel hasn’t actually used his wings in a hot minute, but it feels good to let them stretch. They’re pure white, made of the softest feathers and woven together by light and strands of gold. He flies to the top of his favorite billboard, singing a happy song when the breeze ruffles the stiff feathers of his wings.
He assumes this will be the perfect place to come up with a logical solution, a plan in order to find his demon. But he’s stuttering in surprise when he finds a familiar someone already sitting on the edge of the sign.
His heart sighs in utter relief when he notices small, black clouds rising from the demon's back. He never thought he would be this happy to see darkness incarnate sitting on a run-down billboard sign.
“Never expected to find you in a place like this.” Hoseok sits beside the demon, his legs swinging over the edge of the billboard sign. “Isn’t it a little high for you up here?”
The night sky is visible all around them. However, Hoseok would have preferred a few more stars. Tonight is a blank, black canvas. While the angel finds it rather depressing, the demon watches in awe.
“Don’t bother,” Yoongi says without moving.
The angel lets his wings glow behind him while the darkness emitting from Yoongi grows thicker in an attempt to overcome the light. Even when they're not in competition, they're fighting.
“Don’t bother what?”
“You know,” Yoongi pouts, "that thing you always do.”
Hoseok tilts his head, trying not to smile. “I don’t know what you’re talking about?”
Yoongi groans and rolls his eyes. “That thing! Where you insist on making me feel better.”
“I don’t always insist on making you feel better.”
“Yes, you do!” Hoseok is caught off guard by Yoongi’s sudden outburst. “Sometimes I just need to feel crappy, okay? I want to be upset, so please don’t be happy around me. Or if you must be optimistic, go be optimistic somewhere else.”
Yoongi turns his back to the angel who seems to be even brighter in contrast with the dead of night. White has never been one of Yoongi's favorite colors anyway, but when it’s this in-his-face, the nausea he was feeling before returns in waves. He was going to return home after a few days of submerging in the darkness anyway. Why can’t he just be left alone?
The angel then retracts his wings and they disappear against his back until there’s no sign he has any at all. The heavenly light around him dissipates until all that’s left of a subtle glimmer in Hoseok's eyes. All the warmth from his hands and feet slips from his skin and he begins shivering in the cold, night air. If anyone saw Hobi now, they could never assume he was anything but a lost child.
Yoongi slowly turns back to see the boy beside him, now that he feels alright looking directly at him. “What are you doing?”
“You said not to cheer you up. If being gloomy is how I can be here for you, then I’ll just have to be gloomy,” Hoseok explains with a frown.
He’s cold. Yoongi isn’t always the most observant, but even he can tell that much. Has Hoseok ever been cold in his life? Angels naturally create warmth so there’s never a time when they’re necessarily affected by outside temperatures. But right now, Hoseok is shaking.
There’s no light at all coming from his skin. No glimmer in his eyes. Nothing. Hoseok is completely…dim. Even his smile, the one Yoongi always assumed was stapled on his stupid face, is missing.
“Just stop.”
Hoseok glances at the demon, still shivering. “Why? Is this not helping?”
“No, it’s just making me uncomfortable. You’re an angel, Hoseok. You’re supposed to shine.”
Hoseok nods. He looks back to the starless sky, eyes reflecting the tenebrous navy that stretches over their heads. It becomes apparent he’s up to something, and Yoongi almost doesn’t want to stay to find out what it is.
“Do you know why angels shine, Yoongi?”
He shrugs, twisting the loose thread of his ripped jeans around his finger until it’s bloodshot. “Isn’t it because they’re born of light? I mean, up until just now, I thought you didn’t have a choice.”
Hoseok chuckles, and for a moment his trademark smile flashes across his face, although no light returns. Yoongi finds himself stealing a quick peek at the angel.
“An angel's purpose is to care for, survey, and heal every living thing in the universe. As you can imagine, it gets a little overwhelming sometimes. Thankfully, there are enough of us to cover specific areas of creation.”
Yoongi blinks. “Okay, what does that have to do with shining?”
“Healing. Much like humans, most creatures heal through warmth, love, and empathy. Things that shine,” Hoseok explains, running his hands up and down his arms for warmth.
“You don’t care for light very much do you, Yoongi?”
The demon scoffs. “I’m a demon, shouldn’t that be obvious?”
“That’s what I’m saying.” Hoseok wiggles himself an inch closer.
The demon almost moves away, but he knows how cold Hoseok is right now, and while his warmth isn’t the same as an angel's (considering it’s literally hellfire), he stays where he is in order to provide at least a variety of heat for the freezing angel.
Hoseok continues, “You don’t heal through warmth or light. But as an angel, I am here to care for you. It’s my purpose to heal you. So, I’m going to do whatever it takes."
Now, Yoongi does pull himself away, a sour expression growing on his features. “I don’t need you to heal me. I’m not hurting,” he says as a small tear escapes, but Yoongi quickly sweeps it away before it even reaches his cheek.
“Everyone hurts. Even demons.”
Standing and turning away with a huff, Yoongi silently curses how right Hoseok is.
“Yeah, well this demon will be just fine without all your spiritual healing voodoo mess or whatever. Thanks, but no thanks. I can deal on my own.”
Yoongi is a private demon, and Hoseok has always respected that his counterpart doesn’t like sharing things with others. The angel never pressed the demon to do anything he didn’t feel comfortable with, nor did the demon ever pressure the angel to do anything he didn’t feel comfortable with.
Their relationship was that of black and white. While most people compare them as opposites, they complement each other surprisingly well. Even if Yoongi refuses to acknowledge it.
“That’s fine.” Hoseok wraps his arms around his middle, not yet allowing himself warmth or light. “I’ll just wait until you’re ready to talk about it. No rush. I’ll be here for you.”
Something hotter than hellfire builds in his gut and Yoongi whips himself around. Now towering over the angel, one of the most beloved and powerful supernatural creatures present in the universe, Yoongi can’t help but shake his head in confusion.
“I don’t get it.”
“When you’re ready, I’m going to meet you where you are, and be what you need me to be.”
“Hoseok, look at me!” Yoongi shouts, slapping his hand across his chest. “I’m a demon! I’m the reason humans think Supernaturals are dangerous, blood thirsty, killing monsters!"
“Pretty sure the Cyclops helped you with that one,” Hobi mutters jokingly.
But Yoongi isn’t in a joking mood. “You don’t understand.”
“Why not?” the angel asks, choosing to stand as well.
Yoongi rubs his eyes, pacing from one end of the billboard to the other. His sighs almost sound like laughs. For a second, he looks like he might scream, which to be honest, Hoseok wouldn’t put past him. Maybe Yoongi needs to scream a little. Nothing wrong with that.
Yoongi doesn’t scream. He stomps back to Hoseok and puts a skinny finger in his face.
“Because you've never had to deal with pain like I have. You’re literally born from light. How cringy is that?”
Hoseok exhales gently. He’s still very much shivering, but he opens his arms wide, instead choosing to take the harsh winds of the night head on.
“Just because I’m an angel doesn’t mean I don’t know what pain is, idiot."
Yoongi had forgotten. Hoseok's ability. To see another’s heart, to become the essence of empathy and spiritually heal their soul. He never thought about what it would take to be able to do that, but now that he considers it, the process must be very intricate and painful. To completely take on the pain and darkness that someone else feels must be just like hell for him.
“I’m sorry,” Yoongi's voice drops to a scratchy grumble. “I just didn’t think anyone would want to do that for me. I’m so…bad."
“Do you want to be good?”
“Well, no.” Yoongi shyly brushes his bangs back but lets them fall over his eyes again. “When Taehyung was taken today, I felt this kind of justice inside me. Like I had to make that man pay for hurting someone so innocent.”
Hoseok remains silent. He waits while Yoongi verbally discovers what he needs to.
“But maybe it wasn’t a sense of justice, it was just--that man had a very dark aura. So much negative energy flooded me the moment I entered the cabin, that the second I saw Taehyung crying, I snapped.”
“And then?”
“And then Taehyung said we’re good.” Yoongi spits the word out like a hot coal, scanning the quiet night and immediately sensing the evil hiding in the grass and forest in the distance. “Like I could ever be good.”
Hoseok takes a chance, placing his hand on Yoongi's shoulder. When the demon doesn’t shy away, Hobi speaks softly. “I said I was going to be here for you. That means all of you. Even the bad parts.”
“Because you’re an angel. Because it’s your purpose or whatever,” Yoongi says with a sniffle.
“Because I love you.”
Are demons capable of love? It’s a question for history, a mystery for the universe. Even Hoseok isn’t sure of the answer. But when Yoongi leans forward, his arms embracing Hoseok's shivering form, he at least knows it’s possible for a demon to be loved.
Just as the rumors say, even Yoongi has accepted at least one of Hoseok's hugs. As warmth returns to his body, Hoseok wonders if Yoongi really can’t be healed through warmth and love. And Yoongi, for the second time, understands why angels are so important and why Hoseok’s hugs are the best in the universe.
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btsydtrash · 3 days ago
So Far Away [3]
Tumblr media
single father yoongi x preschool teacher yn; mechanic vmin
(author’s note: i love this story. i’m sorry, i really love yoongi so much. taehyung is the friend i wish i could have, or the friend i could be. talk to me in the comments ab what you think so far, ty angels!)
word count: 3.3k
(angst / fluff / smut / gore / yandere)
tw: none
Tumblr media
Chapter 3 - Satori
“What’s got you smiling all creepily like that?”
YN pokes her head out of the kitchen, your hair pulled out of your face with the help of a scarf, and your mouth twists into a scowl. “Something is going on and you aren't telling me.”
You carry the deep pot holding the spicy kimchi jjigae using oven mitts to protect your delicate hands and you place it on the miniature table in front of the taller man. “Oh, you’re such a wonderful wife.”
You tilt your head and ask, smartly, “When did we get married?”
“The day we met,” Taehyung replies, rolling his eyes and grabbing two bowl, putting one out in front of both of you. “You eat first.”
You smile, softly, before scooping a healthy spoonful out and pouring it into his bowl. “Don’t be silly.”
“I really hate when you do that,” he replies with no heat in his tone. He doesn’t even really mean it - he loves when you’re soft and sweet like this, because he knows this is your way of showing how much you care for him, but he wishes you would sometimes just do things for yourself. Be a little more selfish. Like him.
“No, you don’t,” you quip back, serving yourself a healthy bowlful of broth and extra rice. You settle down, crossing your legs in your lap and you asks, twisting your spoon in the bowl, mixing everything wonderfully until it resembled more like colorful mush than anything else. “Tell me about work. How did it go? Was everyone nice to you?”
He snorts and does the same to his food - the two of them eat in similar ways after living together for so long. “I’m not fifteen, YN.”
“First of all, I can worry regardless, and secondly, you wouldn’t think you were 24 with how immature you can be,” you scoff, putting more soup in his bowl with a considerate smile. You brandish the ladle as if it were a blade and you warn, “Talk, now, while I’m being nice about it.”
“I enjoy the place,” he informs you, mind bringing up images from his day, especially that of a particularly beautiful man with soft curls, wide eyes and puffy, soft lips. “It’s nice and the guys seem fun. The place felt warm, weirdly enough.”
You ask, burrowing your feet in his sweater and flexing your toes against his sternum, “It won’t get boring?”
“I don’t think so,” he replies, shifting so your feet would rest in his lap and you would be more comfortable. “I know I complained a lot at my last place, but I feel like this new spot could be really good for me.”
The smile on his face is earnest, and you feel yourself mirror his expression. “That’s all I wanted for you.”
“C’mon, Juicy,” he complains. “Enough about me and my feelings. I know you’ve been dying to wax your poetry about your crush.”
You shove him away using your foot and curl in on yourself, shyly. “There’s nothing to tell.”
You glare at your best friend before letting out a sigh. “We talked today. Just in the morning. He picked up his daughter but he seemed to be in a rush so I couldn’t justify taking up more of his time.”
“Even though you wanted to?”
You nod, shyly. “He’s such a good dad. He’s so soft with her. She’s a little manic sometimes. High-energy. And that can be overwhelming. But he doesn’t get angry with her. He just talks to her warmly. Then, he gives her hugs and kisses instead of telling her off. It gives me butterflies.”
Taehyung nearly melts at the sight of his best friend. You’re so stinkin’ adorable.
Still, he wouldn’t be your best friend if he didn’t bully you, just a little. “You wish that was you, huh?”
You swat at him. “Stop teasing me!”
“I don’t know why you don’t just tell him you think he’s hot,” Taehyung suggests, brows raising slightly in amusement. “You’re smokin’ hot, and I’m assuming he is too. Your standards aren’t low in that regard.”
You let out a scandalized huff. “Are you saying my taste in men is bad?”
“Their personalities are almost always terrible,” he replies, with serious look. “It’s not your fault, of course. They’re really good liars and you’re too nice.”
Looking back, Taehyung should have just had your last boyfriend jumped and pulled his teeth out behind your back, but you had wanted to end things amicably. He hopes his sarcasm is obvious enough to be acknowledged.
“You don’t have a leg to stand on, if that’s the case,” she remarks, equally as gravely. “I seem to recall you dating a wanted felon some months ago.”
“But he had such a big dick,” he answers, almost despondently. “Plus, he let me top him and I never get to do that.”
“You’re so annoying,” you answer, kicking him once more, and he grabs your foot in a gentle grip. He uses his fingers to massage your ankles gently, but his expression is devious enough for you to feel nervous. You warn, trying to tug your leg out of his steel-like grip, “You know I’m ticklish, Tae. Don’t start.”
“I wouldn’t have started anything if you didn’t kick me,” he retorts. “Now, you’re gonna have to deal with the consequences.”
He draws his long fingers across the sole of your foot, concentrating on the fatty part under your big toe and he sends you reeling.
You wail, “Stop! I’m gonna pee!”
He laughs, manically, and tickles you more in earnest, until you are red-faced, teary-eyed and kicking wildly.
“If you knock over the food, you’re gonna have to clean it up,” he warns, before he starts back his assault. “Say you’re sorry and I’ll stop.”
He doesn’t let up with his tickling, in fact he goes harder when he sees how vulnerable you are, highlighting his more sadistic side. He likes when you’re free like this - hair wild and out of the scarf from your wiggling, smile bright and real and beautiful. You kick him at him but he’s definitely too strong for you, and within seconds you are pleading and apologizing.
He releases you instantly, and you run off to the bathroom to go relieve yourself, swearing and flushing angrily the entire way.
“Still got it,” he remarks to himself, reclining back against the sofa and turning up the TV. A new episode of their favorite show was starting. When he hears the toilet flushing in the other room, he calls, “Hey, stinky feet. Our show is on.”
You run in quickly, grabbing your bowl and switching off the lights. “Lemme snuggle.”
He moves slightly, opening his arms without taking his eyes off the TV as the introduction credits roll across the screen. You bundle yourself up in embrace, laying with your back against his stomach and you both hum along to the familiar soundtrack.
As the show rolls out in front of your eyes, you eat distractedly. Bringing your spoon to your mouth and chewing silently, eyes fixed and wide as the actors act their asses off, laughing when it is funny, and holding your breath when it was tense. Taehyung mirrors you perfectly, both of you existing as a reflection of the other.
He plays with your hair a little once he has finished his food and he needs something to do with his hands. He twists your curls around his finger, unraveling them and gently pulling them apart, loosening them. You don’t complain, liking the sensation of someone teasing your scalp with soft, caring hands.
This was your heaven - quiet time with your best friend, the person who knows you best in the world, eating comfort food and watching a show that fills you with joy.
If you could spend every day this way, you would.
Taehyung gets to work early after dropping YN off at the school. You had given him one of the spooky cupcakes that you had made the night before for your school’s Halloween party. It had a cauldron on it, a mish-mash of green, purple and orange smoke coming out of a black bowl. You had done them yourself late into the night. You were so proud of how they turned out, and he was happy because you were so excited to show off your work to the kids. He almost didn’t want to eat the cupcake, but it was delicious so, of course, it didn’t last five minutes.
You were dressed up like a fairy, with green wings and matching tights with your hair all curled and pretty. You even had glitter makeup on your face and in your hair, so you sparkled in the sunlight. You didn’t want to get the subway looking that way, which, first, he would have never allowed you to anyway, but he understood regardless.
Even though you both shared the car, he used to more because you only ever went to work and you caught the subway to your monthly sip-and-paint class in the city. He wasn’t exactly happy that you were living a life of a fifty-year-old divorcee but the most he had to worry about you doing at home was drinking too much of his wine and slipping into the bathtub again.
He nudges into the garage with his jacket half-open, both hands holding eight different cups of coffee in brown paper cup holders.
“Morning,” he calls and he hears five responses of varying enthusiasm across the garage. He walks past each man and gestures to their coffee with a nod of his head. “Hobi-hyung, black tea. Yuck. Namjoon-hyung, green tea with two sugars. Yoongi-hyung, iced americano. Double yuck. Jungkook, vanilla latte with cream. Jimin-hyung, caramel mocaccino with a pump of toffee. And for me, cappuccino with hazelnut syrup.”
“How do you remember everyone’s orders so well?” Jimin asks with a grateful smile as he nuzzles into the couch further, holding the hot drink closer to his chest. Cute.
“I worked as a bartender for like four years,” he answers, hopping onto the couch, slotting himself between Jimin and Jungkook. He throws his arm over Jungkook’s shoulder while the youngest employee half-heartedly shrugs him off. “Yah, are you still being prickly with me, Kookie?”
“Hyung, you’re heavy,” he complains, but he doesn’t shove him off completely. The youngest acted like a porcupine, but Taehyung has worn down moodier and more distant people in the past. “Thanks for the coffee.”
“Don’t mention it. I was getting breakfast for my girl and I and thought it would only be right,” he tells him. Jimin shifts a little and Taehyung casts a side-long glance at the older man. He looks good, but a little fussy. He always looks great, but something about him this early in the morning. His lips are puffy, his eyes are a little unclear, as if he’s still waking up. Taehyung wonders what he looks like first thing in the morning. He has to shake himself out of that line of thought immediately. You will not put your dick where you eat, he reminds himself. “I’m not sure if you guys have allergies so I didn’t get any food. Next time, though. I got it.”
“Free food? I take it back. Hyung, you’re my best friend,” Jungkook compliments, sidling closer to the older man and Taehyung snorts at his behavior.
“Is this how you flirt?”
Jungkook scoffs before he levels him with a firm stare. “If I were flirting, you’d know.”
Taehyung raises his eyebrow in challenge before he purses his lips. Jungkook was cute - in that cheeky little brother kind of way. He was much too buff for Taehyung’s tastes, but he was definitely handsome. And, Taehyung’s gaydar was pretty accurate, and he was giving very much limp wrist.
“If you guys are done sucking each other’s dicks,” Jimin grumbles, tightly, “What’s on the schedule for today, boss?”
Namjoon glances over the rim of his glasses as he sips his tea before he grabs the ledger and scans the pages quickly. “We have a couple of drop-offs later. Cleaning and touch-ups mostly. Yoongi, Ms Moon is coming later for you to do some shit to her engine. She said you’d know what she was talking about?”
Yoongi nods. “She said she kept hearing a weird sound when she drove for longer than an hour. I told her to bring it in and I’d look it over.”
“That old lady has such a crush on you,” Hobi remarks, eyes creasing in amusement. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she was lying just to get you alone.”
Yoongi’s neck turns ruddy in embarrassment, but he doesn’t deny the older man’s words.
“Speaking of crushes,” Jungkook starts, and instantly. Yoongi’s glare becomes poisonous. “Hyung, did you end up talking to her yet?”
“What’s this?” Taehyung asks, leaning forward, intrigued. He glances between the two men, locked in an impasse - a battle of the wills. Jungkook radiates nothing but pure sadistic glee while Yoongi seems to be pumping out sheer frustration. “Yoongi has a crush?”
“A crush is putting it lightly,” Hobi answers. “He’s practically in love with this girl.”
Yoongi puts his head into his hands, rustling up his hair and groaning. “Guys, please.”
“We’re gossips, hyung,” Jimin replies, reclining back into the sofa. The outside of his leg brushes up against Taehyung’s and he had to pinch himself to keep his brain out of the gutter. “It’s in our nature.”
Taehyung asks, “Who is the lucky lady?”
“A kindergarten teacher, if you could get anymore cliche,” Jungkook says, teasingly.
Taehyung hums, head tilting slightly. “What’s she like?”
All five faces turn to Yoongi, who lets out a put-upon sigh before he says, nervously, eyes turning down to the cup which he’s playing with to distract himself, “She’s soft… and kind. The way she talks, the light in her eyes, I could look at her for hours and still learn more about her, you know? She carries herself like she hasn’t got a care in the world, and I just want to be around her. I know I’m not the nicest of people, but she makes me feel brighter, like I could laugh and smile and not feel embarrassed about it. She gives me butterflies, like I’m a fucking high-schooler. It’s pathetic.”
“Why is that pathetic? It sounds like you’re in love with her,” Taehyung remarks, lightly.
“He doesn’t talk to her,” Jungkook informs him, playfully.
Yoongi gnashes his teeth. “Watch it, dickhead.”
Jungkook asks, patronizingly, “Did I lie?”
Yoongi can’t respond, but his blush deepens.
Jungkook was a real younger brother, ribbing him in a way that nobody else could get away with. He wasn’t being mean or hurtful - he was teasing, and although there was a bit of tension, it wasn’t unbearable like Taehyung would have expected from colleagues. He wonders if the boys were actually related in some kind of way. He wasn’t used to such a free work environment.
Still, Taehyung wants to change the subject a little. He feels a bit hot under the collar from the strain. He doesn’t see Jimin snicker at his obvious discomfort behind his hand.
Taehyung asks, gently, “How did you two meet?”
“She teaches my daughter,” the quiet man answers. He gets a tender look in his eye that makes alarms in Taehyung’s head start blinking distantly. He hears something akin to the ‘Kill Bill’ klaxon ringing in his ears. “My kid loves her to pieces. She’s like her favorite person. Sometimes I think she likes her more than she likes me.”
He doesn’t know why he does, but something in him pushes him to ask, “What does she look like?”
He perks up at the question and he replies, lips tugging up in a soft smile, “She has really pretty eyes, big and [your eye color]. She has soft skin, and her smile lights up a whole room. Her hair is all curly and big. Sometimes, she has it back and out of her face, and then it’s like I can’t focus on anything but her eyes or her smile and I get nauseous.”
“She makes you feel sick?” Jungkook is about two words away from bursting into uncontrollable laughter and the others can hear it in his voice. Jimin swats the back of his head in chastisement.
“No, you prick,” Yoongi growls. “I get nervous, okay! She smiles at me, and I turn into a fucking babbling idiot. Sena laughs at me, every fucking day. ‘Oh, Daddy? Why’d you say that earlier to Miss YN?’ Because, honey, I’m in love with your teacher and she drives me crazy!”
Taehyung freezes at the sound of your name. His eyes widen without his permission and his breath catches in his lungs.
Namjoon perks up a little and he remarks, “Her name is YN? You’ve never told us her name before.”
Your name isn’t exactly unique, in a general context. But, the klaxon sound is getting louder in his head and he feels like he’s on the precipice of a huge realization. He doesn’t want to assume, but he feels gooseflesh break out across his back at the thought that maybe… maybe his life is intersecting in such a dramatic way.
“It’s a pretty name,” Hobi compliments, delicately. “Did you see her today?”
Yoongi practically melts in his seat. “She was dressed up. All glittery and pretty. Like a fairy. She even had wings. I thought I was seeing things at first, but then Sena ran up to her and begged me to take pictures with her. I didn’t want to be weird so I didn’t, but fuck, I wanted to.”
It was you.
Yoongi was in love with his best friend.
You were in love with Yoongi.
The vestiges of a plan starts blossoming in his head and Taehyung finds himself sitting back, surveying his older colleague with surgical-like precision.
He wasn’t bad-looking.
In fact, he was handsome, in a tender way. His eyes were cat-like and small. The way he spoke was pensive and knowledgeable, but a little rough like an older brother. He wonders if that would extend to you too. His body seemed small at first glance but he had power in his physique, especially in his shoulders. His skin was smooth and pale and pale pink in places, like around his knees and elbows, and the inside of his lips.
He was your type, physically at least. And Taehyung wasn’t sure about how that made him feel.
He wasn’t a jealous friend exactly. But he was particular about who he let near you. For good reason. You were gorgeous and funny and kind and sweet and nice. And sometimes, people don’t appreciate nice the way it deserved to be appreciated. They bleed it dry until it’s not nice anymore - it’s begrudging, or it’s frustrated, or it’s enduring. And he doesn’t want that for you.
He wants joy. He wants happiness. He wants flowers and chocolates and walks on the beach and surprise proposals.
And if he doesn’t think Yoongi can give that for you, he won’t let it go ahead.
Feelings be damned.
“Why are you looking at him so much?”
Taehyung jolts at the sound of Jimin’s voice so close to his ear. He glances to the side to see the brunet observing him just as intently as Taehyung was regarding the other man. He had leaned forward and was barely a few inches away from his face. He was so close, Taehyung could count his freckles and see the separation in his long and curly eyelashes.
He takes a moment to reply, still surprised at how close they were, “Sorry, I zoned out.”
Jimin didn’t seem convinced. “What were you thinking so hard about?”
“Coincidence,” he replies, sitting back and giving Jimin a private look. He looks across his face, cataloguing his features quickly. His puffy lips that Taehyung wants to suck on. Eyes as wide and pretty under the white overhead lights. Smooth, tanned skin. A strong sloping nose. Pretty white teeth that are only a little crooked. He was so fucking pretty. “Serendipity.”
“I’ve always loved that word,” Jimin answers, sweetly. He fiddles with the cap of the coffee, dragging his finger through the liquid that had pooled in the lid. He seems nervous, but it only made Taehyung want to tease him more.
“Me too,” Taehyung retorts. He shoots Yoongi a final glance before he turns his attentions back to his coffee. “Things just got interesting.”
- end -
Masterlist / (1), (2), (3), (4)
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ratherbefangirling · 4 days ago
hiya! May I get a BTS ship? please and thank you! my personality type of INJTA-A and I'm a Gemini! Year of the Tiger!
Little about me, I am 5'3, green eyes and a brunette. I am actually colored blind, with my blues greens and purples, so I 100% think my eyes are blue. But Ive argued with the eye doctor before, and they've said they are "most definitely green". I am rather opinionated and confrontational, I am not scared nor shy away from standing up for someone. Ill speak my mind when it's appropriate, I've learned that sometimes it's just best to save your breath and your words. I love older music, 20s 30s all that jazz, and even jazz it's self along with other genres. Im not much of a TV shows kind of person, I sometimes watch some shows on HULU, but I'd rather be outside doing something visiting new places. I have taken painting as a hobbie, I love to go on trails and LOVE TOO COOK MORE THEN ANYTHING. Plus I like to take photos. Am also a huge sarcastic dick, that it has gotten me in trouble at times. And sometimes I don't even realize I'm being a said dick, I am rather honest and blunt. I'd rather someone get an honest opinion that comes from myself, from a good place then from someone that wants to do harm an be a bully. Cuz sometimes it's not best to sugar coat things, cuz then how are you supposed to grow?
I'm an extrovert but sometimes need to stay in to charge but not always. I'm rather loud at times, and am not afraid to dance in public if I see others dancing or shout compliments across the street if I like someone hair color, clothing etc. Or even just go play on the playground or just have some fun regardless of what others think.
The oldest of 4 kids, so I have a mothering side to me with others that are younger then I or even older. I'd use to skip school and steal food or other necessities for my siblings. I really did put their own needs before my own. So I really took the roll of the second parent, and sometimes it makes it difficult to find others that relate to such a thing.
Though I am rather hard on the outside, I am very much soft (though it doesn't come out often) on the inside. I can be rather quiet, and reserved, I'm rather nice and people have told me I'm great with conversation and a great listener. I'd be the first to approach someone if they look uncomfortable or are shy at a large event, but I'd be the LAST to do karaoke.
I do have four pets, three rescues beside one that I did buy. I love nature, and I work a lot to be able to provide for my pets. Can't have them with no toys or treats or not looking their best. Same with my siblings, I buy them a lot of things, and make sure they have what they need.
I'm sorry this was so long! But thank you and have a great day!
Hey @animesllut666,
You sounded wonderful, manifesting a great week for you.
The person I ship you with is Jungkook.
Tumblr media
Magic, wasn't a word foreign to you any longer born in the slums picked up by a passing magician who could sense great levels of mana* in you when you tried to steal from them. In your defence you belonged to a not so well to do family and tried to save your lunch money by stealing any food you could find or going hungry.
Now as a high level witch working in the government things were different. You could cook all the food in the world. Buy all the original Music instead of replayed discardes pirated ones. Not only could you provide for your family, you also were a proud owner of your pets who you spoiled to your hearts content.
You were enjoying your normal day off when you recieved the summons. Jin was at the hospital. Jin or Kim Seokjin was your benefactor, the magician who you had stole from who had later become your guarantee.
You rush to the healers tower. You find Jungkook there, your arch rival and his guarantor Namjoon who was Jin's close friend.
"What happened?" You ask.
"He overworked himself to a near mana deficit."
You gasp. Mana deficit could have killed a wizard of lesser calibre. But Jin was no lesser wizard infact he belonged to the division called bull proof knights. <pls don't kill me>
"Does anyone have a mana reserve that we can provide Mage Jin." The healer asks.
Jungkook volunteers. You have always been envious about his high level of mana... among other things.
You and Jungkook had come around the same time. Always competing. You remembered the wide innocent looking doe eyes and introverted boy. Over the years he had become an a prankster and a tease. You remembered the day you had completely removed him from your life. The day he was taken as a member of bps. How him and Jin grew closer almost like brothers.
Jungkook can barely stand as he comes back the healer advises bed rest. It's decided Namjoon would stay with Jin and you'd drop Jungkook home.
"Cant" He whimpers and collapses without giving you his address. With no other choice you take him home.
Jungkook inhales the scents of delicious food. Licking on his face wakes him up and he finds himself with your furry buddy.
"Ah, you're awake would you like something to eat?" You ask.
He nods you set the table for the two of you. You've prepared porridge for him and a hearty lunch for yourself(to treat yourself for facing such a difficult situation nicely).
While you think he'll leave he decides to stay over you're secretly glad you don't have to stay alone with your thoughts that will drive yourself crazy with worry.
You both sit and work on your documents at the dining table. At night you sit under the stars sharing hot chocolate.
"I kinda hate you." You confess.
"'I know."
"Who even says that?"
"You don't hate me you hate loosing to me."
"I guess that's true."
The night passes and things get better. In a few days Jin is well enough to work. Life is back to normal. Except you're kind of in love with Jungkook and he's in love with you and you're kind of crazy for each other and it's just like magic.
Tumblr media
Mana - magic level indicating aura
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blushedarmybunny · 4 days ago
On the Same Page (series)| KTH
Tumblr media
✧ Pairing: kim Taehyung x fem reader
✧ Word count: 11.4k
✧ Genre: ANGST! and fluff too
✧ synopsis: y/n is happily married to one of the most famous kpop idols of all time, she has everything she needs and everything she ever wanted, fully content with her marriage she don't want anything to change.
Unfortunately, Taehyung is tired to pretend that he doesn’t want to have children yet. All the bts members had already become proud fathers, which only makes Taehyung longing for children even more strong, till this day he has concealed his true feelings for the woman that he loves with passion.
if he suggested starting a family, would she agree and make his wish come true? Or everything he ever built can crumble down like a house of cards? Could they be on the same page?
✧ a/n: Hello there! this is a completed series that I'm going to be updating pretty soon, it has angst, romance, cute romantic Tae, i hope that you could support my work and share it with friends! if you are going to repost in other site please ask permition and give credit the same goes if you want to adapt it to other fandom. :)
✧ Chapters: One, Two, Three, Four
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zekesblckgf · 4 days ago
hey babies long time no seeeeeee. today's shorty fic doesn't have smut in it.
jungkook x f!reader
tw: angst, kook lies to you (sort of), kissing, heartbreak.
"i love you" he blankly said but to you it sounded meaningful. your heart raced and your toes scrunched hearing the words you itched to hear sooner.
"y-you do kookie?" you said with a small voice.
He only shook his head and continued to drive. "yeah babydoll only because you made me money " he leaned over and kissed your lips. you can tatse the expensive wine on his lips.
"only because i made you money?" you were utterly confused at this point. "i thought you meant it sincerely" you spoke in a hurt tone eyes beginning to water.
from your side view it's visible he's holding in a laugh. your stomach crumbled in pain and your heart shattered to a million pieces. "fuck you jungkook let me out of this fucking car now"
he slammed on his breaks quickly pulling the car over and slowly turned to you. "stop being so dramatic doll" he said placing a hand on your thigh. "i wouldn't be dating the most wonderful and precious girl if i didn't love you"
he tried to lean in and kiss you once more, but you turned your head in time. "no don't kiss " you folded your arms and looked out the tinted window. thoughts of leaving him were racing in your head.
"that's it" you told yourself.
"darling-" you stopped him dead in his tracks and spoke over him. "i'm not your baby doll or your darling anymore" his eyesbrows furrowed at your response and he layed his head against the steering wheel.
"are you breaking up with me?" he asked with his still resting on the wheel. "yeah i am" you said picking up your purse from between your legs slinging it over your shoulder.
"don't ever call or text me again in life" you sounded like a little puppy trying to be brave.
at least that's how he sees it.
good thing you were a couple mins from your home so you didn't have a problem with walking. jungkook watched as you walked out of his life and car. deep down he really did love you. kook just can't admit that he loves anyone after his last relationship.
he picked his head up from the steering wheel and wiped a tear he didn't know was present. "she'll be back soon" he spoke to himself as he drove off.
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stargazerauraa · 5 days ago
chapter 7
chapter 8
The man glances your way then averts his gaze back to Jimin. "Jiho! Nice to see you. Yes she is." He places a hand on the small of your back and guides you as you both follow the tall man, who you now know is Jiho.
The interior of this gigantic house is extravagant. Most of it being black, there are accents of darker purples and some warm cremes.
Despite the dark colour scheme the house is bright due to overly bright lights that are fitted on the ceiling. You notice coloured lights in other rooms as you walk past too.
Jiho reaches some more huge doors at the end of the hallway, he pushes them open and extends his arm, signalling for us to go in. You notice the vast amount of people there, everyone dressed extremely well but also quite sexily.
At this thought you look over to Jimin and take in his outfit. His silky black dress shirt is not buttoned all the way up, three of the top buttons are undone giving view to his jewellery. He's tucked it lazily into his black jeans, making him look effortlessly put together.
One thing you loved about Jimin was his "i give zero fucks, if i like it i'll wear it" attitude. You wish that you could take on his mindset sometimes.
He grabs your hands and brings your attention to what he's saying and away from his attire, which he knows you're loving.
"Let's have fun tonight. Just you and I."
Your heart begins to race as he looks into your eyes, but as he looks away you being questioning why you feel like this all of a sudden. Jimin sighs in relief when you nod shyly and avert your attention to everyone in the large room.
You notice the way his brown eyes glint under the dim lights, his chocolate brown hair that's always perfectly dyed. It's the little things about him that send your mind spiralling.
They always have done. You used to scold yourself for finding him so attractive since you weren't single, but now you are. Why should you feel bad?
While lost in your thoughts, Jimin releases your hands from his grasp as a woman and a man walk over to you both.
"Enjoying the party?" The woman says, placing hear hand on Jimin's upper arm. You nod in response, taking a sip of the champagne that you just picked up from one of the servers.
"Yes, thank you. It's nice to see you again." Jimin smiles warmly towards the pair. "They're hosting the party."
The party has been ongoing for four hours now and you haven't had this much fun in such a long time. You've danced with Jimin and been introduced to some of his close friends, drank some expensive alcohol and just generally felt free.
Jimin's hand runs down your back, stopping at the curve of your spine. "I've never been this tired at a party. You're draining me." He jokes in a husky voice close to your ear.
His warm breath tickling your skin, you grip onto his shoulder a little tighter.
"You're the biggest partier i've ever known, i'm sure you've gone crazier than this." You retort, equally as close to his face as he is yours.
The close proximity between the two of you creating a type of tension you've never felt before.
He slowly angles his face to yours, glancing from your lips to your eyes and back to your lips. You catch yourself being pulled into him slowly as his lips just touch yours.
You pull away, feeling overwhelmed and grab his hand, leading him to the bar so you can sit down.
"How will we get home? We've both been drinking." You question as you search how for a bottle of water. You've never been a big drinker and you're at your limit.
Jimin leans back and rests his elbows on the bar behind him, taking a deep breath. He's been thinking about this all night. Truthfully, he doesn't want tonight to end. He's enjoyed every second of tonight with you, maybe a little too much.
If he's honest with himself, he's been wanting to get you alone for a while but the universe wasn't on his side.
You've been friends for a while, but he's also been watching you since you entered his life.
He loves the way you present yourself. You're a perfect mix of calm and attitude. My god.. he loves that attitude of yours sometimes.
Your emotions mimic the sea, it can turn from perfectly calm to rough within minutes. He finds it so intriguing. He finds you intriguing.
"Since this is my close friends home, they said we could stay here the night." He runs a hand through his now slightly dishevelled hair.
You're too tired to disagree. Plus, this place is luxurious. You wouldn't mind staying here for the night.
Jimin leads you through the party, weaving though couples dancing and kissing, and into the hallway.
The staircase looks intricately made, hand crafted. The railings made of wood, cold to the touch as you grab them to guide you to your room for the night. Once you walk down the ridiculously long hallway, you reach the end room. When Jimin pushes it open, you gasp.
It's the biggest room you've ever seen. There are two beds and an en suite with a large bath, and standing shower. Since the room is towards the back of the house, the view is of the gardens. It has an old looking fountain surrounded by different coloured roses.
"This is beautiful." You breathe out as you drop onto the soft bed, kicking your uncomfortable heels off somewhere. Where, you really don't care.
Jimin sits on the edge of the other bed, directly opposite of you.
He places his elbows on his knees, letting his chin rest on his hands. Silver rings adorning his fingers, making him stand out even more in the dull light of the room.
Why must he be so perfect? You wonder as you take in all of his features, you wish you could take a mental picture. "We can share this room." He speaks up and begins removing his shoes.
Your eyes shoot open as you watch him walk around the room, adjusting small things here and there. "Why? I can take the room across the hall."
He stops closing the blinds and turns to you. Eyes pleading for something you're not sure of,
"Theres two beds here, just stay here tonight," His voice trails off as he makes his way back to the bed. Jimin leans forward slightly and smirks, "I'm sure we can control ourselves, right?"
You find yourself smiling back and stop yourself.
Can i?
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deepseavibez · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Nerve || KNJ
If I believed you y/n, it would mean that someone could find happiness even with their heart miles away from them. 🥀
Warning - Cheating(Aftermath); Negative Thoughts; Questionable Thoughts; Sadness; Pain; Crying; Pure Angst!
Part 1 || Stalemate
Part 2 || Ellipsis
Part 3 || Unsalvageable
Part 3.5 - Trapped
Part 4 || Unanimous
Part 5 || Leashed
Part 5.5 - Reflection
Part 6 || Worthy [updated 15/10/21]
Part 7 - coming soon
Part 7.5 - coming soon
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multyeverything · 2 days ago
Young Love
¿Perdonar y olvidar?
¿Perdonar y volver?
A esta edad, todo es efímero y eventualmente olvidado. A no ser que florezca el verdadero amor, entre tanto caos y pasión.
Los sentimientos son más intensos cuando un lazo invisible une dos almas, que aunque por más que intenten herirse, es inquebrantable. Cómo destinado a ser.
Autor: multyeverything
Rating: 18+
Tw: Representaciones equivocas de los chicos de Bangtan, relaciones sexuales intensas, groserías e insultos subidos de nivel, abuso verbal y psicológico, uso de sustancias nocivas, violencia recurrente, menciones de enfermedades y síndromes psicológicos.
Emparejando: Jeon Jungkook X t/n (mujer)
Tumblr media
01 : 18+
02 : 18+
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dulcebangtan · 5 days ago
blood, sweat, and tears | ot7 x reader [oneshot - a, au]
[FINAL] chapter five: glass bridge and squid game
Tumblr media
 you and your seven best friends join a game after losing all your money during gambling. at first, the eight of you take the game with a grain of salt, but that's until people around you start dying, and it becomes a fight for your lives. 
squid game!au
word count for this chapter: 3.1k
warnings for this chapter: mentions of death and blood
keep reading
link to masterlist
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hobidreams · 5 days ago
november 1871.
Tumblr media
how do you even begin to navigate this new world?
pairing: joseon king!yoongi x reader words: 1.2k historical note: “mama” is the korean equivalent of “your highness” & the proper address for a queen. her family can simply call her that, but others must add her official title as well.
moonlit throne index. this is drabble 40. start from the beginning?
Tumblr media
Your head slightly upturned towards the grey sky, you hope to outrun the threat of rain as you hurry towards your apothecary with new supplies in hand. The first drops dampen your white sleeves moments before you slip through the open door and exhale in relief. There is much to do today; you cannot afford to waste time drying your clothes. Still, you leave the door open behind you as you walk in, wanting to see the earth nourish itself, the quiet falling one of your favorite sounds.
Recently, there’s been a disease spreading through the soldiers. It’s some sort of itchiness that is as persistent as it is pervasive. None of the doctors have been able to find a solution, but they are still reluctant to work with you since you are an inferior woman. You scatter new herbs across the sturdy wooden table, preparing for another long session of experiments. You’ll prove them wrong, even if you have to sacrifice sleep to do it.
All this to distract from the truth that you haven’t seen the man you love in nearly three weeks.
Just like you expected, despite his promises, despite your hopes, things changed. Something shifted, that day of the wedding ceremony. Or was it more like something locked into place? Yoongi became a married man even while the ghost of you lingers around him. And he hasn’t summoned you in so long, nor have you dared to even attempt to seek him out.
These days, no matter if you are within palace grounds or out in town, you can hardly go a few hours in the presence of others without hearing about the new jungjeon-mama. She has visited her people twice already, surveying her citizens with a retinue of guards. Her popularity continues to soar on powerful wings, judging from the awestruck whispers that travel far across the land. She has accomplished exactly what the advisors intended. The townspeople are distracted even as the king must deal with yet another treaty from America.
You wonder how long it will take for there to be an heir.
Shut up, you tell your mind as you force your fingers to begin working. At least medicine is something you have control over.
You end up so absorbed in calculations and properties, you don’t even notice someone has entered the room until a deep voice calls your name. You look up into dark eyes and long hair that seems to glow despite the lack of a moon tonight.
“J-Jeonha!” You sink into a deep bow without thinking, even though he insisted you dispense of this particular formality some months ago. Your heart aches with happiness, with want.
The king, achingly beautiful as always, stands on the opposite end of the table. “Are you busy?”
“No, no.” You give the mixture you’re heating a last stir, knowing it must cook for some more time. “Not as you are, I am sure.”
He inhales deep at that, shaking his head. “Like you would not believe. There is new pressure coming from Japan, and the Americans have still refused to relent. I don’t know if they will retaliate like they did at Ganghwa. I refuse to let that happen again.” He lets you lead him to a nearby bench, sitting down as his eyes continue to cloud with heat and irritation. “At least some of the advisors are now more reasonable.”
“…Because of the wedding.”
His hands press into the seat. “Yes.”
Part of you immediately wants to change the topic that you brought up yourself, but the other part knows it must be had. That you have to be able to discuss these things, even if it makes your limbs seize up. “The advisors must be afraid to be too rude when she is present.”
He pauses, as if considering his words before he says, “they are used to my mother shutting them up, I suppose.” Then silence comes in once more to fill, to suffocate the space between you as you process what he has just confirmed—she, as queen, is allowed to participate in the daily meetings. And she is aiding him in a way you cannot.
God. It’s almost comical how stilted your voices are, your words so formal it’s as if you’ve gone back years. Like neither of you want to acknowledge how odd it is to be this close to him and not have him touch you. He is usually, at the very least, brushing your hand with his fingers. Or pulling you into him to mingle your warmths together. But now, nothing. Promises shattered before your very eyes.
You bite your lip. “I’m glad she has been helpful then.”
“Yes, well.” He deliberately cuts himself off, clearing his throat. “Damn it. I am not here to talk about her.”
But your control is slipping. You know you’re ruining this precious time you have together but you have been so damn upset, so pitifully lonely that the startling jealousy writhing through you becomes too hard to resist. “No? She is your wife after all.”
You get what you wanted. Yoongi’s anger riles quick, flashing hot through his hardened eyes, but it doesn’t satisfy you like you thought it would. It only cuts you more, a fresh, scalding burn on your heart when he scowls, grits his teeth and says, “No, mama is—”
Whatever he says next, you don’t register. The inhale you instinctively take is so sharp it steals every other breath from your lungs. These few weeks have been enough for him to pick up the habit of calling her as such, even in your presence. The word detached from the full title implies with no uncertainty that she is his family. She is his.
You pitch forward, elbows pressed to your knees, burying your face into chilly palms. The first sob betrays you, rattling violently through your body even as you try to choke the rest of the onslaught back. This is the first time you’ve cried since learning of the official engagement. Everything that’s built upon you since then, every bit of pain you’ve swallowed and shoved down and tried to forget slams into your body like a closed-fist blow. It’s all you can do to breathe through the wet hurt.
There’s a clattering, a shift in weight as he must leap to his feet. “Shit. Shit, I… Fuck. I did not mean…” His panic is palpable but you can’t handle it, can’t handle anything that might leave you hoping and wanting and pathetic.
“Please… Please l-leave,” you gasp, knowing how long you have waited for this, waited for him but like a small animal, you are all wild fear, needing to lick your wounds in solitude. You are so terrified of what more he might say, or what he might do. He already holds all the power over you. You want a pittance of it back. “Leave.”
“I didn’t want to hurt you like this,” he mumbles. You hear the wood creak as he steps away. “I never wanted this.”
But I’ve always wanted you is the only thing that lingers through your tears before the door thuds shut.
Tumblr media
a/n: drabble forty. wow. thank you for being here. thank you for trusting me with these two. it means more than i could ever express and we are so close to the end now! i hope you’ll all stick around to see what happens ♡
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lettertothesoul · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
find out where you can pick up your mail!
Tumblr media
— control tower 🗼
Tumblr media
LY OFFICE – since 2018
didn’t you know? this was the first office ever established! your mail & packages will be handled by seven incredible and experienced people, you won’t want to get out of there just because of how amazing they are! is this office near you? fret not! you can pick up your mail personally or have it delivered to your door! open from 7:00 a.m. -> 7:00 p.m.
NEO OFFICE – since 2020 | currently: NOT OPERATING
the most bustling office! with 23 employees, there’s no doubt that this is the most efficient of our offices! (kinda…) meaning, they’re the most busy as well! so hurry and pick up your mail before chaos happens!! open on MON-TUE-SUN from 9:00 a.m. -> 9:00 p.m.; on WED-THU-FRI-SAT from 7:00 a.m. -> 7:00 p.m.
STRAY OFFICE – since 2019 | currently: NOT OPERATING
this office was the second one established, but sadly it didn’t have as much success before like now, but! no worries, our 8 hardworking employees are sure to help you with anything you need, no matter where you are! ah, and don’t forget to be friendly to animals! they have the cutest pets around, but they don’t bite! (just watch the bunny…) open from 8:00 a.m. -> 8:00 p.m.
THRILL-ING OFFICE – since 2020 | currently: NOT OPERATING
ah, our latest addition! be sure to come prepared for an incredibly disastrous wonderful visit regardless of where you receive your mail! our 11 employees are sure to give you the best laugh of your life, so be prepared to hold your belly, because they got some fun to show you! don’t forget to visit the theme park right next to it! open from 11:00 a.m. -> 11:00 p.m.
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