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#bts boyfriend
getitinbusan · 4 months ago
BTS Boyfriend Reactions
Tumblr media
After a particularly wonderful night you send your boyfriend a box of custom donuts to show your thanks.
A @blueversailledreams X @getitinbusan collaboration
Tumblr media
🍩 Jin 🍩
Quickly eats the 'dick' ones so only 'best ever' is left.
Tumblr media
🍩 Yoongi 🍩
Enjoys them with his coffee
Tumblr media
🍩 J-Hope 🍩
Turns the most red he's ever been
Tumblr media
🍩 Namjoon 🍩
Thinks of an anagram and rearranges the letters before anyone else can see.
Tumblr media
🍩 Jimin 🍩
"I'm a grower not a shower"
Tumblr media
🍩 Taehyung 🍩
Proudly shares them with everyone
Tumblr media
🍩 Jungkook 🍩
Parades them around, smugly
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knpjpr · 3 months ago
distraught. | jjk sm au
Tumblr media
⇆series: #fake
⇆main ship: gamer!jungkook x student!reader
⇆genre: fluff
⇆word count: 1.7K (unedited)
⇆warnings: nothing, this chapter is just some good ol' quality filler..again
⇆ a/n: if you'd like to be added to the taglist, send me an ask
Tumblr media
Sitting beside Lou in the small table at Burger King, the sounds of people chatting filled your senses, making you comfortable as the group of girls sat in front of you.
Lou had been on her phone, not paying attention as you tried to finish the rest of your sandwich. Seething, Lou had huffed down at her phone making you turn over towards her, worried but she shrugged it off, placing the last of your fries in her mouth. “Just my senile ass mom arguing with me about staying home and getting my package.”
You winced at her words, pouting at the fact you wanted that last fry. “You shouldn’t swear so much,” You say as she turns her attention onto you fully, her hand stuffing into the warmth of her pink sweater. “I bought her the chicken wrap that she likes so much, and she can’t even stay home, what a hag.” You frown again towards her, but her attention is back on her phone before you could even say anything, making one of the other girls speak out towards you.
“How did you two even become friends?” You could tell she was trying to make conversation, and with the complete and obvious difference between you and Lou, it was easy to make that a topic.
“Oh! We went to the same middle school. We even were assigned seats next to each other the first year, and hung out ever since.”
Conversations had started to flow pretty easy after that, the girls talking about simple things such as romance movies, classroom drama, and up and coming highschool exams. You could finally relax after a week’s worth of stress and hard studying due to the pressure of your mother, so this was nice, and you were happy to be invited.
“And that’s how they ended up dating!” One of the other girls says, laughing as you settle into the conversation. “Wow, really? That’s impressive to say the least.” You say smiling, as the one girl you could remember the name of, Gyuri was it? Had started talking, setting her arms on the table as she leaned in towards you. “Oh, speaking of..”
“Everyone’s envious of our class due to apparently having a lot of good looking guys.” She started saying, the other two girls questioning if what was being said was true as you tried to see where this conversation was heading too. “Is there anyone you like, Yn? I bet you could get with anyone you want.” And there it was, the title that had been over your head the minute you stepped into the gates of highschool. People had compared you to everything, complementing you and always assuming when in reality you were a simple person.
“Yeah, Yn’s so popular.”
“You’re pretty smart..and have a great personality.”
“I know right? But maybe you have high standards?”
The girls had started flinging words towards you, making it hard for you to come up with an answer, because you didn’t know who you liked.
“Do you like anyone right now, Yn??” Gyuri asked with persistence, obviously wanting to know if you liked someone really badly for some reason. “Huh? Uh this is kinda sudden..” Gyuri frowns, placing her hands on the table, on impulse speaking out towards you with a quick response.
“We’ll tell you who we like too! You just have to promise not to spill it to anyone else.” The other girls nod in acceptance as Lou’s attention is now on the conversation rather than her phone. “Ah well..” The girls start to stare in shock as you rub your neck in nervousness, thinking that maybe what you feel for Taehyung is a crush, maybe you do like him. “So you do like someone! Who is it? Is he in our class??” Gyuri is quick with trying to find out who it is, and as you are saying that he’s in your class, she’s quick with an answer.
“Is it… Kim Taehyung?”
Taehyung was busy trying to finish the rest of his chicken when he looked up, and noticed the long gaze he was receiving from Jin and Yoongi.
Tumblr media
“What do you want, you trolls?” The two boys smirking at him as they wiggle their fingers in unison at him with suggestive motives. “So when are you going to ask out Yn?” Jin asks, raising his eyebrows, as Taehyung throws one of the couches pillows at his face, the pillow sliding down. “I caught him texting her last night. Be honest. You like her, don’t you?” Yoongi asks with a questionative tone, Taehyung’s face flushing as he rubs the back of his neck as Jin grabs one of the chicken legs and stuffing his face full. “I’m trying to figure out the right time asking her, okay?” Jin and Yoongi oo him down, making Taehyung throw the rest of the couch pillows at the both of them.
He’s liked you for quite some time now, your presence making his heart speed up, and of course if you didn’t like him back, he would like to have the friendship that you have to stay. So he was concerned if he should confess, not able to accept rejection or the loss of you as a friend.
“Do you like Kim Taehyung?”
Tumblr media
That question had surprised you, not knowing what you should say as Gyuri raised her eyebrow, wanting to know the answer.
“Huh?” You say as you take hold of your soda cup, blinking a few times to let the question set in your mind. “I mean, you always seem to be around each other. And some of our classmates have been saying that it seems like you two had a thing. I really wanted to know..because I like Taehyung too.” Gyuri says, as she pushes her bangs out of her eyesight, a slight bush on her face, you didn’t know what to say.
“But I know I don’t stand a chance so even just being friends with him would be very nice, but it's been hard to get a chance to get to know him..” She says as she glances towards you, as she continues the rest of her sentence. “So I wanted to ask you for your help, or would that upset you?” Saying you were caught off guard would be an understatement, but with a calm demeanor, you answered the question thrown at you. “Oh..well, i’m just friends with Taehyung so it’s not really for me to say who he’s friends with.”
Lou frowns from beside you, studying you as she listens to you and Gyuri talk. “I don’t know if there’s anything I can really help you with though Gyuri..” The girls in front of you are all watching you with an intensity as Gyuri smiles. “Then, if it’s okay, I'm really not asking for much. So that I can talk to Taehyung, could you-” Lou had cut her off, slamming her phone onto the table with a stern look on her face as the other girls looked with a confused look.
“No.” You were surprised, not expecting Lou to speak so suddenly or so loudly in a public pace. “We’re not in Elementary School, Gyuri. That’s so immature. Why do you need someone’s help to talk to someone?” Speaking calmly, Lou is not at all fazed as Gyuri frowns, not liking the words being spoken to her. “What? That’s hurtful Lou. Yn said it’s okay, so why are you-”
“Because I like him too.”
The table had been quiet, you and Gyuri both asking what as Lou sat there with a still motion, not faltering as she spoke out again for all to hear again. “I like Kim Taehyung too, so no Gyuri.”
“Did we get here late?” Hobi set his tray down onto the table that had been a few feet away from the group of familiar girls, but none of the guys paid enough attention, Jimin already stuffing his face full of fries.
“I told you we should get here faster! My stomach was practically punching me with hunger!” Jimin says, sitting beside Joon as Jungkook sets his tray onto the table last. Joon raising his eyebrow at Hobi. “What? We got here late because we waited for you to finish your game.”
A loud scream startled Jungkook as his attention was back at his burger and not the table behind him.
“YOU? LIKE TAEHYUNG? SINCE WHEN?” You yell out with shoke, poking your finger into Lou as she nonchalantly speaks out towards you. “It hasn’t been that long. I don't think that was loud enough for Taehyung to hear. Need a megaphone?”
Tumblr media
You were distraught, you had no idea that Lou had feelings for Taehyung. Was she joking? Was it a lie?
“What are you two going to do then?” Gyuri asks, still not happy with the rejection she was told, her hands forming into knuckles. “You’re best friends, who like the same guy. Lou, if Yn and Taehyung start dating..can you still be her friend?”
That’s when it finally set in for you. Lou had been there, right there when you had mindlessly flirted with her crush. Had watched and said nothing. You wondered what she thought when she saw you two..
“That question doesn’t even deserve an answer from me. Why are you sitting there like a bump on a log huh?” Lou said with a stern face, making you make a final decision so you would no longer hurt your best friend, and never lose her for a boy.
“I think there’s been a misunderstanding.” You say loud and clear so the group of girls could hear, not noticing as the table behind you was paying attention too.
“I don’t like Taehyung. I do like him as a friend of course”
“Then who do you like?”
Your mind had tried to find someone that was random, someone that you would have nothing to do with.
“Oh, I like Jeon Jungkook!” You said with a smile, as Jimin spat out his drink, almost choking when he heard the words.
“I like Jungkook!”
Little did you know, this would be the start of you ending up having something to do with him.
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Tumblr media
— "first loves have always been confusing, but when you're bestfriend confesses she likes someone, your willing to do anything, even fake date and even so, find your first love."
⇆a/n: if you want to be added to the taglist, send me an ask - (if you aren’t being tagged. turn notifications on)
TAGLIST: @pjmriri @yoongiofmine
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yoongiiverse · 6 months ago
just facts | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: rich idol!jungkook x model/dancer!reader
summary: as the #1 top rated model at kim corporations, you absolutely loved your job and company, and never once doubted your career choice. that’s until you’re introduced to a certain rich, egotistical, arrogant boy named jeon jungkook and your life does a full 180. why was he the most annoying human alive, but why would he always be on your mind?
genre: social media au, enemies to lovers, fluff, lots of crack
comment under this post to be on the tag list :)
part one: 𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙧𝙤
part two: 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙗𝙤𝙮 𝙛𝙧𝙤𝙢 𝙢𝙞𝙡𝙖𝙣
part three: 𝙟𝙖𝙘𝙠𝙥𝙤𝙩
part four: 𝙠𝙞𝙢 𝙘𝙤𝙧𝙥𝙤𝙧𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨 𝙢𝙤𝙙𝙚𝙡𝙨 𝙨𝙪𝙥𝙧𝙚𝙢𝙖𝙘𝙮
part five: 𝙗𝙡𝙤𝙘𝙠𝙚𝙙
part six: 𝙖 𝙩𝙧𝙞𝙥 𝙩𝙤 𝙗𝙪𝙨𝙖𝙣
part seven: 𝙙𝙤 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙠𝙣𝙤𝙬 𝙢𝙞𝙣 𝙮𝙤𝙤𝙣𝙜𝙞?
part eight: 𝙤𝙗𝙡𝙞𝙫𝙞𝙤𝙪𝙨
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stayforya · 28 days ago
“let me just do it for you”, hoseok said, holding the shampoo bottle. you were trying to wash your hair at the bathroom sink, a normal activity for you, but with a bandaged arm it wasn’t easy at all. you didn’t want to ask for his help because he was working, but he noticed you struggling, of course.
“you gotta work, I can do this”, you said.
“nah, you’ll hurt your arm”, he opened the shampoo bottle and you just gave up – he would do it better than you. or at least he would try.
you bent your head into the sink and your whole body shivered as the cold water hit your scalp.
you looked to the side and noticed that hoseok’s shirt was getting wet, “be careful with your clothes, babe”.
“it’s okay”, he put shampoo on his hand and started to rub your scalp very smoothly. it felt like a massage.
“here, put more on the front part”, you pointed at your hair. you turned your face towards him so that he could reach the front of your hair and put more shampoo on it. he was so focused, it was cute how his lips pouted and his eyebrows furrowed. when he noticed you were looking and smiling he smiled back and leaned into you kissing your cheek.
“you do it better than me”, you said when he opened the faucet. after he washed off all the shampoo, he kissed your neck before drying your hair with the towel.
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joonscroll · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
summary: you love your husband and daughter more than life itself. yet, the daily stresses of being a mother, compounded by the general absence that comes with your husband’s career choice, have left you feeling overwhelmed and abandoned. you don’t know how much longer you can go on like this.
pairing: namjoonxreader
genre: angst, fluff
warning(s): none
word count: 1.5K
author’s note: felt inspired to write this after reading the novel ‘kim jiyoung, born 1982’, it was so good and i'd recommend it to everybody. also after i read the book i found out that namjoon has read it too, we love our feminist king :)
Tumblr media
“Please, stop,” You mumbled, trying to retract Dayeon’s sticky fingers from where she had ensnared them into your long hair. She squealed in delight, her short, chubby limbs latching onto your torso, covering your clean clothes in whatever kiddie arts-and-crafts project she’d been up to while you had briefly showered and gotten changed. “Kim Dayeon!” You snapped. The child froze immediately, and her lower lip began to wobble dangerously. She tucked her arms into her chest and pouted.
“Mummy didn’t mean to shout.” You were already trying to do damage control, lifting her off the sofa and putting her on the ground, stroking her hair sycophantically. “She’s just tired and not feeling well. Don’t cry, okay?” You pleaded.
“Who’s crying?”
Namjoon’s voice resounded from the front door, and you looked up in surprise. It was a rarity for your husband to be home this early; the kids were normally fast asleep by the time he would show up from work. Your five-year-old girl seemed to have forgotten about her waterworks; at the sound of her father’s voice, she had already scuttled off to find him. You sighed and rubbed your aching temples, going into the bathroom to fetch your third aspirin of the day.
As you swallowed the capsule, you stared blankly at the interior of the medicine cabinet, which almost overflowing with products. Your eyes stalled on the boxes of tampons and pads. They were unopened; you hadn’t touched them for what seemed like months. Months? The large, round pill got caught in the back of your throat, choking you.
Namjoon walked into the small room and closed the cabinet, standing in front of it. “Are you sick?” He asked.
You began to cough violently, bile rushing up your throat and emulsifying the disgusting pill into white glue that dribbled past your agape lips. You rushed to the toilet bowl and vomited until you were just dry heaving. Namjoon knelt beside you, silently holding up your hair, his face stricken with worry. Weakly, you raised your arm, flushed the toilet, and rose to your feet, stumbling to the sink to rinse the awful taste out of your mouth. Once you were done, you continued to stare at the gushing faucet. Water splashed around in the sink.
“Y/N.” Namjoon turned off the water aprubtly and put his hands on your shoulders. “Are you alright? Why did you just throw up?”
How? How could this have happened? You’d been careful. You barely kissed him anymore, how could you be…aw, shit. It was his birthday a few months ago, and he’d accused you of holding out of him. You gave in, let down your guard for one night.
“What are the chances…” You mumbled, wringing out your hair. Your husband looked confused, scared, even.
“I think…that I’m pregnant.” You whispered; the louder you said it, the more real it would feel.
Namjoon broke into a grin and hugged you suddenly, almost knocking you over.
“Ow.” You muttered inaudibly.
“God, that’s amazing, babe. I’m so happy right now. I love you so much.”
You cradled your arms against your chest as he crushed you to him and began to shake with tears. You didn’t want this. He was clearly ecstatic, but you felt like your world was crumbling down. You had been locked into more and more years of motherhood. Cooped up in the apartment, surrounded by nappies and dishes and laundry and infants all day, waiting for your husband to come home from work. You had raised Dayeon alone, and you would raise this poor baby alone, too.
“Y/N? What’s wrong?”
Your crying had become sobbing now, and you were wetting his shirt.
“Honey?” Namjoon gently unentangled you from his body, cradling your head like a child.
You shook him off, and his hurt was well-concealed; only the minute tightening of his eyes and mouth gave him away.
“I feel like I can’t breathe in this house.” Your throat felt like sandpaper as you spoke.
“What are you talking about?”
“The baby.” You sighed, and looked at your stomach. “And now this one.”
Namjoon frowned. “Are you too stressed at home?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” You snapped. “You think because I don’t get up for work every day, that I don’t get tired? That I don’t work hard looking after your daughter?”
“Our daughter. And I’m not saying that, I’m asking you a genuine question.”
You shook your head. “Trust me, you have no idea what it’s like. What it does to your body, to your mind, your whole sense of self. I’m not me anymore. I’m Dayeon’s mummy, and your wife. I want to be myself again. I hate being pregnant. I don’t want to be.”
Namjoon stared at you for a long moment, his expression unreadable. “I didn’t know you were feeling like that.”
“You never bloody ask how I’m feeling! Just what Dayeon did that day, or whether I’ve fed her, or whether she was fussy or not. Guess what? She’s always fussy, she never wants to eat what I cook for her, she pukes on me, she shits like nobody’s business, and you – you don’t ever help me with her! You kiss her goodnight at bedtime, and that’s the most of your parenting.”
You worried you’d said to much, but Namjoon’s voice remained even and calm. “Do you want me to take on less hours at work? Take more days off?”
“You can’t do that.” You grumbled. “You have a contract to fulfil and projects to complete. Some of the other members are married, but they don’t get to slack at work.”
He chuckled quietly. “So, what do you want me to do? I’ll hire a nanny if that’s what you prefer.” You could tell by the look in his eyes that he hated that idea. He didn’t want a stranger bringing up his child.
“No,” You sighed, sitting on the floor and burying your face in your hands. “I don’t know what I want anymore. I don’t know who I am.”
Namjoon sat beside you. You gasped as he pulled you sharply into his lap, your face pressed against his neck. You looked up at him in surprise, watching his Adam’s apple tremble with emotion.
“My love. I understand you, truly. When Dayeon was a newborn, I noticed changes in you, but I didn’t release how difficult you’ve had it until now. For that, I’m sorry. I hope you can accept my apology.”
You shook your head. “You don’t need to apologise, Joon. We wanted to have a family. I just didn’t realise how hard it would be for me, that I would have to leave my career…I know it sounds selfish, but sometimes I want to go back to before. Before Dayeon, back to when we first met. We had no responsibilities, we could do whatever we wanted…I miss it.”
Namjoon wove his hand into your hair, cupping your head, and slid his lips onto yours. As you kissed, he moved your arms so they were slung around his neck, coaxing you closer to him. Eventually, you got dizzy and broke the kiss, laughing to yourself.
“I miss that. That look in your eyes.” Namjoon murmured, going in for another peck on the lips.
“No,” You scolded. “That is what got us here.” You nodded pointedly at your stomach.
Namjoon’s expression turned serious, and he held your hand. “Are you really worried about a new baby? If you’re definitely pregnant, that is.”
“I’m sure I am. It all makes sense now, the headaches, the irritability, the missed periods, the lack of sex drive. What else could it be?” Your shrugged your shoulders.
“You should take a test to be sure.” Namjoon was always so calm and logical. That’s why he was good for you.
“I will. And…I’m not sure how I feel, yet.”
“How about a plan?”
“A plan?”
He nodded. “We can plan everything out. The arrangements for before the birth, during, afterwards…so it’s not all on your shoulders.”
You frowned. “I don’t want you to take time off work.”
“I want to. I want to be home with you more. I want to help you more.”
“Okay.” You smiled, not yet fully convinced.
“Come here.” He said this in Korean; it was something he’d done a lot when you were dating in your teens. You giggled, and buried your face in his neck, sighing as his strong arms massaged your knotted back.
Just as your eyes were closing, there was two fast raps on the bathroom door. “Mummy, I’m hungry!” Dayeon squeaked, stamping her little feet up and down.
You made eye contact with your husband, who immediately got to his feet with you.
“Come on, Dayeon. Daddy will help you find something in the kitchen.” He took the little girl’s hand and led her in the direction of food. You sighed. Perhaps things were really going to change.
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koobunno · 4 months ago
BTS as boyfriends
BTS as boyfriends:
Kim Seokjin
Tumblr media
He is the type of boyfriend to be goofy around you
But he also knows when to be serious
He’ll bring you on family gatherings too
Lets you spend time and talk to his fam
Dates include roadtrips with no particular destinations
Arcade sessions
Won’t stop playing at a claw machine for a small plush
Will get pissed if he didn’t get the toy and the tokens are all used up.
Fishing won’t be forgotten, ofc
Prepares everything for you
Gives you souvenirs from tour locations
He takes care of you, in all ways he can
Unexpected deliveries of food
He cooks delicious food
You just feel safe and comfortable when he’s around
Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
He can control himself in public to protect your relationship
But if the two of you are alone, he be the clingiest big baby
Your sudden convos revolve around facts about random things
He knows so much you’re always amazed
He is logical
That’s why you can rely on him about making decisions
Watching games on stadiums
Waiting for him while he’s on his studio
Sends you lyrics of unreleased songs
Naps and snacks
Tags along grocery trips
He jokingly grunts at your requests but does it nonetheless
Cook offs with him
You don’t need to talk too much
You just understand each other so easily
Jung Hoseok
Tumblr media
He is your straw of happiness
Makes you laugh every time
Makes fun of you to make you laugh and smile
He knows you well
Always expresses his love
Always in-charge of cleaning and organizing
I love yous aren’t enough
Worries about you when you tell him about a minor inconvenience
Buys you cute pairing clothes
Amusement park dates
He’s the one scared about rides tho
But does it anyway, bc of u :((
Gives you random things
Saying it reminded him of you
Always amused by your presence
“Awwww, my baby is so pretty”
Kim Namjoon
Tumblr media
Namjoon always shares words of motivation to you
He always asks you how your day went
He tells you life advices
Smart, and always weighs the situation
When he sees something is off, he’ll tell you in a calm and mannerly way
BUT is a big baby bear too
When he is Namjoon not RM,
Afraid of you when you two are in the kitchen
Always loses on your small games
Mischievous when he breaks objects
Bike dates
Museums and Art Exhibits
Always suggests nature trips on weekends
Writes a whole paragraph to say he loves you
A whole song sometimes ;))
Park Jimin
Tumblr media
Jimin is the clingiest bub
He holds that bachelor aura for me
Always on his best facade
Scrunches his nose by the sight of you
Always cups your cheeks, saying you’re so cute
Typical established bf/gf relationship
Teases you about your childhood nickname
And more small things
Restaurant dates
Convenience store trips
Delivery food nights
Watching Korean variety shows
While cuddling :((
Snapchat selfies
Petty over small things
He won’t talk to you if you tell him the food he likes isn’t that delicious
Purposely leaves his jumpers on your place every tour season
To make you feel that he’s there even you two are miles apart ;-;
Good morning and goodnight messages
Random sweet messages
Jimin is THAT boyfie !!!
Kim Taehyung
Tumblr media
Taehyung prefers the lowkey type of relationship
Tho he doesn’t deny about your relationship
PDA !!
Random pictures
Sends you a lot of Yeontan pics
Fine dining restaurant dates
Initiate a slow dance after a long hug
Has many ways to say ‘I love you”
Overreacts on small things to make you laugh
Gives you sentimental gifts to keep and use
Computer games, a lot of those
More random speeches to tell you how lucky he is to have you
The boxy smile every time he teases you
Travelling to see heritage landmarks
Prepares dinner dates
Surprises you after a world tour
Lazy weekends while watching Netflix
Taetae is that composed boyfie EVERYONE WANTS to have
Jeon Jungkook
Tumblr media
SHY bby boy :((
Asks the members for relationship advices
Texts Seokjin to give him a date idea
Always want to try new things
Adventures around the world
Blushes when you tell him you love him
Paints for you
Zones out because he’s thinking of you
Spoils his own surprises (man can’t keep secrets for too long)
Won’t give up on arcade games,,
Won’t let you win games, (maybe once?)
Teases you after
Loves seeing you in his clothes
Composes a lullaby exclusively for you
Asks you to motivate him through words
Small kisses everywhere
Doesn’t notice that he holds you too near
Giggles at everything you do
Shares everything about how his day went
Gets scared every time you have an argument
Stumbles on a random mukbang video on yt and orders food right away
Answers your texts with voice messages
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serenheist · 4 months ago
What Taehyung is like in a relationship/ Taehyung as a boyfriend Tarot reading
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
How long does it take him to get into a relationship? & Does he prefer long or short term relationships 8 of cups, queen of swords, 10 of pentacles 9 of pentacles reversed, 4 of cups
Ffs the queen of swords always pops up. Anyway yeah I don’t see him getting into anything quickly. He could’ve in the past but I think past relationships left him drained af and feeling alienated. I think he has a shit ton of walls up and is a lot more no nonsense now. It’s probably intimidating and more blunt to others because he wants to get to the heart of why someone is trying to get with him since so many people try to pull the same shit and fuck around with him like he’s dumb. He does not settle for anything other than what he wants. If he can’t find “the one” then he legit just rather be alone. It looks like he’s now more focused on building a Legacy though and something serious and long term so he has no desire to just jump into something with anyone. He basically would wait it out and get to know them long before deciding he trusts them enough and feels comfortable enough to show his emotions and not be so aloof.
I feel like he’d be the type to not show much interest at first because he really needs to scope the person out. So the person probably wouldn’t even know he actually likes them. Actually he could be a little too jaded and bored to the point of turning away everyone even though he does want a relationship. But in his mind there’s too many people being carbon copies and trying to swindle him for his money bruh for real all of bts are having this problem like damn it keeps reoccurring. Idk why it seems like there’s people also trying to use money to get with him like they’re rich and they think he’ll just want someone loaded. Like dude he’s already rich so that doesn’t work and to him them having a ton of money means Jack shit when they have the personality of a damn rock.
Past & present love life 10 of swords, 2 of pentacles present: the hermit, 5 of wands
Past love life: welp. Do I really need to explain the 10 of swords. I think actually that he had all this past trauma and shit from relationships and even other shit he still hasn’t dealt with but there was no time to even process that because he had to get back to work and act like he was fine. I think he’s the type of person that buries himself in his career when he experiences traumatic stuff that he doesn’t want to deal with. And of course it’s easier when you’re busy 24/7 anyway. This relationship betrayed him in every way tbh but maybe it was a catalyst for better things to come though he still might not see this right now. Present: I don’t see him in a relationship now currently cause the hermit but also being a major arcana it’s like he’s really in a life stage right now where he just wants to be alone because there’s so much conflict going on and he’s feeling anxious and having all these negative pessimistic thoughts that he just needs time to himself. I don’t think he very optimistic about his love life right now he’s lost a lot of hope. Things are too chaotic elsewhere to focus on romance.
What is he like in a relationship? the chariot, ace of cup, Unicorn, fae 61, solus 13, vanth, the sun reversed, anger and chains 29, justice, 2 of swords reversed, 3 of cups reversed, avenoir 1, princess of pentacles,ta’om the poet 29, ace of swords, Thanatos
What is he like in a relationship? When he’s in a relationship he really puts all his focus on that person and will go above and beyond for them. There’s a kind of masculine and feminine balance in him in the sense that he’s ready to be the go getter and take charge but there’s also a vulnerable energy and overflowing emotions. He works hard to take care of his person and make the relationship work . The only downside is he could possibly be too smothering to his partner or come on too strongly because of past shit and maybe too clingy for some people since in a relationship he really shows his softer side and he’s not as aloof as he is to others. He loves to have little house parties with his partner and have friends and family over with a ton of food and music.
For date ideas he’s down for anything but especially something “magical” maybe literally some place like Disneyland or pagan festival like beltane? That’s specific af but there’s a medieval type of energy and nature spirits and shit, he wants to do stuff he hasn’t done before and that might even be outside his comfort zone since G. Hobyah card is all about imaginary fears and getting past them. The best qualities he has in a relationship is the ability to help his partner stand on their own 2 feet but also recognizes that you can’t do everything on your own so he’s the type of person who would go above and beyond and connect you to the right people or situations. He’s always there when his partner really needs them and will make sure to put time aside.
His worst quality is that I don’t think he knows how to express his anger in a healthy way. I think with the sun reversed next to anger and chains it’s more like he doesn’t know how to fully show it it’s kinda repressed but his emotions under the exterior are a hot mess and there’s a big need for stability. It’s like being too stubborn to admit when you mess up and petty shit cause it hurts his ego. But I don’t think it’s super bad considering the justice card I used to represent his communication style. I feel that even if he gets mad af he gets over things really quickly and one minute he’s be angry and 10 minutes later he’ll be asking you what you want for dinner like wtf.
When he likes someone he’s not going to jump in and immediately go approach them. I see him instead watching them intently from afar lol he’s very cautious and like gathering everything he can on that person. Dude’s a 1st class stalker. Jk But the thing is the person wont even know he is interested in them because he keeps a serious face as a kind of mask but on the inside he’s like a giddy kid. Ta’om is known for looking serious and thoughtful but is actually very playful and slightly mischievous. I think Taehyung is definitely one to start off as friends and slowly get to know someone rather than just start dating because he really wants to know that person well to see how real they are and if they’re just putting up a front.
He’s not attracted to new shiny things that are perfect he’s able to see the beauty in all things even in difficulty. After he’s been friends with them for awhile and knows if that person like him back, that’s when he’d actually make a move. He finds a lot of satisfaction in doing services for others until they’re completed so it makes me think his love language (giving) is acts of service but with the ace of swords is pretty obvious his Receiving love language is words of affirmation but moreso he appreciates when someone is blunt and honest and not just saying stuff to make him feel better cause then it’s just insincere.
What is his ideal type? the ageless, the star, the singer of healing 10, el shaddai, protection 26, ram, the maestro, fae 41, the sage 19, king of cups reversed, himself 17, danu, death reversed, obsession
His type: this person seems to have had some messed up stuff happen to them in their past. Even when others were horrible to them they still kept their dignity and chose to still give to others instead of give in to bitterness and despair. It’s like the Phoenix where no matter how many times they metaphorically die, they can still rise up even better than before. I think they’re able to help heal others because they’ve been through the trauma themselves but they know how to be honest and blunt without being overly mean about it. They have a kid of tough exterior though I think from years of negativity from people that’s made them strong but also a little distant from people and they need a lot of time to themselves to recharge and get away from peoples bs. Honestly this seems a lot like Taehyung too lol I think he wants someone who’s been through similar traumas.
The ram keeps calling out to me that I think this persons way of showing love is a little aggressive but that’s what Taehyung likes in someone tbh. It’s not like actually showing love it’s hard to explain. It’s more so you know when someone tries to act like sarcastic and shit to hide the fact that they like someone? Idk why it reminds me of toph from avatar the last airbender where she just punches people to show affection it’s kinda like that. Cause they’re not good at being really vulnerable. They put on this brave face and are pretty good at it to the point where you won’t notice that they’re jealous seeing you hang out with someone else. But this person is really independent like I’m not joking lmao and a go getter they don’t rely on anyone really. And don’t give a fuck who you are.
There’s 2 healing cards and honestly why is this person so similar to Taehyung lol this person is great at helping or healing others but again has to realize it’s okay to also get help for yourself. They think maybe that they’re fine on their own and they don’t like relying on others for help because people disappoint you and it’s easier to just do it yourself. But they’re really good at giving advice and are lot nicer than their exterior let’s on. Bruh the star card makes my mind keep playing that I’m gonna be a star song by twice lmao stop. I think this person actually is a star or is working up to it cause they have huge plans. This isn’t someone just wanting a mundane job I think they’re gonna go big.
Especially paired with the ram talking about they go for big dreams and huge successes. This person won’t stop until they accomplish their dreams they really don’t care what others say and will go to the extremes to get there. I see they have a lot of talents anyway but some people were like saying negative shit that their dreams are impossible but they’re learning to set boundaries with other people and it’s more of a just move in silence energy. Also usually I don’t say zodiac signs but since it’s a major arcana it might play some significance but Aquarius might be prominent in their chart (nvm I just remembered Taehyung has venus in Aquarius so duh you dumbass it wouldn’t be that out there to think he’d be drawn to Aquarius qualities).
I wonder if this person is into astrology though given all the glyphs. I think this is someone Taehyung has been trying to manifest and call in too like wishing on a star for a looooong time and maybe thought it wouldn’t come but boy does the universe have a surprise for you. They really are future oriented thinkers and know a lot about spirituality I think that a big part of who they are I really don’t think they’d be completely atheist or not care about spiritual topics. They give a lot without much thought in return and can talk about anything with openness and honesty. With Taehyung they’d teach him everything under the sun. He likes when he can share all this knowledge especially about weirder topics with someone who isn’t going to dismiss him. I see them really encouraging him to try new things and show him things he never knew were possible. They treat him like he finally belongs somewhere in the world.
This shit is kinda spooky because both the maestro guy and illbe the retriever are holding orbs/a little white ball close to them and they speak of the same thing. This person really protects Taehyungs hopes and dreams. Also they themselves obviously represent a dream that Taehyung thought was long gone and impossible. I think it can be taken literally too lol to mean that when Taehyung is being forgetful af. This person is that type of person who has your keys already when you think you lost them. They’re really the more responsible one in the relationship lmao helping him to be more organized and get his life together. The next set of cards I used to represent what his biggest turn ons are. This isn’t in a sexual way though lmao I meant the qualities he likes the most in his ideal type. Already I noticed how all the cards are facing straight ahead and looking right at you so it makes me think this person has some intense ass eye contact and looks intimidating and they got a rbf.
With the king of cups reversed I don’t think they’re actually these heartless cold bitches and that Taehyung is turned on by that because the sage card is upright and talks about the same shit but this is a person definitely who looks colder but is actually kind on the inside. He kinda likes people who look cold like that but are actually sweethearts. This person is not one of those super lovey-dovey people or uses pet names and babytalk like “my sweet baby Taehyung” whatever I think they find it very cringe. They have some trauma from when they were kids where they felt as if they aren’t allowed to act very emotional because people will think they’re weak and take advantage of them (this is just their beliefs about themselves) they instead act very macho or tough again lol like Toph from ATLA idk why I keep thinking of her but there’s like a kinda tomboy energy but they’re really not heartless they just need the right person to feel comfortable around and need to work on opening up emotionally.
There’s so much masculine and yang energy but then at the end you see this motherhood figure so it again really makes me think it’s a front and this person is so nurturing and that’s what really draw Taehyung to them. He loves the most that this person knows so much about the most random things and esoteric topics. They value tradition and stability but they also understand the need for growth and change they’re the perfect balance. Communication is really a big thing for Taehyung it’s a reoccurring theme in this. Someone who is very good at communicating and are action oriented. They say what they mean and mean what they say. It’s very important that they are their own unique individual self and have their own goals and skills and hobbies.
This person is probably a powerful manifester too and sets their intentions and goes after them. They have so much power and confidence also with the himself card they could be a dancer or love dance since he’s a dancer faerie they’re very much into creative shit. They seem very natural and not the type who got work done or wears too much makeup idk there’s like a wild energy lol like this bitch is from the damn forest. If someone attacked Taehyung this person would literally drop kick someone even if the person was bigger than them. Danu card is always protective and nurturing but ferocious if you mess with their person. Like “idc what you do to me but if you touch my guy I’ll end you”.
Now onto what Taehyung’s biggest turn offs in general are: death reversed and obsessed card lol oh god bro I am fucking done. His biggest turn off is when someone makes him the center of their universe. I mean this in the extreme way like “omg you’re my one and only we’re meant to be I think about you 5000 times a day and have an entire closet with all your pictures and I document your entire life” 👀 and he’s like uhh can you get a damn hobby? (That doesn’t involve me) Cause imagine someone’s entire life revolves around you. It’s sweet at first I guess? Lmaoo then it’s just creepy and like they have no life or personality without you. Death reversed is like something is plaguing you and following you around, pestering and annoying you. He must’ve experienced this shit irl lmao if it’s this strong with a major arcana to come up as a turn off. Cause major arcana are big ass life lessons. Like they thought he wouldn’t know they were secretly obsessed with his ass and used other people like his friends to get closer to him but I’m telling you Taehyungs intuition is something else and he always knows when people are some obsessed crazies. This is exactly why he’s so cautious now because of bs like that he can’t trust anyone. Like please stop acting like Jodi Arias and have some self respect.
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art room. | jjk sm au
Tumblr media
⇆series: #fake
⇆main ship: gamer!jungkook x student!reader
⇆genre: fluff (?)
⇆word count: 1.4K (unedited)
⇆warnings: nothing (again), but i promise it will get better.
⇆ a/n: if you'd like to be added to the taglist, send me an ask
Tumblr media
It was the second day of cleaning, the light breeze swaying the curtains. The group of kids you were with were assigned to clean the art room, everyone all around in a circle choosing to divide teams by playing rock paper scissors. You got Jungkook.
At first you didn’t think it would be a problem, only having an hour to clean around the room as the others tackled cleaning the hallways and stairs.
The two of you stood awkwardly beside each other, him playing on his phone as you had to wait for the broom team to finish. “Um,” you started to speak, trying to light the mood. “Since we have to wait until the broom team is finished, maybe we should come down later starting tomorrow?”
He didn’t say anything, just looking down at you and shaking his head yes. This was definitely awkward, but at least you weren’t partnered with Taehyung.
“Hi yn.” You looked to your left, feeling someone pull at your arm. It was Gyuri.
She had a huge smile on her face, her hair pulled into a neat bun as she had the full set of the school’s uniform. Gyuri wasn’t a bad looking girl, it was her attitude that drove others away, saying she was “too weird”.
“I absolutely love the way our group turned out!” She started to say, but moved closer to your ear, “Since it turned out like this, I’ll totally support you two, okay?”
This shocked you, you didn’t think she would take your sayings seriously, but you were wrong.
Soon enough everyone was making their way out the room, Gyuri shooting you a thumbs up, as Taehyung looked back but shook his head and headed out the door like the rest.
The two of you had been moping on the other sides of the classroom, deciding beforehand that it would be more logically to mop on the identical sides to eventually meet mops.
Tumblr media
“We didn’t have to clean during midterms, so it feels like it’s been a while since we’ve come here, doesn’t it.” You tried to break the silence between the two of you. Looking fully at him, you couldn’t deny he was definitely good looking. His hair, jet black and growing longer than the usual guys at school, his hair stopping to the middle of his neck. He was tall, not as tall as the other guys attending school, but taller than the girls here.
“How did you do on your midterms?” He asked, his voice shocking you for the moment, he rarely spoke to you, only hearing him the last time in the hallway.
“I think I did alright.” You said with a smile as the both of your mops met each other.
“We’re all done. Great job today, too!” He watched as the curtains swished in front of because of the summer breeze, his gaze being unable to look away from your smile. That smile. “It seems like you’re in a good mood.” He says bluntly.
“Does it? Maybe because the weather is nice, and we’re done for today.” You laugh a little, as he narrows his eyes towards you.
“Yn. I thought you liked me.”
Hours previous*
Tumblr media
You had been walking towards the art room, thinking to yourself, that maybe you would be late.
Turning a corner you had seen a figure propped up against the wall, his back resting on the windowsill as he scrolled mindlessly through his phone.
“Oh, Yn,” Taehyung said looking up, noticing your presence. “The others are already in the room getting the supplies together.”
You were a bit surprised that you had bumped into him, expecting him to be in the room and hanging out with his friends.
“But I stayed because I had something to tell you.” That's when your shocked expression left, now understanding exactly why he stayed. “Something to tell me?” You asked with caution, a little scared of what his next words would be.
“Um, to be honest, I wanted to apologize. I was trying to find the right timing, so the apology is a little late.” He rubbed the back of his neck, his figure tall and casting a shadow over you. “It must’ve taken you a lot to be honest with me and I think I put too much pressure on you.”
All you could do was stand in shock for a second. You understood his words, but the idea of pressure never crossed your mind. You pushed him away because you didn’t want to lose your best friend, not because he scared you away.
“Sorry, I must have gotten too excited and overdone it,” he hesitated, looking over to right, trying to look away from your gaze, when all you could think of was how it was you who should be apologizing. “I hesitated to say this, in case it made you uncomfortable, but you know right? That I like you?”
This shocked you fully. You didn’t think now of all times when you wished him to leave you alone, that he would be confessing his feelings towards you.
The look on your face scared him, making him hold out his hand, “Oh, sorry! That just puts more pressure on you! What I mean is, I feel like things have gotten more awkward between us, and I just want to be friends. Of course, it’s okay if you don’t want to.”
This is what you wanted. A reason to still keep him in your life, as a friend. It was better off for you and for Lou. “No, I’d like that, thank you for saying that.”
Little did the both of you know, that someone had been hearing the conversation from behind a cornered wall.
You had been sitting at one of the tables in the classroom, Jungkook leaning against another as he spoke out.
Tumblr media
“So let me get this correct. You actually like someone else, but your best friend, Loop or whatever her name is, likes him too.” You had explained the whole misunderstanding to him. Your fingers fumbling as you were embarrassed from this whole situation. “It’s Lou..” You looked away from his gaze, not wanting to know how he thought of you after this whole mess.
“So you chose to lie, instead of telling the truth?” He questioned, tilting his head to the side as he raised his eyebrow. “Yeah.. sorry if I offended you, that wasn’t my intention.” You couldn’t believe he was right behind you and Lou when the two of you had been talking to Gyuri and her friends. “No wonder,” He mumbled, crossing his arms as he frowned in your direction.
You felt like he wouldn’t care. Who is he to get himself involved with just some girl at school. Maybe he would just tell you to not get him involved and to avoid him, he must think you were pathetic. “I am curious,” he started speaking, breaking you from your thoughts. “What did you expect to achieve by lying?”
This stumped you, you didn’t know why, you didn’t have a real train of thought when picking Jungkook as your choice to “like”.
“You’re backing down for your friend, over Kim Taehyung?” You couldn’t tell if he was worried for you, or just generally curious as to what you were planning to do. “Backing down? That’s not my intention, but if it ends up that way then it’s fine. Besides, I don’t plan on dating someone my best friend has feelings for.”
It started to feel crowded in the room as the embarrassment you had been trying to hide was soon flowing through your body.
“So does your friend believe that bullshit lie?” Jungkook asked, waiting for an answer as the window curtains flew beside him. “To be honest, It’s more like I’m insisting,” You had ran your hand through your hair, Jungkook watching your movements ever so closely. “And Lou has been trying to act like nothing happened, but I can’t pretend not to know and get along with Taehyung like we did before.” You had closed your eyes, huffing out a harsh breath as you didn’t understand yourself. “I don’t even know why I’m telling you this. I just wish this would be over.”
Jungkook had watched the way your eyes grew with sadness, his heart tugging for a moment. “Want me to help you?” You had opened your eyes, raising your eyebrow in confusion as you didn’t understand his words. “You don’t care what Taehyung thinks, you just need to convince Lou right?”
“I guess,” you said, not knowing where this conversation was heading.
“Then it’s simple,” he said, unfolding his arms, and resting his weight onto the table all over again as he gazed down at you.
“Go out with me.”
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Tumblr media
— "first loves have always been confusing, but when you're bestfriend confesses she likes someone, your willing to do anything, even fake date and even so, find your first love."
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TAGLIST: @pjmriri @yoongiofmine @shatzkrinslinzki @sereni-soo @wintaebearxv @betysotelo18 @she-is-dreaming @jkslachimolala @rageyoudamnednerd @teti-menchon0604
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Hide Your Heart || KNJ
Tumblr media
-> Picture Source - Pinterest
Hide Your Heart [Namjoon x Reader]
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3
Genre - Angst; Fluff; Comfort; (Overworked) Boyfriend Oneshot; Concerned Girlfriend;
Summary - When Namjoon overworks you usually pull him out of the water before he drowns. You have every right. Planning a little surprise for him, you go to collect your boyfriend; its only something you've done so many times before, so why is he not happy to go with you, why is he being so mean and why does kick you out of the Rkive?
Warning - Angst; Anxiety;
Namjoon had been overworking. It wasn't something new. After all he'd been honed to carry copious a amount of pressure and responsibilities. It had him working odd hours, on odd days and in odd locations.
As his girlfriend you knew better than anyone else, that he had blinkers when he latched into something.
So you let him be.
It used to just be about coming home late, having takeouts, or something easy from the vending machine.
Recently, however, he'd spent almost every night at the studio. You couldn't remember the last day he'd actually come home in the dead of night and curled himself around you, immediately passing out from exhaustion, which in itself was a norm sometimes.
At some point a girlfriend had to do damage control and you took up the responsibility without difficulty. You'd do anything for him.
Perfecting the dinner with Yoongi was not an issue, especially considering he was a good teacher. Yoongi was patient with you, and he knew you only wanted to make Namjoon happy. Seokjin helped with dessert, and Taehyung had a special set of scented candles picked out for you to light and make it an almost perfect candlelit dinner.
You had been planning this for him since the first night he hadn't come home. He was working hard, so he deserved to be spoiled a little. All that was left was to surprise him and actually get some good homemade food into him.
Now at the Rkive, you entered as a soft 'Come in,' followed your light knocks.
You weren't surprised with the empty coffee cups and the little bits of scrunched up paper littering the floor, or the amount of tabs open on the multiple screens.
Namjoon spun around in his office chair as you entered. His grey jersey hung loosely around him, his brown hair haphazard from running his fingers through it and eyes screaming for sleep.
'Y/n,' he acknowledged, surprise fluttering across his tired features. He stood and opened his arms immediately engulfing you in a hug.
You sighed as you hugged him back. It felt so good. He felt so good. His scent, his height as he towered over you - you had missed him so much.
Pulling away after a forehead kiss and a light squeeze, he questioned you. 'What are you doing here?'
Smiling brightly up at him, you tangled your fingers into his and swung it lightly from side to side, 'I'm here to take you home.'
His dimples disappeared as he raised his eyebrow in confusion, 'Take me home,' he stopped the swinging as he repeated your words, 'Why?'
'Just for a walk and dinner, nothing over the top.'
'I'm working,' he replied with half-hearted humor at the obviousness, making a point by motioning to the computers.
'I know.' You nodded in understanding.
'But you've been working for two weeks now,' squinting as you added, 'really really hard.
'Yeah, well I have to work, y/n,' humor fading fast from his face. 'You should know this. I have deadlines to meet,' he implored.
'Listen, Joon,' you explained gently. 'I'm not taking you away forever, it's just one night. You haven't had a decent meal since I don't know when, you haven't slept, you haven't been near me-.'
'Is that why you're here,' his voice becoming gravelly, as he spoke, 'because I'm not next to you.
You're grown y/n,' he spluttered. 'You have things to do too. We have things to do. You know how important work is to both of us.'
'Okay,' you started slowly. 'I understand you're frustrated, but you don't have to be rude. I didn't mean it like that.' Slightly defensive now you tried to maintain an even tone.
'I'm supposed to just drop work and leave because you're missing me?'
You visibly flinched at his scathing remark.
'You can't actually say you haven't missed me either, Joon,' you reminded him, standing your ground.
'I haven't had the time,' he muttered coldly as he pulled away from you.
The coolness in your palm at the loss of warmth, had you making a fist. He didn't mean it. He would never mean it, you told yourself in an attempt to dissipate the effect his standoffish behavior had on you.
Pursing your lips as anger bubbled inside you, you swallowed before continuing, 'Look, love, I just think, it would be a good idea to take a step back for a bit. You can come back in the morning. Hell come back later tonight,' you suggested as your hands flew up in emphasis, 'but please give me few hours for now.'
Something in you hated that you had to beg for this. Reluctance seeped within you, a harsh reminder that you stopped begging men ages ago.
But this was no ordinary man. This was Namjoon, this was your Namjoon. He was just upset. He was allowed to be upset. He was tired. He was frustrated.
'Just-Just a few hours, I pro-,' you stopped as you looked at him, his jaws were clenched, his body rigid, you felt like an nuisance, with the way he looked at you. Unimportant. Unnecessary.
The bubbling in your chest turned into something tight, like a gooey, tar that staggered your breathing.
Your knew yourself, knew the signs, the tears that could form, the pain that made you think you were gonna die, the immediate flight response to back off.
Fighting meant no peace. No peace meant awkwardness. Awkwardness meant exhaustion. It meant acting. It meant watching and filtering what you said. It meant accommodating his presence and what he was doing so you were not a bother.
Compromising meant being unable to live freely. And the self-aware part of you needed to be free to survive. It needed to breathe. To be loved.
He was never the cause of this before. But this was a different Namjoon. In a different mood. Frustrated, stressed and not at all eager to humor anyone, least of all you.
Inhaling sharply, you took a fast step to the computer, to do what you knew you absolutely should never do.
Reaching for the mouse you started clicking toward saving the files. 'What the fuck y/n, don't touch that?!' You felt the shift in the air as he raised his voice, and moved toward you.
'Relax I've been here long enough to know how to save these. It's just a little bit. You'll come back to them, as they -,' you broke off as you were pushed harshly away from the computer, the mouse landing with a thud on the floor as you flailed, before catching yourself on the edge.
You stared straight ahead in shock. Frozen in your position, your head ran through a number of overthought scenarios. Trying to reason with yourself you internally ran reminders, he didn't hit you, he didn't raise his hand, it was a push, it wasn't violent, he's never done it before.
'Y/n,' he said softly, shock present on his features.
You looked up at him, from your half crouch. The hurt you felt was probably transparent on your face, because his demeanor changed. The reality of his actions dawned on him as his body sagged, and he instinctively reached for you.
You pulled yourself up straight and stepped out of reach before he could touch you.
Remaining quiet, giving him an inch more than you knew you had, you waited. But what he said next succeeded in making the thud in your heart stutter in the worst way possible.
He stuck his tongue out to wet his lips before muttering softly, 'Y/n, I think you should go.'
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stayforya · 2 months ago
“is it okay if we kiss?”, yoongi said out of nowhere. you weren’t expecting that, mainly because it was your third date and you two hadn’t kissed yet. you were pretty close to each other because the ferris wheel cabin wasn’t that big.
“what did you say?”, you heard very well, but answering ‘yes’ straightaway would be awkward.
“can I...”, he came even closer, “do this?”, he held your chin with two fingers. his touch was so gentle you immediately closed your eyes.
“what are you waiting for?”, you whispered against his lips and saw a smile come out of it as he caressed your hair, looked at you with love and kissed you.
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joonscroll · 3 months ago
taehyung | he's your bf!
Tumblr media
request: can i request a drabble with tae? on what his significant other is very shy, and their little aventures as couple idk... fluffy please? i love your writings :))
a/n: this is so cuute!! thank you for loving my writing hehe.
Tumblr media
· taehyung absolutely adores you. you’re his angel girl and he’d never let anything happen to you…
· except when he’s beating your ass in a paintball game, then he’s ruthless
· you duck behind a jaunty stack of wooden crates, only the cusp of your barrel peeping out. you think you’ve lost him, and then bam! taehyung nails you from behind, and you feel the sticky paint splatter into your hair
· “tae!” you yelp, getting to your feet and returning the gun-fire. he starts jogging backwards -till he trips over a flour sack and you end up toppled over each other in a clumsy heap of paint and flour and giggles and kisses
· sooo the pair of you met at a news station – you were working as a an intern, and he was filming something or other for a tv show
· you brought him black coffee with two sugars and got to talking
· the next thing you knew, you were scribbling your number on his napkin
· you never though he would actually call it!!
· nowadays you always fall asleep in the most random places, so he carries you back to bed, moving at a snail’s pace so that he doesn’t wake you
· you love to bake, and he loves to watch you bake
· you make strawberry shortcake and chocolate eclairs, and he kisses the light dustings of flour and icing sugar off your nose
· “taehyung, no, no! gross!!” you scold him fondly, pelting him with weak punches as as he eats the chocolate chips out of your cookie dough, smirking at you. he’ll do it again, and you’ll let him.
· he’s obsessed with buying you clothes, even when you complain that they’re too expensive.
· “tae, i can’t accept this! it’s 400 dollars!”
· “just try it on. for me, babe?”
· you do, and it’s beautiful. the yellow and pink flowers bring out your eyes.
· “see! i said you would look gorgeous.” his dark eyes glint with satisfaction.
· he’s so whipped for you
· taehyung helps you cram for exams, going through cue cards with you and quizzing you all the time, even when he’s exhausted from his work. half the time he doesn't even understand what you're learning about, but he just wants to see you succeed.
· he loves pda, but you’re way too shy for it. so whenever he tries to touch you in public you basically freak out
· you like to help him shave in the mornings, and you’re always so careful to never cut him. “thanks, angel.” he before disappearing into your bedroom to get dressed.
· tae brings you korean porridge when you’re feeling sick – his grandmother’s recipe, with just the right amount of abalone and sesame oil – and spoon feeds you like a kid. you sometimes pretend to be sick just a teeny bit longer than you really are, but it’s his fault for treating you so well.
· you’re super nervous around other people so he handles social interactions when he can see you’re uncomfortable
· like talking to the postman and booking your doctor’s appointments. basically all forms of that terrifying thing called adulting
· you were soo worried his parents wouldn’t like you, but when tae introduced you, they adored you at once! they treat you like a daughter – you’re even going for brunch with mrs kim this weekend!
· he whisked you away to italy the weekend of your anniversary and you had a lot of fun watching him stumble his way through the language while ordering your food. (by the language you mean english with a bad italian accent)
· taehyung looks after your cat
· you caught him playing with the cat’s laser toy when he didn’t think you were around
· you think he loves the cat more than he loves you
· that’s a lie
· basically you’re obsessed with each other and everyone around you wishes you would just get married already
· which is awesome because you saw a pretty engagement ring-ish box in his dresser drawer last week. suspicious, huh?
· tae should hurry up before you ask him yourself 😊
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sleepyjhs · 2 months ago
You Teach Them Sign Language (REACTION)
all members are included under the ‘keep reading tag’
note: let me gush about how touched i was to see bts using sign language in PTD.. despite not being hard of hearing/deaf myself, i use BSL with my cousin who is autistic. the use of sign language makes their music accessible to so many more people, which i think is incredible. i wanted to write this in gratitude of bts being considerate of those with hidden AND visible disabilities <3 i love u all!!!
note 2: because i am most familiar with BSL, this is the version i used in my descriptions. i think it’s really cool to know basic greetings in the sign language your country mostly uses, and would highly encourage anyone to seek out resources should they wish to learn! <3
Tumblr media
“just run through it once more for me…” jin mumbles, tangling his fingers together. you found he was surprisingly receptive to your teachings, but every now and then, certain gestures would prove to be slightly more difficult than those before.
today’s word was ‘sweet potato’. when cooking with him, he’d often ask how to sign different ingredients that you’d come across. the ‘sweet’ part was easy; a simple point to the jaw. the motion of peeling which represented a potato required some slightly advanced dexterity, but it was more than achievable.
“okay, watch me,” you stood next to him, facing the same way across the room, “pretend your cupping a potato with your left hand… perfect! okay, now make your right index finger into a little crescent, like this.” you curved your own finger to demonstrate the sign, “lovely, now just peel the potato you’re holding!”
you smiled up at him as he curved his hand to peel. his cheeks swelled with pride, and his eyes curved with happiness, “so if i put it together,” he pressed to his jaw, and then peeled the invisible potato, “i just signed sweet potato?”
“you sure did honey!” you beamed. it seemed that learning new signs always left seokjin chuffed with himself, and you couldn’t help but be equally, if not more proud of him and his willingness to learn, “you look like a little hamster when you smile like that. like.. hamster,” you repeated, while animating the sign for it. having mentioned this little feature of his to jin before, he had no problem of mirroring his animal spirit back to you.
Tumblr media
“i’ve been showing the boys what you’ve taught me today.” yoongi prompted from the dining table. it was a sudden turn of conversation, but welcome all the same, “i was just showing them greetings and the easy animal signs, but i came to my hobbies and it just totally left my mind. like, are piano and guitar as obvious as i think they are?”
yes. yes they absolutely are. you simply couldn’t stop yourself from noticing how so adorable yoongi is for wanting to share his hobbies with his best friends through sign, “well for piano, imagine you’re a 3 year old going crazy on a grand piano. like you’re pressing about 5 keys a second,” you demonstrated a quick sign for him, “like this!”
yoongi mirrored your gesture back to you, earning two circles made by your thumbs and index fingers in both hands in approval, “and so for guitar?”
“tell me how you’d guess you’d sign guitar baby.”
yoongi quickly strummed on invisible strings, with no particular chord, “it just feels too… easy? is it right?”
“that’s the point! it has to be easy to learn for people who have to learn it suddenly; and yes, you’re spot on!”
Tumblr media
everyday, hoseok made an effort to learn at least one new sign. after understanding how much signing helped you to communicate, it became one of his priorities to make you feel more comfortable and accommodated for. his dedication was astonishing to you; nobody else had ever made the same kind of effort for you.
with your birthdasy just a few days away, hoseok had tried to learn a few related words. although trying to be discreet, it was inevitable that you’d eventually piece together ‘cake’, ‘celebrate’ and ‘balloon’ into a common category. today’s phrase probably dropped the biggest hint, however.
“so how do you sign happy birthday? is there a special sign for the phrase or do you put signs together?” he asked as you took a seat opposite him. 
“well, there’s a few ways to do it, but the one i always used goes like this,” you adjusted your position so you could easily show him a side view of your gestures too; it seemed to help him to learn, “start with happy; so you twist your hands to face different directions and clap them twice. and then for birth, make your hands parallel so your palms face each other, then push them away from you... yeah just like that! and then for day, place your fingers behind the other hand, and open them like a fan. now just put them all together.”
it took him a few shots to get the perfect movements, but once he’d mastered them, hoseok wished you a happy birthday every other minute, “yknow my birthday isn’t for a few days yet?”
“just practising honey, just practising.”
Tumblr media
having a friend who was so willing to learn how to communicate with you when you were struggling brought such relief to you. of course, it couldn’t be expected of everybody to know sign language, but to have at least one person to be there for you was comforting to say the least. namjoon had always been active in trying to learn BSL for you; you’d realised that he’d even studied by himself to learn words he had a particular curiosity for.
“so, can you go through finger spelling with me? it’s a lot to learn…” he prompted. you had realised that namjoon tried not to bombard you with constant questions out of courtesy; for you, signing was no new learning curve, but you hardly minded teaching others, “like the vowels, i can’t remember which finger is which?”
“the vowels are probably the easiest, joon! the vowels go along your hand, you know?” he shook his head; fair enough, it probably wasn’t the best explanation. you raised your hand to show him, “so, your thumb is A, your index is E, your middle finger is I, and so on.”
his face lit up - it was as though the lightbulb had finally ignited. with such a high volume of new information, it can be really hard to find patterns. but patterns help learning, and luckily, there was a few for signing, “you got it?”
“well, i’m a lot closer to getting it now!”
Tumblr media
jimin had just begun his signing journey; after a long night of sleepy talks, you’d finally opened up about your childhood and how sign language brought you a lot of comfort in certain circumstances. with just a bit of beer in his system, jimin had vowed to learn just for you. now that the beer was out of his system, he seemed to maintain his promise.
“i guess we should start with greetings, right?”
“what about ‘i love you’? i wanna know that one.” jimin held your eye contact, a smile holding up the corners of his mouth. despite being so smily, you knew he was being completely serious. affection was one of jimin’s most prominent traits, but not that you were complaining.
“okay, it’s a pretty easy one actually. watch,” you pointed at your chest, placed both of your hands over your heart, and then pointed back to jimin, “see? simple really!”
later in the day, as jimin was getting to ready to go home for the day, he leaned on the door frame without saying a word. instead, he focused his eyes on yours, “what are you looking at me like that for?”
he signed ‘i love you’, perfectly. your eyes folded in elation at his mini gesture. you had a feeling you’d be seeing that one a lot from now on.
Tumblr media
you and taehyung sat on the padded floor with your toddler, trying to teach her a few signs. for her age, she was struggling to communicate with you both at a level which was the average. on a forum buried deep on the internet, you learned that some simple signs could really help her to familiarise herself with communicating, and so that became your shared mission.
in preparation for shared moments such as these, you’d learned some key signs in advance to save time. today’s agenda was drinks; specifically her favourites - orange juice and milk. before introducing them to her, you first decided to teach tae. from your research, appearing confident in your signing can help children to learn.
“you’re gonna need both hands, ready?” tae nodded eagerly, leaning into your company. his eyes steadied on your outstretched arms, “so for orange juice, you make a claw and twist it at your jaw- and then for juice, just trace your finger from your middle finger to your thumb in the shape of a ‘J’.”
tae smirked as he perfectly mirrored your sign. it was actually quite adorable how much pride he took in learning sign language for the sake of his daughter, “already mastered it, look.”
you couldn’t help but smile at his humble boast. he wasn’t wrong, it was the perfect sign, “i see honey, i see. okay, so for milk, you extend the thumb and pinky on both hands, point them towards each other and move them up and down in opposite directions.”
“like you’re milking a cow, kinda?” you nod with a smile plastered across your face; the inspiration for many signs wasn’t difficult to link at all, “i don’t think it’ll be long before i’m teaching you, yknow.”
in all honestly, neither did you.
Tumblr media
being born partially deaf made many aspects of your life more difficult than they really needed to be, perhaps the most obvious aspect was communication; sign language was a great tool for you in understanding others, but in a world where spoken language took hold, finding those who knew it enough to talk to you was difficult.
after getting into a relationship with jungkook, he soon came to realise how beneficial sign language was in your daily life. since, he made an active effort to apply what he knew when he could, and was always prepared to add to his bank of knowledge.
“i got a question for ya. if you tell me that you need to go to the hospital in sign, what am i looking for?” considering how much you found yourself visiting different hospital wards, this was a long awaited question. jungkook waited for your response, his dark doe eyes focusing into yours.
“okay, so you make your palms parallel and circle your hands away from you twice, like a wheel. it’s pretty simple!”
you watched as jungkook focused intently on his hands, trying to get the perfect alignment and motions. strangely enough, you became intensely focused on his hands too, checking his signing and in pure fascination.
“i’ll try not to use it as much so you don’t have to remember it,” you said, half joking.
“no no no! you need to go to the,” he broke his sentence to sign ‘hospital’, “then you always let me know.”
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serenheist · 5 months ago
What Yoongi is like in a relationship/ Yoongi as a boyfriend Tarot reading
Tumblr media
How long does it take Yoongi to get into a relationship? Queen of swords, 4 of cups, 8 of wands reversed
Tumblr media
For Yoongi I actually don’t see him moving into anything fast even though there’s swords and wands reversed because the queen of swords is all about seeing through people’s bs. You really can’t be slick with a queen of swords cause they see everything. And the wands upright would normally be fast af but since is reversed it’s the exact opposite and not jumping into things. He’s a lot more logical and too honest to try to be fake nice. Lmao when I saw the 4 of cups it literally can’t describe him any better even the picture of the man just sitting there not even looking at what’s being offered is too legit.
It doesn’t matter to him if you’re the hottest person on the world; if you’re trash you’re trash. I think a lot of people try to butter him up thinking it’ll woo him over but he already knows what’s best for him and would rather be single than be with fake people who are only after one thing. He has really no problem being alone for however long it takes because he’s not desperate for a relationship at all. It looks like it can take him a while to get into a relationship also because I don’t think he’s the type to ask someone out really. He kinda waits for someone to show interest in him. So it could be a long time before he actually gets with someone if he’s waiting on others and at the same time turning down those that he knows are full of shit.
Does he prefer long or short term relationships? 3 of pentacles, king of cups
For sure long term relationships. He likes to take extra small steps and not rush anything because he doesn’t trust that many people to begin with. I see him maybe even asking the members or other people he’s really close with about the person for their input. Since 3 of pentacles is all about teamwork and taking care of the details. After he’s sure he can trust the person, that’s when he’ll share his actual sappy thoughts and feelings with them. He loves unconditionally so he’s more in for the long term.
Past love life and present love life 5 of pentacles reversed, the emperor
Past love- in the past his love life kinda left him feeling like hope was completely lost and he felt extremely alone. I think maybe he could’ve been suffering from depression about other things and it seeped into the relationship itself. He felt like the world was out to get him even if it wasn’t actually true it’s like feeling alone even when you’re surrounded by people. Since it’s reversed though and followed by the emperor we can see that he was able to overcome that period in his life.
This just made me think of another thing like being turned away because of lack of money or money problems then going off and getting wealthy and independent and gaining wisdom to know exactly what you want now and what you’ll tolerate. Also reminds me of people from the past trying to hit him back up like “hiiii ;)”lmao as if they didn’t leave him when he was broke then try to come back now that he’s doing well. He knows his own worth and did the work and listens to other people’s advice yet still has the final say in what he wants.
What is he like in a relationship? The green woman 23, haff the hooter 58, 2 of swords, 9 of cups
The character growth!!! When it comes to relationships now he finally gained more self confidence from years of experience. He released any constraints and learned to count his blessings because he has a lot to be grateful now. In relationships I think if there’s ever conflict he knows how to handle it better and show patience and not allowing himself to spiral into negativity or assume the worst. He feels like now he can actually be his real self because he’s grown more confident and comfortable with trusting himself. He’s not the type of person to just leave the relationship easily at the first signs of conflict, he’s pretty stable and grounded.
Lmao I just got that he’s the type of dude to over stress about what kind of gift he should give his partner cause he wants it to be really meaningful. Then hide it until the right moment like he’d buy it months in advance then finally give it to them then act like he didn’t just buy that shit months in advance. Also this same card came out in a different deck for jimin like we get it you guys are rich and will spoil your partners chillllll and I shuffled this deck 5 different ways smh. He understands the importance of enjoying the now without his partner because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Even when he’s busy af (like always) his partner will know that they’re cherished. No but also all I’m gonna say is that his partner will never feel unfulfilled lmaoooo.
What’s his "type" Arwan, faerie card that I’m too lazy to type out 43 reversed, ace of cups reversed, 3 of swords reversed, the hermit
His type is someone who’s gone through some shit too in their past be I think he wants someone he can relate to on that level. Instead of someone whose had a relatively easy life and wouldn’t be able to understand. This person is someone is great at giving advice to others without telling them literally what they need to do but instead guide them figure out what they want or should do if that makes sense. Not someone bossy. Someone who’s not dumb as hell and actually likes pondering deep questions.
More introverted especially and loves being on their own and doesn’t need to be up yoongis ass 24/7 lol. Also random but someone not always on their phone and knows how to actually be present when they’re spending time with Yoongi. They take their time in a relationship and don’t rush in and try to force it to progress quicker. I think he’s looking to someone similar to himself it seems in some aspects. Cause this person also seems more reserved and they don’t lay out all their cards on the table. It kinda triggers Yoongi to want to know more about them. They’re not easy to figure out.
What is his love language? 5 of swords, 2 of cups
I’m getting physical touch but he acts aloof and like he doesn’t want it but in reality he just still struggles with showing physical affection. 5 of swords in original deck is this guy looking all cocky that he defeated the others but in reality it’s not even a real win and you end up isolated. In the end, you trying to look cool just made yourself isolated instead. I pulled the moon card reversed for clarity and it looks like even though he’s logical and all that he keeps all his emotional needs on the down low sometimes still. Physical affection since in the original tarot it’s showing 2 lovers embracing each other. Your boi is a SAP LET SOMEONE HOLD YOU WTF. Must be some virgo moon behavior. Kidding but not kidding. 👀
Sorry if there’s typos or doodoo grammar I was trying to type as fast I could channel everything lmao
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