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#bts drabble
kookiecrumb · 2 days ago
Can you possibly do a Rockstar!Jungkook? :)
jjk|| Rock my World (Tour) [m]
Tumblr media
a/n: This is rated M for Mature readers.
so I wrote this entirely while vibing to Streets by Doja Cat. Happy Yom Kippur to all my Jewish peeps! AHAHA
warnings: explicit language, use of the word sl*t, degradation (and a sir kink)
tags: dom!jungkook x subfem!reader, rockstar!jungkook, pwp (18+), praise kink, cock worship, nipple play
He throws you against the bed in a feverous passion which engulfs the both of you in unprescedented embrace of lust and feral desire. Guitars, all kinds, line his walls and you stare in not the portraits of legendary rock stars as he rigorously undressed you, ferociously tugging random articles out of his fucking way.
His leather feels cold under your fingers, a smirk tugging at his lips as he attacks you in a flurry of chaste kisses. "Take it off, take it off..." he says under his breath, kneeling before you and tossing his jacket away from the both of you.
All of your friends have bets on how big his dick is. All of your friends, coming into that party you just ditched, bet against you.
As his fingers fumble over his belt buckle, you sit up and wedge yourself between them. His eyes lift up to meet yours and you witness the second desperation transforms into need. Your lips clash with his, his venom feeding the adrenaline in your veins. You're sure you had self control before you entered the room.
"Why are you so sweet...too sweet." He hums against your lips. His arms pulls you on his thighs and you grip on his back. His mouth dips below your collar and your eyes roll back with every tantalizing lick he paints on your skin. You spread your thighs across his and chase the demand he has over your body.
Your breath spikes as his hands squeeze you tight, forcing your heat to press against his tenting length. Your clit is already so swollen with arousal, you glide against him in desperation. You sigh out a satisfied moan as he presses down your hips and rolls his pelvis into your little cunt sensually.
Biting your lip hard, your body shivers when you feel Jungkook's calloused fingers explore your dripping folds. "Needy little thing, is all you think about getting fucked by my cock?" His voice booms against your back as his free hand grips your throat. You rut against him for friction, a mindless response to his question. You swallow.
"Yes," you hiss. "Yes, sir...yes, fuck~!" Tears form in your eyes as he watches your body search for his touch in a panicked sort of pleasure. You're numb, lost in his sex as he coats his dick in your arousal, the tip of his gorgeous cock kissing your clit while you grind hungrily. "Good slut, good little fuck toy...lose your fucking mind over it..." He growls next to your ear. His fingers dig into your thighs, intoxicating pain filling your thoughts.
His masterful fingers unlatch your bra and release your tits, the swell of your breasts gripped mindfully by the man about to fuck you senseless, the tips of his digits playing lackadaisically with your bud.
"I feel you pulsing, y/ just need me inside you so bad..." The stretch makes your mind short circuit.
His girth splits you and fills you unlike what you've felt before. You gasp, your hands finding the nape of Jungkook's head as your walls convulse around his protruding length. "Tight thing...such a tight little thing," he groans against your lips, sucking on the bottom with a wild passion. "Good girl..." he sighs as he bottoms out deep inside of you.
With his arms draped around your waist, his hands rub your waist as his mouth sucks thrilling marks under your chin and on your throat. A thin film of sweat covers you both. His skin glows a honey-like hue under the rays of the sun pouring in through his windows. His thumb fiddles with your clit as you adjust to such girth penetrating you.
"You fit so good," you hoarsely comment. He kisses your neck delicately, hissing quietly. A mirror above his dresser catches your eye. His tattooed arms starkly contrast your skin, his eyes fixed on where the both of you are connected. He pecks you under the ear, "You compliment me so well, doll...are we comfortable?" You hum, his thumb dragging your bottom lip.
"Pretty fucking bitch," in a mess of limbs, you two rearrange each other so that you're laying on your back. A charming grin now paints his face, his hair damp with perspiration. He pants as he plunges himself into you and back out creating a rhythm between both your bodies. Leaning forward, Jungkook pistons his cock into you in a dizzying spell. With a jolt and stutter, you cry out. "Ah, aaah~ fuck, Jungkook~!" Your cunt clenches hard around him, glazing his cock with your thick cum. With hooded eyes, jut your hips to meet his head-spinning orgasm.
Jungkook's hand weaves into yours against the mattress as he admires your afterglow. You reach to touch his face and kiss him tenderly.
@koolvrr and @koodak (bestie come look at dis)
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soobsfae · a day ago
more dilf!jin please😩
authors note. y’all gotta stop hyping me up for this lil drabble series cause i'm gonna keep writing till y’all tell me it’s enough 😩😩 only this one has a little twist… why? idk i was really feelin yoongi after a smoke session 😭 sorry for the mistakes it’s unedited and im too gone to edit LMFAOFKSNFNSCBDB
warnings. 18+. sexy times, pps in u at the same time, boobs in the beginning, making out, jungkook is a whore too?????, daddy mention like two times i think???? TWO DILFS!, infidelity, taboo relationship (40/19/39) seokjin x reader, yoongi x reader, slight jungkook x reader but it really doesn’t go far like every, slight jealousy, literally a fuck war between yoongi and seokjin, uhm some like rough handling, groping and yeah i think that’s it. but reach out to me if u think a warning is needed for anything else!!
Tumblr media
When Jungkook arrived back home, the last thing he was expecting was seeing you sleeping on his bed. His heart seemed to shatter tenfold as he watched his best friend ahead of him. And although he knows you hate being awakened from your deep slumbers, he couldn’t help it. With a small sob coming from his mouth, he cuddles into you. And while you were about to scold him for being too rough, you couldn’t help but hear the sounds of his sniffles, trying to contain himself.
“Hey, hey, what’s wrong?” You were quick to turn your body around and face him. The way his tears streamed down his face made your heart ache, holding his face softly as you wiped away his tears with your thumbs. It only made him cry harder. “Jungkook, tell me what’s wrong. I won’t know how to fix it if you don’t tell me what’s wrong.”
“You don’t need to fix anything.” He continued to cry, but you were set on your ways. While you would rather sweet talk a way to destroy someone, when it came to Jungkook, you wouldn’t mind getting your hands dirty.
“Jungkook, what’s wrong?” You ask ever so softly, getting him to open up to you for even a small second.
“Hana… she, she just wanted me to…”
“Wanted you to what? Did she hurt you, Jungkook?”
“No… she wanted me to pass her classes for her.” A sigh of relief washed over you to know that he hadn’t been hurt, but that only earned you an angry Jungkook. “Am I that pathetic? Did you expect it?”
“What? Jungkook, no.”
“You did, didn’t you?” He gets up off his own bed and pulls away from you. You get up soon after, watching his dad figure. “I know I’m not some super hot freak that people want… but it still makes me feel pathetic.”
“Are you like, blind?” You couldn’t help but laugh. That only angers him more.
“This isn’t funny!”
“What’s funny is you not knowing how hot you are.” You sit the boy back down, wanting to fall back to sleep. “Hana’s a bitch, I'll give you that. But you’re fine, Jungkook. There’s no doubt about it. You’ll get a girlfriend in no time.”
“That’s not exactly what I wanted to hear.”
“What did you want to hear? You’re a catch. You’re hot, smart, funny — and not to stroke your ego, you’re a good kisser. Hana’s stupid for using you, but I know she’ll be working for you one day, so forget her and come sleep with me.”
And again, while there are no feelings between the two of you, he couldn’t help but watch you with such warmth at your words. It was his broken heart and hurt ego that made him reach over and kiss you. His big hands hold your face softly, one placed behind your head to keep you in place, his fingers in your hair. You gasped at the movement of his lips, but you were all too scared to continue hurting him for the night, letting him kiss you until he couldn’t any more.
“Jungkook,” you speak in between kisses, his lips traveling down your neck. “We need to rest. We’ve got an early class tomorrow.” But he didn’t relent on your neck, sucking and nipping at your, red spots decorating you.
“A little longer,” the way his hand gropes your breasts makes your back arch up against him. “You… taste… so… good.”
“Your parents are going to walk in.” You couldn’t help the giggle that came from you when his fingers danced around your nipple. “Jungkook, oh my god!” You were now full on laughing, as was he at how ticklish you were around the boobs you loved to put on display for others. While a sexual moment quickly turned into a fit of laughter with your closest friend, you had been too busy to hear the footsteps as they began getting closer and closer to the room.
When the door is busted open, the two of you jump at the suddenness of it all, Jungkook quickly covering the top of your body where you were in full display. “Dad, what the fuck!” Jungkook yells at his father as you hold the blanket up to your bare chest. While it wasn’t the first time his father had seen your perky tits, he hadn’t known such a thing and you planned to keep him in the dark as well.
“Fuck, Jungkook.” Seokjin groans, and while his mind wanted to be all on you, he couldn’t help his fatherly instincts. “I told your mother we should have the talk early.”
“God no, I don’t want to have the talk, dad! Get out!”
“Your mother is going to go crazy—”
“Out!” Jungkook pushed the taller man away.
— — — — — — — —
“Didn’t know you and Jungkook are dating.” Seokjin was quick to bring up what he had caught the next day. He was in his study when you decided to meet with him, sitting on his lap as you placed small kisses up and down his neck.
“We’re.” Kiss. “Not.” Kiss.
“You just happen to show your tits to everyone then?”
“He was sad. Needed to get his mind off of things. Didn’t go farther than that. No feelings.” Not once did you pull away, sending vibrations throughout him.
“Y/N…” he sighs, rubbing his temple softly. “We can’t keep doing this. Jungkook likes you.”
“Shut up,” you roll your eyes at his words. “We’re not into each other, okay? Just touch me.”
“I’m serious.”
You pull back, looking down at him. His features were as beautiful as ever. His plump lips had been licked just recently, shining under the luminous lights in his office. “Are you serious?”
“I am.” He doesn’t hesitate.
“Well, okay.” You nod, getting off his lap. “Then it’s over.”
“Good. Okay. I’ll, um… I’ll see you this weekend?”
“Oh, the barbecue? I’m not going. There’s some college frat party, parents let me go.”
“Frat party? What frat?”
“Not sure. Beta… Theta… something. It’d be really cool if you let Jungkook go by the way.” Is the last thing you say before bowing and leaving him stunned in his office.
All Seokjin could think about was you having fun with other guys. And while he had no right to feel any sort of entitlement towards who you date, he couldn’t help but feel the jealousy grow within him. And he hadn’t let Jungkook go to the party either, which he said he had wanted to ditch either way. In the end, all he needed to worry about was you.
Clearly not so much as you sneak into your house, not knowing that your father, along with Yoongi and himself were all in the living room, chatting over a glass of whiskey.
“Look who’s home.” Your father’s voice makes you jump in your spot. But you turned to him with such a charming and loving smile, that seemed to trick everyone in the room about your curfew.
“Hi, daddy.” You giggle softly, wrapping your arms around him and placing a soft kiss on his cheek. Your father grunts as if he wanted to push you off, but he lathered in his daughter's touch. “Hi, Mr. Min. Mr. Kim.” You greet. “How was the barbecue?”
“It went well, sorry you had to miss it.” Mr. Min speaks. All he could do was watch your frame, clad in the tiny skirt and short top that showed off your midriff. It drove him insane. It seemingly drove Mr. Min insane as well, not once did his eyes leave your pretty legs.
“Daddy, can you get me a bottle of water? Pretty please?” And like the doting father he is, he gets up off his ass and rushes to grab his daughter some water, and some of the leftovers while he’s at it. At the sight of his figure gone, you don’t waste a second to plop down onto Yoongi’s lap, kissing him with such fervor.
Seokjin wanted to yell. He wanted to pull you off this other man’s body and fuck you stupid. But then he watched as Yoongi’s hand slid up your skirt, groping you in every way he could, not once breaking apart. It made him hard. And he felt pathetic. His wife was at home waiting for him, in her nightgown that went up to her ankles, leg hair tickling his own legs throughout the night. And there you were, making out with a man thrice your age, and it turned him on like no one else could.
“Get with any college boys?” Yoongi asks, pulling away from you and holding the back of your neck in such a dominating manner as to keep your eyes on him.
“Never, sir. You’re all I want.”
“Good girl.” He presses a chaste kiss on your cheek, but continues to shove you off of him. And while Seokjin wanted to rush to your aid, he couldn’t hold back the wave of shock he felt when he saw the smirk on your face. You liked it rough. You were a sick girl.
Walking off into the kitchen to meet your father, Seokjin is left behind with his friend, eyes wide. “She’s told me all about you, you know?” That only shocks the man further. Growing up, he was never one to break the rules. Much less would he have ever thought of breaking his vows and promises. Fucking such a young girl. “She’s talkative when you know how to deal with her. Seems like you like it when she takes control though.”
“She’s not so bratty now that you're in the picture. I guess this is the part where I thank you.”
“I don’t know what you mean.”
“I felt sort of fucked up when we started this… affair. Mr. Y/L/N is our best friend, how could I not? But he raised a whore.” He chuckled into his drink. “Not like I got a wife.” Seokjin couldn’t help but wince at his words. “I’m not judging you, I’m cheering you on. Lord knows you’ve been a stuck-up motherfucker without getting your dick wet. You’re semi-tolerable now.”
“Nice, I just love being semi-tolerable to you, a man I’ve known since middle school.” Seokjin scoffs.
“I’m just sayin… she’s struck in lust with you. Loves how she can handle you.”
“And what?”
“I think it does her good to have two men in her life.”
And while Seokjin found the situation all too weird, he still didn’t hold back on you, not when Yoongi was going just as hard as if the two of them were fighting.
You were filled to the brim with both of them, moaning so incredibly loud. You were never able to moan so loudly in your escapades with Seokjin, while Yoongi forced you to keep quiet. But just this once, the two were battling it out. Having both your holes filled seemed like too much to bear, but you felt blissed out.
“Louder, baby.” Seokjin groans beneath you, fucming himsefl up into you.
“Come on, whore, show us how much you love our cocks.” And while the two contrasted one another, you paid no mind, loving both ways of praise. And while it felt wrong messing around so much, they felt too good. Way too good to give up.
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4joonkookie · 14 hours ago
Kitchen Table
Tumblr media
❥ Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
❥ Words: 474
I can’t believe I wrote something less than 500 words.
❥ Summary:
Namjoon has you for breakfast.
❥ Warnings/Tags:
Smut, PWP, wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am, quickie, Namjoon gets on his knees for you, sex in the kitchen, sex on a table.
❥ ❥ ❥
You watch coffee drip into the pot of the coffeemaker and nearly jump out of your skin when Namjoon sneaks up and wraps his arms around you from behind.
“Joonie_” you scold.
“Sorry…” He offers, nuzzling into your neck.
“Are you leaving?” you assume, as he's fully dressed.
“Soon…” he replies. You’re surprised at his hardening cock pressed against your ass, slotted between your cheeks. He plants little kisses on your neck and over your shoulder.
“What are you doing?” You say, wrapping your arms over his, keening into his touch.
“You know what I'm doing,” he whispers, slipping a hand under the hem of your panties and working fingers on you.
“You don't have time for that,” you scold, knees buckling together at his touch. He should’ve left already if he’s going to be on time.
“You overestimate me, ” he jokes, turning your body to face him.
He presses his lips to yours, hungrily driving his tongue inside for a moment before pulling your panties down from underneath your oversized t-shirt and sinking to his knees.
He hurriedly pushes your legs apart to lap at your folds, wet you with his saliva and pushes fingers inside. You brace yourself on the counter behind you. He’s brief and returns to his feet.
He's pulling his cock out of his pants while he guides you to the kitchen table, pushing at the small of your back so you lean on your hands at the edge.
He lines his cock up behind you and pushes inside, heading a heavy pace right away and gripping at your hips. The table squeaks and wobbles beneath you, but you and Namjoon have put it through worse.
He places a hand on your abdomen, sliding down to your clit. Your body is warm and plenty caught up now, enjoying the slide of his fingers at your wet core for a while before he removes his hand to push between your shoulders. Now, your face is flush with the top of the familiar old table.
He hikes one of your legs on a nearby chair to get impossibly deeper, plowing into you with heavy grunts and groans. His balls slap against your skin while the table cries for mercy beneath you.
The intensity and depth of his thrust makes you shriek and grip at the tabletop while he pounds himself inside, using you in the most welcome way. He thrusts inside a final time, filling your pussy.
Come splatters to the chair when he pulls out of you and he gives your pussy a light tap of his hand before peeling you off the table and settling you to the chair by your shoulders.
He rezips himself into his pants and returns to the kitchen counter, sealing a travel mug of coffee before kissing you goodbye and heading out the door.
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likeastarstar · a day ago
Tumblr media
5:59 PM- Jungkook
(A/N: okay this is for someone who requested JK so this def isn't directly angst but if you squint, it's there! No? Ok, I'll keep trying.)
"I swear to god, if you don't stop talking I'm gonna punch you in the face," you threatened, fully aware that you were half of Jungkook's size.
He laughed, stepping towards you. You backed up instinctively, giving him an annoyed glare and watching him take another step forward. He looked down at you with an amused smile, "Sorry? What are you going to do?"
You didn't answer, instead shoving his shoulder with your open palm.
"You're an ass, you know that?" You sneered.
He raised his eyebrow and rolled his eyes, "Kind of ironic, you calling me an asshole, isn't it? You know what they say- misery loves company."
"Not if the company's as rude as you," You laughed dryly. He grabbed your hip and pushed you back, pinning you against the wall in with his leg in between your knees.
Jungkook dipped his head down so that his lips were centimeters away from yours, that stupid smirk on his face. "Didn't seem to mind last night," he reminded, tucking your hair behind your ear and letting his fingertip drag down to your neck, light as a feather until he hit a pressure point and pushed down firmly enough to make your knees feel weak. His eyes flickered from your neck to your face briefly, lowering slightly to focus on your lips. "I can't get how your voice sounded out of my head," he confessed.
You had slept together after resisting the charm that was Jeon Jungkook for far too long. Now you were stuck, knowing you definitely shouldn't date someone like him but also wanting him so badly.
"It's not gonna work," You resisted, your voice barely a whisper, "I know you're just trying to mess with me. It's not going to work."
Jungkook frowned, wrapping his hand loosely around the base of your neck. He still tracked the formation of your words, his tongue snaking out to run across his bottom lip. "I wish you'd realize that you're the one messing with me, not the other way around," he sighed.
You frowned, not understanding what he meant. You were trying to act normal, he was the one picking on you more just because you had slept together. "I just want to test something..." he trailed off, looking to you for approval.
Should you do it?
You cautiously tipped your head, gesturing for him to continue, he let out a shallow breath before his lips met yours, his hand on your neck sliding down to just above your heart. His lips were slow and lazy at first but as soon as you moved your hand from your side to his stomach, Jungkook jumped. His movements became rougher, less calculating. The kiss was messy and desperate- hands everywhere. You were seriously pissed off, you had told yourself nothing would ever happen between you again, so what was this? Why weren't you pushing him off and slapping him across the face?
Instead, you grabbed the collar of his shirt and yanked him closer to you by it, wanting to make up the height difference between the two of you. Jungkook laughed against your lips, smiling uncontrollably, which only pissed you off more. You didn't want him to think you needed this- you didn't want to need Roman.
So you pushed him back, flattening your palms against his chest. He cursed inwardly and threw you a bewildered look, no doubt wondering what was going through your head. You couldn't look at him- if you did, You'd end up with my clothes on the ground waking up in his bed again. No, instead you'd just walk away.
You waved your hands between you before he could say anything, walking away quickly with only one thing on your mind.
You definitely shouldn't kiss him again because stopping always hurt too much.
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mortluvrs · a day ago
favorite crime. jjk [1]
know that i loved you so bad
tears pricked your eyes as you watched the man you once loved kiss your best friend. hands placed firmly on her waist. her slim arms placed around his neck. your chin placed on your hands. watching them contently. 
i let you treat me like that
you were more embarrassed than anything. embarrassed knowing, he played the “good boyfriend” role by kissing your cheek, telling you he loved you and would be back home later, your embarrassed that you believed him. and even though your eyesight was blurred, you weren’t blind to notice how passionately he was kissing her.
those things i did
wiping your eyes with the back of your hand, you quickly left the club; unseen. 
or so you thought. jungkook saw you. he saw how red your face was. he saw how deeply hurt you were. he could tell how bad you wanted this to be some sort of bad dream, but it wasn’t. and he knew right then and there, he fucked up big time and there was no going back on what he did. 
all the things i did just so i could call you mine the things you did well, i hope i was your favorite crime.
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bonvoyagenoona · a day ago
which member do you think would be the barista
Ahhh, a very, and sweet, important question indeed! 💜 Also, an adorable scene, and a positive, powerful message: 
Tumblr media
Thanks for the reminder! And thanks for the ask (sorry it’s so late)! Here’s what came to me. I really hope you like it!
Tumblr media
Nine Tiny Things
pairings: Yoongi x Reader
rating: E
word count: 1759
synopsis: Nine little things. Eight little smiles. Two big ones. One sweet kiss.
genre / themes: fluff, budding relationship, comfort, paying it forward
content warnings: none? 
Tumblr media
She stops rummaging around for the nickels and dimes that aren’t in her wallet and looks up with grateful eyes. “Really?”
His kind eyes look back into hers. “Hope that’s OK. I overheard you were just ten cents short.” One hand extends the pocket change to her, while the other scratches at the back of his neck. “I’d just buy you the pair if I could afford it, but---”
She could burst into tears. “No. This is huge. Thank you.”
Tumblr media
The difference that a good pair of sneakers make. She doesn’t have to bunch her toes up anymore. The arch support is much better. Her back hasn’t ached in weeks. It clears her foggy mind. Helps her to remember things. Notice things.
Like the blonde girl in the booth wearing a university sweatshirt, chapped lips pursed, tired eyes perusing the menu, counting the minutes before she can just get up and go without drawing attention and embarrassment.
The waitress follows her new shoes to the booth. “Hey,” she says warmly, “someone changed their order last minute.”
The blonde stares wide-eyed at the plate of pancakes sitting on the waitress’s open palm.
“Wanna take these off my hands?” the waitress asks.
“Yes!” the blonde exclaims. “Uh, and…” She looks down at the menu with renewed energy. “An orange juice, please?”
“Be right back,” the waitress says, with a wink.
Tumblr media
One glass of orange juice stretches into three glasses.
The blonde looks around to see if anyone around her seems trustworthy enough.
Her eyes fall on a young boy sitting across from his grandmother. She’s patting his hand on the table as he swings his legs and sighs.
The blonde stands and walks over to them. “I’m so sorry to disturb you, but would you mind watching my bag for a moment? I just need to run to the restroom.”
“Sure, go ahead,” the grandmother replies, smiling.
The boys eyes are red from crying.
When the blonde returns and says a breathless, “Thanks!”, she eyes the most adorable flyers for a LOST KITTEN that she’s ever seen. Explains why the boy hasn’t downed his burger and milkshake.
The blonde places the strap of her bag on her shoulder. “Where’d you lose him?” she asks.
The young boy doesn’t look up.
“Somewhere in the neighborhood, we’re sure,” the grandmother sighs.
“I have some time before my next class,” the blonde says. “Would you like me to take some flyers and post them as I walk back to campus?”
The grandmother looks over to her grandson. “Well?”
He sighs and just nods.
The grandmother looks up at the blonde and smiles. “Thank you. That’d be lovely.”
Tumblr media
“You gonna keep bringing that up?” he grumbles, as his wife follows him from the kitchen to the living room.
“I’m just saying,” his wife goes on, “that if you don’t find a job soon, we’re really gonna be in trouble.”
Their son, still glum about his kitten, is lying on his stomach on the floor, watching TV. He doesn’t even hear them arguing anymore. It’s all just white noise at this point.
It’s also why he’s able to hear the three quick knocks on the door.
He isn’t exactly in a rush to get to his feet, but when he sees what’s waiting for him, he runs back into the living room, squealing.
At first, like any good parents would, they think he’s hurt. They can’t comprehend the gibberish that’s flowing out of him.
But when they see Mittens in their son’s arms, blinking up at them slowly, they forget what they were fighting about completely.
They join him on the floor in the living room, on top of pillows and blankets. When he falls asleep with Mittens next to him, they look at each other and share a kiss.
And they happen to catch an ad on TV.
Tumblr media
“And this is your HR packet,” the secretary replies. “Has someone given you a tour yet?”
“Yes,” he replies, smiling. The tour was just that morning, but he’s already memorized where everything is. His parking spot. His desk. The restrooms. The break room. Which fridge sometimes shorts.
“We’ve been wanting to fill this patent clerk position for months,” the secretary replies. “What’s your degree in, again?”
“Physics,” he answers. “I was a professor, but I just hated working in academia so much. And no other job seemed…”
“Interesting enough?” the secretary guesses.
He chuckles. “Exactly.”
The secretary grins to herself. They’ve been wanting to fill this patent clerk position for months, but the same kind of person always ends up being the best fit for the job.
Tumblr media
“The patent was just approved!” she calls out, turning around from her computer screen to the tiny group of four behind her.
They cheer excitedly.
“This is going to do amazing things for the design,” someone chirps. “The form factor alone. My god.”
Everyone exchanges excited glances with each other. There’s a buzz in the air.
“This could be it,” she says. “This could be what finally does it for us.”
Tumblr media
You brighten considerably at the impeccably wrapped box on your desk.
“What’s this for?” you ask, looking fondly at your co-worker as you set your purse down in your chair.
“Don’t thank me,” she chuckles. She lifts her hand from her keyboard and points to an identical box on her desk. “We all got them.”
“End-of-quarter gifts,” another one of your co-workers calls over to you. He holds up a box of headphones. You don’t recognize the brand, but the design looks very appealing.
“Hmm,” you say, smiling to yourself.
Tumblr media
Yoongi pretends that he can’t hear. But he can. He can hear everything. He can hear a note that he’ll need to pitch correct. He can hear how much better the second verse fits now that he’s adjusted the wording. He can hear the echo of a beat that he forgot to delete in the second track. But most of all, he can hear because the right side of his headphones is busted.
His manager storms over to him and unnecessarily pulls that right headphone off of his ear.
“I said, are you here to listen to music, or are you here to work?” his boss repeats, voice booming almost as loudly as the bass on Yoongi’s newest track.
“Both?” Yoongi says.
His manager glares at him while ripping the headphones off of him and tossing them in the trash.
“Hey!” Yoongi protests. “Those cost me a fortune!”
“I don’t care how much they cost,” his manager snarls. “Get your shit together and help the team out with this crowd, or go home!”
When the back door office slams, the assistant manager walks over to the display case with an apologetic smile.
“He’s a little on edge today,” the assistant manager replies.
“Still,” Yoongi says.
“Go take your break,” the assistant manager offers. “I know you haven’t had one since you clocked in this morning.”
The after-work crowd isn’t just maddening. It’s unreal. Yoongi initially took the job because this place was barely on anybody’s radar. It was a quiet place for him to think about his music while occasionally giving people something relatively similar to whatever they mumbled to him at the register. Now, Yoongi could get fired if he gives someone a regular instead of an extra-long straw.
“Thanks,” Yoongi says. “When I get back, take yours. And take twenty minutes instead of ten.”
The assistant manager nods and goes back to work with the rest of the team, as Yoongi pushes past the crowd at the entrance.
He sees you turning the corner as he leans against the wall.
He brightens when he sees you, and you do the same when you see him.
Your footsteps quicken as you hurry to meet each other.
“Hi,” he says, nervous.
“Hi,” you squeak, grinning.
You’ve got the hug down pat. You haven’t come to expect it, but the peck on your cheek is always extremely appreciated when it makes an appearance. You feel extra tingles down your legs when he gives you this one.
“What are you doing here?” he asks.
“Wanted to swing by and see you,” you say.
The two of you are arguably past the point of playing coy, but that’s what Yoongi has always liked about you. You always say what you feel.
“And I have something for you,” you say, reaching into your purse.
You pull out the box of headphones and hand it over to him.
His jaw drops, and his eyes widen.
“What… I… This is…”
He smiles at you, eyes disappearing, face all cheeks, teeth, and gums.
“I’ve been trying to get a pair of these for months!”
“We got them as presents at work,” you admit sheepishly. “Thought you’d like them for a backup pair or something. I didn’t know the brand.”
Yoongi shakes his head. “They’re a new company, but they’re generating a lot of buzz.” His eyebrows knit together. “You sure you don’t want them??”
“I prefer open-backs,” you say, with a bit of a snobby nose crinkle.
It’s the sexiest thing Yoongi’s ever heard you say.
And the look he gives you is the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen him do.
“I’ve had such a bad day,” Yoongi sighs. “This is so nice. Thank you.”
“A bad day?” you ask, sad on his behalf.
Yoongi bites his lip and nods. “Yeah.”
You smile. You’re so full of fondness for him. You just can’t help it. “Well, then, I have something else for you.”
“Are you kidding, this pair costs---”
When your lips meet his, his breath hitches, and he forgets about headphones completely.
You pull away, and he gazes at you with wide, happy eyes.
“We still on for later tonight?” you ask him, wiping your lipstick from his mouth.
He takes your wrist in his hand and nods as he moves in for another kiss.
Tumblr media
“Is oat milk extra?” she asks.
Yoongi blinks at her. “Uh, yeah,” he says. He’s pretty sure it is, at least. He hasn’t been able to think straight since learning that all that separates him from another one of your kisses is about half an hour.
“OK, just regular milk, then,” she replies, handing Yoongi her card.
Yoongi smiles at her and rings her up.
A few minutes later, Yoongi calls out, “Chai latte!”
The girl gets up from her seat and leaves her friends to pick up her order.
“Thanks,” she replies.
When she tastes the latte, she notices a hint of oat.
She looks over at Yoongi, who simply meets her happy eyes with a thumbs-up before smiling back at the clock on the wall.
Tumblr media
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bangtanfanficarchive · 2 days ago
Seokjin NSFW ABCs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It only took me a solid month to complete this NSFW ABC to do with our pink vanilla king. It was requested several time, so I hope those of you who asked for this really enjoy it!
Hobi is the only one left to complete and I am working on him now, which means the Hoseok NSFW ABCs should be up either tonight or tomorrow!
Happy reading! 💜
Tumblr media
A - Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)
Meticulous and methodical when it comes to aftercare, tbh. Seokjin is a creature of habit, a man that really likes his routines and there is no exception here. Once he feels like he's got down how you like your aftercare, he is not deviating from that path.
B - Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
He's a man of many interests. Anything he's able to grab by the handful he's fond of. Boobs, butts, bellies. Loves them all.
C - Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)
Our man ain't picky, but his preference is to cum right inside. I do not make the rules.
D - Dirty secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
Breeding kink. Probably wouldn't advertise it to any partner for a WHILE and would just let it live as a mental stimulus, but yup. It's definitely there. You heard it here first, folks.
E - Experience (how experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Man is horn knee as all hell, he has got some HOURS CLOCKED. He definitely knows what he's up to. But I also see him as more of a relationship guy and less of a hook up guy so that experience could be inconsistent.
F - Favorite position (this goes without saying)
I imagine he probably likes emotional intimacy as much as the physical. Lots of eye contact. Probably prefers missionary or some variation on missionary for that very reason.
G - Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? Are they humorous? etc.)
Hm, I could see him really swaying either way if I'm to be honest. Sometimes held there strictly to make sweet vanilla love and lots of eye contact and soft whispers. Other times in more experimental moments he'd definitely be more up for a laugh.
H - Hair (how well groomed are they? Does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)
Keeps everything tidied up for sure, but I don't see him taking any serious care with it unless his partner has serious grooming preferences.
I - Intimacy (how are they during the moment? The romantic aspect)
As said above, very connected. Lots of contact of every kind. Eye contact. Full body contact. The whole nine yards.
J - Jack off (masturbation headcanon)
Doesn't prefer it but when he's on the road, he'll take it over being celibate for weeks at a time. Keeps a neatly organized and inconspicuous folder of his partner's photos for occasions such as there.
K - Kink (one or more of their kinks)
Breeding kink, but like … a pretty minor one if that makes sense. Might enjoy some light bondage or choking, but nothing super extreme or that would cause prolonged discomfort.
L - Location (favorite places to do the do)
At home. That is truly it. Possibly the back seat if a car, but that is really pushing the upper limit on what he'd be comfortable with.
M - Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)
His pleasure as well as his partner's are equally important to him, honestly.
N - No (something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Anything even remotely related to exhibitionism or pain. Neither one suits him at all.
O - Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
He's one to reciprocate. Even if his partner offers oral with no expectations of reciprocation, he's still gonna get down to business. Fair's fair, after all.
P - Pace (are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Keeps it casual. Goes with the flow. Whatever feels right at that moment.
Q - Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)
Isn't huge on quickies unless they're first thing in the morning after waking up. A morning quickie before work really just hits different.
R - Risk (are they game to experiment? Do they take risks? etc.)
Not huge on risk, but clearly there's a bit of interest there; otherwise he wouldn't be so ride-or-die for getting choked. 🤷🏽‍♀️
S - Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? How long do they last?)
Jin doesn't have incredible stamina but since he takes pleasure in part from his partner's pleasure, he's got his ways of prolonging his partner's for as long as possible.
T - Toys (do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
I don't see Jin as being super into toys. I imagine him being pretty out off by them if I'm to be honest. Like, he obviously isn't opposed to them for strictly self-pleasuring purposes, but he wouldn't go for it if you suggested incorporating a little something extra into your couple time.
U - Unfair (how much do they like to tease?)
He has his moments, but I don't see Jin as a massive tease. If he did try to tease, though, I'd definitely see him faltering after one plea from his partner.
V - Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
Boy, is this boy loud. He tends to give what he wants in return and prefers someone who's willing to use their words and sounds to spur him on. He's going to give the same.
W - Wild card
The most vanilla member but wbk
X - X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)
This hyung is hung. Need I say more?
Y - Yearning (how high is their sex drive)
Definitely has one of the higher sex drives, but also has the remarkable ability to control himself. So he's not one to spend a ton of time solo when his partner isn't in the mood.
Z - Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Though he's got aftercare down to nearly a science, it really doesn't take that long to work through. So once you're both hydrated and bathed, it's pretty quickly into pajamas and then off to bed.
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meowachi · 2 days ago
like you care | ksj (f) (m)
warning: implied smut !!
almost abruptly, he enters the washroom and shuts the door behind him. his eyes — completely fixated on yours — look unfamiliar. his gaze feels urgent. he locks the door and takes a sharp breath in. 
“are you fucking kidding me?” he takes a step towards you and you take a moment to look into his eyes and you see it easily. 
your favourite side of him.
“did i say a punchline?” you ask curiously. though you can tell that he isn’t in the mood to play dumb (that’s a first), you love to push his buttons. he places his hands on your waist, pushing you to lean against the sink counter. god, he’s so close to you that you can smell the mix of his cologne and sweat. you can’t help it but to lift his chin and place kisses from behind his ear down to his collar bones. “miss me?” you ask him softly. he lets out a moan in response when you brush your hand against his area and fumble with the zipper. seokjin tries to focus on the smell of your shampoo or the perfume but the scent of you is practically covered up by whatever cheap cologne the other guy was wearing. he tries to focus on the pretty girl kissing his neck but he can’t. how sweet your kisses feel against his skin, how only you could get him this excited and annoyed at the same time. 
suddenly, he’s back to picturing it. how there was another guy all over you just moments before. it makes his ears turn red and (more importantly) his ego hurt. he should be enough for you, you shouldn’t feel entertained by other guys. 
“___, you’re such a bitch.” he mumbles, his hands finding their way to tugging on the hem of your skirt. “am i not good enough for you?”
“excuse me?” you laugh, pulling away from him. maybe you could connect the dots more smoothly if he gave you some time; but you have a gut feeling that seokjin is in that mood. possessive over something that he’s too pussy to claim; you. 
though he had been a lot more demanding with the hook ups lately (and a lot more clingy), something in you did not expect this kind of behaviour from the campus dream boy. he had gotten attached and you knew it. tonight was proving exactly.
he had feelings for you and you knew it. you had noticed it for a while now and it only made it more difficult not to make the assumption. you play dumb for his sake. you aren’t too sure how you feel about him yet. there’s a good possibility you have romantic feelings towards him too but that’s for future you to worry about. perhaps when he’s man enough to confess, you’ll be lady enough to accept. 
“that kid — “
“his name is jungkook. baby, he’s literally friends with nam joon and — “
“that kid was literally after you.. probably just wanted to fuck and chuck you. how are you okay with that? it’s like he doesn’t have the decency to ask if you’re even seeing someone.” it slips out of his lips and stares at you almost blankly when he realizes what he said. 
“am i seeing someone?”
“whose in front of you right now, ___. “ he answers unimpressed. “look, don’t think about it too deeply.” he pauses (nice save, seokjin). “it’s just.. you said it would be okay that we’d start talking to each other at parties but you didn’t even last a five minute conversation with me before you floated away to someone else.” 
“like you care.” you press.
“and if i did? would it be that bad?”
then it happens; the eager look in his eyes soften. something between you two feels like it’s sparkling and you look at him lovingly. a small smile appears on his face when it registers to him that: no. it wouldn’t be bad. 
“oh, you poor baby!” you sooth, fixing his hair as he pulls away from you a bit. the moment passes and you’re back to being a tease. you squish his cheeks and smile at him angelically. “jungkook was cute, wasn’t he? he had a nice back profile and you know just how much broad shoulders make me feel— “
“i have a nice back profile. my shoulders are literally twice of his.” he takes your hand and places them on his shoulders. you make a face, sighing as you squeeze his shoulders.
“mhm.. i don’t know. jungkook doesn’t seem to be in such a grumpy mood. maybe i should go back down there and — “
“and what?”
“god, let me finish, seokjin!”
“not the first time you’ve said that,” he laughs. you roll your eyes at him.
now you’re not in the mood.
see, seokjin is cute and all but he too could be a piece of shit. it’s odd to say, but this is how you two are. cat and dog, bickering until it counts. when it does count, suddenly you two are the only one the other wants. with seokjin, it’s a constant push and pull until one of you give in. it’s simply just how you two function around each other. 
you lightly push away from him and reach for the door. without hesitation, he playfully pulls you back to him and presses his body against yours. “don’t do that,” he gulps. “don’t be mad at me.”
“i’m not mad at you.” you coo. shrugging, you bite your bottom lip and tell him: “i just want to go talk to the kid downstairs and ask him if he’s the type to give flowers to a girl — “
“oh, fuck you.”
“oh? please do,” you giggle, pulling him in and crashing your lips onto his. you place you hand on top of where his heart is and feel how fast it begins to beat. it’s a given when seokjin smiles into the kiss. when he deepens the kiss and you allow so, he thinks of confessing soon. he’ll think of what to say and what gesture to pull off later. maybe include something with flowers.
for now, kissing you was would be his confession.
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e-uph0r1a · 2 days ago
Photographs ~ drabble
Tumblr media
Pairing / Jin x Yoongi x (f) reader
Genre / A bit of angst and Fluff
Warnings / None 
Word Count / 2.331
Summary / A friendship that longs for something else
A/N: Trying to do a bit of fluff because last time was too angsty haha Hope you all like it, and i’m always looking forward for feedback so please do! Once again i gotta thank the amazing Bella @tae-bebe​ for being the greatest Beta i could ask for, specially because you’re busy af and you took time to do this, thank you so much dude you’re the best love u so much <3
Lately things weren’t going great between you and Yoongi. There would be constant arguments or nothing but silence, and you didn’t know which one you preferred because his silence was the worst. It seemed that the interest he once had in you had started to wear down and you felt hopeless.
“You never have time to share anything with me, if I bother you so much then I’d rather you just tell me” you said almost whispering, holding back your tears.
“I thought I’d made myself clear from the get go y/n…” he was cold and distant, but he sensed your disappointment, ruffling his hair and searching for the words that wouldn’t hurt the most “...You know I only have time for my music, and even if I have free time I’d use it to rest”. Fuck, that couldn’t hurt more. You could feel the knot in your throat, almost choking on your words with tears running down your face. “Well, if you didn’t want any of this you should have thought it through better before you fucked me in the first place.” You slammed the door behind you on your way out.
After that big fight you saw that Yoongi didn’t intend to preserve your relationship so you decided to just call it off. Luckily you had the best friend you could ask for by your side, Jin would support you no matter what, and lately you felt yourself growing closer and closer to him. Maybe a little too close.
And maybe a little too soon. The guilt started getting stronger, it felt unfair for you to have new feelings, even though it was already a month since your break up with Yoongi. It almost seemed like you couldn’t let yourself be happy, so you decided to put a bit of distance between you and Jin, but the feelings were a lot stronger.
Pretending to put up a wall between you and Jin was harder than you thought. Every time he’d try to make plans you’d have an excuse; you were too tired, you already had other plans, you were busy, you weren’t in the mood. But Jin wasn’t going to give up so fast.
“Hey, you promised we were going to have a drink soon” he’d complain in a cute pouty way. Every time he’d pout with those pink plump lips you found it so endearing and so hard to say no to. “I’m sorry Seokjinnie, I’m way too tired now, maybe next time”. Whenever you were alone with him you would feel the impulse to kiss him growing stronger, but it was too risky. At least for now. 
But Jin was stubborn and wouldn’t take no for an answer yet again. He grabbed you by the wrist “Hey, stop making excuses! You’re going to have a drink with me and that’s it”, his attempt at sounding intimidating failed because he was holding back his laughter and you saw how his face was immediately turning red. You let out a scoff with a smile and finally agreed.
The night was beautiful and cold but you didn’t mind walking to grab food and have a few drinks outside with heating and a blanket. It felt cozy and intimate, since the restaurant was a small place, but you were enjoying yourself. There were groups of friends, couples and groups of coworkers, you felt warm and happy being in his company. He was cooking the samgyeopsal in silence with a smile and you couldn't help but stare at him, his beauty and cooking skills always amazed you. He’d taught you a few korean recipes, although you had already cooked with Yoongi before, but you’d always felt like you were disturbing him. With Jin it was quite the opposite, you felt like he was eager to share that special moment in the kitchen with you, and he’d always pamper you with the most delicious dishes. 
“Do you like what you’re seeing?” he’d cut you off from staring, teasing you in a playful way. You couldn’t help yourself but to blush and laugh about it “I wasn’t staring”, you gave him a small push on his shoulder across the table. 
“And who said you were staring?”. Fuck, you screwed up. You swallowed hard and pretended you didn’t hear him. Eager to change the subject, you said quickly “Why were you so insistent on having a drink with me?”.
“I just wanted to be with you,” he said bluntly. It looked like he wasn’t going to go easy on you tonight, but two can play at that game, “Well Seokjin-ssi, you have me here. All for you.” He didn’t expect that answer from you and it showed on his face. He was surprised and blushed. Once again you laughed it off to cut the tension.
The night flew by between drinks, food, laughing and flirting. On your way back you enjoyed the walk, drunk singing in the quiet streets feeling Jin’s warm hand wrapped around your waist to keep you balanced. You were almost close to your building when you got a bit serious, “I don’t want to sleep alone tonight” you said all of the sudden. Catching him off his guard, Jin choked on his own saliva and stayed silent, waiting for you to say something else, but you didn’t. You just stared at him with hopeful eyes. You still felt all of the pain and bitterness from a month ago, but Jin’s companionship made everything better. Although you had horny thoughts towards Jin, you only needed a cuddle tonight so you wouldn’t feel that lonely.
He finally sighed “Although I’m not the biggest fan of your couch because my long legs won’t fit on it, I’ll stay.” he stated while entering the building, but your confused face alarmed him, “What? What's wrong with that? It’s not that the couch isn’t comfortable per se, I think you’re just tiny” he joked. You fidgeted with your fingers nervously, staring at your feet. Jin couldn’t figure out what was wrong, “Are you okay?” he asked a bit worried. You felt vulnerable and stupid for asking him this, and being vulnerable made you a bit teary. But since the situation was already ridiculous you held your tears back, stumbling over your words as you finally spoke. 
“It’s just...I don’t want you to sleep on the couch…” you swallowed hard and you could feel Jin’s stare on you as his eyes widened in shock, “...I want you to sleep with me, if that’s okay with you”, you said sweetly. You could sense the awkwardness between you two standing at your door. Jin cleared his throat but before he could speak you abruptly cut him off “I’m not saying it in a sexual way, I mean, it’s not that I don’t see you that way…” the words escaped from your lips before you could stop them. Quickly you covered your mouth with both of your hands in an alarmed way, but Jin clearly just found that amusing, causing you to blush even more. You cleared your throat, “I meant you can sleep with me in the same bed without anything being weird…” you felt frustrated at your own words “...I’m already making it weird, aren’t I?”Jin was giggling and indicating the way to your apartment “Stop talking and let’s just go to sleep”.
Since being at your place was a common thing for Jin, especially on drunk nights, while you were in the bathroom putting on your pj’s he grabbed a water bottle from your fridge to place it on your night table. Waiting for you to come out of the bathroom he was sitting in an awkward way on the edge of the bed, as if it was the first time he had been in your room.
“Why are you being so weird?” you broke the silence exiting the bathroom into your room, “and also why are you still in your clothes? you have some of your pj’s here, remember?” you were pointing at one of your drawers, but he was just staring at you disoriented “I was planning on sleeping in the bed but not inside the sheets with you, that’s why I’m still wearing my clothes”. You burst into laughter, “Seokjin-ah don’t be ridiculous, put on your pj’s and let’s go to sleep”, and he did as you told him.
Once he got into bed he stayed on his back, trying to be as far from you as he could, but it wasn’t enough for you so you grabbed his torso motioning for him to cuddle. You felt how his body was stiff under your touch, “Seokjin-ah come closer” you were complaining with your eyes shut, you felt too tired to keep yourself awake so you just dozed off while hugging him. Jin started to feel relaxed as soon as he felt your heavy breathing because he knew you were already sleeping. A small sigh came out from his lips as he stared at you with a soft smile while he caressed your hair.
You woke up hangover and noticed that Seokjin wasn’t in bed with you. On your night table there was an aspirin and a bottle of some tea that supposedly helps with hangover with a small note stuck to it that says ‘drink me :)’, you did as the note told you with the aspirin and got up. Outside your bedroom you could smell food cooking and the voice of Jin sweetly singing, a smile escaped from your lips. You were staring at him, appreciating the sight, but you’d caught him by surprise and scared him to the point he almost dropped the food, “Scaredy cat” you teased, “Hey, that wasn’t funny y/n!” he pretended he was furious at you exaggerating his movements “I could’ve died!”, your stomach was hurting from laughing hysterically. You felt relieved that nothing was weird between you and him after last night, enjoying breakfast together.
A week after, everyone got together at the dorm to play board games and drink. Even though Yoongi was obviously present too, you couldn't help but feel smitten next to Seokjin. It wasn’t weird if you were a bit too affectionate with them since they were the same way with each other, but having your ex in the middle meant you had to restrain yourself a little. The night was getting colder and suddenly Jimin noticed the first snowflakes falling from the sky, “Hey everyone, look!” he said excitedly pointing to the window, and everyone got up from the floor rushing to see. Enthused by the event everyone decided to go to the building entrance to enjoy the snow closely and take the first pictures. Luckily you always had your Polaroid camera with you since you were trying to decorate one of your walls with photos of your friends and landscapes. After a while, everyone got cold and decided to get back inside the apartment, except for you and Jin.
Standing in silence enjoying each other’s company, you noticed Jin was a bit different tonight. “Is there something wrong? you seem a little off tonight” you inquired with a little concern in your voice, your eyes still focused on the snowy sight. Jin blinked and turned to you with a warm smile, “I feel like I should be honest with you, despite the circumstances” you had no idea what he was talking about “especially on the first snow of the year”, you could feel yourself getting more and more eager to know what he was going to say "I know we’re already good friends and close, but I want to be closer to you" Jin said while approaching you slowly. Your heart was racing and you felt your palms sweat. 
"Y/n - ssi...I’m in love with you. I have been all this time" he said in a sweet tone, his ears turning red and burning. You felt butterflies in your stomach and your face blushing, but still you remained silent not knowing what to say. This made Jin desperate and he started to feel like he had ruined it. Before he started talking you began first, in a slow manner staring at your feet standing in front of him "I have feelings for you too" you saw how his face lit up at your words "but, I feel guilt too. It's been what, a month since Yoongi? It doesn't feel right” you could see in his face how disappointment invaded him. Silence fell once again. 
"What if I told you that Yoongi already knows about my feelings towards you?" You turned to him again with confusion on your face "He and the rest of the guys encouraged me to stand here and express my feelings to you" you were perplexed, not knowing what to say. A part of you felt embarrassed, "Do they know about my feelings for you too?" you were afraid of being too obvious all this time and having hurt Yoongi's feelings. Jin shrugged and he saw you were concerned, lifting your face in a sweet manner he assured you "y/n - ssi, it's okay" you could feel the softness of his touch, closing your eyes you smiled. "It wasn't my intention to make you feel bad. I just wanted you to know how I feel". You stared at him with the biggest smile "this is what I wanted, and more" you started to approach him, once again putting his hand on your face but this time to plant a kiss on your lips. You’d dreamed about those plump soft lips on yours for so long, it was a tender warm kiss and you didn't want it to end. "So what do we do now?" You asked with the biggest smile on your blushing face.
"We enjoy ourselves" he replied with the sweetest smile.
You grabbed your polaroid camera and took your first photo together. It'd be the first of many more, and your favorite one.
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parkdatjimin · 8 hours ago
“this isn’t what I wanted to happen.”
Pairings: jimin x reader
Genre: angst
Based on a prompt from this list! If you see one you like, send in a request 🌻 #41 angst is here!
Wc: 4K
Tumblr media
Breathe. Just relax. You're just a person.
A beautiful, soft, lovely person who puts butterflies in his stomach and makes his head feel as light as a feather. A person like no one he's ever met before, who can make him think the dirtiest things while also making him want to protect you with his entire life.
Maybe asking you over for dinner was biting off more than he can chew. It's not like he used the word 'date' but you must know his intentions seeing as it'll be just the two of you and there will most likely be desert. Anyway, there's no canceling now. You're already on your way. Jimin will just have to face the night.
Just as he places the casserole in the oven, he hears a knock on his apartment door and hurries over.
"Hey, glad you could make it," he greets you with a nervous smile.
You return his smile but, of course, yours is so much nicer and prettier and calmer. Jimin swallows at the sight of you wearing Converse with jeans and a tank top to show off your pretty tattoos and waistline. You're so casual and yet somehow so perfect.
"It smells amazing!" you comment, sniffing the air as you line your shoes by the door. You immediately make your way to the kitchen, Jimin following close behind.
It's nice that you feel so comfortable in his home considering everything. Jimin wouldn't have it any other way.
"What did you make?"
"Casserole. Figured it would be easy enough but still something special, you know? At least, it's more than the pizza and wings we usually order."
You clap your hands, impressed with your friend's cooking ability. He could have ordered pizza and wings if he wanted to. "Any reason we're eating so fancy tonight?"
Jimin tries to keep the panic rising in his gut compressed. "Nope! No reason, just thought it would be nice to have dinner...with you."
Your eyes narrow and for a moment Jimin is convinced you see right through him. But in the next moment, your expression lightens and you give a little shrug. "Alrighty then."
Jimin sighs. "So, dinner should be done in about forty-five minutes."
"What should we do in the meantime?"
"There are some new titles on Netflix I haven't checked out yet."
"A movie? Sure." You take Jimin's hand and lead the way to the couch. Jimin sits beside you while you begin scrolling through the options. "Hmmm, what are you feeling?"
At the moment, all Jimin feels is your steady pulse through your hand and his heart consequently pounding right out of his chest. Good thing your eyes are glued to the TV because his eyes are glued to you.
"Whatever you want is fine with me."
The way you bite your lip while surfing the channels, the way you continue to hold his hand even though there's absolutely no reason to anymore. He doesn't dare say anything. His lips unconsciously twist into a smile as his eyes soften at the sight of you. His fingers bravely attempt to interlock with yours, but he's disappointingly interrupted when you suddenly drop his hand.
"Ah! I heard about this one," you exclaim, pointing with the remote. Jimin breaks from his love struck daze and looks at the screen. "The trailer looked pretty scary, but we could try it if you want?"
"Okay, yeah that sounds good."
The opening credits roll, but Jimin can sense you're not quite comfortable. You keep shifting your hips, leaning away and then towards him again, tucking your feet underneath yourself and then popping them back out.
"Can't get comfy?"
"Do you mind if we sit on the end of the couch so I can use the foot thingy?" you ask, motioning with your hand to mean the lever on the side of the couch, the one used to activate the...foot thingy.
So cute.
"Be my guest."
You scoot your way to the far end of the couch and reach down to make the footrest spring up. With your legs now comfortably elevated, you wiggle your toes, finally satisfied with your position.
Well. Almost satisfied.
Your eyes jump from Jimin to the TV and back. "What are you doing?"
Jimin lifts his eyebrows in question. "What do you mean? I'm watching the movie."
"Yeah, but you're all the way over there." You pat the spot next to you. "Come here. You have to protect me."
"From what?" Jimin scoffs, but he's scooting over already.
Once he's close enough, you take his arm and cuddle yourself around it, resting your head on his shoulder and fussing with the excess t-shirt material around his bicep. "I don't know. I'm sure something will scare me eventually."
And something eventually does. However, Jimin can't tell if you're legitimately scared or if this is an excuse to cuddle closer to him and hide your face in his arm. He's not against the latter, but Jimin also doesn't want to get his hopes up. No hints have ever been dropped to suggest you're harboring romantic feelings for him and the last thing Jimin wants to do is misread your intentions.
Still. It's been a while since you volunteerily cuddled him like this. There was a time when the two of you did everything together. You even napped with each other after hard work days, often releasing your frustrations through whispers or novel length text messages (even though you laid right next to each other). There were very few boundaries and it's one of the things that eventually made Jimin fall for you. He saw you at your best and at your worst and still thought the world of you.
But then one day it all just stopped. The high fives, the play punches, the cuddles, the tickle fights, the pranks, the nicknames, the naps. They all died out one by one while your relationship withered into what it is now. Casual. Predominantly comfortable. Heart wrenchingly distant. Jimin's heart settled on the painful reality that he would never have you in the way he wanted. But that doesn't mean his feelings for you ever dimmed, not even a little bit.
You tear your eyes away from the movie for a moment to look at the boy next to you. "You're shivering."
"It's cold," Jimin automatically replies, refusing to admit how hella nervous you still make him after all this time.
"Your heart is beating really fast."
"This scene is scary."
Your smirk is practically evil with the way your lips turn up and your nose scrunches. "In that case…" You lift Jimin's arm and place it around your shoulder so you have access to wrap your arms around his middle. In addition, you have the opportunity to toss your leg over his lap. "Better?"
You're not oblivious to the way Jimin's entire body has gone stiff. His heart has sped up even more but his limbs and lungs are paralyzed. He holds his breath and tries not to focus on the way your breasts are squished against his ribs.
"'s warmer." He turns his head just as you tilt yours back, both your eyes land on each other. It's now he realizes just how insanely close you are. There's no resistance left in him to keep his gaze off your lips. If he just leaned down a few more centimeters then he could pull you fully into his lap and…
"Me too," Jimin sighs.
"No, the casserole. I think it's burning."
"What…?" The smell of smoke coming from his kitchen breaks through the pretty spell of dumbassery your proximity had placed on him. "Oh shit."
Jumping from the coach, Jimin rushes to the kitchen. You pause the movie and quickly follow him. When you turn the corner to the kitchen, there's Jimin with oven mitts holding a very burnt casserole dish and sighing.
He puts it on the stove top and tosses the oven mitts to the side.
"Wanna order pizza?"
Your shoes slip on a little tougher than they slipped off. The empty pizza box and destroyed Monopoly game board on the living room floor is evidence of your night together and evidence that you most certainly did not cheat.
"I'm glad you had a good time," Jimin tries to get the formalities out of the way so he can ask about what he's been dying to ask about all night, the whole reason he wanted you to come over in the first place.
"Thanks for inviting me over. We should do this again soon. But next time, let's not attempt to ruin our friendship by playing Monopoly. I don't wanna see us go down because of that game."
You're clearly teasing but all Jimin manages to hear is 'let's not ruin our friendship.' Does he feel like a friend to you? You don't necessarily feel like a friend to him. You haven't in a long time and if you consider the amount of time you went without talking recently, are you really still friends? If only Jimin could muster up the courage to say it. He begins to question if he'll ever feel ready to ask you for more than pizza and board games.
Just as you reach for the doorknob, a loud crack of thunder sounds and the pitter patter of rain hits the roof of the apartment building.
"Oh wow," Jimin slips his hands into his pockets with an impressed whistle, "it suddenly came down hard, huh?"
You don't move, hand still clutched around the door knob like it's your lifeline.
"___? Are you okay?"
You turn with a stiff nod and a flat smile. "Fine." But Jimin doesn't buy it for one second. You're hiding something. Or rather, you want to hide yourself from something. The storm?
"Actually, I don't feel safe driving in the rain. Would it be okay if I stayed here tonight?"
All the signs are there. Shaky hands. Pleading eyes. Bitten lip. Uneven breaths. Knocking knees. The fake nonchalant request. You're panicking.
Jimin gently offers his hand to you and you're quick to take it, squeezing his fingers until they're bloodshot.
"Yeah," he whispers, "you can stay here."
Jimin kneels to help you remove your shoes again and then leads you back into his apartment. He sits beside you on the couch, your hand never once releasing his. With eyes fixated on a random patch of floor, you work hard to steady your breathing until you feel your lungs begin to open up again.
"No problem. Did you want some water or tea or we could turn on the TV again. Something light-hearted this time."
"I'd rather sleep it off, if that's cool."
Jimin springs into action. "Oh, sure thing! Umm, you can have my bed and I'll sleep on the couch."
It seems like a perfectly reasonable arrangement. Jimin has fallen asleep on this couch many times before, usually because he was up too late playing video games or writing something for work. But he's yet to have a bad night sleeping on it. So when he says he doesn't mind, he really doesn't. Anyway, you haven't slept beside each other in long enough that you probably would feel weird if--
"No?" He's a little confused by your sudden objection. "What does no mean?"
You tuck your hair behind your ear and begin subconsciously fidgeting with the spaces between Jimin's fingers. "I mean, I can't kick you out of your own bed. Besides, I'd feel better if you were next to me."
A thousand excuses flood Jimin's brain as to why he should not do this. But for some reason, none of them hold any footing against the one excuse he has to do this. The more and more Jimin entertains the possibility that you could maybe ever so slightly feel an ounce of affection for him in the same way he feels for you, the more he convinces himself that what he's about to do is not a bad thing. Anyway, you're asking him to share a bed with you. What is he supposed to do? Say no?
"Are you sure? I've slept on the couch plenty of times before. I have plenty of extra blankets."
"Are you saying you'd rather sleep on the couch than next to me?"
"That's not what I meant at all!" he tries not to speak too quickly. "I guess...what's a sleepover between friends, right? We used to nap with each other all the time anyway."
The sigh of relief you release is enough to ensure Jimin he made the right call. He wishes you would always feel protected and warm and happy. If he can play a part in even one of those things, his day is not in vain.
You look down at yourself before pulling at your jean belt loop. "I didn't bring pajamas…"
"Oh, right." Jimin does a mental sweep of his closet. "Hang on."
He returns a few moments later with an oversized t-shirt and some basketball shorts. Holding them up with a shrug, he's glad when you accept them and scurry off to the bathroom to change.
After scrapping what he could manage off the casserole dish into the trash, Jimin places it in the sink with some soapy water to soak. Probably should have done this first thing. It's gonna be near impossible to clean it now.
Putting it out of his mind, Jimin heads to his bedroom to change into his own pajamas. He knocks on the bathroom door to inform you there's an extra toothbrush in the medicine cabinate you can use. He's pulling back the sheets on the bed when he hears you come in.
"___, do you care which side of the…whoa."
"The shorts didn't fit well," you inform him, placing the folded shorts on his dresser. "But I figured the shirt would be okay considering it's basically a night gown on me."
Jimin's mouth suddenly feels dry. The fabric rides up your thighs when you lift your arms to braid your hair. Giving him an innocent look, you arch your back, pushing your chest forward, as if struggling to reach behind your head. You've got to be doing this on purpose.
"Take whatever side you want," he quickly tells you and rushes to take his turn in the bathroom.
Brushing his teeth helps. At least his mouth doesn't feel as dry anymore. His heart is still threatening to break out of his ribcage. It's not like he's never slept next to you before so why is he so nervous now? Easy answer. Things weren't as complicated back then. It was easier when you were just friends and he knew where you stood on your feelings for him. But ever since you spent time apart, he doesn't know a thing about what you're thinking, what you're feeling. He doesn't even know the reason behind you distancing yourself like you did. He's glad you've decided to come back, as far as he can tell, but he's not certain what would happen if you ever found out about his feelings toward you.
Part of him wants to kiss you just to see what would happen. Part of him wants to sleep on the couch.
You've chosen the right side of the bed, which is fine, Jimin usually sleeps towards the left side anyway.
He plugs in his phone, crawls into bed and you immediately roll towards him.
"Thanks for letting me spend the night."
"It's no big deal."
"I know I've been kind of distant lately, but I'm glad to know you're still willing to be close again. I was hoping your thoughts about me wouldn't have changed."
Jimin glances at you, a confused but accepting chuckle on his lips. "Why would my thoughts have changed. You're still the ___ I know. You're still my...friend." Saying that felt weird. "Since we're on the subject, umm, why did you fall away like that? All of a sudden I just didn't hear from you anymore."
You scoot closer, pressing your warm body against his side. Instead of answering his questions point blank, you take a deep breath and ask, "Are you too hot to cuddle?"
"Cuddle?" Jimin repeats. "Again?"
You nod and nuzzle closer simultaneously.
"I guess I don't mind."
"Remember when we used to sleep next to each other after long work days. We wanted to hang out but we were both so exhausted that all we ended up doing was sleeping."
Jimin smiles at the memories. He likes thinking about those times. The effortless comfort developing here gives him the courage to face you, laying on his side and showing you the biggest smile he's had in a long time.
"I remember you snoring," he adds, mocking the obnoxious, horrid sound.
You laugh along with him, a gentle fondness growing between you two. Things start to feel like they did before and Jimin's chest lightens at the banter that's returning to your conversation.
"I remember you talking in your sleep," you comment, making Jimin swallow. "You used to say the craziest stuff. Do you remember?"
He shakes his head. "Whatever it was was probably nonsense."
"Yeah," you agree with a breathy chuckle. "Sometimes you would hum or sing. Or that one time you told me to get you a cup of water but when I came back I realized you weren't even awake."
Harmless things, Jimin is relieved to hear. They even cause a few chuckles of his own to escape his throat.
You catch his gaze and keep it locked in place. Jimin notices your expression begin to shift and so his brows furrow in curiosity and caution.
"Do you remember what you used to say the most?"
"My name."
His lungs sink into a bottomless pit, cracking into a million tiny pieces so all his air is stolen away. Your eyes feel like they're expecting him to say something, but he doesn't know what to say.
You roll your lips once, twice. "You're probably wondering why I suddenly stopped coming around since I never told you why. I took some time to examine myself and what I really wanted. And...well."
Even through the dark he can make out the subtle movements of your lips when you talk and the flutters of your eyelids when you blink. Suddenly, Jimin can't take it, being so close to you, even covered in blackness as heavy as this. He pulls his arm away and rolls to his back so you're forced to release him. He's too hot to cuddle you anymore.
Maybe staring at the ceiling is a bit of a cop out, but he does it so he won't have to watch your face anymore. There's an uncomfortable pressure in his throat, clogging his windpipe and keeping him from speaking.
Thankfully, you take the opportunity to explain some things further.
"I needed some time to figure out my own feelings. At the time, I was really confused. You're not supposed to dream about kissing your best friend or enjoy sleeping next to them so much you don't want to sleep anywhere else..."
Jimin gasps and his eyes pierce through the dark to see you again.
"The best part of your day isn't supposed to be when they call or when they finally hug you after a long day of work. You're not supposed to want them in the way I was starting to want you. And then...after hearing you say my name in your sleep like that, after learning that you dreamt about me, I thought I needed to separate myself in order to fix my feelings."
The fact that Jimin has yet to move is probably not giving you any extra confidence to finish your confession, but he just can't bring himself to lift his arm or turn his body. Every word you say is like a sharp, slap to his head, knocking any words straight from his brain.
"I realized something without you." You reach for his shoulder and force him to face you again, bedsheets draping over your shoulder and his waist. "That distancing myself from you was the dumbest thing ever. And my feelings didn't need to be fixed, I needed to accept them. I needed to accept the fact that I had fallen in love with my best friend."
Fallen. In love? Jimin can't be sure he heard that right. The world started to blur when you grabbed his shoulder, but he's positive he just heard you confess to him.
He clears his throat and attempts to respond. "And...did you?"
You nod slowly, a smile breaking onto your lips when you part them to say, "I'm in love with you."
Normally this is the part where the recipient of such a love confession either says they love the person back or they start a rejection or they laugh or they cry or say literally anything. You're breathing starts to quicken when Jimin remains silent, that's familiar worrying expression starts to take over. Jimin should say he loves you too.
But he doesn't.
"You could have said something, you know."
"I was just confused," you defend with a small whine.
"And I was already in love with you."
"We were such good friends. I wasn't sure what to do."
"If we were such good friends why couldn't you just talk to me? Friends are supposed to talk to each other. Trust each other."
"Wait a second," you push away from him, "what's happening? Are you judging me?"
Jimin sits up with a sigh, holding up his hand as if his palm will somehow convey the intentions behind his words. "Wait wait, no I'm not judging. I just don't understand why you had to make me wonder what I had done wrong. You could have told me you wanted space and I would have given it to you."
You scoff. "Excuse me? I said I needed time to figure some stuff out. Isn't the important part that I realized I'm in love with you?"
"Yeah, but you can't just leave without a word like that, come back, and expect things to be the same. Time didn't stop and wait for you to figure out your feelings. I lived through the time you were away, without any idea what was happening to you by the way. You just kind of dropped of the face of the earth."
Now it's much too hot to cuddle, or even stay in bed for that matter. You toss the blanket away and throw your legs off the side of the mattress. "You're getting way too high strung about this."
"Too high strung?" Jimin stands next, beginning his habit of pacing when he doesn't understand something, a habit you know all too well. "So, you were supposed to express your new undying love for me and things magically be okay?"
“I don't know, but at least this isn’t what I wanted to happen.”
"I didn't sleep for weeks because I was worried about you! That's what friends do when their friend ditches without saying why."
"I didn't ask you to worry about me!" Your voice raises to match Jimin's growing volume. "What was I supposed to do? I couldn't talk to you about my feelings because I didn't know what they were! I was trying to save our friendship from a misunderstanding."
Jimin's shoulders bounce when he chuckles. "That's funny. Usually when people don't want a misunderstanding, they communicate with each other."
"Stop judging my process!"
"I'm not," he replies all too calmly. "I just want you to see from my perspective. What would you think if I just suddenly stopped talking to you? If I seemingly fell off the grid for god knows how long?"
"I would assume you were dealing with some stuff you weren't ready to share and I would wait for you to come to me to talk about it," you say, arms crossed across your chest defensively.
Jimin scoffs, running a hand through his hair before throwing it in your direction. "No! You wouldn't! You would show up at my house, break down the door, and make me tell you about it."
"That's ridiculous--"
"Summer of 2018."
"That was a special circumstance and you know it," you warn.
"It doesn't matter," he sighs and plops onto the end of bed, "my best friend who I was in love with disappeared without saying anything...and it broke me because I thought I had hurt you or something. You know I could never live with myself if that happened."
Slowly, cautiously, you take a seat beside him. Opting to take some deep breaths before answering him. "Was? Did your feelings change?"
"So...what did?" Because something must have changed. Things are supposed to be easier than this, aren't they?
Jimin shrugs, watching his fingers in his lap interlock and stretch so he won't have to meet your eyes. "I think the way I view us did. We're great friends, ___. But that doesn't mean we're the ultimate couple."
"We don't have to be some ultimate couple to be happy, Jimin. Are you really telling me you're not going to give this a chance because of one misunderstand?" you reply softly, secretly replaying the beginning of your argument inside your head.
Without looking, Jimin places his hand over yours in your lap. There's a gentleness to his touch, like an intimacy you only get from your best friend turned lover.
"I don't it would work well between us."
"Don't say that. You're just fired up because we argued. Come on, you know we're good together. How else could we keep a friendship alive for this long if we weren't?"
"Friendships and romantic relationships aren't the same thing, you know that."
You look at him again, the darkness in the room is almost unapparent now. You're eyes have adjusted to the new environment. If only it was this easy to adjust your heart.
"What I know is that I love you. And I don't want to see you throw away something potentially great because of one stupid fight. Couples fight all the time, it's inevitable. Everyone is flawed, Jimin, even me. Can't you forgive me and move on?"
"I forgive you," he says. "But I don't want to move on yet. I'm hurt and I think you still don't get it."
You decide to interlock your fingers and bring his hand to your lips for a small kiss. He doesn't fight you, but his wrist is completely limp. "I do get it. I made a mistake not telling you why I needed space. Okay, I'm sorry. So Sorry."
The apology feels nice for Jimin, but it's not exactly what he was hoping for. He believes it's genuine, however it doesn't really make him feel any better about anything in the moment.
"If you want me to go, I understand."
"No," Jimin insists, "I told you that you can stay. It's too late to drive in the rain anyway."
You welcome the small bit of compassion and understanding Jimin still demonstrates despite the words you two just exhanged.
While you crawl back into the bed, Jimin grabs an extra blanket from his closet and his pillow.
"Where are you going?" Although you're fully aware of his answer and it saddens you more and more. He looks over his shoulder, the sight of him being swallowed by the door frame makes your body and mind hurt.
"To sleep on the couch. Goodnight, ___."
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tuvaidk · 17 hours ago
Late night
Tumblr media
pairing: jin x reader
genre: fluff
word count: 599
Tumblr media
“Hey, no don’t go there you’re going to die. Are you trying to kill me or something? You idiot stop I’m your teammate,” is all that can be heard from the living room.
You’ve been stirring around in bed for probably two hours now. One reason is because of all the loud noises coming from where Jin, your boyfriend is sitting, another reason is because he isn’t with you in bed cuddling with you.
It’s not unusual that he isn’t in bed with you all the time during the night because of his schedule but these nights when he could be with you, he chooses to play a game instead. If you didn’t miss him before you do now.
After many attempts falling asleep you finally decide to get up from the bed you’ve been laying on for the past few hours. Instead it’s time to try and make Jin stop playing and cuddle with his girlfriend instead.
The living room is completely dark except for the light that escapes from the tv in front of Jin. He’s sitting on the floor instead of on the couch, showing that he’s into the game a little too much. He needs to wake up early tomorrow so if he knew what the time was he would probably have gone to sleep a lot earlier.
“Jin,” you whisper at first, trying not to scare him and hoping that he would hear you which he doesn’t of course, he’s wearing headphones and yelling at his friends. But as soon as you stand next to him he’s jumping a few meters up in the air, pulling his headphones off.
“Holy shit, warn me next time,” he says as he lays down on the floor and puts his hand over his chest. You just laugh at him and his reaction before he sits back up and you sit down next to him.
“Come to bed, please? I miss you,” you tell him, taking ahold of his hand, intertwining it with yours as you look into his eyes that can be seen because of the moonlight. He sighs, happy to finally see his girlfriend next to him.
“Let me just save this and I’ll be there in no time I promise. I should’ve looked at the time, so sorry,” he whispers as if there’s someone else except for the two of you in the room. He gives you a kiss on the cheek, then he takes the controller to save his game and turn off the tv. It doesn’t take long at all, it’s almost like he’s hurrying with it.
Afterwards he takes one of your hands and walks with you to your shared bedroom. When you flop down beside each other he immediately shuffles closer to you and wraps his big arms around your body to keep you close to him.
“I didn’t think it was that late. If I knew I would’ve been here a long time ago,” Jin sighs as you play with his messy black hair.
“It’s okay. Don’t worry about it, I’m just happy that you’re here with me now,” you tell him. Those words are reassuring enough for him that he hasn’t been the worst boyfriend in the world by playing games. He instead leans his face closer to you, softly pressing his lips against yours with a smile on his beautiful face.
“I love you,” he mumbles as he leaves a few pecks on your lips and then all over your face. Your cheeks, forehead, temple, nose, everywhere that is your face, making you giggle.
“I love you too.”
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taesinferno · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary daddy's not blonde anymore, they're on family vacation, and he wears obnoxious shirts and gets matching ones for the whole family
pairing -> dilf!jk × mom!reader
genre -> domestic, family, mentions of smut (18+)
a/n -> couple people had requested this bricks ago but muster jk finally made it happen. enjoy 😚
series m.list
<- prev
Tumblr media
"Everybody say 'cheese!'" A chorus followed as the photographer clicked the picture. You were stood in front of a photowall, name of the resort behind you, with Jungkook and your kids. Oh, and you were all wearing obnoxiously matching patterns, courtesy of your overexcited vacation husband.
"Alright, where to next?" He was practically buzzing, bouncing with excitement. "Do we wanna go play with the dolphins in the aquatic tank? Or hit the beach and build sandcastles? Oh! They have an indoor water park too!"
Seungwan, who was being held by daddy, was unimpressed with the list he just teetered off, and was more engaged in the chain daddy was wearing, mouthing on it.
Ji-ah, on the other hand, got her vacation enthusiasm from him, screaming "ALL THREE!!" before looping hands with Jungkook and tugging him towards the aquatic tank first.
Seungwan was passed to you as you followed, who suddenly put up a fit when he was detached from Jungkook's necklace. He prepared himself for a nice big scream, but as soon as he saw you waving his teether in his face, he settled back down, grabbing the toy with his grubby hands.
Seungwan was much too preoccupied to be dazzled by the dolphins, unlike his father and sister, who clapped obnoxiously every time they did a trick. Jungkook even took Ji-Ah down by the tank after the show, working his charm on the dolpin trainor to get Ji-Ah a closer look.
By the time you all had reached the beach, you could tell your plans for the indoor water park would have to be pushed until tomorrow. Ji-Ah had a lot of energy, running into the water with Jungkook and engaging in a splash battle, and running back and forth to make a mega-sandcastle (as Jungkook called it).
But that was an hour ago. Now, she was lounging peacefully by your side, eyes closed on the verge of falling asleep. "Im tanning, mom," she'd told you with a roll of her eyes when you'd asked her if she wanted to take a nap. A phrase she'd probably heard on some television show, which she didn't really know the meaning of, because her natural complexion... didn't exactly need tanning.
"I don't think we can do the water park today," Jungkook plopped down beside you with a pout. "I know, sweetie, we'll do it tomorrow." You patted his cheek while keeping your eyes on Seungwan playing in the sand.
"You look hot," he blurted out bluntly, smirk growing on his face as he ran his eyes down your bikini-clad body. You rolled your eyes. "Let me help cool you down."
You felt a sudden cold sensation pressed against the side of your neck, paired with Jungkook's tongue. You yelped and pushed him away, "Why is your mouth so cold??"
He grinned and stuck his tongue out to reveal its red color from the strawberry daiquiri he was drinking. Of course.
"Let me cool you down, baby," he leaned in close to your ear, "My baby mama. So sexy. Everyone here can see it."
"I'm not your baby mama, I'm your wife," you snorted, shoving him away. But that didn't deter him.
"Remember when you wore red like this on our honeymoon? Spent the entire day in bed," he recounted, tugging at your bikini straps, "Neighbors got so tired of us. But how could I stop, when you kept moaning my name and scratching me up like that? Had the marks for bricks after."
You remembered. You remembered very well. Not only were you newly married, but you had also finished law school, and Jungkook had recieved a fat check that would be recurrent for a while after. It was a cause for celebration. And if you're celebration came in the form of raw animal sex, well then so be it!
"Keep it in your pants, Jeon. We've got company." You nodded over to Ji-Ah, who was nodding awake from her mini-nap, Seungwan's babbling waking her up.
"Ready to go kiddo?" You asked her as you scooped up Seungwan while Jungkook started to pack things up. She gave you a sleepy nod, having changed her mind about a nap now after getting a taste of the benefits. Seungwan's babble continued loudly, animatedly cheering on his father as Jungkook lifted the beach umbrella up onto his shoulders.
"Daddy looks good, doesn't he?" You said to Seungwan, oogling at your man. You and Jungkook thought Seungwan was close to speaking soon, and your parenting books had told you that speaking to him directly in full words rather than baby talk would help him get there. So you tried to speak to your baby as much as possible. What you didn't expect was him to pick up words you'd never said in his earshot. At least, you thought you hadn't said in his earshot.
"Se-zzy," Seungwan blurted out, pointing to Jungkook. Your eyes shot wide open as Jungkook whipped his head around, almost dropping the carefully curated items in his arms.
"What did you say, Seungwan?" You asked, shocked beyond comprehension.
"Se-zzy!!" He repeated nonchalantly, not knowing what all the fuss was about as he returned his attention to his teether.
"Our baby's first words—" you sputtered as Jungkook clapped at his son's first time speaking.
"I didn't catch it on camera! Say it again, Seungwan!" Jungkook encouraged, dropping his things to pull out his phone excitedly. You didn't know whether to celebrate or scold him. But it wasn't your poor baby's fault. We all know who's vocabulary that word was a part of. And Jungkook was a bit careless with the way he talked to you in front of the kids. But despite all that, nothing could wipe the smile off your face at your baby's first words.
"That's only for mommy and daddy to say," Ji-Ah did the scolding for you, opting to teaching Seungwan other words instead. "Say Ji-Ah. C'mon, say Ji-Ah."
Ji-Ah was right. But Seungwan was his father's son, alright.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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blue-sidez · a month ago
Heyy im glad to see you're back !! Can I have a smut with Jungkook where basically they're all over each other and it's so amazing that they both pass out and jk is the narrative pov and he explains how he never experienced that ? He's like so sexually attracted to yn ? PLSS 😭🖤
⋆ㅤmature content [ 18+] minors dni.
word count: 765.
note: sorry this took me so long and omgggg i'm falling asleep 😴 pls enjoy and excuse any mistakes i made. koonight ! <3
lower-case intended | unedited.
Tumblr media
jungkook didn’t expect this to happen, truly, he didn’t see it coming. one second he was dancing with you, his year-long crush, and now he’s fucking you stupid against the wall. how did that happen? who knows, but he’s not gonna complain about it.
“been wanting this for so long,” he whispers in your ear. the way your thighs shake around his waist boosts his ego, fucking up into you faster if that's even possible. “you’re so fucking hot, so fucking perfect.”
he can feel you everywhere; your nails digging on his back, your hot breath hitting his neck where you’re hiding your face, your tight cunt swallowing his cock and make it nearly impossible to thrust in. he’s hypersensitive. he can feel the goosebumps on your skin, the small hairs on your legs, your waist, and your arms standing up as his hips slam against the back of your thighs, his pubic bone rubbing on your almost-neglected clit. he can practically hear how you’re trying to choke down your moans, how you’re trying to shove them down your throat, but they keep coming out despite your efforts.
“feels good doesn’t it?” his voice comes out raspy, an airy laugh escaping his lips when he sees you nod enthusiastically, your eyes closed as you bite down your bottom lip. “should’ve done this a long time ago, don’t you think? should’ve let me show you i’m the only one who can fuck this pussy right.”
the way you're clenching around his throbbing cock is driving him absolutely insane. the only sounds he can hear are your sweet moans, the ragged breathing getting stuck in your chests, the clapping sounds of your bodies colliding, and the squelching noises your wet cunt makes every time his cock bottoms out. his thighs burn with exertion, but he's too desperate to bring you both to what seems to be an earth-shattering orgasm to stop for a break.
“your pussy is mine now, understood?” he growls while looking at your fucked-out face. he looks down to see your tits bouncing in sync with his thrusts, wanting nothing more but to suck on your puffy nipples and play with the soft flesh the way he never thought he'd be able to. “am i fucking you that good? hmm? nod your fucking head if you understand.”
you let out complete nonsense, whining and nodding helplessly. you look so good like this, all to himself, moaning his name and grabbing his biceps to anchor yourself. you’re his dream come true.
for a second he loses his balance, hands flying to grab your thighs and pushing you harder against the wall to stop yourselves from falling. his body begins to feel heavier and heavier, his head spins and that almost scares him. at this point, he’s fucking you automatically, forcefully pushing his cock in and out of your cunt as it gets harder for him to move. your voice begins to feel distant as if he’s suddenly losing his hearing as his touch sense gets stronger.
he’s almost resting his entire weight on you, ruthlessly moving his hips, practically humping you like a wild animal. you’re shaking, and he's aware that he might be saying something, but his ears are deaf to the words he's saying. all he knows is that he's about to explode any second now.
your pussy begins to clench spasmodically around his sensitive cock, and that’s when you’re both reaching your orgasms at almost the same time. your cunt holds a tight grip on him as he spills spurts of hot cum right into your womb. that would worry him if it wasn't for the fact that all of his senses seem to fail him at the same time. your bodies fall to the floor with a hard thud as neither of you can stand on your feet any longer.
he doesn’t know how long it takes him, but it's the fast beating of your heart that finally wakes him up, pushing his body to the max to roll both of you over so you’re laying on the ground facing each other. he notices your eyes are still closed as his senses begin to finally come alive, allowing him to clearly hear the sound of your ragged breaths and feel the sting of the scratches you left on his back.
right when he’s about to worry that you’re not showing any signs of being alive, you open your eyes.
“fuck, did we really pass out?” you whisper, looking at him incredulously and making you both laugh. “holy shit.”
“holy shit indeed.”
Tumblr media
© blue-sidez — do not translate, re-distribute or copy my work.
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likeastarstar · a day ago
Tumblr media
9:20 PM- Jungkook
For what it's worth, you're a really good liar.
It's not a commendable talent, sure, but it was a handy one.
You weren't sure when it started, but somewhere along the line you started playing a character instead of being yourself. You noticed it got you farther, hiding your real emotions and thoughts in favor for just remaining as neutral as possible. Holding your cards close to your chest was a habit you picked up early on in life and it has saved you from a lot. It was just easier to always be happy in front of others, pretending that nothing bothered you. People seemed to appreciate it, praising your good natured tendencies and positive outlook.
But it also meant you were lonely.
No one knowing how you really felt was a double edged sword that would only nick at your heart at night when you were left with the emotions you had shoved deep down inside. They overflowed and suffocated you, buried under its weight.
No one really noticed it was fake- no one except for Jeon Jungkook.
You didn't really know him that well, you had a couple mutual friends and would see him around often enough but didn't speak to him willingly. To be honest, he made you uncomfortable. He had a careful gaze that watched you like a hawk when you walked into the room, narrowing his eyes when you spoke. You felt like you had to watch the lies you smiled through in front of him, like he had x-ray vision of something.
Your worries were confirmed one day, when you were having a particularly bad day but your friend invited you out. The bar they chose was crowded, loud enough to drown out all of the conversations and blend them into a cacophony of general popularity.
"So are you always like that or what?"
You snapped your head towards Jungkook, frowning at the question. "Like what?"
"Oh, you know, so cheery and sparkly," Jungkook said in a flat tone, throwing up sarcastic jazz hands with wide eyes punctuating the word 'sparkly'.
You searched for anyone in the vicinity to get you out of this conversation but came up short, everyone else was busy in their own conversation, "I'm a happy person. Is that a crime?"
Jungkook snorted and shrugged, "No, but nothing seems to bother you. Like- anything. I don't think I've ever seen you in a bad mood. It's freakish, unnatural. Almost like it's fake."
You stared at the ground, unsure of what to say, how to defend yourself. How did this guy see through you when your own best friend couldn't? Even your parents believed your smiles and easy going words. How had he figured it out?
"And you know what's weirder?" He continued, "I asked around about you and no one else seems to ever recall a time where you were anything but happy. I heard you broke up with a guy after like a three year long relationship and barely even talked about it afterwards."
You felt a spike in your heart at the mention of your last relationship that ended for multiple reasons but equated to you crying your eyes out for months because you just couldn't match the level of perfection you had built up for that long. By the end of the relationship, you were losing your mind trying to keep up with the version of you that your ex thought was real. Jungkook was right about one thing, you didn't let anyone know how distressed you were over it, covering the dark under eye circles with extra concealer and smiling when someone asked if you were okay. You pushed the feeling away, choosing to focus on the fact that Jungkook was asking about you- digging up information like you were some type of criminal.
"I still don't see how that's a bad thing."
"I find it interesting," he shrugged. "Do you just not feel anything but happy? Is it like a chemical imbalance or something?"
"No- it's self control." You snapped, crossing your arms tightly.
Jungkook smile only grew at your expense and widened his eyes with...excitement?
"There it is- anger. See, I've seen you annoyed, which you normally are when you speak to me, but now I've seen you angry. So why is it that the people who've known you your whole life haven't seen that from you? Not even your best friend, who said you two have never even gotten in an argument." He analyzed. "What is that about?"
You tried to find some kind of an excuse, coming up short. You're normally a perfect liar- so why couldn't you come up with something to get Jungkook off your back?
"I'm being harsh," Jungkook sighed. You raised your eyebrows in surprise, another emotion that he noticed. He smirked slightly but ignored it, stepping closer to you instead. He looked down at you from the slope of his nose, tilting his head slightly. Large eyes on yours, you felt weirdly vulnerable under his gaze, "I'll stop, but I'm just saying- it's not natural. Everyone needs a release, I can be that for you, if you want."
"Why would I say yes to that?" You grumbled kicking your feet idly. He was so close to you that you were beginning to get scared that he could sense the nervousness wafting off of you, but that only seemed to make him more interested in you.
"Because I already see through you," He explained. "If you are going to be honest with anyone, why not me? Plus, I dunno- you're interesting. A lot more interesting than anyone I've met in a long time. Call me nosey, I wanna know what's going on in that head of yours."
You snorted, rubbing your temples with the bottoms of your palms soothingly, knowing that what was in your head would terrify a person if they really took a peek in. You stared at him, studying the impassive look he was giving you, trying to tell if he was bad news or not. He probably was, considering how uncomfortable you still were.
"Come on, aren't you lonely?" He asked, nudging your shoulder slightly.
You were. It was the only thing stopping you from outright denying him. The simmering curiosity that you felt to figure him out as much as he was trying to figure you out. It was the curiosity, intrigue, and an underlying sense of...relief.
Finally- someone saw through your lies.
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ggukiepie · a month ago
so good
pairing: jungkook x reader
summary: just some steamy sex with your boyfriend jk
tags: established relationship, smut, literally pwp, the plot is maybe two sentences long lmao, a little bit of fluff
warnings: dom!jk, sub!reader, kissing, a little bit of cock warming, bondage (handcuffs !), pet names <33, spanking, oral (f. receiving), fingering, multiple orgasms, squirting, anal play, anal fingering, reader kinda goes into subspace at the end, unprotected sex (!! plz be safe), creampie, i think that's it
wc: 3.3k
a/n: first one shot im releasing that is smutttt yay <33 requests are open and like, reblog, tell me ur thoughts on this one shot !! / masterlist
“Stop,” Jungkook says. This is the second time he’s said it and you know deep down if you keep going, he’s going to snap pretty soon. Your body stills as you’re perched on his lap, arms around his neck and legs trapping his, face buried in the crook of his neck. His cock is inside you and he’s so undeniably hard that you’re trying your best not to move.
You can still feel his arms move, fingers moving quickly on his keyboard as he’s still playing Overwatch. He’s been playing for hours and you were bored. And horny. Horny because he was such a tease this morning—you were making breakfast and he had come up behind you, grinded his hips against yours as he oh so innocently asked if you could make him breakfast as well. And it wasn’t just that. He teased you while you both ate breakfast. He teased you when you showered, surprisingly joining you in the shower but not touching you at all. Then he ignored you and started playing, so you whined and whined until he said you could come sit on his lap and wait while he finished.
You roll your hips just to get back at him. He hisses through his teeth. You smile to yourself.
“Baby,” he warns and you roll your hips again, even daring yourself to start kissing up the column of his neck. “Stop moving or I’ll spank you.”
You roll your eyes and scoff. “As if,” you say as you grind down against his hips. “You’re too busy playing.”
He drops one hand to squeeze your waist in warning. You’re going to get what you want, finally, even though you’d probably be punished first. But you don't mind. You loved it even, craved for it. And you knew Jungkook loved this little game you both were playing as well.
Suddenly it’s quiet and you realize he closed the game. “Bed. Now,” is all he says. He sounds so serious so you have no choice but to stand up and walk quickly to the bed. You know this by now. Everything comes second nature to you that your body moves on its own. You take your shirt off so you’re finally naked and then you kneel on the bed and look down.
You don’t dare look up as you hear him moving around the room. Excitement is coursing through your veins and you can’t help but fidget in your position. Sure, you had to push a few of his buttons to get him to snap and give you what you want. You were probably going to get punished for it but it was fine. It was—
Your head snaps up and your eyes zero in on the handcuffs he’s holding in front of you. Your eyes widen. Okay, so maybe you pushed him a little too far. He looks so serious, eyes brooding and staring straight at you. You’re frozen in place as he stares down on you.
“Don’t make me ask again, sweetheart.”
His voice snaps you from your trance and you bring both hands up. He cuffs your wrists silently and you feel goosebumps across your skin. You’re not sure if it’s from the cold metal or the scary look on his face. His eyes roam your body, from your lips to your perked nipples and down to your core. Your cheeks redden from his burning gaze.
“Ass up and head down, baby. You know the drill.”
Your mouth opens in surprise. “But—”
He raises his eyebrow. “Do you want me to get the whip?” You shake your head quickly and get into position but it’s hard because your hands are handcuffed. Jungkook knows this as well and he enjoys seeing you struggle as you try to get on all fours. You end up leaning on your elbows with your face pressed against the mattress. You spread your knees and arch your back, not in the slightest bit embarrassed that he’s now seeing how wet you are.
He places his hand on your back and you jump at his soothing touch. He rubs your skin soothingly but you know he’s just doing that to get you to relax. “Count to fifteen for me, okay?” he says lowly. “And if you make a mistake, we’ll start all over again.”
Before you can even reply you feel his palm smacking your ass, his big hand hitting your right cheek and your body jolting in surprise. You feel the pain shoot down all the way to your toes. “O-one,” you choke out. Despite this you arch your back even further.
Jungkook chuckles and rubs your skin slowly. “My naughty baby,” he says softly. “Didn’t listen to me at all,” he continues and slaps your ass again, this time the left cheek.
“Two,” you whisper hoarsely. “I’m sorry, I’m—”
Another hit. You count again. And again and again. There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain, really. You want to evade his slaps but you also want more. Jungkook’s slapping your ass and you’re counting and you want him to stop but at the same time you don’t because it just feels so good. It’s making your head fuzzy, the pain that’s spreading through your body but also making you incredibly wet. Your pussy is dripping, can tell from the way you feel it coating your inner thighs.
Another slap. This time it’s on the skin where your ass and thigh meet. “Six,” you croak out.
Jungkook laughs from behind you and pinches your butt. “Wrong number. Again.”
You try to shuffle from your position. Your elbows are starting to hurt from leaning on it for too long. Your ass is on fire and you’re sure you won’t be able to sit down properly tomorrow. “No—” you try to argue, try to wiggle from away but Jungkook’s holding your waist firmly. He’s rubbing smoothing circles on your skin but it’s not doing anything for you.
“We can always stop. You just have to say the word.” He touches your core this time, his fingers teasing your clit. You moan and press back further into him. “Seems like you even like it. My little pain slut.” He pinches your clit and you gasp.
“Again please. Slap me again. I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” you rush out. Your brain is fuzzy and you feel everything and nothing at once. You want to feel the pain. You want to prove that you can handle it. Want to make Jungkook happy. To please him.
He says nothing more and slaps your ass. You start counting from one again and he keeps going and you don’t tell him to stop. You’re crying by the tenth slap, shoulders pressed against the bed and your arms stretched out in front of you. Jungkook alternates from rubbing your skin affectionately to slapping you harshly.
“Last one, sweetheart. You’re doing so well for me.” He’s rubbing your ass and you feel his thumb press down on your rim and you absolutely keen, the filthiest moan coming out of your mouth and your spine stretching even further. “God,” he laughs. “Such a fucking slut, hm?” he chastises and presses down even harder. Your eyes roll back and you’re seeing stars. The pleasure feels so good. His hand feels so good. “A fucking slut who’d take anything I’d give, right?”
You nod because you can’t say anything else, mind too ridden in pleasure.
Jungkook slaps you for the last time. One harsh smack that leaves a handprint on your left cheek and you hear it echo in the room.
“Fifteen,” you shriek. “Thank you, I’m sorry—” You’re babbling now. You feel Jungkook lean over you, his body covering yours as he kisses up your spine, your neck to your ear.
“My good girl,” he says so softly as if he didn’t slap you more than twenty times. He nibbles your earlobe and you shiver. “Took your punishment so well, sweetheart,” he whispers in your ear.
“I want you,” you beg. “Please, I want you now.” You feel his body leave you and suddenly you’re craving for his warmth again. But then you feel his mouth on your pussy, his tongue licking into you and you groan. “More.” You press further into your face as he eats you out. “Want more. Please.”
“Greedy girl,” he says as he sucks on your clit. Your orgasm is coming embarrassingly close. It just feels so good. His tongue is swirling on your clit, collecting your juices that he laps up like he’s starved. He pleasures you so well that your thighs are shaking. You’re almost there, almost feel the knot in your stomach snap.
But then Jungkook leans back just as you’re about to orgasm. He’s mean. Jungkook is so undeniably mean sometimes that you want to smack him for it. Want to reach down with your own hands and make yourself come but you can’t because you’re fucking handcuffed.
You whine out loud and more tears stream down your cheeks. “Jungkook,” you say, so wound up and frustrated and tired. All the while he’s laughing at your demise. Laughing at the way you struggle and squirm. Suddenly, he flips you and your back is on the mattress, eyes blown out and looking straight at him.
He hovers over your body and brushes your cheekbone with his thumb. “So pretty,” he murmurs. “Look so pretty when you cry, baby.” You pout at him and he grins.
He kisses you and you arch your back to get closer to him. His lips feel so good against yours, mouth opening slightly to let his tongue slither into yours and lick into your mouth. The kiss is messy and wet and it’s just the way Jungkook likes when he’s riled up like this. Likes it messy when he’s being mean and you let him anyway because you love it as well. He leans back and squeezes your cheeks with one hand, forcing you to open your mouth. You know what’s coming, can tell from the gleam in his eyes and the way he stares at your mouth. You put your tongue out and open your mouth even wider. He doesn’t even have to ask.
“God, you're filthy,” he says but spits in your mouth anyway. It hits your tongue and your hips roll up involuntarily. You swallow and open your mouth to show him, loving the way he looks at you like this. “Good girl.” He loops your cuffed hands around his neck so you’re trapped underneath him. His fingers trail down your body, pinching your nipples and then down to your clit where he circles it with two fingers.
“Jungkook,” you moan out. He’s rubbing your clit so quickly now and he’s also nipping at your neck, biting until the skin blossoms into pretty shades of pink. You’re coming before you know it, legs shaking and hips moving up and down. Still, his fingers don’t stop its assault on your cunt.
“Another one, sweetheart,” he whispers into your ear. “Let go for me.”
You close your eyes and focus on the way he’s playing with your clit. You’re not even embarrassed that he’s making you come again just from touching your clit alone. You feel your orgasm building up, the coil in your stomach becoming tight and then snapping. And then you feel the bliss, feel it all over your body that you don’t even moan or make a sound. You’re crying again from how good it feels.
Finally, finally Jungkook slows down his fingers. He kisses your forehead and looks down at you with his doe eyes. You can’t even focus on him, too busy trying to even your breathing. “So beautiful for me.” He thrusts two fingers into your core and you babble out his name over and over again. You feel full just from his fingers and you think you might come again.
“Need to stretch you out,” he huffs. He’s still wearing his boxers but you can see how hard he is already.
You shake your head. “Want you now.” He ignores you and continues fucking you with his fingers. “Jungkook,” you plead. “Need your cock. Please, please— I’ve been good,” you all but beg.
Suddenly he withdraws his hands and leans a bit back to take his boxers out, his cock springing out to slap against his stomach because he’s so big and hard and—it’s throbbing. He wants you just as much as you want him right now. He presses his body to yours as he holds his cock, rubbing its tip against your pussy to gather the juices. And then in one swift motion he enters you, filling you to the hilt where his pelvis is pressed against yours.
“Feels so tight,” he groans out. “Feel so good for me baby. God,” he chokes.
You’re at a loss for words, too focused on the feeling of being so full. He starts thrusting and he hits your g-spot right away.
“Faster,” you moan. You encircle your legs around his waist and bring him closer. He’s careful not to crush you so he places his forearms on either side of your head. Your legs instantly wrap around his waist and you push him even deeper, feeling him deep in your stomach. You can feel his cock brushing against your cervix and you arch your back even more, already unaware of the loud moans escaping your mouth. “Jungkook, I’m—”
He hikes your legs over his shoulders and because your cuffed hands are around his neck both of your bodies are pressed against each other, not a bit of space to separate you both. It feels like you’ve been folded in half and your legs are starting to ache but it feels so good. “God, look at you,” Jungkook breathes out as he keeps the punishing pace of his hips against yours, hands holding your thighs so tightly you’re sure it’s going to bruise. “Wanna wreck you, wanna—”
“I’m close,” you cry out and this time you’re not even embarrassed that you’re about to come again.
Jungkook starts kissing your jaw, nose pressed to your cheek as you feel his teeth nibbling your skin. “Come for me, baby. Want you to make a mess.”
And you do. You come from his filthy words, from the way his cock feels inside your pussy, from the way he’s holding you tightly. Your vision blurs for a moment and you cry from how good it feels, how your legs start to feel like static and everything’s wet and messy but you want more. Jungkook fucks you through your orgasm until you whine and tell him to slow down. Then he maneuvers your bodies until you’re on top of him and your hands are free of the handcuffs. You didn’t even realize he’s taken it off, your head too high up in the clouds and stuck in that feeling of pleasure and euphoria. You still feel his cock inside you, so big and heavy and it’s twitching. But Jungkook isn’t moving and is rubbing your wrists instead to try to ease the pain of being handcuffed for too long.
“You good?” he asks quietly and you look into his eyes, see the concern in it but there’s a bit pleasure in there too. You nod and kiss his nose, a small but sweet gesture that doesn’t go unnoticed by him because he’s smiling as well.
“Wanna keep going,” you say, voice hoarse and quiet from all the screaming you’ve done earlier. You start kissing down his neck, biting down on that sweet spot of his and it’s his turn to moan out loud. “Want you to fill me up, please.”
“Ride me baby. Be good and bounce on my cock for me, yeah?”
You nod quickly and start moving your hips up and down, resting your hands on his chest to go even faster. Your legs start to shake but you don’t care. You keep going despite the ache, the fatigue, despite the fact that your pussy feels so used but it still feels so good. But Jungkook’s helping you as well, hands on your waist to help you move up and down, words of encouragement and praise escaping his lips.
You feel yourself tighten around him, feel that coil tightening and wanting to snap. Your body feels so light but so heavy at the same time just begging for a release. You feel the wetness between your legs, to where you’re connected, to where it’s dripping down your thighs. You hear the sounds of skin slapping against skin. You feel rather than see Jungkook’s hands gripping your ass, squeezing the flesh between his long fingers. You feel his hand moving to your other hole, to the puckered rim that he played with a few moments ago. You push against him and moan again, wanting to tell him you want more but failing to get the words out your mouth because you’re too lost in the pleasure.
But Jungkook knows your body so well. “Greedy girl,” he says. “Always wanting more, huh?” he asks as you continue to bounce on his cock. You nod, the words barely processing in your pleasure muddled mind. His middle finger presses against your rim, not pushing it in but just applying pressure. Still, the coil inside you snaps and you feel your pussy gushing, your wetness coating your thighs and his chest and it doesn’t take long for Jungkook to start fucking into you, his pleasure taking control to reach that high he’s been holding off for so long.
“Come inside me, please,” you whimper as you let him use you, brushing away the sensitivity that’s building in your body.
“You feel so fucking tight, so fucking good, God,” he huffs out as he finally comes inside you, hips stilling against yours and cock twitching inside you. You feel him fill you up, so undeniably full and tired but so good.
You both stay like that for a while, with you on top of him and his arms around your waist, touching you everywhere while he’s leaving kisses on your neck.
His finger circles your rim again and you shiver but you don’t say anything. You both know you can tell him to stop and he will if you say so, but you stay quiet so he pushes his finger in.
“Jungkook,” you croak. God, you’re so tired but you want more.
His pace is slow inside your ass. “Think you can come for me like this, princess?”
You nod because you’re too tired to speak. He takes his finger out to gather your wetness around your pussy then enters your ass once more, wiggling his finger inside your walls and eliciting a tired and quiet moan out of you. After a while he presses another finger inside and it’s so tight and you feel so full, his dick inside your pussy and two fingers inside your ass. He thrusts his fingers a little bit faster and you feel your orgasm building again. You’ve lost count. Maybe you were at your fourth? You didn’t know.
Suddenly you’re coming, so silent because you’re tired and spent and then Jungkook retracts his fingers out. “So good to me. So perfect. You did so well baby,” he whispers into your hair. He moves to sit up but you shake your head and tighten your arms around his neck.
“Don’t leave me,” you say as tears stream down your face. You don’t know why you’re crying.
“Gotta clean you up, baby—”
“No,” you cry out and hug him even closer to you. “Rest first,” you breathe out. “Please.”
Your arms are tight around him as you try to slow down your breathing. Whimpering every so often when Jungkook’s hands brush over your ass. He rubs soothing circles down your spine, whispering into your hair words you can’t make out and kissing your forehead from time to time.
A beat of silence, and then, “Did I go too far?” he quietly asks.
You shake your head again. “I just…” You shiver from his touch. “Just need to calm down.”
“I love you,” he says, kissing your head, pressing his lips into your hair and rubbing his nose gently against it. He continues rubbing his hands up and down your back. You feel his heartbeat through his chest, slowly and soothing which puts you at ease.
“I love you too, Kook,” you murmur into his chest. “Love you so much.”
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borathae · a month ago
Tumblr media
“Trying to be in a relationship when both of you are shy, oblivious idiots isn’t easy. You want to kiss Jungkook. Jungkook wants to kiss you. And yet somehow you can’t even cuddle without tensing up in nervousness. Soon all this tension is getting too much for you to take. 
Alternatively: Jungkook is the biggest oblivious idiot while you just want to kiss his stupidly handsome face.” 
Pairing: Jungkook x f.Reader 
Genre: Fluff, Smut, Mutual Pining, Two Idiots in Love, New Relationship!AU
Warnings: these two are together and yet still so oblivious to the other’s feelings omfg you guys, so much shy and giggly kissing, body worshipping, clumsy mutual stripping, holy shit so many giggles :(, they are both in love and really horny, this is pretty vanilla but you know what they say about vanilla. it’s sweet af :(, oral sex in the form of 69ing, safe sex, cuddly missionary :(, the fluffiest afterglow talk
Wordcount: 10.5k
a/n: One of my favourite couple is back, you guys!! It started as a cute little idea in the back of my mind and then escalated into this fluffy tragedy of a story 🤧 I hope you guys enjoy it hehe! 💜
~ To Index ~
Tumblr media
Jungkook cooked for you tonight. It wasn’t great. Well no, it was great because Jungkook cooked it for you. It just wasn’t grande. Instant ramen with two eggs and some dongchimi Misses Park brought over last week. You liked it a lot, especially because that meant spending time with Jungkook and getting to talk to him and getting to look at his awesome face.
It wasn’t a date persay. Jungkook simply texted you and asked you if you wanted to come over for an impromptu late night snack. You said yes of course, taking twenty minutes to get ready and then off you went on your long journey to nextdoor. He already waited for you by the opened door in his grey sweats and pink sweatshirt. You thought that maybe he wanted to kiss you but he ended up pulling back at the last moment to pat the top of your head instead with an awkward smile on his face. 
It was a little peculiar at first to be greeted like that, but you were far too nervous to call him out on it. And also in the four months of having whatever thing you and him were having, peculiar greetings such as tonight were a regular thing. One time when he tried to hold your hand to pull you closer for a goodbye kiss you ended up high fiving him instead. Another time you reached out to touch his chest and kiss his lips but he ended up shaking your hand instead and greeting you with a nervous "good day". And another time you and him both wanted to go in for a kiss at the same time but ended up headbutting each other and almost breaking each other's noses. It was so embarrassing, but it still wasn’t quite enough for either of you to end whatever thing you and him were having. 
Tonight however, you felt a little sad when he greeted you with a pat on the head. It wasn’t just an accidental, awkward spurt of the moment misunderstanding, but a conscious decision by him. 
Tumblr media
You had finished dinner a few moments ago and Jungkook was busy washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. You asked him if he needed help but he told you to relax on his couch slash bed. Jungkook didn’t own a bed, he just owned a small but comfortable couch with lots of pillows and three blankets. He could extend it for sleeping, he showed you that he can one night and no you didn’t stay over to sleep because you felt too nervous to ask if you could.
You can watch him work from where you are sitting. He is currently scrubbing the pot he used, having his back turned to you. He looks very concentrated, singing along to the music of his bluetooth speaker quietly.
You like his voice. He has a really nice voice and you like that he is starting to sing in your proximity. In the first two months of whatever thing you and him were having, he immediately stopped singing when he realised that you could hear him. You like that he doesn’t feel that nervous anymore and actually started to sing when you were in the same room as him. Now bear in mind, he would never actually sing next to you, serenade you so to speak, but at least he sings when he thinks you aren’t listening. One night you asked him if he could sing you a song and his face became as red as a tomato before he ran away with an excuse of an aching tummy, so you are happy with whatever little glimpse of his voice you get these days.
Jungkook turns around, waddling to the counter which separates his kitchen from the rest of his quaint, little apartment. Above the counter there was a row of cupboards in which he stores most of his plates, bowls and glasses (just like you do at your place). Jungkook opens it, gets on his tiptoes and begins sorting in the washed bowls. His sweatshirt slips up as he moves, exposing his lower stomach to your eyes. 
You stop playing with his Nintendo Switch, letting your gaze linger on his skin. Even in this quite stretched out position his lower stomach showed muscle. Well defined abs and two impressive v lines which disappeared into his sweats. He is so hot. Jungkook lowers himself again and starts moving back to the sink to get plates. Your eyes are away from him in an instance, cheeks feeling on fire as you stare back into the game. You feel like a complete creep for staring at him like that and thinking that he was really hot whilst doing so. It feels like you just sexually assaulted him, even though you know that technically you didn’t. 
You saw Jungkook shirtless on three occasions. One time back in the day when you didn’t have whatever thing you and him were having yet and you visited him at Taekwondo practice and he was training his abs without a shirt on. The second time was when you and him met at your university's swimming pool and he was just on his way to the locker rooms all wet and breathless from swimming for an hour. And the last time was when he hung up his laundry on his balcony and you accidentally took a look over at him while you were sweeping your own.
On all three occasions you looked away in an instance, your cheeks began to burn and you felt your heart race like crazy. Tonight however you made the conscious decision to look at his exposed stomach and now you feel awful. You wonder what he would think of you if he knew. He would probably be really uncomfortable, you know he would.
"All done", Jungkook sighs, hanging his teatowel back on its wall hook and then making his way over to you. 
You look at him, hoping that he hadn’t noticed your creepy staring. He hasn’t, judging by the content look on his face. He is bringing dessert in the form of an opened package of marshmallows. 
"Here, do you want some?" he offers, towering over you as he doesn’t quite dare to sit down. 
"Not now, uhm put them down for now", you tell him. 
"O-okay", he says and places them on his coffee table slash dining table.
He sits down next to you, hiding his folded hands between his legs and rocking back and forth nervously. 
"So uhm what did you pick?" he asks. 
"Uhm. Animal Crossing", you tell him, showing him the screen. 
He inspects it with knitted brows and his lips pouting before he nods in content. 
"Do you like my island?" he asks. 
"Yes, it's pretty. Also I picked your weeds." 
"Oh?", his brows furrow, "uhm, oh okay. Yeah that's fine", he murmurs. 
"Did I just do something I shouldn’t have done?" 
"No I, I just wanted to, to keep them", he explains, voice growing quieter and quieter the more he talks. 
"Oh I'm so sorry, I didn’t know. I thought that you wanted them gone. Can I fix this somehow?" you gasp, feeling so terrible that your stomach starts hurting.
"No, it's fine really, don’t worry about it", he assures you and locks eyes with you for only a moment, "uhm", he looks away again, "do you want to watch a movie or something?" 
"Yeah a movie sounds really fun", you say, nodding your head. Everything is better than sitting here in silence and screaming in your head because you messed up his island. A movie is the perfect distraction.
"Okay cool", he jumps up and runs to get his dvd collection, "I have many movies. Most of them are romantic comedies, but I also have a few superhero movies. You can pick, I'm happy with everything", he explains excitedly, carrying the big plastic container over to you and putting it down on the coffee table. 
He starts sorting through his collection, reading you the titles and summaries and discarding them quickly whenever he realises that maybe he wouldn’t be happy if you picked that movie. It made you smile a lot because you thought that he was really cute.
"Let’s go with Iron Man, I never watched that movie", you told him in the end. 
Tumblr media
You were forty minutes into the movie when you couldn’t really take the distance anymore. Jungkook kept at least an arms length of distance between you and him when he sat down again and it made you a little sad, because you really wanted to cuddle. You didn’t do lots of cuddling yet. Twice actually, you cuddled twice. One time when he came over for a movie and you shared a blanket because it was so cold in your apartment. And the second time was when he was really down because of a shitty Taekwondo practice and you hugged him on the bus for the entire drive home. They were both really amazing and epic experiences and you reached a point in whatever thing you and him were having where you wanted more of them.
You sneak a glance at him. He is currently munching on a marshmallow and giggles to himself. He really seems to enjoy the movie, unlike you who can’t stand the distance any longer. 
And so you scoot closer until you could rest your folded knees on his lap and drape your arm around his stomach. Jungkook tenses up, his giggles stop and when you take a look at his face you notice his eyes widening. He looks at you with blushing cheeks. 
"Are you cold?" he asks. 
"I, I don’t need comfort", he says. 
"I know." 
"Because I want to cuddle with you." 
He clears his throat nervously, blinking rapidly. He shifts in your embrace, looking back at the movie with his face burning up. This makes you sad. Why isn’t he showing more enthusiasm? This is the first time you actively showed him that you wanted skinship with him. You thought that maybe he would be more excited about it.
"Do you not want to cuddle?" you ask him, already pulling away.
"Yes, no. No! I do", he stutters, "I do." 
"But?" you fear that maybe he just doesn’t want to cuddle with you. 
"Nothing", he murmurs. 
He scoots closer and drapes his arm around you. You relax back against his body, knees resting on his lap and arm placed over his stomach. For the rest of the movie you stay in this position. Jungkook doesn’t move even an inch, as if you were a cat that had fallen asleep on his body and he was trying not to wake it up. You tried caressing his tummy at one point but gave up once you noticed how much tenser he became. It didn’t just make you a little sad, it frustrated you on top of that. So when the movie was over and Jungkook asked you if you wanted to watch the second part you said that you didn’t want to and stood up to leave. 
"Did you not like the movie? We could watch something else instead. Or maybe we could play Animal Crossing together?" he hurries after you. 
"No, I'll be going home now", you dismiss him with sagging shoulders. 
"But...don't you want to stay a little longer? We're having so much fun right now", he begs and pouts.
It confuses and surprises you. He is having fun? He has been tense the entire movie, gave you no sign of actually enjoying the skinship and on top of that he patted your head as greeting. Nothing in his gestures showed you that he was having fun. But because you are a nervous idiot, who on top of that is scared of confrontation, you don’t tell him that.
"No sorry, it's already so late. I want to go to sleep already", you lie, putting on your slippers with a heavy heart.
"Ah okay, uhm yeah I get that", he stutters, scratching his neck, "should I walk you home?" 
"No, it's fine", you dismiss him and open the door, "see you next time." 
Jungkook follows you outside. 
"W-when is next time?" he asks, grasping the doorframe nervously. 
"Don't know, I’m really busy with exams right now", you lie again. 
"Oh okay...yeah okay I get that. Then, uhm call me if you have time again?"
"Yeah I'll call you." 
Jungkook reaches out, hesitates, reaches out again, hesitates again and ends up patting your head. 
"I had lots of fun tonight, uhm. Thank you", he says and smiles cutely. 
"Me too", you murmur, turning away. 
"Goodnight ___", Jungkook calls after you, taking a step outside. 
"Mhm night", you say over your shoulder before closing the door behind you. 
Tumblr media
You don’t call him for a week and then you start missing him. So you text him and ask him if he wants to have dinner at your place. 
His answer came an hour (and your endless torment of nervousness) later. 
Kook: That would be cool. I can come over at eight. Is that too late?
You told him that it wasn’t and that you would be making fried chicken tonight. Jungkook answered you ten minutes later. 
Kook: oh wooow *-*💕
And the heart he added sent you down such a spiral that you almost broke your phone in half. He never used hearts with you before and you may have screeched for a good five minutes afterwards. Once calmed down enough to actually function (because trust me you will never be completely calm ever again) you finally began preparing tonight's dinner whilst listening to cheesy love songs and giggling to yourself.
Tumblr media
Jungkook arrived at exactly eight o'clock with his hair tousled from letting it air dry after swim practice. 
"Hey", you open the door to him with a goofy grin.
"Hey, uhm", he scratches his neck, "I know I said I'd be here at eight, but can you give me ten minutes to change into different clothes? They smell like chlorine." 
You look over your shoulder at the nicely plated chicken. Your goofy grin drops. It will most definitely become cold. 
"Yes….", you answer him hesitantly. 
"Thank you, gosh you are an angel", he says and leans close to peck your lips, "see you soon", he says and hurries to his apartment as if he hadn’t even realised what he had done.
You are left staring, lips parted and head dizzy. He just kissed you. Holy shit he just kissed you! This actually just happened. He kissed you. He kissed you. His lips touched yours. In a kiss. A kiss. 
You close the door and fall against it, fingers touching your lips. First he sends you a heart and now he is kissing you. Did that week of no contact actually work? Did he realise that if he wanted to keep you he needed to work a little harder? Because if it did you are going to ghost him more often. This was only partially the talk of a woman madly in love with an oblivious idiot. You wouldn’t actually ghost him, that would be way too mean for you. But holy moly oh my god he just kissed you!!
Knock. Knock. 
The sound startles you to the point of you making a little sound.
"Okay he is back, you can do this. This is easy", you take a deep breath for good measures and turn.
You open the door to a newly dressed Jungkook with his styled bangs covering his eyebrows. Wow. He looks so good that your heart is skipping a beat.
"You're back", you say, grinning goofily and stepping closer to kiss him again. 
"Yes hah", he laughs nervously and swerves past you, "so uhm chicken? Is it already done?" 
He steps inside and kicks off his slippers. He looks around for a moment, fumbling with the hem of his striped shirt. You wait for a moment, hoping that he would mention the kiss, but he doesn’t and it makes you pout. It even seems as if he is actively trying to act as if it never even happened. The swerving past you was proof enough for you.
"Yes it's done already. Come on let's eat", you murmur sadly, dragging your feet over to your dining table. 
Tumblr media
You and him don’t talk a lot during dinner. You never really do, because talking meant looking into each other's eyes and you both just couldn’t do that. It was really scary to look into Jungkook's eyes because you always start stuttering and that is so embarrassing to do in front of him. So you ate your chicken in silence and felt more frustrated by the second. 
Jungkook stayed for dessert after you asked him in hopes that this would lessen the tension. It was your half eaten bar of marzipan chocolate and three oatmeal cookies. You shared it on your couch, listening to music as you did. The tension really didn’t get less. On the contrary, while you were waiting for him to mention the kiss he was busy staring at your plants and chewing the cookie nervously. 
"I like that band", Jungkook says and plays with the cookie in his fingers. He just couldn’t take the silence anymore and needed to talk.
"Mhm yeah, they are good", you agree, shifting on the couch, "I want to see them live if they ever come here." 
"Yeah? Me too." 
You look at him, waiting for him to ask you if you wanted to go together. 
"What?" he asks instead, looking from side to side nervously.
You turn away and eat your cookie. He watches the way your jaw tenses and your nostrils flare.
"So uhm, how were your exams?" he asks in hopes of lessening the tension.
"My exams?" you ask, tilting your head to the side in question.
"Yeah the ones you were busy with this week", he explains with slight confusion in his eyes. 
Oooh the exams you made up. Shoot, you completely forgot about that lie already. 
"They were okay. I'm just glad that they are over", you lie. 
"Yeah", he says in a laugh, "I feel you." 
He takes a bite of his cookie and speaks once he has swallowed it. 
"What were they about?" 
"Uhm…" you pause to think, "...German." 
Your eyes zoned out on your German language book and so you said the first thing that came into your mind at that moment. 
"I see, cool", he smiles shyly, "do you still have more exams?" 
"No, I had my last one today." 
"Mhm cool. So does that mean we can hang out more again?" 
"Yeah I guess."
"That's so cool", he murmurs and looks away to scratch the side of his neck. 
You look away too, twisting the material of your sweatpants. This is so freaking uncomfortable. 
"So uhm, how was swim practice?" you ask, trying not to show how down you are.
"It was good. The coach said that my dives are getting really good." 
"Oh that’s cool, I’m proud of you." 
Jungkook fumbles with his cookie furiously, cheeks becoming beet red. 
"Thank you", he whispers with his nose scrunching up, "uhm…" he fakes looking at your clock, "oh it's already so late. I think I should go", he says, standing up. 
It tugs at your heart strings that he already wants to leave so soon. He hasn’t even mentioned the kiss and now he wants to flee again like he always does.
"You want to go already?" you ask, following after him.
He scrambles to the door, cookie still in his fingers.
"I don't want to keep you up." 
"Why would you keep me up?" 
"Don’t you have dance practice tomorrow?" 
"Technically I do, but I don't want to go." 
"Why? Did something happen?" 
"No uhm…", you begin scratching your neck frantically, "...I was thinking that maybe we could have breakfast tomorrow...together, uhm...after you stayed overnight?"
"You want me to sleep here?" he gasps, eyes widening. 
You look at your feet and nod your head. 
"Only if you want to though." 
This would be the first time you and him would fall asleep together. You have no idea if he even wants something like this or if whatever thing you and him were having was still far too new for such a big step. But you were a little desperate tonight because he gave you all that hope with the heart and the kiss and now you want him to act goddamn it.
"Can I just quickly go to my place and shower?" he asks.
"Sure...uhm yeah you can, but you can shower here." 
"No it's fine really", he opens the door and stumbles outside, "give me twenty, I'll be back", he says and throws the door closed. 
You watch through your spy as he stumbles to his door and almost falls face first into his apartment. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook doesn’t take twenty minutes, he takes an hour. You had already given up all hope of him coming back (and also whatever thing you and him were having) when he knocked on the door again.
"Hey", he says, hair fluffy from being freshly washed. The scent of his vanilla shower gel surrounds him.  He is wearing sky blue boxer shorts and a white shirt, you know both of them to be his pyjamas. 
"Those were the longest twenty minutes ever", you grumble. 
"I know, I’m sorry. I kinda overdid the beauty routine. I just didn’t want to stink." 
You snort and chuckle. His attempt at not smelling bad for you makes you feel a little less mad at him. 
"You never stink", you murmur, "come on in, I warmed up the bed already." 
Jungkook knows what you mean by that sentence. That you had already given up on him coming over and went to bed without him. But as a really nervous idiot with a massive phobia of confrontation, he stays silent and tiptoes behind you whilst suffering from serious heart palpitations.
Your laptop was on, illuminating the wall behind your bed blue. You lift it up from your sheets.
"Sorry, I was watching Queer Eye", you explain. 
"It's fine. Do you want to watch it?" 
You study his features. 
"Sure we could do that. I just started a new episode", you say, crawling under the blanket. 
Jungkook stays by your bed, looking down at you with widened eyes. You look up. 
"Are you not going to join me?"
"I am!" he exclaims and scrambles on your bed. 
You open the blanket for him but he denies you with a shake of his head. 
"Very well then", you grumble, pressing play. You are annoyed again. You literally made it so obvious that you wanted him under your blanket and yet he didn’t get it. 
You watch the episode next to each other without speaking a word, let alone moving. You could tell that Jungkook was cold the entire time, judging by the millions and millions of goosebumps on his naked thighs and yet he still didn’t crawl under the blanket with you. Was it because if he did, your naked legs would have touched? You know they would have, because throughout the entire episode they were pressed together with the blanket separating your skin from his'. 
"That was really cool. Do you want to watch another?" he asks, fumbling with his thumbs. 
"No, I’m tired, I want to sleep", you say dryly, pressing the off button of your laptop aggressively. 
Jungkook watches you as you discard it on the floor and then flip on your side, pulling the edge of the blanket to your cheek. You have your back turned to him. 
"Okay", a pause, then, "do you have a blanket for me?" 
You sigh loudly. He is so freaking oblivious. 
"On the couch." 
"Thank you." 
He rolls out of bed and waddles to your sofa. Once he retrieved your blanket he waddles back to bed and lies down beside you, keeping his distance as good as possible. 
It makes you really sad that he doesn’t even want to cuddle up to you. 
"Goodnight ___", he tells you, gnawing on his lower lip to wait for a reaction from you. 
You just huff out air and keep the cold shoulder turned to him.  
You counted at least six minutes of silence until you can’t take it anymore and you flip onto your other side to face him. 
He is resting on his back, fingers sprawled out on his stomach and hair spread on your pillow. He has his eyes closed but that changes real quick when he feels you scoot closer to him and drape your arm across his chest. 
He tenses up and clenches his jaw. Your warm breath is fanning over the side of his neck repeatedly and it makes his skin tingle and shivers run down his spine. 
"Are you awake?" he whispers. 
"Yes", you say, making an effort to brush your lips over his neck as you speak. It makes his chest rise in a shaky inhale and sink in an even shakier exhale. 
"What are you doing?" 
"Cuddling you." 
"Why?" he asks and shifts uncomfortably. 
"Because I want to cuddle." 
"Oh, okay", he murmurs and shifts again. 
You rest in silence for exactly forty five seconds and then you grow annoyed by his continuous tenseness. 
You let go of him and scoot back, turning on your fairy lights to see him better.
"You really don’t like cuddling do you?" 
"What?", he blinks repeatedly, "but I enjoyed this. What do you mean?" 
"That's how you are when you enjoy things? You’re basically stress sweating right now and you are as tense as if you wanted to mimic being a freaking statue." 
"But I like this", he insists quietly. 
"Do you really? Because I didn’t get the feeling whatsoever. As a matter of fact I don’t even know if you even want to be with me in the first place." 
"What?" he sits up with his legs crossed, "don't say that, that's not true." 
"Is it?" you challenge, sitting up as well. 
"Yes", he starts pouting, "what the hell? It's been going so well those past four months and now you say all those things", he murmurs sadly, lowering his eyes. 
"It's not been going well and you know that." 
"No I don’t be-because for me everything was going so w-well." 
"Jungkook you don’t even want to kiss me, let alone cuddle me or show me in any way that I am more than just a friend to you." 
"But I did", he whispers, "so many times." 
"Whenever I, I cooked for you. Or whenever I told you that I liked our date. A-and when I came over whenever you asked e-even if I busy before." 
You realised as he spoke that there were indeed occasions when you felt really appreciated by him. All those cute dinner dates he prepared for you with candlelight and cheesy music and all those times he spent minutes letting you know what he liked about the evening or all the times he arrived at your door out of breath and sweaty because he hurried back to you from whatever place he was at before. You hadn’t forgotten those times, they just grew unimportant as you grew selfishly greedy for more than just words and actions. 
"I know…I’m sorry", you murmur, lowering your eyes, "I just feel a little frustrated lately." 
"With me?" 
"Yeah partially." 
"So I didn’t just imagine it. Oh my god. Why? What did I do?" 
"Nothing. You are quite literally doing nothing and that frustrates me because I want you to act on all the clues I send you." 
"So you want me to be more involved?" he clears his throat, "o-okay", he says and laughs nervously. 
"Would that be such a problem for you?" you study his features and how they scrunch up in awkwardness, "are you perhaps ace?" 
"Mhm?" his head snaps up.
"Asexual. They aren’t really interested in sex and some don’t like skinship in any form. Are you perhaps like that too?" 
"What?" he gasps and begins shaking his head vigorously, "no of course I like skinship and I'm not asexual." 
"Then do you not like it with me?" 
"I like it with you."
"Then why aren’t you reciprocating it when I try to initiate it?" 
"Because I talked to Jimin."
Jimin was your shared friend. Well, he was more of an acquaintance to you, who you sometimes talked to after your shared dance practice. But he was Jungkook's friend, they were in the same Taekwondo class and you know that they talked a lot. 
"What does Jimin have to do with this?" 
"Because he told me that, that women like cool guys who are always really collected and a b-badboy. And, and that a distant man, who doesn’t show emotion a lot is really hot to them. And I thought you liked it when I was being all cold and mysterious because that's what Jimin told me you like", he babbles in a whine, eyes widened and lips pouty.
"Hold up. So you're telling me that all this time you were following the advice of the biggest playboy on campus?" 
Jungkook cringes in realisation. 
"But he told me that women don’t like it when we are really pushy with skinship a-and so I tried to hold back and give you space so you are comfortable", he explains, "I thought I was doing good", he adds with a pout.
You laugh in disbelief. It all makes sense now. 
"I do like it that you didn’t rip my clothes off at the first chance you got, but goddamn it Kook, a little more reaction to my skinship would be nice. You don’t have to turn into a statue, you know?" 
"I'm sorry", he whispers, hiding his face behind his hands. He takes a deep, shaky breath to calm down his escalating pulse, wishing for the floor to swallow him whole. 
"I'm sorry, I just wanted to be a gentleman", he croaks, rocking himself back and forth.
"Hey it's fine. I accept your apology. Also it's sweet that you wanted to be a gentleman", you say and touch his knee to soothe him, "also don’t listen to Jimin anymore, I like it when you are sweet and show emotion. Badboys suck really bad, I don’t like them."
"This is so embarrassing", he groans and buries his face deeper in his palms. 
"No it's not and I don't judge", you assure him. 
Jungkook groans and raises his head. His blush has spread over his entire face. He looks like Hoseok - another shared friend - after he drank two glasses of beer. His big eyes race between yours. 
"So you like it when I’m sweet?" 
"Yes very much." 
"Wow", he breathes in awe, gazing at you with a fond sparkle in his pretty eyes.
The silence isn't heavy but it is making you nervous nonetheless. He grasps the bedsheets and twists them, getting on his knees. He is closer to you in this position, you can smell his minty toothpaste in his breath. His gaze shifts to your lips, his tongue sticks out to wet his own. 
"Can I?" he asks in a hushed whisper. 
"Yes you can", you breathe, cupping his cheeks to pull him closer. 
The kiss is chaste. Nothing more than the peck he gave you earlier that night. And then he already pulls back again, licking over his lips nervously and sitting back on his feet. 
He giggles shyly, lowering his head and fumbling with the leg hem of his boxer shorts. 
"That was really nice. I liked it a lot", you say with your voice giddy, "did you like it too?" 
He nods his head and giggles. 
"Can I do it again?" you ask him. 
He nods his head, tilting it up a second later. He lets his eyes fall closed and waits for your kiss with pouted lips and held breath. 
He releases it real quick once your lips actually touch his'. You kiss him a lot more than just a peck. Your fingers are threaded through his soft hair, lips moving slowly. Jungkook was a little clumsy at first but found your rhythm very soon. It is gentle and without tongue, just lips on lips and shaky inhales whenever one pulls back slightly. It is so nice. Your entire body tingles in the feeling and every so often your teeth clash with his’ when both of you smiled and giggled into the kiss. It was literally so perfect. 
You scoot closer, the kiss to his lips breaks as you let it trail over his face. His burning cheeks, the tip of his nose, his eyelids and forehead. You kiss them, making him giggle and his shoulders rise to his ears. 
You finally pull back, heart racing in anticipation of whatever look he is wearing on his face. Shy fondness. It makes his big eyes sparkle and his soft cheeks glow rosy. 
"That was so nice", he breathes, reaching out to intertwine his fingers with yours. 
"Yes, it was so nice. You have really soft lips." 
"I used an exfoliant tonight", he explains. 
"In case we would kiss?" 
He nods his head and avoids eye contact. 
"Did you want to kiss me?" 
"Yes all the time. It was so hard to hold back", he pouts.
You laugh fondly. 
"So did you want to kiss me when we were watching Queer Eye?"
"Yes of course." 
"And Iron Man?" 
He blushes, "yes so much." 
"I don't think you should listen to Jimin's advice anymore", you joke, making him laugh shyly. 
"I don't think so either", he agrees and finally looks back into your eyes. 
He cups your cheek and draws closer, eyes glued to your lips. It is your turn to let your eyelids flutter closed and hold your breath.
The kiss feels just as epic and amazing and exciting as it did all those few times before. He is such a great kisser. Really gentle and sweet and yet passionate. You just can’t get enough of it. 
After way too many minutes you grew so greedy that you pushed at his chest and made him fall into the pillows. He gasps, breaking the kiss to stare at you with his swollen lips parted in surprise. 
You giggle, rubbing your nose against his cheek. You are almost on top of him, one leg draped over his hips and chest pressed against his'. 
You connect your lips with his neck. 
"Ah", he lets out, fingers twitching on your back. 
His pulse is racing against your lips, his chest vibrates in a shy moan. 
You kiss him, suck on his skin softly and pull back to look at his face. 
His pupils are just slightly bigger than before. 
“This felt really good”, he lets you know just slightly out of breath. 
“Yes?” you bury your face back in his neck, dragging your nose up and down his skin to bask in his scent. 
He sighs and shivers. 
You inhale deeply before kissing the spot under his earlobe. His back twitches off the mattress in an arch, his fingers twists the fabric of your sleepshirt. 
You look at him again, grinning goofily. He looks so affected. It's affecting you too.
“I like how you smell”, you say, dancing your fingers over his chest. You can feel his racing heart against your fingertips. 
“I washed myself really thoroughly”, he explains. 
“Even your neck?” 
“Yeah, I went like”, he says and demonstrates it by rubbing his hands over his neck rather aggressively, “until I was sure that I would smell nice.”
You grin fondly. He is so cute.
“In case I would kiss your neck?” 
“Yeah”, he says in a breathy laugh, nodding his head and widening his eyes. 
You giggle, drawing closer until your lashes are tickling his cheek. He turns his head so his lips are brushing over yours as you speak. 
“You’re such an oblivious idiot you know that Kook?” you kiss his lips then speak again, “I was already going crazy thinking that we weren’t even dating and I made you uncomfortable with trying to be all touchy.”
“In my defense, you could have said something too”, he says and kisses you. 
You break the kiss after a minute, outlining his lips with your thumb. 
“I know, sorry I kept all of this to myself. I’m just really bad at confrontation.” 
“Me too, I suck at it big times.”
You giggle, Jungkook giggles too. You stumble into a kiss again, kissing away all those misunderstandings and frustrations and unsaid words until your chests actually felt like they would burst. You are on top of Jungkook by now, knees caging in his waist and elbows resting beside his face while your fingers were in his hair. Jungkook was holding you, running his hands up and down your back and legs, leaving out your booty for now because he was still far too shy to take that step. 
You break the kiss again not only so both of you could breathe, but also to speak. 
“We could try to talk more from now on”, you suggest. 
“Yes, I will try for you”, he whispers. 
“And I will try for you”, you promise, falling into a kiss again afterwards. 
Your bodies grind together before melting closer. He mewls softly, swallowing the tiny moan you let out in answer. He lets his tongue dart out, making you gasp and flinch back. 
“Sorry”, he says in an instance, fearing that he went too far.
You don’t answer him, instead you press your lips against his deeply and kiss him passionately. He gasps and shudders, struggling for a moment. This is making his head hazy and his chest tingly. He dares to dart his tongue out again, meeting your own this time around. Moans mix together, bodies grind on each other, stomachs tingle in butterflies. You can’t kiss like this for long and then you both pull back at the same time, staring at the other in a mixture of surprise and slight arousal. 
“That was…” you begin. 
“”, he finishes your sentence. 
“Yeah”, you agree. 
He takes your hand and presses it against his chest. 
“My heart is racing so much.”
You take his hand and press it against your chest. 
“Mine is racing too.”
“Are you also nervous?” 
“Yeah a little.” 
“If you don’t want to do this, we don’t have to.”
“I want to do this with you. Unless you don’t want to, then we don’t have to.” 
He squeezes your hand. 
“I want to do this with you too. I just don’t have lots of experience.”
“Me neither. You would be the second boy.” 
“You would be the second girl for me too”, he confesses and blushes. 
You blush too and look to the side. You giggle. 
“This is so embarrassing to talk about”, you confess, feeling your cheeks heat up. 
“Yeah it is”, he agrees. 
Your eyes meet in a shy gaze. 
“How should we start this?” you ask him. 
“Maybe we could undress each other? This could be really hot”, he suggests. 
“Yes, I like this idea”, you say and scoot down his body to sit down on his lap. Jungkook sits up, holding your waist between his warm hands. 
You and him smile shyly, draw closer and kiss again. You kiss until his fingers have disappeared under your shirt and your own are tugging at the hem of his own and being naked in front of the other doesn’t sound that scary anymore. You start pulling each other’s shirts up at the same time, soon having to come to the conclusion that it won’t work like that as arms get stuck and tangled and joints almost dislocate in weird positions. 
You stop undressing each other and pull back, both of you burning up in embarrassment but letting your hands run over the other's torso. 
“You go first”, he says, laughing. 
“Yeah okay.”
He raises his arms and lets you take his shirt off. You throw it on the ground, staring at his eyes obsessively. You don’t quite dare yet to look at his torso. 
“It’s your turn”, you say, raising your arms. 
Jungkook begins undressing you. It goes really smoothly at first until he reaches your face and not only squishes your forehead but also tugs up your nose rather painfully. 
“Ouchies”, you grunt and giggle. 
“Sorry”, he gasps, pulling off the shirt quickly and clutching it against his face in nervousness, “so sorry.” 
“It’s fine”, you rub your nose, “god that was such a mess”, you cringe and giggle. 
Jungkook discards your shirt and touches your sides again. 
“Was it at least a little sexy though?” 
“Yeah it was a little sexy”, you say and mean it. Even if you and him acted like complete idiots whilst taking off your shirts, it still left your stomachs tingling in excitement of what was to come.
"I will look now", he lets you know. 
Jungkook shifts his gaze downwards, brows shooting up and lips parting. 
“Oh wow”, he breathes, making you blush. 
You aren’t wearing a bra (because sleeping with a bra on is uncomfortable) and so he is getting the best view of your naked breasts right now. You are really nervous, but don’t hide away because of how mesmerised he looks. Somehow this makes you feel really sexy. He drags his hands up your stomach, fingers tickling your sides, until his thumbs touch the swell of your breasts. He looks into your eyes. 
“They are so beautiful”, he says softly, leaning closer.
He keeps up eye contact as his lips come into contact with your left breast. They leave the softest of kisses on your skin, making you shudder each time. All the while his right hand is caressing your other breast, the warmth of his soft palm feels like fire on your skin. 
“This feels really nice”, you sigh, breaking eye contact because it would make you way too nervous otherwise. You close your eyes and pet his hair, basking in his touches and kisses. 
You like how gentle he still is, how slow and calculated he places each of his kisses and how safe your breasts feel in his hands. It makes you feel the appreciation you had started to grow so greedy for. 
Jungkook soon lifts you up and places you down at the foot end of your bed, resting between your legs and kissing up your collarbones until he has your neck under his lips. 
His naked chest is rubbing against yours, his skin feels so soft and warm, he smells so nice. You especially like the way his spine feels under your fingertips or the way his back muscles move with every little movement he makes. He moans cutely and sucks on your skin just enough to make it tingle before moving to a new spot and repeating what he had done before. 
“It's so nice”, you breathe, making him kiss your jawline tenderly in answer.
You run your fingers along his sides, making him shudder with each touch. You are happy that you said something to him. You weren’t planning on saying something at first, because you feared that you and him would end up fighting, but now that the situation has escalated in such an epic, amazing way you are happy that you felt brave enough to speak up. Honestly you feel so freaking good that you fear nothing else in this world could ever come close to this feeling again. 
Jungkook stops the kisses to gaze at you and caress your cheek. 
“I like your body a lot”, he tells you with his voice surprisingly deep for him. 
You look down at his body, drinking in the paths of it and thinking to yourself that there is no other body more beautiful than his’ on this earth. You don’t feel like such a creep doing so now.
“I like your body too. You are really beautiful and hot”, you say, making him smile shyly. 
He draws closer and kisses you hungrily. He is threading his fingers through your hair and lets out desperate little squeaks every so often. He is so not at all like the shy, nervous Jungkook you fell in love with. He is so vocal and needy all of a sudden and his voice has this really sexy rasp on it. It makes your toes tingle and your stomach tighten. 
You push at his chest and roll you and him over, taking his hands to hold them tightly. He mewls, tilting his head up to kiss you just as deeply as he wants to do. But you let him chase you fruitlessly, breaking the kiss to giggle shyly.
“What?” he asks breathlessly.
“This”, you say and grind your soaked core against his swollen length.
He moans shakily, eyes widening and fingers squeezing yours.
“I’m really wet”, you stutter, grinding down a second time.
“Y-you made me hard”, he chokes out.
“I know”, you giggle, leaning down to kiss his neck, “it’s really hot”, you say between kisses, moving on to the other side of his neck until you have him mewling underneath you.
You abandon his hands all to his dismay and run your fingers down his collarbones and chest. Your lips follow the path they draw, kissing every inch of his perfect torso until you have reached his lower abs and he is panting quickly. You touch the hem of his boxer shorts, making him tense up.
“No! Wait!” he exclaims, hazy mind clearing up for a moment.
“What is it?” you ask.
"You don’t have to do this”, he says and blushes.
“Why? Do you not like blowjobs?”
“I, I do, but-“, he stops talking.
“But what?”
“What if I taste weird to you? Or what if I smell weird? Or you don’t like the shape of it?”
You smile fondly and lean down to kiss his lower abs.
“I don’t think any of those things will happen.”
He props himself up on his elbows.
“But what if they do? I would literally die if they did”, he says and pouts.
You chuckle.
"I promise you they won’t, but if you really don’t want this, we can do something else instead", you say and kiss up his body. 
Jungkook pants and mewls, presenting his torso to you with a cute arch of his back. When you reach his neck and start kissing it, he even goes as far as to tilt his head back for you. 
"I do want this", he chokes out. 
"Yes. I'm just so nervous." 
"Don't be, I’ll be gentle", you promise him.
You smile and kiss down his body again until your lips are brushing over the hem of his boxers. Jungkook mewls and lifts his hips, silently asking you to undress him. You do so with nervous fingers, avoiding the important look for as long as possible. You even considered starting the blowjob with your eyes closed until you remembered that Jungkook was your boyfriend and he gave you his consent to look at him in a sexual way and that you were allowed to gawk at him right now. 
"Can I look?" you still ask. 
"Yes", he answers you. 
Your eyes flit up. 
"Oh wow", you breathe, reaching out in an instance, "it's so...pretty." 
"You - oh wow ah  - you, you think so?" he stutters, feeling hazy from your tender touches. 
"Yes, I can assure you that I like the shape of it", you joke and it makes him laugh.
His laugh turns into a gasped moan when he feels your kiss on his cockhead. 
"Ah", he gasps, eyes glued to you as he watches your every move with a racing heart. His abs are tensing and his thighs are twitching every so often. He loves it so much.
You moan and kiss up and down his length a few times. He smells so very nice and his skin is so soft. He must have shaved for you in his hour long beauty routine. 
"You smell nice", you gush, kissing the spot next to where he wants you most. That tiny, overly sensitive spot between his uppermost inner thigh and his length, where you can feel his pulse race and make him shudder. 
"I was really thorough", he tells you in a sigh. 
"Yeah? I think that is really hot", you say, blushing at your own dirty talk until you can feel how it makes his cock twitch. He likes it when you talk like this and the realisation makes you feel so sexy that all of a sudden you grow terribly hungry for his cock.
You kiss up his length before finally wrapping your lips around his tip and sinking down slowly.
His forehead creases as his brows shoot up in surprise. He blinks repeatedly, lips forming an O and thighs twitching. He can’t believe how good this feels. 
"Oh god ___", he murmurs breathly, twisting the sheets. His body feels so warm, it radiates from his center and makes him tingle all over.
You release his cock, kiss his tip and take him in again. You don’t come far because you are way too shy to gag in front of him, but you try to make up for it by touching the rest of him and hoping that it feels good. 
What you don’t know is that Jungkook was currently on cloud nine, asking himself what he had done in his life to deserve something that feels so freaking good. He loves every second of it, feeling himself get addicted to the sensation more and more. 
He moans and places his hand at the back of your head. He doesn’t guide you or push you down and stress you, he just wants to run his fingers through your hair. He really likes your hair and thinks it feels even better when you suck his cock. 
You move up again, sucking with all you got as you do. 
"Ah! Ah, ah!" Jungkook moans and bucks his hips up accidentally. You gag in the process and flinch away, giggling shyly as you hide your face from him. 
"I'm sorry did I hurt you?" he gasps and pets your hair. 
"No, but I gagged", you explain and rest your face on his thigh, "that’s really embarrassing." 
"I don't think so, it was kinda hot", he assures you. 
"You think so?" you look up at him, "don't you think it's disgusting?" 
He shakes his head. 
"Yes", he blushes, "I like it." 
Your stomach tingles in a wave of confidence. You sit up and cup his face, kissing him a moment later. He has you pressed against his body in an instance, parting his lips so you could feed him his taste. He doesn’t think that he tastes that bad, but he likes it a lot more once your taste grows stronger again. It makes him wonder if something else tastes just as sweet as your lips do. 
He breaks the kiss, "can I eat your pussy in return?" 
You plop down on his lap and stare at him with widened eyes. 
"I don't know. What if I taste weird?" 
"Did I taste weird to you?"
"No of course not, but-"
"You don’t taste weird either." 
You lower your eyes. 
"I'm a little nervous to receive it. I like giving, but receiving is hard." 
"Me too", he agrees, "but it feels really good to receive. And I'll try to do the best job ever."
Your eyes meet. 
"We could do it at the same time?" you suggest.
"What do you mean?" 
"I'll show you."
You push him down into the mattress, "stay like this and then." 
You turn and sit down on his stomach, hands resting on his thighs. 
"I can suck your dick and you can eat my pussy like this", you explain, looking back at Jungkook. 
He is quite literally salivating at the view you so mindlessly presented to him. 
"Did you get it?" you ask. 
His eyes meet yours, he nods vigorously. 
"Do you...want this?" you ask, growing more and more nervous the longer you sit in this position. 
"Yeah so much", he croaks and touches your hips to pull you closer. 
You lift your hips, cringing when you can feel the wet string of arousal you leave on his chest. But he doesn’t seem to mind, growling deeply as he pulls you closer and closer. It is like the view of your core and ass in those panties flipped a switch in his mind. Shy, hesitant Jungkook is gone and horny, impatient Jungkook replaced him, that's how it feels like and it excites you so, so much.
"Not so fast, my panties", you squeak. 
"I got it", he dismisses you, pulling them to the side and pushing your hips down on his face. 
"Ah!" you squeal, head snapping up and thighs twitching. It is as if you are being electrocuted over and over again. You hadn’t even realised how wet and warm his tongue is until you had it against your clit. He flicks it over your bundle of nerves quickly, moaning into your pussy and massaging your hips. You had expected everything but not for him to go so freaking feral for your pussy. This is a side of him which will haunt you in your wettest of dreams. 
"God, Kook", you moan, grabbing his cock and taking him into your mouth to stifle your sounds. You bop your head up and down, playing with his balls at the same time.
He mewls and presses you closer, tongue speeding up and making you quicken your own pace as well.
What you and him were doing most definitely didn’t win the price for sexiest sixtynining. At one point you had to pause because your buttcheek cramped. At another point Jungkook needed a break because he curled his toes so hard they cramped up too. And it was really sloppy and messy and also clumsy, but it felt really good to both of you and that was all that mattered. You didn’t need awards for sexiest performance when simply being with the other felt so incredibly rewarding. 
You roll off of him with your limbs sprawled out. You are literally aching in the desire to climax, even taking a breath hurts. But you didn’t want to climax on his face because this would have taken way too much courage, which you didn’t own. So you rolled off at the last moment, leaving both of you aching. 
Jungkook stumbles to his knees and crawls between your legs. His face is still drenched in your juices as he bends down to kiss you. Your taste mixed with his in an addicting cocktail, making both of you moan and mewl. His hands are basically groping you, squeezing whatever ever part of your body finds itself under them. It is so good.
"I want even more", he breaks the kiss and says. He runs his right hand down to your panties, pulling them off quickly. They land somewhere on the floor and then your attention shifts to his hand running along your inner thighs. 
"I want more too", you say and reach down to touch his cock. You pull him closer. 
"Wait", he flinches back, "condom." 
"Good that you remember, my brain is already mush because of you."
He laughs shyly, "I almost forgot too." 
You sit up, making him rest on his heels. It is so peculiar to have him sitting on your bed with his cock standing hard and proud against his toned stomach and his chin glistening in your juices. But even more than peculiar it was exciting. You never even dared to dream that one day you would have the cute, shy Taekwondo student, who you share art history with, on your bed in such a position. 
You break your eyes away before you stare too much. It is still a little scary to do it so freely. 
"Don't judge me but I bought a few different condoms just in case", you explain and reach for your bedside drawer, "I got the ultra thin ones, but in different sizes because I didn’t know which one would fit you", you place them in front of him, "here I think you know your penis better than I do." 
You cringe in realisation. 
"Please act like I didn’t just say penis. This is such an unsexy word." 
He laughs and takes the condom packages. 
"Everything you say is sexy", he assures you, reading the packages, "here this one will fit me", he says and hands it to you. 
"You need to put it on", you hand it back to him.
"Oh yeah", he cringes, "I'm such an idiot. Wait, let me just quickly do it."
You watch him as he struggles and fails. 
"My fingers are slippery", he laughs nervously. 
You watch intendly. 
"Almost got it", you say in encouragement.
It slips off again, making both of you gasp in surprise. He catches it and tries again, only to fail under your intense gaze. 
"P-please don’t stare so much", he stutters, blushing. 
"God sorry", you close your eyes and turn away, "I'm such a creep." 
Jungkook works in silence for a moment until he finally cheers in victory. 
"It's on! I did it!" 
You turn and look. 
"It looks comfortable." 
"Yes it feels good. You got the right size." 
Your eyes meet, both of you cringe at the same time. This is so embarrassing to talk about.
"Let’s just don’t talk that much", he suggests and scoots closer. 
He pushes you down into the mattress, making himself comfortable between your legs. He leans down to kiss your neck and reaches for his cock. Your breath hitches in your throat at the feeling of his cock rubbing through your folds. He is panting, it mixes with your own nervous breathing. 
Your eyes meet and both of you giggle. 
"I'm really nervous", he confesses, smiling shyly. 
"Me too", you agree, retorting the smile. 
"It feels really exciting doesn’t it?" 
"Yes, it does."
He reaches your entrance and starts pushing, watching how your eyes widen slightly. He stops. 
"Are you scared that it will hurt?" he asks.
"No, not really", you grin sheepishly, "I kinda really want to have you inside", you confess and blush. 
"Yes?", he lets out a squeaky giggle, "it's so weird to hear you talk like this." 
"Yeah in a good way. It's so exciting and really hot." 
He draws closer to peck your lips. 
"I also want to be inside of you", he whispers in a rasp and it would have sounded so beyond sexy hadn’t he giggled shyly afterwards. 
Your eyes meet again, both of you burning up in embarrassment but feeling so, so horny. He starts pushing again, furrowing his brows and holding his breath. It only burns a little at first and it is manageable because after that second of discomfort you feel incredibly warm all over. 
"Oh that’s nice", you say breathily, rolling your hips up in instinct. 
He shudders and whimpers, "you're so warm", he whines, burying his face in the crook of your neck, "oh my god ___ this is literally so good", he moans, bottoming out. 
"I think so too", you sigh, wrapping your arms around him because this felt like the only right thing to do. 
And it is. Because as Jungkook finally starts moving and his back muscles ripple with every thrust and your neck tingles in the breathy moans he muffles with it, you are so happy about the close proximity you and him were in that you felt your head become dizzy. And so you pull him even closer, moaning his name and feeling how it makes him twitch inside of you.
"This is so good. Ah, this is so good. So good", he chants in whispers, floating on the sensations. 
"It's so nice. I like it so much. Don't stop", you answer him repeatedly, basking in the electrifying feelings. 
And it is peculiar, you once again think, that one day you would be in such a position with the cute and shy Taekwondo student, on whom you had the biggest and silliest crush for the longest time and who so often made your thoughts jumble when he looked at you. And now he is close to you, you can feel his skin on yours and bask in his sweet scent and it isn’t considered creepy anymore because he was now your boy and you in return were his girl. 
You twist his hair.
"I'm really close", you moan, arching into him. 
Jungkook reaches between your bodies on instinct, finding your clit in an instance and making your legs shake in answer. And it is so peculiar, you think as your body tenses in preparation for your high, that you can call him yours for as long as he wants to be yours.
"Now", you sigh, stumbling over the edge a second later whilst grasping his shoulders and sobbing his name. 
Jungkook follows soon after, clasping you so tightly to his trembling body you fear he might break you by accident. 
He finishes with a squeaky moan, littering your neck with kisses before collapsing on top of you. You hug him, outlining the paths of his back and breathing heavily. You like the silence you and him share and the warmth he radiates. You had wanted to close your eyes, but Jungkook stops you beforehand as he rolls off of you with an exhausted but happy sigh.
You chase him, cuddle against his side and nuzzle your nose against his neck.
"I loved this so much", you whisper and giggle.
"Me too. It was literally the best thing ever", he says, caressing your side. 
"Yes, it was." 
"What did you like the most? I think my favourite was the kisses and your blowjob and then when I ate your pussy and then when you hugged me and we had sex." 
"So everything?" 
"Yeah…" he smiles contently, "...everything." 
You giggle, giving him a squeeze. 
"I liked everything too and I like you." 
"I like you too", he answers in an instance, squeezing your waist tenderly. 
You sigh and finally close your eyes, wanting to drift off to your happy slumber. And you would have if Jungkook hadn’t started to shift all uncomfortably again. 
"What is it?" you ask in a sleepy whine. 
"My cum is running out of the condom", he says and shifts again. 
You chuckle, rolling away. 
"Way to ruin the cuddles, condom", you joke, making him laugh. 
He nudges your side. 
"You should go pee anyway so you don’t get an UTI." 
"Urgh fine, but I want cuddles once I'm back", you say, dragging yourself out of bed. 
"You will get lots and lots!" he calls after you, fumbling with the condom. 
Jungkook keeps his promise that night and he even makes out with you sleepily until both of you drift off to the best sleep you ever had. 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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back-burner | 04
Tumblr media
just for tonight, you'll try to forget
PAIRING. min yoongi x reader
GENRE. sister's best friend!au, best friend to lovers!au, sorta frenemies?to lovers!au, angst, *slow burn*, smut, fluff
WARNINGS. an intervention, bad decision making and justifications, longing, sibling jealousy, implied smut, public sex-ish?, fwb-situation, introducing hobi!!!, jk trying to be a good friend :(
WORDS. 3.8k
Tumblr media
“You know what I need?”
“What?” Jungkook replies dryly, face sour when you dragged him out of his apartment at seven am in the morning on a weekend.
You were an early riser! And, Jungkook did say that he was your best friend even if that title was heavily self-proclaimed. You were simply making use out of the resources that were bestowed upon you, even if said best friend looks anything but friendly when he glares at you through his puffy eyes.
“An intervention,” you deadpan, leaning forward whilst you slide him a green juice that you ordered on his behalf.
He grimaces when he ogles the glass, glaring at you even harder if that was possible before he slides it back to you.
“Couldn’t this intervention wait till it was a socially acceptable hour?” he mutters under his breath.
“You know for someone who’s meant to be supporting me, you’re being really unsupportive right now,” you blink.
“You know my brain doesn’t operate before 12 PM on weekends so whose fault is that?” he sneers patronisingly, simultaneously releasing a sigh of relief when your food finally arrives.
A familiar face serves you, and you smile when Marco greets you and your companion with his signature grin.
“Nice to see you so early,” he chirps before his head is falling on Jungkook. “Boyfriend?”
Jungkook literally gags. “God, no. Please.”
You ignore him before shooting Marco a sweet smile, one that you usually reserve for people that weren’t the bane of your existence.
“He wishes,” you hum and Jungkook kicks you in the shin.
Marco leaves, telling the both of you that he hopes you’d enjoy the food. You will, obviously, this cafe was your favourite for a reason and you needed that douse of serotonin after the events you were put through the night before.
Even recalling what had happened, how you felt and the bitter tang that it leaves in your chest is enough to turn your face tetchy. Jungkook, despite his half-asleep state, picks up on your change of expression.
“Spill before I leave,” he sighs, and you know that even if he feigns disinterest, he was more curious about your life drama than anything else. Only Jeon Jungkook would live off your life crises.
“That’s what I need,” you say in all seriousness.
“To spill?” he asks with a raised brow, visibly confused.
“A boyfriend,” you say, eyes wide as if you’ve just hit a revelation.
Jungkook blinks.
“A man is literally the cause of all your problems and you want a boyfriend?!”
“A man, not men,” you sniff pathetically, “And okay. Maybe not like a boyfriend. But a boy-friend,” you attempt to explain as you gesture your arms.
Jungkook only stares at you like you’ve grown another head. And you don’t think it’s unwarranted. You’re aware you sound a little insane, but Marco triggered something in you that you didn’t realise could be an obvious solution.
A boyfriend wasn’t what you were looking for, it was a—
“Distraction. I need a distraction,” you declare.
“That is the worst fucking idea I’ve heard coming from you and you’re a bottomless bit of horrible ideas,” he scowls.
“Excuse me? How dare you!” you hiss, “This is not a bad idea.”
Jungkook gawks at you in disbelief, exceptionally more awake when he leans forward with a stern glint in his eyes.
“Do I need to remind you that you’re literally in love with someone?” he exasperates.
“Geez, I said I needed a distraction, not a reminder,” you mumble bitterly, folding your arms across your chest as you stare at your food.
“Listen, I know I condemn half the shit you do because it’s you but I’m really drawing the line at a boyfriend,” he blinks.
“What, are you like in love with me or something?” you snort.
Jungkook blinks at you. You stare.
He opens his mouth, then closes it.
“I’m leaving.”
Before he can abandon you, you’re tugging on his sleeve with a whine. “Okay, okay. Too far, I know.”
Jungkook glares at you as if to say damn straight before he settles back onto his chair with his stance more confrontational than you’d appreciate it to be.
“Look. This is a bad idea,” he says seriously, “You tell me over the phone that you almost told Yoongi you were in love with him in the same hour you accused him of being friends with you only to sleep with your sister. How did you suddenly jump to the conclusion that a boyfriend would solve all of your problems?”
You knew Jungkook was serious. And deep down, you knew he was right. But it wasn’t a matter of who was right or wrong, but the quickest form of conciliation that you could obtain before your heart dug a deeper hole that it couldn’t crawl out of.
The longer you think, the more you know that you and Yoongi were never going to happen. You see Instagram story updates from your sister and it’s always with him. Always with him showing his rare smile at her like it was only reserved for her. He was a busy man, a doctor, and yet—he always made time for Haerin.
It sucked to know that you were there only when he remembered you were.
“I need to move on, Jungkook,” you blink. “I know it isn’t the best idea but I don’t know what else I can do.”
“Distance yourself from him,” he hisses like it’s obvious.
It is, isn’t it? Pulling away from Yoongi to give yourself time and space to allow your heart to breathe. To stop wishing that you were your sister, to stop wishing that you were his.
But you don’t know if you had the strength to do that on your own. You weren’t disciplined. You knew what was good for you but that didn’t mean you sought for it. You were human, a vastly average human that did average things. Sometimes things were below average, too. And that meant sometimes you fell into unhealthy mechanisms, enough to allow yourself to feel something else but dread.
“Won’t this help? Meeting a new guy?” you reason softly.
“And that’s fair for the other guy? To be your rebound?”
You flinch.
“If you’re doing this to get over Yoongi, then I’m against it. As your friend I can’t just let you do this to yourself and someone else,” he says sternly.
“I’m not going to jump into marriage with him, Jungkook,” you frown, “All I’m saying is that I … start putting myself out there, you know? I’ve stayed away from dating because I didn’t want to date anyone apart from … yeah. This isn’t about me finding a rebound. It’s about me allowing myself to move on.”
“And what’s going to happen then? You drop your entire friendship with Yoongi?” You know it’s a valid question, but you haven’t thought too far. You didn’t know if you were able to bear being friends with Yoongi even after everything. But your heart and mind were tired. You couldn’t rationalise anything anymore.
“No. Do I always need a plan?” you snap, rather irritated. “If something happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. That’s life, isn’t it? Why do I need to rationalise and conceptualise all my decisions?”
Jungkook frowns, unimpressed before he’s levelling you with a serious stare.
“I’m not telling you to plan ten or fifteen years down the road. I’m telling you to think. You’re … hurting. And you’re less likely going to be making decisions that you won’t regret in the future now,” he says.
“I appreciate it, I do. But I think I know what’s best for me,” you say stubbornly, poking into your food as you peer up at him. Jungkook looks annoyed, that enough is obvious when you recognise the tick in his jaw. But what else did you do bother than vex the people around you? It was your character. A character that was hard to understand, even harder to like.
You swallow.
“I don’t need your permission,” you say quietly, “I just needed a friend.”
Jungkook’s face softens, even if you know he still disagrees.
“And you have one,” he replies, right before he slides one of his side dishes towards you. He raises a brow when you eye it sceptically.
“I’m not going to poison you, relax,” he says with a roll of his eyes. “So, who did you have in mind?”
You blink, and a small smile makes its way onto your face.
“No one. I’ll just go with the flow.”
Jungkook snorts.
Tumblr media
You’ve met Jung Hoseok a few times.
It was hard not to notice him, really. He was either the loudest person in every room in the best way possible, or he was mingling with everybody and anybody that would take him.
You remember when you first were introduced to Hoseok, a few years back when you made your necessary appearance at one of your sister’s charity events. You were relatively young, and equally as scorned so you were huddled in your own lone corner before you were greeted with a burst of light.
He knew your name. Of course, he did. Besides being friendly, Jung Hoseok was strategic. He was good at his job, and you suppose that a businessman meant that he needed to network as much as possible, and essentially—kiss ass.
You remember being confused, but Hoseok was so nice that you couldn’t do your usual thing and awkwardly excuse yourself to the bathroom.
You were friends. And that was only your first meeting.
But now, you think Jung Hoseok could be a little better than a friend, especially when you don’t hind your intent behind your gaze when you lock eyes with him from across the room.
Another event, you don’t know what for. You just know that your mother told you to lay low, as usual. Let your sister do the talking. You’re just here for formality.
You didn’t need to be reminded.
You sip on your drink, virgin because you wanted to be sober if anything happened.
(The last time you drank at an event didn’t end so well for you.)
Hoseok shoots you a wide smile, already excusing himself from the group he was a part of before he makes his way through the crowd, filled with intent when he raises his class to greet you.
You grin, stifling a giggle when he nearly bumps into one of your parents’ colleagues. His smile is enough to alleviate the situation, the man patting him on the back good-naturedly rather than curse him out if it were anyone else.
“Jung Hoseok,” you greet sweetly, smiling up at him with a purposeful flutter of your lashes when he finally reaches right in front of you.
“And ____,” he smirks, “You look beautiful.”
Another thing about Hoseok was that he wasn’t shy with his compliments. He was extremely generous, and he was genuine.
“Well, I’d tell you you look great but I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that a hundred times already,” you say.
“True,” he agrees easily, earning a snort from you right before he levels you with a flirty wink. “But not from the person I wanted to hear it most from.”
“Did my mother deprive you of her coddles?”
He laughs, loud and contagious. He earns a few eyes, but when they realised it’s just Hoseok, the guests go back to their conversations. That was how easy it was with Hoseok. He was a ball of contagious energy, wherever he went.
“Her daughter did,” he throws back easily.
“So, Haerin?” you tease and saying her name doesn’t feel so bad when Hoseok sighs deeply, as if bothered.
“You, sweetheart,” he corrects, leaning closer.
You’re against the bar, usually where you reside at these events. And Hoseok has you pressed ever so slightly in a way that makes you feel the heat, but not insinuative enough for anyone to frown at.
“Should’ve said so earlier,” you grin, right before you place a hand on his chest to rub down the lapel of his collar. “You look good.”
“Just good?” he pouts, pulling away ever so slightly, allowing you some space as you roll your eyes.
“Don’t want to stroke your huge ego,” you tell him, lowering your voice into a husk as you see Hoseok swallow.
Hoseok has always been handsome. His sharp features drew the attention of anyone in the room, and his impeccable style. It was both because he was rich and stylish that made him look immensely better in clothes that you were sure would look ordinary on anyone else.
He was in a simple black and white ensemble, forgoing the traditional bowtie or tie by leaving his neck bare. The top few buttons were unbuttoned, leaving the delicious expanse of his chest exposed. His hair was slicked back, revealing his forehead which made him look infinitely hotter than he actually was.
Maybe that’s why you take your leap of faith. When if not now?
“Could stroke something else, though,” you hum.
Hoseok freezes, the hand that rests on the counter behind you stilling as you swallow your pride to shoot him a demure grin.
“So now you’re looking my way?” he whispers softly, grinning from ear to ear.
“Just for tonight,” you shrug, leaning closer as you feel your chest pressed against his.
He feels unfamiliar, and that’s exactly what you needed.
“I’m a busy man, sweetheart,” he says with a raised brow.
You smile.
“That’s exactly what I need.”
That’s enough for him to be dragging you out of the hall, uncaring if people were staring or hypothesised what the other daughter of your family was doing while Haerin did her thing. There was a thrill in being so … careless so purposefully.
You’ve just made it out, the lobby completely empty as Hoseok navigates his way through the venue with expert precision. You were sure he had this place memorised like the back of his hand, having his own events hosted here being a successful entrepreneur himself.
He’s leading you to a room you’ve never seen occupied but was vast enough to fit ten people. You feel a tingle down your spine at the implications, and before you can think twice—you pull his arm back with force as his eyes widen, and kiss him.
“Woah there,” he chuckles, low and deep when his hands sneak around your waist before they trail to the plump flesh of your ass, squeezing them.
“Sorry,” you say breathlessly, pulling away with a cute grin. “Wanted to do that.”
His eyes darken, and he’s pulling you in, pressing you against the wall as you gasp.
His thighs dig in between your legs, firmly pressed against your mound as you whimper. He’s so quick. So agile that your head is spinning. You almost forget that you were still out in public, especially when his hand trails up to cup your tit.
“So fucking pretty, you know that?” he murmurs.
“Just pretty?” you throw back, head following your words as he presses hot kisses against your jaw.
“Greedy,” he grins, right before you feel his hand trail underneath your dress through the slit.
Your hands find their way towards his crotch, already palming his hardening member as he grunts.
“I think I’m pretty generous,” you say coyly, emphasising your point with a squeeze.
He narrows his eyes at you before crushing his lips against yours again with a dark, hooded gaze.
“I’m gonna have fun with you sweetheart,” he growls.
“I’m all yours—” you begin to say breathlessly, and the door to the room slams open—cutting you off.
Your reflexes aren’t fast enough, but Hoseok’s ones are. He immediately covers your body with his, preserving your modesty with the way your dress was hitches around your thighs, and the collar of your dress that threatens to expose your free nipples.
“What the fuck,” Hoseok exhales, and you feel him relax ever so slightly. But you’re tense.
“Hoseok,” the voice says blankly, and you feel the blood drain from your face when you immediately recognise it. You feel his stare next. “___.”
“Jesus Christ, would you knock?” he laughs tightly, pushing you behind him as you take it, digging your head into his back in mortification. “Sorry. I got—uh … a little …”
You get a peak from Yoongi, and you notice that his eyes are hardened. And he doesn’t bother hiding his gaze when he rests it directly on Hoseok.
“This is a public event …” Yoongi trails off, and you feel his eyes suddenly drop onto your figure behind Hoseok. You immediately duck your head, rubbing your lips to remove any sign of saliva. “Just—lock the door.”
You freeze.
“I—well …” Hoseok stammers, shaken by Yoongi’s clipped tone.
“We will,” you cut in, eyes firm even if you feel your body shaking.
Hoseok’s eyes widen, and when you finally reveal yourself from behind him, you see Yoongi’s gaze only fixed to your face, his jaw hardened. You don’t know what to make out of his response, but he doesn’t look the least bit moved. Eyes never straying away from beneath your face.
He stares at you, and you’re staring back at him with a sense of determinacy and a refusal to back down. Your heart still rattles against your chest, and you feel Hoseok’s soft touch against your lower back.
“Don’t take too long,” he says, tone suddenly returning to normal as his eyes drift to Hoseok’s. “Her parents will start wondering where she is.”
“I can take care of myself,” you snap.
Yoongi looks at you, and it’s just empty. Completely blank. You can’t read him yet again and here you were being riled up simply by his presence. You hate it.
But you can’t stop the way your heart wants him to show you something. So you know that he feels. That he’ll react or overreact.
Yoongi doesn’t. He never does when it comes to you.
He just nods his head slowly, before he reaches for the door again, back turned to the both of you.
“You can,” he says in response, right before the door shuts.
You just realise that you’re breathing heavily, and Hoseok’s hand shakes you out from your daze.
When you turn around, you see his face morph into a look of concern.
You don’t want pity.
You want to forget.
“Fuck me, Hobi,” you whisper, pulling him by his blazer as his chest slams against yours. Your voice is tinged with desperation.
“___ …” he says, suddenly hesitant. You wonder if he sees it too. The way you always reach out for a man that never quite accepts your grasp.
“Make me forget,” you whimper.
You don’t know if Hoseok thinks you’re referring to the embarrassment of almost being caught, or if he knows what you feel on a deeper level. But his gaze drifts to your lips.
As if sensing his hesitancy, you smash your lips against his own.
“Make me forget,” you repeat, already slipping off your dress.
His eyes darken, and it’s a blur from then.
You remember the squelches permeating the air, loud and lewd when he had you pressed against the door as he slams his deft fingers into your sodden cunt. You remember the way he had your legs wrapped around his head as he laps you dry. You remember the way you tugged his pants down and gagged on his cock as far as it goes, tears dribbling down your cheek. You remember the way he fucked into you, promising to make you forget with every grind of his hips.
You scream and moan his name, and the two of you don’t care that anyone could hear. You cry his name more times than you can remember in an attempt to replace the one that continues to plague your mind.
Even as Hoseok has you locking up in pleasure on his cock, cunt squeezing tightly around his shaft—you can only think of the fact that Yoongi had left.
Like he always had, to return to the person he really wanted. The person that didn’t make bad decisions. Who wasn’t selfish.
The person who wasn’t you.
You’re breathless and well-spent. Your body is satiated but your heart still hurts. And as if Hoseok senses this, he speaks up as the two of you recover from your high.
“We should do this again.”
You pause.
“Hoseok … I’m not—I don’t think …” you say softly, stammering as your eyes avoid his.
You couldn’t.
“Sweetheart, as amazing as you are, I’m not ready for that either,” he says with a tilted grin, buttoning his shirt and zipping up his pants before he helps you on your wobbly feet.
You flush. “I mean—I just … sorry,” you finish lamely.
He laughs, brushing a hair away from your face. Your heart clenches because the act is so familiar yet so distant. It wasn’t the touch you’ve always known.
“Whenever you need me,” he murmurs, “As a friend or as a relief, I’m a call away.”
Your eyes widen.
“Babe, as great as that was, I value you as a friend too,” he snorts as you roll your eyes at him. “Besides, you seem like you have a lot to say.”
It’s obvious that he knows, and you feel defeated, thinking that you were able to full him and yourself.
“Was I that obvious?” you mumble.
Hoseok tilts your chin up to offer you a small smile. “I got that from him, ___.”
You freeze, stunned. But before you can say anything, Hoseok is wrapping a comforting arm around your shoulders.
“Say, let’s ditch and get some food,” he offers, “This event is boring anyway.”
You flounder for a moment, but Hoseok easily as you on your feet again, animatedly discussing drive-thru options as he swings his keys around. You stare at the back of his head when you walk, and you wonder if this was enough of a distraction.
A friend like Hoseok.
And you, forgetting someone like Yoongi.
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