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blu-joons · 2 days ago
Hesitant Affection ~ Kim Namjoon
Tumblr media
You were slightly unsettled as the sofa dipped beside you, glancing to your right where Namjoon sat. It had been less than a day since he had returned from tour, a day that meant a lot of adjustment for you and getting used to having him around again.
“Come here,” Namjoon whispered across to you, tapping against his shoulder to try and encourage you to lay down with him, having missed holding onto you for the past few weeks.
You smiled weakly back to Namjoon, slowly moving position on the sofa. “Are you sure you want to lay down with me on you? Isn’t your shoulder still a bit sore from tour?”
“It’s not sore enough to not be able to cuddle up to you,” he told you, grabbing onto your hand to lower you down, placing your head against a spot on his shoulder where it would be comfortable.
Your body was stiff as you felt Namjoon’s arm wrap around your frame to keep you nice and secure in his side. You didn’t quite know how to react, having spent so long by yourself, suddenly having someone there again was taking some getting used to.
For Namjoon, it felt as if he had never been away though. He had been around you nonstop, barely letting you out of his sight as he made up for the many weeks of affection that he had missed out on.
The two of you laid for a few minutes, before intrigue began to get the better of Namjoon. His hand soon found itself trailing along your waist as you rested, coming up underneath your shirt to trace along your bare skin, tugging gently at your bra each time that he came to it, subtly letting you know what he wanted.
“Y/N,” Namjoon whispered down to you as he tugged at the hem of your bra once again, pressing a kiss against the side of your head, “have I told you just how much I missed you?”
“A few times,” you replied, scrunching your eyes tightly shut so that you couldn’t look at him.
Your actions didn’t go unnoticed by Namjoon as he tried one more time to initiate something between the two of you, only for no response to come, with your body not moving one little bit.
Eventually Namjoon gave in, bringing his hand back out from under your shirt and sighing loudly. “What have I done wrong?” He asked you, confused as to why you were so hostile towards him every time he got so close.
“You haven’t done anything wrong,” you replied to Namjoon, but he was far from convinced. He appreciated that perhaps you needed a bit of time to get used to having him around, but even how you were felt like too much for him to try and make sense of.
You wanted to take things slowly, to give yourself some time to adjust back into being affectionate having spent so long without even feeling someone give you a hug.
“You’re treating me like a stranger Y/N, I just don’t understand right now.”
As much as you wanted time, you still felt bad for Namjoon. You could hear how deflated he was in his voice, he had tried several times to get something going, but each time he was met with a cold shrug of the shoulders from you.
“I’m having a hard time getting used to having you home,” you began to tell him, “it might sound stupid, but I’ve got really used to just being here all by myself this time Joon.”
His head nodded as your eyes opened, nervously tilting your head back to look up at him, surprised to see a weak smile on his face as he listened closely to you.
“Why didn’t you say if you were having a hard time?” Namjoon asked you, full of concern. “I could have helped you get used to having me home rather than trying to push you into having sex or doing something, unaware that you weren’t feeling it.”
Your shoulders shrugged back to him; it was hard for you to describe how you were feeling. You were just confused, knowing that you should be happy about the fact that Namjoon was home.
“I would have understood,” Namjoon assured you, “it’s always a bit of a change for me coming home too, finding myself back in my routine again, feeling like tour never even happened.”
Although it might not have seemed that way for you, it still felt slightly strange for Namjoon too to be able to wrap his arms around you again. It felt slightly too good to be true if anything, with the tour thankfully flying by for him.
“Are you comfortable now? Just cuddling me on the sofa?”
“I think so,” you whispered, “I’m so used to just stretching out here all by myself, suddenly having someone wanting to hold onto me again feels slightly surreal to me.”
Namjoon’s head continued to nod, understanding everything that you had to say. “We can just take our time and ease back into being affectionate with one another again if that would be easier for you. There doesn’t need to be any rush placed on the two of us being intimate again, right?”
You smiled appreciatively back up at Namjoon, feeling his hand tap gently against your waist. The last thing that he wanted to do was push you further away, especially when Namjoon had only just managed to get you back again.
“Let’s just take our time, how does that sound instead?” Namjoon suggested.
You accepted his offer straight away, hoping that it would be better for you to ease yourself back into things too. Although he wanted to throw himself back into intimacy with you, more importantly Namjoon wanted for you to be comfortable with it.
“I’m sorry,” you suddenly spoke up to Namjoon, “this probably wasn’t what you had in mind when you got on the flight home knowing that you were coming back home.”
“It’s not quite what I had in mind,” Namjoon admitted in reply to you, “but I also understand how all of this must feel for you. We all cope with these sorts of things differently, and if you need a bit of time, then that’s alright. It’ll just make the moment when you feel comfortable more special, at least then we’ll both be enjoying it too.”
Your head nodded in agreement with Namjoon, “I just feel like I’m dreaming seeing you here right now, having you touch me still feels like a dream.”
Namjoon smiled back down at you, once again reassuring you that he got it. Although you felt as if you needed to explain yourself, Namjoon didn’t feel like you needed to at all, getting that you needed a bit of time.
“I am excited to have you home though Joon,” you told him.
The corners of his mouth continued to turn up, “I know you are. I can tell that you’re happy to have me home because I noticed several of my hoodies washed in my wardrobe, I’m guessing they’ve been my replacements whilst I’ve been gone?”
“I was hoping that you wouldn’t notice,” you shyly chuckled, “I just couldn’t bring myself to sleep without anything of you beside me.”
Namjoon’s grip around you tightened, “I wouldn’t have been mad, I’m just glad that you decided to swap the hoodies for me now that I’m home.”
“Of course, nothing compares to having the real you here.”
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serenityslutt · a day ago
Hii, could you please write some fluff where Jungkook and reader are married with a daughter/daughters and he lets her/them color his tattoos? Please and thank you!! <3
Cariño this is so cute ofc!
It’s short ofcs :,)
S/N & D/N= son/daughter name
Tumblr media
~Mis bebes
Pairing: jungkook x f!reader
Genre: lovers, married couples, fluff, another kid?
No warnings
“Los amo con todo mi corazón”
“Close your eyes baby” you rubbed his cheek rocking him to sleeping “daddy that needs color too” from the corner of your eyes you see her point at a tattoo on his right hand “can i color it” she squeezed his finger with her hand. Your heart warms just looking at your daughter stare at her dad with suck loving and exciting eyes. “Of course be careful when grabbing the markers okay” she nods running to get the box of markers. You walked over to the both of them curious to see what they’re doing.
“Baby be careful with daddy markers” he smiled “sweetheart it’s okay” your beautiful daughter smiled “see daddy says it’s okay”. Jungkook puts his hand out you take it he quickly pulling you closer to him, his arm wrapped around your waist.
“Aren’t those your expensive ones” he nods, jk still loves to draw and paint he takes very good care of his art stuff. You won’t say youre surprised but you aren’t he loves his daughter so much he can’t say no to her pretty smile. “How’s my other baby” you smiled looking at your seven month baby. You bring him closer to jungkook he kisses him on his head “they’re going to be so beautiful” you caressed his chubby cheek. You smiled looking at your peaceful baby sleeping in your arms.
“Just like you” he kissed you head making you smile “and like you” you kissed his neck “mommy do you have what daddy has” she point on his arm you nod “where” you point on your hip “right here” her eyes brighten with curiosity “what is it” you smiled “it’s a ____”. She smiled as she continued to color her dad arm “can you show me later” you squeezed her cheek “yes”. She pulled another color from the box as she focused on coloring inside and not messing up. “Daddy is it pretty” jungkook nods as he caressed her cheek “it’s beautiful you’re a good artist like daddy” you smiled at their interaction a small blush appears on her cheeks.
Jungkook stares in aw “look she’s blushing, I made her blush” he looked at you excited and happy. He quickly cupped her face kissing her cheeks “muah muah” she giggled “daddy let me finish” he kisses her head before letting her continue.
“Mommy” you look at her “yes” she grabbed both of you and jungkook hands “I want another brother or sister” your eyes widen. Another one isn’t s/n enough just thinking about going through the pain again but once you have them you will love them forever. Jungkook smiled as he pulled you closer “see I’m not the only one who wants another one” he kissed your cheek. “She can sleep with me and s/n” he smiled as she continued to draw cute figures on kook. “umm kook” you look at him as he has a smirk on his face he looked at d/n “we will have to wait and see cupcake” he touched her little nose making her smile. “But i promise you we will give you another brother or sister” she squealed in excitement.
“YAYY s/n we’re getting another brother or sister” he smirked kissing you lips. Jungkook wants you to have all his baby’s.
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satnin-darling · 10 hours ago
Drabble | (Love You) All The Time. (m) | Kim Taehyung, 4.7k
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Summary: “How many more minutes till we land, Chim?” Jimin stretches his legs, the all black outfit he wore giving him a slender silhouette. He regards Taehyung with a light amusement in his eyes. “Relax Romeo. We’re almost home.” 
Warnings/Tags: RATED M (18+); for language, smut (fem-reader; on today’s edition of your fave horny, love-sick dorks, there is: dirty talk (sdfljkl); fingering; pussy slapping; cow-girl/riding; multiple orgasms, penetrative sex; so much teasing and talking, Taehyung may be a menace but that didn’t mean that he can’t be rivalled lmao); fluff - drying Taehyung’s hair because in my mind, he’s too lazy to dry it properly; I feel like the general tangent for these two is to stay in love and have the best time in bed and basically forgo all else, but I mean, what a way to live tbh; idol!AU - established relationship. 
I’m coming at you with something short (filthy lol) and sweet! It happens sometime after he comes back from the US! It feels like an age since I last posted but I’m so so happy that the series is so well loved :’] 
If you want to read the series it’s @4:23AM :]
Taehyung always thought of travelling as an exercise of untethering the soul. Nearly a month away lends itself to his mind adjusting to a different environment - a different kind of frequency. The concerts came and went and as much as he wanted to keep it to himself, he was literally and figuratively spent. Home would be good. 
Ideal, really. 
He didn’t used to feel this way, home being just a place as opposed to a person. Usually, he considered himself pretty independent and raring to go, but it’s only now that he’s begun to miss a certain kind of stability. To heed the yearning to want the world to slow simply because he feels like he’s not getting enough time to just… be. 
Though it does help that you’ve moved in. He knew that Jimin’s grateful for your presence curtailing their nearly nightly calls, two hours being a little excessive despite the cabin fever they all go through sometimes. 
Or maybe it’s because he liked being around you all the time. 
He did love you, after all. 
He imagines you sound asleep when he gets back, the slope of you will be the first thing he’ll see when he enters the bedroom. The sheets would be a garish colour this time, as he gathered from the previous video call together, but he doesn’t mind. Grey and blue might even be passé, especially given that it’s summer. Besides, he couldn’t resist the way you were ecstatic after the set arrived no less than a week after the purchase. The thought puts a smile on his face, one that Jimin catches as he straightens his posture. The plane judders, breaking the lapse of turbulence. Taehyung hides his grin behind his hand but Jimin is onto him, as expected. 
“You’re lucky we have masks on, otherwise people would be able to tell right away just how happy you are to be back,” Jimin laughs, his own mask slipping up as he smiled behind it. 
Taehyung joined in, laughing at how the mere thought of you was enough to melt the fatigue of being suspended in the air for longer than he wanted. So he allows himself to indulge and ask silly, almost rhetorical questions to anyone who’d listen. 
Thankfully though, Jimin is always gracious. 
“How many more minutes till we land, Chim?” 
Jimin stretches his legs, the all black outfit he wore giving him a slender silhouette. He regards Taehyung with a light amusement in his eyes. 
“Relax Romeo. We’re almost home.” 
Taehyung deflates onto his seat, sliding the window up. Seoul is so close, its lights blinking bright, framed nicely from where he was sat. There’s the whole ordeal of going through the exits, the intrusive and rapid shutters of the cameras, then there was the alcove of the van and the journey along the sweeping highways. Then, the tedious journey up to the right floor, the almost automatic punching of the key code, and into the hearth. 
Yeah. Jimin’s right. 
He’s almost home. 
Early evenings were a staple in your routine. A month apart from Taehyung was nothing compared to what you’ll have to endure as things are gradually returning to normal. That means a plethora of things out of your control, one of which is time spent together. Yoongi hinted to it at some point, describing in fractured pieces that you were able to puzzle together. 
It’ll be hard at first, that you knew. But the relief you felt once reunited couldn’t compare anyway.
A month seemed doable if not for the maze of Taehyung’s apartment making it obvious that the space was so large. It made being alone that more tangible, which was a change in perspective given that you went from living alone to cohabiting. Perhaps you needed time to get used to how often he would be working and the hours demanded of him sometimes. 
The office he had set up for you was not in need of further furnishing and working from home eased the burden of the commute, so it was just you and Yeontan against the hours of the day. Taehyung would call, of course, but it wasn’t the same as having him in person. The scent of his skin, the softness of his hair, the sound of his laugh really is better in real life. 
He could tell too, from the way you’d linger during your goodbyes, doing his best to remain upbeat despite the demands of his schedule or the marathon he kept up during the concerts. Somehow, Taehyung being reduced to the borders of your phone screen made little impact on just how much you missed him. You’d insist that you were fine, that it was, as he often said, ‘no big deal,’ but for you, he seemed to make an exception. 
Another week. 
And you’d nod, endeared at his attempt at being a human countdown. 
The evening before he was due to fly, he had sent you a photo of how he was scratched up from the stage, the wounds looking tender and raw. 
Went a bit too hard since it was the last day, he said, grinning so wide that his eyes sparkled in the tiny window of your video call. 
But are you really okay? You asked, propping your head up with the flat of your palm. 
Good thing you packed some band-aids, he replied, a smile erupting on his face, possibly not because he was that happy about having those at hand but because he was amused. You hide your face behind your hand, your skin heating up instantly. 
I really thought they were the normal ones, you confessed, ears burning up about how silly it was to have grabbed the assorted Pokémon band aids as opposed to the usual ones on the way back home. 
I love them. They’re really cute, he said, pushing his hair back. 
Soon enough, he had posted about it to reassure you that it wasn’t much of a mishap. As if to echo, no big deal. 
You had exchanged messages right before he boarded but you fell asleep swiftly as the day’s activities had exhausted you. Yeontan slumbers peacefully near and it wasn’t difficult to succumb either anyway. Your dreams weren’t that eventful and while you were used to being alone, you slept lightly during times of anticipation. 
Which was why you stirred awake the moment Taehyung lifted the comforter to try and slot himself behind you. 
“You’re here!” You said, flinging your arms around his neck as he laughed, securing his arm on your back to steady. Yeontan’s excited little barks receded as he padded outside, disturbed by the sudden flood of light in the otherwise, pitch black bedroom. 
It felt so good to feel Taehyung against your skin again. 
Pulling back, you’re met with tired eyes and barely dry hair. He kisses you before you could remark on anything, groaning as you adjusted yourself on his lap. There’s not much to say when you’re frantic like this, and in spite of the late hour, you both seemed wired, fuelling a month’s worth of distance into a hasty, five minute reunion. 
“I missed you,” he mumbled, his large hands skating up your back, ruching the shirt you wore. You nodded, at a loss for words. You kiss and kiss, this easy push and pull, the smiles that make your teeth clash and soft sighs bubbling from your lips. You suppose that you’re overwhelmed by his return, mostly uncontainable in the way that you never thought you could be with anyone else. 
Yet, Taehyung seemed to be an exception in an array of cases. 
Your hands sought the nape of his neck, the smooth skin, warm to the touch, the lengthy waves of hair, now resembling his natural shade. Not quite the caramel ‘Bichon Frise’ perm you teased him for months ago. And when his groan filters past his lips, along with the hard grip of his hand on your hips, controlling the way you’re grinding over his lap, you press closer. 
“Your hair’s wet,” you managed to say, squeezing some of the water from the end tendrils, he tilts his head, kissing you deeper, ignoring the way his hair is now soaking the collar of his shirt. 
“Taehyung,” you laughed, deliberately pulling back. You push the curtain of hair on his forehead to better see him. The first thing you asses is his pout, then the obvious way his hair is matted. 
“Did you even try and dry your hair?” 
Taehyung coughed out a laugh, his cheeks blooming red against the tan of his skin, “thought it was going to be loud. Didn’t want to wake you.” 
“You didn’t want to wake me,” you said, pushing yourself away from him and swerving the way his hands tried to make a grab at you. Some of the droplets made into your skin and you laughed as he quickly swiped it dry. 
“Okay, maybe I was a little too excited,” he confesses, sliding the nearby bean bag and placing it by the foot of the bed. 
After switching on the lamp, you opened a drawer and plugged in the hair dryer. Taehyung positions himself to sit, marginally lower compared to the bed. You had both figured out this arrangement early on as Taehyung would wander in, fresh out of the shower with wet hair, far too tired to make the last step of drying it. 
“It takes three minutes at most,” you said, though you didn’t really care. You smile as you saw that he had replaced the band-aids with fresh ones, this time Snorlax and Pikachu were next to each other, less corrugated and more uniform over his scratches. 
“What if I want you to do it?” Taehyung asked jokingly, slotting his arms around your legs as you fought to untangle the wire. 
“You always want me to do things for you.” 
Since there was truth to it, Taehyung resorts to getting comfortable, but you smile at the way he accepts the fact that he loves it when he’s coddled. At least in a manageable way, one that isn’t jarring but authentically himself. Looking down, it’s an odd position, to somewhat be straddling his head while sat on the edge of the bed. But that meant he could kiss the inside of your knee whenever he wanted to. Maybe it might take more than three minutes because you’d often be distracted by him in that way. 
“Won’t take that long,” Taehyung mutters, placing a light kiss right where you predicted, on the inside of your knee. 
This time, you agree. 
In an instant, the hairdryer comes to life, forcefully whipping his hair then flattening it as the air filters through the strands. Taehyung bows his head, articulating it in a slow arc, much to your amusement as he tries to dodge the way you try and untangle the stubborn knots at the end. The water evaporates and soon, he’s back to being cheeky, craning his head back so that you pointed the slim nozzle that ended up flattening his cheeks. He bared his teeth at some point and suddenly, his cheeks puffed up, making you laugh. 
“Stop it! I’m trying to prevent you getting a cold,” you said, trying to cage him with your legs. 
But he laughs harder, making more exaggerated movements until he’s getting up quickly to snatch the hairdryer from your grip. It lands with an underwhelming thud on the bean bag and you then find yourself on your back, looking up at him, the light from the lamp colouring his hair a kind of auburn, his eyes bright with mischief. 
“Wasn’t even done,” you protested (lamely) reaching up to loop your arms only to be prevented by him circling his hands over your wrists, pinning them above your head. That way, your back arches up, like a string anchoring you up to him. 
“Doesn’t matter,” he said, kissing you back, the weight of him feeling so good that it didn’t even matter so much that you were literally half hanging off the bed. Fighting against his hold, even as a gentle protest was futile, as he had pressed your wrist securely onto the mattress. 
“Any chance of letting me go?” 
Taehyung noses along your neck, the flick of his tongue landing a wet trail on the skin, the nip of his teeth making you gasp. 
“Difficult to say,” he murmured, that baritone delivery never failing to make you shiver in times like these, “spent too long away.” 
Everything is so distracting whenever Taehyung gets likes this, and your thoughts pour out like syrup. But you fight through it, remembering other details, like that fact that he came off a month-long schedule and a long-haul flight. 
“Aren’t you sleepy?” You asked, which sounded more like a moan from the way his fingers slip up yours shirt, caressing bare skin, grazing your nipple. He kissed you, muffling your breathy sigh, hooking his arm to spread your thighs wide. 
“Jet lag,” he replies, grinding more forcefully, igniting heat and making you go all dizzy. 
“Jet lag?” 
Taehyung releases your wrists, successfully sliding your shirt up and off. Despite being in every possible state with Taehyung to this date, you still, on instinct scramble to cover your chest, acutely aware that you’re now only in your underwear. 
“Jet lag,” Taehyung repeats, reasserting balance by shrugging his own shirt and letting it disappear on the floor. There’s no denying the fact that he’s been keeping well, his arms noticeably defined, the muscles contracting together that there are ridges and grooves apparent under the skin. It makes your earlier concern waver a tad, preparing to take his word for it. 
“But,” you said, gasping as Taehyung secures his hand on your hips to drag them at an angle that slots you just right, the pressure satisfying that it makes you aware of how your underwear is a stubborn barrier. “You should ah,” you said, breath hitching as he starts a slow grind, making your legs flinch. 
“You should rest,” you mumbled, tucking your face against the crook of his neck. Taehyung groans as your hip shot up, surprisingly mobile in spite of his attempts at locking you against the bed. He sweeps his head up, kissing you softly at first, then deeper, his tongue against yours in a heavy pressure, your eyes fluttering close. 
“Got all week to do that,” he mutters, his mouth opening like yours as you shivered, your core getting wetter by the second. You wanted to reply, to insist that this could wait, but Taehyung leans back, sliding your underwear off you. Trembling and exposed, you snap your thighs shut, but he catches you in time, spreading you wide. 
“T-taehyung,” you gasped, and he leans forward, capturing your lips in another kiss, curling an arm above your head for leverage. His fingers, slender and teasing, make inconsistent trails on your skin, wandering down, down till they find your slit, wet and throbbing. 
“Ah fuck,” he sighed against your lips, and you whimpered as you feel him tentatively pushing two fingers in, a sort of preemptive curl as his thumb settles on the swollen bud of your clit. 
“Was fucking torture,” he starts, all while pushing into your tight heat, your legs seize for the moment, coming together in a way that constricted his fingers as they thrusted in and out of you. “Being away from you for that long.” 
The confession is nothing new. You were both on the same page about how hard it was but it seems different now, the distance being responsible for you being restless. Taehyung goes deeper, knuckle-deep, his thumb flicking your clit that you jolt. The pleasure reaches almost dizzying heights, the easy glide of his fingers audible in the room. You cling onto him, your hips following a jagged rhythm.
“Ahn,” you breathed, grabbing at his broad shoulders, biting his bottom lip in earnest. He inhales, a quiet sort of noise before he ups the pace, crushing you underneath him with a steady pressure. You whined, toes curling at how attuned he was, the plunge of his fingers, now coated in a sticky drip, the nasty little noises making your face heat up. 
“Ah fuck, I -” you gasped, not sure what you wanted to say, just lost in the way the pleasure roils through you, lost in the perfect rhythm of his fingers, his thumb at your clit, you’re sure that you’re sullying the sheets by now. 
“So fucking wet,” he breathes, kisses you slowly, the mesh of his lips against your adding to the dizziness you’re experiencing. He shoves his fingers in a devastating plunge, sinking to the knuckle, a languid caress at the retreat that you’re squirming, half embarrassed at the constant audible squelch. 
“Mmh, fuck,” Taehyung rasps against your mouth, and you gasp in reply, clutching desperately at the firm. He carries on, ruthless in the pace. You tuck your face at the crook of his neck, flustered and overwhelmed, whiny mewls filtering into the air as your thoughts dissolve. 
“T-taehyung,” you moaned, hips jumping up, following where it felt good. “Fuck, keep going, ah.” 
You feel your pussy clamping on his fingers, your thighs shaking as the pleasure gathers, his fingers getting more rapid coinciding with the slap of his palm as he goes deep. Your eyes shut at some point, your moans becoming sighs but then you feel him pull his fingers out suddenly. Eyes snapping open, your breathing devolves into an erratic stutter, unable to hide your disappointment at the loss but in seconds, his open palm lands on your pussy and you cry out, losing all strength as your back hits the bed. 
Taehyung alternates with fucking you with his fingers and slapping your pussy, your swollen clit getting the most of it that you jolt. The force of his arm, flexed and taught, is just enough that you’re overcome; he slips his fingers out, the shining digits coated plentifully, gentling them over your slit, rubbing your abused clit in an almost tender fashion. Your moans become high pitched, hips bucking up as your legs tremble. 
“C’mon,” he murmured, unfairly calm given that the veins his arm have raised, “yeah, so fucking sloppy for me, shit.” 
And it’s his words, more than anything, that causes the sudden snap. You’re whole body jolts, your voice robbed as your legs rise higher. Your pussy clamps around his hand, juices dripping down as you came, hands scrunching the sheets into disarray. Taehyung groans as he feels you tighten around him, he slows his fingers and pulls them out again, slapping your pussy once more that you yelp, toes curling. Taehyung leans forward, skating his touch, dragging his soaked fingers along your bare skin, kisses you softly, moaning as you are, feeding off your high. 
Your face is so warm that you might even think it’s scalding. As your thoughts come back to you, it’s not hard to realise that  the distance made Taehyung a little bolder and a lot more vocal. A part of you thinks you can meet him halfway, if not, do better and reduce him into a mess. 
“You looked so pretty coming around my fingers,” he mutters, grazing his lips along your jaw, you moaned softly in response, trying to settle the twitch in your heart. 
Admittedly, something in you makes you want to hear the crack in his voice, to hear it taper into something shaky, and make the tan of his skin bloom red.
With that resolve, you kiss along his neck, down till you skim your lips along his collar bone, hands desperately tugging his shorts down. You moaned at the sight of his cock, heavy and leaking, the tip beading pre-cum as you swipe your thumb over it. 
“Yeah? Was I pretty for you?” 
“Fuck,” he gasped, his breath separating the strands of your hair as his hips buck into your touch. 
Then, there was that gap in his control, and you’re able to push him on his back. Taehyung’s lips curved upwards, his bottom lip trapped under his teeth as his hands bracket your hips. His hair has taken a wild tumble, the darkened strands easily pliable. You lean over him, slotting your mouth against him, hovering your breaths together. 
“Want me to bounce on your cock?” You whispered, grinding on his length, just enough to coat it with wetness. You feel him dig his fingers over your hips, aware of his mouth moulding into a snarl as you rocked against his cock. He was leaking so much that it was pooling on his abdomen, viscous and sinful. 
“Oh fuck,” he grunts, his hips lifting from the bed, in turn lifting you. 
“Want me to come all over you?” 
That seems to rile him further as he curses under his breath, a little more forceful than the last time as he presses you down so that your messy folds envelope his length almost completely. You loved his deeper voice melting into the air, made the vulgarities that came after more charming. 
“Feels so good when you’re inside me,” you murmured, kissing him again. 
“Want you deep,” you sighed, swiping your tongue against his, “so deep that I won’t be able to think about anything else for days.” 
Taehyung seems to lose it, his voice in this deep rumble, your name sounding more like a warning than any kind of affection. He reaches to the side blindly, grasping at the random assortment of condoms on the table. You couldn’t help but laugh, helping him locate one. Impatient, he tears one with his teeth as you lean back, tilting your head in a display of coyness. You observe him make clumsy work of sheathing his cock, his mouth twitching into this snarl, his jaw jutting out slightly, pink lips in an even deeper shade. Once done, he grips the tops of your thighs and you grin widely, grasping the base of his cock.  
You raise yourself up, steadily taking him in, inch by inch, until there’s that familiar muted squelch that has you both moaning. You grind down, fully seated, shivering at the way your pussy stretches to accommodate. Taehyung has thrown his head back and the sight of his neck, corded and the veins raised made you bite your lip. 
“Fuck,” he breathed, digging his nails onto your flesh, “don’t think I’ll last a minute.”
You smiled, “you still want me to bounce on it?” 
He shoots you a warning glare, his features flickering as you grind on him, getting used to his cock in your pulsing walls. But you had to control yourself from moaning as your clit grazed the base. 
“Fuck, ah,” he moaned, folding his legs up for some leverage, you feel yourself tightening around him,  “bounce on it, fuck.” 
You sit up, palms braced on his chest, the move straightening your arms to the point where it swells your tits together. Taehyung’s mouth twitches into something menacing, his eyes coming alight. 
He then dents your skin in an impatient display, “yeah.” 
That was all you needed, raising yourself up, breath thinning into a whine as you slam your hips back down, grinding to finish. Taehyung gasped, his abdomen seizing as you started a rhythm, arching your back, the fleshy smack of your thighs against his echoing sharply, your skin practically searing hot that it breaks into a sweat. 
“Ah fuck,” he grunts softly. It makes you shiver at the upstroke, the momentum building as you used the bounce of the mattress to help you along. Your muscles are exerting a lot of effort but it was worth it seeing Taehyung visibly struggle to hold himself back. His eyes continually flutter, his jaw slack, and his freshly dried hair beginning to stick at the temples. Finally, you see his tan get tainted in rose, blooming along his chest, seeping up his neck and flourishing on his cheeks. 
“Is it good?” You breathed, leaning forward, kissing him in a featherlight press of your lips. 
“Shit, yeah,” he groans, kneading your ass in desperation, “feels so fucking good.” 
Elated as he kissed you deeper, your moans blend into a soft whine as he juts his hips up, messing up your rhythm. You manage to get it back, leaning back again and dropping down forcefully, your pussy unbelievably wet that it’s spilling onto your inner thighs. You’re already sensitive from your earlier orgasm and it’s not long before Taehyung lifts his hips in earnest, his cock stretching you so good that you’re a mess. 
“Right there, fuck, you’re so good,” he praised, pulling you back down by the nape, crashing his mouth against yours. You tremble above him, hurtling towards higher heights, whimpering against his mouth as his tongue makes the kisses messier in a filthy swipe. You knew that Taehyung gets loud right before he’s about to come and you couldn’t wait to hear those groans drawn from somewhere deep in his chest, almost a growl. 
“Taehyung, hgnh,” you moaned, your words muffled due to his mouth on yours, his kisses tender and addictive. 
He wraps his arms around you, practically stitching you against his chest, his thrusts are brutal and deliberate and you couldn’t do anything except take it. You yelped as you felt it then, a quick unravelling as you came, that bolt of pleasure that will pierce through you in an blinding sensation. A wave of arousal spills past your folds, your pussy contracting and bearing down on his cock that he emits a helpless groan. It spurs him too, his grip on your hips like a vice that it steals your breath, his hips jumping up in an unrelenting, the slippery slide of his hand following the trail of your spine, curling over your shoulder and holding you in place as you cried out against his lips, your clit oversensitive as his cock pistoned into you, over and over. 
The aftershocks hit you like a wave, it crashes through you as Taehyung’s muscles stiffen, his snarl diffused at the skin of your throat as he pumps his cock one, final time, your thighs burning from the action. But it’s the best kind of satiation, the kind that brands technicolour neon behind the eyelids. 
“Fuck,” he gasped, his pulse strong in his ribcage, holding onto your hips as you shivered at the come down. You press your cheek on his, trying to catch your breath as your exhales fan his hair into wisps. You feel him rub your lower back in slow, soothing circles, a chuckle follows. On shaky arms, you prop yourself up. 
“You’d think that I’d be,” he says, kissing along your jaw, eventually landing on your lips, “but I’m not.” 
His confession makes you clench involuntarily and he groans into the kiss. 
“Can’t get enough,” he adds, squeezing your ass for emphasis. 
You laughed, playfully swatting his chest and sitting up to gingerly lifting yourself off him. Once on your side, he fusses over you, tucking your sweaty hair behind your ear. You’re met with his spent expression and that drowsy smile you loved so much. 
“We’ve got time,” you said, reassuring him. He finds your hand, twining your fingers together. 
“Yeah, but it’s hard cause I want to be with you all the time.”  
You feel your face grow warm. 
"You know, some say distance makes the heart grow fonder," you replied. It’s all in jest though, and Taehyung knows it so he pokes his finger to your side, making you burst into laughter.  
“My heart’s had enough of the distance.” 
Shrugging, you admit, “but I love it when you get all clingy.” 
Taehyung blushes, his eyes glowing suddenly, “I’m clingy all the time, though.” 
You think to yourself that each time he comes back home, it’s the same: that it’s just as comfortable and just as nice to be together, like this. With dawn peeking through the blinds in a familiar, neon orange border, limbs heavy and sated, while enveloped in this bubble you’re in.  
You grinned, accepting his kiss as he leans in, your chest filling up with something warm, something you've gotten used to because of him.
“Then I love you all the time.” 
Other drabbles (m)
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masterlist (I) | masterlist (II)
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bangtanflirt · a day ago
Yandere JK Kidnaps You
Just a short (around 500 words) drabble my brain conjured up.
Angst with Jungkook x Reader (Mentions of Jin x Reader)
Warnings: yandere themes, kidnapping and holding hostage, intense delusion on JK’s part, murder mention (not explicit), dubcon kissing and cuddling, just overall unsettling
Read under the cut
“Can I kiss you, jagiya?”
You hold your breath, nodding yes until his lips collide against yours. It’s not like you have a choice anyways—your hands and feet are bound to the bed.
The dimly lit room blurs as tears fill up your eyes. The broad chested man brings a hand to your face. You flinch as his corrosive touch dances on the skin of your cheeks, fingertips making their way to wipe your tears in the most deceivingly innocent manner possible.
To anyone looking from the outside, the scene might play out as if a caring boyfriend is guiding his nervous girlfriend through a new sexual endeavor: sweet, gentle.
But the truth was neither.
Because this man is not your boyfriend. No, your boyfriend, Jin, is out there looking for any trace of you. It’s been three days since you helped your seemingly harmless neighbor move into the apartment below you. Three days since he turned your world upside down.
From the moment he had you cornered, Jungkook paired his cruelty with the biggest doe eyes and pout, always referring to you as if you’d been with him for years; as if you’re in love with him.
You learned very quickly on the first day that you wouldn’t make it out alive if you mentioned Jin, or reality really, in any way. All you can do is play along until someone finds you. If someone finds you.
You shake the seeds of hopelessness out of your head; as long as Jin is out there looking for you, there’s hope.
Jungkook smiles, stroking your hair and diving back in for another kiss. He’s lost in his own dreamworld while your real one is crumbling down by the second.
“Oh, forgot to tell you that some guy came here looking for you. His name was Jin or something.”
Jin made it all the way here? He’s so close. You’re so close. Thank heavens.
“Oh? Did you tell him I was here, with you?” You try to keep your voice as steady and nonchalant as possible.
Jungkook shakes his head no.
“He was insane. You know there’s a lot of bad people out there y/n, have to be careful. Kept rambling on about how he was your boyfriend. But don’t worry, I took care of him.”
You freeze.
“W-what do you mean you t-too-took care of him?”
With his hauntingly gentle tone, the man answers.
“His body’s in the basement sweet girl, but that’s not for you to worry your pretty little head about. Let your actual boyfriend do the heavy lifting.”
And so he plants a goodnight kiss on your nose, turning the lights off and maneuvering his large body to embrace you around the chains. He sleeps through your screeching wails, snoring into one of your ears as you mourn the man you love.
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slxt4jungkook · a day ago
lifeguard crush part two🛟
Tumblr media
pairings- jungkook x reader
genre- bad smut
word count- 1134
warnings- degradation
really bad smut tbh i don’t know how to write smut at all👹
“Do it then.”
He kissed you with passion taking your breath away as he did so. Pulling you close as your legs wrapped around his waist, needing to feel closer.
“Fuck you don’t know how bad I’ve wanted you.”
You reached down his body from his shoulders to his v-line feeling him up not wanting to stop. His arms reaching behind you and touching at the clasp of your bra.
“Can I?” His voice smooth.
“Please Kook.” Whiny and needy, not caring about how desperate you sounded at this point.
Bra coming undone and his hands already on your chest as you kissed. Your hands wrapped in his hair as he played with your tits. Loving the feeling of them in his hands.
“Touch me.” Begging, whining in his mouth.
“I plan to.” Breaking the kiss and his lips found your breasts, sucking and biting on your skin.
“Fuck Kook, feels good.” Hands still in his hair, pulling at it.
“Mhm just wait baby.” His mouth on your breasts and his hands dipping into your shorts, pulling at them, asking you with his eyes.
Nodding at him, he pulled at the fabric and threw them towards the shore of the lake. Your hands now tracing down him and to his trunks, feeling around his thighs avoiding the place you wanted most.
“Touch me.” He moved your hand onto his bulge, guiding your movements. Grasping him through the trunks.
His hand reached into your panties with not much to hide under. Leaving small circles on your clit.
“Jungkook, please just fuck me.” Gasping at the sensation as he fingers played with you. Wanting more of this feeling.
You let your hand fall into his waist band and felt him finally, stroking his length as well as his ego as your mouth gaped, shocked at the size of him.
“Not so cocky now hm? Don’t worry we’ll make it fit.” He smirked down at you and his continued playing with your pussy, moving down to kiss you.
You both were touching one another just making each other feel good in the middle of a lake at 9pm just after people left. The realization was starting to hit you as his fingers dipped farther towards your heat. But in this moment, you didn’t care. Sure you could be taking advantage of this crush of yours but you liked him so much how could you say no?
“Are you gonna fuck me or what?”
“Watch your mouth.” Oh. You didn’t expect Jeon Jungkook to get so dominant with you, sure rumors went around but never about him being commanding. That was hot.
“And what if I don’t?”
Without warning he plunged two fingers into you, spreading you wide as you choked on your words hand covering your mouth in shock.
Two can play at that game.
You gave his dick a good squeeze as started pumping him faster, playing more with his tip.
“You’re so bad.” He growled at you in pleasure, quickening the pace he was fucking you with his fingers. His thumb playing with your clit.
“Makes me wanna fuck you dumb.”
“Please Kook, just fuck me.”
“So needy, such a slut.” He set you down from his waist for a moment to take off his shorts, still you haven’t seen his dick as your both under water, you’re so very curious.
“Wanna get fucked mm?” Gripping your hips, bringing you closer.
“Please Kook, need it so bad.” And you did.
“I see the way you look at me Y/n. How you stare. Got a crush on me?” Smirking to you, so full of himself and so so right.
“Fuck yes, but please right now I just need your dick in me.” Pumping his cock once again, feeling his length, you needed him.
“What baby wants she gets.” He picked you up again, legs around his waist as he teased your core with his length.
“Hurry up, plea-!”
Stuffed full of cock. Moaning at the feeling and grasping his hair as he fucked you. Rocking his hips so hard into you. It was shocking at how fast he could fuck under water.
“Fuck, such a tight pussy.” Groaning in your ear as he practically used you, rutting into your heat as you moaned in pain and pleasure.
“So s-so big.” Filled you up so nice.
“Silly girl, just wanted to get fucked dumb.”
“Mhm thats all I wanted.” You couldn’t care less about what you were saying, lost in the feeling.
His hand finding your clit nearly pushed you over the edge.
“My dumb slut.” Fucking you full of his cock. Legs holding him tight as your hands held his shoulders. Hips moving so quickly, filling you up.
“Fuck, close.” You moaned as he hand continued stroking at your clit, holding him so close afraid of losing this feeling.
“Come on this cock.” Hand moving fast at your clit and fucking you harder, hands scratching at his back.
“Fuck Jungkook!” Feeling the coil in your tummy break. Falling into bliss as he fucked you through it, not planning on stopping.
“C-can’t.” Out of breath, feeling so fucked out.
“You can.” Making you take every bit of his cock.
“Kook, too m-much.” Overstimulated was an understatement. His cock could hit the right place every time, you couldn’t take much more.
“Thought my baby was a slut? You can take it love.” Fuck the names. You could feel another approaching you. Feeling so full and this crush on him wasn’t helping.
“Gonna cum for you.” Fucking you faster than before and watching the waves bounce around you at the pace he was moving.
“Fuck Kook!” Coming around him a second time he finally came undone. Filling you up with his seed. Hips stuttering in and out of you in pure pleasure.
“Fucking hell.” He cursed at the feeling.
Both of you catching your breaths still holding one another.
“So you do have a crush on me?” He smiled to you happily.
“No, really?” You hit him lightly and hopped out of his arms, ready to get out of the water and backing up.
“Where are you going?” He pouted.
“To get dressed.” Finally getting out of the water.
“Dont you wanna go shower?” He asked getting out too.
“You know the um bathrooms? We could go wash off real quick?”
“Are you gonna act shy after fucking the shit out of me?” You giggled.
“Well it’s just I did this backwards. You’re supposed to ask the girl you like on a date first not um yeah. Actually do you just want me to take you home? Im sorry if this was awkward just-“
“Kook. Let’s go shower.” You smiled. God how liked him so much and it felt so much better knowing he liked you too.
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kookstempo · 2 days ago
Idol verse jk and oc on stage performing while oc was mad at him , like that beyonce and jay-z performance. Thanks <3
hello, beautiful anon. sorry for the looooooong ass wait, uni has been eating me alive. here you go, i hope you enjoy it and pls interact with it :( <3
Tumblr media
Jungkook is what people call a social butterfly; friendly with everyone, outgoing, charismatic. And you’re 100% sure his ex-girlfriend, Jihyun, would agree. You don’t hate the girl - she is a very talented kpop idol like Jungkook and you are, but you’re not supposed to like your partner’s ex, right? Or get along with them, in other cases.
Working for a different company has taken a toll already on your relationship with Jeon. It all started back in January at an after-party. Your company had very strict rules for all of their idols to prevent any fake relationship scandals. If you wanted to be friends with someone from another company, demonstrations of affection were entirely out of the picture, let alone hanging out together. So when Jungkook approached you that night, stating that he didn’t care about your company’s rules, you had decided to say “fuck it”, too - with alcohol in your system it was simple - and agreed to go out for coffee with him. In spite of that, you were practically forced to follow the rules your companies had set - not allowing you to be seen in public and arranging your “work meeting” somewhere else.
If it was difficult once, it became even more difficult when the connection between you two started growing and you wanted to date. Things became progressively better with time, the restrictions your company had set were slowly becoming less strict, and some were forgotten. Yet, 5 months into your relationship and you’ve been seen with Jungkook less than 7 times, even if now everyone knows about your relationship.
In the same way it has always been, you both had gotten a lot of hate; why were both of you dating people from other companies? What if that caused Jungkook to drop Big Hit and join your company? That hate felt almost one-sided. But there was love, too - two of the most powerful dancers and vocalists in a relationship, the adorable size difference… Head high and heart in hand, you pushed through and your relationship kept growing.
The thing you really can’t seem to get past is the rumors. All kinds of rumors. One month it’s Jungkook “crying” on stage because you broke up, next month your company releasing you because of your relationship with him, and so on.
But this month’s rumor has to be the worst - with the most terrible timing. Jungkook, three other K-pop idols, and you had been called to make a performance together for the MAMAs, something people weren’t expecting. He was more than excited since BTS’s schedule was finally freer, therefore leaving space for him to fit it into his agenda. The group’s energy and nervousness were high during the last week of rehearsals. There was a plan B, plan C, plan D even, for any emergency. 
So the last thing you needed the day of the awards was for your boyfriend to be seen with his ex-girlfriend on the red carpet - going to the extent of taking pictures together. People were starting to doubt your relationship - once again - due to the lack of times you’ve been seen together, thinking it is forced or to benefit your companies.
“Have you seen the pictures of Jeon and Jihyun tonight, Miss Y/N?” A reporter’s question resounds between the millions of questions being thrown at you.
Do not stop smiling, Y/N. You’ll give them something to talk about. 
Redirecting your focus to another person behind the cameras asking you to pose, you wink towards the camera and decide it’s enough, grabbing the tail of your dress and walking to the entrance of the building. When you’re out of sight, you lose the facade and groan, walking faster to locate your backstage area. The performance is one of the first to start the show - when you locate the area, you are immediately pulled in by the makeup artists so they can help you get into your outfit.
Tumblr media
You know he’s already in the building. If the screams weren’t indicator enough, both your manager and Seohyun telling you that Jungkook is looking for you finish breaking the news. You brush both of them off with a “thanks, I’ll go to where he is”, but stay on your side of the stage. The performance is bound to start in 7 minutes…more than enough time for you to go talk to Jeon, but you don’t want to. Putting one airpod in, you play your performance’s track to rehearse a bit, lightly marking every step. 
“Why are you so good even if you’re just marking?” A voice you recognize as belonging to your boyfriend speaks behind you.
Acting as if you can’t hear him, you replay the song and begin marking the steps again. This time, you do it with more intensity - nervousness has started to creep in. It’s the first time in a while you have been on stage with other idols and the expectations are high. They are all practically aces.
“You know I can see you only have one airpod in, right babe?” 
Fuck. Pressing your lips together, you turn to him and give him a weak smile, followed by a shrug. The couple of minutes left you have start breathing on your shoulder. You hear the performance before yours finishing, you turn off your airpod and hand it to your assistant, same with your phone.
“Hi. Aren’t you supposed to be on the other side of the stage already?” you respond coldly, shrugging your sweater off. 
It’s clear Jungkook isn’t expecting this attitude from you. You’re never like this, no matter the amount of anxiousness you are experiencing - normally sweet yet straight to the point so you don’t get distracted. He’s expecting you’ll reply to your assistant with the same biting tone when she asks you if you’re going to let your hair down, but when you reply with the sweetness he’s used to, he knows he fucked up. But he doesn’t know why.
When the time for him to go to his side of the stage arrives, he asks your assistant to walk with him to interrogate her and see if he can get any information. She seems pretty nervous - why is Jeon Jungkook talking to her? Who should she obey? He’s in a rush; if she spills the tea, she has to be brief. It’s with a long sigh and shaky hands that she lets him know the reason you’re upset.
“She saw the pictures of you and Ms. Jihyun on the red carpet. She has been on edge this week since there have been many rumors regarding your relationship… on top of that, there are people asking her if you broke up, who dumped who - and when she denies it, some people have the nerve to say things like ‘and you’re supposed to perform with him after that encounter?’ ‘sucks to be you’.”
He’s screwed. God, he’s such an idiot. He is not supposed to avoid Jihyun, it has never been an issue. But today? Yeah, today should have been an exception. He had heard about the rumors, yes. 
You two hadn't had a chance to speak about them, or even dispel them by being seen together.
After he thanks your assistant, he is ushered to his spot on the side of the stage where he has to wait until his part, which is right before yours. Going through the steps in his head, he hopes with all he can that the performance turns out the way it’s supposed to - no accidents, no visible tension between you two, especially on that last bit where everyone will dance together and you have a small section with him.
Tumblr media
Jackson’s piece was amazing. You cheer for him from your spot backstage and then the lights go down so they can transition from Jackson to Jungkook. You’re proud of him, of course, but the tight feeling in your chest won’t go away no matter what. You try to tell yourself it’s nervousness and not that - knowing Jihyun is in the audience cheering for your boyfriend and how that will make the rumors grow more.
“Grin and bear, it’ll be over soon and you can talk it out,” you tell yourself, focusing on how good of a dancer Jungkook is, while also being ready to step on stage the second you’re told to. 
His part is coming to an end, so you step on your stage mark where the lights are still down, and get in position, back turned to the crowd and surrounded by a couple of backup dancers. The moment the music starts, you forget about all the tension from earlier. It’s just you and the rhythm. The swaying of your hips, the musicality you carry, the way your body flows freely and powerfully earn you loud cheering. In the last piece of your choreography, you turn to face the right side and roll your hips to the beat of the music, gesturing with your hands to the crowd to be louder, finishing with the ending pose.
“Grin and bear, it’s almost over…” You whisper to yourself again as the lights are turned off and redirected to the final member, Jungwon. 
After his part, your section with Jungkook comes. The chemistry is always present and you hope it doesn’t seem forced after what happened. Dancing together may not be enough to completely clear off the rumors, but it’ll help. Shaking these thoughts off, you put your game face on and start strutting towards him, following the beat of the music. You’re pretty sure there’s a tiny scowl on your face because even if the crowd can’t see his expression, he seems frozen. You face the crowd and wink, then turn to him with a smirk and pull him by the collar where you sway together as the intro of the choreography.
He seems briefly relieved when you’re dancing all over him. But it hits him right then and there: you’re still pissed, and you’re just doing it for the crowd.
In the last seconds of the dance, Jungkook grabs your waist and pulls you back to him, like at the beginning of your section together. As you begrudgingly stare at him with pure love, despite your irritation, he grins lightly since he has to be discreet, and the music comes to an end seconds later. That - apparently - pulls you out of your trance; you pull away from him once your ending fairy is long enough. A bit breathless, you push your hair back and walk backstage, not waiting for Jungkook. The few people wandering around can sense you’re pissed - the few words of encouragement your ears are able to pick up are muttered in a shy, restrained tone. The door’s handle is within reach, but before you’re able to pull on it, someone grabs it and stops you from opening it.
“Uh, are you looking for your dressing room? This one’s mine…” 
The words die in your throat once you turn around and realize your boyfriend is the one holding the handle, looking mad but blue at the same time. He is having second thoughts about something - he won’t let go of the door’s handle. You know him better than you know yourself, so it doesn’t take you by surprise when he hugs you tightly after you give him a meek nod and loosen your grip on the handle. 
“We need to talk.” Both of you mumble at the same time, your words followed by a quiet giggle. 
“Please, my darling, you go first. I want to know what’s going on in that pretty head of yours so we can talk it through.”
You try to ignore the butterflies in your stomach. Your boyfriend has always been very considerate and respectful of whatever it is that you’re feeling. Organizing your thoughts, you clear your throat. 
“I saw the pictures of you and your ex tonight… So imagine my reaction when everyone starts talking about you and your ex on the red carpet while I had to go in by myself. And it hurts because we are rarely seen with each other because you are afraid of all the hate I'll get. But, Jungkook,” you step closer to him and grab his face with both hands, gently. 
“I believe our love is bigger than that hate, and we will be able to push through. I would love for everyone to know about us more than the basic ‘oh yeah they’re together, we haven’t heard any news about them breaking up’. I want people to never doubt our love, give them reasons not to…” You trail off, the crack in your voice noticeable enough and not allowing you to keep going.
“I imagined that would be the problem. I know I fucked up, my love. My most sincere apologies, I didn’t think it would be misinterpreted. But I think of it now and the media manipulates shit and creates a totally different story. Jihyun is a good friend of mine and you know it, we discussed it. But I should prioritize you.” 
He hasn’t stopped looking at you. He does this whenever he wants his message to really go through. Tears leave your eyes without a warning, and you direct your gaze to the floor, at which Jungkook tsks.
“Hey, no… Look at me with those beautiful eyes. That little look you gave me on stage, while I had you in my arms? Fuck, it was so hard for me to keep dancing and not take your breath away with a kiss. Then you looked all angry at me, and I knew right then and there I’d do everything I could to have you never look at me like that again.” 
Standing on your tiptoes, you kiss him, hard. He’s taken aback by it, but he doesn’t hold back and kisses you back with all of his might. When you kiss, you feel as if you can touch and see the stars even with your eyes closed. Lips made to connect with each other, yet every kiss feels different, brand new.
He steps back after a while, reluctantly. You are leaning in to kiss him again, but he stops you with his words.
“Sure thing, angel. Let’s give them what they’ve been wanting to see.”
You feel the change that night. It's not just you and Jungkook, by yourselves - you walk hand-in-hand to the car that will take you to your hotel room since you’ve decided to skip the afterparty.
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hobipost · a month ago
need to know
Tumblr media
— explicit drabble; jungkook x f. reader; someone call the horny patrol 🚔 i randomly remembered this jungkook existed and almost A YEAR LATER he still has me in a chokehold...
Tumblr media
You won't lie, you always wondered what Jungkook would be like if he was rougher in bed. He's much more into vanilla sex, and you have absolutely no complaints about it. Zero. Sex with him is always good, and you love the slow, steamy kinda thing.
You don't know what came over to him, you're sure you never let it out of your mouth. Jungkook simply came home after a concert, and with no further explanation dragged you to his room and proceeded to make almost every single little dirty desire you've been having the past weeks come true.
It started with his fingers. The tattooed ones. Two plugged into you with so much ease it felt like he used a whole bottle of lube. Well, he actually used it later to eat you out. It tastes like grapes and is one of his greatest purchases. Jungkook is used to fingering and eating you out, but this time... The way he didn't take his fingers away even if you were scooping up in bed, or how he spitted on your pussy like it wasn't wet enough — it's simply not a Jungkook thing. Then, after you cummed so hard you felt your throat starting to get sore from the screeches of pleasure, he took you from behind, edging you to the point of tears, marking your skin, tattooing it as his. Your hair was a mess in his large, rough hands, and every time he increased the pressure, your pussy spasmed around him.
Truly, he stopped sometimes to ask if it was okay. "I can take it. Fuck that pussy open," was your response. And so he did.
Burning like fire and tingling everywhere — if you have to describe what you're feeling for hours now, this would be the perfect description. Your poor knees and thighs are already sore from riding this man for god knows how long, but you can't stop. Every time you go up leaving only his tip inside, you can't resist coming back down until you feel him in your gut. Fuck. Is this why people are obsessed with rough sex? You can understand why.
"Kook," you whine, voice so thin and small you sound like a helpless woman. "I c-can't..."
Jungkook only forces his digits on your jaw. "You can and you will. Don't you dare stop now that you're almost there."
You take his words and use the back of the couch as leverage, knuckles white from the pressure of your fingers, but you don't stop. Slower, on a sensual and rough grinding, but you keep going. He's right anyway. Your trembling legs are trying desperately to close around his thick thighs to no avail. Jungkook, however, looks peaceful like he's just lounging on a random episode of In The Soop. That fucker. Meanwhile, you're fighting for your life against his dick. How can he last so long?! You lost count of the times you came and you're so sore you can imagine all the struggle to walk for the next days, and he just cummed once.
"Baby. Oh my god." Almost yanking the couch's back cushions, your whole body trembles in the arrival of your nth orgasm. The first reaction you have is trying to raise from his dick and press your clit to intensify the sensation. To breath some air for god's sake. But Jungkook has different ideas, simply holding your hip and forcing you back down on his cock, unmoving, making you soundly choke like it's on your mouth. With your clit now pressing against his hip, you have nowhere to put your hands, and they glide against his body with ease in search of some consolation because this is wrecking you. Your poor body is curling like a ball in his arms, brain shutting down like an overloaded windows 97.
Sweat is everywhere, you look like you both just came out of a boiling shower. Jungkook is gorgeous, a living sculpture crafted by gods — but now, fuck... His eyebrows, big nose, jawline, neck, chest, hips, thighs... No part of him isn't stimulating you in some kind of way right now.
"Stay still."
"Jungkook..." A pleading for mercy.
"Stay. Still. I wanna feel you clench around me. Fuck. How can you get so tight?"
You don't know how long it takes for your high sensation to subside, but when it does, you're hyper-aware of his thick cock still buried inside of you. Breathing like you've been underwater all this time, you whine weakly when he moves to trace his nose through the length of your sweaty neck, dick moving slightly.
Jungkook suddenly manhandles you to lay on the couch, and your legs try desperately to close because you know what that means. You're still sensitive and puffy. You can hear your poor pussy screaming at you Woman Give Me A Break For God's Sake. But Jungkook buries himself even deeper, making you choke a moan again.
"B-baby! What happened to you?! Oh my god!"
"Don't you like it?"
You take in his figure above you, glistening, hard, smelling like sex, and like Jungkook (you can't explain it but it's your favorite smell). His tattoos look like contemporary paintings, and you want to kiss them. Want him to take you from behind while choking you with that tattooed hand. Want to suck that goddamn silver ring on his lip.
"I fucking do."
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sxtaep · 2 months ago
hii not sure if this is where u submit request or not but can u dooo a yoongi or jk one where the reader is in the same friend group as the guys and he watches her onlyfans without realizing its her bc she doesn’t show her face/hes never seen her room but he recognizes something he gifted her in the background and he starts getting suspicious but she knew he watched her the whole time because she saw herself on his phone sometime ago this is so badly explained but i hope u understand and i hope u pick mine to write!! ty <3
Tumblr media
↬ description: jungkook was an avid supporter of your onlyfans content, except he didn’t know it was you, one of his closest friends, parading her body on the internet for the world to see.
Tumblr media
pairings — jungkook x female reader
genre — smut
word count — 2.1k
warnings/tags — bestfriends!au, dom!jungkook, sub!reader, jungkook gets pissed off, explicit smut, masturbation, mentions of teasing, edging, raw sex, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, dirty talk, degradation, rough sex, light nipple play, angry sex
a/n: this was meant to be a drabble, but i got carried away…
i hope you enjoy this anon <3
Tumblr media
Almost every night, Jungkook would find himself sprawled out against his sheets, phone in one hand and cock in the other. Beads of sweat adorning his forehead, and cheeks flushed due to the palpable heat surrounding him.
“Fuck, fuck—”
The screen displayed a partly naked woman, wearing a cute little pink lace bra, the straps seamlessly falling down her shoulders as she used her free hand to knead the flesh of her tits in her hold, holding the camera up high enough to capture everything.
The signature gold mini butterfly necklace that sat perfectly against her clavicles, shone under the dim light of her room. It looked awfully familiar, yet he assumed anyone could’ve had the exact same necklace. The reflection was playing as some kind of distraction from the real show, and Jungkook refused to cum from a silly ray of light.
This wasn’t out of ordinary. In fact, it was the highlight of his day, watching the beautiful woman flaunt her assets out to the world. Her curves, the subtle, but sexy dip of her spine when she’d be close to finishing.
Of course, it bugged him knowing there were a bunch of other horny old men with eyes on her, but Jungkook would always imagine the videos, the pictures, the live shows she did, were meant for his eyes only.
The video only happened to be 5 minutes long, and it was just the woman teasing and edging herself till the end, and that on its own had him cumming all over his sheets in less than 3 minutes.
Wrapping up tonight’s session, Jungkook let out a heavy sigh, wiping his hand down and ridding himself of his unclean sheets, lying back on his bed with her on his mind.
She was a faceless beauty, but he didn’t know that faceless beauty was you.
Tumblr media
“I say we settle on pizza and just call it day,” Yoongi suggests, shrugging his shoulders as everyone peered into your phone screen, watching you scroll through the list of restaurants.
Yourself and a bunch of your friends, including Jungkook, were now cooped up in his little studio apartment, trying to figure out where to order from for dinner tonight. Multiple suggestions were being thrown left, right and centre, yet the eight of you couldn’t settle on one restaurant.
“Pizza is boring, let’s order a chinese. We’re bound to have leftovers to last at least a week.”
Ah yes, Namjoon with the most efficient suggestion out there.
Whilst everyone was gathered around your phone, you didn’t notice Jungkook sat far away from you, seeming to be in deep thought with his hands clasped together and brows furrowed.
“Jungkook?” You call out to him, seeing him pull out of his trance as his eyes finally met yours. He didn’t say anything, waiting for you to carry on.
“You got any suggestions for where we should order from?”
For a second, Jungkook thought he was seeing things, his eyes landing on the obvious necklace adorning your collarbones, the one he had gifted, and immediately his mind was in a frenzy.
It wasn’t just any necklace. It was custom made, and he could’ve sworn the girl he watched last night was wearing the exact same one.
Jungkook stayed silent for a few moments, trying to gather his thoughts and came to the conclusion that maybe he was being delusional, and brushed it off before making his way over to the group.
Being much taller than everyone, he practically towered over them, resulting in him accidentally getting a view down your white blouse, and his breath hitched.
The bra.
Identical to the one in the video.
Surely not.
Paired with the necklace, it looked like Jungkook was getting a real life view of the video right now.
“Uhm, just order whatever, I don’t mind,” he says absentmindedly, licking over his bottom lip and soon leaving the group to go into his room.
Several hours went by, and the more he stared at the video, the more he was able to slowly give the girl a face, and he could only see yours in his mind, but it seemed impossible for him to believe.
A faint knock on his door was heard and he quickly exited the app, locking his phone and tossing it on the bed before yelling ‘Come in!’
You timidly stepped into his room, closing the door behind you and leaning back on the surface with your hands resting behind you.
Jungkook could only stare with blown out pupils. He was picturing you naked and to say the least, your face was the perfect fit.
God, he was getting hard just thinking about it.
“Wanna tell me what’s going on, or do I have to play the guessing game?” Your question came out as a joke, but you were dead serious to get to the bottom of his zoning out issues today.
Jungkook contemplated on whether he should just flat out tell you what was on his mind and confront you, or just continue as if nothing was wrong.
But he couldn’t let that happen. Not when your body clouded his mind every damn night.
“I could ask you the same thing, Y/N. Anything new going on with you?”
Of course you knew how Jungkook spent his nights. He was your biggest fan, paying big bucks for your content, always commenting on your provocative posts and always being the first person to join your faceless lives. Not to mention, you caught his phone unlocked with a picture of your bare body on his screen.
From then on, all your posts, your videos, your livestreams, we’re directed towards Jungkook. All the things you said, all the things you did, you always had Jungkook in mind.
You were rather taken aback by the question suddenly being flipped, but you shrugged. “Well, work is kind of a drag, and I pretty much have no life outside of it. I guess now and some nights after work, is the only free time I have to myself.”
The man only hummed, seemingly unconvinced as he dragged his eyes up and down your figure, stopping at the little butterfly resting on the crevice between your collarbones.
Eyes still glued to your body, he reached his hand out for his phone, unlocking it and pulling out the video he’d become oh-so-familiar with last night.
Jungkook turned the screen towards you, the screen bright enough to light up his bedroom.
“Tell me this isn’t you.”
You inhale sharply at the sight of your bare tits, thumb and index finger toying at your nipples. The sounds of your subtle whines and moans filled the room and you quickly grabbed the phone out of his hand, pressing pause and tossing it towards him.
“Okay, so you figured me out, so what?”
“What do you mean ‘so what?’ Are you purposely being stupid?”
Jungkook didn’t know why he was getting so mad, but he couldn’t control it, standing up and pacing around the room to collect himself.
“You don’t understand how many fucking nights I spent fucking my fist to you, Y/N.”
You weren’t surprised, but you didn’t expect him to be so angry about it.
A part of him was annoyed at himself for not realising sooner. You could’ve been the one getting him off rather than him doing it on his own.
“You were right under my fucking nose this whole time,” Jungkook stopped pacing, inhaling sharply and pinching the bridge of his nose with his eyes closed, not bothering to hide the obvious boner straining against his basketball shorts.
You hesitate to open your mouth, afraid you’d make matter worse, but he had no right staying mad.
“You can’t be mad at me, Jungkook. It’s not my fault you couldn’t tell. I practically dangled the necklace in your face just so you’d realise it was me.”
Jungkook could’ve sworn his cock throbbed from your words. You wanted him know it was you. Surely that should mean something..
The man doesn’t respond, simply staring at you in awe as you made your way over to him.
“Every little thing I did in those videos, every little thing I said, was directed towards you,” you whisper, arms cautiously wrapping around his neck as you pushed him back towards the bed, forcing him to sit down.
Little remnants of ‘God, need you inside me,’ and ‘Just wanna be stuffed full of your cock’ replays in his mind, your exact words from a couple nights ago.
Now was his time; his time to make both your fantasies become a reality.
Jungkook was quick to pull you towards him with the waist band of your leggings, forcing you to stand between his legs as he pulled the article down your body.
“Last time I checked you liked it raw. I’m sure I can assist with that.”
You were in no place to retaliate, simply letting him do as he pleases; ripping off your panties and almost salivating upon seeing your cunt in the flesh.
He brought one finger up to swipe up and down your folds, collecting your arousal and sucking the digit clean with a content smile on his face.
Jungkook was a fine man. A fine man who was the reason why you’d catch yourself masturbating way more than usual.
“Used to dream about drilling this pussy with my cock, ‘m finally gonna make that happen.”
Jungkook wrapped an arm around your waist, using his free hand to pull his cock out oh shorts and pull your down onto his lap, allowing his cock to seamlessly slip inside of you, causing you to groan.
Just as he had imagined, you were perfect fit. “Look at that, you slipped right in, huh?” His lips parted slightly as he stared down to wear your bodies connected, watching the way you’d drench his cock with your juices.
Considering the lack of prep you had, you were surprised by how easily he fucked into you, but the little hint of pain didn’t go unnoticed by you.
Jungkook was big. Far bigger than you imagined, so you were being stretched beyond your limits.
“You were living this double life and thought no one would find out what kind of shameless slut you are, showing yourself off to the world. So fucking stupid,” he spits, grabbing your face and forcing you to face him.
His words felt so demeaning, but it only left you yearning for more as you bunched your blouse above your chest to show off the infamous pink bra that drove all the men wild.
“Shit— Grab your tits for me, Y/N.”
You don’t hesitate to oblige, letting your hands fall to your chest to grab at your clothed flesh, repeating exactly what you had done in the video as Jungkook kept his hands on your hips, bouncing you up and down on his cock and watching the way your tits would bounce upon impact.
“Please, please, please— faster..”
Your moans were music to his ears, driving him on to thrust into you at a relentless pace, focusing on the sounds you were emitting and the sounds of skin slapping.
Just as hot at he’d imagined.
“Tell me right now, Y/N.. you’re gonna delete that whole page and save yourself for my eyes only. Understood?”
You don’t respond, too busy fucking yourself on top of him to provide an answer, and it just fed his frustration.
Jungkook’s hands dropped to your ass, digging his nails into your skin to force a response out of you, to which you only nodded, sopping walls squeezing tightly around his cock.
“Answer me.”
“Fuck, yes!” you cry out, pulling your bra up to rest above your breasts, giving Jungkook the opportunity to lean in and latch his mouth onto your erect nipples.
Far too much was going on for you to handle. This kind situation was merely just a dream before today, and now it was finally happening, all that pent up sexual frustration was finally getting an output.
Minutes go by and slowly by slow you’re almost reaching your peak. Jungkook looked like he had all the time in the world to fuck you, but you were so wrong.
Without any prior warning, Jungkook was flooding your cunt with his cum, his hips stuttering beneath you as you continued to clench around his throbbing rod.
“Fuck! Go on, Y/N. Milk my cock like you said you would in those videos.”
His blasphemous words were enough to drive you over the edge, legs shaking around him as you fell limp on top of him, wrapping your arms around his neck and burying your face against his jaw.
Jungkook’s hips eventually come to a slow pause, helping you both ride out your orgasms as he held you close to him, quickly pulling away to get a quick look at your state.
Flushed cheeks, glassy eyes, sweaty mess.
Just the way he imagined.
Tumblr media
if you have any requests, send in an ask!
please do not repost my works on any platforms
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delugguk · 13 days ago
'next thing you know, you're holding hands with him and end up getting married!'
Tumblr media
pair: jungkook x reader
genre: smut, stablished relationship, drabble.
word count: 641
for context, click here
Tumblr media
"I only have eyes for you," You pant out of breath staring at his face. Seating on his lap, bouncing hard on his dick.
"can't you see?" With a gasp, you grip onto his shoulders closer to your body. Jungkook's juicy thighs are all spread on the bed and he's not even touching you. Hands on each side, he's slighly pouty and there's a clearly hostile glare that's mixed with pleasure. He's trying not to react at how well your pussy swallows him but the more you bounce and kiss on his sweaty neck, the harder it gets.
Muscles flex.
You take his head closer to your chest and bury his face between your breasts, swinging your hips back and forth on him, "look at me baby." And Jungkook does obey.
his hooded, doe glistening eyes stare at you from belowㅡchin touching your skin. he's still sulking but his eyes gaze at you as if he was asking for more. Perhaps him wanting you to show him the real deal, to show him how solid your words truely are. To prove him that you'll forever look at him and him only and that you'll never leave him for another man. ㅡ while Jungkook was very confident of himself and your relationship, he still had his little jealousy times.. yeah, he was the jealous type but that didn't bother you as you liked that of him. It makes you feel safe and protected as he wasn't the toxic jealous type of boyfriend either. Just the right amount but he could still get possessive sometimes.
when looking up at you, he seemed pretty needy and cute. You wanted to plaster a bunch of kisses all over his face.
"did you heard me?" you ask him softly in contrast of how deep your thrusts were. He let's out a pleased hum confirming your answer but you needed to hear a clearer response from his pretty pink lips.
"Answer me," giving a peck to his forehead, the tone of your voice is rather much tender. You swear you get to catch his eyes twinkle for a second before he buries down his face back to your chest, placing a quick kiss.
he hiss, "I heard you," this time touching your body. Hands all over your waist, he guides your body waves deeper on him and there's a line of your arousal that connects to his pelvis everytime you move out of him. The both of you catching that little detail made the whole room suddenly feel like the hottest and that makes him fix his eyes back at you.
"I just want you all for myself," he almost mumbles, voice deep.
Clinched arms wrapping around your body, he presses you tigher agaisnt him. "You should be only mine." His strong hug making you stock-still but soon enough you notice that's his plan all along because of the way his hips start marking a rather fast speed.
"babe-" you can't help but arch your back.
he feels so good right now and his hot breath hitting your sweaty skin isn't helping.
"Hm?" He pauses. "So you just go and help everyone?" Dick shoving a fast dagger into your heart, his breathing cuts in between each move.
You're a moaning, whimpering mess.
"Fuck. Pussy so good and you can't even talk to me." he groans. "how dare you answer like that when you have me?"
"ffuck I'm going crazy. I'll never do that to you."
"Only I can fuck you like this;"
"Only I can see you like this,"
"...touch you like this,"
"And treat you like this."
"eumngㅡfuck! yeah baby.." you yelp back, very much lost in pleasure.
"Only me and no one else, understood?"
"yes baby only you.. eughㅡfucking me so goodㅡfucking good!" You sob, eyes watery.
Being so horny, he kept on thrusting hard into you, "fucking great.."
Indeed, he was very hot when he was jealous.
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blu-joons · a day ago
Mornings With The In Laws ~ Jung Hoseok
Tumblr media
Your eyes narrowed as you rolled over to see the side of the bed empty beside you, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes as you looked around the room for Hobi. There was no sight of him anywhere as you sat yourself up in the middle of the bed with a huff.
As you sat up, a stir of laughter caught your attention, recognising it as Hobi’s straight away. Listening in closer, you could hear the sound of someone’s voice too, sitting perfectly still so that you could listen in to what he was up to.
With a little confusion, you pushed yourself off of the bed, glancing down to the floor just beside your feet where Hobi’s shirt sat, leaning down and throwing it over yourself.
Your footsteps moving around above the kitchen caused the conversation to quieten in the room Two figures were standing and waiting for you to show your face, two mugs of coffee going cold on the table where the conversation had taken over.
“Nice of you to finally get out of bed,” your mother joked as soon as you came down the stairs and headed into the direction of the kitchen, stretching your arms into the air.
“That flight yesterday really took it out of me,” you told her.
As you walked across the room to take a seat at the table, you could feel Hobi’s eyes staring nervously across at you. His heart raced as he watched you walk into the room, noticing the shirt that you were wearing straight away.
He knew that your mum had definitely spotted it too, knowing that it was never something that her daughter would wear. He didn’t know what she would think, terrified that the effort that he had put into morning coffee would be wasted.
As soon as you sat down, your mum stood up, making her way over to the kettle. “I always forget how much I miss having you at home Y/N until you come back and visit me again.”
“It was so nice to sleep in my own bed again after so long,” you told her.
With your mum facing her back towards the two of you, you took the chance to look at Hobi beside you. He stared at you in disbelief as you poked his arm, flicking the material of your shirt to let you know what his problem was.
You struggled to hold back your laughter when you noticed the look of sheer panic in his eyes, pointing subtly across to your mum. Your shoulders shrugged back at him, assuring him that there was no reason to worry.
As soon as your mum turned back around, Hobi flinched away from you. “Hobi and I were having a great chat getting to know one another whilst we waited for you Y/N.”
“Really?” You smiled, “I hope you weren’t talking bad about me.”
Your mum’s head shook back to you straight away, “Hobi was telling me a bit about his group and what he does for a living. It all sounds very intriguing, maybe you can try and arrange for me to come to…oh, what was your group called again Hobi?”
There was silence beside you as Hobi continued to panic, zoning completely out of the conversation until you kicked him underneath the table. “His group is called BTS mum.”
“That’s it,” she cheered, “you’ll have to arrange for me to go to one of BTS’ concerts some time.”
As your mum busied herself with breakfast, you shot a glare across at Hobi, bringing him back into the room. He muttered a quick apology over to you, but that wasn’t enough to stop his mind from worrying, despite how unbothered your mum was.
She had clocked what you wore as soon as you arrived in the room, trusting you to where what you wanted to wear, no matter what she feared you wearing Hobi’s shirt would represent.
Throughout your breakfast together you had to continually snap Hobi out of his daydreams, making sure that he paid attention to what your mum had to say. As soon as you finished, Hobi was ready to head back upstairs and get you out of his shirt.
“We can go to the shops when you’re dressed,” your mum smiled, “there’s no rush.”
“We won’t be too long, promise.”
Hobi couldn’t grab your hand quick enough as the two of you left the table, pulling you out of the room and up the stairs, saving himself anymore embarrassment sat by your side.
“What on earth were you thinking?” He whispered across to you as soon as he managed to shut your bedroom door. “My first morning meeting your mum and you come down wearing my shirt, what must she have though Y/N?”
“My mum is alright,” you smiled, sitting back down on your bed, “I cannot stress enough how much she won’t care about what I wear to breakfast Hobi.”
“She definitely thinks we had sex last night,” he then muttered under his breath.
Your shoulders shrugged back at him, failing to see what the problem was. The two of you were adults, and your mum had been in enough relationships to know how it was, having been in your shoes once upon a time too.
“I’m hiding all of my shirts for the rest of this trip so that you can’t get your hands on any of them,” Hobi warned you, extending his hand out to take the one that you wore and keep out of your sight. “That was so embarrassing.”
“I know my mum Hobi, she didn’t seem fazed at all by what I wore.”
No matter how much you reassured him, Hobi still couldn’t help but fear the worst. He had tried so hard when he went downstairs to make a good impression with your mum, he couldn’t bare the thought of that being ruined now.
On his first time meeting your mum, he wanted to make sure that she liked him. He couldn’t even think about how awkward the next week would be back at home with you if none of your relatives liked him.
“Can you just relax, for a moment?” You asked Hobi as he hurried to bury his shirt in his suitcase. “My mum likes you, she likes the two of us together, there’s nothing for you to worry about whilst we’re here with her.”
“How can you be so sure? Can you read her mind?” Hobi nervously asked.
“Of course, I can’t,” you sniggered back across to him, “but I think after so many years of being her daughter, I can tell when she likes someone and when she doesn’t.”
Hobi’s head nodded as he dropped down onto the bed beside you, taking several deep breaths in an attempt to calm himself down and stop fearing the worst with your mum.
As he began to settle, your hand rested against the top of his leg. “It was just a shirt, and it was just breakfast. It sounds like the two of you were getting along before I arrived anyway.”
“She was really interested in me,” Hobi smiled.
Your head nodded enthusiastically, “if my mum was asking questions, that’s definitely a good sign. I mean she already wants to come to one of your concerts, so you must have done something right with her there.”
A soft sigh came from Hobi as he looked across to you. “Please don’t pull anymore tricks like that again whilst we’re here, I don’t want for a single relative of yours to dislike me.”
“As long as you promise to stop worrying so much,” you suggested, “trust in me and know that my family are relaxed, they’re not bothered about anything that we do.”
“I’ll try,” Hobi promised you, “but my shirts are still staying out of your grip until we land back in Korea and get back home.”
Your smile turned up in reply, “I’m pretty sure I saw one of your hoodies in there anyway.”
“I mean it, it’s all getting hidden.”
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serenityslutt · 2 days ago
Hi! May you do a cute fluff of the reader having a depressive episode where she gets really frustrated and jk tries to calm her but she lashes at him but he’s so patient it ends up cuddling and nice kisses while she does then calm down.
Sorry if it’s too detailed I love your work 🫶🏽🫶🏽
Pleaseee the more detail you give the more I understand what you want and im happy you love my stuff :))
Tumblr media
~Un abrazo
Pairing: jungkook x reader
Genre: fluff, frustrated reader, lovers
Warning: reader raises her voice, slight attitude, breakdown
“Con solo un abrazo me mandas al cielo”
All week work has been a pain in your ass you don’t know how long you can take it. Sleepless nights because your coworkers want to act dumb and mess up on work making everyone stay back at late hours. Daily stuff is pissing you off too I think it’s because of the little hours you sleep. What makes you more mad is waking up and knowing for the next four days you will be staying back late to fix what they messed up on. Everyday you’re in a sour mood you don’t want to get up. Just listening to your alarm makes you want to cry. You feel jungkook turn he rubs your arm “____ wake up” he laid his head on your back “I’m up” what’s making you more down and sad you feel like you’ve been neglecting jungkook. He’s been nothing but good to you and here you’re crying over a dumb reason it’s not dumb it’s the stress and overwhelming feelings that is talking.
You get up getting ready for work, you’re so drained out you just want to crawl back in your bed and sleep, sleep the shitty feelings away. Once you finish you grab your stuff getting ready to leave but jungkook stops you “___ eat” you look at him “I’m not hungry” he grabbed your hand stopping you from leaving.
“You’ve been saying that for the past few days please eat” he gives you those eyes you can’t bring yourself to say no. He smiled when you grabbed the plate taking a couple bites of the food he made for you. You didn’t eat all but you ate most of it. “Drink” he hands you the cup of juice taking a couple gulps before placing the cup down. “I love you _____ I’ll see you when you get home” he kissed your head “I love you” he smiled.
You meet the end of your shift pretty late again, but tonight the group of people for the new job will be assigned and you were called in the office first. You have high hopes for his you’ve been working your ass off for the position. “___ I’m sorry I can’t give you the position” all this for a no. You didn’t have to say anything your face said it all. “You know I care for you and I can see you’re not okay” you laugh “I’ve been putting all this work and you know it just for you to say I’m not “okay” ” you let your built up anger do the talking. “See look at how you’re reacting, this isn’t you” you’re done, you’re so done with everyone saying your not okay you’re fine. But you really aren’t.
“I have another big job coming I promise it’s yours but you need to control yourself” he sounded genuine. “Take the next two days off I know you’ve been working hard and sleep is what you need” you feel slightly relieved but still mad. “Okay” you nod he smiled “goodnight ____” “goodnight”.
You go home with a unknown feeling, you don’t know what to feel. You feel sick and tired, you quickly open the door just wanting to have your moment of peace in the shower before you lose your shit. “_____” jungkook quickly sat up rubbing his sleepy eyes “why are you up” you lock the door before throwing your bag and keys on the table. “I was waiting for you” he got up making his way over to me “I make you some food for you to eat” you brush it away “I’m not hungry” he grabbed your hand “you haven’t a-“ you rolled your eyes getting annoyed “can you stop grabbing like I’m going to run away” he lets go of your hand, that hurt his feelings. “I-I’m sorry im just trying to do something nice for you”.
“Well I don’t need you to do something nice for me I just want to be left alone” he shakes his head “I’ve left you alone for a couple days now I can’t leave you alone look at you you’re not ok-“ you laugh “here we go again with im not okay I’m fine” your lip trembles “I’m fine” he pulled you into a hug ignoring your pushes “j-jungkook let me go” he ignores you pushing your head on his chest “you did amazing ____” he kissed your head “I know your stress and tired but please to don’t close off” he moved your hair away from your face “dont let your emotions eat you up” he kissed you head “I’m sorry for being rude to you” your eyes water as you looked up at him.
He wiped the tear that fell down your face “don’t cry it’s okay” he kissed your lips, kissing all over your face making you smile “why has you so stressed” you tell him everything he listens to everything as he caressed you head pressing soft kisses all over your sad face.
“Im sorry for the way I acted with you I shouldn’t have taken my anger out on you like that” you look up at him, he couldn’t help but kiss your pretty lips “it’s okay I’m sorry I didn’t do something sooner” he cupped your face laying his head on yours “I love you” you smiled “I love you kook” you hugged him tighter.
“I have to shower” he smiled “I’ll join you” you nod as you take his hand “then you’re eating” he tells you in a serious tone “whatever makes you happy” he smiled dragging you to the bathroom.
Tumblr media
Am I the only one still obsessed with this song they sound so beautiful I can cry🥹
When jimin sang “only you can take my heart” has my heart it always makes me want to cry he’s just sings so beautiful I can’t :,)!!!!
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sourkoo · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
❛ You know when Jungkook says ‘give me five minutes’ you have to take matters into your own hands. ❜
━  REQUESTED: yes.
━  PAIRING: jungkook x fem!reader.
━  RATING: 18+
━  GENRE: smut, fluff (not that noticeable but they're in love).
━  AU: idol, established relationship, pwp.
━  CONTENT: cock-warming, unprotected sex (your life isn’t a fanfic, take care of yourself), nipple play basically boob worshipping, spanking (just once, really).
━  CONTENT WARNING: spanking (again, just once), domestic boyfriend!koo cause that needs to be a warning.
━  WORD COUNT: 2,1k.
━  NOTE: gamer domestic boyfriend!koo, i missed youuuu~ this is the first of many things that i’ll repost here. i tried to make it less yucky, but you know my english isn’t all that great, so… if there are any mistakes PLEASE let me know, mmkay? thank you, i love you<3
check out my masterlist here.
Tumblr media
The sound of gunshots and Jungkook’s agitated voice wakes you up abruptly from your dreamless sleep. Your heart hammers against your chest and it takes you five seconds to realize that Jungkook is in fact playing one of his online games instead of being brutally murdered (though you bet he’d disagree with the last statement). Groaning, you take a look at the, way too bright, screen of your phone with squinting eyes. It’s 7:39 pm, which means you’ve been asleep for almost half of the day. You suppose Jungkook has played for as long as you’ve slept.
You get up from the bed and put your messy bird's nest of hair up in an equally messy ponytail. You leave the room with eyes half-opened and follow the sounds that only get louder as you near the almost empty room where Jungkook drops the things he knows you hate seeing all over the apartment.
He’s sitting on the couch that’s right in front of his computer monitor, his body bent forward to have his face as close to the screen as he can be, something you always scold him for. Why does he, a millionaire, sit on a couch instead of buying a proper gaming chair? You’ll never know.
As you get closer to him you start hearing Taehyung’s voice through his headset, yelling things that don’t really make sense to you, but you guess it’s a mix of curse words and orders.
You’ve been spending the entire weekend with Jungkook, making the most of the free days he’s been given. You watched mediocre comedy movies, ate takeout for lunch and dinner, took hours-long naps at least twice a day, and now… now it’s Monday, his break ends tomorrow, you’re bored and maybe a little horny which is honestly the same thing to you.
You expected you’d have sex at least once during the weekend since you haven’t had alone time with Jungkook in a long time, but all you’ve gotten these days was some heavy groping during make-out sessions that got interrupted by the concierge calling you to let you know the delivery guys were waiting for you.
You take a seat next to him and rest your head on his shoulder.
“Mornin’, sleepyhead.” Jungkook spares you a quick glance and laughs when you let out a long yawn. “I’m guessing you slept well?”
“Why didn’t you wake me up?” You pout even if you know he’s no longer looking at you, his eyes fixed on the screen in front of you.
You whine and snuggle your face on his neck in a weak attempt to get his attention, obviously failing to get it.
“You looked so —damnit, he was right in front of you!— you looked so comfortable, I didn’t wanna…” He slurs his words and leaves his mouth slightly parted as he concentrates on throwing a grenade at a hiding character.
If you’re being honest, you never paid enough attention to the games Jungkook plays, finding it way more interesting to watch how invested he is in winning; the sounds he makes, scrunching his nose every now and then.
“Didn’t wanna…?” You ask even though you know you already lost him.
You sigh and look up at his face, placing your hand on his thigh and squeezing the taut muscle softly. A smile creeps on your face when you see him lick his lips before he presses them together in a thin line. He’s trying not to get distracted but, my god, you wanna fuck.
“You horny?” he asks, always the romantic.
You hum and squeeze his thigh a little harder this time, feeling the muscle flex under your touch. You lick the skin of his neck with the tip of your tongue and suck on the sensitive spot right above his collarbone. Jungkook tilts his head to give you more space, eyes barely blinking as he tries to focus on playing.
“You keep playing your games when you should play with me instead.”
Taehyung yells before making more gagging noises that you’re not entirely sure are fake this time.
“Taeyung, for your own sake, I’m turning my mic off.” You see him push some sort of button on his mic and use one of his hands to pull down his basketball shorts past his knees. You raise an eyebrow when you see his lack of underwear. “Take your panties off and sit on my cock.”
You laugh and you lean away from him. “You’re not even hard.”
“Just do it,” He laughs, sitting up straight on the couch to give you space. “Need me to prep you?”
You do as you’re told and push your panties down your legs, sitting on Jungkook’s lap quickly and carefully to not block his view, your face facing his. You take his cock in your hand and center it to your already wet entrance. “No need.”
You bite your lip as you focus on going slow as to not hurt his half-hard length, hearing Jungkook let out a dragged-out moan.
“Don’t move,” he says and wraps his arms around your waist as fast as he can to his hands back on the keyboard. “Give me five minutes to win, and then I’ll focus on you.”
You sigh and lean back on his chest in a lazy hug, hiding your face on the crook of his neck. Five minutes seem like an eternity to you, especially when you feel how Jungkook is hardening inside you.
An idea that is surely going to piss off Jungkook pops in your head and you smile in satisfaction. You feign innocence by sighing softly again at the same time as you clench the walls of your cunt around his cock, trying your best not to laugh at his horrified gasp and luckily succeeding.
Unfortunately, Jungkook is not the type to accept teasing when he’s focused on something else, so your fun doesn’t last long.
He thrusts up his hips and the head of his cock kisses your cervix momentarily. “Stop it.” He says through gritted teeth, ignoring the squeak that came out of your mouth.
“Can’t help it.” You whisper, not dropping the innocent act just yet, but you know it’s a little white lie that Jungkook won’t buy.
You wait a dreadfully long minute before you tighten your muscles around him again, softly but constantly, trying to pass off the devilish action as if your pussy is throbbing, something Jungkook knows you can’t help but do when he’s inside of you.
He groans and wraps one arm around your waist—you assume that he’s trying his best to keep playing with only one hand—, using his grip on you to thrust up into you much harder this time. You cry and moan softly just to distract him.
“Don’t test me, baby,” oh, but you will. “I swear if you pull that shit again, I’m going to make your pussy so sore you’re gonna wish you hadn’t done that.”
He returns his attention to the game, his arm leaving your waist, and you wait just a bit more until he’s fully focused again to grind your hips on his, pressing your lips together to suppress an evil laugh. He grunts and takes his headset off, grabbing your chin with his hand and forcing you to look at him.
“You think that was funny? you’re a fucking brat, you know that?” If you didn’t know him better, you’d think he’s angry at you, but the amused smile on his face gives him away easily. “Fuck yourself on my cock if that’s what you want to so bad.”
He pulls your baggy t-shirt off and strokes the warm skin of your back. You grind your hips to feel him as deep as you can before you start bouncing on his lap at a slow but steady pace. He holds your hips with one hand in a tight grip while the other lean your body slightly to the back to attach his mouth to one of your breasts. His lips ghost over your boob as his tongue rolls around your nipple, biting the little bud to give you just the right amount of pain. You try to move slower to make his job easier, the bouncing of your tits making it hard for him to keep his mouth on you, but the palm of his hand hits your backside before he starts fucking up at you.
“Keep movin’,” he mumbles against your chest.
You look down at him and whimper. He looks so focused playing with your nipple, eyes closed and lips sucking on the perky, hardened bud before starting to move his tongue in a zig-zag motion, making you moan and throw your head back. Burying your fingers on his soft hair, you tug it softly, knowing how much he likes the slight burn on his scalp. His arm around your waist keeps your upper body much steadier this time, controlling the pace of his thrust to the way you both like.
You move one of your hands to cup your breast and squeeze it right in front of Jungkook’s face, smirking when he moans and his cock twitches inside you. He opens his mouth wider to suck on more skin, his teeth grazing your nipples.
He moves one of his arms to squeeze your neglected breast, pinching the nipple on his thumb and middle finger as his index finger flicks the nub quickly. You’re clenching and spilling your juices down his length, making lewd noises as his hips collide almost painfully with the back of your thighs.
“Gonna cum,” you warn, grinding your hips against him. “Kook, ‘m gonna cum.”
He groans before detaching his mouth from your breast. He holds you tightly and turns you both around to lay you down on the couch, propping one of his knees on it. One of his hands spreads your thighs further apart as he begins to fuck you as fast and hard as he can. His tongue finds your nipple again and sucks on it like a starved man
“’M in love with your tits,” A soft giggle comes up your chest and out of your mouth, quickly replaced by a loud cry as his hips shake your body up and down on the couch. “I’m in love with you.”
You sigh in contentment and throw your head back, looking down at Jungkook with your mouth open. He grabs your leg and throws it gently (sort of) over his shoulder, his cock digging deeper inside you and rubbing your sweet spot each time. You moan and arch your back, feeling little drops of sweat fall on your chest from Jungkook’s forehead. You’re both sweating and panting for air, so close to your orgasm that you’re fucking faster than two horny teenagers who were left home alone for the first time.
Jungkook buries his head on the crook of your shoulder, choked groans leaving his mouth as his thrusts get sloppy. You can feel him twitch inside you and you know he’s holding back until you cum first which doesn’t really take too long to happen, his dancer’s hips nail you perfectly and make you scream and shake as the bliss of your orgasm runs through your spent body. He rides out your high with a few more thrusts until he pulls out, jerking himself and looking at your eyes.
“Where?” he asks and you can barely focus on his words. You squeeze your tits together and stick out your tongue. “Shitshitshit,” his hand jerks the length of his cock a few times, his fingers focused under the head before he moans and spills his hot cum all over your boobs, some of it landing on your awaiting tongue.
He rests his body on top of yours momentarily, catching his breath before he pulls away to sit back on the couch. His hands help you straddle his hips again, caressing your thighs slowly. His fingers run through your hair as you both pant for air and look at each other for what seems an eternity. You lean your forehead against his, chests pressed together and feeling each other’s rapid heartbeats.
“You know what I just realized?” You wait until he mutters a soft ‘what’ against your shoulder to reply. “We never even kissed.”
He pulls away from your shoulder and raises an eyebrow, confusion tinting his face as he realizes. He grins and presses his lips to yours, kissing you softly and teasing your bottom lip with his tongue. You open up your mouth and invite his tongue past your lips, feeling it explore your mouth before he sucks on your tongue.
Tumblr media
The kiss is messy, wet, and uncoordinated, but you don’t care at all. It’s him, and as long as it’s him, you want anything and everything he’s got to offer.
ㅤㅤ𝟐𝐎𝟐𝟏 © 𝐒𝐎𝐔𝐑𝐊𝐎𝐎 | all rights reserved — do not copy,
ㅤㅤㅤmodify, re-distribute or translate any of my works.
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kookiesbuckethat · a month ago
he makes you insecure
Tumblr media
Jungkook x f!reader
Genre: angst to fluff, hurt/comfort
WC: 2.3k
<series masterlist>
taglist: @awinkies @wedarkacademia @yiyi4657 @astralandcosmos @scuzmunkie @mooonlitstars @manchuria @mistyaphelion @ygimsgw​
Tumblr media
Climbing into bed and making yourself comfortable, you pull the blankets up to your chin before turning onto your side and grabbing your phone, the bright screen momentarily blinding you. Blinking rapidly for your eyes to adjust, you scroll to find Jungkook’s contact on your phone. Tapping on his name, you press the audio call icon, smiling softly as the adorable profile picture you had set for him takes over your whole screen. 
It was a cute selfie you two had taken together with Jungkook holding up the phone and taking the picture while placing a kiss on your cheek as you smile brightly. But it’s bittersweet because the picture only reminds you of how much you miss him. Jungkook’s been so busy with work lately that you haven’t seen him for nearly a week. You didn’t want to be clingy or annoying but you had gotten so used to being with Jungkook that it felt strange to be apart for so long.
Ever since Jungkook started staying at the dorms with the other members to compensate for their super busy schedule, you’ve called him every night to make sure everything’s okay and that he’s taking care of himself. And deep inside, although you’ve never told him, you also call him because his voice never fails to comfort you and help you fall asleep without him physically by your side.
You patiently wait as the phone rings before Jungkook answers your call, instantly making you perk up. But when a heavy sigh comes from the other end of the line, you falter. “Jungkook?” you ask worriedly, “Is everything okay?” Hearing concern bleed into your voice over the phone, Jungkook runs a hand through his hair tiredly. “Yeah, everything’s fine,” he sighs through the phone, causing you to frown at the disinterest in his voice. 
“How’s practice going?” you try to ask him about his day, hoping that he’ll share his worries with you so he doesn’t have to bear them all alone. “Good,” he answers simply before the line goes quiet. You remain silent, giving him a chance to expand if he wants to but he never does. You secretly hope that he’ll try to keep the conversation alive and ask you something—how your day was or what you’ve been up to—anything to show that he had the slightest interest in having a conversation with you. 
You let out a small sigh of defeat when Jungkook doesn’t say anything, curling into yourself slightly as you wonder whether Jungkook really wants to be talking to you or if you’re just being a bother. “Are you sure everything’s okay? You can talk to me you know,” you try asking one more time. “Mhm,” he hums in acknowledgement. You curl into yourself more and more each time Jungkook gives you a dry response, a feeling of insecurity washing over you as you burrow deeper underneath the covers.
It was strange. Jungkook’s always been the epitome of comfort to you but talking to him now, you were suddenly feeling unsure of yourself. Discouraged by how one-sided this conversation was, you open your mouth to let Jungkook go and wish him goodnight but he beats you to it. “I’m busy, I have to go,” he mumbles into the phone, immediately hanging up the call without even giving you a chance to say goodbye to him, let alone say goodbye to you. 
You pull the phone away from your ear in disbelief, Jungkook’s cute profile picture staring back at you almost mockingly as it reminds you of the times you had that are now gone. You can’t help but feel hurt. Jungkook’s never treated you so coldly before but you give him the benefit of the doubt, hoping that he really was just busy.
You: goodnight
You: i love u <3
You send him a couple of texts since you didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to him over the phone and you’re about to turn your phone off when three dots appear on your screen, signalling that Jungkook was typing. You settle back into your pillow, patiently waiting for his message before going to bed.
Kookie <3: plz stop calling every night
Kookie <3: i don’t have time to text and call you every single day
You read Jungkook’s message over and over again, your vision starting to blur with tears as you pray for a “jk” or something else to pop up. But it never comes and after staring at his message for nearly five minutes, you give up on any hope that this is just some prank. With tears in your eyes, you reply with a simple “ok” before turning your phone off and placing it on the bedside table.
Turning to face Jungkook’s empty side of the bed, you shut your eyes tightly to hold back your tears, trying to forget about all the events of the night and fall asleep. because you have an early morning tomorrow Please stop calling. I don’t have time. But Jungkook’s words flash behind your eyelids, forcing you to open them and focus on something else in the room to make them disappear. Gripping the blankets tightly in your fists, you let out little sobs as your tears soak into your pillow.
Tumblr media
The next morning when Jungkook wakes up, the first thing he does is reach for his phone since it’s become routine for him to check for your good morning texts. Squinting at his lock screen, still half-asleep, his brows furrow in confusion when he doesn’t find any notifications from you wishing that he has a good day and to take care of himself. Slowly starting to wake up, Jungkook recalls your conversation last night, or rather lack of, and how cold he was to you.
He curses under his breath, sitting up and unlocking his phone to check your messages and make sure it wasn’t just some nightmare. But the proof is right in front of his eyes as he reads over the message he sent you last night. Falling back onto his pillow, Jungkook lets out a groan as he throws his arm over his eyes. Regret immediately washes over him and he wants nothing more than to drive home and apologize to you. 
He shouldn’t have said that to you. He didn’t mean it. He was just feeling so overwhelmed with work lately to the point where answering your texts and calls felt like a chore. But now that he was rested and able to think straight, it registers in his mind just how much he must’ve hurt you. But his schedule’s packed and he knows he won’t be able to return home to you in at least a week.
Kookie <3: im sorry
After sending you a quick apology, Jungkook throws the covers off himself, begrudgingly getting out of bed to get ready for the day.
Slowly coming to consciousness, you let out a groan as you bury your face in your pillow, not having the energy or the motivation to get out of bed. Listening to Jungkook’s voice before bed always helped you relax and soothe all your worries. But after last night, you felt more anxious than ever and didn’t fall asleep until around 3 am, resulting in you waking up feeling extremely groggy and fatigued.
Turning onto your side and picking up your phone, a message from Jungkook immediately catches your attention. Tapping on the notification, you stare at his apology, contemplating sending him a message. You type out a short but sweet message to wish him good morning, hovering your thumb over the send button but you’re unsure whether you should send it or not.
But when your eyes move up to your messages from last night, the answer is clear as day as you delete the message you typed out before putting your phone back on the nightstand. Rolling onto your back, you let out a sigh as you stare at the ceiling. Even though he apologized, you can’t help but hesitate every time you think about sending Jungkook a message, afraid you might be bothering him.
Jungkook knows his short apology isn’t enough. Of course it isn’t, insecurities can’t be washed away just like that. He isn’t able to apologize to you properly because of how busy his schedule is but when he doesn’t receive a single text or call from you for the next 3 days, Jungkook can’t take it anymore. And after talking to the company about how he was feeling so overwhelmed that answering his loved ones’ texts and calls felt like a chore, they were quick to understand and give them a break.
Leaving the company building, Jungkook decides to apologize to you and surprise you, picking up some takeout from your favourite restaurant and your favourite flowers on the way home. Entering the apartment, Jungkook sees your shoes and keys are still gone, meaning you’re still at work. He smiles, knowing he has time to prepare everything for you. He gets to work, setting the table nicely and arranging the flowers nicely in a vase.
Your eyebrows furrow in confusion when you walk in through the front door to find the lights on. You haven’t been able to get a goodnight’s sleep ever since the last time you talked to Jungkook so you assume that you just forgot to turn the lights off in your exhausted state when Jungkook suddenly pops his head around the corner. He quickly approaches you and pulls you into his arms. “You’re home,” he whispers into your hair, cradling your head to his chest.
You bring your arms up to wrap around his waist, clutching the fabric of his shirt in your fists. “I’m sorry,” he apologizes sincerely, “I was just feeling so stressed and overwhelmed but I promise I didn’t mean anything I said. I always look forward to your good morning texts and your phone calls at night. These past few days have been hell for me.” When he finally pulls away, he takes a closer look at you, quickly noticing the dark circles under your eyes and the exhausted look on your face. “You look tired,” he observed out loud, “Have you not been sleeping well?” 
You shrug your shoulders at him, avoiding eye contact as you move your gaze to the floor. No matter how much he hurt you, you didn’t have the heart to tell him the reason you couldn’t sleep was because of him. But he can see right through you, blaming himself for saying harsh things to you, for being away from you when you needed him. “It’s because of me, isn’t it?” he asks sadly, looking at you with big, guilty eyes. He hates the fact that he’s the reason you haven’t been well when it was his job to make sure you’re well taken care of.
He pulls you back into a hug, whispering over and over again, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” You bring a hand up, lightly patting him on the back to reassure him. “It’s okay, Jungkook. I know you’re busy, you’re doing your best,” you try to reassure him but he frowns down at you, shaking his head stubbornly. He guides you to the table, picking up some food with a fork before holding it out to you. “Jungkook you don’t have to-” you try to protest but he gives you a look that says he won’t let you raise a finger.
Giving in with a sigh, you open your mouth, allowing him to spoon-feed you but not without making sure he’s feeding himself as well. Jungkook keeps feeding you until you physically can’t eat another bite and you feel like you’re going to explode because of how full you are. He already failed to make sure you were well-rested and he’d be damned if he failed to make sure you were eating well too.
Once you two finish eating, Jungkook rushes to throw all the takeout containers into the garbage before coming back to you. He picks you up bridal style, carrying you to your shared bedroom and gently seating you on the bed. “I’ll run a bath for you. Wait here,” he tells you as he turns to enter the bathroom but you reach out to grasp onto the fabric of his sleeve, stopping his movements. He turns around at your hold, looking at you with questioning eyes. “
It’s okay, Jungkook, I know you’re tired too. Let’s just go to sleep,” you tell him with a soft smile. His bottom lip juts out as he pouts at you, his desire to make it up to you clear in his eyes. “Please?” you ask softly, “I just want to be with you right now.” Jungkook can’t deny you when you ask him so nicely, immediately giving in as you scoot over on the bed, creating room for him as he climbs into bed beside you. 
He pulls you into his arms, engulfing you in his warmth and washing away all your worries. Laying your head on his chest, your eyelids start to grow heavy as you listen to his steady heartbeat. “Jungkook?” you mumble drowsily, on the verge of falling asleep. “Hmm?” he hums in acknowledgement, the vibration rumbling through his chest. “Can you sing to me, please?” you request softly as you mindlessly trace the tattoos on his skin. 
Jungkook immediately agrees, beginning to sing softly to you. His angelic voice fills the bedroom as he combs his fingers through your hair, lulling you to sleep. When he finishes the song, he looks down to find your cheek squished against his chest, fast asleep. He smiles softly at your sleeping face, placing a kiss on your forehead before cuddling you closer to his chest, comforted by the fact that you were now in his arms.
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strayberryminhos · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Bickering & Butterflies
pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: enemies to lovers
word count: 5.6k
fic tags: enemies to lovers, bickering, flirting, college au
author’s note: based on this post and my very specific tags for it lol
summary: Jeon Jungkook is the epitome of obnoxious - always arriving to class five minutes late in his fuckboy hoodies, with nothing but a spiral notebook and his cellphone in his hand. Every day, he sits beside you and every day, he pokes you in your arm just as lecture is starting to ask you for a pen. Each time you consider giving him the telling off he deserves, he flashes that stupid, sheepish, puppy-dog-eye smile at you, and you cave. Only for the brat to spend the entirely of lecture chewing on the cap of the very pen you’d lend him! Yeah, you kind of can’t stand Jeon Jungkook. So then why does your heart race a little bit every time he pokes your arm? And why, when he’s absent, do you find yourself almost *gasp* missing him?
Tumblr media
The first day, you could forgive it. Everyone was a little out of sorts on their first day, rushing around campus and trying to find their classes. You could forgive it, when the boy rushed in a few moments late, the door to the lecture room swinging open and banging jarringly against the wall. You could forgive it when he sauntered in, in his oversized black hoodie and combat boots that squeaked annoyingly across the tile floor. You could forgive it when he sat next to you, setting the single black spiral on his desk with seemingly nothing more in his possession apart from his phone - taped together with clear, plastic packaging tape. You could even forgive it when he poked you in the arm and whispered, “Hey, you got a pen?” You wanted to tell him off a little, give him a bit of a lecture just so it’d stick and he’d remember his own supplies next time. But then the boy shrugged so sheepishly, puppy-eyes on full display as he sent a soft, shy smile your way. And you couldn’t help but cave. You gave him your best pen - the one that wrote smooth as silk. 
What you could not forgive however, was the fact that the little brat proceeded to chew the cap of your pen throughout the entire lecture. 
You kept shooting him glances, hoping he’d get the memo and your furious stare would be enough for him to stop his disgusting habit - at least when it came to your own property. But he completely ignored you, eyes focused straight ahead. Except for the one time he actually caught your gaze, and lazily smiled - well, smirked - around the cap of your pen. You swore steam must have shot from your ears. It only served to widen his smile. 
“My pen, please,” you’d said at the end of class, holding up your palm expectantly.
“Right,” he grinned, slapping it down in your hand.
You made an entire show of wiping the cap off on the leg of your jeans.
“Do you always slobber on other people’s property?” 
The boy just smiled brightly - large brown eyes practically sparkling as he said, “Nah, just yours.”
“Flattered.” You’d responded flatly, tucking the pen back in your pencil case, and making a quick exit, still feeling very much pissed off. Who the hell chewed on other peoples’ pens when they were so kind to lend them in the first place?
It turned out, this was not a one-time thing. The following class, Wednesday, the exact scene repeated. He burst in, late, with just his notebook and phone. Right as the professor was starting his lecture, you felt the dreaded poke to your arm.
“What do you want?” You hissed.
“You got a pen?”
“Are you gonna slobber all over it?” 
“Quiet in the third row,” the professor scolded before turning back to the blackboard.
“You got in trouble,” he sing-songed, much to your dismay.
“Are you ten?”
“Maybe. So…pen?”
You wanted to say no. You were prepared to say no. You were turning to say no, when….he flashed that signature sheepish smile and puppy eyes. You groaned, reaching into your pencil case and pulling out the pen he’d used Monday.
He beamed, taking off the cap and sticking it on the end, before resting it to his bottom lip. You were seething again, watching as he tapped the pen to his lip before sticking it in his mouth and began chewing. You were aghast. Even more so when the professor called on you to answer a question about the reading assignment from Monday, and you couldn’t because you’d been too busy glaring laser beams at the boy next to you.
“Try paying closer attention, Y/N,” the professor scolded. You wanted to melt into your seat then and there. To your dismay, the boy began to snicker. You had half a mind to yank your pen out of his mouth and thwack him on the head with it.
On Friday, you swore you weren’t going to give in. There was no way. You were beyond pissed off now. Now, it was starting to affect your behavior in class, and you were not about to let that continue. Nope, it was time to put a stop to all of this. He’d just have to start bringing his own pens to class. 
Of course, when he arrived late, poking you in the arm, you made every attempt to hold true to that. You turned to him to tell him enough was enough, that he needed to bring his own supplies. You barely got a word out before his puppy-eyes widened in full-force and he let out a quiet little, “Please?”
“Ugh, fine!” You caved, handing him what you dubbed ‘his’ pen.
“Thank you,” he smiled shyly from the side of his eye as he began to scribble down the professor’s notes from the board. You would be lying if you said you didn’t find that soft, shy little voice of his adorable. But then you saw him bring the pen to his mouth and chew and you were livid once again. 
At the end of class, he handed it back to you with a soft smile.
“I’m Jungkook, by the way.”
“Y/N,” you said, taking the pen and, again, wiping it on your pants leg. 
“Nice to meet you, Y/N! So, are you a literature major too?”
“I’m annoyed is what I am, Jungkook. Every day you come to class without a pen, and you ask me for one and then have the absolute nerve to chew on it like a puppy! Who even does that?”
“Then stop giving me pens.”
You blinked.
“What?” Jungkook grinned, chuckling slightly, “You’re the one who keeps giving them to me.”
“B-because….” you felt your brain short-circuit. How could you possibly explain to this little brat that it was because of his big, brown eyes and little pout that had you so completely whipped every single day. 
Jungkook just grinned, “Have a good weekend, Y/N.”
You stood there, watching him head out the classroom, and something in your stomach flipped. Jungkook was an absolute brat. You were not going to cave to him. Monday, you were going to be firm. No backing down. No caving. You were going to show him!
Monday came, and with it, your professor writing the dreaded words - POP QUIZ - on the chalkboard. You froze in place. What would Jungkook do if he didn’t have a pen again? There was no way you could let him get a zero on the quiz because he didn’t have his supplies with him. Though maybe it would teach him a lesson….still, you knew you couldn’t do that to him. So when the door clamored open and Jungkook rushed in late, as usual, you were already digging “his” pen out from you pencil case.
He looked at it curiously.
“Pop quiz,” you said as means of explanation.
“Ah,” Jungkook took the pen from you, “And here I thought you were just charmed by me.” He had the nerve to wink at you. You were about to tell him off, when the professor called the class to attention.
“Alright everyone! First pop quiz of the semester. I’ll pass out your quizzes, please just circle the answer you think is best. No talking. And no looking at your books. This quiz should be fairly easy if you did the reading.”
You turned your attention forward and waited for your quiz. You were done giving Jungkook any attention. You needed to focus.
The professor passed out the quizzes and just as you began to read over it, you saw Jungkook begin to put the cap of your pen in his mouth. After a week, it was already all mangled and gross, and he began to chew on it in earnest, making a smacking noise as he did. You tried to focus on your quiz, but after you realized you had spent five minutes on one question because you kept getting distracted by his chewing, you decided immediate action was in order. You reached over and smacked him on the arm.
“Ow!” Jungkook hissed, shooting you a glare. He actually had the nerve to glare at you!
“Stop chewing on my pen, asshole!”
“What’s going on over there?” The professor glared from his desk, “You two, focus on your own papers.”
Sighing, you turned back to your quiz, not wanting to risk being given a zero or something. Jungkook surprisingly finished first, standing to take his quiz up to the front, but not before flicking you on the shoulder as he passed. You gasped, glaring as he handed his quiz to the professor with a charming smile. What a dick. 
Not long after Jungkook took his seat, you got up to turn in your own quiz. Before you passed him, you pinched him on the arm, making him bite down on a cry.
“What the hell is wrong with you?” He asked, rubbing his arm when you returned to your desk.
“You started it.”
He stuck his tongue out at you. You rolled your eyes.
“You are an actual five year old. You’re a brat and you drool, are you sure you shouldn’t be at the campus daycare center?” 
Jungkook let out an amused bubble of laughter, “Nice. And don’t blame me just because I totally have you wrapped around my finger.”
“Oh you do not!”
“Oh yes I do! You hate giving me your pen, knowing I’m just going to chew on it, and yet you give it to me. Every single class.”
You gave him the middle finger before turning back to the front of class, waiting for the other students to finish their quizzes. Beside you, you could hear Jungkook chuckle.
The next day, you again swore you weren’t going to give in.
Until you felt that familiar poke on your arm. And saw that familiar puppy-dog look.
“Oh damn it,” you slapped the pen down on his desk.
“Thank you!” Jungkook grinned, bright as ever.
At the end of class, the professor passed back the quizzes from before. For whatever reason, he’d decided to just go one row at a time, and hand the stack to the first person in each row to pass back to the each person. Which meant Jungkook would be seeing your quiz as he handed it to you. You inwardly groaned. You knew you’d done well, but still….it was the principal of the matter.
“Oooh, someone didn’t do too hot,” Jungkook giggled, staring at your paper with a scandalized look on his face.
“Gimme that!” You tried to grab the stack of quizzes from his hand.
“Maybe you should study harder next time, Y/N.”
“Alright, alright,” he gave in, handing the rest of the quizzes to you. Sighing, you passed the rest of the stack to the person beside you, before looking at your own.
“Jungkook, this is an 87. I did perfectly fine.”
“Hmm. Maybe. But as someone who made a 98, I’d have to disagree.”
“You didn’t!”
“But I did,” Jungkook jutted out his bottom lip in mock sympathy. “Maybe study harder?”
You couldn’t believe it. “You are such an ass,” you snatched your pen off his desk, shoving it back into your pencil case.
“You forgot to wipe it off.”
“Oh fuck you!”
Jungkook just laughed, bright as ever. “Look, Y/N, if you ever want to study with someone to help you bring up your grades, just let me know….”
“Jungkook, you are single-handedly the most obnoxious person I’ve ever encountered!” You stood from your desk, swinging your backpack onto your shoulder, lightly kicking him in the calf has you walked past. You could still hear him laughing as you headed out the door.
“Ugh, I cannot stand him! He is such an ass.”
“But….you keep giving him the pen?”
“I don’t know why! But I do. But Jimin, I’m telling you, next class I am refusing to give in to him! No amount of puppy-eyes can sway me. I am done. He is an ass. He chews on my pen. He mocks my grades. I don’t even know how he’s doing as well as he is! He doesn’t even bring a book to class. Just his stupid spiral and his busted up phone. And yet he’s out here making close to 100s. It’s just not fair!”
“Alright, so stop giving him your pen. But at this point, it’s been two weeks, and I just…”
“What? What do you ‘just’ Jimin?”
Jimin took a sip of his boba tea, “I just don’t see you doing that.”
You rolled your eyes, “What is that supposed to mean?”
“Nothing. Just…it’s been two weeks of this. You haven’t put a stop to it yet, so I just don’t see you doing it now. That’s all. Besides, it sounds like the two of you have this whole little….thing going on.”
“There is no….thing….going on between Jungkook and me,” you soured.
“Alright, alright,” Jimin held up a hand, “But I’m just saying….wait….Jungkook? As in Jeon Jungkook?”
“Uh…yeah? You know him?”
“Yeah, he works the nightshift here at the tea stand with me.”
“Yeah. He’s actually really sweet, and lots of fun to work with. But…he’s under a lot of stress. This tea stand job is one of three he’s juggling on top of his schoolwork. Maybe…that’s why he doesn’t have school supplies. But it doesn’t really make sense. He said his older brother is like super strict about his grades. I don’t imagine he’d be letting him off to class without at least a pen.”
You were beginning to understand there was a lot to Jungkook you really had no idea about. You’d sat next to him for the last two weeks, bickering and bantering back and forth, and you knew absolutely nothing about him. You decided maybe you should change that - get to know him a little bit. After all, if you were stuck next to each other in class, you might as well. You decided next class, you were going to stand firm on the no-pen thing, but make a genuine effort to get to know him better. And when Friday came, you found yourself genuinely excited for class, and getting to talk to Jungkook. Jimin had said he was really sweet and fun. You wanted to know more of that side, and not just the menace that slobbered all over your school supplies.
You found yourself anxiously waiting for Jungkook. Every time the door open, you found yourself looking up expectantly. But every time it did, someone other than Jungkook came into class and found their seat. You were starting to deflate when it’d been ten minutes into class, and no Jungkook. You found yourself missing the familiar poke to your arm. You found yourself even missing the puppy eyes, and maybe even the awful, horrid sound of his chewing. It felt weird not having Jungkook here. And for some reason, you found yourself worrying. You hoped everything was okay, and you felt childishly sad that you’d have to wait until Monday to see him again. 
After class, you met up with Jimin at the tea stand after his shift.
“Jungkook wasn’t in class today.”
Jimin passed you a strawberry melon tea he’d held over for you as you both took a seat on one of the benches, “You sound sad about that.”
“Well….it was weird not having him there.”
“You missed him!”
“I did not!”
“Oh you totally did!” Jimin giggled, “You have this whole little crush going on and you missed him!”
“You don’t know what you’re talking about Park Jimin.”
“Uh-huh...” Jimin took a long sip of his tea, giving you his best judgmental side-eye.
“Stop that!”
“I’m not doing anything.”
“You know what you’re doing!”
Jimin chuckled, “Alright, alright. I just think it’s interesting is all.”
“Nothing is interesting. Drink your tea.”
Jimin giggled.
Monday, you took your seat, placing the pen on top of Jungkook’s desk, and waited patiently, hoping he’d come today. You tried not to turn every time the door opened. Annoyed with yourself, you pulled out a book from your backpack and buried your nose and your focus among the pages. It was ridiculous to be paying so close attention to every single opening of the door. You were going to just focus on your book, and if Jungkook came, well…
Suddenly you felt a poke, not to your arm but to your side. You yelped, flinching slightly, hearing an amused chuckle beside you.
“Brat,” you closed your book, turning to him. Jungkook just beamed, bright and happy.
“Hi yourself. Where were you Friday?”
“I was sick,” Jungkook slid into his seat, “Why, did you miss me?” He flashed you his best, most obnoxious smile. You groaned.
“Don’t flatter yourself. I was just….curious is all.”
“Uh-huh. Right.” 
You rolled your eyes. Jungkook reached for the pen, uncapping it, but didn’t put it to his lip this time. In fact, all of class, he didn’t once chew on it. You were about to comment on that at the end of class, when he said, “So….I missed one day and I feel so behind. Would you mind if we meet up and you go over what I missed Friday?”
And there it was. The shy, sheepish smile, the soft puppy eyes.
“You sure you want to get class notes from someone who makes 87s?”
Jungkook ran a hand through his hair, “Hmm. Good point. Maybe I should ask the professor who has the second highest score and ask them. But….maybe I can risk sub-par tutoring if it means getting a tea with you?”
“Oh, you think if you flirt, I’ll say yes?”
“I mean, it’s worked this far.”
You nearly choked on your spit. Gathering your composure, you tucked your hair behind your ear and hoisted your bag onto your shoulder. “Meet me at the tea stand in ten minutes.”
“Alright. See you then, Y/N.”
Jungkook flashed you a bright smile, and you swore you could feel butterflies blossom in your stomach. Stupid Jungkook and stupid butterflies.
You told yourself it was just because you were windblown from your walk across campus earlier that you were ducking into the bathroom before meeting Jungkook, to run a brush through your hair and check your makeup in the mirror. It had absolutely nothing to do with him that you reached into your bag and sprayed your favorite jasmine spray. Nope. Nothing to do with Jungkook at all.
You found him sitting at one of the benches, already sipping a tea. There was a large cup of something that looked suspiciously like strawberry melon. 
“What is this?” You asked, sliding into the bench across from Jungkook.
Jungkook shrugged, “Park Jimin meddles. He texted me a few days ago and told me I should bring you a strawberry melon tea sometime.”
“Well, thank you,” you took a sip of your tea, “You didn’t have to buy me a tea.”
Jungkook shrugged again, this time a pink blush stained his cheeks as he mumbled a quiet, “I wanted to,” to his hands that were folded on the table.
“Well I appreciate it a lot. Thank you. So…English Lit 315, huh?”
“Yeah,” Jungkook winced, “I missed that one day and I feel I’m behind by like a whole week!”
“Well, thankfully you really didn’t miss too much,” You pulled out your binder and flipped to the section from Friday. “Here are the notes you missed, and Friday we have our first test.”
“Okay….has anyone ever told you you take like, ridiculous notes? Do you just write every single thing down?”
“Pretty much.”
“Wow. And….it’s all….color coordinated.”
“Yeah, it helps those of us who make 87s,” you lightly kicked at his ankle under the table, making him laugh, and suddenly it was as if the air around the two of you was suddenly much lighter. Jungkook laughed too, flicking you on the wrist. 
“Alright, I’m just gonna copy this down and we should be good.”
You watched in shock as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pen.
“You have a pen?”
“Of course I have a pen,” Jungkook ran a hand through his hair, “But how else was I going to strike up a conversation with the pretty girl beside me?”
“I cannot fucking believe you! You had a pen this entire time and every day you were taking mine and chewing on mine and….and….did you just….say I’m pretty?”
“Well, yeah,” Jungkook glanced up at you, suddenly a lot shier than a moment before, the blush returning to his cheeks and that sheepish smile back on his face. “Is that okay to say?”
“Yeah…yeah it is,” you nodded, your brain still trying to process what had just happened.
“Okay, good,” Jungkook turned back to the notes he was copying down. You brushed your hair back behind your ear, fidgeting slightly as you took another sip of your tea he had bought for you. Nothing about any of this made any sense. Jungkook was obnoxious. He was a brat. There was no way he had lied this entire time just to talk to you. 
“You lied to me,” you blurted out accusingly.
“Excuse me?” Jungkook chuckled, glancing up from the notes, “Y/N. I never lied to you.”
“But…but you…”
“All I ever said was ‘you got a pen?’ Your answer was to give me one every single day. I never once said I never had one.”
Your brain was still playing catch up when you tossed your arms over chest and said, “You are seriously the most infuriating person in the entire world, Jungkook.”
Jungkook just laughed, going back to his notes.
“Did….did you just call me a brat?” He laughed, amusedly as he set down the pen and turned back to you, his brow quirked.
“What? Like you’ve never been called that? I’ll bet you’ve been called that more times than either of us can count.”
“Well, yeah,” Jungkook chuckled, “Mostly by my big brother though. And it’s usually followed by a headslap,” Jungkook narrowed his eyes at you, “You aren’t going to slap me, are you?”
You couldn’t help but smile as you shook your head, “Not that I haven’t considered it. And I don’t doubt you didn’t deserve it every single time, by the way.”
“Mean,” Jungkook stuck his tongue out at you, “I have a feeling you and Yoongi-hyung would get along fantastically.”
“Mean? You say about the person who has let you borrow pens and chew on them for like the past three weeks, and is letting you copy their notes now so you won’t fall behind? I see how it is.”
Jungkook lightly kicked at you under the table, “And you say I’m a brat.”
You gasped, opening your mouth to retort, but coming up short as Jungkook simply chuckled and turned back to the notes. After about ten minutes, he’d gotten everything copied down, and you weren’t really sure where to go from there. For some reason, you hated the idea of saying goodbye and going your separate ways until Wednesday. You were enjoying spending time with him, and even though it was mostly spent with him copying notes, the two of you still had a whole back and forth of kicking each other under the table. It was ridiculous and stupid and for some reason, the butterflies were back in full bloom.
“So….do you want maybe….”
“Oh shit!” Jungkook glanced at the clock on his phone, “I’m sorry, Y/N. I’ve got a shift at the bookstore in ten minutes. I’m running late!”
“Oh,” you tried not to visibly show your disappointment, “Yeah, Jimin mentioned you worked a few jobs around campus.”
“Jimin exaggerates,” Jungkook chuckled, tucking his spiral under his arm, “I just work here and the bookstore a few times a week. It’s just my hyung and me, and he already spreads himself thin making sure I’m looked after. I’m not gonna have him worry over me more than he’s going to anyway.”
You hoisted your bag onto your shoulder as you said, “I stand by you being a brat. But you’re sweet too, Jungkook.”
Jungkook’s blush deepend as he lowered his gaze, suddenly intently interested in his clompy boots, “You think?”
“Don’t make me regret saying it. One question though,” you asked, following him towards the bookstore, “Do you always chew on all pens, or just mine?”
Jungkook tossed a grin your way, “How else was I supposed to get you to pay such strong attention to me every single day?”
“Jeon Jungkook!”
Jungkook giggled, running off towards the bookstore, leaving you standing on the quad with your mouth hanging open. 
Friday, you took your usual seat, waiting for Jungkook. Sure enough, five minutes into class, the door banged open and he hurried inside, taking his seat next to you. Within a few seconds, you felt a poke to your side, making you flench.
“I know you have a damn pen,” you turned to him, unable to hide your smile when you met those brown eyes.
“Just saying hi,” Jungkook grinned, “But I do know of something you don’t have.”
“And what’s that.”
Jungkook just smiled, quickly writing something down on a corner of his notebook, before ripping the corner off and passing the scrap of paper towards you.
“Okay, that was the cheesiest thing you’ve ever done, Jeon.”
Jungkook just giggled, “What? I figured if we’re going to be study partners now, you needed my phone number. After all, we’ve got to get that 87 up for the test.”
You stuck your tongue out at him, “And what makes you think I’m going to text this number? You spent the last weeks chowing on my pen like a chew toy, and I don’t appreciate those snide comments about my grades, Jungkook.”
Jungkook just smiled, “You’ll text it.”
“And what makes you so sure?”
You should have seen the puppy-eyes coming from a mile away, that same sheepish smile and soft little, “Please?” 
“You know there’s gonna come a time when that doesn’t work, Jungkook.”
He shrugged, unaffected, “Maybe. But I’ve yet to see it.”
You rolled your eyes. After class, you stood from your seat, swinging your backpack on and giving Jungkook a sharp flick on the shoulder just for prosperity. You weren’t as easy as he thought you were. You weren’t going to just text him right away simply because he flashed his puppy eyes and said please. 
Nope. You were going to stand firm. You were not going to give into Jeon Jungkook. Not this time around, any way.
Your resolve lasted all of ten minutes.
Is that my contact name in your phone? Aww, babe! You have the sweetest nicknames for me <3
I could change it to asshole, asshole.
LMAO okay, okay. I’ll try to behave.
Is behave even in your vocabulary?
Depends on who you ask :) Though should I *really* be taking vocab lessons from someone who makes whole letter grades beneath me? O.O
I will block your number. And refuse to sit next to you on Friday.
Nooooo! :( I’ll be good, I promise!!
Uh-huh. Sure. I’ve yet to see it.
:p So wanna make friday interesting?
I’m scared….
Shut up :p Whoever scores the highest on the test buys dinner when we get the grades back
You sound confident, Jeon
Just based off prior experiences, Miss 87 :p
Put your tongue back in your mouth. Alright. sounds fun. instead of just dinner though…. ….lowest grade buys pizza for movie night at the other’s dorm highest grade picks the movie!
Friday came and went, and all weekend you found yourself texting back and forth with Jungkook, much to Jimin’s amusement. You couldn’t help but smile every time your phone pinged, a little jolt of excitement racing through you whenever you saw the contact name in your notifications: Brat (Affectionate).
On Monday, once the tests were passed back, you steeled yourself. Jungkook checked his paper, grinning as he set it face down and folded his arms smugly over his chest, waiting for you to get your test back. Once you did, you peeked at the grade and smirked. 
“On the count of three,” Jungkook said.
“Alright. One.”
You both flipped your tests over, jaws dropping when you’d revealed identical 95s. 
“Well….now what?” Jungkook asked, almost looking disappointed. The lack of smile on his face was something you quickly wanted to correct. 
“Hmm. I buy pizza and you pick the movie?”
Jungkook beamed, “Sounds good! I like extra pepperoni.”
“You’ll get the pepperoni it comes with and be happy.”
Jungkook chuckled, “Fair enough. What movie do you think you might want to see?”
“Hmm….it has been awhile since I watched The Hannah Montana Movie….”
“Kidding! Come over at seven. I’ll text you the address.”
Jungkook arrived at seven sharp. You’d just finished shooing Jimin out three minutes prior, begging him to go spend the evening with his own boyfriend and leave you alone for the evening. After making you promise to tell him all the details, Jimin had finally left to go find Taehyung, and the doorbell had rung announcing Jungkook. You quickly smoothed down your hair and checked your outfit in the mirror by the door before answering. 
Jungkook was not dressed in his usual oversized baggy hoodie. Instead, he was dressed in a soft pastel purple sweatshirt with white stars all over it, and light washed blue jeans. He looked cute as hell, and very cuddleable. You almost couldn’t wait to get him on the couch with you.
“Hi,” he said shyly.
“Hi. Come in, come in.”
“Right,” Jungkook stood a little awkwardly in the entry way of your dorm apartment, and it was then you truly realized just how shy he really was. In spite of all the teasing and bantering, Jeon Jungkook was truly shy at heart. It was the most endearing things.
“Come on,” you said, taking his hand in yours and tugging him towards the living room, “You have a movie to pick out.”
Jungkook’s walls began to crumble slightly as he grinned, happily following you to the couch, “Hmm….what about horror?”
“If you pick a horror movie, I will never speak to you ever again.”
“I’m kidding,” Jungkook giggled, “Alright, let’s see what’s on Netflix. Ooh, Spiderman!”
After deciding on Spiderman and placing the order for the pizza - with extra pepperoni, but Jungkook didn’t need to know that just yet, the two of you settled onto the couch, leaving a cushion between you. You still didn’t really know where you stood with him, or what this whole thing was just yet. You didn’t want to presume, and Jungkook hadn’t made any effort to pull you closer to him, so….
“Still can’t believe you actually made the same grade as me,” Jungkook crossed his eyes at you, “I must be slipping.”
Fuck the empty cushion and the awkward shyness. You narrowed your eyes at him, barely giving him a moment to continue being a little shit before tackling him back against the couch cushions and tickling him. After a few minutes of letting himself be tickled pink, you suddenly felt a hand wrap around both your wrists, stilling you. Swallowing thickly, you realized just how dark Jungkook’s eyes had become.
“Honey,” his voice was deceptively sweet as he smiled saccharinely, “Do you really think you can beat me in a tickle fight?”
Your life genuinely flashed before your eyes before the doorbell rang, pulling you away from his threat, the tension suddenly dissipating. Everything suddenly felt awkward again as you both sat up and untangled from each other, cheeks red with embarrassment. You stood to go get the pizza as Jungkook attempted to smooth his hair. 
“Extra pepperoni?!” His eyes lit up when you sat the box down on the coffee table.
You shrugged, handing him a slice on a paper plate, “You said it was your favorite.”
Jungkook pinkened, taking a small nibble of his pizza before suddenly letting the shyness crumble again and saying, “Don’t go thinking this is making me give into Hannah Montana,” he stuck his tongue out.
“Stick your tongue out again and it’s gonna get bitten,” You said without thinking.
Jungkook nearly choked on his pizza, “I-is that a promise?”
Shit. “You want it to be?”
You were sure he was blushing down to his toes as he reached for the TV remote, turning on Spiderman, mumbling softly, “Maybe not when I have pizza breath.”
He looked so precious and pouty, you couldn’t help but lean over and press a kiss to his cheek, watching him blush even redder. 
“Put the movie on, JK.”
An hour into the movie, and the pizza was devoured and the two of you were cuddled up on the couch together, you tucked into his side, his arm over his shoulders, his fingers playing softly with your hair. 
“Hey, Jungkook.”
You felt the butterflies swarm in your stomach for a moment before they stilled. Nothing about this moment feeling any kind of anxiousness. You felt one hundred percent confident as you said, “Kiss me.”
He didn’t have to be told twice, leaning down, intwining his fingers in your hair at the nape of your neck as he brought you close to him. The kiss was every bit as sweet and gentle as you knew it would be, Jungkook absolutely perfect. But he wouldn’t be the brat you knew, and would one day very soon, love, if he didn’t say upon breaking away, “I suppose it’s safe to say that chewing on your pen paid off?”
You smacked him with a throw pillow.
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koostarcandy · 2 months ago
i.n.v.u (j.jungkook x reader)
Tumblr media
summary: it's ironic you envy and love him at the same time.
pairing: college!jungkook x introvert!reader
genre: friendstolovers!au, angst, happy ending
warnings: oneshot, its kinda angsty, pining from the reader's end, they're like friends but there's a fine line between friendly affection and actual love
a/n: cause I've been listening to invu by taeyeon on repeat.
You envy Jeon Jungkook.
You envy the nonchalant facade he puts up, walking around without having a care in the world. You envy the way he easily puts his arm around you, rubbing the sliver of shoulder peeking through, effectively raising goosebumps. You envy the way he seems to not be bothered by anything, always in his own little bubble.
You love Jeon Jungkook, you realize.
You love his nonchalant walk, oozing confidence and radiating positivity, offering genuine smiles to anyone who passes his way. You love the way Jungkook is comfortable with you, his hands and arms finding solace, wrapped around your body. You love the way Jungkook is unbothered by anything, always looking at the world in rose tinted glasses.
oh, the irony.
You think you're losing your mind.
What started as simple partners for a project ended up as friends who don't quite know their boundaries.
What started out as, "he's funny, let's see where this goes," ended up in, "it's been 15 minutes, why hasn't he texted me back yet?"
You had texted him in the morning, informing him that you wouldn't be attending college today because you were on the lookout for part time jobs. A simple "cool" would've sufficed, maybe even a "good luck today!" You didn't expect radio silence, something which you should've been used to since it's been happening for the past week. You sit on the bus stand bench, going through your conversations with him on your phone, wondering when or where you scared him off. You tap your foot in impatience, looking around for the bus when you happened to look at your phone for the time. You groan and get up, realising you missed the bus. As you trudge back home, heart heavy in your chest and phone equally heavy in your pocket, Mother Nature seems to have plans too, starting her downpour and matching your downcast mood.
Not bothering to take an umbrella in the morning-in your defence, it was extremely sunny today-you let yourself get soaked, washing away today's stress in a unique way, which you know will result in a cold tomorrow. It even gives you time to think about your relationship with Jungkook, something which you haven't thought about properly.
You had contemplated distancing yourself and cutting yourself off from him entirely, which clearly wasn't possible because he somehow always found his way back to you. You can't love him, even though you clearly do. You and him were stark contrasts. Despite him being an introvert like you, he easily found and made friends, a quality you envy.
At the same time, you can't not love him. Anyone would love his shy persona and once you get to know him, it's a rollercoaster ride. Jungkook knows you loves him, drunkenly admitted it to you one night when you picked him from a party. He caught the fleeting glances you gave him and fond smiles which graced your face whenever he talked.
He lamented how he could never reciprocate the love you gave him, crying out on your chest and effectively passing out on you, occasional hiccups emitted from him. Anyone in your place would think he would be speaking the truth and nothing but the truth. But you knew better. You caught the heart eyed gazes he sent you and the smiles which adorned his face whenever you gave him his favourite food.
You're positive you've lost your mind.
You have never run behind anyone like this, especially a man. You've never indulged in a ambiguous game like this, knowing it would end up harsh words being thrown about and precious hearts being wounded.
You've figured it's your kind of love though, enjoying the thrill it gave you, always waiting for the next move. Any sane person would let go of it, but this rollercoaster of emotions is the only thing which has kept you alive, not letting that tiny flame inside you become embers. You've found things about yourself you've never known through Jungkook.
You initially kept Jungkook at an arm's distance, like you usually do with anyone who interacts with you. Jungkook broke down your firm and sturdy walls, chip by chip. His frequent, uninvited presence in your studio apartment, along with tteokbokki and his dog, Bam grew on you. His warmth, provided by his bear hugs, calmed the storm within you.
You never believed in love, no. Having parents who focused solely on your grades and not you, paired with friends who used you for your brain, you lost faith in that fickle concept. You had no one to turn to in your troubled times, save for the plushie you got from your late grandma. You had gotten used to the grey, stormy clouds in your sky, starting to detest the occasional ray of sunshine.
Jungkook turned your whole world upside down, showing you that you can find peace in the midst of a storm. You just hope that when he leaves, he'll make it easy for your poor heart.
Shivering in the cold rain, you quickly walk into your apartment complex. You're shocked to say the least, seeing Jungkook walk out of your apartment, pulling his hoodie over his head.
"hey, you" you say offhandedly, like you're not soaked to the bone, shivering at sudden gusts of wind.
"where have you been?!" Jungkook says agitatedly, pulling you inside your apartment. You look around your apartment, surprisingly clean, ramen bubbling in a pot in your kitchen.
"i sent you a message?" you look at him, innocent face looking back at you. Realisation fleets across his face, "i didn't mean to leave you on read," he starts, "i was thinking." he finishes lamely. "thinking for one whole week? what were you thinking about?" you shrug off his helping hands, slipping off the heavy coat and shoes.
He winces at your cold tone, "sweets, i can explain, okay?" You seem to grow more irritated at the nickname he usually calls you, "what is there to explain? are you going to explain why you treat me like an option? like I'm some plan b to fall back on?"
You fire him the questions back to back, raising his temper too. "i don't know where you got that from, but i never treat you like an option," he says firmly.
Before you could open your mouth, he shoots back, "you're the one who seems to be the expert at ghosting, do you see me complaining?"
"you know why I do that, I've told you everything!" you're border-lining on losing your composure. "you're still not telling me as to why you suddenly just dis-"
"i needed time to think about us!"
"there never was an us!"
"well, would it really be so bad if there was one?!"
Well, that shut you up. Jungkook doesn't seem to take pride in that, instead he guides you to your bedroom, having laid out your his sweatshirt with your shorts. "freshen up and then we'll talk, okay? don't want you freezing to death."
And so you do just that. You take a steaming, hot shower and dress comfortably. The smell of spicy ramen and chicken wafts through your house. You want to tell Jungkook that food wont bribe you this time but when you see him zoned out, sitting on the floor and leaning against the couch, you think you'll be abit kinder to him this time.
You settle next to him, a gentle hand on his arm making him snap out of his reverie. He takes your hand in his large one, "i want you to know one thing," he says earnestly, "you never are or were an option to me. if anything, you're the only one for me."
You look at your now intertwined hands and to his imploring eyes, begging you to say something. "you know that you're special, right?" Jungkook is taken aback. You've never spoken to him like this, let alone about him. "you're the only one who I've chased behind and the only one who i let my emotions go haywire for," you glance at the spread he's laid out on your tiny table, TV ready with options to watch from Netflix. "I've never had anyone dote over me or make sure I'm fed daily." Looking back at him, you're not sure why tears well up in the bottom of your eyes. He leaves your hand in his lap and cups your face, eyes wiping the tears that fell astray. "the sky's crying, doesn't mean you have to," referring to raging thunderstorm outside. Contrary to the chaos which was going on in your head, you feel at peace, having said your mind out to him.
His hands slip to their humble abode, your waist, pulling you closer with his sheer strength. His eyes closed and forehead leaning on yours, you mimic him, hands curling around his neck, trying to pull him closer. He ends up pulling you onto his lap, tiny pecks left on your lips and hands splayed firmly on your back, trying to convey all his emotions through his intimate actions. A smile grows on your face with the repeated kisses, catching him off-guard with a kiss back.
You envy Jeon Jungkook. Envy the way he easily found his way to your heart, making it his home.
You love Jeon Jungkook. Love the way he made your heart his home and love him for barging into your life, showing you that you're his only love.
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purrfectfae · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Author : purrfectfae
Pairing : barbarian king! jungkook × student! reader
Genre : yandere au, smut, angst
Warnings⚠️ : soft yandere jungkook , oc is culturally naive, kidnapping, forced marriage ,slight dubcon , oral (f.receiving) , penetrative sex (unprotective), breeding kink.
Tumblr media
The huge mountains and the foliage around you smells like life and freshness. You can only imagine being in such an environment and inhaling fresh air makes your body more awake. Your boyfriend jin breaks you out of your reverie by nudging your shoulder softly and it reminds you why you are here.
Your college thought the best way a person can learn a subject is from experiencing it and you believe it too. But its something you are doing it for the first time. Raised in a rich household by maids and your parents always busy with work, you never got to go out a lot and moving out for uni at 18 made your life change for the best. Though it was tough in the beginning, you are getting used to it.
You can see the civilization of the tribes nearing from the bus window . Kids adorned in something akin to animal fur are playing tag, women are cooking and cleaning outside their huts, men are cutting wood with their torsos open for the whole world to see and only draped in a sheer cloth over their waist.
They were barbaric.
You wince feeling your boots drench with wet mud. Jin wraps his hands around your waist and pulls you up towards him and you smile at him, thanking in silence.
It's when you see him.
In all his glory, surrounded by scary, barbaric men. He gives a terrifying and bossy aura around him, one that screams 'king' and you guessed it right . There's only a little fur draped over his waist and around his shoulders like some sort of jacket, his torso is naked with his chest so buff and his waist so thin and his thighs very taut and muscular. His proportions are just amazing. His face is fierce yet soft and it makes you wonder how such a man could exist.
He meets your stare and locks it under his scrutinizing gaze. You move your head swiftly to the side where your fellow classmates are unpacking.
It is not until evening when you see him again at the gathering. Your professor asked you all to dress nice and be at you best behaviour around the locals. He feared those barbarians would behead him if something wrong happened.
They won't right?
With how you entered like a goddess stepping her feet on the earth for the first time, in your virgin white lace backless gown, your hair tied loosely at the back with butterfly golden plated trinkets and little strands falling on your face at right places , golden plated tiara adorning your head, your emerald pendent dipping in the valley between your boobs made it all enticing , demanding everyone's attention on you, demanding his attention.
He was enchanted.
How could he not , when you looked so beautiful like an angel?
You were the prettiest pearl among the bunch of fake, yellowish ones , the liveliest flower among the dried ones. Oh! He had to have you.
You meet his gaze once again and this time he smiles at you as you mimic one in return with a little curtsy. But you do not expect him to saunter over to you and push your boyfriend to the side taking his place beside you .
It is where you should belong. Beside him.
You giggle watching the locals dance around the bonfire with your friends joining in between and moving along the rhythm. Your sweet laugh amuses him and he craves to hear it everyday.
When it came to the feast, you crinkle your nose in a cute scrunch. The scent of meat always peeved you and the fact that you are a very picky eater didn't help either. So you settle on chewing some grapes instead .
" you can have mine ", his voice raucous as he slides his plate beside you.
"I'm fine, my king ", you bow him slightly blushing a little at his sweet gesture.
" jungkook , you can call me jungkook ", you nod in return not daring to say his name out loud.
The next few days go by you interviewing the locals and roaming around the expanse of this green, luscious land. You don't see jungkook after the gathering and you are very glad . It felt uncomfortable having him beside you throughout that night, with his rough palm over the small of your naked back. It almost felt like he was your boyfriend and you wonder where jin got lost that day.
The day came soon where your excursion ended. You are set to leave with small gifts from few generous locals and many memories to hold onto.
You set your foot out of your temporary residence to witness something you dreaded so much. Your friends and teachers are tied to huge logs with their mouths gagged shut and you feel your luggage slip from within your hands.
You see jin lying lifelessly beside few barbaric goons (who you're pretty sure are responsible for jin's condition) ,with blood seeping out of his head and pooling on the ground beside him. It makes you sick. It almost feels like a fever dream. It makes your head dizzy and stomach churn.
You are swept off your feet suddenly making you turn your head to meet the familiar doe like eyes. The last thing you see is a smirk plastered on his face before your mind slips into darkness in the arms of the barbarian king.
Tumblr media
You wake up to see yourself dressed up in a flimsy red silk cloth that barely covers you. It drapes around your privates tightly with your waist and legs exposed. Your neck and limbs feel tight and you recognize them to be ornaments. They are all over your body. A long red lace veil is attached to the back of your head and it pools around your legs.
You look in the mirror beside you to see mascara around your eyes, dark red tint on your lips, white paint in intricate details on your cheeks. You look fresh despite the drowsiness and you wonder how.
The next thing you know is two women of almost your age , who look at you like they'll probably gouge your eyes out , drag you outside. You thrash , resisting but it doesn't work. At one point , the lady raises her hand to hit you only to be stopped by the other one whisper shouting at her that the king would punish her if she ever laid hand on you.
Despite that, she pushes you roughly outside and you land directly in the arms of the man who wrecked your life.
" please let me go", you whimper, your voice feathery and vulnerable making him melt. He leans down to place a quick peck on your forehead, still holding you tight against his chest.
" sweetheart, you are going to be mine today", he pushes your hair behind your ear and that's when you notice him dressed in something similar to yours. Red.
He walks hand in hand with you along the aisle towards the podium. You turn your head in all directions searching for your friends and teachers among the herd of boisterous crowd, but they are nowhere in sight. You panic.
Jungkook holds your hands in his, facing you with all his population cheering and howling around you. You are overwhelmed with everything happening around you. You just want to go home.
You pull your hands away only to be held tightly by him making your bones pop.
You wince visibly but he does nothing to free you out of it. The priest reads out something but you pay no mind to it.
"You are one with two bodies uniting your souls and bodies on the auspicious night I announce you king and queen , husband and wife"
Jungkook pulls you towards him, one hand wrapped around your naked waist and the other under you bum. He lifts you a up a little and sinks his teeth in the junction of your neck and shoulder drawing blood. You throw your hands around his neck and hide your face in his chest in reflex.
He pulls out looking at you with a smug face, blood dripping at the side of his lips. He leans down to kiss you roughly and you let him do whatever he wants in fear.
" kiss me back dammit ", he mumbles on your lips and you move your lips on his making him smile in victory. He leaves your lips with a lewd pop and turns towards the loud crowd holding your hands high up in the air.
Jungkook throws your petite body on his shoulder showing off his people like you were a trophy only he could win. He jumps in the crowd as his people surround you both, cheering loudly and he spanks you, growling along the crowd animalistically.
Tumblr media
" don't do this please ", you plead moving away from where he is standing at the foot of his bed. Now yours.
He clicks his tongue in annoyance, " you are officially mine now. I can't let you go after all I've done for you to be mine".
He moves slowly towards the bed, removing his clothes while doing so and sits in the centre of the bed stark naked facing you. You avert your gaze not wanting to look at the man who ruined your life.
" you can look at me baby, I'm yours just like how you are mine ",
"Come sit ", he pats his thigh gesturing for you to come to him but you stay rooted at your place. He chest rumbles with a growl at your disobedience as he breaks the glass jars beside him.
You choke out a sob but make your way towards him calming him down a little. He pulls you on his lap when you near him feeling your smooth skin over his rough one.
He runs his hand over the sequins and silk of your dress desperate to feel all of you. He hurriedly unwraps the strings at the back of your top, revealing your fleshly mounds to his lustful eyes.
He looks into your fox eyes with his doe ones but somehow it feels like he is the predator and you are the prey.
He snuggles in your neck sniffing the ambrosia like scent . He could get used to this everyday. He wonders how you taste and smell down there. He is pretty sure it tastes like heaven and he could spend days between your legs.
Your nerves trembles beneath your skin and you visibly shudder in his hold. He notices it but doesn't say anything about it, only allowing himself to bask in your closeness. He waited so long for this and he is going to take his time with you.
You yelp out a shriek when he throws your body on the sheets beside him as he maneuvers himself above you, his mane falling over his face as he looks down at you with shiny, onyx eyes. He pulls down the remaining of your cloth and discards it on the floor.
He lets his stare confined to your naked perfection feeling all his blood rush down to his manhood. " gorgeous".
He puts your legs around his neck making your mouth leap out a shriek. " no , don't "
" you've been cock teasing me all this time. It's only fair, I get a taste of that cunt you've been taunting in my face ", he licks a long stripe along your slit making you jolt up from the sensation. You are embarrassed and ashamed to feel good in a situation like this. You should be disgusted with a monster like him. But why do you want this? You assume you are just horny.
You'll find a way out of this place tomorrow after this ends. You promise yourself. But can you though? You don't even know where this place is and you doubt if you could get yourself out of the thick forest alive and in one piece.
He latches his lips on your sweet Pearl , swirling and sucking on it. Your legs twitch , slinging on his shoulders as he licks and laps on your juices. Your feel the knot in your tummy go undone, experiencing a marvelous orgasm as he helps you ride out of it.
" fucking taste so good"
Jungkook leans on top of you, throwing all his weight over yours as he kisses your feverishly.
You let out a mewl when you feel his crotch rub against yours .
His hands are burning hot against your skin as he looks at you with dark lidded gaze, arousal seeping throught it.
He manhandles your breasts as he sucks a hickey right above your clavicle. You choke out a strangled moan when he finds your sweet spot.
"Oh ! My God "
" nghh... I like the idea of being your God ", he says smugly intertwining your hands in his.
He lines his cock at the entrance of your slit and your pulse races. It's not like you've never done this before, but this is different. He is different.
" please don't make it hurt ", you say softly with your eyes trained on him . Jungkook softens a little at your vulnerability.
He leans down to kitten lick your cheek as he whispers in your ear ," I promise ".
He pushes all of him inside you slowly, letting you adjust his size. Once he's fully in, he slowly moves in circles feeling ecstacy and euphoria rushing in his veins. " mmh".
He picks up his pace slowly, only beginning to get rougher when he makes sure you are comfortable with it.
" m'gonna put all my babies in here", he rubs your belly feeling his cock hit his palm from underneath.
" m'gonna treat you like a queen. My queen ", he bucks his hips forward, hitting the entrance of your cervix as his tongue Snakes out to trace your lips. " never gonna let you go out of my sight ever "
You feel your orgasm nearing and you let yourself hold onto him for support as you cum around him. He releases shortly after with Carnal noises leaving his mouth.
You let your chest heave up and down already feeling tired and dozy.
" you are cute if you think im done with you darling "
Tumblr media
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jktones · a month ago
maybe jungkook is the type of guy that gently keeps an eye on you when you aren't feeling the greatest. you turn incredibly quiet when your energy is low and your mood is sour; your actions are slower and sometimes he catches distress or frustration flash across your features when something just isn't going the way you want it to. it's when he appears in front of you, eyebrows worriedly furrowing, that it feels like you release a breath you hadn't realized you were holding all this while. "hey," he mutters quietly, reaching up to brush his fingers through your hair. almost immediately, you close your eyes and your head falls forward to his chest or the curve of his shoulder, his arms curling around your form to hold the pieces of you together for the time being. "i'm here, i got you. i'm not going anywhere."
maybe jungkook is the type of guy that understands your overall routine shifts when you're down and you do everything at the pace that fits you in the moment. he never holds it against you when you don't join him for dinner, opting for a nap instead so your headache subsides or letting your eyes rest from staring at a screen all day. it's when you immerge later from the bedroom do you notice his snoozing form on the living room couch. not wanting to disturb him since he must have had a long day too without telling you, you intend to grab something small in the kitchen to snack on -- when you notice a sticky note he left on the fridge. dinner is inside, container with the blue lid. eat some if you can, okay? :) ♡
and maybe, just maybe, jungkook is the type of guy that quietly keeps himself awake to make sure you sleep alright when you slip into bed long after he does. you're exhausted, that much he knows from the sigh you exhale, and he feels guilty that he can't share the weight of the day with you to lessen the burden. though as you curl your body beside him and let your fingers slip between the spaces of his own almost naturally in your tired state, it's relieving that you can trust him to be your safe place as you physically relax with each passing minute. once he registers that you drifted off, he carefully turns his head and leans forward to press a kiss to your forehead. "you made it through and i'm so proud of you." he murmurs, a breathy chuckle leaving him when you seemingly respond with a soft sigh. "goodnight and sweet dreams, love. i'll see you in the morning."
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sxtaep · a month ago
holding hands while riding namjoon? idk im just hjorny rn 😭
well, i’m glad i could be of assistance, anon <3
pairing: namjoon x female reader
warnings: softdom!joon, sub!reader, explicit smut, unprotected sex, penetrative sex, crying, kinda soft, rough fucking, i can’t tell if he’s trying to punish her or naw..
Tumblr media
“Need me to love you, need me to protect you, need me to fuck you,” Namjoon seethes, hands resting on the small of your back as he enunciated each point with a harsh thrust into you.
You were in tears on top of him, riding him out like your life depended on it whilst his cock evasively split you open; just the way you liked it.
He was never normally this rough with you, opting to go slow and easy every time you both decided to get intimate. His soft side during sex was something you cherished so much; it made you feel safe in his arms.
But that was until now.
You chose to disrupt one of his super important zoom interviews with your desperation; twirling his hair around your fingers to which the interviewer could clearly see. Namjoon would try to brush you off, silently telling you that he’d be with you shortly, but you didn’t budge.
And that went on for the rest of the hour. You bothered him to the point where he was tired of your shit, slamming the laptop shut after ending the call and dragging you into your shared bedroom.
Which is where you are now.
Looking down at him, you could tell he was pissed, but you couldn’t let the desperation inside of you eat you out alive. You did the right thing seeing as he was giving you exactly what you wanted.
“Don’t fucking cry. Isn’t this what you wanted?” His tone of voice was harsh and his hips slammed into you with such brute force, it felt like he was fucking the cries out of you.
“Yes, yes—!” you cry again, your fingers digging into the skin of his shoulder which caused him to wince.
You were such a good girl. Never having been fucked like this, you were taking him like a champ.
It warmed his heart in the most fucked up way possible.
Namjoon yanked your hand off his shoulder, instead intertwining his hand in yours to give you that little sense of care and security you were always used to.
“Need me to hold your hand while I fuck you as well, huh?” His tone was seemingly trying to mock you, belittle you in some sense, but you weren’t a pussy.
You could take a rough fuck when necessary.
Whether he held your hand or not, you trusted the man with your whole life.
“You’re so cute..”
You don’t hear him, the sounds of skin slapping and your whimpers drowning out his endearing words.
He set his free hand over your hips, forcing you to slam down on his cock and revelling in the way your walls clenched around him.
“Too much..” you say breathlessly, but your actions were contradicting your own words as you continued to fuck yourself on top of him without his assistance.
“You’re so greedy, Y/N,” the man tsks, shaking his head like he was disappointed but he was far from it.
You were everything he could ask for, and more.
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delugguk · a month ago
sorry, I need to sleep more.
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader.
genre: smut, pwp, fluff.
word count: 1.3k
summary: in his mind, planning to sleep isn't easy when jungkooks body has his own desires.
a/n: jungkook is ruining me.
Tumblr media
"I thought you were just waking up?" you say while making yourself comfortable over his body.
"mhm.." exhaling a hum, he hugs you tight. "I need to sleep more."
you do it back, cuddling him. "let's just stay like this then." telling him softly with a smile on your face.
staying like this for a few minutes, you move your leg in order to wrap him against your bodyㅡfeeling a little bulge while at it.
"mhm.. it seems like your body is telling me otherwise." you giggle making him chuckle.
"sorry, I can't help it." he responds while brushing a long trace of caresses on your back with both hands. "my body never listens to me." lazily smiling at you.
you laugh at thatㅡyou weren't wearing a bra which it makes you feel more closer to him the moment your chest was plastered with his.
completely feeling the warmth of his body whenever he layed your body to be at the right positionㅡbeing able to feel his growing bulge.
"I thought you wanted to sleep?" your face buried on his neck.
"well," he quickly paused, dragging your legs up. "you're making it hard when you're right on top of me, you know?"
you chuckle. "does that mean you are no longer sleepy?"
"you could say so." he teases.
what you do next is to hug him even more. your hips automatically moving, teasing him by pressing your clothed pussy right onto his bulge. It's not something you planned, your hips just started moving very unconsciously but of course you let them, seeing jungkook enjoying the way you tease him.
"you're so wrong for this." he rasps, hands touching your bare back under your shirt.
you can't help but let out a chuckle. "as if it was really my fault."
"It is." he quickly says.
"yeah? how so?"
"being so fucking hot, that's your problem."
"that's my problem?" big laugh. It was very funny and ironic. you're usually the one being like this.
"look who's talking." you roll your eyes.
"me? It's not the same."
"of course it isn't. you're completely different."
"how so?" eagerness filling his eyes.
"Are you really asking me this right now?"
"I want to fuck you all the time." you breathe in and out, "what are you doing this to me?"
he laughs. "I guess I just wanted to hear It." big smile.
"just wanted to hear It?"
"because maybe.." he squeezes your ass. "I always want to fuck you all the time too."
you smile at that, almost mischievously. your hips still moving slowly, you even bite your lips. lifting your head up to stare into his eyes; you notice how he also has the same face expression as you. same dark, same desire flowing through both eyes in which as soon as his arms go up into your waist, you kiss him.
and it's a passionate kiss.
of course he reacts to it, putting more pressure and exigency into it. you could feel his heavy breathing betwixt your face whenever you took a quick break only to be left on all over his neck next time your lips were caught in between his very tempting, soft skin.
hard nipples rubbing against your shirt everytime you moved adding to your excitementㅡchest bumping into his strong pectorals every now and then wasn't helping you at all with how lustful you feel. him feeling it too.
hair pushed back, perfect eyebrows furrowing on his face, he wasn't any better at controlling his strong passion.
taking a breather, foreheads sticking into each other, you pant in anticipation towards his lips. "hmㅡfuck me."
you sound kind of desperate and it makes him grin, almost instantly.
"I told you, I can't resist you." he lowly says.
with a devilish smile, he immediately makes himself comfortable seating up with you still on top of him.
quickly pulling off his boxers, he takes your panties aside coating his hard length with your hot arousal by rubbing his tip onto your pussy lips and clit which makes a needy mess out of you.
then when he finally introduces his dick inside of you ever so slowly, you both can't help but exhale in unison.
but jungkook didn't even let you have time to move once he quickly plastered your body to be closer to himㅡimmediately thrusting up hard and nice into you.
"eumg" you moan. "so good."
"fucking good." he moans back.
and he's going so deliciously hard that it already makes your walls clench around him.
"fuckㅡalready?" voice sounding very agitated. "you wanted me that much?" he sounded very cocky too.
you hated him.
well.. no, you really didn't.
"say something." he demands, thrusting deeper into you. this time a little more calm, but still hard.
"eunngㅡyes. I-" you exhale, cutting your sentence. looking difficult to find the right coherent words, "I want you so much."
"how much?" he bites his lips.
"so f-fucking much."
"that's It?" he's teasing you now.
but you can't answer no more, he feels so good inside of you and even his little teasing towards you was so hot of him.
he laughsㅡgoing slower this time. "ok, I'll let you win." pausing. after thrusting into you some more with curses in between, "just because I like you so much."
and at this point you don't understand how his voice still sounds so soft.
but that's quickly ruined the moment he has your body jumping into him with the help of his arms. he loved this position and he loved this moment because this makes you go deeper on him, harder even and messy.
the back of your thighs clashing between his thighs along with your slightly sweaty bodies felt so good because he really was manhandling you hard. It was difficult trying not to close your legs but you needed your realise and of course jungkook was willing to do that as soon as he noticed.
recommending to take your shirt off, you told him you wanted to keep it. the brush against your shirt making you lose your shit. It was a good pleasure.
after you both reached your high, you cuddled for a bit and even showered. jungkook installed some music afterwards, his room still seemed so pretty with all the colourful lights.
fresh on the bed after some fun time, you take a glance at your boyfriend who's now lazily staring into his phone.
"seems like someone is getting sleepy again." you tease him.
he softly smiles. "I think Iㅡnow, migh get my very well deserved sleep."
you giggle at that.
"hm.. yeah you're right." you seat at his side, fingers caressing, playing with his silky hair. "I won't bother you this time."
which makes him instantly look at you. "you weren't bothering me earlier." he says, eyebrows furrowed.
"my body just got excited." he continues, eyes back to his phone.
"because you want me so much." you fondly smile at him, trying to tease him.
"that's right."
but it was a failure in doing so. you didn't expected him to be honest.
"oh." that's all you manage to say.
he grins to himself, face looking at yours. "caught you off guard huh?" blinking lazily.
he smiles, and it makes you mirror him but you also rolled your eyes.
you say faking authority. he just lazily laughs at thatㅡturning his phone off, pulling your arms in an attempt to hug you.
"what are you doing?"
"sleewp with mme." he blurbs with his eyes closed. he looked very cute right now.
"I'm not sleepy." your gaze fondly at him.
"thwen just lay down with mme until I fall sleewp."
he keeps dragging his words, pouting and faking a sad face with his eyes still closed and all you can think about is how you can say no to him when he is this endearingㅡso naturally, all you do is wrap your body with him becoming the big spoon. his face buried between your neck, his warm breathing filling the little pulses of your heart..
damn was he really cute when he wanted to.. huh?
so because of that, you naturally ended up falling sleep with him.
..so it seems that it doesn't matter how hard you still try; at the end of the day he will always get whatever he wants..
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blu-joons · 10 hours ago
Baby Talks ~ Kim Seokjin
Tumblr media
A chuckle came from you as Jin laid himself down beside your bump on the bed, not expecting him to go anywhere else. The left side of your bump had well and truly become his home, finding himself often falling asleep for the night curled up right by your side.
Once Jin had made himself comfortable, he brought his hand across to rest it against the top of your baby bump, instinctively drawing patterns over it as he patiently waited for a bit of movement.
He would lay all night long to feel just a single kick from your baby, he never tired of feeling around, hoping that eventually he would be able to catch a little kick against the palm of my hand.
“How’s my favourite girl?” Jin asked, pressing a kiss to the side of your bump.
Straight away, you knew that he wasn’t talking to you. You had taken a backseat when it came to your daughter, with Jin doting on her more than anyone else. Of course, he cared about you, but the apple of his eye had definitely changed to someone a little bit smaller.
“Have you been trouble today?” He then asked your bump, knowing that he wasn’t going to get a response, tilting his head back instead so that he was able to look up at you.
Your head nodded in reply to him on your daughter’s behalf, “she’s been a right little wriggler today, kicking and fussing every time I’ve stood up to go and do anything.”
Jin’s eyes rolled as he tapped his hand gently over the top of your bump to let her know that she had done wrong. Although she had no idea what was going on, Jin still liked to involve her in absolutely everything, making sure to talk to her as much as he possibly could too.
“Do you need anything? You’re not in any pain, are you?” Jin asked, turning his attention to you, fretting as usual that something was up with you and that you weren’t letting on.
Your head quickly shook in response though, having taken the weight off of your feet after lying down in bed, your body felt alright. It was a part of pregnancy, and oddly, the discomfort was something that you were beginning to get used to.
“I think she must have known that you weren’t here today, that’s why she was wriggling, because she missed you.”
A quiet laugh came from Jin as his eyes looked back down to your bump again. “We’ve definitely got a daddy’s girl growing in that bump of yours Y/N, I can just feel it,” he told you, pressing a kiss against the side of it too.
“With how she’s been recently, I think I’ll have to agree.”
There always seemed to be a little more movement in your bump when Jin was talking which was your first clue that your daughter adored Jin. But more importantly, whenever he laid beside your bump and held onto it, she seemed to be calmer, almost as if she knew that Jin was there so that she could rest comfortably.
He took great pride in your baby bump, very protective whenever he was around. No one was allowed to touch your bump when Jin was around, his eyes would be on you at all times to make sure that no one pushed their luck either.
“Are you a daddy’s girl?” Jin asked, placing his hand around your bump, hoping to feel a kick, only for nothing to come in reply to him.
“Maybe she’s undecided yet,” you teased, reaching down to brush your hand over the top of his head, “you never know, she might be a mummy’s girl instead.”
Jin’s eyes rolled back across at you; he was pretty stubborn when he came to your daughter. More than anything he wanted a daddy’s girl; everyone knew that he wanted your daughter right by his side so that he could always take care of her.
The boys had teased him endlessly, something which you loved to be a spectator of. He hated whenever any of them talked to closely to your bump, not wanting your daughter to get confused between him and any of them.
“I can’t believe that she’ll be here in just a month now,” Jin whispered with a wide smile.
Every single day when you woke up, you got a reminder of how many days were left to your due date. Although you were getting nervous, Jin was only ever excited, those days couldn’t pass by soon enough for him for your daughter to arrive.
“Do you think she’ll know my voice when she comes?” Jin then asked you as his mind continued to wonder. “They always say don’t they that if you talk to a baby in a bump they’ll recognise voices, will they recognise mine?”
Your head nodded back at him, “I think you’ve probably talked out daughter’s ear off.”
A shy smile appeared on his face, “I’m just making sure that they feel involved and part of the family, we can’t leave our daughter out of all of the things that we’re doing, can we?”
“Of course not,” you chuckled, offering Jin a wide smile, “she might be sick of the sound of your voice though when she arrives, she listens to you constantly.”
Jin pushed gently against your side as you laughed back to him, noticing the look of disapproval that was on his face. He refused to allow anyone to knock him, even when that person was you, making sure that you knew that he was your daughter’s number one.
As much as you loved to tease Jin, you couldn’t hide the fact that you loved how much Jin spoke to your bump. Most nights you were able to glance down and watch him as he whispered to your bump and told them all about his day, making sure that he tried to remember as many of the details as possible.
“I’m not going to stop talking to the bump,” Jin told you, tracing his hand over the top of your bump still, “I won’t let her go for her to be able to avoid my voice.”
You knew that Jin meant every single word, your daughter was absolutely going to be his everything. He had booked the time off of work, cleared his schedule, and made plenty of time to at least spend a couple of weeks at home with you.
“Are you excited?” Jin smiled up at you.
“I am, are you?”
“Absolutely,” he smirked, not even having to think about an answer. “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life being a dad, but most importantly I can’t wait to do everything with you right by my side too.”
Your head nodded in agreement with him, “you know as much as I love to joke, there is no one else in the world that I would like to do this with other than you Jin.”
“I see your smile when I talk to the baby, I know you don’t mean it when you mess with me,” he joked back across to you.
Your hand brushed over his head once again, “that’s one lucky little lady in there being able to call you dad.”
“I just want to make sure that I do the best job for her,” he confided in you, “I don’t ever want to let her down.”
“You won’t,” you assured him, “you’ll be amazing, I can already tell.”
“I really hope so.”
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