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#bts drabbles
sunbokie · 19 hours ago
200 FOLLOWERS EVENT ♡ — tysm, sweethearts!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⋆ rules
Tumblr media
ღ it's not difficult. you only have to send an ask with prompts and an idol and I'll write a drabble! (you can send multiple asks if you have more than 1 request) ღ you can choose 1-3 prompts and one idol from the list of groups I write for. ღ I do not write smut, but I do write fluff and angst. ღ the majority of the writings are going to be with gender-neutral! reader so everybody can enjoy them! but if you'd like it otherwise, please specify in the ask ♡ ღ if I didn't answer your ask, don't be afraid of sending another one or a private message!
Tumblr media
⋆ groups:
Tumblr media
➴ enhypen (all members)
➴ txt (all members)
➴ stray kids (all members)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➴ seventeen (all members)
➴ nct (all members)
➴ bts (all members)
➴ ateez (all members)
Tumblr media
⋆ prompts
Tumblr media
➢ touches ask game here ! ➢ 101 ways to say "I love you" here !
because they are quite a lot, I ask of you to please specify which one you chose ♡ example: jungwon with prompt 2 from kisses (touches ask game)
thank you again for all your love and support! this event is officially OPEN! even though I'm busy with uni, I'll try my best to write everything as soon as I can, so please have some patience with me. ♡ I'LL START WRITING ON MONDAY!! also, I'm so sad tumblr won't let me put all my biases in the tags :(
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sourkoo · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
❛ You know when Jungkook says ‘give me five minutes’ you have to take matters into your own hands. ❜
━  REQUESTED: yes.
━  PAIRING: jungkook x fem!reader.
━  RATING: 18+
━  GENRE: smut, fluff (not that noticeable but they're in love).
━  AU: idol, established relationship, pwp.
━  CONTENT: cock-warming, unprotected sex (your life isn’t a fanfic, take care of yourself), nipple play basically boob worshipping, spanking (just once, really).
━  CONTENT WARNING: spanking (again, just once), domestic boyfriend!koo cause that needs to be a warning.
━  WORD COUNT: 2,1k.
━  NOTE: gamer domestic boyfriend!koo, i missed youuuu~ this is the first of many things that i’ll repost here. i tried to make it less yucky, but you know my english isn’t all that great, so… if there are any mistakes PLEASE let me know, mmkay? thank you, i love you<3
check out my masterlist here.
Tumblr media
The sound of gunshots and Jungkook’s agitated voice wakes you up abruptly from your dreamless sleep. Your heart hammers against your chest and it takes you five seconds to realize that Jungkook is in fact playing one of his online games instead of being brutally murdered (though you bet he’d disagree with the last statement). Groaning, you take a look at the, way too bright, screen of your phone with squinting eyes. It’s 7:39 pm, which means you’ve been asleep for almost half of the day. You suppose Jungkook has played for as long as you’ve slept.
You get up from the bed and put your messy bird's nest of hair up in an equally messy ponytail. You leave the room with eyes half-opened and follow the sounds that only get louder as you near the almost empty room where Jungkook drops the things he knows you hate seeing all over the apartment.
He’s sitting on the couch that’s right in front of his computer monitor, his body bent forward to have his face as close to the screen as he can be, something you always scold him for. Why does he, a millionaire, sit on a couch instead of buying a proper gaming chair? You’ll never know.
As you get closer to him you start hearing Taehyung’s voice through his headset, yelling things that don’t really make sense to you, but you guess it’s a mix of curse words and orders.
You’ve been spending the entire weekend with Jungkook, making the most of the free days he’s been given. You watched mediocre comedy movies, ate takeout for lunch and dinner, took hours-long naps at least twice a day, and now… now it’s Monday, his break ends tomorrow, you’re bored and maybe a little horny which is honestly the same thing to you.
You expected you’d have sex at least once during the weekend since you haven’t had alone time with Jungkook in a long time, but all you’ve gotten these days was some heavy groping during make-out sessions that got interrupted by the concierge calling you to let you know the delivery guys were waiting for you.
You take a seat next to him and rest your head on his shoulder.
“Mornin’, sleepyhead.” Jungkook spares you a quick glance and laughs when you let out a long yawn. “I’m guessing you slept well?”
“Why didn’t you wake me up?” You pout even if you know he’s no longer looking at you, his eyes fixed on the screen in front of you.
You whine and snuggle your face on his neck in a weak attempt to get his attention, obviously failing to get it.
“You looked so —damnit, hyung, he was right in front of you!— you looked so comfortable, I didn’t wanna…” He slurs his words and leaves his mouth slightly parted as he concentrates on throwing a grenade at a hiding character.
If you’re being honest, you never paid enough attention to the games Jungkook plays, finding it way more interesting to watch how invested he is in winning; the sounds he makes, scrunching his nose every now and then.
“Didn’t wanna…?” You ask even though you know you already lost him.
You sigh and look up at his face, placing your hand on his thigh and squeezing the taut muscle softly. A smile creeps on your face when you see him lick his lips before he presses them together in a thin line. He’s trying not to get distracted but, by God, you wanna fuck.
“You horny?” he asks, always the romantic.
You hum and squeeze his thigh a little harder this time, feeling the muscle flex under your touch. You lick the skin of his neck with the tip of your tongue and suck on the sensitive spot right above his collarbone. Jungkook tilts his head to give you more space, eyes barely blinking as he tries to focus on playing.
“You keep playing your games when you should play with me instead.”
Taehyung yells before making more gagging noises that you’re not entirely sure are fake this time.
“Hyung, for your own sake, I’m turning my mic off.” You see him push some sort of button on his mic and use one of his hands to pull down his basketball shorts past his knees. You raise an eyebrow when you see his lack of underwear. “Take your panties off and sit on my cock.”
You laugh and you lean away from him. “You’re not even hard.”
“Just do it,” He laughs, sitting up straight on the couch to give you space. “Need me to prep you?”
You do as you’re told and push your panties down your legs, sitting on Jungkook’s lap quickly and carefully to not block his view, your face facing his. You take his cock in your hand and center it to your already wet entrance. “No need.”
You bite your lip as you focus on going slow as to not hurt his half-hard length, hearing Jungkook let out a dragged-out moan.
“Don’t move,” he says and wraps his arms around your waist as fast as he can to his hands back on the keyboard. “Give me five minutes to win, and then I’ll focus on you.”
You sigh and lean back on his chest in a lazy hug, hiding your face on the crook of his neck. Five minutes seem like an eternity to you, especially when you feel how Jungkook is hardening inside you.
An idea that is surely going to piss off Jungkook pops in your head and you smile in satisfaction. You feign innocence by sighing softly again at the same time as you clench the walls of your cunt around his cock, trying your best not to laugh at his horrified gasp and luckily succeeding.
Unfortunately, Jungkook is not the type to accept teasing when he’s focused on something else, so your fun doesn’t last long.
He thrusts up his hips and the head of his cock kisses your cervix momentarily. “Stop it.” He says through gritted teeth, ignoring the squeak that came out of your mouth.
“Can’t help it.” You whisper, not dropping the innocent act just yet, but you know it’s a little white lie that Jungkook won’t buy.
You wait a dreadfully long minute before you tighten your muscles around him again, softly but constantly, trying to pass off the devilish action as if your pussy is throbbing, something Jungkook knows you can’t help but do when he’s inside of you.
He groans and wraps one arm around your waist (you assume that he’s trying his best to keep playing with only one hand), using his grip on you to thrust up into you much harder this time. You cry and moan softly just to distract him.
“Don’t test me, baby,” oh, but you will. “I swear if you pull that shit again, I’m going to make your pussy so sore you’re gonna wish you hadn’t done that.”
He returns his attention to the game, his arm leaving your waist, and you wait just a bit more until he’s fully focused again to grind your hips on his, pressing your lips together to suppress an evil laugh. He grunts and takes his headset off, grabbing your chin with his hand and forcing you to look at him.
“You think that was funny? you’re a fucking brat, you know that?” If you didn’t know him better, you’d think he’s angry at you, but the amused smile on his face gives him away easily. “Fuck yourself on my cock if that’s what you want too so bad.”
He pulls your baggy t-shirt off and strokes the warm skin of your back. You grind your hips to feel him as deep as you can before you start bouncing on his lap at a slow but steady pace. He holds your hips with one hand in a tight grip while the other lean your body slightly to the back to attach his mouth to one of your breasts. His lips ghost over your boob as his tongue rolls around your nipple, biting the little bud to give you just the right amount of pain. You try to move slower to make his job easier, the bouncing of your tits making it hard for him to keep his mouth on you, but the palm of his hand hits your backside before he starts fucking up at you.
“Keep movin’,” he mumbles against your chest.
You look down at him and whimper. He looks so focused playing with your nipple, eyes closed and lips sucking on the perky, hardened bud before starting to move his tongue in a zig-zag motion, making you moan and throw your head back. Burying your fingers on his soft hair, you tug it softly, knowing how much he likes the slight burn on his scalp. His arm around your waist keeps your upper body much steadier this time, controlling the pace of his thrust to the way you both like.
You move one of your hands to cup your breast and squeeze it right in front of Jungkook’s face, smirking when he moans and his cock twitches inside you. He opens his mouth wider to suck on more skin, his teeth grazing your nipples.
He moves one of his arms to squeeze your neglected breast, pinching the nipple on his thumb and middle finger as his index finger flicks the nub quickly. You’re clenching and spilling your juices down his length, making lewd noises as his hips collide almost painfully with the back of your thighs.
“Gonna cum,” you warn, grinding your hips against him. “Kook, ‘m gonna cum.”
He groans before detaching his mouth from your breast. He holds you tightly and turns you both around to lay you down on the couch, propping one of his knees on it. One of his hands spreads your thighs further apart as he begins to fuck you as fast and hard as he can. His tongue finds your nipple again and sucks on it like a starved man
“’M in love with your tits,” A soft giggle comes up your chest and out of your mouth, quickly replaced by a loud cry as his hips shake your body up and down on the couch. “I’m in love with you.”
You sigh in contentment and throw your head back, looking down at Jungkook with your mouth open. He grabs your leg and throws it gently (sort of) over his shoulder, his cock digging deeper inside you and rubbing your sweet spot each time. You moan and arch your back, feeling little drops of sweat fall on your chest from Jungkook’s forehead. You’re both sweating and panting for air, so close to your orgasm that you’re fucking faster than two horny teenagers who were left home alone for the first time.
Jungkook buries his head on the crook of your shoulder, choked groans leaving his mouth as his thrusts get sloppy. You can feel him twitch inside you and you know he’s holding back until you cum first which doesn’t really take too long to happen, his dancer’s hips nail you perfectly and make you scream and shake as the bliss of your orgasm runs through your spent body. He rides out your high with a few more thrusts until he pulls out, jerking himself and looking at your eyes.
“Where?” he asks and you can barely focus on his words. You squeeze your tits together and stick out your tongue. “Shitshitshit,” his hand jerks the length of his cock a few times, his fingers focused under the head before he moans and spills his hot cum all over your boobs, some of it landing on your awaiting tongue.
He rests his body on top of yours momentarily, catching his breath before he pulls away to sit back on the couch. His hands help you straddle his hips again, caressing your thighs slowly. His fingers run through your hair as you both pant for air and look at each other for what seems an eternity. You lean your forehead against his, chests pressed together and feeling each other’s rapid heartbeats.
“You know what I just realized?” You wait until he mutters a soft ‘what’ against your shoulder to reply. “We never even kissed.”
He pulls away from your shoulder and raises an eyebrow, confusion tinting his face as he realizes. He grins and presses his lips to yours, kissing you softly and teasing your bottom lip with his tongue. You open up your mouth and invite his tongue past your lips, feeling it explore your mouth before he sucks on your tongue. The kiss is messy, wet, and uncoordinated, but you don’t care at all. It’s him and, as long as it’s him, you want anything and everything he’s got to offer.
Tumblr media
ㅤㅤ𝟐𝐎𝟐𝟏 © 𝐒𝐎𝐔𝐑𝐊𝐎𝐎 | all rights reserved — do not copy,
ㅤㅤㅤmodify, re-distribute or translate any of my works.
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rmverse · 4 months ago
jungkook and y/n go on a camping trip. jungkook forgets to bring a sleeping bag, so they have to squeeze into y/n's sleeping bag with them ❤️‍🔥
⇢ pairing: best friend!jungkook x reader ⇢ word count: 1.1k ⇢ warnings: tent sex !!!, unprotected sex, rough, a little spanking
Tumblr media
The realization dawned on him after it had already gotten completely dark and you had asked him to take the sleeping bags out of the car and put them in the tent while you packed some stuff away. He nervously looks at the sleeping bag that you had packed, eyes wide as he wracks his brain in search of a memory of him packing up his as well. Nope, not a single one.
He’s kinda wide eyed as he comes up to you, your sleeping back held to his chest, almost as if protecting himself from your upcoming wrath. You glance up from your phone, glance back down and then do a double take because he’s just standing there in front of you with a nervous smile.
“Jungkook,” you say warningly, locking your phone and putting it aside. “What did you do?”
“Literally, how hard is to just read the text I sent you of the list of things you need to bring? You didn’t even have to make a list, Jungkook,” you grumble, shifting in the tight space to make yourself comfortable next to him. “You just had to read it and check.”
“I already said I’m sorry, __,” he whines, shifting alongside you as well.
You weren’t really mad, you could never be actually mad at him. You were just…a bit nervous is all. Sharing a small sleeping bag with Jungkook was not on your to do list tonight, so you definitely weren’t mentally prepared to be pressed up against your hot as fuck best friend all throughout the next two nights of your small camping trip.
“Yeah, well, sorry’s won’t do you any good now, Jeon,” you huff, turning onto your back. “You’re stuck here with me.”
He shifts onto his side because his shoulders are too wide and it would be a tight fit for the both of you to lie on your back. God, why is he so close? His breath is hitting your face and it’s making you even more heated.
“I mean,” he murmurs. “’s not that bad.” He drapes an arm across your middle because there’s honestly nowhere else to put it, that’s what he tells himself. And there’s definitely no option but to press his front into your side. There’s nothing else he can do, he says to himself once again.
You glance at him out of the corner of your eyes, and you can tell that he’s looking at you. You really can’t handle looking his way, his face would be too close, so you slip your eyes shut with a soft ‘goodnight jungkook’.
It’s hot. It’s too hot. You don’t remember falling asleep at all, sleep suddenly overtook you. But you definitely don’t remember falling asleep like this. Not with you on your side, back to Jungkook, his front pressed flush to your body, and arms holding you so close to his body that there’s actually space left in the shared sleeping bag.
You kinda can’t breathe, lungs feeling like they’re running out of air, body extremely warm and overheated. And as if he can sense you, he shifts closer, tightens his arms, holds you tighter. His face buries itself into your hair and you feel like you’re on fucking cloud nine because your senses are overwhelmed with Jeon Jungkook.
You’re wide awake, unmoving, trying to figure out what the hell you were going to do and how the well you were supposed to go back to sleep with this god of a man clinging onto you like that. Until you feel it. It’s so gentle, barely there that you almost question your sanity for a second, but then it happens again. A small kiss pressed right to the base of your neck.
“J-jungkook?” Your voice is so low, a mere whisper, unsure if you were dreaming, or perhaps he was dreaming? But it happens again, this time firmer and it shoots tingles down your spine because it’s paired with a soft sigh breathed into your neck. His arms tighten once more.
“Fuck—fuck fuck fuck! Jungkook!”
It’s strange how things escalate. Jungkook forgot his sleeping back, you shared yours, he cuddled you in the middle of the night, kissed you on the neck twice, and now he’s fucking your brains out in the middle of nowhere. Bodies bare of any clothing, sweat glistening on your skin and making everything so slippery and sloppy. But you don’t care, he’s fucking you so good that you don’t care about anything at all. Nothing but his cock hitting places so deep inside of you that you’re crying out into the stuffy air of the tent.
“Shittt baby,” he groans. He spreads your thighs farther, tattooed hand gripping your thigh so tight it kind of hurts but in the most delicious way. “Wanted to fuck you for so—fuck—for so long.”
You cry out, eyes rolling back as his hips smack harshly against yours, bodies connecting loudly and creating the lewdest noises. He’s going hard, not holding back one bit. He looks like a starved man, drenched in sweat, hair matted down. You can’t see him very clearly, but just the silhouette of his body moving on top of yours is enough to have you gushing even more.
“Harder—ngh fuck harder! Oh—”
He’s got you on your hands and knees in a split second, strong palm colliding with your ass so harshly it has you jolting forward, but he’s pulling you back once again and sliding into you with so much ease it’s embarrassing. “Fuck yeah,” you cry out, back arching even more to stick your ass out further, face pressed down into the sleeping bag. “Yes! Don’t—don’t stop! Oh god please—”
Palms planted firmly into the ground on either side of your face, you watch his tattooed hand crumple the material of the sleeping bag in his fingers tightly as he slams his hips into your ass, cock drilling into your cunt so hard and so deep you’re sobbing out a broken cry. He fucks you so good, fucks you for who knows how long, grips your hair and spanks you repeatedly. Roughs you up so good and fucks you stupid. He has your tears slipping down as you drool onto the material of your sleeping bag as he jackhammers into you, rough hand stuffing itself beneath your body to rub your clit to push you over the edge.
He’s got you lying limp and shaking by the end of it, cradling your body into his arms and maneuvering you so that you’re lying half on top of him, eyes droopy as sleepiness is quick to make its way into your system once again while you cuddle up into him. You gather as much energy to say one last thing before your eyes slip shut.
“You better not have left your sleeping bag on purpose or I’ll kick your ass, Jeon.”
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hueseok · 3 months ago
A LOVER’S KISS ( index. )
Tumblr media
a friends with benefits relationship never ends on a good note. unless, both parties are not dumb fucks who find themselves falling for each other along the way of their agreement, of course.
and in yours and jeongguk’s case, you should have known better than to think the two of you would be an exception to the so-called curse of being friends with benefits with someone you already hold dear to you, since not even five months since it was agreed upon—the line between being only friends and being a little like lovers only continue to get hazier and hazier.
Tumblr media
pairing: jeongguk x reader
rating: 18+
content: smut | angst | fluff | friends with benefits au | idiots to lovers au | college au | yearning? pining? | ft. swimmer!jeongguk, editor-in-chief!reader (small appearances from swimmer!jimin & associate editor!taehyung)
gen. warning/s: swearing | mature themes | implicit / explicit sexual content
Tumblr media
THE PARTS. ( 15 / 16. )
♡ EPISODE 01. the one with the rumor ! [nsfw.]
♡ EPISODE 02. the one with the mood booster ! [nsfw.]
♡ EPISODE 03. the one with ex-boyfriend !
♡ EPISODE 04. the one with the threat !
♡ EPISODE 05. the one with the double ambush !
♡ EPISODE 06. the one with the martyr !
♡ EPISODE 07. the one with the fever !
♡ EPISODE 08. the one with the end of an era ! [nsfw.]
♡ EPISODE 09. the one with the new territory ! [nsfw.]
♡ EPISODE 10. the one with the rule break ! [nsfw.]
♡ EPISODE 11. the one with the mystery girl ! [nsfw.]
♡ EPISODE 12. the one with the tension !
♡ EPISODE 13. the one with the outburst !
♡ EPISODE 14. the one with the confrontation !
♡ EPISODE 15. the one with the bargain ! [ nsfw. ]
♡ EPISODE 16 (FINALE). the one with the...
Tumblr media
THE EXTRAS. ( 02 / ∞ )
♡ MINISODE 01. the one with the hickey !
♡ MINISODE 02. the one with the quickie ! [ nsfw. ]
Tumblr media
( 01. ) just friends; audrey mika | a.d.i.d.a.s.; little mix
( 02. ) cool; dua lipa | obvious; ariana grande | love the way; yugyeom (ft. jay park & punchnello)
( 03. ) lowkey; niki
( 04. ) talk me down; troye sivan
( 05. ) mr. brightside; the killers
( 06. ) kathang-isip; ben&ben | deja vu; olivia rodrigo
( 07. ) double take; dhruv | square; yerin baek
( 08. ) fuck up the friendship; leah kate
( 09. ) goodnight n go; ariana grande | pretty boy; the neighbourhood
( 10. ) kiss me more; doja cat ft. sza
( 11. ) irresistible; one direction
( 12. ) lmly; jackson wang
( 13. ) if you don’t know; 5 seconds of summer | just friends; keshi
( 14. ) cheating on you; charlie puth
( 15. ) dreaming alone; against the current
( 16. ) fool for you; zayn | off my face; justin bieber
click here for the spotify playlist kindly made by @himboksj ! since it was created as a collaborative playlist, feel free to add some songs you think fit the vibe of this series :> [and i’ll just assign them to a episode number i feel it fits the most hehe]
Tumblr media
about alk’s update schedule
how alk!jk looks at oc
when alk!jk realized he might be catching real feELInGS
what haru looks like
what soomi looks like
the inspiration behind alk hehe
alk!jk vibes
alk pairing vibes
alk!jk vibes (2)
NOTEWORTHY ASKS (w/ drabbles).
oc highkey having a fat crush on jk 😩🤚🏼
fave positions
tiddy fucking
Tumblr media
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chromekook · 5 days ago
best mistake
Tumblr media
❝ it’ll feel fucking amazing, but you’re gonna have to beg for it. ❞
PAIRING ▸ jeon jungkook x fem!reader
WARNINGS ▸ profanity, best friend’s older brother trope, dirty talk, sex, overstimulation, jungkook has a dick piercing lol
WORD COUNT ▸ 844 words
AUTHOR’S NOTE ▸ my first drabble!! lmk what u think ♡
Tumblr media
YOU HAD BEEN TRYING TO SEDUCE YOUR BEST FRIEND’S OLDER BROTHER FOR OVER A MONTH, and by the way he was leaving love bites on your neck, you supposed it finally worked.
“Jungkook,” you whimpered, a blissful sigh escaping your lips. “Just fuck me already.”
You were waiting for your best friend to come home from work, so you laid on her bed, listlessly scrolling through your phone. Jungkook, who usually walked around the house without a shirt on, was unaware that you had come over, so when he walked by his little sister’s room, you couldn’t stop staring at how ripped he was.
You were, by no means, impolite. As attracted as he was, you still tried to carry on a conversation with Jeon Jungkook. You found out that he had just come back from a workout, and when you told him you wanted to start working out, he kindly offered to help.
However, you didn’t think that meant both of you losing to your baser, carnal instincts and fucking around.
You palmed at the bulge straining his pants, and Jungkook groaned lowly, mumbling, “We have to be quick.”
Jungkook’s finger was circling around your ball of nerves in slow, torturous movements. Your thighs were starting to shake as your sensitivity was becoming increasingly heightened. But, before you could fall off the edge, Jungkook pulled his fingers away with the smallest smirk gracing his lips.
“I-I need more,” you begged, grabbing a fistful of the pillow under your head.
“Say please,” Jungkook ordered sharply, standing up to tug off his grey sweatpants.
“Please!” you nearly cried. Your core was aching for him.
You felt like you were about to burst at the seams, but you wanted to be a good girl for him. You knew he wouldn’t give you what you wanted otherwise. Your gaze dropped to his cock, and god, he was so hung. What caught your attention, however, was the piercing.
“Enjoying the view, kitten?” he cooed.
“I just wanna know how that would feel inside of me.”
“It’ll feel fucking amazing,” Jungkook said, giving his length a few pumps, “but you’re gonna have to beg for it.”
You pouted. “But I did.” When he raised his brow at you, you looked up at your best friend’s brother shyly and asked, “Please... sir?”
Your words were shy, hesitant, but they unleashed a beast in Jungkook. He got over you in seconds, barely taking his time when he lined up his cock by your entrance and slid into your folds with ease. The way he slotted in you was so perfect, and the burn and stretch hurt so good. You were so wet and ready for him, causing him to growl and whisper filthy words like “good girl” and “this pussy was meant for me.”  
His thrusts were relentless. His cock filled you to the rim, and you felt like you were splitting in half. Jungkook was hitting every sensitive spot inside you, and the sensation was blinding.
Ever the troublemaker you were, though, you decided to talk back, “I wonder what your sister would say when she finds out you’re taking advantage of her best friend.”
“Yeah? With the way you’re clenching around me, I wouldn’t say I’m taking advantage of you, kitten,” Jungkook growled, punctuating his words with a sharp thrust of his hips. “You get off on fucking around with your friend’s older brother, don’t you? Look how filthy you are. You’re getting fucked in her bed.”
“Y-you say that like you’re any better,” you got out through the mewls and whimpers.
You wondered if something in Jungkook finally snapped. He moved his hand down to rub your swollen clit in small, tight circles. You arched your back when the pleasure started to build up in your gut. This didn’t go unnoticed by your best friend’s brother, and he sped up, as if that was even humanely possible. After a few sloppy thrusts, you were writhing and convulsing around him, the pleasure overwhelming your senses.
“That’s a good girl,” Jungkook whispered as you whimpered out his name, and he hushed you when a knock came at the door downstairs.
That good-natured, responsible side of Jungkook seemed to kick in. He pulled out of you before cumming, pulling his sweatpants back over his hard, throbbing cock. Pressing a kiss to your forehead, he helped fix your clothes quickly before your best friend walked into the house.
You were so spent from your orgasm that you and Jungkook decided to play it off like you were taking a nap in your friend’s bed. He slipped out the door and went back to his room, acting like nothing had happened between you two.
When your friend walked in, you felt a pang of guilt for getting fucked in her bed, but then you thought of how good her brother made you feel. Yet, he had slinked back to his locked room to relieve himself of what you two didn’t have enough time for.
You would have to return the favor another time.
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bonvoyagenoona · 22 days ago
Stressed and Pressed | JJK
Tumblr media
Pairings: Jungkook x Reader
Rating: 18+ / Mature / Explicit
Synopsis: The job search is already frustrating enough. Preparing for the interviews. Anxiously waiting for callbacks. You really don’t need this smartass competing for the same job and pressing your buttons. Perhaps the most frustrating thing, though, is that you can’t stop imagining what it would be like to have him pressing other kinds of buttons instead… 
Word Count: 4.9k | read on ao3
Genres, Content Warnings, & Themes: office worker!au, strangers to lovers, enemies to lovers, graphic language, smut (public sex, fingering [female receiving])
Author’s Note: For dear Roomie’s / @mochilatae​​’s ask! Sorry this is so late. Furthering the dom!JK agenda. Hope you enjoy!
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Tumblr media
“I never stress,” he says with a sneer in your direction.
But he does stress. He stresses the first syllable in “never”, tongue tip nearly sucking flesh from the roof of his mouth as he spits out the word. He stresses his own self-importance with his determined gaze. And he stresses the disdain that he immediately has for you as he runs that determined gaze around your perimeter, outlining you, your form like a cookie cutter, thinking that you’re essentially just that — just another rando with a less-than-stellar resume under their arm.
You stress, too.
But you take a seat at the table anyway.
And you set your resume, kept pristine in a leather folio, in front of the man flashing curious eyes at you both.
“Glad you’re on board,” that one says, adjusting his glasses to inspect your resume. “We find that doing these stress interviews adds an element of competitive energy that is advantageous to the candidate selection process.” He smiles at you as he finishes reading your perfectly bulleted list of achievements. “The standouts really stand out,” he summarizes.
“Just appreciate getting to be part of the process, Mr. Park,” you reply, mirroring his smile as you hang your coat on the back of your chair.
“Call me Jimin,” he replies, his tone getting friendlier by the minute. “And I appreciate your appreciation.”
If there’s one thing you don’t stress about, it’s the ability to connect. While a rare few may admittedly have you beat on things like work experience or business savvy, no one can connect to people like you do, and that is a savviness of its own.
“Well, Jimin,” the other candidate butts in, leaning forward, “I think you’ll note that punctuality is something important to appreciate when dealing with clients.”
The candidate looks at his phone pointedly before sliding it back into his pocket, patting it to make sure everything else in that pocket is still in place.
“That is true,” Jimin replies, nodding and turning to the candidate, sharing a knowing glance with him. Jimin sets your resume down on the table, side-by-side with the other candidate’s simple folder, before looking back up at you and raises his eyebrows. “Mr. Jeon and I have been waiting for a little while.” He gestures to his coffee mug. “There was even time for a refill.”
“My train was delayed,” you reply, trying to relax your mouth so as not to push your words through grit teeth. “I also had a little bit of trouble finding the coffee shop. That street outside is so busy. I hope you got my texts as I was searching.” You hang your head a bit. “Apologies.”
“Excuses,” Jungkook mutters, tossing the word aside as he turns his body away from you and back to Jimin. “And, please, Jimin, you can call me Jungkook.”
From the looks of it, you and Jungkook do share quite a bit in common. Your resumes are comparable; a quick glance at both of your resumes shows that you’ve had similar paths and interests, and excelled at the same kinds of things. Your shared penchants for competitiveness seem to be rearing their ugly heads, circling as if about to brawl. And rather than feeling deflated, you both seem to be spurred on by the teasing, pot-stirring look in Jimin’s smirk.
“Great. Then you get the first question, Jungkook,” Jimin replies.
He leans down and picks up a tablet from his bag. The screen clicks on and comes to life. Jimin detaches the pen-shaped stylus nestled in a notch at the side of the case, and, in getting ready to capture your answers, he lets his hand hang near the top of the screen.
“In the first round of interviews, we talked about a scenario where our advertising agency had taken on a new client,” Jimin begins. “What do you remember about that client?”
“Bankers,” Jungkook replies. “They were consulting with us after some kind of security breach. They want to reassure their customers that they essentially have everything under control.”
“Nice,” Jimin replies. “Over to you, then.” His eyes meet yours. “What do you remember about the initial meeting?”
“I remember that they seemed quite impressed with the way I handled that hypothetical proposal,” you remind him, smiling brightly. “We discussed a series of commercials and social media posts that acknowledged rather than buried the scandal. Lots of imagery of unsure people changing their minds after reading updated brochures, meeting with financial advisors, and that sort of thing.” You feel so much pride in your idea, as if it had been a real proposal. The goal was to communicate ownership of the problem while also being transparent about what they’re going to change.”
Jimin chuckles to himself. “Yes. But let’s say that you’ve given that first pitch, and this client now expresses dissatisfaction with the direction our creative team has presented.”
“Probably because it wasn’t as impressive a proposal as you thought,” Jungkook murmurs your way.
You’ll let the gnat buzz all it wants. It doesn’t have teeth.
“Is there something specific that the client has given in their feedback?” you ask, keeping your eyes locked on Jimin.
“No,” Jimin says, seemingly thrilled to launch you into this hellish nightmare. “And they’ve been a bit aggressive, to boot. A complete 180 from the first meeting that you’d had with them. They don’t want to acknowledge the scandal at all. They want to move forward.”
“Maybe they were being fake at first,” Jungkook suggests. “I’d suggest catering to their current direction. No harm there.”
The gnat likes to stroke egos. You know that will only get him so far.
“Kind of harsh to judge the client like that,” you reply, disgusted at Jungkook’s quickness to appeasement. “And doing that doesn’t really address the situation that they’re coming to us for in the first place.” You turn to Jimin. “This is one of those times when a leader has to show a calm sense of assurance,” you explain. “I trust in the vision. I’d probably say something like, we’d be happy to change the creative proposal, but the core of the matter is honesty. There’s no getting around it. It’s absolutely vital.”
Jungkook scoffs, smoothing his tie against his body and leaning back in his seat. “You wanna make it in this business?” he asks. “You’re gonna have to examine what ‘honesty’ really means. I mean, you don’t exactly tell your boss when he’s got a terrible haircut, or that his suit is unflattering, or that he’s wearing awkward looking glasses that don’t really frame his face well—” 
Jimin pushes his lips out, his expression souring as his glasses slide down the bridge of his nose.
“I-I mean,” Jungkook quickly readjusts, “you don’t just call it out like that.” He gestures to the general space around you, at your table. “Instead, you should nudge. You should make suggestions here and there. You should sneak in messages of reassurance in a way that doesn’t threaten their pride.” 
You roll your eyes, and Jimin takes notice.
“You disagree?” he provokes.
As you take a deep breath, you think through exactly how you want to share what you want to say.
“Respectfully,” you admit.
“Honesty. Respect.” Jungkook grins. He hums. “Such a good girl.”
This is when you snap.
“Can we do this without all the condescension??” you demand. “Have I done something to upset you? Because so far, all I’ve done is say hi, tell you my name, sit down at the table, and try to answer Jimin’s questions. I don’t happen to agree with what you’re saying, but I don’t believe I’ve dismissed you outright. Besides, I believe in the vision that I proposed, and I don’t appreciate the way you critiqued it by telling me what I should do instead.” You force the last of your words out quickly, before your burst of confidence fades. “I’m a hard worker, and I always want to do right by people. I believe that starts with the way I treat the people I work with, clients and teammates alike.”
“Hmm.” Jimin grins to himself. “Well.” He exchanges a glance with Jungkook. “I think that means we’re done here.”
“Wait.” Your eyes widen. “D-done?”
“Yes,” Jimin replies, closing his tablet case and stuffing it and Jungkook’s resume into his bag. “Thanks for your time. We’ll, uh, be in touch.”
He stands and reaches out for your hand. Though you stand, smile, accept the handshake, and thank him for the opportunity as professionally as you can, once Jimin disappears into the crowd on the busy street outside, you flop down into your seat and sigh in aggravation.
It doesn’t help to see your resume still sitting on the table.
“Well, that was something,” Jungkook says, leaning forward in his chair and smirking at you. 
It’s probably a good thing that you haven’t had any coffee. You’re glad that you said what you said. You think it came out appropriately. But caffeine in your system might’ve meant completely abandoning decorum.
“Are you always that rude?” you ask.
Jungkook laughs. “Maybe.”
“Well, no wonder you’re still on the job hunt,” you grumble, picking up your folio and putting it into your purse.
You stand to leave, but you’re surprised to find that Jungkook stands with you, kind of getting in your way.
“Look, I know that was kind of intense,” he says, straightening his suit jacket. “You never did get a coffee. Can I buy you one now?”
“No,” you say curtly, moving to shove past him.
“C’mon.” Jungkook grins. “We both know I’m getting this job. Let me buy you a coffee on their dime.”
The anger is seeping through your pores. You’re sure people can smell it on you, stronger than the arabica beans being pressed up at the counter. 
“No harm, right?” Jungkook asks, shrugging.
You had planned on being in this interview for a few hours at least. Who knew what you were going to do afterwards. It’s not like you have any place to be. And a free coffee is a coffee that is free, even if it’s being served by a complete asshole.
You sit back down.
“Mocha latte,” you reply.
Jungkook nods once before strolling up to the counter.
You watch him interact with the barista. He seems calmer now. Probably soothed by the added confidence of knowing he’s secured a job. 
Or maybe that confidence comes from everything else about him. His build, strong and sure. Athletic. That’s probably where that competitive nature stems from. And those looks. Celebrity-tier. Not many people can pull off that long-haired look. If you hadn’t found out immediately that he was a complete dick, you would definitely be one of the people sitting at the tables off to the side, admiring and giggling about him as they observe the rest of the coffee shop. 
As he waits for your orders to be made, he pulls his phone out. His wallet pokes out near the top of his pocket. Some kind of blue cloth hangs out, too. A handkerchief? He checks his phone, types something, and then he stuffs it back inside, making sure nothing else falls out. 
You wonder what the message was. Was it Jimin’s offer? How much will Jungkook get paid?
It’s been so long since you’ve gotten paid. It must be nice to get paid.
When Jungkook finally turns around, two mugs in hand, you look away immediately and wonder just how long you’ve been staring.
He sits back down and sets your latte in front of you.
“Congrats are in order, no?” he jeers, raising his mug.
“If you think I’m going to cheers you on getting this job, you’re just as stupid as you act,” you say, tilting the mug against your lips and trying to enjoy this consolation prize.
“As long as I don’t look stupid,” he replies, smiling.
“Of course you’d be vain,” you grumble.
He laughs and sips from his mug. He watches you as you lean back in your seat, setting your mug back down and letting your gaze fall unfocused.
“Been rough out there, I take it?” Jungkook asks.
“You know how it is.” You pout. “I really wanted this job, too. I felt like I could really do it.”
“Can’t always get what you want,” Jungkook says, shrugging and taking another sip of his coffee.
You nod. You’ve learned that lesson before. You’ve taught that lesson before.
“Liked how you fought for it, though,” Jungkook replies thoughtfully.
You turn to him, thrown by the compliment. “Oh, so now that all is said and done, you shed the condescension?”
“It’s a rat race,” Jungkook replies, “but you and I seem to share an affinity for honest conversations.”
“I like mine to be a little less mean,” you point out, folding your arms.
“Fair,” Jungkook says, nodding. “But if it’s worth anything to you, I had to try really hard to be mean to you.”
You shake your head. So the gnat admits it. “You were trying to make me bomb this interview?”
“Well, I mean, yeah,” Jungkook replies. “Obviously. That’s how these things are done.”
“And so you think this coffee makes up for that?” you ask.
“No,” Jungkook says, in that calm, increasingly infuriating way that he seems to have a knack for, “I just figured you’d like a coffee.” He shrugs. “I don’t want this to get personal. I actually like your style. The way you think.” He grins, seemingly earnestly, at you. “Maybe we can get to know each other better?”
Tumblr media
Jungkook’s hand chases yours as you give up on running your card through the reader on the turnstyle.
“Are you—” 
You turn around and furrow your brow at Jungkook.
“Are you following me??” you ask, voice a little more timid than you were hoping it would sound.
Jungkook’s eyes widen. “No! This is my train.”
“This is my train,” you say, frowning.
He smirks. “So then it’s both our trains.”
You want to tear your hair out. “I can’t believe you followed me.”
“Seems like it helped you out,” Jungkook observes. 
You throw your card back into your purse. “The reader’s broken, or something,” you say. “I know my card is full. Now please tell me why the hell you’re following me.”
“Look, I swear, this is my train,” Jungkook says adamantly. “I didn’t realize you were right in front of me in this line. You ran out of the coffee shop so fast that I lost track of you in the crowd.” He frowns. He almost looks disappointed. 
You both make your way to the train platform, and Jungkook annoyingly waits next to you, just checking his phone or checking the announcements screen, completely unaware at how just his presence is making you want to throw yourself onto the third rail.
“Is the eastbound train the one you took up here?” Jungkook asks, gesturing to the train arriving at the opposite end of the platform.
You deny yourself the satisfaction of slapping him across the face. “Yeah, obviously,” you mutter.
“No wonder you were late,” he says. “That line operates on a new schedule. It only runs three times a day.” He blinks at the announcements screen. “Seems like this one is going to be delayed, too.”
You groan and wander over to some empty benches. You take your purse off your shoulder and set it in the empty seat next to you, rubbing where the straps had been digging into your skin.
Jungkook unfortunately follows you.
He stands there, close by, just kind of hovering.
And then, he asks, “Tired?” 
“C’mon, man, I clearly want my space,” you sigh. You lean forward to rub your ankles. Gone are the days of your joints being unknown to you. Running around the city in heels all day means that when you get home, you’ll have to do a soak.
Jungkook looks around. “Barely any people here.”
“That’s not what I—”
“Though, by the looks of it, that’ll also change,” Jungkook replies. 
You look over at him to see him blinking at the announcements screen. There are now two delays. Something about a driver shortage. The next train won’t arrive for a while, forcing you to have to deal with the after-work crowd.
Jungkook paces around, looking at the tiles on the walls, or the concrete floor. He switches sides, gazing at the posters and graffiti that people have hung up. He laughs a little when an old woman and her dog pass by.
You try to calculate how far you have to dash upstairs to the street level to try and find a cab or rideshare. Knowing how busy it is downtown generally, you wonder how long you’d have to wait for a driver. Also, what money would you use to pay for the ride? Your subway card is fully stocked for the month. Would it be worth it to ask Jungkook to help you out with a ride? But then, would he end up sharing the ride with you? Would that really be so bad? He’d probably say more insipid nonsense, but at least you’d get that much closer to your foot soak. Maybe you could put your earbuds in and listen to some music so that you could just look at him instead of having to listen to him.
Before you can finish your calculations, you and Jungkook are fighting for space as you cram into the late train’s busiest car.
You get shoved toward the middle of the car, meaning that you’ll have to stand and grip one of the poles running from floor to ceiling, nothing for you to lean on when the train makes its sharp turns.
Jungkook, perhaps in an attempt to help you out, stands behind you, shielding you the best he can from all the bodies pressed up against one another in this, your second hellish nightmare of the day.
You scowl and try to pretend like he isn’t there. But it’s hard to pretend. His cologne is tickling your nostrils, and his body is contoured to yours. You can feel how tailored his suit is. You can feel every muscle. You can feel every part of him.
“You… uh… you OK?” he whispers. 
You hate that you can hear him through the din in the car. You hate that his voice sounds so calm and reassuring. Why is he being so nice?
“I’m fine,” you stress, no longer feeling the need to hide your grit teeth.
“Just checking,” he whispers.
You sigh and look around. “I fucking hate this train,” you whisper back. 
He laughs softly, and you bonk your forehead on the pole in annoyance.
The train shudders forward and starts to take one of those sharp turns. Jungkook’s left arm springs to life, having no choice but to wrap around your waist to be able to access the pole that you’re surrounding. His arm being there helps you stay upright. You’re begrudgingly thankful, as everyone not sitting down starts to bounce wildly, all of them roaring with complaints.
“I fucking hate people,” you whisper, letting yourself lean into Jungkook as the train rocks you around.
Jungkook hums, and you feel it vibrating in his stomach as strongly as the metal around you.
You hate that oncoming feeling of pinpricks behind your eyelids, and when the train goes through a tunnel, engulfing you in blackness for a moment, you squeeze those tears out and hope that blotting them with the hem of your coat sleeve back at the back of your hand keeps the damage to your makeup to a minimum.
“I fucking hate everything,” you finish. 
Jungkook notices the way you’re gripping the pole. Knuckles white as the blinding light that you’re all washed in when the train exits the tunnel and ramps up, traveling above ground.
“I’m… I’m sorry,” Jungkook whispers back. “This can’t have been a pleasant day for you.”
You glance backward, seeing his free arm dangling.
“No, it hasn’t been, and you’ve certainly made sure of that,” you snipe back.
Jungkook hums again. He wonders if you know that he can smell your perfume, too. If you know how well you actually carried yourself today. If you know what moves he’s trying to make.
“I wasn’t trying to ruin your day. And I wasn’t following you. But if I’m being honest, I’m glad that I met you today. And that I ran into you here. Now.”
You see his right arm starting to wrap around you.
His breath hits warm on the back of your neck.
You both look up at the crowd around you, scanning to see if anybody’s paying attention. 
Nobody is.
“I know you were watching me at the coffee shop,” he whispers, right into your ear, as you both keep scanning furtively. “Just like I was watching you.”
You think about his eyes roaming your perimeter. Maybe he didn’t think you were so cookie-cutter after all.
“And, after watching you, I’m wondering if I can… help in a… different way?” he asks hopefully.
You hold your free arm against your body, a buffer between you and him. “And what way is that?” you ask, quietly.
“You didn’t like my coffee,” he says, “and you didn’t seem to like my train card—”
You growl.
He chuckles. “But maybe you’d… like my fingers?”
He heeds your warning buffer arm and places his hand on your right shoulder instead. He starts to massage you there, putting just the right amount of pressure in all the knots that have formed.
You close your eyes and inhale sharply, letting out your gigantic breath slowly as he works the tension away.
“Good?” he asks.
You have to give it to him. “Yeah,” you admit. “That’s, uh… yeah. It’s good.”
He watches as your neck leans further to the left. If he could nibble on the space you’re making for him, he would. 
And when you let out an appreciative grunt at a particularly good rub, he nearly does.
“Where else do you want my fingers?” he asks.
You sigh and bite your lip.
His eyes glance around the subway car. Everyone’s too pulled into their own phones or books or newspapers to notice what you’re doing. Too lost in the grind.
“Maybe your back?” he whispers. 
You nod slowly, taking in a sweeping glance of the rest of the train. Usually, you’re just like them, using your phone to move onto the next thing. Check for the next appointment. Scan for the next message. It’s interesting, being in the moment, even if you’re still technically in the whirl of the hustle.
He places his hand on your lower back, just above the back belt loop of your coat’s sash, and starts to work on the knot of flesh there.
Your knees nearly buckle, his fingers work so well.
You lean back into him, sighing softly as he works away more of that tension. That frustration.
“Glad you’re liking it,” he says gently, his lips grazing your earlobe.
You take in a breath and hold it, looking around quickly to see if anybody heard you.
“What about… where you seem to need it most?” Jungkook asks. There’s an edge to his voice. Jagged. Almost uncaring if you happen to get caught.
You turn back to him.
Your eyes meet and lock, and you’re surprised that he’d even have the thought. Not because the thought is surprising. You’ve definitely fantasized about this sort of thing before. Maybe not on the subway, per se, and especially not on your train, where you might run into people you know. 
But you’ve fantasized about stopping in the middle of your day. Making everything come to a grinding halt. Allowing yourself just a moment of pleasure before you have to rush off.
You nod again, even slower.
He smiles and licks his lips.
But he doesn’t move until you raise your arm, making room for him to tighten his hold around you, and press you into the pole.
His hand searches for your sash. He pulls the long, free end and undoes the bow. He unbuttons the big, black, circles at your waist and hips. And then he presses his hand against the front of your skirt. Through your clothing, he dips his fingers into your flesh, wet and slippery, even with your layers of fabric soaking up some of your juices. 
He grunts softly into your ear, and you push back into him, moving your hips in barely discernible circles against his mound. You feel him stirring awake, but his pants are thick. He won’t be able to come, but you’re getting closer and closer, feeling him sort out what is cotton and what is flesh, and honing in on your clit. Unable to stroke it the way he wants, the way he knows you want, he changes tact and flattens his palm. He lets you grind against it, pressing into you, letting you press back into him, both of you moving forward against the pole for more of that delightful pressure.
He works hard, evaporating the last of the frustration and hate. His watch clinks against the metal of the pole, and the train dives back underground. You know that you’ll be in darkness for a little bit. You take the chance, hugging the pole and even riding his arm a little, eager to squeeze out that delicious orgasm before light hits you again.
No one knows when you come.
No one except him.
Tumblr media
You exit the train station and, red-faced, re-tie your coat even tighter than the last four times since you left the train car, wanting to make sure that you’ve hidden any evidence of what you’ve just done. 
You stare at the ground as Jungkook tries to meet your eyes.
“Never had a train ride like that before,” he comments.
“Yeah, well…”
When you look up, he’s smirking.
You still want to tear your hair out.
“Thanks, I guess,” you say, a weird, confusing mix of emotions starting to layer themselves within you. “This was… interesting.”
Jungkook laughs. “Very.” He looks around your surroundings before looking back at you. “Can’t believe this is your stop, too.”
“One of them,” you admit. “I’m grabbing a few things from the store. I’m a few blocks up ahead.”
You gesture down the block, and Jungkook nods. “I’m that way,” he replies, pointing in the opposite direction. He smiles at you. “We’ll run into each other again.”
“Maybe,” you say.
Jungkook just smiles.
And then you part ways.
For the first time in a while, you get the itch to check your phone. When you reach into your purse and pull it out, you notice three missed calls from Jimin.
You stop in your tracks and call him back immediately. You feel the crowd around you continuing to move, your hair and your skirt ruffling in the breezes set in motion by their coming and going.
“Hello?” he asks.
“Hi, yes—” Someone knocks into you, and you take the cue to get off the sidewalk, moving toward your grocery store’s awning. “Is this Park Jimin? I interviewed today, just returning the calls I missed.”
“No worries. You mentioned the train, so I figured you just had bad reception,” Jimin responds. “Mind if you jump on video with me?”
“Sure, just let me—” You look around and find an alleyway to duck into.  You check your hair and try to ignore how flustered you still feel before switching on the camera. You’re glad to see that even though you shed some tears, your eyeliner and mascara have stayed put.
Jimin’s pleasant face appears on your screen. “Great! Thanks for making this a video call. This won’t be quick. I just like seeing people’s expressions when I deliver the news.”
“What news?” you ask, that mix of confusing emotions evolving into more puzzlement. 
“You’re hired!” Jimin cheers. “We’d absolutely love it if you could join our team as an account manager. I’m drawing up the paperwork as we speak, and I’ve got just a few questions—”
“What?!” you ask, shocked and still processing.
“Yeah,” Jimin laughs happily, “congratulations. You’re hired.” He smiles proudly at you. “Your resume is extremely strong, and I have been continuously impressed with how you’ve responded during our interviews. Jungkook felt the same.”
“Jungkook?” you ask.
And that’s when you notice a blue lanyard around Jimin’s neck, holding his work badge in place.
You think of Jungkook’s pocket.
“We both liked the way you responded to our stress interview questions,” Jimin replies. And then he blinks, suddenly realizing something. “Oh, right. I was so excited that I forgot.” He grins again. “Jungkook is another account manager, same as you. He and other teammates tag along on these interviews to mimic the stress.” Jimin laughs heartily. “God, he was trying so hard to pretend to be one of those difficult clients! He’s not usually like that.”
“He’s not?” you sputter. You whirl around, trying to catch Jungkook in the crowd. “He’s— I’m— He and I are— We’re—”
“Coworkers,” Jimin replies, “hopefully. If we can work out an acceptable contract. Sometimes the onboarding process can be a bit stressful.”
You laugh to yourself. 
You place a hand on your coat’s sash.
And then you look at Jimin.
“I’m learning that there are plenty of ways to deal with stress,” you say, smiling into the camera.
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taetaespeaches · 2 months ago
“Don’t ever write a cypher about me, I’ll cry.”
yoongi x reader (oc) genre: angst; fluff word count: 3.6K
a/n: Hi lovelies! Here’s part 2 to “I’m not walking out on you” in which Yoongi and reader/Kid get into a pretty major fight. This takes place that same night and the next day. I hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading! :)) 
Tumblr media
Sleep doesn’t come too easy for those with the weight of two aching hearts inside their chest. The throbbing of your own heart, you could handle. But knowing you were the cause of your lover’s pain sat heavy in your mind. The look of regret, hurt, defeat that was etched across Yoongi’s features was impossible to shake, hovering over you like a sleep paralysis demon of your own creation.
Your tears had stopped since you shut yourself away in your bedroom, but the regret was all the more deep and unsettling. At the sound of the washing machine beeping on the other side of the door, you rolled onto your side, facing the wooden barrier that kept you from Yoongi. You were so sick of walls, but it was all that you knew.
Lifting yourself from the mattress, you began tiptoeing across the room to move the bedding to the dryer. You couldn’t sleep anyway. However, when you carefully pulled the door open, not wanting to alert your boyfriend of your activity, you were stopped in your tracks, the air leaving your lungs as you remained completely still. Peeking through the slightly ajar door, you watched as Yoongi transferred the sheets from the washing machine to the dryer.
He didn’t hear the door open, appearing oblivious to your presence. And perhaps that was why he wasn’t more careful in concealing the sniffle that sounded in the hallway, the small fragile sound stabbing your heart. When he raised his arm to his face, using the sleeve of his hoodie to wipe across his cheek, there was no mistaking the emotional state of the man. Yoongi was crying, and it was your fault.
Feeling as though you were going to be sick, you quickly but quietly shut the door, hiding away behind the barrier once again. You should have stepped into the hallway and faced the man you loved, but your cowardice always seemed to win. Instead, you stood frozen, your back pressed against the wood, your jaw clenched, and your eyes filling with tears once again.
If only you had known that the click of the latch registered in Yoongi’s ears, the man turning to see the door closed. However, he knew you were just on the other side, he could feel your presence. Yoongi had stepped toward the door, raising his arm and nearly knocking before deciding against it. Maybe you wanted space, maybe you didn’t want to see him. Sighing, he started the dryer before returning to the couch, all while you leaned against the door wishing you had the courage to step outside.
As you remained restless in bed, you couldn’t help but think about how you had ambushed Yoongi. You could tell that as far as he knew, you and him didn’t have any issues. Replaying the fight in your head, the interaction with him earlier in his studio, the past couple weeks, you realized he was completely oblivious to how you had been feeling. How could the fight ever be fair if he had no indication of any problems? And to bring up his mistake from nearly a year ago that you knew he regretted, whether it still hurt you or not, was cruel.
You left him defenseless; the man who always lowered his defenses when it came to you.
Curiosity and your undeniable pull to Yoongi getting the best of you, you found yourself in the hallway, headed toward the living room where he was sleeping for the night. With how still everything in the apartment was, you worried for just a moment that maybe he had actually left, despite his promise not to walk out on you. You wouldn’t even blame him if he did. However, you caught a glimpse of the messy hair that sat atop his head where he rested against the arm of the sofa, once again reminding you of how foolish your misguided accusations were. Of course he didn’t leave.
Stepping closer to him, you carefully peeked over the top of the sofa to see him lying on his back, his mouth slightly ajar as he slept, his arms folded across his body as though he was trying to secure as much warmth as he could. More than ever you were regretting the fight, wishing you could wrap your arms around him and let him use up all the body warmth you had to offer.
You were surprised to find him sleeping so soundly, as he usually couldn’t find slumber when his mind was busy processing stress or conflict. His exhausted state made you feel even more guilty as you realized how little you took his current workload into consideration when targeting your attacks at him. And that’s when you realized that even more than you expected him to be late for your date that night, you wanted him to be. Because then it would validate your anger without you having to discuss how you had been feeling. It was a fix all, a get out of jail free card; finally release the anger that had been building up over the past two weeks and then move on. What you didn’t consider was the casualty you turned your boyfriend into. Nor did you expect the insecurity you still felt from the start of your relationship to surface. There was a time, one single time, when you didn’t find Yoongi asleep on your couch after a fight.
But he was there now. And you needed to find a way to let go of the past, forgive, and move forward together.
Lost in your thoughts and revelations, you were suddenly pulled back into the present moment when the dryer beeped to signal it had completed its cycle. Jumping in start, your eyes widened as you stared at Yoongi, hoping he wouldn’t wake up and catch you watching him. Frozen for just a few seconds, you waited for any sign of consciousness before quickly backing away and heading for the dryer.
Reaching into the machine, your arms were shrouded with the warmth of freshly dried blankets. Glancing over your shoulder at the sofa, you pouted, remembering how cold Yoongi looked. Without a second thought, you found yourself approaching Yoongi once more, comforter in hand. Stopping in front of the couch, you peered down at him and prepared to drape the warm blanket over him.
However, you spotted one of his yellow notepads stuck between his arm and abdomen, full of words that he must have scribbled down before falling asleep. It was lyrics, no doubt, and normally you would have read over the words with great curiosity and appreciation for Yoongi’s lyrical talent. But with the previous events of your evening with Yoongi, you felt as though that would be an invasion of privacy. Or maybe you were worried you would find harsh words about yourself, though realistically you doubted it. Whatever the reason, you gently tugged on the notepad, freeing it of his grasp before setting it aside on the coffee table, along with the pen that rolled onto his stomach.
As carefully as you could, you set the blanket over his frame, tucking it in just slightly around him, not wanting to wake the man. Satisfied with your work, you stepped back and glanced at his features, ensuring his eyes were still shut, his mouth still open signaling a deep sleep.
His cheeks were so soft and plush, his facial structure so delicate. You could stare at him for ages but you worried the unspoken love and regret that was screaming within your heart and mind would wake him. But for just a moment longer, you inspected his features, appreciating the soft gentleness that was always so present within them. If only you could be more like him. You were certain the world would be so much kinder, considerate, and serene if more people could embody the stunning nature that was your boyfriend. Yoongi had never once lashed out against you in the way that came so naturally to you. You wondered if he knew how much you appreciated that about him. Even when angry, he was always so gentle.
Sighing, you forced yourself to leave him to sleep, returning to your room where you would continue to ruminate on the mistakes that you wish you could take back.
Tumblr media
You didn’t know at what point you had finally succumbed to sleep but you did know that Yoongi was the only thing on your mind when you slipped into a state of slumber. Consciousness came slow at first, your mind hazy as you took your time piecing together the elements of the new morning. And then it came fast, anxiety crashing through you as you recalled the events of the previous night and realized you’d have to face Yoongi.
The sound of rummaging from outside the room alerted you that your boyfriend was awake and moving around. A part of you wanted to stay locked away, safe within the walls of your bedroom. But a larger part knew you had to emerge and try to fix the damage you had caused. Instinct and habit were battling it out with growth and trust, and you knew which you had to choose.
Emerging from your self-made cell, you sheepishly made your way toward the kitchen where the sounds of action were coming from. The smell of food cooking suddenly flooded your nostrils and when you turned into the kitchen, you found Yoongi standing at the stove as he prepared breakfast, two awaiting plates set to the side. Why was he cooking for you?
As you entered his peripheral, he turned to you, his eyes wide, his features as gentle as ever. The tension was palpable, but the slight upturn of Yoongi’s mouth helped to cut it just slightly.
“Thanks for the blanket,” he spoke to you, your heart racing at the minor interaction. Nodding at him, he returned his gaze back down to the contents within the frying pan. “Did you sleep ok?”
Scrutinizing him slightly, you stared at him as he tossed around the egg mixture, his eyes not lifting as he patiently waited for your response. “Not really,” you admitted quietly, Yoongi’s sweet orbs meeting yours once again. How could he look at you with so much understanding after last night? He should be angry and bitter, lecturing you on your behavior.
The man silently turned to the coffee pot, filling one of your mugs before adding some milk and sugar, fixing it just how you liked it. The simple gesture had tears pricking your eyes because after everything, he was still caring for you. Because he wanted to.
Walking toward you, he held the steaming ceramic cup out to you, forcing a small smile of gratitude from you. “Thanks,” you whispered as you took the coffee from him, holding back tears that Yoongi immediately noticed.
“Kid,” he whispered with a frown just as you directed your misty eyes to the contents of the mug, suddenly finding the tan coloring of the liquid fascinating. “Hey,” he called for your attention.
“I’m sorry,” you mumbled childishly. “I don’t know how to do this, I don’t know how to-” you cut yourself off as a tear fell to your thumb, your hand wrapped around the warm mug. “Why are you being so nice to me?”
“What do you mean?” Yoongi asked, stepping toward you and placing a hand to the back of your head. He dipped his face into your eye line, forcing you to meet his gaze. “I love you.”
The three words served as a reminder and an explanation, as if his love for you meant he wouldn’t want to treat you with anything but kindness. And that was new. Foreign. And overwhelming.
When he leaned forward to press his lips to your forehead, it all felt even more confusing but you were grateful. Grateful for the respect and compassion he dedicated to you, even when you didn’t feel deserving.
“You don’t know how to do what?” He asked softly, his lips ghosting over your skin.
Pulling away from you, he looked into your eyes. Yoongi was someone who was always a bit awkward with eye contact, struggling to maintain it for too long even with you, and that’s when you realized how hard he was trying to break through your walls. The man was pushing himself outside of his comfort zone in hopes of pulling you out of yours, so you could fall into him like a safety net. He wanted to be that for you.
“You’re supposed to be mad at me or giving me the silent treatment or something and I just-” you shrugged as Yoongi’s eyebrows pulled together as though he was studying you. “It feels like you’ve already forgiven me and I don’t know how to do this without the anger or feeling like I have to grovel for your love.”
The man shook his head instantly, a pout forming on his pretty lips. “You never have to grovel for my love, who taught you that, Kid?” He asked sadly, his empathy washing over you and your past. “I just love you,” he told you for the second time that morning. And as your heart pounded against your chest, Yoongi’s hand found your lower back. “We do this by talking about it. With understanding and accountability. So will you sit at the island and talk to me while I finish cooking us breakfast?”
You had never had a safe place to land, making you believe you were meant to fly, never staying in one place for too long. But Yoongi was giving you that place to land, to rest, to find shelter. Nodding at him, he gave you a small close mouthed smile, one of those ones that pushed his soft cheeks up in just the way you loved. His hand slowly dragged around to your side before sliding off your hip as he headed back to the stove. And you followed, taking a place on one of the stools, setting your mug on the island as you watched Yoongi appreciatively.
“I’m sorry for leaving in the past,” he started, your eyes popping wide open, not expecting for him to initiate the conversation there. “I’m sorry for not fighting for you, and I’m sorry that still looms over you. I had hoped that you were able to move past it but I understand the impact it made and the precedent it set.”
“I wasn’t holding it over you,” you interjected, not wanting him to think that you were hanging onto his mistakes to use against him. “I didn’t even know it still hur-” you cut yourself off, feeling guilty for bringing the word hurt into the discussion.
“It hurts you, Kid,” he looked up from the pan as he spoke. “You can say that.”
“It’s just when that happened it reaffirmed at the time everything I knew to be true about love, you know? Like, it’s fleeting and within an instant it can be removed,” you explained.
“I understand,” he nodded. “And you shouldn’t feel guilty for being affected by my actions.”
“The same can be said for you,” you pointed out, a small smile curving on Yoongi’s lips.
“Touché ,” he lightheartedly commented, making you smile in return. “But you were feeling rejected, Kid. That is on me.”
“No, because I never vocalized anything,” you disagreed.
“I should have known,” he mumbled, expressing disappointment in himself.
“Are you a mind reader?” You asked him, making him stop his inward spiral as he stared at you. “I should have told you so much sooner how I was feeling. I didn’t. That was immature of me.”
Taking a moment to think, the man shook his head at himself. “I still should have never made you feel rejected,” he said, defeat evident in his tone.
“Yoongi,” you sighed. “Baby, sometimes I worry that you make so few mistakes in our relationship that you get this standard of perfection thrown on you, and that’s not realistic. You’re going to fuck up, I’m going to fuck up, I don’t want it to be the end of the world when that happens.”
Stunned by your words, he stared at you with widened eyes, his jaw slightly opened, appearing almost frozen in place. Closing his mouth, he cleared his throat before wetting his lips just slightly, his tongue lingering in the corner of his mouth as he sorted through his thoughts.
“I just don’t want to hurt you,” he admitted softly, your lips forming into a pout as tears formed in your eyes.
“I know that,” you assured him. “Yoon, we had one of our biggest fights last night where I gave you my worst and since then I’ve caught you finishing my laundry and cooking me fucking breakfast, and you’ve been nothing but sweet to me, and- do you know how incredible that is? How much that means to me?”
Yoongi blinked quickly, an attempt to conceal the tears that had bubbled in his own eyes. You were certain that a conflict as big as the one you and Yoongi had found yourselves in should be harder to fix. There should be more conversation, more pleading, more tears, more fighting. But he presented you with a safety net, and you found yourself breaking through your own walls and falling into it.
“I love you,” you told him, wanting to assure him the way he did you.
Sighing, he stared at you, gratitude shimmering in his orbs. “Can you forgive me for the past?”
“I already did,” you told him sincerely. And you had. “It’s just a process, you know, unlearning what I thought love was and relearning it as, this,” you gestured between yourself and Yoongi. “I have to accept that this is how you love me and that you’re not going anywhere.” Shrugging at him, you huffed. “Insecurities work their way in but I trust you, Yoongi.”
“I’m still sorry. For the past, and for making you feel rejected,” he told you, making you glare at the man.
“I accept your apology, and it’s ok. But I don’t want you living in a constant state of apology, I won’t allow it,” you told him sternly.
The comment drew a breathy chuckle out of the man, Yoongi’s small gummy smile pushing out the remaining tension, and effectively filling your lungs with air.
“I’m sorry for being immature and blowing up,” you told him. “And for bringing up past shit and being mean and not vocalizing my concerns and-”
“Hey,” he smiled sweetly. “It’s all ok. Really, Kid, we’re ok.”
Nodding at him, you sighed in relief. You were still left with some remaining guilt over the fight, which you’d be making up for whether he wanted you to or not. But you felt a sense of closure to last night, the past two weeks, and the fight that nearly ended your relationship before it could truly start almost a year ago.
As Yoongi broke away from the conversation to place the finished food onto the plates, you glanced to the side of the island, noticing the yellow notepad that sat with the first page folded over the top binding. More words were scribbled than last night, indicating that Yoongi had woken up and finished jotting down lyrics before you emerged from your room.
“Did you read them?” Yoongi’s voice cut through your thoughts as he appeared beside you, setting a plate in front of you. Looking up from the notepad to meet his gaze, you shook your head.
“I didn’t feel like I had the right,” you told him, Yoongi pulling his eyebrows together in scrutiny. “Plus it was dark in there, my eyes aren’t that good,” you joked.
“Yeah you’re blind,” he humorously deadpanned.
“I am,” you easily agreed.  
“You could have read them,” he returned to the original topic as he gently dug his fingers through your slept-on hair, massaging the roots sweetly. “It’s about you.”
“A new cypher verse?” You teased, eliciting a chuckle from the man as his shoulders shook adorably.
“You’ll have to do a lot more to earn yourself a cypher verse, Kid.”
Shooting him a glare with your eyebrow raised, you smirked. “Is that a challenge?”
“No,” he shook his head, leaning down toward you. “It’s not,” he whispered just before his lips met yours, kissing you softly. Your hand found his waist, wanting to hold some piece of him as you kissed him back, pouring forgiveness and love into the act.
When he pulled away, a stupidly cute gummy grin directed to you, you couldn’t help but return the smile, a small giggle slipping from your lips. “Don’t ever write a cypher about me, I’ll cry,” you told him jokingly. “Even when I’m mean,” you added with a forced pout, Yoongi smiling just before placing a peck to your mouth once more.
“You call that mean?” He asked as he pulled away and sat down in the stool next to you. “You’re gonna have to do much better than that, I’m Min Yoongi.”
“He says Min Yoongi as if that’s not synonymous with a honey boy,” you teased as you took a bite of your food, immediately moaning at the taste. Yoongi pulled a disgusted expression at your dramatized reaction to the food, making you giggle.
“I’m your honey boy. That hasn’t changed,” he pointed out just as he took a bite himself.
And as you stared at him with a dumb smile, your eyes holding all of the love in the world, you felt excitement and gratitude that you’d get to shower him in all that love and affection for as long as he’d let you. And if that morning was any indication, he’d be letting you for your entire lives.
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hwangyeonjun · 20 days ago
what turns them on
Tumblr media
your glasses. it usually happens when both of you are at home after a long day of work or whatever and you just put on your glasses to read a book or something else. to him you look cute and hot at the same time and this man can’t keep it in his pants from that moment.
when you cook for him. seokjin likes to cook and he often makes you all kinds of delicious foods but there are times where you decide it’s time for you to stand in the kitchen and seeing you work so hard just so he could have a good meal, melts his heart and he gets veryy excited. 
Tumblr media
brutal honesty. if you straight up go to him and say “i want you” he will make sure you get whatever you want. he loves that you’re not afraid to tell what’s on your mind.
dirty jokes. he loves your sense of humour and those dirty little jokes you make. it usually happens when you’re all out with his or yours friends. while everyone is laughing at your joke he can’t help but gulp, his mind going somewhere else.
Tumblr media
dancing. he loves to dance himself so it’s no surprise that seeing his s/o dancing turns him on. even if you’re just messing around, swaying your hips while making dinner or whatever, he get’s so happy and wants to share his happiness in the bedroom.
eye rolling. if you’re having an argument and you roll your eyes at him, you can expect yourself to be thrown on the bed. get ready to get your back blown out by dominant and angry hoseok.
Tumblr media
cursing. this might sound strange but he sees you as sweet and innocent so hearing those dirty words come out of your mouth makes him feel some type of way.
lip biting. it usually happens when you concentrated, you unconsciously bite your lip and if namjoon notices is, he instantly wants to be the one biting your lip.
Tumblr media
flirting. and not necessary with him. like you could be flirting with someone who’s near you on purpose and he knows that. you’re pushing his buttons and both of you are curious of how far he can go. plus those little eye contacts you make with him while talking to another person and that little smirk playing on your mouth. yeah, he’s already planning how you’re going to pay for it.
your exposed neck. this might sound really dumb but he loves your neck. he loves to leave kisses and marks on it, to wrap his hand around it so whenever you put your hair up, exposing your neck completely, he’s losing control. bonus if you’re wearing a choker. 
Tumblr media
domesticity. it can be as simple as going grocery shopping together, talking about what colour sheets you want to buy or making dinner together. he can’t wait until you two will have your own family so these types of things turns him on, he wants to immediately drag you to the bedroom and start that family making right now.
kissing him mid sentence. there are times when you just can’t help yourself, he looks so kissable when talking about something especially if he gets really into it you just lean in and kiss him making him stop abruptly. his mind goes blank and the only thing on his mind from now on is you.
Tumblr media
neck kissing. or just kissing in general. jungkook is a sucker for your lips so as you soon as you start kissing there’s no turning back.
confidence. he loves when you wear whatever you want, say whatever you want. when you’re not afraid to take a step first in various situations. he’s so proud of you and seeing you in charge of yourself turns him on.
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solarwonux · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
59.  “I’m still sore from last night.”
Tumblr media
single dad!jungkook x f!reader
w.c: 2.3k
warnings: fluff, non-penetrative unprotected sex. Jungkook thinks too much lol.
note: hello, first and foremost, THANK YOU FOR 1K. I’m over the moon honestly, I found out while I was on my mini vacation and it just made it 10x better so thank you so much. Anyway, I hope you like this one, it was so much fun to write, let me know your thoughts. Send me a prompt or two if you’d like. hehe <3
Tumblr media
The single ray of light peeked through the slit of Jungkook’s dark curtains, making his eyelids flutter open in discomfort. He sat up on his elbows, looking over at your splayed-out body occupying the usual empty spot next to him. Arm lying lazily around his midriff and leg wrapped around his waist. In a poor attempt to hold him hostage. He could easily slip out without waking you up, but this was a rare sight for him. You in his bed, hair messily fanning out against his dark pillows, and his sheets hanging off your naked body. Your skin glowing under the peeking sun rays of the morning sun, painting tiny sunspots all over your body. 
It was a rare sight for him because you rarely stayed over, and he wanted to revel in the quiet and still moment as much as he could. As much as you allowed him to do so. Before you woke up panicking peeling your limbs away from his body in a frantic sleepy search for your clothes that occupied every inch of his one-bedroom loft.
He was outgrowing it in every sense of the word. Last week he had to replace the crib in the far with a twin-sized bed, leaving little room to comfortably move around it. It had been proven to him last night when you accidentally bumped your knee into the corner of his daughter’s bed while you helped him clean up his place, while she was away at her grandparents for the weekend. 
It was why you had shamelessly decided to stay over. It was why he was able to wake up next to you. Why he was contemplating on waking you up so the two of you could hunt for apartments together. Why he had been turning the same sentences over in his head, looking for the right way to ask you to move in with him. To marry him. Would asking the two questions side by side be too overwhelming, or will knocking two birds with one stone be the right thing to do?
He didn’t know, this was all new to him. Haneul’s mother didn’t want her, didn’t love her and left her to him before disappearing without a trace. You were the first person he called when he arrived at the hospital to pick her up. Having his daughter in his arms, a daughter he had no idea he had until that morning, was terrifying and in the midst of his breakdown, he dialed your number. You were his best friend back then, now you were his girlfriend and the only mother Haneul had ever and will ever know. He wanted everything to be official but he didn’t know how or if he should.
Frustrated, he lays down again, running his hand down his torso until it reaches your hand. He walks his fingers up your arm in a ghostlike matter, while humming quietly, contemplating the ever-present questions that he always found himself swallowing. It was never the right time, but the right time never seemed to come, so maybe he should just blurt it out and then hide away. 
“Good morning,” you croak, sleep still present in your voice. A smile creeps onto Jungkook’s face, his thoughts fleeting to hide in the back of his mind again. He turns to face you, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close. 
“Good morning my beautiful girlfriend.” He hums leaving a gentle kiss on the tip of your nose before burying his head in your neck. You smelled like green tea and white sage; the scent of your body lotion and him. It made him feel calm. Though if he were to ever express that thought out loud you would just say that it was the work of your stress-free body lotion. But no, you smelled, felt like home to him and it made him feel calm. 
You twinkle your fingers down his bare back, the gnawing emptiness in the pit of your stomach returns. Your alone time with him was coming to an end and you hated it. “I have to get up, I have to go.” You whisper, planting a gentle kiss on the crown of his head. 
Jungkook makes a disappointed sound, tightening his hold around you. “No five more minutes.” He whines kissing down your neck and lifts his head. A smug smile painting his beautiful features. “I can convince you to stay.” He quirks a brow, rolling his hips into yours. 
“Babe.” You place a hand on his chest, your head hitting his pillow again, as the pleasure overtakes your body. “I-I can’t, I’m still sore from last night.” You breathe out as he grinds his half-hard cock against you. 
He hums, chest swelling up in disgusting testosterone-filled pride. He knows he rocked your world a few times last night. Still remembers how he had you screaming louder than usual underneath him, enough to have his neighbors banging furiously against his wall. “We don’t have to go all the way, we can just stay like this.” He whispers, kissing your temple, grinding his hips against yours experimentally. It was slow and careful. He didn’t want to work himself up to full mast without your verbal agreement. Jungkook always respected your boundaries and he knew your body better than anyone you had allowed to touch you in the past. So, if you were to tell him no as much as he wanted you not to he would stop without a complaint ever leaving his lips. 
You smile and push him down, straddling him. “Okay but relax, I could literally hear you thinking while I was still sleeping.” You roll your hips, your clit brushing against the tip of his fired-up cock.
He lets out a pleasure-filled sigh, resting his hands on your ass, “I got a lot to think about.” He winks before moving up his bed resting his back against the headboard of his bed, your chest now against his. “Keep going, I want to paint your pretty lips with my cum.” He mumbles kissing your cheek. 
“For a dad, you’re always horny. I thought having a kid would kill your sexual prowess.” You sigh running your wet pussy over his cock harder, your lips fluttering around him, ready to take him in fully. 
He laughs, bucking his hips against yours, a whimper falling out of your lips. “It did at first, remember?” He hisses when your clit brushes up against his angry head again. He wants to be inside you so badly, but he knows he’s already pushing it just with this, though, he can’t complain. When it comes to you, everything was euphoric. 
You nod, looking down at him with hooded lust-filled eyes, resting your palms against his shoulders to use him as leverage to go faster. “Y-Yeah, you couldn’t get it up for the longest time, now I swear, f-fuck, it doesn’t stay down.” You rest your forehead against his. 
Jungkook moves his hand between your bodies, his thumb on your clit, rubbing slow careful circles, making you jolt. “I can’t help it, you’re so sexy, everything you do is sexy.” 
“Mmm, don’t stop please.” You arch your back, your hard nipples brushing against his. The bars decorating them still catch you off guard. They had been an on the whim decision back in college during a particularly stressful finals week. You had held his hand throughout the entire piercing process and wiped away his tears as he made you swear not to tell anyone he cried in pain and came in his pants all at the same time. You did and have kept his secret ever since. Now using the ladder against him during sex.
He rubbed your clit fast, his cock trapped between the wet lips of your pussy, quiet pants falling out of chapped lips. The pleasure was building fast against the pit of your stomach, “I’m close baby, are you?” 
Jungkook hummed, grabbing hold of your hips and rolling them against him. The change of rhythm was much more intimate and arousing. There was no space between the two of you, your clit was brushing against the short course hairs against his mound, and it was driving you insane.
“Yes, baby, do you want me to pull away?” 
“No, no want to feel you close Kook.” You threw your head back, pulling on his hair, letting your desperate need take over your body. 
Jungkook moaned your name silently, moving your hips faster chasing both of your highs, “Gonna let me cum on you my sweet girl, gonna let me paint you with my cum. God, I wish I could fuck it into you after, but we can stop here, just let go please.” He bit down on your neck, making you arch your back. 
“Oh my-, I’m cumming Jungkook f-fuck.” You whimpered, letting your orgasm take over, moving your pussy harder against his cock, riding out your high. You looked so beautiful and fucked out, the image burning brightly inside the corner of his brain that kept all the dirty versions of you. Your swollen clit rubs over him one last time before he’s cumming. Hot sputters of his sticky white essence coating your cunt and his abdomen, your eyes wide as you watch him spill himself all over you, the immorality of it all, enough to get you going again if you could. 
“That was sexy.” Jungkook pants, making you roll your eyes. He leaves a delicate kiss against your collar bone before looking at you with soft doe pleading eyes. You never understood how he could have the dirtiest things spewing out of his mouth one second and the next he’s looking at you the same way Haneul does whenever she wants a chocolate bar before dinner. “Did I convince you to stay longer?” 
“Yes, but I might consider it more if you tell me what’s been bothering you since yesterday.” You tilt your head and stand up. Jungkook blushes when he truly assesses the mess the two of you had made, making his cock twitch at the sight. “Join me in the shower?” 
“Wait.” He wraps his fingers around your wrist and pulls you down on his lap again. “Not yet, wait a while please.” 
“Jungkook as much as I wanted to be covered in your cum, it’s a little gross to just stay here cuddling.” You pout, running your hands through his hair pushing his dark bangs back. 
“I know but,” he chews on his bottom lip, the questions from earlier return and he wonders if this is the right time. You sitting on his lap covered in his cum, or if he should wait until after the two of you have showered. This was truly driving him crazy and there was no way to hide from you because you knew him better than anyone else in this entire world.
“Babe, you're thinking again and loud. What’s wrong?” You run your index finger down the side of his, tracing the tiny minuscule freckles on his cheek connecting them. 
“This is so hard, I don’t know how to just ask you to marry me and move in with me. It’s been driving me up the wall for like two weeks now. And like I don’t even have the ring yet, because it’s still being made, but they told me it would take only two weeks and it’s been a month because they’re backed up but that’s okay because they're short on staff. But I wish I had everything with me because I want everything to be perfect, you deserve perfect always and fuck, I-I just want you here forever by my side. By Haneul’s side because you make us complete and god, I don’t know how to ask you.”
There was a brief silence before you’re bending over laughing against his chest. Jungkook is left there sitting dazed and confused holding you as you laughed against him. Did he say something funny?
“Jungkook, I think you just asked me?” You lift your head, placing a hand against your chest trying to calm your nervous laughter and the pounding over your heart. 
“Fuck,” he hits the palm of his hand with his forehead, his neck flushing red from embarrassment. “I didn’t want to ask you like that please, just forget about it.” He pleads sadly, tears brimming in the corner of his eyes. He wants the ground to swallow him whole. 
“I don’t want you to.” You say stubbornly wrapping your arms around his neck, “and I want to say yes I will move in and marry you, will you let me?” Your fingers play with the hair resting on the back of his neck making him shiver. 
He’s looking at you wide-eyed and in shock, “are you sure? We can forget about it and I can ask you when we’re not covered in cum and I have everything. I’ll even write a speech.” He says fast, his heart beating hard against his chest, threatening to fall out. The only other time he’s felt this way was when he held Haneul in his arms for the first time ever. 
You shake your head, pecking his lips softly, scrunching your nose, remembering that two of you still hadn’t brushed your teeth yet. “I don’t want a do-over, this was perfect, I mean I still want my ring so I can show it off, but this was perfect. It was us.”  
He lets out a sigh of relief, his shoulders falling forward, letting the tension leave his body. He was stressed out for no reason. “I love you so much,” 
“I love you, now can we shower?” 
“Yes, and then we can get breakfast and pick up Haneul together?” 
“Sounds like a dream come true.”
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honeytae · 11 days ago
“making eye-contact with your lover from across the room, gesturing for them to follow you outside”
with jungkook pls <3
Jungkook was clingy tonight.
From the way he’d escorted you from the car to the constant touches all night, feeding you bites from his fork at the table and playing with your hair during dessert, he hadn’t given the constant attention a rest in hours.
It was honestly impressive.
So when you noticed his eyes locking with yours longer and longer each time you glanced over at him, you raised your eyebrows in question, the man simply nodding toward the patio doors as he pushed his chair back to stand.
After announcing your brief need for air, you followed your boyfriend outside onto the stone area, smiling as he looped an arm around your waist and pulled you into him.
“Hi.” He said, mouth mirroring yours as you grinned at his
“Hi, baby. What’s up?” You hummed, reaching up to tuck a strand of hair behind his ear as he pondered his next words.
“Let’s go home.”
Snorting back a laugh, you leaned back from his embrace, seeing that his face was completely serious staring back at you.
“Now why would we do that?” You smirked, “I’m having a nice time.”
“Baby,” he whined, making you snort at just how comical his childishness was at times, “I can’t help it.”
“Can’t help what?” You arched an eyebrow, placing an open palm on his chest as his lips quirked down at you.
“Can’t help wanting you to myself.”
“Well I’m already yours, aren’t I?” You murmured, tipping your head to briefly touch his pouted lips, grinning when he chased your mouth to join them in another chaste kiss.
“Mm. I’m a very lucky man.”
Smirking, the man let his hand travel down your back, making you shiver involuntarily at the implications of his touch.
“Okay,” you swallowed, “let’s go.”
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lavishedinjimin · 10 months ago
could u write something about jungkook having a creampie kink like he loves cumming inside of oc without protection and seeing it drip out of her after he pulls out maybe he plays a bit with it too afterwards like pushing it back inside her with his fingers the rest is up to u:)
Jungkook can’t do anything about his precum that constantly drools out of his cock. He fucks you against the kitchen counter, one leg up on the countertop as he pounds his veiny cock from behind.
He has an arm around your neck, choking you. The noises you made was insatiably loud – exactly what Jungkook wanted. He didn’t care if the neighbors can hear, he gives no fucks if they can’t sleep because of them.
He just wants to make you cum.
“You’re a naughty little cumslut, are you?” he says in between moans, his balls slapping against your wet pussy. “You’re a slut for me and my dick.”
Holding onto his tattoo-covered arm, he fucks you like a dog in heat. You can’t even form a coherent sentence from the irresistible pleasure, feeling so full and wet for him. Jungkook always fucks you so roughly, knowing the greed he has for your pussy; there was never a dull moment in both of your sex life.
“I-I’m gonna cum,” you breathily moan, “Jungkook, make me cum… please!”
He grins, now wrapping a hand around your throat. “Oh don’t worry darling, I will. Gonna make you cream all over my raw fucking dick. Fuck, fuck, fuck—” the thought of this suddenly made him harder, even harder. His cock throbs painfully as it pummels roughly in your cunt, hitting your sweet spots.
“Wanna see that sweet cream on my cock, baby. I’m gonna cum with you. Give it to me, yeah? Mhmm I know you’re a good girl. I want your cum so fucking bad, Y/n.”
Just the way he talks dirty to you and the hot noises he makes was enough to push you over the edge. Jungkook moans as he feels you tighten, burying his cock balls-deep inside you as he releases his seed as well. He cums so hard that both of your body trembles. “There, there…” he gulps, “That’s so good, baby.”
Your mind goes into a trance and he was there to hold you in place. Pulling his cock out, there it was. Your creamy cum mixed with his semen slowly drips down from your entrance and onto your wet slit. Jungkook’s eyes roll back from the sight of this, unconsciously causing his cock to twitch.
“Fuck…” he grabs his shaft and rubs his sensitive, red tip against your cunt, gathering your cum and pushing it all back in. “Don’t wanna waste any of this, oh my god baby. You came so much for me,” he laughs lowly, leaning over to kiss your shoulder blade.
“I wanna go again.”
You gasp, blood rushing on your cheeks, “Again?”
“Yes. Fuck yes. I wanna see you cum like this again. Let’s make a mess in this kitchen, baby. I want to fuck you raw all goddamn day.”
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joyfulhopelox · 3 months ago
sleeposal | jjk
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook x reader (est.rel!au)
Genre: fluff
Rating: g
Warnings: none
Wordcount: 2.8k
Prompt: boyfriend Jungkook accidentally proposing to you in his sleep (or how i like to call it sleeposal)
AN: this was also meant to be a drabble…..and i once again failed miserably.....and the next one to come is just as heavy....i am so so sorry i just started writing and i couldn't stop! This idea was so cute i fluffed myself to the point of toothache! Thank you anon for sending this in! I hope you enjoy it!
thank you @notyouroppar for reading this for me you are a star in disguise.
Hope it’s enjoyable to read! I would love to hear feedback! <3
Sequel - re: posal read here
Rᴇǫᴜᴇsᴛs ᴀʀᴇ sᴛɪʟʟ ᴏᴘᴇɴ!
Tumblr media
Every girl dreams of their own wedding. Starting from the proposal, the privilege of calling someone your fiancé. To the wedding planning with the whole shabang; flowers, mother in law and their own mother arguing, picking the dress, picking the cake, walking down the aisle, saying 'I do'. You would be lying if you said you hadn’t even thought about it once. Because you had, more times than you could count on your fingers. As a child you always used to brag about your wedding. You told anyone who would listen what your wedding was going to look like. Sure, things may have changed on a daily basis, depending on what you saw on TV, you were barely a teenager. But for the most part, your wedding was going to be grand. Fit for a princess like you.
Slowly, as you grew up, you realised that dreaming of your wedding was setting yourself up for disaster. Hoping that each person you dated would be the one, became tiring. Life was never so straight forward, but you still held onto that hope. Although, the desire to become a bride was less strong than it had been before. You stopped writing into your diary how you would marry the person you happened to be dating, you stopped sticking magazine cutouts of wedding venues and dresses onto random pieces of paper. You left your own wedding planning days behind, along with your pink dresses and tiaras. Even more so now when you had other weddings to organise. As an event planner- you weren’t a wedding planner no, there was a difference, and you would straighten up anyone who dared to say otherwise, you saw more couples and weddings than you wanted to. Being out and about during a wedding reception, ensuring that everything was going according to plan, you witnessed tears of happiness, sadness, the good speeches, the not so good speeches, the fights, the laughter, everything. All this, experiencing people’s occasions, made you forget that someone out there may be the one for you.
“Hi, I’m Jungkook.” That was how it started. He happened to be the drummer of a band hired for a performance that night. You didn’t have much time, the lifts were broken, and with missing chairs, you had more than plenty on your plate. Yet, something in his smile, the way he wrinkled his nose when he laughed at a joke, made you feel like time was limitless. He made you slow down and sit for a few seconds, just to chat.
Those few seconds then turned into days, weeks, months. Now, after years of him being your reminder to breathe, to slow down and enjoy life, to put yourself first sometimes, here you were. Living together, sharing good mornings and good nights, sharing kisses and sharing dreams.
What you sometimes struggled to share was a bed. Jungkook had a very bad tendency to talk to you about his day and his plans for the next day. Which in itself was not a problem. You loved to talk to him about anything and everything, he was your boyfriend and he was also your best friend. He was the person you reached out to whenever you needed encouragement. He was the person you hugged whenever you needed comfort. He was the person to wipe away your tears whenever you needed. He was the person you shared your good memories with, he was the person who made the bad memories disappear.
The problem was not sharing bits of yourselves and about your day, the problem was that Jungkook had a tendency to do all that even after he’d fallen asleep. On more than one occasion you woke up thinking he had called your name. At first you thought he may be dreaming, then you thought he genuinely required your attention. It took weeks for you to realise that Jungkook sometimes talked in his sleep.
Most times it would be mumbled rambles of one thing or another, other times he would sound as coherent as he did when he was awake. Sometimes he’d address you directly, other times, he’d be having a conversation either with himself or with someone else. You’ve learned to ignore the mumbled speeches, most nights you ended up sleeping through them. However, it was on nights where he would have eloquent conversations that you arose, if only to listen to him.
Tonight was no exception, you were still awake, the chill of the bedroom making you scoot closer to your boyfriend in search of some heat. Managing to slot yourself flush to his side, his arm instantly wrapping around your waist, you sighed in contentment. With your eyes closed and your body as warm as it could get, you prepared to slip off into dreamland.
“Mmmm… with you.” Your head was half on Jungkook’s chest, the vibrations causing you to whine. “Shhhhh.”
Jungkook snorted, “I’m thinking.” His voice got louder with each syllable and you pulled away from him to check whether or not he was awake. Seeing his eyes tightly closed, his nose scrunched up as he usually does in his sleep, you let your head drop back onto the pillow with a sigh.
“What are you thinking about babe?” You decided you were not going to sleep anytime soon. Scooting away from Jungkook’s body, your own instantly cooling down from the loss of contact, you decided you might just as well enjoy this.
“H’to pr’pose.” He mumbled, sniffing loudly, shifting his body closer to yours.
Your heart stopped for a second, he couldn’t have said what he just did, right? “What was that?” Normally by then you’d leave him to his own devices, but this time you needed to know what he said, if only for your own peace of mind.
“I’m gon’ propose.” At his words your eyes widened. In the darkness of your bedroom you could barely make out his face and you didn’t want to turn on the bedroom light in case it woke him up. Narrowing your eyes, you wormed your way closer to him in an attempt to see him better. His eyes were still closed, but this time he wore a soft smile on his face. Heart pounding you made a quick decision to prod him more.
“Propose to me?” Your voice was barely above a whisper, the incredulity clear in your voice. You had been together for some time now, yet this was not something you were expecting any time soon. The two of you had gotten as close as anything, and with that closeness came the comfort of just being in each other’s presence. Marriage had never crossed your mind, and you certainly weren’t expecting it to have crossed his.
Jungkook snorted, his hand rubbing his nose, and for a second you froze, your heart dropping to your stomach. What if you’d got it wrong? “Not you no,” amusement lacing through his voice. “M’ g’friend.”
The relief you felt at his words was brief, your heart pounded in your chest and you could feel the familiar sting of your tears forcing you to blink. You sniffled, not wanting to cry in the middle of a proposal, even if it was a sleep induced one. Jungkook’s hand reached out for you as if he could sense something wasn't right. Extending your hand, you found his, your fingers naturally interlinking and you dropped them in the space between the two of you.
“I wanna propose and I want it to be the best proposal she’s ever gotten.” The determination in his voice made you snort out loud. With bated breath you checked once more if he was awake or not. He sounded too articulate for your ears.
“Jungkook, babe.” You considered waking him up, before he carried on doing something he may regret later, your brain and heart at war with each other. Your brain was telling you to stop him, in case he got your hopes up only to fall short on his promise, whereas your heart yelled at you to keep him talking, yearning to hear his promise of forever. You decided to listen to neither, as you forced yourself into his arms, wiggling to get comfortable. Sighing as he tightened his grip around you, caging you in. You hoped that your brief interruption would make him stop or at least change subjects. However, this was Jeon Jungkook, and your boyfriend was nothing if not stubborn; awake and asleep.
“Mno, I want her to be only mine, don’ call me babe. Only Y/N gets to call me that. No,” He smacked his lips audibly, “she gets to call me her husband.” His speech was getting faster and faster and you stared at him in awe. Deciding to change tactics, you figured that getting it out of him may make him stop quicker. You didn’t know how much more your heart could take.
“Ok, I am sorry.” You said sternly, trying your hardest not to laugh. The multitude of emotions coursing through you combined with the lack of sleep were finally getting to you. “How would you propose to your girlfriend?” For a moment Jungkook’s soft breathing was the only thing you could pick out in the stillness that surrounded you. Thinking he finally settled, you sighed and closed your eyes prepared to get some much needed sleep. The tiredness you felt made it hard for you to process his words no matter how much you tried. “Babe.” You whispered hesitantly, curiosity getting the best of you. You needed to know what he had planned, otherwise the thoughts in your head would make it impossible for you to sleep. Straining your ears for any sign of him being awake, you tried again when you got no response. “Babe.”
Mumbling a response, Jungkook wrapped his arm around your waist, as his leg tangled up with yours. Chuckling you shook your head. “You are cute. And I love you.” You whisper, your fingers gently combing through his hair. “And I would say yes a hundred times if you asked me to be your wife.” The weight of your words hit you; suddenly with all the love blooming in your heart, you realised that for the first time, what you had dreamt of as a child, you were living. Now. With Jungkook.
“Good.” He mumbled and with a sigh he buried his face in your hair, the soft snores coming from him a clear sign he was done talking for the night.
“You have been thinking about this a lot, huh?” With a sigh of contentment and the new title of fiancé, which you would make sure to question in the morning, you let yourself relax into his arms, sleep taking over you.
You woke up in the morning with your stomach still fluttering from the night before. As you lay in bed, sun warming your body, you replayed the events in your head. Your boyfriend had done a lot of things that made you laugh like an idiot in love, yet this topped them all. Smiling softly to yourself, you stretched languidly as the smell of breakfast tickled your nose. Deciding to face the day, and with it, your somniloquist boyfriend, you padded barefoot towards the kitchen. The sound of humming reached you before you could get to your destination. Rounding the corner you spotted Jungkook’s bare back near the stove, a dish rag over his shoulder as he cleaned the remnants of the ingredients he used to cook. Not wanting to break his concentration, and also rob yourself of the sight of his naked back, you leaned against the doorway. He was an apron away from getting the sexiest chef award, his muscles contracting with his movements as he reached out to put the salt back in its place.
You licked your lips, and with a mischievous grin you tiptoed your way towards him with the clear intent to jump on his back.
Jungkook smiled to himself and purposefully raised his voice, the humming turning into singing. He had heard you as soon as you opened the bedroom door, the sound of your footsteps already ingrained into his mind. Not wanting to give himself away he pretended to be busy, his back still turned towards you. You were stuck between a rock and a hard place, the temptation to stop and listen to him sing deterring you from the golden temptation of his skin.
Pausing right behind him, you took your time drinking in the softness of his skin and the expanse of his shoulders, waiting for the opportune moment. However, Jungkook was set on ruining your plans, as he abruptly turned around and trapped you in his arms, the smirk on his face worthy of a gremlin.
“Gotcha.” You wrapped your arms around his waist, your scheme may have been foiled but you didn’t mind it too much. Jungkook pecked your lips in greeting as he started swaying you side to side to a song only he could hear in his head. Closing your eyes for a second you enjoyed the tune of his heart, the rhythm reminding you of the night before. You smirked to yourself as you shimmied out of his arms. Jungkook couldn’t help but look at you suspiciously, your playful smile an indication you had something up your sleeve.
“I think,” You couldn’t help but smirk knowingly to yourself as you poked his arm. “Mister,” Your finger trailed down his arms, following the design of his tattoos as you forced yourself to not get too distracted by them. “That I have an answer to give you.”
“Answer?” Jungkook’s confusion was clear on his face. He couldn’t remember asking you anything that you haven’t already answered. Suddenly realisation dawned on him, and he groaned burying his face in his hands. “Have I talked in my sleep again?” He ran his fingers through his hair in nervousness. He had been stressed about the direction he wanted to take your relationship. What worried him the most was the little black box snuggled in his drawer, and the knowledge that he talked often in his sleep when he was nervous. With that in mind he looked wearily at you, “Have I —“
“Proposed to me in your sleep?” You tried to shrug nonchalantly despite your heart’s attempts to beat out of your chest. Glancing up at Jungkook you saw his Adam’s apple bob as you continued, “and I may have said yes?” You turned around to grab the kettle, going about your routine as if you hadn’t just dropped a bomb on him.
Jungkook stood frozen on the spot, your relaxed approach to everything taking him aback. He’d stressed out for months on how to do it, planned everything to be as perfect as possible. Now that the cat was out of the proverbial bag, it turned out he needn’t be.
“Love, would you like some coffee?” You turned around the kettle swinging in your hand. Trying not to laugh at Jungkook’s dumbstruck look, you continued. “Oh and by the way, I am still awaiting my proper proposal. As much as I love your sleep talking habits, I won’t have that privilege taken away from me.” As you spoke you approached him slowly, a grin forming on your face. Reaching him, toe to toe, you pursed your lips. “Love, are you still breathing?”
As if to prove you wrong Jungkook took a loud inhale, the situation having sunk into his brain. Your face was so close to his, he only needed to lean in as his lips softly brushed over yours. What started as a slow kiss soon turned into a battle as you haphazardly put the kettle on the counter. Jungkook’s hands were now pulling you to him, trying to get as much of you as possible.
“Wait- I need to know.” You broke the kiss and shushed Jungkook’s complaint at the loss of contact. “How were you planning to propose?” You said looking up at him expectantly. Jungkook simply smiled and leaned to press his lips against yours once more.
“I may have booked us flights to Paris.” His kiss trailed down your neck, his teeth nipping at the sensitive skin. Pulling away he enjoyed the dazed look in your eyes morphing into excitement as the shoe dropped.
Squealing you jumped into his arms, your legs wrapping around his waist. “You,” You pecked his lips forcefully. “Are,” Tightening your hold on him, you continued to attack his lips between words. “The best boyfriend ever.” At his protest you were quick to correct yourself. “Fiancé.” Sealing the deal with another kiss, this time a deeper one, you wound your fingers through his hair.
“Good because I've been hiding the ring from you for months.”
Tumblr media
drabbles masterlist
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sopeverse · 8 months ago
expecting (the unexpected) with bts
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: fluff and pregnancy!au
warnings: pregnancy, mentions of insecurity, overall bangtan being soft over the thought of starting a family with you so proceed into this disgustingly fluffy trap with caution
note: okay so me promising to finally post my long awaited yoonkook fic was a fucking lie - so please have my unnecessarily cute indulgence into dad!bangtan. also, this is over 7k words so please with the utmost respect shoot me :)
Tumblr media
this dork didn’t even notice you were pregnant until three months in
he’d be so oblivious the whole time, not once catching onto the small bump you were slowly but surely forming
he’d just stare at you in disbelief whenever your cravings got the better of you, putting foods together that he deemed D I A B O L I C A L
he’d let you know that
cause as we all know, he’s the king™ of food
he’ll encourage your increasing eating habits though, loving the look of content and your stuffed cheeks that he makes a point to pinch every chance he gets
turns out you were having excessive cravings cause of the MASSIVE child you were currently carrying in your stomach
istg when you finally tell him you’re pregnant the first thing out of his mouth is,
“that explains why you were eating peanut butter and cucumber together!”
and he just has this look on his that says, ‘i’ve finally cracked the code’
and you have to resist the urge to slap him upside the head cause tHAT REALLY WASN’T THE POINT HERE
okay but #1 supportive boyfriend right here
he’ll volunteer to rub lotions on your stomach every night before bed
mostly because they seem to relax you but also because he likes how soft they make his hands
also the type to talk to your baby when you finally fall asleep 🥺
he’ll have his cheeks pressed softly against your bump, gushing over how excited he is to finally be a dad and how much he’s gonna spoil and care for them
and you couldn’t help the small smile tugging at your lips once you heard his gentle coos cause you really struck lucky with this soft muddle of mush you call a boyfriend
he’s so ott too
like five months until the due date and he’ll already have the spare room done up into the cutest little nursery
and you have to pester him to stop buying pink baby clothes and toys cause he has just simply ruled out the possibility of it being a boy
just hits you with, “c’mon babe, it’s the 21st century, boys can wear pink too.”
and after taking in his pink silk pyjamas and bunny slippers you realise you don’t have the energy to argue with this man
you think he indulged you in your cravings before? he’s 100x worse now that he know you’re eating for two
it could be two in the morning and he wouldn’t care, slipping on the first pair of shoes he could find and rushing to the nearest store whenever you show the slightest signs of being peckish
also buys the entire store
and stays up ‘helping’ you eat the treats cause he knows how bad you start to feel after giving into your cravings
leaves small post-it notes around you apartment when he’d gone to the studio, reminding you to eat and not stress yourself out
he hates leaving you alone on those days, the thought of something happening to you or the baby is enough to make him feel insanely guilty
trust he’s tried to convince his managers to grant him maternity leave too they weren’t having it
and he’d be (◞‸◟) everyday in practice until the baby is born
he’s so incredibly loving and doting towards you
showers your body in a million and one kisses whenever you feel the slightest bit insecure
and reminds you of how much of an angel you are between every gentle press of his lips
you’ve always been beautiful to him, but seeing your bump grow bigger with each passing day just makes him fall deeper and harder in love with you
which no one thought was humanly possible cauSE THIS MAN WORSHIPS THE GROUND YOU WALK UPON OKAY
just the thought of finally starting a family with you is so surreal and he’ll be in a state of bliss the whole nine months
freaks out when your water finally breaks
he’ll be a mess, phone balancing on his shoulder as he screams at namjoon to tell the boys as he grabs your overnight bags, tripping over every possible obstacle in his path while trying to clm you amidst the chaos
and you’re just 눈_눈 cause you really forgot how dramatic this man is
seems like he’s bringing that trait into fatherhood to hshdjd
you swear he breaks about ten different traffic laws trying to get to the hospital
only calms down once the nurses take over and rush you to the nearest private room
lets you hold his hand in a crushing grip, soothing words being whispered against the side of your head as he encourages you to push harder
he almost wants to beat himself up seeing you in so much pain, but once he hears a shrill cry and your hand relax in his hold he swears his eyes turn into hearts
he’ll try to hide the small tears gathered in his eyes once the nurses take the small child away to clean, pressing kiss after kiss against your lips and reminding you how well you did as you sleepily lean further into his affectionate touches
he’s just so proud of you and won’t shut up about it for hours
and he doesn’t have time to gloat that it’s a girl, cause he knows regardless he’d be in love
there’s no tearing him away, trust me
he feels so complete in that moment, watching the boys and his family coo over the babbling baby as you snuggle closer to him on the small hospital bed
he’s convinced nothing can diminish his happiness
not even taehyung and jungkook trying to teach your daughter curse words five seconds after she’s left your womb
another oblivious cutie in our ranks
he’s so quick to pick up any quirk or change which is why you find it so amusing that he didn’t seem to notice you were pregnant despite the obvious bump you made no effort to hide
he’s always so wrapped up in his work that he literally won’t catch on unless you were to snatch his headphones off and scream it in his ear
which is exactly what you do
the human personification of (°-°) when you show him the pregnancy test
for a good five minutes you’ll think he’s broken and have half a mind to call bighit to repair him but once that gummy smile takes over his face all your worries wash away
he won’t even try to hide it either, calling everyone in his contacts cause he’s gonna be a dad!!
then cringes once he gets to hoseok as the younger screams about finally being an uncle :’)
you secretly find it cute that they’ve all turned into giddy kids at the thought of a baby in the gang
he’s so insanely attentive towards you
like this man will shower you in love and there’s nothing you can do about it
makes sure to buy you all your favourite treats and plushies for when he’s gone to work for long periods of time
and sends you a message to ‘look after yourself or else i’ll come over there and kick your ass’
threatening but caring 🥰
he always feels so selfish about being stuck at the studio and practice all the time so please comfort him this smol boy
he won’t admit it but he genuinely thinks he’s not gonna be a good dad for the longest time so you better remind him that he will be the B E S T
he’ll eventually start to bring his work home with him and spend more time with you cause if something were to happen to his two favourite people he’ll r i o t
whenever he does show up to practice he’ll be worrying over you constantly if he’s not spamming your phone asking if you’ve eaten and got enough rest then he’s complaining to the boys about how much he misses you
to the point where they’ll literally just force him to leave so that he can finally shUT UP
they’re all secretly super excited though and can’t wait to be uncles
but hoseok has already made it clear that he’ll fight all of them and you if he doesn’t get to be godfather
bath time together has become a tradition in your household
he got sick of your whining and pouting about standing up for too long in the shower and being unable to reach places cause of your growing bump
so this man will spend a full half hour running the most *chefs kiss* bath for you with all your favourite scents and soaps
and lets you rest against his chest as his fingers gently massage your scalp, occasionally placing small kisses against the expanse of your shoulder while muttering sweet words against the heated skin
marry him or i will >:(
he’ll force you to lay against the bed with your tank top raised above your exposed stomach, watching lovingly and playing with his disheveled hair as he softly grumbles against you
he’ll be so love-struck and won’t stop gushing over hoe excited he is to finally meet them you literally have to resist the urge to get your phone out and video the cute interaction
then lowkey threatens it and says if it hurts you he’s gonna fight
with love of course <333
despite being insecure about his future parenting skills he swears to himself and you that he’ll never let his kid feel like he doesn’t support them
he knows what it feels like to lack support from your father so he ensures that he’ll lay the affection on extra thick
i’m not saying he’s gonna be the best dad in the world but that’s exactly what i’m saying
he won’t even have time to register what was happening before he has you, himself and everything you could possible need packed into the car before your water even broke
he’ll be so calm and reassuring on the outside but you could see from the nervous lip biting and the skin of his knuckles turning white from tension as he gripped the steering wheel that he was far form it
he’s so relived once he finally gets you to the hospital and the nurses take over, giving him time to finally breath before calling the rest of the boys
he’s stressing out the whole time - insisting on staying in the waiting room cause he couldn’t bear the sight of you in pain
but once the nurse calls him in for the final push he’s by your side in an instant
his words will get stuck in his throat as you groan for the final time, not once minding the crushing pain of your hand squeeing his own before going slack
he swore time started to slow as the doctor presented your daughter before cleaning her and wrapping her up in a blanket
he’s so careful and hesitant as he takes hold of her, a look of awe in his eyes as the baby squirmed against him
literally the only thing going through his mind is, ‘fuck, i’m actually a dad’
and istg man sheds a tear cause he finally started the family he so desperately wanted with you
swear he passed his :] trait down to her as she babbles up at you both
you both never felt so content, the months of pain and stress coming o an end as you lay your head on his chest - watching as your daughter softly played with his fingers
before hoseoks loud voice broke through the room,
“so i’m still the godfather right?”
king of the dumbfounded club
despite all the signs being there you’ll literally have to spell it out for him before he even notices
this man will go about his day as if you weren’t carrying his unnecessarily huge child inside of you
hoseok always expressed to you that he dreamed of starting a family with you one day, but with the surge in popularity with the band and your relationship still being kept from public view you were worried he’d be less than pleased with the timing
trying to keep it a secret proved easy considering your boyfriend had his head in the clouds 99.9% of the time
but it was yoongi who told you to finally man up and tell him before threatening to do it himself
which left you wondering as to how the fUCK HE KNEW? YOU DIDN’T TELL ANYONE?!
he just knows everyones darkest secrets
this boys is so :D when you finally tell him
as soon as the words leave your lips he has you in the tightest embrace known to man and smothers your face in kisses, gushing over how excited he is without letting you go for once second
everyone in a ten mile radius knows you’re pregnant within an hour
and he may have accidentally posted your baby scans to the bts official. instagram oops
sets it as his lockscreen
also has them in his wallet for safe keeping
but also because he just turns to mush every time he looks at the lil bub and thinks about how excited he is
will cling to you 24/7
whenever you’re cooking or preparing a meal in the kitchen he’ll be behind you in a minute, tracing gentle circles on your hips and leaving soft presses of his lips against the side of your hide as you go about your business
will happily brush his teeth while you’re using the toilet
he’ll just use any excuse to be near you
to the point where you’ll have to say,
“hoseok sweetheart, i love you so much but leave me the fuck a l o n e.”
he’s an angel so he won’t take any of your snaps or sarcastic quips seriously, already knowing how much of a toll pregnancy has been having on your mood
so he won’t hesitate to spoil you constantly
whenever you’re sad he’s sad, that’s the vibe in your relationship
he knows you better than anyone else so when he sees that you need your space and be alone for awhile he’s straight out the door and on his way to the dorms
not before showering you in all the kisses and gathering you all the treats and sweets his arms can carry beforehand though
if you even D A R E try to life a finger this man will have a tantrum
he just hates the thought of you straining yourself too hard and hurting yourself or the baby so he’ll offer to do the chores around the house with no hesitation
then collapsing on the bed later that night and snuggles into your side while complaining about how tired he is
and you hate to admit it but you’re lowkey happy cause now he can’t take what you do around the house for granted ✨
you’ll still give him forehead kisses though cause the pout sitting on his lips after he finishes his chores is just too cute to resist
he goes into full a hysteria whenever you accidentally bump into something
he’s on his knees and muttering apologies to your bump before you can even comprehend what is happening
“mummy’s just a dumbass baby, sorry.”
and grrrr you wish you could hit him but he is just too precious
if you thought this man was already soft at the thought of finally starting a family with you just wait until nightfall
his sleepiness gets the better of him and he just turns into a mush of love, facing you on the bed and hand gently caressing your bump
he always gives you a gentle goodnight kiss before going to sleep and has gotten into the routine of giving your bump one too
everyone under the sun could tell he was already in love with this child
also locks himself in the bathroom to secretly phone his mum or sister to give him advice when you get especially pissy
and they literally just sigh and say, ‘women’
he still hasn’t figured out what to do with that information
the type to have a ‘#1 dad’ bumper sticker on the back of his car
even though it’s no where near the due date yet
he’s just too excited 🥺
goes into full panic mode when you finally go into labour
you’ll have to be the one to calm H I M down
he’s screaming into the groupchat before your water has even fully broke
he just really wants everyone to be there when the baby’s born and has already made it clear that he’s gonna end their friendship if they don’t show up in time
you still aren’t sure if he’s joking or not
he’s so helpful during your contractions and will do all the breathing exercises that he got from the baby books with you
will also assign a job to each of the boys
yoongi had to be your on call assistant which he wasn’t to happy about
he’ll act annoyed about the whole thing but his heart warms at the thought of you two dumbasses finally having a baby
when the nurses say it’s time to finally get this sucker out of you hoseok will be by your side in an instant
will mutter encouraging words against the side of your head and not once take his gaze off you
he’s so patient and calm too, seeing how strong you where during the whole thing despite the small tears glossing over your eyes made him so proud
once the baby is born you swear his eyes fucking SPARKLE
and when the nurse has finally cleaned the small boy off and handed him over that man has scooped him up and burst out the door to the others
he’ll have no problem presenting that child like rafiki from the lion king
but after all the excitement is over and he ushers everyone home he turns into that ball of love again, laying beside you on the cramped bed and wrapping you up in his arms - worshiping your face in gentle pecks as you tiredly lean against him - smiling against his lips, the small baby happily asleep in your arms
he swears he’s never felt so complete until that moment
istg he knows before you do
he won’t even give you the slightest inkling that he knows
he’ll only start dropping hints around three months in - starting to be more careful around you and constantly reminding you to not stress yourself out
his gentle caresses and sweet words were never a rarity throughout your relationship but you noticed his hands softly lingering against your stomach, tracing the flesh despite your bump hardly showing yet
he knew you were holding off telling him in fear the news would interfere with his career so once you finally gathered the courage he’d be all set
you knew he’s be an amazing dad regardless so gathering your confidence you’d walk into the living to announce the news only to close your mouth at the sight presented in front of you
you wanna kick him for being such a tease with you but just the sight of him soften the edges of all the sharp corners in the house made you so soft cause you’ve never seen someone so excited and ready for something in your life
king of showering you in love
whenever you get down about your appearance and start complaining about the extra flesh around your thighs of the stretch marks decorating your skin he is by your side and worshiping your body before you can even finish your thoughts
he thinks you look so sexy and beautiful carrying his child and sometimes finds it hard to keep his hands away from you
seeing your stomach grow bigger with each passing day triggers something primal inside of him and he becomes much more protective over you
he instantly knows when insecurity washes over you and watches sourly as you stand in front of the mirror for hours on end - loathing every part of your body
he’ll sneak up behind you and admire you through your reflection, forcing your eyes to follow the light tracing of his hands as they ghost over your skin
muttering softly about how angelic and ethereal you look while pregnant
he literally won’t let you leave the mirror until his words are implanted in your mind, cause the mere thought of you thinking you weren’t worth it or pretty enough just because the months of pregnancy has taken a toll on your body makes his heart hurt
he genuinely thinks you’re so prefect and will be sure to remind you every possible chance he gets
just marry him already please 😓
swears he’s the cool dad but you know deep down he’s the dorky, embarrassing one that trips in front of his child's friends and tells them awkward stories to make them uncomfortable
also the hot dad but we been knew
and he can’t help but laugh when you threaten to beat up any of your child's friends in future if they so much as look at him
also the type to cook you dinner every night just to take the stress off
when the baby kicked for the first time he freaked out
genuinely thought he did something wrong to make them react like that would get so in his head about being a dad
and you have to shut up his rambling worries with a deep kiss cause god you love this man but he overthinks every possible thing
another sweetheart that feels so guilty about working all the time
his mind doesn’t rest for one second when he’s at practice, tripping over his steps and stumbling more than usual cause he just can’t stop stressing out about you and the baby
sends you cute little messages of encouragement throughout the day
you’re always knocked out on the sofa by the time he gets home and he swears the guilt eats him alive
he’ll scoop you up and tuck you away into bed - using the opportunity to softly caress and talk to your bump
he doesn’t even know if the baby can hear his overexcited words or not but he likes to think it does
kissing your head gently and whispers a soft ‘i love you’ against your skin before doing the same to your stomach
he gets a call one day while he’s at the studio that you’ve went into labour and this man goes into full windows shutdown mode
speeds through that building and into his car like lightening cause he’d rather die than miss any second of the birth
once he gets to the hospital he practically forces the nurse to escort him to your room and his panicked exterior and wide eyes is enough for her to comply without question
once he gets through that door and sees your worried expression and glassy eyes - worried he wouldn’t get there on time - relax, he feels so ashamed
covers your face in a million and one kisses as an apology and is immediately in dad mode
he literally turns into your support pillar and will let you squeeze his hand when the pain becomes too much, not once minding the crushing pain you inflicted on his fingers
encouraging words and soft kisses galore
you’ve never seen a grown man want to cry so much once that baby is born
like you’ll have to comfort him once the nurse passes you the tiny bundle of joy, already knocked out in your arms and looking like the perfect little mix of you and joon
the next few hours will just go by in a blur for the both of you - both your families and the boys wanting to coo over the little girl
but once everything is over and the room is settled with just your small family, he can’t help but admire you lovingly cradling the baby, tutting lowly as you tried to breastfeed her
and he’s just so completely 🥺 cause those nine months of constant stress and worrying were 100% worth it
he caught on the moment he noticed your morning sickness
he’ll just stand in the doorway of the bathroom like a lost child, wanting to help but not knowing how so he’s just so 🥺 watching you throw your guts up
let’s you sit on his lap and cleans you up afterwards, soothing stroking your hair as you bury your head into his neck - neither of you caring about the coldness of the tiles beneath you
he’ll let you cry against him for the rest of the night
and won’t regret it when he’s yawning his way through rehearsal the next day with namjoon nagging his ear off  
under all his concerns and worries this man is so fucking E C S T A T I C
you both had been planning to have a baby eventually so the fact that it was actually happening (albeit unexpectedly) sends him to cloud nine
he wouldn’t feel the need to have a big announcement or reveal either - both of you wanting to keep it your little secret until the time was right
and apparently the right time was him accidentally posting the baby scans to twitter while trying to send them to his mum
twitter crashed that day
when he sees how worried you become about the effect the pregnancy will have on his career and such, he swore his heart broke
he wouldn’t waste a second before snuggling you against his chest, kissing your worries away and reminding you that neither you or the baby could ever be a burden to him
and after he’s done wiping your tears away and comforting you, he’ll literally just get up and say
“okay, let’s go get the crybaby some mcdonalds.”
and you don’t even have the energy to argue with him cause f o o d
istg he has baby names picked out before you even know the gender
he’s in a constant state of bliss every time he sees your bump become bigger
he’s so in awe of it
like the fact that your future child is just lazying away in your stomach, being all beautiful and the perfect mix of you both  
blows his mind everytime
everytime you both go out shopping with each other he’ll mange to sneak every baby related thing into your basket without you noticing
and just :) innocently once you get to the checkout and your bill racks up with bibs, bottles and tiny shoes
he fully knows that they’ll grow out of them in 0.2 seconds A N D the fact that they don’t need them at all cause what newborn is flexing their designer drip
he just can’t help himself sometimes
please stop this man cause he goes wild and ends up buying more clothes for the baby and they’re not even born yet
he won’t get a proper night sleep if he doesn’t wish your bump goodnight and press a soft kiss against it, before paying your lips the same treatment
and you think it’s the most precious sight
he loves going to baby scans with you
he’ll cancel whatever plans wedged into his schedule that day just to go with you
and if he finds out you went on your own he’ll try and divorce you
even though you’re not married
you’ve never seen a man so at loss with words until he sees the outline of your baby appear on the small monitor
and he’ll just touch the screen and be like
“that’s really my baby?”
and you have to stop yourself from joking, ‘actually no it’s jungkooks’
cause you already know he’ll give you the silent treatment for about week for saying that
everytime you talk to this man his mind will always wander back to the pregnancy
like you could ring him up just to see what he wants for dinner later and he’ll bombarded you with a million and one questions on how the baby was doing
his main concern is missing the first kick
and when it finally does happen, you just silently take his hand and place it on your swollen stomach, feeling the small jolts of the baby
and he’s so 😔 cause the baby is saying hello!!
he’s the most supportive and calm of them all when your water breaks
he’ll have you in the hospital before your mind can even wrap round the situation, reassuring you the entire drive there
but he won’t hesitate to THREATEN every last doctor there if they dare hurt you or make you uncomfortable in any way
cue to the entire building just sweatdropping™️ cause this smol man can be scary when he wants to be
won’t leave your side no matter how long your labour takes
constantly tells you to take deep breaths and will lets you squeeze onto his hand, thumb rubbing over the flesh of your palm to help soothe the pain
despite never shutting tf up during your pregnancy he’s at a loss for words once he actually lays eyes on his new baby girl
everything around him will disappear for a second and all he can focus on is the sight of you cooing down gently at the small child, letting her take hold of your finger
and he can’t help but admire your beauty in that moment, the glow of afterbirth completely taking over your spent figure
he swears it’s the most beautiful sight ever
and can’t resist the urge to take out his phone to snap a quick picture
capturing the moment forever
only for you to throw the baby bottle at him for being such a dumbass and not turning his phone on silent, effectively startling the newborn
he’s new at this parenting stuff, cut him some slack :’)
another member of the confused squad™️
he doesn’t have the slightest clue about what’s happening around him most of the time and that certainly doesn’t change when you unexpectedly become pregnant
so please help this poor boy out
even when your bump started to become more noticeable and you’ve grown out of some of your jeans, he’ll still be so helpless and lost 😔
you’ve never seen someone so happy when you finally let it slip
that boxy smile you adore so much just tugs at his lips and he doesn’t even give you a chance to get the words fully out before he’s picking you up and bringing you into the most bone crushing hugs ever, twirling you around the spacious apartment in joy
he’s such an excited pup and you swear nothing can wipe that adoring grin off his face
he’s so soft for the reminder off the day, finding it hard to believe that you’re actually carrying your soon-to-be child in your stomach
his hands constantly brush against your belly, sweating every two seconds he can feel the baby kick even though it doesn’t even have legs yet to do that
he’s just can’t contain his excitement, leave him alone :’)
he talks to the baby before you get ready for bed, helping you apply your lotions to the swollen bump while gushing over how much he can’t wait to spoil them
and you just run your fingers through his soft locks, smiling gently down at the overjoyed pile of mush you call a boyfriend  
everyone say it with me - we don’t deserve kim taehyung
he’s also so good at making you feel better about getting too big for some of your clothes, not hesitating to tell you how pretty you look every morning despite the extra weight
he won’t let you for a second T H I N K about talking down on yourself
cause as far as he’s concerned, whether you’re 100 pounds lighter or 200 pounds heavier - you’re still the most beautiful  angel he’s ever laid eyes on
this man can’t keep a secret to save his life so he’ll let it slip you’re pregnant within the first week for sure
and when you sit down to watch the boys’ first live interview since their recent comeback, you were horrified to watch the love of your life blurt out the news while bouncing excitedly on his seat
and the rest of the boys are just starting at him in :o cause bro at leAST TEN MILLION PEOPLE JUST HEARD THAT??
he gets an earful from you later though
and from his mum
and his manager
and the fans
he sits on the sofa unmoving for an hour, a pout sat on his lips as you refused to talk to him
he’ll leave the softest of kisses against your cheek and mouth, muttering how sorry he was for being such an idiot
and you can’t help but grin against him cause he sure was stupid as shit
but he was YOUR idiot
everyone is super happy for you guys though, cause the love behind his eyes everytime he’s caught looking at you is undeniable
and what’s one more person for him to give a piece of his heart to? 🤧
after all the excitement is over and the full severity of the situation dawns on him, he gets so in his head about being a parent
he’ll start worrying about tours and long days at rehearsal, the thought of you raising  the baby alone without his help while he’s stuck at work all day is enough to make him curl into your side at night - burying his face against your neck and letting all his worries out
just soothingly stroke the back of his neck and mutter encouraging words and he’ll be okay eventually
he’s also a major dork and makes a ton of dad jokes before he’s even officially become one
yeontan is his #1 so don’t expect him to put the baby first
literally whines,
“how am i gonna fit another baby in my life when i already have tannie?”
he’s the epitome of puppy dog eyes when you go into labour
he’s so lost and doesn’t know what to do, wanting to help soothe the pains of your contractions but not knowing how
despite naivety regarding the situation he’ll also be super comforting, holding you tightly against his chest and muttering against your forehead as you take deep breaths - ignoring hoseoks’ screams towards yoongi to drive faster
once you finally get to the hospital HE’S the one ordering the doctors around
he just wants to make your labour as comfortable as possible and will literally slid the nurse a $20 note to get you a more private and bigger room
he’s so attentive and sticks by your side through the whole thing - praises and encouragement tumbling from his lips
but he just melts into a puddle of love once he finally lays eyes on your beautiful creation, softly shushing her quiet cries
nothing can take away his happiness in that moment, laying on the cramped bed with you as you cradled the baby to sleep, admiring her soft features
he’s gonna be in a state of bliss for the next few weeks, i’m warning you rn
also floods every social media platform that day with an overload of polaroids of your little family
and everyone is just so :’) cause if anyone deserves to be happy it’s this man
jungkook.exe has stopped working
as soon as he notices you’re pregnant he already knows the other boys are gonna beat him up
they all see you as a little sister and are c o n v i n c e d this man can’t look after himself despite a baby
but just the thought of starting a family with you makes him so giddy and soft, he doesn’t even have time to worry about what the others will do
he’ll pretend he doesn’t know just to troll you
he can’t help but think how adorable you look when you finally do, eyes avoiding his own and fiddling with the sleeves of your his sweater
literally all he says is,
“yeah well you weren’t very fucking subtle.”
and continues scrolling through his phone as if you hadn’t just dropped the the most life changing news on him
and you have to resist the urge to THROTTLE him alive just for being such a little shit
but he’ll make it up to you later, cuddling against you in bed and begging for your kisses - constantly whining against your heated skin that he was just joking
and you just give into his loving pecks of reassurance, smiling cutely against your face as you both bask in the newfound feeling of finally becoming parents
as inexperienced as he is when it comes to babies and pregnancy he makes up for it by being the most caring of boyfriends
he loves to prove you wrong cause he simply thinks you’re the most ethereal angel to ever walk into his life and still finds it hard to believe that you wanna settle down with his dumb ass
whenever you get particularly insecure about your body and hide away in your shared bedroom he’ll bust that fucking door down, not wasting a second as he’s worshiping your skin and kissing every last stretch mark and imperfection
and he knows how tough pregnancy can be emotionally so when he sees the small tears glossing over your eyes as he smothers you in his love, he’ll softly kiss them away too
whenever your bump starts to become more noticeable he’ll give you his hoodie to help hide it, knowing you weren’t comfortable sharing the pregnancy yet
he also thinks you look majorly cute being swamped in his overly large clothes
and he’ll leave small presses of his lips on your forehead, purposely avoiding your mouth just to be a tease
istg you both had the most perfect announcement planned for everyone, wanting to do it in the comfort of your home with all your loved ones gathered
and this man just goes and reveals it on vlive accidentally ಠ_ಠ
it’s safe to say you both broke the internet that night
he’s already clocked out on all the nappy changing responsibilities before the baby is even born
he’s not about to touch whatever goes on down there - no matter how much you chastise him
makes fun of the way you waddle once you start getting even bigger
to the point where he’ll imitate you and swiftly run away when you catch him cause he knows you aren’t able to catch up with him 😭
also puts things you’re looking for on the highest shelf possible just so he can watch you struggle
fucking divorce this man please cause he’s just gonna spend his time tormenting you
he didn’t have many doubts about being a parent during the pregnancy but once you finally do go into labour this man will be a complete mess
he won’t even be able to enter the hospital room - pacing the waiting area and breathing heavily into a paper bag that taehyung so graciously lent him
and everytime he even thought of stepping foot past the door he’d just shake his head and continue his worrying
before yoongi eventually got sick of his stressed pacing and pushed him into the room, holding the handle forcibly to prevent him from leaving
and you’re sitting there wondering why the f u c k your boyfriend is being forced into the birth with you and pulling on his hair when you’re the one that’s pushing a baby the size of a bowling ball out of your body
he’ll try to be as comforting as he can, hesitant words of support slipping past his lips as he tried to block out your groans of agony
you know that scene in friends when rachel is going into labour and accidentally headbutts ross and he falls to the ground and says ‘you have no idea how much this hurts’ and the whole room just stares at him cause bRO YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS CURRENTLY PUSHING YOUR MASSIVE CHILD OUT OF A TINY HOLE AND YOU’RE COMPLAINING ABOUT YOUR HEAD?! yeah that’s jungkook the entire time
everything is such a blur and rush for him, but once he hears that soft cry istg he has the biggest heart eyes you’ve ever seen on someone
starts fussing over you and presses kiss after kiss against your face, not paying any kind to the sweat that gathered
and he won’t stop confessing his love for you
he’s so insanely protective over you both as soon as the nurse hands him the newborn
just feels the immediate need to protect and love and you’ve never seen a more heartwarming sight
shushes the small babe quietly and cuddles him close to his chest, letting you tiredly lean against his shoulder as you both admire the tiny bundle of joy
despite everyone thinking you were too young to have a child, you both knew you’d have it no other way
now he just has to convince you to get matching tattoos of your baby’s initials
if you can finally settle on a name that is
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rmverse · 4 months ago
forgive me but somehow this transformed into car mechanic jk bc🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴
⇢ pairing: car mechanic!jungkook x reader
⇢ warnings: spit kink, rough sex, spanking, unprotected sex
“why can’t you just take it for me though, taehyung?” you whine for the nth time up at who you thought was your friend, but was currently backstabbing you for the first time since your long lasting friendship.
“because,” he groans. “i’m not always gonna be around to baby you, __.”
you scoff extra loud, maybe even roll your eyes a little bit. “you don’t do shit for me.” okay, that was pushing it a little bit. taehyung did a lot of things for you, and he was very much aware of that. he doesn’t bother arguing with you anymore, just focuses on his work once again without giving you a second glance.
“you don’t have to do anything, i told jungkook you’re dropping by tomorrow to get it fixed. so stop nagging and fussing.” his eyes flicker towards yours for half a second, but you caught it, and you most definitely caught the smug smirk he was trying to mask as he utters his next words. “and wear something pretty.”
see, that was the problem. you didn’t have to do anything, you just had to drive your car to jungkook’s shop. but it was jeon jungkook. sex-on-legs jeon jungkook. tattooed and recently pierced jeon jungkook. the guy who fucked you stupid the first night you met him jeon jungkook.
you were so far from the meet and fuck type of person, the farthest a person could be. but when taehyung had invited you to a night out at the bar with a couple of his close friends who you already knew, and you laid eyes on him. oh god, he was the finest man you’d ever seen.
hair messed up after a long day but it still managed to look so damn good. dressed in all black, tattoo sleeve on full show as he threw his head back laughing before sipping on his bear. yeah, sex-on-legs jeon jungkook. a whole night of flirting and giggling and gravitating closer and closer towards each other until he took you back to his place and fucked you so good you saw stars.
you hadn’t gotten each other’s numbers, hadn’t met or talked since. but now taehyung was actually forcing you to practically hand yourself over to him on a silver platter and making you take your own car in need of fixing over to his garage so he can handle it.
he’s good with his hands, taehyung had said to you with a wink as you blushed and pinched his arm as payback.
and so you find yourself driving to jungkook’s shop the next day, palms sweating as you grip the steering wheel, music playing through the radio not really able of calming your nerves. and to make matters worse, you did what taehyung asked. oh you wore something pretty alright. a pretty sky blue sundress that ended just above your knees. hah, you were gone for.
the garage is in sight, and you take a deep breath as you begin to decelerate to pull in. and surprisingly to you, there’s no one there. you park the car and slowly unbuckle your seatbelt, looking around as much as you could from inside your car but you can’t really see anyone. taehyung told you to come here at this exact hour because they would for sure be open. you reach over and grab your phone, planning to call taehyung just to make sure when a familiar voice suddenly sounds through your ears and causes you to jump slightly.
“lookin’ for me?”
and there he stands in all his glory, dirtied clothes with oil and grease, sweaty hair pushed back from his forehead with a used rag being twirled in his fingers, smiling wide as ever.
“hi,” it comes out as shy as ever and you curse yourself for it, but you barely have time to before he’s opening your door for you and ushering you out.
“hey,” he greets you, hand helping you out, and you gladly take it. “been a while huh?” he doesn’t let go of your hand immediately and he’s standing a bit close, but you quickly move out of the way so that he can shut the car door.
“yeah,” you chuckle. your fingers are fiddling with the hem of your dress and his eyes momentarily flicker down there. he’s leaning against your car now, one leg crossed over the other coolly as he continues to smile at you, head tilted to the side slightly. “how’ve you been?”
“better now that i got to see you,” he says it so smoothly it doesn’t register in your head as a cheesy line, it only further lights up the fire inside your tummy and sets your cheeks ablaze. “you know i’ve been asking taehyung about you.”
your breath hitches. taehyung never mentioned that.
“oh,” it comes out low, unsure. “you have?” you steady your voice.
“yeah, a couple of times,” he continues. pushing off the car, he steps a bit closer to you and you have to look up further. “wanted to get your number but he wouldn’t give it to me.”
“h-he wouldn’t?” your brows furrow the closer he steps. he nods in response. “why did you want my number?”
“why wouldn’t i?” he retorts. he barely a step away from you now and your fingers let go of your dress, brushing hair back from your face, a nervous habit of yours. “wanted to ask you out for a proper dinner instead of being a sleazeball like last time.”
“you weren’t a sleazeball, jungkook,” you chuckle. “far from it actually.”
his eyebrows raise at your sure tone and his smile widens. “that’s good to hear then. let’s get this baby checked out, huh?”
you were pretty sure he was talking about the car. he was talking about your car, right? either way, you end up bent over the front hood of your car, dress bunched up at your waist as the guy who was asking for your number a mere half an hour ago was fucking you like there was no tomorrow.
it’s just as good as last time, if not better. grip on your hips so tight, he pulls you back on his cock with every single thrust and lodges himself deeper into your cunt. you push back against him with vigor, loving every second of it, every single noise your bodies are making as they connect together. everything just heightens the experience by a thousand times.
“fuckkk—“ he groans, hand moving to grab onto your hair. you whimper loudly when he pulls on your hair hard, back arching involuntarily to accommodate to the pressure and he groans even louder at the sight of your ass perking up against him. “you’re so fucking hot, baby.”
“harder—“you pant, palms sliding messily against the hood of your car. “harder, please-ohfuck!” a squeal leaves your lips as he plunges harder into your cunt, accompanied with a firm slap landing on your ass.
a couple more spanks later, a few thrusts that have you sliding further up your car and your eyes rolling into the back of your head and you’re shaking, crying and shaking as you come on his cock. but he’s not done with you just yet, not when you wore this pretty little dress just for him. so he flips you over onto your back and slides you to the edge of the car. you look up at him through bleary eyes and a fucked out gaze, cheeks flushed and hair an absolute mess.
he fucks you just like that, skirt of your dress pushed up to your waist and collar pushed down to reveal as much of you as possible. he goes harder, deeper, faster. he utters filth as he splits you open on his cock and has you gushing around his cock with every word.
“fuck—hngh jungkook!”
you’re shaking again. hips twitching up. eyes fluttering shut as tears blur your vision. it’s so good. it’s so, so good and yet you somehow want more. “more. please. fffuck—please-“
he’s leaning down, rough fingers gripping your jaw tight and squishing your cheeks together just slightly.
“yeah? want more baby?” he grunts. harder. you squeal once again. you know what you want. he knows what you want. he gave it to you the first night you fucked. you nod through weakened cries of pleasure. “words. say it.”
“p-please,” you whimper. “spit in my mouth. please.”
he groans and taps your cheek with his forefinger, the signal for you to open wide as he gives you exactly what you asked for, a glob of spit falling perfectly onto your outstretched tongue. you pussy clenches around him the second you swallow and a tattooed palm lands loudly on your car as he struggles to hold on and fucks you faster, your body bouncing against the car and causing it to move along with you.
“more. more.”
he does it every single time you ask, until you’re satisfied, back arching and breath knocked out of you as he fucks you through your orgasm, mouth open in a silent scream. and by the end of it, you’re breathless and lying beneath him with a fucked out smile, dopey eyes looking back down at you.
“you better be giving me your number after that or i’m not planning on fixing your car.”
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hueseok · 10 days ago
( 15. ) A LOVER’S KISS.
Tumblr media
a friends with benefits relationship never ends on a good note. unless, both parties are not dumb fucks who find themselves falling for each other along the way of their agreement, of course.
and in yours and jeongguk’s case, you should have known better than to think the two of you would be an exception to the so-called curse of being friends with benefits with someone you already hold dear to you, since not even five months since it was agreed upon—the line between being only friends and being a little like lovers only continue to get hazier and hazier.
Tumblr media
━ jeongguk x reader ━ 4.2k words. ━ 18+ ━ smut | angst | fluff | friends with benefits au | idiots to lovers au | college au | yearning? pining? | ft. swimmer!jeongguk, editor-in-chief!reader (small appearances from swimmer!jimin & associate editor!taehyung) ━ warning/s: profanities | heavy petting | making out | being naked and almost having sex (it feels like a mix of hate and make up sex lmao) | sad feelings and a breakdown moment :(
[ chapter index. ]
Tumblr media
♡ EPISODE 15. the one with the bargain !
Tumblr media
you were practically a veteran when it came to heartbreaks at this point.
yet you were still stupid as fuck.
jeongguk kept hugging you, and you should have continued pushing him away when you had the chance to gain a grasp of your emotions better, but of course, you didn’t—because it felt nice and amazing and you wanted so fucking bad to be held by him after being in so much distress over the past three days because of his own doing.
you from that painful night would have smacked you so hard in the head, would have screamed in your ear to not give in without a hitch, especially at how you weren’t stopping the next events from happening.
jeongguk was craning his head back to look at you, wiping your tears and apologizing for the nth time for making you cry and making you feel like shit, and then your gazes were meeting and suddenly he was clenching his jaw, his palms that were pressed on both sides of your temple slacking and tightening right away before your foreheads touched and his mouth was urgently kissing yours, your belongings falling on the floor, your feet staggering backward until you were pressed on the wall beside your front door.
you whimpered, more in pleasure than in defiance, the rage you were experiencing being replaced by something different. “jeongguk—”
“i missed you,” he breathlessly said. “missed you so much. i’m fucking sorry.”
your hands balled into fists against his shirt, dragging him close. “you’re such a dick.” it looked like you were just repeating the same insults for the past 30 minutes now. “you’re a fucking asshole.”
his lips travelled down to your jaw, nipping and moaning, trails of wetness left on your skin, his fingers clumsily undressing you as you did the same. you weren’t sure if you were only imagining or because everything was happening at the heat of the moment, but you could clearly feel something hard nudging you between your thighs the second you tugged his pants down, the sensation causing you to bite your lip while he harshly exhaled, grinding onto you and successfully taking off your top as well.
you don’t think you ever followed sex with jeongguk like this before.
there were instances in which the two of you were mad at each other about some petty thing you couldn’t remember now. though nonetheless, it never ended up with screaming—okay, there were sometimes cases of loud arguing as exhibited in the last month—or hot hate sex or any of the like; in fact, just like what occurred when he accepted that date with somi, it usually and mainly just comprised of silent treatments and slow steps towards reconciliation.
so, this mix of aggression and eagerness was totally new to you. it sent a new drive of lust to explode within you.
jeongguk kept on pushing his body towards you like you were running away, and you were latching onto him like he was prying your arms off—two scenarios that certainly weren’t ensuing as you were still hungrily kissing him beside the door, his mouth constantly moving from yours to your throat and to your breasts, a soft grumble emitting from him until you felt him cup your heat with absolute intent, your panties serving as the remaining barrier between his slender fingers and your pussy.
“i want you,” he gruffed, sucking below your ear. “always. all the fucking time. there’s no way i don’t.”
you gritted your teeth. “you—you chose—soomi—”
“i know, i know what i did.” he paused his movements and you almost grinded yourself on his hand again but you were too caught up staring at his glare to do so. “but i didn’t do that because i wanted her. i just—you were, you were with haru that day and—”
“you were with haru.” he kissed you again, mumbling his upcoming words against you. “i was just so fucking jealous, okay?”
your heart soared knowing you weren’t the only one who felt that kind of self-destructing emotion at the coffee shop. “he’s always been just a friend.”
he scoffed. “i’m just a friend too.”
“bullshit. you’re different,” you cursed, your voice cracking when he slid your panties to the side to touch you properly. “and for ghosting me?” you added, “for, for leaving me the other day—shit—for not texting me and not even looking at me. what’s your excuse for that?”
“‘s not an excuse.”
“you left me hanging.”
“i didn’t want to.” he thrusted a middle finger. “you, you didn’t even—why couldn’t you just wait?”
“wait? are you fucking—” you gasped as he hit that particular spot and jeongguk leaned his head on your shoulder, your bubbling protest not being able to leave you due to the delicious pace he was setting in fucking you with two fingers now, your hold on his biceps tensing for you were starting to lose control of your composure.
you didn’t speak for a solid five minutes again and neither did he. the last word he told you was a simple, “jump,” as a message to have you literally jumping on him so he could carry you fast to your bed.
you continued to make out with him as the last pieces of your undergarments were ditched. he knowingly searched for the pack of condoms you had on the bedside table, and as he did so, you stared at him, your breathing hard and your heart pounding erratically, the last few minutes passing by like a haze with how fast it was panning out.
god, you were so in love with him, you thought while watching jeongguk. it was ridiculous how easily he managed to return to you when this was supposed to be hard on his part; you shouldn’t be considering on taking him back at this second—hell, you shouldn’t even have let him inside your apartment in the first place and let him kiss you and touch you and make you feel all fuzzy once more. he was like a damn curse or some dark love potion.
and you really wanted him so bad. you wanted him to do all those things because you were desperate to feel any ounce of love from him too. you wanted to experience what it felt like to be wanted from him again, when things weren’t so complicated and you were so sure that this thing between you was going to be real the next time you slept together, only to be let down over and over because of his stupid hesitant and paranoid ass.
you recalled how hurt you were whenever you saw him with soomi, whenever you heard people talking about them, how you had to pretend to be cool, and then you remembered how pissed off you were when he lashed out on you because you were merely just with haru who wasn’t doing anything harmful. it was like you were always bound to fall into his favor and what eased him the most, your own state being kicked aside.
“baby,” jeongguk abruptly stopped wearing the rubber upon seeing your face, worry dashing on his expression, tears unconsciously already gushing down your cheeks, “no, no, baby, don’t—fuck.” he got off you straight away, instead sitting on the empty space beside your torso, the back of his palms wiping your tears. “i’m sorry, i’m so sorry, don’t cry—shit, i shouldn’t have—” he whispered to himself repeatedly.
you tried to cease your sobbing, for it wasn’t exactly an ideal thing for you to cry your eyes out while also being naked. however, jeongguk was soon grabbing your blanket and was quickly covering you with it, hopping off the bed then to wear his boxers before joining you on the mattress and shushing you softly, gauging your body language if you were going to allow him to embrace you and as you did the subtle move of scooting closer to him, he was more than happy to take you in his arms, caressing your head and back.
it took longer than it should have to calm you down. you carried on crying on his chest, no explanation yet on what suddenly caused the outburst (you thought it was already clear however why you were crying), and the instance you found the courage to articulate what’s been bothering you, you didn’t think twice in speaking them out loud.
“i can’t keep doing this,” you said, mirroring what you told him that night in front of the milk tea house. “i can’t keep holding onto you—”
“you can,” he cut you off with a gentle yet croaked voice, his tone the surest you’ve ever heard it. your heart nosedived to the ground realizing that. “you can hold onto me. i’m not, i’m not going to be an ass this time.”
you sniffled. “you were more than just an ass. you were a confusing and selfish and stupid jerk.”
jeongguk pursed his lips, like he was fighting off a smile. “okay, i deserve that.”
you lifted your cheek from his chest and he loosened his grip, still keeping you close though. “why did it take so long for you?”
“what did?”
“to go here. to talk to me.”
“aside from the fact that i was sure you hated my guts?”
“jeongguk,” you frowned, “i’m being serious.”
he sighed, sitting up as you had. the cases where he had to be serious with you were rare, and he despised it because it was always due to a fight. “i… i was a coward—you know i was.” he looked away from you, shameful. “i just… it was just, kind of, all too overwhelming for me. i didn’t plan to like you and mess shit up because we were doing so well with the fuck buddy thing. i was happy with just being able to do all that stuff with you with no strings attached, because i kept thinking that there was no way it was going to turn out bad. there was no way i was going to lose you if we just continued.
“and you know why i don’t like relationships, right? i don’t like wasting time. i don’t like investing feelings in someone and then breaking up with them eventually. i used to be a fucking hopeless romantic, but at some point, you just start hating relationships when you can’t keep a person for more than a year because of the future of your damn swimming career.” he chuckled humorlessly, head turning back to you. “and i didn’t… i didn’t like the idea of you ending up the same. of us… doing it for real, and me falling harder and then you leaving me. i didn’t like the possibility of breaking up with you.”
you scrunched your forehead together, infuriated with the way he was overthinking something that hasn’t even happened.
“so, you want to know why it was so easy for me to go and date soomi? it’s because i didn’t give a shit about her—that’s why. she doesn’t even stand close to your little toe or something. she can’t even stay in my mind for a damn millisecond and you’re here comparing yourself to her when you can’t even leave it and give me a fucking break.”
you gazed at him, somehow speechless at the fact that he had the fluency to admit what he felt for you. you didn’t expect him to be good with his words now when he couldn’t even reply satisfactorily last time. perhaps he already had this memorized in his head and he was just mustering all the courage he could get to finally say it in front of you—and boy, did this not disappoint one bit. you could practically jump in joy at the moment, engulf him in a tight hug and kiss the life out of him, but the ____ who was hurt by him remained timid and quiet, staring at the edge of the bed without an answer.
“____,” he called your name and you waited for him to resume, your mouth dry from crying, “if you, if you still want to, want to be with me… after the shit i did and made you feel, i’m going to make sure it works out.”
you locked gazes with his eyes, raising your eyebrows.
“i’m going to make it work. with you. no matter what. or you can break up with me later on but i’ll just won’t care. okay, maybe i will but—” his ears were reddening, the grace he was carrying was subsiding too— “what i mean to say is, i don’t care what happens in the future anymore. i’ll do that if it means i can be with you right now.”
was it possible to really feel your own heart mending inside your ribcage? or like the world to feel like a good place again?
you took a deep breath, raising the blanket higher. “i should probably make you wait longer for my answer than you made me, huh?”
jeongguk smiled, a shaky exhale being let out, your playfulness a good sign. “i can wait. you can torture me all you want with this.”
“yeah?” you tauntingly looked at him. “do you really want me to do that? to make you wait?”
“as long as you come back to me, ____. i’ll be okay.”
“what if i don’t? what if i decide to be cruel and just lead you on?”
“then i’ll try harder. i’m not letting you break my heart without being my girlfriend yet,” he said, snorting and causing a laugh to tumble out of your lips.
he shifted his position, surprised to have you responding. “alright? what does that—”
“i’ll think about it. and i’ll make you wait really long as payback.”
the corners of his mouth curved upwards, chuckling, wanting to look serious but you were far too adorable for him not to react in such a way. “okay, fair.” he nodded afterwards, a solemn expression passing through his features. “but… can you at least let me do something while you think about it?”
“like what?”
it took every piece of jeongguk’s control to refrain from holding your hand, or hugging you tight, or capturing your lips in a kiss again. “like, like, can you let me always be where you are? can you let me try harder already?”
you tilted your head at him.
you knew that your frail heart would never survive just from that statement of his alone. you were well aware of jeongguk’s strong tactics in winning you over, of course, thanks to the dozens of times you might have given him an attitude unintentionally or was sensitive because of your period. however, you didn’t oppose the idea, mostly because as you have established within yourself earlier, you wanted to see what he exactly had in mind when it came to trying to win you back again.
you scooted forward to get your bra from the floor, nonchalant and calmer than minutes ago.
“do whatever you want, guk.”
maybe you shouldn’t have been so vague in giving him permission to try harder so soon. maybe you should have acted coyly or announced some ground rules in order to protect yourself from appearing too weak—because jeongguk, being the type who did everything he could do to get what he indeed wanted, has been treating you like you were already his lover and that you were in an official relationship with him since the morning after that evening in your apartment.
he didn’t do anything below the line though. it’s not like he was confident and has been acting like nothing was wrong. he was just too… too affectionate and way too obvious than before, one can say.
he texted you constantly, from good morning to goodnight, just the right amount of clingy and caring for you to be content with it; when monday came, he stopped by outside your first class to give you breakfast despite being busy himself due to his varsity training, and he’s been impressively consistent in doing that throughout the whole week, perhaps making sure that there was never going to be a second wherein you weren’t going to commend him for his efforts, truly seeing that he was serious with what he said in doing his best to make it work.
“you like ____,” taehyung repeated, staring blankly at jeongguk who told him casually while the three of you were present in the office; it felt like the whole campus was aware of that already, but jeongguk felt the need to say it in person to taehyung, “you… you’re—you’re trying to date ____?”
“haru likes ____.”
“he’s cool with it.” jeongguk shrugged.
you, on the other hand, was attempting not to involve yourself with the conversation, instead focusing on the article you were proofreading.
you were so far having a hard time coping with the looks soomi was giving you in your shared classes, as if you just confirmed her assumptions that it’s been yours and jeongguk’s evil plan all along to humiliate her when she was the one who forced herself in the picture, so you didn’t have energy to explain to anyone where jeongguk stood in your life and vice versa.
“to be honest, even if he wasn’t, that wouldn’t stop me.”
“guk,” you intervened and he smirked at you.
“oh my god,” taehyung dramatically pointed at you and then at jeongguk, “i knew it. i knew there was something going on. right from that moment when guk started seeing soomi—i knew something was fishy.”
you scowled at the name. “so what? you didn’t say anything back then.”
“because i wasn’t 100% sure back then,” he defended. “anyways, does goeun know about this too? or is she going to be the last one to know again?”
your mind flashed back monday morning when goeun saw you and jeongguk talking outside the lecture hall for your next class with her, catching jeongguk smile widely at you before he had the nerve to squish your cheeks with one hand affectionately, looking like he was seconds away from kissing your puckered lips by the manner in which he was staring at them as you complained.
she ended up throwing a tantrum the whole day the moment jeongguk did the honors of enlightening her about your ‘relationship’, goeun demanding that you tell her every detail about what’s really going on with you and jeongguk since she couldn’t believe that she didn’t manage to sense it.
and you did. you even told her that you both were sleeping together before you had the guts to confront your feelings, resulting in goeun slapping your arm and squealing like a little girl out of delight, saying that she never expected it to happen due to her perhaps plain ignorance but you two were still freaking cute in her opinion to have a problem with it and for being informed late (despite being the first out of your three other close friends).
your phone ringing stole your attention away from the monitor, and you saw that your alarm was alerting you to start heading out for the course you needed to attend in 15 minutes.
“need to go?” jeongguk asked as you stood up and began packing your scattered things from the desk. “i’ll walk you there.”
“ugh.” taehyung grimaced, the facade exaggerated. “i’ll have to get used to this, don’t i?”
“shut up.” jeongguk playfully kicked taehyung right by the calf. “go find a girlfriend if you’re going to be bitter.”
“not your girlfriend yet, guk,” you sang.
he turned to you, squinting in fake offense. “yet. let’s emphasize that word, babe.”
“get out of my sight already, lovebirds.” taehyung snorted, pushing himself up from the couch, each hand reaching for you and jeongguk to shove your shoulders to the exit, just in time when haru opened it from the other side and his gaze automatically fell on you.
“hey, chief,” he said smoothly.
you smiled. “hi.”
haru moved on to jeongguk. “and hey there, traitor.”
you were about to reply but jeongguk and haru laughed, genuinely finding the whole thing funny; you were weirded out by the scene that just played in front of you though you didn’t bother questioning it. you just shook your head with the same smile and carried on trudging out of the office—to hell with them and whatever they plan on doing now—jeongguk saying his farewells to haru and taehyung until he finally followed behind you.
“you should go to the swimming facility and train early,” you said; you swat his hand when he tried taking your bag and carrying it for you. “your competition is in less than 24 hours, you know.”
he huffed. “i will. i’ll just walk you to your class and i’ll get going.”
“you don’t need to.”
“but i want to. i want to get a kiss too before i go.”
you narrowed your eyes at him. he was getting cheekier and braver every single day. “you’re not getting the last one—hate to break it to you.”
“not even just a peck on the cheek?”
“damn it.”
you chuckled while he grinned.
“but anyways,” he added swiftly as you two turned to the left corridor, his hand clinging on the strap of your bag instead since he couldn’t go for your hand yet, “you’re going to watch the tournament, right?”
you hummed. “hm, not sure.”
he was aware that you were teasing but that didn’t stop his face from falling or from feeling nervous. “why? you didn’t attend last time, might i remind you, and i finished third because of that.”
“i’m not your lucky charm, guk.”
“you are,” he insisted, tugging your bag so that you’ll walk closer to him. “i want you there. and you promised you’d always go.”
“that was when we were in that happy-go-lucky phase.”
“so? you still promised.”
you groaned and he groaned with you.
“baby,” jeongguk was using that sweet tone again that caused your legs to feel jelly and your stomach to turn into a whole fucking zoo, “please. you need to come.”
“okay, how about this,” you halted, “i’ll just set some expectations for you.”
his feet came to a stop as well. “what expectations?”
“i’ll go to your match this saturday,” you said. “but only if i’m ready to take you back again.”
he blinked, eyebrows furrowing, the implication of your statement generating more anxiety in his system. “and… and if i don’t see you there?”
you shrugged. he wasn’t stupid. you knew that he knew what you meant.
“____,” he frowned, stepping to where you were, “that’s, that’s—you’re being mean.”
“i thought you were fine with me making you suffer?”
“yeah, but if you don’t come, and then i lose, that’s going to make my day extra depressing.”
“you won’t lose.”
“are you going?”
“i don’t know.”
“then i’m going to lose.”
“stop that.” you clicked your tongue, feet walking once more. “i thought you said it was a mind over matter about these things. stop thinking you’re going to lose.”
“i’m going to lose and not be your boyfriend.”
“you sound childish.”
jeongguk went back to holding the strap of your bag. you could feel his stare on the side of your head. “i could still try, right?”
“you can always try to win.”
“that’s not what i’m talking about.”
you gave him a meaningful look. “i don’t know. i’m not sure.”
“you’ll just have to wait and be patient,” you said. “i’m practically making this easy. it’s only been a week, and i’m going to tell you my choice already.”
“yeah, but if you decide to not—”
“stop claiming negative energy. we don’t need negative energy right now.”
he pouted, actually pouted, and just tailed beside you quietly until you reached the door leading to the classroom of your next subject. you faced him upon arriving and jeongguk dropped his hand from your bag, this gloomy mood filling the atmosphere that made you slightly guilty but even if it did, you didn’t show it, thinking that jeongguk deserved uncertainty on his part too.
“have a fun and safe training,” you said.
“can’t i really get that kiss?”
you chuckled, pressing your mouth together to not laugh louder at the nerve to bring that up once more.
“a hug?” he urged, slyly stretching out his arms to clasp his fingers softly on your wrists to pull you towards him. “please?”
ugh. you hated how you were so weak and couldn’t commit to being 100% cold to him.
“one hug,” you said and a big smile flashed on his lips; he successfully dragged you to him, embracing you, tickling your neck with his nose touching the side of your throat, and just when you’re about to lean back to end the hug, you felt him press a kiss on your cheek, a lingering one that momentarily became the reason why your mind haywired. “i’ll call you tonight,” he said immediately, letting go and walking away in a backwards fashion.
you glared at him, the action evidently insincere thanks to the blush also evident on your cheeks.
jeongguk waved, grinning still, and you nodded, waving back and entering the room with a stupid smile on your face, your awaited verdict already decided even from the first time he asked about it.
Tumblr media
note. i love them :--( that is all i have to say HSJAHAJAH oh and also that we have one more chapter left and alk is over !!!! well, at least the main storyline is hehe
p.s. there was a heartbreak veterans line in the intro of this fic and now i also miss that couple of mine 🥺🥺🥺
Tumblr media
taglist (1/3): @fan-ati--c @marknee @sexymenandcuteanimals101 @jiminisnotavirgin @joondala @afangirllikeme-blog @jxxvk @this-is-seriousbusinesz @swga-ficrecs @apollukee @bloopkook @jaerisdiction @thisartemisnevermisses @koolvrr @wearenot7withu @brilliantmoon7 @naturules @betysotelo18 @jinyoungie0922 @codeinebelle @minimoni7 @turquoiseandplaidinautumn @moonchild1 @taeshuworld @daydreambrliever @lilyflowerguk @rjsmochii @namjeonii @drownforryou @sugapiie @emeriroth @xius-exos @sw33tnight @lunaoceanchild @outropjmm @dojacandy @brit97 @abyjil @haruharux23 @haniiii @callmejimmeo @itsalyssa15 @hinawariinoue97 @libra04 @gukkmoans (striked means tumblr won’t let me tag them!)
Tumblr media
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namfinessed · 3 months ago
could you (kiss it better)? -
Tumblr media
genre: fluff (11.7k)
summary: will you ever be able to get over your crush on kim taehyung?
a/n: this marks the end of the fools universe (which can be read individually)! i’m very overwhelmed and excited for this final part, but i will miss writing this universe a lot, i struggled a lot with this one but i’m happy with the ending, thank you to every single one of you who’s read it, it means the world and more to me, i hope you enjoy this last part a lot <3
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“i don’t know what to say, kim taehyung” taehyung hangs his head low as his professor chews his ear out, he really should have just finished his assignment instead of being curious about jin’s love life.
“you are not even close to passing this semester, let alone having a decent grade, i know you take this subject as a minor but it still affects your overall score” taehyung nods at his words, wincing every now and then because he didn’t realize the gravity of the situation until his professor narrates it to him.
“you know that this could potentially harm your scholarship, right?”
“i am aware” taehyung shamefully replies and his professor sighs at him.
“taehyung, as your parents friend and well-wisher, you worked hard for this scholarship and i can’t just watch you throw it all away” taehyung absolutely hates when his professor gets personal with him.
why not just lecture him and let him go?
he can take the harshest words without feeling a lot but the second it gets personal; he feels guilty for slacking off.
and taehyung hates feeling guilty.
“because i know how much this will hurt your record in the long run, i will pass you this one time, only once” as soon as those words leave the professor in a disappointed sigh, taehyung internally cheers but it’s short-lived. someone enters the same classroom and taehyung doesn’t know who they are which is weird considering he knows all of his classmates. at least he thought he knew everyone. he carefully eyes the new person in the room, with furrowed eyebrows and pouted lips, trying to identify her.
“ah, y/n, right on time as always” so her name is y/n.
taehyung doesn’t understand why she looks so nervous but he just assumes she’s just one of those people who doesn’t like being around people.
“you asked me to come, sir?” you trail off, already feeling a blush crawling at the back of your neck with taehyung in the same room.
it’s no secret (to yourself) that taehyung has been your crush since you started university and saw him having a playful banter with the professors and just seeming to have a blast with his friends, he was simply the coolest person you saw, and that led to a hopeless crush on your side, but you also know that he has no clue about you.
and suddenly being in the same room with him, you feel flustered and intimidated, not in a bad way, more so in a ‘wow, you’re even more gorgeous up close’ way and your hands don’t keep still, they keep shaking with a mind of their own and your head is nothing but a fumbled mess.
“yeah, your assignment was perfect, you covered every important point but still managed to make it easy to read, keep it up, y/n.” you stay silent with the praise you get as your professor hands your graded assignment with a smile on his face and you bow before taking it from him.
you sigh in relief and look up to notice taehyung giving you a weird expression, and you didn’t know what to make of it, you were sure you didn’t look that ugly today nor was your hair a mess, today had been a good day, looks-wise for you but then again, you imagine that a guy like taehyung has higher standards.
taehyung, on the other hand, just couldn’t understand how you don’t react to the praise or the high grade, if it was him who got an A, he would be busy getting smashed in some bar but your nonchalance confuses him.
whatever, he’s got a failed semester to care about right now.
“and right, you asked me if you could tutor someone for extra credit?” the professor asks you and you nod in response, you need that extra credit for your scholarship to hold for the next few semesters, and a little extra money from it wouldn’t hurt you either.
“yes, i did”
“what about him?” the professor points to kim taehyung and your eyes widen, but it seems like you’re not the only one taken aback because taehyung immediately turns to the professor with a frown on his eyes.
oh, he does not like the idea.
you can’t help but be a little disappointed when he looks that annoyed over this.
he doesn’t even know you so you can’t exactly blame him but his reaction makes you internally wince.
“you didn’t even ask me” taehyung complains noisily to the professor and you just keep your head low, deciding to talk only when you’re spoken to.
“you really don’t have a choice here kim taehyung, you are failing and only passing because i passed you, and the least you can do to improve is get a tutor, i would be grateful if i were you, y/n is one of the best students we have.” you feel a little bashful with all the praise you’re getting, the professor is always this way with you but you can’t take it gracefully with your crush is standing right there.
but it’s just dawning on you that you have to tutor him, your crush, actually spend time with him, help him out and improve his grade, spending time with him is the only thing you could think of right now though even if it both terrifies and excites you the slightest bit.
mostly terrified though.
“fine” taehyung surrenders with a not-so-subtle glare thrown to the professor who really couldn’t give less of a shit by the looks of it.
“good, you two can work out a schedule together” the professor says dismissively, grabbing the papers off his desk and his bag, nodding at you two and leaving the room.
the room felt suffocating with taehyung’s heavy mood and your inability to defuse it, you are supposed to discuss the plan with him but you’re not going to initiate it, you don’t want to seem that desperate, besides you think it’s better to leave him when he looks annoyed, you don’t want to accidentally piss him off.
so, you quickly turn towards the door and speed walk out of the room, taking a deep breath and leaning against a wall outside the room, you didn’t expect this from the end of your day. seeing taehyung from anywhere closer than ten feet away is definitely not what you expected and your heart is still pounding from being in the same room as him, you feel warm all over and you don’t know if you feel elated or embarrassed.
you groan and take your glasses off to rub at the bridge of your nose, classes were a drag and you have work piled on for the weekend, it’s not like you had any plans but it would have been nice if you could rest for a bit, and the lunch in front of you isn’t helping at all. it doesn’t look appetizing and smells old, you are not even sure if you can eat it.
“what’s up?” you hear from right beside your ear making you gasp and flinch, moving away from the sound and your glasses slide off the table, making a clattering sound that makes you flinch more.
“woah, calm down” you lift your head to see taehyung standing there with a huge smile and your eyes widen, he picks your glasses up and holds them out to you, you take them back with shaky hands and put it on yourself.
when did he get here? you usually notice when he’s in a room.
“you scared me” you mumble and push your glasses up, unable to look straight at him for more than a few seconds, you don’t think you can handle that, so, just imagine the way your heart jumps to your throat when taehyung takes a seat right beside you.
“didn’t mean to do that, sorry” he smiles brightly as he leans his face on his propped-up hand and sits wide-legged in front of you, his knees are brushing over your legs and if he noticed, he doesn’t care about it but you do, you care about the way your heart slips continuously when his skin carelessly touches yours.
he definitely looks like he is in a better mood than he was a few days ago.
“it’s okay, did you need something?” you look down at your food, picking at it with a small whine caught in your throat as you wait for him to answer.
“we need to discuss our schedule” you raise your eyebrows at him, you thought because he never got in contact with you again, that he simply just didn’t want it and you brushed it off, thinking it was probably better for you too, your crush on him was embarrassingly huge and you know how nervous you will get, so you were relieved when he didn’t try to contact you.
“i thought you weren’t doing it” your response is as nervous as you feel.
“i wasn’t but i don’t have a choice” he chuckles awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck. he looks ridiculously attractive in his simple oversized t-shirt and cream-colored trousers and his awkward habit is endearing, your cheeks flush as you look away from him and back to your food.
“can we talk about this after i’m done eating?” you never really prepared yourself to have a conversation with him so you just wish he leaves you alone for now and comes back when you’re not feeling and looking like shit.
“you’re going to eat this?” taehyung murmurs in disbelief, side glancing the less-than-appetizing food in your tray.
“i don’t have a choice” it feels weird to repeat his words to him but from what you can see, he doesn’t think too much about it which is a huge relief.
“yes, you do” he says with a sigh, getting up and you look up at him with scrunched eyebrows.
“you’re coming to lunch with me and don’t worry, it’s my treat, one of many now that you’re my tutor” he grins easily at you, grabbing your backpack from the seat and eagerly waiting for you with bright eyes and his entire posture is relaxed, like having lunch with a stranger is totally okay with him.
is this what extroverts are like?
why was he so comfortable with you? this is your second time meeting and you didn’t even speak directly the first time.
it didn’t seem like he was asking you to come either, more like just waiting for you to join him, so you get up with a stammer in your step, anything that is not your college lunch is something you would welcome happily and lunch with taehyung doesn’t seem like a bad idea, not yet.
but you’re nervous, though one thing that saves you is that you have always been good at hiding how you feel.
taehyung smiles at you one last time, so easily, so beautifully, like it wouldn’t make you stutter, before turning around and leading the way, with your backpack slung over his shoulder, you feel too shy to ask for it and that you will probably stutter through your words when you speak to him, so you just silently follow him out of the cafeteria, ignoring the weird looks you two got on the way out.
you cautiously step into the classy bakery that taehyung takes you to, he tried to make conversation on the way but your answers were so short that even you felt embarrassed, taehyung though, didn’t look like he cared, if he found you awkward, he didn’t show it and you were grateful to him for that.
“namjoon hyung is the manager here, so i can get us a pretty discount” he winks at the end of the sentence, obviously as a joke but you can’t help how flustered you feel with a simple wink.
you are eating lunch with your crush who you thought was way out of your league, is something you have dreamed about, you never actually expected to sit across taehyung as he talks animatedly about how good the coffee and desserts are here.
judging by the fruity and addictingly sweet smell that fills the air around you, you don’t question his praise, your own mouth waters at the thought of the pretty pastries you see lined up right at the counter and the coffee bean smell is so soothing, you might have just found your favorite place that wasn’t your apartment.
a waiter (you can’t believe he’s a waiter with how handsome he was) comes up to you both but taehyung already seemed to know the guy who groaned as soon as he saw taehyung, taehyung leans back lazily in his seat with an ever-present grin on his face.
“why do you come back with a new girl every week?” the pouty guy whines at taehyung and your eyes widen with your head still down, so you’re not the first one he’s brought here, it was foolish of you to think so as well and taehyung playfully swats at the guys arm, his grin unwavering and you only purse your lips at the empty table.
god, you want to run away.
“order whatever you want” he gestures to the menu and you quickly scan over it, a low squeal in your throat when you see that they have your favorite, pho and fudge brownies. you lift your head to tell taehyung to see him in an animated conversation with the waiter, nudging him from time to time and just looking like he was having the time of his life, like he always does, you lightly tap the table to get his attention and he immediately abandons the conversation and leans over, making you move back at the sudden movement, he only seems amused by your reaction.
“you’re a little quiet, so i just wanted to listen to you better, what did you decide on?” he explains simply and you can’t help but gaze into his eyes as he keeps them steady on you, for someone like him, eye contact isn’t a problem, isn’t a big deal but it makes your heart pound, you nod slowly and mumble your order, sinking back into your seat.
“excellent choice, pho and brownies for two, and is it alright if i order the drinks?” he turns to you for confirmation and once he’s received a mumble of agreement, turns back to the waiter.
“two peach iced teas” and with that, the waiter leaves but not without smacking taehyung one last time. taehyung pretends that he’s in a lot of pain and winces childishly which has you holding back a smile as the waiter shakes his head at him before disappearing to the back, your eyes curiously follow him to the counter where all the desserts are laid out.
taehyung is quick to catch your wandering eyes and finds it funny that since he’s met you, the only time he’s seen you smile is when you’re looking at desserts.
“you want to take a look?” taehyung walks towards the counter, which has you trailing behind him. you slowly take in the view of all the chocolate pastries that could be in your stomach and taehyung stays right at your back, watching you move around excitedly and admire them.
“are you into baking or something?” he finally asks after five minutes of you moving around him with big, fascinated eyes.
“no, i just like to eat” your answer comes out before you can even think about it and you only realize it when taehyung breaks into a chuckle at your words, making you shuffle on your feet, clearing your throat and looking back at the especially good-looking tiramisu.
“are you always this quiet or is it just with me?” the question takes you off guard, and you think taehyung is upset but there is no hint of frustration or annoyance on his face, only genuine curiosity.
“i don’t like to talk much, it’s nothing against you i promise” you try to reassure and be as honest as you could.
“that’s a relief” he smiles and walks back to the table where your food is waiting, you walk back with a bounce to your step because you haven’t been this hungry in a while. and as soon as you sit down, you reach for your steaming bowl of pho and sigh in bliss.
taehyung notices your exaggerated reactions to your food and simply smiles to himself.
something about you, he likes it, he doesn’t mind being the only one talking the entire time, he doesn’t mind how you only seem to talk when spoken to, it’s new to him, he’s always surrounded by people just as extroverted as him, so this isn’t something he’s used to but taehyung doesn’t mind.
taehyung doesn’t mind at all.
you walk home with rosy cheeks that day, because you can finally confirm that taehyung is just as charming, just as care-free as he looks, and he’s very good company, usually people get annoyed that conversations with you feel one-sided and you don’t blame them but it’s freeing with how comfortable taehyung tried to make you feel.
it isn’t very good news to the crush you already have on him; you feel like it’s grown ten-fold. and it’s only the second time meeting him, you are nervous for your poor heart which jumps with every glance he gives you.
and with the schedule you two planned, consisting of meeting up almost every other day because taehyung simply wants his grades to not be on the ground, you are sure that your heart only will go through so much more.
your nerves don’t calm down as your legs bounce up and down below the table at the library you’re sat at, your lip hurts from how much you’ve bit it as you anxiously look around for taehyung who is yet to show up for your first tutoring session. you can’t look like this in front of him so you’re doing whatever you can to be as normal as you can be.
you have to get over him at some point, you can’t tutor him while giving him heart-eyes.
“hey!” a bright greeting comes from behind you and you almost fall out of your seat, your elbow slips on the table and your chin hits the table, as if scaring you at lunch back then wasn’t bad enough, you begrudgingly think and groan at the pain on your chin.
taehyung does nothing to help and just sits down beside you with a happy hum, his books dropping in front of him in a heap and his smile doesn’t budge even when you glare at him while rubbing your chin.
“do you have to scare me every time?” you whine, your chin already becoming sore, you’re in enough pain to not have the mind to worry about how stupid you just looked. he simply shrugs at you.
“do you have to get scared every time?” comes his almost immediate retort and how will you argue with that logic while processing how close these library seats are next to each other? your reply comes with a roll of your eyes, though you’re sure that your cheeks are as warm as the sun blaring outside.
taehyung finds absolute satisfaction and amusement from your reaction and it shows in the way he leans back proudly in seat as you pretend to jot down notes, at this point, you don’t even know what you are writing anymore but you’re writing.
suddenly, just as you’re about to finally stop acting like you’re busy and get back to him, your glasses are snatched from your face and you don’t even have to look to see who took it. taehyung twirls the glasses in his hands with a smug grin, and then puts them on, wiggling his eyebrows and pouting every now and then. and you feel your heart burst with how cute he looks.
if it was anyone else, you are sure you would have hated it. but it’s taehyung and you don’t think you could ever hate him.
you watch with curious eyes as he gets all serious and grabs a book, writing with an invisible pen furiously. you tilt your head because you don’t quite understand what he’s doing.
it takes quite a second to dawn on you that he’s actually imitating you.
“look at me, i’m y/n, star student” he squeals in a high-pitched voice that most definitely is not yours.
your mouth falls open in offence, and even before you could think about it, you swat his arm with a loud complaint leaving your lips, as he laughs at you, pushing your hand off and continuing to act like he was you. you groan and throw your head back in annoyance, though you really don’t feel as annoyed, you just feel a hundred times more comfortable with taehyung now.
after a string of complaints from you, taehyung finally gives your glass back but instead of just handing them back to you, he slides them on your face himself and you feel every bit of you twisting and turning at the simple action. you cough awkwardly into your hand and turn away from him, moving your books out of the way so you could get started.
“which subject do you want to start with?” as a response, taehyung drops a thick book right in front of you.
art history.
tricky but you can work with it.
“okay, how much do you know already?” you ask him and he thinks with lips pushed into a pout.
“can i be honest?”
“of course.” you nod at him.
“i know nothing, i slept through all the classes” he admits sheepishly and you giggle a little at his confession.
of course, not to be creepy or anything but you knew about this, you have unconsciously turned to see him in class more than a few times, only to see him passed out on his bench with his backpack covering his head.
“that’s alright, one thing that’s helped me with art history is memorizing it all like a story” you let him in on your secret, you always envision history like a story book, or a tv show that you’re invested in, thinking up characters in actual scenes, it helps you remember a lot better than just book material.
so, you tell him the same thing, you start explaining in brief various parts of print culture, origins of different eras, the rise of modern art that we usually see today, and artists that revolutionized the world of art, all in the form of a movie that taehyung intently listens to.
you didn’t expect him to listen as well as he did, but he stays quiet for the most part, politely lifting his hand to ask questions like he was in an actual class which made you grin the first time and taking notes when something seemed complicated.
by the time you’re done, it’s almost dinner time and the library is much emptier than it was before but taehyung still looks excited to learn more. it’s endearing how he listens to you like nothing else matters and makes you feel the tiniest bit special.
“that’s it for today” you announce with an exhausted smile on your face and taehyung stretches his sore limbs while yawning.
“that was a lot but it is more fun when you explain it” he drops the compliment casually, no regards to how that makes your nerves dance in sheer excitement.
“i’m glad you enjoyed it” you mumble shyly while packing your books into your bag. you get up, throwing it over your shoulder and look at taehyung only to see him already looking at you.
“i’ll go now, goodbye taehyung” your voice unwillingly pitchy at the end.
“goodbye, y/n” he repeats in the same tone as you and you roll your eyes yet again while walking away from his gleeful laughter and right outside the library, you break into the biggest grin ever, the butterflies in your stomach raging and tumbling over themselves because you simply can’t believe that the last couple of hours are real.
how will you ever get over him?
you groan as you plop down in your seat, you slept weird last night and your neck cramp still hasn’t gone away, your body aches all over, you don’t even know why, walking feels like you’re carrying a million stones and honestly, you would be anywhere but here if you had the chance.
there’s still a good 20 minutes left before class starts so you rest your head on the table and pray that you aren’t sick, you still have taehyung’s class today and it would be rude to cancel on only your fifth session with him.
just then, taehyung walks into the classroom, seemingly bustling with endless energy, surrounded by his friends who are just as bright and loud as he is, and with your head still on the table, you admire him. he’s wearing this red hoodie today and his hair looks very soft beneath, a quick thought that he looks perfect to cuddle comes to you and you want to slam your head on the table to stop thinking about him.
he suddenly glances around the room, as if he’s looking for someone and you try to lift your head from the table to look away but you feel way too weak to do anything so he catches your gaze, his face breaking into a huge grin as he waves at you gleefully, you slowly wave back, mentally wanting to disappear.
and you think that’s it, he will go to his seat and you will have to finish this class while looking like you’re going to die any minute.
but you were so wrong.
as soon as your hand drops back on the table, taehyung starts walking towards you, where his usual seat is definitely not there and stands right beside you with a worried look on his face.
“oh, hey” you try to cover your face a little more with your hoodie and your heart gets caught in your throat when taehyung pulls a chair to sit right by your side. you look like crap right now and the last person you need seeing you like this, is kim taehyung.
“you don’t look okay” he mutters with scrunched eyebrows and before you can say anything, he presses his hand to your forehead and your eyes go wide as he flips his hand and holds it there for a second.
“you’re literally burning, how long have you had a fever for?” he pulls his hand away and you finally feel like you can breathe again.
“i don’t know, woke up sick” you strain your answer, your head lulling back to fall on the bench, now that he’s confirmed you have a fever, you feel even sicker.
“come on, let’s go” taehyung gets up suddenly, gathering the books on your table and shoving them into your bag, then taking your backpack and his in one hand, looking at you expectantly.
“go where?” you frown up at him, class is going to begin in 10 minutes now, where could you possibly go without missing it?
“i’ll take you home” your mouth drops open at his words.
“but class is going to start” you try to reason but get interrupted with your own cough and he only looks more concerned.
“you shouldn’t care about class with a fever like that” he scolds lightly, taking your wrist and helping you up to stand, and you almost fall down in a slump again if it weren’t for him holding you.
maybe you are sicker than you thought.
“what will we even tell the professor?” you almost shout at him as he pulls you towards the back exit of the classroom, and when the two of you are out, he checks to see if there’s anyone else in the hallway and turns to you with a coy smile.
“who said we’re telling them?” is the last thing he says to you before he ducks and runs, pulling you with him but you don’t stop him or complain anymore, you know that it’s not only because you’re sick everywhere, maybe the thought of skipping classes shouldn’t have excited your tired body that much but the thought of skipping classes with taehyung made your body flush in new-found energy.
so, you let him pull you all the way out of campus, ducking here and there when you see a teacher or person in charge, giggling at each other with wide eyes only to shush each other the next second whenever there was a narrow escape, whispering your address to him part-by-part and him having to support your sick body from time to time.
even if it was wrong, and something you promised to yourself that you would never do, skipping classes with taehyung, with his hand securely around your waist (that had goosebumps trailing on your skin), even just as an acquaintance to you, felt better than anything you’ve experienced in your life. hell, he didn’t even feel like an acquaintance anymore, whether it was because of your raging crush on him, or just taehyung being taehyung, you’re not sure.
the pure adrenaline in your body had you gasping for more, more of what?
you are not sure.
you two eventually make it to taehyung’s car in the parking lot. he gently pushes you into the passenger seat and slides into the driver's seat, only to find you knocked out with your head on the window. and with one final look at your peaceful face, he drives away with a fond smile of his own. taehyung doesn’t know what he’s feeling either.
and the next time you open your eyes, you feel just as sick and it’s late afternoon and you’re in your bed, still in the clothes you wore to college, you sit up too quick, instantly whining at the throbbing in your head while looking around with confused eyes.
when did you even get home?
“oh good, you’re awake” taehyung emerges at your door, seemingly out of nowhere and you jump in your place, clutching at your heart as you look at him with a gulp.
“w-what are you doing here?” you ask as he stays at the entry to your room.
“you fell asleep in the car and i didn’t want to wake you so i found keys in your bag and brought you up here, i hope that’s alright” he looks nervous for the first time since you’ve met him as he waits for your reaction with pursed lips. he doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable with the situation, he just couldn’t wake you when you were both sick and looking as cute as you did in your lilac hoodie.
“did you..carry me? all the way up here?” you mumble worriedly.
“of course, how else would i bring you?”
wow, he says it so simply.
“you really didn’t have to do all of that, i’m sorry if it was a lot of trouble, i really appreciate it, thank you taehyung” you say with disbelief clear in your voice and with your jaw slightly slackened because you really can’t think of anything but a mental image of taehyung having to carry you because your lazy ass fell asleep in his car and didn’t get up. and you really want to bury yourself six feet under.
“can i come in?” he asks, polite as ever and you don’t even think before nodding, he slowly walks inside, sitting right by the edge of your bed, maintaining distance between you as if he didn’t put you on the bed himself.
he reaches forward and puts his hand against your forehead, and you feel your breath being taken away just like the first time and he hums while pulling it away.
“it’s better than before but sleep for the rest of today” he instructs you and gets up from the bed, you don’t want him to leave. something in you wants to make taehyung stay by your side but you don’t have anything that will make him stay so you just watch him walk himself out of your room.
“i got a few pills, they’re in your kitchen, you shouldn’t move around right now but take them once you get up, and don’t worry about it, i need my tutor to be healthy and well, don’t i?” he winks at the end of it as if to finally nail your heart to him only and then turns to leave with a loud goodbye and a wave of his hand.
you go to the kitchen after he leaves and just like he said, pills for headache and body aches are spread out on your tiny dinner table, along with packets of instant soup. you feel overwhelmed because even people who are close to you, have never done so much for you and taehyung did, taehyung did all this after just meeting you a few times.
and you’re left, head in hands, with so much to process that you don’t know where to begin.
taehyung never came late to your tutor sessions or waste too much time, sure he still fooled around, his favorite thing to do being constantly taking your glasses off you and playing with them whenever he gets too bored or snatching your books away and forcing you to talk about anything that was not related to your studies.
you still felt bashful the first day you met after the whole sick episode, but he didn’t even bring it up, just continued with everything like it didn’t even happen which you were grateful for, though a little disappointed, because that is the most anyone has ever done for you and you wanted to thank him properly even if he said that lunch at his favorite place would suffice for him. but you were also sure that you would end up accidentally confessing to him if you brought it up. so, you just never brought it up either.
you talked a lot, mostly about things that had nothing to do with subject but you enjoyed them, taehyung valued and respected your opinions, actually listened to you when you talked so you were comfortable to be not as quiet as you usually are, still shy but holding a conversation as much as you could and taehyung would pick up anything you left, starting a whole new conversation with whatever, you handed him.
it wasn’t hard for your crush on him to only escalate further, not when he looked as good as he did from a side angle, it was honestly unfair that he looked stunning with a simple shirt and trousers. he looked good in anything, and what he looked like during your studying sessions, was something you always daydreamed about.
like right now.
“are you even listening to me?” a hand waves in front of your face, and you jerk in your place, quickly sitting up straight.
maybe you shouldn’t daydream about him when he’s beside you.
“um of course, i was” you lie easily with a firm nod to make it further believable but taehyung is sadly too good at detecting honesty or lack thereof. so, when he continues to stare at you, a way of making you say it yourself, you can do nothing but oblige.
“alright, i didn’t listen to you, what were you talking about?” with your admittance, taehyung leans back in his chair with a smirk.
“what is it?” you urge him once again and he shrugs.
“you know, we started with art history, right?”
“yeah, we’ve almost covered everything, at least i think so” you tilt your head as you mumble those words, reaching for your planner where all the topics are written, and you start looking through them to see which ones you still have to cover.
then the planner is snatched from your hands, and you follow the planner with a whine, bending over your chair to reach it and it isn’t until you feel someone way too close to you that you pause to see your position. you are half leaned over his chair and one wrong move could end up with you on top of him, you immediately sit back in your chair, tightening your fingers on your cardigan and frantically pushing your glasses up.
taehyung, thankfully doesn’t look uncomfortable, maybe a little shocked with how wide his eyes were but that was it, he quickly recovers and gives an easy smile.
“i have a test tomorrow” why is he smiling about that? doesn’t he hate tests? you quirk an eyebrow as his smile only grows bigger.
“how do you think it will go?”
“about that, if i do well, don’t you think that, as my tutor, you owe me something, a reward of sorts?”
so, that is why he’s smiling so big.
normally you would refuse blatantly and move on, but you can never say no to taehyung and you want to at least hear him out before you turn him down.
“if you do well” you emphasize and he waves his hand like he isn’t worried about that, but you are worried about what he would ask of you.
“come to a party with me” his request is simple enough.
and you’ve been to parties, only to completely hate it unless you got drunk enough to forget it all the next morning. though it has been quite a while since you’ve been to one.
a party with taehyung? taehyung, who probably knew every single person in the room while you don’t know anyone at all?
“only if you get an A” is your predicament, taehyung has improved a lot but not enough to get an A which is why your predicament is perfect, you’re not saying no but you’re not saying yes either.
but taehyung looks confident, with a light shrug to your rule like it didn’t mean anything at all, it only scares you a little bit that maybe your rule will be useless at the end.
“i’ll let you know when i get the grade”
“i got an A!” comes taehyung’s cheerful voice through the phone and the first thing you feel is pride bloom through you because he must have worked so hard to get that A, you were sure it wasn’t easy at all for him and the second thing you feel is dread, because this means you have to go to the party now.
“you did great, taehyung” you sincerely reply and you hear his sigh of happiness which makes you smile too.
you’re happy that he’s happy.
“you know what this means right?” his words laced with cockiness that come from his first ever A.
“i’ll never leave you at the party, you can get as drunk as you want and i will be your ride” he says almost immediately after as if he knew that you were going to find some way to get out of this, and you internally groan because he’s made all the promises that could convince you.
and like mentioned before, you can never say no to taehyung.
“when is it?”
“you look great!” taehyung compliments you as soon as you get into his car and you feel yourself freeze at his good-natured comment, only being able to shyly nod at him.
but if you had to choose on who looks good here, it would definitely be taehyung.
he was wearing a fashionably torn t-shirt with a leather jacket and tight dark grey jeans which had you feeling even more flustered than usual, he was usually attractive but today, you were sure that he was planning to take someone home, it would be a shame if he didn’t. he hands you his pale blue hoodie to hold, saying he brought it if he ever needed a change and trusted you to keep it away from drinks that can stain it, gives you one last smile and drives away.
the party was roaring even from the outside, people littered around the lawn, holding their drinks and you could hear the music all booming under your feet, you nervously pulled on the hem of your black dress as you went closer to the addictive but disgusting smell of alcohol and sweaty bodies.
so many people.
taehyung gripped both your arms on the sides as you gripped his hoodie tight in your hold, and he walked behind you, silently guiding your steps and greeting people joyfully on the way, it was a shame that you could only hear his happy voice but not see him under these alluring lights, you were sure that he looked better than ever under these blue and purple lights that made everyone look untouchable and beautiful.
“who’s the girl, taehyung?” someone shouts at him and you keep your gaze steady, not even wanting to turn around to see who yelled it, you anxiously wait for taehyung’s answer.
“my tutor” he yells back with a grin and you assume that the person has gone when taehyung gets right back to pushing you two through the crowds, apparently not noticing how your shoulders immediately slouch at his answer and how you aren’t even walking anymore, just being pushed around by everyone.
and for the first time since you’ve met taehyung, you feel disappointed.
you know now that your growing crush on taehyung will only end in your heartbreak.
he could have said you were a friend, or even an acquaintance, he’s been in your apartment for fucks’ sake, you would have been okay with anything really but the way he described you just made you feel so…unimportant. like you held no significance in his life, just another person for him to forget as he goes to spread his arms around the rest of the waiting world.
and you can’t be mad at him because you know it’s true, you are just tutoring him, he’s only doing this because he has to and not because he wants to, and as soon as this obligation expires, so will your time with him.
“hey, you okay?” you feel him whisper against your ear, hands still tight around your arms and you’re suddenly too aware of how close you two are, it hurts, being this close to him and not being able to call him anyone special to you, hurts a lot more than you imagined.
so, you shake his grip off, if you aren’t important to him, you will make him nobody in your life as well. you have to.
“yeah, i’m fine, where are the drinks?” try as you might, your voice just didn’t carry the softness it always has and even if you tried to conceal your sour mood, it didn’t work because taehyung immediately raised his eyebrows but shows where the drinks are anyway. you walk away from him, not really bothered anymore that you didn’t know anyone here, you just wanted to do exactly what you planned for.
drink and forget.
because taehyung just handed you rejection on a silver platter.
and you can’t take it gracefully when he’s right beside you. so, you had to go away before you could remember all the things you liked about him that could keep you pining.
taehyung felt…weird? he didn’t understand why you suddenly stopped talking to him in that sweet tone that comes naturally to you, he also doesn’t understand why you’re walking away from him to fend for yourself in a party where you don’t know anyone, he doesn’t know if he has done something to upset you and he felt…guilty.
taehyung felt guilty for a reason he didn’t know.
and taehyung hated feeling guilty.
to shake his own weird feeling off, he disappears into the crowd, to find anything or anyone who can drown his guilt away.
after a few shots of straight vodka, you find that you are not getting drunk at all, it’s either your overwhelming emotions that keep you from completely losing it or just your high tolerance.
it sucks because no drink is stronger in this place, you want to go home, you want to go back to when you didn’t come to this party where taehyung called you nothing to him. while he didn’t say that exactly, he definitely implied it. just then, you see him approaching you with a girl on his arm, no surprise there and you almost rolled your eyes at how predictable he could be.
“we’re playing this game; thought you would like to join?” taehyung trails off.
how nice of him to include his charity case for the game, you bitterly think to yourself but get up to go with him anyway, you can’t leave until he decides to go so you might as well play some game instead of wasting more alcohol that does nothing for you. so, you hop out of your seat and walk to him, greeting the girl next to him, you can be bitter to him but not to this girl who’s done nothing, she smiles back and then you’re leaving the kitchen.
you don’t say anything as you walk behind him into a living room where people sit in a circle, it’s noisy, there’s a bottle in the middle and you hate that you know what’s going on here.
it looks like a recreation of your middle school birthday party.
taehyung sits down, patting the spot next to him, and you look around to see if there’s place anywhere else but with nowhere else, you sit down beside him and the girl who he has with earlier is not around you anymore. he still looks at you, confused as ever and once you get comfortable in your position, he takes his hoodie from your hands and covers your bare legs with it which has you looking away with a red face.
he was making it so hard to get over him.
by the time you look back at the circle, it starts slowing down and your jaw drops open when it falls on you and taehyung.
everyone starts cheering at the bottle claiming its very first victims, and you never feel more out of place with people you don’t even know cheering you on to kiss taehyung and as for taehyung, he has a huge smile on his face which has you squinting with confusion at him. he calmly takes the hoodie from your lap, lifting it and pausing when he sees your face.
“trust me?” he whispers to you; his voice is almost drowned out in the loud music and people around you but you still hear it.
you shouldn’t trust him, you don’t want to but you don’t have a choice in this room full of unfamiliar people, so you just give him a meek nod which no one else notices.
then he drops the hoodie over the top of your heads, your bodies moving closer on their own accord, his palm now resting on your bare thigh and you’re face to face with the man you can’t get over no matter what you do. the heavy hoodie resting on your heads forces them closer as well, you can feel his breath on your cheek and he smells addictive this close, like cologne and pure sin with candy on his breath.
will he kiss you?
taehyung doesn’t say anything, just looks at you like he’s trying to figure you out, like he needs to figure you out, for the first time, he doesn’t look as confident, he doesn’t look full of life, just looks at you with such vulnerability like he’ll give you his heart if you stay under for too long, and your nerves and body are too frozen to even dare to look back at him.
after a few seconds which really felt like eternity, he pulls the hoodie from on top of your heads, the cold rush of air pushing you two apart, baring you to the waiting people in the room who roar and cheer louder than ever when taehyung smirks at them, you know that he’s just doing it for show, he didn’t actually end up doing anything at all even if you wished hard that he would.
but then you feel eyes on you, speculating, judging, confused eyes all over you because who are you and why did kim taehyung pull you under a hoodie when he usually just kisses people in front of everyone? you hate the attention, you hate the amusement at your flushed state in them, and you can do nothing but revert your gaze to the floor.
“stop making her uncomfortable and spin the bottle already” an annoyed voice emerges from the crowd and you snap your head to look at where it came from, to see a girl who glares at the people staring at you, they quickly look away at her words, reverting their attention back to the game, and when she catches your gaze, you send her a grateful look and she smiles back at you.
and you feel better.
then you’re reminded of the man beside you, who covers your legs once again with his hoodie and you feel your face heating up all over as you replay the events that happened a few minutes ago.
that was so intimate.
you pull at the hoodie resting on your lap, trying not to think of how much more gorgeous taehyung looked up close, losing all interest in the game still being played around you, you also feel slightly insulted that taehyung would do all that but not kiss you, you know that he wouldn’t kiss you but it was embarrassing to be so close and not do anything at all.
did you repel him that much?
“let’s get you another drink” taehyung mutters, getting up from his sitting position and dusting his jeans off.
“game’s not over” you point to the still spinning bottle in the middle and he shrugs.
“i don’t wanna play it anymore” you don’t either, so you leave the circle as well, more people replacing your seats as quick as lightning. taehyung hands you a drink once you get into the kitchen and no words are exchanged between you two as you stand against the counter, sipping your drink and him on the other end of the counter, not even drinking anything, just looking into empty space.
the silence is suffocating, it’s new for the two of you, especially new to you because taehyung never seems to shut up but he isn’t uttering a word.
“is that kim taehyung?” comes a loud, dare you say annoying voice with a chuckle from the entry of the kitchen, taehyung quickly stands upright and gives a bright smile.
“hey man, it’s been a while” they give each other a side hug as the guy lazily smiles at taehyung.
“last i saw you, was at the studio with min yoongi and someone else” the guy starts to think and taehyung visibly tenses up at the mention of a studio and your interest is peaked, because taehyung has never mentioned a studio to you.
“it was probably namjoon hyung” taehyung answers the guy and he nods in recognition.
“you guys are still doing that music shit? i thought you would give up after a week, my man” your mouth drops open at the rude tone of the guy, he’s clearly patronizing taehyung who freezes in his spot, his usual smile immediately dropping from his face and you are the only one in the room who notices how tight his fists are by his arms.
it’s also the first time you’ve seen taehyung without his usual grin. you don’t like it; you don’t like this guy either.
taehyung isn’t a confrontational person nor is he someone who gets into a fight easily, for as long as you have known him, before and after tutoring him, one thing you know for sure is that taehyung avoids fights, not because he will lose but because he would much rather just enjoy his time instead of wasting it on people who don’t deserve it.
“i mean, come on, what do you guys even know about music to do it? just finish your degree like the rest of us and get a proper job, music won’t keep you alive in the real world” the guy says it like he’s doing taehyung a favor, like his advice would save taehyung’s life and taehyung just stands stiff, clearly upset.
“taehyung, can we leave?” you interrupt the conversation and both heads turn to look at you, you don’t know anything about taehyung and his music but you don’t want him to deal with this guy anymore either. taehyung immediately nods at you, looking relieved.
“now, who is she?” the guys lifts his eyebrow at you with a smirk, raking his eyes over you shamelessly.
“you don’t need to know, you fucking prick” you dead pan at him, even surprising yourself with your harsh tone and taehyung snorts at the guys annoyed face, walking to you and guiding you out of there with a hand on your lower back. you snapped because not only has this night been overwhelming, you also just can’t stand people as ridiculous as him, how dare he say anything about taehyung at all.
taehyung would be the biggest liar if he said that he didn’t find that hot, he knows how much you would prefer being away from people and situations like that and he almost expected you to just stand and watch but the second you talked back to the guy for him, taehyung has had this overwhelming sense of ego take over him because you wouldn’t do that for anyone but you did it for him.
and as he keeps looking at you, taehyung realizes there’s a lot that you do for him, that you don’t do for anyone else, you snuck out of a class for him, he knows that rules are something you stick to but you let them go for him, you went to lunch with a practical stranger for him, something you would never do with another classmate, you came to this party for him and if it weren’t for how nervous you looked under that hoodie, taehyung would have kissed you, there’s nothing else he’s wanted to do more.
thinking about all of this means only one thing to him, taehyung likes you, more than a friend ever will, he doesn’t think he’s ever seen you as just a friend, not when your head lulled back and forth and fell on his shoulders the day he carried you to your apartment, taehyung doesn’t worry about a lot but he was worried about how sick you were and when he contemplated kissing you every single time you met up to study, taehyung knows he’s been a goner for you.
taehyung likes you, he wants to be with you and not have boundaries, he wants to see you let loose fully, he wants you to kiss him whenever you want to and his hand around your waist tightens at his realization.
after becoming aware of the hand on you which carefully weaves you through the crowd, you quickly move away from his touch, walking through the crowds by yourself, and taehyung follows you with an evident frown on his face.
he just thought you two are alright but he’s proven wrong with the distance that gets further between you two and he can’t help the disappointment flooding his chest. and again, guilt, the guilt that has stayed with him since you left him hanging at the door, why the guilt though? he doesn’t know.
you get into his car with a sigh, already relieved that this night will be over soon and you can just ignore everything from tomorrow and taehyung doesn’t drive away, sits there with his hands on his lap and a grim expression. you look at him for a few minutes, you have a million questions about what that guy said, about whether it was true that taehyung does music but you bitterly remember your place in his life, a tutor, which is why you don’t end up asking anything.
“taehyung, we need to go” you remind him and he nods slowly, lifting his head to grip the steering wheel tightly and sighs once again, letting it go.
“do you have to go home?” he turns to you with anxiousness on his face that you don’t recognize, he almost looks desperate? lost even, if you had to describe.
“where else will we go?”
“can i take you somewhere?”
“it’s my apartment, i have to show you something, i’ll drop you as soon as we’re done there, i promise” and when it looks like you’re going to refuse, taehyung immediately adds this part and you are even more confused.
if you’re just someone tutoring him, why does he want you to come to his apartment?
“fine” you mutter and fall back on the seat, annoyed at yourself for not being able to say no to him even now and shut your eyes before you think too much about it.
“come in” taehyung moves out of the way and you walk into his apartment, it was just big enough for one person, and covered in beige and shades of autumnal colors that give it a warm feel.
“your home is pretty” the compliment leaves your lips before you can stop it and taehyung gives you a softer smile than the one he usually has.
“thank you”
upon further walking in, you see a messy living room with papers thrown around, a desk covered in similar papers and a computer with a music system sitting right in front of it.
the obnoxious guy at the party definitely wasn’t lying about the music part.
when you turn around to see taehyung, he looks so much smaller than he normally does, he looks nervous, he’s fidgeting and playing with his fingers and it takes you completely off guard. you’ve never seen him like this.
“what did you want to show me?” you ask, not going any further into the apartment and standing with your arms crossed. he doesn’t utter a word as he walks over to you, pulls your folded arms apart and holds your hand which confuses you and fills you with warmth at the same time.
you can only stare at your intertwined hands as he pulls you forward.
what is happening?
you are only brought back to reality when he places you on the chair in front of the computer and you look back at him with a frown.
“it’s true, what the guy at the party said, i do make music and i didn’t want you to think that i don’t plan on telling you” he mutters from behind you with fiddling fingers and it feels satisfying that you are not the nervous one this time.
so, taehyung does do music and you are impressed, very impressed because you feel like it’s a very emotionally taxing process and takes a lot of bravery to actually spill your feelings into ink, you could never do it which is why it’s a hundred times more admirable to you.
“so, i wanted to play you one of my songs?” he says it in a question and you stay quiet, both grateful that he’s showing you his work and even more confused because again, he called you his tutor not even two hours ago, you don’t understand why he’s showing you all this.
“why are you showing me?” the question tumbles out of your mouth in a disappointed sigh.
“because i trust you” he answers simply, ignoring your widened eyes and looking through his computer, all while leaned over your shoulder, and no matter how many times this has happened, his body brushing against yours leaves you breathless.
he purses his lips as he presses play and you instinctively lean towards the computer as a soft song starts thrumming through the room.
“on my pillow can't get me tired sharing my fragile truth that i still hope the door is open
'cause the window opened one time with you and me now my forever's falling down wondering if you'd want me now?
how could i know? one day i’d wake up feeling more but I had already reached the shore guess we were ships in the night night, night
we were ships in the night night, night.”
your mouth stays agape as you listen to taehyung’s voice, which is steady and deep and pushes all the way to your heart, and the song just feels so warm, like the beautiful end to a bright summer, there’s sadness but desperation more clearly written in the lyrics and you can’t believe that you’re sitting in front of the man who’s singing it.
“did you write this?” you ask quietly as the song continues to play and you see a nod from the corner of your eye and your admiration for taehyung grows ten-fold, as you listen to his voice in complete awe, if his voice is deep usually, it’s a lot deeper and more soulful when he’s singing. and whoever he’s singing this song for, you are jealous of them, you don’t know them but you’re jealous of them.
“do you like it?” he pauses the player before another song starts and how do you tell him that you might just be in love with him and everything about him?
“it was beautiful” you compliment, albeit a little bitter that it isn’t about you and taehyung looks a mixture of pleased and relieved at your words.
“who is it for?” you can’t help but ask him as you stay seated.
“no one, it’s just a story i’ve had on my mind” you sense only honesty in his words and it further impresses you that he can weave a story and put life and love into it.
“of two people in love?”
“of two people falling in love.” he corrects you and it dawns on you that a story of two people already in love would be a lot different than two people discovering and falling slowly but surely.
“did you have fun making the story?” now that you know about his music, you are only curious to know more about it and taehyung is more than happy to indulge you.
“it’s…different, making a story of two people, no one that you know, but giving them emotions, giving their emotions a journey and putting it into words in a proper way, it’s hard but i enjoy nothing else more.” you only listen to how taehyung describes songwriting because you still are in awe at how much passion he holds when he’s talking about music.
one out of many things that you loved about taehyung was that you could never just expect something to happen with him, he really played his own drum and did whatever he wanted to do, consequences are an afterthought to him, and it’s refreshing, it’s also so rare which is why you truly think he’s one of the most precious kind of people. like who would have known that the party would end this way?
“that’s very cool of you” you smile at him and he grins back, moving away from you to take his stuffy jacket off and you already miss being encompassed in his warmth. you get up from your seat, thinking that you will have to leave soon now that you have heard the song.
“should we go now?” you ask him, not actually wanting to leave but knowing you can’t stay either.
“there’s one thing left to do” he says with pursed lips, coming back to where you’re stood and you frown at him.
“what is it?” you question as he starts walking to you with determination in every step, taehyung doesn’t want to lose his courage before he reaches you.
“what?” you ask again, a little breathlessly this time, your breath getting uneven and the butterflies singing in every end of your nerves when he stands right in front of you, looking down on you while biting his lip slightly.
and his hand comes up to take your glasses off, you feel completely bare as he carelessly throws them to the side and then curls his fingers around your cheek. while smiling, he doesn’t give you an answer, just closes the distance between you two with a single, large step and pulls you to him with his hand firm on your waist.
“i hope you don’t mind” is his cheeky comment as he caresses your cheek once before he does what he couldn’t do at the party.
everything falls into place perfectly to you; your hands grip his thin t-shirt to stabilize yourself and his hands grab onto your skin like he will go insane if he doesn’t feel you. you are hot all over, your body shaking a little with the overflowing love and affection you throw into each pull of his lips. you gasp for breath once he lets you go a little, gazing into your eyes and you return a dazed look of your own, but you aren’t given a break when he pulls you back in again, chasing after you like you will run away if he lets you go for too long.
but taehyung doesn’t have to worry, you aren’t going anywhere.
and frankly, you don’t mind this at all.
the rest of the night is just taehyung playing you more songs and a lot of kissing, neither of you confessing but kissing each other like your life depended on it and if taehyung doesn’t like you the way you do, you don’t think you will ever be able to move on from his addicting scent and touch.
you toss and turn on taehyung’s bed, you ended up staying after he insisted in between kisses and you were too weak and lost in the moment to refuse, he ended up sleeping on the couch and that gave you plenty of time to think about last night. you got up way too early and after freshening up, you just couldn’t face him, you didn’t know how to so you stayed in his room.
what did it even mean to him?
was it just one of those kisses you blame on too much alcohol?
you groan and stuff your face into a pillow as you resist the urge to scream, if you were confused before, you simply don’t have a clue anymore, the line between friendship and relationship between you and him was so blurred, you don’t even know if it existed anymore.
and if he was going to kiss you, why make you feel so insignificant at the beginning?
“you really shouldn’t think so much this early into the day” you jump when you hear taehyung’s amused voice at the door, he looks just as gorgeous as always even in the morning.
“i blame you for it” you retort as you sit up, he falls on his bed while stretching, letting out a loud yawn and you smile at him, you like waking up to him.
“i told you i will take the couch” you tell him with slight guilt as he continues to stretch his sore body.
“that’s fine, next time we’ll just sleep together” he looks up at you with a smirk and you turn stark red at the suggestive tone, reaching for the pillow behind you and throwing it on his face, letting out a loud laugh when he lets out a yelp of pain.
“speaking of that” you purse your lips as he stops stretching and looks at you with his usual bright smile which flutters your heart just like the first time.
“what are we?” you ask him, gesturing between you two, the question lays heavily in the air as neither of you say a word after you ask that.
“what do you want us to be?” he questions back, scooting closer to you and finally settling right beside you. when you don’t answer him, he pulls you back into him, letting you rest your head on his shoulder and you curl into him, not brave enough to say it first.
“i like you, a lot, and i’ve never thought of you as a friend, you have always been something more to me and i like you too much to let this go at one night, i can’t let you go after last night” taehyung confesses, his tone is soft as he plays with your fingers in his hand, sighing at the end.
“personally, i would love to have you as my girlfriend but it’s up to you, y/n, whatever you want, i’ll give to you” the sincerity in his voice as he talks, makes you teary-eyed as you shove your face into his chest, and at your shyness, he is as amused as ever.
“you really need to tell me something before i go crazy over here, love” he says with a low chuckle, you have always hated nicknames but being called ‘love’ by taehyung has you floating on the sky with hearts for eyes and you feel bad for keeping him hanging. you can never say no to him anyway.
“i also would love to have you as my boyfriend” is your mumble on his chest and he somehow hears it, letting out a relieved sigh before pulling you even closer, legs twisting around yours as he caresses your hair slowly.
“do you still have to tutor me though?”
“you got one A, don’t get too brave.”
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bonvoyagenoona · 15 days ago
Clink | JJK
Tumblr media
Pairings: Jungkook x Reader
Rating: 18+ / Mature / Explicit
Synopsis: You’d spent years with Jungkook. It’s been years since you’ve last seen Jungkook. You’ve never seen him quite like this.
Word Count: 4.1k
Genres, Content Warnings, & Themes: PWP(ish), exes to lovers, angst, graphic dirty talk, hard smut (biting, oral [male receiving], unprotected sex, penetrative sex, BDSM, sex club)
Author’s Note: Just a small drabble to clear these thoughts out of my head. Dedicated to one incredible anon who said “Imagine Jungkook in the chain and nothing but the chain” (I can’t find your ask but OOF you set things into motion!), this anon who also talked about the chain, and @shyfoxarbiter16​​ and this post, which is also about the chain lol!
Permanent Taglist: @purpleheartsfortae​ @btseditsworld​ @greezenini​ @missbickerbocker​ @dearbambideer​ @helenazbmrskai​ @morti13​ @skyys-universe​ @somewhereofftheglobe​ @imaginativedreams​ @dreamamubarak​ @m-yg93​
Tumblr media
“You good?”
You’ve been envying your friend’s emerald green eyeshadow and bright gold liner since she put the last of it on. She looks so regal, her makeup perfectly complimenting her soft, golden negligee. She looks even more regal now, under these neon pinks and purples. You can’t tear your eyes away from her as she floats down the main entrance of this mysterious hall, drifting across the room like some intangible spirit. Everything about her — her look, her attitude, her movements, her body, her ideas — is unreal.
Compared to that, how can you be good?
The black bustier you’re borrowing sits weird around your ribs. A cage around a cage. Reminding you of how trapped you feel. Not just now. But every day. Every day since.
“You look amazing,” you defeatedly sigh, shivering a little in the breeze.
“We look amazing,” she says. Her shining teeth are outlined in a faint neon halo. “I’m glad you finally joined me.” She pulls you in close, your skin touching hers. She even feels unreal. “I’m telling you,” she replies, her motherly voice comforting you as her queen’s eyes dart around in the black, “with everything that’s been going on? This place is about the only thing that gives me any kind of comfort or pleasure anymore.”
“Where even are we?” you try asking again, huddling close to her for warmth. “Were the blindfolds on the ride up here necessary?”
“All part of the experience.” She runs her palms up and down your upper arms. “You cold?”
You pout. “I’m naked.” 
“And you look amazing,” she doubles-down, with a grin. 
You sigh and watch as her eyes take in the hall. Barely anything is visible, save for little spotlights shining on the ground at each of the metal doors lining the walkway. 
“Got your code?” 
Your friend’s perfectly manicured nails reach into the neckline of her negligee and pulls out the card that she received from the incredibly gorgeous man at the front desk. You had been so distracted by his welcoming, almost familiar smirk that you almost forgot to pick out your own card. 
The feel of his generous fingers in your palm makes you unfurl your fist. You unceremoniously present your sweaty, smashed card to your friend, which elicits from her a fond laugh. Your favorite laugh. A laugh that she seems to reserve only for you.
“Don’t be nervous. I swear you’ll have fun,” she reassures you. She peers down at your card, trying to read the string of numbers in the dim lighting. “Let’s go.”
She clasps your sweaty hand. You move to walk, but she grimaces and wipes her palm, and then your palm, on her barely-there skirt. Before you can groan and whine about how this is yet another sign that you aren’t going to fare well here, she re-clasps your hand and determinedly pulls you forward.
“This kind of thing just isn’t for me, and it’s probably—”
“9197” she mutters to herself, reading the just-visible numbers in the center of each of the doors, “9197.”
“—not too late for me to get a ride back home—”
“9197, 9197, 9197, 9197—”
“—and catch up with the rest of the club—” 
Your friend stomps the heel of her bare foot and swings around, her skirt whirling as she faces you. You already know that she isn’t wearing underwear, because her negligee is see-through, because she told you not to wear any underwear, and because she kept telling you about how impressively soft the lining of the inside of your matching trench coats felt against her flesh, but you still close your eyes when she tries to face you dead-on.
“C’mon,” she pleads. “I really think you’re going to enjoy this.”
“Can I go get my trench coat?” you whine. You yearn for the way it hangs on your frame. The slight tug that your right pocket gives, weighed down by your cell phone. “And my phone? And my shoes? And my—”
“You heard Seokjin,” your friend reminds you. “Back here, it’s nothing but bodies.”
“Ugh,” you groan. But then you frown. “Wait—” 
Your friend raises her perfectly drawn eyebrows. “OK, I don’t mean to be mean, but hasn’t your book club already read all of the Harry Potters or whatever?”
“Friday night is nonfiction night!” you correct. “Essays, and memoirs, and—” You scoff when your friend rolls her eyes. “We’re deep-diving into Chuck Klosterman’s works! His takes on pop culture? He’s basically my god!”
“If that’s the case, call up Chuck Klosterman to listen to you wine-drunkenly cry on the phone tonight,” your friend grumbles.
In their effort to stop the rant from tumbling out of you, your cheeks puff out. She’s right. Whatever roadblock or rut you’re in hasn’t been easy for her either. Life has been incomprehensible lately, and all of you have been carrying the weight of this puzzled world on your shoulders. But even without the added crises, she couldn’t have enjoyed listening to you go on and on about how lonely you feel. How long it’s been. How starved you are. How needy. She’s right to strip you down to your bare essentials and hit reset.
Apologies are not easy for you. So, what comes out is a sheepish, “Chuck Klosterman is married.”
She grins. “Then it’s time for you to rediscover someone else to worship,” your friend says, dragging you even faster down the hall.
You stop in front of room 8, and your friend presses the code into the pad by the knob. 
“9197,” she recites, as she hits each button.
“Wait!” you insist. You’re the leader of your book club. Words are very important to you. “Re-discover?”
The metal door clangs as it slides open, disappearing into the wall for a moment.
From somewhere inside the pitch-black room, you hear a softer clinking of metal in response to your arrival. 
“Have fun!” your friend greets, before pressing a kiss onto your cheek.
You turn and watch as she scampers back the way you came, stopping in front of a door just a little farther away, repeating the same process for herself, and giving you a little wave as she disappears into her own darkness.
You take a deep breath and take a step inside your assigned room.
And then another step.
And then another.
The door clangs warningly, and then it starts to slide closed behind you.
You’re definitely locked into the evening now.
Just ahead of you is a faint blue light, streaming in through some Gothic-style scaffolding. 
You’re going to need something to get you over there. And soon.
Whoever’s over there is impatient.
Though Friday night is nonfiction night, you try to pretend you’re some kind of protagonist in an adventure. Maybe it’s a fantasy book. That you’re adapting into a movie. A movie that Chuck Klosterman is noting in one of his genius references. Something cool. Something daring.
Your gait starts to sway a little more freely as you settle into your role. You let your sweaty card drop to the ground. You start to own your borrowed bustier. You are disrobed, but a queen is a queen whether or not she has on her robes. Maybe even moreso when she doesn’t.
And, when you’ve finally arrived, you see him.
Chained to the scaffolding, backlit in blue, and brightened in front by neon pinks and purples.
A familiar king.
Also disrobed.
“Jagi?” you whisper. “I-I-I mean—” 
You take a quick breath. You aren’t sure if it’s enough air. It’s been a while since you’ve said his name. 
His eyes are already on you, brows raised in mirrored shock, lips sealed and sucked inward into his mouth, heart pounding so fast that you think you hear it alongside the clinking of his long, shiny body chain as he shifts in his hunched and knelt position. 
He straightens suddenly.
There’s so much more of him compared to when you saw him last. 
And you don’t just mean the fact that he actually had clothes on then. Your favorite gray hoodie of his, in fact. One that had softened from so many cycles in the wash. One that smelled just as much of you as it did of him. You wonder what it smells like now.
He’s gotten bigger. More muscular. Surprisingly so. Even with the amount of time that you’ve been apart. You wonder how long it’s really been.
He isn’t sure if he should feel uncomfortable. You’ve already seen him like this.
Well, not like this.
But you’ve seen him naked, and sweating, and lusting. 
He’s trying to fight it, now that you’re looking at him. Given his half-woken length, he’s finding it hard to fight. 
Maybe it’s because the way your bustier has panels of lace, just slightly hiding those curves he knows so well. The ones of your breasts. Your hips. Your waist. The exaggerated curves of your pussy lips, as the thickest part of the panel looping underneath you thins into the suggestion of a string. 
Around which, your lips are already glistening. 
“How are you here?” he blurts out.
You blink. “What do you mean?” 
“I just—” He shakes his head desperately. It makes his already-tousled hair that much wilder. “I wasn’t expecting… you.”
You stiffen, pinning your upper arms to your sides and awkwardly clutching your elbows, tamping down the impulse to run your own fingers through those strands. 
He slouches slightly at the lost perspective on your body.
“I wasn’t exactly expecting you either,” you reply, shifting your gaze away from him and over to the scaffolding, focusing on all the blue light. “I’ve never been here before. I was dragged here by—”
“Oh, I know who dragged you here,” Jungkook says, slipping back into his joking tone, saved only for your best friend, from a language all their own.
You smile, eyes crinkling with tenderness. But then you look back at Jungkook, and when you realize you’re both thinking about her, you feel the tension creep back up.
“How is she?” Jungkook asks.
“She’s good… She’s, uh, like four doors down from here if you wanna…”
You take a deep breath. Where are you? What are you saying? It’s coming out all wrong, but you aren’t really sure what you’re trying to say in the first place. The impossibility of this is startling to settle into your joints. They’re creaking. Little screams for escape. Small talk has never felt so small. 
“I should just go,” you say, turning.
“Wait!” Jungkook calls out, causing you to freeze.
He looks up at you. Pleading. “Can you, uh, unlock me?” 
His body chain clinks as he leans forward, and you see that his wrists are crossed behind him, handcuffing him to the scaffolding. 
“Oh!” you exclaim. “Right, I, uh—” You start feeling antsy. “Wait, was there something I was supposed to have to be able to—” You shrug. “I mean, is there a key or something?”
“It’s—” His voice cracks, and you smirk at the crack in his facade. “It’s in the desk in that corner,” Jungkook replies. “I saw it before they switched the light off in here, as they were handcu—” His voice cracks again. He clears his throat. “Uh, as they were, um… getting me ready.”
You snort. “And what exactly did that entail?”
Jungkook narrows his eyes like does. Like he did. Especially toward the end. But this time, his mouth follows not by flapping but twisting. Twisting into something nearly unrecognizable. A hint of a smile.
You roll your eyes, like you do. Like you did. Especially toward the end. But this time, your voice doesn’t come out in its usual scoff. It’s more of a grunt. Stemming deeper than just the back of your swelling throat.
You successfully choke the lump down.
But you find it hard to keep the rest of your body from spilling out as you walk toward the desk. Your breasts bounce in your bustier. Your hips wiggle freely, and the air feels strange on your skin. 
The lilt in Jungkook’s voice is, admittedly, somewhat refreshing. “You really wanna know, don’t you?” He bites his bottom lip, eyes brandishing heat as they rove over your body. 
“No,” you shoot back, turning your back to him. But even with your back to him, Jungkook could always tell what you were thinking.
“You do,” he observes. “You’re wondering.”
And you are wondering. You’re wondering exactly what gave you away. Was it the way your ass clenched when you grunted? Was it the way your shoulders lowered and moved back? Was it the way your fingers stopped searching for that key, just for a moment, as you imagined whoever “they” were surrounding him, pulling his clothes off of him, running their fingers through his hair, barking orders and chaining him to the scaffolding?
“I’m wondering where this key is,” you spit out, your own fingers finding life again, shuffling through the different shelves and drawers.
“Bottom drawer,” Jungkook tells you.
You bend over, no longer caring what he can or can’t see. You can’t do anything about how exposed you are. And this is about to be over anyway.
Your brow crinkles when your fingers feel nothing but the wood grain of the desk’s empty bottom drawer. “It’s not in here?”
Jungkook chuckles. His voice sounds smoother and smoother. Lower and lower. Completely devoid of cracks. 
You’re in danger.
You whirl around and cross your arms. “Stop fucking around,” you demand.
Jungkook shrugs, framed by the shiny metallic clinking of the chain and handcuffs. “Haven’t even gotten started yet,” he counters.
You turn back to the desk and search again, until you see that the key is hanging on a hook hidden under one of the shelves above the desk. You pull the beaded chain from its home, letting it rest in the bend of your index finger’s first knuckle. As you twirl the key around, you twirl your body around, smiling with satisfaction.
“Thanks,” Jungkok mumbles.
“Haven’t given it to you yet,” you point out.
He sighs. “Look, this has been fun and all…” You recognize the tone in his voice. It’s the same one he used when you asked him to re-watch your favorite series with him. Or when you asked him to go to the same restaurant for dinner two nights in a row. Or when you shot down all of his ideas for vacations to other cities in favor of your favorite spot along the coast. “Can you just unlock these handcuffs and then we can go on with our evenings?”
You twirl the key faster, and then you let it fly off of your finger to land a couple of feet in front of, and to the left of, Jungkook’s knees.
“Have a great night,” you tell him ecstatically, smiling wildly and giving him a salute.
You stride back to the door.
“Get back here!” Jungkook calls out.
You freeze. Out of habit. But then you keep walking.
“I said—” 
Clang! Clang clang, clang-clang-clang, clang-clang— nggggg.
The sharp metal-on-metal hits your eardrums and makes you shiver, but the sudden rattling of the broken handcuffs on the ground makes you stop. You swivel around to see Jungkook on one knee, looping his finger around the beaded chain of the key, and then rising. His perfect body glistens silver in the neon blue haze.
He turns around. 
He holds his arm out. Thumb, middle, ring, and pinky fingers curled into his upturned palm. Beaded chain hanging from the first knuckle of his index finger, which is pointing, accusatory, at you.
Sneering, he posits, “You were really gonna leave me here.”
“Well, yeah,” you say, annoyed.
He curls his finger up. Just once.
You sigh and stomp over to him. You wish you had your heels on. For emphasis.
“What?” you ask. 
He watches you carefully. Thoughtfully.
“What??” you demand.
It might be the fact that you’re so naked that you choose to bare all that has been swimming in your mind.
“What is it?” you ask, again. “All of a sudden, you wanna talk? All of a sudden, after radio silence, you wanna hash everything out?”
Jungkook blinks. Just once.
You lean back a little. Miffed. Disgusted. “Not like anything’s changed! You told me how you felt. Very clearly.” 
Jungkook gives you an upward flick of the corner of his mouth. Just one. The right one.
Your face scrunches in anger. Jungkook’s stoicism is driving you nuts. Not because it is unwanted. But because you’d wished for it so desperately. You’d wished for it when you were smack-dab in the middle of those last few, downright ugly fights. If only he weren’t such a thrillseeker, and if only he didn’t get a thrill out of beating you to the punches. If only he had just let you get a word in, maybe you could have told him that the reason you wanted to watch your favorite series with him, or eat at the same restaurant with him, or go to the same beach house with him, was not out of boredom or laziness, but familiarity. Comfort. It was your show. Your spot. Your home away from home.
“What else do you possibly have to say to me??”
Jungkook straightens. Balloons up. Chest puffed out. Shoulders back. The most marblesque he’s ever been.
What comes out of his mouth isn’t a voice. It’s molten metal. Chain links melted down. Silver, like his body in this light. Quicksilver. Mercury. Mercurial. And just as toxic. 
“You look fucking good,” he snarls.
You part your lips to gasp.
And that’s all it takes for him to be on you, ramming his tongue down your throat, slapping his hand onto your breast, making you realize that for as much as you hated fighting, thrill-seeking Jungkook, you might’ve had more in common with him than you realized, as his fingers close around your hard nipple, pinching, and pulling, and thrilling.
You push him away, but not off, trying to get that gasp of air that you needed.
“But y-you—”
“I know,” Jungkook whispers hurriedly, before wrapping his arms around you.
So many fragments of memories are coming to your mind. 
“You said—”
“I know what I said,” Jungkook repeats, almost angry. At whom, you’re not sure. You, for continuing to interrupt the moment. Himself, for interrupting everything else between you. But the anger dissipates when you realize that suddenly, you’re surrounded by the everything else that you had been longing for, his strong arms grasping you, his legs on either side of yours, his cock resting against your thighs and flesh, only the cold, hard line of his body chain separating you.
He lifts you up and spreads your ass cheeks as you wrap your legs around his waist. 
Every single part of him is hard.
Even the stare in his eyes, when he breaks your kiss.
“What the fuck are you wearing?” he demands, his lips traveling down your throat.
“Some, y’know, whatever,” you mumble, as you run your hands through his hair, trying to ignore how many other hands had buried themselves there just before you showed up. “It’s one of—”
“I know whose it is,” he grunts. “Tell me what it is.”
He bites down in the bend of your neck, and you let out a hiss. He soothes it with his tongue, and he keeps sucking, his fingers working at your ass, all busy appendages putting in the effort to get the answer out of you.
“A bustier,” you say. When he presses further into you, everywhere, you moan. “Lingerie,” you try again. “Corset. Girdle.”
Jungkook hums, slapping your ass and walking over to the desk, where he bends you over.
He hooks the string-thin panel of your bustier-corset-girdle to the side and squeeeeeezes himself into you, pleasure flowing out of you like lava. Melting. Just like him.
He starts to pump, your juices filling every fold of skin covering his steel cock as he works, quickly joined by the precum that you’re coaxing out of his bullet-shaped head, just as piercing, and just as threatening. 
That deep stroke makes you keen, and soon, each time his mound and sack slap against your ass, you cry out, louder and louder, higher- and higher-pitched, tenser and tenser, until you break, shaking and thankful that you have the desk underneath you.
“Been a while since we had fun like this,” he laughs, hands running up and down your drenched back. 
“Been a while since we had fun,” you sigh.
“Maybe that’s true for you,” Jungkook replies, bending down and kissing the back of your neck.
You grumble. “I meant together.”
“And apart?”
He hooks his forearms behind your knees, and you find yourself falling back into his hold. He carries you in his arms, cradling you, and your eyes lock for a moment. Your wanting gaze tells him the answer before you can formulate the words in your brain.
“Well,” he says quietly, before smirking.
He sets you down, folding you in half, and then into thirds, as he crouches to reach for the handcuffs behind you.
The floor is rougher than you thought. You feel grooves starting to form in the skin over your shins. “Jungkook,” you start.
When he doesn’t look at you, too busy looping the handcuffs around a bar in the scaffolding, you reach for his body chain and pull him close enough to kiss.
“Jagi,” you breathe.
He meets your eyes. 
You hear the handcuffs rest against the pole for a moment as he places his hand on your cheek.
You kiss, wantonly, as if filling each other up with the words and emotions you’ve collected and kept for each other over the past few years. You wonder if it all tastes like wine and tears to him, too. If it tastes like late night phone calls. Like endless streams of nonfiction nights. All of it is true, anyway.
The metal is cold around your wrists.
“Want your lips around me,” he tells you.
You nod, mesmerized, as he stands. You straighten a little to meet his stiff cock head-on. 
He leans down and gathers your hair in a ponytail, twirling it around and up to keep your longest strands from tickling your back, which you hate. You glance up at him at the familiar movement, and he broadens his smirk into a smile.
A genuine smile.
You open your mouth, and he lets his head hang back as you let him soak in your mouth, bringing forth more of the everything else that was lost between you.
“Just like I remember,” he mutters, starting to move his hips. “Fuck, fuck, can you do that thing where you—”
Your tongue tip leads the swirling charge, sitting at the base of his cock, your left, then roaming up and around. You corkscrew your tongue like that down his length, swirling your head as you go to deepen the layers of the sensation, and you know you’re successful when he shudders and lets out a light “oh!” through rounded lips. When you reach the nearly-spurting tip, you wrap the underside of your tongue around him, and then move straight back down to his base, making him twitch.
“Jagi,” he moans, as you swirl around him again, this time starting on your right.
He tightens his grip around your hair, and you nod, letting him know that you’re ready. That you want it.
When he thinks he’s about to come, he shifts his stance, and there’s a scraping sound on the floor. When you hear him choke off his grunt and hold his breath, you know he’s close. And then he’s erupting into you. More heat. More lava. More danger.
But you’ve swallowed fire for him before. 
He sighs and takes a step back. Just one.
He slowly pulls out of you, keeping his eyes locked onto yours as he moves.
You watch each other as you catch your breath.
“Jin said this place would be fun,” Jungkook tells you, grinning.
You see the smile that greeted you when you arrived at the club. Seokjin. Buried within the thrill of tonight’s exploration were so many familiar trinkets. You should have known. 
“I can’t believe it was you.” Jungkook lets out a laugh. “And I can’t believe you were really gonna leave me here.”
He loosens his grip, your hair shifting from ponytail to curtain. You look up, swallowing his cream, some of it dribbling from the corners of your mouth. Your tongue parts your lips and licks up the everything else.
You watch him slowly coming back to life. He takes a step toward the scaffolding. You close your eyes and sigh in anticipation of the release of those handcuffs from your wrists.
But the release never comes.
“Jagi?” you ask.
You hear a chuckle. 
It’s too far away.
The door slams closed.
The key sits on the floor. 
Just a few inches in front of your knee. 
And to your left.
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taetaespeaches · 20 days ago
“I gotta make sure you get home safe.”
jungkook x reader genre: fluff; roommates au word count: 3K
a/n: Hi lovelies! Here is a fic from JUNE 2019!!!!!! Mads (@aurorassadprosee​) and I started it over two years ago and then just kind of abandoned it, but I’ve always kind of kept it in the back of my mind. So I decided to finish it up, edit it a bit, and here we are. This will be kind of kicking off my venture into au’s. KIND OF. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading :))
Tumblr media
Finally turning the harsh ring of your phone to silent, you groaned as you rolled to your stomach, shielding your eyes from the light dancing through your blinds. Through an open crack in the window, the invasive noise of peak traffic sounded from the streets below your apartment.
Feeling an automatic throb start in your right temple, the nausea of one too many glasses from the night before started to rush upon you, making you bury your face even deeper into your pillow.
Judging by the eight alarms you had ‘snoozed’, you guessed the morning would be over soon, but you didn’t think you were quite ready to face the rest of the day ahead, nor the possibility of standing up without vomiting. As you turned your cheek to press into the pillow, still keeping eyes squeezed shut, the memory of staying up late with your roommate, and downing a bottle of wine each, rushed to the forefront of your mind.
And suddenly, your eyes bursted wide open, allowing the sun to blind you, panic setting in.
“Oh shit,” you exhaled in a whisper to yourself.
I kissed Jungkook?!
Thinking back to the early hours of the morning, your mind raced through the actions of your drunken state.
How could you be so stupid?
Why would I do that?!
God, your head throbbed, you really needed to close that window - why do people get up so fucking early on Saturdays?
Everything was ruined!
The night before sat in your head, burned into your brain, reminding yourself of how stupid and wreckless you were; there you were, sitting on the couch, body warm with alcohol, the memory slightly set in a haze, hand on his thigh, as you leaned towards your roommate of a little over a year.
You gulped, a new wave of nausea taking over.
I leaned in. Fuck.
Tumblr media
“Grab another bottle, this one is pretty much shot,” Jungkook called from his spot on the sofa, feet kicked up upon the coffee table in the centre of the living room as you wandered around the kitchen, opening and lazily slamming the cupboard doors in search for a snack.
Unable to find anything but a bruised apple and half a loaf of bread, you huffed, grabbing your last bottle of wine.
“We have zero things to eat,” you whined as you returned to your roommate, unsuccessful. “We really need to go grocery shopping.”
Screwing his nose in disgust, Jungkook threw his head back to rest on the top of the couch, closing his eyes in dramatic fashion.
“I hate grocery shopping, I’d rather starve,” he groaned, opening one eye to peer at you. “I vote we just continue to drink our dinner.”
Scoffing, you rolled your eyes as you collapsed heavily next to him, pulling your legs up to cross underneath you, your knee brushing against his thigh, your body pointed towards him.
“Dude, it’s 1:30 in the morning, it’s not exactly dinner,” you retorted with a smirk, but soon your expression turned to a frown as you struggled to remove the cap.
“Give it here,” he murmured, shrugging. Grabbing the bottle from your hands, fingers grazing along yours, you shivered.
“Ok, so early breakfast, a late midnight snack, whatever you want to call it,” he said, twisting the cap off the cheap bottle of red wine, “we’ll drink it.”
“Well, that’s our last bottle of wine so,” you dropped off mid-sentence, the corners of your lips curving upwards as you watched the frown appear on Jungkook’s face.
He took a deep breath, letting it out in a huff, making you giggle. “I guess we gotta go grocery shopping,” defeat laced his tone as he held the body of the bottle, lifting it to his lips to take a swig.
Those lips.
Watching as they curved into a stunning smile, in your drunken state you allowed yourself to fantasize about what those lips would feel like against your own.
Dragging your eyes up his face, you met his gaze.
“You know you’re really fucking pretty,” you blurted out, the alcohol clouding your judgement. The smile on Jungkook’s face dropped a bit, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed nervously, turning his head to look at you. His doe eyes were bigger than ever as he received your compliment, his tipsy mind slowly processing it.
“Pretty?” he whispered, his cheeks tinted pink as a shy smile graced his features.
Feeling the embarrassment flush through your body at your sudden confession, you reached for the bottle, trying to avoid his gaze. Jungkook clasped his hand over top of yours on the green tinted glass, tugging it towards his chest.
Cocking his head at you, flashing you a teasing smile, he let out a breathy giggle. “What makes me pretty?”
Scoffing, you rolled your eyes as you tried to tug your hand away, only for Jungkook to grab your wrist, scooting closer to you on the sofa. “Huh, baby?” He questioned further, the term of endearment making your heart pound. He stared at you, the corners of his eyes crinkling more as his smile widened. You always loved how his eyes crinkled like that; one of the many features you would describe as pretty.  
Glaring at him, you somewhat begrudgingly whispered, “those,” with a head nod. Jungkook’s eyes widened in question. “Yeah, those,” you continue with a huff, “your stupid eyes.”
“My eyes?” He giggled.“You think my eyes are stupid?” He continued to sport the same teasing smile, the expression lazy with the alcohol laboring his system.
“Yeah,” you bit your bottom lip, your gaze flickering to his mouth.
“But pretty,” he reminded you of your confession, watching as your stare bounced to his lips.
“Mm,” you hummed, holding back a smirk of your own.
His tone suddenly took on a lower octave as he asked, “why do you keep looking at my lips?”
The alcohol taking over, or maybe it was your pent up feelings for your roommate, you pulled your arm out of Jungkook’s grip, placing your hand on his thigh.
Leaning towards him, transferring your gaze from his lips to his orbs for a moment, you smirked. “They’re pretty too,” you whispered, your mouth hovering just over his.
It was you who closed the little remaining distance, Jungkook’s eyes fluttering shut at the sensation of your mouths connecting, moving his hand to your hip, grasping at the loose material of your t-shirt and tugging you toward him.
Sitting up on your knees, you swung a leg over his thighs, straddling his lap, and placing one hand to his shoulder, the other finding the side of his head, threading your finger into his wavy brown locks. Those were pretty too. You’d tell him that if it weren’t for his mouth occupying your own.
As your hand moved up along his shoulder, cradling his neck, your fingers toyed with the tendrils at his nape, appreciating the soft texture. Jungkook deepened the kiss, pulling you closer to him, your bodies only separated by the glass bottle he held against his abdomen.
You quietly moaned into his mouth before pulling away just slightly, pressing your forehead against his and looking down at the bottle, blocking you from the feeling of his body.
He grinned up at you, letting out an adoring giggle before looking down to the bottle, his forehead lowering to be level with your lips. Taking advantage of the opportunity, you pressed a sweet kiss to his forehead, Jungkook moving his hand to your waist, squeezing before shoving you off of him to the side, you landing on your back against the couch cushions.
You watched as Jungkook hastily sat up, leaning forward to rid himself of the wine bottle, placing it on the living room table. Then, he was hovering over you, caging your head between his arms as he lowered himself to meet your lips again.
Grabbing onto his hips, you pull him into the V of your legs, wrapping your limbs around the backs of his thighs, your thumbs sliding under the waist of his track pants and fingers grabbing at the material.
Jungkook’s hand began to travel lightly up and down the side of your abdomen, fingers playing with the hem of your shirt, and his palm flattening against your hip, squeezing as he broke away with a sigh.
Lifting his head to look down at your flushed state, he frowned, brows furrowed in focus; self-control. The final semblance of it. “Maybe we should slow down,” he suggested reluctantly, breathlessly, his eyes stealing glances at your swollen lips.
You let out a whine in protest, dragging your hand up his back, bringing it to rest on his cheek, cradling his face.
He leaned into your touch, your advances breaking down his resolve. Removing his hand from your hip to wrap it around yours on his cheek, he pulled it towards his mouth, pressing a kiss to the side of your thumb.
Intertwining his fingers with yours, he sat up on his knees looking down at you fondly.
“Let’s get some sleep, you’re gonna have a hell of a hangover, baby,” he chuckled.
There was that term again. Baby.
It sounded so sweet coming from him, slipping off his tongue, tumbling from those lips, dripping in affection.
Moving off the couch, Jungkook stood above you, guiding you to stand with him. When you were on your feet, looking up at his sweet smiley expression, he planted a kiss to your nose.
“Let me walk you,” his smile widened, “I gotta make sure you get home safe.”
He peered down at you with those doe eyes, twinkling like stars in the night sky, as you stood in front of your bedroom door. You didn’t want to enter the room, didn’t want to put space between you and him. How would this pan out after a night of sleep? Would he regret it? Couldn’t he just come in with you, fill the remainder of the night with pillow talk and sweet kisses?
Leaning down, he pressed his forehead against yours, his eyelashes brushing along your own; an intimacy you didn’t know you’d enjoy. You stayed just like that, silent, the closeness of the moment causing your heart to race.
“What are you doing?” You ask in a whisper, a smile creeping onto your face.
Jungkook hummed, his hands finding solace on your hips. You were certain they belonged there.
“Memorizing,” he said, sighing. “I want to remember this.”
With his eyes shut, you stood on your toes to surprise him with a chaste kiss, your hand coming to rest on his bicep to stabilize your wobbly form.
Despite not expecting it, he easily responded, though the kiss was over as soon as it started.
“You could just come in with me,” you spoke quietly, the invitation casual, but it didn’t stop either of your hearts from racing, his eyes opening to see if he was still in reality. And though he was drunk, he wasn’t that intoxicated to ignore the fact that if he did join you in your room, he may not be able to hold onto his self-control. As you flashed him a small pout, the man sighed. Scratch that, definitely couldn’t maintain his fleeting self-control. You could see his internal battle playing out on his expressive face.
“Let’s see how you feel in the morning, ok? We’ll go from there.” He was sweet, and even in both of your drunken states, you could see him putting you and your feelings above his own. And you appreciated that.
As you pulled away, he licked his lips, his eyes bambi-like in their attentiveness. Backing into your room, you smiled. “Visit me in the morning then,” you whispered in one last moment of intoxicated bravery. “Goodnight, Kookie,” you lowered your voice, teasingly biting your lower lip. “Get some rest,” you placed your hand on the edge of the door, “we have grocery shopping to do later.”
With that, you left him standing in the hallway staring at you with an adorably dumb smile as you shut the hunk of wood.
Tumblr media
In the light of day, you wondered how much of last night was impulsive on his part. Obviously kissing your roommate was impulsive, but for you, it came from a very real place of feelings and affection for the man. What did it mean for him?
Staring at the door, your heart raced. It was Saturday morning. Fuck, fuck fuck.
Jungkook was stupidly cute and had made it a habit to barge into your room every Saturday morning, plopping on top of your frame while you slept, all in an effort to tease you. Normally, you’d fall back asleep cuddled up with your blankets and wake up an hour or so later to discuss your plans for the day.
After last night, your mind was in turmoil. What if he came in like he always did, and you’d have to face him, face up to what you initiated last night?
And even worse, what if he didn’t show up at all?
Your doubt in the man didn’t last long, however, as you suddenly heard shuffling outside your bedroom door. It almost sounded like he was… pacing? When the doorknob turned, you quickly reburied your face against the pillows and comforter, closing your eyes to feign sleep. It was a short-sighted solution but you panicked. You kissed Jungkook. A lot.
Though your eyes were shut, your ears were working at full capacity, completely tuned into the sounds of Jungkook’s movements. When the door creaked open, it sounded as though he paused in the doorway. He was tentative. Was that good or bad? Suddenly, you were missing the way he’d run across the room as though it was nothing, jumping onto your bed, waking you up carelessly.
I fucked everything up.
Eventually, the sound of his bare feet padding across the room alerted you that he was coming closer. And when the sound of ceramic meeting your bedside table rang in your ears, you were tempted to open your eyes and identify the source.
There was another pause in time, the few seconds feeling like hours, the seconds ticking by strenuously and tediously.
And then the bed dipped, the weight of him slowly lowering down next to you.
You had to give credit to your heart for not exploding out of your chest at the rate it was racing. It only worsened when you felt the blankets being slowly and carefully pulled from your face, the morning air hitting your flushed cheeks.
“I know you’re awake,” Jungkook whispered, his voice soft and teasing. No he doesn’t. “Did you forget you snore?” he giggled.
An embarrassed smile curved on your lips before your eyelids fluttered open to settle on Jungkook’s handsome face. His hair was slightly messy, his eyes puffy and heavy as he beamed at you.
“Hi,” you greeted shyly, Jungkook’s grin widening.
“Hey,” he replied simply. “How’s your head?”
Groaning, you frowned. “Haven’t had any complaints yet,” you joked, a light chuckle leaving Jungkook’s lips. Fuck, those lips.
One of his hands brushed over your hair sweetly before his fingers lightly massaged your scalp. “I brought you tylenol.”
“My hero,” you pouted.
“And tea,” he nodded to the bedside table where two mugs of tea sat. As a grateful smile spread across your face, Jungkook’s expression became more serious. “Look, last night.”
“It’s ok,” you quickly cut him off. “We were drunk and-”
“It was a long time coming,” he interrupted. Your eyes widened at the statement as your whole body tingled with butterflies. Anticipation. Excitement. “We were drunk, yes, but it was real for me,” he admitted softly, shy but firm.
“I-” you let out a breathy chuckle as you scrambled through your brain to find some sort of reply. What could you say to the man you’d been crushing on for ages after he just confessed his feelings to you? Well, a lot. But all you could settle on in your frantic state of elation and relief was, “for me too.”
A boyish giggle left the man’s lips as his hand slipped from your hair and settled on your cheek, cradling your face gently.
“Can I kiss you?”
The question was so soft, so tentative, but there was a giddiness in his expression. He was utterly endearing.
“Yes,” you replied through a whisper, a small smile positioned on your lips. “Please,” you added, letting him in on your excitement.
Jungkook’s light chuckle could be felt against your lips, his face hovering just over your own. The sensation only made you anticipate the feeling of his mouth more. It had only been a few hours since you last enjoyed his kiss, but you missed it.
The touch was light, sweet, and affectionate. Careful but assured. The connection between you both lit a fire in your belly, sent shivers over your limbs, amplified the booming of your heart against your chest.
You couldn’t stop the smile that curved on your lips, Jungkook’s own adorable grin appearing moments later as he rested his forehead against yours, your noses nudging each other’s.
“I’m gonna be doing that a lot now,” he noted, eliciting a giggle from you.
“Fine by me,” you agreed, Jungkook lowering his face to your neck to bury it against your skin. “Are you going to sleep?”
“Yeah,” he said simply, just before leaving a kiss to your collarbone that sent a thrill rushing through your frame much more than the simple action should have. “You kept me up too late.”
After you scoffed, silence enveloped the room as he clung to your body, making it his home. Making you his home. And you realized you felt content, safe, happy.
It was normal, but it was different with Jungkook that morning. Everything had changed, but yet, everything felt the same. It was easy. You had always heard people say that matters of the heart should be easy. And well, they were right.
Because staying in bed on a Saturday morning with Jungkook cuddled against your frame as he slipped into a relaxed state of slumber was just so easy.
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itsallabouthedetails · a month ago
release (Yoongi x reader)
Tumblr media
Source of the picture
Summary: Just two people who realize that between them is more than just the benefits.
Pairing: Yoongi x female reader
Genre: nonidol!AU, fwb, friends to lovers, fluffy smut
Warnings: 18+, some dirty words
Word count: 3.2k
There's something uncomfortably raw about those moments when realization hits and you're trying to adjust.
Moments where you wish you could turn back time and do things differently. Moments when you have not yet arrived at gratitude for the lesson, but are still swimming in regret. That's what you're at while you're on your way to Yoongi. You feel sore, vulnerable, small. Still, you walk with long strides, shoulders broad, powerful steps, no one would suspect that you are just pretending. Your black clothes are your armour, your boots could easily take you through war. No one bothers you when you look like that. It probably also helps that you are taller than average.
You knock swiftly before you type in the pin code and enter Yoongi’s apartment. You haven’t asked if he is home before deciding you need him to distract you from your relentless mind. You don’t have to ask him any more.
You shut his door and he is already in the hallway, leaning at the wall, eyebrow raised in amusement.
“You couldn’t wait two more days, huh?” he teases, voice deeper than usual. He wears black, just as you. That’s what brought you together back then. Being the only people dressed like that on a party filled with buckets of colour.
He waits until you got rid of your shoes and long coat, before he strolls towards you.
He is just a fingerbreadth taller than you, so you pretty much stand eye to eye, when he reaches you. His hands sneak around your waist, but it’s you that leans forward and bite his lower lip lightly. You always envied him for a mouth like that. It is a stark contrast to his character, perhaps nature's intention to balance his sharpness with some softness. You are crazy about that mouth of his, no matter where it meets your body. You bite him again, still playfully, but he moans quietly, pulling you closer. Biting turns into sucking, his tongue dipping against your lips, begging for entry. You let him in and the sensation pulls a moan from your throat as well. It doesn’t take much from him to light your fire, his hands and mouth are enough. Speaking of hands, big hot palms have worked their way up to your breasts, kneading the flesh devotedly. He's as crazy about your tits as you are about his lips.
He has you topless in no time and your hands are in his hair, running through the silky strands. His hair is a gift from nature too, some women would kill for hair like that. And don't even get started on his eyelashes. Come to think of it, there are some more things about him, people would probably kill for. But right now, all of that belongs to you and is putty in your hands. He has you backed against the wall, playing you skillfully, but he responds to your hands just as much, sighing and whispering, groaning under his breath. Your lips are swollen by now but you can’t get enough of him, tongue dancing with his, diving deep, nibbling and teasing.
“God, I could kiss your forever,” he sighs, nibbling along your jaw towards your neck, where he sucks a hickey before you can react. It’s the first time he marks you and for some reason it makes you angry. Your groping gets a little rougher and his shirt joins yours on the floor, fingernails scraping on the newly exposed skin. He is much paler than you and you love the contrast when your hands are on him. He also blushes much more than you and you are determined to get him to do just that.
“No foreplay today, just fucking,” you whisper into his ear, before lowering your lips to one of his nipples, making him moan. But he does not blush, but grips tighter, scrapes and kneads.
“I can do that,” he brags smugly, and you get even more impatient. “Where do you want it? Right here, against the wall? Or do you prefer the bed? The dresser in the living room works fine too. Perfect height.” While he recounts the options, his hands opened the buttons of your jeans and pushed them down your thighs, brushing the front of your panties. You take his hand and put it where you want him and he chuckles lowly, slipping under the fabric to where you are hot and ready.
“So desperate for me, hm?”
You just hum in response, busy nibbling at his bare shoulders, while your hands grab his butt, which is still way too covered for your liking. You slide your hands past his sweatpants and boxers and cover his butt cheeks again, worshiping the firm flesh.
“Rough day?”
Yoongi knows you show up uninvited mostly when you feel like crap. He is used to make you feel better by making you come several times in a row. Somehow sex is what works best for you, and he doesn’t offer anything else, you aren’t close like that.
Sometimes he wonders if close is even the right word to describe anything between you. You never met without sleeping with each other so far and usually your ways part shortly afterwards. Even if he intended to just talk, he found himself between your legs sooner or later. Your body was magnetic and why fight it when you obviously have no problem with the way things are. Still sometimes Yoongi wishes for more, a promise or agreement, a certainty, something beyond being just loose fuck buddies.
You never talked about being exclusive, but he is, he stopped sleeping with others the first time he slept with you, back then after you met at that party.
Now you are melting under his touches again, but he can tell it’s not enough today, you are fidgety, longing for more.
He also didn’t fail to notice that you ignored his question, and he repeats it, earning an indifferent growl from you.
You are still in the hallway, both naked by now, your clothes covering the floor. Two of his long fingers are knuckles deep inside you, while you are pumping his length, moans filling the air.
“I would like to propose a change of place once again,” Yoongi pants and you consider for a second before dragging him some steps into the living room, towards the dresser, where you hop up without further ado and spread your legs for him. His fingers have only left you for one or two breaths, but you miss him already, putting his hand back to your soaking heat. He stands in front of you, staring, eyes big and dark, pupils blown, lips parted, his hair brushing his cheeks. The most beautiful man you’ve ever seen.
All you can think of is finally feeling him thrust into you, until your mind goes blank. He is most reliable when it comes to fuck your brains out and since you met him, you never looked at another man again. The first time with him was literally cathartic, you remember laying next to him afterwards, spent and completely out of your mind, so satisfied like you’ve never been before.
The second time he blew you away was when he immediately replied to your text, agreeing to meet again the next day. You came over to his apartment, and it took barely half an hour before he had you under him on the couch, pounding into you fiercely, after eating you out expertly for what felt like an eternity.
“Yoongi please, “ you whine desperately as he continues to stand motionless between your knees, eyes roaming your face. The sound snaps him out of his trance, and he captures your lips with his again, cupping your breasts, lining his hip up with yours.
When it turned out that your encounters with Yoongi were regular, you gifted yourself an IUD because it meant you didn't have to keep condoms handy all the time. When you told him about it, something in his eyes flickered but it was gone so quickly, you couldn’t make out what it was and before you could ask, he was all over you, ridding you of all thoughts. That day it almost felt like making love. He was gentler than usual, taking you in missionary, looking down at you with hooded eyes, until you melted under him with a deep groan of relief and relaxation
That was months ago. And it still feels different since then. Closer.
Yoongi’s dick entering you achingly slowly interrupts your thinking. Releasing a guttural moan, you bury your face in the crook of his neck, while he lets you get used to the fullness.
It doesn’t take long until you need more friction, and you whimper, wrapping your legs around his hips, pulling him against you firmly.
“Didn't you say you just want to be fucked, “ he murmurs and you nod sighing, eyes closed in pleasure. He picks up pace, thrusting with strength and you welcome him willingly, trying to meet him halfway. You cling to him, spur him on, begging for more and he grunts as his thrusts push the dresser against the wall over and over again. He soon starts to sweat, his body in your arms turning slippery and you grab tighter, now more or less wrapped around him instead of sitting on the dresser. He pushes inside you, met by your moans and curses and you praise him, endless strings of soft words, that tell him how good he makes you feel. One hand is up on the back of your neck, while his other is holding onto your waist and all you notice is how close he is, the slickness and heat and the muscles playing underneath your hands, clutching to him for dear life.
“Feeling good?“ Yoongi asks despite your praises, out of breath, a low growl next to your ear, sending shivers through your tingling body. You are so close already, just a little bit-
“Yes, so good, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop,” you pant, sounding so desperate, Yoongi’s heart bursts, causing him to lose his rhythm shortly.
And then the wave crashes and you tumble over the edge, legs cramping around his hips, uttering curses under your breaths, while he helps you through your high.
“Gosh, I love to see you coming apart like that, “ Yoongi grumbles, sucking another mark on your neck. You don’t mind, you feel wonderfully empty and peaceful, and you float in his arms, while he holds you tight.
“One more, baby?”
“Later,” you reply lazily, and he chuckles, changing towards a different pace to reach his own peak, but you stop him soon as an idea forms in your mind.
“Can I be on top for a while? I want to feel like I’m the one who makes you come.”
He leans away from you to meet your eyes, curiosity and fondness all over his face. He steps back and you hop down from the dresser, knees still weak from the ride and you take his hand and pull him along to the bedroom, where you kiss him before pushing him gently on the bed, straddling him quickly. You aren’t on top very often, usually you let him do his thing, enjoy being handled, fucked, satisfied properly but today you want to return the favour.
You sink down on his slick throbbing dick, carefully watching him while you do it, eager to please him. He groans quietly, jaw clenched, eyes squeezed shut. You ride him slowly, feeling another climax approaching as he gasps and squirms beneath you. It’s different like this, you in charge of his pleasure and it moves you weirdly to see him trust you with his body. You lean down, brushing your lips against his and he moans, slipping his tongue into your mouth, searching for yours. You forget about moving your hips while you kiss, humming and sighing, enjoying the sensation on your sore skin. You love his taste, you tell him quietly and he opens his eyes quickly, staring up at you, irises black due to the dimness in the bedroom. His lashes wet with sweat, perfectly curved, framing his eyes, sucking in your attention. You stare back and time stops.
“Hi,” you whisper inaudibly, and his eyes smile back at you.
“Hi,” he replies quietly, swallowing hard.
You break into a smile yourself, mirroring his, your hips still motionless around his thickness.
He reaches up, cupping your cheeks with his delicate hands, pulling you down for a soft kiss, stirring a million butterflies inside your belly. A disbelieving laugh finds its way out of you, and you lean back, your eyes never leaving Yoongi’s.
His smile widens at that, turning into a smug grin, setting stars into the night sky that are his eyes.
“Don’t fight it baby,” he says grinning, hands falling to your hips.
“Don’t behave as if you know what’s going on in my head, lover boy,” you counter, only half joking.
“As for the rest of the time, I totally agree with you, but I think at this moment I have a pretty good idea. And I don’t think it’s your head where things happen right now, either.”
You laugh again, unable to help it. You are dizzy with feelings. You are filled to the brim with them. And the way Yoongi stares at you, reveals that he knows he's right. And he doesn't mind at all.
His dick twitches inside you, as if it wants to remind you of its existence. You slowly move up and sink down again, caressing it with your moist walls.
“You feel so damn good, “ Yoongi sighs, shutting his eyes briefly, enjoying the pleasure. You wonder if he is flooded with feelings as much as you are right now, but you don't have to think about it for long, because he keeps talking, pressed and low winded, making your core clench around him with lust.
"Please don't leave today when we're done," he pleads, "please stay the night, I don't want you to go home today."
Realizing that his words might be misleading, he wets his lips, adding "I don't mean today in the sense of just today. I mean it in general. Don't go away. Don't disappear again. Let me be a part of your life. A part of you."
“How can you be such a poet right now, “ you breathe, riding him without haste, despite the coil inside you getting tighter.
He snorts softly, not able to say much more, as he is quickly getting closer to coming with each of your movements. His fingernails sink into the flesh of your hips, probably bruising you, but you don’t care.
You come first, head tilted backwards, moaning, pressing yourself down on him with a grunt. Yoongi watches you coming apart once more before sitting up and turning you with one swift motion until he has you under him again, thrusting into you much faster, striving for his own orgasm. It doesn’t take long for him to lose himself in you. He is all over the place, nibbling at your lips, puffing shaky exhales against your mouth, before sucking a third mark on your neck. And then he bursts, cursing, whining, bucking into you. You feel his cum deep and hot inside you and you pull him closer, holding him tight, suddenly keen on feeling as much of him as possible, as if he could just fly away now that he is finished. But he doesn’t. He carefully sinks down on you, crawls deeper into your arms, pressing his perfect lips to your temple, hot air fanning your skin.
Both of you are quiet, while you dwell in the sensation. After a while he fumbles around and drags a blanket over your tangled bodies. He is still buried in you, when he props himself up on his elbow, looking down at you with smiling eyes.
“If you tried to fuck the romantic thoughts out of me, you failed,” he informs you dryly.
You snort, feelings still buzzing inside you. The past minutes have started something that you aren’t able to stop. If you're honest, it didn't just start a few minutes ago. It was buried inside you for a while already, but you ignored it.
It took the awful moment of realization this morning to tear down the walls around your heart that normally shield you from your feelings. It took a moment of raw vulnerability for your feelings to crawl to the surface and spread until they were too big to ever be stuffed back into the dark again.
Yoongi doesn’t take his eyes off you, while you get lost in your thoughts. He tucks a strand of hair behind your ear with his free hand, waiting patiently.
“It’s a little mean to have this talk while you are still inside and on top of me, don’t you think?” you try, but he is not having it.
“I figure it’s all that works to make you stay for the time being.”
“It’s not that bad.”
“Oh, it is.” He grins down at you, fingertips trailing randomly over your face. Eyebrows, nose, cheeks, lips.
“Well then, I’ll stay,” you huff, turning his grin into a full smile, exposing all his tiny teeth.
You didn’t notice his dick has gotten hard again, until he moves slightly, and is rubbing against the sweet spot inside you.
Your eyes grow big, and he raises an eyebrow at you. He rolls his hips a second time, making it hard for you to breathe properly.
“So, I take it we're going to have sex all night?"
Yoongi chuckles and your heart jumps. “I don't think so, but I'm in for a second round.” He places a quick kiss on your lips. "Don't think you're off the hook, baby, we still have a lot to talk about."
“Yeah, I guess,” you sigh, already squirming under his touches. “I can’t believe you are one for talking.”
“I am. Sometimes. Definitely when it comes to you. Prepare for questions like what’s your favourite colour and shit.”
“Yeah, all I know about you is how to make you sigh my name.” As if to prove his point, he pulls out and reaches down between your bodies, slipping his fingers through your folds, circling your clit. You gasp, before releasing a whimper, arching towards his hand.
“I hate you,” you press out but he only laughs.
“No, you don’t. Now be a good girl and come for me again, we got plenty of time tonight and I’m determined to use every second of it.”
A/N: Let me know what you think. I love to hear from you : )
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mintelepathy · 3 months ago
Hi!! I just saw your request list and I was wondering if you would consider #67 “Every morning you kiss my forehead before I leave for work, why was it my lips today?” With Yoongi?
If not that’s totally okay! Thank you so much for your time and I hope you are doing well! 💖🌸
"every morning you kiss my forehead before i leave for work, why was it my lips today?”
idol yoongi!boyfriend x reader/oc
established relationship
word count: +650
genre: fluff
a/n: I'm so sorry this took me so long😭 thanks for your request and I hope YOU are doing well love!
summary: a morning where yoongi is more affectionate than usual.
Tumblr media
you wake up at 7am just like any other day where you have to go to work and have a shower afterwards.
you aren't a big fan of morning showers becuse you'd prefer continue sleeping for thirty more minutes instead of wasting them in the shower, but it is the only way you can really feel woken up and not look like a zombie for the rest of the day.
just as always, once you get out of the bathroom, you find yoongi's spot in your bed empty, he always gets up after you to make you breakfast since he leaves for work later than you.
you make your way to the kitchen after dressing and drying your hair, and there is when your eyes meet the back of his body, and he turns around when he hears you approaching him.
"morning" you say as you wrap your arms around his torso.
"morning honey" he says and then leaves a kiss on top of your head.
you remain like that, enjoying every second.
his embrace, the sun's rays entering through the curtains of the living room, the silence in the building, the smell of coffee, this moment was definitely one of the best in your days, it is one of those moments where you feel at peace, where you feel safe, and where you feel loved.
a moment where all the worries go away.
"it would be so nice if we could stay like this the whole morning" he says as you unwrap your arms from his body.
"don't say it twice cause i could just call in sick and stick by your side for the rest of the day" you say pretty much seriously.
you never get sick, so one day that you don't go to work wouldn't hurt anyone right?
"no matter how much i'd love that, you know i can't do that, and you shouldn't either" he says as he hands you the coffee he made for you and a small box with cookies.
you knew there was no way he would let you call in sick, but at least you had to try.
"you are still letting me go to your studio tomorrow, aren't you?"
he had promised you days ago that he was going to let you see his new studio at the new building, you were so excited that couldn't wait anymore. it was so cool watching him working on music, he often grabs his notebook and starts working in your apartment, but the atmosphere in his studio just hits different, you could spend hours sitting there and you wouldn't get tired of it.
"what if i told you that i have the day off tomorrow?" he says trying to raise one of his eyebrows.
"are you saying that i'll have you all for myself tomorrow?" you playfully raise your eyebrow as well.
"that's exactly what i'm saying" you smile when he blinks with one of his eyes at you.
"oh shit, i have to go" you say when you look at the watch in your wrist.
"have a good day hon" he says and gently cups your cheeks to meet his lips with yours.
"every morning you kiss my forehead before i leave for work, why was it my lips today?” the smile in your face even bigger now since you weren't expecting that at all.
"i couldn't help it" and he pecks your lips one more time.
"i'll be late if you keep doing t-" you couldn't finish your sentence because he was kissing you again.
"my bad" he presses his lips against your forehead and lets you go.
"see you later" you say as you make your way towards the door of the apartment.
"drive safely!" you hear him say before you close the door.
it was going to be so hard focusing at work thinking about all the kisses he just gave you.
a like or reblog is always appreciated <3
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