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set me free. happy birthday to the most amazing human being ♡
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Little Dove
Pairing: Mafia!Bts x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 2.9k
Synopsis: You were gentle, innocent, and pure. In simple words, the exact opposite of the cold-hearted and callous mafia members who fell for you in such a cliché manner.
Warnings: Harassment, Violence.
A/N: I apologize for the slight cliffhanger, but this is a two parter! That being said, part two will be out sometime this week, or on the weekend. 
Tumblr media
You worked part time as a florist at the dainty store just a few minutes away from your apartment complex. It was an easy way to make quick cash to others, but you weren't entirely in it for the money. The sweet scent of flowers always made your day, no matter what.
Although there were always a few men who came in regularly to ask you out on dates, you always refused. Surely they were nice guys, but you were waiting for someone special. Someone who would make you feel a spark at the very first moment.
A bell-like sound was heard from your door, it was the wind chimes you had recently purchased. It was much easier with them, so now you knew when a customer would enter. You were wearing a white blouse with a beige garden apron over it. Dusting the loose soil on your clothing, you made your way to the counter.
There you saw a man, maybe a few years older than you browsing the different rows of flowers. To many others, they'd immediately be afraid of him. However, you weren't the slightest bit fearful. You had no reason to judge him based off his appearance, though you could admit his tattoos and piercings were a bit bold.
He wore a white turtleneck paired with a black leather jacket. His jeans were black as well, having slight rips in the fabric. He wore black boots, and had rather long legs. When he finally turned around in your direction, that was when you noticed him having a golden pin name plate stuck on his jacket.
Jeon Jungkook, it read.
" May I help you? " You smiled brightly in his direction, your hair swaying perfectly as a breeze whooshed past you. His face seemed to relax a bit, and he made his way over to the counter.
" Yes, actually.. " He said in a husky voice, biting his lip in confusion.
" This is my first time shopping for flowers and.. "
" Say no more! "
The man seemed to be surprised with your quick and determined answer, but you didn't miss the small smile that crept on his face. It was an innocent smile, not a smirk like some other customers gave you.
You lead him to the back of the shop, revealing a shelf stacked with beautiful vases with even prettier flowers inside. Each row was filled, and Jungkook stared in awe at the variety of colors.
" Beautiful, huh? "
Jungkook nodded and stepped closer to the vases, reaching his hand out to gently touch the petals of one of the pink carnations. However, another bouquet caught his eye. It was all the way on the other side of the room, but it seemed to call for him.
Without a second to spare, he began making his way over to the much lovely bouquet, filled with purple roses. Some of the roses were pale purple and others were lavender-colored He was fascinated to say the least, and you saw it in his face.
" These. " He said, grabbing the flowers carefully off the table and into his arms. You nodded and led him back to the counter to ring him up.
" Falling in love at first sight " You hummed, punching a few buttons into your register. Jungkook's eyes widened at your statement, and his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
" Excuse me? "
" Oh, " You laughed in embarrassment, pink rising to your cheeks. So much so, that you could even blend in with the carnations you two saw earlier.  
" That's the symbol of purple roses.. "
Once those words left your mouth, Jungkook groaned internally. He felt so stupid for even asking what you meant, there was clearly only one explanation for you saying that.
Deciding he embarrassed himself enough he just nodded and looked down at the floor. It wasn't common for him to be embarrassed, in fact it was shameful he was feeling like this in the first way as one of the biggest mafia mafia bosses in the entire country.
" Alright, your total will be- "
Before you could even finish your sentence, Jungkook had already opened his wallet and handed you crisp bills, much more than the flowers costed. Your mouth widened and shook your head, only taking a few that totaled up to his total and returning the rest back to him.
However, he was persistent and gave you back the spare money.
" Keep it.. please. "
Even though you were highly suspicious, you accepted the money gratefully. Jungkook had no idea why he was being so kind to you, but you just seemed so innocent.. so sweet. Much different from him, and that made him want to protect you.
" Bye, Jungkook! " You chirped as he was walking out the door, he looked back at you with a perplexed face, how did you know his name?
Did you know who he was?
You pointed to his shirt, and he spotted the name tag he forgot to take off.
" Bye.. " He paused, realizing he didn't know your name yet.
" Y/n. " You finished for him.
Pretty, he thought before pushing the door open, your melodic voice still ringing in his ear like a pleasant memory. He couldn't wait to tell his members about you. In fact, they were the entire reason he went to your shop in the first place. He was out buying flowers for them knowing that business had been stressful recently.
" I'm home! " Jungkook called out into the large apartment that they all shared. It was hidden behind buildings, and took a lot of twists and turns to get into. There were guards on watch 24/7 outside the house to ensure safety.
All the other 6 boys were sprawled out on the couch, engrossed into the movie playing on the television. Namjoon paused the movie with a yawn, despite the others protesting to resume it.
" I got flowers. " Jungkook stated which got everyone's attention. They left the comfort of the couch, and walked over to the table as Jungkook unwrapped the flowers out of the pink craft paper and placed them into a vase of water.
" What's the occasion? " Jimin asked, eyeing the flowers.
" Just felt like it. "Jungkook debated whether or not to tell the others about you, but ultimately decided to. He couldn't stop thinking about you. He knew you were special, there was just something about you.
" There was a.. " He paused, choosing his words carefully. " cute girl working at the shop. "
" Don't you think you have enough company? " Yoongi rolled his eyes, punching the younger member on the shoulder playfully. He could agree though, he already had seven boyfriends to keep him company, but he really felt attracted towards you, like you were that missing piece in his life.
" She's just.. special. "
After that, they didn't talk about you anymore, but you still lingered in the back of Jungkooks mind. He didn't think he could ever forget a voice like yours, and he was correct.
" L-let me go! "
A small voice was heard by the boys on a cold night. They were walking home from a business deal, and they were immediately concerned. Normally they wouldn't go out of their way to protect someone, but Jungkook was absolutely positive it was you.
Without thinking, he quickly turned around and walked back to the alleyway where your voice echoed. Your screams and cries became louder which pushed him to break into a sprint. The other boys were confused but ran after him.
When he finally ran deeper into the dark alleyway, his blood boiled when he saw a masked man hovering over you in a threatening manner. Jungkook was quick to react, and his fist instantly meeting the side of his head, knocking him down on the floor. He continued to strike the man on the floor, not feeling one bit of mercy.
" Kook! " Hoseok yelled when they finally caught up with him. He didn't try ripping him off of the man, but looked to the wall and saw you. The rest of the members followed Hoseok's eyes in confusion, but frowned when they saw your trembling figure.
" Enough. " Jin ordered, realizing you were becoming more scared by the violent scene unfolding. Jungkook threw one final punch to the man's jaw and stumbled away from the now unconscious man. As much as he wished to continue, he knew he had to follow the instructions given to him.
Your mouth was dry, and nothing seemed to escape your mouth. You just stared at Jungkook in a stunned manner. His face was familiar, but you couldn't but your finger on who he was. To be fair, it's been at least a month since you've last seen him. It only hit you when the light from the moon shone on him, the gold name plate sparkling on his black suit.
" J-jungkook..? "
He looked so much different like this, his sleeves rolled up to expose more tattoos. Blood was dripping from his knuckles, and purple bruises beginning to form. It made your heart squeeze knowing he was hurt because of you. You would've felt the same way even if it wasn't Jungkook standing in front of you, and another man protecting you.
Without thinking, you quickly ran to into his chest. He stood there stiffly, not knowing exactly what to do. Your arms wrapped around him tightly, and you buried your face into his body for comfort. It was obvious you weren't letting go anytime soon. He wasn't quite used to affection like this, and had no prior experience with comforting.
He looked over in his hyungs direction urging them to do or say something. It was Taehyung's voice who broke the silence.
" Are you alright.. ? " His voice was hoarse and hesitant.
You didn't reply, only sobbing further into Jungkook's crisp black blazer. However, after feeling the dampness against your face made you pull away. You had caused him enough trouble, the last thing you'd want to do is ruin his clothes.
When you turned to the side to wipe away your tears, you saw six other terrifying figures. You assumed that it was just Jungkook and the other man, not a whole group in your presence. Feeling embarrassed, you quickly bowed in their way to not come off as rude.
You noticed that the other six men were wearing the same golden name pins stuck on their tops, to see clearly you blinked back the tears that were escaping your eyes and read them each carefully, trying your best not to make it obvious that you were looking at them.
Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung.
" I-I'm so sorry.. " The way your voice shook made their hearts ache a bit. Although it was rather inappropriate timing, all of the men found your voice sweet, and your manners cute.
" J-Jungkook.. Thank you.. "
" She knows you? " Yoongi perked a brow, shifting his attention to the maknae.
All the youngest could do was clear his throat, not wanting to embarrass himself in front of you. Its not like he could just blurt out " Oh, yeah! This is the special girl I've been talking about for the past month "
No way in hell would he ever risk his pride like that.
" Oh.. yeah. She owns a flower shop. "
A sly smirk formed on Jimin's face, and Jungkook knew what was coming.
" So you're the special florist our Kook has been rambling about. "
Your gaze changed between Jimin and Jungkook, your mouth gaping in an O shape. Him? Rambling about you? That didn't make sense at all, you two have only met once to be fair.
" S..Special florist? "
Namjoon hummed and said something about how Jungkook wouldn't stop talking about you, and you didn't miss the bright pink blush that was spreading on the mans face in front of you. If you had to say so yourself, this was not the same man that just knocked someone out less than five minutes ago.
" Shut up already! " He snapped, rolling his sleeves down and glaring at the line of men in frustration. You probably thought he was a creep by now.
“ It’s alright.. unless special is a bad thing. “ You joked, looking up at him with innocent eyes.
Oh, only if you knew what type of people they were. Maybe your answer would be different then. Perhaps you would already be long gone, dashing away from them in fear for your life despite them saving you.
They were dangerous people, and they knew that.
" We should hurry back. It's getting late. "
You weren't sure who said it, but you frowned knowing that you'd have to part ways with him. Due to the fact you were in grave danger less than ten minutes ago, you were still shaken up. You didn't want to walk home by yourself just in case something like that would happen again and you didn't have anyone to protect you.
Despite you being scared out of your mind, you didn't want to burden them any more with your troubles. They saved you once, and that was all you wanted to ask from them. Nothing more.
" Thank you again, all of you. " You mumbled, bowing politely once again but this time you were more hesitant and shaky due to the fact you were cold but that was expected. All you were wearing was an oversized beige shirt, paired with a white skirt. The only thing that kept you from freezing to death were your white high socks.
Finding that there was nothing more to say, you turned on your heel and started walking further into the alley, your back facing them. This was the route you used to get home, you'd have to walk all the way into the alleyway and make a right where it ended. From there, you walked straight for a few minutes and then you'd be home.
The gravel shuffled under your shoes but when you stopped to grab your phone out of the small brown purse you had around your shoulder, you realized that there were still footsteps heard. In absolute fear, you turned around with a wince only to be met face to face with all 7 of the men.
" Let us walk you home. " Jungkook smiled, and made his way next to you.
" Sorry if we scared you, we just thought we'd follow you until you arrived at your house. "
" Jin, that sounds so weird! "
" I agree with Hoseok, " Taehyung added, and then looked directly at you. 
" I promise, we aren't some weird stalkers. "
A soft giggle escaped your lips, and your heart felt warm. Something about them was different, they made you feel something you've never felt before. It was crazy thinking you just met them today, when in your heart it feels that you've known them forever, or that you were waiting for them forever.
When they heard you laugh, they all had this strange feeling in their hearts. Your laughter was like sweet music playing, and they would be lying if they said you weren't their ideal type. Although its hard to judge someone after knowing them for under an hour, the boys just had a connection to you.
The first few minutes of walking were undeniably awkward, but after a few minutes they began to let their guard down around you. Jokes were being cracked every second making you laugh until your sides hurt, this was genuinely the happiest you've felt in a while.  
Sure you had a warm welcoming smile plastered on your face when you worked at the store, but on the three days you don't work - you just stay home. You don't have much friends to hang out with, and your customers are really the only people you socialize with face to face.
" So, what do you guys work as? " Curiosity got the best of you, and it just slipped out. You guys have been talking about your job as a florist the entire time, so it was nature to wonder what their occupations were.
Suddenly, everyone stopped talking. You took a halt and looked up at all seven of the men who were sharing glances between each other.
" We work in business. "
" I'm not surprised. You guys look quite extravagant. "
After that, you quickly moved on to another topic. You made a note in your head. They don't like to talk about their jobs, got it. You weren't too sure why but whatever made them uncomfortable you'd gladly refrain talking about it.
Soon enough you arrived home. It was a small house, fit for only two or three people. The area was nice though it was pretty much empty. That meaning there were never issues going on and you could live peacefully.
" Thank you, again. "
" It's no trouble, you don't need to thank us. " Namjoon smiled, his perfect blonde-bleached hair being pushed to the side gracefully in the nights air. His glasses reflecting the celestial crescent moon that shone in the sky.
Before a word could escape your lips, they were bidding goodbyes and turning their backs to you. You stayed in place, your feet glued to the cement underneath your shoes. 
Your eyes followed the seven figures walking down the streets until they completely disappeared into the chilly night, their presence long gone - as if they weren't with you a few minutes ago.
Although you just met one not even a month ago and the other six just today, you couldn't help but wonder if you'd ever be able to cross paths with the seven men once again.
Tumblr media
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UPDATED: 29 March 2022
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin: Mafia Aesthetic
Kim Namjoon: Mafia Aesthetic
Min Yoongi: Mafia Aesthetic
Jung Hoseok: Mafia Aesthetic
Park Jimin: Mafia Aesthetic
Kim Taehyung: Mafia Aesthetic
Jeon Jungkook: Mafia Aesthetic
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Half A God (Zhang Yixing fanfiction)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Who Am I?
Hi :) this is pretty important so please read!
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i am unwell
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Taehyung’s beauty is UNREAL
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bts + reductress headlines pt.1
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happy birthday to our sunshine! (cr. dwellingsouls)
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bts 2020 season's greetings → jungkook
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I’m in love with him. 
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꒰ ˀˀ ↷ bts ; simple+edit ”♡ᵎ ꒱
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singing my bloom. happy birthday, hoseok ♡
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Pairing: Mafia!Bts x Reader
Genre: Slight Angst/Fluff
Word Count: 1.5k
Synopsis: Being the girlfriend of seven big bosses in the industry meant there were always people out to harm you, but they promised to be your protector, for the rest of your lifetime.
Warnings: harassment, violence
Tumblr media
You knew you shouldn't be walking alone outside this late, but there was no other option. Your nightshift at the small coffee shop had just ended, and oddly enough, none of the boys had come to pick you up. Sometimes just one came, other times they'd come in pairs - even once in a while coming to greet you with all 7 of them.
However, never did they not come at all. You waited in front of the cafe door for roughly 10 minutes, calling and texting our boyfriends. Much to your dismay all your calls went straight to voicemail and the texts going unseen.
Beginning to grow cold and inpatient, you started to walk. By foot, it would take you around 25 minutes to arrive home. A frustrated groan escaped your lips, you didn't want to walk that cold in the freezing cold.
But then you remembered, there was a shortcut. It was one the boys always advised you not to take, but the frosty and unfriendly weather prevented you from thinking rationally. You quickly made a left into an unfamiliar street, starting the shortcut to the way home.
The cold breeze pushed past you, lifting your hair gently with the wind. Your hands gripped onto the oversized black trench coat, which truthfully belonged to Jungkook.
Busy streets always frightened you, but that only pushed you to walk faster. This route had many clubs and bars filling it. That being known, you spotted a few drunken individuals stumbling across the street from you. The sidewalk was filled with trash, beer bottles, and other unknown items so your eyes were stuck to the floor like glue to prevent you from tripping on something.
A shrill whistle echoed the night, and you stopped in your path. Looking up, you saw about four guys on the other side of the road, looking you up and down in approval. One of the men whistled again to indicate they were aiming it at you. Feeling unsafe, you seemed to shrink under their gaze, which made them even more attracted to you.
" Hey baby! Come over to this side. "
You cringed at the nickname. No one else ever called you that beside your boyfriends, and for these strangers to address you by it made you highly uncomfortable.
Deciding to just ignore them, you resumed your walking. This time, your pace being a lot faster. Normally, in situations like this you'd have protection all around you - shutting up the stranger instantly. Without the shielding, you felt like a small vulnerable kitten who didn't have any idea how to protect themselves.
" C'mon, don't ignore us! "
Which is what you did once again, blocking their voices out and only imagining having your boyfriends surrounding you, giving you voices of encouragement.
" Princess, keep on walking. " Jin's voice echoed in your mind.
" You're doing so well, just ignore them. " Jimin followed.
Suddenly you heard footsteps approaching you from the side. You looked up slightly and saw the group crossing the road making their way towards you.
In the back of your head, you cursed all seven of your boyfriends for not picking you up, but at the same time you knew you shouldn't have taken this route.
" No way to ignore us now, kitten. "
Your stomach turned at his words, but you knew he was right. There was no way you could out run them, or ignore them when they're on the same side of the road as you.
Grabbing your phone in a state of panic, you rung the first contact in your phone. Although you knew there was a chance of no answer, it was your only hope to try.
You heard someone from the other side pick up, but for some reason, no words would come out. You decided to start walking again to force the men to converse more so whoever you called could understand the situation without you explaining.
" You can't run forever, babe. "
" Princess? " it was Taehyung, his deep voice laced with concern.
A putrid smell of alcohol and cigarettes filled your senses, making you gag with a frown.
" Who's that? " Taehyung spoke again, this time rustling was heard on the other end as he got up to find the other boys to listen in on the call.
" Let us take you home~ " another hiccupped, stumbling too close for your liking which made you release a loud yell.
" Y/n? Baby, can you hear me? " Namjoon spoke into Taehyungs phone, worry bubbling in his throat after hearing you scream.
" I-I'm on the phone with my boyfriends.. you better leave me alone! " you yelled, holding your phone in their faces to somewhat intimidate them.
After hearing that, all seven of the boys were already hopping in their car to go out and look for you.
" Boyfriends? What a slut. "
Something in Yoongi snapped, and he snatched the phone out of Namjoon's hand while he was driving.
" When I get my hands on you, you're going to wish you never said that. " He growled, hoping that the man could hear him.
Hoseok quickly took the phone out of Yoongi's hand, knowing if he gripped on it any tighter the phone would snap in half.
" Angel, where are you? Do you know? "
Hearing Hobi's comforting voice made you release a breath of relief. Although, that relief didn't last long. you bit your tongue a bit, not wanting to tell him the street name due to it's reputation. The boys did a lot of deals here, and you knew that you had no business being on a street like this, especially alone and at night.
" M-moon street.. " You whispered, turning your back to the drunken men.
As soon as your boyfriends heard the familiar street name, Jin immediately turned the car around and drove into an alleyway that led into the street. They couldn't be mad at you right now, considering your life may be in danger - but they couldn't help but to be confused as to why you were there in the first place.
" Stop playing hard to get. " The tallest one of them all cooed. You rolled your eyes knowing that each and every one of your boyfriends could easily tower over him.
Suddenly, you heard tired screeching behind you. You turned around to face the men, only to see an easily recognizable car behind them. All seven boys stormed out of the car with loud steps which made the group of drunks turn around as well.
You attempted to run to the member closest to you, which happened to be Namjoon. However, before you could even take a few steps, a sturdy arm was felt around your waist.
" You really think I'd let you go? " A raspy voice laughed, placing his head in the crook of your neck. Tears pricked your eyes and you looked down in embarrassment. His touch felt wrong, and all you wanted to do was disappear.
" Get your hands off of her. " Jungkook's voice was heard loud and clear. He stepped towards you and grabbed you out of his grasp easily. Just one of them could easily take on four of them.
" Go in the car, baby girl. " You shivered at the name which you usually found comfort in. Nonetheless, you followed his order and walked to the car. Jimin followed you, placing a warm hand on your back. He helped you in, and buckled you into the seat securely.
You two sat in silence until you felt his hand on your chin, lifting it up so he could take a good look at you. Your eyes were red from tears and beginning to turn swollen.
" Oh, please don't cry baby.. " He begged while wiping your tears away with his thumb. Jimin's soothing voice tuned out the gunshots and yelling from outside the car, a gruesome crime scene being made just a few steps away from where you sat cozily.
Before you knew it the other six were back in the car. Yoongi and Taehyung sat in the front two seats as they had the most blood on them. They knew you didn't like to see blood, so they wanted to be in front of you where you couldn't see them.
" Y/n.. why were you there? You know how dangerous it is.. " Namjoon hummed, wiping his sweat away with the white handkerchief in his suit pocket.
" I was walking home.. "
Although you were highly grateful that they saved you, a frown appeared on your lips remembering why you ended up there in the first place. They forgot to pick you up.
" What? " Jin asked, looking at you with a confused face.
" It's Tuesday. "
As soon as those words left your lips, every single one of your boyfriends checked their phones, seeing that it was indeed Tuesday. The day you had work.
" We're so sorry, baby.. " Hoseok apologized, running a hand through his hair in guilt. By now, you had already stopped crying which gave you the opportunity to see the heartbroken boys looking at you. 
You shook your head, whispering " it's okay's " knowing that their hearts breaking at the fact that you were in danger because of them. 
" Let's just go home. "
Your wish was their command, so with that Yoongi started the car up again. The car ride was anything but awkward, jokes being cracked every second. For a moment, you even forgot what had happened just a few minutes ago.
They were your protectors, not just of you, but also of your heart, and they swore on their lives - you'd never be afraid again.
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Mafia! BTS! Yandere - They Take You on a Date and Get Possessive (pt. 1)
Warnings: yandere, toxic, trigger warning, explicit violence, abuse, profanity etc
A/N: A part two will follow
You've been feeling stressed and anxious lately in light of everything that has happened. From the rival gang member breaking into the apartment when you were home alone to everything that happened after, like the separation anxiety you felt each time M/N would leave for work or even sometimes when he'd just go to another room. On the other hand, you've been growing closer and closer to him; your trust slowly rebuilding though M/N affections. To take your mind off things, M/N decided to take you out to a proper dinner for the first time since you were with him. He was not keen on the idea of people gawking at your gorgeous self but he would be by your side the entire evening. You got dressed up nicely, almost too nicely in M/N's opinion but he was holding himself back to the best of his abilities to not stress you out even more. In the restaurant, M/N got you a special table away from the gazes and the crowd. You were grateful for it yourself because you were not used to be around people as much anymore. You sat comfortably as the waiter brought over their best bottle of wine. You had not even noticed, your attention on M/N but when his eyebrows furrowed you could not help but trace his gaze. The male waiter was smiling flirtatiously at you as he poured wine into your glass, not removing his eyes from you for a second.
Your fingers were intertwined with Jin's, his hand resting in your lap. Yet suddenly his grip tightened and his jaw clenched. He let you go out of the sudden and got up, towering easily over the waiter. The young man jumped, holding the wine bottle timidly against his chest. His eyes turned wide at the sight of the absolute rage on Jin's handsome features.
"Sit down, princess." Jin cut you off roughly before you could even properly stand up.
In a single swift motion, Jin pulled a slick black gun from his suit and pointed it at the waiter. The young man dropped the bottle in his hands, making both you and himself flinch as it cracked and spilled everywhere.
"Jin, please..." you begged, tears spilling from the edge of your eyes. "It's okay..."
"What the fuck did you just say?" asked Jin outraged and turned to look at you. Your heart caught in your throat as you looked down.
"Only I can look at you, princess," he snarled whilst his gun was still pointed at the trembling waiter. But before you knew it, the hoof of the gun slammed against the young man's temple and he dropped to the floor, blood rushing down his cheek as he groaned in pain.
"There... Now you know your place," said Jin, towering over the waiter squirming away on the floor.
In an instant, Namjoon let go of your hand and grabbed the waiter's collar. The young man's eyes widened as he was nearly lifted off the floor.
"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" growled Namjoon through his teeth, his face but inches from the waiter's.
You froze in place, your heart beating violently against your ribcage. You could not move for the life of you but watch what was happening right before your eyes.
"I-I was j-just... I was just p-pouring you... pouring you wine," the young man stuttered as he clawed against Namjoon's grip.
"You were just pouring wine, were you?" asked Namjoon, one of his eyebrows raising whilst the corner of his lips curved into a gentle smirk.
"Y-Yes, sir."
"Yes, sir," the young man stuttered again. Namjoon's smirk grew ever so slightly as he nodded to himself and let go of his collar. The waiter bobbed his head respectfully, his eyes catching yours.
Your heart dropped to your stomach as the man turned around to leave but Namjoon's features darkened like a raging storm. He grabbed the back of the waiter's head and slammed his head face front against the wall. A sickening crack echoed through your ears when the waiter's nose broke, a splash of red staining the beautiful walls.
"DON'T YOU EVER FUCKING LOOK AT HER AGAIN!" snarled Namjoon at the man's crawling body. "SHE'S MINE!"
"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" asked Yoongi in a quiet yet perfectly enraged voice. His grip on your thigh tightened ever so slightly.
The waiter's eyes darted to Yoongi's formidable glare.
"I was just pouring you wine, sir," the waiter tried to save himself yet his voice was just as disrespectful as his actions in Yoongi's mind's eye.
Yoongi got up from the table and released his grip on your thigh.
"Yoongi, it's okay-" you tried to stop whatever was to come but in vain.
"Shh, shh..." he quietened you and pushed you behind him when you got up as well.
"See? The lady says it's okay," the young waiter spoke casually, standing up to Yoongi.
Your heart jumped to your throat than fell to the bottom of your stomach. This was not at all what you wanted to say yet suddenly it sounded as if you enjoyed the waiter's attention.
"That's not what she said," said Yoongi slowly and threateningly. He took a step forward and for each the waiter took a step back. "I see you bark a lot but you don't seem to bite."
"I do though," Yoongi spoke under his breath as the young man began to tremble, the wine in his hands shaking like a leaf.
Yoongi grabbed a slick black gun from his jacket, cocked the weapon and pulled the trigger without a moment's hesitation. The bullet pierced through the man's head as he dropped to the floor. The wine bottle smashed against the tiles, the red mixing with his blood.
You jumped and screamed, turning your eyes away as you covered your head.
"You see..." said Yoongi as he towered over the dead body, "She's mine."
The smile disappeared from Hoseok's face when his gaze pierced through the waiter instead of resting on your beautiful features. The light disappeared from his eyes and the corners of his lips turned downwards. Hoseok's grip tightened around your fingers yet before you could process everything, his hand had released you and went for the waiter instead.
Hoseok slammed the waiter face front at one of the empty tables, the half-full wine bottle flying across the floor in a thousand particles. You whimpered and jumped up instinctively, your hands covering your mouth.
"What the fuck do you think you're doing you piece of shit?" shouted Hoseok as he rained down punches on the waiter who dared smile at you flirtatiously. "Do you think I'm fucking blind?" he roared before slamming his fist at the young man one last time before he let him drop to the floor.
The waiter was still conscious, hiding his face but the worst was yet to come.
Hoseok pulled a gun from his suit jacket and cocked the weapon as if he had been yearning for it for years. His nostrils flared and his teeth was bared. The waiter shielded his face with his hands and begged for mercy but it was no use.
"SHE'S MINE!" roared Hoseok at the top of his lungs, his voice cracking from rage.
"Hoseok, no!" you screamed before he could pull the trigger, drawing his attention to you. He was breathing heavily but the sight of your tears and your trembling arms brought some humanity back in him.
Hoseok's upper lip twitched when he looked back at the squirming man on the floor. He could not help himself but pull the trigger twice, the bullets piercing through both of the waiter's kneecaps.
You screamed again, this time sheltering your own head with your hands as you dropped to the floor.
Jimin stood up immediately, his jaw clenched with anger. Your heart picked up its beat, thumping violently against your chest.
The waiter turned pale as he winced backwards, holding the bottle to himself as if it were the most precious thing in the world.
"How dare you look at her?" growled Jimin walking towards the young man. With each step Jimin took forward, he took a step back until he hit the wall.
"I... I..." stuttered the waiter, his hands trembling.
Jimin's nostrils flared before he grabbed the wine bottle from his hands and smashed it against the waiter's temple. You screamed, covering your mouth with your hands as your eyes watered.
The young man dropped to all fours, whimpering out in pain. The wine was spilled all over him, black shards sprinkled around him like shimmering stars.
"DON'T YOU EVER LOOK AT HER AGAIN! DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT HER!" snarled Jimin and kicked the man in the stomach. The waiter hit the wall behind him and lost consciousness from the impact to him head.
Jimin turned around and ran a hand through his messy hair, pushing it back before he straightened out his suit jacket.
"Come on, darling," he spoke as if speaking of the weather, "We'll eat somewhere else."
Taehyung's fingers tightened around his glass of whiskey as he stared at the waiter flirting with you. Suddenly, the glass cracked and the whiskey spilled all over the white dinner cloth. You jumped but Taehyung was completely unfazed. He did not even notice his palm was bleeding but you did.
"You're bleeding," you spoke with a weak voice before your grabbed a napkin and tried to take Taehyung's hand but he had already stood up.
He grabbed the waiter by the collar and slammed him against the wall, the bottle of red wine spilling all over the floor. The man's breath caught in his mouth as his eyes widened when Taehyung pulled a gun to his temple.
He did not blink once, his eyes wide with rage and fury.
"Don't you ever fucking look at her again," Taehyung gritted through his teeth, a look of utter madness in his glare.
"I-I wasn't," lied the waiter but that was the one thing he shouldn't have done.
"SHE'S MINE!" roared Taehyung out of the sudden and shoved his fist through the young man's face. You whimpered but you could not move from your seat.
Taehyung kept raining punches on the waiter, first with his fists then with the hoof of his gun until the man was past unconscious.
You managed the courage to get up as you watched Taehyung breathe heavily over the waiter's body. You made your way towards him, gently touching his hand.
Taehyung snapped around, his eyes bloodshot from anger.
Jungkook's grip on your thigh tightened as a storm raged behind his brown eyes. He glared at the waiter so furiously it sent shivers even down your own spine.
The waiter noticed the enraged look upon Jungkook's face, his cheeks turning pale. His petrified eyes flickered to the gun glistening behind Jungkook's suit jacket. The young man jumped up and took a step back. Small drops of sweat glistened on his forehead and he began to tremble.
Your heart was beating out of your chest. Just as Jungkook was about to pull out his gun, you placed your palm over his that was still holding onto your thigh.
Jungkook's eyes flashed to your own, striking you like a whip of lightning. Breath caught in the back of your throat but you managed a small, soundless 'please' nevertheless.
He frowned even worse if possible, outraged you would try to stop him.
"I'm yours," you whispered before you looked down because of the tears that rushed to your eyes.
Something shifted in Jungkook, something deep and dark got restrained and his grip on your thigh softened. He leaned in instead and kissed you passionately. His lips moved against yours, his arms wrapping around your waist possessively. Jungkook pulled you to his lap and deepened the kiss, letting everyone know who you belong to.
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