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#bts fan fiction
hollyhomburg · 3 years ago
Hold Me Tight
🐾  (PART 1)  🐾  (PART 2)   🐾  (PART 3)  🐾 EPILOGUE
Summary; Hybrid house consists of humans; Seokjin, Namjoon, and Hoseok, and Hybrids DOGBOY! Taehyung, DOG BOY! Jimin, CAT! Yoongi, and FOX! Jungkook. Together they have the happiest poly family possible and then comes you, a skittish cat hybrid. But BTS will do the best that they can to welcome you into their family even though one member just can’t seem to warm up to you; Jeon Jungkook. 
PAIRINGS: reader x everyone, reader-centric, reader x bts, 
TAGS/WARNINGS: polyamory, non-descriptive smut, abuse mention, violence, brief arguing, weddings, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, nightmares, anxiety, panic attack, 
W/C: 9.0k
AUTHORS NOTE: it’s finally done! the holy grail of hybrid au’s, I hope you guys like it, I almost didn’t make this angsty but then I couldn't help myself, enjoy guys, 
SONG REC: The Truth Untold ~ BTS
Tumblr media
- At this point, Jungkook would do anything to get the thought of you out of his head...
- The next few days pass in a blur, Seokjin and Namjoon go back to work, and as usual Jimin trails along with Hobi to the dance studio a few days out of the week. 
- Though things at the studio have slowed down a little; Hobi lets one of his other instructors do most of the work in the afternoons and at night classes so that he can be home, to keep an eye on you and the other hybrids. 
- Slowly you start to warm up to them more. Thought you still trail after Yoongi looking more like a lost puppy than a kitten. the next one you warm up to is Jimin (though your trust of Namjoon and Hobi has always been implicit) 
- You take a bath one night with Jimin, Hating it at first but then liking it more once they get it to the right temperature.
- You let Hobi brush your tail through and blow-dry it shivering every time his hands get too close to the base of your spine as you lay sprawled over his with your head pillowed on Jimin’s soft thighs in nothing but a large shirt of Namjoon’s. 
- Hoseok isn’t immune to your nudity, and he has to take special care not to let his hands wander every time he gets a view of your cute butt. Jimin grins at him when he catches Hoseok staring, all the while running a careful brush through your hair careful not to snag it on your ears. 
- They both giggle when you start to purr loudly and giggle harder when you flush after realizing they’re watching you. 
- Taehyung watches the three of you from the door forlornly until Namjoon snags his attention by passing by, running a hand across Tae’s back before he continues on his way to his office with a fresh case file under his arm.  
- “I just wish she liked me.” He wines with his cheek resting on Namjoon’s thigh as the elder poor’s over document after document in his office. 
- “Have you tried being a little calmer around her, lowering your voice- I just think you startle her when you get loud.” Namjoon says carefully, running a comforting hand through Tae’s hair. 
- “Oh” Taehyung says, his eyes wide and his ears pinned to his skull. And Namjoon cant help but smile at the hybrids pout. He pulls Taehyung up for kisses. 
- Kisses that very easily turn sultry and hungry as Namjoon picks Taehyung up and lies him out over his papers- all thoughts of work forgotten. he Pulls up his shirt and presses trailing kisses down Taehyung’s soft stomach and lower. Until the sound of Tae’s moans are making the three of you blush down at the end of the hallway. 
- In truth the reason why you avoid both Taehyung and Seokjin is because you find their beauty somewhat intimidating.  
- It wasn’t like Yoongi’s beauty- that way his calm steady hands that held books out in front of you.
- or like Jimin’s and Hobi’s soft beauty as he buries his face in your shoulder while he let out a tinkling laugh.
- It wasn’t a harsh domineering beauty like Namjoon and Jungkook had- that made you slightly intimidated and mostly curious at the same time. 
- It was an ethereal timeless beauty that stunned your heart into pitter patters whenever they got too close. 
- It made you squeak and fall silent every time Seokjin entered a room, and divert your eyes, worried about being caught staring, and it makes you hide behind Yoongi’s shoulder every time Taehyung plods up to you in the living room 
-usually asking if you wanted to go play outside, or help Seokjin in the kitchen, or watch another movie, or play video games usually while you were attached to Yoongi’s hip (usually when you two were just napping). Which would result in Yoongi hissing playfully at Taehyung and turning over, usually dragging you with him. 
- Hoseok goes clothing shopping with you one day and lets you pick out whatever you want
- at first, all you see is price tags but after he and Namjoon prod at you start looking at a few more expensive pink skirts for spring and a few nice embroidered blouses that Taehyung brings you-you get into it. 
- You stop by an expensive shop and Namjoon catches you eyeing an expensive silk scarf; cream colored and patterned with small watercolor flowers, your eyes snag on it for a moment before you let yourself be dragged on by Tae (who you’re actually letting hold your hand for once) before Namjoon mentally files the interaction away for later and marks the name of the store in his phone. 
- A few days after, you find the delicate silk scarf folded in quarters with a small flower from the garden and a little note.
- “Please tell us if you need anything, we care about you y/n - Joonie”
- you touch the soft silk and wonder what a thing like you has done to deserve this.  
- Later when the 8 of you go out for a special treat of ice-cream to celebrate the start of spring, you wear the silk scarf as a headband to hold back your ears and hair a bit. 
- Hybrids are widely accepted but its almost commonplace for hybrids to hide their ears since most people treat them as children or as second-class citizens. Though the patrons at the ice cream parlor would never dream of treating you badly in front of your human owners
- And in the line for ice cream you feel a small tug on a lock of your hair before you look up and Namjoon tucks it behind your human ears.
- The moment is wordless, as he looks into your eyes with the same soft fondness that he looks at all of his family, you lean your cheek softly against his arm before Taehyung interrupts you by slinging an arm around your shoulder and asking you what flavor you’re going to get.  
- You end up splitting a Sunday with Jimin while Yoongi gets the largest bowl they have filled with plain whipped cream
- Sometimes In the mornings you let Hobi pick out your clothes, especially when you plan to go out of the house.
- You let him carefully tug your skirt up to your hips and press a small short kiss to the inside of your knee as you squeak and he just grins ruefully up at your flushed face while Yoongi watches from his bed feeling his heart constrict. 
- Recently you’ve taken to sleeping there in Yoongi’s room with him- though usually not if Jungkook is. You’ve taken to plain avoiding the young hybrid now.  
- You usually fall asleep with Yoongi; thought Hoseok joins you more often than not, and Jiminie is the cuddliest puppy 
- Try as he might, Yoongi can’t ignore how good he feels when you press your face into his back in a cuddle puddle or when you playfully nip at his ears (softly too) his heartbeat stutters whenever you choose him to sit next too at the couch.  
- And he straight up laughs the first time you come back from a walk with Tae and Jimin covered with mud, holding your muddy tail close to your grass-stained blouse, bothering Hobi until he sighs lovingly and Leeds everyone to the large communal bathtub. 
- He’s always the one that takes extra care of the hybrids at bath time, always making sure to blow dry each of your tails and detangle yours, Jimin’s, and make Jungkook’s extra fluffy (since you two have longer hair than Yoongi and Taehyung). 
- Hoseok also does this for Seokjin in the morning, taking extra time to coif his hair perfectly into place how he likes it. Seokjin loves the way that his careful hands scratch over his scalp sending shivers down his spine. 
- Sometimes you wake up early and catch them before they leave for work. 
- They’ve started to be less careful around you, and you’ll accept kisses from some of them, especially Yoongi who you even seek out from time to time.  
- You end up straddling him one morning enjoying the warm spring sun in the grass and he gets handsy enough that Jungkook and Tae wolf whistle from the second floor, and you turn over and cover your face hiding your blush but Yoongi can’t stop smiling at you.  
- He is always your first choice, and that means a lot to him.
- But then one night he wakes in his cuddle puddle of a room that somehow has become yours and you’re twitching, pushing everything away from you as silent tears drift haphazardly down your face and you toss your head. 
- “Please-“ you choke out, and it takes Yoongi a moment to come to his senses, and shake you awake, your fingers dig into his arms like claws when you’re tossed from your nightmare devolving into sobs almost immediately clinging to Yoongi- to anything that’s real and safe.
- He runs his fingers through your hair but try as he might- no matter how many times he tells you it's going to be alright you just sob harder. Eventually he picks you up and takes you to Seokjin’s room.  
- Seokjin wakes from beside Jimin and Namjoon who are both too heavy sleepers to notice you quietly sobbing. Seokjin rushes to the door and takes you from Yoongi 
-  Seokjin leads you and Yoongi down into the kitchen. Seokjin’s wide protective shoulders covering your anxieties like a heavy feather blanket as his easy words slowly draw you out of your panic attack. 
- His thumbs wiping tear after tear from your cheeks
- “I have some hot chocolate for you lovely. Do you want Yoongi to put some whipped cream on it?” you nod, sniffling, your arms still loosely twined around Seokjin’s neck and he brings the cup to your hands, so that you can grip it yourself, you sit across Seokjin lap, your sniffles stopping instantly when you taste how good the whipped cream is. 
- Seokjin giggles his windshield wiper laugh as Yoongi grins and runs a comforting hand down your spine.
- Later- they decide- they’ll try and get an answer out of you about the nightmares, but for right now, both Seokjin and Yoongi decide that they’d rather have you propped in-between the two of them, sleepy face slightly smudged with cream, belly full and happy with sugar. 
- You fall asleep in Seokjin arms as he laughs as he chats on about a new intern at his company, your ear pressed against his chest to listen to his steady heartbeat
- Kisses start to be an everyday thing; when Seokjin treats you to sweets Jimin will sneak a peck and say that he just wanted to see if it tasted any different, then Taehyung tries it and says “I wanted to see if your mouth tasted any sweeter after Jimin kissed it” and it makes you skitter behind Hobi so quickly, face flushed, that they all dissolve into giggles. 
- You’re still painfully shy around Seokjin and Taehyung, but it gets better, soon you start to seek out affection instead of shyly waiting for it and stop wondering if they want you to touch them and just touching them, being affectionate as Jimin is. 
- The same way that cats will come into a room and then ignore you? that’s the way that you were for the first few months- but not anymore. 
- Namjoon loves it when you sit on his lap during dinner time especially when you give him kitten licks on his neck. 
- They’re all so surprised at how needy you got when you finally warmed up to them, you almost rival Jimin in terms of pouts (when the two of you are together they’res nothing stopping it, his puppy dog eyes, and your doe eyes make everyone melt)
- Seokjin calls you lovely, 
- Namjoon calls you baby girl 
- Tae calls you darling
- Hobi calls you honey (honey and hope- how cute would that be?)
- Jimin calls you baby,
- And Yoongi calls you princess. 
- Jungkook calls you kitten when he refers to you, which is rare. He’s a little put out. Everyone’s been giving him just as much affection as before. But he hasn’t spent a night with Yoongi in a while because he’s been focused on you too much. 
- It would be fair for you to ignore Jungkook so much if he had given you any real reason at all to avoid him. But in reality, he hasn’t all given him any reason to treat you with a constant cold shoulder (besides the first few weeks in which he pushed your boundaries- but it’s been a few months now).
- Jungkook didn’t want you to leave but he didn’t want to get closer to you either. 
- Every time you passed him there was this undeniable urge in his bones, your scent stung like perfume in his nose lingering everywhere. Distracting him so much and making him want you so bad that he had taken to his old haunt the woods to get away from the house, 
- Sometimes he took Jimin with him but usually he was too busy. Usually it was Yoongi who came along with him but those times seemed to have passed now.
- in general, your and Jungkook’s relationship has been nothing but tense, and it makes everyone exchange painfully full glances.  the humans spend one afternoon in Namjoon’s study discussing it before they decide to see if you’ll warm up to him on your own time. 
- but when the tension breaks, it takes more than a few casualties. 
- it’s a rainy Saturday with everyone home and having somewhat of a movie night, Namjoon has his work spread out over the kitchen table while Seokjin is sleeping quietly in the living room with Jimin strewn over his lap. 
- You're by their feet, still in your silky new pajamas that Hoseok got you as you watch a drama with the volume all the way down, 
- Taehyung is helping Hobi hang a new painting and cleaning up the main entryway.
- Maybe it starts with Jungkook and Yoongi coming into the living room talking loudly, but no ones really sure how the fight starts 
- But all they know is that they’re sudden shouting, And it escalates until you hiss- you actually hiss at Jungkook. 
- It isn’t missed by anyone, he replies instinctually- the way he would have in the wild if any hybrid had behaved towards him so aggressively by swiping, back at you, not hard really, just enough to get you to flinch back. 
- “JUNGKOOK” Namjoon yells from across the room, standing up, Hoseok and Tae come in from the other room; Jimin perks up from his spot on Seokjin’s chest. 
- “We do not lift our- y/n!” he yells again, this time when you do your best to shove Jungkook.
- “He stepped on my tail!” “Well its not my fault that you where in the way” 
- “You should learn to watch where you’re going.” “Maybe you should learn to find any other place to be.” 
- “Both of you need to calm the fuck down.” Yoongi is the first one to put himself in-between the two of you his hands up, an arm on Jungkook pulling him away from you.  
- “Get out of my face Yoongi” you, say, turning your face up to him, it’s the first time you’ve spoken against him- or spoken up really. 
- You’re breathing in rapidly, and he can see your eyes flashing from every persons face in the room and he can see a panic attack lurking under your skin even if you cant- there are too many people looking at you.  
- Your grey tail is so fluffy it looks more like a fox tail than a cat’s tail and your ears are flat against your skull, 
- “You need to calm down y/n,” he says softly, turning fully to face you, putting himself once again in between you and Jungkook. 
- “I am calm!” you practically shout at the other cat. Your arms are shaking when you raise them again but Yoongi catches them in his own hands, pinning your back against a wall, you roil and hiss, trying to fight him back 
- but before you can try to bite his arms Yoongi leans down and bites your neck. 
- The intake of breath is palpable as everyone hears the pop of Yoongi’s canines into your skin, 
- Taehyung makes a noise moving to go to you, and then they all watch in fascination as your ears slowly raise back up, your tail gets less puffy, swishing back and forward almost lazily,
- Yoongi lets go of your arms; he retracts after a moment, giving you one or two licks to the bite before he lets you go. 
- “I’m sorry” Jungkook says, he shoulders slack, looking defeated, “I didn’t mean any of it.” he didn’t mean to get you so worked up. Didn’t mean to get you hurt like that. 
- Yoongi steps aside so you can look at him, you look shyer now- back to your old self, no longer shaking. Everyone watches the interaction stunned, unable to comprehend the fact that Yoongi- Yoongi bit you to calm you down and it worked. 
- “I know you didn’t” you reply softly. Your eyes diverted to the floor. 
- “Your shirt!” Hoseok cries, reaching for a napkin to stop the blood from running further onto the collar of the blouse you wear. 
- Hoseok guides you to the bathroom to clean it up. Casting one relived glance at Jungkook. 
- “Why did you do that.” Taehyung asks Yoongi looking at him suspiciously as Yoongi wipes the blood from his mouth. “You didn’t need to hurt y/n like that.”
- “Because I knew she’d be calm if I showed her she had to be.” Taehyung gives Yoongi a confused look, “I’m not sure if I follow either Yoongs” Namjoon says plopping down on the couch, and running a hand through his hair. 
- “Look” Yoongi says, “don’t you and Jimin have your own dominance hierarchy?” 
- “Yes! And with Jungkookie and Namjoon and you-“
- “Well cats show dominance in different ways ok?” He says before he takes him a moment to exit through the backyard doors- the rain has finally stopped. 
- Jungkook goes to follow but Seokjin stops him. “Oh no you don’t, when y/n comes back we’re having a talk with the two of you”
- The scolding you two get for your little display of aggression isn’t too severe, mostly, Jungkook just apologizes again as Hobi reiterates that he said to you in the bathroom- that you’re a family, and family never raises hands against one another. 
- “But what about when you spank Jiminy?” Tae asks,  
- Hobi and Seokjin laugh their asses off with how red both Namjoon and Himin get.
- “That’s a little different Tae.” “Why?” “Because Jiminie asks me to do that.”
- Hobi stays with you in the living room while Namjoon takes the others to the backyard for some much-needed catch, it’s finally warm enough outside for that kind of activity. 
- The next few days, Hobi takes you to work and so does Seokjin, they realize that keeping the five of you two cooped up in the house might not be the best for the whole Jungkook situation. 
- You sit at the front desk and keep track of everyone who comes in, smiling at the child class that comes in. You do a good job with guiding the little kids into the room, while Jimin smiles and assists with the ballet class with one of Hoseok’s other teachers. 
- The day you spend with Seokjin is a little posher, he sets you up in his office window and you spend the day sketching the skyline on a pad of paper
- Bring your hybrid to workday is always one of your favorites, especially when you get to go into the city. 
- “I used to live in one of those houses on top you know.” You mutter quietly one day, causing Seokjin to look up where you sit at the plushy window seat finding you nodding off. 
- His pen pauses on his paper, “you never talk about your old owner, or about the night that Namjoon found you, will you ever want too?” Seokjin asks you turn to meet his eyes,
- Seokjin’s always surprised at what balance hybrids are.  
- You might hiss and fight, and your animal instincts, might be apparent, but your humanity is equally as apparent when you smile at him sadly. “That part of my life is done hopefully, and besides they’re not much for me to say, he hurt me. Namjoon saved me, you guy’s love me. that's more than enough.” you yawn
- “Seokjin nods, but when he turns back to ask you about pressing charges (hybrid abuse is a serious offense, after all, Namjoon has dealt with more than a few cases in his time as a lawer) but you’re already asleep on the sunlit window bench. 
- And Seokjin ends up wishing that you could come around more often, but he’ll take what he can get- the quiet peace he has when he goes home to you and the others. 
- Next week he comes home with a red sketchbook for you, and Yoongi gives you a set of colored pencils. 
- You spend the first few weeks of summer finding every flower you can and drawing it. sometimes Jimin will join you and you find yourself sketching him too. 
- The humans are so surprised with how good you are, and more than a little proud, pinning some of your drawings onto the fridge, and of course Taehyung has to join in drawing stick figures and loly pop trees to hang there too. 
- Eventually, there are very little flowers left for you to draw in the garden, especially after the pink magnolia leaves all of its petals behind, 
- Taehyung comes up with the idea, they’res this park nearby that the humans never have time to take him too, but it’s his favorite.
- There is this kind of rule- that the hybrids can’t go anywhere by themselves unless they go in a group of 3. So in the peak of summer the only way Taehyung can go to his favorite park down the street is if he convinces someone to go with him. 
- As the humans are all at work, and Jimin went to help Hoseok, and Yoongi is asleep, that means you and Jungkook are Taehyung only options for fun; especially if he wants to do something besides lazing around the house. 
- You’re surprisingly easy for him to convince you to go, as you’ve never been to the park down the street. You wait around the front of the house sitting on the stone steps for Taehyung idly twirling a daisy in your hand.  
- Before Jungkook joins you and your eyes flicker to him in a silent question that he would know anywhere the “why are you here?” look that makes him turn in on himself. 
- The time might not be the worst if you would just pay attention to Jungkook the entire day, but no you seem just as happy as to sit on one of the picnic tables at the edge of the park in the shade staying out of the sun while Jungkook and Taehyung toss a ball back and forth. 
- Jungkook finds himself watching you out of the corner of his eyes. Your back is to them, facing the pond and the ducks as you sketch away in your book, in the background the willow tree drifts lazily in a cool refreshing breese. 
- “I just don’t understand why she doesn’t like me” Jungkook says to Taehyung quietly, as he releases the red ball at the apex of his swing. 
- “Do you know what Joonie told me at the beginning when she didn’t like me? That I was crowding her too much.”
- “But I barely talk to her- I don’t think that’s my problem.” 
- “That’s my point!” Taehyung says with a small smile “if you didn’t give her such a wide birth you might have more luck,” Taehyung stoops to pick up the ball that he missed from Jungkook’s hands.
- Jungkook’s eyes flickered up to look at where you sit- only to find you missing, 
- Jungkook and Taehyung search the entire park but find neither hide nor hair of you. 
- Jungkook tries to tamp down on his panic- because he knows how little you know this area, and you could have tripped and fallen or someone could have stopped by and kidnapped you. But before he can panic further he hears a shout down by the edge of the pond. 
- Jungkook and the swear they’ve never run faster in their entire life as they run towards the sound of your voice. 
- Three high school boys have cornered you by the waters edge, and Taehyung feels his blood boil when he sees one of them yank at your tail roughly and laugh as you try to twist away- they’res even a small scratch on your cheek.  
- Another one has your sketchbook underfoot and is crumbling it into the dirt, you reach for it, but the other teenager pulls you away by your tail. 
- “Hey!” Taehyung yells when he see’s just as Jungkook stoops piking up a river rock at whips it as hard as he can at them. The high school kids might have been brave a moment ago but at the sights of two infuriated adult hybrids they scatter, Taehyung whips a few more rocks at their retreating figures and chases after them.  Jungkook goes to you and for the first time you go to him, running into him at full speed crashing into his chest. 
- Tae returns just as You burst into tears burring your face in his chest as your small body shakes; stunned he wraps his arms around you, running a relaxing hand down your back. Tae returns, casting a look down at you, his eyebrows pulling together “I was so scared and because they where human I didn’t know if I could fight back without getting in trouble- and I-”
- Tae bends down to your levels and rubs over your shoulders. “Listen to me y/n,” Tae is not often serious, but at the low timbre of his voice you look up from Jungkook’s shirt, your eyes red and puffy, but Tae just wipes your tears out of the way.
- “If anyone ever treats you like that human or hybrid you fight back, and you yell as loud as you can for us, for any of us, you’ll never get in trouble for defending yourself” you sniffle and nod shyly up at Taehyung, 
- He kisses your forehead gently. “Lets go home.”  Jungkook retrieves your sketchbook from the ground,
- A few of your sketches are torn and more than a few are dirty, and the kids tossed your pencils Yoongi had given you into the water. You start to cry a little again before Jungkook takes your hand, rubbing a thumb across your hand before he assures you that no one will be angry that you lost your nice pencils and Taehyung chips in that they’ll find something to replace your sketchbook. 
- Taehyung takes your other hand in his, 
- By the time the three of you make the short walk back your tears have mostly subsided into slight sniffles’ and you’re glad to be back within the air-conditioned confines of your home and out of the summer heat. 
- Jungkook sits you down and checks the freezer finding ice pops and ice cream and fixes you with a lemon ice pop. 
- But that’s when Yoongi comes down the stairs and sees the three of you sitting on the edge of the counter.
- “What the hell happened?” he says almost tripping down the stairs, when he sees the small scratch on the side of your face. He takes your face gently in his hands.
- “They’re where just some neighborhood kids Yoongs- Jungkook and Tae saved me.” Both of the hybrids try not to puff out their chests and exchange grins feeling proud- before they catch Yoongi’s expression, he’s looking at them murderously like they’re the ones that beat you up, 
- As he goes to pick up the phone they start to protest but then he shoots them a look, and they fall silent. 
- It takes Hoseok, Jimin, and Jungkook, to stop Namjoon and Seokjin from calling the police that night, especially after they see the scratch on the side of your face.  
- Jimin sits next to you when he gets home and presses a wet paper towel to the scratch, pressing a kiss to the scratch every time he takes it off too check it.  
- They spend the night pampering you; Namjoon runs a brush through your hair as you sit snuggled up against Jungkook’s chest while Tae spoons Jungkook. 
- Yoongi watches you from across the room. Tracking your movement like he's not sure you’re all right. 
- Namjoon retreats to the patio outside, finding Hoseok and Seokjin piled on top of each other, the two of them giggle and pull the him down onto the outdoor futon.
- The air is warm, And Namjoon can’t keep the smile on his face especially when Seokjin’s hands start to wander.
- “God I love the two of you.” Hoseok gasps, running a hand down Namjoon’s arms and another through Seokjin’s hair. “I love our family, I love our everything. And mostly- I love that that’s no longer a problem.” He says gesturing inside his house, where they can see through the window. You and Jungkook, sleeping, snuggled up on the couch.
- Yoongi has moved next to you, his black cattail curled gracefully with yours, with Taehyung and Jimin equally as cuddly. All the hybrids piled onto one couch, happy and finally getting along. 
- By the end of the night it’s Jungkook and Yoongi who carry you upstairs and tug you into a comfortable pair of flannels,  you fall asleep in the middle of the big bed after Yoongi promises you that the others will join you, and they all do. Piling in together, each of you feeling happy and whole and so full of love you could nearly burst. 
- The next day when you wake up Namjoon manages to convinces you to file a police report against the teenage boys who harassed you. The two of you go down to the police station that morning
- the law is important to Namjoon- but then the unthinkable happens, it turns out your name is in the system, Namjoon gets the call stunned three days later while he's at work- because he never imagined that you could be accused of a crime
- But no the police officer assures him- you where in the system as missing. 
- Missing- no that can’t be right, Namjoon found you that night, abandoned to die. But it’s too late he can;t take back the police report they’re already contacting your old owner. 
- Namjoon doesn’t know how to tell you- he never got the full story about what happened to you because he never imagined it could be a problem, he thought that whoever had you before didn’t want you. 
- Of course he asks his fiancée’s what he should do- and the three of them decide to tell you alone away from the others, but Yoongi muscles his way into the room, standing by the floor to ceilings windows with his arms crossed while the three of them sit you down at the table Namjoon works at. 
- “y/n, I know you don’t want to talk about this, I know it’s a hard subject, but can you tell us about the night I found you? Can you tell us what happened before that?” 
- Namjoon asks as you sit across from him, Seokjin holding your hand. None of them are surprised when the tears start to fall. 
- Yoongi starts forward, saying that it’s too much for you- that they should just leave you be, but you wave him away, saying that you should tell them that they have a right to know. 
- You tell him the story of the man that adopted you from the facility, how he always mistreated you and kept you as a pretty house cat- and pretty much a maid, but never let you out, never gave you anything more than the bare minimum. 
- You tell them About the times that he would abuse you and hit you for the smallest things, like dropping plates or tripping over your tail. 
- Sometimes kicking you to the point where it hurt to breath- he’d even twisted your arm so far he’d broken it once. 
- You tell them about the demeaning words and Hoseok assures you that no- you’re not worthless, you’re not any of the unkind words he used to tell you that you where. 
- You tell them about the things you overheard about his business, and that’s when they all realize that the person who owned you might as well have been a monster. 
- As they start to put the pieces together they realize that there is a very good possibility that your old owner was connected to a mob. 
- The last night you stayed in that house he was having a dinner party, a normal occurrence, but not so normal as when you tripped, manage to shatter an expensive vase and spill a whole glass of wine over one of his guests and the carpet. 
- The beating you had gotten that night had been the worse ever, and when you had thrown up blood on his carpet too- he had decided it was the last straw and had his men drop you in the ally down the street, 
- Everyone is crying by the end of your story, everyone but you, you’re just looking down at the floor willing yourself to disappear into it, your eyes empty and your hands shaking
- And when they open the doors they find the other hybrids listening in, Jimin is sobbing and he throws himself into your lap before anyone can stop him. 
- And you just hold onto him as tight as you can, burying your face in his shoulders as the others pile around you and hold you tight.
- Namjoon has already told you what your owner might do, and all of them decide unanimously that  no, they’re not going to let you go back to your old owner,
-  You’re their family now and they’re going to fight for you no matter what. 
- And with what Namjoon’s witnessed and with what you told him he has more than enough to convince a judge or even a jury that you need to stay with them. 
- That night, Yoongi already knows you’re going to wake up because of nightmares, and he makes Seokjin sleep with them too, and Namjoon. You pull Namjoon into the big bed as well,
- Namjoon has always made you feel so safe; ever since he saved you that night. but he cant stop it when you shoot out of bed and head to the bathroom to vomit up your food, anxiety curled in your stomach. 
- Taehyung takes you down into the living room to watch TV when you decide that you don’t want to sleep, and in the early hours of the morning you finally do. Your head on Taehyung’s lap as the news (it was the only thing that was on) drowns out Tae’s snores, all of the lights on to banish any demons and any shadow. 
- Your old owner doesn’t try to get in contact with you until a few weeks later- but he does it in the worst way possible- but turning up at your front door. 
- Jungkook’s near- thank god, because he sees you flinch back from the front door and immediately goes into protective mode, shoving you behind him and out of the way before growling at the man before slamming the door in his face.
- it takes Jimin and Jungkook to talk you down from the panic attack that follows  
- After that the humans are served with papers- asking for the return of the hybrid. 
- How horrible Seokjin thinks, that your old owner only refers to you as the hybrid, when he knows from spending time with you, from falling in love with you that you are a full-fledged person with dreams and hopes. 
- Namjoon would never think of letting him take you, and he talks and bothers the judge assigned to your case incessantly, Hoseok and Seokjin come as well- corroborating Namjoon’s story about the condition they found you in that night, your injuries that where obviously inflicted.
- You even go in and give a testimony Hoseok never lets go of your hand and you don’t cry, but your shoulders are slumped and curled in when they lead you out of the courthouse. 
- All it takes is a glance between the three of them to decide that they can’t let you go home like this. So they take you out to an art shop and buy you a set of new colored pencils, oil pastels, and watercolors complete with brushes and new sketchbooks. 
- You fall asleep against Namjoon’s shoulder in the back seat on the way back from the courthouse, so tired from the emotional stress of the day. 
- Namjoon runs his hands through your hair as he looks down at you and thinks about how strong you are for facing this, and as he thinks about the last few months, about how happy everyone’s been, about how well you fit into their little family, Namjoon lets a few tears loose as he thinks about the very real possibility of losing you. 
- He meets Seokjin’s eyes when they’re parked at a spotlight and they share a fond broken look. And that’s when Seokjin vows that there is no way he’ll let you go- it will break his family he knows it will.
- Seokjin might have been raised with money, but he works really hard so that his family can live comfortably now. They still manage to put a large amount of money away every month for a rainy day fund, after the groceries and mortgage and cell phone bills are all paid for. 
- And this is certainly a rainy day. 
- So he sets up a meeting with your old owner no matter how bitter of a taste it leaves in his mouth- to meet with that monster of a man like an equal. 
- And he finds him more disgusting than you described, with breath smelling like smoke, and wearing a very ugly and out of fashion Balenciaga suit. 
- Over drinks, Seokjin swallows down his rabid distaste of the man and convinces him to sell you, despite the fact that you are a person and not a thing to be sold. 
- And when he comes home, and finds you cooking in the kitchen with Namjoon spilling every other bowl, laughing your ass off with Jungkook, watching him struggling to cut an onion for the roast you’d planned on making that night, 
- He decides he can’t wait to tell you. You drop the bowl of salad you’re holding in your hands the moment his words leave his mouth and it clatters and spills but no one pays it any attention. 
- “you mean I’m yours? He can’t take me away from you now?” you say, your lower lip quivering. And Seokjin smiles at you before you launch yourself into his arms; Namjoon comes to hug him too, before Taehyung runs in, shouting for confirmation of what he’s just heard. 
- Seokjin smiles and says yes- yes, he hasn’t gotten your official birth certificate yes. But right now it seems that you’re theirs now, and that there’s no risk at all of you being taken away. 
- Namjoon catches Jimin smiling at you with a small sad look in his eyes, and Namjoon takes his hand in his while everyone woops and cheers, already talking about going and getting ice cream cake to celebrate, Hoseok noisily asking you what your favorite food is. 
- It might have been a few years since Jimin was saved from a similar situation but some day’s it’s still hard for him to forget the abuse too, 
- That’s one of the reasons why Namjoon thinks the two of you are so close to one another. Because you’ve both gone through such similar things. 
- That night, a warm summer storm sweeps through, and instead of finding yourself scared (like Yoongi is- underneath about 5 layers of covers to drown out all sound of thunder) you find yourself drawn outside, accidentally rousing Jimin from sleep when you elbow him, he comes with you outside as the two of you stand underneath the rain, 
- “it feels fantastic doesn’t it?” Jimin asks, after you’re done twirling around, your smile stretched so wide that your face will start to hurt soon, “I never thought I’d feel so free” you agree stretching your arms out. 
-“What are the two of you doing?” Hoseok calls from the open patio doors, which results in the two of you pulling him out to dance with you in the rain. 
- Jimin and Hoseok teach you few moves as you twirl underneath the deluge of the water feeling light and for the first time like you could be okay, like it’s all not too good to be true. 
- Hoseok starts singing a terrible rendition of “singing in the rain” resulting in the three of you dissolving into giggles before you shriek and run inside, trying to avoid getting water on the floors, Jimin is downstairs making tea when you corner Hoseok with a towel, fluffing his hair out for once- the same way he always does for you.
- He giggles and smiles, and twines his hands around your waist from where you sit in between your legs and presses his nose to your sternum, his hands wandering as he grips you tightly. Breathing in your warm fluffy scent
- He’s happy to have the person he holds dear in his arms. You press a kiss to his nose when he looks, up and then to his lips. And pretty soon Hobi is standing, as you kiss hot and incessantly against the closed bathroom door before he pulls away his eyes heavy-lidded, and reminds you that Jimin is waiting downstairs. 
- If at all possible after that things get even more happy- though they also get busy. 
- Soon the humans remember that- yes they actually are engaged still, and if they want to have a wedding they should probably do it soon while they can still have it outside. 
- They spend time picking out cakes and taste testing in their backyard on a late summer day, 
- Jimin and Taehyung play Frisbee while you sit and sketch the two of them, while Jungkook disappears into the woods with Yoongi only to come back a hour later the two of them holding bouquets of wildflowers for you. 
- You kiss both of them on the mouth, and when the wedding planner catches the three humans looking at the hybrids with expressions of tenderness, she asks how they’d like to incorporate you into the ceremony. 
- So they decide that you’ll be like bridesmaids and groomsmen, standing up at the altar with them. 
- Three months later at the wedding, the hybrids are all dressed in shades of navy blue and champagne.
- Jungkook and Taehyung are in matching pinstripe suits, while Taehyung wears a white shirt embroidered with yellow bumblebees. 
- Jimin wears a suit of the same bumblebee pattern while your dress is yellow and princesslike long with small flowers  that goes fantastically with your grey ears. Yoongi’s suit is so blue it’s almost black. 
- Seokjin and Namjoon in suits of dark blue with yellow boutonnieres and Hoseok is in a cream suit and glittery silver shoes that he loves. 
- The three of the humans say their vows as the hybrids stand around them and watch on, sniffling and crying as work friends, and family friends and family that are supportive of their modern relationship cheer and smile. 
- They share rings and a three-way kiss, as the three of them pledge their lives together. 
- The 8 of you spend the night dancing and getting drunk on Champaign, feeling giddy and happy, and light knowing you have people to love you. 
- It’s on the honeymoon next week, a cruise trip around the tropical islands, when the first breakfast rolls around, Namjoon gives you a collar that makes you officially his not that any of the hybrids really belong to anyone specific.
- Its small and such a light shade of pink its almost white with a gold tag with your engraved address and a small golden bell- traditional for cat hybrids, and you press so many kisses to his face that his cheeks hurt from smiling before Jungkook helps you fasten it around your neck. 
- A lot of shenanigans happen on that cruise ship.
- Between Namjoon fooling around with Seokjin in the hot tub, and Yoongi discovering the all you can eat ice cream Buffett, 
- Jimin nearly giving everyone an aneurysm when he drops the ball that the only bathing suit he brought was a bright red speedo by walking out onto the deck in offending speedo giving half of your family nosebleeds.
- The black bikini you wear doesn’t make it any easier 
- Jungkook and Yoongi both fight over whose lap you get to sit on, both of them protesting indignantly when you curl up between Namjoon and Seokjin, who laugh at their pouts.
- All in all- their honeymoon is really just everyone being a bunch of horn dogs and finding creative ways to have sex on the cruise ship. 
- And for the first time- you join in, though its Jimin and Jungkook that first rope you into it after convincing you to work out with them, queue steamy sauna times. 
- Then its you and Yoongi making love one morning when everyone else goes for an early yoga class,  
- Then you assist Taehyung in making Seokjin fall apart in the walk-in shower in your cabin. 
- After the honeymoon, it becomes apparent why everyone’s so horny, because you and Jimin go into heat within a day of each other, the two of you make a nest of sorts in Yoongi’s room and its Jungkook and Yoongi that take the first round from the two of you. 
- Yoongi is a little overprotective of you- since he claimed you as his own a little. You're not exactly mates, because there are no official mates in hybrid house but being the only other cat makes him very attached to you.
- Somewhere along the way the humans also decided It’s not wise to have the hybrids help each other out with the heat if they happen to coincide, since you could very easily hurt one another.
- You ride Yoongi while Jimin rides Jungkook right next to you and in the middle you lean over and start making out with Jimin, the sight of the two of you making out above them makes both of them cum quickly. 
- And then its Namjoon’s turn to take care of the two of you and lets just say he has his hands full. He brings the two of you chocolate covered strawberries to recharge afterwards.  
- But Yoongi keeps getting drawn back in, probably because he’s a cat hybrid and you are too, they’re something about the smell of you that has him hardening in his pants whenever he nears your room, 
- It’s not any easier for Jungkook, who was already a horn dog when you weren’t on your heat, and you being a girl also has a particular effect on the hybrids. 
- Yoongi and Jungkook take very good care of the two of you when you’re on your heat, switching between you and Jimin every round or so. though everyone visits the room at one point or another. 
- And when you and Jimin finally burn off your heat, it takes nearly an hour for Hoseok to clean the two of you, with both of your bodies feeling ropey and satisfied and miles high before you both get hit with a day’s worth of aftercare and a buffets worth of food. 
- All in all- your heat is nearly a week affair. it’s your first heat but you’d never dream of letting anyone else help you through your heat.  
- Winter arrives quickly and quietly after that with more snow than you’ve had in years past
- The humans take you sledding one weekend the same day that Namjoon finds his first real grey hair (though it will take him another full 5 years to get to the point where he’s full salt and pepper)
- he finds it after he takes a warm bath with you- you’d been cold from sledding and a snowball fight, and you're still leaning over the edge of the tub when he looks into the foggy mirror and tries to find more grey hairs, while you just laugh from the edge and say that now he’ll match your grey tail and ears.  
- And it takes the cold invading for them to realize it’s nearly been a full year since you moved in with them. 
- Christmas is a happy affair filled with good food (Seokjin decides to make Christmas taco’s with the help of you and Jiminie) 
- And by the end of the night Taehyung and you are so full that you stretch out in front of the fire and fall deep into a food coma, resulting it Seokjin carrying both of you up into the big bed. 
- The next morning presents are exchanged; you give the three humans a framed drawing of yours of their house that they put on their wall. Jungkook gets new video games, Tae and Jiminy get matching Gucci sweaters, while Yoongi gets a pair of 100% noise blocking headphones that he nearly cries over. 
- Seokjin laughs and runs his hands through Yoongi’s hair, saying that now he better not complain about getting any peace and quiet. 
- The humans get you a large fluffy heated blanket complete with a white duvet cover that’s covered in small blue and pink flowers.  (You love it so much, you and Yoongi use it until it’s old and stained)
- But really the gift that means a lot is the one that the hybrids made for Seokjin through really it’s for everyone,
- though they did get the supplies to make It with help from Namjoon and Hoseok on one of the days that Seokjin had to work late. 
- Seokjin’s the one that bought them the house all those years ago, but it makes half of them cry when he unwraps it. 
- It’s a small black slate plaque with golden letters (that you and Jimin carefully painted together), it’s your house number and address, but underneath it there’s a tiny golden paw decal and large curling letters that say; 
- 18 Magnolia way: Hybrid House
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ladyartemesia · 7 months ago
All I Want For Christmas is You
Tumblr media
Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Female Reader
Summary: When Park Jimin is unable to escort his precious sister through the gauntlet of corporate holiday galas, he blackmails his best friend Taehyung into being her chaperone. After all, who better to safeguard his headstrong sibling than a man who would never want her for himself? (She and Tae have spent the better part of a decade mutually disliking each other, and that’s putting it mildly.) Yet, even the best laid plans may go awry at Christmas and Kim Taehyung is about to discover that the girl he never wanted has become a temptation he cannot resist...
Genre: Comedy • Fluff  • Smut
Tropes: Brother’s Best Friend (Reader is Jimin’s Sister) • Enemies-to-Lovers
Collab: This work is part of the Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tropes Collab featuring original holiday themed works by @ppersonna • @xjoonchildx  • @underthejoon • @yeojaa​ • @untaemedqueen • and @snackhobi
Word Count: 17K (I know—I am shocked too honestly)
Rating: Explicit (18+)
Warnings: suggestive photographs • mention of accidentally being hit with a baseball • hints of jealousy and possessiveness • light tit slapping • explicit sexual content • m/f oral sex • consensual unprotected sex (shield it before you yield it y’all) • Viola’s mirror kink makes yet another appearance •
To @ppersonna​ (Lindy) @underthejoon​ (Fal) and @xjoonchildx​ (Ana) you guys are my heart. Your support, willingness to read (and re-read) and give honest feedback made this fic special. Your friendship is my daily dose of awesome. Truly, I love you.
To @untaemedqueen​ (D) all of the above applies to you, but I owe you a little something extra for the LITERAL HOURS you spent in the doc with me. This fic would not be here without you. You kept me moving. You inspired me. You were amazing. Thank you so very much. This story is lovingly dedicated to you. 
To @hobi-gif​ for being the most thorough and incredible beta reader and for having all the important girl chats with me. I think you learned more about my past than you wanted... Either way you made this story better and I am profoundly grateful for the hours of time you spent. I have removed all the Hope-No-No words in your honor. 
To @lemonjoonah​ as always, you knew EXACTLY what I needed to tweak to make this story work. (Gotta pass that Lemon Litmus Test or no dice lol.) My lovely soul twin. You’re a bloomin’ rockstar. 
Please Picture This Taehyung:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“No. Absolutely not.”
“Yes. Because you absolutely owe me.”
“Then send me a bill, not your unmanageable harpy of a sister.”
Jimin raised a single unimpressed brow. 
“Kim Taehyung. It was exactly five years ago today that I carried your drunken naked ass two miles in the rain after you set your clothes on fire and sprained your ankle at that Beta Phi party.” He paused dramatically. “Do you remember what you said to me that night? After I deleted several pictures off phones and paid off half the party to keep it out of the papers?”
The man in question shifted uncomfortably.
“That incident is a bit hazy in my memory. I’m not sure I recall—”
“Jiminie—you’re the best and I—I owe… you. I owe you the most, Jiminie. I do—I owe you a favor—one BIG favor—anything you ask… Even though... I actually like being naked. I don’t think we need clothes. We should all be naked. Everyone. Then there would be world peace.”
Taehyung’s jaw dropped. 
Jimin grinned, sliding his phone back into his pocket.
“Naturally. And I had it all ready to go—just in case you needed extra convincing.” He crossed his arms and fixed his best friend of nearly fifteen years with a triumphant smirk. “I’m calling in that favor today, Taehyung. Now are you a man of your word or not?”
Tumblr media
“He did WHAT?!”
Your mother winced. 
“Jimin was... uncomfortable leaving you alone for the holiday season. He normally accompanies you to the galas but this year—”
“This year I was going to go alone and finally build my reputation as an asset to this family!”
Park Soomin sighed as she watched her daughter pace fiercely around the living room of their luxury suite. 
“No one doubts that you’re an asset, but… in light of recent events...”
Rage and embarrassment flared up in your chest before you could stop them. 
“This is about Milo… isn’t it?”
The silence that greeted your statement was confirmation enough. 
“Are you ever going to trust me again?” you whispered. 
“Oh sweetheart... it isn’t you we don’t trust...”
Tears burned at the corner of your eyes, but you ruthlessly blinked them back. 
You would play along with their humiliating schemes. 
For now.
“So which one of Jimin’s Ivy League brat pack did he blackmail into babysitting me? 
For the first time in the entirety of the conversation, your mother looked truly nervous. 
“Kim Taehyung.”
You tripped over your own feet and face-planted into the sofa. 
Tumblr media
“Jungkook, I need to look into faking my own death. Nothing too over the top. Just a tasteful disappearance—”
The man in question could barely restrain his grin. 
“You don’t pay me nearly enough to deal with your mother in the event of your tragic demise and miraculous resurrection.”
“I could pay you more.”
“Or,” Jungkook replied with a heavy dose of judgment coloring his tone, “you could put on this ridiculous tie and stop trying to weasel out of it.”
“Sometimes I wonder why I pay you at all,” Taehyung growled, yanking the tie from the younger man’s grasp. “Clearly I’m not the one in charge.”
“Your words, sir, not mine. Now shall we go over the details and itinerary?”
If Jeon Jungkook wasn’t the best executive aide in the city (and one of his closest friends) Tae would have drop-kicked him right then and there.
“Could you at least try to look like you’re not enjoying this?”
“I’m sorry, sir. It was insensitive of me to ignore your suffering in this delicate time. The trauma of escorting a beautiful woman to a series of glorified buffets weighs heavily upon you.”
Taehyung tightened the tie so aggressively, he almost strangled himself.
“Beautiful woman?!” he wheezed. “We’re talking about the girl who showed up to our formal graduation party looking like she just escaped from Azkaban.”
Jungkook bit the inside of his cheek thoughtfully. 
“Tae… how long has it been since you’ve actually seen Ms. Park?” 
“Seen? Maybe three—four years.”
The heir-apparent of Kim Holdings avoided the public end of corporate culture like the plague, preferring to leave the requisite schmoozing to his personable cousin, Kim Seokjin. 
However, he had crossed paths with his adolescent nemesis in... other ways. 
Taehyung was romancing a lovely young socialite who suddenly ghosted him after someone told her that he wanted at least eight naturally-birthed children. 
Soon after, your favorite charity received an anonymous 30,000 dollar donation requesting that you be featured in the dunk tank for an upcoming benefit carnival and then the same anonymous patron paid for at least fifteen little league teams to attend. 
In retaliation, someone petitioned the National Aviary Society (chaired by a very influential senator’s wife that no one ever refused if they wanted their permits to go through) to make Taehyung the MC at their annual awards ceremony—knowing full well he was allergic to birds (not dangerously allergic—just enough to be miserable).  
Taehyung had sniffled and sneezed through approximately one hundred parrots, parakeets, and other assorted fowl until he was ready to commit murder. 
The last several years had been littered with similar incidents of the two of you taking thinly veiled potshots at one another. 
“I can’t imagine she’s changed very much,” Taehyung bit off absently. His mind was abruptly consumed by how he could get revenge for those demonic birds. 
He didn’t notice the smile creeping over Jungkook’s face. 
“No, sir. I’m sure she hasn’t changed at all.”
Tumblr media
Taehyung had only ever had the wind knocked out of him once before. 
He was Dionysia High School’s star pitcher for three seasons and during one particularly tense game against JY Prep, Lim Jaebeom whacked a line drive right into his solar plexus. 
That’s how it felt to look up and see you at the top of the stairs. 
In his head, you were still the mischievous imp from his childhood. Every prank he played was directed at the fierce little fiend with braids and braces who’d knocked him and his date into the university fountain while experimenting with her friend’s skateboard. 
But she was gone… and in her place was something far more dangerous. 
A woman. 
Silken fabric wrapped tightly over curves you definitely didn’t have four years ago. That wild hair had been tamed into shining waves and pinned elegantly at the nape of your neck. The wicked slit that traveled all the way up your thigh teased a smooth shapely leg that all but demanded the viewer fantasize about running their hand up the length of it. 
Suddenly it was very clear why Park Jimin wouldn’t let his sister venture into the corporate cesspool alone. 
Because the sight of you could make a man desperate. 
Betrayal—of all things—slowly crept over Taehyung as you descended toward him like some sort of angel floating down from the heavens. 
His mind went blank. Just watching the seductive shift of your hips as you swayed ever closer felt like a violation of his friendship with Jimin. He could feel the judgmental stares of an imaginary Bro-Code Council boring into him from on high. 
“I see you’ve recovered from your memorable tenure as the Aviary Society’s Master of Ceremonies.”
And just like that the brat was back. 
Taehyung breathed a hefty sigh of relief, secretly thrilled to be in familiar territory with you. 
“Naturally I was delighted to help Senator Mitchell’s wife. In fact, Mitchell’s office just fast tracked all my pending permit requests for the new year.” He tilted forward, coming into your space a bit. “I should really send you a thank you card.” 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you scowled, breezing past him like an indignant queen. 
Tae could practically see the steam pouring out of your ears. 
“Of course not,” he chuckled.
Tumblr media
The first gala of the holiday season was an extravagant annual affair hosted by Min Corp., a Seoul based investment firm that commanded billions in assets. This year, the theme of the event was the Joseon Dynasty and the entire ballroom had been gloriously transformed into a stunning celebration of the Min family’s royal heritage. 
Attendees were gifted their own traditional fan, each uniquely crafted by artisans from Damyang. Taehyung’s was all black with bold silver calligraphy while yours was a beautiful bamboo and silk piece decorated with pomegranate trees. 
You had already whacked three people with it by the time dinner was served. 
“It really is a pity these fell out of fashion,” you lamented. “They’re quite useful.”
“You are deranged,” Taehyung mumbled, massaging his temples in exasperation. 
“Nonsense. I only fanned those who deserved it.”
“He was staring at my rack for a solid minute.”
Taehyung could hardly blame the man, it was a battle he himself was losing after all, but Harkins was twice your age and married—therefore his ogling was in especially poor taste. 
“Okay... What about Kang?” 
“He was verbally abusing one of the waitstaff.” 
“Alright, fair enough, but why on earth would you go after sweet old Mrs. O’Malley?”
“She was about to grab your ass.”
Taehyung’s mouth dropped open.
“She’s eighty-five!”
“And still kickin’ apparently.” You shook your head in disgust. “As if I’d whack an eighty-five year-old woman for anything less than non-consensual touching.”
“I- I- mean—surely you must be mistaken,” he coughed. 
“Oh, there’s no mistake. That nasty old crone is a serial offender. She likes to play it off as dementia, but she’s as sharp as a tack. Last year she got a whole handful of Jimin. Honestly, I’d call the police on her, but the commissioner is her grandson so I doubt I’d get very far.”
Taehyung turned to the woman in question just in time to see her totter lecherously toward Jung Hoseok, fingers already twitching in anticipation. 
“Is nothing sacred?” he mused hollowly. 
You shrugged. 
“Many people who accumulate as much as our families have start believing that they are entitled to whatever strikes their fancy.” Your eyes met his with a hint of bemusement. “Surely you should be used to this sort of thing by now?”
“Yes, but I was hardly expecting it from little old ladies!”
The remainder of dinner was a terse affair where you pretended he didn’t exist for the entire meal and he in turn pretended that the spunky young heiress seated to his right was the most darling creature to ever walk the earth. By dessert she was ready to get married and you were ready to vomit. 
Afterward, Taehyung found himself quickly converted to your views on fan usefulness as you began strolling through the crowd intent on strengthening your family’s corporate ties. 
“Kim Taehyung,” you ground out through clenched teeth, “how am I supposed to do business if you keep stabbing everyone I speak to!”
“I don’t know what you’re implying. I’m simply not used to carrying one of these. I may have accidentally grazed a few overzealous individuals—”
“My last three conversations have been rudely disrupted by the blunt end of that accused fan.”
Taehyung crossed his arms smugly. 
“And what of it? Jimin sent me along to keep an eye on you and the gentlemen in question were hardly behaving themselves. No one has to put their hand in my back or lean that close to me when they’re talking business.” 
“That’s because no one wants to get that close to you,” you replied sweetly. “You’re gross.” 
A devastating grin slid slowly over his features as he leaned forward to whisper in your ear. 
“I can think of several women who might disagree.”
He just barely caught the hitch in your breath before- 
“Like who? Miss Blushes-and-Giggles from dinner?”
“Jealous?” Taehyung drawled cockily. 
“Only in your dreams, Kim.” Then, with a deliberate flick of your fan, you turned your back to him. “I’m headed for the ladies room. Do yourself a favor and don’t follow me in.”
Tumblr media
It was twenty minutes before Taehyung realized that you slipped out the back entrance of the restroom. 
It took another ten for him to locate you on the balcony flirting outrageously with Min Yoongi. 
The young heir of Min Corp. was just leaning closer to whisper sweet nothings in your ear when a black fan slid right in between the two of you. 
“Lovely weather we’re having,” Taehyung observed cheerfully. His eyes bounced between you and Yoongi with barely concealed fury and you let out a miserable groan. 
“Mr. Kim,” Yoongi cleared his throat significantly. “What an… unexpected surprise.”
Frustration clawed at your chest as your overbearing guardian nodded smugly in response. 
It was time to teach him—and Jimin—a lesson. 
“Yoongi,” you sighed, sliding your hand pointedly through the crook of his arm, “I’m not feeling at all well. Would you perhaps… escort me home?”
Taehyung suddenly looked as if he’d swallowed a live octopus. 
Yoongi grinned, clearly thrilled with the prospect of simultaneously spending more time with you and irritating Taehyung. 
“It would be my pleasure.”
Tumblr media
“Jimin is gonna kill me,” Taehyung grumbled as he watched Min Yoongi help you into the passenger seat of his Aston Martin. 
An ugly green feeling he refused to identify twisted sharply in his gut when you smiled coyly at the other man. 
“This is ridiculous,” he snarled to no one in particular before yanking his phone out of his pocket. 
Jungkook picked up on the second ring. 
“I need you to drive to Ms. Park’s apartment and tell me if she goes in alone or if Min Yoongi goes in with her.”
“You want me to what?!” 
“Just do it!” he snapped, downing an entire glass of champagne before signaling his own driver. 
Fifteen minutes later his phone vibrated from the car seat next to him. 
1 New Message from: Jungkook
Her building has four separate entrances. Which one do I watch? 
Taehyung could practically feel the vein pulsing in his forehead as he scrolled through his contacts. 
You picked up on the fourth ring. 
“Where are you?”
“Oh it’s you… Wait—how did you get this number?”
“Jimin. Obviously. Now please answer the question.”
“Oh a ‘please.’ Who knew you had manners?”
“Answer the question, Park. I’m tired.”
The distinct sound of a zipper unzipping carried through the speaker. 
“I’m at home, of course. Where else would I be? I just got here like a minute ago.”
He had a sudden vision of Min Yoongi helping you out of your dress. His grip on the phone tightened. 
“Are you alone?”
You snorted. 
“I don’t see how that is any of your business.”
Taehyung saw red. 
“I’m coming over.”
There was a loud crash and several colorful words in at least three different languages. 
“Wha- No! I’m trying to go to bed!”
“With who?!”
“With myself, you idiot!”
“Prove it!”
“Fine! I will!”
The line disconnected and Taehyung swore loudly. He was just about to direct the driver to your building when his phone went off again. 
1 New Message from: Park Gremlin 
He almost choked on his tongue. 
You were clearly in the middle of undressing and—in your irritation—probably hadn’t looked too carefully at the picture you sent.  
At first glance it was simply a shot of your empty room (presumably “proof” that you were alone) but you neglected to consider the floor-length mirror hanging in the far corner…
A mirror that showed you angrily holding up your phone with your gown pooled deliciously around your waist and the soft round swells of your breasts strapped into lacy red lingerie. 
You were exquisite. 
A fierce, hot sensation gripped him ruthlessly, and this time there was no mistaking it. 
Tumblr media
Your phone lit up on the bed where you tossed it after snapping a photo for your tightly-wound man nanny. 
1 New Message from: Kim Grinch 
I didn’t know you liked Van Gogh. 
Your head tilted in confusion. 
There was a Van Gogh print in your room, but he couldn’t have seen it because it was behind you when-
Oh NO.
You gasped, scrolling back up to confirm what deep down you already knew to be true. 
… You just sent Kim Taehyung a topless mirror selfie. 
Several miles away, smiling smugly in the backseat of his town car, Taehyung was sure he could almost hear you screaming. 
Tumblr media
“Good morning, sir. Which would you like first; the bad news or the worse news?”
Taehyung groaned from underneath his covers. 
“Don’t you ever knock? I could have a woman up here.”
“You’ve never brought a woman up here.”
“Is that the bad news?” Taehyung yawned. 
“No,” Jungkook tossed a small stack of newspapers and printed digital articles into his lap, “this is the bad news.”
Pictures of you, Min Yoongi, and even himself were splashed over the front pages of all of them. 
“The Park Angel?” 
“That’s what the media calls her... The public is rather fascinated with her actually.”
“Can’t imagine why,” Taehyung mumbled. 
“Of course not, sir. It’s a great mystery.”
As usual, Taehyung chose to ignore his aide’s lethal snark and pressed on to the matter at hand. 
“This is a flaming disaster.”
“Oh I don’t know. I really appreciated the picture of you staring on forlornly while she and Yoongi climbed into the Aston Martin. Takes a real gift to capture all that drama in a single frame.”
“Which one was that?!” 
Tae ran his hand down over his face in exasperation. 
“I’m surprised my mother hasn’t called.”
“She has. Twice.”
“I don’t suppose that’s the ‘worse news’ is it?”
“Of course it isn’t. I’m never that lucky.” He collapsed backwards into his pillows with a beleaguered huff. “Go ahead then. Tell me.”
“Park Jimin is on the line for you right now.”
Tumblr media
After a small eternity on the phone with Jimin (assuring him that NO Min Yoongi had not despoiled his precious sister and YES he would definitely do better next time), Taehyung was forced to attend an impromptu brunch with his mother. It took considerable effort, but he was eventually able to convince her that you were neither breaking his heart nor expecting his child. 
By the time he arrived to collect you for this evening’s event, Taehyung was already sick of hearing your name (he’d spoken it no less than three hundred times since Jungkook woke him this morning).
You were in much the same boat as Taehyung, having spent most of the afternoon pacifying Jimin and clearing up your own mother’s romantic delusions regarding the Min and Kim heirs respectively. 
Tonight’s gala was a Victorian Christmas Ball thrown by the National Literary Fund and the entire venue had been transformed into a Charles Dickens fever dream. 
Unlike the Min Gala (whose theme was guarded like a state secret every year) the Literary Fund’s tribute to A Christmas Carol was tradition and you were dressed accordingly in a custom corset gown with gorgeous detailing. 
Every second of effort it took to lace yourself into the monstrosity was worth the look on Taehyung’s face the moment you slipped off your cape. 
“Something wrong, Mr. Kim?”
Taehyung was desperately trying to look literally anywhere but your chest, where said corset was serving up your breasts like a debauched buffet. 
Jimin. Think of Jimin. Think of what Jimin will do to you. Think of how much trouble she’s caused-
He peeked again.
I would pay a million dollars to suck those tits. 
“Nothing at all,” his voice cracked. 
The itinerary for the evening included performances by a local children’s choir, a traditional waltz, and—of course—dinner.
You both managed to get along without snapping at each other during the choral performance, but as two of the largest donors to the Children’s Literacy Initiative, neither of you could escape being drawn into the waltz. 
The energetic socialite who Taehyung flirted with over dinner the previous night eventually lured him onto the floor while you graciously accepted an invitation from a lovely older gentleman who chaired the Fund’s event committee. 
For the first few movements, you were thoroughly enjoying yourself. Mr. Lee was charming, respectful, and still an excellent dancer despite his advanced age. It wasn’t until a familiar sound caught your attention that the lightness in your chest suddenly felt heavy...
Taehyung was laughing. 
You heard him do so many times over the years, and in each instance, the carefree magic of it never failed to make your heart flutter. 
But now he was smiling down at the pretty little heiress and laughing for her… and the flutter in your chest was accompanied by something else. 
Something that felt an awful lot like longing. 
“Does he know you look at him like that?” Mr. Lee asked quietly. 
Your eyes flew guiltily to his, but it was too late. The old man had caught a glimpse of the secret you buried deeply for more than a decade; so deeply, in fact, there were times you almost forgot it yourself...
“No,” you whispered, “he has no idea.” 
Tumblr media
Disaster struck at dinner. 
Taehyung quite liked dancing with the lovely Miss Something-or-Other. She was sweet and funny and (unlike with you) he wasn’t constantly torn between agitation and raging inappropriate lust in her presence. 
The cold shoulder you offered him when he took his seat seemed even more frigid than usual and he spent half the meal wondering what he’d done to earn your amplified disdain when suddenly—
Your hand smacked down on his wrist, seizing it in a vise-like grip. 
Taehyung nearly choked on his steak and was about to give you a searing set-down over your spontaneous grabby-ness when he noticed your expression. 
“What’s wrong?” he whispered, leaning forward in concern. 
“I-I need—” 
It looked as if you were in some sort of physical pain and Taehyung was rapidly becoming worried. 
“I need your help,” you finally managed to whimper and the next thing he knew, you were dragging him away from the table and into one of the secluded alcoves near the main entrance hall. 
“Is there anyone around? Can anyone see us?” The look on your face bordered on unhinged. 
“No. There’s no one. Park, are you okay? What’s going on I—”
“I need you to unlace my dress,” you hissed frantically. 
At that moment, a bomb could have gone off and Taehyung wouldn’t have blinked. 
You, however, were completely preoccupied with your own distress and therefore oblivious to his. 
“My earring broke during dinner and fell down there and now it’s stabbing me—”
Your eyes were beginning to tear. Taehyung remained frozen, still trying to figure out whether or not this was a lucid dream. 
“—it’s definitely pierced the skin and there’s a possibility I’m gonna start bleeding through the fabric—”
The mention of blood snapped him out of his daze somewhat. 
“A-Alright. Just turn around—brace yourself on that wall.”
You quickly did as you were told and Taehyung began to tug fruitlessly at the ties cross-crossing your back.
“Why won’t this—”
His fingers fumbled over the knots, desperately trying to loosen them, but they simply wouldn’t budge. 
“I can’t—I can’t get it. Whoever helped you into this thing made sure you weren’t getting out of it.” 
You whined in frustration and the earring shifted a bit in response. 
There was only one other way to fix this (and you would almost rather be in pain). 
“Taehyung I—” you turned to face him again, forcing your eyes shut before reluctantly doing what had to be done “... I need you to reach down the front of my dress and get it.”
He blinked. Twice. 
“I’m sorry—What did you just—”
“Please, Tae,” you whispered desperately, letting your lip tremble in a way he had never been able to resist, “it hurts…”
He gulped. 
His eyes dropped to the matter at hand.
This is fine. Everything’s fine. She’s in pain, right? You’re basically a doctor right now. You’re just going slide your hand in between the most mouthwatering pair of breasts you’ve ever seen and then—
Taehyung’s manic inner monologue was interrupted by the sound of his own moan. He immediately faked a coughing fit to cover it and prayed you hadn’t noticed. 
(You hadn’t. You were actively being stabbed.) 
“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this,” he muttered, curling his fingers over the scalloped edge of the bodice. 
You bit your lip, desperately trying to hold back any reaction, but when his knuckle brushed the pebbled tip of your nipple, you gasped. 
His hand stuttered, lingering a moment too long over the tight little peak as his gaze suddenly shot up to meet yours. Both of you had been studiously avoiding eye contact, yet now it was as if neither of you could look away. 
Taehyung wet his lips reflexively. 
“It’s too tight,” he whispered, “I need more leverage.” 
Then his arm wrapped over the curve of your lower back and he drew you tightly against him, anchoring your hips just enough to fully slip his hand between your body and the corset. 
You were so warm.
So soft...
“I can feel it,” he grunted, “but I can’t get a good grip on it.” 
His mouth pressed into a tight line as he leaned forward, bringing your back up against the wall. You let out a little squeak and his eyes darted briefly down to your mouth before he spoke again. 
“Hold on to me.”  
You nodded and wordlessly slid your arms around his waist.
If you concentrated hard enough, you could almost pretend that this wasn’t one of the most erotic moments of your life. 
You could almost pretend that it meant nothing. 
Your mind was spinning wildly, wondering what he was thinking, wondering if he noticed how strangely you were breathing or how hard your heart was beating...
“I’ve got it,” he murmured. Shivers shot down your spine at the dark timbre of his voice. 
He was so close. You could feel every word he spoke brushing softly against your skin. 
“On ‘three’ I’m going to pull it out… Are you ready?”
You drew in a final steadying breath. 
“Do it.”
He nodded. 
“One… Two… Three—”
Taehyung yanked his hand back and several things happened at once. 
Your breasts bounced almost entirely out of the corset. 
The decorative clasps on the front of your gown tangled with the buttons on his shirt and when he pulled back, three of them went flying off like stray bullets. 
And finally, the corset didn’t relinquish Taehyung’s hand quite quickly enough and, as a result, you toppled forward and crashed down on top of him, smashing your newly bare breasts to his newly bare chest. 
It could have been ten seconds or ten hours that passed by while the two of you lay there, breathing heavily in a pile of confused arousal when—
“... Is… everything alright here?”
You both looked up to find a thoroughly scandalized member of the waitstaff standing over you. 
Taehyung saw his life flash before his eyes—ending (of course) with Jimin murdering him for this. 
He gulped again. 
“I can explain.” 
Tumblr media
It was decided—for the sake of appearances—that you would both leave the venue (immediately) in separate vehicles. 
Taehyung dropped a cool three hundred in crisp bills on the unfortunate waiter in order to help him ‘forget’ whatever he may or may not have seen. 
Neither of you spoke another word to each other in the ten minutes it took to bribe all the appropriate parties, gather your coats, and call for two separate town cars. 
Something had happened when he touched you; a subtle shift in the precarious balance of your relationship that you both felt keenly, but could not possibly begin to define. 
Taehyung barely even remembered climbing into the back of a vehicle. His body was firing on auto-pilot after the sensory overload of the last half hour. It wasn’t until he was nearly home that he realized he was still holding onto your earring. 
His mind began to wander as he examined the troublesome bauble in his palm. It was a striking piece; deceptively complex and unexpectedly beautiful. 
Just like you.
He told himself that the heat pooling low in his belly was anger—that the strange anxiousness to be near you was simply a desire for retribution—that it was merely platonic curiosity that left his hands aching to explore the rest of your curves. 
… and pitifully transparent ones at that. 
Still, he clung to them desperately out of self-preservation. 
The gentle hum of his phone suddenly disturbed Taehyung’s silent contemplation. 
1 New Message from: Park Gremlin 
I made it home safely. 
Taehyung’s fingers were typing a reply before he could properly consider the consequence of his actions. 
To: Park Gremlin
I require proof… like last time. 
He nearly threw the phone the moment he sent it, running his hands down over his face in disbelief. 
You’re playing with fire, Kim Taehyung. 
And he was burning up already. He had no business sending you texts like that. Maybe you wouldn’t catch it. Maybe he could just-
The phone went off again and it was embarrassing how quickly he scrambled to open your response. 
His heart stuttered in his chest. His breathing ceased entirely-
And he knew—he knew—there was no coming back from this.
At first glance the photo was nearly identical to the shot you sent him last night. Same room, same angle… 
same mirror.
Yet this time, the reflection was quite different. 
The temptress in the glass wore nothing but that sinfully delicious corset and a pair of silky lace thigh highs, each accented with a green satin bow. 
He wanted to rip them off with his teeth. 
 “Oh Taehyung,” he whispered, as a dark wave primitive longing tore through him, “you are in so much trouble.”
Across town (buried beneath a pile of blankets) you were still struggling to process the boldness of your own actions when his response lit up your screen. 
1 New Message from: Kim Grinch
Green is my favorite color. 
Tumblr media
Taehyung awoke to a series of crashes and shouts echoing from the floor below him. 
Jungkook was already seated in the corner of the room reading a newspaper. 
“Good morning, sir,” he said without looking up. “Would you like the bad news or the worse news?”
Suddenly the french doors of his bedroom slammed open and one very irate Park Jimin stormed through. 
“I swear I should have seen this coming. The two of you have always been obsessed with each other, but I never imagined—”
Taehyung’s eyes widened guiltily. He quickly schooled his features into a confused glare. 
“Jimin, I’ve only been awake for fifteen seconds. What the hell are you talking about?!”
Another stack of newspapers hit his lap and this time the pictures were mostly of him with his shirt ripped halfway down his chest. 
He winced a bit at that last one. 
“You have ten seconds to explain before I start throwing things.”
Taehyung opened his mouth to do just that, but he was interrupted when his mother marched into the room waving the same articles that Jimin had just thrown at him. 
“KIM TAEHYUNG I raised you better than this! How could you!? That poor girl!”
“Mother!” he squeaked, yanking his blanket up over his chest like a frightened debutante. 
Jungkook began surreptitiously filming the whole debacle from the corner. 
“Indeed,” Jimin added darkly, crossing his arms over his chest, “how could you?”
Taehyung sighed heavily. 
“Is anyone else going to come charging into my bedroom?”
“Just answer me once and for all, is she pregnant?” 
“NO! Mother! Oh my—”
“Why does your mom think my little sister is pregnant?!”
Taehyung waved his arms wildly in exasperation. 
“My mom thinks everyone is pregnant! You know this!”
Jungkook could no longer contain his hysterical cackling. He very nearly fell off the chair trying to hold it all in. 
“Mr. Jeon,” Taehyung ground out irritably, “if it’s not too much trouble, could you please escort everyone out of my bedroom so I can get dressed!” 
Tumblr media
“So you see—I was basically like a doctor,” Taehyung finished emphatically. 
He spent the past twenty minutes explaining to the entire table (which now included both you and your mother) why it was necessary to shove his hand down the front of your dress. 
Park Soomin had shown up at his door looking for answers (and dragging you behind her like a sacrificial lamb) about three minutes after Jimin. 
You had taken one look at Jimin’s murderous expression and insisted that the situation be evaluated over breakfast at the cafe down the street (where there were lots of witnesses). 
Which was how you, Taehyung, Jimin, and both your mothers ended up discussing your cleavage over coffee in a public restaurant. 
Jimin was the first to break. It was a few snorts at first, but he was basically in tears by the end of it, wheezing about how he never doubted Taehyung for a second and holding on to his sides from laughing too hard. 
Taehyung’s gaze met yours for a brief, heated exchange. He conveniently forgot to mention your slightly-less-than-explainable ‘check-in’ texts, but their existence was palpable in the air between you. 
“I think I’ll take a walk,” you muttered, excusing yourself from the complicated atmosphere at the table. 
Taehyung’s eyes lingered on you a tad too long as you wandered away, a fact that wasn’t missed by either of your mothers.
“Just a few more events and you can go back to not seeing her at all,” Jimin chuckled, patting him on the back. 
“Yeah,” Taehyung answered with a tight smile. “That’s… great.”
Tumblr media
The cafe had a lovely little balcony area decorated with all sorts of comforting Christmas foliage. It was far more inviting than the awkward conversation and confusing stares you and Taehyung had been trading all morning. 
For the first time in the nearly fifteen years of your relationship (such as it was) you didn’t know where you stood with him… and it bothered you more than you cared to admit. 
Taehyung had always been important to you, whether you wanted him to be or not. He mattered—effortlessly—from the first moment you met him and continued to do so without regard for your sanity. 
Whatever was building between you now would almost certainly bring change… though what kind of change was anyone’s guess. 
It was hard to imagine the years ahead without the strange excitement he always brought to your life, but some things were simply out of your control…
“I never thought I’d see you here.”
A profoundly unpleasant feeling (something similar to falling through the ice on a frozen pond) overtook you. 
“Milo.” Even saying his name felt gross. You sighed. “What is so strange about seeing me here?”
The man in question blushed in a way you once found irresistible. 
“I looked for you everywhere. All your usual places—”
“I avoided them.”
I avoided you. 
Milo nodded. 
“I—I figured.” 
He took a step closer and you instinctively moved back. The hurt in his eyes was unmistakable, but you had long since become immune. 
“What are you doing?” you hissed angrily. “I thought I made myself clear the last time we spoke.”
“Yes, but—” his hand reached out to curl over your forearm and you recoiled, “you didn’t give me a chance to explain—”
“Excuse me.” 
You both turned to see Kim Taehyung with his arms crossed over his chest, glaring at Milo like he was a roach that crawled across his dinner plate. 
“Your mother sent me to come find you. She wants to leave.” 
You nodded and moved to pull away, but Milo’s grip tightened on your arm. 
“No—please if you just give me a minute—”
“That is enough,” Taehyung snarled, seizing the other man’s hand and forcibly removing it from your person. He angled his body between the two of you protectively. “I think it’s time for you to go.”
Milo’s eyes narrowed. 
“You’re Kim Taehyung. I read all about you in the papers this morning.” His lips twisted into an ugly sneer as he addressed you. “You really think you’re better off with him if that’s the way he treats you?”
Taehyung tensed menacingly beside you, but you laid a gentle hand on his arm to calm him. 
“None of that is any of your concern.” Your gaze rose to meet his defiantly. “Nothing about me is your concern anymore.”
Milo’s eyes fell to where your palm rested on the other man’s sleeve, noticing the way you both unconsciously leaned toward one another. 
“This isn’t over,” he muttered, storming off. 
After he was gone, you let out a breath you hadn’t known you were holding. 
“Thank you,” you whispered (though you couldn’t resist adding), “I could have handled it myself of course…”
Taehyung laughed. 
“Oh I know. I was at that party where you knocked out Tyler Jung for grabbing your ass.” 
You grinned. 
“I’d forgotten about that.”
“Well I’m sure Tyler hasn’t.” 
(He neglected to mention that he split Tyler’s lip behind the library the next day, just to make sure it was extra memorable for him.) 
“I wish I could forget about Milo.”
“... Are you still in love with him?” 
The words tasted like ash in his mouth. 
“No.” You smiled softly. “I’m not sure I was ever in love with him actually. It’s more—” you sighed, “—embarrassment… wounded pride.”
Taehyung tilted his head curiously and you found yourself continuing. 
“In the beginning, he was very playful and charming—and obviously handsome. He reminded me so much of—”
You cleared your throat. 
“Anyway… I was quite taken with him at first. I didn’t suspect any ulterior motives.” You shrugged, trying to hold back the unpleasant emotions that always threatened to overrun you in moments like this. “I just thought he liked me.”
Taehyung’s eyes filled with sympathy and understanding as you spoke. It felt oddly natural to open up to him this way. 
“Jimin is very protective of me—with good reason it turns out. He was suspicious of Milo and hired people to do some discreet digging.”
Your hands wrapped around your body for both warmth and comfort. 
“Milo’s family owns several companies, just like ours, but they’re all struggling. His father sent him to me hoping that he would eventually get compromising information… a sex tape or photographs—something of that nature. They intended to blackmail Jimin into doing business with them.”
Taehyung felt his jaw clench painfully. Fury, hot and profound, rolled through him. 
“I should kill him.”
You shook your head, amused in spite of yourself. 
“That’s exactly what Jimin said.”
“He has good instincts.”
“Scum like Milo aren’t worth it,” you chuckled. “He never got what he wanted… but I was still mortified. I felt like such a fool for believing him.”
“No,” Taehyung’s hands slid up to cup your shoulders, “it’s not foolish to believe that someone cared for you.”
It would be so easy to care for you. 
“Besides…” his eyes fell briefly to your lips as he searched for the right words, “I saw the way he looked at you and—even though he’s clearly a terrible person—I believe his feelings may have been genuine.”
You nodded. 
“That’s what he keeps trying to tell me—that he did have bad intentions, but ended up falling for me anyway.” You shook your head. “As If I could believe a word he says.”
The silence between you stretched comfortably. Taehyung sensed you had more to say, so he waited until you were ready to voice it. 
“I think that’s why I’m so sensitive about handling things on my own lately… and just now even. I want to prove to everyone—to myself—that I’m not a liability.”
“Hey,” he whispered, tipping your chin up till your gazes met, “no one thinks you’re a liability. And even if you are capable, no one should have to fight their own battles all the time—especially when they’re emotionally compromised…” His thumb gently brushed away the small tear that escaped down the curve of your cheek. “That’s the benefit of having people who care about you.”
“... Like you?” 
The words left you so softly, you could almost imagine they were still in your head where they likely should have stayed. 
Taehyung’s eyes widened in surprise. His gaze became even more intent and you ceased breathing altogether. After a moment his lips parted as if he was about to speak- 
“What’s going on, guys?”
You both jerked back at the sound of your brother’s voice. He was standing in the entrance to the balcony, gaze darting suspiciously between the two of you. 
Taehyung was a bit dazed, but you were always quicker on your feet. 
“I ran into Milo… Tae was calming me down.”
Jimin’s eyes hardened immediately. 
“Where is he?”
“Long gone,” you mumbled, ambling over to the familiar warmth of his arms. “I just want to go home.” 
Tumblr media
The Black and White Ball was one of the most coveted invitations of the holiday season. 
The dress code was quite strict (all black or all white—no exceptions) and it was one of the few events where people actually arrived in limousines. 
Taehyung loathed limousines. He felt absurdly pretentious pulling up to your building in such a gauche ride, but traditions and appearances meant too much in his world to simply disregard them. 
His ensemble for the evening was a beautifully tailored black suit with hand-stitched baroque detailing. Oddly, he found himself wondering what you would think of it... 
“You look like a vampire.”
Taehyung turned at the sound of your voice and was struck, yet again, by how incredibly beautiful you were. 
You had chosen to wear white, donning an exquisite gown with delicate pearl beading and a daring sweetheart neckline that molded perfectly to your frame. 
If he looked like a vampire, you were surely an angel. 
Angel or not, he couldn’t let that comment pass. 
“I think I’m offended.”
“I can’t imagine why. After all, loads of women are attracted to Nosferatu.”
Taehyung’s eyes narrowed. 
“There are so many sexy vampires in popular culture, but you just had to lump me in with the creepy bald one...”
You shrugged playfully. 
“I wouldn’t want you to think I was going soft.”
A wicked grin danced over your lips as you strolled past him regally—just as you had many times before... 
This time, however, he let his eyes linger a little longer on the view. 
Lord have mercy. 
“Of course not,” he coughed. 
Tumblr media
“You’re what?!”
You rolled your eyes.
Tonight had been going rather well. 
The two of you formed a mutual unspoken agreement to pretend that your last encounter on the balcony (and on the phone) had never happened and (despite the heated glances you occasionally traded) the bickering and playful banter characteristic of your relationship had all but returned to normal...
Until Taehyung learned of your participation in the evening’s main event. 
“I told you, I’m part of the date auction this year.”
“Does your brother know about this?!”
“I didn’t see any reason to bother him with it.” You were suddenly preoccupied with your nails. 
“Woman,” Taehyung sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, “are you trying to make my life difficult?”
“No, I’m just naturally gifted in that respect.”
You turned and began making your way to the front, but Taehyung was hot on your heels and clearly not ready to let the matter rest. 
“I cannot believe you’re actually going through with this! It’s not 1810, you know. We shouldn’t just auction off women for dates—”
“You’re absolutely right, Tae Tae.” You brushed a condescending pat over his cheek. “Nowadays we auction off the men too.”
Then you sauntered off to join the rest of the participating women—and men—backstage, leaving Taehyung to stew about the entire situation from the crowd. 
Tumblr media
“As you know, all proceeds from tonight’s auction go to fight childhood hunger right here in our city. For legal purposes, I must advise all bidders that you are only bidding on the company of the individual in question.”
Taehyung shook his head. “Jimin is probably going to kill me for this.”
“If you place the winning bid, then you and your date will receive two VIP tickets to the Governor's Winter Wonderland Gala which comes with a variety of amenities including; a luxury limousine service, one of the private and famously romantic Winter Wonderland dinner experiences—”
His eyes fluttered shut. “Jimin is definitely gonna kill me for this.” 
“—unlimited free drinks, ten complimentary tickets for each of the grand prize raffles, photos with the Governor and his family, along with many more surprises!”
Taehyung grabbed a champagne flute from a nearby waiter and downed it in one go. 
“And now for our first date of the evening! Mr. Jackson Wang!” 
Jackson went for a cool six grand because no one was brave enough to outbid his girlfriend. 
After him, the beautiful Manoban heiress and her handsome cousin Kim Namjoon went for twelve grand each.
Jung Hoseok started a frenzied bidding war between two young socialites and Mrs. O’Malley. He ended up going to the lovely Ms. Ana Fallon for a staggering twenty thousand dollars. 
Taehyung’s own cousin, Kim Seokjin, paid a jaw-dropping twenty-one thousand dollars for Lin Yuna, the young CEO of Lin Cosmetics. (Taehyung made a mental note to ask him about that later.) 
Then it was your turn. 
“The next lady on our list needs no introduction. The lovely Park Angel has graciously agreed to a date with one lucky bidder tonight! Who will it be? Do I hear ten thousand?”
“Ten thousand.”
Taehyung swung his head toward the first bidder and breathed a sigh of relief. 
Tam Martin, one of your best friends and very gay. 
“Eleven thousand.”
“Twelve thousand.”
“Sixteen thousand dollars.”
“Seventeen thousand.”
Taehyung was having trouble keeping up with all the bidders. His ears were starting to ring again and a strange unpleasant nausea was building in his stomach. 
“Twenty thousand.”
“Twenty-five thousand.”
“Thirty thousand!”
At the sound of the last bidder’s voice, you noticeably paled. Your eyes flew to Taehyung’s and immediately he knew exactly who it was. 
Before he could even react to the new information, another voice joined the fray. 
“Forty thousand.”
Min Yoongi smiled smugly from the other side of the room and even had the audacity to throw you a wink. 
You smiled shyly at the young heir’s boldness and Taehyung felt something downright unholy rise up in his chest. 
Milo was still bidding. 
“Fifty thousand dollars.”
Not her. 
“Sixty,” Yoongi countered.
She’s mine. 
Suddenly Taehyung was on his feet. 
“One hundred thousand dollars!” 
Tumblr media
The silence in the backseat of your limousine was deafening. 
Tension charged the air like an electric current as the significance of the last hour weighed heavily between you. 
The spacious luxury vehicle allowed you to sit facing one another. Taehyung’s eyes were focused on his hands, but you were looking at him—letting your mind run wild with speculation. 
And hope. 
Part of you was still there, on the stage, watching him stand up and bid a fortune for the pleasure of your company. 
His gaze was so fierce when he spoke, like an ancient emperor calling out his decree for the people to obey. 
You dreamed about him bidding on you when you signed up for the auction (even before Jimin bullied him into accompanying you). You let yourself imagine him speaking out again and again till the others stepped back—
Yet you never dared hope for it. 
However, the last several days marked an unexpected turning point in your relationship. 
For years, you and he were like magnets with a too-similar charge, but something had shifted irrevocably between you, and somehow your stubborn similarities became opposites that could not resist their attraction. 
Kim Taehyung was one of the wealthiest men in the city…
But he didn’t need to buy your heart. 
It had always been his, even if you didn’t want to admit it. 
He had claimed you tonight—and every single soul in that ballroom knew it. 
The next move was yours and you intended to make it. 
“Mmm,” you hissed a bit, bringing your hand to rest just below your breasts. 
Taehyung’s gaze flew up in concern. 
“Is everything alright?”
“Yes, it’s just that scratch from the earring,” your fingers rubbed gingerly at the spot, drawing his focus to it, “it still stings.”
“Oh… I—” he shook his head, “I didn’t realize it was that bad.”
“Do you want to see?” 
Taehyung’s eyes rose slowly to yours. 
You watched the subtle rise and fall of his chest as he considered your words. Anticipation vibrated through your blood like notes struck on a piano—
Then he nodded...
And you both were lost. 
Trembling fingers slid the zipper down the side of your gown. The dress itself was a marvel of physics designed to support you without the need for a bra. 
Taehyung drew in an impossibly deep breath as the fabric drifted to your waist, baring the perfect mounds of your breasts to him entirely. 
“Here,” you whispered, pointing to a small red mark just under the curve of your left one. 
He bit back a moan. 
“I—I see. That looks… painful.” His fingers dug into the seat beside him. “Is there anything I can do to help?” 
You nodded. 
“Kiss it better.”
Taehyung felt the air knock out of his lungs like a sucker punch. 
This must have been how Adam felt when Eve offered him the forbidden fruit all those millennia ago. 
He knew he shouldn’t—
but he could never deny you. 
“Of course.”
You watched as his tongue darted out to wet his lips. He looked like a man possessed and you reveled in the power of it. 
It was for you. 
He wanted you. 
Your back arched up the slightest bit, beckoning to him—offering him a taste of what he was so desperately craving. 
Touch me… please. 
Large palms landed on either side of your thighs, bracing him on the seat beneath you. The tip of his nose teased the delicate line of your collar bone and he swore violently under his breath. 
Then his lips were on your skin and your mind went blank. 
“Taehyung—“ you moaned. 
Hot open-mouthed kisses spread over the soft swell of your breast and you gasped— shuddering helplessly as a fierce wave of pleasure tore through you.
Sweet merciful heavens. 
Over the years you imagined a moment like this thousands of times in your head—only to discover now that you had pitifully underestimated both his passion and his skill. 
You had dreamed of a quiet fire—but he had unleashed an inferno. 
The lewd sounds of his mouth nipping and sucking at your tender flesh filled the small space around you as he poured himself into each obscene contact—stopping briefly to flick his tongue over the taunt peak of your nipple. You trembled breathlessly at the sharp snap of sensation, letting your head fall back against the seat as you buried your fingers in his soft curls. 
Finally his mouth fastened over the tiny scratch, and the kiss deepened. You knew what he was doing, what the result of his efforts would be—
He was marking you. 
And you wanted it. 
Oh how you wanted it. 
Suddenly the car took a sharp turn, causing Taehyung to lose his grip on the seat. His arms wrapped around your torso for balance, dragging you fully against him.
“Does it feel better, Angel?” he growled. 
You nodded frantically and he nipped at the underside of your breast. 
“Speak up.”  
“Yes, Taehyung,” you whimpered, “it feels so much better.” 
“Mmmm,” he hummed, brushing his mouth along the sensitive column of your neck. “Who knew you could be such a good girl?”
Then his hand came up to grip your chin, turning it so your lips were almost against his—
“Madame. We’ve arrived.”
The driver’s voice cut over your senses like a shard of ice. 
Taehyung jerked backward and immediately buried his face in his hands. 
Your fingers hastily yanked your dress up and you stumbled out of the car in a daze, letting your feet carry you forward until you collapsed on top of your bed. 
Did we just...
You hadn’t even begun to collect your thoughts when your phone buzzed from inside your purse. 
1 New Message from: Taehyung 🙄🥴🙈
I need to know you made it safely to your room. 
You grinned. 
Greedy boy. 
Back in the limousine, the boy in question was nervously tapping the corner of his phone against his chin as he waited for your reply. 
1 New Message from: Angel 🤬🥵😅
Oh? But you saw me walk in… and I’m already in bed.
Taehyung growled in frustration. 
She would be a tease. 
To: Angel 🤬🥵😅
I tend to worry. Put my mind at ease. 
He shook his head. 
I have officially gone insane. 
The phone buzzed again. 
1 New Message from: Angel 🤬🥵😅
Well… We can’t have that can we… 
Taehyung literally felt the whine tear out of him as he opened the picture. 
Your gorgeous body (the body he’d had his hands and mouth on for one glorious minute) was nestled decadently atop a pile of fluffy blue blankets and wrapped in nothing but a tiny silk robe. 
The neck gaped open just enough to show off the pretty red marks he left on the delectable curve of your breast. 
He groaned, biting down hard on his bottom lip.
To: Angel 🤬🥵😅
That's all I get after I made the pain go away? Good girls send real proof, Angel
The screen lit up again almost immediately. 
1 New Message from: Angel 🤬🥵😅
Guess I’m not such a good girl after all...
Tumblr media
Jimin came tearing through the Kim Manor front gate at precisely 7 AM—only to find Jungkook camped out at the entrance with several outdoor space heaters and a giant mug of hot chocolate.
“He told you not to let me in, didn’t he?”
Jungkook took a long satisfying sip of his cocoa. 
“I hope you don’t feel singled out, sir. I’m not allowed to let his mother in either.”
“I need to talk to him.”
“Of course, Mr. Park, let me just pull up his schedule—”
“I need to talk to him now.”
“I’m afraid Mr. Kim is booked solid for the morning.”
Jimin stomped his foot like a petulant child. 
“I know he’s up there.”
Jungkook grinned. 
“You’re welcome to climb the trellis and check. I promise not to stop you if you make it all the way up.”
“COME DOWN HERE AND FACE ME YOU COWARD!” Jimin shouted at the top of his lungs. 
Jungkook took another long pull of his drink. 
“Might I inquire as to the reason for your visit today, sir?”
“The reason for my visit,” Jimin yanked out his phone and angrily began typing into the search bar, “is that your boss paid ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS for my sister at a date auction last night and I want to know what the hell is going on between them!”
The article Jimin pulled up (DEVILISH KIM TAEHYUNG BUYS HIMSELF A $100,000 ANGEL) featured an image of the two of you entering the Black and White Ball. Your head was thrown back in laughter and Taehyung was grinning down at you as if you’d personally hung all the stars in the sky for him. 
A genuine smile crept over Jungkook’s face as he studied the photograph. 
“That’s quite a headline.” He handed Jimin’s phone back. “Have you asked your sister about it?”
“No, I swung by earlier, but she wasn’t home so—” His eyes widened. “Oh my—is she—”
Jimin suddenly took off running for the trellis, and Jungkook scrambled out of his chair to chase him. 
He was already three feet off the ground when Jungkook yanked him back. 
“I thought you said I could climb the trellis!”
“Yes,” Jungkook wheezed, “but I didn’t think you’d actually do it!” That trellis is a hundred years old! A few more feet and I’d be scraping you off the antique brickwork!”
Jimin scowled and crossed his arms. 
“Are you by any chance open to bribes?”
“Normally yes, but Tae promised to double my Christmas bonus if I didn’t accept them today.”
Jimin continued to eye the trellis speculatively, clearly willing to take his chances. Jungkook sighed and rubbed his forehead. 
“Mr. Park, I promise you… He came home alone last night. In fact, they both returned earlier than usual because your sister had a 7 AM finance meeting.” He paused significantly to glance at his watch. “Which is probably where she is right now.”
“Oh… Well.”
Jungkook bit his lip to hold back a snort and Jimin’s eyes narrowed. 
“He has to come down eventually.”
“One would think.”
The young Park heir glanced toward Taehyung’s window again just in time to see the man in question dart back behind the curtains. 
Jimin made another jump for the trellis and this time Jungkook caught him in mid-air. 
“Sir, I’m sure it was just the maid!”
“It’s not the maid! I’d know that raggedy mop of his anywhere!”
Jungkook was out of breath at this point. Park Jimin might be small, but he was fierce. 
“Perhaps it’s best if you took a moment to collect yourself,” he grunted. “There’s a lovely new spa down the street and they sent Taehyung two free deluxe packages.”
Jimin stopped struggling. 
Five minutes later, Jungkook sighed deeply and fished his phone out of his back pocket. 
“He’s gone, sir.”
“Excellent work, Jungkook. I never doubted you for a second.”
“... However?”
“I had to give him your spa passes.”
Tumblr media
“Are you headed for a gala or the guillotine?”
Taehyung rolled his eyes. 
“I don’t pay extra for commentary.”
“It’s complimentary, sir.”
The Kim heir tugged absently at the material of his absurdly expensive evening wear. 
Why do these events always have to be so uncomfortable? 
“Seriously, Tae… you seem,” the young aide searched for the right words, “unusually tense.”
Taehyung’s mind flashed back to three nights ago when he had his mouth wrapped around your breast. 
“Not at all,” he coughed, loosening the collar of his shirt. 
Jungkook bit his lip.
“Is this about Ms. Park, sir?”
The cufflinks Taehyung was attempting to fasten suddenly went flying across the room and hit a lamp. 
Both men winced. 
“I think that was your grandmother’s.”
Taehyung sighed. 
“I admit there have been… some developments.”
Jungkook nodded nonchalantly, trying to disguise the fact that he was internally frothing at the mouth for details. 
“... Such as?”
Taehyung gulped. 
“It started out rather innocently I suppose…” he cleared his throat, “but there may have been some suggestive photographs.”
“There may have been? Are you not sure?”
Taehyung colored guiltily. 
“Do you need me to check for you, sir? I have an art history degree.”
“Absolutely not.”
Jungkook grinned. 
“That’s what I thought.”
Taehyung yanked his tie out of the younger man’s hand. 
“Things have… escalated a bit.”
“Escalated how?”
I licked her tit in the back of a limo.
It was everything Jungkook could do to maintain a straight face. 
“That’s… shocking.”
“Then why don’t you seem shocked?” Taehyung grumbled. 
A small smile played across Jungkook’s lips as he pointedly ignored the elder man’s observation.
“So what are you going to do, sir?”
Taehyung was silent for a long moment. 
“I honestly have no idea.”
Tumblr media
Watching you walk toward him was an experience.  
Taehyung wondered absently if this was how it would be from now on; if for the rest of his life just the sight of you would be enough to scatter his mind and his pulse and even the way he breathed. 
Your dress tonight was deadly. 
It was a decadent red satin halter that clung to every curve. The truly wicked detail, however, was a daring slit that ran the entire length of your leg. 
Taehyung was certain he was going to trip over his own tongue at some point if he looked directly at you for too long. 
Oh help. 
Memories of your previous encounter flooded his senses. Every second you were getting closer and he didn’t know what to do—what to say. 
So he didn’t say anything at all. 
Not a word when you reached the bottom of the stairs. Nothing but silence as he opened the door of the limo for you. More silence and no eye contact as he settled into the seat across from yours—
And you tolerated that for about three minutes. 
“I never thought I’d see the day when Kim Taehyung didn’t have a comment about something. Perhaps I should mark this down on my calendar.”
The words were lightly spoken, but you were shaking on the inside. The last time the two of you were alone together he had your dress around your waist and you were moaning his name. Now he wasn’t talking and you were torn between panic and irritation. 
Taehyung, however, latched onto your passive barb like a lifeline. 
“Is that a hint of sarcasm I hear from the benevolent Park Angel?” He grinned. “Surely not.”
“Red is not a particularly angelic color. Perhaps I’m feeling feisty today.”
Taehyung leaned back in his seat and indulged himself in a thorough examination of your outfit. The urge to run his hands over the satin-covered lines of your body was nearly unbearable. He curled his fingers into fists to keep them from doing just that. 
She is definitely trying to kill me. 
“Should I be worried?”
Now it was your turn to grin. 
“I guess we’ll find out.”
Tumblr media
The Governor’s Winter Wonderland Gala was by far the most extravagant event of the holiday season. Tickets cost a small fortune and sold out almost immediately. 
But it was well worth the price of admission.
Thousands of lights sparkled overhead as you made your way through the great hall of Governor Kim’s mansion. 
It was like stepping into a fairytale. 
Taehyung couldn’t take his eyes off you. The sheer wonder in your expression was breathtaking. 
You were breathtaking.  
“Governor Kim, it is such an honor to finally meet you.”
The Governor was a handsome man in his early fifties with a smile that was every bit as lethal as it had been twenty-five years ago. 
“The honor is all mine, Ms. Park. I trust my nephew is treating you well.”
Your eyes widened. 
Taehyung shrugged. 
“I don’t really talk about it much.” 
The Governor chuckled and you cleared your throat to cover your nervousness. 
“Yes, he’s been a very capable escort.”
“Is that so?” Governor Kim smiled charmingly. “Well if it doesn’t work out, my son Seokjin is still single—”
“Thank you, Uncle. It was lovely to see you as always.”
You squeaked as Taehyung placed his hand firmly on the curve of your back and practically dragged you away. 
The Governor just shook his head and laughed. 
“Oh kid, you’ve got it bad.”
Tumblr media
Everywhere you looked there was beauty. 
Whoever planned the gala this year had truly gone above and beyond. Surrounded on all sides by glittering trees and snowy vignettes, it was easy to be swept away in the festive magic of the evening. 
All in all (despite some initial awkwardness), you were having a fantastic time...
Until she showed up. 
“Kim Taehyung! Is that you?”
Every single hair on your body stood on end, but before you could determine the source of the shrill squealing, you found yourself being nudged aside by a blinding golden gown and some very high heels. 
“Aubrey,” Taehyung grunted as five-and-half feet of gorgeous wrapped herself around him like a clinging vine. “Long time no see.”
“Not since that vacation in Aspen,” she giggled. “We had quite a time, didn’t we Tae Tae!”
Suddenly you had the most unholy urge to slap the spray tan right off this woman. 
Instead, you plastered on a vibrant smile and placed your hand on Taehyung’s sleeve.
“Um. Excuse me, Tae Tae, perhaps you could introduce us?”
Taehyung looked as if he’d just been served raw fire ants for dinner. 
“Yes. Of course. This is—”
“Aubrey Alicia St. Valentine,” she interrupted with a smug little smirk. “Taehyung and I go way back.” Her expression grew just the slightest bit tighter. “And you are?”
“His date,” you deadpanned. 
“Aubrey,” Taehyung cleared his throat, “I’d like you to meet Ms. Park she’s—”
“Oh my goodness! You’re Jimin’s little sister aren't you!” Aubrey slapped her hand over his chest and he winced. “That is so precious of you to take her around like this!”
Your eyebrows raised right up into your hairline and Taehyung groaned. 
“Yes, he was kind enough to sign me out of the nursery for the evening.” You offered them both a painfully vacant nod. “If you’ll excuse me, I think I see one of my play-dates near the buffet.”
Then you turned on your heel and sauntered off without another word. 
Taehyung moved to follow you, but Aubrey curled her fingers into the crook of his arm and pulled him back. 
“Oh let her go, Tae. You and I have so much catching up to do.”
Taehyung pointedly removed her hand from his elbow. 
“Some other time perhaps.” 
Aubrey pouted prettily. 
“You’re not running off after her are you? She’s a big girl, she can take care of herself.”
Taehyung crossed his arms and fixed her with a knowing look. 
“Funny... that’s not what you were implying a moment ago.”
“A moment ago I didn’t have you all to myself. Now I do.” She had the decency to blush. “Perhaps I got a bit jealous.”
“You don’t say.” His eyes continued to search the crowd for any sign of you. 
“It seems I had good reason to be,” she murmured quietly. 
“Aubrey... Listen I—”
She cut him off with a finger to his lips.
“Don’t bother Tae Tae. I’m petty, but I’ve never been pathetic.”
He grinned. 
The lady sighed and gave him a heated once over.
“What a shame.”
Then she strolled off with a rueful smile. 
Tumblr media
“You know what I don’t understand?”
You turn to find Min Yoongi leaning casually against a nearby column. He looked absurdly handsome as always, but his grin was just the slightest bit mischievous. 
“What don’t you understand, Mr. Min?”
The question was clearly a bait, but you were still fuming from your earlier encounter with Ms. St. Valentine and therefore desperately in need of a distraction. 
Yoongi pushed off the column and lazily made his way toward you.
“I don’t understand how a man pays a hundred thousand dollars for an evening with the most beautiful woman in the city, and then leaves her all by herself.” He leaned forward with a playful grin. “Perhaps you could enlighten me?”
Oh he’s good. 
You made a show of tapping your chin thoughtfully. 
“I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for that one.”
Yoongi sighed and shook his head. 
“Couldn’t be me.”
You laughed then. He really was a delightful man. In fact, if you still had your heart, you might have considered letting him take a shot at it. 
You tilted your head speculatively. 
Surely there was no need to brush away good company...
After all, no one else is interested in spending time with me. 
“Since my escort is otherwise occupied, perhaps you could join me for dinner?”
Yoongi held out his hand. 
“I’d be delighted.”
Tumblr media
Taehyung wandered around the mansion for nearly forty-five minutes looking for his date.  
Panic was just starting to build in his chest when he finally spotted you
—at his private dining table with Min Yoongi. 
It was everything he could do not to storm over and yank the other man out of his seat by the lapels. 
Alright, Angel. If this is the game you want to play… then let’s play. 
Taehyung felt his anger rise with every step, but he ruthlessly suppressed any sign of it and instead adopted a charming smile. 
“Min, I didn’t expect to find you here. What a… delightful surprise.”
Yoongi’s expression was just a shade too satisfied. Taehyung could already feel his blood pressure beginning to skyrocket. 
“Yes, Ms. Park believed that you were otherwise occupied and invited me to share the meal with her.”
“I see,” Taehyung practically snarled. “However,” his gaze landed heavily on you, “since I paid for this table, I hope you won’t mind if I join you as well?”
You avoided looking at him up to this point, but now you were choking on your wine
“Easy there, Angel,” Taehyung murmured as he pulled up a seat extremely close to yours—so close that your thighs were nearly touching. 
Oh boy. 
Over the next several minutes Yoongi continued to flirt openly and you continued to smile prettily and pretend Taehyung wasn’t there (which naturally infuriated him). 
You should have known he wouldn’t let you get away with such behavior so easily. 
This was Kim Taehyung, after all, and if there was anything that could be counted on when it came to your shared history, it was that one (or both) of you was always ready to escalate. 
You had just offered the young Min heir yet another flowery compliment when you felt Taehyung make his move. 
Two warm fingers slid under the silken slit of your dress, coming to rest possessively over the soft flesh of your inner thigh. 
You squeaked and nearly spat up your drink. 
Taehyung leaned forward in fake concern, wrapping his arm around you as if to offer aid. 
“Are you alright?”
His hand continued to move significantly beneath your gown, but his face was the picture of innocence. 
You glared. 
“Just fine, thank you.”
A slow grin crept across his features as he began to trace soft intimate patterns over your skin.  
On the other side of the table, Yoongi tilted his head in genuine solicitude. “Are you sure?”
You nodded sharply. 
Satisfied, he resumed speaking about whatever it was he’d been saying—though you couldn’t understand a word of it at this point because the torturous strokes Taehyung was leisurely drawing over your thighs were moving closer to your center with each passing second. 
Yet you made no move to stop him. 
You should have. 
You should have slapped his touch away—rebuked him for his boldness—
But you didn’t. 
So he just kept nodding and smiling while Yoongi spoke, even as his fingers teased you with the maddening persistence of a man who knew very well what he was doing. 
You gasped aloud when he finally brushed the pad of his thumb over the thin cotton of your panties. 
“Hmm?” he turned to you, seemingly surprised by your attention (it was—after all—the first time you’d addressed him since the beginning of the meal).
“Could you pass me the salt,” you sputtered (hoping to cover the fact that you moaned his name involuntarily). Unfortunately, Taehyung seemed wholly aware of your ruse, offering you the salt shaker with a superior smirk.
You seriously considered stabbing him with a fork. 
However, before you could carry out any bloodthirsty plans, he pressed his fingers directly over your clit and your eyes rolled back in your head
“Oh my g—” you bit your lip stubbornly, “this lamb is just so good.” 
Sweet mother of macaroons, he is too skilled at this. 
You shoveled another bite into your mouth to cover your whine as Taehyung began to rub tight little circles over your sweet spot. 
Across the table, Yoongi nodded in blissful unawareness. 
“Yes, I agree, the lamb is excellent—very tender.”
Taehyung took advantage of the momentary distraction to slip beneath the fabric of your undergarment. 
Your fork clattered to your plate and your hand came up to cover your mouth as he began running his fingers up and down your soaked slit.
It was everything you could do to hold back your depraved whimpering. 
“I can’t wait to taste it,” Taehyung replied, flicking your clit in a way that guaranteed he wasn’t referring to the lamb. 
At this point Yoongi seemed to notice you were in some sort of distress. He wiped his mouth with his napkin and leaned forward. 
“Ms. Park, are you well?”
Taehyung chose that moment to sink his finger into the welcoming heat of your pussy. 
“Yes,” you almost sobbed, “I’m-I’m very well—thank you.”
“Excellent,” Yoongi smiled as he rose to his feet. “If you’re feeling up to it, perhaps you could favor me with a dance?”
Several attendees were already making their way to the center of the floor and the orchestra was beginning to play.
Your entire body, however, was vibrating like a plucked harp string and Taehyung was still brushing back and forth against your clit, driving you toward a release that promised to be explosive. 
There was no way—simply no way—that you would be capable of hiding it. 
“Yes! I would love to dance with you,” you squeaked, grabbing hold of Taehyung’s wrist frantically. The feel of him pulling out of your sopping core was nearly enough to have you coming right there. 
Thankfully, Yoongi remained utterly oblivious to the debauchery unfolding beneath the table. He took your hand and helped you to your feet with an eager smile (and it was a good thing too because your legs were still shaking). 
When the two of you reached the dance floor, you turned back for the briefest instant—
just long enough to meet Taehyung’s heated gaze as his lips closed over the finger he buried in your cunt. 
Tumblr media
Emotions were a funny thing. 
They impacted your judgement, affected your body, altered your behavior… 
And occasionally eroded your common sense. 
Sitting alone in the corner of the Governor’s ballroom, Kim Taehyung found himself experiencing a full spectrum of emotional side-effects. 
His hands clenched as he watched Min Yoongi spin you around the floor. 
His heart pounded every time he caught a flash of your shapely leg peeking through the slit in your gown. 
His blood boiled when you threw your head back and laughed at something the other man said. 
It was difficult to pinpoint which emotion was to blame for each of these reactions. There were certainly a number of them boiling over in his subconscious. 
I didn’t even want to talk to Aubrey! How are you acting like anything she said was my fault?!
Why is challenging people to duels illegal? I would fight Min Yoongi at dawn. I would fight Min Yoongi now. 
You asked her to dance while my fingers were in her pussy. We are not the same. 
But perhaps the most persistent—the most overwhelming— emotion twisting through him was longing. 
You and Taehyung spent nearly four years apart, and he was so desperate to be near you—even then—that he resorted to childish pranks in order to remain a part of your life. 
He hadn’t recognized his actions or desires for what they were. He hadn’t realized what you meant to him...
But now, after spending the last several days with your hand on his arm and your laughter in his ear, he could no longer imagine spending another moment without you. 
Everything seemed to crystallize as he watched you laughing and dancing in the arms of another man. 
Uncertainty became clear. Complications became simple. 
And when he saw Min Yoongi’s hand slide dangerously close to the perfect swell of your backside—
Emotion became action.
“Mind if I cut in?”
It wasn’t a question really. Taehyung was already shouldering his rival out of the way and pulling you into his arms. 
“Taehyung,” you hissed, shooting the bewildered Yoongi an apologetic look over his shoulder, “what are you doing? This is so rude—”
“You’re absolutely right,” he agreed, sweeping you through the couples on the floor with practiced ease. “It is unpardonably rude to steal someone else’s date. He’s lucky all I did was steal you back.”
Your mouth dropped open. 
“Oh? So you finally remembered that I was your date?”
Taehyung’s grip on the curve of your waist became a shade rougher as he pulled you through the next turn. 
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”
“It means—” you stepped forward vigorously, nearly smashing your body into his, “—that you spent forty-five minutes with Aubrey Alicia St. Valentine when you were supposed to be having dinner with me!”
Taehyung growled and yanked you flush against him. 
“I spent forty-five minutes looking for you while you were giving away my table to Min Yoongi!”
The two of you sailed through the next several movements glaring at one another before you snapped again. 
“None of this would have happened if you had just told Aubrey St. Spray Tan that you were with me—”
“I did!”
“Instead, you let her call me a baby!”
“What let? Aubrey is a grown woman!”
“And—you stormed off before I could say anything, so how would you know what I let?”
“You didn’t come after me!”
“Yes actually I did—but she grabbed my arm!”
“Really? Well what else did she grab?”
Taehyung abruptly realized how silent everything around you had become. 
People were staring—and not even discreetly— just full on staring with their mouths hanging open. 
Well that’s great. 
Taehyung’s hand closed around yours and you suddenly found yourself being marched across the dance floor at a breakneck pace.
“What are you doing?”
“Continuing this discussion in private.”
“We can’t just go somewhere private in the Governor’s mansion!” you sputtered, struggling to keep up with his larger strides. 
“You mean in my uncle’s house? Yes—actually we can—and we will.”
Taehyung proved to be a man of his word, dragging you past two security guards and into the roped off section of the manor with nothing more than a nod. 
The residential wing of the Governor’s home was beautifully decorated with traditional Korean artistic touches—all of which you were unable to appreciate while Taehyung was speed walking you through the halls. 
After a surprising amount of turns and archways, he yanked open an ornate wooden door with the words Reflection Suite written on a plaque above it in beautiful calligraphy. 
You almost giggled when you got a look inside. 
On the surface it was a tastefully furnished guest room with a simple cherry wood desk and a cozy double bed set in an elegant matching frame.
The ceiling and one full wall were nothing but massive mirrors. 
Reflection suite indeed. 
The door slammed shut and Taehyung rounded on you with a stormy expression—though you weren’t waiting on him to fire the first volley.
“This is definitely going to get us in trouble.”
“I told you, I can go wherever I want in this house. It’s fine.”
“Then why did you take us here?”
“Because you were shouting—”
“I was shouting?! You were shouting I just—”
Suddenly your back was against the wall and Taehyung’s mouth was on yours. 
He hadn’t brought you here for this. When he grabbed your hand, he was only trying to get away from the crowds. He told himself that he needed privacy so you could talk—so he could clarify things. 
But the minute the door closed and you flared up again in all your magnificent rage, he was lost. 
He had to kiss you then. 
You were so lovely. So fierce. So wildly irresistible and he was too utterly smitten to fight the need to be near you—to be with you in every way that he could—for a single second more. 
The shock of Kim Taehyung pressing his lips to yours lasted about two full seconds—and then there was nothing but ravenous insatiable need. 
Everything was him. 
Everything was this—this sweet indescribable ignition of a desire that spanned years. You moaned eagerly against his mouth in wanton delight. After a decade of sparks, you were more than ready to burn. 
His name poured out of you like a prayer. You needed him everywhere and miraculously he seemed to understand—
Not that he was prepared to be polite about it. 
“Where’s that smart mouth now, Angel?” he growled, tangling his hands in your hair to expose the tender column of your throat. “Nothing to say?”
Your only answer was a desperate whine as he spread hot-open mouthed kisses down the soft skin of your neck all the way to your collarbone.
Now was not the time for patience. He would be tender with you later. You absolutely deserved soft sweet caresses and slow leisurely love making and he was absolutely going to give them to you—every day if you’d let him. 
But not today. 
The minute his mouth encountered the barrier of your dress, he gripped onto the sides and yanked it down to your waist.
“You knew just what you were doing in the back of that limo, you little brat,” he hissed, taking one swollen nipple into his mouth and tormenting it with his tongue.
“Tae-ahhh!” Your back arched involuntarily in ruthless pleasure. 
“I spent hours—days even—wanting to get my hands on these perfect tits.” He licked the other nipple obscenely, squeezing the soft mound till it bulged through his fingers. “And you offered me the barest taste with that coy little grin, knowing it wouldn’t be enough—” 
He reared back and landed a firm slap on both breasts and you screamed.
It was so so good. 
“Look at them now,” he murmured, “so swollen and needy and mine.”
If any other man had said those words, you would have cut his heart out with a butter knife. 
But you had always belonged to this man body and soul, and to hear him acknowledge it so primitively felt like the sweetest vindication. 
“Yes!” you sobbed.
The affirmation only inflamed him further. He teased and fondled the tender flesh till you were shaking.
Your fingers curled into the soft waves of his hair as he indulged himself. He looked so ridiculously good sucking your nipple, moaning lewdly with his eyes pressed shut in cathartic bliss. 
“This is all your fault, Angel,” he groaned. “You just don’t know how to behave.”
His hands gripped the curve of your backside, lifting you right off the floor and into his arms. Your mouths fused together heatedly as he carried you to the bed, and you giggled against him when his words finally processed. 
“You’ve been saying that for years.” 
“It’s been true for years,” he muttered, pulling one of your legs up around him so he could grind against your cunt while you kissed. 
Your fingers tugged at the buttons of his shirt, tearing them off when they didn’t unhook fast enough. You waited too long to be with him like this to care about anything other than the feel of his skin against your own.
“Impatient, are we?” he chuckled, bringing his lips around to nip at your ear. 
“You’re one to talk,” you shot back, yanking the ruined garment right off his shoulder just so you could sink your teeth into it. 
Taehyung moaned loudly, snapping his hips against yours with an involuntary jerk.
“You really are such a brat,” he hissed, fisting his hands in the satin length of your skirt. “Let’s see how fierce you are with my tongue in your pussy—”
His words were so filthy and raw, yet they stoked a frenzied need in your belly like nothing you had ever encountered. 
“This dress is evil,” he snarled, fumbling with the zipper for a moment before switching to a more destructive tactic. “It has tormented me all night and now it’s in my way.”
The stitching proved no match for his resolve, and—after a few vigorous tugs—he ripped it apart from the slit on up, leaving you covered in nothing but the thin cotton underwear he had breached earlier that evening. 
After disposing of your shredded gown, Taehyung paused for a moment just to take in the sight of you. 
“What a perfect little angel,” he taunted playfully, snapping the band of your lingerie against your hips with a cocky grin. 
Then he brushed his nose right up against the sopping fabric and inhaled deeply. “You smell just like heaven,” he growled before licking you right through the cloth, “and you taste even better.”
The sensations twisting through your body were merciless. You needed more or you were going to shake apart. 
“Taehyung please,” you whined, pressing against him shamelessly.
“Oh a please?” he chuckled, throwing your own words from the first night back at you. “Who knew you had manners?”
You would have screamed in frustration, but he cut you off with an open mouthed kiss right over the wettest part of your panties.
“Perhaps I can make a good girl of you yet,” he chuckled, as you opened yourself wider to encourage him. 
You nodded frantically, letting out another moan when he yanked the flimsy little scrap of lace down your legs—smearing a line of arousal over your thighs.
“So messy,” he tsked, tapping his finger right above your knee where the naughty little streak ended. “What am I going to do with you?” 
Then he pressed his tongue over the shiny trail of slick and licked it right off. 
You gasped loudly and his lascivious smirk was almost beautiful enough to make up for all of the shameless teasing. 
"You want my mouth, pretty Angel?” he whispered, letting the words brush maddeningly against your folds. “You want me to feed on this sweet little cunt?”
Every cell in your body cried out for release. He already edged you under the table at dinner and now he was determined to unravel you entirely. You would say anything—do anything. 
"Please—" you whispered.
"Please who?" 
Normally you met his arrogance with a cutting riposte, but an entire evening of methodical torment had left you beyond desperate. 
"Please Taehyung,” you begged needily. 
He grinned. 
“That’s right, Angel. Kim Taehyung. Not Min Yoongi or any other pathetic trust fund prick that’s panting for a taste of this pussy.” His eyes fastened on yours significantly. “You belong to me.”
Then his tongue licked a flat stripe over your glistening slit and you sagged onto the bed in relief—only to be thrown back into oblivion when his lips closed over your clit. 
Your body arched involuntarily as a ruthless wave of pleasure tore through you. Your eyes and mouth flew open in a silent scream and it was in that moment you remembered exactly where you were. 
Underneath a giant mirror. 
The passionate woman staring down at you was nearly unrecognizable. Her body was littered with her lover’s marks. Her hands gripped feverishly into the sheets beneath her—-
And Kim Taehyung was kneeling between her thighs, suckling on her weeping cunt with obscene satisfaction. 
It was the sexiest thing you had ever seen in your life. 
Your hands reached down to tangle in his hair, using it for leverage as you ground against his face. 
Then suddenly his grip on your legs tightened and his tongue plunged roughly into your trembling core. 
“Tae—ahh oh my—I can’t—”
The sensation was so intense that your hips bucked violently. You could not keep still. You were charging towards an explosion and your body was shaking itself apart. 
The noises tearing from you were incoherent. Everything around you focused in on the juncture of your thighs where Taehyung was licking inside of you again and again until—
You shattered. 
And the force of it nearly bent your back in half. 
Delirious sobs poured from your lips as he worked you through it, letting the obscene flood of your cum soak his face. 
The sight of him slowly lapping at the release between your folds, was unspeakably erotic. He ran his hands in soothing circles over your skin while you twitched and fluttered back down from your high. 
Then he was kissing you again. 
It was softer this time, but you felt truly depraved—and instantly obsessed—with the taste of yourself in his mouth—on his skin.
You could barely understand this ravenous hunger. You’d just found relief, yet you were already reaching for more. 
Your hands snaked down and wrapped around his still covered cock and he hissed in ragged pleasure. 
“So eager,” he gasped, as you pushed him back against the headboard—but you didn’t have time to bother with his teasing.
You were gonna blow Kim Taehyung into space. 
He bit his lip when you yanked down his pants and boxers together, freeing his arousal with stunning efficiency. 
It was almost unfair to discover that his cock was every bit as beautiful as he was.
“Of course,” you muttered. 
The sultry smirk he shot you in return had your cunt flooding all over again.
“You think Min Yoongi has a cock like mine?”
“I don’t think about Min Yoongi’s cock,” you retorted, wrapping your hand around his length, “you’ve always been the biggest dick I’ve ever met.” 
“I knew you thought about my dick,” he groaned as you began to work up and down the swollen shaft. 
After a moment, his hand slid over your chin to grip your hair, drawing you forward till your lips were almost touching. 
“I wonder what this pretty mouth can do,” he whispered. 
You gasped against him and he smiled. 
“Do you know how often I pictured your lips around my cock, Angel?”
You mewled shamelessly and he growled, cupping your cheek as your hands continued to service him. 
“Do you know how often I imagined this perfect throat stuffed full of my cum?” 
His palm slid down to lightly grip the soft flesh of your neck and you shuddered against him with a needy whimper. 
“I know you could suck me so good, Angel. I’ve wanted it for so so long...”
Your mouth actually watered with anticipation. 
The desire to be good for him—to give him whatever he asked for—consumed you. 
Taehyung let his head fall back against the headboard with a groan at the first brush of your lips along his shaft. His hips rutted involuntarily as your tongue wrapped around the tip and you hummed with pleasure at his enthusiastic response. 
After a moment you slid him into the welcoming heat of your mouth, taking him in as far as you could in one stroke. His jaw dropped open and his entire body jerked forward. 
“Yes, that’s it, Angel—feels so good.”
His praise was addictive. 
You loved that you could bring him to this. You loved to see the haughty Kim Taehyung coming apart as you sucked him. 
It made you feel beautiful—powerful even—and you reveled in every second of it. 
Your eyes were starting to tear. His length began to throb and pulse against your tongue and you knew he was close—so close you could almost taste him—
Yet suddenly he was pulling you back and you whined pitifully at the loss. 
Taehyung chuckled, dragging you toward him till your dripping core slid across his cock.
“I’m not coming before I get inside that pretty little pussy,” he swore, working your hips over his sex till it was drenched in arousal. 
The crass words filled you with the fiercest, most incredible want and you clenched reflexively against him in response. 
“Is that what you want?” Taehyung whispered as he bore you back into the mattress, pinning both your wrists above your head. “You want me to fill your empty little cunt?”
You did. 
You wanted it so so bad. 
Taehyung gently lowered himself closer to you, resting his forehead intimately against yours as he lined up his cock at your entrance. 
“Are you sure, Angel? Because there’s no going back after this... If you give yourself to me, then you’re mine—and I’ll fight tooth and nail to keep you.”
“Taehyung, you idiot,”—a tender smile spread over your face as you wrapped your arms around his neck—“... I’ve always been yours.”
He swore violently—letting the slight tremble in his voice betray just how deeply your words affected him. 
Then his fingers tightened on the soft flesh of your hip and he filled you to the hilt with one delicious thrust. 
There was a moment—the smallest space in time—where your eyes locked together and everything seemed to suspend; a strange perfect calm before a monumental storm. 
Then your world caught fire. 
Taehyung drove himself into you with passionate fury, letting years of denial fuel the insatiable rhythm of his strokes. 
Every time he told himself no. Every time he held himself back—
Every bit of it burned away as you screamed his name. 
The feel of him was indescribable. 
You imagined it too many times to count, yet your dreams fell pitifully short of the visceral reality. 
He was bloomin’ magnificent. 
Your fingers clawed up and down his back, desperate to hold on to something while he pounded into your g-spot like an animal. 
“This tiny cunt is the tightest thing I’ve ever had around my cock,” he gasped and you whined needily at his praise. “Like it was made for me—” his hand came up to grip your breast, “like you were made for me.”
Taehyung’s need seemed to amplify with every whimper and moan that fell from your lips. The feelings you sparked in him were fierce and unapologetically primitive.
He would go to war for you—build a fortress for you—fight a dragon if one dared come close. 
You were his. 
And he felt like a savage every time you cried out for more. 
Suddenly an unexpected movement in his periphery caught his attention.
He’d been so consumed with the extraordinary rush of claiming you that he’d forgotten—
This guest room was thirty-five percent mirrors. 
And now… he couldn’t look away. 
The sight of your bodies tangling together in headless bliss played out before him like a scene from his most debauched and forbidden fantasies. His reflection grinned back at him in fascinated ecstasy while his beloved nemesis lost herself in the pleasure of his cock.
Something dark and wild began to burn in his chest as he studied the lovers in the glass. 
“Look at you, Angel,” he whispered softly, “you really are perfect.”
Then he pulled out of your core and you whined bitterly in protest, chasing his body to rid yourself of the sudden unacceptable emptiness. 
“Still so needy,” he taunted, gripping your hips and flipping you on your stomach before you could even think to protest.
“I want you to watch that pretty angel in the mirror come on my cock,” he groaned, plunging back into you from behind. 
The new angle was somehow impossibly deeper and your body shook as another wave of pleasure overtook it. 
Your fingers clawed into the mattress for purchase as he pistoned into your trembling mound. 
Only Kim Taehyung could rail you like a whore while he worshiped you like a queen. 
He gave you a moment to adjust before drawing your body back against his chest. His arm wrapped over your stomach as he slowly eased your legs apart, unfolding the lewd tableau of your bodies joined together for the voyeuristic gaze of the glass.   
“Look at yourself, Angel,” he growled, mesmerized by the way your breasts bounced with every thrust. “Look at how well you're taking me.” 
Then his fingers slid down to rub your clit and you screamed. 
“Tae! Ah-ahh!”
The pleasure building within you now was violent. You were coiling too tightly, too fast—
“That’s right Angel. Take it all.”
Your eyes locked with his in the mirror for the briefest instant.
And then you flew apart. 
Taehyung threw his head back with a carnal moan as you clamped down around him. His body was hurtling toward its own release with reckless speed. 
“I’m close,” he panted, “where can I come?”
“Come inside me please,” you begged, and Taehyung’s eyes widened in frenzied lust. 
“That’s what you want? Huh?” his thrusts became rougher as he chased his relief, “You want me to fill this puffy little pussy with my cum?”
“Yes, I want it so bad—“ you sobbed. 
“Sweet Angel,” he groaned, gripping at your breasts as he pulled you tighter against him. 
Then he met your gaze in the mirror again. 
“I want everything with you; a home—a family—your body in my arms every morning when I wake up—” his voice trembled, “I want it all.” 
The raw vulnerability in his eyes nearly broke you.
“Tae,” you gasped softly, too overcome with joy to manage anything else. 
His mouth pressed hungrily against the curve of your shoulder. You could feel his cock throbbing in your core as he bent you forward, pounding into your sex with exquisite precision. 
"Stay with me, Angel,” he whispered. His thrusts became erratic as he neared his high. “I don’t want to live without you anymore.”
The glorious thrill of his words tore over your senses with euphoric brutality. Your walls tightened greedily around his cock and the taunt cord of pleasure finally snapped. 
He came with a broken groan, flooding the welcoming heat of your womb with his release. 
Tumblr media
The sound of his name being shouted by the absolute last person in the world whose voice he wanted to hear woke Taehyung from a dead sleep.  
His eyes widened in panic as he began yanking pillows and covers from all over the bed in a frenzied attempt to hide—
The doors to his bedroom flew open with a resounding crash. 
“Jimin,” he squeaked, trying to look as casual as possible next to a giant pile of bedding. “What uh—what brings you here at—” his eyes darted to the clock on the wall, “—7:30 in the morning?”
Then he frowned. 
“And how the hell did you get past Jungkook?”
Jimin’s murderous expression broke momentarily to allow for a smug grin. 
Kendra Jackson was Jimin’s executive aide. She was fierce, capable, intelligent—
And insanely gorgeous. 
Taehyung groaned. 
Poor Jungkookie never stood a chance. 
To the surprise of absolutely no one, yet another newspaper landed on Taehyung’s lap.
Underneath the headline was a picture of you and Taehyung (dressed in clothes you stole from Jin’s childhood bedroom) kissing passionately against the side entrance of the Governor’s mansion. 
One of your legs was wrapped around his waist and he was clearly grabbing your ass. 
“Ah… well you see the camera distorts everything from this angle—and-and the lighting is bad so it’s not really what it looks like—”
“Is that so? Cause it looks like you’ve got your tongue down my baby sister’s throat!”
“Okay—okay,” Taehyung massaged his forehead nervously, “so maybe it’s sort of what it looks like but—”
“I’ll kill you.”
“No wait—” he held up his hands to delay an already advancing Jimin. 
“Why should I wait?!”
“—I trusted you with the most important person in the world to me—”
“The situation is just not that simple.” 
“—and you grabbed her ass in public!”
“Admittedly not my finest hour.”
“So you tell me right now—”
“But you don’t understand it’s—”
“—Why the hell would I wait?!”
For a moment there was absolute silence. 
Then your head popped out from the massive pile of bedding. 
Jimin’s mouth fell open. 
Taehyung groaned again. 
“As usual, your timing is impeccable.”
You rolled your eyes, ignoring his comment.
“Are you really in love with me?”
“Of course I’m in love with you! What part of I want you to have my children did you not understand?!” 
“I think I’m gonna be sick,” Jimin choked. 
“That’s not the same thing!”
“It is for me!”
A radiant smile lit up your face. 
“I’m in love with you too.”
Taehyung’s expression softened. 
“Angel I—”
Then you were kissing and Jimin swung around with a horrified shout.
“Oh! No no no—Come on!”
He stumbled out of the room, hands firmly clamped over his eyes. 
“This is not over, Kim Taehyung!” the scandalized young Park heir howled in exasperation… but there was a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips. 
Back in the bedroom, Taehyung shook his head at Jimin’s ridiculous caterwauling. 
“No, it’s not over,” he laughed, pulling you deeper into the comfort of his arms. “It’s only just begun.”
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story. 
This baby took FOR-EVER to write. I started it in November and literally worked on it a little every day. 
If you enjoyed it— even just a tiny bit—please consider taking a moment to leave me some feedback. It is so incredibly uplifting and rewarding to hear reader thoughts and reactions to my work.
I promise to treasure every word like gold. It took a lot to bring this story to life. Your kind words would mean the world to me.
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Requests/Asks are open!
Reactions/Scenarios: (they tend to blend into one when I write them)
Choking kink scenarios:
Hyung line
Maknae line
Leaving them high and dry scenarios:
Hyung line
Maknae line
Seeing you’ve gotten thicc reactions/scenarios:
Hyung line
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Make up sex:
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Elevator Fun:
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Happy Accident:
Maknae Line
Hyung Line
Thigh Riding:
Maknae Line
In Heat
Catching you dancing to Pentagon
You Scared?
Giving In To It
One shots:
“Thank you, kitten.” - (Hoseok and Y/N)
Wet and Heavy - (Yoongi and Y/N)
Song Inspired: Casanova - (Taehyung and Y/N)
“Don’t be nervous.” - (Jimin and Y/N)
Greedy - (Namjoon and Y/N)
Wet Dream - (Jungkook and Y/N)
Airplane Sex - (Yoongi and Y/N)
Mad at your Outfit - (Yoongi and Y/N)
Edging His Puppy - (Taehyung and Y/N)
What You Needed - (Namjoon werewolf au)
Chapter 1
Ddaeng Bang (rap line):
Hickeys - (all members)
Share With Me - (Hoseok x Namjoon x Y/N)
Part One
An alley/his dick
In public/his thighs
Under the table/fingers
Random blurb
Italy/Pinky finger
Kitchen/his tongue
Bathroom/titties/feat. Jungkook
Strip club/waist&booty
Restaurant/hands (it’s fluff y'all)
Broom closet/blowjob
Bathroom/titties/feat. Yoongi
Car backseat/fingering
Random Stuff: 
*** My writing limits
Finger stuff, y'all 
BTS as their autocorrects 
Would they hit it from the back or the front?
Glasses lewks 
Ridin’ that dicc
Who would enjoy nipple play?
Who is the biggest brat tamer?
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Kalopsia 3
Pairing: Hybrid!Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Fluff & Smut 
Summary: You walk into your home one day to find your cat walking on two feet, in a human form.
Tumblr media
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Word count: 3.2k
You looked at your hybrid feeling confused, how did she know who your- hybrid is? You notice how Jungkook’s face transformed to elation by breaking into the brightest grin, making you feel an unreasonable amount of jealousy- who was she? Someone important? "Yeri?" You hear him say as he engulfs her in a hug. You watched them bewildered, firstly due to the fact that they both seemed really close and secondly as they both disregarded your presence and continued to converse. You tried not to show any emotion you were slowly beginning to feel, and tried to look unbothered. You cleared your throat as you saw the females palm run up and down your hybrid's arm. Making her peek her head into your direction as Jungkook was standing between the both of you, facing her. "Oh, right!" You heard Jungkook speak as he turns around and faces you, "Yeri... This is my owner, Y/N..." You notice as her eyes scanned your body and lastly landing on your face, offering you a really obvious insincere smile. "Y/N, this is Yeri... My childhood friend, she's just like me" he said as he pointed at the ears threatening to show under the beanie, it was then your turn to look at her, deliberately giving her the same disinterested treatment and choosing disregard her and the entire situation you spoke up, "Great. Nice to meet you. Jungkook, can we go now? The bags are getting heavy" And as you spoke those words, disappointment has made its way onto Jungkook's face. He was unable to hide his desire to spend more time with his hybrid friend, you felt guilt slowly creep its way into you but it was difficult for you to just stand there and watch them talk with so much evident affection falling out of their eyes for one another - it made you feel uneasy. "Can we please invite her over for dinner then?" He asks you with the cutest pout and twinkles in his eyes. You really wanted to refuse, why would you let her get into the space of your own home when you can't stand her in public. You remembered what the aim of this outing was to begin with, you had to show your hybrid that he could trust you and that you were willing to do whatever he wanted. You felt bad thinking that he must have been alone all this time, you were at least able to socialise while you were out and working and you couldn't begin to imagine how lonely he probably felt locked inside your home. "Yeah, she can. Can we go now?" You say with a sigh that had transformed into a small smile as you see Jungkook breaking into that bunny grin, happy that you were able to cause that reaction this time. As you have entered your home, it was evening already. You let out a breath as your eyes followed the female hybrid who was just too touchy with your own. You wondered if that was something hybrids commonly do, you felt a bit bothered by the fact that Jungkook has probably treated you as he would with any human or hybrid he meets. You let yourself believe you were special. You remembered the work that you had delayed doing from this morning and figured that making dinner for them and going into your room to study would take your mind off Jungkook and the whole ordeal - you didn’t have time for this kind of unnecessary drama. As you made dinner and settled it onto the table, you had learnt new things. He hasn't seen her- since the time you nearly caught him leaving the house as you pushed the keys in. He often meets his friends and goes out when you're not around, he's not proud of doing that regularly but he couldn't help but want to spend time playing video games and tackling his hybrid friend, Jimin as they fought playfully. You would have gotten upset if you didn’t know any better, cats are animals and animals are social creatures. There was no reason for you to feel anything about it and you didn’t, you were just upset at the fact he was meeting her. You excused yourself and closed the bedroom door as you left them alone. You whipped put your textbook and laptop from your bag and threw yourself on your bed. It was time to get productive. Surprisingly, you managed to go through a couple of Lectures, writing notes to the best of your ability which has successfully distracted you from the occasional giggles outside. You were feeling exhausted as you put the books away and scrolled down the page of your Facebook. You were never a Facebook person, you aren't a social media type of person to begin with, you never had enough time to make friends and even if you had used them, you would be writing away to no one except for the remaining ex-coworkers whom you didn't feel very comfortable exposing yourself to. You were still following him though, Jin. You had never spent enough time to develop significant emotions for him, you honestly didn't like him a lot. He was a good attractive person sometimes but he was someone who was too full of himself at the wrong times, well at all times and it has made you feel weird about yourself. He had never respected the fact that you couldn't drop what you were doing for a good time. It was bound to end and so the emptiness and following sadness you felt as you saw pictures of him with a girl was unexplainable. There were many pictures of the couple in different settings, it wasn't until you had come across a picture of him holding her left hand that flaunted a diamond ring on one of her fingers, made you feel a pang of jealousy. It wasn't the girl you felt jealous of, it wasn't that you secretly had liked him more than you admit to yourself but it was the fact that they looked happy together and you wondered if you can ever find that in your life. Love, stability. You could sense the tears threatening to spill, why do you always feel alone? Yes you were trying to make a living and study but so are a lot of people, but everyone seemed to find happiness except for you. What did you have? Debts and a pet who turns to be a hybrid and even he has someone special and you just don't. You let out a shaky breath and forced the laptop shut. You thought a warm bath can make you feel better, there's nothing like the scent of vanilla against your skin. By the time you finished your bath, you heard a noise coming from your room. You wrapped yourself in a fresh white towel before opening the door to your room, but no one was there. "Jungkook?" You called out, while trying to reach for the clothes on your bed. You were surprised to feel a large pair of hands circle around your middle, making you almost jump in surprise. Jungkook had placed his chin on top of your shoulder as his nose and lips explored your neck, making your cheeks turn into a crimson red. You felt unable to move as he chased away small kisses, this was so inappropriate but addicting. His touch, kisses and embraces were addicting. "You smell so... so good" you hear him murmur  and in between pecks. Feeling him suck the air into his system frequently, he must really like vanilla. You tried to turn around and push him off, but it was the hardness you felt at the bottom of your back that has closed your mouth shut and your eyes open wide. Was that a boner? You exhaled and closed your eyes slowly, gathering a shallow mount of courage before you turned around and pushed him slightly. "Where did... um... y-your guest go?" You tried to sound fine, but clearly failed miserably. "Yeri?" Jungkook looks at you with an innocent smile, "She left a while ago" he said as he walked closer to you. You felt his arms finding their way around you but before he was able to, you stopped him. "I'll just clean up then, you can take a shower or just head to sleep. Whatever you're comfortable with" Feeling proud that you managed to get yourself together, you headed to the living room. It was only a couple of steps before Jungkook grabbed you by your wrist, it wasn't rough but firm. "There's no need, it's all done. I took care of it" he was still smiling, making you feel a thousand emotion you wish you didn't. You were different species, supposed to be attracted to different beings so why is your heart beating so hard in your chest at his presence. Your eyes drifted to the floor as you felt guilt, Jungkook deserves better than this. You tried to do him good, to be a good owner. But what will happen once he finds out about all these growing emotions in you? You weren't stupid to deny why you had felt jealous from Yeri, why it was bothering you so much that they were outside spending time alone in your home. But you'll never tell him that, because you yourself felt too ashamed with yourself and couldn't imagine how his reaction will be like. He'll probably think you're going to use him, just like how most humans treat hybrids. You were suddenly in his arms when you heard his voice. "I just want to say, thank you." You felt goosebumps come to life as he continued to press kisses on your skin, occasionally skimming it with his tongue. You knew you had to stop him from progressing further, you didn't want him to think that this is how he's supposed to repay kindness. You'd do anything for him and he wouldn't have to do a thing for it. "I'm so thankful" he let out a hot breath before continuing, "To have someone like you".  His kisses were moving down your neck to your sternum, making you shudder in response. You felt the need to speak up, express the fact you think - you know, that this isn't appropriate. He can't make you feel this way, not when he has another girl. "What do you think you're doing?" You say, sounding as harsh as you've intended to. "This is wrong Jungkook, you can't just do this alright? You don't have to kiss me and make me feel so frustrated, just because you're thankful, there's nothing to thank me for. It's in my responsibility to take care of you." You left his embrace and headed to the bathroom again, hoping to put on your clothes without being disturbed. You heard a soft knock on the door, knowing it's Jungkook you grew agitated, he wouldn't even give you time to be angry and get over it. "Did I do something wrong?" You hear his voice small, threatening to make you feel guilty. "No. You did nothing wrong" "Then why do you sound so angry? Your heart is beating fast too". You opened the door to your bedroom, there's nothing you can say to explain yourself or this situation. You planned to just ignore him and head to sleep but all failed as he blocked the way. "Jungkook, I'm tired okay? I just need to get some sleep, I have a lot of work to do tomorrow so please just move" "I just want to know why you're suddenly like this. You're not your normal self" "Really, I'm okay Jungkook so don't worry, alright? Let's just get to sleep" You walked towards your bed, feeling ashamed of the way you had spoken to him. It wasn't his fault that you were suddenly getting overwhelmed with feelings for him, he could like anyone, he's your pet but that doesn't mean that his heart is yours. You knew you were being childish, things could be resolved if you had just said that it bothered you to have this hybrid enter your home and have him all for herself and he let her. You can see Jungkook is the corner of your eyes, he seemed to be contemplating something, showing a slight intention of climbing the bed and probably reach out to you but he seemed to restrain himself from doing so, it was painful to see him act unlike himself and it was all because of you. This wasn't how today was meant to go you sighed, you were meant to treat Jungkook out and make him able to see through your good intentions and trust you. And this? This was the complete opposite. You contemplated mouthing an apology, but before you could you saw Jungkook exit the room leaving you behind. Feeling tears prick your eyes, you swiped across your eyes with your palm messily, and felt yourself slowly slipping to sleep. The next morning was not any different to the night before, you woke up to an empty bed. It was the first time you'd slept without your cat keeping you company, tucked so close to your body. As you inspect the bed, you realise that after all you hadn't actually slept alone. The crinkles and creases in the sheets were evidence that someone has lied there, and you can't deny that it had made you feel a little bit better. He didn't leave you alone. It had worried you slightly however, that he  wasn't in bed. Jungkook has never woken up this early, the clock read out 7:23AM on the wall. You closed your eyes tightly and let out a yawn, you had to go for a long seminar today and you're already knackered. You sighed as your feet touched the floor and lead you to the bathroom. It was only when you picked up  your oversized black hoodie when you smelt something - something like food. You basked yourself in the smell before your eyes opened wide, was Jungkook cooking?! You rushed to the kitchen with fear that he has hurt himself while doing whatever he was doing, once he was in your vision you realise that he somewhat had things under control and there was nothing to freak out about. You had watched his broad back that was covered with a white shirt as he swiftly scooped some batter into the pan on the stovetop, and on the right was a plate with pancakes. His attentiveness had mesmerised you, how can a man be this beautiful. You don’t know how long you were standing until he turned around with a smug look, you were growing slightly embarrassed at that thought, why didn't he say anything when you came in. "Good morning, Y/N" he sported a smile in your direction, "What has got you drooling at this time of day?" You slapped yourself mentally, lifting your hand quickly and swiping over your mouth and cringed as you felt your saliva at the side of your lips. "Morning" you sighed, "The pancakes smelt so good, that's why". "Hm... If you say so". "Why are you up so early? What's all this about" you questioned, hoping to divert the direction of the conversation. "Just felt like it, you need to learn to eat breakfast, especially if you plan to leave the house" he replied hidden as he looked for something in the bottom cabinet. "Where do you keep the glass cups again?" You let out a little laugh before walking into the confined space of your kitchen. You reached for the top cabinet where you store mugs and cups. You cursed at yourself for your short height and arms as there were only a few cups all the way at the back of the cabinet, the rest probably in the dishwasher from last night. You stretched your arm in attempt to grasp at something but before you could reach out, you felt a body pushing you against the kitchen-top lightly and placing an arm on your left hip. You gulped at this position, you should have walked to that damn dishwasher and avoided this altogether. But of course you had to make it worse by turning around, making the position more intimate than intended. Jungkook retracted his arm that he stretched without effort in order to get the cups. He settled them somewhere you don't care about as his eyes intensely stared into yours, making you feel smaller and less in control. You gulped again, this time evident for him to see, making him let out a small chuckle. You felt like a prey, you couldn't run away from this even if you wanted to - not that you did. You wrapped one of your arms hesitantly around his neck, palm settling right under his dark hair and fingers relishing at the soft strands of his hair. It's too late to go back now. He was watching you expectingly, waiting for you to make another move almost impatiently. If he didn't move away, he probably wanted this right? You used your arm to pull him closer to you, until your lips locked. It has started innocently, you weren't sure what you were doing. You had never initiated a kiss before, you hadn't even kissed in quite some time but that didn't stop you from trying to be good at it. He caressed your lips softly with his but it grew intense as he traced the bottom of your lip with his warm tongue, silently asking for entrance to your warm cavern. You had instantly granted him access, his tongue sinfully dominating yours and swallowing around you, drawing out a soft moan from you. You tangled your fingers in his hair, trying to refrain your grip from pulling at his soft ears. His arms constricted around your middle, his fingers digging at your pelvic bone. You both wanted each other, needed each other and that was enough for you to let go of the thoughts at the back of your mind. You moved your hands away from his hair to trace and feel the muscles of his torso, admiring the soft skin of his toned chest you couldn't help but break the kiss to peck it and get in a needed shaky breath. He lets out a groan when you use your tongue to worship the veins on his neck, sucking between kisses and adoring the marks that remain behind. His hands were roaming your body, creeping below your lower back before the bell of your home rings.
A/N: I hope you’ve enjoyed it, let me know what you think 💗
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hollyhomburg · 3 years ago
BTS Hybrid House: Epilogue
🐾  (PART 1)  🐾  (PART 2)   🐾  (PART 3)  🐾
inspired by this ask: (because I couldn't just not)
Tumblr media
Tags: reader x ot7, hybrid reader, hybrid! Jeon Jungkook, hybrid! Park Jimin, hybrid! Kim Taehyung, humans: Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin and Jung Hoseok, fluff, mild angst, foster kids, 
w/c: 1.0k, 
Authors note: I just couldn't leave it alone could I? I just had to write more on the day that I really needed to get actual work done, I hope you're happy 😭😭
Tumblr media
- In my mind the eight of you never really have kids but it’s not for lack of trying.
- The only ones that are sexually compatible are really you and Yoongi, dog and cat hybrids cannot reproduce, and though you and Jungkook have a moderate possibility of being able too- you never end up pregnant. 
- And since human hybrid pregnancies have a 50% chance of being stillborn the eight of you decide that you’re defiantly not trying that. 
- About 5 years after the end of hybrid house the group finally decide to go to a fertility clinic. It’s then that you find out that Yoongi and you are among the 90% of hybrids that are sterile.
- As it turns out- all of the hybrids are accept for Taehyung. And briefly the eight of you consider finding a dog hybrid for surrogacy- but then they decide on a better solution. 
- Their house was already so full of love- they decide that they’res no reason that they can’t open it up to less fortunate children. 
- So they put on an addition to the house on that gives them two extra rooms; and Hoseok and Namjoon sign up to become foster parents. 
- Their first child is a closeted 10-year-old boy that flinches whenever someone raises their hands, watches them like they’re monsters, and never speaks a word, arrives just after the hybrid rights movement is ratified. 
- This gives hybrids equal rights to have driver’s licenses, fair pay, and the right to marry and adopt children; it also emancipates them from being owned. 
- Seokjin who has become sort of a figurehead in the hybrid rights world- so has your whole family. After the incident with your owner the humans decided that they could no longer be quiet, so they picketed, and they protested until their family got what they deserved. 
- It takes 3 weeks for your first child to laugh in your presence and another 2 before he actually starts to talk to all of you. 
- Not long after you get your second child, a bear hybrid that is as happy as honey- giving him the nickname honey. 
- The two foster children don’t get along at first- fighting almost as badly as you and Jungkook did at first. But they even out eventually become the best of friends. 
- By then your house has begun to become crowded, and it’s with the official adoption of your first foster child that something fortuitous happens- your elderly neighbors put their house on the market,
- The second house is slightly smaller, with only 2 bedrooms instead of 4 but it’s a small cottage and exactly what they need to account for more space. 
- You get your 3rd foster child, a human girl named Lilly whose giggles are as sweet as Jimin’s. 
- she loves Taehyung the best of all, falling asleep next to him every night the first week she stays with you. he never minds when she tugs on his tail though
- She makes Yoongi yowl once when she sneaks up behind him and yanks on his, as she runs away giggling- he just rolls his eyes, unable to tell her off because of how cute she is. 
- The others often catch Taehyung licking her face affectionately while she sleeps, his tail wagging back and forth as she snuggles into his chest. 
- The 11 of you knock down the fence between the two houses together, everyone armed with gardening gloves and you directing them to help you put in a garden path in between hybrid house and the small yellow cottage. 
- honey helps you every day to take care of the gardens- he loves them almost as much as you do- you even take to teaching him how to draw 
- Everyone still shuffles through in sleeping arrangements- sometimes falling asleep in the big bed 
- though lily will often seek out Taehyung- especially if she’s had a nightmare about her last home, and that’s when he wakes you or Seokjin, and you go down to the kitchen for ice cream or hot chocolate to soothe her. 
- Everyone makes sure to give the others attention- though there are no more lustful trysts on the living room carpets and in the kitchen anymore. 
- But your house is still filled to the brim with love. 
- Eventually, you put a hedge up around the two properties, you get more foster kids as the others age and go to college- adopting the ones that can stay and let the ones go that you can’t keep, humans and hybrids living side by side loving each other. 
- The three humans that started it never dreamed that their love could have made something so beautiful, but now that they have it this way they wouldn’t change it for the world. 
- You start working at a bakery, and Taehyung begins working for the foster system after he gets his drivers license.
- Yoongi becomes a local Dj, and Jungkook helps keep the house in order with Jimin- though they’ve both become certified dance instructors- to help Hoseok out with his flourishing business. 
- All the kids get free dance lessons if they want them, Lilly has her heart set on becoming a ballerina- and surprisingly your first child loves dancing with Hoseok going to the studio every day after school. 
- Everyone is happy, everyone is healing, and most importantly, everyone that comes into hybrid house is loved within an inch of their life. 
- After you adopt Lily, the three of your children make you a present, it’s a small golden sign to add to the bottom of the one that already exists, it’s gold paint chipping,
- Now it reads; “Hybrid House Foster Home”
- Seokjin has never smiled more, scooping up 7-year-old lily on his hip as Namjoon ruffles Honey’s head and your other child grins up at Jungkook, 
- Seokjin sometimes wonders what his life would have been like if he had never taken his father's job offer, never inherited the company, never bought the house or started leaving food out for that stray fox hybrid all those years ago.
- But when he looks and finds the laugh lines and smile lines on his family’s faces, when he sees that They’re growing older, but with happiness wearing hairline fractures into his lover's faces, he hardly notices...
- He decides that he never needs to know
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dearlytea · 2 years ago
My Peeping Little Secret | 1
Tumblr media
Pairings: Jungkook x Fem!Reader
Genre: PWP/PWBP [Porn With Bad Plot] | Roommates AU
Word Count: 3.7K
Warning(s): Swearing, masturbation, over stimulation (M only), voyeurism, mention/usage of sex toy, explicit description of sexual content (duh), awkward one sided sexual tension and a very very horny OC.
Summary: The gift you bought for your roommate, Jungkook, is not only the source to all of your communication problems but the sole solution to solve your dry spell.
Part 1 (here) | Part 2 (coming soon)
A/N: ALRIGHT, HERE IT IS! The Jungkook fic that I’ve been DYING over because of how fucking OIJASODI. This fic is personally for self satisfaction. I had this thought in for so long and it’s just AHHHHH. I’m sorry you’re gonna witness my dirty mind and hopefully this satisfied you.
And if it doesn’t, then part 2 might help ;)
Anyways enjoy!
Tumblr media
“I’m going to smack that fucking headset off,” you curse out angrily. Stomping your way towards the elevator that awaits for you, ignoring all of the stares that follow behind you. Bitterly, you jab your index finger onto the button that correlates to the level you share your apartment with the one and only Jeon fucking Jungkook.
To say you were annoyed was an understatement.
You’re enraged.
Five fucking seconds away from bursting into flames and setting everything you touch on fire.
And it’s all thanks to the stupid new XK900 gaming headset.
For his birthday this year, you decided it was appropriate to buy him the new wireless headset he’s been drooling over for the past 3 weeks to replace the ones that are a sneeze away from falling apart. When giving him the gift, you never thought before a 21-year-old man could squeal like a child on Christmas day, you were very much wrong.
The moment you saw the sparkle that glimmered in his eyes and the bright bunny-like smile he had after unwrapping the gift made it seem like it was worth denting your bank account for, but really it wasn’t.
The luxury you had when it came to communication is now gone. You couldn’t yell out his name from the kitchen anymore, texting him is a struggle if he can’t hear his phone going off and the many many times your calls have gone straight to voicemail is getting out of control. At this point, you wouldn’t be surprised if you found out that someone broke into your apartment, while Jungkook was at home playing game, by busting the door down and taking all of your valuables in your shared home.
Who knows? Anything utterly crazy and stupid can happen in this world.
Nonetheless, you are not pleased to find out that all of your 9 calls went right into your only ride home’s voicemail after an extremely bad date. Not only did the date end poorly before leaving the restaurant but it further went down the hole of disappointment when you later found out the guy can’t eat pussy or use his dick for shit, leaving you sexually frustrated when he finishes and you don’t.
Finally arriving at your level, you head towards your door while rummaging through your bag for your keys. “I knew I should have of just bought him alcohol and saved the money for that new wall banger,” you mumble bitterly to yourself. “Could really be using it right now.”
Opening the door to your apartment, you see no sign of Jungkook yet. Just the silence of your apartment that will soon be filled with the ruckus of your yelling.
“JUNGKOOK!” You call out angrily, slamming the door behind you. You sigh to yourself. “Why did I even bother to call out for him.”
Kicking the painful heels off your feet, you make a beeline right to his bedroom door. The door is closed but you can still make out the heavy pants from the other side. Your mind instantly knows exactly what he’s doing.
“ARE YOU SERIOUSLY WORKING OUT AT 10 O’CLOCK!?” You screech out, too blinded by anger to even care about disrupting the neighbors that are probably sleeping at this hour.
No answer from his end.
During times like this, you would wait for him to finish his session before bombarding him with complaints and insults. But given the circumstances you are in, you ignore it and fling his door wide open.
As if the air itself suddenly punched you square in the face, you froze into place. The train of insults and complaints are all caught in your throat at the sight before you.
Jungkook’s pants pooling around his ankles, his luscious thick thighs spread apart, head tossed back with his headset on, mouth hanging wide open and eyes closed as he pants heavily with no shirt on his gaming chair. Your mouth closes then opens like a fish, unable to process the whole situation due to your shock. You’re quick to notice in your peripherals the porn that’s displayed on his screen along with the bottle of lube near his mouse but it still doesn’t distract you from the sight before you.
Your eyes are firmly planted at the sight of the engorged red tip that peeps out every few seconds from the inside of his fist and the small vein that you can barely make out from his fast movements on his hard cock. What makes matter worse were the dulcet moans and whimpers he’s freely spilling out, echoing and bouncing between the walls of the room.
Quickly, before he notices you, you carefully speed walk out of the room, in fear he would feel movements of your heavy steps against the ground. Once you’re out of sight, you let your back hit the wall, feeling your heart beat so loud that it almost deafens you from the moans coming from your roommate.
You just walked in on your roommate’s jerk off session.
Right in front of him.
Without him knowing.
“Fuckkkkk.” He drags the word out deliciously as a long drawn out moan follows behind shortly.
On a serious note, you should be a bit guilty of watching him stroke his cock. But given the previous circumstances, you were left in, you can’t help but enjoy the sound of his groans and moans. Completely blinded by your lust to not care about anything but your roommate’s hot jerk off session.
You can clearly hear every little squelching and slick sound of him pumping his dick, it’s absolutely sinful but melodic to your ears and you can’t help but rub your thighs together when his breathing starts to stutter. Any other time, you would have left and drowned out his vocal pleasure by blasting music through your ears buds, but the curiosity controlled by your thirst for anything sexual causes you to peep your head out from the side of the door frame instead.
His free hand is clenched around the armrest of his chair tightly, lifting himself off the seat every so often to thrust himself hard into his fist. The sight of small dribbles of sweat that covers his abs and forehead causes you to involuntarily lick your dry lips.
“Ohhhh fuck, ohhh fuck.” He groans out desperately.
Soon enough, he starts to become more vocal, moaning and grunting more with every pump, he’s close. You watch intensely as he picks up on a faster and sloppier speed on his cock, clenching both his hand and toes. Then finally, after a few minutes, he stutters before letting out an ocean deep groan, enjoying the waves of pleasure that deafens all of his senses. You watch with wide eyes as he milks out a delicious load of cum onto his clenched abs and heaving chest, letting it freely dribble down his body and hand.
You almost whine at the sight of it, eyes hooded and hazed by the view of your extremely attractive roommate finishing his lust filled session. God, you would do almost anything to lick the cum off of him.
You almost take your exit when suddenly you see him wrap a hand around his limping cock again. He starts to pump himself at the same speed before, whining and whimpering every second. Your toes curled and eyes widen as he lets out a loud moan and pushes himself into another orgasm, only being able to milk out a smaller load than before. His first shot hits near his peaking nipple but the last few barely gotten far and dribble down his hand, dripping over every single finger. He lets go of his now used cock, letting it limp back against his belly as he tries to level out his heavy breathing.
At this point, you might just cum on the spot. You never expected your roommate to be the type to push himself into a second orgasm, or really expected him to be that vocal either. But the thought of him cumming twice inside of you, filling your cunt up with both your juices as he moans with every weak thrust to milk out every drop, only makes whine as you desperately try to find some friction to soothe the aching problem between your legs.
Almost getting lost in your own thoughts, you hear him grumble and move around in his seat, coming back from his cloud 9 experience. Quickly, before he notices your presence, you take 3 long careful steps towards your room and hid behind the door, keeping it open like how it was to avoid raising any suspicions.
You hear the sound of a soft thud of something, probably his clothes, being thrown somewhere followed by the sound of his sweaty naked body being peeled off the leather chair. Carefully, you inhale and exhale softly through your nose, to reduce the chances of any possible sounds that could slip into his ear. You hear his heavy footsteps getting louder and clearer with every step and instinctively you inhale sharply and mentally scolding yourself for it, fearing he might have heard the silent sound of your distress.
Luckily he doesn’t.
Before your heart could burst from all of the adrenaline, the bathroom door beside you creaks and then creaks again. You hear the sound of the door shutting followed by the almost silent familiar click indicating he locked the door. It’s not until you hear the water of the shower running that you let out a sigh of relief.
Closing your bedroom door, you walk with stiff arms and legs to your bed and plop yourself into a starfish-like pose above your covers and blankets. As the situation settles in slowly, your mind is bombarded with so many questions and thoughts.
You just watched your roommate masturbate and cum, twice.
Tumblr media
Honestly, you wish you could say you got to sleep peacefully last night.
It was a blur for most of the part, but you could only vaguely remember flipping and tossing around between your blankets, trying to find a comfortable position to ignore the ache that screams between your thighs. You didn’t want to touch yourself, it wasn’t right to and morally you would feel guilty for it if you did. It was his private time, something you should have never walked in on.
Or stayed longer to watch.
Or fantasize about later on at night.
The price you had to pay when having a dry spell.
Nonetheless, it was never something you should have witnessed. So if you were to fulfill your sexual desire to polish the pearl then you would end up with only guilt and sticky fingers.
As soon as you step foot out of your room, your nose is filled with the greasy but delicious scent of breakfast. You start humming blissfully as the distinct sound of oil sizzling makes your stomach grumble. Instinctively you wet your lips, craving the taste of whatever is being prepared in the kitchen.
You walk out of the hallway and almost choke at the sight before you. You were probably too distracted by your hunger to realize the clear view of your roommate’s back facing towards you and his attention in front of the stove, with your baby blue apron on, flipping bacon in a frying pan. It was an odd and rare sight to see since usually, you’re the one to make breakfast but you enjoyed the change either way.
Taking a step forward, the wooden floor creaks underneath your step causing Jungkook to fling his head to look at you. At the sight of his face the many lewd images of your roommate flash before you.
You cringe at the thought, feeling the awkward tension of last night show.
“Are you okay?” He asks, an eyebrow raised towards you.
You nod your head stiffly, shaking your shoulders to rid of the tenseness that sticks onto you like chewed gum. “I’m fine, just woke up to a weird dream.” You plainly lie.
He doesn’t quite catch your lie and nods in understanding. “Can you set the table for me? I’m almost done with the last piece of bacon.”
You hummed back, walking towards the upper cupboards to grab the plates. “This is an odd sight.” You commented, wanting to fill the silence around you with small talk in hopes to push away your sinful thoughts.
He catches on to what you meant and chuckles softly. “Don’t get used to it, it’s my way to apologize for last night. I saw the texts and calls after my shower and was about to go grab you but I saw your shoes at the front and bedroom door close.”
You grip onto the plates tightly, remembering how you hid behind the door after he… you know.
Gulping down the need to squirm, you weakly smile. “Oh, yeah it’s alright. I was able to get home safe.” You strain to say, internally punching yourself for sounding off.
He stops all movements abruptly and you almost flinch because of it. “Really?” He questions, looking at you with wide eyes.
You nod a bit too fast for your liking, feeling the tightness of your lips as you flash a fake smile back at him. “Yup, it’s all good in the hood.”
As soon as those words left your mouth, you internally cringe. Who the hell says that nowadays?!?
He doesn’t buy your lies this time and continues to look at you oddly. “Are you sure?... I kind of expected you to throw a plate at my head or something.”
You shake your head as you walk past him to both set up the plates and to avoid his eyes. “I’m very sure Jungkook.” You strain to say.
He blinks a few times, still eyeing behind you but shrugs his shoulders. “If you say so then.”
Once Jungkook finishes cooking breakfast, the both of you sit in silence across from each other as you silently eat your food, phones in your hands. Since Jungkook’s attention is stuck onto the illuminated screen in front of him, it gives you the relief to squirm in your seat from time to time to release some of the tension. Despite scrolling through your Instagram for memes to maybe kill the lusting thirst for your roommate it makes no use when the source to all of your sexual frustration is right in front of you. It also doesn’t help when he’s sitting back relaxed in the chair with his legs spread out like how he was yesterday, god you really shouldn’t be so turned on by a guy’s mad spread.
Then again, your roommate is no ordinary guy. He may have the mind and face of a kid but he’s one hell of an attractive guy. Chiseled jawline, soft brown eyes and an amazing body figure that lures all female and gay men's eyes on him. And what makes it all better was the fact he has a great personality to top it all off. Kind, goofy and thoughtful about others, really he was the whole package and could easily hook someone in with just a few words.
Yet he was still living the single life.
You know for sure people have asked him out, all your friends did at some point but he always turns them down, saying he was personally not ready for one at the moment. You knew deep down it was a lie but never bother to question it, it’s not your business to poke at anyways.
The sinful thoughts still continue to dance around in your head, almost as if it’s mocking and pressuring you to cross the line and fuck yourself later when he leaves the apartment. You almost moan at the thought of it, playing with one of the sex toys you hid under your bed once he’s out to let your thoughts and hands run wild.
You snap out of your thoughts when you hear the sound of his chair screeching against the floor, adjusting his position to sit more comfortably against the wooden chair. His eyes are still on his phone, completely oblivious to your stares on his thighs that peak out through his jeans.
He’s also unluckily, for you, sporting one of your favorite ripped jeans, giving you the juicy sight of his thick thighs and muscles through each rip. What makes it ten times worse for you was the belt that’s cinched through the loops of his jeans, defining the tiny ass waist. You lick your dry lips at the thought of your legs wrapped around them tightly as he continuously pounds into your slick cunt and finishes into your womb.
God, you really need to get laid.
The sound of his phone shutting causes you to snap your direction back onto your phone, praying to the heavens that he didn’t catch you ogling over his figure.
“I’m gonna go head to work now, do you need me to pick up anything when I drive back?” He asks you, standing up to put away his dirty dishes and head towards the coat hanger that waits for him beside your front door.
You internally sigh out of relief then hummed. “I’m not sure, I’ll text you later if I think of anything.” You reply back, keeping your eyes on his back and suddenly realizing how his define muscle still pokes through his shirt.
“Alright, text me before 6 then.” He tells you while putting on his black coat, ruining your perfect view.
Bidding your goodbyes, you wait until you hear the sound of his heavy footsteps leaving the hallway before letting out a heavy sigh with your head tilt back in relief, but the torture isn’t over for you yet.
The silence that looms in the now empty apartment makes it a lot easier for your mind to repeat the sound of his whimpering and moans in your head. You curl your toes, clearly envisioning the scene of him pushing himself over the edge, moaning out constantly as he milks the last bit of his cum before going at it again for a second orgasm.
Biting onto your bottom lip, you let out a quiet whimper and rub your thighs together, feeling the slick of your arousal gush out. Your lust starts to consume all of your senses, causing you to squirm and grip onto the edge of your seat tightly until your knuckles turn white.
At this point, if you continue to hold back it will only ruin your panties even more.
Out of pure thirst for your release, you spring out of your seat and head towards your room, not bothering to put away your dirty dishes. Closing the door behind you, you kneel down onto the side of your bed to fish out the Nike shoe box you stole from Jungkook. Placing it onto your bed, you happily lift the lid up to reveal your collection of various sex toys. Letting your fingers trail above them slowly, you decide to use the purple dildo that you bought last month. You feared its length and girth when you first saw it and never thought about using it.
That is until after seeing the length of your roommate’s dick.
Tossing the shoe box onto the floor, you hop onto your bed purely out of excitement. With your back against the pile of pillows and dildo beside you, you let yourself relax into the cushions. At your angled position, you stare at the pasty white ceiling above you in order to have a blank canvas for your mind to freely paint on. Slowly, your free hand trails down to your sides and onto the rim of your pajama shorts, imagining Jungkook doing so while he’s hovering above you.
You imagine his large frame above yours, eyes following his own hand as it nimbly teases the strap of your shorts, bottom lip caught by his teeth as his hooded eyes now on yours.
With no hesitation, you pull off the shorts and discard them over to the side where your shoe box is. The cool air around you makes it fairly obvious for you to feel the wet patch that still grows and stains your panties.
Before taking them off, you let your free hand trail above the wet patch and press onto it gently. The action causes you to moan softly as you envision the sight of Jungkook eyeing your panties, rubbing small soft circles onto the spot, whispering dirty secrets.
Finally, you make the move to remove your underwear next. As you do, you widen your eyes at the sight of a string of your arousal clinging from your heat to the wet patch on your panties. You blush embarrassingly when realizing how wet you were.
You can already imagine the sight of Jungkook’s reaction to this, licking his lips as your slick starts to drip down and pool within the sheets of your bed, thirsting for the taste of you.
Before you slip your fingers in between your folds, you hesitate a bit as the guilt starts to ponder through your mind. You are just a hair away from crossing the line, passing a territory you won’t be able to escape once you enter. Biting onto your bottom lip, you start to list out the pros and cons to your next decision. If you do this, you will only see and act differently around him. It will for sure affect your current relationship you have with him and he will notice it too which only makes you worry about the unknown future of your consequences.
So is the risk worth it?
You chose to stop, thinking it’s better to be safe than sorry. That is until the sounds of his moans continuously repeat in your mind like a broken record, reverting you back to your decision and changing your answer.
‘Fuck it!’ You thought to yourself, slipping your hand down to your aching clit, letting all of the lust consume your thoughts and blind you from all previous logical thinking.
With closed eyes you moan out his name, rubbing slow teasing circles onto your nub before reaching over to your side to grab the purple dildo, permanently shutting out your last logical thought.
With that, you cross the line of no return and made a new dirty little secret.
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erosjeon · 3 years ago
Kalopsia 2
Pairing: Hybrid!Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Fluff & Smut
Summary: You walk into your home one day to find your cat walking on two feet, in a human form.
Tumblr media
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Word count: 3k
You woke up to a tight grip around your waist, not an uncomfortable one but a certainly strange one as you remember you lived alone with your cat. Turning away from the view of the balcony that you faced, you were met with a muscular chest that belonged to a very handsome face… that had a pair of ears hanging low on top and all the events from the day before rushed back to your memory. You took your time to admire his features, he really is a cat you conclude. His almond shaped eyes were peacefully closed shut, his nose hanging high directly above his plump lips. His arms were flexed around you and you couldn’t help but trace your fingers around his veins slowly reaching up to his neck and face to where his ears twitched. You’ve always loved how soft they felt and how they would give in and lean to your touch. You notice that Jungkook slowly shifted even closer as you ran your fingers through his hair and ears, messaging them thoroughly. The familiar sound of purr erupted seconds into petting, was he awake you wondered. You looked at the clock displayed on your wall, alarming you it was time for another class to be attended. You tried to wiggle out of his hold but he was stronger than you. “Kookie?” You tried to bring him out of his slumber. “I need to leave soon, please let go of me”, you notice that he shifts again but instead of letting you go he held you impossibly closer. “Why do you keep leaving me” you heard him grumble in his sleepy state. “I really need to go to my class. I’ve told you I’m falling behind. If I didn’t have anything to do I would love nothing than to keep sleeping” you tried to move but no avail. As a sigh escaped your lips, the pair of eyes in front of you opened and a smile was displayed for you. You watched his tongue swiped over his lips smoothly as he brought his lips close to your neck where you soon felt a wet sensation. This would be something normal if he was an actual cat and not a full grown man, you felt a rush of heat to the apples of your cheeks. “You can’t do that” you tried to push his head away with both your hands. “Do what?” his head popped up to meet yours, a smile you can mistake for a smirk appeared as he dived into the same spot to lick and suck at the skin of your neck, “You didn’t have a problem with it before”. You refused to let him take control, you had to leave for your class now or else you would be very late. “If you don’t stop right now I won’t pet you for a week” you warned, you knew how much your cat loved being pet and how he would frequently beg for it. You could feel that he tensed and loosened his hold on you, it had worked. “You can’t be serious with that” he said with disbelief, “You can’t do that to me”. “Then don’t make me” you smiled wickedly as you finally were able to make your way out of bed. The route to college was as usual. The early morning had people in a rush and trains to be crowded and coffees to be spilt as people ran to make it to their jobs or school on time. Your social psychology class consisted of the professor making lame jokes and your peers cracking up for extra credit. Once the class was over, you headed to the library to get some work done. You had to do notes for at least 3 lectures to be up to date with your classes by the next week when exams start.
You find your mind wandering about what Jungkook is doing at home. In all honesty, the realization that your pet is a grown up man still hasn’t hit you yet even though you were in his arms just a few hours ago. You began to feel bad as you think of how lonely he must have been all this time, you were always at work while he was locked up inside. It must have been lonely for him, the fact that he had to hide his nature from you since you had ever gotten him made you feel worse. But what do you do now?
You know little about hybrids, what even are they? How much percentage of them is really animal? What are they supposed to eat? How do you treat them? You had many questions which made you find yourself in the veterinary books section of the library. Your eyes scanned through the books to find what you were looking for, a book with the title ‘Hybrids: all you need to know’ had caught your sight.
You flipped open the dusty book, the flying particles showing evidence of how uninterested people are about hybrids and that’s if they believe they exist at all, or maybe, no one cares enough to learn about them. You flicked through the first several pages and landed into the introduction page.
‘Hybrids, additionally called "humanized animals" are technically speaking, also related to "cybrids" (cytoplasmic hybrids), with "cybrid" cells featuring foreign human nuclei inside of them being a topic of interest. Possibly, a real-world human-animal hybrid may be an entity formed from either a human egg fertilized by a nonhuman sperm or a nonhuman egg fertilized by a human sperm. While at first being a concept in the likes of legends and thought experiments, the first stable human-animal chimeras (not hybrids but related) to actually exist were first created by Shanghai Second Medical University scientists in 2003, the result of having fused human cells with rabbit eggs…’
The rest of the page didn’t have much for your interest, skipping through the history of hybrid discovery and into the present, you had found what might be valuable for you to know about Jungkook. ‘The hybrid market, although has been very big and successful for the past 15 years has now changed although the demand is higher than ever. Hybrids had learnt and evolved to be able to mask their identity, making it difficult for them to be caught; and due to the low supply, the commodity nature of the market makes it difficult to sell hybrids if they were not in cages for the buyers to poke and goggle at. People had started to sell these exotic animals ever since hybrids were none, some were sold at millions of the prices customized to the consumer’s needs and desired pet characteristics. The more was desired, the higher the price they are sold. Many individuals buy a hybrid for the pleasure of owning one and being able to do whatever they pleased with it, many would request those with sexual appeals and little have purchased them for mere companionship or support.’
The last sentences you had read made you feel angry, you scoffed in silence at how cruel humans can be. The fact that these hybrids were abused for people’s dirty needs nurtured the need to protect within you, the sole reason of even studying your degree and being here in the first place was to become a helper and an understanding person, someone who can offer advice and love to those who cannot be helped and those who do not feel or cannot feel loved. You had slowly realised that the little amount of trust Jungkook had in you for not telling you the realities of his nature made sense. It wasn’t because you were you, but because of how cruel your own nature can be to him and to his kind. Reading the lines that followed afterwards made your heart feel even heavier, perhaps that’s all you need to know. You decided to shut the book, you think you have an idea of how to treat him now… with love.
You needed to show that you weren’t like the rest, you would never try to use Jungkook or even sell him to anybody. You had loved your cat to death and you would never trade it for the world. The image of Jungkook being behinds the bars in the rows and rows of cages of different sizes and half animals in them made you feel sick. You put the book back and walked to find an empty table to settle your things on. Jungkook hadn’t left your mind, were you too harsh on him this morning? You tried to get him out of your thoughts and to crack on with your lectures even if it was with guilt, you had to get them done. Several tries later, you stood up knowing you wouldn’t be able to get anything done when your mind is thinking of something or rather, someone else. You decided to make sure that you treat him right. You hurried your way back home.
You fiddled with your house keys in attempt to find the right key to the lock of your home door. You opened the door slowly, your eyes scanning the entrance for a male trigger but not finding any. You sighed in relief and close the door behind you, because in all honesty, you didn’t know what to say to him once you see him but you had made your mid up, you’re going to take him out and buy him all of his necessities and make sure he’s satisfied and happy. You walked to the kitchen and found no sign of him, was he still sleeping you wondered. On the bed you found a sprawled naked man, with the bed sheet missing all the areas that you wish you could unsee as you turned around and began to feel smothered. He needs some clothes.
You cleared your voice, “Jungkook?”
But there was no response.
“Jungkook!” you tried to sound loud but gentle.
You can hear the bed sheet moving around before a groan ringed through the room, “Y/N?”
“Can you get up?” you asked,
“What? Why?”
“Just get u-“ you interrupted yourself as you felt him moving to his feet still bare making you close your eyes, “But cover yourself first please”.
You heard a laugh that you suspect to be on your flushed state, why was he making you feel so bothered.
“It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, I mean not that you saw anything true to size right?” he sounded rather smug, “Or you have actually, yesterday.” You can feel his breath fanning down onto your arm. You tried your hardest not to look worked up. It’s all fine.
“Yeah and I rather not see anything again” you turned away from him.
“Are you sure?” he asked with humour in his voice, knowing he was not being serious. He lifted his arms and wrapped them around your figure, making sure nothing else would touch you although he really wanted to.
“Are you okay though, you sound… different?” he curiously spoke before attaching his lips lightly on the spot right beside the skin of your neck.
“Yeah, I’m fine” you quickly replied cautious of him catching onto anything, “Just, we need you to find something to wear so we can go out”
“We’re going out?” he asks slowly, as if not pleased with the idea but you wordlessly, understood why.
“Yeah but don’t worry… I have some clothes from my ex- Jin and you have similar heights and body proportions I think so it should be fine” you said making sure you haven’t forgot anything else, “Oh and I have a cap too just to cover your ears if you don’t feel comfortable”.
“Thanks y/n, but why are we suddenly going out?” he asked, “You usually go out alone”.
“I know, I know… that’s why I want you to come. I don’t want to leave you behind. I couldn’t take you before you know… revealed yourself to me because the places I go don’t allow pets”.
“Okay” he sounded a bit worried and hesitant, making you want to smack yourself in the face for not trying harder to sound convincing because after all, you’re doing this for him to show your care and affection for him.
You turned around, trying your best to only look at his face, “I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t want to do. Truth is, I want you to be comfortable with me, I want to take you and make sure you have clothes and anything else you need.”
“But you don’t have much money, remember?” he replied as he quirked an eyebrow.
“It’s alright… I’m sure I can afford anything you need at the moment” you said out loud although your intention was to say that to yourself. You can afford it you tried to convince yourself although you know deep inside you would over spend but that’s okay if it means for him to feel a bit safer with you, to trust you a little bit more.
“Okay let’s go” he gave you the same bunny smile from yesterday, making you smile to yourself at the cuteness of it. He could pass for a rabbit if his ears were a bit longer.
“Great, let’s get you Jin’s clothes” you said as you walked to your wardrobe before hearing the man behind you sigh quietly.
Once he was dressed, you made sure that the cap and clothing covered the entirety of his other half nature. His tail was confined in the tights black jeans which you suspect pained him as his thighs had already taken up so much space, you were sure it would rip open if he sat down, you were glad that the plain white shirt was more comfortable for him.
As you locked the door, you walked outside heading to the station which is the fastest way to get to the shopping centre. The journey afterwards was pretty fast. You did get looks from strangers but all were girls who looked up and down the body of Jungkook, you suspect that they were horny and had not caught on with his feline nature. The shopping centre was fortunately rather empty, you conversed with Jungkook about what he would need other than clothes which he has replied with as food. You sighed as you walked into the store, you asked Jungkook to pick as many as he liked but secretly hoping he’d pick a few and not go all out for the sake of your bank account. He had managed to get a collection of clothing before waiting for the changing rooms to try them on to see if the size fit.
Most of the things he had picked were good on him as you expected, he looked so happy in them making you smile to yourself. You were proud for doing this, you don’t even care what price you need to pay for his giggles and adorable smile. When you paid for everything, you walked outside shoe stores, Jungkook was carrying his clothes in a bag wrapped around his wrist while you were viewing the goods from the window. You walked inside the store as you saw the pair of heels you’ve always wanted to buy, you thought you were followed by Jungkook as you took the heels in your hand to show him but he was not in view, you tried not to panic but you failed as you frantically turned to find him.
There he was, he was holding a pair of mustard boots, they looked really nice but you knew how expensive they would cost. You knew Jungkook wouldn’t make you buy it if he knew the price of timberlands but you slowly put the heels down before he looked at you and you walked towards him with a smile.
“Why don’t you try them?” you asked,
“What? No, I’ve already bought too much today” he said before putting them down.
“I get to make that choice if I’m paying” you said as you took the shoes and asked for the assistant to measure Jungkook’s feet and to grab the boots in his size.
The look on his face as he wore it was unforgettable, he really enjoyed them and you knew there’s no way you were not going to buy them. His smile was priceless, and you think you’re falling for it. You took the shoe box and headed to the till. Jungkook protested at first but they died down when you glared at him and handed your card to the lady opposite you.
You left the store and thought it might be wise to eat outside since Jungkook has probably never done that before, you grabbed his free hand and took him to the food court. The smell of food was everywhere, you notice his nose scrunching and sniffing at the evident scent of meat in the air.
“What do you feel like eating?” you asked,
“I could eat everything” he said slowly while literally drooling, making you laugh.
“I know the smell is good but we need to get food, is chicken okay? That place has really good chicken”
“Why would people sell bad chicken?” he questioned, while looking confused.
“I don’t know, I ask myself that sometimes too”
You had ordered food and found a table. Once the food was cleared you thought it was time to head home, you’ve followed the path you took earlier and just before the exit, a girl that you’d suspect to be as old as you are in a cap and an outfit that mirrored your hybrid looked at the male beside.
A/N: Happy New Year! Give this a lot of love and as always feedback is appreciated!x
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9uk · 2 years ago
Even A Forest Fire Dies Out
Tumblr media
⌲ summary : it became from “Grab a coffee with me?” to “Why should I grab a coffee with you?” too fast for your liking. you had thought the both of you were so in love with each other—only to realise it was only you who had fallen into this trap of feelings. and as for jungkook, he might have just been as confused as you are.
⌲ pairing : ex-boyfriend!jungkook x reader
⌲ word count : 6.6k
⌲ genre : super angsty , lil smutty , flashbacks
⌲ warnings : vague smut, teasing
⌲ song :  I highly recommend you to listen to tokyo by our dear leader RM whilst reading this, you might just cry!!!
⌲ a /n : this story is actually based off my recent past relationship :-) I actually pull an all nighter to complete this story, i finished it up, got out of bed and headed for school LOL so please do take time to appreciate my 11pm-6am writing ;> aaaaaand i tried my luvs, hope y’all like it.
Tumblr media
“Shit—fuck,”  You mutter a series of curses under your breath as you bent down in a haste, picking up all the pieces of papers that have escaped from your arms and scattered across the road by the river in a haphazard manner.
You silently chide the redundant wind in the city that was colder than necessary already.
Throwing the red scarf mindlessly behind your neck, you moved swiftly from place to place in a squatting position, retrieving the mischievous scraps of your psychology research papers. As if the documents had a mind of their own, they dance away from your reach with the help of an incoming strong breeze causing you to be disgruntled, almost stumbling forward in attempt to snatch your homework back. The wind seemed to be having fun playing with you, like a laser and you were the cat, you jumped from spot to spot in the bad fashion decision of wearing a miniskirt that unfortunate day, you wondered what an obscene sight you were giving to every passerby who laid their eyes on your frantic form.
Finally, you heaved a sigh of relief as what truly belonged to you—and not the stupid gale that signalled an impending rainfall— had been collected completely and you scanned the ground for any remnants of the wind’s doing. Calf muscles straining a little from the intense mini jump squats, you stretched before making your way home, this time clinging onto your papers tightly-
“Excuse me, is this yours?”
The suddenness of the voice makes you jump. And the familiarity of it makes your heart pound tenfolds harder.
You were overanalysing, that must be it. Or you just missed him too much.
It took you a quick flip of a coin silently, a couple of seconds later you slowly whirl around, coming into face with a stranger with a tilted head of confusion. A stranger that is. Inhaling a deep breath, you reached a point of ephipany. You were numb with acceptance and that is why you could speak ever so calmly, to this stranger.
“Yes.” You take a few steps forward and the distance felt like the longest walk you’ve ever took, reaching for the innocent paper who got lost in the hustle in his outstretched hand. You hadn’t bother to remain eye contact with the person who saved the life of the important conclusion of your meticulous report that weighed a heavy sixty percent—or maybe you were afraid to do just so. You couldn’t. You might just fall back into the pit you have been trying best to climb out of. You did not need to see his face to know that he was just as conflicted and startled as you, just that he had a harder time hiding his emotions.
“Y/N,” The casual call of your name caused you to look up out of reflex, meeting his ebony eyes.
And you regretted responding so instinctively. Your words failed you, not even a short reply could escape your throat before you allow your gaze linger on his soft eyes for a slight moment, feelings immediately creeping into your heart as the waves of longing wash over you involuntarily—you quickly avert his gaze, tugging the paper from his fingers.
“Y/N-” He hurriedly repeats, sensing your urgency to leave.
“Thank you.” You cut him off short, flashing a bow politely and spinning on your heel towards where you were headed initially.
Tumblr media
“Thank you.” You sheepishly said as you quickly straightened from your bent-over form. You had wanted to spare yourself from further embarrassment fed by the judgemental stares of passerbys—speedily gathering the flock of papers littered across the school’s hallway. Some of them have even footprints stamped onto the sides or corners of the white sheet, and you grimaced at the sight. Well, that was your initial plan. But a stranger was already a step ahead of you, and before you know it—there was a neat stack of papers handed out to you.
“Something on your mind beautiful?” His words struck you on the spot for second, before you let out an emphasised scoff of disgust, rolling your eyes and snatching the papers from his hands. You’ve been knew—it was the epitome of fuck boy, slash guy who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants, slash number one heartless asshole, slash—Jeon Jungkook.
You failed terribly at getting your worksheets back, because he strictly refuses to loosen his grip on them—and he tugs at your homework, the distance between both of your bodies now only seperated by a length of a paper. The close proximity of his entire physique allows the fragrance of his mint showerwash to seep through your nostrils and fill your stomach with a small splatter of infatuation. Or even closer, as he bends forward to reach your eyes.
“Grab a coffee with me?” The amount of sincerity and innocence laid in his brown irises was unbelievable. One’s acting could go into such lengths for some head. You hum sacarstically upon these thoughts, before a plain rejection fell out of your mouth. “No thanks.”
Smiling, you took the chance when he was partially shocked at your reply, stealing your papers back and heading off to class.
Tumblr media
You plunged into the soft welcoming arms of your fluffy bed filled with pillows and blankets. 
It’s been what, 2 years? Since the last you saw his stupid face.
 You were wholly sure that even a remaining fibre of him was depleted from your mind when you were in the middle of your job transfer to the city of love, Paris. What could you say? You had already been mentally bracing and emotionally preparing for the day when he is to be found sleeping with another woman or pretending to not know you after getting into your pants—ever since you watched the foam finding place at his upper lip and philtrum as he downs the caramel latte in one-go. Ever since you chuckled and looked at him with a forbidden fondness for the biggest playboy in school, you knew the kind of trouble you were dragging your both feet into. 
You knew that for the exception of these tiny moments of attraction and silly crushing on his handsome features and quirky side—shit was eventually bound to happen. Shit like…
Tumblr media
You had no clue how you ended up in the café by the corner of the street, but one thing you knew for a fact was that Jungkook had been resiliently bugging you and never getting off your back for a single cup of caffeine. 
You would find a ball of crushed paper on your desk, opening it up to reveal the little proposal from Jungkook for coffee. He would also tap on your shoulder after class, causing you to gasp in shock, and he would flash you that undeniably cute bunny smile asking to go out with you. You would shut your locker only for his face to be mere inches away from yours as you turn around, jumping back a little in surprise.
“Can you please stop scaring me like that?”
“No, unless you get coffee with me.”
“For the last time Mr. Jeon, I don’t drink coffee!” You were practically yelling at him now, given the state of how annoyed you were at his impromptu appearances.
Jungkook immediately shifts his head back and shuts his eyes at the loud blow of your voice before he starts again, smirking. “Woah, okay. We can fix the coffee part, but you calling me Mr. Jeon is, well…” He wiggles his eyebrow suggestively and you can’t help narrow your eyes at him.
The moment turned silent, as the both of you stood there looking at each other. No words, just empty plain silence of contemplation on your side, and anticipation on his.
“You sure are persistent.” The words leave your mouth softer than you’d expect, as you gawk at his defined lips and the things they could do. Maybe you could bring some fire into the boring and systematic life of yours.
“Old Town Coffee at 4.” You huffed in nothing but dread.
So against your better judgement, you had chose to have a cup of coffee with none other than Jeon Jungkook. The expression you wore this whole time as you left school with him and made your way to the coffee place was worse than someone attending a funeral.
“Am I that bad of a person,” Jungkook opens his mouth the second you both are seated comfortably on the cushion chairs of the café. “That you seem like you are about to enter war for having a drink with me?” He cocks an eyebrow up, questioning the dead-panned look on your face. 
“I’ve heard rumours. And I don’t wish to associate myself with a guy who’s slept with half the school.” You fold your arms, like an officer in an interrogation.
“Ah,” He nods in understanding. “But you’re different. I haven’t really asked a girl out for like, five times, despite the stern rejection.”
Touché, you thought to yourself.
The tray of one latte and one hot chocolate arrived to your table, and you bring the hot beverage to your lips, wincing a little at the mild scald on your tongue.
“Nothing special about me though. I’m not pretty, nor do I have money or popularity-“
“You do have a great ass though.” He adds in.
“Oh, please.” You dismiss his comment.
“What? I’m serious!” He insists with widened eyes.
“So? What do you want from me? Why are you even asking me out?” You move closer to him, locking your dubious glare on him. “It can’t possibly be just to have coffee and chit chat. You probably want to get into my-“
“Maybe I want to have coffee and chit chat.” Jungkook mumbles softly, but enough for you to hear. Looking down at his feet, he continues.
“Maybe…I do just want to have coffee and chit chat with you.”
You gulped at that, all the ferocity in you vanishing into thin air as his eyes shined a soft, warm glow—resulting in the tough resolve of yours dissipating and heart swelling.
As the number of cups of coffee increased, you found Jungkook a rather humorous and fun guy to be around with. All thoughts of him being the horniest jerk in school seemed to be diminished by that innocent bunny smile of his. Your mood would be lifted instantly whenever you were near him now, he knew his way around words and cracked silly jokes to make you laugh.
“Why the gloomy face, silly girl?” He nudges at your cheeks with the knuckle of his finger and feigns a pout to sympathise with how you were feeling. 
That’s right, you were gloomy as fuck because you had put in so much effort into that one biology test, only to return with a marginal pass. Mood cranky, your words take after.
 “I can be gloomy for all I want Jeon, and it’s literally none of your business.” You wanted to roll your eyes a full 360.
At that, his pout becomes even sadder—if that is even possible—and he ruffles your hair like you were his little sister or some shit.
 “Life’s rough, kid.” His voice turns a few octaves lower, inserting as much of wisdom of age possible into his upcoming bullshit. “But do you see for a fact, that there is an incredibly handsome and perfect guy—who scored a sweet 98 on his bio test,” He specifically accentuates and clears his throat, “chasing after you?” You wished you could slap that smug look on his stupid face. 
“First of all, I don’t see it. Second of all, other than rubbing it in my face, what’s your point here?” You shoot him the moodiest face on the surface of earth.
“Life isn’t that bad after all so stop being a sulky bitch and I’ll buy you ice cream.” His teeth shows partly as he half-grins, putting out the offer to you.
“Oh, just shut up.” A laughter emits from you.
 You became comfortable around him, after he steered clear of your suspicions of his sexual intentions from a series of embarrassing incidents you would never forget.
The two of you were heading towards your favourite place located by the corner of the street, wind howling fiercely and dark clouds racing past the sky. You both wanted to quickly speed walk to the safe shelter of the café, only for your skirt to fly up high, hooking onto one of the protruding wires of a fence—and ripping into half like the weak polyester it was. You shrieked in surprise at the sound of the harsh tear on your skirt, hands flying to grab the skirt in place and not flash your pink cotton panties and perky ass to anyone on the street. Jungkook whipped his head around at your scream and bobbed his head to your behind to see what had just happened. Seeing how exposed you were, he quickly stepped behind you and shrugs off his leather jacket, hurriedly tying it around your waist in less than a second, decently covering you up. You had expected him to make some dirty comment about your ass on display, or maybe gawk at it for a longer time before shielding you with his outerwear, but instead he grabs your hand without a word and leads you to the destination faster than usual, and you suppose it is to not let you feel uncomfortable with a split open skirt in public. Your cheeks felt warm to the touch and bursted with scarlet. No, don’t do that, stupid cheeks.
There was also once, when the both of you assumedly went shopping because he claimed to have needed your help on buying a gift for his bestfriend. What was the worst thing that could happen going gift shopping right? You found yourself stuck in a crowded elevator, with Jungkook being squashed mercilessly at the sharp corner of the lift, and you being pushed along as well when someone rolls a freaking 2 by 1 meters-sized pram into the small clustered space, shifting everyone backwards or to the side. The former was you, and you reversed into Jungkook’s body, your back pressing against his solid front. You once again, had expected him to tease you by touching sliding his arm around your waist to pull you flusher against him—like the pervert he was. But strangely, he doesn’t do anything to make you feel violated. 
God, your face was heating up again at the feeling of his body against yours. 
When the both of you exited the thick stuffy tension of silence in the elevator, Jungkook doesn’t throw a snarky comment or a dirty joke, simply keeping his mouth shut with a strained expression. Maybe you could have some fun with him.
And he brought you anywhere, and everywhere in this small little town—from coffee dates to faraway escapades. Jungkook, surprisingly was nothing but a sweet and caring guy towards you.  One fine boring day, when you were laying on your bed scrolling through instagram and having nothing better to do, a message is received from Jungkook informing you that he was at your front door.
[19:24] Help: Come outside. We’re going stargazing.
You had saved his number as ‘help’ because that was still the early stage of your friendship with him—where’d you felt like he was nothing but trouble. ‘Help’ was definitely the most accurate representation of how you felt when he kept asking to get coffee with you, as well. Therefore. And your lazy ass was too unbothered to do anything about that eccentric contact name.
You’ve never got ready this fast—in less than five minutes you’re busting out of the house with a rush of adrenaline.
Your face instantly lights up at the red pickup truck neatly parked along the driveway of your house, you speedily descended down the stairs, two steps at a time and held onto your miniskirt to prevent it from flying up violently. You’ve been starting to wear skirts more often around Jungkook—seeing as to how he resists his temptations or holds himself back from fucking you there and then. 
Not that you had any issues with that, really.
 Hopping into the passenger seat and immediately fastening your seatbelt, he looks at you with an amused smirk.
Clicking the buckle tight, you probed excitedly, “So, where are we going?” 
You couldn’t wait. You loved adventures like these.
“You’re really that excited huh?” Hand on the steering wheel, he ignites the engine and with a quick roar, you are set off to stargazing destination.
The ride there only consisted of the playlist of The 1975, his occasional quiet humming to the music and your endless admiring and stealth gawking of the dense forest, mountain hills and random patches of lakes. Not forgetting the gradual darkening of the pink hues in the sky—to a smooth violet, then a dark indigo to follow. That, was your favourite part—watching the golden egg yolk slowly retreat home and fall asleep till night ends. 
You don’t think anything else in the world can compare to that.
“Wake up, we’re here.” Jungkook cups your face in both hands with his utmost strength, causing you to squirm and attempt to shove them away in discomfort. If anything, pressing your cheeks together makes you even more sleepy—especially when your eyes are unable to open properly.
“Le-apt mm-! go-ruh!” The words come out worse than muffled and Jungkook is having the time of his life with your soft cheeks between his palms, squealing and chuckling at your compressed features.
“Finally, you let me breathe for a second.”
The both of you have settled down from your fit, and are now sitting in the back of his truck—a wide disorderly array of pillows and blankets engulfing your sprawled out legs.
“Well, the sky wouldn’t.” You arch your brow at Jungkook in confusion before following the direction of his shimmering glossy ebony orbs—that you are immensely captivated by. On a second thought, you take back what you had said about nothing being able to compare to sunsets.
You forcefully pull yourself out of the indulgence in his beautiful eyes, turning to the sky above, only to be met by a blanket of stars on a black background. They danced and sparkled like lively little children at the playground, with their mother moon watching discreetly yet outstandingly at one corner. Mouth naturally falling open, the both of you allow nature to fill the atmosphere, the cricketing of the hidden cicadas, the soft rustling of leaves and branches, and the gentle howling of the wind—to take over the pin drop silence for a bit.
Peace—the perfect description of the relaxed pulses and steady breathing, mind free of troubles and heart unconstricted. You stare at the star-filled sky long enough, for the sharp twinkles to seem as if they were moving in an unhurried manner, past you and to another bustling city approaching dusk. The top of pine trees fill your peripheral vision, the cherry on top of this perfect picture. Sighing in contentment, you slowly blink as you drink in every last bit of this terrific view of the night sky into your soul, taking the sight before you into your grave. You wonder how Jungkook found this stargazing spot in a middle of a random patch of land by the river in the small town of yours which you have never once visited.
Peeling your gaze away from the magnificent above, it falls on Jungkook, who was reflecting your eyes all this time. His comfortable posture makes it seem like he has been facing you for quite some time, yet he doesn’t sound a word. His stare is eating into you, shedding the stubborn armor encasing your heart and plucking it right out of your chest—leaving your trapped emotions in it’s most vulnerable state—no, he didn’t rip it through your skin.
Your confused expression is shallow, compared to the look he is giving you—filled with so much depth and... and what exactly?
Jungkook is drunk in the expanses of your irises before he swoons in and pushes his lips against yours, and you’re stunned for a second, but you slowly flutter your eyes shut at the feeling of his soft plush lips on yours. His lips are now moving languidly with yours, hands in no rush to hold your nape and fingers tangled slightly in your hair.
Heads tilting, noses bumping, the both of you chuckle giddily in the kiss before involving the swirling of tongues with each other and the harsh melding of your lips. Your hands rise up from his chest to his shoulders and you pull him closer, teeth clashing and mouths sucked into each other’s. The kiss with Jungkook escalated fast from slow gentle to rough and needy.
A whimper breaks from your throat as he sucks on your wet muscle, then tugs onto your bottom lip with his teeth, reluctantly breaking away from the passionate intimacy for a couple of breaths.
Desperate, the moment your lips are apart, you immediately connect them against, placing a chaste yet firm kiss onto his defined lips again, mind hazy with the feeling of his unbearable lips.
He made you hand your hopeless heart out to him—trusting him to take good care of it.
A smile creeps onto his strikingly handsome face and he flips you onto your back, hovering over your small frame compared to his tall and broad one. A split moment of rationality nags at your mind—once he sleeps with you, you become nothing but a number to his list of tainted girls— for as long as it could, because Jungkook dives into the crook of your neck, sucking harshly and tongue laving at the exposed skin of your neck, fingers beginning to unbutton the thin nylon of your blouse leaving your chest bare. The rest of the night is filled with erotic noises and breathless panting, as he lifts your skirt and pushes into you all at once, a loud moan ripping through your throat, as your walls clench tight around his rock hard length, earning a low groan to fall out of his gritted teeth as he drills his cock into your squirming body.
Coming down from both your highs, you lay beside each other, blankets wrapping your own naked bodies, looking up to the same breathtaking sky that you now viewed with a slightly different perspective. Jungkook pulls you close to him, arm snaking around your waist as he tells you that you are more gorgeous than the scenic up there. He looks at you like you were the most precious thing ever to exist in the entire universe, he holds you as if you were worth way more than all the cosmic stars combined, and you can’t help but giggle sillily at that, his eyes widening in confusion at your sudden outburst of laughter.
“What’s so funny beautiful?” He questions, but he himself is smiling away as well.
“Nothing.” You press your lips into a line to prevent your love-stricken heart from letting out anymore giggles of pure euphoria and excitement, and he brushes a few strands of stray hair away from your beaming face and at the back of your ear.
“Silly girl, tell me.” He pursues and you hold onto the hand caressing your face lovingly in assurance, popping your head forward to kiss him.
“I think I love you.” You shyly admit, gaze falling down bashfully.
“I love you too, silly girl.”
His soft lips are felt on your forehead.
And what exactly?
And love.
Tumblr media
Shooting up from your mattress, your temples are coated in a sheen of cold perspiration and your breathing ragged. Your heart clenches wildly, heavy ache in it not planning to disappear anytime soon. You blink and streams of tears flow uncontrollably down your cheeks, sniffling you reach out for your phone and scroll through your lists of contacts, abruptly pausing and swiping back up slightly to his name, the pad of your thumb hovering over it in a mixture of hesitation and longing.
You were gripping onto your device so tight, that you’re surprised it doesn’t bend and break into half. The tight grip however, allowed your brain to hold onto the very last bit of sensibility and consciousness you have left, your trembling thumb above the bright screen now gradually retreating from his horrid name. Help, indeed.
You used to have these kinds of dreams often, fragments of your happy and blissful past creeping into your sleeping mind, sending you into a fit of torment and the dull ache in the low thumping of your damaged heart. That period of time was the most suffering for you, and a heavy barricade on your journey of getting over that guy who used to be part of your life—sometimes the audacity of these stupid flashbacks to make you contemplate if you should take a U-turn on this road.
But they eventually subsided as time passed by like sand falling down an hourglass—only to rise back from the dead, haunting you once again.
Only today. The day after you unluckily bump into him by the river. 
In a manner too familiar, almost like the very first time.
You were, for the first time, thankful for the copious amount of work assigned to you that day. The endless reports and meetings allowed you to take your mind off some things—like your dear high school sweetheart. It was only until the day ended sort of late, nearing eight in the evening—you somehow made a very intuitive and unwise decision to walk the longer route back home, not passing by that sickening river where the encounter occured. But you almost forget, that you would be also strolling past the loathsome café by the corner of the street. Did you really forget?
Or did you do it purposefully with a glint of hope to bump into him ‘coincidentally’ one more time? 
You don’t know. Nobody knows. Shut up.
And here you were, standing outside the yellow lit café, staring at the interior design of the shop for a little way too long. You can see the silhouettes of both of your old selves, interlacing fingers and mildly exchanging sweet kisses and chatting happily over coffee and hot chocolate—and the figures of your imagination slowly diminishing into empty furniture. The place hasn’t changed one bit and it scares you—because the people who once regarded this café as their regular dating spot, a place that belonged to them in their own world of love, where they talked about their days and discussed about the house they were going to live in, or the perfect location for their wedding—crushed and thrown into an abandoned bin called painful memories.
As if on cue, the bells on the door rings, snapping you back to plain cruel reality—and your vision drifts to the guy at the door just exiting the tiny yet homely coffee place.
Jeon Jungkook, ladies and gentlemen.
Tumblr media
It all went downhill after the peak of your relationship of two years, his proclaimed undying love for you has began to die down. The passion is long gone and the excitement to see you has decreased with time. 
Time, an unholy factor to your deteriorating relationship. 
Just as you thought time and space will bring the both of you back even closer and more attracted to each other. The force somehow turned imbalanced and soon enough, you came to realisation that you were the only one carrying this relationship with both bare hands painstakingly. The chat between the both of you only has a string of repetitive messages from you, every conversation is initiated by you, every meet up is asked by you too. You saw each other lesser and lesser, and when it couldn’t get any worse—once a fortnight. You even saw your grandparents more than your boyfriend.
 Something is snowballing, into a tremendous obstacle between the both of you. 
He doesn’t send you greetings at the start of the day or late at night. No more video calls or frequent crashing at his apartment for a binge session of Netflix(and chill). No more bugging for coffee dates or impromptu rides to stargaze together in his red truck. No more. 
 Nothing but the ignored texts and calls—a cold reply of “I’m busy” to completely shut you down. There was no effort coming from his side in participation to this entitlement of being together, and the moment he said those words. 
You knew, it was over.
“Why should I grab coffee with you?” He narrows his eyes at you, tone stern and mocking and questioning you in sheer curiosity, like you were chasing after him and forcing him to go to the both of your favourite places for a cup or two (maybe it has become just yours for now). Like he was telling you, he wasn’t obligated to do anything with you, and that simply going out for coffee—with you—wasn’t something he really wanted to do anymore. He didn’t want anything to do with you anymore. 
He didn’t want you anymore.
The both of you, for once in a blue moon, was chilling at your shared apartment, which was his to begin with. Until you find him on his phone the entire time, he probably doesn’t even notice the new trimming of your hair, or the way you applied a slightly coloured lip balm to look prettier for him. And for what were you trying so hard to appease him for?
Eyes dropping to your trembling hands, you replied softly.
“Right, sorry. I was just asking in case you wanted to, you’re not obliged to do so or anything,” Without warning, your voice start to break mid-sentence and your eyes began to swell with tears of a hurtful pride and one-sided effort and love you were selflessly feeding this broken and torn relationship with Jungkook. 
Sniffing, you held your tears back with all your might before spinning quickly on your heel as he carries on texting vigorously on his phone, smiling at whoever is making him feel so happy now. Taking over your job as his dutiful girlfriend.  In replacement of you. The thought of another party has tears running down your face without restraint in an instant as the door slammed shut, and you went as far as your legs could speedily take you to. 
Running, running, and running.
 Non-stop, away from that insensitive fucker and suffocating house, a choked sob escapes you as you recall the way he doesn’t even spare you a glance as your voice is very obviously cracking and on the verge of breaking down right in front of his indifferent form, because you weren’t that much of an importance anymore. 
This was wrong. So wrong.
How did the two of you, once so deeply in love with each other, drowning in words of saccharine and lustful touches, to stargazing and pancake dates—become something so broken, and unfixable? 
You couldn’t comprehend.
You didn’t want to comprehend, as the beating of your heart echoes in your blocked ears and blurry eyes, pathetic cries of a shattered heart escaping you as you just kept running further and further away from this horrible life.
You probably took a whole tour of this entire town, walking as long as you wished, as long as the sadness encapsulated you, sobbing till your tears ran dry and ducts went empty.
The edges of your sweater are soaked with salty tears—that’s when you know you’ve cried a tad too much. You listened to where your heart took you, you also sat down when you felt like it. Be it by a dirty dumpster—and that’s exactly what you did. The numbness surging throughout your entire body has you entirely ignoring how filthy and unhygienic the ground was. You simply plopped down and brought your knees to your face, crying the whole of your heart out again at his menacing words that felt so thorough and final. 
You should get the hint. Even if you don’t want to, solely indulging in oblivion isn’t going to do you any good.
 Acceptance is virtue. 
Soon to come, you will be able to execute that value perfectly. Just right need a moment.
A drunken man whistles at you, tried approaching you but only ends up failing as he collapses to the side of the pavement, too inebriated to do anything but fall into a slumber. 
For a moment, you had wished he did manage to do something bad to you—then maybe Jungkook would care and be by your side as you are admitted into the hospital, holding your hand and telling you he still actually cares and loves you a lot. 
But the real world slaps you in the face as you glance at the time, half-past eleven and the full wallpaper of a picture of the both of you once smiling so happily in each other’s embrace and daffodils at the back. Zero messages from the ever so caring boyfriend. 
Whether you can call him that anymore, wasn’t a decision of yours to make at the moment.
You end up crashing at your best friend’s place, skipping the numerous questions shot at you with utmost worry and concern. Shrugging them off with a strained smile, you claimed you were too tired and wanted to just sleep there and then, which means no more dealing of her interrogation. The next morning your phone was filled with calls and texts from Jungkook, who seemed actually genuinely worried about your safety. 
You looked at the amount of missed calls and messages with one thought in your head—that makes up for all lost initiative in the past.
 A dead chuckle spill from your lips due to the overwhelming emotions stirring in your blackened heart—this was probably the last of him. 
And you were right.
Jungkook’s eyes were bright like always, like he had no problem sleeping with you roaming the streets in the dangerous dark night—and it pinches hard at your feelings.
“Y/N, where have you been?” His eyes dart to the bag and box you have in hand and your swollen eyes, but he doesn’t question any of those signs. You could sense in a second that he didn’t really care about where you have been, but it was more of how it was obligatory to ask as a boyfriend. 
Why bother?
You don’t say anything to that forced act of concern, shoving past him and collecting all your clothes and belongings, stuffing them into the carriers.
He watches you pack your things and begins with a tinge of something like fear.
“Y/N, what’s up? What are you doing?” He steps closer to your hasty and furious form, but doesn’t lay a finger on you to avoid putting off a ticking bomb.
Likewise, you don’t reply. The answer is put out to his face as clear as day—it was up to him whether he wanted to continue pretending to love you or forge this torturous relationship.
You’re not so sure if you could handle the brutality of your nickname being replaced by the formal letters of your first name. Looking at the anniversary bracelet that you randomly threw into the box, you let out a distasteful scoff and flung it back into it’s original place, which was the top of you and Jungkook’s dresser—that the both of you had joyously fixed together from IKEA (with tons of retries and arguing over which part should be placed where).
Fuck, stop thinking about useless shit like that.
When you’re done, sparing nothing more than a brief scan over the cosy place which you and him had shared too many memories in over the past two years, his voice halts you in your steps.
“Y-You’re leaving?” He asks, in a way so purely innocent and pleading, like a puppy watching its owner leave for work. And you can’t stand it. 
You might just crumble, slam your things down, run back into his arms to kiss him silly and tell him that you’re not mad at him anymore, that there was still room for redemption and second chances, maybe you could be more forgiving and have a bigger heart towards his shitty attitude—but you’ve tried, and you just can’t anymore.
“Goodbye Jungkook.”
Tumblr media
The cup of caramel latte had turned cold.
Stirring it for what seems like the eighteenth time, the liquid darkens as the bit of espresso rises to the top blending with the milk and caramel altogether again—his bizarre thoughts however, still unsettling.
In the span of 2 years, Jungkook had quite a number of flings and one-night stands—ever since you left him alone isolated in his own apartment, not knowing what to do. It came to him like a torpedo, the moment he wakes up without you in his arms, no more basking in the vanilla scent of your shampoo during his snooze and the feeling of the vibrations ricocheting from your chest to your back for him to listen to—all gone in a snap. Beside him, his phone rings incessantly. Messages from a girl named Mirae, asking him about his sleep and whether or not he dreamt of her in his sleep. He cringed inwardly at the unwelcoming morning message and he wonders why yesterday he was grinning in infatuation at them—and speaking of yesterday, his thoughts drifted to you. You never said cheesy things like this, but you expressed your care and love for him through other methods.
Like eating whatever he wanted to, not caring about your own cravings, or putting aside work time to watch a movie with him just because he wanted to relax, ending up in you burning the midnight oil to finish up a project. These small actions didn’t go unnoticed by him.
He also noticed the way you sounded like you were going to tear up when you toldl him that it was okay to not want to go out with you. He knew how hurt and unhappy you felt, but he didn’t know what to do, he didn’t want to further upset you by saying the wrong things again either. So he kept mute as you left through the front door. 
And now, he realised he’s made a grave mistake.
He truly went all out after you packed your things and left his life just like that, instead of looking back at his behaviour and attitude towards you and your entire relationship—Jungkook decides to become a frequent at the local bar down the street, bringing a new women back every time to satisfy his need for something fresh, something new and hot.
But even something fresh didn’t seem that enticing anymore, when they held no significance to him. The girls would leave, and he would feel an emptiness growing in him, that he knows he would never be able to fill, despite the number of girls he got to stick his dick in every so often.
The day before, he stumbles across a piece of paper from a report, picks it up and had zero clue it belonged to the girl he still held close to his heart till this very day. 
When you turn around, his muscles relax and his heart softens at the sight of you. It was like a natural instinct of his whenever he got anywhere near you.
He can’t help but notice how skinny you have gotten, your eyes having fallen from what he assumed as stress, and your hair having grown longer with an essence of womanhood. You had grown into a woman that was probably different from the girl who he bugged for a cup of coffee a few years back, you had matured beautifully, the look in your eyes—somewhat empty yet filled with nothing but character. His heart was beyond crushed when you bowed in gratification to him like he was some kind of stranger—or maybe he is, but still.
 The pain punched him in the chest and seeped through his veins, and he can almost feel the tingling of hurt in his hands as you walk away from him, carrying on to busy about with your own separate life.
Thus, when he sees you standing there, looking at him with feelings he couldn’t decipher—but an expression so broken and hurt, as if the memories of the two of you is flooding your mind as it is for him. Jungkook feels like his heart might just burst right out of his mouth and onto the ground with his knees going terribly weak. He has so much to say, so much so apologise for, but he doesn’t know if he is capable of loving you the way he did from the very start— he is afraid of fucking things up once again and hurting you for the second time.  
Time isn’t on his side because you turn, starting to take quick steps to the right and getting further away from his reach. Even if he doesn’t do it right, the last thing he wants is to have any more regrets in letting the girl he loves slip loose away from his hands—and his heart. 
Without a second thought, he runs up to your escaping form and grabs onto your arm, spinning you around to face him properly.
“Grab a coffee with me beautiful?”  
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anon-luv · 3 years ago
I’ll Never Be Her (1)[JiminXReader]
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jimin X Reader
Genre: Angst/ Romance
Summary: You loved him with all your heart, but he could only give you half of his.
Jimin was the love of your life, your night in shining armor when she wasn’t around.
She was his ex girlfriend,  his first love, actually she was his many firsts and she kept coming back.
He had warned you she was his weakness, but you didn’t listen, because to you having him even if it was only partially was better than not having him at all.
At least for now.
Rated M: Sexual Scenes and Languages that might not be appropriate for all ages.
Word Count: 4.7K+
Author’s Note: I hope you guys enjoy this Fic. It started off as a One Shot request, and it grew into this angsty mess. It is a Short Series. I have 3 Chapters planned so far. Let me know what you think. Feedback makes me happy!
Minor Grammar mistakes possible. I will edit more if needed.
I am so nervous to post this haha. LEAVE SOME LOVE!
She was back. Once again, she stood before him with crystal clear tears running down her cheeks. Your heart ached seeing him run to her without a regard of what he was leaving behind as he flew towards the light he had sought after all these years. Her. She had been his dream, his answer to his prayers, but sadly faith had guided her heart to someone else. When you had decided to be with Jimin, he had warned you about this. He had told you about her. He had shared his weakness as you both laid upon his bed after you made love for the first time. He was afraid you would run out after, but you stayed. Your heart had been stubborn.
Tumblr media
The first time she walked into your life was a week after you had moved in with him. The slamming of her small fist against your door waking you both from slumber. Before you could utter a word Jimin had rushed out to put on his pj pants running to the door, as if there was a horde of zombies chasing him. You walked curiously behind him wandering your way into the living room. There she was laying upon his chest in a fetal position rocking back and forth. His hands caressing her blond locks softly as if she was made out of crystal. He kissed her forehead softly, and she looked up into his eyes. Your heart rate beating faster and faster as his lips now traveled to her nose pecking the tip like he had done to you so many times. Your breath hitching as you could only assume from experience what comes next, but he didn’t have to lean in, she reaches out and seals her lips against his. Your close your eyes quickly not wanting to witness anything else. Your heart shattered into pieces, but you knew. You had known all this time that no matter how many moments were shared between Jimin and you, he would never be completely and devotedly yours.
Tumblr media
Fast forward 3 years and she still comes around. It had been 5 months since she had last visited, and for a moment you had dared to dream she was gone for good. She sat at your table giggling at a joke Jimin had just said while you stirred the boiling noodles, trying to ignore the knot in your throat that had been present so many times, you had become an expert in swallowing up your tears.
“So, (Y/N) I heard from Jimin that you are teaching a kinder class, that must be quite a challenge. Nataly is a handful on her own, I can’t imagine having 15 more of her running around at the same time,” she said adding a giggle at the end, her rosy cheeks rendering even you speechless.
“Well...yeah...they are a handful, but I love what I do, and I wouldn't have it any other way.” You said trying to sound more confident than you actually were. You loved your students so much, but you couldn't hide the fact that your feet and headaches have become a daily friend of yours.
“Y/N is also the cheerleading coach for her school,” Jimin said giving you a smile that hasn't been thrown your way all day, causing a blush to appear on your cheeks.
You looked back at her face, her cheeks still rosy from before giving her an angelic glow. You wondered if your blush gave you the same effect, but after seeing the way Jimin’s attention went back to her beautiful face without giving you a second glance your silent questions had been answered.
Your blush had nothing on hers.
Tumblr media
 Her name was Stephanie. She was 3 years older than you, just like Jimin. They had grown up together. They were each other’s first kiss, first relationship, first love, and first time. It was all butterflies and rainbows, they had been attached at the hip. Jimin liked telling you stories about their many adventures, which you had embraced as a beautiful fairy tale. A once upon a time fiction that had no happy ending.
Everything had been smooth sailing for them until Stephanie turned 17 when her family dragged her along to move hours away from her beloved. Their relationship deteriorated, until long hours on the phone and video calls turned into a text or 2 a week. They ended it. The relationship was too difficult to keep up with. They said they would remain friends, and forever love each other in some way, but Stephanie never called, messaged, or visited. So, after much heartbreak Jimin’s life went on.
3 years later though, Stephanie knocked at his door, a baby in arms and a diamond on her finger.
1 year later you came along. You were late.
Sometimes you wonder if you had come a year earlier when Stephanie was still MIA(Missing in Action) would you still be in this position??
Would she still hold half of Jimin’s heart captive?
As much as you dance around the many possibilities of an alternate scenario of Jimin’s life….you always come to the conclusion that no matter the outcome she would always have a place in his world, but you…..
You were not her.
Tumblr media
 You wish you hated her.
You wish you could despise the very earth she walked on, but you couldn't.
She was attentive, headstrong, and kind. She was like a happy virus, a gift to the dull world you lived in.
You confided in her all your problems, blurring out the ones that revolved around her. You treasured her friendship. You sought her out when you were down, and for that, you didn't hate her… couldn't…
You hated yourself.
 She was captivating in an odd sense of the word. You always wondered what went through her mind when her ocean blue eyes wandered around the many frames scattered around the apartment you shared with Jimin. Every frame held a special moment between the both of you. From kisses to birthdays, to random outing at random places. Each moment full of love. Love that for at least the moment the flash went off you forgot you shared.
“He loves you, you know,” you said softly not wanting to disturb the little girl that lay asleep upon her lap. The soft blond locks interlaced with Stephanie’s fingers as she ran them up and down soothingly.
She looked at you wide-eyed, caught off guard by your comment. A silent pause. Her eyes roamed uncomfortably around the apartment until they were met again by your figure. Your anxious trembling hands being her main point of focus as a sad smile decorated her face, “I know” she said causing you took inhale a deep breath as the knot formed in your throat once again “but he loves you more”
Tumblr media
 His arms were warm and strong as he held you, his soft breathing tickling the space behind your ear lightly. You sighed, cautiously turning to face him. His face calm, a small smile blessing his soft pink lips. You leaned forward to meet his softly, not wanting to wake him up, but not being able to hold back the urge to feel the warmth of his soft pillows.
He holds you tighter as he buries his face in the crook of your neck, his voice raspy from sleep “Love, what are you doing still awake?”
Your hand runs through his thick soft black hair “I have a stomach ache”
He picks up his head, concern written all over his face “Oh no babe, do you want me to make you a tea??”
Your hands travel to his cheeks squishing them lightly “No I am okay, can you just put your warm hands on my tummy. Don't worry, pre-period cramps. Nothing extreme, just a pain to deal with”
Jimin nods in understanding. He has rubbed your tummy several times before to make you feel better during your red sea crusades.
He lifts up the blanket to reach underneath your shirt, his hand moving in a soothing circular motion.
“Better??” He asks raising up his eyebrows cutely.
“Much” you reply as you lean forward to kiss the tip of his nose.
He gives you a sleepy smile as your heart launches out of your chest.
How had you gotten so lucky?
His smile intensifies to a full-blown grin as he uncovers you and moves down to where his face meets your stomach.
Soft butterfly kisses sprinkled across your tummy lovingly making your face grow warm.
You wouldn't call yourself beautiful, interesting, or fit. You had love handles, untamable hair, and every once in a while, you would bloom out the nastiest volcano of a pimple.
Jimin. He was perfect. His soft skin and rosy cheeks were the envy of everyone who crossed his path. His smile was sweet like honey as his eyes formed cute crescents that put the stars to shame. His jaw sharp and refine giving him a manly profile that took your breath away. Even his shadow was attractive, that was just who Park Jimin was …. Perfection.
“(Y/N)” he said tearing you away from your spiraling thoughts as he lay his warm cheek right above your belly button. Your breathing causing his face to move up and down slowly with the motions.
“Hmm babe” you responded as sleep started once again to sound appealing.
“I hope that when we have a baby, she or he will look just like you. Your big eyes and gorgeous smile is a must” he said as he used his finger to draw patterns on your skin.
“As long as they have your pink lips and high cheekbones” you replied as you ruffled his hair playfully.
He moved his face toward yours to deliver the sweetest of kisses “We would make some beautiful babies, you know that”
A bright smile adorned your face, it was at moments like this where Stephany was nonexistent in the world of you and Jimin. It was just the two of you and no one else.
Tumblr media
 The days and weeks that served as R&R before Stephany made an appearance once again in your life, was what aided the relationship between you and Jimin. Her physical absence from your apartment was like a breath of fresh air after being underwater for what felt like an eternity. Whether intentional or not you exchanged daily texts with Stephany. For her, it was a friendship related courtesy check-in, but for you, it was a forecast to predict the possibility of her infamous visits.
 It was a weekend when things turned awfully sour. Her text message was simple, without any sort of foreshadowing of the mess that would end up in your plate.
 (Y/n) I am going to be running a bit late. I am out doing errands and I am stuck right now. Can you pick up Natty. xxxx Steph
 You read it over without much thought. You had picked up her baby girl from school often enough for her to start calling you aunty. It didn't mean she was coming over thank goodness, but it did mean babysitting and Disney flicks which you quite honestly probably enjoyed more than Nataly.
 Sure. No Prob.
Tumblr media
 It was 9pm when Jimin walked in through the door, looking disheveled and like he could use 24 hours of continuous sleep. His eyes met yours and a bright smile managed to camouflage his tired appearance. He walked towards you practically skipping happily much to your dismay until he saw the little girl laying on your lap. Her soft snores falling in a pattern to lull her even into a deeper state of sleep.
Jimin looked around the apartment questioningly wondering where Stephany was. A crease of worry had now adorned his face, completely overtaking his previous state of happiness. The dim light of the room making the whole event more dramatic, causing a jolt of uneasiness to flow through your veins.
“(y/n), where is Steph?” he asked in a harsher tone than the one you were expecting.
You shrugged your shoulders not wanting to make too much noise, the little girl in your lap had fallen asleep a few minutes ago after much convincing on your behalf.
Jimin shook his head at you as he quietly made his way to scoop up the little girl in his arms. He carefully placed her head so it rested on his shoulder, he walked swiftly to the guest room not wanting to disturb her sleep for too long. You followed suit in case he needed any help along the way. You opened the door so he could walk inside. He then laid her down in the middle of the queen bed and placed soft pillows all around her as a precaution, since the bed was a bit high for her to sleep on her own. The night light, that had been bought previously for these surprise Nataly sleepovers, now turned on lighting up half the room with a pinkish glow.
Jimin placed a soft kiss on her forehead lovingly, leaving a yearning in your heart of a future with him.
He looked over at you as he grasped your hand lightly waking you up from your daydream. He pulled you towards the living room once again. You knew he was bound to ask questions about what was going on and it scared you. You were clueless.
All you got was a text, Nataly, and nothing else. To be quite honest you hadn’t even bothered calling Stephany, assuming she was just running late. Now that you thought about it, she was way too late. She had never asked you to babysit for more than 2 hours, and it was about to be 6 hours since you had picked up Nataly from her daycare.
You walked through the hallway with careful steps, the carpets now more a blessing than ever.
The silence in the room felt tense and you didn't quite understand why.
Jimin dropped your hand as if it was on fire.
“Why didn't you call me and let me know?” he asked with a hardened tone.
Your eyes wide not expecting this radical change, “Why would I need to call you?? She asked me to babysit Nataly, something I have done many times before. I didn't think anything of it. Plus, she is an adult and perfectly capable of taking care of herself. I am not her mother to give her a curfew. She is my friend” you said defensively as you stared straight into his eyes daring him to try and speak rudely to you again.
Jimin and you never argued, your willingness to side with him through the controversies that could arise in a relationship created a mutual understanding that arguments were not to your liking. He also tended not to pry into sensitive areas as to not to instigate anything. Communication was key with the both of you, well at least it had seemed that way.
Sometimes you wondered if that is why your relationship wasn't enough to conquer his entire heart. The monotony of a calm environment could be the reason he sought the chaos that surrounded Stephany.
“She is mine. She is my friend, and you should've let me know. Have you even called to check up on her??” He said in a quiet harsh whisper.
The tears that threatened to fall along with the now familiar knot giving out causing you to finally collapse. The pressure of being scolded over something that was out of your control snapping away the last thread you were holding onto.
“You know what?? I don't have to do this. I don't have to get yelled over stupid shit that has nothing to do with me. I don't have to sit and watch like a good girl as you tiptoe around the fact that you love her more than you will ever love me, and you just have me here as standby. I am not your bitch to command. I won't come lick your face happily every time you say sorry or give me a treat after you fuck up. I am not a punching bag….much less when it's between her and you. I am not a replacement or a substitute, I am my own person” you said as the anger that had accumulated through time exploded sending words like shredded metal hurting everyone around.
Stephany stood still, frozen by the front door, her small hand covering her mouth completely shocked of the scene in front of her.
You spotted her right away, your eyes blurring her frame with tears that threatened to fall again.
You didn't wait for Jimin to respond for as soon as he noticed your attention had zoomed into another direction his eyes were no longer on you. He didn't even think twice before he left you once again behind.
“Stephany are you okay??” He asked, expecting you to move on like you usually did.
Stephany ignored Jimin giving him a glare her eyes traveled to your rage-filled trembling body “(y/n), are you okay?”
Taking a deep breath to clear the rush of thoughts drowning you, you made a decision. Your heart was no longer taking the floor, you stomped to your room locking it behind you, not wanting to witness anything having to do with the half of Jimin he obviously biased.
You were tired and broken. You just wanted sleep to consume you and take you away, but at the same time, your consciousness craved for the doorknob of your room to twist and for your love to chase you and leave everything behind for you, just like he always did for her.
You wanted to be chased. You were tired of being the one to do the chasing.
Tumblr media
 He came to bed at 1am. Any questions of where he was or what he was doing erased from your mind at the first form of contact in his behalf. His arm surrounding your waist as he pulled you closer, his nose traveling along your neckline inhaling your sent as he delivered soft sprinkled kisses all the way to your ear.
Jimin knew you were awake. You had never been able to fall asleep without him beside you, and at times it angered you how dependent you had become of him, you despise your clinginess.
“I love you. I really do. You know, that right??” He whispered in your ear.
No, I don't. I don't think you do.
“Yes, I do, and I love you” you replied your voice raspy from the lack of liquids and talking you've had in the last few hours.
I love you so much….but it hurts
Jimin turned you around to face him, you let yourself be guided till you laid in your side, your face only a few centimeters from his.
You took a moment to redraw every detail of his face in your memory, from his cute nose to his plump lips. A true angel. He leaned forward to softly steal a kiss from your mouth. Your hands automatically tangling themselves in his dark brown hair tugging him towards you. He smiled into your lips as he nipped the bottom one. He knew he was forgiven as soon as he felt your wandering hands travel underneath his shirt tugging it up. His stomach was warm as your finger outlined every hard indentation of his abs. He rolled you over onto your back as he hovered over you as he ripped away his shirt. He separated himself from you as he smiled down as if you were covered in gold. You smiled back at him as he dipped down again to capture your lips with his.
He took off your shirt and snapped your bra in one go as he trailed down sucking on your skin, branding you with soft pink specks resembling a constellation. You savored the feeling of his warm moist muscle licking its way down your mounds towards your heated core that was luckily only covered with a thin silk. Your fingers trembled against the waistband of his shorts with anticipation to taste what lay beneath. Your mouth watered at the mere thought of him inside of you.
Jimin raised his hips allowing you to pull down his basketball shorts. Much to your luck, Jimin had skipped out on his boxers allowing you to grasp him without another moment to waste. A soft moan came out of his mouth as he grinded against your hand. Before he could get carried away he lowered himself back to his previous position between your legs, you tried reaching back for his cock only to have him giggle at your blind sighted search.
“Calm down silly girl, let me taste you first,” he said in a deep enchanting voice. Your eyes rolled back with pleasure as his tongue sent you spiraling into an endless abyss of pleasure.
You moaned loudly almost automatically coming undone.
“Jimin” you sighed as you tried to pull him away from your sensitive area.
He giggled playfully “Well that didn’t even take a minute”
You grasped him from the shoulders to switch positions now straddling him.
“You are that good,” you said as you slowly lowered your mouth mimicking his previous actions. Your mouth trailing down the pathway that marked the X, but before you could gather the treasure with your lips you were ripped away. Jimin roughly kissed you “I can’t wait, please let me be inside of you”
You nodded quickly half dazed from the endorphins rushing through your body.
You leveled your entrance with his cock as you slowly lowered, allowing yourself to swallow him slowly.
The stretching causing a momentary pain that quickly subsided to pleasure as his tip was buried deep inside of you.
You moaned loudly as you bounced up and down taking you closer and closer to the edge. Jimin grasped onto your hips tighter and tighter, his fingernails digging into your skin, red marks that will stay as a memoir of tonight. You looked down at him and as you saw him bite his lip with pleasure you rocked faster and faster. A spasm engulfing your body as it reached another high as the warmth of Jimin’s seed filled you. Your body giving up on top of him, none of you making a move to separate your bodies from one another. A silent agreement of sleeping in that position made as Jimin caressed your back lovingly.
Tumblr media
 It had been 6 weeks since you had last heard of Stephany. She had texted you the day after asking for forgiveness after the whole fiasco. You didn’t bother to answer back this time. As much as you loved Nataly, you needed a break from Stephany.
The little girl had come over twice with Jimin, and you both took her out for ice cream and a trip to the park before Jimin took her back home.
The days and nights had blurred together into an abundance of kisses and cuddles.
 Ready for Dinner at 7. I have a surprise for you!!-
ChimChim 5:45 pm
 Can't wait love -
Sent 6:00pm
 The chilly air blew against your face as Jimin opened the door to his car. The dark orange leaves from the trees crunched against your feet as you walked towards the fancy looking restaurant.
You smiled at Jimin taking your time to admire the black tuxedo that sculpted perfectly against his muscled torso. You could tell he was nervous by the way he kept on running his hand through his hair, triggering even more excitement in your behalf about the events that awaited for you that evening.
“Table for Park Jimin” he said sounding more formal than usual causing a giggle to escape your lips.
Goosebumps rising on your skin as his hand traveled along your body to settle on your lower back, as he guided you to follow along towards the empty table the waiter had deemed as yours. The restaurant was dimly lit with dark blue and off-white decorations giving it an extra elegant feel. The roses on your table adding to the romantic effect as you took a seat.
You were overwhelmed with emotions as Jimin took your hand in his from across the table. His eye smile taking your breath away. You felt like you were on cloud 9 with all the attention he had been giving you lately.
You had a gut feeling something was going to shift between the both of you tonight, and it wasn't only because his sleeves now were wrinkled from how much he kept messing with them.
“Hello and welcome to Le Rose Restaurante are you guys ready to order??” The waiter asked the both of you with a kind smile in his face.
Jimin looked at you for confirmation and you nodded.
“Yes sir, can I please have the pasta Alfredo with a glass of your strawberry lemonade,” you said handing your menu.
“Of course, and for you sir?” He said now facing Jimin.
“I’ll have the...umm... same” Jimin said stuttering a bit. A rosy coloring on his cheeks adding to his unearthly looks. He was so beautiful, and you felt so lucky to be here with him. This was way too good to be true.
As soon as the waiter left Jimin smiled at you a bit nervously, “I am not used to all of this fancy stuff”
“Neither am I, to be honest McDonalds would've done the trick” you replied giving him a full-toothed smile
Jimin laughed at your cute response, “ Not for this baby girl”
His response leaving you more intrigued in the whole purpose on the setting of tonight's date.
Before you could question his ulterior motives, his phone rang snapping the both out of the conversation. Jimin looked down at his phone as an annoyed sounding sigh left his pink plump lips.
“I’ll be right back love. I promise” he said as he stood up and hurriedly made his way out towards the bathrooms. You looked at his retreating form with a smile still on your lips as you whispered to yourself “He will be right back”
Tumblr media
1 hour.
The food was cold, and your hunger had evaporated into a feeling of emptiness. Your mind numb as you paid the very expensive bill. Everything left untouched as the waiter eyed you with a sense of pity.
You were pitiful. You were an absolute mess. Gullible, naive, and absolutely stupid. Your red dress feeling tighter as the minutes ticked by till your taxi arrived.
Jimin never came back. No text or call. You even asked the waiter to check the restrooms, but he was nowhere to be found. He had left you behind again, and you could just guess who it had been for.
You entered your empty apartment, the dark gray walls suiting your current mood. The disappointment that had ignited into a bonfire like flame within burning you with a scalding pain.
The bed where you had shared nights with Jimin looking fragile in a sense, but nevertheless you jumped into it letting the aroma of him that had stayed within the blankets surround you. The buzzing of your phone shaking you out of your dazed state as you tiredly reached for it.
 Sorry. Stephany broke her foot while going down the stairs of her apartment. She needed someone to drive her to the hospital. I will make it up to you. I promise.
ChimChim 1:37am
 Your hand wiped away the stray tears upon your face. The makeup that had taken you an hour to do at least probably making you look like a raccoon, but at this point, you gave no fucks.
You opened the closet and ripped away your clothes from the hangers. Half the closet was now empty. You bunched it all up inside a gym bag miraculously fitting most of it without a problem. With one last look around the place you had called home, you decided to finally put yourself first. The keys to your apartment laid on the kitchen counter as you locked it from the inside before taking the first step away from everything that was Jimin.
 No more Promises. Bye
Y/N 3:00am
 What do you mean??
Chimchim 3:01am
 Y/N, what are you saying???
Chimchim 3:04am
Chimchim 3:07am
 I am coming home
Chimchim 3:13am
 Where are you babe???!
555-5555 3:42am
 Goodbye Jimin.
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erosjeon · 3 years ago
Kalopsia 4
Pairing: Hybrid!Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Fluff & Smut
Summary: You walk into your home one day to find your cat walking on two feet, in a human form.
Tumblr media
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Word count: 2.7k
His hands resumed after a brief pause caused by the ring of the bell, squeezing the flesh of your bottom cheek. You were alarmed by the unusual sound that resonated in your apartment, knowing you had to stop your sweet assaults on his neck, you pulled away slightly only to be pulled back to the same position followed by a light growl from the male. Your cheeks stained with crimson from how rough he treated you with his lips, they moved from your lips to your jaw, tongue licking away as it reached your neck and the top of your sternum. He used his hand to pull the hoodie down in attempt to expose more of your skin, lips moving to a place dangerously close to your breast and just then the bell rang several times repeatedly before a female voice screamed across the door. 

"Jungkook!!! Please open the door, please!", a familiar voice screamed behind the door to your home, a voice you’ve heard just the day before. Jungkook's ears suddenly perked up, his nose twitching slightly as his head snapped in the direction of your door. His hands left you immediately, you watched him sprint and open the door only to reveal the blonde from last night. You can't explain how intrusively frustrated you were feeling before you took in her alarming emotions on display. 

She was crying, her eyes were burning red. You couldn't miss the way her chest heaved up and down suggesting she might have ran to come here. Jungkook pulled her body close to his, encapsulating her in a familiar embrace. You couldn't deny the jealousy you felt at how attentive and caring he was over her, no questions were even asked as he spoke soft comfort words in her ear that you can hear all the way from the kitchen. You wondered if your relationship with him would ever be as deep as his with her, were you even good enough to compare. 

"What happened? Are you hurt?" You hear him ask with worry laced in his voice, you couldn't him well from the position you are in but you were sure his eyebrows were furrowed the way they usually do when he's concerned.

"I-I... I don't even know what happened...he was going to hurt me. I-I smelt it off him J-Jungkook he was going to take me"

You walked towards your kettle to boil some water, maybe a warm tea would help calm her down. You weren't the biggest fan of her but seeing her like this, it had broken your heart a little bit. Once you've added the chamomile teabag to the mug filled with hot water, you approached the two hybrids.

They both seemed to have sensed your presence, their heads turning around to look at you hold your favourite pink mug. Their eyes fixated on the item for a second before Jungkook extended his hand to take the mug from your hands to hand it to the female beside him. 

"Here, drink some of this. It will help you calm down, everything will be okay"

"Thank you" she replied weakly, her voice sounding hoarse from her previous cries. She wasn't crying anymore now, you presumed that it was because of Jungkook. Her hands reached to the mug Jungkook offered in her direction. She lowered her head slightly to sniff the drink, allowing you to see small two white furry ears that you hadn't noticed when she came in. They looked incredibly soft and the ends curled into the base, making her look more adorable than she already is. You notice jungkook's hands rubbing circles into her back, his attention leaving you as soon as she had accepted the drink. He was looking at her with worry, you knew that he would do anything to protect her. 

"Is it okay if I stay?" You hear her say, but it wasn't to you as her lips were near Jungkook's ear. Not looking at you at all. 

"Of course. You can, anything for you" you hear him say. Her eyes looked at you for a brief second when he answered, assessing your reaction to her request. She looked as if she was expecting a rejection from you, if it was any other time you probably wouldn't have let her stay but you were not a heartless person, you wouldn't want her to wander outside after hearing glimpses of the story. You wondered if she didn’t have a home to go to. If Jungkook has one, shouldn't she?

"Yeah, I guess you can stay for as long as you need, but I don't have an extra room" 

"It’s okay, she can sleep on the bed with you, I'll sleep on the sofa"

"Okay, sure." You sighed, there was no point in saying anything more. You manoeuvred to the kitchen, noticing the cold pancakes and a pan burning smoke. You mentally scolded Jungkook, knowing it was not the right time to be pissed at him for not turning the oven off. You mindlessly held the pan too close to the metal edge, causing the skin of your pointer and thumb to burn. You cursed loud from the pain, dropping the pan onto the floor that has attracted the attention of the two hybrids. 

You were so good at creating more problems, more drama. You pretended that you didn't get hurt and picked up the pan and threw it into the sink. You couldn't deny that you had the smallest amount of expectation that Jungkook would run towards you, hold your fingers in his and examining the now blistering wound, you looked up to see him but before you were able to see his reaction your eyes saw the time. 

"Fuck, I'm so late" you wanted to scream out from frustration, you hated being late, it makes you feel anxious and sickly and here you are in your home when it has been already 15 minutes into the seminar. You hurriedly threw your bag on your back and raced to the door.

It's needless to say that you were scolded when you entered the hall, a few professors turning their head to face the late intruder. You ducked your head and walked down in shame to find a seat. You pulled your bag onto your lap, taking out the necessary materials for taking notes. After taking out your large notebook, you searched for a pen which you ultimately couldn’t find. You leaned back in your seat and looked up to the ceiling, since when were you so mindless and forgetful. You closed your eyes briefly before you hear a deep muffled chuckle from your side, causing your eyes to snap open. 

You turned your head to the right, meeting the ash grey stranger from the cafe. You see his hand move to his pocket, pulling out a pen and placing it on top of your notebook. 

"Are you always a hot of a mess?" You hear him say amusingly.

"You have no idea" you exacerbate, "Thank you" you say with a shy smile. 

The session was long. Approximately 3 hours long, but you had managed to get a lot of notes done. You and Taehyung conversed during the small breaks and now you are walking outside the hall together. It was your second encounter, but why did being with him feel so familiar and warm? 

"So... When do you want to work on the submission?" You hear Taehyung ask as he opens the door to the outside. 

"Whenever you're available, tomorrow maybe? Friday's are the best for me though since I don’t take any shifts." 

"You work?" He inquired curiously.

"Yeah, is that weird? Someone has to be paying these bills you know" you scolded sarcastically. 

"No no, of course not. I just didn't take you as the working type" he rubbed the back of his neck, you knew he was nervous and chose not to press him any further even though you were just messing around with him. 

"I know, you idiot. How about my place 7pm tomorrow?" 

"Hm... Sure" he said awkwardly, sounding almost surprised. 

"Oh, come on!" you joke, "Don't tell me that you didn't take me as the straightforward type either?" You poke your cheek with your tongue for a moment before winking playfully at him. 

You see his eyes dilate and a slight smirk displays on his features before you turn around and navigate home. You walked much faster than him and before disappearing completely. In all honesty, you didn't know where all this sudden confidence came from but you suspect that you've inherited them from the few hours you spent with that smug of a man, not that you've minded because he made you forget even though it was momentary and everything came crashing down at you in one blow. 

You had realised that you should've hanged around with Taehyung longer now that you remember the events of this morning. What would've happened had Yeri not disturbed you and Jungkook? Would you have gone all the way? He was your pet of years, a cat you've confided in and love but not in the way you're currently loving him. Were you taking advantage of him? Did he feel the need to do what he thought you'd want, what you really wanted? Did you even deserve him at all? You didn't know. 

You had absolutely no idea what to do with the situation regarding Yeri, how were you to look after two hybrids? You can barely survive on your own and you had just quit one of your jobs to focus on school. The thought of it alone overwhelms you, what are you to do once you get home and see her. 

You looked down at the inflamed blister covering your hand, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion until you remember you had gotten burnt earlier this morning. Everything is great, another scar to stay. In all honesty, you didn't know where these feelings even came from or why your eyes are swelling with tears. You felt borderline pathetic, knowing that the consequence of saying anything can be detrimental on whatever your relationship with Jungkook is. Yeri was far more important to him. You might have had him for as long as you can remember but you weren’t able to learn about him until only a few days ago. 
The rest of the day passed by quickly.
The night however, did not. You had forgotten that Jungkook convinced Yeri to sleep on the bed with you. You laid down with your back in her direction for hours and after failed attempts at sleep, you decided it would be a good idea to walk outside for a bit of distraction. 
You can make the shape of Jungkook squeezed into a foetal position on the sofa across the room, he seemed so uncomfortable constrained in such a tight space. You walked towards him to place a cover on his body using a blanket you had left nearby earlier before you went to get some sleep. You couldn’t help but admire his features as you hovered his face with your eyes. He really was beautiful. His hair was sprawled across his forehead, most of it diverting away to reveal his strong eyebrows. His brown eyes were shut so gracefully, allowing his long eyelashes to be noticed as they collected together atop his cheek. Your eyes moved over to the prominent scar, fingers itching to move in its direction, you wondered how someone can have imperfections that are so perfect. You were startled with a groan escaping his lips before you could admire him fully, reminding you of your previous intention.
The next day also passed quickly, the morning was even more awkward than the night before but it seemed like only you felt that way as the two hybrids kept to each other during most of it. You felt thankful that you had asked Taehyung to come over today as it had given you a reason to busy yourself cleaning around. 
You were in the living room when you had told them about the incoming guest. They both had quickly worn caps to cover their ears, it was around half past 6 then and now all three of you were sitting on the couch in silence. 
The ring of the bell came around an hour later, you made your way to the door quickly to find a view of an apologetic Taehyung behind the door.
“Hi, sorry for being late” 
“Hello, and no worries it’s only been a few minutes. Come in”
“Thank you.” he speaks as he moves further into your home. 
“Ahh right” You remember to introduce Taehyung to the hybrids. “These are my… roommates. Jungkook and Yeri” you say awkwardly, “Jungkook and Yeri, this is Taehyung. We go college together”. 
“It’s nice to meet you” you hear Taehyung say as he sits down on the couch besides them. 
“Do you want to sit on the dining table instead? It’ll be easier to do work that way”, you suggest.
Time passed by pretty quickly. You spent most of the time working on your project with Taehyung occasionally disrupted by bickering and giggles. You learnt a lot more about Taehyung in such a small amount of time, like how he’s part of the saxophone society and how he dreams of majoring in drama and acting although the circumstances won’t allow him to. You first took Taehyung as the quite type and had not expected that he was the opposite, a man who’s very mischievous and charming. 
“Y/N, can I talk to you for a second?”, Jungkook asks. 
“Sure, give me a minute. I really need to write this down” you mumble as you try to recall the idea you had a moment before Jungkook decided to distract you. 
You can hear Jungkook sit back in his seat and stew. "Fine," you hear him say.
You were satisfied with the work you had done before Taehyung decides to return home, the hybrids were fairly quiet throughout the night, their chatter would die down when Taehyung laughs or shouts in excitement at the brilliance of your ideas. 
You closed the door of your house before waiving your goodbyes to a smiling Taehyung. You turned to walk back into the living room before feeling someone pull your hand tightly, constricting the wound covering your fingers and making you yelp. 
“Why? What’s wrong – are you hurt?!”, you hear Jungkook panic as he tries to investigate for the source of your pain and reminding you of the events that happened earlier this morning. 
“I’m fine.” You tried to sound indifferent. 
“Don’t lie to me” he raises his voice. 
“How about you stop acting like you care?” You challenge him. You don’t know where the words are coming from. You felt guilty when the words slipped past your lips. Jungkook owed you nothing.
You can tell that your words took Jungkook by surprise too. His eyebrows raised with disbelief, fumes vibrating off his body as they scrunch. 
“Why would I be acting like I care, if I actually do?” 
“Please, don’t start it now.”, you walk off as your vision clouds with tears.  
You hear quick steps before you were taken by surprise as Jungkook grabs you lightly but firmly by the waist, planting a passionate kiss on your lips. Moving one of his hands to the back of your neck and pulling you closer. 
You don’t know what took over you, maybe it was the heat of the moment but you couldn’t fight it anymore. With a pounding heart, you return his kisses that continued for long before sucking on his bottom lip breathless, signalling your need for much more. You worried that you might have crossed the line but as a moan escapes his mouth it dissipated any you had left. You couldn’t help but want it, you want him and that’s exactly what you’ll have tonight.
A/N: I’ve changed some bits from past to present tense so I hope you didn’t get too confused and that you’ve enjoyed it regardless, let me know what you think 💗
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sketchguk · a year ago
kiss the girl; pjm
Tumblr media
➳ pairing: disneyland prince!jimin x waitress!reader 
➳ genre: disney AU (sort of), f2l, fluff
➳ wc: 5.3k
➳ synopsis: the best part about working at disneyland isn’t burning up in the california sun or serving food to entitled soccer moms for the premium deal of minimum wage. you would suffer through heat rashes and irrational confrontations if it means you get to steal a couple glances with the cute character performer who plays prince eric in front of the red rose taverne. 
➳ alternatively: jimin plays one of the princes at disneyland, you work in the restaurant just across from his area and he’s having a hard time pretending to be in love with the princess when you keep looking at him like that        ⤿ inspired by this prompt.
➳ warnings: explicit language, mutual pining, some sexual tension, innuendos, Jimin being a complete sweetheart
➳ a/n: i went through so much self doubt writing this, lol. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, especially for new writers like me!
Tumblr media
You’re on the verge of losing your mind. 
Voices are reverberating across your skull as if someone’s screaming into the void for your attention. It’s like an echo with no end, a polyphony that crescendos, exacerbated with every waking second. You really can’t make all of this up, because it’s more than just some figment of your imagination. It’s quite literally your reality. 
“Excuse me, ma'am!”
“Check, please!” 
Snap snap snap
Family friendly words cannot even begin to describe the entitled patrons you’re forced to serve with a smile. You would think that people would be a little nicer, considering they’re in the Happiest Place on Earth. But no, they’ll continue to degrade you with the audacity to demand your service. 
However, infernal soccer moms are the least of your worries. At this point, you’re a master of diffusing their ferocious outbreaks, spurred by “cold,” “unflavorful,” and “soggy” food. There’s always some customer breathing down your neck, making it impossible to compose yourself. But you somehow manage to do it without rolling your eyes to the back of your head. You can’t afford to lose this job, and that mentality is the only thing keeping you afloat on the River Styx. 
The hours may be long, and the work may be backbreaking and migraine inducing, but the Red Rose Taverne was the only place that would hire you with your lackluster resume. Minimum wage might not be ideal, but some income is better than none. You might even go as far as considering the shitty tips to be additional compensation, but with the state of this economy, that’s all just pocket money. The only benefit from this hellish job is the raspberry mousse you get to bring home at the end of every night. Seokjin claims that it’s a surplus, and that it’s just a convenient coincidence that there are always two slices left behind whenever you both work the closing shift. 
So maybe it isn’t that bad working here. You get free entry into the park, free cake, and a free show to the fireworks every night. You could probably ask for higher wage, but other than that, there’s not much more that you can ask for. 
But you’re greedy.
Your request to serve the outdoor seating area is more than self-indulgent, but straight up an abuse of power. You don’t do it because you want to suffer in the blazing California sun or get a whiff of the roses in the midst of allergy season. You do it because you want to steal a few glances with the cute guy whose work station is situated across from the restaurant. 
Most people refer to him as Prince Eric, but to you, he’s just Jimin. 
And that’s precisely the problem because he’s probably the most perfect person you know. Absolutely regal. Even Prince Eric himself couldn’t compete with him. 
Seeing him interact with the children makes your heart swell with adoration, but your peak level of devastation is when he breaks character, mouthing the words to some cheesy love song (that’s undeniably meant for you), and breaking out the most ridiculous dance moves known to man when there’s nobody else around, just so he can you see smile. There’s no way that you can survive a single work day without Jimin, a bright reminder that life isn’t so bad sometimes. 
There’s a fine line between business and pleasure, yet you manage to cross that line the moment you laid eyes on Jimin. Call it infatuation, if you must, but there’s no way you can’t fall in love with the guy. 
Tumblr media
To say that today is a good day is saying a lot. 
There’s a lull in the park, granted that peak season is coming to an end. The autumn foliage makes its way through the chlorophyll, and all the rose vines wrapped around the taverne are receding. The aroma of cinnamon and pumpkin spice infiltrates the air, a telltale sign that Seokjin is cooking something up in the kitchen for the new seasonal menu. 
Above all, you’re met with a near empty restaurant. All of the waiters capitalize off of back to school season, releasing the breath of air that’s been pent up since the beginning of summer. You can’t even remember the last time you got to sit down at work, always having to be up on your feet for eight consecutive hours. 
Searching for some solace, you burrow your head into the crook of your bent arms atop of the mahogany wood tables. There’s an uncomfortable knot forming on your shoulder blades, but it feels almost numb by now. Like it’s something you’re forced to deal with, unable to restore your senses to the nerves set aflame. You’re overcome with drowsiness, ready to crawl into a dreamland at any given moment. 
But alas, dreams are only temporary. Your optimism has you believing that the only dreams that matter are the ones you have when you’re awake. 
There’s a soft voice that rouses you, calling out your name, a gentle hand shaking your shoulder. Your head lifts to address the person sat across from you, but your heavy eyelids are struggling to flutter open. 
“Uh, sorry, but we had our last call for customers a couple minutes ago,” you murmur in a desperate attempt to address the customer in spite of your droopy eyes. 
A loud, but very familiar laugh rumbles through the air. The sweet tone is enough to put you on a sugar high, suddenly opening your eyes up to an angel. You would be convinced that you’re still in a daze, but the brush of Jimin’s hand on your skin is too real to be a specter of your delusion. 
“Morning, princess,” Jimin giggles at how cute you are. 
You’re rubbing your eyes now, apologizing profusely. Although you look like an exhausted mess every day, you really didn’t want to subject Jimin to the torture of having to see you look like this up close and personal. Not when he just finished up his shift and continues to look like a prince regardless of his change of outfit. 
“Don’t be sorry, you deserve a break,” he says with genuine concern laced in his words, a reassuring smile gracing his lips. “I, uh, got you tea because you really look like you need some caffeine.” He slides the hot paper cup across the table in front of you. 
“If you want to tell me I look like shit, you don’t have to sugarcoat it,” you tease. 
His eyes widen, worried that he might have offended you. His hands shoot up to hide his face from stupefaction. 
“No, no, no, I, I didn’t mean it like that,” he stutters, “I think you always look pretty.” The weight of his words finally catch up to him, and his cheeks heat up, a pretty pink blush rushing to the surface of his skin. 
Now it’s your turn to be bashful. You avoid having to acknowledge his slip up, quickly taking a sip of the tea he offers. The selfless gesture warms your heart, as does the cozy taste of apple cinnamon on your lips. “Mmmー thank you, Jimin, that’s really nice of you, but you really didn’t have to do that.” Despite only being friends for a short period of time, Jimin is highly attuned to your needs. Somehow, he has this intuition when something isn’t right. And he’s so responsive, always knowing the right things to say and do. 
You’re embarrassed at the fact that you can hardly take care of yourself. So maybe your life is in shambles right now, but of all people, you don’t want Jimin to know that. You can admit to being an insomniac, but to add insult to injury, you’re an insomniac with severe back pain and a negative bank balance to your name. 
“What kind of person would I be if I let you walk around miserable? It’s the Happiest Place on Earth, c’mon, cheer up!” He attempts to make you smile, reaching across the table to lightly tug on the corner of your lips. Jimin flashes his teeth at you, his pearly whites expanding across his face. You take notice of his slightly crooked buck tooth, and you’re easily affected by his cheerfulness. His smile is contagious, and you can’t help but to return the sentiment. 
“There she is,” he says, pulling away, satisfied with his mission. “Did you eat dinner yet?” He inquires, looking out for your well-being. 
Your belly rumbles at the thought of food, self conscious about your empty stomach, “I was gonna clean up for the night and then grab something from the kitchen. Do you want anything to take home?” The last call for customers is synonymous to you wanting to kick everyone out so you can finally seek refuge into your apartment, but if Jimin asks, there’s no way you could deny. 
Jimin runs his hands through his dark locks and gnaws on his bottom lip as if he’s nervous. Jimin’s a character performer, an actor. He has the confidence and stage presence of royalty. He’s not one to get stage fright. But with you, there’s a swarm of butterflies in the pit of his stomach. He can handle being coworkers with you. Even having the pleasure to be your friend is a blessing. But his crush has blossomed since the first day he met you, and he wants to take it to the next level. And that’s absolutely terrifying to him. 
“Actually, I was gonna ask if you wanted to have dinner with me? And maybe we could watch the fireworks after?” He suggests with a slight crack in his voice. 
Your heart skips a beat and your mind is jumping to conclusions when it shouldn’t. Jimin asking you out is like an out of body experience. A fever dream that you seem to live through perpetually in your mind. However, whether it’s romantic or platonic, real or in a state of dreams, you’d gladly spend time with him if it weren’t for your hectic work schedule. “Oh, I-I’d really want to, but my shift ends in an hour, and I don’t want you to wait on me,” you admit with a drop of your heart. Your bottom lip juts out in a pout of sorrow. 
“I don’t mind waiting,” he confesses with eyes wide like a loyal puppy. 
Tumblr media
“You’re trying to tell me that Aladdin is hotter than Prince Eric?” Jimin’s voice is dripping with mock offense. His jaw drops as if it was unhinged. The debate of the century. 
He lifts a chair up, flipping it upside down to place it on the tabletop as you wipe away at the surface. Jimin’s convinced that two heads are better than one, so he starts cleaning up alongside you without even having to ask if you need help. Honestly, he just wants to lessen your burdens like the angel he is. He won’t admit it either, but he’s a little too excited to get to the date portion of the night already. 
“I mean yeah, have you seen his pecs?” You raise your eyebrows, making your point as if that’s the only valid detail that will put the argument to rest. 
“I’m sorry I can’t be him.” Jimin’s nose scrunches in a silent protest. He’s like a little kid trying to throw a tantrum, and it’s utterly endearing. 
You snicker at his childish attitude as you circle around the other side of the round table, spraying cleaning solvent on the wood and wiping away the dirt and grime. “I’m sorry! Aladdin is just way more developed as a characterー” 
Jimin gasps, his hand clenching at his white cotton t-shirt like he’s been hurt. 
“Oh my god, stop being so dramatic. Let me finish,” you chuckle, landing a playful slap against his bicep. “I’ll admit that Prince Eric is handsome,” you shrug, “He’s humble. Compassionate. Romantic.” A suppressed giggle escapes your lips, lost in thought about a particular scene from The Little Mermaid. 
Jimin looks up at you, fond with your reactions. He could probably listen to you talk about trivial things all day, even if you’re a traitor, choosing Aladdin over Prince Eric. 
“What?” He questions with curiosity. 
“It’s nothing,” you confess, sucking your lips into a tight line in an attempt to conceal your giggles once again. 
“Now you have to tell me,” Jimin says. “Are you thinking about how much I resemble Prince Eric in real life?” He cups his face with his hands like a flower, batting his eyelashes at you. You playfully roll your eyes at his overwhelming confidence. 
“I would hardly call you humble. You’re always fishing for compliments from me!” You quip. 
 “That’s because I deserve them!” If there’s one thing you really love about Jimin, it’s how bratty he gets when he doesn’t get praised. His naturally pouty lips make it impossible for you to refuse him. And he’s right. He absolutely does deserve all the praise in the world. 
He brushes off his bratty comment, switching to a more sincere demeanor. “What are you giggling about then? You can’t leave me hanging now.” 
“Fine, fine, it’s kind of stupid though,” you admit, suddenly abashed by your own thoughts. 
Jimin looks at you with reassurance, probing you to continue. “I won’t laugh at you, I swear.” 
You click your tongue at him, finally giving in to his persuasiveness. “Do you remember that scene where Prince Eric and Ariel are on a boat?” He nods his head, unsure as to where you’re going with this. You lick your lips, cheeks plumping up as your smile brightens up your face. Jimin can’t help but stare at your lips, enamored by the way you form your words in retrospect. You continue your train of thought, “When I was younger... I always thought that rowing boats would be a really cute first date idea.” 
You avert your eyes from Jimin, squeezing them shut as creases form at the corners. A defense mechanism to avoid embarrassment. From your experience, the world laughs at romantics. Having all these hopes and desires is like having your head in the clouds. It’s completely unrealistic, but it’s nice to dream about. The gears in Jimin’s head turn as he conjures up a plan to make your dreams come true, but his silence makes you think that you’ve overshared. 
“Sorry, yeah, I knew it was dumb,” you rationalize, turning yourself around so you can finish cleaning the last table. Wow, way to make a fool of yourself.
His hands find purchase on your shoulders, spinning you around so you can be face to face. 
“No, I think that’s really romantic,” he says in a near whisper in hopes to console you. Jimin’s longing gaze is fixated on you as he stares into your eyes. You gulp at his close proximity, completely aware of the space between you. The beating of your heart is palpable, practically pounding against your ribcage. Your features soften, flickering your sight down to his lips before meeting his eyes again in hopes that he didn’t notice. 
Of course he noticed. He’s got tunnel vision for you. 
Even through the low lighting of the taverne, you can see the pink blush that dusts over his perfectly rounded cheeks. You let out a murmur in an effort to ease the tension, but there are no intelligible words that tumble out of your lips, only low whimpers. 
You can either thank your lucky stars or curse them for this whole ordeal. One thing is for sure, however. It’s that Kim Seokjin doesn’t know a single thing about good timing. 
“I’m clocking out! Don’t forget your mousse in the fridge! Use a condom! See you tomorrow!” He shouts from the kitchen before making his way out through the back exit. The loud slam of the door indicates that the conversation is over before it even started. You should have known better. He’s been eavesdropping on you this whole time. His self control and ability to meddle is beyond belief. Seokjin just can’t keep his nose out of other people’s business. 
Your body grows stiff, shoulders tightening beneath Jimin’s grip. “I am so, so sorry for his behavior,” you mutter out. You hide your face in the cusp of your palms, shaking your head back and forth in distress, swallowing the spit that collected at the base of your throat. 
The boundary between this series of events being a reality, a dream, or a complete nightmare is blurred. It’s all morphing into one giant discombobulation. Jimin spares you the embarrassment, yet there’s a smug grin sitting lazily across his beautiful lips. 
“Did he say mousse?” With that, his body veers in the direction of the kitchen, his legs carrying him off into the next room. 
Tumblr media
The best time to have breakfast is any time. Especially at 9:30pm with the man of your dreams sat beside you, propped up on the kitchen counter. Whoever disagrees is just plain wrong. Heartless and devoid of intimacy. There’s a slew of Mickey shaped pancakes piling high on your shared plate and a hefty side of smoked bacon. You never had a good sense of calculating how much food is too much. But the more food you have, the more time it takes to finish it all. In other words, the more time you get to spend with Jimin. 
“I can’t believe you have the nerve to sit in my restaurant every week without ever ordering the raspberry mousse.” You’re completely appalled by this new bit of information. It’s seriously a criminal offense in your world. 
“Is it that good?” He queries, confounded by your stubbornness. 
“Wait here,” you gesture before hopping off of the counter and doing a half run to the fridge. You waddle back with excitement in your eyes, “Get ready for this.” 
Jimin’s lip lifts up in a half smirk, “You make it sound like it’s the best cake in the world.” 
“Uhm, it is. It’s gonna blow your mind,” you say with an eager nod. 
Happiness at this job is sparse. It’s so hard to come by. This little bit of mousse is the only thing that keeps your sanity together, and nothing makes you happier. Except now, you’re able to share this little bit of happiness with your crush. This is probably the peak moment of bliss this purgatory has ever seen. 
Peeling away at the saran wrap, you reveal the second most beautiful sight in the world, next to Jimin. You’re practically salivating at the thought of it melting over your taste buds. Standing firmly in front of him, with his legs spread on either side of you, you grab a spoon off the counter before slicing it into the smooth and creamy center. 
“Open,” you demand. In the spur of the moment, you’re spoon feeding Jimin without a second thought. Like it’s second nature to you.  
He does as he’s told, no question about it. His face lights up, a natural glow that illuminates all over his supple skin. 
“I’m really sorry I doubted you,” he apologizes with the utmost sincerity. His hands find its way to your waist, squeezing lightly at your sides. In this time and space, you’re too distracted by your cake, completely unaware of the way that Jimin stares at you lovingly like you’re his entire world. There’s fascination in your eyes, inspired by the simple things in life, like a measly piece of cake. But if it makes you this happy, then it makes Jimin happy too. He lets out a low moan, amazed by the explosion of flavors in his mouth. It just gets better and better. So maybe the cake isn’t so measly afterall. He opens his mouth once again, begging for you to feed him more. Your face stretches in an ear to ear grin, heart full of this intimate moment. 
Tumblr media
Soulmate culture is such an abstract notion, and you accept it through and through. Being destined for love and sharing it unconditionally with that one person for the rest of your life? Unreal. It’s only something you could fantasize about. But Jimin’s hand fits in yours like you were made for one another. It’s impossible to ignore the constellation of freckles that scatter across his cheeks when the only thing on your mind is being able to connect the dots, tracing over his delicate skin with the soft pads of your fingers. There’s nothing you want more than to cozy up beside him, listening to his dreams, his aspirations, his fears, his past and his future. To love him through his insecurities and to lift him up with every breadth of your being. You could blame your overactive imagination for leading you to these hopeful wishes, but imagining some kind of future with Jimin is like heaven on earth. 
His fingers interlace with yours as you sway your hands back and forth, navigating through the dimly lit paths of the park. Fantasyland is like a ghost town at this time of night. All the hustle and bustle occur on the other side of Cinderella’s Castle as people restlessly wait for the start of the firework display. It’s like you exist in your own little bubble, where the outside world can’t infiltrate this happy moment between the two of you. A comfortable silence settles in as the park’s speakers hum in a low tune. 
Being in his presence is quite literally like being showered with a ray of sunshine. He just radiates with comfort. You’ve never felt more at ease with anyone, being able to think aloud in front of him. He understands you with so much sympathy, and he doesn’t dare to pass judgment. In fact, you have so many quirks, and he adores you in spite of them. Nobody else would even think twice about the sleepy waitress who’s clearly struggling to stay awake at work. But there’s just something about you that hypnotizes him. Unbeknownst to everyone, you’re a force to be reckoned with when you’re awake and fully functioning. All Jimin wants to do is dig a little deeper to fully appreciate your beauty, inside and out. 
“Here, I have a surprise for you.” Jimin grips your hand a little tighter and leads you across the pavement. You trail back behind him, having trouble catching up to him and his long legs. 
“Where are we going? The fireworks are on the other side,” you remind him. He’s leading you in the opposite direction of Cinderella’s Castle, but you put your faith in him anyways, ready to see what adventure awaits. 
“Trust me!” He says mischievously, a laughter falling from his plump lips. He guides you to Storybook Land and it all clicks together at this point. The distinct river that runs through Disneyland is in front of your very eyes. 
There’s not a single thing that Jimin does that doesn’t amaze you. You could honestly cry at this point. Instead, you settle for being at a loss of words. 
Jimin climbs into the motorboat first before turning around. “Careful, watch your step,” he warns you, stepping back and holding his hand out for you to hold. You settle into the seats as the boat conductor rests behind you, starting up the vehicle and beginning the journey. 
A shiver runs up your spine as a breeze of cold air runs through the valley. Goosebumps develop over across your sensitive skin, but you wrap your arms around yourself trying to keep warm. Jimin scoots a little closer to you, tentatively wrapping his arm around your shoulders. You relax instantly to his touch. 
“Cold?” He asks, but he doesn’t even have to, already so attuned to your little habits. “Is this okay?” He confirms with you. You nod your head, resting it over Jimin’s shoulders, seeking out for his warmth. 
The sound of crickets chirp through the air, accompanied by some Disney love song playing out in the background. The ripples of water run on either side of the boat as the path is illuminated by the spotlights shining across each attraction. Jimin’s exposed skin peaks out beneath his distressed jeans. It’s soft to the touch beneath your palm as it rests over the ball of his knee. His thumb caresses your shoulder, drawing mindless figures over the thin material of your shirt. This is like a safe haven to you. You honestly couldn’t think of anything more romantic than this. 
“Disney’s my favorite place on earth, you know?” You say out loud. Not particularly to Jimin, but you just want that fact to be put out there. “Even though I hate my job,” you chuckle. Jimin’s chest vibrates against your ear as his laugh wracks through his entire body. 
“How’d you start working here then?” He wonders curiously. 
“Mmmー” You hum, collecting your thoughts together, “I’m in the Disney college program. They assigned me to this job because my resume was pretty empty.” 
“I didn’t even know you were part of the DCP,” Jimin admits. 
“There’s a lot you don’t know about me.” You’re teasing him. Pulling his attention deeper and deeper. “Now I’m studying liberal arts because I can do a lot with that degree. I don’t want to be restricted to one thing.” The sound of Jimin’s soft breathing is enough to keep you rambling. “I really loved watching Disney movies when I was younger. I think it’s what made me a daydreamer.” You laugh, a dulcet melody to Jimin’s ears. “I always thought about working here… It’s not exactly how I imagined, but it’s okay I guess… I had really big dreams and aspirations,” you recollect.
“Like what?” His curiosity piqued. 
“I don’t know, I wanted to be an ethnologist like Jane or a warrior like Mulan. A lot of silly dreams.” You bite your lip, a little disappointed with the reality of the adult world. 
Jimin won’t let you beat yourself up like this, not when he’s fully aware of how amazing you are. “They’re not silly dreams. They’re really cool. I think you can do it if you really want to,” he says in support. 
You’d take any opportunity to banter with him. “You really think I can defeat the Huns?” 
A smile tugs at his lips, “Anything’s possible, princess.” 
“Mulan wasn’t a princess.” You’re bursting into laughter with Jimin’s lack of Disney knowledge. It’s truly unbelievable that he’s a character performer. 
“Shh, don’t ruin it.” His hand cards through your hair, petting the top of your head in admiration. 
You take a deep breath, soaking in the moment. Your eyes wander up into the pitch black sky as your mind wanders back to his question. Light pollution disperses through the atmosphere, making it impossible to see the stars. Not even a single cloud in sight. Your vision casts over the darkness in search of something. Even through all the haze, you’re able to spot the North Star. The brightest one. The entirety of the northern sky circles around this one tiny celestial being, and it’s enough to give you hope.
“I lose a lot of sleep over school,” you confess. A brief moment passes. Your eyes shut for a moment of peace. Jimin lets you collect your thoughts. “I think I’d be okay if it weren’t for this job. It’s just all really stressful for me.” 
He continues to run smooth circles over your skin, easing you with the motion and the lull of his voice. “Let me tell you something,” he begins. “When I was younger, I had big dreams too. I really wanted to be a dancer.” He licks his lips, smiling through the story. “I worked really hard, and some people told me I was born to perform. I loved it so much.” He swallows, clearing his throat.
Your heart warms up hearing about Jimin’s passions. His happiness is truly your happiness. 
“But it was hard. God, going through school was probably the most difficult thing ever,” he sighs a breath of relief. You can feel the beating of his heart as his chest rises and falls in tempo. It hurts a little bit to hear about his past struggles. He deserves nothing but happiness. “I still looked on the bright side though. I think it was all worth it. Through the pain and exhaustion, it all led me to where I am now.” His optimism is seriously unbelievable. 
“At Disney?” You ask, unsure as to what he really means. 
“Yeah, but also wrapped up in your arms.” 
That was so smooth, and even Jimin’s impressed with this surge of confidence. Your heart is racing, and you’re grateful that he can’t see your face as it’s heating up from his flirtatious behavior.  Your hand wraps tighter around his thigh. 
The moment passes, and you’re a little disappointed in yourself for letting your shot go for the second time tonight. As you approach your second lap around the river, a familiar tune rings through the speakers. You hum to yourself, trying to remember which song it is. The lyrics sit at the tip of your tongue, and you’re so close to cracking the code. When the chorus arises, it hits you all at once. 
Sha la la la la la
Ain't that sad
It's such a shame, too bad
You're gonna miss the girl
Go on and kiss the girl, kiss the girl
Jimin looks down at you cradled against his chest. He’s attentive to your every word, enamored by your singing voice. You don’t have all the words down, considering you’re murmuring what you think are the lyrics. But Jimin’s too in love to correct you. This is quite literally some sign from the higher powers to build up the confidence he struggled with the entire night. Maybe his lucky stars are looking out for him. 
Now's your moment
Floating in a blue lagoon
Boy, you better do it soon
The time will be better
She don't say a word
And she won't say a word
Jimin calls out your name in a low whisper like it’s for your ears only. Your singing comes to a halt before angling your head up at him innocently. His hands cup your face, finding purchase at the juncture between your jaw and your neck. His touch is warm, a stark contrast to your cold skin. His lips are so close to yours, and the proximity nearly knocks your breath out of your chest. His dark brown eyes glow with passion, staring into the depths of yours. Your tongue runs over your lips, preparing yourself for what’s to come. There’s a brief pause when your lips are so close, breathing in one another’s personal space.  
Jimin leans in closer, brushing his lips over yours experimentally. His touch is soft, hardly applying any pressure. But you take further initiative, pressing deeper into the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck. It’s soft, slow, and rather innocent. You separate momentarily when your h
ead gets all dizzy, deprived of oxygen to the brain. You rest your forehead against his, trying to catch your breath and vice versa, hot breaths mingling. Your noses touch in a soft collision, and he’s debating whether or not he should kiss you again. You lean back in before he can make up his mind, kissing him with fervor. You’ve built up an appetite all night for this moment. To have Jimin embrace you, igniting a fire in your heart. 
The Autumn breeze no longer affects you. Jimin’s skin against yours is enough to heat up your entire body. He kisses you and it’s as if time stops right then and there. The world is falling apart around you, but it’s okay, because he’s here wrapped up in your arms. All your worries disappear, and your psyche is obliterated by this mind-blowing kiss. There’s no need for fireworks when the only sparks that matter are the ones between you and Jimin.  
Your soulmate tastes like raspberry mousse, and it’s better than anything your dreams could ever conceive. 
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anon-luv · 3 years ago
I’ll Never Be Her (JiminXReader) Pt.2
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jimin X Reader
Genre: Angst/ Romance
Summary: You loved him with all your heart, but he could only give you half of his.
Jimin was the love of your life, your night in shining armor when she wasn’t around.
She was his ex girlfriend,  his first love, actually she was his many firsts and she kept coming back.
He had warned you she was his weakness, but you didn’t listen, because to you having him even if it was only partially was better than not having him at all.
At least for now.
Rated M: Sexual Scenes and Languages that might not be appropriate for all ages.
Word Count: 10.8K+
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You had heard rumors about the unmistakable pain that comes from that forsaken condition. The boundaries between the mental and physical pain blurred as your body weakens from the instability of emotions.
It had been a week. Just seven days, yet your whole being was already giving up on you. Your soul’s withdrawal from Jimin cursing you into a hellhole.
The nausea came in waves as you laid upon the bed you had barely had the energy to come out from. The dizziness that magnified everytime you closed your eyes, creating a similar effect as if you were stuck in the middle of the ocean on a wooden raft as a hurricane blew with category 5 winds.
Drunk you were not, actually, the mere thought of the bitter taste of it sent you right back to the toilet you had been practically glued on for the past four days.
“You need to eat something,” Jin said as he placed a bowl next to your temporary bed, “I brought you some chicken broth and saltine crackers”
“Thank you, but I think I should just go back to sleep” you replied weakly as you attempted to shoo him away with your hand.
“Stop being so bloody stubborn.” he replied ripping away the blankets now sending your body into a shock from the coldness in the room, “You need to eat. Going to work and coming home to head straight to bed is not healthy. I am worried. Please.”
You rolled your eyes at him, “Fine”
The warmth of the bowl felt amazing against your skin, you took a spoonful and smiled his way “Thank you Jin”
He smiled sadly at you, “You are welcome. I really do think you need to talk to Jimin though, he is hurting too (y/n). I went to go see him yesterday, he is not doing too well”
“Well neither am I, but I couldn’t stand by and watch any longer,” you said as tears once again spilled over your now hollowed cheeks.
“(y/n), stop stop, I am done talking. I don’t want to see you hurting. You were smiling a second ago, if I didn’t know any better I would assume you were pregnant” he said trying to make a small joke out of the situation.
Your eyes widened. Pregnant. The color drained from your face as a bit of bile rose up again from your throat. You swallowed. Jin’s clueless expression changed to one of equal horror as it clicked that just might be the reason you have been so sick lately as he saw your quick change in demeanor.
You set down the bowl and placed it beside you as you reached out for your cell phone.
38 unread messages and 27 missed calls. All from Jimin. He had been trying to reach you nonstop, but at this moment that did not matter. For the first time since you left you didn’t stop and linger on whether to respond back to his messages or not.
The calendar app was of more importance. You scrolled over through the dates, your last menstrual cycle was 2 months ago….all the commotion in your life leaving you no time to worry about mother nature and her monthly visits.
Jin peaked over your shoulder, “You know google says stress can sometimes mess around with your know….thing”
You smiled weakly at him...stress….”Yes, it might just be stressed. I probably just need more sleep”
The room was silent after that, Jin had excused himself, quite uncomfortably, leaving you behind to your own thoughts to go get groceries. You laid down once again not trying to overthink the situation at hand, maybe you were just a bit late.
Tumblr media
  Flashback 2 years and 4 months ago
 “It is on the house,” the broad-shouldered man said winking your way.
 “Oh, Thank you,” you said shyly, you were not used to getting attention from the opposite sex, especially this early. The sun hadn't even peaked out of the horizon and you were already making your way towards class. Morning lectures were not your favorite, but your procrastination had landed you in the only vacant spot in the last subject you needed to graduate, and much to your luck it was at 7:00 am.
 “Call me Jin my name is Seokjin, but don't thank me, pretty girl. That fellow over there with the weird orange hair is the one you should thank” he said as he leveled himself with you and pointed towards a two-seater table where a lone boy had his head completely buried in a book. Said boy didn’t look affected by your presence at all, actually he seemed rather absorbed in the pages he flipped through every couple seconds.
Jin was quite tall and upon closer inspection very handsome making you a stuttering mess, “ Yeah...yeah I’ll say thanks, I guess…” you said not wanting to be rude.
Jin winked at you as you made your way over to the orange hair man, and subconsciously formulating a conversation that would be short and to the point, that would include a good enough side comment sounding grateful for his act of kindness with an attached rejection if he had any ulterior motives. As you approached you noted he looked quite disheveled and in his hand was a neon yellow highlighter.
He looked like he was studying, but upon closer inspection, you realized his book looked more like a coloring book if anything with the amount of bright yellow markings and underlined text.
“You do know the purpose of that thing in your hand is to highlight only the imperative parts right??” You said making the man jump a bit in his seat  Your deep morning voice making it sound more like a rude statement rather than the playful teasing one you were aiming for.
“Excuse me??” He said looking up at you a bit caught off guard by your sudden presence.
“Sorry, I didn't mean to sound so…..ugly and stuff….but like my voice in the morning does this thing where it sounds like an old man going through puberty all over again….and I meant it just in a teasing kinda way. My name is (y/n) by the way... I am sorry I tend to blabber, stutter, and make a complete idiot out of myself when I get nervous" you said as you dried your sweaty hand on your pants and then put it out there for him to shake.
He looked up with an amused glint in his eye, and then a smile made his way to his features completely dazzling you, "Jimin, nice to meet you, and don't worry about it. To be honest, that is quite cute. Why don't you take a seat??"
You looked at the empty seat in front of Jimin, debating whether seating down for a few minutes would be a good idea. You still had an hour to class, and Jimin's eye smile looked more inviting than chocolate cake, "Okay, I guess only for a little. Thank you....for the coffee and stuff"
"The coffee??" he asked looking clearly confused.
"Yeah, your friend over there said to thank didn't …” you said your eyes now wide with embarrassment as your cheeks tinted pink.
Jimin shook his head looking quite flustered himself, “I did not, but I mean…. I wish I could’ve??” he stated more like a question than a statement.
You both turned around to look at Jin who had been cleaning the same table for over 5 minutes now.
“I am sorry. He was probably just trying..He thinks I should you know….He likes to call himself Cupid”, Jimin said as he nervously scratched the back of his head.
You laughed out loud at the shyness of the boy, it was not his fault yet here he was turning redder than a tomato in front of you, “Don’t be shy, I am a gullible person it can happen to the best of us, and look at this we made ourselves a new friend right??”
Jimin nodded sending your way another one of his breathtaking smiles, ‘Are you always this positive??”
You shook your head rapidly, “Nope, especially this early in the morning, but today feels like a good day”
“Yep, it would be even better if I could actually retain any of this,” he said looking a bit frustrated at the notes in front of him.
You eyes his paper once again, and smiled brightly at him taking out your spiral notebook, “I told you it feels like a good day. Here you go, the notes are there, highlighted in different colors by categories”
“You are taking Advanced Literature too??” he asked as he excitedly skimmed through your notes.
“Yes, I am in the 4pm lecture,” you said smiling at the enthusiastic boy in front of you.
“Me too!! I haven’t seen you there, but then again there is like 200 students in the lecture hall at the same time. I feel awful for procrastinating on my studying for the test today” he said now looking completely devastated.
Seeing him slightly pout making your heart tug a bit, “How about I stay with you here and help you study?? I need the review anyway”
“Are you sure?? I don’t want to impose” he replied as he took a sip of the coffee and the cringing a bit making him look a hundred times cuter.
You took a moment to observe the man in front of you and before your mind could speak your heart did, “I am sure, plus whether it was indirectly or not you did hook it up with free coffee”
This had been the first time you ditched a class willingly, and you waited for the guilt to kick in making you overthink all the important notes you could’ve taken, but as you sat with Jimin giggling at his cute jokes, and talking about anything but the course material you realised it had been worth it.
“So, we should probably start heading out,” you said looking at your watch which indicated that it was almost 3:15 and you both had 30 minutes to get to class.
“Yeah, we should. Let me pay first” he replied running to the counter where Jin still eyed the both of you with a glint in his eye.
Jimin paced fast back to start picking up his scattered notes when you noticed Jin looking quite annoyed behind him.
You were about to question if everything was all right, but he beat you to the punch.
“Okay now, Adults you have been together for hours, and I have been patiently waiting for a phone number exchange if anything. So far all I have seen are awkward blushes, and lame ass flirty jokes, so can you all just you know write each other's number down so I can have peace.
Jimin’s face paled at the forwardness of his friend, you, on the contrary, felt quite bad for the position the boy had been put in.
“Just to let you know, we were about to leave together for class, and then I was going to ask him if he wanted to have dinner with me, thank you very much. I do not need a relationship guru for your information” you said sounding more confident than you were.
“Woah Jimin, this girl has balls and bites. I like her….Keep her” Jin said walking away leaving the both of you dumbfounded.
Jimin reacted quicker than you this time to put all the stuff inside his bag. You both walked quietly out of the cafe, but as soon as the door closed Jimin’s cheeky smile bloomed in your direction, “So, Dinner??”
Tumblr media
 To say you overslept would be an understatement. The swelling along with the comforter’s red marks across your face was a clear giveaway.
You had tossed and turned for 30 minutes after Jin left, but dreamland was no longer accepting your admission.You rubbed your eyes roughly trying to ease the frustration of having to face the day with the constant thoughts in your brain running at about a thousand miles per hour. Why were you never good enough??
The reflection in the mirror had never been your best friend, you can’t count the hours you had spent from a very young age picking out flaws and finding a way to camouflage them. Most of the time your laziness won over your vanity, and that was one thing Jimin said he loved about you.
At closer inspection, you noted how much thinner your cheeks looked from a while back, along with the dark circles that framed your eyes, that despite your endless amount of sleep were more prominent than ever.
The hair that fell down in an unarranged manner from your head in a less than perfect way had always been your early morning biggest fight. Threading your fingers along the chaos to at least make yourself look more decent had proven to be a complete failure. Maybe, if your hair magically fell upon your shoulders like a yellow waterfall like Stephany things would have been different. Your self-image was poor, and you had never been one to accept a compliment gracefully from Jimin. Your put downs had become a self-defense mechanism, something Jimin always frowned upon, always answering back with a compliment that would blow you to the moon.
Attention seeker, that is what Jin had addressed your condition, but Jimin always knew better. He had seen you at your lowest when the tears fell down your face with frustration when your pants wouldn’t close and you had spent 4 hours non stop at the gym. Jimin had accepted you, and tried holding your hand through every episode of your lack of confidence.
Jimin had made you feel loved and cared for, but you had become selfish. The praise words that he whispered in your ears through the night as you both made love were screamed out loud for the world to hear about Stephany. He was not shy about the admiration for her, whereas with you he was more reserved. She was a goddess in his eyes. You could see it every time she talked and his tunnel vision focused on only her. Everything she did was compared to whatever lame attempt you could. One-upping her was out of the question for at the very moment your eyes landed on her you knew there was no competition. She had won a long time ago hands down.
What hurt the most was the fact that you didn’t have the courage to put up a  fight. Just like with everything else about JImin you had accepted her with arms wide open. She was a part of him whether you liked it or not.
Your hand traveled along your body to your bloated stomach. You had noticed a bit of cramping, but you never really paid much attention to it. You had been only craving crispy tacos with extra cheese this past week and had relentlessly blamed your fat ass for the now protruding muffin top. You caressed the top of it softly wondering if there was a little bean there like Jin had suggested. Just thinking of a mini Jimin running around calling you mom brought a smile to your face. Then reality hits and you are left feeling more alone than ever. Jimin and you were no longer. You had walked away. Had that been the right thing to do?? Yes. It had been. Even if it was the most painful thing you have had to endure in life you knew that you did not deserve being runner-up, you wanted to be someone’s one and only.
A knock on the door snapped you back to the present.
“(Y/N), I brought you something….. Are you okay in there??” Jin said from behind the door sounding concerned.
“I am all right, just give me a sec,” you said pulling down the shirt that had ridden up with the buddha rubbing you had been doing previously.
You cracked the door open for Jin to walk in.
“Did you vomit again??” he asked as he inspected his surroundings.
“Nope, just slight tummy discomfort, but so far the soup has been staying down” you replied as you gave him a thankful smile.
You had not paid close attention when he had come into the restroom, but now the plastic bag in his hand had been put up in the counter along with a jug of orange juice.
Jin’s face had turned crimson as you could see his eyes traveling from the objects to you looking a bit troubled.
“Spit it out Jinjin” you said eyeing his unusual flustered self.
“I saw this in that Juno Movie, and well...yeah,” he said as he started backing away out the door leaving you alone with the unknown items. With peaked interest, you looked inside the bag finding over 12 pregnancy tests from various brands.
“Wonderful” you whispered to yourself, “it isn't going to kill me to at least take one to have a peace of mind”
You chugged half a gallon of orange juice before your bladder had decided to cooperate with the task at hand. You pulled down your pants quickly, the sudden urge to pee becoming overwhelming. You quickly grabbed the two prepped sticks and peed on one and then quickly grabbed the other, and much to your surprise you were able to get both without getting any urine on your hand.
“Score!” You scram a bit louder than anticipated as you placed both sticks on the countertop.
Before you knew it, Jin’s head was popping in through the door looking quite panicked.
“What happened?!!” He said not really grasping the concept of privacy in the bathroom.
“Seokjin OUT!!” you scram causing him to realize his mistake.
He hurriedly closed the door as he repeatedly said “sorry” from the other side.
You giggled at his goofiness and once you were wiped clean and with your pants up, you let him in.
He paced in circles while you sat on the toilet seat tapping your foot anxiously as the minutes ticked by. For once in your two-year long friendship, you were both quiet. The phone timer beeped letting you know it was time. Jin held your hand as support as you nervously picked up one of the tests.
Jin’s arms were around you instantly “You are strong, independent, and full of life. Whether he saw it or not is not what matters, what truly matters is if you can see it. I will be there for you no matter what you choose. He is my best friend, but I know what an idiot he can be.” Tears fell from your eyes and Jin was quick to wipe them away, “It is a blessing and a curse to feel stuff so deeply. Chin up Girl, I got your back.”
Tumblr media
 The clinic was way too cold for the short thin robe they had given you. The smell of disinfectant burned your nostrils, making the place feel even more intimidating. Other than the white monotonous walls, there were images plastered all over the walls showing the female reproductive system in different angles making you sick to your stomach. A diagram showing the various stages of birthing in a 3d model making you tremble with utter fear from the upcoming physical pain and changes your body would have to endure, and sadly you would have to go through it all on your own.
The door opened and a tall tan man came in looking quite handsome making you quickly scramble up from the previous open legged position the doctor’s assistant had placed you in. Your face quickly turning a dark shade of red.
The doctor smiled trying to make you feel a bit more comfortable with the current situation, but his rectangular grin only making you more self-aware about the exams that were to come.
“Hello Ms. Y/N, we need to run a few tests this evening to make sure everything is going well. My name is Dr. Kim. Can you please lay down for me and make yourself comfortable, we will be doing a sonogram to figure out how far along you are today”
You only nodded, not really sure how to respond with words.
“Would you like for me to call your partner in for the sono??” he asked innocently. You assumed the nurse had told him you had been accompanied by a man.
“No, it’s okay that’s my friend Jin, the father is not… the picture,” you said trying to sound unaffected yet you could still hear the sorrow in your voice as you said those words.
Dr.Kim looked apologetic, “I am sorry, I didn’t know…”
“Don’t worry about it, There was no way you could’ve known. I mean I didn’t see it coming and I was with the guy for two years” you said catching the doctor a bit off guard, “Sorry sorry, too much info”
Dr.Kim just threw another of his rectangular smiles your way, “ My turn to say Don’t worry about it, or him from what I have concluded in that one sentence. How about we get on with it. This gel might be a little cold ok?”
Tumblr media
 You had been in a few dates with Jimin, and to be quite honest you had not expected yourself to be so drawn to such a character. He was clumsy, a bit disorganized, and he liked to be in control of the situations around him. He swept you off your feet so easily that once you had let him into your world he had conquered every corner with his eyesmile.
“So tell me again, what was your legit very first relationship?? You have this whole player vibe going on” you said drawing your words a little as the consumed wine started overpowering the blood in your veins, making the world around you a bit hazy.
“Me player?? Are you sure you are not talking about Jin?? To be quite honest, the only serious relationship I have had is when I dated my best childhood friend back in high school for like what seemed like forever...we keep in touch and stuff but she has her own family now” he said with eyes half-lidded obviously already affected from the alcohol as well “Her husband can be quite an asshole at times, but I can tell he loves her….I mean who wouldn’t love her”
“Sounds like you might still be whipped,” you said as you pretended to have a whip in your hand.
“Nahh not whipped, but she still gets to me at times you know…..” he said taking a large gulp of his wine glass leaving it empty.
He picked up the almost empty bottle and refilled his glass along with yours.
You stayed quiet inspecting his facial features. Jimin was very handsome with very pronounced cheekbones and chocolate eyes you could melt right into.You wanted to bite his neck and mark him as yours, but the fear of moving too fast and scaring him away kept you at bay.
The bluntness from the liquid courage you had allowed yourself to drown in kept making words spill out of your mouth like projectile vomiting, “Well, how many times have you had the privilege of falling in love??”
Jimin gave you a knowing side smirk. He knew you wanted him whether you were intoxicated or not. Drunk Jimin was a lot more carefree, you could tell just by the way he sat down with his legs wide open while his arm casually folded behind his head emphasizing his muscular arms. He raised a teasing eyebrow, “The smart question to ask would be, have you ever fallen out of love?? Falling out of love is harder than falling in love”
You took a sip of the remaining wine in your glass as you attempted to smirk back, “Ok then, Have you ever fallen out of love??”
He shook his head, “Nope” he said over popping his p.
“A smart girl would take that as a warning and back off immediately,” you said as you stood up slowly, His eyes traveled along with your figure as you made your way towards him. His figure looked relax against your black leather couch, and the temptation that had been building up along with your drunk promiscuity giving you the extra push of bravery to sit upon his well-defined thigh. You saw his eyes widen with surprise as you leaned even more forward pressing your ass directly upon his hardening bulge causing a smile of confidence to erupt on your face. You leaned in slowly toward his ear, close enough to surely graze it with every word that came out of your mouth, your hot breath tickling his skin causing goosebumps to arise, “Much to your luck, I am one of the smart ones that likes taking risks”
His eyes met yours, and before you knew it his lips were smashed against yours as his hands made their way to your waist as he gripped onto it for dear life. His nails digging with need and want as your figure rocked back and forth on his thigh hoping to ease the burning ache in your core.
His mouth left yours trailing open mouth kisses towards your hairline that bordered your ear, his hot breath now fanning the sensitive skin on your neck “Well aren’t I one lucky son of a bitch”
Tumblr media
  A repeating static thump snapped you back to reality as your eyes glued themselves to the monitor that currently displayed what appeared to be circles and squiggles. Your eyebrows furrowed confused at the image, completely frightened that something might be wrong. Dr. Kim wiggled the wand he had placed in your stomach a little more and then the image switched into two unequal looking circles along with what looked like a jellybean. The thumping grew faster along with something that sounded like an echo.
A smile appeared automatically upon your face, “Is that my baby??”
Dr. Kim rectangular grin appeared lighting up the whole room with his cheerfulness, “Actually, those are your babies.”
Tumblr media
  The dim light of the last rays of sun lit the way back to the place your feet had unconsciously dragged you several times before, but this time it was different. You knew where you were going. You knew you wanted to go back to him. After you had gotten a copy of your twins’ sonograms you had run out of the clinic without thinking about any repercussions. You needed him, now more than ever. A naive and hopeful part of you hoping that the growing miracles in your belly would light up a purpose in his heart to move on from what had been and run forward to embrace you and his future little family. You could already picture babies with his eyes and smile, they were going to be beautiful.  The chill in the air was dropping as the dew from the evening now pricked upon the skin on your face. The big hoodie that had once been his engulfing your frame, his scent still lingering strongly on the fabric warming you up in more ways than one way.
Your brain was still debating with your heart whether this was the right thing to do or not, but as your hand grazed the film paper on the pocket of the baggy hoodie your heart gained points only causing your feet to go on forward faster. The urge to jump into his arms and kiss his soft plump pink lips the reward you were looking forward to at the end of this journey.
Your goal was at arm’s reach. The park you had visited on several occasions during your evening walks and Nataly’s countless of visits was now in plain view. The grass looked greener than last time you had walked along this path.
The sound of a familiar giggle stopped you right on your tracks, the tree that had served as a shadow during the sizzling summer days serving now as a camouflage in order to scratch the itch of curiosity. The hoodie now covering your hair as you positioned your body to fit properly behind the tree so you wouldn’t be spotted.
Your eyes sought the source of the laugh that had triggered the uneasiness that was now clouding your previous judgment.
“You are it JIMIN!” you heard a high-pitched voice scream freezing you in place. Your heart shattering once again as you saw Jimin’s figure run around to the front of the slide as Stephany with Nataly in her lap made her way down the yellow trail only to be tackled by a careful soft hug from the man you had previously been running to. Your brain was now trying to take over your actions imploring you to go back to Jin’s and forget this stupid decision, but your masochistic stubborn heart prohibiting you to walk away. Jimin’s grin was bright, the happiness that radiated off of him as he twirled the little girl in circles as she giggled cutely. He was happy. That is all that should matter right?? He had moved on. You had been resenting him for not letting go of Stephany yet here you were holding on to him with a death grip. Missing him to you came like waves, and most of the days you felt like you were drowning. Some egotistical part of you was hoping to walk into a scene like the one Jin had painted of him suffering as if he was in the deepest level of hell without you.
That was not the case.
He was happy.
He was happy without you.
You were going to have to learn how to be happy without him as well.
You needed to be happy if not for you for the 4 little feet that will follow your footsteps in this life.
It was time to let Jimin go.
Once more you turned your back on the man you loved, but this time you had company. Rubbing your slightly swollen belly you took the first step towards your future without Jimin in it.
Tumblr media
  Preggo pops were the best invention created by man, whoever said electricity or the internet had obviously never been pregnant. You had declared yourself an addict after Jin had given up on his so-called “home remedies” and caved in on buying some in the pharmacy on the way home. The days had seemed to fly by as you were consumed between work, finding a new apartment, and reading parenthood books Jin had been bringing home.
Jimin kept calling. Every day you’d wake up you would seek your phone to find missed calls and texts. There was an unknown fear within you that one day you would wake up to nothing. As much as you wanted to walk away from what had been Park Jimin you hated the idea of him moving on. The small part of him that you had claimed as yours was something you were not quite ready to give up. Those mornings you had spent in bed under the blankets kissing his face all over until you were blessed by his brown irises was one of many memories you visited at times where loneliness sneaked up on you. It had been one month, and even though the addiction of having him next to you was way long from over, you had found ways to deviate the cravings from his voice….his kisses….his hugs.
“Yellow’ Jin said as he begged once again for you to accompany him to the baby store, you hadn’t even found out the sex of the babies yet he had already gone to more than one shopping spree for nursery items, “We can get yellow neutral clothes please (y/n)” he said giving you puppy eyes with a lovely pout as an add-on.
“Fine, but as soon as I see you buy something overly glittery I am walking out of the store” you replied as you grabbed your bag. Your already small protruding belly forming a cute small bump. You were 16 weeks today. It was 4 weeks ago that you had been told you were pregnant and Jin had scolded you relentlessly due to your lack of self-awareness for going so far along with the pregnancy and not knowing about it. Prenatal vitamins and birthing books were dumped in your bed the night you had found out, a complimentary gift from your temporary roommate. He had been trying to hold conversations with your belly as well stating that his nephews/nieces need to be accustomed to his voice before birth so it can facilitate the situation if he ever were to babysit on his own.
“Also, your birthing classes start tomorrow at 8am, I know you hate mornings, but they were the cheapest ones I could find” he said practically dragging you into the store that had a giant pacifier as a logo, “We have 30 minutes to shop before we have to take off to your appointment. I am so excited to find out whether you are having dudes or dudettes”
“Jin they might not even be able to tell me the sex yet, it all depends on the positioning of the baby,” you said as you browsed through the ducky onesies on the sales rack.
“I am pretty sure they will not be shy about it and just flash the sonogram camera thing whether they have a peepee or not. I mean their father is Park Jimin, and that man barely freaking puts on a shirt and let me not get started on those tight motherfucking pants…...they leave nothing to the imagination.”
The mention of Jimin’s name forming a sour taste in your mouth, the sudden urge to ball your eyes smacking you like a freight train. Jin’s face distorted as he realized his mistake.
“No no no no no, sorry (y/n) please don’t cry….I will buy you ice cream after the appointment,” he replied trying to bribe you.
The cravings for sweet cheesecake with strawberries ice cream shooing away your urge to cry, “Fine but I get two scoops”
Jin just nodded as he put a comforting arm around your frame urging you towards the next aisle, both of you completely clueless of the set of brown eyes that have followed you both along since you entered the store.
Tumblr media
 The fantasy that had been engraved in your head from a very young age of the future was modeled after a Disney movie. The house, job, family, and happy ending with everything and prince charming in real life was a mere figment of what society liked to claim as the norm. You tried to convince yourself over and over again that you could do this on your own, but in the mornings where your stomach decided to act up and take you straight to the toilet, you wished Jimin was right beside you holding your hair back as he would rub your back tenderly to soothe your burning esophagus. The one-sided pep talks you gave yourself had become a daily routine, and as your stomach grew the monotony of it had you desperately clinging onto your pillow screaming out your frustrations hoping Jin wouldn't be a witness of the mess that was you.
Your palms were sweaty with anticipation as you waited for Dr.Kim to come in. Jin had decided to stay outside claiming he was not very fond of medical offices. The door opened and an already smiling doctor came in, his happiness contagious as your own mouth formed into a grin.
“Are you ready for this??!” He said sounding like a cheerleader full of energy.
You picked up your shirt ready to be doused with the cold gel from the previous time.
He put on his circular glasses, scrunched up his sleeves, and right as the cold gel made contact with your skin the door opened wide.
The smiling doctor’s face contorted to one of annoyance, “What have I said about knocking??” His deep voice said sending a bit of chills down your spine. Your eyes snapped up to the figure that stood frozen in place by the door.
Surprise, happiness and hate alternatively, and complete disbelieve surged through your body. Jimin stood before you, his hair disheveled and shirt untucked, a slight smudge of blood on his collar.
He smiled nervously as he wiped his hands on his jeans, “Hi, I’m Jimin….the father?” Jimin said asking more than stating.
Dr.Kim turned to face you, the questioning in his eyes as clear as day, while on the contrary yours were muddled over between desire, fear, and aberration.
You nodded at Dr.Kim not quite sure if to trust your mouth to form coherent words.
Jimin took that as an invitation to walk in and sit on the empty seat beside you. The shift in the room was obvious to the point where Dr.Kim’s smile was not enough to lighten up the mood anymore.
Your heart was tugging you to acknowledge the man sitting next to you, the one you had been longing for weeks on end, but your brain had taken control as a defense mechanism and ignored your erratic heartbeat. Your eyes were solely focused on the monitor where you were once again going to see your two little nuggets. The wand was firmly pressing against your belly, the image on the screen this time was not in different shades of green, but instead had an orange tinge to it.
“This is called a 3d ultrasound, and this should help determine the biological sex of the babies,” Dr.Kim said as he stirred his hand around your belly. You could see a glimpse of Jimin leaning in closer to you and the monitor, but you still hadn't gathered enough emotional strength to look his way, much less make eye contact.
“Babies??” Jimin asked his eyes now staring at your belly openly.
Dr. Kim rolled his eyes at Jimin causing a small giggle to come out of your lips “Yeah as in plural”
The figures of two skinny babies popped up in the screen catching you by surprise, the image from last time was distorted and quite a challenge to decipher, but in this one, the babies looked less like blobs and more like actual tiny babies. The little arms and legs moved around wildly as if they were busting a move inside your stomach.
Tears formed unconsciously in your eyes, a warm hand fitting into yours, and just for a little bit you were going to let your heart take over. You allowed yourself to interlace your fingers around his softly enough to not make it harder for you when you would have to eventually let go.
Dr.Kim eyed your hands and gave you both a small smile, “ You see these lines here” he said pointing at the screen. Jimin and you nodded, “Baby A lady and gentleman is a girl”
Jimin squealed happily beside you as if the present situation of your relationship did not matter as his lips kissed your knuckles.
“Now baby B is being a bit shy, but…..” Dr.Kim said wiggling the wand looking object again, “ There you go….. Baby B…. Is a Boy”
“We are having a boy and a girl!!!” Jimin said no longer walking on eggshells as he captured your lips in a kiss. You froze not reciprocating, but Jimin didn't care he just rested his forehead against yours. You felt the skin tingle where his touch, but you were unsure of whether it was a positive reaction as flashbacks of him running around happily at the park came to mind. You let go of his hand and quickly faced the doctor trying to assimilate as if the rejected contact was just distancing for a question. Your hand dropped Jimin’s as if was made out of lava which he was quick to notice, unlike the oblivious Dr.Kim.
“But are they healthy??” You asked trying to make your tone sound leveled as if you could properly manage your emotions in the presence of Jimin.
“They both are as healthy as can be. Don't forget to eat properly and take your prenatal. I will see you back in 4 weeks. Twin pregnancies tend to be a bit more high risk than single, so make sure to keep in contact if anything feels out of the ordinary. My assistant up front will have a copy of your sonograms for you guys to take home. I hope you have a good day, and congrats on your baby boy and baby girl!”
Dr.Kim walked towards Jimin and shook his hand “Congrats, you have a beautiful family”
Jimin just smiled his eyes turning a slight shade of pink as he sniffled almost inaudibly, “I know. Thank you”
Dr. Kim just waved one last bye and left out the door leaving you both alone.
The realization of Jimin being here settling in and just like a bomb you started your internal countdown. You needed to get out of there before you exploded. You stood up and wiped your belly clean out of the sticky liquid. Not one word had been said since the doctor had stepped out, and even if you had rehearsed a planned script in case of a similar scenario happening you were at a blank. Your emotions tangling up inside, squeezing out any remaining air out of your lungs, making it hard to breathe. Jimin just stood in silence not really sure of how to proceed, he had definitely acted on impulse and the loving reunion he had imagined was blown over as soon as he entered the room and noticed your cold stare on him. He had fucked up, and even if he didn't quite understand what had triggered you to end things he knew he wanted you back.
You walked out of the room as soon as you had collected all your belongings and double checked you hadn't left anything behind. Jimin followed close, but did not say a word as you scheduled your next appointment, received the sonogram copies, and walked out of the building. Even if nothing was being said you could feel yourself growing more and more irritated with everything he did. Why did he make you feel like this? He had done nothing, yet you felt so small and worthless in his presence. The wound he had left had reopened and you had to muster all of your power to hold back your tears. At the same time though you wanted to run into his arms, kiss his mouth and nibble on his bottom lip, you wanted him sleeping next to you and have his hand rub your growing tummy as you welcomed sleep, but that was a fantasy…. That was a dream…
You walked out of the clinic fuming, ready to full on confront the betrayer known as Jin, only to be met by a bruised-up puppy face replacing his usual smug one.
“What happened to you??” You said as you pulled him out of the car to examine his busted nose and cheek closer. Jin closed his eyes with your soothing touch then quickly backed away looking at Jimin behind you.
“I can explain” you heard Jimin speak out finally.
You turned around to face him even more furious than before, “You better have a goddamn good explanation to why you beat your best friend up”
“I misinterpreted the whole situation. When I saw him with you at the store and then here….. I just thought the worse, but he explained, and we are good now” he said trying to reach out towards you.
You looked at him disbelievingly “We are good now??? Is that how it is??? We are anything but good Jimin. Actually, we have been bad from the start, but I have been blinded by my love for you. Making me a fool. I now have two little someones to be strong for. I am done waiting for you. I have always put you first, but to you, I was always on the sidelines.”
Jimin stepped forward trying to grasp your hand that had unconsciously turned into a firm fist. You backed away instantly.
“(Y/N), please just let me know what I can do to fix this…. fix us,” Jimin said taking a step once again towards you.
“Don't you get it Jimin??? I have given you two whole years to fix it. To fix yourself. I tried to give you all my love. My heart was in your fucking hands and you crushed and stomped on it every time Stephany called and you dropped me to go to her” you said wiping the tears in your face angrily, “ Let me go Jimin. I need you to let me go, so I can stop hurting and move on. I need to stop with the illusion that one day you will choose me over her. That you will love me more.”
Jimin was now in tears as he looked at you falling apart all because of him. You could see the internal struggle as he picked up his hand and dropped it several times, “but I love you more. I do….. I am sorry I didn't show it….but I love you (y/n) more than anything in this world please forgive me…. Please give me a chance….. Come back with me. We can paint the guest room as a nursery or even find a bigger apartment for our little family”
“No” you heard yourself say coldly not really wanting to process his words, for once everything that spilled out of his mouth was not of importance, “I am done Jimin. It takes more than just words and compliments to show someone you love them. You are not a five-year-old who can draw me a heart and make everything better.” You replied turning your back to him. You were about to walk towards Jin’s car when you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist. Tears falling against your bare shoulder.
“Please don't leave me again….please don't walk away” Jimin whispered continuously in your ear. Your walls were about to fall apart, you could feel yourself about to crumble. As soon as you felt your knees about to buckle in, from all the emotional stress being thrown at you, another pair of arms straightened you up and lightly pushed Jimin away.
“You are my best friend….you have been for years Jimin, but I need you to back off. You have caused enough damage with your stupid bullshit games. It takes more than a few sweet words to gain forgiveness. You don't have to tell her or scream out you love her, you need to show it. And so far, all you have displayed for her to see is how much of a fucking coward you are letting yourself be dragged along like a fucking puppy. When we first met (y/n) I knew she was special, and I knew she was what you needed to learn what something raw and real felt like…. But I was a fool. You have hurt her, and I am done watching. Jimin be a man, before someone else takes your place” Jin said as he took your small hand in his and walked you to the passenger door of his car helping you in. Jin walked back to where Jimin stood still frozen in place with a trail of tears traveling down his beautiful face. The ache in your heart growing with intensity from the incapability of soothing his pain. You wanted nothing more than to run out of the car and kiss Jimin’s pain away, but it was too late. There was no remedy for the broken heart that was buried within your chest, the antidote was the same poison that had damaged it in the first place, Jimin, and you were not strong enough to go through that again.
You could see Jin telling Jimin something as he patted his shoulder. Jimin's eyes found yours, but you were quick to turn away. Not even a few seconds later Jin came into the car, his bruised nose looking worse than it had been previously, your hands traveled once again to softly caress it, “idiot”
He chuckled, “Be nice or this idiot won't buy you the ice cream he owes you”
“Jin at this point you owe me a whole freaking ice cream shop, so shut up and hurry to the nearest creamery my kiddos are starving,” you said trying to hide the way your words wavered with unshed tears. You could feel Jimin’s gaze still on you, but you refused to give in this time.
Tumblr media
  It was 8am, Jin was late and the irritation from the constant invasion of space from your birthing class instructor had you on the verge of yanking your hair out. She had been rubbing your belly so often that you were wondering how a genie had not appeared before you already. The place was crowded with several couples, some whom already had started breathing heavily in a synchronized manner in the mats. You sighed completely flag stabbed at the fact that you were unwillingly taking these cheesy classes only to be stood up by the person who signed you up for them in the first place. You bit your nails nervously as everyone took a seat in their assigned spots. You walked reluctantly to your own hot pink yoga mat and took out your phone angrily.
 Jin, you are so dead-
(y/n) 8:05
 The door of the classroom opened and once again to your surprise Jimin stood there wearing comfy basketball shorts, a white shirt, and a black snapback. To say he looked absolutely stunning when he dressed laid back was an understatement. The muscles from his abdomen could be clearly seen through the translucent white shirt as he made his way towards you.
“Sorry, I am late” he whispered as he sat beside you.
You took out your phone angrily once again.
(y/n) 8:07
 You turned to face Jimin now, he could tell you were about to detonate, but before you could cuss him right there and then the instructor started the lesson.
“Welcome Mommies and Daddies to Birthing 101. I hope you all are having a spectacular day. Let’s start from the top like many of you probably did to start this journey” the blond preppy instructor said as she winked an eye suggestively to the class.
Torture. This was going to be absolute torture.
30 minutes in and you already had successfully achieved the art of ignoring Jimin perfectly.
Lie. That was an absolute Lie. You were dying internally, the urge to slap him across the face then ride him till he filled you up with his hot seed was temptation at its best.
You had not gotten laid since Jimin, and from what you have read in several websites and books it is normal to be a horny pregnant woman….something to do with hormones.
Hormones… was their fault, not yours. You did not want Jimin. Your hormones did.
“(y/n), How far in between do your contractions have to be, to be classified as active labor?” the instructor asked clearly noticing your lack of attention.
You nervously bit your lip and were about to answer until Jimin took over, “3 minutes apart lasting 1 minute….but that is not what concerns me….what is this about her cervix opening 8-10 centimeters….and tearing down there?? Like is that even…….that is ….. Ow!”
The instructor giggled at Jimin’s reaction the jealous green monster inside of you about to jump out to tell the instructor to get her own fucking jokester, this idiot was yours. The thing though was that Jimin was not yours. Not anymore.
“Yes, that is correct. Fully dilated is 10 cm and sometimes if needed they will cut to allow more space for the baby. Don’t worry too much about it though, she doesn’t look very phased. You have a brave girl Jimin. Now this is the end, for now, see you again same time next week”
You stood up and took off faster than the road runner. Your feet working up a step to get away as fast as possible from Jimin, but much to your already sour luck he caught up with you and grasped your wrist.
“What are you doing??” you asked as you ripped away your wrist from his hand. The spot where his hand had touch craving more than a few seconds of contact.
“(y/n), please listen to me, I really want to make us work okay?? I love you, please give me another chance” he said as he once again dived in for your hand.
“Jimin, it’s not that easy for me. You are incapable of seeing what is wrong, and I am not in the best place right now” you said trying to be civil with the boy. He had just endured the worse lecture in his life, he deserved at least that, “What are you doing here??”
Jimin looked at you confused, “They are my babies too (Y/N), I want to be there for them and you. I keep remembering everything you told me, how I acted, and I am so ashamed of what I made you go through. You did not deserve that, and I am sorry. Please, one more chance. If I can’t make you happy I will personally find a way to kick my own balls. You deserve the world. Let me give it to you” he said as his arms encircled your waist. The heat of his body against yours bringing memories, some that you wanted to treasure and some that you much rather just throw away. He kissed your forehead softly and then the tip of your nose, “Everything is going to be alright, maybe not today, but eventually. Let me try”
Tired. You were tired of fighting with your heart. The tears that spilled over were a mixture of happy and sad ones. You couldn’t start this new chapter in your life if you kept re-reading the last page. Expectations that came in your relationship with Jimin had always been flexible due to Stephany, and you realized too late that by even attempting to have them you were setting yourself and Jimin up for failure.
“If I had treated you the way you had treated me, you would hate me. Just because I let you go, doesn’t mean I wanted to. One more chance Jimin, but please I ask of you……”
“I love you, and I will make damn sure I show you how much,” he said as he finally lowered his head and attempted to kiss your lips.
Your brain decided to function at that very moment, “No Jimin, wait. Not so fast, I will move back in with you and we will see from there okay??”
Jimin backed away a bit and nodded looking a bit disappointed, “Right now I will take anything I can get”
Tumblr media
  To say things were awkward would be an understatement. Jimin had given you the master bedroom claiming you would be a lot more comfortable if you had your own private restroom. It had been two weeks and your relationship with Jimin felt strained. He was a complete gentleman making you breakfast and dinner without you asking. The initiative that had not been there before clearly made an appearance as he brought your favorite flowers or donuts, yet the more he did for you the more frightened you were to let him in. Sometimes at night when you tippy-toed your way to the kitchen, you made sure to check if the coast was clear, you didn’t know if your heart could handle seeing Jimin having a moment with Stephany. Your masochistic ears sometimes seeking the silence for the possibility of a secret conversation between the two of them exchanging an ‘I miss you’
Stephany was MIA. You noticed that the third week you had been back at your apartment. No calls, surprise visits, or mentions of her. The daily text messages that had become a routine activity a while back were no more. You needed a break from anything her, and finally, the heavens were listening.
Today the stress from work had gotten the best of you, a flood of tears accompanied you home. When the front door of your apartment opened to the face of a smiling Jin you jumped right into his arms, completely forgetting that it meant Jimin was in as well.
“Ohh no darling what happened to you??” Jin said as he patted your hair like a mother would to their crying child.
You hiccupped, “Would you believe me if I told you I already forgot what I was crying for in the first place??”
Jin shook his head at you while laughing, “You are even a bigger wreck than you were before, how is that even possible??”
You were about to argue back until you realized you had no clue why Jin was visiting, “What are you even doing here??”
“Thank you for the hospitality, actually I am here because Jimin did an oopsie I need to fix”
You pushed Jin away from the entrance and stomped your way into the living room where a distraught Jimin sat surrounded by light pink clothes. You recognized some as your previously white undergarments. Jimin looked frightened as he saw your presence now skimming through the disaster he had made.
“I am sorry. So sorry, please don't cry. Jin said you would probably cry all day long and I really don't want that. I'll fix them. I'll make them white again” He said trying to scoop all the clothes up causing even a bigger mess.
Before you knew it you were in a full-blown fit of giggles. Your sides aching as you saw Jimin’s bewildered face. You had not even smiled his way since you had been back and here you were looking similar to a hyena.
Jin walked towards Jimin assisting him in picking up the clothes that were sprawled out on the floor, “Yah Jimin, I’ll take care of this. How about you take (y/n) out for a date”
You were about to say no until you noticed the way Jin smirked towards Jimin. Jimin looked lost but did not hesitate to walk towards you to grab your hand and pull you through the door.
“We will be back later”, Jimin said as he pulled you away into the outside world.
Tumblr media
 This was a setup. You were more than sure this had been an evil scheme on their behalf. Jimin had dragged you to watch a chick flick you had been wanting to see at the movies, and he magically already had tickets for the sold-out showing.
He bought you all of your favorite snacks and carried them all for you.
Pleasant, everything had been easy going to the point of where you let him hold your hand as you walked back to the apartment. The lights flashing from the city illuminating his side profile as if he was a fairy.
You were still completely head over heels in love with him. There was no way of denying the way your heartbeat went all erratic with every smile he threw your way.
You arrived to an empty apartment, the scent of roses and your favorite Chinese dish shocking you. As soon as the door closed you turned towards Jimin only to find him on one knee.
Your heart dropped.
No this couldn’t be happening.
“(y/n), I know I have messed up time and time again, but after having to go some time without you beside me I realized one thing…. I can’t be without you. I need you. I want to be with you forever. Love is a scary thing. It changes every day. It can disappear in the blink of an eye. But I am not scared of love when it comes to you. I am willing to take this risk with you, and I know I haven’t been good at demonstrating how much you mean to me, but I promise I swear I will make that my life mission. Please… my wife…..give me the chance of making you happy for the rest of your life. I want to have the rest of my life with memories of us together. I love you. Please be my wife” Jimin said with tears in his eyes and a soft smile on his face as he pulled out the most beautiful rose shaped ring with a red ruby in the middle.
Tears filled your eyes blurring Jimin and the dreams you had of spending an eternity with him, “No” you choked out,
Your heart shattered as you saw him looking around the room helplessly, obviously trying to gather up words to formulate a plan b to get you to say yes.
“(Y/N), I love you… What can I do? please tell me what I can do??” Jimin said borderline falling apart in front of you. Tears had started falling from his gorgeous brown eyes, and his lips were extra swollen and rosy from the endless amount of nervous lip biting.
“Nothing Jimin, You don’t have to do this. Whether we are together or not they are still your babies. I will not keep them away from you. You are their dad as much as I am their mom” you said as you made your way to the couch. You couldn’t be near him right now. You needed space, but he didn’t seem to get it as he stood up and walked towards you.
“That is not it at all, I love you. I want to be married to you because I love YOU!” he said with a tinge of sadness and frustration in his voice. He ran his hand through his hair another nervous habit of his.
You looked into his eyes, the patience that you had been able to keep up from the moment he proposed evaporated. You grasped his face in-between your hands, and then you let it all out, “Jimin, no, you don’t love me. You half love me. You only fully love me when she is not around, and even then I am pretty sure every thought in your head is not about me. I am not the one for you Jimin, I never have been. Can’t you see that?? I am not enough. Maybe one day you will find a girl who will be good enough for you to steal away all the love you have within you and only have it for herself, no one else. Every time I saw you with her I acted like it was not a big deal when in reality it was breaking my heart. That isn’t living, that is suicidal. I felt like a part of me was dying every time I saw you smiling at her. Sometimes I wish you could read my mind so you could have a better understanding of what goes through it. Jimin I am not going to say yes because I know that as much as I want the rest of my life to be spent with you by my side….. I am not willing to do it unless I won’t have to share you with anyone else. I want to marry you Jimin. I have dreamed of marrying you for awhile, but I can’t….. not like this.”
 “(y/n), is just you… I swear ...just you” Jimin said between sobs.
You tore your eyes away from his and looked at the floor, “Ruby….why a ruby?”
“Your birthstone”, Jimin replied completely sure of his answer.
You smiled at him bitterly, “Sapphire…..mine is sapphire….. Stephany’s was a ruby”
Jimin looked down at the black box that he still had in his hands, “ I am sorry I’ll change it, I am not very knowledgeable about this kind of stuff. I am so sorry.  I didn’t mean it like that”
You looked back into his eyes and held his hand in yours, you breathed in deeply, “Jimin I love you”
“I love you too” he replied instantly.
“Jimin, how many times have you fallen out of love??” you said completely serious.  Your face emotionless.
Jimin looked into your eyes with a glint of guilt you could see masked through his brown irises.
His cellphone rang snapping you both out of the minute of silence that had been haunting the apartment.
He looked from his phone to you alternatively, he shifted on the couch uncomfortably as his phone call went to voicemail.
You stood up reluctantly giving him your back as you walked towards the room, your heart aching from the flat out rejection you had given him, and yet you still had strength enough to utter one more sentence, “You should call her back”
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sketchguk · 8 months ago
lining’s silver; myg
Tumblr media
➳ pairing: fashion designer!yoongi x artist!reader
➳ genre: college AU, idiots to lovers, e2l, smut, fluff
➳ wc: 14.1k
➳ synopsis: you would rather die than confess you’re capable of feeling anything but disdain towards the rich and privileged, so you make it known, loud and clear, that going on a bunch of dates with min yoongi is nothing more than an academic arrangement for the sake of your gpa. holding hands and catching f*elings for him? that’s all part of the plan, so don’t get the wrong idea.
or as jeongguk likes to call it, “matchmaking 101: how to get two tsunderes to fall in love.”
➳ warnings: explicit language, pining, mention of family issues, alcohol consumption, mint yoongi >:), fingering, oral (f receiving), penetration, dirty talk, lowkey dumbification
➳ a/n: this is dedicated to my birthday neighbor and my favorite clown in the world, @moominyg​ !! the fluff is for you, but the smut is for me >:) happy birthday to us :D and thank you for pretending that you didn’t know about this gift LOL
Tumblr media
You’ve been told that “hate” is a strong word, but you can wholeheartedly say that you detest a lot of people. 
For whatever reason, college has only made this feeling fester in your heart like an ember that’s ready to ignite. Before, you’ve considered the possibility that maybe you’re just being cynical. But on the other hand, you know for a fact that you’ve had too many run-ins with snobby film majors and arrogant theater kids for their abborhibble attitude to be more than a mere coincidence. Contrary to popular belief, enjoying Game of Thrones does not make you tasteless and not knowing Alexander Hamil-something does not make you uncultured. 
Hell, you even hate some of the other obnoxious illustration majors. They’re all just Van Gogh junkie wannabes, but to be fair, Jeon Jeongguk isn’t a bad kid. You only hate him because he’s talented at every art form, and it’s seriously insufferable. Regardless, you’re going to be bitter about this until the day you can graduate from this hell hole that they call college and say au revoir to the ‘best years of your life.’
To make matters worse, half of the students at this school are pretentious trust fund babies. You've seen them strut down Bowery with a silver spoon in their mouth as if they own the whole damn street. Sure, some of them reside in an 18,000 sq. ft. penthouse apartment in the heart of TriBeCa with panoramic views of the Hudson River and midtown skyline. And of course they own a luxury vehicle equipped with their very own chauffeur. Perhaps their yearly salary equates to four semesters worth of college tuition, but good for them, right? And yes, they’re going to waste their money away on clothing companies like Balenciaga and Fendi because nothing screams “humble” like stupidly expensive designer brands.
They’re handed everything in life, and the privilege that they are afforded is appalling. 
Any other person would brave through the morning rush on the L train, balancing a cream cheese bagel in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. Perhaps it’s a safety hazard to pack hundreds of people onto subway cars, and maybe it’s not the most sanitary thing for rodents to scour beneath the tracks. But at least the morning commute builds character, right?
And the thing is… the rich kids aren’t even the worst of the bunch, actually. As much as you hate wealth inequality and the devil, capitalism, your sworn mortal enemy is much worse than some yuppie in Supreme and a pair of Yeezys. 
That is unless, of course, they happen to be a fashion student.
It’s nothing personal, but for all you care, that whole department can go to hell. 
Anyone with a pair of functional eyes can see that fashion majors are like the favorite child of the family. This school will throw all their money at those kids while the other departments will get scrappy leftovers and raggedy hand-me-downs. 
Recall the electrical fire of 2018? 
Ah, of course you do because your animation course relocated into a closet-sized classroom without any equipment. There weren’t even enough chairs for the students, and you had to grab stools from the art studio next door. Needless to say, your back pain has gotten much worse since then, and your spine is never to be recovered. Meanwhile, the history of fashion class enjoyed their ergonomic office chairs as they staked their claims on the computer lab that you so desperately needed. 
Ever since, you’ve made a promise to yourself to never fraternize with a fashion student. Some may consider this tactic to be petty, but they are going to have to pry your ego away from your cold, dead hands if they want you to budge. 
“Are you aware of how deathly terrifying your stare is?” 
Your attention shifts to the boy before you, and Jeongguk cowers under your dirty gaze. The cold aluminum can crinkles beneath your tight grasp as you squeeze away at its life. 
“It’s the resting bitch face, what do you want from me?” You stab your fork into your overpriced spinach salad, and Jeongguk takes the hint 一 you’re not in a particularly good mood. 
“Who wronged you today, huh?” He brings up bad memories just to provoke you because it’s what he does best. 
Your jaw clenches and your eyes squint at the sight of the culprit. “Park Jimin.” 
“What’d he do this time?” He chews on his coldcut sandwich with his cute, bunny teeth, although Jeon Jeongguk is anything but cute. The ridicule is evident in his tone as he finds a little bit of joy in your misery. 
“He’s too nice.” 
He playfully rolls his eyes, “God, that’s so criminal.” 
“Isn’t it?” You scoff, “It should be illegal. First of all, class is at 9am. There’s no way that he could be that happy when I can’t even keep my eyes open!” Your voice raises several pitches, and Jeongguk puts his hands up in defense, palms forward, reminding you that he’s not the enemy.
Your rumbling voice only adds to the boisterous cafeteria because in a school full of artistic students, a good portion of them don’t know a thing about volume control. But Jeongguk turns around and lo and behold, Jimin is chatting away with the other performing arts majors a few tables behind him. It’s impossible to miss his stupid, bright, yellow beanie and his even stupidly brighter smile. And despite the astronomical volume of the dining hall, Jimin’s sweet laughter echoes in Jeongguk’s ears and resounds above the dissonant voices of the other students.
“It’s just his personality, let him be,” he shrugs, lecturing you. “And stop staring at the dance kids. It’s rude.”
To be fair, you’re not really a morning person, nor are you much of a people person either. If someone were to breathe in your direction within the first hour of you waking up, surely they’re asking for trouble. 
Jeongguk tugs at the corners of your lips so that you’re forced to smile. It’s his failed attempt to cheer you up. “You’re working on the digital fashion project with Yoongi tomorrow, right? Don’t be so grumpy.”
You grimace at the sound of his every word. “Which part of that sentence is supposed to make me feel better?” Your eyebrows furrow and your lips press together into a straight line as you send Jeongguk your infamous death stare.
He winces, instantly apologizing, already knowing that he’s in the wrong.
No offense to Min Yoongi or whatever because you’re sure he’s a decent guy. He sits in the back of class and minds his own business. You’ve spoken to him on a couple of occasions, and he seems pretty normal to say the least. Quite frankly, that would be a compliment if you were to live in the realm of Animal Crossing. Typically, he’s asking to borrow a pen from you, but come to think of it… he always forgets to return them. 
Okay, so maybe you do have a reason to hate the guy and not just because he’s a fashion major. 
On top of his petty thefts and privileged career choices, you seriously don’t look forward to seeing him because just like any other assignment, this project is absolutely useless. How does your professor expect you to design an outfit that encapsulates both of your personalities? You struggle to know yourself, yet you have to take someone else entirely into consideration ー someone you hold a permanent grudge against, no less. 
Group projects like these never end well, especially when there are creative differences that split the chasm between you and your partner. Call it a conflict of interest, if you must, but Jeongguk likes to refer to it as Matchmaking 101: How to Get Two Tsunderes to Fall in Love. He’d never admit it out loud, knowing that he should prepare his will if he were to ever bring up the L word. 
It’s an unspoken rule that Jeongguk should never talk about 1) your makeup choices ー in particular, the excessive insistence of questionable colored blush and 2) the way that your face flusters beneath said questionable blush whenever you’re within a 10 ft. radius of Yoongi.
Not to be dramatic, but you’d rather die than confess you’re capable of feeling anything but disdain towards the rich and the privileged, so you make it known, loud and clear, that getting to know Yoongi is nothing more than an academic arrangement for the sake of your GPA.
Tumblr media
Swallowed by the white noise of the chugging subway, you sway from side to side with your hand wrapped tightly around the metal pole. Staring out the grimy glass window, you’re met with nothing but the passing of dim tunnel walls.
The muffled, monotonous tone of the conductor blares through the cheap audio system that’s been out of date for the past decade. “23rd street. Next stop, 34th street, Herald Square. Transfers to the B, D, M, N, Q, R, and W. Stand clear of the closing doors.” 
While the trains skid in and out of the stations, you can’t help but slip into your musings, disassociating from the world around you. 
You pay no mind to the sea of people that crowd the train car, hundreds of faces that you’ll never cross paths with once again. On one side, you’ve got the kid selling gummy snacks to fundraise for his nonexistent basketball team, and on the other side, there’s the ‘showtime’ dude, dancing up and down the poles, ready to knock you upside the head as if you deserve it. In the spaces between, the whisper-fighting couple pretends as if nobody can hear their petty argument, and the grumpy man beside you is muttering to himself, enraged over the train delay. 
It almost feels claustrophobic, but it isn’t an unfamiliar sensation to you. In a weird way, it’s sort of comfortable, like a reminder of your childhood.
There’s a sudden vibration that courses through your body, breaking you away from your reverie. Regretfully, you rummage through your bottomless tote bag to fish out your cell phone, checking the onslaught of incoming texts. 
3 new messages
jaykAaAy (11:47am): have fun on your date!!! ;) make sure you don’t kill yoongi!!!! 😔
jaykAaAy (11:50am): and don’t bite him either!!! 
yoongi 😣 (11:56 am): hey, I’m at the entrance of the library 
You roll your eyes at the absolute clownery of your best friend, and you stuff your phone into the pocket of your checkered culottes, reminding yourself to respond as soon as you enter the platform of the station. 
you (11:59 am): omg shut up >:/ !! i m nuthing but nive
you (11:59 am): *nice
you (11:59 am): N ITS NOT A DATE
you (12:00 pm): SORry fr th wait, yOONI!!! jus got off rhe traim
Your responses are written haphazardly, but the point is still there. The most surprising thing is that you managed to type coherent sentences while stumbling up the narrow staircase with dozens of passersby who are ready to knock you over.
No matter how long you’ve been in the city, you swear that you’re never going to walk out of the correct exit. Is it the northwest corner of 42nd street and 6th avenue, or is it the west side of 6th avenue between 39th and 40th street? The signs never make any sense to you, and neither does the complicated subway map. 
You decide it’s best to pick a random exit and walk from the street level, but of course, your sense of direction is far from correct, and you’re forced to take the long way around the park. 
When you approach the library, you find it difficult to spot your partner because of how colossal this place is. It’s almost painfully classy with white, stone columns and Latin inscriptions at the top of the building. And for God’s sake, there are lion sculptures on either side of the entrance. 
You’re too distracted sending Yoongi a follow up text to notice the man in question watching you walk around so aimlessly. 
“Hey, no offense, but do you ever watch where you’re going?” A husky voice rings from behind you, and you can feel a soft tap upon your shoulder. You’ve just about had it with men and their self-righteous attitude. 
“You know wha一” Turning around, ready to talk his ear off, you come face to face with a darkly clad figure. Your chin tilts up slightly in order to meet his gaze, but his head hangs low, his dark eyes concealed under his black bucket hat, his hands tucked away into the front pockets of his skinny jeans.
“Oh my god, I was this close to punching you.” You grit your teeth and unclench your fists when you notice the smirk on his lips. Yet you remain on standby, prepared to kick misogyny in the ass any day. “But sorry I’m late.” 
“Yeah, it’s fine,” Yoongi mumbles.
You grind your teeth and flash him a lackluster smile to make this a little less (painfully) awkward for yourself. A beat of silence thrums by, and you suddenly remember the advice that Jeongguk offered last night 一 something about slipping a compliment to offset how agonizing your smile is. And must he be reminded for the hundredth time, you can’t change your resting bitch face. 
“Your hair looks nice by the way,” you offer. 
His hands reach up for the crown of his head, almost as if he’s forgotten what his hair looks like. Soft tufts of mint stick out from beneath the dark fabric and rest against his forehead. “... I’m wearing a hat though?” 
A nervous chuckle forces its way through your chest, “Uh… I mean, I like the color... from what I can see.” 
Yoongi mindlessly touches his bangs with the tip of his finger, parting it slightly. “Ah, right,” a tinge of pink blushes over his round cheeks, and he pulls on the rim of his hat, casting a shadow over the top half of his face. 
“Uhh.. you ready to go?” He turns around, though he doesn’t get too far before stopping in his tracks.
“You coming?” He stares at you blankly while you stand in place, offering him a mischievous smile.
Your lips curl, a little lopsided, and you cock your head to the side, “I didn’t say we were going to the library.” 
He gapes at you, his mouth hanging open the slightest bit. “We’re not gonna do research or outline or something?” 
“Nope! Follow me!” And you set off onto the concrete sidewalk before you can even finish your sentence. Yoongi catches up to you, and you stroll down the perimeter of the block, side by side, taking in the scenery before you. 
There’s something very special about Autumn in New York City.
She arrives slowly, but gracefully. She lives amongst the trees, sometimes nascent and sometimes gilded with gold. The autumnal air is fresh with an earthly aroma, almost strong enough to mask the urban scent of greasy pizza, hot curbside trash, and fleeting success. But as you approach closer and closer to your destination, the atmosphere is filled to the brim with an otherworldly aura.
It’s unmistakable ー the smell of hot chocolate, pumpkin spice, and apple cinnamon. Quite frankly, the aroma of the Winter Village holiday market is almost overwhelming. At every nook and cranny of the park, there are food stands, Christmas shops, and vintage boutiques. There’s even a teeming ice rink in the center of it all. The hustle and bustle of the crowd makes it difficult to maneuver between the rows of glass cabins, but the crowd of people makes it feel as if you’re right at home.
Tumblr media
“Is this seriously what you had planned for today?” Yoongi deadpans.
With pure joy written across your face, you nod your head in utter jubilation. 
For what seems like the hundredth time, he looks up at the skate rental sign, trying to decipher if this is some kind of fever dream. Never in his lifetime did he think he would ever consider stepping foot into the Winter Village ice rink, let alone walk through the front entrance.
But here he is, tying his laces and trying to find his balance as he questions his sanity. 
Maybe this is a little out of the blue considering ‘no’ is a big part of Yoongi’s vocabulary, especially when Namjoon tries to drag him out of bed during free skate hours at the park. Because truth be told… Yoongi hates ice skating.
“Ready?!” There’s a glimmer in your eyes, and you can’t help but bounce up and down on the heels of your skates, acting as if this is child’s play.
“Uh, I think so?” Yoongi smooths out the creases of his jeans before attempting to stand. If you could spring up and down on a single blade, surely Yoongi can balance on solid ground, right? 
His ankles nearly give out, and he stumbles over his own two feet. Thankfully, your arms extend to either side of him in order to keep him steady.
“You sure?” You query, double checking.
He lets out a cough and loosens his grip on either of your forearms before letting go of your coat sleeve, taking a step back. The apples of his cheeks turn into a peachy shade, but he’s convinced that it has something to do with the Autumn breeze.
“Yeah, I’m ready, let’s go,” he murmurs, zipping towards the rink with wobbly legs and heavy stomps.
“After you.” Gesturing to the entryway, he allows you to step in first.
Boldly enough, he follows suit, but remaining cautious, he holds onto the ledge as if his life depends on it. On the other hand, you manage to glide by, cruising at his side while he builds up the courage to let go.
“Remind me again why we’re here?” His eyes never tear away from his royal blue skates, carefully watching his knees buckle beneath him. Truthfully, he means to ask himself ‘why did he agree to be here in the first place?’
Little children swiftly waltz between you and Yoongi with their penguin skate aids. You’re forced to bite back a smile because Yoongi looks like Bambi on ice compared to all the other kids. His tongue hangs loose from the corner of his mouth, and the space between his forehead crinkles in concentration.
You entertain his fears, teasing him with the devilish curl of your lips. “There’s no better way to get to know someone than to share a life or death experience, don’t you think?” 
“Don’t be ridiculous,” he scoffs. “We’re not gonna die.” His grip on the ledge grows tighter, and his pale knuckles say otherwise, turning as red as the plastic bumper. 
“Yeah, I mean, what would you do without me?” You snicker. Gliding one step back, you head towards the center of the rink and pretend to leave him to his own devices.
“Wait! Where are you going?” He cries with wide eyes. You can’t discern whether they’re wide in fear or dismay. Call it masochism, but you’re kind of hoping it’s the former. 
“Every man for himself!” A grin stretches across your cheeks, finally seeing Yoongi let go of the ledge, following in your footsteps. His movement is slow, and his form is flawed, but at least he’s making progress. And more importantly, at least he hasn’t bruised his knees or busted his ass just yet.
You skate around him in circles, taunting him with your prowess, “You’re never gonna learn if you don’t allow yourself to fall!”
“You sound just like my mom,” he huffs, rolling his eyes.
When he finally catches up to you, you extend your hands for him to hold, “Come on, we don’t have all day.” 
He looks down at your gesture, hesitating, but he lets his pride get the best of him. “I can learn on my own.” His eyes dart elsewhere, anywhere but at you, almost as if he’s saving eye contact for marriage, and he fixates on the little scuff marks in the ice.
“Fine, survival of the fittest, right?” You muse one last time.
“Wait! Don’t leave me!” He takes ahold of your coat sleeve before you can turn around, and a smirk graces your lips. A part of you just knows that Yoongi has never begged in his life until this very moment.
He lets go of your sleeve and slips his hand into yours, letting you take the league. The stupid grin on your face never falters because you’re too pleased with yourself, and perhaps you’re slightly smitten with a certain mint haired boy, but you’d never dare to admit it out loud.
It almost feels as if you’re lugging him around, pulling his weight across the ice, but you let him believe that he’s putting in some of the effort as he kicks his feet back every couple of strides.
“Is there more to your plan, or are we just gonna skate around in circles?” He challenges your thought process, but he fails to appreciate your brilliance.
“Yoongi, don’t you trust me?” Your lips press together tightly, puffing out your cheeks and dramatically feigning offense.
“Have you given me a reason to?” Point blank.
“That’s a smart response.” You smile to yourself.
Thinking back to the list of questions that Jeongguk texted you late last night, you try to remember what came first. Apparently, he’s some self proclaimed friendship expert, but you know for a fact that he went to the Google search bar and clicked on the first article, ‘random questions to ask people who don’t give two shits The 36 Questions that Lead to Love.’ 
“Okay, uhm… riddle me this.” 
“Hmm?” At this point, he’s graduated from staring at ice skates to fixating at the juncture at which your hand interlocks with his. 
“If you could have dinner with anybody in the world, who would it be?” 
“What is this? An interview? We’re seriously gonna start with this question?” He scoffs in disbelief, but a small grin tugs on the corner of his lips.
“Okay, well would you rather I ask about your favorite color then?” You exasperate, “I hate small talk, and icebreakers make me wanna crawl into a hole. This is part of my plan, so just go with it!”
“Well, my favorite color is black if that isn’t obvious enough, and does it count if I say I miss my dog?” A dry chuckle rumbles from his chest, and he laughs for what you think is the first time since you’ve met him. A gummy smile spreads across his lips, his pearly whites on full display for the world to see. 
You press your clammy hand against his cheek, loving the way he squirms beneath your fiery gaze. “Is that a smile that I see?” 
“Uhhh... no?” He scoffs, pulling away from your touch, the bottom half of his face now covered with the back of his hand. “I don’t know what you’re seeing, but maybe you should make an appointment with the eye doctor.” Pressing his lips together, he denies your mildly insulting but rudely accurate statement. 
You look over at his profile, and his ears are glowing like crimson, almost as red as the bottle of merlot that Yoongi is sure to crack open tonight. 
He makes it too easy to tease him. 
What you don’t realize is that your expression mirrors his, cheeks burning from the simper on your lips. You want to attribute it to the cold seeping from the ice, but that can’t be the case because Yoongi’s touch warms your hands, and his sweet laughter melts your frigid heart.
“What kind of dog do you have?” You ask, inquisitive.
“His name’s Holly, and he’s a toy poodle.” 
“Aw, that’s so cute!” you coo, “I wanna see pictures.” 
“Yeah, I’ve got a whole album,” he nods, but the smile on his face never fails to fade away. “What about you? Who would you want to have dinner with?” 
You remain quiet, hesitant of your answer because you haven’t given it much thought yourself. “Mmm… there’s a contemporary artist that I really like lately, but I wouldn’t say he’s very well-known.” You scrunch your nose, feeling a little embarrassed about your answer, unsure as to why you feel the need to preface this.
“What’s his name?” His hands squeeze yours a little tighter when he nearly loses his footing.
“Oh, his name? Vante ー He does a lot of visual art, and he uses so many vibrant colors. I wish I could do that. I literally only use black and white in my art, and my professors kind of hate me for it,” you ramble, chuckling nervously.
Yoongi isn’t a man of many words, but you appreciate that he’s attentive to what you have to say. “I’m sure your work is nice even if it’s black and white,” he offers his words gently and reassures you with a nod. “And I’ll look up the artist tonight or something,” but a part of you doesn’t think that he will.
There’s a brief intermission in the conversation before you suddenly remember the next question on Jeongguk’s list. “Hm, okay, how about this: would you want to be famous if you could?”
“Uh... not exactly famous, I guess?” Yoongi doesn’t even argue about your silly choice of questions this time around. He’s pretty much accepted it at this point as he ponders in his thoughts. His eyes narrow and his cheeks rise like bread when the smile lines begin to form on either side of his face. 
There’s a lull in his response, but the beat of silence is filled with premature holiday music and the sound of laughter from those around you.
“I just want to keep doing what I’m doing, and if I happen to gain popularity from it, then it’d be purely accidental,” he explains. “I mean, I think it’d be a lot of pressure, but if I can make some kind of change in the world, then why not, right?” 
“Oh God, that sounds terrifying,” you cackle, shaking your head. “I think my anxiety would eat me alive. Like when I make phone calls, I have to rehearse what I want to say in the mirror before committing.” Your face contorts, wincing at the thought of it. 
“How much more coherent are your phone calls if you send texts like a five year old?” he banters, a smirk pulling at his lips.
Your jaw drops open melodramatically as you shoot daggers at his profile, but Yoongi only stares straight ahead, actively avoiding your probing eyes with a smug look on his face. 
He can make fun of you for a countless number of things, but there’s no way he’s going to deprecate you without you one upping him. “Well the joke is on you because never in my life have I ever said one coherent thing.” You loosen your grip, managing to pull away from Yoongi’s grasp to show him that you mean business.
But he’s quick to call your bluff, grabbing your hand before you can travel too far from his reach.
Although you put on an unwilling expression, acting as if you’re compelled to be here and forced to hold his hand, the two of you are very aware that you’re the one who wanted to skate for the sake of this project ー almost as if it’s a matter of life and death.
Tumblr media
It’s one of those nights when you know for a fact that sleep isn’t an option. The clock is nearing 4am, and the sun is on the brink of the horizon. Meanwhile, you’re nowhere near home as you doze off in the quiet study of the school’s library, trying to finish up this stupid project for your product packaging class.
During these late hours of the night, you begin to fall in and out of consciousness, unaware of the last time you had a good night’s rest in the comfort of your own bed. Exhaustion overcomes you as it tugs heavy on your eyelids, but it doesn’t last for long because you wake up feeling groggy shortly after. It doesn’t help that you’re a light sleeper because the most subtle noise can pretty much raise you from the dead.
Tonight, it’s the sudden scrape of the wooden chair against the porcelain tiles that awakens you from your nap. Your head feels as heavy as a brick, but you manage to lift it up to identify the source of your disturbance. Although the sound is faint, someone has managed to roll you out of your peaceful slumber, and no matter how fatigued you are, you are going to raise from the infernos and give them hell.
“G’morning.” A deep, drowsy voice fills the quiet space when your gaze meets with the perpetrator who’s ballsy enough to wake you up at this ungodly hour.
You wouldn’t hesitate to throw a punch this time around, but upon seeing the culprit, you press your face flat against the laminated wood, defeated, burrowing a home into the desk once again. “Leave me alone, Yoongi.”
“Shouldn’t you be sleeping at home?” 
“Shouldn’t you?” You retort, turning your head to the other side. There’s not enough fight left in you to argue, granted that all sense of logic has flown out the window at 12 am (assuming there was any to begin with anyways).
“Yeah, I’m heading back right now,” he rasps. His voice is raw and sleepy, smooth like velvet and doused in sweet saccharine.
On any other day, Yoongi would want to go home as quickly as possible, blasting his headphones to J. Cole and Lil Wayne, yet here he is, trying to convince you to do the same. 
“Time?” You ask, voice muffled.
You usually work until 5 am, sometimes 6, but at this rate, you’re not sure that you can make any more progress. It’s sort of what college does to a person, right? Ruin your sleep schedule, make you caffeine dependent, add a couple of kilograms, and shred off ten years of your life. It’s as though your body is so broken, you can’t even feel the soreness from the day you spent ice skating with Yoongi. 
An overaggerated groan escapes from your lips as you begrudgingly pack up your things, tossing your supplies into your knapsack.
Yoongi lingers at your side, picking up the canvas bag that remains neglected.
“Oh, you can just gimmeー” 
“Where’re you headed?” He interjects, slurring his words, eyes half lidded.
“Uh, it’s like one stop on the 6, but I usually save myself the fare and walk. You?” 
“Oh really? I gotta walk towards East Village,” he nods, offering his infamous “:|” smile ー if you can even consider it a smile. 
Yoongi holds the door open for you, and you hum a thank you in appreciation, not trusting your weary voice.
There’s a sudden drop in temperature considering winter is right around the corner. A shiver runs down your spine, and you tightly wrap your arms around your body to keep yourself warm.
A few taxi cars zip by, and it’s truly a testament to the city that never sleeps. 
In the daytime, these concrete streets are like a seething mass 一 a kaleidoscope of thundering heartbeats. But in the dead of the night, the world is hazy and the avenues are as barren as the feeling in your chest. 
The neon lights brighten up the boulevard, and the crosswalk signal illuminates your path while the two of you walk together in a numbing silence.
Yoongi’s low voice cuts through the quiet air as he calls your name. He’s not quite sure what to say, let alone why he needs your attention. He just likes the sound of your voice. 
“Do you have any ideas for the design yet?”
“No, don’t remind me,” you groan, rubbing the sleep away from your eyelids. “I haven’t thought about it lately.” 
“Do you need help?” He asks, letting out a yawn, “You free tomorrow?”
 You hum, too tired to respond in full sentences. “After 5, yeah.” 
“Kay, I’ll text you.” He slurs each syllable in a garbled string of words.
Engulfed by the silence, the two of you watch the cars race between the traffic lights.
“Oh by the way, my friend, Namjoon, is an intern at the Whitney, and I was telling him abouー Uh...” He corrects himself, “We were talking about that artist you like. Vante, right?”
“Yeah?” The sudden mention of his name grabs your attention and stirs you awake.
“Apparently he’s having a small exhibition at the end of the month?” His words come out more like a question rather than a statement, and he scratches at the back of his neck, readjusting the headphones that have found permanent residence in his ear. “My friend said he could get tickets for the opening Q&A.” 
Your brain stutters for a moment, and you can blame it on the exhaustion. “Oh my god, shut up, you’re kidding me, aren’t you?” You grab onto his bicep, almost unbelieving, and your tote bag falls loose on his shoulder. Your jaw goes slack as your lips part open in surprise, “Say sike right now.” 
But Yoongi only shakes his head, pretending like this isn’t a big deal to you.
“Wait, are you like, inviting me? Because I might cry if you are.” It’s a fair warning granted that you’ve teared up over an extra chicken nugget in your McDonald’s happy meal on the occasional drunken nights. Although you’re not intoxicated in this very moment, you are tired and extremely grateful.
“Yeah, I wouldn’t mention it if I wasn’t asking. I’ve known him for like ten years, and he owes me one anywー” 
A squeal falls from your lips, and your heart leaps from your chest. Yoongi looks over at you, but your mind has already escaped from the conversation, attention span falling short. Instead, your distracted pupils are blown wide open and locked onto something in the near distance.
“Oh my god, look!”
In your path, there’s a stray cat that’s padding through the thickening night, blending into the shadows of the back alleyways. But with bright green eyes that match the top of Yoongi’s head, it’s nearly impossible to miss.
The gentle critter stops in his wake, looking back at the two of you. He’s completely unbothered as he walks in your direction with his tail held high, nudging his nose against your canvas shoes, begging for the slightest bit of affection.
“Hey, little guy,” you coo, reaching down to scratch his ear.
The feline responds with a purr, inching closer to your touch. He prowls up on your bent knee in an attempt to get closer.
“Agh, he’s so precious,” and you swear that your heart could combust at the sight. “Were you eavesdropping on our conversation, buddy? Do you wanna check out the exhibition too?” You leave behind a little smooch on the top of his head, melting at the sound of his soft purrs. Anyone else would think that you’re delirious from the lack of sleep, but it’s quite the contrary, actually.
Although it may seem like you have a rough exterior, never having let your guard down, one of your three brain cells is devoted entirely to your love for cats and furry creatures.
“He kind of looks like you, don’t you think?” You ask Yoongi, obviously kidding. 
But to no avail, there’s no response from the quiet boy beside you.
“Yoongi?” You try to capture his attention once again although it seems as if he’s zoned out. You’re sure that he can see your lips moving because he’s looking right at you, but the words aren’t processing in his head. 
“... Yoongi?” You try one more time. 
He shakes himself out of his reverie. “Yeah?” 
“Is your music a little too loud?” A lazy smile stretches your lips as you tap on the shell of your ear. 
“Sorry,” he mumbles. His thumb presses on the ‘volume down’ button, but he knows for a fact that his playlist has been paused ever since stepping out of the library. 
He’s too lost in his own thoughts, basking in the moment as he sits in the middle of Park Avenue at 5 in the goddamn morning. While you attempt to communicate with this four legged creature, Yoongi can’t help but wonder why he’s never taken the long way home before today.
Tumblr media
jaykAaAy (5:17pm): did yoobi replace me as your bff yet? 🥺👉🏽👈🏽
you (5:17pm): u’re acting more dramatic than jin 😐
you (5:17pm): it’s not a good look on u, stop
you (5:17pm): and it’s yooNGi !!! get it right smh
jaykAaAy (5:18pm): >:( fine. don’t forget the questions!!!!
you (5:18om): no <3 some of them are dumb :/ 
“Is that your boyfriend texting you?” 
The question catches you off guard, and you almost faceplant onto the concrete.
“Boyfriend? Oh God, no.” You have to restrain yourself from gagging because Jeongguk is quite literally like a brother to you. “All of my nightmares are about him chasing me down a dark forest,” you say, chuckling, “Take that as you will.”
“Gotcha,” Yoongi murmurs to himself, lugging his bulky suitcase down the asphalt, his fabrics and textiles filling the case to the brim.
There’s a question that rests at the tip of your tongue, although you’re not sure if you’ve reached that level of friendship yet. But that’s precisely why you’re doing this project, right? “Why? Did your significant other say anything about you hanging out with a random girl?” The curiosity gets the best of you. 
“Uh… no? Even if I had a partner, it’s a pretty bad sign for them not to trust me doing a group project, don’t ya think?” 
His question is rhetorical, yet you can’t help but agree anyways.
What you’ve noticed about Yoongi is that he seems to always have the right thing to say. He’s wise beyond his years, and his words are comforting in a way that you’d never expect.
Marching down the streets, with heels clicking against the pavement, matching the rhythm of the city, the two of you head towards some hole in the wall coffee shop 一 Yoongi’s favorite apparently.
“Wait, what’s this?” There’s a tiny sign that catches your attention, and you retrace your steps to figure out what it is. 
“Play me, I’m yours,” you pick up the placard, reading it aloud before resting it in its place. 
It sits on top of a well-worn grand piano, bleached with sun damage and faded with stories as old as time 一 or at least as old as the dive bar it resides in front of. 
You hunch over the bench, pressing one of the ivory keys, just because the sign said so. The note vibrates through the air, and you squeal at the sound. A smile makes its way onto your lips, and you look up at Yoongi to see if he’s just as excited as you are.
Surely, his excitement is not as obvious as yours, but his little ‘:]’ smile is honestly the biggest reaction you could possibly receive from him. 
You rest the pad of your fingertips on the vintage keys, anticipating to play more, although you are far from proficient. He cocks his head toward the piano, encouraging you. 
“Do you know how to play?” He asks. 
“Watch me,” you utter, quirking a single brow. Throwing your legs over the bench, you resort to playing a widely renowned song that Yoongi is bound to know. It’s a classic that transcends beyond all cultural barriers, and it also happens to be the only song that you know how to play 一 Chopsticks.
Pressing down on the keys, pretending to be some kind of musical genius, you allow yourself to run through the first few bars of the song. Although the chords are repetitive, using only your two index figures at your disposal, it’s a timeless piece, and who’s to argue with you that this isn’t music? 
When you reach the repeat section, Yoongi plops down on the bench beside you, joining at the lower octave, hitting the keys in the same fashion.
After one more round, the monophony splits into a harmony between both players. Yoongi’s hands dance across the keys so effortlessly, and it’s like the music just flows through his veins. Meanwhile, you continue to play the supporting theme, repeating the same four chords from the very beginning. A happy melody sounds through the air as you hum to the tune in the most tone deaf manner. And although the music eventually fades, your smile never seems to break away. 
“You know how to play the piano?” You muse. 
“Yeah, I taught myself actually.”
“Ah, so you’re a genius, huh?” You bump your shoulder against his, jokingly. 
His shoulder bumps yours right back. “Nah, I just didn’t have a lot of money for things like ice skating lessons.”
“Hey, if you wanna learn, you just gotta ask me!” You shrug, sending him a smile. 
He shakes his head, but there’s a grin that settles on his face, “Mmm, I’ll think about it.”
Suddenly, a hint of worry settles when a drop of water falls from the gray skies and onto the back of your hand. “Do you feel that?”
Yoongi’s heart thuds, and he’s overly aware of this heavy feeling in his chest. “Uh… Feel what?”
“I think it’s raining,” you pat your hand over the top of your head, though the drops have already melted in your hair.
“Oh, yeah, I guess it is,” though truthfully, the only thing that he can feel is the heart shaped lump in the middle of his throat. “Should we get going?” He grabs the handle of his luggage, ready to drag it to the next place on the agenda.
Although the sun has disappeared beneath the clouds, the dust of a pink sunset cascades over Yoongi’s cheeks. Unfortunately, he can’t hide his bashfulness under the rim of his black bucket hat today, granted that he’s opted it out from his attire.
“The coffee shop isn’t that far from here,” he scrambles off the bench and heads down the block while you dawdle behind him, unsure as to what the rush is all about.
Tumblr media
Okay, so maybe the rush is a little necessary.
The rain is starting to pour down incessantly, but you manage to find shelter in the cafe.
“Yoongi! I thought you were busy today. Didn’t expect to see you,” the cashier chimes upon your arrival, spotting Yoongi’s bright head of mint from behind you.
“I’m working on the project, remember?” He straightens out his clothing, smoothing down the creases of his longline jacket before unbuttoning it.
You can’t help but gawk at the dude behind the counter, wondering how in the world he’s acquainted with Yoongi. From their appearance alone, it’s quite obvious that they are literally opposites.
Yoongi is dressed in an all black attire, almost as if he has a business meeting with the personification of death. A pair of half-rimmed, browline spectacles sit upon his gentle nose bridge, allowing him to finally see the world around him without having to squint so damn hard.
Meanwhile, his friend is adorned in an oversized, turquoise cardigan with white, diamond buttons. There’s a large daisy pattern across the bodice, and there are smiley faces that are imprinted in the center of each flower. He almost looks like a cartoon character.
Yoongi’s friend takes notice of your presence, flashing you a polite smile that radiates brighter than the sun. “Oh, is this the friend you were talking about?”
“Friend?” Your brows arch, turning to Yoongi for confirmation. 
“Uhm, yeah, so this is my roommate, Hoseok” Yoongi gestures to the boy across the counter, “You can ignore him if you want.” 
“Hey! Don’t act like I’m not your best friend,” Hoseok playfully slaps the back of his hand against Yoongi’s shoulder. “Anyways, he’s told me a lot about you.”
“Woah, what’d you hear?” Your eyes widen in surprise, not expecting Yoongi to ever mention your name in conversation outside of school.
“Where do I even begin?一”
The smirk on Hoseok’s face is quickly replaced with a pout when Yoongi cuts his speech short. “Sorry, we’ve got a lot of work to do, Hobi, but can I get the usual?” 
“I’m just a coffee dispenser to you, aren’t I?” Hoseok shakes his head, feigning offense. “One americano coming up. And what can I get for the lovely lady?”
You send Hoseok a sweet smile that mirrors his, but you’re too busy conversing with him to notice the frown that sits on Yoongi’s face. 
“Can I get an iced coffee?” Tried and true, it’s the same order you always get regardless of how cold it is outside. 
Hoseok punches the order into the register before announcing your total. “Yep, and are you guys paying together or separately?”
“Together’s fine.” Yoongi passes some cash over the counter, and you don’t even have a chance to refute. 
You almost turn around to follow Yoongi towards the empty tables, but you decide against it, the curiosity getting the best of you. 
“I will give you five dollars if you tell me what Yoongi said about me.” Your voice sounds almost desperate, and Hoseok stares at you blankly, wondering if you’re actually serious about this transaction. The crisp five dollar bill in your hand is surely a sign that you mean business. 
“Are you bribing me?” 
“I mean I wouldn’t say it’s a bribe...,” you begin. 
He looks at the money as if he’s considering it, but he shakes his head, standing his ground. “Nuh-uh.” He pretends to zip his mouth shut. “I told myself that I’m gonna keep quiet, so I’m sorry, but you’re not gonna hear it from me.”
There’s a pout on your lips as you mutter inaudibly to yourself, tracing your foot over the honeycomb tiles, thinking about your next course of action. 
“Fine,” you sulk, defeated. “Can I get two slices of tiramisu then?” 
Hoseok’s bright smile illuminates his face once again as you pass him the $5 bill. The chime of the cash register sounds through the air, and you trudge towards your awaited table with pity cake in hand.
Tumblr media
There’s a long list of things that you can spend hours doing. This includes, but is not limited to, rendering pds files, complaining about the patriarch, and having conversations about everything and nothing at the same time.
Perhaps you’ve had a little too much caffeine and not enough actual food because by now, you’re a little too jittery to hold a stylus. But to your surprise, you manage to find the willpower to sketch, outline, and color some full body portraits for your assignment 一 your favorite being the model wearing the oversized colorblock flannel with three different types of plaid prints stitched together like a quilt.
Lately, you’ve fallen out of love with the world of art. None of your pieces seems to satisfy you despite spending hours upon hours creating something subpar according to your standards.
Some people might call it an artist's block, or maybe even a burnout, but you can earnestly attribute it to the jaded art projects that your professors require of you. There’s not a single ounce of joy sparked from your assignments because the prompts are anything but awe-inspiring. 
But today, you don’t even second guess yourself.
Sometimes, inspiration strikes when you least expect it to. You might find it in the least obvious places and in the most mundane details. It lurks beneath the surface, hiding in things never before seen. 
And other times... inspiration is staring at you right in the face with soft, chocolate eyes and pouty lips.
The pristine white pages of your files no longer mock you, completely covered in color that you would never imagine. You can’t say for sure you know why there’s a surge of motivation, allowing you to create so many drafts of different outfit options. There’s a variety of textures and silhouettes across the screen, but what can you say? You’re feeling pretty inspired.
“Okay, next question,” you announce, taking a sip from your second cup of iced coffee.
“Hold on, we’re supposed to know more about each other, soI don’t think it’s fair that you’re the one asking all the questions.” Yoongi’s eyebrows knit together, lined with something between curiosity and amusement. “The design is supposed to showcase our personalities, right? There are things that I want to know about you too.” 
“Yeah, and what’s that?” You shrug, continuing to add details to your figure, smudging a faint beauty mark on the left side of the model’s button nose. You dot another one on his cheek, right above the smile line for good measure.
“What’s your story?”
“My story?” Your tone is filled with satire as you look up at him from across the table, quirking a brow. “Yoongi, we’re not in some poorly written teenage rom-com.”
The corner of his lips curve up, liking the way that his name rolls off the tip of your tongue.
“I’m just a little curious about your life story. I feel like I know you but I don’t really know you. Like, tell me about your upbringing or something. How’d you end up in New York?” He clarifies. 
There’s a lump in your throat that’s hard to swallow. “Where do I even begin?” You wonder out loud. “Well... uh, I grew up in a small town where everyone pretty much knows everyone, and if you don’t, you probably know their first, second, and their third cousin.” 
You smile fondly at the memory.
“Uhm, growing up was... alright? Honestly, I’ve been trying to repress the memories of my past, so bare with me,” you chuckle. “I mean, there were good days, and there were bad days. I felt pretty lonely, but I think that was mostly my fault since I don't trust easily, and I’m kind of a cynic, if you haven’t noticed.” A giggle falls from your lips. “And family is family, right? You can’t really pick and choose your mom or dad or some of your annoying aunties. I’m sure life could have been a lot worse, but I honestly hated every single moment.”
“Why’s that?” He asks as if there’s a simple answer. 
“I guess… I felt trapped?” You tilt your head, not quite satisfied with your response. “Well, I think suffocated is the word I’m looking for.” 
As you relay the memories of your past, your body searches for some kind of distraction, eyes locked on the drawing before you, hands remaining busy, outlining the figure in your drafts. You erase the lower lip on the model, re-drawing it because they aren’t pouty enough for your liking. 
“I had no idea if there was something out there for me, but I just knew I couldn’t stay in my town forever otherwise I’d be studying biology or something. Like, can you imagine? Me? A biologist? I don’t even think I’m capable of studying anymore!” The grin on your face and the gleam in your eyes are in agreement that you’d never make it past freshman year as a bio major.
“You’re never gonna learn if you don’t allow yourself to fall.” He uses your own words against you, and you find his oddly specific memory of your advice to be on the borderline of offensive and endearing.
“Yoongi, If you think that I’m ever going to take my own advice, then you are wildly mistaken,” you snicker. “Anyways, this probably sounds so cliché, so don’t make fun of me, but… I think that New York was calling my name.”
“Do you like it here?” He asks, not even hesitating. 
“I love it.” The smile on your face is larger than life, and your cheeks actually hurt from joy. 
By no means would you call yourself an optimist, all-too-familiar with the shortcomings of life and the human population (but that’s a totally different story). Yet there’s just something in the New York air that makes you believe in yourself in spite of the great expectations and big disappointments. “I’m not even kidding when I say this, but this city loves me more than any person ever could,” you say. 
“Not even yourself?” 
Your head shakes and your eyes soften. “Not even myself.”
“What do you mean by that?” He tilts his head to the side, confounded by your statement.
“Well, first of all, I did a lot of growing up here. I learned how to be on my own, and… whenever I was going through something, the city was just always there for me. When I’m at my happiest, I’m singing and dancing around my room at 6 in the morning or maybe I’m scarfing down a cup of Indomie.” Your cheeks begin to hurt as you reminisce over the memories of your college days. “The sun is rising, the birds are chirping, and those scary pigeons are probably sitting on my window, watching me make a fool out of myself! But it just feels like the city is celebrating with me, you know?” 
“Mmm, I know.” Yoongi drawls, allowing you to continue your train of thought. 
“When I’m sad, I’m probably crying my eyes out or whatever, no big deal right? But then I look out my window, and the lights from the cityscape are all blurry from the tears in my eyes.” You even laugh at your own pain, finding amusement in your lowest of lows. “Everything starts blending together, and they kind of look like stars... Idunno, it’s kind of comforting to me,” your shoulders shrug. “Besides, I’ve probably had so many breakdowns walking home. Half my dignity is gone, and I think my tears are a permanent part of the city.”
“Were you alone during all those times?” There’s a certain softness to Yoongi’s voice that you can never get over.
“More or less, I think? I don’t really cry in front of others.” Your head lowers, fixating your attention on the stylus in your hand. 
Yoongi watches the wistful smile that you once wore wrinkle into a pensive one. 
The lump in his throat is hard to swallow.
“You know that it’s okay to cry, but you shouldn’t cry alone,” he offers. His hands fold over one other, resting in his lap.
The rain patters down the storefront window, and you watch the droplets race down the glass. A smirk plays on your lips, “Thanks, but sadness and I are well acquainted with one another. She keeps me humble, you know? Sometimes, I need to wipe the tears away and pretend that everything’s okay,” you shrug passively. “It’s called living in a state of denial, you should try it sometimes.”
Your gaze briefly meets with Yoongi’s sad eyes. “It sounds like if you can pick yourself up, then maybe you do love yourself as much as the city does, no?”
His question makes you think, and you don’t particularly like that there’s some truth to it.
You manage to gulp down the lump, but it leaves your throat feeling raw.
“Yeah, maybe…” 
A moment of silence passes as you try to swallow your past away alongside a spoonful of cake. “ANYWAYS, enough about my sob story,” you scramble in a desperate attempt to change the subject. It’s like you’ve combated against your three brain cells and 18+ years of emotional repression to talk about something as gross as f*elings. “How did you end up in New York, huh?”
Yoongi rubs the nape of his neck, mulling over the question before his lips curl skyward. “Like you said, you can’t pick and choose your mom and dad, right?”
“Yeah, and your annoying aunties.” You nod, all too aware of your philosophy. 
“Well, there’s not really much to the story,” he shrugs. “I didn’t have a lot of money growing up, so I took on a bunch of part time jobs. I delivered newspapers, I waited on tables, I washed cars, I mowed lawns, I did basically anything and everything ー you name it.” 
He fiddles with the ballpoint pen in hand, tracing circles over his yellow memo pad. Your heavy heart pangs against your chest, and it’s almost as if the pattering rain serves as background music.
“I didn’t really care for school either. I showed up and did the bare minimum.” A chuckle escapes him, a gummy smile stretching across his face, “I kinda just wanted to play music and shoot some ball to be honest.” 
Yoongi glances out the window with a hint of nostalgia, and you put your stylus down, giving him your undivided attention. You look up at him. Really look at him as if you’re seeing him for the first time.
“Would you think I’m crazy if I told you I don’t actually know how I ended up here?” He muses, but you only shake your head no.
“Obviously my grades weren’t that good, and my portfolio was half-assed. Even now, my grades still suck, but I’m trying my best,” he snickers. “Being here feels kind of unreal… It must have been fate or something. I really just packed my bags and…” His sentence fades out upon the call of his name. 
It sounds like music to his ears. 
“You really need to start believing in yourself more,” you urge. 
“Don’t give advice that you can’t follow,” he furrows his brow, and you roll your eyes. 
“Look, I’m trying to be serious,” you continue. “I, uh... I read this thing for philosophy class one time. It’s a book called ‘A Universe from Nothing,’ andー did you know that every single atom in your body is made from a star that exploded?” 
He shakes his head, purring. “Mmm, no, I didn’t know that.”
“So… all the elements on the periodic table ー hydrogen, oxygen, carbon… ー whatever it is that makes up your body didn’t exist at the beginning of time, right?”
“... You know, I’m more of a liberal arts person, myself,” he banters, sarcasm heavy in his tone. 
This man never lets you live, huh.
“Basically, what I’m trying to say is that the stars died so that you could be here today. It wasn’t some kind of accident, it wasn’t fate, and fuck destiny because she’s kind of a bitch.”
A laugh rumbles from his chest, and the corners of his eyes crease upon the stretch of his gummy smile. “Maybe you’re onto something,” he ponders. 
The sound of rain fills the empty space between you, and even under the dim lights of this dingy cafe, when his eyes meet yours, you swear that they were once made out of stardust from the depths of the Milky Way.
Tumblr media
You know for a fact that you have a countless number of flaws that you play off as strengths for the sake of your pride. The one that you boast the most is your inability to communicate. 
There are exactly 1,107 unread emails in your inbox and 522 ignored text messages on your phone. Your settings are either on ‘do not disturb’ or airplane mode, just because you need the excuse to dodge your mother’s phone calls at any given time. 
But Yoongi texts you the next day with a link. It’s a YouTube video of a chunky cat learning to shake paws. And on the next day, he sends you an article about this new coffee spot in Chinatown. He also asks about your opinion on artichoke pizza and what color dress you plan to wear to Vante’s opening Q&A.
It’s an innocent question that you don’t think much about until you meet him at the front entrance of the Whitney, wearing a silk tie in your favorite shade of lavender.
You don’t even bother to mention it, but the simper on your lips is impossible to hide.
As a matter of fact, throughout the night, as you peruse through the exhibition, you can’t help but feel as if you’re walking on air. You get to hear your favorite artist speak in the flesh, and you get an exclusive sneak peak viewing of his newest works.
On the other hand, Yoongi doesn’t really see the appeal of this high society event. It feels a little ostentatious for his liking. And even in this room full of impassioned art, nothing seems to inspire him as much as the sparkle of happiness in your eyes.
But the thing that really electrifies you isn’t the art itself. It isn’t the pretty brush strokes across the canvas, nor is it the resin and glittered sculptures. It’s the fact that you get to ransack the endless buffet table occupied by fancy hors d’oeuvres 一 avocado bruschetta, baked crab rangoons, and stuffed portobello mushrooms. You can’t even pronounce half the food items, but the daiquiri in your system offers enough liquid courage to fake your confidence.
“Are you sure you can handle this much alcohol?” Yoongi chuckles, tossing your arm around his shoulder. You lean your weight against his as you step out of the museum and into the breezy night.
“Of course I’m sure! I thought you trusted me?” There’s a hint of alcohol laced in your breath, and oddly enough, you’re even more annoying when you’re drunk. But on the bright side, Yoongi finds it kind of endearing. 
“I do trust you,” he says, wrapping his arm around your waist to support your weight. 
You can’t help but giggle. Your heart feels full. 
A shiver runs down your spine, and his fingers wrap tighter around your side. “You cold?” 
You nod your head and nuzzle your face into the crook of his neck. 
Your breath tickles his collar bones, and he’s overly aware of your close proximity. He would think that you’d notice too and pull away, but you never do, certainly a side effect of intoxication.
Not long after, Yoongi hobbles over to pack you into the back seat of the Uber, making sure that you don’t bump your head against the roof of the car. When he slides into the seat beside you, your first instinct is to splay across the leather, placing your head onto his lap.
“Mmm, warm,” you mumble. 
Yoongi’s not sure where to place his hands, but a smile graces your lips when he cards his fingers through your hair. 
He hums in response to let you know he’s listening.
“I really love the weather in New York,” you confess. There’s no sane person who would ever admit that because quite frankly, the weather here sucks.
He cocks his head to the side, confused. “But aren’t you cold?” Yoongi stops stroking your hair when your hands find their way into his. 
“Yeah, but you keep me warm.” 
His cheeks grow hot at the sound of your words and the interlacing of your fingers. He only hopes that you can’t see the blush on his face.
The car ride back to Yoongi’s place is filled with your incessant ramblings. You make random comments about his mint hair and how he belongs in some kind of anime. You also talk about his round cheeks as if they’re shaped like dumplings. It’s sort of flattering, actually. That is until you try to nip at his chin like it's made of dough. 
Your act is almost childish, and it’s proven to be true when you climb out of the car on Yoongi’s back. Perhaps you’ve sobered up a tiny bit, but there’s absolutely no way you’re able to reach his three story walk-up apartment all on your own. 
“Thank you, Yoongi,” you mutter, voice muffled against his shoulder blade.
But he doesn’t respond, too busy juggling your weight on his back as he digs for his keys. 
“Yooooongiiiii,” you whine. 
He manages to get into his unit, gliding through the hallway, careful to not wake Hoseok up as he pads through the creaky, wooden floorboards.
“Hmm?” He queries, sitting you upright at the head of his bed. 
“I’m sorry I forgot my address,” you pout, pulling on his bed sheets. Who would have known that you’d be an even bigger mess when you’re drunk? Well, you did, actually, but you seem to love making poor decisions.
“It’s fine,” he reassures simply. “I feel better knowing that you’re safe here instead of sending you off in some random Uber.”
You nod, shifting down the bed to sprawl across the mattress. “You’re so nice, Yoongi,” you mumble against his pillows, completely exhausted from the event.
Your eyelids flutter close, and you can hear Yoongi quietly make his way out the room. Shortly after, he returns with a glass of water in one hand and a wicker basket in the other. From there, he pulls out a cotton pad and some micellar water, dabbing it across your face to remove your base makeup. He reaches for a second cotton pad to gently remove your eyeshadow. 
There are a bunch of labels on the other products, and Yoongi reads through them carefully. But now he wishes he took more notes when Hobi was explaining all this skincare stuff. He recalls something about toner and serum, but he leaves it at that because all the other boujee bottles are written in a foreign language.
Yoongi catches you twitching your nose, and he’s certain that you’re feeling a little cold, especially with the dress that you have on. “Do you wanna change?” He asks. 
You manage to nod your head yes, and Yoongi digs through his dresser to find something suitable. 
“Uhm… Here you go,” he offers, placing the garments at the edge of the bed. He turns around to seek refuge in his living room, but the call of his name sends him right back. 
His heart thumps. “Yeah?”
“Can you help me unzip the back of my dress?” You ask, throwing your hair over your shoulder. 
His heart is racing at this point, and his voice is as shaky as his hands when he mutters an “okay.” 
The dress falls loose, and he’s quick to turn around to give you some privacy, even placing his hands over his eyes for good measure.
“Mmm done,” you proudly announce as if it’s your biggest accomplishment of the night. 
Yoongi looks back at you, and he has to admit that his clothing suits you much better than it does him. The sleeves of his FILA sweatshirt fall past your fingertips, and his gray sweatpants are extra baggy on your legs.
He smiles to himself. “Uhm, well, I guess... goodnight? If you need it, the bathroom is the second door on the left.” He takes one step out of the bedroom, but he’s startled to hear you interject. 
“Where are you going?” You ask. 
He points toward the beat up sleeper sofa in the living room. “I’ll take the couch.” 
“Wait, I can’t kick you out of your room.” You grab his wrist in your smaller hand, preventing him from walking out the door, pleading. “Stay?”
His eyes shift between you and the comfort of his bed, and although his head is saying no, he can’t deny this weird feeling in his chest. “Uhm… I don’t know about this,” he worries. 
“Yoongi, what’re you so afraid of? Think I might catch feelings?” You tease with the lilt in your voice. 
His chest tightens, and the words are caged behind his teeth. He’s nearly frozen in place, but you take his hand in yours. You tug on his arm, although he’s unwilling to tempt his fate.
Lying down, you wrap your arm around his torso, holding him flush against your body like a teddy bear. Your face presses against his chest, and it’s almost certain that you’re much too drunk for this type of physical affection. The intimacy in your words alone just don’t seem to add up. 
You mutter something against his shirt that is nearly inaudible to anyone else, but Yoongi hears it loud and clear. The question causes his heart to beat like a drum, and he can only pray that you don’t hear it pounding against the shell of your ear.
“... But what if I already caught feelings?” You mutter. 
Tumblr media
It’s safe to say that Yoongi doesn’t catch a single wink of sleep tonight. 
It’s impossible knowing that you’ve confessed your feelings and laid your heart out on the line, but every thought that races through Yoongi’s mind is trying to convince him that it was purely an accident. Just one big drunken mistake because there’s no way that you’ve caught feelings, right? 
That’s not to say you’re incapable of emotions, and Yoongi knows that all too well. The unbelievable part is that the feelings are mutual.
His thoughts have kept him awake all night, and he honestly planned to sneak into the living room once you’ve fallen asleep. But your ironclad grip is much too strong, and how could he leave knowing that you’re sleeping so soundly right beside him? 
The golden sunlight is starting to filter through his apartment windows, laying a gentle glow upon your features. The beauty marks on your face are all the more prominent, and Yoongi has spent the better part of the night mapping them out like constellations, committing it to his memory.
Your nose twitches, and before you realize it, your eyes are fluttering open to the pretty sight before you. 
“Hi,” he whispers in a low voice, careful not to startle you.
You blink a few times, trying to figure out if this is reality, and indeed it is. 
“Hey.” Your voice is just as faint as his, raw and groggy.
You’re a little confused as to how you ended up here, but fragments of your memory are slowly piecing together in your head.
“Did I do anything stupid last night?” You decide to bite the bullet and ask. 
“Mmm, let me think,” he tantalizes. “I think you stole the spinach dip from the buffet table and stuffed it in your purse.” 
“That doesn’t sound too bad,” you shrug, but your nerves start to act up, wondering if there’s more to the story. 
“You also texted Jeongguk telling him you love him.” Yoongi’s nose crinkles in the same way that yours does. 
You shake your head, unbelieving, “Nah, I know you’re making that up. I would never use the L word.”
“Yeah I know, and that’s why you spelled it like L-U-V.” 
“Ohhh, that makes more sense,” you nod. 
“Are you sure? Because you also told me that you have feelings for me, but how true could that be if you’re confessing your L-U-V to Jeongguk?”
Your jaw drops open, and you’re mortified to say the least. “Wait, what?” You stutter. If you weren’t awake before, you most definitely are now. 
Yoongi retells the story and gulps down his spit because this time, he’s certain that you’ll pull away. “You told me to share the bed with you, then you asked me if I was afraid you’d catch feelings for me. Right before you knocked out cold, you told me that you already have.” 
You don’t even budge, frozen in place. Your eyes widen, though your arm is still slung over his waist where you last left it.
“Iー I don’t recall that happening?” You stutter, utterly embarrassed. 
“But I do.”
You look into his starlit eyes to see if there’s any shadow of doubt, although there is nothing but sincerity and adoration in his longing gaze. 
“Are you gonna take it back?” He asks, referring to your confession. It’s almost like he expects you to revoke your feelings right then and there, but it’s much harder than one could imagine. 
You stumble over your words, staring blankly into his pretty eyes, although you freeze up trying to decide between fight or flight. “Uhm…”
Yoongi has always been the type to hate the open waters, but this time, he doesn’t even bat an eyelash, staring into the wind swept waves of your eyes. He takes the leap into the deep end fully knowing it means falling in L-O-V-E.
“And what if I told you that I feel the same way?”
Your heart races, and your mouth can’t seem to form the words your thoughts are screaming in your head.
You’ve never really had a way with words, always uttering something stupid when your words fail you. And sometimes, you act upon impulse because it’s easier than having to explain yourself.
“Iー uh,” you shake your head, hating the direction of your poor choice of words. “You make me...” You close your eyes, overwhelmed with f*elings, but not in a particularly bad way that you’ve come to know. 
Before you even realize it, you’re doing that thing again 一 the thing where you act on stupid impulses. One second, Yoongi’s gnawing on his chapped lips, and the next, your mouth is slotted between his in a fervent kiss. 
You would think that you’d know all there is to know about Yoongi’s cherry lips after spending so much time with him. You’ve observed his little quirks and habits like the way he speaks in pout, and you’ve even sketched his facial features for hours on end, ingraining the curve of his cupid's bow in your memory. But until this very moment, you could never imagine how warm they’d be pressed against your own.
The heat doesn’t just spill from his lips, nor is it from the way that the palm of his hands rest against the side of your waist. Rather, you’re overcome with a wave of warmth. You feel hot all over, and it’s like that ember in your heart has finally ignited, fueled by some kind of passion from within. 
You pull on the collar of his shirt until there’s no more space between the two of you. Yoongi hovers over your body with legs intertwined, not even daring to part ways for a single second, enamored by the way you arch into him, molding your body to be flush against his.
His tongue traces over your bottom lip, almost like he’s asking for permission, and you comply without any hesitation. With the pad of his thumb, he rubs soothing circles over your exposed hip bone, shirt riding up to reveal a sliver of skin. 
Yoongi’s mouth moves languidly against yours, slow and steady as though he has all the time in the world with you. But you can feel the slick between your thighs, soaking straight through your panties. 
“Is this okaー” Yoongi asks. 
It’s cute how respect will always come first and foremost to him, but you’re quick to shut him up with the press of your lips. Your hand wraps around his wrist, leading them to the hem of your sweats, gliding his fingers under the material to cusp around your core. 
Yoongi gets the hint ー this is definitely more than okay. He dips his fingers under the band of your panties, gathering your arousal as he glides up and down your slit.
“Mmm, you’re wet already?” He teases, and you hide your face against the crook of his neck, embarrassed by the effect he has on you.
He prods a finger at your entrance, enraptured by the way you fall prey to his ministrations without fail.
“You always have something smart to say, but now what? You’re too shy?” He quirks a brow, teasing as he slips another finger into your tight hole.
His palm presses against your clit, adding pressure onto the sensitive nub, and you arch your back into his touch, begging for more. As you heat up beneath his fiery gaze, you begin to tug at the hem of your sweatshirt, shrugging it off and tossing it off the side of the bed. Your hands reach up to pinch at your perky nipples, and the tent in Yoongi’s pants grow larger at the sight of your bare chest. 
“Have you always been this needy for me?” He asks. “What do you think about when you see me in class? Huh? Do you imagine how my fingers feel when you’re pretending to not give me the time of day?” 
A whimper falls from your lips, and Yoongi picks up the pace as you clench around his fingers, completely soaked in your arousal.
“Do you imagine what my lips taste like? How they’d feel against your skin?” He latches his mouth around your nipple, sucking on the bud until the perimeter is discolored. The sounds that escape between his teeth are as lewd as the squelch from your sopping cunt.
It’s not long before Yoongi gets restless, needing to see more 一 needing to feel more. He tugs on your sweatpants, and your underwear follows in tow as you finally lay bare beneath him, glowing under the morning sunlight. Yoongi is quick to shrug off the white button down shirt that he’s failed to change out of last night. 
He’s utterly magnetized to you, his lips always finding its way back to your supple skin. He litters kisses between the valley of your breasts, down to your stomach, and on top of your mound. Shuddering under his touch, you grip at the cotton sheets to anchor yourself as he devours you without any mercy, replacing his fingers with his hot tongue.
Your hands find purchase in his hair, tugging on the strands of mint, pushing it back so that you can admire him in all his glory. He wraps his hands around your thighs, spreading your legs further apart to give himself more space to work with. His tongue delves between your velvety walls, and you whine under his touch.
Your hips cant upward, thighs squeezing shut, but his hands wrap firmly around your thighs, pushing your weight down to the mattress, preventing you from wriggling out of his reach.
Yoongi laps at your folds, licking stripes between your slit before circling his tongue around your clit, changing the pace. His chin is doused in your sweet arousal, but he welcomes it wholeheartedly.
His caress eventually slows down to tiny kitten licks, mocking you because he knows you’re close to your release. When he stops, you whine, begging for him to continue until you’re over the edge. 
“Yoongiiiii,” you cry, clenching your fingers around his sheets. 
He tugs off his sweats before reaching over to grab a condom from his nightstand, yet he can’t help but grin as you watch him with drool dripping down your chin. The smugness is written all over his face as he pumps his length, fully knowing that he’s well endowed. 
Yoongi leans down to plant a kiss on your forehead before laying one on your pouting lips. He holds your body close to his, guiding his length to your core, tracing the head over your clit before guiding his throbbing cock into your wet cunt.
A mewl escapes from your parted lips, aching with every inch that glides through your tight walls. 
“Oh, fuck,” Yoongi groans against your skin, breath hitching, eyes darkening as he watches himself disappear into you.
Intertwining your fingers with his, he ruts his hips against yours in a languid pace, loving the squelch of your juices with every pump. Your eyes nearly fall closed, but you will yourself to keep them open just so you won’t miss seeing a single second of Yoongi’s moan falling from his cherry red lips.
The room is filled with the sound of skin slapping on skin and the faint voice of Yoongi’s hushed words. “You look so pretty, baby,” he coos, whispering against the column of your neck. “Is this what you pictured in your pretty little head? How it’d feel like to fuck me?” His lips suckle on your skin, right where you can feel your heartbeat, and you swear your brain is short circuiting at his vulgarity. 
“Baby, you need to speak up.” His voice is low and deep, laced with lust and carnal desires. He looks and sounds like a dream, but it feels all the more real when he pinches your chin between his fingers, forcing you to look up at him.
“You’re mean,” you bite back, rolling your eyes. 
“Ah, silly baby, you don’t even know how mean I could be,” he playfully warns you with a smirk, too pleased with himself. “Are you gonna answer me back?” He takes both of your wrists in his hand, pinning it above your head, unable to touch him in the way you so desperately wish you could. 
One particularly hard thrust has you whimpering his name, clenching tighter around his dick, writhing under his touch. 
“Open,” he commands, tapping on your lower lip. His fingers sit heavy on your tongue as you wrap around them, sucking on his digits like the good girl he knows you are. Yoongi’s pace doesn’t even falter as he rolls his hips, grinding against your clit for some much needed relief. 
You’re this close to reaching your high, walls fluttering around his cock. Your legs start to shake and your vision begins to blur, feeling the knot in your stomach begin to unravel as you approach your long awaited release. You cry out a string of garbled words, unable to form your thoughts coherently, too focused on how full you feel, stuffed balls deep with Yoongi’s cock 
“Are you close, baby?” His voice is gentle, but the drive of his hips is anything but. He pulls his saliva slicked fingers out of your mouth, allowing you to respond, though he’s not certain that you’d be able to speak your mind, drowning your thoughts on the need to come. 
“Yes, yes, yes, I’m so close, please let me come,” you cry, tears forming at the corner of your eyes. 
He’s completely in love with the way you’re losing your mind, speechless for anything besides his dick. Yoongi works himself faster, pushing deeper until you fall apart. In the meantime, he’s losing himself, rhythm faltering as he picks up the pace. It’s quick and sloppy, but you wouldn’t have it any other way, desperately seeking your climax. 
It hits all at once, the waves of pleasure coursing through you as you shudder under his weight. Your eyes finally fall closed, overcome with an overwhelming sensation, like trails of fire prickling across your skin. Yoongi collapses on top of you, releasing himself into the latex, emptying his balls as he throbs in the warmth of your pussy. 
Your hot breaths mingle together when he presses a soft kiss over your lips, huffing and puffing through the energy you’ve exerted. He envelops you in his arms, gliding his calloused fingers across your arm, peppering kisses across your skin while your legs lay intertwined together. 
“Well, now what?” You ask, cutting through the quiet air. 
Yoongi giggles at your response, flashing that gummy smile you love so much. 
“Well... “ He unravels from you, stepping off the bed to finally dispose of the condom. Stepping towards his wardrobe in the corner of the room, he pulls out one of his clean shirts for you to wear. He returns with an oversized flannel, a colorblocked pattern with three types of plaid stitched together. It looks exactly like the one you designed for the project the week prior, but unbeknownst to you, he’s already sewed it together. 
“I could make you breakfast, and we could have some fun after?” He continues, insinuating yet another round.
He tugs on your arm, getting you to sit up on the mattress so that he can dress you in the shirt that he’s made. He buttons the front for you, concentrating on sliding each individual one into its slot. 
There’s another cloth of the same material that sits at the edge of the bed, right beside Yoongi. He picks it up and slides his arms through the material, shrugging it onto his shoulders.
He’s made the exact same shirt, a replica for you and him to match. 
Yoongi doesn’t even seem to notice the smile that spreads across your face until he looks up at you, pecking his lips against yours.
Perhaps you’ll have to reconsider being a morning person because the world seems a little less grim and a little more rosy when you wake up with Yoongi at your side.
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9uk · 2 years ago
Let Me Stay Close To You : part 2
Tumblr media
⌲ summary : you were finally free from the worst nightmare of your life in high school. the doors of college welcomed you with open arms, you were set on living your best life in here, away from the toxicity back at home. that shimmer of hope in restoring your life, was somehow effortlessly crushed by a tap on your shoulder. “Hey Y/N, why don’t you say we catch up for a moment?”
⌲ pairing : bully!jungkook x reader
⌲ word count : 5.1 k
⌲ genre: a drip of angst and flashbacks
⌲ warnings : crying, maybe
⌲ a/n : part three is where things will escalate ;>
part one  >  part two  >  part three
Tumblr media
Jungkook found himself not paying one bit of attention to whatever the teacher was writing on the whiteboard at all.
 The morning calls of the birds, the gentle swaying of the douglas firs just outside, the passing clouds in the sapphire sky—and you, the only one in class earnestly filling up the pages of your notebook—was far more interesting than what the teacher had painstakingly planned for the lesson. 
The students in this very room weren’t even listening to what the teacher had to say, some already falling into a deep slumber on their folded arms, some tossing crushed paperballs at each other and passing secretive notes. Jungkook was easily distracted. 
You were situated at the row on his right, a few desks ahead of him, so it was easy to observe whatever the hell you were doing with a diagonal view from the back. 
It was English class, what was there even to pen down about? 
 Then he realised, you weren’t writing anything. The longer he observed your hand actions, he noticed that you were in fact sketching something on your notebook. By how your wrists moved up and down consistently, with the few rotations of the notebook like you were switching the angles of your strokes. 
What exactly was the girl in her own world drawing on her little sketchbook? 
Jungkook was beyond intrigued. 
 It was at this particular time of the school’s unreasonable curriculum, that Jungkook knew exactly where to find you. Recess—probably your favourite period other than the irrelevant literature lesson you would so obsessively copy down every word on the powerpoint slides into your purple notebook and attentively listen to. So indulged in boring literacy that you would perfectly pay no heed to his attempts of attacking you with hard rubber erasers on the back of your head. (He finally gave up when you disregard him of any existence, simply chuckling at how senile Mr. Choi must be in order to not have noticed his obnoxious behaviour.) 
 He strides into the classroom, a mischievous smirk already forming on his lips as he sees that the sketchbook was lying limp on the corner of your desk. Jungkook easily took the chance while you were busy solving the mathematics problem for homework, plucking the book off your table, hopping to sit down on a random desk as he views it with fake impressiveness. He expected you to be on your feet in less than a second to try seize the confidential book of drawings away from his hands—but to his disappointment, you stingily spared him a wary glance before proceeding to the next question of the worksheet. 
To further evoke a reaction out of you, he whips up a sharpie from your pencil case and starts flipping the pages of your little sketchbook.
 “Wow Y/N, I must say these are some pretty drawings you have in here.” He chuckles, and the sound is laced tight with sarcarsm and mockery. 
His thumb glides over the pages until he decides to stop on one and open—only to come into sight with a sketch of a lady in a long-sleeved pink floral top, denim jeans and black leather boot heels.
Tumblr media
 “Hey look,” Taehyung nudges Jungkook out of his daze by the elbow with a cup of booze in hand. Jungkook has his elbows propped up on the balcony railing, bringing the cigarette to his lips and taking a long one, brows furrowed in concentration as the cogs in his mind start to turn, between the distant yet distinct memory of you and your damned sketchbook—and the girl who left him whiplashed. Jungkook looks over to his pal and nods his head upwards, gesturing for Taehyung to elaborate on what exactly he wants him to see without having to say anything. 
 “Four gorgeous ladies walking right into our house.” Taehyung locks his predatory stare on a particular spot in their front porch. 
At that, Jungkook releases the smoke from his lungs into their shared room and whirs around in curiosity. Taehyung flicks his head to the direction of the girls, and Jungkook follows with his gaze, eventually spotting the four of them.
 “I shall hand you the honour of picking your favourite first. Before I go for mine.” Taehyung smirks at the thought, having one of them squirming beneath him on his mattress tonight.  
In particular, the one in the little blue velvet dress. 
 They seemed to be bickering over something, and it was quite an amusing sight to watch if he must admit. Jungkook notices this, how all of them were dressed in a similar dresscode—gold, see-through and blue velvet. It’s cute and totally Mean Girls. 
 Jungkook notices too, how one of the four was not participating in the pointless squabbling and instead, was looking left and right, scanning her surroundings in awe and caution. She almost seemed like a lost child in a bustling shopping mall, scared and alone.
 How amongst the overflowing number of guests lingering at the front porch, she somehow sticked out like nothing but a sore thumb.
 After a quiet moment of passing silence and deep contemplation on Jungkook’s side, he replies, “The one in the aegan blue dress is mine for tonight.” 
 Reason? Jungkook had recognised you. From the way you were shifting your weight between both feet— your nerves on full display, to your hands tugging at the ends of your short dress— screaming for the sake of your social anxiety. The way your leather boot heels clicked against the concrete pavement as you made your way into the house—the gears in his mind had clicked to a perfect stop.
Taehyung lets out what seemed like a groan of annoyance, at how his bestfriend had chosen the exact girl he laid his hungry eyes on. “Damn, I shouldn’t have let you go first,” Taehyung sulks with a pout which ignited a chuckle to leave Jungkook’s lips. He lets the cigarette in hand drop onto the ground and puts it out with the mindless step of his shoe, before the both of them made their way downstairs. 
The whole time you spent in this clouded house, Jungkook was watching each and every movement of yours intently. He was observing you sharply, while at the same time maintaining a safe distance— where’d you wouldn’t be able to see and recognise his face. He spots you being dragged to dance around after downing what seemed like half a cup of naked whiskey, and he could tell that you had no idea what on earth you were doing. A surprised gasp followed by a light chuckle leaves Jungkook as you begun to sway your hips from side to side. He immediately fishes his phone out of his pocket, inwardly cringing as he films your drunken dance moves and the silly smile plastered on your face. He glances at the video in satisfaction, wondering how he could throw threats at you for this moment of royal embarrassment—
“Wait, no. What am I even doing?” He sighs out a series of curses as he repeatedly taps on the ‘delete’ button.
 It was like he became his old self for a second or so.
 He loiters by the staircase, mind falling into another universe to the way you were moving your body—you had changed into someone he wasn’t used to, no longer the girl he could torture as and when he liked without sparking any overreactive emotions or actions. He felt like he was was indeed in a parallel universe, where’d you and him have switched roles. Jungkook quietly watches you from the stairs, silently berating himself for acting like a whole ass creep, but what’s needed to be done had to be done. For the love of god, he hasn’t even confirmed that the girl wilding out there was you—even though on the external surface it most definitely could not be you, but his gut instinct told him otherwise—he wanted to avoid getting caught up in a situation whereby he would try to apologise to a complete stranger who would look at him like he was some weirdo. 
 It was until then, when a random guy sneaks up behind your frame and boldly grabs you by the hips, controlling your body movements with his. His eyes narrowed at that, and he instinctively jerks up on both feet from the step he’s been sitting on, but he hesitates—did he even ever treat you any better than that guy? 
 What was he going to do, pull you out of the house by your hair and slap you in the face for being present in his frat party? Wow, you would totally prefer that over someone making a move on you. 
 Jungkook grew out of the monster he was eight months ago. 
 Keyword being grew. 
Growth is the long-term process of development—mentally and spiritually, in his case. Tremendous changes like these occur once in a blue moon for every human being in the world, and he could have sworn he wasn’t one to turn over a new leaf. He had long accepted the fact that he was him, and that shredding your homework and catapulting stones at you for sport was Jungkook being himself—and he couldn’t help but admit it was comfortable and nice to be himself. 
Well, at least only for him. 
 People surrounding him—people like you—were mere tools for him to build his shallow house of pride and a helping hand to resurrect his lost identity. 
 How chauvinistic and selfish could someone get? 
 Anyone can ask the role model, Jeon Jungkook himself. 
But that fateful day when he stared at your empty seat with a mouth gaped, guilt and regret slithering up his veins, constricting his poor lungs and heart with a vicious vice-grip—he felt like a choked sob was about to burst out of his chest. In addition to the practiced apologies left hanging on the tip of his tongue— he realised that he had never wanted to apologise to someone this badly before. Most of the ‘sorry’s that came out of his mouth in his entire span of life were reluctant and insincere, towards his elders and the people of higher authority—his ego glowed blindingly bright that a simply apology would always be deadly against his will. 
 But all hesitation was subconsciously dismissed as he saw you struggle in the man’s grasp, and his eyes never left you as he speedily made his way towards your helpless form. When you seemed to have confronted the guy about touching you in that manner, Jungkook quickly steps in before the guy would probably manhandle you and your undiplomatic way of words. Jungkook witnessed how your confidence dropped to ground zero, the girl who was having the time of her life swaying along to the blaring pop music was gone in faster than a blink. The expression you were wearing on your face had fell instantly and your shoulders quickly slumped at the sight of him. But he pushed that thought away to the back of his mind as he does what is needed to be done—or at least that’s what he thinks— drags you out of the thumping house, by your hand and not your hair. 
Tumblr media
 It should have been recorded down as the world’s most awkward and uncomfortable moment in history. Suddenly you found ‘Are you okay?’ to be the most vague question ever in time, and no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t dig up the specific answers to that. You didn’t know what exactly to feel, or say would be deemed as appropriate. Or were you looking too much into it? Maybe the Jungkook you once knew would yell at you in the very next millisecond for you to not step foot into any parties ever again. But as you blinked, the silence confirmed his sincerity. 
 Jungkook was legitimately asking if you were okay. 
No, you don’t know him at all now.
 You were supposed to give him a reply already. 
It was like the haunting figure from the horrendous past has returned to claim your new persona and stuff your body back with your old anti-social and void-of-emotion personality. His chocolate evil irises bore into yours while strangely enough, keeping his fingers wrapped around yours softly— causing you to feel almost nauseous, the numbness striving to unleash and surge throughout your body. And you were not about to let that happen. 
 “W-Wait what? Who are you even?” You muster the right amount of deprecation in your voice, an eyebrow quirking up in confusion for effect. 
Jungkook doesn’t say a word, and instead he begins to scan your face with his narrowing orbs, making you feel like you’ve got a red pepper powder stuck on your cupid’s bow, or even a smudged eyeliner—no, wait his gaze is diverted to your forehead and only your forehead. The whole conversation fell silent for a moment, but is immediately broken when you gathered the dusts of courage left in the swirling pool of nerves in your organs—and carried on to make sure Jungkook was entirely off your back. You couldn’t afford to risk everything you have right now, just because of a moment of your weak exterior.
 “Why the hell did you drag me outside?” Your words were intentionally laced with ridicule and you shake his hand away from yours in full offense, as if his fingers were disgusting fallen hairs that caught onto your hand in the shower.
 “Calm down, sweet thing.” 
 It wasn’t fair. You assumed you had won this final battle against Jeon Jungkook by completely shutting his words down and blocking him out of your life. Fact is, your assumption didn’t turn out to be one bit accurate at all. His voice was calm and composed, as opposed to the perpetrator of your sufferings in high school—constantly agitated and rowdy— the easy four words somehow managing to bust open the door into your life despite your maximal efforts in keeping him at bay. He takes a step closer and you mirrored his actions by taking one backwards, maintaining a distance between the both of you.
Act normal, stay calm, play it cool! 
 You chanted repeatedly in your head but all plans failed in a snap as Jungkook raises a hand to your face, and seemingly out of natural reflex, you flinched and screwed your lids shut. You hear him sigh a little, and maybe if you had opened your eyes you would be able to see a tiny amount of hurt and penitence soaked in his glossy eyes. 
He didn’t quite live up to your supposition of him whacking you across the grass patch and into the pool, probably leaving you to drown in there or something—at this rate you didn’t mind Jungkook doing just that to you, you wanted to leave this cruel world especially with Jungkook being a consistent part in your life. 
However, all expectations were crushed flat. 
Your spine straightened when you felt the soft yet cold touch of his fingers barely skim across the side of your face, combing and placing your hair behind your ear in a slow and gentle manner. The slight trembling of his hand made him seem like he was handling a porcelain doll and was afraid to cause any defects on it. Your eyes began to flutter open in stupefaction upon the uncharacteristic touch of Devil Jeon, and your heart pounded against your ribcage wildly at the close proximity between your faces—in addition to his eyes that were filled with nothing but self-reproach. You wonder how long you have been immersed in his soft doe-like eyes because he begins again.
 “Don’t even try to run away…it is you.” His thumb grazes over the scar, lips twitching in how distasteful it must be like to own something like that.
 You were doomed. 
 You had allowed him to confirm his suspicions by letting him have a clear view of the old wound he himself had inflicted on you, all because of your buzzed state of mind and weak resolve.
 Scars don’t disappear just like that. 
In fact, they don’t at all, regardless of the infinite amount of time you give them to heal and form a layer of new skin—there will always be an empty part to the damage done, something that is incurable even with the high advancement of science. Nothing like the one caused by the innocent crusty locker and the hand consumed with senseless anger on your temple can be compared to emotional scars.
 All of this felt peculiar. 
 Too peculiar, you cower away from his caresses and barely forming coherent words to defend yourself. “D-Don’t touch me..” You slap his arm away, the action itself felt too harsh compared to his light touches. 
 “Y/N, look—” “Y/N! There you are!” Sooyoung waves frantically to you from the front door, like she has been looking for you for hours. And interrupting the tormenting session with Jeon Jungkook. 
Thank the heavens. 
Taking the chance, you quickly fled from the complicated situation without leaving a single word to Jungkook and to your dear saviour, hooking your arm around her and heading to find your other two friends. You didn’t mean to look behind, really. But you caught a glimpse of him furiously kicking an empty beer can on the grass and running his fingers through his hands in something like frustration. 
 Jungkook feels as if the whole classroom scene had repeated, once again. Nope, not the one where you were left by the lockers with blood drooling down the side of your cheeks threatening to fall on your collar bones fuck—he doesn’t wish to recall, but the one where he is left staring at your cold empty seat, dumbfounded. That is how you left him feeling for the second time, a few seconds ago as you swiftly drift back into the flood of guests. Once bitten, twice shy. 
So much for caring about your safety and rescuing you from the man who tried to sexually assault you. Or maybe he was exaggerating.
 A part of him is inching its way back to the bad-tempered, sinister monster he had locked tight somewhere beneath the hidden depths of himself, a part of him is barricading that ferocious demon with a strenuous amount of effort and resistance. He huffs with his lower lip perked out, fringe flying from the air of frustration being released, hands sitting crossed on his hips. He looked like he had just missed a penalty shoot-out in an important soccer match. But then, he smirks. This was only the first match, and there were many, many more to come. 
Tumblr media
 4:11 AM 
The neon blue display on your digital clock is no longer a fuzzy patch of azure—and eventually becomes clear opaque strokes as you rub the sleep in your eyes to the caruncle with the pad of your index finger vigorously before wiping them off your face. You did not get drunk enough to be a fully hungover mess, but you did feel a slow and torturous migraine building up in your head. You reach for a bottle of mineral water by the nightstand, your teddy bear falling off the edge of your tousled sheets in the process—but that was the least of your concern when your brain begins to disseminate the occuring events in the past few hours or so. You hurriedly let the water flush down your throat, the raw taste of it against your bare and dry throat making you cringe slightly. Flashes of the party earlier on seeps through your mind and when one particular interaction is recalled—“W-Wait what? Who are you even?” 
Right, your miserable attempt at pretending to not know him. 
You’re not even surprised—instead you were rather impressed that your accidental stuttering sounded legitimate, or that you managed to not just collapse upon seeing his face, onto the trash-ridden ground there and then.
 “Don’t even try to run is you.” 
 Tossing the duvet over your head, you fell back to the bed with a loud groan of vexation to snatch a couple more hours of sleep—forgetting the paradox of emotions Jungkook had you feeling just for a moment or so.
 A moment or so. 
 The lecture hall was empty.
 Except for the gush of cool air that washed past you when you entered—it was dead silent. 
 Hand on the door, you sighed.
This was it, a beginning of a new chapter in your life.
 You should have felt this when you stepped into the confines of this unfamiliar university. You should have long felt it, when you left home back then to pursue a brand new life for yourself. But yet, only now were you realising how big of a change you were bringing into your life of agony. 
 There is hope, and there will be love in this new environment.
 Those elements are accompanied with plenty of uneasiness and perturbation as well. Very unfortunately. The villain in your tragic little story has made his appearance—once again. To ruin your happily ever after and take away all chances of starting afresh. Just an wonderous life with a chain of dead lucky coincidences. Nothing crazy, casual day. You could only enjoy the eerie yet comforting silence of the souless room for a few couple ten minutes, before the zombified college students come staggering into the lecture hall in half-groans. Nobody you knew was attending the same class as you, leaving you to skip back to the period of time where you were alone with no friends. Which you would fall back perfectly accustomed to at any point of time in your life.
 You plopped down on a random seat at the back, mindlessly throwing your bag onto the cold floor. Whenever you were alone, with no Sooyoung busy squishing you up or no Wendy to laugh at memes together with—your mind often allows the thoughts of Jungkook to flow right through your brain, remembering accidents or the mean words being shot at you. The string of your self-consciousness would be pulled taut, threatening to rip as oversensitivity and negative emotions engulf your whole being—causing you to shut yourself away from the world to avoid any chances of letting these feelings affect anyone by your side. Alone time is needed, to clear your toxic thoughts and malicious memories, to not let those scars reopen for the sake of your mental health and stability.
 But you couldn’t blame your mind from doing so—not after facing the guy by the surname Jeon just yesterday night. 
The vacancy of the room swallows you in whole, your isolation at the back making you suspect that perhaps, and just perhaps, this was a bad dream.
 A really, really bad dream. A twisted nightmare. 
A group of students busting into the hall shakes you from your trance, followed by the many rest flooding in before the clock struck a neat 9 o’clock. 
 “Is this seat taken?” A figure towers over your slouched form, and you recognise that height almost immediately. Eyes snapping up to meet Namjoon’s pair of brown ones, you reply with lips beginning to curl upwards, “Nope.” You knew Jungkook hated the subjects you loved, so there was almost a zero percent chance the both of you would end up taking the same class. 
Except almost was never enough. 
 Maybe a few years back, Jungkook was purely joking about loathing biology, saying that learning about the human body was nothing but crap. Or maybe he has grown to love and appreciate the intricate details and depths about the body, because as the clock struck nine sharp, the person you’d really wished to take an exit from your life walks into the lecture, bag slung on one shoulder and hands coolly tucked into the pockets of his ripped jeans, as if he wasn’t in a risky situation of being late to the very first class of the semester. The professor’s first impression of him seemed to be the very least of his concerns. 
Most heads turn at the sight of him striding into class—something you were used to already since high school, it was the effect of a handsome face and glorious body. What they may not have known was that Jungkook was wealthy, and that fact itself would probably have girls scattered around him, ready to leech off him anytime of the day. Many eyes were on him, so naturally yours were allured to his powerful presence that dominated the rest of the students in here, turning them into nothing but shadows. You pretended to not noticed that he spared you a quick glance that resulted in a devious smirk on his face, before he sits down somewhere a few rows infront of you due to his arrival on the dot. 
 “I’m sorry.” Namjoon leans towards you little and whispers, a tint of regret found in his low voice.
 “What for?” You quirk a brow. 
“For leaving your side like that at the party, I really should have just stayed with you, you seriously looked uncomfortable with Jungkook.” He rustles his hair in shame, as if he has done something so wrong. So Jungkook was popular to the point where even Namjoon knew his name. 
“No Namjoon, I perfectly understand. Jungkook wanted to talk to me, and you left to not interrupt our conversation.” You flash him a gracious smile, hoping Namjoon would stop feeling bad. He lets out what seems like a low groan, “Anyways, I’m still sorry..” He pushes his cap down to hide his face and bury himself in his wavering self-esteem. You grinned, mostly to yourself as the class begins. 
 The lesson reaches a point where the lecturer advises the students to pair up for an upcoming project that would hold a great weightage of forty percent for this semester’s grades. You didn’t even dare to not pay attention to this project for a second.
 “Shall we?” Namjoon proposes and you eagerly nod your head. Namjoon was an intellect, as well as a decent and fun guy to be around with—that, you were sure of. What’s better than having a intelligent and nice partner for a heavy project like this? 
“Wait, Y/N is already in a group. For your dear infomation, you can only be in one group of pair, mind you. As popular as Y/N can be, pick another partner.” The lecturer frowns and grumbles at Namjoon and you simply scoffed at the word ‘popular’ being used on you. You were anything but that.
 Both your eyes widen in surprise at the news as the two of you look at each other with startled confusion, since when did you decide to be paired with someone not under the name of Kim Namjoon? 
 “I submitted our names as a pair.” He walks up to the both of us by the lecturer’s desk. You flinch at his sudden voice, heart starting to pound so hard that you might just puke the whole organ out there and then. Legs soft, you turn to face the culprit of your nerves and unconsciously stutter a few steps backward at his dominating aura. The room suddenly shrinks its entirety on you and you gasp for air, feeling a little too small. A twisted nightmare never felt so real and tangible, right infront of your sober mind.
Why were you acting this way? You could have easily went against his fantastic idea of putting the both of you in the same group, violently object it and go ahead with Namjoon. But you didn’t. Perhaps there wasn’t alcohol in your system to give you the intoxicated boost of support to talk back at Jungkook like that, pretending you didn’t recognise him—but he knows factually that it is indeed the girl he bullied all those months ago. Or perhaps the you before, unafraid of him and emotionless to everything—had got nothing to lose. 
Now, you had everything that you could lose. And the thought of it horrifies you, blood running cold. 
 You wished scars disappeared.
 “Uh Y/N, you okay with this?” Namjoon holds onto your arm to gain your confirmation on this whole matter. But for some reason, you couldn’t voice out how truly afraid you were. To be in the same room as Jungkook once again, to have such a close proximity with him right now—god, it’s ripping through your scalp and getting into your pathetic head.
 Before you are able to form an answer, Jungkook is speaking on your fearful behalf. “I’m sure Y/N is more than alright to pair with me for this project, am I right?” Jungkook grabs your arm and yanks Namjoon’s grasp off, pulling you closer to his side. He probably still thinks that Namjoon is some sort of sexual predator. You can’t seem to comprehend why there was so much tension to this trivial matter, you felt like you were placed on an extreme seesaw, sliding between the both sides of Namjoon and Jungkook. Namjoon’s brows furrow at that, clearly unhappy but he chooses to not say anything about it. 
 You keep silent as well. 
The settings have changed drastically, but you were still this timid and frail little coward. That’s what Jungkook made you feel whenever you breathed the air close to him. “Well, okay then…” Namjoon replies with reluctancy, but still succumbs to the idea. “I’ll see you around, Y/N.” He tweaks a light smile, before proceeding to scurry away to not interrupt your talk with Jungkook. As he turns on his heel, you mentally begged for him to not leave. 
No, Namjoon! There’s nothing for you to be interrupting please, please take me away from this—
“Assuming that you would know what to do for this shit that weighs forty percent of our grades,” Jungkook tips his head to foward to let you hear every syllabus of his words, making sure you don’t miss out anything.
You gulped, holding your breath and he continues.
 “See you at my house at 8 tonight.” With that he bristles past you out of the suffocating lecture hall, leaving you to stare hard at the ground—tears forming and at the brink of falling out at the thought of how everything is gradually reverting back to pure torment, on your first day of class. 
 You don’t know what to do with your life now.
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hollyhomburg · 3 years ago
SUMMARY: In a world where omega/omega relationships are taboo, Your relationship with Park Jimin is doomed from the start. But can soulmates really ever stop loving each other? After all, All sandcastles must eventually fall apart.
PAIRINGS: Omega! Jimin x Omega! Reader x Alpha! Namjoon x Alpha! Hoseok x Alpha! Yoongi, Beta! Taehyung x Omega! Reader,
TAGS:  fluff, childhood sweethearts, forbidden love, brief sexual harassment. hurt/comfort. TRIGGERS IN LATER CHAPTERS. 
W/C: 4.9k
Tumblr media
- Jimin and you grow up in houses next to each other. 
- And from the first time Jimin takes your small hand in his,(to take you to meet his new puppy that he got as a moving present from his aunt) he knows he never ever wants to let go. 
- You play after school with each other every day, you sit with him at lunch, and demand to be in his class too the point where the teachers just give up and let you transfer. 
- You stage a play wedding every other week, inviting all of your stuffed animals and Jimin’s dog, and you and Jimin take it very very seriously. Your parents just shrug and give each other the side eye when you announce that jimin and you are on your honeymoon one Saturday morning when you come over for cartoons. they look at each other, shrug, and think that maybe one day. 
- You hold his hand when you pass the scary dog that lives in the house across the street from your bus stop. And Jimin brings you things like a pet crow, for years you keep boxes of bottle caps, glow in the dark stars, and flowers that eventually dry with age. 
- Neither of your parents is surprised when you and Jimin start sneaking in each other’s bedroom windows and snuggling at age 10. (when Jimin finally grew tall enough to reach your window with a chair from your front patio)
- Or surprised that they catch you kissing one day beneath your family’s oak tree at 13. 
- But neither of you have presented yet when you finally get around to expressing your affection in words at 14. And you decide that it doesn’t matter, one of you will probably be a beta anyways- 60 percent of the population is and both of Jimin’s parents are.
- With 15 percent of the population being omega and the rest alpha. 
- In true puberty fashion- you present first, at age 15 as an omega, no ones really surprised, least of all Jimin. 
- You’re so mothering, so caring, you're always asking him for piggyback rides and hugging him close at every opportunity. The Neediness A hallmark of all omegas, omegas are empathetic like you, and affectionate like you.
- And Jimin loves you more for it- that’s why he’s convinced he’s going to be an alpha, because if he was a beta than he wouldn't care right? and if he was an omega he would find you behavior annoying right? 
- That’s what his parents said about omega’s and other omega’s, that they never worked well with alpha’s, that they where a bother for their employers, and should just stick to raising kids and stay home and wait for their alpha or beta mates to come home.
- God forbid an omega actually love another omega, that was just plain disgusting and an abomination in your parent's eyes. 
- Omega/omega couplings are Taboo in your society. In a world where only 40% of betas can reproduce, and only 15% of the population is regularly fertile.
- Alpha/alpha relationships where almost just as taboo as omega/omega relations, but beta/beta relationships where seen much like alpha omega relationships.
- Any relationship that couldn’t bear offspring was seen as useless and a waste. 
- Despite the slander against your sex, Jimin is so lucky, his cute omega childhood sweetheart. And he finds himself hoping for the first time that he presents as an alpha and not a beta- so that he can give you the steadiness and comfort that all omegas crave. 
- He wants to be strong to you and wants to stick by your side for as long as he can- the way it is in Jimin’s head- there’s no future of his where you aren’t there. you’re his soulmate for all intents and purposes of the word. 
- You’re his soulmate, you’ve got to be 
- But then Jimin gets his first heat- not a rut. Ruts, which usually last for just a few days, not heats that last for a week. Heats- which omegas get. 
- Park Jimin is an Omega.
- And that changes everything for the two of you. 
- Jimin’s parents don’t let him see you for the first 2 weeks after his Heat, they take him to stay at his aunt's house on the other side of town and take him out of school entirely. They take his phone away and his computer. 
- he manages to convince his aunt to let him use their old desktop when his parents work late one night, and He sends you a text on aol instant messenger- the messaging system that you used to use as kids (you never uninstalled from your computer because you didn’t believe in deleting things). The two of you sneak out and meet at the park down the street from your house. 
- His beta parents where thinking about sending him away to school in Seoul to a special school for omegas.  Betas are always weighing costs and probabilities. They wanted him to have an easier time adjusting- but all he needed in the crazy whirlwind of emotions and new feelings was you. 
- And at the moment you see him your heart lights up like it always does, but then the wind shifts and it wafts his flowery sweet omega scent towards you, he smells like citrus blossoms and honey. While your scent smells like roses and vanilla. 
- Your parents made it very clear from the moment they had found out that Jimin presented as an omega, that they wouldn’t sanction a relationship between the two of you- and that you would find yourselves out on your Asses if you decided to pursue a romantic relationship with Jimin. 
- Jimin’s parents even though it was better if you were just separated. 
- But Jimin can’t let the only person who ever made his heart a home go. So he decides, that if you can handle it then he can handle being just your friend.  having you in his life as that was better than not having you at all. 
- Omegas needed to stick together after all- you never knew when an alpha would come into rut around them, or if they’d need guarding on their heats. 
- Your parents relax infinitesimally in your last year of high school. 
- You and Jimin don’t hold hands anymore, and the side of your bed that used to be his remains empty. 
- You don’t talk about how you used to kiss him underneath the maple tree in your backyard. And you don’t tell him how much you miss the way his arms would fit around your body, perfect- like they were made for you. 
- After some time apart, while he pretends that his feelings for you are purely platonic, he convinces himself that you really do only love him as a friend, that the first 10 years of your friendship where just that- friendship. 
- The thought that you feel nothing more than that for him helps steady him in his weaker moments when all he wants to do is kiss you or touch you. 
- The two of you move to Seoul to go to the same college where he majors in teaching and dance, and you major in languages to become a translator.
- Things get better- almost easier when you’re not under the eyes of your parents. 
- You spend your evenings tossing grapes into each other’s mouths across the kitchen of your shitty and tiny box of an apartment.
- you cook dinner together after classes, lounging on the couch a little too close, snuggling a little too tightly on Saturday mornings.
- You touch Jimin casually more and don’t have to worry about who might be watching.  
- He pretends it’s just platonic and shoves down his feelings when he brings you your favorite coffee during all-nighters. 
- And you pretend it’s just platonic when you buy him flowers and go to watch his performances. 
- And when you start to see other people, when he meets an adorable beta by the name of Taemin and you start seeing a handsome alpha by the name of Jackson you make yourself smile and try to enjoy Taemin’s company. And Jimin invites Jackson over even when he really, really doesn’t like him. 
- The two of them and their giant personalities make your tiny apartment feel even smaller. 
- You pretend it doesn’t hurt when you hear Taemin making Jimin laugh- the way that you used to. or get jealous when Jimin makes Taemin dance with him in your kitchen, the way he used to make you dance with him. 
- And he lets his cold pillow swallow the few tears that leak out when he hears Jackson helping you through your heat for the 3rd night in a row, your moans and Oh god yes’s leaking through the thin walls like oil. 
- Omegas are sensitive after all. Especially when it comes to people that they love.  
- Every touch from Taemin starts to feel wrong, so wrong it makes Jimin’s skin burn. So Jimin breaks up with Taemin the next chance he gets and tries to move on with his life without being stuck on you so bad. 
- He goes out more, spends more time at the school’s crappy dance studio- especially when he knows Jackson is going to be over. And tries to move on with his life. 
- He goes to a competition one weekend with his class to see a classical ballet rendition of Don Quixote, and in his hotel bar, his eyes lock with a man across the room. 
- He’s smiling and his mouth is heart-shaped, and when he walks over to Jimin and asks if he can buy him a drink, Jimin catches a whiff of his alpha scent, the smell of amber and peppermint that draws him in immediately. 
- He calls himself Hoseok, Jung Hoseok, the name that rolls off of Jimin’s tongue in a way that makes him sigh already, especially when Jimin catches a view of his ass. 
- Jimin falls a little further into him when he finds out that it’s Hoseok’s dance company that is putting on the traveling production, and that Hoseok’s the Ceo of it too boot. 
- What makes it worse is the fact that he is a total gentleman, walking jimin to his hotel room when he has one too many mixed drinks. Gently taking off his shoes, ignoring Jimin’s wandering hands and tucking Jimin in. leaving the hotel room and shutting the door behind him. 
- Hoseok tells himself that it’s just his alpha instinct, alpha’s naturally wanted to take care of omegas. And for Hoseok, who was an alpha that had more contact with other alpha’s than anything else- he thought that maybe it was just his genetics were getting impatient. 
- In the end, all that’s left of him in Jimin’s memory is a gorgeous laugh and the scent of Hoseok that lingers in the hotel room. It’s strong enough for jimin to let out a tiny moan the next morning. 
- He thinks that all that’s left- but then a day later he finds the note shoved into his jacket pocket- and it’s not a number but an address for a building in Seoul, 
- Come by and see my studio some time- JHS 
- The class trip ends and Jimin goes back to your apartment and finds you- immediately feeling guilty, 
- It doesn’t matter that you’re with Jackson it still feels like betraying you. Because for the first time- Jimin has really felt something with someone who’s not you, what he felt like the night before was 1000 times more exciting and captivating as what he felt with Taemin. 
- Hoseok’s modern studio takes up the lower 3 floors of a skyscraper in the student district of Seoul. Its windows on the two upper floors are tinted to make it harder for people to watch the practices but at night you can see clearly into them. 
- Jimin shows up just as a ballet class is letting out, the 5 and 6 years meandering around the college student with a gym bag tossed over his shoulder. The instructor eyes him suspiciously, she’s a foreigner that’s for sure, and the beta’s tutu is flat and black. And makes her look menacing like a bird.  
- He mutters out Hoseok’s name- hoping she understands Korean and wonders why the hell he decided to stop by after class when it seems like Hoseok wasn’t expecting him at all. 
- “Oh! You’re here for hope- he’s in his private studio if you’ll just follow me” Hoseok’s private studio isn’t big- but what It lacks for in size it makes up for in the view- a perfect view of the street and the buildings that line it.
- It’s gorgeous, just like the man that sweats and pulsates to the rhythm of the music popping his body in the most fluid movements that Jimin’s ever seen. 
- But then Jimin notices how reluctant Hoseok is to move his left leg. Like its still healing from something, Hoseok notices their entrance into the room through the mirror but finishes his dance, 
- His smile is starlit as he bids hello to Jimin and walks over to him after grabbing a towel to clean his face of sweat. 
- Hoseok gives him a short tour of his studio watching Jimin’s reaction to the nice studio spaces and the modern facilities.
- “I’ll admit my inviting you here wasn’t all fortuitous- you’ve been on my radar for a while.” Jimin’s cheeks pink when Hoseok confesses over a bottle of soju and some bibimbap for lunch.  
- “Me? On your radar?” Hoseok laughs at Jimin’s perplexed expression. “I saw you dance at the winter showcase last semester- quite well I might add” Jimin fights the smile that stretches his mouth and curses himself for how flirty he was the other night.
- “You’re at the top of your class in one of the most foremost dance programs in the country Jimin- I wouldn’t be surprised if I was the only one who’d taken notice. Not to mention you’re absolutely adorable.” Hoseok adds with a wink, now Jimin really reddens and nearly chokes on the next bite of his food. 
- Hoseok giggles good-naturedly, a little too pleased with himself that he managed to make the adorable blond omega so flustered so easily.
- Jimin listens to Hoseok’s story, of his history performing, his injury, and after that, his forays into choreography and his eventual starting of his own studio after he reached a settlement with the company that had caused his knee injury.
- The studio had started as just a place for Hoseok to try and get back on his feet and go back into competitive dancing- but he had realized his passion for teaching when his friends started asking for pointers. 
- He started with 2 classes a week, and in the last 4 years, it had snowballed into a flourishing business that nearly ran it’s self, and was poised to become a legitimate dance academy. 
- Jimin praises him briefly for his good business skills but Hoseok just laughs and humbly admits that he was likely just in the right place in the right time. 
- “The studio is growing exponentially, but before I manage to turn it into an academy I need to remedy a certain issue that I hope you can help with. We have a ballet instructor from the Russian ballet academy, who you met briefly, and a few instructors that specialize in hip-hop and jazz, and I’m trying to get a work visa for a Latin dance aficionado from Peru, but We don’t have anyone who specializes with interpretive dance at the studio.”
- Oh, Jimin’s heart drops infinitesimally, so this was just a business meeting. Now Jimin understands. 
- “I’m sorry Hoseok, I love the business your running but it’s always been my dream to perform” Hoseok nods, “That’s to be expected, let me rephrase it then.” he takes a sip of his beer. “I want to offer you a job to help start my program with me with the promise that you’ll be able to pass it off temporarily, when you need to perform, be hired for performances by other companies, travel, and use the space for practice when it’s not being inhabited by 4th graders.”
- Jimin smiles at this, and even he has to admit- the offer is good, excellent even “you really want me to work for you don’t you.” Hoseok smiles kindly, “I think it’s safe to say that I do.”
- “I understand that this is a lot what do you have? Three weeks left until graduation?”
- “2 till finals and then a week of exams yeah,” jimin says. 
- “Work for me for the summer, see if you like it and if you don’t get a better offer- work for me.” 
- He tries not to be a little disappointed as the possibility of him and Hoseok,  and the little flirtation that he had with the alpha goes out the window. Because Park Jimin will not be the omega that sleeps with his boss no matter what his drunken brain might have wanted in the moments before he fell asleep. 
- When Jimin comes home he finds You sitting against your counter sucking on cookie batter while your boyfriend whips cream, shirtless his thick arms bulging. 
- Jimin can see the hickeys from your mouth that pepper Jacksons chest and he tries to quell the jealousy in his chest. He freezes when he see’s a hickey on your neck- so close to where a mating bite should be. 
- You told Jimin everything, you always tell Jimin everything- and he was surprised and more than a little hurt that you hadn’t told him you were thinking about letting Jackson mate you. 
-  If he felt like he could leave hickeys on you there then your relationship must have progressed farther than Jimin realized. Last he had heard you said you wanted to live with your mate for at least a year before you let them mark you. 
- Mating marks where sacred and a careful art in the world, something that a lot of people either took too seriously or not enough. It was stronger than a marriage bond; almost something of a soulmate bond. Your mate could tell when your body was in distress. People’s scents even changed when they got the mating bite. 
- Jimin didn’t want to imagine your warm vanilla smell overpowered by Jackson’s deep sandalwood. He didn’t want you to mate with him. 
- You scream in joy and jump off the counter into Jimin’s arms when he tells you the news getting flour all over his front but Jimin doesn't care at all. Jackson wishes him congratulations. But grumbles when the two of you make plans to go out for a celebratory ice cream at your favorite place across town. 
- With your arms locked with Jimin’s, you try to ignore your boyfriend who’s trying to literally pull you out of Jimin’s arms. Glareing at your clasped arms.  
- Jackson was always trying to do that, always trying to keep you all to himself. he was possessive as he was attractive. He wanted you stay over most nights and was practically trying to move your things into his apartment himself. 
- But you were reluctant to leave Jimin alone in your apartment- you knew that he likely couldn’t afford the rent himself, but despite the fact that now that seemed likely to change with his new job you were still unwilling to move. 
- Jackson tried to pressure you about moving in and had even left a fucking hickey on your neck of all places, too close to where you could get a mating bite. It was something you had told him time and time again that you where uncomfortable with and he never listened. And it had eventually lead to yet another argument.
- Jackson wasn’t even happy for you when you got a job as a translator for a video streaming company, telling you that he’d rather you find a job that wouldn’t keep you up so late- he wanted to be able to come home to his omega at the end of the work day. 
- Snarky comments lead to disagreements, and disagreements led to arguments and arguments only lead to one thing with you and Jackson 
- Sex was your common ground, you knew how definat and stubborn you where made him crazy, and not always in the good way but more often than not jackson loved putting you in your place, tying your hands togeather and reducing you to incoherent wimpers with the slow pull of his hips. he loved to draw it out and make you beg.  
- You found yourself seeking out Jackson not because you loved him- it was bad, a bad practice, but every time he said it to you; you said it back. 
- You would seek out Jackson every time Jimin came out of the shower shirtless or stood a little too close, or brushed your lower back in the wrong way. 
- Because time hadn’t dulled the way you felt about Jimin at all, if anythign the closeness haad made you want him in keener hungrier ways, though you still wanted him to be happy more than anything elce.  
- And you knew it, Knew in the depths of your soul that there was no way he could feel the same about you. You were his person, his bestfriend since forever and what was the point in risking that?
- So you tell Jackson you love him even when you don’t mean it because loving him physically made it easier to love Jimin from far away. 
- Jimin is surprised how much he enjoys working at the studio- and when he gets his first paycheck he almost balks because Hoseok is paying him  way too much, at this rate, he’ll have his student loans paid off in barely a year!
- He teaches 2 adult classes, 4 intermediate level classes, and 3 classes for elementary school students during the after school hours. Though sometimes adults end up in the child classes- the program that he, Hoseok, and Iskra (the Russian ballerina) designed on a Saturday morning is really it’s all based on skill level. 
- He loves watching the 7-year-olds dramatically tip back their heads to Sam Smiths song- stay with me, almost more than he likes correcting the 20-year-olds on foot positions. 
- The adults are often too tense to make the easiest of moves look fluid, unlike the children who might move clumsily but, with a freedom that Jimin has spent years trying to replicate. 
- Jimin loves working with hoseok as well, Jimin picks up on how his system works faster than anyone elce before him, and they even strike up a bit of a friendship. Hoseok gushes about the drama of his privite clients- idols and such that are both a pain and incredibly lucritive to teach, and Jimin talks about his college days, and you. though Jimin tries not to mention you every time he gets a chance.
- Hoseok even see’s you one day, waiting outside the studio for Jimin to come out. and he watches longinly as Jimin slings a casual arm around your shoulder.  and finds the misplaced envy puzling. 
- Hoseok even starts to look forward to seeing Jimin at work, more than he should, he loves the quiet carefulness that Jimin helps he child classes and the way he slings his feed over the benches in the back as he sreaches his lithe body out before he starts. 
- Jimin decides he likes teaching- loves it even. And other times he hates it. 
- Especially when he’s teaching the adult class; alpha’s don’t like listening to omega’s, they’d much rather hit on them instead. 
- “You need to adjust your front leg hyung.” Jimin says looking at the alpha in front of him. The class is mostly alpha’s today, though there are nearly just as many betas. 
- Jimin’s soft hands adjust an alpha’s leg carefully, and from the bent, over position, Jimin feels the alphas fingers brush against his ass. Jimin flinches back and gives a shaky smile- worried about calling the alpha out in front of the whole class. 
- The untoward behavior continues next class and the class after that. When he tells you about it you get so mad that he has to ban you from signing up for the class. Almost vibrating with anger as Jimin smiles inwardly, glad you care enough to be worried. 
- A brush of fingers against his neck, on his side- even once on his front. Hoseok stops in on one of those days and sees Jimin flinch back. his mood darknes when he realizes whats going on his temper flares when he see’s jimin to scared to do anything about the harassment. Before he has a moment to interveen someone calls him away into another room- he himself has a class going at the moment. 
- The alpha in question lingers behind after class, “you need help with your heat? I can tell that you’re close.” He says with a sickly sweet smile when all other patrons have cleared out of the room. 
- Jimin respectfully declines, worried about disrespecting the patron and making to duck out before the alpha blocks his way and repeats the question in much the same fashion. 
- Jimin is just starting to feel unsafe enough to make his pulse jump when the alpha shoves him, luckily, that is when Hoseok opens the door. 
- “What’s going on in here.” his voice booms 
- “I-I was just-“ the man stutters, 
- “Harassing one of my employees?” Jimin nods and subconsciously moves closer to Hoseok. 
- “Come on, can’t you smell how close he is to his heat? can you really blame me for soliciting an unmated omega? I was just trying to help,”  Hoseok’s eyes flash darker when he realizes that yes, Jimin is close to his heat, but it only makes him angrier. “Unmated alpha’s need to satisfy their urges, it’s only natural for me-“
- Hoseok chuckles darkly and tugs at the color of his shirt, showing the man the fact that Hoseok is unmarked too, “do you see me harassing anyone? No? That’s what I thought.” His tone is biting and threatening, All propriety and politeness gone. “You’re banned from this studio from now until it closes, and if I catch you hanging around outside waiting for Jimin I won't hesitate to involve the police.” 
- Hoseok grabs Jimin’s hand and tugs him out of the practice room and into the break room at the back, a smaller and odd shaped practice room that they’d repurposed with cubbies and a fridge. 
- “Are you ok?” Hoseok asks, as Jimin exhales a sigh and shakily starts to put on his street clothes. “Thank you hyung, for sticking up for me.” Jimin says shyly.  
- “Don’t thank me for treating you with the bare bones of respect.”
- Jimin smiles sadly, “I’m an omega, I’m used to It.” he tucks dance shirt into his bag, pulling on a black sweatshirt over his dancing shorts. 
- And I hate that you are, Hoseok thinks but doesn’t say, instead of packing up his own bag and tugging on his jacket, before declaring, “I’m walking you home.” Jimin doesn’t argue. 
- They make most of the walk silent, and Jimin is happy not to be leered at for once on his way home passed bars and clubs so late at night. With hoseok by his side Jimin feels safe, the way that only you do. 
- “Sorry for being a bother hyung, I know that a lot of people don’t hire omega’s because of the trouble we cause- but thank you for taking a chance on me.” He says when they reach the front door of your apartment. 
- If Hoseok is judging Jimin based on the location where he lives he doesn’t show it. Though Jimin finds himself suddenly abashed at how rusty the front door that opens up onto your steps is and the fact that his apartment is located on the bad side of town. 
- “Jimin,” Hoseok says, tilting his face up to meet his with a careful and warm finger, it’s not often that anyone besides you touches Jimin so casually and it makes his cheeks redden. “never think you’re a bother, you don’t deserve that kind of treatment, no omega does.” 
- Jimin pouts a little turning his head out of hoseok’s hands. “You probably think we omegas need to be coddled and protected,” 
- “Not at all!” Hoseok says, a little indignant. Hoseok looks for the right words “my… significant other put it in a good way the other day,” Jimin’s shocked- because he’s never heard of Hoseok being attached to anyone before, never seen a beta or an omega stop by at Hoseok’s studio. and he dosent have a mating mark either. He’s never even mentioned having someone to love in his life. Not like Jimin, who practically mentions you every moment he gets. 
- “Everyone should learn to stand on their own two feet, regardless of if they’re an alpha beta or an omega, A person shouldn’t need to be protected or coddled, they just need a space that’s safe enough to reach their full potential. And a pair of arms to catch them when they feel like falling, And that can be in anyone’s arms-” 
- Hoseok’s eyes flash up to meet Jimin’s, and he adds even quieter, “whether those be in an alpha, beta, or even omega for you I hope you have it.” Jimin flushes and looks away, your face flashing in his mind. Hoseok was right- that was what love was suposed to be like. That was always what love felt like when he was with you and Hoseok had caught jimin tonight.  
- “I’m not- attached to anyone right now.” Jimin lies because he is very very very attached to you and he knows it. 
- “You have a…” Jimin searches for the right word. “Modern way of viewing it.” Hoseok laughs, says goodnight to Jimin and disappears in the opposite direction of where they came. Jimin wonders where Hoseok lives, and if his significant other is waiting for him. 
- You have no idea how modern it is Jiminie Hoseok thinks when he finally catches sight of his two Alpha boyfriends. Namjoon brushes the hair off of Hoseok’s forehead and leans down to kiss him as Yoongi grabs his hand, his thumb running back and forth across his knuckles. “How was your day sunshine?” Namjoon asks. 
- “Enough with the pet names hyung you’re going to make me gag,” Yoongi says, surprisingly awake for it being so late at night. Hoseok Tisks inwardly, he must have had coffee, and now he won’t sleep for the whole night. Namjoon and Hoseok had been getting on him about having more regular sleeping habits recently. 
- “I thought you liked it when I called you baby though Yoongs?” Namjoon says with a small smirk, leaning over to wrap run a large hand through his hair. they all both  laugh when Yoongi flushes.
- But the corners of his mouth turn up at the edge. And Hoseok feels the tension inside his body relax slightly. Around the two of them he can never find it in himself to feel tense. 
- They bring out the best in him; every bit of happiness and joy comes up unfiltered by anxiety.  Hoseok knows he’s lucky, so lucky too have two people love him. Thoughts about Jimin plague him though; plague him enough that he confides in Namjoon and Yoongi late that night. 
- “You did the right thing” Namjoon says while yoongi plants a kiss on Hoseok’s bare shoulder. “Would it be wrong if I felt like I wanted to protect him?” “There’s nothing wrong with that at all” Yoongi grumbles his- eyes already closed. 
- That night you curl up with Jimin on your chest while you lie on your threadbare couch - a romcom humming in the background. Jimin always marvels at the fact that he feels absolutely 100% safe in your arms, your fingers card lazily through his fair hair, as he slowly falls asleep listening to the sound of your heartbeat. 
- But when Hoseok looks at him, Jimin feels almost just as safe. 
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A/N: So the good news is that I’ll be posting this FIc extremely often because 70% of it is already written. There’s noting really angsty in this fic, but be warned- this is the angstiest shit I’ve ever written and that’s saying something!
♡♡♡ Hope you enjoyed it ♡♡♡~ M
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