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#bts fanfic
sparklingchim · 2 days ago
long way home 03 | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
word count: 1.5k
genre: dilf!jungkook, friends to lovers
rating: pg
warnings: jealous jk, drunk oc
summary: the one were you had a little too much to drink and, oops, your lips are pressed against someone else's.
a/n: enjoy sad dilf jk hours <3
chapters: 01 | 02 | 03
masterlist | long way home masterlist
When Jungkook got texts from you saying "hiiiii" - "are u still up?" - "i could call a cab but id like to save money" - "hi?" - "lemme call u" - "oh youre online" - "hiii" - "pls take me home?" - "<3" he knew that you had one or two - who was he shitting - probably more than five drinks too much.
It's past 3 am and he's driving through empty streets with Nabi sleeping in the backseat in her little baby seat.
When Jungkook parks right in front of the bar he immediately catches sight of you. And you do too because your legs start walking toward his car and Jungkook can't keep his eyes from gawking at your beautiful body. Your exposed legs, your thighs, your cleavage and that glowing smile curving your lips make Jungkook's heart beat a little faster. You're stunning. And he'll never get over how stunning you are.
Jungkook would have helped you getting into his car but apparently he spent too much time staring at your gorgeous beauty. You stumbled into the passenger's seat before he even had the chance to get out of the car and assist you.
"Kookie," you greet him, way too enthusiastically. You throw your arms around his neck and pull him in for a hug. "Hii," you say against his neck.
He has to bite back a smile as he hugs you back. "Hey, baby." Jungkook makes sure to put your seat belt on when you lean back again.
When you notice Nabi in the back you halt for a moment. "I shouldn't be too loud." Jungkook nods, driving the car from the parking lot and heading home.
"Had fun tonight?"
"Mhmm," you smile. "A lot, actually."
"Where was Seulgi?"
"She's still there with Jimin. Dunno how they're not exhausted yet." You play with Jungkook's tattooed fingers when he has his hand around the gear shift.
It seems like you're in deep thoughts when you suddenly speak again. "Hey, remember when you were almost two hours late at picking up Nabi last week? That was not nice of you."
"I know, it'll never happen again. I'm sorry." He sighs, sounding disappointed. Jungkook still cringes whenever he thinks of that night and he feels bad for treating you like that.
"It's okay. I do stupid things too sometimes."
"No you don't," he denies. "You never do."
"I did something very stupid today," you confess.
Jungkook sends a quick glance to your side. He can't figure out if you really mean that or if it's just your intoxicated brain over dramatising an insignificant occurrence. You're drunk, you could have done anything, really.
"Mind to tell me or is this gonna be another one of your secrets that you'll hoard for the rest of your life?" He still gets amused just by the fact of quoting your high-school self when Jungkook was in your bedroom after school and was looking through your stuff on the desk and found your diary. He teased you and you ran after him and he held the diary up in the air and laughed when you tried to jump to reach it. You told him that all the pages were full of you crushing on a boy and Jungkook got so curious because he never experienced you having a crush on any boy in school. Eventually he gave the diary back to you because he wasn't an ass and because he respected your privacy and maybe because Jungkook didn't know how he'd feel once he would know on which boy you were having a crush on. Not happy, he knew that for sure.
His thoughts get ripped away when he hears you whispering your confession.
"I kissed Jimin tonight."
"You - what?" He expected a lot. But not that.
"I don't know - we, we were dancing and then I turned around and then he was there and his hands were on my body and it felt nice so I leaned closer and had a better view on his lips - his lips look so beautiful, Jungkook. Like, I couldn't stop myself because they just looked so kissable. And then it just happened but not for too long...well, if I think about it - maybe it was long, I don't know."
You slump back on the seat. "I just - we work together and, and I don't want this to be messy. I mean, I don't even know if I have feelings for him. He's just - kind and sweet and he makes me feel good."
You whine. "Jungkook."
He's glad that he has to stop at a red light because now he can look at you and doesn't have to watch you ramble and getting frustrated with understanding your emotions through the corner of his eye.
"I'm confused," you pout.
He is too. Not because he doesn't understand his feelings toward someone he kissed at a bar. But because he thought that he managed to storage that weird emotion of bitterness away that always came up soaring his body when you talked about another guy. He thought he had it under control. But yet here he was, struggling to prevent his hands to form fists around the steering wheel.
You return his gaze with big eyes, like he has all the answers to all the questions in the world. Like he could catch all the desirable stars from the night sky and give them to you.
"You're drunk, baby. Your thoughts are a mess right now anyways, so don't overthink it. Tomorrow you can think about it with a clearer mind, yeah?"
"Don't call me that."
"Hm?" Jungkook asks. He's called you baby a thousand times before.
"It makes my heart feel so...dunno...soft? It feels strange, Koo. I don't know if my heart should be feeling like that." You close your eyes and frown. You should have stopped drinking hours ago, Jungkook can see that. But he makes a mental note to call you baby more often because just the thought of your heart feeling soft whenever he calls you that makes his own one grow softer as well.
"You need sleep," he comments.
"I need cuddles."
"You can get them once we're at my place."
"Mh no, not your cuddles."
"Huh?" Now Jungkook is the one twisting his face into a confused frown. But when you're suddenly turn and bend over the small space between the driver's seat and the passenger's seat Jungkook understands who's cuddles you are in need for.
"Y/n, no you can't-" Both his hands are on your waist. Luckily the seat belt it stopping you from going any further. Your already short dress is hiking up the more you resist his grasp. He doesn't look but - okay, maybe he looked at your cute bum for a split second but it's really not his fault because it was there, right in front of his eyes and he just took a short glimpse at it.
You huff and give in, allowing Jungkook to push you back to your seat. The traffic lights turn green again the second you're properly sitting again.
"Nabi's sleeping right now and I doubt she'll be happy being woken up right now - even if it's for cuddles."
You massage your temple with closed eyes. Your little stunt probably got you a little dizzy.
"These shoes are killing me," you groan, taking your heels off.
"You do the same shit every time," Jungkook says, watching how you rub your sore feet against each other.
"But see how cute they look?" you defend, pointing at your heels.
And right after you say that Jungkook parks his car in front of his apartment building. Within a few seconds Jungkook opens up the door at your side and grabs you by the waist to throw you over his shoulder. You squeak surprised but don't protest. It's not like this is the first time he has done this. He pulls your dress down so now weirdo that lurks around the street can see anything.
Jungkook doesn't forget to get your shoes from the car, letting them dangle on his fingers tips. He manages to get Nabi out of the car too, careful not to cause too much movement to not wake her from her deep sleep.
After Jungkook helped you changing into some comfy clothes that you left at his place for moments like this you insist on letting Nabi sleep between Jungkook and you in his bed. Jungkook gives in, knowing that arguing with you while you're drunk isn't going to lead anywhere.
So he lays on his side and watched Nabi and you sleep. Jungkook still can't get Jimin out of his mind. But he forces himself not to think about too much. It's just a kiss. And you even said that you weren't sure if you had feelings for him. You were probably just drunk. That's all.
He bops Nabi's small nose with a little smile on his lips and then proceeds to gently brush you hair behind your ear. You mumble something incoherent and snuggle into his palm that he rested against your cheek.
Forever, Jungkook thought. He could go to bed like this forever. Watch over his most precious girls and fall asleep to that beautiful view.
But those thoughts were just dreams and Jungkook stopped believing in dreams coming true a long time ago.
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jimidol · 2 days ago
only you | jjk
Tumblr media
“no one else can fix me, only you”
⏤ pairing: jungkook x female reader
⏤ genre: established relationship au, angst, fluff, and smut
⏤ rating: 18+
⏤ warnings: mental health issues, extreme sadness, swearing, mention of traumatic event, mention of amnesia, mention of mental struggles, a lot of crying, mention of work pressure, mention of stress, mention of mental breakdowns, post traumatic stress disorder, mention of cowardice, remembering of trauma, mention of sex, mention of masturbation, a lot of making out, oral sex (m receiving), pet names, praising, penetrative sex, protected sex, and creampie
⏤ words: 7,450
⏤ summary: after a traumatic event, your world flipped upside down, leaving nothing but emptiness behind. an emptiness that has been eating you completely for the past year, but in the middle of the chaos that has become your life, there has been one person who has never left you. the only person that can fix you. jungkook.
⏤ author’s note: after reading this whole fic, i decided to not add or change anything about it since this was and still is an healing fic for me so i just corrected some small things here and there but for the rest, the fic is the same. i  want to thank every single one of you for everything you’ve done for the past year, it means the world to me! i hope you’ll enjoy this fic again ❤️
Tumblr media
Today is another shitty day.
For the past year, most of your days have been feeling the same. They have been insipid, dull, and extremely boring. For the past year, life has been completely tasteless. Nothing can bring joy to your heart since there’s just emptiness growing within your chest, eating you completely alive. The girl you used to be has completely vanished, and now, there’s this new person that you don’t even recognize.  
Behind the face of this new version of yourself, there are no feelings, no heart, nor any sign of life. Inside that chest of yours, there’s absolutely nothing but surprisingly, you’ve become a master at hiding it. People around you have barely noticed how much you’ve changed. They still believe you’re the same.
Strangely, their lack of attention sometimes breaks that cold heart of yours, causing tears to roll down your face. How can’t they see how devastated you are? How can’t they perceive that you’re giving them a fake smile? How can’t they see anything?
As those thoughts flood again in your head, you brush them away because you simply don’t want to start crying in the middle of the street. People will for sure send you weird looks, and you don’t want them to see that. Not today.    
With your headphones on, you walk in the direction of your boyfriend’s small apartment. ‘Empty’ of Chase Atlantic blasting in your ears for the millionth time today. This song is the one you can relate to the most, and it has left you wondering why you feel so fucking empty. This song actually makes you question everything.
But then, you remember that a traumatic event started everything. It was so traumatizing that it has left you in this state. Broken but at the same time, empty. Never have you ever thought it was possible to feel that.
However, you feel more empty than broken. Your heart is just filled with voidness, and when it becomes just too much you simply want to fall into Jungkook’s arms. Today being one of those days. All your heart desires right now is to be transported into the most serene place. A place where the only thing you feel is love.  
Nothing can ever compare to the feeling of his strong arms wrapped around you, your head pressed against his toned chest, and his heartbeat rocking you to sleep. Nothing can simply compare to having him by your side. This man is your rock. Without him and his warm presence, the darkness inside you would have taken over straight after that traumatic event.
His love and devotion have surprised you more than once. You’ve said horrible things to him, you’ve been extremely tough to live with, but never once did he give up on you or your relationship. Jungkook always listened to every hurtful word leaving your lips, he let them hit him with such an intensity that it broke his heart. But he never doubted that you never meant those words, he knew those were the words of a broken person.  
During those hard moments, the only thing he’ll keep whispering is “just let me love you”. Those words carry way more weight and meaning than anything you can ever say. Those words are the ones that calm you down when the voidness just simply eats you alive. Jungkook is the only one who can fix you because, behind all this suffering, the only thing you really feel is love.      
His love shines so brightly inside you that it keeps away all those bad emotions. With him, you feel understood, and he knows how much comfort his presence gives you. Never has he thought of leaving you behind when you’re going through all of this. That would be so cowardly of him.
He has seen how you suddenly changed, he has witnessed beforehand how your world completely collapsed. The spark that never left your eyes suddenly disappeared, and it broke him more than he’ll ever express it. That day he lost his girlfriend. That day he lost a piece of his heart. A piece he’ll never recover.
Your boyfriend is aware that you’ll never be the same person again, but he also knows that he still loves you no matter what. Fundamentally, you’re still the same person. You’re still the person he fell in love with. And he wants to be there for you. He wants to provide you with everything you need during these tough times. He wants to be the blanket that keeps you warm during winter.    
His heart constantly burns for you. He knows he’ll never get the old you back but that’s why he’s falling in love with you all over again. Slowly, you’re building a new life around you, and a new version of yourself is blooming. A version that he’s loving and cherishing with all his soul.
This new version only exists because the trauma that the event generated made you lose your memory. In the beginning, you noticed how you forgot the small things about the previous days but as time was passing, you realized that it was bigger than that. It was much bigger than that.
Slowly you noticed that you were unable to recall things that happened for the past year. A complete year was taken away from you in a matter of seconds. That broke you in a way that you can’t even describe today. How are you supposed to move forward when you don’t even remember a full year?
The memory lost forced you to build yourself from the ashes as you were unable to remember who you had become for the past year. All the accomplishments you did in a year were erased like they didn’t matter at all. But at first, you didn’t want to rebuild yourself. You simply wanted to be the person you were before, you wanted your life to go back to how it was before the incident.
But how can you move forward when you’re constantly looking backward? A backward that you can’t even remember.
Jungkook perfectly knows that he can’t heal you. Actually, no one besides yourself can. All he can provide you is a little help while you heal, and his presence has helped you in more ways than you can explain. The simple fact of having him constantly there, even when you’re a total nightmare to deal with has been able to give you some stability during this past crazy year.
Jungkook is your anchor.      
His presence has been the most comforting and healing place for you over the past year. When tears were threatening to roll down your cheeks, his hands were the first ones to clean them before his strong arms would hold your body tight in his embrace. His presence has been the only thing able to calm the storm inside you.
Over the past year, your boyfriend showed you that it’s okay to be broken. It’s okay to not feel good because, since day one, he knew that all this would turn you into a much stronger person. A person that he has grown to love even more. A person that he has so much admiration for. Even if today you can’t see it, you’ve come a long way. Jungkook has seen how strongly you’ve been fighting against all your demons.
But he also knows how much you crave to find your old self back. He knows how much you want to be that happy person that you were before all this.
However, Jungkook wonders if it’s truly something worthy. Before all this, you were happy but you hadn’t fought for it. You were happy because life had smiled at you most of the time. Today, things are completely different. You’re not totally happy but every single day, you fight for it. Every single day, you wake up with the will to have a true and sincere smile on your face.
To him, he doesn’t understand how you wish to be your old self when you’ve bloomed into this new person.
As you step inside his apartment, his face turns to watch you. Today, you’re not wearing the usual clothes you put on when you go to work. You’re wearing a simple black wool sweater with black fitted jeans. Jungkook loves to tease you a bit when you are too lazy to put on those classic pants with a nice shirt, but the moment he sees your broken expression, he refrains himself from doing so.
You notice him sitting on the couch in the living room. As soon as you take off your coat as well as your shoes, you rush to your safe place. His arms. The moment you fall into his arms, the tears instantly stream down your face, unable to hold back anymore this shattering feeling in your chest.
Today has indeed been too much for you.    
Mentally, you just know you’re not there yet. It has been a year since your life has been completely turned upside down, and for the past few days, that precise day that destroyed you has been haunting you. This has been breaking you even more.
Today you’ve been feeling emptier than usual as if your life was useless. As if your presence here hadn’t any meaning. Deep down, you know it isn’t true. Deep down, you know that your presence matters to some people. However, the pressure at work mixed with your poor mental health as well as the fact that it has been a year, everything has been slowly destroying you.
As today has been emotionally too much for you, it just makes you cry harder.
For the past few months, your mental health was finally improving after many months of constant mental breakdowns. The mental breakdowns will always be characterized by extreme mood swings, constant irritability, a lot of anger against the world and yourself, a feeling of always being on edge, isolation from the outside world, and avoiding social contact. Some days after, you’ll just be back to feeling completely devoid of emotions as well as being empty. The void eating you more and more once you calm down.
So, being back to square one after all those months of improvement makes you feel like a massive failure. You have been trying to get better, to fix yourself, and to feel less empty, but now, everything is back to how it was. Your mind and heart are back to being completely shattered.
Jungkook’s lips press a soft kiss on your head, his heart being completely broken to see you like this. For the past few days, he has been sensing how tense you were. He kind of knew that it was just a matter of time before you’d crack completely. Too much was happening.  
For a moment, you just cry in his arms, his fingers gently massaging your back as he tries to reassure you as much as he can. This loving gesture appeases your soul in ways you can’t even describe.    
For the past year, it feels like you’ve been screaming every day into the void, crying for help. Nobody has been listening to you nor has been able to help you. The only person listening to your cry for help is Jungkook. The only one who can fix you.
Slowly, you calm down in his arms, but none of you say a word. Your boyfriend is simply waiting for you to talk first as he doesn’t want to force you to express your feelings out loud. Something that he learned throughout this year is that forcing you to express your feelings is not a good idea. It will just anger you, and you’ll end up pushing him more away.
“Honey, let’s just lay on the couch,” Jungkook suggests as this position is getting very uncomfortable for the two of you.
While you clean your face from all your tears, you stand up to give him the space to lay on the couch. When you’re feeling this low, your boyfriend lets you lay over him. He knows how this eases your soul, he knows how this brings comfort to you. Sometimes, it hurts a bit to have all your weight on him but honestly, he’d move a mountain to just make you happier.
Once he’s all comfortable on the couch, he taps his chest, letting you know that you can lay on him now. Without any hesitations, you slowly place yourself on him, your head against his chest. His heartbeat is the first thing you hear once you’re on top of him, his sweet scent comforting you. His arms wrap around your back, pressing your body against his before he presses a soft kiss on top of your head.
The two of you look at the big screen against the wall in front of the couch. Before you arrived, he was watching ‘Friends’, one of his favorite shows. Jungkook puts the episode back so the two of you can watch it together from the beginning. It instantly lightens your mood, but what definitely helps you to feel better is the small caresses on your back.
“In one hour, we’re leaving, babe,” Jungkook whispers in your ear. “I’m taking you to a special place.”    
Jungkook is lucky enough to possess several houses all over the country as well as some others around the world. For the past year, he has been taking you to some of them so you can escape for a moment the harsh reality you’re living in. But there’s one house he hasn’t taken you to in over a year.
It’s in the countryside, it’s a very huge house that mostly his parents use whenever they want to be in peace. He also has been using it a lot whenever he wants to be with his friends or whenever he wants to spend some days with you. That’s exactly what he plans to do with you this weekend.
This past year has been tough for you, and today is more than hard. Although he wished you’d be better, he kind of expected to see you in this state. So he naturally planned this little outing for the weekend in hopes to help you feel better in any way.  
His fingers move up to brush your hair with tenderness.
“We’ll be gone for the weekend,” he tells you while your eyes are only focused on the episode of ‘Friends’ playing on the tv.
You simply nod. Honestly, today, you simply don’t care much about what you do with him. All that matters is to be with him, the rest is just details. You press a little kiss on his neck to let him know in some kind of way that you’re thankful for everything he does for you. Even if today, you’re feeling extremely empty and broken, you know that spending this weekend with him somewhere outside the city will help you.
A smile spreads across his face when he feels your lips against his neck. Small gestures of affection are something he cherishes deeply because even in the middle of the chaos that your life has become, he still feels loved by you. Something he honestly thought he would never feel again.
But you proved him wrong again and again.
You proved to him that even though you were broken you could still adore him. And it reassured him so many times because he almost lost hope a couple of times. This battle is not something you’re doing alone. It’s something you’re living with the people around you. Of course, you’re the one suffering the most but it affects the people close to you. They have to hopelessly watch you suffer.
They can only see you, give you a hand, and hope that it will be enough. They also have to fight their own battle to be able to be there every step of the way. They wipe their tears far from you to not cause you more pain. They have to stand strong when you break in their arms. It’s a battle for them too, but at least, seeing your improvement helps them to mend their broken heart.
They also have to mourn the version of you they lost.
Although they don’t say anything out loud, you’re perfectly aware of how this affects them. At first, getting better was something you were doing for them. At first, you wanted everything to go back to normal for them because of the pain you were putting them through. You constantly felt sorry for them, especially for Jungkook. But with time, you realized that you needed to do it for yourself and not for them.
Nobody could ever save you from your own pain. The only person who could and can heal you is yourself. You went through something deeply traumatizing that caused so many consequences. A post-traumatic stress disorder can’t be easily dealt with. It can’t be overcome with a simple snap. It’s a lot of work done with yourself to simply be a tiny bit better.
It took you months to start not feeling overwhelmed with your negative emotions. It took you months to start noticing a bit of improvement. It took you months to believe that people weren’t simply saying in vain that you’re a strong person. It took you months to stop having constantly mental breakdowns. It simply took you months to start feeling better.  
Even if today is a very bad day for you, you can say that you’re proud of the long journey you’ve achieved in one year. You’re perfectly aware that there’s still so much to achieve because you’re not okay a 100% but you have already done more than half of the way. There’s still so much to work on, and you’ve been thinking a lot lately to seek professional help for what’s left.
During the past year, you’ve been struggling by yourself, deciding to not involve any professional. Why? Honestly, you don’t know. It never crossed your mind since you wanted to handle everything by yourself and that your focus was put on getting better. But lately, you’ve been really considering asking for help.
Slowly, you fall asleep in his arms, finding comfort in the only person that can help you.
Tumblr media
As you gradually wake up, you feel lips pressing soft kisses all over your face. A little giggle escapes your lips when you realize that Jungkook is waking you up with fondness.
The man beneath you didn’t want to harshly wake you up, he actually didn’t want to wake you up at all but it’s better if you leave before the sun goes down. He doesn’t really like to drive in the dark, he doesn’t see really well. Plus, he wants to be able to cook dinner in his countryside house instead of eating some cold meal in the car.
“Wake up, little sleepy head.” He whispers in your ear before pressing another kiss on your cheek.
Your eyes slowly look up at the man lying beneath you. All you can see in his eyes is tenderness. Nothing else. Honestly, seeing it in his eyes always eases your soul.
“I’m awake, boo.”
His heart always melts when you call him boo. Out of all the nicknames you constantly give him, ‘boo’ is his favorite. Out of love, he presses another kiss on your forehead before you slowly stand up to leave the couch.
“Do you want to go to your place to pick up some clothes? or the ones you always leave here will be enough for a weekend?”
Since that traumatic event, you’ve been living between your apartment, his place, and your parents’ house. You don’t really have a place but Jungkook and your parents don’t want you to be alone for a long time. They are just scared of what could happen if they are not around you, and you can understand them. So, you just move around the three places.
Before giving him an answer, you head to his bedroom to check if you have enough panties and bras for the weekend. For the rest, wearing his comfy clothes would be perfect for you. No need to go to your place just for some piece of clothing, especially since you know there will be just the two of you.
Jungkook follows you to his bedroom since he needs to pack all the things that are in his room. While you check in his wardrobe, he takes a black bag that he places over his bed before joining you to grab some underwear.    
“It’s okay, I have all I need here.” You tell him once he’s next to you.
“Okay, honey.” He says before placing a soft kiss on top of your head. “Let’s grab some clothes, put them on the bag, and leave the apartment.”
You nod with your eyes closed, eyes that you closed when he placed that soft kiss on your head. The two of you gather all your things really quickly before leaving his apartment. As you head to the elevator to go to the parking lot of the building, you send a text to your parents to let them know that you’ll be out of town for the weekend.
Jungkook firmly holds the bag in his strong hand while his other hand holds yours almost as if he’s scared you’ll run away from him. The descent to the -1 level is quite fast, and you walk to his car in silence. There’s nothing to say yet and you’re still a bit sleepy.
Once you’re both inside the car, Jungkook starts to drive, heading to his countryside house. Inside the familiar and appeasing car, your eyes slowly shut down once again. All those negative emotions drained your soul, and you need some rest now. Your boyfriend notices it and simply focuses on the road before his eyes.
For a little while, the music playing in the car is the only thing that can be heard. It was really comforting to you but everything changes when ‘Lose you to love me’ by Selena Gomez starts playing.
“This song is so heartbreaking,” you start saying. “I really can’t understand how someone can leave their lover during a tough moment. Nobody deserves that.”
The song has broken your heart a million times although you weren’t living what Selena Gomez was singing. Of course, you already experienced heartbreak but it was long before the song was released because you’ve been with Jungkook for a long time already.  
“Some people are cowards,” Jungkook answers. “Some people find it easier to leave when someone is hurting instead of helping them to get better.”
You place your hand on his thigh. He’s right, some people prefer to run away when things get harder instead of helping their lovers. In the end, you believe it shows their true feelings as well as their strength.
“Some people aren’t as strong as you are.” You say before giving a good squeeze in his thigh.
Without him, you’d be completely lost today. That’s a certainty. You don’t need somebody else to confirm it for you. Without him, you’re not even sure you’d be standing here today. This man sitting right next to you saved your life.  
“I’m not necessarily a strong person, but I adore you. I simply want you to be happy, and I’d move a mountain for that.”
The proof is that he’s taking you right now to his countryside house. This is what truly matters to him, and although he’s aware it won’t make you happy in the long run, he knows that it will ease your heart for a moment.
“I’m lucky to have found you, boo,” your eyes never leave his face.
“And I’m the luckiest to share my days with a strong person.”
A smile appears on your face before you take his hand to press a soft kiss on it. This man brings so much comfort to you. To say that you’re lucky to have him by your side is more than an understatement. A life without him is something you don’t even want to think about because it would be worse than all the pain you have experienced in the past year.
“How can you turn such a bad day into a better one?” You ask before pressing another kiss on his hand.
Now, he’s the one smiling like an idiot because the only thing that truly matters to him is to make your day a tiny bit better.
“I didn’t do anything, I’m just being honest with you, honey,” he answers with his eyes focused on the road.
“Well, thank you for being here and for being honest, boo.” You tell him.  
For a moment, Jungkook just thinks about what to say because he doesn’t want that pretty smile on your face to disappear. Inevitably, he knows that it will go away. Today is such a special day, and he knows that it’s torturing your soul even when you have the biggest smile on your face.
“The past year has been tough for everyone, especially for you but all I care about is to be by your side, and to show you that days can get better.”
Your eyes quickly roam at the road before you, your mind thinking about what this day represents to you.
“Days are getting better, Jungkook and without your support, they would have never gotten better. You’ve been my rock in the middle of this hurricane, I’ve been holding on to you. That’s why I haven’t let go. That’s why I’m still standing.”
Those words are definitely something he never thought he would ever hear, but it definitely feels so good to hear them. It makes every fight worth it even more.
“I may have helped you, honey but we both know that you’re still here because you want it.” His hand moves to your thigh before softly caressing it. “You should give more credit to yourself, babe! You’re a goddamn warrior, and I swear that I’ve never met anyone as strong as you.”
Hearing someone complimenting you is something you’ll never get used to. Even when it comes from your boyfriend. Sometimes it feels like they’re talking about a complete stranger that you’ve never met when they’re talking about you.
“I know but I just want to make sure you’re aware of the impact you have on my recovery journey.” You reply to him.
“I’m aware of it, babe.”  
Tumblr media
The arrival at his countryside house was smooth.
After arriving there, you started cooking with all the things you took from his apartment. Nothing too fancy but it was a good meal. You had a call with your parents to reassure them but outside that, you haven’t really used your phone so far.
Since that traumatic event, you haven’t really been a lot on your phone. Most of the time, it’s a device that simply keeps you in contact with the rest of the world but only when you want it. You can literally spend hours without talking to anyone, but that’s okay for you because it keeps you safe which is something you desperately need.
Now, you and Jungkook are lying on the bed of the biggest room of the house. Your head is placed on his chest, the sound of his heartbeat being the only thing you can hear. There isn’t any outside noise. The tv in the room isn’t even turned on.
“This house is too big for the two of us,” you say.
“Well, who cares?” He says with a big smile on his face. “We’re alone and we’re going to have the best weekend of our lives!”
You lift your head to be able to look at him. He looks so handsome which makes your heart melts instantly.
Over the past year, your sex life was immensely impacted by your mental health. You and Jungkook went from having an active sex life to almost nothing, but it made you admire your boyfriend even more because never did he try or ask anything from you. He never hid from you that he masturbated a lot since it was a sudden shock but honestly, to him, his desires weren’t as important as your well-being.
Masturbation was the solution that he found to make sure his head would be able to focus on you when you needed him.
However, slowly, you’ve been making him understand that you’re feeling ready to get back to the business. For the past weeks, you’ve been having oral sex and nothing more. You’re exploring together your limits. There’s no rush in having penetrative sex, you have all the time to explore and see what makes you now comfortable.
Since you’ve been having these little sexual activities, your mind sometimes gets completely lost in dirty thoughts. But it’s not because you’ve been having wild dreams about you and Jungkook that it means that you’re ready. Honestly, you’ve only been feeling ready for the last couple of days.
Being here, in this house with him only makes you realize that you really are ready to go further than oral sex. You’re ready to explore more with the man you love. Honestly, you’re ready to try things right now as the mood is perfect.  
“I feel ready,” you suddenly say.
“Ready for what, babe?” He asks while raising an eyebrow.
Your heart starts hammering strongly in your chest. Even if you’re comfortable enough to speak about everything with your boyfriend, you’re still a bit scared of what his reaction might be.
“Ready to have actual sex with you.”
Your boyfriend is extremely surprised by your words. He knew this day would come but he never expected it to come this fast.
“I’m ready to let you show me how much you love me.”
A smile spreads across his face as you use those words. Every time sex is mentioned, he always says that he wants to take his time before physically showing you how much he loves you.
Instead of replying with words, his lips press against yours for a fervent kiss. He’s more than ready to give you all his love because that’s all he constantly wants to do. His heart burns for you, and his dick easily gets hard when you’re around but that’s something he’ll probably mention in a couple of days or weeks.  
Slowly, your hand moves down on his body, getting dangerously close to his cock. The simple thought of feeling your hand around him makes him grow harder. Thankfully for you, your boyfriend is only wearing his underwear right now since he loves to sleep almost naked. Without an ounce of hesitation, you take out the only clothing piece from his body, his cock slapping against his abs.
You break the kiss to take a look at the beast between his legs. It always surprises you how massive he is, and it always leaves you wondering how on earth he can walk with something like that in between his legs. You actually wonder how he can do that when his cock gets hard.
“Can I touch you, Kook?” You ask him.
With his eyes closed, he nods. He’s completely desperate to feel your fingers around him, knowing perfectly that he’ll come undone when you’ll touch him. But he fucking doesn’t care because that will only lead to feeling your velvety walls around him for the first time in over a year.  
As you’re so desperate in pleasing him, you wrap your hand around the base of his dick. His head is red, precum running down his length and over that prominent vein that lines it. You rub your thumb over the tip before going down on his shaft, spreading his arousal all over him. A deep moan leaves his lips as your hands finally touch him, his head falling completely on the pillow.      
“Damn, honey,” he growls. “I constantly miss your fairy hands.”
Slowly, you start pumping him, taking your time, your hand gliding up and down his length. A trail of groans leaves his lips while you pump him nice and slow, giving him the handjob he has been dreaming about. Every time your hand reaches the base, Jungkook shivers, loving deeply how you’re touching him.
As you pump his massive length with your hands, you never stop looking at him. You absolutely love to watch him melt in your hands, and honestly, for the past weeks, you have been enjoying seeing him contorting with delight every time you touch him. Those moments are very unique.
Since your life has been turned upside down, you’ve been enjoying a lot of small moments. Moments that you used to consider as unnecessary. Oral sex with Jungkook used to be like the introduction, and today, you just simply savor it. In the end, it’s still an intimate moment you share with your boyfriend even if it’s dirty.    
After a little while, you dip down to kiss the head of his cock, causing deeper and louder moans to leave his mouth. Damn, over the past days, while planning all the things you’ll both be doing in this house, receiving a blowjob was definitely not on his mind which makes this moment even better. You lick his tip, his precum coating your wet muscle before you wrap your mouth entirely around his cock, sinking down fully on his length.
“Fuck,” he groans, loving the warmth of your mouth around him.
He swears that he’s about to fall apart, covering your mouth with his cum. Your eyes look up to meet with his but as you do so, he busts right there, his hot seed filling that pretty mouth of yours. Jungkook is just a weak man, especially when you’re added to the mix.
The thing about not having a lot of sexual intercourse in months is that it makes every moment magical. So magical that none of you actually last really long but the intensity of the orgasms is a million times stronger than any of the ones you’ve ever had before.  
For example, he didn’t see this one coming, but damn, he swears that he can feel it in every single part of his body. Nothing feels better than having sex with you. Nothing feels better than being with you.
Slowly, he comes down from his high, your mouth leaving his cock to just watch him being completely overwhelmed with his orgasm. He looks like an absolute angel. The prettiest angel in the world. However, you also consider him as your guardian angel as he’s been the only person to protect you during the past horrible year.  
“Do you have condoms here?” You raise the question.
“Honestly, I don’t know.” He answers. “I wasn’t expecting this to happen so I need to check my wallet.”
For sure, there aren’t any condoms in this house because he doesn’t want his parents to find them. It will make everyone so uncomfortable, especially him. He’s perfectly aware that his parents have seen his little beast as he grew up but condoms are something else. It will actually let them know that you both have an active sexual life which doesn’t make him comfortable at all.    
While he stands up to grab his wallet, you decide to surprise him a bit more. Since you have all this confidence within you at the moment, you want to use it as much as possible because for sure, in a couple of minutes, it won’t be the case anymore. You lay on your back as you take off the large t-shirt of his that you’re using as a pajama and your underwear. As you do so, your eyes never cease to look at his strong back while he looks for a condom.
“Found one!” He screams when he finds one in his wallet.  
When Jungkook gets back on the bed with his condom in his hand, he bites his bottom lip. “You’re so beautiful, honey,” he whispers in your ear before pressing a sweet kiss right under it, sending shivers down your body. “You’re sure you’re ready?”
Although he really wants to do it, he also wants to be 100% sure you want this. Even if you’ve already teased him a bit, he can wait a little longer for you.  
“I am, boo.” You press your lips against his to kind of make him understand that you’re truly sincere.
“Then, let’s do this!” He presses one final kiss before ripping the plastic, and putting the condom on his length.
You spread your legs to let him situate himself in between them, but you’re also letting him see your soaked folds. On his knees, he gets closer to your body, brushing his cock against your pussy, and getting you even wetter. He wants you to be as wet as possible to be ready for his massive cock.
When he feels that you’re wet enough, he slowly buries his thick cock inside your soaked core, stretching your walls. His large hands find their way to your waist, caressing your soft skin while his doe eyes filled with lust look into yours. Both of you groan as he slowly pushes his long and thick cock inside you.  
This stretch is something you missed, and it’s even better than in your dreams. It’s so delightful that it causes your eyes to roll back. Honestly, it hurts a bit but right now, you’re focused on everything but the pain it’s causing. All you want is to enjoy this moment.  
Jungkook leans closer, pushing his cock a bit deeper inside you and snatching a deeper moan out of you. “I’ve missed this so much, babe,” his deep voice groans in your ear.
Slowly your boyfriend pushes back, leaving only the tip of his cock inside you. His eyes never leave your figure, watching you moan under him. Although he has always loved rough sex, he wants this special moment to be all about love and nothing more. He doesn’t want to hurt you during your first time after this whole trauma. So, he carefully pushes his cock fully inside you, trying to be as delicate as possible.
For a little while, he doesn't move, hovering over you and watching you with delight. His eyes roam down on your body, appreciating the piece of art that you are. During a brief moment, his eyes get glued to where your bodies meet, watching himself buried deep inside you. It feels like the last time it happened was ages ago. His lips meet yours for a sloppy kiss before leaving a trail of wet kisses down to your neck.
“I’ve missed this so much, honey,” he whispers against your neck before pressing a tender kiss.  
His gentle voice warms your heart. It’s obvious that he’s doing everything to be the sweetest with you. You know how much he’s into rough sex, how much he loves this to be extremely dirty, and you also used to love it. You appreciate all the effort he’s doing to make you feel safe at this precise moment.
That’s also why you love this man with all your soul.
You close your eyes, completely enjoying having him fully inside you. This feels like something completely new but at the same time, it feels like being back home. This feeling is extremely weird but in a good way.
Once he sees that you’re ready to take more, he slowly pulls back before slamming himself back into you with both hands on your hips, pulling you back to meet his thrusts. The bed under you squeaks, the headboard hitting the wall just behind you. The slick sound of your pussy soaking his cock as well as your soft moans quickly fill the room.
Slowly, your boyfriend starts to thrust into you, and he’s being extra careful to not hurt you. Quickly, you get completely drunk on the feeling of his cock filling you up, his hips hitting against yours with every thrust he makes. This all causes sparks of pleasure to shoot throughout your body, your arousal dripping from your core and creaming his cock.
Jungkook smirks as he notices the sticky mess you’re causing. Even if this moment isn’t wild, he’s loving to see that your body is positively responding to his pounding. His cock is buried deep inside you that you swear you can almost feel it on your throat. This man definitely owns the biggest cock you’ve ever seen in your life.  
“You’re so fucking wet, honey,” he hisses before biting his lower lip.
Your boyfriend definitely couldn’t hold back that comment, he’s definitely enjoying seeing your arousal around his cock. His hands press harder into your skin when he feels your walls tighten around him.
“And making such a mess on my cock.”
Every time he pushes his hips back, he watches with delight the way his cock is completely covered with your arousal. This is driving him crazy as he hasn’t seen this in over a year. Even for him, everything feels new but at the same time, completely normal.
His eyes glance down at you, contorting with pleasure as it slowly builds within you. Your moans are getting louder, and you’re thankful that there’s nobody else in this house or even in the surroundings of the house because it’d be awkward to know people could hear you screaming with pleasure.
His hands can feel the way your body quivers with each thrust. The way he’s torturing your body is only making you lose yourself further. Although he’s being very delicate with you, he just knows how to pleasure you perfectly.  
“Fuck,” he groans when he feels the warmth of your walls wrapping tighter around him. “Your cunt is clenching so hard, babe.”
As you glance up at him, you can’t help but find him extremely attractive. His eyes stare down at you with passion and lust as his tongue licks his lower lips. He simply can’t believe this is really happening. Never had he thought while preparing this little weekend that he’ll have sex again with the love of his life.
Slowly, he starts thrusting into you with more urgency as he gets completely lost in the feeling of having your walls tightly around him. Jungkook leans again forward, pressing another sloppy kiss on your lips. With time, you’ve started to realize that he loves to kiss you, he can spend a day doing it, and you also love it because it brings so much comfort to your broken soul. It reassures you in ways you can’t even describe.
One of his hands slowly goes down on your body, passing your stomach, and landing on your throbbing clit. His fingers start to rub your sensitive spot, causing moans to flood out of your mouth. It doesn’t take long before the wave of pleasure hits you intensely, making you come hard around him. Your arousal covers completely his cock, your walls squeezing him over and over again.
Jungkook ceases the occasion to speed up the pace of his hips slamming into you, wanting to chase his own high. The coil in his lower stomach tightens inside of him, and it completely clouds his thoughts. Breathy whines escape his pretty lips as he looks down at the mess you made on his cock. His eyes roll back with pleasure when his orgasm hits him hard. His body tenses up as he releases his load inside the condom. Loud cries of euphoria leave his lips.
He collapses next to you, both of your bodies covered in sweat after this first sex session after your trauma. Your heavy breathing is now the only thing that can be heard in the bedroom.
“Wow, babe,” are the only words your boyfriend says.
The man lying next to you is completely overwhelmed by his orgasm, he can’t even think straight. Well, neither can you do the same. This was marvelous, and in some way, this made you forget about all the bad emotions inside you.  
“How are you feeling?” He asks while he removes the condom from his length.
“Good,” you say as your eyes glance at him.
Jungkook leaves the bed to throw the condom full of his cum in the garbage can. He comes back to bed completely naked but before laying on the bed, he grabs the shirt you throw on the floor to give it to you.
“I don’t want you to get cold, honey,” he whispers before pressing a tender kiss on your cheek.
“Don’t worry, boo,” you press too a kiss on his cheek. “Nothing bad will happen to me if you’re around.”
Tumblr media
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jkooby · a day ago
01| needling touch
Tumblr media
pairings: psychiatrist! jungkook x patient! reader
summary: Asylum is well-known facility for people who are mentally ill. You'd been trapped in it for years, in the hands of a psychiatrist who knows far too much about you.
warnings: yandere themes, possessive behavior, mental illness, mention of drugs, stockholm syndrome?, age gap, sexual themes, dub con touching.
word count: 4.5k
Tumblr media
The pencil, in a soothing graphite grey, seemed to be speaking directly to yourself, urging you to relay your feelings on the blank sheet placed in front of you. Instead of writing anything, you impulsively crumpled the paper into a little, presumably circular form on the spur of the moment. You don't feel like writing anything right now when your head feels a hundred times lighter than it did yesterday.
They always leave you with a pad of paper and carefully sharpened pencils, ensuring they aren't too sharp to prevent you from any harm it may cause. They said that they are an implement for you to express your emotions. It's like a never-ending routine that you have to accomplish every single day. It’s tiring.
The clanking of chains rang through the small room as you raised your arms to remove the strand of hair that had fallen into your eye. You exhale a sigh of exhaustion. You feel tired. You wanted to sleep but couldn't, you wanted to eat but couldn't at the same time, leaving the tray of your lunch placed on top of your bed untouched. The meals were never appetizing enough, but you have to consume it in able to stay alive. He wouldn't like it for sure if you stubbornly declined.
You'd been locked in this small cell for so many years you couldn't even remember. Other than your name, you don't also know your age or anything else about you. Your name was all you knew. You've had the name he told you since birth, but it never feels right when you roll it on your tongue. But he likes it, and he loves calling you that. It melts in his mouth like cotton candy, and he can't get enough of it. It's quite addictive.
For years, this place had been your sanctuary, serving as your second home. Despite the fact that you couldn't recall the home you used to live in, it was one filled with a heartwarming ambiance rather than darkness surrounding in the air. The outside world has been forgotten in your mind at how long you've been locked up without being able to walk freely outside.
You weren't anticipating for your freedom, in fact you're actually terrified of it. All of the things you've heard about the outside world have made your small hairs on your skin rise up. They said it was wicked, full of individuals who have no empathy for those like you who suffer from mental illnesses. It's inhumane that they considered you were less than sane.
You were so terrified that you never allowed an inch of your skin to be touched by the warmth of the sun ever again. Isolating yourself from everyone, resulting in your lack of serotonin, which raises the risks of your growing condition. Having no consistent moods, as a result of ongoing hormonal changes. Day by day, your sickness worsens due to a lack of proper intakes of what an average person should take.
You couldn't hear the upcoming tap of his steps, the cage you were in was built with such thick walls that it was almost impossible to breathe due to the lack of windows on the cold stone walls. A simple florescent light in the centre serves as your source of illumination. The sound of multiple keys dangling from the outside resonates, and with the click of the door being opened, you just discovered that he was here. That's how it's always been. His visits were so unpredictable that you couldn't tell when he'd show up. But he'd never go more than two days without seeing you in a week.
Dr. Jeon, the only person you've ever known who is very familiar to you. He's the psychiatrist in charge of you currently, but you've been under his care since then. Even so, you were unaware of this fact. All you knew was that he was the same person who had cared for you during his fellowship days until he was officially licenced in the medical field. Transferring your records under his name, so he'll be completely in charge of you without the others interfering.
You weren't trusting of other people, but with him, it was so easy for you to trust him. He was like a father figure to you. Despite the fact that his youthful appearance belies his age. He looks after you as a father would look after his daughter. He will occasionally give you advice if he believes that a talk therapy session is required in your state. In a quiet room, only his gentle deep voice can be heard, filling your senses with calm peace.
It occurs on some days when your sadness consumes your entirety, he'd come into your cell in no time whenever he notices you longing for his presence from the monitor he's watching in. You'd always call out for his name, your sweet voice filtered through the camera that hung in the room's ceiling corner. A perfect angle where he could view every single details of your movements.
Every cell has a camera to monitor the person who is isolated within it; the only difference is that only he has access to the view of your surroundings. He would never allow anyone to take over his monitor and oversee you. There were times when your thighs would tighten around the pillow, grinding into it as if you were a kitten in heat, needing someone to take care for you. oblivious to the hungry eyes peering from behind the screens.
He liked your whimpers of cries wanting to release the knot forming in your stomach the first time you did this—pleasuring your own. It makes his dick throb at the way your breath would falter every time your clit touched—barely pressed against the soft linens of the pillow case. He despised the fact that the audio couldn't justify your beautiful cries. So Jungkook had invested in a high-quality camera that allowed him to see and hear every detail so clearly that it felt as if you were doing it right in front of him.
He'd touch himself at the thought of you tightening your thighs around him instead of those pathetic pillows. He had no idea how you had discovered this sensual activity, or what made you think it was ok for his sanity.
It must've been because of the way his fingers would pressed so gently against your cunt whenever the therapy session ended with him being unable to resist the temptation of your inner thighs exposed to his lustful eyes. The little light gown you wore was so thin he could see your skin through it, could see the way there's nothing underneath but your bare body completely naked. leaving him with visions of you without the flimsy material serving as a barrier.
You were so embarrassed from the way he was touching you in there, you felt so exposed even though he told you it wasn't something to be ashamed of, telling you words like
"it's ok darling, it's completely normal for me to touch you here. you don't want me to stop do you?"
Ofcourse you didn't want him to stop. You liked it. It feels so good to which you'd sometimes ended up bucking your hips so his fingers would slip in, only for him to drew it away immediately from your heat. It always leave you unsatisfied, yearning for more. You'd plead for his fingers to come into your slick once more, reaching for it only for him to playfully pull it away where you couldn't reach. A teasing smile adorning his face then he'd say
"no more darling, i'm done examining it."
It was all you could think of the next few days, feeling hot with the burning need, building up inside of your body. You had tried to touch it on your own but it was nothing compared to his slightly rough fingers. Because of the unbearable needs, hence you ended up grinding into your pillow—a mix of soft and hard sensation enough to satistfy and give you pleasure.
A father figure, on the other hand, isn't complete without a strict demeanour. There were times when Jungkook would chastise you for things you had done inadvertently. When he discovered that you were also touching yourself, he rushed into your room to scold you for touching yourself without his permission. As if he didn't just hardly came in his pants from the sight of you doing it. Having to teach you lessons, he'd spank you with his belt like the typical object a father would use to their daughter.
He's indeed like a father to you, teaching you lessons when you acted bad.
Taking your medications and foods was also one of the reasons he gets mad at you. He despises it when you leave your stomach empty for an entire day. It would have a significant impact on your body if you consumed the medications you take with an empty stomach, abnormal effects could possibly occur. which you deduced is the reason why he came to see you today.
A glimpse of his black shiny leather shoes showed up from your sight, it's all you can see with your head lowered down. Closing the door from behind, he immediately strides toward your cowering figure stopping right infront of you before his shoes could even touch the cold tip of your toes.
"we met again darling, how are you?"
Jungkook's gentle voice seemingly drew you out of your haze, you looked up to him to be greeted with his mischievous smile. He was expecting a response from you as usual, but the way your expression seemed detached, your chapped lips hardly pressed together, gave him the impression that he wouldn't be getting one anytime soon.
His eyes averted away as he gave you a nod of understanding, playing off the ignorance you displayed. His gaze was drawn to the strewn crumbled papers and pencils that lay lifeless on the cold floor. He sighs, giving you glance from the corner of his eyes.
"ah, i see.. having a bad day hm?" He assumed this was the reason of your unusual mood. You couldn't write anything.
He crouched down to your level, lightly tapping your forehead, then trailing it down until it reached below your chin, forcing your head to lift with his fingertip so you could face him.
"Why aren't you speaking to me, darling?" he asked, furrowing his brows a similar look to a pained expression.
You only responded with a slight tilt of your head, not exactly knowing what it indicates. Jungkook's gaze is drawn to your dry lips, which appear enticing, and it aches him to wet them with his tongue covered in spit. You appear especially glum today, your lips never twitching into a small smile all morning.
"you haven't eaten yet" he slightly pinched your chin before rosing up to his feet.
"you know, if you're not going to open that mouth to speak then at least use it to eat. i don't want you to starve and it would be another responsibility for me"
Taking a bowl of rice from the tray, he ladled a generous amount of soup over it before garnishing it with a few shredded leaves. He returned to your line of sight, crouching back as he attempted to shove a spoonful of rice into your mouth. You refused to open your mouth, whimpering at the cold touch of metal against your lips.
The sound of a porcelain bowl being harshly placed on the floor rang in your ears, and you flinched. tickling your senses with what's to come from his abrupt change in demeanour. Your eyes nervously look into his squinting angry eyes, as if he was giving you a warning not to disobey his command.
Getting a hint of what he was trying to tell with his eyes, you slowly parted your lips, hissing at the pain your dried lips caused from stretching. Jungkook's stern gaze did not leave yours until he was certain you were chewing on the food he shoved into your mouth.
He eventually smiles after you swallowed the remnants in your mouth. "See, it's not that hard."
He shoved another spoonful of rice into your mouth, complimenting you on how well you ate your meal every time you opened your mouth to show that you'd swallowed it. The bowl of rice soon was empty, to which he patted your head with light tap before proceeding to pick up the glass of water from the same tray, handing it to you.
Jungkook rummaged through his lab coat pockets with care. Feeling the bump of the syringe he was looking for, he took it out, tearing the packet hastily. You keep an eye on him as he works diligently on the shots he's going to insert into your flesh. Your eyes caught the way how his brows were furrowed in concentration, and how it goes well with his entire facial features. Dr. Jeon was undeniably attractive, it was no secret. He had been the centre of attention ever since he began his internship at this asylum. Many of his female coworkers would do anything to have his surname written before theirs.
Regardless of his age, many young women would rush to him, hoping for the chance to feel his cock deep within them. They reasoned that because they were young, it would be easier for them to seduce him. But Jungkook is no weak man to others; he's only weak for you. Only you can make his legs tremble with pleasure whenever he imagines himself drugging you so he can take you whenever he wants.
You wouldn't know and won't have any idea, but some have been envious of you having Jungkook's undivided attention. The fact that you were the only patient on his list of responsibilities demonstrates how unconcerned he is about taking care of another one. You didn't wish to be a mentally ill person so that they could hope it was Jungkook who was looking after them. Someone out there may be planning your death in their head while you are peacefully resting in your cell.
Disregarding the now empty vial on his pocket, Dr. Jeon turned to face you with a knowing smile indicating that it's time for your weekly dose of medication.
You've been getting this medication for years, and he's been injecting it into you every week without fail. You remember him telling you that it's something your body needs to put your mind at ease. You never questioned the entire medication process. As long as you feel fine, it was all that matters. Your disorder was never specified, and you couldn't remember how you got here in the first place. It's as if your entire childhood had vanished in an instant just like that. There are no memories that you can recall.
"since you're nice and full right now, your body can handle this without any complications, hm?"
Squatting down, he reached for your right arm, cleansing the area where he'll be injecting the needle. The process was so quick that you didn't even realise it was done.
"Good girl, as you always are," he patted your head, giving you a nod of approval.
"Have your rest a little later, and don't forget to eat your dinner." his stern expression returned, attempting to warn you not to do anything that would enrage him. You gave him a half-smile while nodding in understanding.
"Good, i won't be here for the next three days. you better not do anything stupid darling or you won't like what i'll do to you." he worded each word clearly as he walked out of the room, locking the door leaving you in silence once again.
Tumblr media
For you, three days without his presence feels like a year. You had obediently followed all of his instructions, eating all of your meals, taking all of your medications without fail, and even refraining from touching yourself that he claims to own as his property. But they were meaningless without his praises, without the pats on your head, and little smiles he threw your way. You missed him.
It's the fifth day without him, and you're beginning to wonder what he was doing the previous two days if he said he'd only be gone for three days.
The unlocking of the door drew your attention, your heart racing inside your chest; you'd never felt so giddy like this before that you almost feel like fainting from the excitement. When the person behind the door finally entered, your smile faded slowly, revealing a completely different person.
He was dressed in a white coat similar to Jungkook's, but instead of the usual Dr. Jeon you see plastered on the coat. It reads Dr. Kim, a name you've probably never heard or seen before. Even his face was unfamiliar, but he was handsome and tall, even taller than Jungkook, and it terrifies you to be alone inside with a stranger in a room.
The way you fumbled with your bedsheets indicated that the man could sense your apprehension. Of course, determining a person's emotion was simple for him; after all, he works in a field full of people with mental disorders. Not wanting to frighten you, he didn't take any further steps near you that you might find unsettling.
"hi, please don't be afraid. my name is Dr. Kim, and I go by the name Seokjin," he said with a heartwarming smile, stretching his arm out as if for a handshake. You remained silent, not responding.
Seokjin drew his arm immediately, not expecting this interaction to be more awkward than he anticipated. But you appear to be a shy person, so he just let it slide, not wanting to create an uncomfortable atmosphere inside of the room, he spoke.
"Dr. Jeon wouldn't be able to come in until the end of the week, so I was sent here as a substitute to give you your weekly injection."
Your ears perked up in interest at the mention of his name, as if it's an instinctive habit of yours whenever you hear the only name you know. Your eyes, on the other hand, were saddened by the fact that he would still be not here for the next few days. What was he doing that he was taking so long? You're not used to him being gone for more than a week, and it bothers you.
"Anyway, have you eaten your lunch?" the man inquired, his gaze fixed on the vial in his hand.
"Yeah," you said quietly enough for him to hear.
"Alright, here we go. please relax your body ok?" you nodded your head as he approached your right arm, gently gripping it with his glove-covered hand. It feels cold under your skin. It felt strange to have someone else that is not Jungkook to hold your arm; his skin wasn't directly touching yours, but the sensation was still off.
"Ok good! that was so easy, thanks for your cooperation," the content sigh he breathe out made you atleast feek better.
"You know, most of the patients I've met were so aggressive! I feel like they'd bite me whenever I came near," he complained in a joke manner as he arranged the used items on the silver platter.
"I thank God every day for inventing the straitjacket; without it, this job would eventually have my finger off," he continued, this time facing you with a grin on his face.
You just stared back at him with an awkward smile, unsure how to respond to his words. His bright personality was nothing compared to the personality you've become accustomed to over the years. It's unusual, but it somehow comforts you.
"Dr. Jeon is so lucky to have you! I have like 3-4 handled patients and three of them make my job hundred times harder. If it wasn't for the paycheck, I would leave this place in a snap" he laughed airily, you couldn't tell if he was joking or not, but the last sentence broke your heart.
You know it wasn't meant to offend you, but thinking about Jungkook made you paranoid, causing anxiety to creep through your senses. What if he doesn't genuinely care about you? What if he's only here for the money and is just doing his job properly? You have no idea.
You didn't know much about their job, as well as a lack of studies due to the fact that you never attended high school. You just assumed he's here to help you as someone who genuinely cares about you, not as someone who feeds you drugs until you're healed so they can get rid of you.
You remembered how many times you had irritated him, and how disobeying him had made his job more harder. You suddenly felt guilty for everything you'd done to make his job difficult. What if he's had enough of you? What if everything he told you before he left was just an excuse to abndon you? You couldn't handle not having him on your side, your mouth quivered at the thought.
"hey hey, sorry I didn't mean it that way-" seokjin panicked once he saw the tears welling up in your eyes. He was just simply attempting to clear the air, now he have to deal with this.
"I love my job, we love our job. it's just a joke, we care about our patients, okay?" he nervously tried to approached you to stop you from crying, but he couldn't muster the courage to do so.
Dr. Jeon's strict voice rang in his ears, reminding him not to touch you under any circumstances. telling him that he was only allowed to do this when he was about to perform the injection. Seokjin was still perplexed as to how touching would affect you; you appeared calm when he gripped your arm, so why bother? He wouldn't hesitate to pat your back if it weren't for the camera recording everything live.
"Would you like to speak with Dr. Jeon?" Seokjin had come up with another solution that he thought was clever when your gaze was drawn to his in an instant. He drew the phone from his pocket after abruptly nodding your head.
Your attention was drawn to his hand, fingers tapping on the screen, and you assumed he was looking for Jungkook's contact information. You could hear the phone ringing and Seokjin pushed the phone into you for you to take. You mumbled a thank you, hesitantly accepting it for fear of mishandling it.
"I'll leave you alone for a few minutes, I'll just be waiting outside, okay?" taking a step back, he came to a halt and went on.
"also, if he still doesn't respond, he might be really busy," he finished before leaving the room, giving you some time alone to communicate with the person you greatly missed.
The device's vibration felt tricklish against your palm, and it's also a little heavy. Even though the weather wasn't particularly hot, the sweat forming within your temples is beginning to dribble down. You were nervous for no apparent reason, but you had a gut feeling that you couldn't explain. This was definitely a new—experience for you. You'd never called anyone before, and you'd only seen Jungkook do it a few times.
"Hello?" There was a brief pause before he continued.
"What's the matter, Dr. Kim?"
Your gaze was drawn to the phone's screen, which was no longer vibrating. After hearing the voice you had been missing for days, your eyes immediately brighten. Your mind went blank suddenly, you didn't know how to respond to him, and you couldn't even think of words to say. It's as if you just wanted to hear his voice without saying anything back. Frowning, it doesn't help the frustrations that are building up in your chest.
"Is there any problem?"
Another phone response made your heart race faster. With all of your courage, you decided that if you kept insisting on not speaking back, this call would not last. However, just as you were about to say the first word... The sudden disconnecting tone that resounded in your ears caught you off guard. He hung up the phone.
"What why?" you wondered as you held the phone near to your face, your gaze wandering through the phone screen. There were a lot of names listed on the contacts, and because you were unfamiliar with the device, it was difficult for you to explore it. You also didn't know which button to press afraid that you'll mess it up. Your gaze was drawn to the door, where Dr. Kim was most likely waiting from behind. Should you request that he call Jungkook again? It was your fault for taking so long to respond, and it makes you want to cry.
Not long after, the phone began to ring in your palm, startled by the sound, you quickly pressed the green button. You already know it was meant to answer the call because you've seen Jungkook do it whenever he receives a phone call.
There was nothing but silence. The startling unusual noises of something being shifted drew your attention back to the call, which was still going but no voice speaking in line. Instead, unidentified muffled noises were heard. You didn't bother to end the call because it hadn't been that long since you just started; perhaps he'll eventually talk and you'll just have to wait for it. You had been hearing rustling faint noises and you're pretty much sure it's from the phone, so you brought it up to your ear to hear it more clearly.
You swear to yourself that you heard a faint hiss and continues tapping noises from the opposite line. You listened attentively, puzzled by the new sound. You couldn't tell what those were, and it bothered you to the point of wanting to put an end to it. But your head was telling you to wait, and you assumed it was just a brief intermittent.
"Who called you?"
Instead of the deep grumbled you're used to hearing, a more feminine—likely female—voice was heard.
"None of your business," said the phone.
It was Jungkook's voice, but who is the other? Clearly, you have no idea. You couldn't figure out why you were so broken when you found out he was with someone else. You've never been this way toward him, and you're aware that your feelings and attachment to Dr. Jeon are completely familial. Something that you lost throughout your childhood and is yearning for it.
So waiting for his response appears to be impossible at the moment; time is ticking away, and you're sure Dr. Kim has a lot more important things to do than stand outside the door. With a sigh, you walked toward the door, cringing at the clanking noises of chains as you dragged it along with you.
"Thank you, Dr. Kim," you mumbled as you carefully handed him back his phone.
"Did he respond?" he inquired as he reinserted his phone into his pocket.
With a frown, you shook your head. Seokjin's eyes almost looked sorry when he saw how downcast your gaze was; he gave you a light nod after telling you that everything was fine, giving you a smile for reassurance. You believe it is best to simply wait for him until he tells you himself where he has been. He enjoys telling you stories specifically about his days.
But not about the recent days though; you certainly don't want to know what happened, and he's not willing to share it either. What lies behind the phone call you just witnessed, in particular, is something that may be too much for his little girl.
Tumblr media
a/n: thanks for reading^^ i think this series will be really short hehe, this is just honestly a stupid impulse! but hope u guys like it🥺💗
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yoongphoria · 2 days ago
only a lifetime | kim namjoon
Tumblr media
pairing ↠ namjoon ✗ pregnant!reader
genre ↠ pregnancy au, married au, expecting parents au, smut, fluff
word count ↠ 5k
warnings ↠ mild language, talks about pregnancy symptoms, explicit unprotected sex, oral (f receiving), fingering, breast play, multiple orgasms, creampie, slight hair pulling, praise kink, overstimulation, breeding kink if you squint i suppose?, a litany of dirty talk, cockwarming, toothrottingly fluffy sex <3
summary ↠ with pregnancy you had expected a lot of things. swollen ankles, weird food cravings, constant mood swings - the works. but you’re nearing the 8th month and the only thing you can think about is how horny you are and how hot your husband is. good thing namjoon is all to willing to please. after all, how could he say no to the mother of his child?
authors note ↠ BKXJSNANE I AM BACK! tragically tumblr deleted my old account on accident and after a few weeks of trying to get it back, unfortunately i decided to just pack my bags and move on to a new account. i still have so much to write and i loved interacting with my old followers so i finally have made my new blog 💗💗 excited to create that community again here! with that being said, this is a repost from my previous blog.
Tumblr media
You’re finally settled into bed, popcorn bowl in hand and the finale of Penthouse playing, when you feel the strange shift of your hormones. The comforter that once was cozy and warm now feels restricting as a familiar itch blooms between your thighs, causing your body to heat up ever so slightly.
Book after podcast after chats with other mothers had educated you on every possible pregnancy symptom under the sun. The heartburn, nausea, morning sickness, and weird food cravings were all things that you had mentally penciled into your mind as you embarked upon the journey of growing a little human. It was no easy feat either as you learned - coming into your 8th month of pregnancy you had experienced some of the most inconvenient and irrational things yet.
But nothing, nothing, would have prepared you for how horny you would be. All. The. Time.
Your estrogen levels are through the roof and the only person who can sate your desire is your all too willing to please husband, Namjoon. Thank god for that, because at this point you can barely reach down there over the swell of your stomach.
Frustrated, you set down the popcorn bowl on your nightstand and try to zero in on the TV. Even through the familiar theme song playing you can barely focus, your thoughts drifting to those of your husband's fingers and tongue all over you. The calluses of his hands. His broad shoulders. His thick co-
Well, now you’re officially wet.
Groaning, you throw back the duvet cover and shuffle out of bed. It’s nearing one AM at this point, insomnia being another pregnancy symptom you weren’t all that prepared for. Namjoon has seemingly adjusted to your sleep schedule and usually goes to bed as late as you do though, if not later. His workaholic tendencies are still prevalent even though he’s no longer that young man fresh out of college on the hunt for a solid position at a law firm.
The rest of the penthouse is dark at this hour but you can see the light of the kitchen from the top of the staircase and so you make your way to where your husband is currently baking. It’s become his new hobby while you’re busy growing a human - he loves experimenting with different recipes and then letting you taste test them or bring them into work for the boys.
“Whatcha making?” You inquire, trying not to let your eyes remain on his shirtless torso for too long. His chiseled abs and sculpted arms only make the heat in your core travel to the rest of your body until you have to close your legs to achieve some sort of friction.
Namjoon looks up from where he’s mixing some sort of thick cream in a metal bowl. You watch as he gives you a quick once over - you’re dressed in solely a pair of black panties and one of his oversized shirts that clings to your belly. “Cream Puffs”
You hum and come around the kitchen counter to wrap your arms around his middle, laying your head in between his shoulder blades. “Smells yummy.”
Namjoon turns around in your grasp, a dollop of custard resting on his index finger. “Wanna taste?” He asks, surprisingly innocent. He seems entirely oblivious to your antics. You nod and guide his finger to your mouth where you wrap your plush lips around his finger and suck the cream off, gently swirling your tongue around the tip of his finger. His eyes darken slightly as he finally realizes why you’d travelled downstairs during the finale of your favorite K-drama.
Releasing his finger with a pop, you gaze back at him, a look of sultry intent painting your features. He rests his hands on your waist and cocks his head at you teasingly.
“Something I can help you with, my love?” He already knows what you want, he just likes hearing you say it.
You slowly pepper soft kisses up the column of his neck. “Mhm, I have a problem I was hoping you could help me solve.”
His fingers tighten on your waist as you suck on a particularly sensitive spot behind his ear. “What might that problem be?” Blood is already rushing downwards as your nimble fingers rest on the v of his hips, just grazing the waistband of his grey sweatpants.
You whisper in his ear, “Can’t stop thinking of your fingers fucking me open. Your cock filling me up.”
Namjoon groans aloud, head lolling back. “Fuck, the things you do to me woman.”
In seconds you’re leading him up the stairs and back to the darkness of the master bedroom as you turn off the television, and in minutes he’s gently laying you down on the bed and capturing your lips in a passionate kiss. Your tongue swirls with his in a show of lust as his hands reach for the hem of his old shirt and pull it up over your arms. You’re not wearing a bra due to how they feel against your sensitive breasts, so Namjoon is able to get a front row view to your bare chest the minute he removes the garment from around your head and throws it to the floor. He kisses down the valley of your breasts before taking one in his mouth, rolling the pert nipple around with his tongue. He stimulates the other one by tweaking it with two fingers from his unoccupied hand, effectively causing you to moan out loud.
The pleasure is instant and you arch your back into his touch, wordlessly asking for more. Kneading your breasts gently enough to stimulate them, Namjoon draws moan after moan and whimper after whimper from your lips - even he’s surprised with how sensitive they are.
Releasing your tit from his mouth with a pop, he pushes up on his hands to watch your face all screwed up from ecstasy.
“Fuck, that felt good.” You whisper breathlessly. Namjoon chuckles. “I had no idea.”
You roll your eyes and swat his bicep. Wordlessly, your husband places a kiss on your nose, and then moves down to your swollen belly, placing a soft kiss on your belly button. Then, he rests his hands on your knees and taps his fingers on your kneecaps.
“Spread these legs for me, love.” You comply within seconds, exposing your dripping core to the cold air. A shiver runs up your spine at the sudden vulnerable position, excitement swirling in your lower abdomen at the thought of your husband ruining you once again.
Namjoon hooks his fingers under the band of your underwear and pulls it down in one quick drag, tossing them somewhere near your discarded shirt. He’s already rock hard in his sweatpants so he doubts it’ll be long before he’s naked too.
Before he delves into your dripping pussy he takes a minute to admire the view. You’re breathtaking always, but there’s something especially beautiful about the way you’re wantonly spread out now before him, legs open wide for his access. The fact that you’re carrying his child right now only amplifies his love and adoration for you. It’s truly a sight to behold.
Resting your legs onto his shoulders so you’re more comfortable, he starts with kitten licks around your clit that make you whine and clutch at the sheets. You hate when Namjoon teases, especially now when all you can think about is being fucked stupid by him.
“Please Joon, no teasing tonight.” You beg, eyes screwed shut in anticipatory pleasure. Placing a soft kiss on the inside of your thigh, your husband relents.
“Whatever you want.” And in the next second he’s diving into your pussy like a starved man, lavishing your folds with his tongue like an expert. In all fairness he practically is an expert at this point - knowing your body like the back of his hand and all of the techniques and strategies to making you feel the best and orgasm the hardest.
Your hips buck up into his face as he dips his tongue into your center and then swirls it around your clit in a figure eight motion. You may be biased since you’re crazily in love with the man, but you swear to god that Namjoon gives the best head you’ve ever had in your life.
Hard sucks of your clit punctuated with long licks up and down your core have you keening up off the mattress, the pleasure taking over your body. One of Namjoon’s hands leaves its place gripping your thigh and moves to hold one of your hips down. His fingers press tenderly yet firmly into your flesh and you secretly hope that it leaves a mark.
“Fuck, I could live between your legs.” He murmurs, admiring his handiwork. Your cunt is a sopping mess, and tangible proof of your arousal coats his chin. A whimper slips past your lips as he gently inserts a finger into you, slowly moving it in and out. Your back arches up out of its own accord, pussy finally getting the friction it needs. Promptly Namjoon slides his ring finger in as well, and you begin to grind down onto his hand.
He’s painfully straining against his sweatpants now but refusing to do anything about it until he brings you to climax. And so, he works overtime. Crooking his digits in at an angle to reach your g-spot, you start to see stars every time they scissor you open. While fingering you he reattaches his mouth to your clit, sucking forcefully and then swirling his tongue around in a circular motion. Your hands immediately go to find purchase in his hair and grab onto the dirty blonde locks for dear life.
“Oh fuck- fuck Joon I’m-” You can barely finish the sentence, your orgasm washing over you in a tide of white hot pleasure. You curl your toes and try to close your legs, but Namjoon keeps them wide open and continues lazily laving at your pussy. You wrench your eyes shut as your entire body tingles in release, a pressure from between your hips being lifted ever so slightly.
Your husband helps you coast down from your high, rubbing gentle circles into the soft flesh of your thighs and nuzzling his nose in your spasming cunt. He prolongs it as long as possible - until your legs are nearly shaking from the overstimulation.
“Holy shit.” You finally say after catching your breath. As you lay in the aftershocks of your climax, Namjoon stands up and swiftly disposes of his pants, hard length springing free. Precum drips from the tip and you sit up on your elbows to admire him in all of his glory.
He notices your stare and bashfully blushes before carefully crawling back on top of you. “What?”
You shake your head fondly. “Nothing, just remembering why I let you knock me up in the first place.”
Namjoon laughs and presses a sweet kiss to your lips. You would never get tired of kissing him.
As he makes himself comfortable between your legs again, he notices the slight grimace of your features as you shift a bit on the bed. He leans down ever so slightly to place a kiss on your temple.
“How long do you think you’ll last in this position?” He asks, tracing lightly up and down your side. You huff.
“Two minutes max, probably. Baby is starting to settle on my spine.” You reply, feeling the slight discomfort of the weight of your baby shifting.
Namjoon nods and firmly strokes himself a few times. Not like he needs it really, you could turn him on just by looking at him the right way, but he’s noticed that the harder he is the less it’s likely to hurt you during penetration.
You nod vigorously. “Yes, please fuck me Joon.”
Weak to your pleas, he gently directs his dick into your pussy slowly inching his way in. Your walls are suffocatingly tight around his member, velvety walls clenching and unclenching as he pushes further in. He can help but moan at the pure ecstasy that is your pussy.
“Shit, you’re so damn tight.”  
Your hands scramble for purchase in the sheets as your husband stretches you until he’s buried to the hilt, hips resting against your own. Your eyes flutter closed at the indescribable feeling.
“Are you ok?”
You buck your hips up in retaliation. “Fuck, please just move. I’m not gonna last long like this.”
Wordlessly, Namjoon draws back ever so slightly from your cunt and then plunges back in, drawing the most indecent moans and cries from your mouth. Shallowly thrusting a few more times to ensure that you’ve adjusted to his girth, he moves a free hand to your breast and kneads the supple flesh in his palm.
He stops immediately though when he notices you wince at one of his thrusts. Namjoon pulls out and you’re startled by the loss.
“C’mon, let’s try a different position.”
Heart melting at the gesture, you attempt to sit up. “Help me flip over, maybe fucking me from behind will feel better.”
Namjoon bites the inside of his cheek. “God, I love your dirty mouth.”
You roll your eyes. “Please, maybe if I wasn’t the size of a small whale I could put my dirty mouth to better uses.” You quip, referring to the fact that you haven’t been able to blow your husband due to the fact that it triggers your very sensitive gag reflex, effectively causing you to puke after sucking him off.
“Well you’re the sexiest whale I’ve ever met.” He replies helping you move onto your hands and knees. You laugh. “Was that supposed to be a compliment?”
Namjoon gives you a soft slap on the ass before tenderly rubbing the flesh. “Yes, I think you’re the hottest fucking woman on the planet. All swollen with my baby, carrying so prettily. I just can’t get enough of you, enough of this pussy.” He says, pumping himself a few times and climbing back onto the bed to kneel behind you.
You give a wiggle of your hips, shaking your ass slightly in his face. “Mhm, please fuck me full with your cum again Joonie.” You whine, hitting his sweet spot in terms of bedroom talk.
Before he can split you open on his cock again though, he reminds you, “Remember, if it gets too hard to support yourself just drop to your elbows.” You nod, and Namjoon takes this as the go-ahead.
Gently, he presses the tip of his dick into your dripping center, admiring the way you suck him in inch by inch. In tune with your whines and whimpers, he can tell when it’s too much or not enough, and it takes about five minutes for him to fully bottom out in your pussy again.
It hits you from a new, deeper angle this time and you drop your head as the sensations overwhelm you. With his hands gripping your hips you let him feel like he’s in control, even though you know that with a few words your husband would come to stuttering erratic thrusts of his hips.
“God, you fill me up so well baby. Please keep going.” You encourage and push back onto his cock.
Groaning, Namjoon sets a steady yet soft rhythm, one hand on your waist and the other coming to bunch up your hair and pull it back. You moan at the slight pressure and shiver at the cool air that now brushes the back of your neck.
‘Faster, fuck me faster.” You plead and drop to your elbows as he begins to slam his hips into yours, just grazing the very tip of your cervix. You sob into the sheets at the utopian feeling of your husband fucking you so intensely. All senses are heightened due to your extreme shift in hormones and you savor the way you can feel his cock move in and out of you.
You don’t want this moment to ever end. This man has your heart so entirely that you can’t even fully process the love you have for him. Yet, your heart swells even bigger at the thought of him interacting with your soon to be born baby. Namjoon was meant to be a father. It was one of those things you subconsciously tallied in your mind when you had first met him, not actually thinking that one day down the line you’d be letting him blow out your back, pregnant with his child, a ring on your finger, and a life that the two of you had built together out of love and dedication.
The hormones strike again, but this time in the form of tears that begin to prick the corners of your eyes. You can’t exactly tell though if you’re crying from the pleasure or the fact that you love this man so fucking much.
A few sniffles mixed with whimpers catch Namjoon’s attention and cause him to release your hair and slow down his pace.
“y/n? Are you alright? Did I hurt you?” He questions, rubbing at your shoulder. The worry is evident in his voice and you hurry to quell it.
“No, no it feels so good. It’s just stupid hormones acting up. You know, crying cause I love you so damn much.” You laugh tearfully.
His thrusts are slow now, too focused on how much he wants you both to finish so he can hug and kiss you - and tell you how much he loves you while gazing into your eyes.
Without much of a warning he picks up the pace, coaxing the sweetest sounds from your lips. He slithers one hand down between your legs and to your center, rubbing vigorously at your clit to heighten your stimulation. You curse out loud and throw your head back, moving back up to your hands.
“Oh god, oh god, right there babe. Fuck you feel so good.” You praise.
“Can’t believe you’re all mine.” Namjoon whispers in reply, tweaking the sensitive bud at the apex of your thighs with two fingers.
Your legs begin to shake with the pleasure of everything overwhelming you and becoming too much for you to handle.  
“I- shit I’m cumming oh f-” You wail as your entire body seizes up in one of the most intense orgasms you can remember. You fall down onto your elbows, face buried in the soft sheets as you sob through the crashing waves of full body pleasure shocks. Toes curling and fingers digging into the mattress, you drool into the comforter as Namjoon fucks you hard through your orgasm, showing no signs of relenting.
Feeling your walls seize so violently around his cock awakens a side of him as he roughly grinds against your hips while you climax. Not caring to stop while you reach nirvana, Namjoon chases his own release. In seconds he’s cumming deep into your cunt, thick ropes of cum painting your walls white. Prolonging the pleasure for as long as possible though, he continues to softly fuck you as you come back to your senses, admiring the way your arousal creams his cock.
Once his dick finally softens inside of you he runs his hand up your back and rubs between your shoulder blades.
“Are you alright?”
You huff out a laugh. “More than alright.”
He smiles to himself, proud of another job well done. To be honest though, he’s not sure how much longer he’ll be able to keep up with you. His stamina and recuperation time is good, but lately yours is on a different level.
“Want to shower?” He inquires, stilling while still inside you.
You shake your head. “Wanna stay like this.”
Namjoon relents, but attempts to get you in a more comfortable position. “Whatever you want babe. But here, just move onto your side.” He argues, gently moving to the side of you and helping you adjust as well, without slipping from your cunt.
Settling into the position, you let your eyes drift close. Namjoon has told you time and time before how much he loves remaining inside of you after sex, even if he’s completly flaccid. You never really fully understood it until falling pregnant. Now, it’s all you want after every time you fuck. You just want to be as close to him as possible. His warmth, his love, wrapped in his strong arms with your back against his sculpted torso.
Namjoon tenderly draws absent minded shapes across your stomach. Every passing day he gets more and more excited to meet the little one the two of you created out of your love. But for now he savors the way he feels his heart double in size every time he looks at you. When your hands rest against your belly or how you have started to subconsciously rub it while standing. He never thought he could love someone as much as he loves you - and how much love he has in his heart for the little family the two of you are about to start. Namjoon adores being this close to you, both physically and emotionally. Your bodies fit together like a perfect puzzle.
You feel yourself drifting off into a well deserved slumber, but remember to ask Namjoon one last thing before you succumb to sleep.
“Hey baby?”
“Hm?” He murmurs into your hair.
“Will you watch the last episode of Penthouse with me tomorrow?”
Namjoon laughs into your neck. “Of course, angel.”  
Tumblr media
© yoongphoria - these are my original works. all rights reserved. reposting onto other sites even with proper credit is not allowed. all works posted are mine, please do not copy, steal, translate, or claim.
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mercurygguk · a day ago
the dilf installments | jjk
Tumblr media
➵ summary; this series follows jungkook’s life as a divorced father of a 5-year-old. but how exactly does one balance being a father, a boyfriend, a friend, and a respectable boss at the same time? read the installments below to find out!
pairing; dad!jungkook x f. reader
content; established relationship, smut/angst/fluff
warnings; will be stated in each installment
➵ latest installment; —
disclaimers !!
these drabbles/one shots are meant to be based off you readers’ requests, so please let me know if you have any ideas for this series!!
these installments are not written/posted in chronological order -> meaning the latest one can be the first one plot wise.
i will try and list them in chronological order below ! (so this post will change as i write the parts)
some of the installments are rated 18+
i won’t be editing much before posting so please bear with any possible typos, grammatical issues etc.
all rights reserved © mercurygguk, tumblr 2021.
♡ installment 1; play date
♡ installment 2; prove a point (m)
♡ installment 3; reassurance (coming up!)
♡ installment 4; ??
… more to come!
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kpopfanfictrash · 2 days ago
A Holiday Snowdown (Teaser)
Tumblr media
Posting Date: Thursday, December 23rd, 6:00 PM EST
Part of: the Happy Ho-lidays! collaboration
Creative Contributor: header made by the wonderful @suga-kookiemonster​!!
Genre:  Enemies to Lovers / Ski Resort!AU / Snowboarder!AU  
Pairing: Jungkook / Reader
Synopsis:  The Inn on the Hill is in trouble. Or that's what your boss, Namjoon, says during the last-minute All Staff holiday meeting he calls. You need money, and you need money fast, or his parents are planning to sell the resort. When no one can think of an easy solution, Namjoon proposes his parents' idea: a weeklong social media blitz with a celebrity guest. The celebrity? None other than Jeon Jungkook himself: two-time Olympic gold medalist, world-class snowboarder and the nation's sweetheart. What's the problem? You happen to have met Jeon Jungkook before, and sincerely hoped you'd never see him again.
Estimated WC: 34K
Rating: 18+
Preview: 2,238
Author’s Note: This is not the first scene in the fic. I have also cut out a section of this scene, as I don’t wish to reveal what happened between Y/N and Jungkook until the fic is posted! This is marked with [...], but it should still make sense -- I hope you enjoy this teaser!! 
Ever since you were little, you’ve always had a nervous tic. In grade school, it was biting your fingernails. Once your mom bought anti-bite polish, you switched to leg-jiggling. Then, after a particularly embarrassing final exam when the TA asked if you had to pee no less than five times, you switched to pen-tapping.
The habit has held ever since.
Tap-tap-tap. Tap-tap-tap. Tap-tap tap tap-tap.
“Y/N.” Namjoon swivels at the head of the table. “Please stop tapping Jingle Bells. I’m going to jingle burst a blood vessel up here.”
Immediately, your pen ceases and you sink in your seat. Across the table, Hoseok – the Inn’s sous chef – gives you a sympathetic look.
“Stop picking on Y/N,” Hoseok scolds, turning to Namjoon. “Just because the ski lodge is about to go belly-up doesn’t mean you need to take it out on us.”
Exhaling roughly, Namjoon rubs at his temples. Honestly, you get it since it’s exactly how you feel. As the general manager for the Inn on the Hill, you’ve been trying and failing all year to increase sales. The fact that Namjoon is here at all is mostly your fault.
The Inn on the Hill is a tiny ski resort nestled within the Rocky Mountains, largely overshadowed by the bigger, fancier resorts up the road. It seems travelers, once landed at the airport, only have the appetite to travel in a one-hour radius. Driving the two hours to reach your lodge means people don’t book despite the Inn’s superior ski slopes and views.
Namjoon’s parents have owned the Inn since he was a child, but they also own several other properties scattered over the globe. Currently, they’re in the Caribbean taking care of a different crisis, so Namjoon is here to lend his expertise. It’s a test of his leadership as much as your own, so you understand why he’s testy. If things don’t turn around soon, everyone here will be out of a job.
Twirling his pen, Jimin clears his throat. “What if,” he says, squinting up at the screen, “we did a children’s Olympics? Races and fake medals and all that fun, family stuff?”
Trying not to smile, you glance at the table.
As the Inn’s children’s coordinator, nearly all Jimin’s ideas involve more kids on the premises. Although you love children – and family ski trips provide most of your income – you don’t love the mess they tend to leave behind.
Neither does Yoongi, based on his expression. Min Yoongi is the hotel’s concierge and if he had things his way, Namjoon would make the resort eighteen and up. That’s not to say Yoongi doesn’t like kids – he loves them – but Yoongi has a very specific vision for the Inn which doesn’t involve sticky lollipops.
“Right,” Namjoon says slowly. “Except we already did a children’s week last winter and it didn’t go so well. Remember the Zhangs?”
Jimin’s smile fades. “Oh. Right.”
Across the table, Seokjin mouths, who are the Zhangs? and you furtively shake your head. Seokjin joined the Inn at the start of this season as the snowboarding instructor, so he wasn’t here for last winter’s disaster.
Nothing gets past Namjoon though and, seeing Seokjin’s face, he exhales.
“The Zhangs,” Namjoon clarifies, as Jimin slumps in his seat, “were a very influential family who intended to stay at the Inn for a week but left after only three days because their son got lost for five hours during the winter scavenger hunt.”
Jimin winces. “He should have followed the map!” he complains. “Everything was clearly marked, and parents were supposed to go with their kids, but –”
“It wasn’t your fault, Jimin,” Namjoon says gently, butting in. “The Zhangs messed up, but they gave us a terrible review and made sales plummet for a month. I think we should try and steer clear of kids events for a bit longer.”
Nodding, Jimin sits back and Namjoon’s gaze travels the table.
“Any other ideas?” he prods. “Anyone else?”
When his gaze lands on you, you shrug.
“I don’t know what you want me to say,” you sigh. “There’s the winter festival in town, but we’re already promoting that with our marketing. We could try another round of feel-good posts on Instagram? It’s hard to do social media though, with Jisoo being fired, and all.”
“Jisoo wasn’t fired,” Namjoon corrects. “She was let go.”
Yoongi lifts a brow. “Isn’t that the same thing?”
“There’s a difference,” Namjoon insists. “One implies they were released with cause. We didn’t want to fire Jisoo, but there’s no room in the budget and Y/N minored in graphic design…”
“Yeah.” You grimace. “With straight C’s.”
“Regardless,” says Namjoon. “We need new ideas, and we need them now.”
The table falls silent, with everyone purposefully avoiding eye contact with Namjoon. The projector behind him flickers and dies, plunging the All Staff room into darkness. You find this oddly fitting, considering the circumstances.
“I have an idea,” Seokjin offers.
Reaching out, Namjoon flicks on the light. “I swear to God,” he warns. “If you say Boys Gone Wild one more time…”
“Why not?” Seokjin bangs a fist on the table. “It was an incredibly lucrative franchise for years. And now, we have the chance to let women in on the fun!”
Most of the table laughs except Yoongi, who doesn’t seem to be listening. Seokjin has been proposing Boys Gone Wild once a week since his arrival and it’s yet to catch on.
Namjoon looks at the ceiling. “Pass. Alright – if there aren’t any other legitimate ideas, I’m going to have to go with my parents’ proposal.”
This catches your interest, and your pen stills in your hand. Namjoon typically runs prospective projects past you before the All Staff meeting. The fact that he didn’t doesn’t bode well.
“What’s your parents’ idea?” you ask.
Namjoon doesn’t look your way. “It’s a promotion that had good success at their Hawaiin resort. You remember the one – so far off the beaten path, no one wanted to go. Until, of course, Timothée Chalamet vacationed there.”
Jimin’s eyes go wide. “Timothée Chalamet is coming here?”
Immediately, Yoongi closes his laptop. “I’m ready,” he says. “We just got these new sheets which I swear, feel like you’re floating in the womb.”
“Ew.” Hoseok looks repulsed.
Namjoon blinks, unsure how to respond. “Uh, no. Not Timothée Chalamet – he’s way out of budget. I’m thinking of another celebrity,” he explains. “Someone who you’d expect to see at a ski resort. Someone who’d entice other skiers and snowboarders to visit.”
Taking this in, you nod. Everything Namjoon says is making sense, which leads you to wonder what he could be hiding. There must be something if he didn’t tell you beforehand.
“It’s a good idea,” you say. “Even a lower-level celebrity sponsor will be expensive, though. Are your parents willing to chip in that kind of money?”
Namjoon nods, still not meeting your gaze. “Yeah. This lodge has sentimental value for them, so they’re willing to pay. In fact,” he says brightly, “they already have someone in mind.”
“Oh, really?” you ask. “Who?”
In the corner of your eye, Hoseok exchanges a quick look with Yoongi. Jimin has become suspiciously quiet, staring out the window and Seokjin, normally disruptive, has nothing to add. Perhaps this should make you suspicious, but Namjoon has never given you a reason not to trust him before.
“Um.” Namjoon shuffles his papers. “I don’t want to say.”
Immediately, your eyes narrow. “Why not?”
“Because,” Namjoon sighs, looking up. “It’s Jeon Jungkook.”
Your vision goes momentarily white.
Jeon Jungkook. The name alone is enough to make your fists clench. Jungkook is a professional snowboarder – no, he’s the professional snowboarder. Gold medal champion in the last two winter Olympics and national heartthrob.
He also went to your University and broke your friend’s heart in the process.
A fact Namjoon knows, since you’ve spent each Olympics since cursing the screen each time his name is mentioned. Jeon Jungkook is a dick; this is a well-documented fact. Something everyone else at the table seems to know, based on how few are willing to meet your gaze.
“Absolutely not,” you declare.
Namjoon exhales. “Y/N –”
“No,” you blurt, half-standing from the table. “Why can’t we get someone else? There must be some other washed-up snowboarder looking for publicity. Or a skier!” you add. “I hear skiing is coming back in style. Pick someone else, Namjoon. Anyone else.”
Although Namjoon’s expression looks pained, he refuses to budge.
“I can’t, Y/N,” he sighs. “My parents know the Jeons, which is how we’re able to get him at such a low price. And Jungkook is like, ridiculously famous. There’s no way we’d be able to find someone as good for the money.”
Helpless, you glance around the table. “Come on – is everyone else really okay with this?”
Jimin gives a small shrug. “Maybe it’ll be okay, Y/N,” he says, trying to make the best of the situation. “If Namjoon’s parents approve of Jungkook, maybe he’s not that bad?”
“Oh, he’s that bad,” you respond. “He just hides his Satan horns during the day. They’re nearly invisible beneath his man-bun.”
Hoseok snorts. “Isn’t that all we care about, though? We just need this guy to appear nice long enough to save our asses. It’s only for a weekend, Y/N.”
Namjoon holds up a finger. “A week, actually,” he corrects. “Jungkook arrives tomorrow afternoon and is staying until Christmas. It’ll be a week-long publicity event.”
Incensed, your head swivels his way. “Tomorrow? That seems awfully soon for a project we’re voting on now.”
Shifting his weight, Namjoon seems embarrassed. “I… may have already told my parents we’d do it.”
“You what?”
Before you can commit bodily harm against your boss, Seokjin cuts in.
“Is this really our only option?” he asks Namjoon.
Glumly, Namjoon nods. “Yeah, it is. That’s why I started this meeting with a brainstorming session. If anyone can think of a better idea” – He looks pointedly at you – “then I’ll call the Jungkook thing off, and we’ll go with that. If not, though…”
He trails off, leaving the implication hanging.
Silently, you seethe because objectively, you know Namjoon is right. You don’t want to be objective, though. You want to be bitter because Namjoon, a boss you’ve always admired, has made an important decision without your input. Worse, he made one specifically knowing you’d say no.
Surprisingly, Yoongi is the one who speaks up. “We all know Jungkook sucks,” he says, looking at you. “But if I had to choose between going out of business and working with someone I don’t like, I’d pick the latter.”
Yoongi has a point, but you can’t help wanting to make a final stand.
“Is it worth compromising our morals, though?” you challenge. “The Inn on the Hill has always been a family-run, independent ski lodge. A boutique experience, standing apart from the amoral, corporate resorts. Won’t hiring someone like Jungkook go against that?”
Namjoon and Seokjin exchange a look.
“Tell them,” Seokjin says lowly.
Jimin’s eyes narrow. “Tell us what?”
Namjoon adjusts his tie. “Even though it contradicts our philosophy, it might be worth it.” He pauses, a lone muscle in his jaw ticking. “My parents said if revenue doesn’t pick up by the end of the season, they’re planning to sell by this time next year.”
A weight falls over the room, stifling further objection.
Dejected, you reseat yourself at the table. This changes things. Namjoon and Yoongi are right; hiring Jungkook is better than going out of business, no matter how abhorrent the concept of working with him might be.
“Alright, fine,” you say at last. “I know it’s a moot point for me to say so, but I’m in. Don’t expect me to be nice to him, though.”
You expect Namjoon to crack a smile at this and so, when he does not, you feel your stomach sink further.
“About that,” Namjoon says. “With Jisoo gone, we’ll need someone to follow Jungkook around for social media.”
He looks meaningfully at you.
“What about Jimin?” you suggest, panic rising. “He’s such a good people person.”
“Jimin has to coordinate all the children’s stuff,” Namjoon points out. “And besides, he’s a terrible photographer.”
“It’s true,” Yoongi says.
“Still,” Jimin huffs, pouting a little.
“What about Yoongi?” you say, growing desperate. “Shouldn’t our concierge be the one to take care of high-profile guests?”
“As much as I’d love to follow a prima donna snowboarder around the lodge,” Yoongi deadpans. “We just let go of Sayed yesterday, so I’m the only one working the front desk.”
Check, and mate. Recognizing defeat, you slump in your seat.
“Shit,” you mutter.
“And before you ask me,” Seokjin pipes in. “Someone has to man the mountain.”
“And cook,” adds Hoseok.
Namjoon continues staring in your direction.
“Alright, fine.” You throw up your hands. “I’ll do it. I’ll baby-sit the big man-baby. But don’t expect me to like it! And don’t expect my feelings about him to change.”
“Wouldn’t dream of it,” says Namjoon, clearly relieved you’ve agreed.
“And when this is all over and we’re profitable again, I expect a raise.”
“A big one,” he agrees.
Resigned, you shake your head. “I can’t wait for this week to be over.”
“Before it’s over, it has to begin,” Namjoon says helpfully. “So, let’s start planning the week-long itinerary. I’m thinking bright, I’m thinking festive, I’m thinking –”
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Tumblr media
—drabble, 4.4k words, fluff, explicit, strangers to lovers, doctor!jimin, my best friend is a doctor and she told me this was okay asdfjghkl, based on the prompt under the cut, dedicated to @unstablecutehoe because your comments on my fics genuinely make my day and i’m so thankful for your kindness and hilarious words, i hope you enjoy this 💜
Tumblr media
"I think the bee penetrated your arm."
Tabitha blinks at Rosie. The two girls have a stare down for all of twenty seconds until you barrel in with your noisy shout of pain. Their attention, again, falls to your arm as you cradle it in helpless peril.
Tabitha, or Tabs as you prefer to call her, flicks your forehead with her index finger. "Quit your moaning," she tsks, grabbing your arm with bold force. Her big, round eyes examine the pinkish wound blooming in a small spot mere centimeters down your left wrist. "You're not allergic to bees, so you'll be fine."
"The bee on the other hand..." Rosie's voice trails off as all eyes land on the poor guy laying defeated on the ground in Tabitha's backyard. The three of you were having afternoon tea in her garden, like a couple of spoiled wives, when the bee decided to attack you butt first. As much as the pain of its sting bothers you, the sight of the dead insect is worse. With all your heart, you wish the bee hadn't felt threatened by you enough to sting. What about the bees waiting for him at home? How will they know he's gone?
"It hurts so much," you whine, pulling the attention back to you. The stinger is gone, so all you're really dealing with is a bump and some redness. It still hurts a ton, and you want it to go away so badly. "Tabs, you're the doctor here. Tell me what to do!"
"I'm off the clock, girlfriend," your roommate sings, blissfully falling back into her garden chair. Her long, black hair waves out around her. Though she is shorter than you by a fair few inches, the way she conducts herself in society makes her appear larger than she is. "If you're worried about it, go see Doctor Park at my new clinic. He'll check it out for you."
Animatedly, your jaw drops. "You're really going to send me all the way to a clinic instead of just checking this out for yourself?" For maximum effect, you wiggle your arm in her face. She rolls her eyes and types something on her phone. Presumably a text to aforementioned doctor. The two are always texting each other about work related things. Their clinic is still new, and new patient sign-ups have been low, so they're always searching for new people to visit them. 'The medical school debt isn't going to pay for itself,' Tabitha often sighs after a few shots of whiskey.
"Yes, I am. Because this might be the only way you go into a clinic this year. It's coming up to the end of the summer. When were you planning on getting a yearly physical?"
"Never. You know I hate doctors."
Tabitha raises a perfectly sculpted brow. Her mother is an aesthetician and never fails to make sure everything about her daughter's face is prim, proper, and beautiful. Not that you or Rosie are complaining. The number of discounted and/or free facials the two of you have received over the past decade or so is ginormous. Certainly, you can't count them on your hands.
"You know I'm a doctor, right?"
"Yes, and you're the only doctor I trust, so... please?"
Tabitha is nothing if not relentlessly rooted in her perfect opinions (which may as well rival her eyebrows and defined bone structure). According to her, all things must be rationalized before they are executed. Her entire life has panned out this way. From the moment you met her in sophomore year of high school to now, your best friend has never delved far from the opinions she has regarded as true. Even if it means angering and upsetting everyone around her.
"I'm not doing anything about that sting, YN. Go to the clinic tomorrow and get a full physical check up. I'll even ask Jimin to discount it as a favour."
"We live in Canada. I thought health checks were free? I pay my taxes!" 
"He'll give you a lollypop then."
With that, Tabitha ends the conversation with one text sent to her medical school classmate whom she shares a workplace with. Although they work at the same place, the two hardly ever see each other. Tabitha works the mornings and Jimin works the weekends and odd nights. The two have known one another for years, although you have never met him. But, you suppose, if your best friend in the whole wide world—even when she's being a jerk—recommends his services, there can't be any harm in paying the clinic a visit. Right?
Rosie cheers when a knock sounds at the backyard door. A while ago, the group of you had ordered Chinese take out because the tea was awful (hibiscus might look beautiful, but it tastes horrendous). Everyone wants to dig in as soon as the plastic containers hit the outdoor table, but you stop them.
You can't eat without having a proper burial for the lost bee. It just wouldn't be right.
. . .
The next morning, the sting hurts less than it did the day before. Tabitha knocks you over the head with a sofa cushion when you admit to wanting to skip out on the appointment she set up to Rosie in secret. Apparently, your voice is loud enough for the studying girl to hear you from all the way in the living room. Her brutal attack of the thick, red cushion nearly gives you brain damage. When you complain about said possibility, she snickers and says it's another thing you can get checked out today.
Which leaves you pacing the lobby of the Daylight Medical Clinic while the receptionist eyes with warily over her long desk.
When you initially walked in, there was a family waiting to be called in. Four members. A mother, father, and two girls. They were in and out within minutes. The receptionist then asked you to wait your turn after returning your health card, which led to you conjuring up embarassing scenarios about what may happen when you get inside one of the six examination rooms they have set up. As far as you can tell, there are two doctors on call right now. A male and female doctor. Neither of whom you have met because the receptionist says your appointment is with Doctor Park, Tabitha's classmate, and he is in a meeting with the head doctor in the conference room.
Twenty minutes later, however, the receptionist finally calls your name and asks you to wait in room 6.
Upon entering, you find the room to be exactly like the sort of places you despise. Too much light. The distinct scent of alcohol, gauze, and medical scrubs. It smells almost like a hospital, minus the intense body odour.
The nurse who welcomes you in asks you to take off the thin denim jacket you're wearing, and hangs it up for you on a coat rack. Then she tells you to help yourself to water from the dispenser in the corner of the room. The service feels somewhat like a hotel's, but you aren't complaining. It's nice to be treated nicely.
Maybe you were all wrong and Tabitha was right—clinics aren't the worst place in the world.
"Hello, I'm Doctor Park, and you must be..." the man's voice trails off as his eyes land on you. The sort of eyes which grab you by the throat the moment you catch sight of them. His white coat flashes by in a haze as he walks past you twiddling your thumbs on the examination bed. In fear mixed with quick lust, because fucking hell, he's gorgeous, you straighten your backbone until you sit with perfect posture. The sort your back wishes you had enforced during your college years hunched over in the library during final exam season. He licks his lips as his eyes find yours. "YN."
"Yes, S-Sir."
A smile twitches on his mouth. "You're Tabitha's friend, right? I'm Jimin. Feel free to call me that while we're in here. 'Sir' makes me sound more grown-up than I am." He walks over to you and with every step he takes, you slowly inch away until you are half certain you look as strange as you feel. Jimin smiles at you, and it's a warm smile you could get lost in. "Tabitha told me you don't like doctors. Is that true?"
He nods, and bites back a smile like he doesn't believe you. He'd be right not to. After all, you are lying right to his face. His perfect, beautiful, gorgeous, and enchanting face you just want to kiss all over—
The spell breaks when Jimin repeats your name for the third time.
“Sorry! I'm sorry! I was just—“ Daydreaming about tearing that white coat clean off your body, you delicious male specimen. Jimin waits for you to gather yourself. He uses a distinct sort of patience a man has never shown you before. It warms you right up. "I'm sorry. I guess I'm just a little nervous."
"Well, I promise I don't bite," he quips, smiling at you again. Screw you, man. Why do you have such a pretty smile? "Can you tell me what you're here for today?"
"Um, my... my arm. It's..." Instead of telling him, and thus, allowing your frazzled and totally horny-fried brain to form things which might resemble sentences in the English language, you shoot your limb out to show him the problem. "A bee penetrated me... uh, stung me yesterday. I was outside." Right, because besides being 'penetrated' by an insect like you're in the freaking Bee Movie, you got stung by a bee inside your own house. What are the chances?
Jimin is quiet as he moves closer to you. His fingers are warm as they push your sleeve back, and even cozier when the tips glide along your skin leaving goosebumps in their wake. As soon as he's done examining the wound, you pull the sleeve back down. The last thing you need to really ride this Train of Embarassment home is for him to see how he's affecting you with his professional touches.
He walks over to the computer desk ahead of you and types something into the system.
"I'm going to prescribe an anti-itch cream for the itch. Wait." He stops for a moment to glance at you. A wave of befuddlement stitches a crease in his brows. "Are you experiencing any itchiness?"
"Not really. It's mostly just painful to the touch. It was worse yesterday than it was today."
Jimin nods and logs the information into the computer. His fingers move expertly over the keyboard. Insanely, you find yourself staring at their speed and agility. When he catches you staring, he smiles and walks back towards you.
"I don't think you need any medication, but if you experience any intense pain, there are over-the-counter painkillers you can take. Do you want me to write them down?" When you shake your head, he nods. His hand reaches up for his neck where he dislodges the stethescope. "I'm sorry, I should have done this at the beginning, but I need to check your heart and lungs. Turn your head to the right and take a deep breath for me, okay?"
Though you are nervous beyond belief, you follow his simple instructions. Carefully, he places the round disk of the medical device on your chest and you take in a big breath. He moves it higher and again, you breathe in. Left, right, and more breathing. Overall, the experience isn't so bad. It reminds you of the doctors' visits your mother would force you on as a child. Even back then, you hated visiting clinics and would rather pretend like something wasn't wrong.
The mistake comes when you look back at Jimin who is both intense and weirdly adorable as he listens to your heart. In that moment, your eyes meet his and your heart—the pesky fucker—decides right fucking now is the best time to race. The beat of your heart jumps and runs and does all sorts of gymnastics and though you inwardly beg and plead for the organ to control itself, it does not.
"Hmm... your heart rate... it's faster than average." Jimin says it with a smirk, and where the smirk lingers on his lips even as you stop breathing entirely, his fingers seem to cascade like a flowing river over your chest when he takes the stethescope away. All at once, you miss his touch. He can examine you all day long if it means he'll keep his touch on you.
The horse race happening in your heart continues even as Jimin turns around to head for the computer again. This is when you give yourself the chance to think. A moment to go over your escape plan. If you act fast, you can jump off this bed and rush right through the door. Jimin might try to stop you, but you can ignore him. The receptionist might try to ask what's wrong, but you can ignore her, too. The idea is fool-proof.
Until, of course, you attempt to execute it.
The moment your right leg dangles below, reaching for sweet paradise back on solid ground, Jimin whirls around. His arms cage you in with his hands dropping on either side of your body. He locks you in place, daring you to move as his face moves closer.
The smirk from earlier is ever-present.
"I'm afraid I can't let you run away while the examination is still in progress, sweetheart," he explains, voice sultry and clean. His head dips down so his eyes are directly connected with yours. "I know you don't like doctors, but I think I can change your mind."
"I don't know if you can," you whisper, body full of heat and desperation. If you are reading the room right, this man wants you. It's been a long time since you've been in the game, but biology never lies. When a man wants a woman, the skies could not be clearer. Or, in this case, the massive tube light above could not be shining any more brightly over Jimin's glorious features. "Because I really don't like doctors."
Jimin moistens his lips with his tongue. When it peaks out, you imagine yourself sucking on it. Oh God, you hope you get to. "Even when they're as hot as me?"
His confidence brings colour to your cheeks. "I think you're an exception," you tell him.
He dips his head closer. From such closeness, you can smell the faint scent of mint. Did he chew gum earlier? The thought makes your insides melt. Nothing is sexier than a man who maintains his hygiene.
"I better be," he says, sliding one hand over the cacoon of your waist. He pulls you closer to the edge of the bed, almost right up against his chest. His eyes are full of the same lust you have been throwing his way. He brings his lips close to yours. "Have you ever kissed a doctor?"
"Not unless you count the time I kissed Tabitha's cheek on a dare last year."
Jimin laughs and it's about all you can take before you throw your arms around his neck and seal his mouth with yours. The kiss is searing hot, and you know it takes him by surprise because for the first few milliseconds, the man in your arms is frozen like a statue. It's not until you start to pull back out of fright that he composes himself and kisses you back. Then the real kiss begins and it's textbook idyllic.
Jimin kisses the same way he moves. All smooth and sauve and with the knowledge that he's fine as fuck. His right hand ends up in your hair the same time yours ends up in his; and then he's laying you back on the bed and crawling on top of your body.
He pulls his coat off and bunches it up. Then, he easily elevates your head and pushes the cloth under. The action makes your heart flutter. He’s taking care of you in such a small way and it’s good enough for you to start visualizing your future together.
The new position gives you a perfect view of the man unbuttoning his dress shirt and throwing it somewhere on a chair closeby. When his chest comes into view, you physically feel yourself salivate like Pavlov's dog. The splay of your fingers over his chest makes him shudder.
“I didn’t know doctors had time to work out,” you whisper, awed by his physique.
The left end of his mouth lifts. He’s so picturesque above you. You wish you had a professional camera. A phone wouldn’t do this man justice. “I don’t do much,” he explains, but it’s very clearly a lie. Especially when his defined biceps enter your vision. You think about licking villages upon them. “I like to run and go cycling sometimes.”
“Fuck me,” you beg, losing all semblance of reality as your legs open for him. Heat burns your skin and you should really be thinking about the consequences of what you’re asking for, but right now, rationality is the last of your concerns. “Doctor Park, fuck me until my pain goes away.”
His eyes blazen with something wicked. Does he have a pain kink? “What if fucking you brings you more pain?”
“Then make it hurt so good.”
Jimin exhales and it’s beautiful to watch. The shape of his mouth rounds using the breadth of his luscious lips. Not being able to hold yourself back, you grab him by the name and tug him into a full kiss which he returns eagerly.
His arm snakes down to unbutton your jeans. He tugs them and your panties until your bare womanhood is open for his eyes only.
He trails a hand down and allows his fingers to silently dance along the perimeter of your aching pussy.
“I wonder how wet you are,” he whispers, thumb sliding upon the surface of your walls. He looks at you. “I wonder if you’re as wet as your heart was fast.”
“Don’t tease,” you whimper, making teart eyes at him to coax him into fucking you hard, dirty, and just the way you love it. “I need you so badly, Doctor.”
“Fuck, this shouldn’t be turning me on,” Jimin groans, reaching for his belt buckle. He gets his pants down far enough for you to see the bulge in his underwear. He touches himself over the thin material then leans down to kiss you. The action is intimate, and again, your heart meets a flutter of delight. He keeps his mouth close as he continues, “Would you prefer to be penetrated or stung?”
The joke makes you snort. He swallows the sound with a quick kiss and pulls down his underwear until his cock springs out. Although you don’t get to see it, you feel it. It’s thick and hot on your skin. He easily lines himself up to your entrance. The kisses and his touches made you so wet that you are more than certain he could slide right in.
The head of his cock explores your opening for a bit, while you do what your messy brain wanted and suck his tongue into your mouth. He groans and it worries you that someone might hear (or worse, come in) but right there in his arms, you discover that you have a bit of an exhibitionist in you. The idea of someone catching the two of you in this carnal act isn’t the turn off it probably should be.
Jimin whispers, “Kiss me,” and you do as he asks while he slides himself inside your hot, wet heat. Whimpers of pain and pleasure dribble out of your mouth but he keeps kissing you through it, one hand on your face and a thumb down below rubbing circles on the edge of your stomach.
“Ah, so—so good,” you cry, breaking away from the kiss to catch your breath. Jimin thrusts in slow, building a perfect rhythm. The tilt of your head meets his coat, and you smell him everywhere. “Harder, p-please.”
Jimin does as you ask, pushing in so deep that you feel him in your stomach. The head of his cock sits so devastatingly inside your body, and when he thrusts, it makes you feel like a whole new woman.
What’s even better is the way he can’t stop kissing you. The truest portrayal of a man and his addiction.
The height of your dual climaxes arrives quickly. Faster than you anticipated. But given the way he traps his cock inside you and thrusts so sinfully, it was only a matter of time before your body decided to end the satisfying torture.
“I’m so close, sweetheart,” he husks, and it’s different from the voice he had before. This voice is the one you will point to when the psychiatrist asks why you’re in therapy for having gone berserk. “Want you to—fuck, want your tight pussy to cream my cock. Can you do that, baby? Come all over my cock like a good girl?”
“Yes, y-yes! Wanna come all over your cock, Doctor! I’m so close, mmm…”
He thrusts in harder, tighter, skin slapping against skin until there is nothing else left and the dam breaks, flooding the river banks. Pleasure ricochets through you, waves and waves of powerful elation, causing your back to arch and for the young doctor to kiss your whines and moans lest someone else become privy to them.
Jimin is sloppy with the way he continues to thrust inside you, even after you have come. His chest heaves while the veins in his neck and forehead pop, welcoming his climax.
You don’t think twice when he brings his cock out. All you do is take him into your mouth just like a good girl should. The cock head explodes in ribbons of cum down your throat. He watches, lust-ridden, as you swallow it and then smile shyly.
He wraps his arms around you and kisses the same lips which made him come the hardest he has in a long, long time.
After the dust settles, Jimin is soft and kind as he cleans you up using the wet wipes from the cupboard. Then you help button his shirt, even if just an excuse to touch his chest some more. He smiles wider and wider every time he looks at you, and it makes your heart flutter (again and again) to know he’s smiling because of you.
In the end, leaving the clinic becomes the hardest part.
The steps you take out of room six are slow and languid. No part of you wants to leave, but you also know you can’t stay. This is Jimin’s profession. The number of lines you two crossed is already crazy. What will you get from mooning over him from the lobby?
The receptionist stops you as you walk past her.
“Excuse me, Miss YN?” Her calm voice stops you in your tracks. You turn your heel to face her. “We ask all new patients to complete a survey after their initial visit. I only need to ask you three questions so if you’d please.” Her hands point towards the end of the desk.
The steps you take towards her are quiet. She takes a seat in her chair as you approach.
“On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate your experience with us?”
At the exact moment she poses the seemingly innocent question, the man you can’t stop thinking about walks in. He shoots you a small smile then starts glancing around the receptionist’s long desk. He has a document in his hand which he easily folds under his arm.
“A six.”
The receptionist raises a brow but doesn’t say anything. On the other hand, Jimin smirks. The same smirk you kissed minutes ago. It’s so easy to get lost in.
The receptionist’s next question breaks your reverie.
“Would you be willing to register our clinic as your primary care facility?”
Jimin continues smiling as he looks around the desk for a pen. His ears are trained on you. He can’t even pretend they aren’t.
“And one last question,” the receptionist says. “How likely are you to recommend our clinic to others?”
“Absolutely not.” The words spill out of you faster than you can stop them or think them through. A scarlet blush blossoms on your cheeks. Jimin stares at you, the same as the receptionist. When you realize the path you are stuck on, you decide to do the stupid thing and trek onwards. “I just don’t like to share, you know? I’m a sickly girl. If the wonderful doctors here are busy with others, when will I have my needs taken care of?”
Each word spreads like fire through your veins and you catches Jimin’s eyes as he hides his smile with the back of his right hand. He looks so cute, you could bite his cheeks. Right then and there, you promise to do and say anything to make him laugh as much as he possibly can around you.
The receptionist doesn’t say anything and just types out your ridiculous answer. Jimin then winks at you and walks back to the examination rooms.
A dark cloud of sadness looms over you as you leave the clinic. Outside, the sun is still hanging and shining up in the sky, paying no mind to how distraught you feel.
As you begin to think about a route home, your phone chimes with an incoming text. You pull it out of your purse to see Tabitha’s name and several texts.
yn: how did you find out so fast?! wth
Oh wow, he did? The thought makes you jump a little on the sidewalk. Like Barbie in one of her movies.
yn: how does that equal me screwing him?!
yn: he’s so good tabs you have no idea it’s like i can still feel his hands on my body 🥴😳
tabs: ffs now i need to go see a doctor bc of the headache you’re giving me
yn: not jimin pls ☹️
tabs: dw loser, i’m not going anywhere near your loverboy 😒 did he at least tell you what was wrong tho. what did he prescribe?
yn: he gave me a personal treatment so i’m good ☺️
tabs: bye.
A giggle lights up your atmosphere. As you go to put your phone back, a new text flies in. There’s no name, but you know whom it’s from. And again, your heart does that little flutter for him.
jm: free health check at my house tonight. can we guarantee your attendance?
yn: yes, doctor
thank you for reading! i hope you enjoyed it! if you did, please like, reblog, leave a comment! my ask is always open. psa: all sexual innuendos in this fic were written ungraciously because i wrote this at 4 am askdjffj
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joon-com · a day ago
Tumblr media
Summary: yoongi a man in his early 40's has wondering eye's on the young new project manager, with lewd thoughts and an excuse he fucks you the same room of his ruined marriage.
— paring: Yoongi X F! reader
— Mistress au! Office au! Dilf yoongi au!
— 2k
WARNINGS: infidelity, adultery, smut, slight manipulation, PWP, Sir kink, fingering, oral, riding, fingering, stripping, face riding, 69, oral, dirty talk, power bottom Yoongi, verbal Yoongi, kissing, cum down throat, orgasm denial, afair, flirtation, spanking, age kink and dynamic,
Tumblr media
In the long-ass meeting, yoongi had to sit in for undeniably half-assed proposals from new companies alike. Thankfully to his seat at the end of the table, he could see you a beautiful younger girl, a girl past half his wife's age in a fitting black dress and simple diamond jewelry. He loved when you wore slightly revealing dresses, made his cock hard every time he saw your breast open, his height giving him a slight advantage and head filled with lewd thoughts of sex. Speaking of, his wife the second owner of the company Snickers and despised the way yoongi looked at your body, your chest, fucking anything to do with you. You on the other hand, knew nothing and just thought everyone was treated to work on their ass. It was just part of the culture after all.
"Alright, thank you Mr. San I'll be in contact with you next week. How about Thursday?" You smiled at the man in a monochrome suit.
"Yes, that'd be great, if not perfect" The man smiled, politely exscusing himself out the door. Writing down at your notes, yoongi also wrote something down only mentally and that was to make you call him Sir. Wraping things up, he kissed his wife on the cheek and hugged her goodbye. His wife feeling at ease, whilst also glaring you down internally. Not like she couldn't trust him, but she still had her doubts. Watching her leave, he then walks up to your chair and softly leans behind you.
"Notes, any decent projects to work on?" He asked, taking a seat next to you. Looking at your sheet, then at him and then around him you nodded no.
"All equally bad, however, Mr. San has connections we need in Japan. Better someone than nobody" you chuckled, him chuckling with a genuine smile. As the two of you talked and gossiped for an hour, workers and even those who were clients walked by the visual meeting room. Even if it was back stained glass, nobody denied the fact he was interested in you. Maybe more than a friend, but not as close as lovers. With his posture, leaning forward attentive he flashed a smile loving how youthful and charismatic your voice sounded. Fuck he'd trade it all to hear his wife sound like that again.
After receiving a text, you had excused yourself to take a call which lead you to end up apologizing through text as an emergency appeared with a family member. In which Yoongi offered dinner at his place if you were still available at night. You agreed and he sent the address, he didn't tell you what to wear so you put something both fitting and simple. Diamond earrings, black fitted slipped dress, thigh high stockings, thong, lace bra, and heels. It was then you met him, talked, and had a few glasses of wine in his penthouse decorated in all black and sauade material.
Minutes went by and you began to question where his wife was when she'd be back and if she was okay with this. Mentally you wanted to keep it, but at heart knew something was off so you asked in a soft voice to the man still in his suit from the office "where's your wife, is she coming home soon?" In which, he takes your hand and placed it on his right, and bends over towards you in his seat.
"Why is something bothering you sweetheart, I mean it's simply a dinner" he chuckles, eyes lowered a bit as if clearly he meant something else.
"No, nothing. I mean- well you're a married man and all, I find it strange we're alone in the privacy of your home like this. We're still slightly strangers Sir" you end, swelling the least amount of red wine in the glass cup.
"Well she's fine with it" he lied, taking a sip from his cup. Placing it down, he saw the tension from you ease greatly and decided to ease you more so by saying "I'll give you a tour of upstairs, in case you need to use the bathroom or other hygiene items" he smiles, standing up to reach out for your hand. Glad, you took it placing the glass on the back coaster and following beside him.
Hand in hand, the two of you walked up the wooden spiral step. Him leading you around. Showing you where things were placed for guests convinced and that's when he stopped in front of his shared room. "That's it, the only thing up here is the guest room and the shared room. " he smiles, opening that shared room. Taking your hand he leads you in, flustered he leads you to the bed and had you sit on the made-up soft cotten sheets.
"Black is truly a billionaires color" you say, looking around at the very minimalistic but chic decor.
"I'd agree, black is such a beautiful color. Even on someone even beautiful than the color itself," he complements, Downing the rest of the liquor and placing it on the night stand. Thanking him, you watch his hand leave yours and go to you thighs, almost wanting it to seem innocent in your eyes.
"Tell me something, if I were to touch you right now would you decline that offer?" He asks, making his sexual tensions known.
"Could I say no if I didn't, sir?"
"All depends on how you take that thought," he tells, knowing it sounded like a trick question but wasn't. Moving his hand up more and towards your upper thigh, you looked at him. "I can tell you want me, you would've never accepted a dinner at my house if you truly cared about what that whore would think" he reads your body language. Looking down, he was somewhat right you thought.
"Your wet love" he points out, tumb swiping up your slit like a credit card. Ignoring it and looking away, he brought you back to his eyes. Gaze softly looking at your lips and then your eyes, yours softly tsking note of the movements of his. Leaning forward he brushes his lips on yours, Hess turning as he goes in for it. Stuck in shock, you pulled away. His lips left with hunger, the same way he left your cunt begging for more a second ago.
"I'm aroused, Sir," you tell his lips only centimeters away from his. "I am too, should I help you ease that feeling baby?" He asks, hand confidently moving your panties down to your knees for easy removal.
"Yes what?"
"Yes sir" he heard, smirking at the instant obedience. Using his middle and index finger he softly coated the tips of them with your wetness before softly searching for your bundle of joy. Moaning softly in his ear as he found it, his fingers softly rubbed around listening to your moans of pleasure as he played in circles with it almost teasing it of pleasure. Moving his fingers continuously and others tomes not, he denied any sense of your orgasm coming.
"Fuck Yoongi, please~" you moaned, impulsively griping his tie in deep urge. Smirking, you realize what you'd done and felt flustered. Letting go, he slowly entered his fingers in your dripping cunt and looked you in your eyes. "I'll make you cum sweetheart for a price of my choosing" he devilishly says, bringing you onto his lap. With your ass smothering him, you felt his erection press against your asshole enough for you to grind on it and feel a slightly pushing sensation.
"Mmm, needy much baby. Oh and I never heard please sir, but my name will also do" he says, removing his fingers from you. "Now show me what that body of yours looks like in front of me, Strip clean" he whispers, chills sent straight to your beast and adomin.
"Yes sir," you say, getting up in front of him, making sure your chest was facing him. Leaning back, he undid his pants letting himself breathe and to show you what you were dealing with. Taking off his blazer to a white button-up tee, he stared at your breast as you took off the dress jerking his cock to a fresh image of your body. Breathing slightly deeper, his eyes filled with lust, cock begging to wipe its head between your breasts and slit, ass, everything. Fuck he wanted your spit rolling down his tip when you swallowed his entire load like water. Jerking off some more, playing with the tip he watches you bend down in front of him making sure to show you your bare pussy to his face as you slid down the stockings.
Slapping the bare skin, he left a mark that soon faded. "Take your time, the view of your pussy drooling could make me cum" he says, breathing out as you step back. Taking the opportunity, Yoongi backs your ass up on your tongue licking around your asshole softly before stuffing his tongue in his cunt. Your pussy responds with instant wetness as it pulses on his tongue. Leaning back, he invites you you sit on his face in which you take.
"Ah, your tongue feels amazing," you say, softly grinding on his nose a bit before his head moved. Hearing slight sucking noises had your legs straddle his face. Groaning deeply, he pushed you fully on his face wanting to drown in your juices. Meanwhile, you gripped his shirt mouth slurping his cock down, bobbing your head like no tomorrow. Groaning in your pussy, he slaps your ass to bounce on him. Bouncing, his mouth never disconnects from your face and simply groans before taking you off and watching you suck his cock with ultimate force.
"Yes that's the spot, fuck yes" he moans, back arched a bit so his head goes back. Taking your head he pushes it down, hearing and feeling a gaming noise. "Gag on it you fucking whore, fuck yes that sounds good. Feels good" he moans, pulling you off and looking at mascara run down your cheek. The whisky he was rubbing your cheeks, you pulled him by his tie and kissed him. It was sudden, but he liked it and had you hover over him. Moving you over his cock, you slid yourself down on him leaning over him as you whipped the slight make-up off your cheek on your arm.
Leaning down, you kissed his neck causing his cock to throb. His niples were fondled softly by your thumb before softly holding onto his shoulders as he guided your hips up and down his cock. "Ride me, fuck me, just like that" he moaned, your pussy bouncing on his cock like a ball bound to return. Moaning in his ear, he took over hands on your ass leading you at the pace he wanted. Spanking you, he moved your face to kiss him your moans mixed with deep grunts of satisfaction from him. Both bound to cum any minute now.
Arching his legs up, he spread your legs open as his cock slammed into you and moved only his hips. Hearing you moan in his ear and the feeling of a wet cunt drip down his balls and shaft was simple enough, if not more than he normally gets. So with the rarity of fucking someone so wet and so youthful he held onto his release being his body to keep up with your moans. Eventually, everything caught up, his cock was twitching releasing precum as he moaned in pleasure. He soon stopped, rolled you on your side, and slid his tip in your mouth cumming on his knees as his head flung back. Your mouth drilling of cum, a load bigger than anything you imagined for a guy his age.
Pulling out, he looked at the mess rubbed it on your skin, and had you swallow. Laying back down, he became soft and softly began fingering you to your orgasm, one of many you felt in that night.
"Is this the last time?" You asked, Yoongi lazily kissing your neck in sleepyness.
"Long as my wife doesn't know, then yes," he says, you kissing his lips softly in his embrace.
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bonny-kookoo · a day ago
Jungkook: Precious 5
Tumblr media
Don't ever get to close to a dragon's cave, for it will protect its riches and precious metals with ever means it deems necessary. And don't ever dare to steal from a dragon either- for its rage can burn down entire worlds.
Tags/Warnings: Dragon!Jungkook, Forest Fairy!Reader, stereotyping, fairytale kind of setting, mentions of blood, injuries, strangers to lovers, kookers defends his home and treasure aka you, mentions of death, smut, Soft Dom!Jungkook, size kink, possessive kook, strength kink, body worshipping, unprotected sex because a) this is a fairytale basically and b) he doesn't even cum inside lol, he bites her a lil and grabs her neck like once, more TBA as the story continues.
Connected works can be found via #Precious
Tumblr media
Jungkook can't let you court him like that, without returning the gesture.
He's constantly returning from his daily trips with gifts and little trinkets for you, from little gems and pretty flowers, to actual treasures and very impressive deer antlers once or twice. He'd stopped stealing things after you'd found out and scolded him for it- a pretty comical picture, the tiny fairy raising her finger at the giant dragon inside his own cave.
But that was not all of it.
You've also realized how his behavior had started to change- needing you close at night while he rests, initiating physical contact at every chance possible no matter how small, and nesting.
Jungkook was nesting a lot lately.
It seems like he can't make up his mind where he wants to have your shared resting place, what he wants it to look like, what he wants included and what he wants out- he's fussing over it almost every single night. Moving it onto the pile of his treasures was both dangerous and uncomfortable. The north side of the cave was too cold as the wind blew in more, while the other side was too uneven to create a good nest.
He's currently throwing a thick cloth over hay he's brought in this morning, making sure to do it all as neatly as possible before he places another blanket over it. You're watching from the sidelines- having already learned that he gets nervous if you try to help. He's not good at telling you no- but for his kind, a nest is something very important, as it's the place you're not only asleep- but where you also bond and raise young.
You haven't thought about it much yet- but recently, especially after you've come to learn that he does actively bond with you already via cuddling and kissing, you've started to really think about well.. other things.
Hes very attractive, after all.
"Precious, come here." He calls out suddenly- the nickname having become a habit of his recently. He has a boyish smile on his face- excitedly pointing towards the new nest he'd made this time. You fly over, letting yourself down on the mass of hey and pillows and blankets- hands going over the soft fabrics before he climbs in as well. "Do you like it?" He asks eagerly, crawling towards you as you nod- face red. "..are you flustered, precious?" He teases, moving closer until he's full on above you.
Your heart beats a bit quicker as he leans down, placing a soft kiss against your lips like he's done many times before by now- but it's different now. It feels different. His intentions are different.
He's always been holding back a bit. Never taking off his robes even during sleep, never holding you too tightly. But it seems like now, he can definitely sense your sensual attraction to him, as he leans down to brush his lips over your neck, before one of his hands reaches up, fingers wrapping around your throat. You're still calm- he'd never hurt you, after all. He maneuvers you around a little, onto your stomach before he brushes away your hair from the back of your neck, before you can feel his breath in your skin. You can't help your bodies reaction to his obvious display of strength over you; thighs shamelessly rubbing against one another underneath him.
His bite isn't meant to hurt. It's meant to claim, to bond, to love- as he holds your throat upwards, gently, keeping you close to him so you can't escape.
As if you'd ever.
His other hand wraps around your lower body, pushing you up onto your knees, pressed against him, making you feel his evident arousal of the entire situation. "I adore you so much, precious." He hums out hand moving from your throat to your chest- his head dipping down to kiss his mark, low growl in his throat sounding awfully much like his dragon form sometimes when you rest together. Hes happy; obviously so, to have you in his nest, in his cave, to have you so close in the first place.
"Can I claim you?" He asks, stopping his movements and antics for a moment, looking at any hint of you being uncomfortable with the situation. But you're not, clearly so, pushing yourself against him even as if to get closer.
"Please." You whimper, and he growls at that, starting to shed his robes for the first time. There's patches of scales on his shoulders and arms, the same shining scales his second form holds, and you can't help but admire them. "I want to look at you.." you request softly, and he cant say no to you, ever. He lets you lay on your back, hands reaching out to run over his scales and skin, making him shiver. "You're so pretty." You say, making him chuckle lowly.
"Hm, maybe." He hums out. "But you're prettier." He mumbles against your skin as his hands start to carefully undress you. He'd loved the sight of you in his nest before already; but he knows now, he loves the sight of you bare and squirming in It the most.
He runs his fingers carefully over your wings for a moment, enjoying the warmth and sight of them for a second before he decides to give in. You can't help but worry already; will he even fit?
But he's gentle as always, hand between your legs making sure you're comfortable and relaxed before he even thinks about entering you. It's a sight to see really; the way he watches his cock slip right in, your warm walls welcoming him as if he's finally coming home from a long journey. He knows it's you for him, he knows you're his mate, his lover and partner for life. You have to be-
After all, Dragons die without their mate.
But he doesn't think about the downsides of his bonding with you, as he moves himself, hips steady in their rhythm while he listens to your whines and whimpers underneath him. His hands make sure no spot of your body feels neglected- tongue and lips attacking your chest with eager love.
You feel like a queen under his gaze.
And that's exactly what he wants you to feel, as he snaps his hips into you, making sure you know how serious he is in loving you. And as you come undone under his antics, he carefully removes himself, his warm length rubbing against your tummy, arms holding you close as he cums, teeth biting down on the crook of your neck, marking yet another part of you.
He doesn't care about his sticky release covering you both. If anything, he welcomes how it'll cover you in his scent, a clear sign of his heart belonging to you, and yours belonging to him.
His most precious treasure of them all.
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seokjinish · 2 days ago
behind closed doors ➔ jeon jungkook
Tumblr media
church goer!jeon jungkook x p.k.!reader romance + mature warnings: jungkook is a good boy + a bunch of god talk and church stuff + jungkook is big time hjorny + jungkook’s overactive imagination + not for the faint hearted !! ig + not really smut, but jungkook thinks about it wc: 2.7k
➔ jungkook had his whole life planned out. he had been the model child for all of his life. now, there was a new pastor in town, and never did jungkook expect for the biggest temptation to come in a dress and all smiles.
a/n; i’ve literally been writing this series so much, i think i might have it done soon. wow. anyways, idk if there is going to be a schedule for this so yeah
series masterlist
Tumblr media
If he was completely honest, he’d forgotten your family was coming for dinner. Jungkook had realised only because his mother had been in the kitchen all day. Chaeyoung was in school, so Jungkook had to be the one to go to the market to get everything to cook. His mother had made him help out in the kitchen briefly, but when he’d proven useless, she sent him away.
Jungkook had been preparing himself mentally the whole afternoon to see you again. He couldn’t stop thinking about it. He had to take a cold shower after the… situation last night. He’d also taken another cold shower in the morning when he’d woken up with a raging boner. He knew that if he took care of it himself, he’d think about you bouncing on his dick, so he decided to take the shower instead.
Once the sun had set and Chaeyoung had been back from school for a couple of hours, his mother was urging them two to get ready. She asked them to wear the same clothes that they would wear to church because she knew that they were the best attires that they would have in their closets. Jungkook knew his mother wanted to stay on the good side with the pastor, so he was going to do everything in his power to keep that.
Still, the image of you plagued his head. He tried to keep it away whenever he thought about you. He owed you the respect, but all he could think about was how well you took the dildo. He could just wonder how your walls would feel around his cock; if you were going to be able to take him as well as you took that toy.
His mom’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts. Her yelling was announcing that your family has arrived, and Jungkook quickly finished putting on his sweater over his head. He fixed the collar of the shirt he had underneath the sweater, then he proceeded to fix his hair quickly before he dashed out of his room.
‘Jungkook, honey, can you please open the door and show them in? Thank you.’ His mother said in a sing-song voice. Jungkook gulped harshly before he shook his head and went to open the door.
He had wished that he had more time to psychologically prepare himself to face you and your family, to see your mother in the eyes and to shake your father’s hand. He felt like a hypocrite when he shook your dad’s hands as he invited your family in. On the last day, he’d thought about you in forbidden ways and had disrespected you and your family.
Once Jungkook moved aside to let you in, your mother gave him a quick kiss on the cheek while your brother ran inside the house. Jungkook didn’t want to even look at you because he left as if he was no longer allowed to do it. He knew he was going to be as see-through as glass, and he wanted to spare both of you of the awkwardness of the encounter.
You, on the other hand, were very excited to see Jungkook… and Chaeyoung, of course. Chaeyoung had messaged you last night, and you had texted for a while. You had gone through her Instagram and saw that Jungkook seemed to be in most of her pictures. She’d tagged him, but his account was in private so you couldn’t see what he posted there. Not that he had many pictures, according to Instagram, he only had posted four posts.
‘Hi, Jungkook.’ Your voice filled his ears and he felt lightheaded. Your moans rang in his head.
‘Hi.’ He thought he was fine, that he had a will that was strong enough to look at you, but boy was he wrong.
Jungkook’s eyes went up and down your body. He knew what it looked like under those clothes. What if you felt uncomfortable? He shouldn’t have done that. He should have clicked off the page, stumbled across another livestream. He hated it. Please, make me wise. The way your eyes stayed on him made him heat up; he hoped he was not as transparent enough as he thought he was being.
You walked into the house and joined your parents in the living room. Jungkook took a deep breath before he walked in. You kept your polite smile on your face as Chaeyoung neared you. You enjoyed talking to her, but sometimes she had too much energy for you. His younger sister started talking your ear off as he stood awkwardly on the side of the room with his hands on the back pocket of his jeans.
‘So, Jungkook,’ your father neared him. You took your eyes off Chaeyoung to see a wide-eyed Jungkook. ‘You’re starting a new school year, right?’ Jungkook nodded. ‘Our Y/N will be starting later this week. Right? Your first lecture is on…’
‘Wednesday.’ You confirmed. Jungkook locked eyes with you, and your eyes softened, smile widening.
‘Maybe you can show her around campus.’ The pastor said. Jungkook’s doe eyes widened even further. ‘It’s her first new year, so I don’t want her to be lost.’
‘You don’t have to do it! Seulgi is going to come with me, so I won’t be lost alone.’ You quickly added. Your father narrowed his eyes. Your mother chuckled lightly. ‘I don’t want to be a bother. I’m sure he’s got better things to do than show me around.’
‘Uhh,’ Jungkook dragged out. ‘It wouldn’t be a bother at all.’
The pastor patted Jungkook’s back. ‘See? Jungkook’s a good guy.’
Jungkook swallowed hard; he wasn’t so sure about that statement anymore. He wanted to drop to his knees and ask for forgiveness, to you and to your father. That’s when his father walked in and started entertaining your parents. He sneaked off to the kitchen to see if his mother needed any more help, but she only told him to take the drinks to the already set table.
A few minutes later, his mother was calling everyone to dinner. Chaeyoung dragged you through the door and sat you between her and Jungkook. He was already sitting down in his assigned seat, and when you sat down next to him, you exchanged looks with him. Jungkook sat straight up as he fiddled with his cutlery.
That’s when you realised Jungkook’s long fingers. You noticed that on the side of one of his fingers he even had a tattoo of a cross, something many people in your circle seemed to get. You could see some lines peeking underneath his sleeve, so you wondered if Jungkook had a tattoo sleeve. In the two times you’d seen him, you had only seen him with long sleeves, so you were only noticing the subtle hints of his tattoos.
His parents had not been against it when Jungkook had expressed that he wanted to get tattoos. Jungkook took part in designing them and every single one had deep meaning for him. He’d worked all summer for the money, and now he was starting his much wanted tattoo sleeve. Most parents had not understood how Jungkook’s parents were so okay with it, but they didn’t see tattoos as a stain to his character. It was very much the contrary.
Dinner had started off fine. Jungkook’s mother had been so insistent on making a plate for everyone, so it had been a while until she was finished. Your mother had been shushing Sam, who could not seem to stay still for the life of him. You had your eyes on Jungkook, who seemed to be entranced by the plate in front of him. You found it endearing how he couldn’t quite still even look you in the eye; even if you didn’t know the full story behind it.
Once everyone had a full plate in front of them, it came time to pray. Jungkook’s hand suddenly felt clammy at the thought of holding your hand during prayer, but he couldn’t just not take it. His mother sat down next to him, grabbing his hand and elbowing him so he took your already stretched out hand. He locked eyes with you for a second and then he put his hand in yours.
You gave him a soft smile as you wrapped your hands around his. His hand was warm in yours, and they were definitely a lot bigger than yours. Jungkook didn’t fail to notice how nice your hands felt in his. He didn’t want to think about it much; he definitely didn’t want to think about where your hands had been the night before and how you used them.
‘Y/N, honey, would you say grace, please?’ Your father’s voice rang loud in Jungkook’s ears.
Closing your eyes, you nodded. You tilted your head downwards as did everyone else. ‘Heavenly Father, please bless this food we’re about to receive that was so kindly cooked by Mrs. Jeon. Lord, we Thank You for the opportunity to share this evening together, help us use this time to bond closer and start a beautiful friendship. In Jesus’ name, Amen.’
‘That was a beautiful prayer.’ You looked at Jungkook’s mother, offering a smile.
Everyone fell into comfortable conversation relatively quickly. Jungkook was always quiet, and only added to the conversation whenever he deemed it necessary. Sure, he had loads of thoughts and feelings about what people were discussing, but he knew what could happen if his feelings got the better of him.
You couldn’t wait to hear what Jungkook had to say. It was obvious that Jungkook was having a little discussion in that cute little head of his, but he wouldn’t say anything out loud. He’d given you the impression of being quiet, so you didn’t want to put him on the spot in front of your family and his, so you ruled against asking him what he thought about what your dad was saying.
Jungkook felt your gaze on the side of his face. He knew your eyes were on him, but he couldn’t look at you. He couldn’t look at you in the eye after what he’d done last night. He wondered if that had ever happened to you; if a friend had found you on the website. Jungkook wasn’t a friend though, which made it all more uncomfortable for him, and he definitely didn’t want to ask you.
He did look at you when your stare seemed to drift away from him back to the plate of food in front of you. Jungkook saw as you cut the food and brought it to your mouth. For some reason, his heart started speeding up, and Jungkook had never felt more silly in his entire life. How could it be that he was so hot and bothered by something so trivial?
As you took another bite, lips closing around the fork, Jungkook wondered what it felt like to have your lips around him. Get a grip. He scolded himself. Please give me strength. Please make me wise. He chanted over and over.
For the remainder of the meal, Jungkook tried to keep his eyes off you. He mainly kept them on your father, who was talking about the change of environment now that he was the head pastor at a church, compared to what he used to be in his last post—which Jungkook had learnt it was teaching in a Christian school while also being the chaplain.
There Jungkook had asked him what had made him want to be the head pastor at a church. You were pleasantly surprised to listen to his voice, and it had caught you off guard.
‘That’s a good question, actually. Even if I’ve been here for one day, I can say that I can feel a great change in audiences. The Christian school that I taught at didn’t require the kids enrolled to be Christians, so we had folks of different beliefs, which was always challenging during Bible class. We always had that one atheist trying to upstage me. Once I had to deal with two of them in the same class and, needless to say, they were separated for future semesters.’
‘So, you changed jobs because you wanted to be more in your comfort zone?’ Jungkook’s question wasn’t meant to be rude, and you got it, but you weren’t sure if your father was going to take it as lighthearted as it was supposed to be. A sneaky smile spread on your lips.
‘No. I changed jobs because I wanted to preach to a room that wanted to be there in the first place. I was not there to convert the kids; I was there to spread the word of God.’
Jungkook nodded, but you saw the falter in his polite smile. Your father’s attention was now on your mother who had asked him something about the choir, but that didn’t stop him from saying something under his breath.
‘Not sure everyone in that room wants to be there.’ Your eyes were back again on Jungkook, and you weren’t sure if that comment was only for you to hear, or if you were meant to hear it at all, but you were glad you did.
Once everyone was done with their meal, Jungkook’s parents offered some drinks. Of course, nothing alcoholic, but instead a nice cup of tea that Jungkook’s mother had bought in the fancy aisle of the supermarket down the road. Of course, your parents had agreed to stay much to Sam’s disappointment, who just wanted to go back home to play some Genshin Impact, probably.
Chaeyoung was once again talking your ear off about her last year of school. You liked Chaeyoung’s never-ending energy, and it honestly put a smile on your face whenever you talked to her. She could keep you interested in a conversation for long enough, but you couldn’t help to drift your eyes to Jungkook, who was leaning against the wall near the entrance to the living room.
You scooted yourself a little so there was space for Jungkook to sit, which he seemed to notice and slowly made his way next to you. He sat awkwardly next to you. Jungkook was suddenly hyper aware of how the couch dipped when he sat on it and how your body seemed to be leaning into him—probably unconsciously but he couldn’t help but think about how close you were to him. The adults were already having a lively conversation about something, probably about the sermon or the moving. Sam was off on his phone on one of the couches, not really having anyone his age to interact with.
Jungkook stared into the wall, not noticing that you were watching him intently. Chaeyoung had excused herself from the conversation you were having to answer a message, and while she did that, you turned back to her older brother. His hands were folded over his lap and his posture was straight—one would probably think that he was back in church.
He noticed your eyes on him and his hands started to feel clammy; more than they already were. Jungkook licked his bottom lip before he took a peek at you in the corner of his eye. Your eyes were soft on him, but he still felt so tense. He feared that you could see right through him, that you were able to read his thoughts. It was impossible though. The chance of Jungkook finding your little side job was too farfetched.
‘Is everything okay?’ Jungkook nodded, swallowing nervously. 
‘Yeah, I—,’ His voice gave out. He couldn’t be going through puberty all over again. He cleared his throat. ‘Yeah, I’m fine.’
‘You don’t look it.’
‘I promise I’m fine.’
You narrowed your eyes, but you brushed it off with a laugh. ‘Alright, whatever you say.’ Jungkook’s leg bounced up and down as you still wouldn’t take your eyes off him. ‘So, uhm, should we agree to meet somewhere?’
Jungkook actually choked on his own saliva. ‘Wha—What?’
‘You agreed to show me around campus, remember? On Wednesday? Or was I tripping?’
‘Oh, yeah, right. Well, uhm, we could meet at campus.’
‘Or I can come here and we can go together.’
‘Uh, yeah, that’s also an option.’
‘Okay, great. Can I give you my phone number to, you know, let you know when I’m coming?’ Jungkook nodded and you put your hand out. It took him a few seconds to realise that you were asking for his phone. ‘Should we agree to meet at 10 maybe? My lecture is in the afternoon.’
‘Oh great, yes, mine is in the afternoon too.’
‘Perfect! It’s a date.’ You said with that godforsaken smile that was going to be Jungkook’s fall.
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First Snow, Last Kiss. pjm (teaser)
Tumblr media
Release Date: december 18th, 2021 (11am KST)
Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: fluff, angst (but barely tbh), light smut, winter!au, architect!reader, exes to lovers
Summary: He broke your heart four years ago; the old loving memories of your time together now tainted by pure betrayal. Yet in the haze of new snow, after returning home for the first time, the moments you had once convinced yourself were nothing but a lie, reveal themselves to be otherwise.
Warnings: nothing for the preview!
Est. Word Count: 13.0k
Teaser Word Count: 0.8k
a/n ✑ hiya! this is my contribution to @hellojeongkook’s Winter Wonderland fic event ☃️the teaser isn’t the opening scene of this fic (btw). 
the prompt i’ve chosen is: “It’s three in the morning.”
you can check out the rest of the fics here (more to come from other author’s so be excited). this is also the first one-shot i’m posting on tumblr so please look forward to it and enjoy the teaser! 🎁💞
Tumblr media
The third time you accidentally run into Jimin doesn’t feel like an accident at all. 
Probably because it’s not. Okay, it’s definitely not.
You’re at the worksite, sketching design ideas for the potential building, wrapped in a camel coat and burgundy wool scarf (it’s been rapidly getting colder), all the while balancing a hot cup of coffee.
As you turn to investigate the surrounding area, you glance up and freeze. Your work phone begins to vibrate in your pocket, a ringtone you had set specifically for Hoseok — the sound seems loud and shrill on this otherwise quiet morning. 
“You should probably get that,” he says, arms crossed over his chest as he leans against your rental car. He’s dressed casually, no work attire like you had seen him in a few nights ago. 
Jimin cocks a brow when you make no effort to move — your phone vibrating incessantly in the background. “It’s your work phone,” he adds, pointing to your personal phone, which you had left on the car seat. Finally, you pull it out of your pocket, eyes not leaving the man as he stares at you as if proposing a challenge.
“Morning, Hoseok,” you huff, taking a sip of your coffee. Jimin’s body becomes rigid at your greeting. He squares his shoulders before a hand reaches up to comb through his unruly hair. The strands fall down to frame his face, distracting you for a moment until you hear Hoseok’s voice again.
“Yeah, I’m just at the site. It’s a nice place, great lighting and ventilation.” Jimin watches as you nod, agreeing with whatever the man on the other line tells you. He notices the way your lips lift slightly at the corners, smiling, and it ticks something within him until he feels his jaw clench. “Umm. No, I don’t have anything planned later today, I—”
In a brisk motion, Jimin snatches your phone from your grasp, running around your car as you squawk silent curses. “Mr. Jung! Hello, I’m Y/n’s personal assistant,” he says hurriedly, dipping under your arms that attempt to take back your phone. “I’m sorry to inform you that Ms. Y/n is actually not free later this evening.”
“Jimin,” you hiss, smacking his arm that holds you a distance away, “stop it! Give me my phone.” 
He sniggers evilly and grabs you by the wrist, abruptly whirling you around and pulling you towards him. 
You tumble forward, letting out a small yelp as your back crashes into his chest. Immediately, Jimin cages you in. With his free arm, he wraps your flailing arms tightly around your sides. “Oh, of course, Mr. Jung,” he says overzealously, chest bouncing with each word, “I’ll be sure to tell her that you’re free this weekend. Have a good day — bye!” He cuts the call and stuffs your phone into his pocket.
You’re boiling, sizzling with fury as he lets go of your body to turn you around. “So, about—”
“What the fuck, Jimin!” You whisper-shout, shoving your hand into his pocket to take back your phone. “What are you doing? Telling Hoseok I’m not free? I am!”
Jimin winces, fighting the urge to shrink back beneath your intense gaze. 
“What do you want from me? What are you doing here?” You parade him with questions, eyes hard and unrelenting.
“I dunno,” Jimin shrugs, hands stuffed in his pockets, “I just wanna hang out with you.”
“Why?” You quip bluntly, guard automatically being pulled back up. Your suspicions of him never dwindle — you won’t allow it to, not with the history that lies between. You unlock your phone, ready to shoot an SOS text to either Jungkoook or Tae when he snatches it out of your grip for the second time. 
“Don’t text them,” he begs, “I promise I’m not here to do anything bad.”
“Then why are you here?” You grit out, annoyance leaking in your voice.
“I already told you. To hang out.”
“I don’t want to hang out with you.”
Jimin frowns. You yank your phone back and pace to your car, missing the crestfallen expression he holds momentarily. 
“C’mon, let’s just go get ice cream,” he trails after you, hopping in front to block you from reaching your car.
“Or do you wanna go bowling?” He mirrors your movements to prevent you from slithering around. “Let’s see how well your skills have held up.”
“I said move,” you huff.
“Okay, no to bowling. Maybe a movie? Ah but then we can’t talk.” Jimin cuffs your wrists with his hands. You freeze, taken aback. “Don’t run away from me.”
His words, imbued with an emotion you can’t decipher, cut deep into your skin. You find yourself exhaling, eyes shuddering defeated. “Do you not have a job to go to?”
“It’s Saturday,” Jimin pouts, “do you want to go to the arcade?”
“No? Okay. Does shopping sound better?” He tries before snapping his fingers, pointing it between the dot of your eyebrows. “That’s it! Shopping! You love shopping, I know you do. Let’s go,” he says all in one breath, sparing you no time before he’s thrusting you into the passenger’s seat and starting the engine of your rental car.
To be continued...
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Still Want You [Jin x Reader]
23. What happens in the sound booth
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Bleeding butterflies part twelve - BTS OT7 Vampire au
Tumblr media
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Warnings: mentions of suicide and death. This was getting too long and I wasn’t going to have time to finish it tonight so I split it 😬 it’s not the longest or the most exciting chapter but I was having anxiety over not posting for a while
He doesn’t think he’s ran faster in his life, the scream that echoed through the bond burned through his body, terrifying his soul into only one monopolising thought; you, you, you. The door isn’t opened but smashed through, staircase and hallway a blur until he reaches his destination, your room. Panting, he takes in the sight, his brothers seated and surrounding your sleeping form in different ways, all downcast, Namjoon was the only one missing, but they’re in his peripherals as the smell hits his nose.
He’s smelt it before, they all have. It's a smell he can never forget. That moment you were unconscious after the rogue crushed your throat, when you were dying in his arms, you smelled like this.
“What happened?” Taehyung breathed, but only Jungkook glanced his way, eyes glaring, jaw clenched, he stepped away from the wall he was leaning on, crossed arms coming away as his hands formed into fists.
Taehyung should’ve seen the first punch coming, but he was too dazed by your form to focus on anything else. The sound of knuckles on skin echoes like thunder within the room, but nobody flinches, not even Taehyung when the second or third one hits him, it was the answer to his question he needed; this was somehow his fault.
“That’s enough,” Jin is the first one to speak, although unmoving, only Jimin looks away from your body to break the two apart. Jungkook can’t control the rage in his body as he stares his older brother down like a bull in a room of red, they hear you wince feebly, almost inaudible if not for their heightened senses, the concoction of emotions between the two flooding your system.
“Close your bonds,” Hoseok orders as he watches a crease form between your brows, your breathing becoming agitated. “She can’t deal with your shit right now, stop acting like newborns and control your emotions.”
“Was it worth it?” Jungkook asks, his anger still seething as he tries to reign the bond shut between you and him. “If we listened to her, if we just respected her wishes-”
“She’s mortal Jungkook,” Taehyung’s voice is small but it cuts through the youngest. “Death is always looming around her.”
“She had ten years,” the fire in his doe eyes finally died down only to give way to the sadness he was holding back. “Now she doesn’t even have ten days.”
“Why? What happened?” He looks around the room at his brothers for an answer, when he left you were alive, you didn’t look like this, he could barely look at you now in this almost corpse like state.
“Namjoon spoke to the witches, her emotions have an effect on her lifespan,” Yoongi informs him, void of emotion. It takes a second, but it feels like Taehyung was caught in his own time trap, the tick of a clock took a century to pass as the information weighed on him, the consequences of his actions fitting together like puzzle pieces until the picture cleared. This was his fault.
“Where’s hyung now?”
“Sorting out your mess,” Jungkook snaps.
“Did you find anything?” Jin tries to keep the hope out of his voice, but a sliver of it can be heard in the question.
Taehyung swallows down his own tears, walking up to your body hesitantly, everything he did was to prevent this. This whole scene was an echo from the past, he remembers the last time you were on the bed in this state, and they all were terrified of whether you would make it or not, everything he did he did so he wouldn’t have to take these same exact steps again. The universe was cruel in its irony.
He wants to touch you, he wants to hold you, bawl his eyes out while begging for forgiveness.
“Theories,” Taehyung whispers in answer, almost as if he were afraid to wake you. “Sacrifices for an extension on her life, the cosmic beings seemed to know more than they would let on.”
“You spoke to the cosmic beings?” Yoongi knows more about their wrath than the others, a story the older vampires were familiar with from his past. “And you’re still alive?”
He doesn’t know whether he’s impressed or angry at such a reckless move, he bites back the remark of what they would do if you had felt Taehyung dying, how you would have recovered from that, first they needed to make sure you were going to be okay.
“The witches also mentioned a sacrifice,” Hoseok nods, slightly relieved, if Taehyung also had the same information from elsewhere, this might actually work. “Namjoon’s with them now sorting it.”
“Why are you all sitting here, why aren’t we helping him?” Taehyung’s voice breaks as he turns to his brothers with the panic fighting his system, the truth of the matter settling in his bones now the shock was passing. You were dying, right in front of them, and they were all watching.
“In case,” Jimin speaks for the first time since he saw you in this state, but he says no more, he doesn’t need to. In case you died.
The witches screech as they throw their own sistren into the fire, the vampire prince compelled them to call another sisterhood to burn to the flames, the tears in their eyes does nothing to his stoic complexion as he watches. This is bad magic, he can sense it in the air, but he would pay the cost if it brought you back from the brink of death.
“Stop this!” Jennie screams as the flames grow too large, almost burning her in the process of another limb thrown.
“You know what happens if she dies witch,” Namjoon looks like stone when he looks at the weeping women, the burst of orange light from the fire lighting him like a dangerous god seconds away from ordering their downfall.
“You don’t understand what you’re making us do,” Rose is covered in dirt, stumbling as her body conforms to his orders despite the way it makes her lurch. “They’re our sisters, tell us to stop!”
“We can sacrifice the wolves, the fairies,” Lisa wails.
“This is your punishment,” the prince dictates. “You watch your sisters burn, you throw them to the fire, this is the price you pay for trying to destroy us.”
“We need to hurry,” Jisoo is the only one who isn’t mourning like the others, there are tears in her eyes but she retains her sense. “We don’t have enough time.”
They didn’t, the last remaining sands were slipping through, the witches had to turn the hourglass before time ran out. Jisoo wasn’t heartless in her instructions, she was trying to save the other three and herself, because as the vampire prince stated, if you died he had no use for the four anymore, so he compelled them to die as well.
Your bones ached, your whole body, you could feel each pump of blood through your arteries, the way it lingered in your veins reluctant to return to your heart. You whimper as you wake, you feel so drained, so weak although slowly you could feel some strength return. The room spins even though you're lying down, your mind trying to catch up, Jungkook compelled you and you couldn’t stay awake any longer. But why did he compel you? It took everything out of you.
Your vision clears the way clouds do on a sunny day after rain and you notice the figures surrounding you, an overwhelming sense of relief flooding through you from a few different bonds. What happened?
“Tae…” your fingers grab his hand out of instinct, terrified he would fade like he did in your dreams, but he becomes more solid the more you wake. Your heart is pumping again, you can feel it beat harder. You look up at him with big open eyes, vulnerable to him the way he knew you hated being, before they started to water.
He takes the hand you’re holding and caresses your cheek, the warmth in them returning with colour, he doesn’t trust himself to speak. You don’t let go of his hand.
“Sweetheart, how do you feel?” Hobi asks tentatively, a hand to your forehead as if you had a fever. You didn’t feel cold anymore.
You unconsciously take a deep breath, your body triggering the action to fill your lungs, before you release it with a shaky sigh.
“What happened?” you say as you try sitting up, Hobi’s hands already steadying you as he settles close to keep you upright. Your back is against his chest, and you’re glad he’s there, you felt so frail. Even holding your head up was making your neck ache already. Your eyes search their faces for an answer before you settle on the youngest. “Why did you compel me?”
You don’t sound angry, just sad.
“You were dying,” he states as matter of fact, trying to contain the emotions breaking under his skin at the way you were looking at him, arms crossed as he kept his distance with Jimin when the others were as close as possible. “Your body can’t handle or hold your powers without it causing you harm, they’re tied to your emotions.”
Another fact you had to swallow like a pill. When would it end?
“Where’s Joonie?” you ask instead of acknowledging his words, you take your hand away from Taehyung’s now you were thinking clearer, avoiding his gaze despite the way you wanted to take him in. They can feel your heart hollowing out again, Hoseok’s arms come around you to hold you against him, his lips pressing the top of your head as if it would soothe you. The panic that ignites like sparks in their limbs is instinctual, they knew what your sadness would lead to, any signs of it now would cause their souls to run cold with fear.
“He’s with the witches,” Yoongi is the one to tell you, eyes on you in anticipation as if you would fade from view. You nod, unsure of what to say or how to break the tension in the room, you felt too weak to walk out but the atmosphere under their stares was stifling.
Your heart catches against your ribs for a moment, before you learn to calm your nerves at his voice, he’s right beside you on the bed, kneeling on one knee as he leans on his arms, but you don’t look at him, you look to the side.
“Y/n,” Taehyung’s begging you with the call of your name, he watches you close your eyes at the sound of his voice. “I’m so sorry.”
You scoff, it's soft but he hears it, they all do.
“Are you sorry for leaving me when I begged you not to, or the consequences of your decisions?” you refuse to meet his gaze, you refuse to give him that. “If Jungkook didn’t compel me you’d still be…”
You sigh as you search for the right words for his endeavor, face scrunching in simmering anger as you recall the moment he left.
“Not here.”
Your eyes may not be able to meet him, but you’re all he can look at now, even if you hated him or wanted him away, he doesn’t think he can do it anymore, be away from you. It was going to tear out his soul when he had to leave again, but first he needed to make you understand why he was torturing you both with his distance.
“I can’t lose you Y/n,” how many times has he said it, how did you still not see it? “Angel, I'm so close to finding what we need, please…”
You finally look at him then, glare and nostrils flaring. He sounded like he was asking for permission to leave, if that were the case why did he even bother coming back? You clench your fists, nails digging into your skin to fight the onslaught of water filling your vision. The hell was he going to see you cry today.
“I don’t want immortality,” you say to him and it wipes every expression from his face.
The others look away, already aware of your wishes, it was Taehuyng’s turn to hear it now.
His heart sinks before his jaw sets.
“I don’t care.”
Their heads snap back to you both at that, all of you looking at the vampire with shock. You shake your head in disbelief at the tone he just used. How far had he fallen into his quest, even here with you he was still so far away.
“It’s my choice,” you don’t say it angrily like they thought you would, your voice sounds like it’s heavy holding tears.
“No,” he shakes his head back, an ugly feeling settling onto his bones into his eyes, before he punctuates each word. “I am not losing you.”
He breathes in shakily, his whole body starting to vibrate with anger. He knew you were reluctant, he knew you wanted to stay human, but he thought if he found the cure you’d change your mind. He stupidly thought the only reason you didn’t want immortality was because you thought it was unattainable.
“It’s not up to you,” you fight back feebly, your physical strength returning more now but his words and the look on his face cut through you. That determination was dark, he couldn’t see past his own fears and desires.
“It’s out of your hands Y/n,” he pushes back stronger than you. “You’ve accepted all these things out of your control already, what more will this be? Whether you want it or not, I’m not letting you die.”
“Taehyung,” Yoongi’s voice interrupts in warning, noticing the way you looked at the vampire with sorrow.
"You didn't give me a choice either, Angel,” he ignores his brother’s voice. “I was ready to accept death before you forced your blood down my throat."
If his words cut you before, they drained the life and blood out of you now. Vampires, they only knew how to make you bleed. The stupor on your face lasts for seconds, taking in the harsh look on his face.
“That was different,” you can feel your bottom lip tremble, and they can see it. The glistening of your eyes as the first drops finally fell. “You’re already immortal Taehyung, you were on a suicide mission.”
“And you’re not?” he’s sick of the hypocrisy, he remembers that moment so well. “You understand this feeling Angel, you said it yourself, ‘I can’t lose you’, ‘I can’t live without you’, I said no, and you did it anyway. How is it different?”
“You were already immortal Taehyung!” you repeat yourself. “I wasn’t defying the laws of the universe to save you, it's completely different.”
“I think that’s enough,” Jin says, but you both weren’t done.
“I can’t become immortal, I don’t want to be immortal,” despite the tears on your face your anger returns at his stubborn attitude.
“Why!” he yells. “Why are you so hell bent on causing me pain? If it were the other way round you wouldn’t stop until we were saved.”
“Nothing lasts forever Tae, all of this is temporary!” You shout back. “Life, love, time, all of it. Why are we breaking the law of the universe because you can’t accept that? We knew from the start this was never going to last, I’m human, I am going to die one day.”
“It's the truth Tae,” you don’t stop, even when there are tears in his own eyes. “You knew that before we started this relationship, why didn’t you walk away if you couldn’t accept it?”
He glares at you despite his gaze watering like your own. How could he walk away? How could you ask him that?
“I am not becoming immortal,” you say it firmly, there was no way you’d sway on this.
“I told you you don’t have a choice,” he bites back.
“Taehyung, you even try again, any of you try again on this and I promise you I will end my life before you can even-”
You couldn’t even finish your warning before they jumped in, even Jungkook and Jimin moved from their positions of distance as if you were a flight risk.
“Don’t,” Jungkook breathes heavily, finger pointing at you in accusation and terror before he feels his heart crumble. “Beautiful dont ever say something like that.”
“Why would you even-” Yoongi shakes his head in disbelief, pacing around the room with his hands in his hair. “That’s not something to joke about Precious.”
“I wasn’t joking.”
There’s silence, and no one wants to break it. Every time immortality was mentioned, your body panicked, the instinct to fight or flight kicked in the way it never had before. You couldn’t explain it, but you knew, you couldn’t.
“Why?” Jimin crawls onto the bed, breaking the silence after what felt like an eternity. He takes your hand in his own, before he bows his head down, physically begging you as his tears fall. “Why butterfly?”
His voice breaks your heart, you noticed the distance he was keeping from you, it hurt but you understood it. It was what you had done when they came back from the war. It was to protect himself.
“Sweetheart I don’t understand,” Hoseok buries his head in your neck, trying to calm his own emotions at your words.
“Why don’t you want to be with us forever?” Jin asks. “Why do you want to leave us?”
“I can’t, I can’t be immortal, I just can’t.”
Every fibre in your body said no, every cell every atom, a big red warning light was felt deep within you, almost saying yes there was a way for this to happen, but under no circumstances were you to ever let it. There was a smaller voice inside of you too that tried to contend with this loud booming warning, one that whispered as it begged to let you live, not because you wanted immortality in any way, but because the part of you that loved them knew what would happen to them when you passed. But the tongue of that voice was cut off, nothing could be heard over the fundamental admonition that drowned out any other thought you might have. How do you explain to them that something terrible would befall you all if they found the answers they seeked without sounding insane?
“Okay for now we compromise,” Yoongi says trying to calm the situation, they still had to contend with the link between your emotions and health. “If we find a way to extend your life, just to the normal average expectancy, that’s all we’ll do and focus on.”
“Give us that at least,” Jungkook swallows down his own tears.
The apprehension in your soul doesn’t present itself as you mull the words over, you only nod in agreement and they all release a breath they’re holding, sharing a look between themselves.
Immortality was not off the table, not if what Taehyung was saying was true. If he really was as close as he stated there was no way they couldn’t at least find the answers. They just had to make sure you never found out.
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kingsuckjin · 3 days ago
Jimin’s body (pt 1 of 2)
Tumblr media
⌖ Genre: horror, Jennifer’s body au
⌖ Pairing: possessed! jimin x reader, Jungkook’s reader
⌖ Rating: R +18 (like this is wild shit, be careful)
⌖ About: This wasn’t the party you thought it would be. After the party you had this strange feeling that Jimin wasn’t the person you thought he once was either… that is, if he’s a person at all anymore at all.
⌖ Warnings: blood, possession, poor self image, death, murder, blood and gore, poor self-image, sexual talk/dirty talk, fingering, public sex?, Jimin vomits in the beginning, raw meat eating, Taehyung and the others might not seem so nice at first, demon jimin is a liar liar pants on fire like ALL of the time, talk of a heart attack, kidnapping, jimin turns into an actual monster at one point (if you see more, let me know and I’ll add it)
⌖ Words: 11k
⌖ AN: I know there are mistakes in here, I'll try to fix them when I get home from work though and make it all look a bit better. Also I had to split the fic into 2 because it's soooo huge.
"Taehyung, stop fucking with everyone." You scolded as Jimin stared wide-eyed at the ceiling at the light that had just flickered out.
He had to look tough with you sitting in the circle right across from him on the brown, shag-carpeted floor of this basement that looked like it and its living room-like furniture hadn’t been touched or updated since the ’70s.
It was supposed to be a party, and there indeed was one upstairs blasting music but muffled by the floor above.
You were all supposed to be playing a childish and tipsy game of spin the bottle in the basement.
Jimin was supposed to kiss you. He had only come here because he wanted to spend time with you. After all, you invited him, but so far nothing was going as planned.
"He's not fucking with anyone his house is haunted." Jungkook chuckled while Taehyung gave you a boxy grin.
Jimin couldn't tell if they were lying or not, he didn't know anyone here but you and Seokjin, who had already passed out on the basement couch across the room, oblivious to everything happening.
Jimin also thought maybe they were all playing a joke on him, he hadn't uttered a word to anyone but you and Jin since he had gotten here.
"He's not lying, I saw a ghost once when I stayed over. I don't even believe in ghosts." The rather stoic guy named Yoongi spoke with his arms crossed.
"Tell them the story, Tae." Jungkook urged.
Taehyung's eyes flitted around the circle to each person's face, possibly pausing to add anticipation.
"A woman died in this house."
"So what? People die everywhere, it doesn't mean a place is haunted." You spoke up, already seeming like you didn’t believe him right from the start.
"She was murdered," Taehyung added.
"Sure." You scoffed as you rolled your eyes.
"She was. Right here in the basement. She ran from the killer and hid in the basement and locked herself in the bathroom. She was supposedly very beautiful and vain. Sometimes if you look in the mirror and tell yourself how nice you look, she'll get jealous and appear, maybe she'll even steal your soul if you're pretty enough."
Although Jimin had been a little scared at first. He couldn't help but stifle a laugh and a smile at how cliche Taehyung's ghost story sounded and suddenly all eyes in the circle were on him.
"What? You don't believe me?" Taehyung raised his eyebrows at Jimin.
"No one does, Tae. Even if the house is haunted you're dramatizing it." You scoffed.
"I believe it," Yoongi muttered.
"Go in there and do it Jimin." Jungkook urged, pointing to a darkened doorway in the basement.
"Oh Jimin, you made her mad." Taehyung teased as he watched the light above begin to flicker back to life just before dying again.
Jimin could feel the “Are you serious?" look on his face that he was now giving Jungkook. He didn't know any of these people but you, and you were the one he was afraid of looking like a coward in front of. He cursed at himself in his head for laughing at Taehyung's bad ghost story. He should've just stayed quiet like he always did.
"Go on." Jungkook urged again, ignoring Jimin's surprised look.
"Guys don't. This isn't how you treat new friends. Can we please go back to-"
"Too scared?" Yoongi now asked Jimin.
"No." He answered more confidently than he felt. Should he be scared? Probably not. Taehyung's story was shit and everyone in the room knew it. They were just picking on him because he was a new friend and shy, right? Jimin didn't have many friends until he started working at the bakery with you and Seokjin, he was always just too shy and quiet for friends to stick. But what if he simply just wasn't this time? What if he became the outgoing popular Jimin he always wanted to be and started over with these new friends. What if he pretended to be everything he wasn't? That’s why he came tonight, he thought if maybe he was all of those things finally, maybe you’d want him. He wasn’t about to mess up the charade he was doing okay at putting on now.
Jimin stood from his place in the circle of new friends on the floor, trying to stop his nervous legs from shaking. He could feel how hard his heart was pumping in his chest, a small sliver of him was worried that this would trigger his heart condition.
"So what do I do?" despite everything, he wanted to wanting to prove them wrong, show them that he wasn't scared and this was all bullshit, even though he knew in the back of his mind that this was how every horror movie and story started.
"Jimin you don't have t-" you were interrupted by a smirking Taehyung. Jimin wondered how he could be so chill about this if it was real.
"Go in the bathroom, don't turn on the lights, look in the mirror, and tell yourself you're pretty and genuinely mean it."
"Oh, so you can all hear me and laugh at me?" Jimin saw a new ploy to their jokes.
"No one’s going to laugh at you." Taehyung was serious as he looked Jimin in the eye.
"You've got more balls than I do, new guy." Jimin heard Yoongi say as he looked towards the dark basement bathroom. Something about their suddenly serious tones of voices and the way they were looking at one another now made the fear and nervousness in Jimin’s stomach rise once again.
"I swear if you're tricking him or you plan on actually making fun of him I swear I won't be your guy's friend anymore, I mean it." Your tone was deadly serious at the group and that gave Jimin some reassurance.
"It's not a joke," Taehyung replied in a way that took away any shred of confidence Jimin had left. What was worse, his new friends playing a prank on him and wanting to embarrass him or something happening? Jimin felt fucked either way but still made his legs carry him to the bathroom as he tried to shake off the unsettling feeling Taehyung’s story had left him with.
He wondered if they would stop him and tell him they were just kidding, but as he closed the door and the complete darkness took over the room, he lost any hope of that happening.
The bathroom smelled musty unlike the livable rest of the basement. Although it was a full bathroom with a sink, tub, and toilet, the walls were unfinished. It just felt like someone had given up on the room long ago.
Jimin placed his hands on each side of the cool, white porcelain sink and looked at himself thoroughly in the mirror in front of him. How was he supposed to tell himself he was good-looking and mean it? Jimin felt like he was a timid, friendless, freak. Even this incident reminded him of a sleepover he had in first grade where he got scared and peed his pants and all the boys laughed at him. He knew you'd never want him, not when he was too shy to finally make a move, not when you had all of these cool guy friends.
Jimin placed his hand on his cheek and let his thumb drift over his lips. Have you ever once thought he was handsome? Just once? If you did, you wondered what you thought about it. Maybe you liked his lips and thought about how good they would feel pressed to yours… or even other places on your body.
Maybe you liked his hair and thought about how nice it would feel to run your hands through it. Perhaps his body? As a dancer, Jimin knew his body was in shape but was it good enough for you to imagine on top of you?
He finally decided that maybe he had more in the looks department than most did. That was when he let the words pass his lips.
"I'm attractive."
The affirmation felt good, he had never once thought to do this before. He continued to look over his features and think about what you might like about him.
"My lips are nice, my hair is nice, my body is nice and I'm so attractive. I'm pretty."
Jimin began to understand that the others in that room weren't him, they were nothing like him. He had things that they didn't, *many* things they didn't. Even in the kindness department, Jimin had a leg up, after all, who sends a new friend into a bathroom to scare them? Did they even want to be friends with him? Probably not. Perhaps they did this out of jealousy. They were probably jealous that Jimin was better looking than them, he was a better person than them. They wanted you and couldn't have you, Jimin could.
All Jimin could see in the mirror was darkness, all but the beautiful features of his face. He didn't feel the smirk that erupted on it, but he saw it in the mirror and it felt so right.
"I'm the most beautiful here. I am."
Jimin was so lost in himself that he barely noticed the shadow right behind him, reaching out for him with its spindly fingers tapered to a claw tip.
Jimin did however see the dark liquid begin to drop from his nose and drip onto the wee white porcelain in front of him.
He doubled over with the sudden pain in his chest. It felt like his heart was being tightened in a vice.
He collapsed completely onto the cold, cracked tiled floor in the dark grunting with a ringing growing overwhelmingly loud in his ears as he waited for the squeezing in his chest to pop his heart like a water balloon.
Could anyone hear him? Surely someone had to. What was happening? He wondered if he was suffering a heart attack. Was he dying?
The pain was so terrible and felt like it was lasting so long that Jimin had tried to dig his fingers into the tile until his knuckles turned white.
Over the piercing ringing, Jimin could hear whispers that didn't make sense at first. The whispering of a woman. The longer he listened as his vision began to fade, the more he was able to make sense of the words.
"Let me in. I can make your dreams come true. I can give you everything you want, just let me in Jimin." Whatever it was knew his name, and it knew about you and how much he liked you.
Jimin felt weaker and weaker, so weak he couldn’t struggle against the pain anymore, he decided to give up.
"Fine." Jimin had choked out, but once he did, everything stopped. Everything turned black, even his thoughts of you had melted away into the darkness.
"Did you hear that?" You asked as your head turned to the closed bathroom door. It was some sort of gurgling or grunting and as you looked around at the others looking at the door, you know they had heard it too, even over the loud music going on above.
You were the first to jump up followed by a few of the others.
"Jimiiiiin" you called as you knocked on the door but didn't get an answer.
Jungkook reached forward and tried to turn the knob but it was locked so you watched as he resorted to jiggling it instead.
"Hey open up! Are you okay in there?" Jungkook called.
"Jimin! Open the door." Your heartbeat was beginning to race.
"Guys he's probably just messing with us because he knows we're messing with him." Taehyung scoffed, setting your fear aflame until it became anger.
"You're an asshole Taehyung! You too Yoongi!" You turned around and glared at them both where they still sat on the floor.
You turned back towards the door and knocked again.
"Jimin, I'm so sorry! Please don't be mad or hurt, they're all idiots. Please come out."
The clicking of the lock was heard followed by the doorknob turning.
"Told you he was fucking with us." You heard Taehyung mutter from behind you but you ignored it as Jimin emerged with a piece of toilet paper stuffed in his nose with a bit of fresh blood on it.
"Oh my gosh! Are you ok-"
"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine, just a nosebleed. It's a little embarrassing, it happens sometimes and I was kind of hoping it would stop by the time I came out. I didn't mean to worry you." He reassured you, but as you looked at him you realized how pale he looked.
“Jimin, let's just get out of here,” you sighed, turning around to glare at everyone else in the room for what they did to Jimin as you hooked your hand onto his arm.
“Yeah… I think that would be best.” Jimin looked towards the floor as he spoke and you could just tell he had heard the others as he was in there. You led him up the basement stairs, Taehyung had called out for you to wait but you paid no attention and kept moving with poor Jimin in tow. The moment you opened the door that led from the basement into the kitchen the loud music made your eardrums thrum with the base. You maneuvered around the drunken bodies making sure to keep a firm hold on Jimin who seemed to be lagging behind you, but you just wanted out. It was either the anger towards your friends or the sticky warm air here upstairs from all the bodies making you sweat… or maybe it was Jimin's skin feeling clammy and sweaty in your hand.
You felt relief when you saw the front door in sight, you sped up just a little more to get to it but felt Jimin suddenly stop behind you. You turned around to see him bent over dry heaving.
“Almost there, just a few more steps.” you came close to assure him as you tugged at his arm. He listened, stumbling the last few steps out the door. You brought him to the porch railing where he immediately threw up over the side and onto a bed of flowers. You noticed chattering stop from somewhere behind you once Jimin began to throw up. You peeked behind you to see a group of guys smoking.
“I-is he good?” one of them asked as you put your hand on Jimin's back as he seemed to throw up an unimaginable amount.
“Mind your goddamn business.” you snapped, obviously taking your anger out on them.
Jimin seemed to breathe hard for a moment until he stood back up straight slowly.
You got into your bag and dug out some tissues before handing them to him so he could wipe his face.
“I’m so sorry.” he apologized. “I don't think I’ll be drinking again anytime soon.” he tried to joke.
“I know how it is, I don't drink anymore because it's hell, I’m a lightweight.” you tried to sympathize and you hoped it would be less embarrassing for him. “Let me drive you home. Tae can help me bring you your car tomorrow, it's the least he can do after tonight.”
“I wouldn't want to put you through the trouble of-”
“No way, it's no problem.” you urged knowing he would do this. Jimin was simply too kind and considerate for this world, your year of working with him made this fact about him obvious.
You led him to your car and while he seemed a little wobbly-legged he did seem better after he threw up. You didn’t care if he threw up in your car, it was a mess anyway and your friend being okay was far more important at the moment. You helped buckle him in and caught a glimpse of his eyes reading guilt from the situation, but you felt just as guilty for him. You tried not to think about it as you got in the driver's seat, buckled up, and drove in mostly silence.
“I’m taking you to my house so I can take care of you, that's okay right?” when you didn't receive an answer you looked over at him to see his head slumped against the window.
“Jimin?” you asked just to make sure he was okay, when you heard him groan as a response you were satisfied yet still worried. You figured he had just passed out and knew rest would only help his situation. You began to recall what all he might have drunk tonight, you knew it couldn't have been much, he had been attached at your hip and shy all night and you didn't see a drink in his hand even once. You weren't sure though, he had opportunities when you were talking with friends, dancing, or using the bathroom to slip off and have a few drinks throughout the night.
Once you pulled into the parking spot at your apartment, you tried to figure out how to get him from the car to the apartment, lucky for you he could stand and walk with a little bit of help but just very slowly, especially up the stairs to your apartment door. You fished ou9t your keys from your bag, careful to keep a less than conscious Jimin from falling before throwing open the door and immediately calling for your roommate.
“Hobiii?! Hoseok?! I need a bit of help!” you knew your roommate was a light sleeper, but when he didn't wake up upon your calling for him, you knew he wasn't home and he was most likely visiting his parents for the weekend.
You sighed before dragging Jimin the rest of the way in and laying him on the sofa. You hooked him up with a pillow, blanket, and even a small trash can in case he got sick again. He seemed pretty passed out cold so you headed to your room and got into your pajamas.
With the way that Jin had passed out in the basement tonight you doubted you or Jimin would have to work in the morning, at least that's what you hoped for when trying to manifest jin a good tough hangover as you drifted off to sleep.
A crash of glass breaking made you sit straight up in your bed. You had just fallen asleep. The room was dark but you could vaguely make out that it was not your own.
You heard a loud sound from somewhere outside of your room, startling you from your dreamless sleep and making you sit right up in your bed. Your bedroom was still pitch black and for a moment you worried that someone might be breaking in or Hobi might be coming home. In just a few seconds the fog of sleep was beginning to lift and that's when you heard some strange noises you couldn't quite place. You realized Jimin was here as you recalled the night and wondered if it might be Jimin making so much noise, maybe he was getting sick again, that's what it sounded like.
You pushed your blanket off of your body and got out of bed, still listening to the weird noises and growing even more concerned for him alone in there.
“Jimin? Are you okay?” you asked as you left your room, but upon walking into the living room you saw that he wasn't on the couch and there was a light coming from the kitchen. Even in your still slightly sleep-dazed state, you knew the light was coming from the refrigerator, but so were the weird noises which now seemed to sound to you like a wild animal eating something… or a beast of some kind.
“Jimin?” you asked with your voice a little weak as you walked into your kitchen to find him hunched over in front of the open refrigerator door. He seemed to pay you no mind as he continued eating whatever he was eating. Whatever he was doing was starting to freak you out, but yet you walked closer and reached out your hand but hesitated before placing it on his shoulder just for a moment and noticed it slightly trembled.
You wondered if this could be a nightmare, and maybe the moment you touched him he would turn and reveal that his face was that of a monster’s. But you were so sure that this wasn't a dream, and you knew things like that didn’t happen in real life, right?
“Jimin,” you spoke softly and placed your hand gently on his shoulder, and he did turn around.
You gasped out loud, while you might've been expecting a monster, something was still so jarring about not only the very absent look on your friend’s face but the blood all over it and his hands. There was half chewed raw flesh in his mouth and bits on the floor along with the empty package of steak you had put in the refrigerator to unthaw for dinner tomorrow.
“What…” you felt so confused and searched for the right words to say “What are you doing?”
Although Jimin looked up at you his gaze seemed as if he was looking past you all together.
That's when it hit you what was happening. Jimin had to be sleepwalking. He or his actions didn't seem so scary now.
“Hey, hey, let's get you back to bed.” you tugged at his arm in an attempt to coax him up. Instead of dragging him to his feet like you thought you'd have to do though, you were surprised when he shot up to his feet. He no longer looked past you or through you, he was now looking right at you, in your eyes. He almost seemed to tower over you, but in a different way that had nothing to do with height… or maybe he was much much taller than you somehow thought, it confused you.
You looked at the bits of meat and blood on his plump lips and chin and you swallowed hard as the scared dark feeling began to once again settle in your stomach. He couldn't be sleepwalking.
"Jimin… are-are you okay?" You were almost too scared to speak at all, something just felt so wrong and you felt it deep in your bones.
One side of his mouth lifted into a smirk that you've never seen on his face before, it both twisted your insides and made you nervous. You could feel your heart beginning to pound loudly in the lingering silence.
"I got hungry." He spoke slowly with a hint of seduction.
Before you could get out an argument to his statement he was leaning into your ear.
You felt a cold and sticky hand come up to slowly tuck a strand behind your ear before he spoke right into it.
"And I'm still hungry."
You didn't know if it was his words, fear, nervousness, or the cold from the fridge left open you were standing in front of, but your whole body now trembled and goosebumps raised and pricked your skin.
He pulled away from your face and you were caught and frozen in his eyes that seemed darker than his normal brown ones.
Something was screaming inside of you that this wasn't Jimin.
"W-what are- are y-" it was becoming more difficult to speak for some reason.
He silenced you by pressing a finger to his full lips and quietly shushing you.
"Go back to sleep, you must be exhausted." He spoke but his words echoed around the walls of your mind. You did feel tired, more and more by the second. Your eyes were fluttering shut and now begging to stay closed although you were fighting it.
You felt cold lips pressed to your cheek, and then nothing.
You sighed into your pillow as the sound of a text brought you out of your sleep. You couldn't even bring yourself to care until you remembered it could be Seokjin wanting you to come into work.
You blindly reached for your phone on the nightstand by your bed until you found your phone. You finally opened your eyes and let the morning light of your room nearly blind you along with the phone light.
“Where are you? You didn't even drink last night and you're late?" After you read Jin's text you glanced at the time on the screen, you were almost two hours late to work.
"Shit." You muttered to yourself as you got out of bed and threw on your pastel pink button-up and black pants that consisted of your uniform. When you went into your living room to wake up Jimin there was no sign of him, not the pillows or blankets he used, not the small trash bin you set out for him, even the meaty mess on the kitchen floor wasn't there.
On the drive to the bakery you wondered if Jimin would be there today, and for a split second, you wondered if you had brought him to your apartment at all. The meat incident seemed very much like a dream when you thought about it.
The all too familiar sounding bell on the little shop door dinged as you walked in. No one was working behind the display case letting you know that Seokjin had to be in the back no doubt working away.
You headed on back to grab an apron and look for something to do.
The scent of vanilla bean and baked goods was strong back here, it always was and you found yourself looking forward to it every morning.
"Where have you been? Where's Jimin?" The loud hum of the two industrial-sized mixers that Jin stood beside came to a stop as his eyes locked on you. He didn't even look in the least bit like he had a hangover, not a dark circle under his eye, not a hair out of place on his head. You always admired him for always seemingly having his shit together on the outside.
You gave him a shrug as you took a clean apron off the hook and put it on.
"I thought you guys left together, that's what I was told." He headed over to the four steel tables in the center of the room where he seemed to be doing something else too. You felt a tinge of guilt for oversleeping and leaving him with all of this work.
"I thought… I don't know, I thought I brought him to my house. He was pretty drunk last night and I thought I should take care of him but…"
"So he's not coming in today?" Jin seemed to just want to know one thing.
"Probably not." You decided.
"The reason why I ask is that I have an order for 3 wedding cakes. It’s fall, meaning everyone wants some kind of rustic wedding cakes with sticks and twine and leaves and shit, you know, the kind I hate. Never understood the trend."
"Well," you sighed, "at least they don't want a thousand marzipan flowers adorning it. Those are a lot harder in my eyes."
"Of course you would enjoy the messy garbage cakes, you're the queen of messy." Jin teased. You would normally roast him back, but you felt like you deserved it for abandoning him for two hours.
"Grab the cakes for me from the oven," Jin asked before you heard the mixers whirr back to life.
You mindlessly put yourself in place with your tasks today. You had worked there so much and for so long at your friend's bakery that you just knew exactly what to do. Before Jim had opened a shop and begged you to be his sous chef, you knew nothing about baking or even cooking. It took a while, but he taught you everything he knew, and now you barely had to think about it, baking was almost therapeutic now. You had even trained Jimin when Jin had hired him, he had worked in a restaurant before and didn't know much about baking either, but you had spent so much time and so many hours with him, even after the shop had closed for the day, just teaching him.
Jimin had a creative mind, and he was always so neat, tidy, and respectful but a bit too quiet. Even when he was here, he was always so deeply concentrated on what he was doing to say much. You did have quite a few conversations when training him though, and he was always sweeter than icing to you. It was more so his little gestures that made you like him so much, like cleaning up after you without being asked, silently coming to help you with a project, the little glances, and smiles he gave you. To be honest, you had a small crush on him, he was very attractive, more so than you even though he knew, he was just always so painfully shy with everyone so much that sometimes it made it hard to get close to him. You were hoping that by inviting him to the party you’d have some time outside of work to get to know him, and maybe even have some alone time with him.
Your thoughts drifted to how he might've kissed your cheek last night, to how close his face was to yours. Your thoughts were halted by the sound of the bell of the shop door dinging and a glance from Seokjin. You gave him a nod knowing what his look was asking.
You headed out of the kitchen area to greet the customer but stopped when you realized it was just Jimin, but something had you staring at him.
Instead of his natural dark black hair, shiny, neatly styled silvery gray hair was in its place. Maybe it was just your imagination but his skin looked a strange milky white and his lips looked just a bit more ruby tinted.
"Morning y/n." He spoke cheerfully.
"I like…" you couldn't choose just one thing you liked best about him today so you just chose the most obvious. "...your hair."
You swore he gave you a wink as he walked past you and gave you a thank you. You followed him back to the kitchen.
"Hey, Jin! I found him!" You shouted over the sound of the mixers as Jimin donned an apron.
Jin crinkled his eyebrows at the now silver-haired man before once again shutting the mixers off.
"Is that why were you late? I know your hair wasn't like that last night, and from what y/n told me you were pretty plastered last night." Jin rolled his eyes as Jimin stifled a smile.
Even though Jin was being playful, you were about to open your mouth and stick up for Jimin as you normally did.
"As I recall Mr. Playboy Kim Seokjin, we covered you last week when you found yourself in a hotel room with a date for two days."
Your eyes flickered from a silent And shocked Seokjin to a sweet smiling Jimin.
"I like your hair, it was worth it. I'm just glad you're here now. Let’s get to work." Was Seokjin's only retort before going back to the icing he was mixing up.
You were proud of him for once sticking up for himself, you gave him a proud smile and a pat on the shoulder before going back to work, but once you did, a ding was heard over the noise of the industrial sized stand mixers..
You were about to head out there instead of piping "happy birthday” onto a cake until Jimin mouthed to you I got it but all you could see was his slight lip bite as his eyes lingered on you just a split second too long.
Your face felt flushed as you finished your task and moved on doing a load of aprons and towels from last week. Your thoughts were distracted by the thoughts of your coworker. He just… looked so good today. He seemed to have some kind of confidence that he had never had before too, maybe it was the new hair. You couldn't think about what you thought happened last night though, you swore you had taken him to your house. Maybe he had simply just put everything back where it went before he left this morning, that would be very Jimin of him. If he did, that means the meat incident was possibly not a dream. You decided that you’d just have to ask him, that is if he could even remember.
You realized you were just standing there holding a clean towel out in front of you instead of folding it and stacking it on the dryer with the others.
"Y/n" there was a quick whisper behind you making you jump and squeal in the tiny cramped laundry room, you back bumped into someone making you turn around.
Jimin was giggling as you jokingly scowled at him.
"Sorry, you just looked so lost in thought. I had to. So, what are you thinking about?"
You were face to face in the small room, it made you a bit nervous being this close to him. He smelled good, almost floral which seemed unusual considering the three of you usually smelled of baked goods.
"I was wondering what you remembered from last night."
"Hmm, I remember a lot of it. I remember getting sick and you taking me home… also being made a fool of." His eyebrows furrowed making you feel guilty that your friends had done that to him.
"Why? Did we maybe do something? If so I don't remember."
You swallowed hard at the thought of doing anything he might be insinuating with him.
"No no." You brushed it off "I just… I swear I took you to my house…" you were so sure.
"Are you sure you didn't drink anything either last night?" He seemed almost concerned.
"I wouldn't drive if I drank even a drop… I wouldn't…"
"I swear. You offered to take me to your house, but I didn't want to be a bother, you did look pretty tired last night and I didn't want to be a bother."
"Huh." You decided to let it go, you had been pretty tired from giving the bakery your all recently and working even after the shop closed.
"By the way, I'm sorry for what the guys did to you last night. I know that along with getting sick must've been pretty embarrassing. I know they're probably sorry today after sobering up and you probably wouldn't want to hang out with us again, but you're welcome to come with me again next weekend. Taehyung is a party guy and likes flaunting his money so he kind of just does that every weekend so-"
Jimin cut off your stammering that sounded more nervous than you had realized.
"Yeah, I'd go with you again. I'd love to. Don’t worry about it, I kind of messed with you all too by not responding to you all for a while so it’s alright, I have a sense of humor." He assured you. "Although, I'm kind of bummed out about the news that you and I didn't do anything."
Your mouth dropped open a bit at his words.
"Maybe this weekend we could…" his face seemed closer to yours now. "Find a quiet place and get to know each other just a little."
"Yeah." You agreed in a whisper as his lips drew your face closer and closer-
"Jimin, did you just sell all forty right macarons that were in the case- hey!"
You both had jumped apart and stared wide-eyed at Seokjin who had barged into the laundry room.
"Hey! No making out in the laundry room! What the hell, you guys?!" He nagged.
"We were not-" you began but Jin told you both that he didn't care but you had to get back to work.
"You know, I was thinking I should leave early tonight since you both waltzed in so late, but after what I just walked in on, I don’t want you to leave you both unsupervised so you can canoodle in my shop."
"Would you rather us canoodle while supervised, boss?" Jimin quarks a brow at jin who scoffed and wrinkled his nose in disgust.
"Jimin!" You were astonished and shocked by what he had just said.
"I'd rather you not at all in my shop. But at least now I know why you both left the party together last night and why you were both late." He insinuated.
"Listen, y/n and I were just friends." Jimin now told him "I was just in there seeing if she needed my help folding towels."
"Well, whatever the case, please fold towels in your own homes."
"You don’t have to worry about that, *dad*" you sighed, sick of Jin accusing you. He was always the most mature friend you had… until alcohol was involved.
"Hey! What do you think Taehyung would think?" Jin retorted as your little bickering got a bit too real.
"Can we not talk about him right now? I'm pretty pissed at him, he can choke. I don’t care what he thinks anyway, he’s just… too much sometimes."
"Then just tell him," Seokjin retorted "unless the gifts are what you're after."
"Stop!" You told him firmly, feeling uncomfortable about the topic now "No. Let's not talk about it."
"Alright. Jin agreed. "But you're both my friends, just cut him loose. I don't want either of you getting hurt."
"I shouldn't have to." You grumbled. And went back to your work station where you worked silently.
You were even silent and refused to look at jin when he announced he was leaving and asked you to lock up at seven. You were pissed and considered going home right after, but you didn't have the heart to leave Jimin here by yourself.
You just continued working quietly on the delicious items for the display case for tomorrow.
"So, what was that almost pretty serious fight between you and Jin about?"
You looked over to see him sitting on the metal table beside your workspace.
"Well…" you sighed. You thought about telling him you didn't want to talk about it either, but he had almost kissed you in the laundry room and was probably now wondering what was going on between you and Taehyung.
"Taehyung has a thing for me, he has since high school. He’s always been so… pushy about it, he gives me gifts sometimes and I reject them but he always finds a way to force them on me. Maybe I would've even dated him if he wasn't, like, such a dick sometimes. Despite that, he's a good friend to the others who don't know that he does this. Seokjin found out though. I don’t know, I just… I don’t want to split the group up, that's why I haven't said anything. I get why Seokjin wants me to just tell him to fuck off, but I just don't want it to be a huge deal."
"Oh, I'm so sorry." You could hear the sympathy in Jimin’s voice as you continued to work as you spoke. "I'm sure if you told the others and told Taehyung to stop then they'd back you up. That doesn't seem very nice of Taehyung."
"Yeah." You murmured. "The other guys are cool though, especially Jungkook, he's like a little brother to me. Jin and Namjoon are both a little dad-ish, Yoongi is pretty funny and so is Hoseok, my roommate. He's visiting his parents for the week, but you should meet him this weekend… that is if you still want to come after finding out about the Taehyung situation. I'm not taking you as a Tae deterrent, by the way-" you seemed to get more nervous as you went on but your words were cut off by a chuckle from Jimin.
"I don't think that, and I'd still like to come with you. As arm candy, as a date, as nothing, whatever you want. I'd just like to go with you again."
You stopped what you were doing and finally looked over at him.
"When did you get so…" you gave him a look over.
"Brave?" He asked.
Truthfully you couldn't find just one thing to ask about in all the way he had seemingly changed overnight, so you just nodded.
"You taught me of course, I just felt like it was time for a change. I don't want to be picked on anymore, I just want to be me. . So I decided to ask myself what you would do. You're brave, and I like that."
You let out a little scoff.
"Ah, probably not as brave as you think. Now you know I don't speak up in all situations, especially with the Taehyung situation."
"I still admire you." You could hear the smile in his voice. "I know you'll do the right thing about it."
"I don't always do the right thing either." You pointed out.
"Oh really?" He seemed surprised.
You pulled out your phone to see it was seven. You left him sitting there as you took the cake you had been decorating and put it in the refrigerator before heading out to the front to close up the shop.
When you got back, Jimin had disappeared from his seat on the metal table.
"Jimin?" You called "let's go ahead and clean up, I'm getting out of here, I'll be damned if I'm working over for Jin after-"
"Y/n! Can you come here for a second? I was cleaning up too and I made a bit of a mess."
Why would he possibly need your help cleaning up a mess? Jimin was pretty good at cleaning up for everyone. Nonetheless, you took off your apron and headed towards the laundry room where he was calling you from.
"What's u-" you paused as you saw him standing there shirtless and starting the washing machine.
"Oh, it doesn't look like you need my help." You were confused as you tried to look at his face instead of his surprisingly chiseled chest that had been hiding under his uniform.
"Actually," he took the apron out of your hands and threw it into the washing machine before closing the lid. "I thought maybe I could help you."
"Huh?" You tilted your head in confusion at him. He stepped forward until you were toe to toe.
"Maybe we can disobey Seokjin's rules, you know since he pissed you off today."
You understood that.
"But he's got cameras set up all over the place, he would know. " you wanted to though, you did. There was something about him that was pleading with you to just come closer to him, to enclose the space between your lips.
"Maybe he wants to watch, he did leave early, didn't he? And you are upset with him anyway, right?" His eyes and smirked further dared and beckoned you.
"And how would that help me?" You genuinely asked him as you felt your heart pound like a drum in your ears.
"Well," his lips inched their way just a centimeter from yours "I could help you get revenge and make you cum."
You were no longer unable to argue when he put it like that.
You let out a shaky sigh and closed your eyes before connecting your mouth to his, once you did it all exploded out of control so fast.
Your hands raked through his silver hair while his tongue delved deep into your mouth. One of his hands went to your cheek while the other made space between both of your bodies to undo your pants. You helped by kicking off your shoes and socks off, multitasking the best you could with your nerves and adrenaline leaving you on edge.
The way his tongue moved with yours left your mind in a constant loop of envisioning what else it could do.
You let out a small moan as you panted for air once his lips left yours to trail down your neck. His hands had undone your button and zipper and now tugged your pants to the floor. Before you could kick them out of the way he had shoved his hand down the front of your panties. His lips pulled away from devouring your neck to watch your face as he pushed two fingers into you.
You wrapped a leg around his hip so he could have better access to work his fingers in your core as you let out a moan and gripped his shoulders. His palm rubbed against your clit.
"Fuck, Jimin." You panted.
"You like that? You're too wet not to. I bet you've been thinking about this since I walked in here this morning, maybe longer."
Your nails were digging into his flesh as you concentrated on chasing your high. He was touching you just right, saying all the right things and your needy pussy clenched around his fingers so tightly. You could feel his erection in his jeans aching to be free, but you were too close now to do anything about it.
The way his dark eyes looked at you, the way his teeth had a hold of his bottom lip in concentration, the way his fingers worked in time with your hungry hips that needfully moved for more. You were done from just mere minutes of that.
"What's my name, baby? Come on, tell me."
That sly, cocky look on his face finally sent you over the edge.
"Jimin, Jimin Jimin" you chanted pleadingly mixed with moans as pleasure pulsed through you in short waves.
He pulled his fingers from you as you moved your leg from around him and got to your knees in front of him.
When you looked up at him he was sliding his fingers that had just been inside of you past his lips. His eyes shut as he let out a moan that almost made you whimper.
When he withdrew them, he looked down at you and grabbed your chin in his opposite hand before sliding his wet fingers into your mouth as well. You closed your eyes and sucked on them until he pulled them away.
"Look at you on your knees for me, you're just as sweet as your pussy. Was there something you wanted to do for me?"
You simply just nodded.
"Well, that makes me look forward to this weekend even more now. I'll see you at work tomorrow." He said before just walking away and leaving you on your knees, panties soaked, and slightly in shock as you thought about what had just happened. You never thought Jimin would be this brave enough to do anything like this, then again, maybe you didn’t know him as well as you thought you did.
“Listen, I like him a lot, Namjoon, I thought I did before but I guess I didn’t know him before. I still like him now though, he just… takes my breath away.” you had your phone pressed to your ear as you walked into your kitchen to start dinner.
“Okay let’s think about this logically, he could very well be a fuck boy. Let’s not romanticize him fingering you in a laundry room at work too much.” Namjoon spoke through a mouth full of something on the other side of the phone.
“I don’t think he is, he seems like a genuine person.” you opened your refrigerator and looked for the meat you had set out, but it wasn’t there.
“Oh,” you said out loud as realization dawned upon you.
“What?” Namjoon asked
“Nothing, what were you saying?” you replied, closing the refrigerator and deciding that you should order a pizza later.
“I said the quiet guy act could’ve been a trick to get in your pants.”
“True, but to be honest I’d let him in my pants, either way. I just didn’t think he liked me like that before.”
“Feelings change I suppose, I heard you took care of him at the party, maybe that’s what did it,” he suggested.
“Or maybe he realized I didn’t know, maybe he understood that being all timid was getting him nowhere because I guess I was so oblivious.”
“Could be.” he agreed “well if you like him you should invite him to our annual fall camping trip, it gets cold out there and this time you wouldn’t have to share a tent with Jungkook and wake up to a tent in his pants. Oh, what does he think of Jimin by the way? Or what does Taehyung think?”
“I don’t know, they both hazed the hell out of him at the party, which wouldn’t have happened if you would’ve just come so I take it none of them like him. I get why you’re asking about Taehyung but why Jungkook?”
“Because you’re Jungkook’s noona, he’s protective over you, even with Taehyung. You know I don’t like being around a bunch of drunk people, but have him come to the camping trip so I can meet him.”
“Yeah I don’t get that kid, one moment he’s sleep humping me in a tent in the woods, and the next he’s calling me noona. I’ll invite Jimin though, I think he might like that, he didn’t seem like the party type so maybe that will be more his thing.”
Things were strange with Jimin for the next week. They were strangely good. Business was booming, mostly thanks to Jimin and his newfound confidence. You watched him work the register once as you restocked the display case. He was so charming that he could sell water to the ocean. He would give you little winks or brush up against you while secretly placing a hand on your lower back, but nothing else happened, you were all too busy for much to happen, that was until Friday rolled around.
“You're both going to Taehyung’s party again tonight? If so, I'm going to go ahead and leave the shop closed for the weekend. I can’t go another day working with a hangover as bad as I had last time.”
“I mean you could not drink, and yes, we both are.”
“I didn’t ask, Mother Theresa.” Jin joked.
“Hey, you boss me around all the time, I can boss you around just this once.”
“You never listen so I guess I get to not listen too. Seriously, do you ever listen to anyone? If I’m your boss and you say I’m not your boss then who is?” he asked.
“Me,” Jimin murmured from across the table as he sprinkled some edible pearls onto some cupcakes. Both your and Jin's heads turned to look at him but he stayed focused on his cupcakes.
“Oh are you now?” Jin asked him as you were still stunned.
Jimin peered up through his lashes at the both of you.
“Jimin,” you warned. You didn’t want him to say too much.
“No, shush. I want to hear why.” Jin told you.
“He’s joking, no one is my boss, you know that.”
“Well see.” was all Jimin said.
“As long as I don’t have to see then that’s fine.” Jin seemed to not dig further “Anyway, has Hobi come home yet? It’s not a party without him.”
“Not yet, he could be staying another week with his parents, I just wish he would text me or answer my texts though, he’s not the most responsible but he should know by now that I worry. Maybe one of the others has heard from him, I’ll ask tonight.”
“I haven’t heard from him, but he didn’t text me enough as it is. Try Yoongi maybe.”
“I will. Oh yeah, Jimin, Namjoon wanted me to ask you if you’d want to go on our annual camping trip next week. We go around this time every year even though it’s a little cold and the leaves are really pretty.”
“Going as a pair to keep warm and snuggle up together so you don’t have to be stuck with Jungkook and his boner this year, huh?” Jin asked and you mouthed him a firm shut up big mouth
“I uh…” Jimin’s eyes flickered to you and smiled at you “I'd like to go.”
“Seems to me she’s your boss, you just go wherever she tells you.” Jin laughed and you rolled your eyes at him before checking the time on your phone.
“Well it's even, I’m leaving.” you announced, “next time I see you tonight Jin, you’ll probably be dancing drunk on a table.”
“Well that’s the plan, see you both later,” he said as you removed your apron and Jimin followed suit.
“Let me pick you up tonight. You can drink and have some fun. I owe you for being my sober driver last time.” Jimin offered as he took your apron from you and threw it in the dirty laundry bin.
“If it’s not a-”
“It’s not. Maybe I’ll even pay for a taxi so neither of us has to drive there or back, no confusion.”
“That option would be so much better. Let’s just have fun tonight and whatever happens, happens.” you did your best to flirt, the slight smile on his face told you that you had accomplished it.
“I like the sound of that,” he agreed.
"Tonight's the night Jimin," he said out loud with a smirk he could see in front of the mirror in his room. He admired the way he looked in the loose silk shirt and black jeans.
"You'll have her tonight. You'll lay claim to her body. But the thing is… I'm starved and I've held out long enough. I'm giving you what you want to give me what I want."
Jimin glanced at his closet where there was a muffled mumbling.
“SHUT UP HOSEOK!” the demon yelled, silencing the noise in the closet.
"Should it be… hobi in there? He's already here, it would be easy to just sink my teeth into-"
"No!" Erupted sharply and loudly from his own mouth.
"Fine then, but he will die eventually, they all will. Tonight maybe… Jin? No? Jungkook? Hmm, I'm not done playing with him yet, he seems like a feisty one. Oh, I know. Let's avenge our girl. I felt how mad it made you when she told us Taehyung was harassing her." Jimin's eyes blackened over in the mirror as he smiled at himself "tonight should be a very good night for us both Jimin. I told you I could make your dreams come true if you let me in."
Jimin's hand stayed on your lower back as you both walked through the door of Taehyung's house. The music was just as loud as always and people struggled to get around each other just as you struggled to push through to find your friends.
"Y/n!" You heard your name called by a deep voice. You searched the room for where you heard Taehyung's voice until you saw him pushing through the people with a wide smile on his face as soon as he was close enough to you. You however didn't smile, you were still upset with him.
"Hey! I've missed you! You haven't answered any of my texts." He yelled over the people, but his smile melted from his face when he read the look on yours and saw linim standing beside you with his hand still on your back.
"I'm glad you came!" He spoke just to Jimin now "I-I owe you an apology. Would you like to talk somewhere quieter?"
You looked to Jimin who seemed a little surprised by Tae's offer.
"Y/n! Hyung!" Your name was called again to see a smiling Jungkook approach with a plastic cup in his hand.
"Hey, Kook!" You smiled at him back but when you turned back around, both Jimin and Taehyung had disappeared.
"I saw you brought… that guy with you again, noona." He shouted into your ear.
"Jimin. His name is Jimin." You replied.
"Is he your boyfriend now?"
There was some kind of heartbreak in Jungkook's eyes. While you thought it was none of his business, you were tired of your friends assuming things.
"No, he's not."
"Oh. I was wanting to know because I wanted to ask you if you'd go to the movies with me this week, and I wouldn't want him getting mad. I could talk to Jin and get you out of work."
You thought about it for a moment. It wasn't like Jungkook was asking you on a date, you had done things like this with each one of your friends before. It wasn't like you were dating Jimin anyway, even though you had liked him for a long time, you felt like namjoon was maybe right in assuming he was a fuck boy. If it got you out of work one day this week you'd be more than happy to go.
"Sure! That would be nice."
"Yeah?" Jungkook's face erupted into a smile that spread to his eyes.
"Yeah! Oh hey, where'd you get that drink?" You looked down at the cup of beer in his hand.
"Let's go, I'll show you." He beckoned with his hand. Yiu ou grabbed ahold of his upper arm so you wouldn't lose him in the crowd as you followed.
"Your room?" Jimin asked as he looked around the dim bedroom upstairs that he had been brought to by Taehyung.
"Yup. I brought you here not just to apologize, but to talk." Taehyung sat down on the edge of his bed and Jimin stopped his pacing to stand in front of him.
"I'm sorry about what I did to you last week, you know what I said about this place was a bunch of shit. I'm sorry for messing with you and getting the others to join in."
Jimin let out a small chuckle along with a smile.
"Was it? Was it a bunch of shit Taehyung?" Jimin was amused.
"I mean weird shit happens when I'm alone sometimes, but I don't believe it's ghosts or whatever."
"Or whatever." Jimin laughed again, "well was there anything else you wanted to say to me?"
"Yeah actually, I wanted to talk to you about y/n. I uh-"
"You like her, don't you?" Jimin teased.
"How did you know?" Taehyung lifted his brows in surprise.
Jimin smirked as he leaned down towards Taehyung, looked him in the eye, and whispered.
"A little birdy told me about how you harass her and force gifts upon her. She doesn't like you taehyung." Jimin blatantly laughed at him. "You know what she did? She told me about how much she hated you right before I finger fucked her until she came. And then I licked her off of my fingers." Jimin closed his eyes "oh did she taste good, you know, we're supposed to fuck tonight too. I want you to know that when your little Gatsby party is over and you're sitting here alone, I'm going to be drilling her into her bed and filling her with-"
"SHUT UP!" Taehyung screamed with rage right in Jimin's smiling face, but Jimin didn't even flinch. "SHUT THE HELL UP YOU SON OF A-"
Taehyung's words were cut off by a giggle from jimin.
The dim light in the bedroom began to flicker as Jimin looked into Taehyung's eyes.
"Do you think you can scare me? You're just a scared, spoiled rich boy Taehyung. Do you know how I know? You get so scared when things fall over in your house that you cry, don't you? You know your house is haunted, you've even pissed yourself you got so scared once. Do you remember, Taehyung?" Jimin broke out into even louder and more full laughter as panic and fear.
"You're so afraid of everything so you want others to feel your pain, isn't that right? Just like you wanted to do with the boy who nearly died of heart failure in the basement bathroom."
"What the hell are you talking about? What's wrong with you?!" Taehyung demanded to know.
"Poor Jimin had a history of heart problems and you let him die in there all alone, Taehyung. He died because of you!" Jimin could hear his voice distort into something deep and gnarled sounding, a voice far from his own.
Taehyung looked to be trembling as he stared wide-eyed at Jimin.
"He would've stayed dead too had I not entered his body."
"Holy shit." Even Taehyung's voice shook.
"You're a threat to me, so I have to kill you. But I might reconsider if you tell me who else likes y/n and could be a threat to me."
"J-Jungkook." Taehyung stuttered.
"Do you know what's even sweeter than the pussy of the girl you obsess over?" As Jimin spoke he could feel the rows of jagged teeth appearing in his mouth. "The taste of fear in a fresh human body."
In a split second, Jimin's knife-like teeth sank into Taehyung's warm flesh.
"Where are Jimin and Taehyung? It's been like forty-five minutes." You leaned into Jungkook's ear to speak over the noise in the kitchen as you both stood there watching Jin have a drinking contest with someone else.
"Are you not having fun hanging out with me, noona?" he teased with a scrunched nose.
"I am, I just…" you trailed off. The truth was you were worried about Taehyung fighting Jimin. You had seen how muscly Jimin was the day in the laundry room, he could probably take care of himself.
"Let's go into the living room and dance." He begged with saucer-sized puppy dog eyes, you couldn't say no as he finished his drink and held out his hand to you.
You took it and let him drag you off into the spacious living room where the music boomed the loudest and where bodies moved like an ocean wave bouncing along to the music.
Jungkook was all smiles as you both joined in jumping along to the upbeat music, occasionally making faces at each other, or pulling out the occasional cheesy dance move to make the other laugh.
You couldn't help but laugh as you looked him over and realized the irony you had never noticed about him before. His hair was shaggy, he was dressed in all black, had piercings and had a full sleeve of tattoos, but he was the most cheerful, sweet, and silly goth you had ever seen. He just enjoyed seeing others happy. He was a little awkward sometimes and did the oddest things, but his soul was pure light.
He grabbed one of your hands and spun you, making you laugh even as he pulled your back into him and talked into your ear so you could hear.
"Not so bad, huh?" He asked, "someone's gotta keep you entertained."
You only blinked, but when you opened your eyes you saw Jimin through the gaps of dancing people. His back was leaned against the wall and he was watching you and Jungkook intently. Your eyes locked but his face stayed stone cold.
You froze in Jungkook's arms, feeling like Jimin was mad at you. You watched as he broke eye contact and walked off.
"Shit." You said out loud "sorry Kookie." You said before leaving him there and going after Jimin who was heading for the stairs. You chased after him, bumping into people and spilling their drinks, but you had a white rabbit to chase. He stayed far enough away from you to where you couldn't catch him, but still close enough to keep sight of and follow. So you followed him up the stairs and watched as he weaved around people in the upstairs hallway far more gracefully than you were.
He never turned around to look at you, not even as you called to him.
You watched as he headed into what you knew as Taehyung’s room which you entered just seconds after he did.
The door slammed closed quickly behind you, plunging you into complete darkness.
“Shhhhh.” you heard close to the left of you.
“Are you mad, because-” a fabric went over your eyes and felt like it was being tightened slightly in the back of your head “What are you doing?”
“What would there be to be mad about?” he questioned and avoided your question.
“D-did you talk to Tae?” you tried not to get distracted by his hands sliding under your shirt to rest on your sides. There was something wrong with this room, you felt it in your gut. Perhaps it was the strange metallic scent that hung in the air, maybe it was because the carpet seemed to squish beneath your shoes as of it were wet.
“I did.” he stated, “he's sorry for what he did and told you he plans to apologize in person after his trip.”
“Trip?” you wondered out loud trying to think if he had mentioned taking one, but then again you had been ignoring his texts lately.
“He told me he was having this family ski trip thing.”
“Oh!” it finally made sense, his family did do that every year but it was normally in winter and not in fall.
“He told me his grandma had been sick and they are going early this year, they think the mountain air will do her some good. I felt bad when he told me. I wonder if perhaps he had so many things going on in his life that he just couldn't see that his little gifts were bothering you. He was very understanding though and a bit embarrassed. I told him I liked you and he told me you looked happy with me, that it seems we belong together and that he's genuinely happy for us.”
“Happy for us?” you asked feeling dumb just standing there having this conversation blindfolded. You were confused by what he meant.
“Let’s talk later.” He muttered before pressing his lips to yours in a rush.
Instinctively your hands felt for his shoulders, pulling him into your body even more. You felt tingles run through you as his tongue danced teasingly at the entrance of your mouth.
“Let's get out of here?” he whispered.
“Let's go to my place” you agreed. He led you out of the room and only took the blindfold off in the hallway, placing kisses on your neck from behind in front of everyone.
You didn't know if it was just the nervousness from his attention, or something else, but you had a twisting feeling in your gut tonight that you just couldn't get rid of.
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yoongsisbae · 9 hours ago
Naughty Girl Christmas
BTS X-MAS Masterlist
A collection of steamy ONE-SHOTS to keep you warm this winter!
Tumblr media
I Appreciate Your Apology | KNJ
A Christmas party has you on thin ice with your favorite dom. Daddy Joon appreciates your apology, but does he accept it? daddydom!Joon Smut, PWP, filth, Joon edging you until you see sleighbells. cuming…
Tumblr media
Not a Creature was Stirring | JJK
You wake up Christmas Eve night not to find Santa, but to find a man cold and shivering on your front porch. Clothes tattered, cuts on his body, out in the snow. You find out he’s not as helpless as he appears. Kind of cute, kind of scary, very buff Jungkook Fantasy AU. cuming...
Tumblr media
Seokjin’s Ho Ho Ho | KSJ
Your boyfriend surprises you with a Christmas dinner on the beach, things get a little steamy, candy canes get sucked, peppermint liquor might be involved, there is definitely some questionable Santa Costume attire, and lots of jolly lovin'! HOAL couple holiday special. cuming...
Tumblr media
Disco Winter Ball | JHS
You and your friend Hoseok are best friend buddies going on a date to the annual disco winter ball. But it's not a date date, okay? You and Hoseok just love music and you love dancing and Hoseok loves watching you dance. Wait not love, not in that way! A friendly love. Just friends. Just two friends who drink a little too much eggnog. HOAL couple holiday special. cuming...
Tumblr media
Christmas Lights Out! Agust D vs RM Super Hero Christmas Special! | MYG
You visit your hometown during the holidays. You and your childhood friend Joon reminisce and you learn more about your smooth tech talker business partner Yoongi. Can he win you over once and for all? Set in Super Clumsy Super Hero RM universe. cuming...
Tumblr media
XxXmas Stream with V | KTH
Stuck in Quarantine for the Holidays you decide to use this opportunity to hold a special x-rated x-mas cam show. You wanted to treat your friends and family to really nice Christmas presents this year, and Santa’s not paying your bills! So you’re going to have to be a little naughty. V has been a good boy, so you think, so you give him extra attention this holiday. Set in C!HOC universe. Yandere!Taehyung cuming...
Tumblr media
Christmas Mass | PJM
Every Sunday, like clockwork, as designed and ordained, you sit quietly. Pray. Christmas mass comes, tonight your congregation dresses beautifully, like ornaments placed in a row right in front of God. Your priest, stands at the head like an angel atop the tree, commanding and pious and hauntingly handsome. Red. You're a good faithful girl. You were taught to be, punished to be. You pray for respite, for something more than the condemnation this cold and icy town bestows upon you. Sinners. The coldness permeates your bones, you're always scared. Tainted. Terrified of sin, terrified by your thoughts for your priest. Sacrilegious. This Christmas prayers are answered. By no God. Demon AU. Dark smut. cuming...
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yoonia · 2 days ago
cinnamon bliss ● bonus chapter ● 001
Tumblr media
➬ Subtitle | Cinnamon Bliss: bonus chapter 001 — morning, sunshine!
➬ Summary | Being responsible adults is hard to do, especially when it involves keeping secrets from the little girl that you have come to love. Both you and Seokjin have known that you would need to take things slowly, to plan things properly before you would be able to let the sweet girl in on what you have been up to. But adulting also means that you have to always be prepared for surprises, and that sometimes things just would not go as planned.
Tumblr media
↳ Pairings | Seokjin x reader
↳ Genre | Single Father!Jin, Cafe Owner!reader, Fluff, Smut
↳ Ratings | +18 / M for Mature
↳ Warning | scenes from the morning after, making out, multiple sex scenes (including implied sexual activity from the night before), lots of kissing, nudity, breast play, dirty talk, fingering (female), oral sex (female), clit play, penetrative sex, unprotected sex.
↳ Word count | 4k words
↳ Series Masterpost
Tumblr media
“We should probably get up and get out of bed.”
Even if you know that Seokjin can hear you, it seems that words become futile when you can still feel him draped over you. Though it is completely unlike how you found him when you woke up merely a few minutes ago with his arm over your waist and his bare chest half covering you possessively in his sleep. He is now hovering on top of you for a change, lips sinfully moving down the column of your throat and hands moving everywhere under the covers to trace down your naked skin as he slowly crawls his way down, keeps going lower, with his head slowly disappearing beneath the covers.
“Maybe you’re right, we really should,” he grumbles against your skin halfheartedly while his kisses feel more eager than his words do. Seokjin easily shows you how unwilling he is to leave the bed when he still makes no move to pull away or to stop whatever it is that he is doing, and you are beginning to find that you are completely helpless to his touch.
Not that you have been making any effort to fight him in the first place either.
“You do remember that we planned to get me out of here before your daughter wakes up, don’t you?” you ask him breathlessly while weaving your fingers through his messy hair, though you are only messing it up even more instead of pushing him away as he continues to trail his kisses lower. “We talked about this last night.”
“I think I remember us talking about something similar,” he nonchalantly says as his mouth moves across your bare breast and captures the hard tip, sucking it between his lips and teeth until you are arching your chest in both pleasure and pain.
“Oh, Jin—” you gasp out his name, keeping your voice low and strained as not to come out too strong that anyone else would be able to hear you. Anyone like—
“What time does Soojin usually wake up?”
Hearing his little girl’s name, Seokjin immediately halts. His head snaps back and he looks over to the digital alarm clock on his bedside table—such an old-fashioned man, he is—before looking over to your face and starts grinning. “She’s usually up at 5.30. We only have about half an hour left.”
Just when you had thought that he would stop and push himself away from you, Seokjin leans back down and returns to continue his assault on your flesh which is still too soft and sensitive from the extensive lovemaking you had with him last night. Blinking your hazy eyes, you try your best to focus and remember not to get carried away. The plan that you both had for this morning had been properly made when you agreed to stay the night and let him take you to his bed. You should have known not to trust him to stick to the plan when things had already gone awry last night after your dinner date.
Okay, well, maybe not everything turned into a mess when the dinner was delightful.
But what happened next was enough to put you here in his bed this morning instead of sharing your bed, where you wouldn’t have to rush or to have your attention split between glancing worriedly at the closed door and down at your boyfriend’s head.
Though it may not have been the first time for you to wake up in his bed the morning after you spent the night with him, it would be the first time ever for this to happen with Soojin being home. Throughout the past three months in which you have been dating Seokjin, both of you have been doing your best to keep your budding relationship separated from the quality time you spend together with Soojin and her father.
The decision to keep your relationship a secret from her had been made from the start, though it was initially made on your call. You had figured that with your relationship still fragile and new, it was hard to imagine involving Soojin or placing her in the middle of it.
The nice dates that he had been taking you to, the long nights shared in either his or your bed, the sweet mornings and the long days with loving texts and phone calls, all of them may have cemented the relationship even before he formally claimed you as his girlfriend only a few weeks ago. And despite Seokjin’s faith in this relationship, which had led him to bring up his plans on letting Soojin in on the fact that you two are together, you would always ask him to give it some more time. And, honestly, you have every reason to do so.
No matter how good it feels to be with him, your troubled past and the situation around Seokjin and his daughter have always been haunting you. Plaguing your thoughts with insecurities and doubts even from the start, sending you off to many nights of filling your head with questions running through your head whenever you begin to consider —
What if things don’t work between the two of you and it would only end up hurting the poor girl, and by proxy, hurting yourself too for disappointing her?
What if she isn’t happy about you having a thing with her Daddy, since you know that Seokjin means the entire world to the little girl? And how would it affect your relationship when it is clear just how highly he thinks of Soojin?
Both you and Seokjin had witnessed what happened the last time he had tried to start a relationship and introduced his then-girlfriend, Minnie, a little too soon. You had seen how it had strained his relationship with Soojin, how it had made things hard for him to juggle his life as a bachelor and a single parent at the same time, and how confusing it had been for Soojin when the relationship ended. The last thing that you ever want is to put Soojin in the same situation. And it becomes even more important to consider when the risk is higher with you being involved, as you have your own bond with Soojin that neither of you would ever want to mess around with.
Regardless of where this relationship may be heading, both of you had always known that you would always put Soojin’s needs and happiness first. Though it doesn’t stop you from getting to know each other intimately the way you have, trying to see if you can truly make things work before ever letting Soojin in.
On most of the nights you had gone on a date, Seokjin would have his daughter staying with his parents or have his mother sleeping over to babysit. It would always give you and your date enough time to be together without worrying about the girl or wondering if you could stay out late.
Last night, as Seokjin had arranged for his mother to watch over Soojin for the night, he had made plans on taking you home after dinner and a movie and spending the night with you at your place. That was until his mother called at the end of your date to let him know that his father needed her back home.
“He had a little accident in the bathroom,” she said, before finally letting Seokjin know that the old man had accidentally locked himself in back at their house and tripped in the process of trying to get out, resulting in a sprained ankle.
There was really no other choice for the two of you but to return to his place in a hurry, changing all plans when there was really no one else that she could call over to watch Soojin in her place. Soojin was already asleep when you arrived together at his place, and there was really nothing you could say or do other than awkwardly accept hugs from his mother who was feeling terribly guilty for bothering your date before she rushed home.
By that time, you knew that your date was over for the night and you should have probably gone home. But seeing the stress on Seokjin’s face had kept you rooted in the spot, and he was still adamant in spending the entire night with you that he stopped you even before you could even bother to say anything about leaving. He had somehow managed to coax you into staying longer, offering to have one last drink to share before he would be willing to let you go for the night.
Except that before you even managed to enjoy the drink, or to even plan out on how to call your Uber ride, he swiftly captured your lips and stole your words, muddling your senses and your thoughts with his touches instead of the power of alcohol until you ended up lying spread eagle on his bed, completely powerless while he buried his face between your legs. He kept you entranced as he spent the night devouring you and then proceeded in taking you to the peak of your pleasure over and over again until you fell into the darkness of your slumber, and with no chance to escape until the dawn finally comes.
The gentle grip on your thighs pulls you out of your thoughts, taking you back to the present to find him slowly spreading your legs apart, allowing you to feel the pulses rising between your legs as he leaves hot kisses around the tip of your breast. The width of his hips keeps you open as he positions himself right at your center. The moment he bucks his hips against yours, the hard shape of his morning wood immediately comes brushing against your thigh. The touch feels light and tender, but still enough to light up the fire in your belly, drawing your hips to come upward to meet his so you can feel more.
“Still want to stop and get up, baby?” he teases you, drawling his words with a low tone of voice that shakes you through the core. You look down to find him glancing up at you with his chin resting on your belly, the covers that had been shielding you from the light have been pulled down along with him as he was crawling down your body.
You reach down with the need to touch him, your hands end up cradling his head just as his lips pull up to a sly grin. “Tick tock, our time is running out. What is it going to be, babe?”
“I, uh—”
Your words fade to a sigh when the featherlight touches of his fingers continue to move down your thighs, prying your legs before reaching down to the center. His lips begin to descend, returning to your skin, just as the tip of his fingers find your folds.
“Oh—” you gasp at the touch, before your strained voice turns to a squeal when he spreads your folds, allowing him to nudge right at your opening. “Oh, fuck—”
A soft chuckle comes from him, but there is no humour in his eyes when he murmurs, “Use your words, babe.”
Knowing that you would need some encouragement to give an answer, he gently pushes his finger past the entrance, stopping when he is merely buried a knuckle in, and yet your body is already burning and fluttering with a few small waves of orgasm forming right where he is touching you. His finger remains there instead of moving any deeper, but then he moves his thumb to find your clit, pressing on the throbbing bud in a circular motion that draws a sharp intake of breath from you before you start pushing your hips up and rolling against his hand. Your own trembling hands find their way down, one resting on the sheets beneath you to hold on while the other finds his wrist, grabbing it firmly.
“Do you want to stop?” he says, teasing you with his lips brushing against your pubic bone to draw more flutters right inside your core, wishing that he would press his lips down there instead. When you are still too lost in your high to answer him, Seokjin begins to pull his hand from your center, and that is when your grip on his hand tightens just to stop him from leaving you dry.
“No, don’t stop,” you practically beg him, finally giving him exactly what he wants to hear. “Please, Jin. I want more. Hurry.”
He answers you with a chuckle, before leaning down to bring his lips closer to where his thumb has been and whispers, “Your wish is my command. And you’re right, we do need to hurry.”
Without elaborating his words further, he pulls his thumb away and replaces it with his mouth. Your hips move against his face as his lips latch onto your clit and he pushes his finger inside you at the same time. The sensation he is giving you is driving you nuts. Your pussy is still delightfully sore after what he had done to you last night, when he revealed a side of himself that should always remain behind closed doors, and you can already feel your body humming with pleasure as he slides his finger inside you, moving steadily in and out of your pussy while his mouth and tongue are dancing and gliding around your clit.
With a hard suck around your sensitive nub, he pulls his finger out only to add another when he comes sliding back inside. Another gasp, and he keeps pushing in, moving his fingers like he would when he is fucking you and reaching almost deep enough to remind you of how far he buried himself inside you last night. Then his teeth come into the mix, and your whole body quakes in your release.
He continues to devour your throbbing cunt as it pulses and spasms with your climax, his fingers slipping out before he unlatches his mouth. Seconds feel like forever as he slowly starts crawling his way up, his lips finding yours to give you a deep kiss, letting you taste yourself while he drowns your soft whimpers.
“Remember to keep your voice down,” he whispers against your lips as he aligns himself at your opening, only seconds away before he begins to push his way in, spreading your pulsing walls with his width. He swallows your gasp when he captures your mouth once more, devouring your lips the same way he did with your pussy while pushing his length inside, going deeper, burying himself to the hilt. “This is going to be quick.”
Unable to find your voice, you nod to answer and wrap your arms around his neck to hold on, bracing yourself for what is coming. Seokjin rears back, slowly sliding his cock until he is almost out of you before he pushes his way back in. He repeats it once, twice, keeping the pace slow and steady before it starts to pick up. It doesn’t take long before you are completely adjusted to him. Your muscles snuggle around him perfectly as he keeps on moving, drawing raw pleasure surging through your body with each stroke of his cock.
“Jin,” you call his name with a whisper when the first twitch of your orgasm comes teasing you so soon. With a deep grunt, Seokjin leans down, burying his face on the nape of your neck to hide the voices coming out of his lips.
He was absolutely right about this being quick. It takes no time at all before you can feel the pleasure rising, slowly brewing and coiling from your core while his cock seems to grow harder and rigid inside you, as if it is even possible. A few more strokes, and his hand slips between your bodies, finding your clit. You feel a pinch at the nub, and your body lights up, your orgasm comes washing over you, pulsing so intensely that you nearly cry out if not for Seokjin’s lips finding yours at the right time to stop it. Your climax comes so intense that it pushes him to embrace his own, and he releases his load inside you, filling you up to the brim.
You are both breathing heavily when you come apart from the kiss. Still buried inside you, with his cock still twitching and pressing hard against your walls, Seokjin takes a good look at your dazed face, admiring the sated look you are giving him while you look up to find the desire in his eyes softening to the familiar warmth that you have fallen so hard for.
In moments like this, when everything feels so serene, you can feel the words forming on the tip of your tongue, wishing to come out. But the insecurity you feel has been planted so deep that you keep stopping yourself from voicing it out loud each time it threatens to come to light. And right now, you are too exhausted to say a word. With the small spasms of your climax still overcoming your body, every thought becomes incoherent and words become null, much to your relief.
You barely have the chance to savour the solitude and the content that you have gained from the early morning lovemaking when a pattering sound comes from the other side of the bedroom door, only moments before the doorknob begins to wiggle.
Soojin’s sleepy voice makes you feel like you are being doused in a bucket of iced water, while Seokjin snaps his head up with his eyes turning comically wide in complete shock.
“Oh, shoot—” he hisses as he pulls away. The way he instinctively stops himself from cursing even without Soojin actually present makes your heart flutter instead of panicking inside. For a moment, you come close to giving in and let the bubbling laughter comes out of your lips, until you hear Soojin’s voice again, slightly panicking when she keeps moving the door handle and the damn door still would not budge.
Deep down, you are grateful that both of you had remembered to lock the door even if you had come up here while being drunken in a lust-driven haze. But as Soojin’s voice begins to tense and rises into panic, your chest tightens with guilt.
“Daddy, why is your door locked?” Soojin’s voice is heard again, and it appears to be trembling with fear. Meanwhile, both you and Seokjin are rushing inside the bedroom. Shaking hands hurrying to clean up all the remnants of your lovemaking from your skin and his, before pulling up any clothing material that you can easily find to cover yourselves instead of returning to last night’s outfits—Seokjin pulls up a pair of sweatpants and a worn-out T-shirt while he tosses you one of his shirts to cover your nakedness.
“Okay, don’t panic,” Seokjin keeps murmuring to himself once he is dressed. His hands cannot stop moving that he keeps running them through his hair, though his action only keeps messing his hair up further instead of tidying the stray strands down.
“I think you’re the one who’s panicking,” you try to keep your voice calm as you sit down on the bed, leaning against the headboard to try and relax, even if your heartbeat is racing in your chest.
“You’re right. I am,” Seokjin says as he stops pacing. He turns to find you sitting calmly in the bed, and his gaze clears out when he notices that you are clutching and fidgeting on the covers. Taking a deep breath, he walks up to you and grabs your hands. “I guess this is it.”
A small smile comes to your face. “Do you think we’re ready?”
Chuckling softly, Seokjin calmly shrugs. “She’s out there already. What other choice do we have?”
“I don’t know,” you answer him with a nervous laugh and glance out to the windows. “Maybe I could just sneak out through the window or something.”
“Not a chance,” Seokjin quickly says. Laughing softly with you, he leans in and gives you a quick kiss on the lips. “Just stay put right here while I open up and let our princess in.”
Our princess.
You repeat his words and feel the delicate flutter in your chest that always appears when you think of Soojin.
That feeling surely never gets old. And you know that it never will.
You watch as Seokjin walks over to the door just as his little girl is knocking on it again. His hand is on the locks now, but he looks over to you before he twists it open to ask, “Ready?”
You nod. “Ready as I’ll ever be.”
Seokjin smiles at you and twists the locks, opening the door to reveal a very sleepy and petrified looking Soojin standing on the other side with glassy eyes, already so close to start crying. But she only looks up with relief when her father greets her. “Good morning, princess,” Seokjin says to her as he lowers himself to her height. “I’m sorry for locking the door, sweetie.”
“Daddy, you scared me,” Soojin whines softly and quickly rushes into her father’s arms, causing the painful pinch in your chest to grow deeper. With her face buried in her father’s shoulder, the little girl has yet to realise that you are here. That is until she opens her eyes and looks over Seokjin’s shoulder, and her sobs immediately come to halt the moment she finds you on the bed.
“Miss _____? You’re here?” Soojin questions you as she lets her Daddy go and moves to rush over to the bed for you. “Did you have a sleepover?” she asks again, slowing down her pace as she is about to reach for you and nervously turn to look between you and her father with pure confusion written on her face. “I didn’t know. Grandma didn’t tell me.”
“Oh, I’m sorry, sweet girl. Come here,” you say to her gently while opening your arms to embrace her, to which she gladly rushes into. You are sure that she can feel your heartbeat as you hold her close, but you try to explain the best you can to avoid putting her into more shock. “You were already sleeping when we got home, so we didn’t want to wake you up.”
Once again, the confused girl looks between you and Seokjin just as her Daddy climbs onto the bed to sit right beside you. “Are you—Daddy’s girlfriend?” her voice softens to a whisper as she says this, and your nerves instantly turn into high alert.
Thankfully, Seokjin takes over as he takes one of your hands in his, while you keep the other holding Soojin’s hands so there would still be a connection between the three of you. “Yes, sweetie. Miss _____ and Daddy are girlfriend and boyfriend now. I hope that’s okay,” he gently says.
While his words are supposed to make you feel relieved that the truth is out, all you feel is more nerves and dread when Soojin has yet to show any reaction. And then your heart drops further when she asks you with a whisper,
“Are you going to be my Mommy?”
“Oh—” Your eyes grow wide, but you are starting to understand her worries. Cupping her face gently, you look into her eyes and reassures her, “Oh no, sweetie. You already have a Mommy, remember? But I’m here for you and Daddy. Even if I won’t be able to love you as much as your Mommy used to, I promise that I will always love you and Daddy with all my heart and I will make you both happy the best way I can.”
And just like that, the dam seems to break. Soojin’s shoulders sag with relief and her tears come flowing out when she cries, “I love you too, Miss ______!”
The moment Soojin leaps into your arms, you are ready to catch her and you hold her tight in your embrace as she cries. But no matter how much tear comes out of her bright, hopeful eyes, there is no more fear haunting in your thoughts and the tightness in your chest has eased down some as Soojin begins to ramble on, telling you all the plans and ideas that she has to spend her time with you and her Daddy while letting you know how happy she is right this moment.
As you continue to listen to her, you turn to find that Seokjin has turned strangely silent beside you, his wide eyes never once stray away from you. Holding the babbling Soojin in your arms, it takes you a moment to realise just what is wrong with him.
You had just told him that you love him.
Your breath instantly hitches at the realisation, and you open your mouth to speak, to explain yourself, to do anything to fix it and snap him out of his trance. Except that before you can do or say anything, Seokjin shifts closer on the bed and wraps his arm around you to pull both you and Soojin closer to him. Soojin giggles when she falls into his chest, drawing his own beautiful smile to appear on his face.
With a bright glint appearing in his eyes, Seokjin leans in to kiss his daughter’s head before turning to you, kissing your cheek gently and whispers, “I love you too.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➬ Author’s Note: I’m so sorry for posting this so late. Due to a few circumstances, I wasn’t able to post this right at Jin’s birthday, but a few more drabbles are coming throughout December. Stay tuned for more!
Tumblr media
— © 2021 Yoonia, all rights reserved. reposting/modifying of any kind is not allowed. translations are not allowed.
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buzzyybee · a day ago
Stained Glass - MYG I teaser
Tumblr media
pairing : Architect!Min Yoongi x Architect!Reader
18+ / Genre : Architect AU . Enemies to Lovers AU . Fluff, Smut, Angst
posting date : coming to you soon.
Summary : Paired up to work on what’s soon to become the world’s most sought after museum, how are you and your arch nemesis going to learn to cope. Years of rivalry doesn’t just fade overnight, maybe rivalry turns into something else? And are feelings the only thing keeping things together? Or will they be the main factor in prying you two apart?
A/N : Please lmk is you want to be on the taglist!
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bangtanbetchfics · 14 hours ago
permission to pleasure (m) | ot7 oneshots | knj
Tumblr media
⇥· permission to pleasure | knj | s x r | <1.0k | ao3
⇥· ft. idol!kim namjoon x reader
⇥· themes. pwp, daddy/muscle kink, dirty talk
⇥· warnings. unprotected sex
⇥· synopsis: scenarios where you pleasure each BTS member right after the final Permission to Dance concert in LA.
⇥· chapters. knj | ksj | myg | jhs | pjm | kth | jjk
⇥· notes: i'm back! + completely blown away by the PTD LA shows, and needed to get the horniness out somehow lmao. short little oneshots for each member will come through the rest of the year in fanchant order + i'll add tags as i go -- so pls subscribe, kudo + like! it keeps me motivated. enjoy!
⇥· tags: @aretha170​ (taglist signup)​
Tumblr media
"You pullin' up?" Namjoon asks expectantly, two pumps of cologne spritzing from the bottle in his hand to land softly on his neck. He hangs up the phone in his hand as he hears a light knock on the door in front of him.
It's you.
"You know you're my number one girl every time I come to LA, right?" Game like this from men like this normally turns you off, but the charm falling from the deep voice and thick lips of Kim Namjoon made your core instantly clench. Never in a million years did you think sitting front row at a concert would get you under Namjoon's sheets (okay, you did, maybe), but the reality of the situation never quite set in your mind.
In fact, being face-to-face with Namjoon — his massive cock buried deep inside of you — isn’t something you ever planned to process. Ever. It never felt real; only like the hottest wet dream you’d ever awoken from.
"Mmm, you're so damn beefy now," A light purr travels the length of your throat while you run your hands — now rendered tiny — against the thick grooves of his newly muscular arms. "All the better to fuck you with, baby." He lifts you up and presses you against the wall in one fell swoop, the surprise in your expression making him chuckle deep in his throat.
"Oh, and-" You hum before you dive into his lips. "This red hair is fucking-" Pulling from the kiss, your fingers drag at his crispy, gel-coated locks. "Hot too, Joonie." Your lips move to peck at his own, and the soft, thick natural state of his lips makes you moan. The vibrations from your moan make his cock hard, and his gaze bores into yours as he releases his stiff cock from his pants. 
"I can't even wait-" He rips your panties to the side, your legs gripping his waist tight as you watch him. Your sweet, wet scent travels up to his nose, and he smirks, his dimples popping wickedly into his cheeks. "And it seems like you can't either." A sinful little chuckle leaves his throat as he effortlessly slides inside of you, the nails from one of your hands digging into his neck while he sinks deep inside of you.
"Ah, Joo- Joonie..." His name comes out in spurts, desperate gasps, syncing deliciously with the rhythm of each thrust as they land in your core. He firmly grips your ass and you whine as he increases his speed.
"The shows made you fucking feral, huh?" You ask, almost angry at how good he's fucking you. A hand grabs ahold of his thick, sweaty throat, and you look him directly in the eyes. "You know I don't get off for days so I can give you this cock exactly how you need it, right, baby?" His pace picks up further after his rhetorical question, his cock drilling you into a mere helpless moan in response.
Namjoon carries you over to the bed in the room and immediately lies on his back so that you're straddling him. "What'd you like, baby? Tell me what made you wet for me." He rolls your hips around his cock, beads of sweat already dripping down his forehead. His fingers move to squeeze your breasts as you grind your hips around him, dragging needy moans from your lips.
"Fuck, that sweaty shirt sticking to your, mmf-" You can't help it, but you're suddenly bouncing on his cock, the rest of your words taken directly from your lips by the pleasure. His fingers wrap around your hips and tighten into your flesh, making you ride him even harder. "Fuck!"
"And that dirty fucking mouth," A slap from your hand lands across his jaw, and he takes revenge by drilling into you until the raw sounds of skin slapping and the delectable wetness between the two of you fills the room.
"Yeah?" Namjoon rolls you onto your back without removing his cock before he tears one of your lips down and spits harshly into your mouth. "Yes, Daddy." You moan, licking your lips, your teeth moving to encase your bottom lip.
"Does your father know his innocent little babygirl calls me daddy, too?" Your breasts bounce at how hard he's fucking you, and he presses his forehead to yours. "Does he?” He grabs your breast, squeezing it tight until you yelp as he nips you with his teeth. “Does he know you cream all over my cock like a little fucking cockslut?" Your core throbs as he grunts into your ear following each intense thrust, his thick cock pushing through the tightening of your walls.
"I can't help but fill this fucking tight little pussy up...f-fuck-“ Namjoon growls at your wet, hot heat encasing him. “Cum with me, baby, come for m-“ You howl and jerk as he unleashes his hot cum inside of you, your walls contracting around his stiff length. You both moan in unison at the sensation, pressing your drenched foreheads together and cackling in satisfaction.
"That tight little cunt better be mine next tour too." He growls, smacking your ass, and tightly kneading your flesh with his large hands.
"You know it." You purr, kissing him once more.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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joon-com · a day ago
Tumblr media
Summary: You knew he found your body attractive, so did your bf jk. As much as jungkook kept an eye on him when you were with him, didn't stop him from using your body as you slept peacefully.
— 端 end, edge. I'm using the world literally and as a sexual pun .
—Pairing: jimin x F! Reader (ft sleepy jk)
— bestfriend au
— 1.3k
WARNINGS: Masturbation, somnophilia, perverted Jimin, verbal, Grinding, lewd thoughts, Jimin gets caught, PWP, panty sniffer, threesome, cumshot, creampie, voyeur, breast play.
Tumblr media
Kissing your boyfriend goodnight was the last thing you remembered before drifting off to sleep on his chest. Your eyes are knocked out as you fall into a deep sleep gradually, however, the two of you weren't alone. Jungkook had given him a spare key to the room in case you had lost sight of yours at the hotel, which was smart knowing how easily you could lose things or lock yourself out of your hotel. Not the first or last time that's happened.
Instead jimin texted jungkook to see if he was awake and wanted to grab drinks, instead got nothing for about minuets. Getting up ge grabbed his and jungkook's room card key before heading out and down a few doors. Combing his hair back, he swiped the card listening till it unlocked and softly unlocked the door to darkness. Carefully opening and listening, he heard nothing and wondered if the two of you left out. Taking off his shoes, he shuts the door and walks further in. Looking at his watch it was only 10 pm, early for jungkook to be asleep. Chuckling softly and looked at you.
You were sleeping on your side, cover off of you and body exposed. Walking closer, he saw your thin panties and the light exposure of your breasts from your pajamas crop top. Tempted, he softly walked over to the edge of the bed and lifted your shirt a bit. Swiftly moving to the side facing him, he froze. Licking his lips he saw you had one leg up towards your chest, seeing your bare ass exposed gave him the hint you two had sex or jungkook removed them for his viewing pleasure. Shaking his head he laughed on mute softly, he rubbed his hand on your thigh traveling it up towards your pussy but not touching it.
"He's gonna kill me, but I might as well touch you while I have the chance," he thinks, moving his hands onto his own body pulling his jeans and boxers down to his knees. Looking down he was still soft, he wanted to be more than that whilst this opportunity arrived. Taking a deep breath he closed his eyes and envisioned your mouth sucking the tip, nibbling down on his balls and marking his thigh, all whilst his stroke his cock dry. Opening them, he felt the hardness of his cock in his hand. Opening the drawer, he wondered if the room gave you to lube knowing you got a couples room and you did. Grabbing it, he poured a line down his cock and jerked it in. The ice coldness creating a nice feeling before warming up to his hands.
"Ah~" he groaned, taking his free hand seeing if light pressure would wake you up. No, it didn't, but he got a great idea to look around for your lost pair of undies. Before doing that he softly tried moving your leg slightly open without you waking up. Great success and he was able to spot your panties near jungkook's boxers which are also probably off. Which was to the conclusion jungkook most likely came in you that night as there was no residue on your skin in the soft moonlight. Kicking his lower clothing half off he went to grab your panties and sniff them softly, smelling something that made his cock harden quicker. Walking around with an erection, he figured you were in a deep sleep and wouldn't feel him jerking off on your tits if he did. So going back to the edge, he grabbed the bottle of lube and jerked some on his cock again.
Taking the other hand he went to rub your chest softly, feeling the water balloon-like tissue move. Not getting anything, his cock softly pressed against your nipple hands jerking the base of his cock. Licking his lips, he wanted your mouth, cunt, and ass on him. However, he settled on something less risky your pussy. Jerking off on your breast a bit more, his head went back before deciding he was gonna take it further and suck your nipples as he jerked off. Leaning forward his lips felt the wetness of the lubes and the hardness of your nipples. Licking the nipple softly, he jerked his cock in hand some more. Moving from tip to base, playing with his tip and moaning softly in his mouth he stopped. hearing jungkook twist over to his side, the side that faced him as well Jimin softly turned your body the other way and tried moving you closer to jungkook so he could get on the bed. After doing so, Jimin took his shirt off, along with his watch. Taking his cock, he placed it between your thighs and softly at your entrance. Closing his eyes, he dreamed of this moment. The time where he could fuck you without being caught.
Sliding himself in slowly, allowing his tip to get used to your warmth he moaned "want you so badly" quietly, before daring to push in more. Taking his hands he toyed with your breast, wanting to jerk off to the idea of this happening and wanting to cum from it too. Opening your legs a bit broader with his, he was able to get a slight pace going. Biting his lip as he moved a bit faster, his mouth attached to your neck and began kissing the skin.
His cock feeling so much pleasure, he wanted more, craved for more. Fuck he wanted to look you in the eyes and watch you take him. Pulling out, he laid you on your back and spread your legs up and open laying in-between them. Putting his cock in he hovered you, listening to the faint moans as went faster. Fuck he wanted to cum badly inside, made him ache for a release. Panting softly, he looked over at jungkook sleeping knowing how possibly pissed he would be if he caught him fucking his sleeping girlfriend. That idea turned him on, the idea that he jk has to wake up seeing another man's cock in his lover and can't do anything else if he threatened to cum in her. "Fuck~" he cursed, looking down at your sleeping face and going down to kiss your lips. Feeling the instant wetness, he figured your body was about to cum or just aroused by the kisses on your lips. Either way, he continued digging his cock into you mouth attaching to your breast hearing Jk wake up.
Stretching he looks over and see's his band mate in his girlfriend, cock deep in, wetness shining in the light. Rubbing his eyes, jimin continued moving his hips harder knowing you were a deep sleeper even more than him sometimes, which surprised him that he was up.
"Fuck what are you gonna do know I'm deep in your girlfriends pussy right now" he says, looking over to jungkook who softly was jerking off his hard on.
"You think I cant hear her soft moans in my sleep, I figured you were in here the moment I heard moans," he told, pushing Jimin off from hovering her. Looking at your neck, jk squeezed your breast together and went down to kiss your neck some more. "Besides her pussy's been filled deep with my cum, so even if she was pregnant it'd be mine," he says, jerking himself off on your thigh. Mouth going towards your breasts as he sucks on them. Happy he could continue, he let his moans free and let his cock take over and thrust in you.
"I'm cumming" he says, jungkook pushing jimin back knowing he wasn't gonna let him cum in you. Pushed back and pulled out, he jerked his cock off and came a string of cum.doen your stomach. Jungkook getting up, got on his knees and went in to thrust and fuck you before cumming in you once more. Laying on your chest.
"Do that shit again without telling me, I will do sometime about it"
"Don't worry I'll do it again" Jimin snickered.
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Home short: Clingy
Tumblr media
Languages are marked as always: English | Korean
Sometimes, jungkook was simply too comfortable to be legal, you've decided.
Dressed in soft clothes and freshly showered, no one can blame you for staying close to him as he talks to his bandmates about things to improve and things that have been going well during practice recently. You're really trying not to be bold- he's basically still at work, but lately, you've been feeling a bit under the weather emotionally. You don't know exactly why; it's just one of those days, you guess.
And jungkook himself doesn't mind at all; one arm securely holding you, thumb occasionally drawing some shapes, as he talks with his bandmates. You're on the brink of falling asleep- and apparently, everyone thinks you already are, as you listen in on the conversation.
"I still can't get used to this." Jin chuckles. "Jungkookie looking all grown up with his girl like that." He teases, as Jungkook adjusts your leg by holding onto your thigh, his voice rumbling underneath your ear against his chest. His lap really was the best seat of all.
"I am all grown up." He mumbles, as Taehyung chimes up.
"He looks more like a dad right now." The older singer teases. "So clingy." He chuckles, making Jungkook defensive.
"Let her sleep, she's been on her feet the whole day." He whines. "And also I'm comfortable, obviously." He says, making Namjoon chuckle.
"I don't think he meant it in a bad way." He reassures, before everyone goes back to discussing their initial topics, jimin smiling a bit thoughtful at the scene- but all the talking and jungkooks presence is soon making you fall asleep for real, until you wake up just in the moment of Jungkook buckling your seatbelt- familiar smell of his car and sigh of the interior lights greeting your hazy senses.
"Hey there." He chuckles, seatbelt clicking into place as he gently closes the passenger door before he gets into the driver's seat seconds later. "Good nap?" He wonders, and you hum an answer, still heavily affected by sleepiness, making him laugh. He drives extra safely with your tired form sitting next to him; making sure not to take turns too harshly, even slowing down on holes in the street so you can sleep.
And he also gladly carries you to bed, falling asleep right next to you, although he forgets to turn off the lights in the living room. But can you blame him?
You're just too comfortable to be legal sometimes, in his eyes.
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